Man, Pride & Vengeance (1967) - full transcript

In 19th century Spain, young sergeant Don José falls in-love with beautiful gypsy girl Conchita who works inside the military fort in a small workshop. There she gets in a fight with another woman and tries to stab her with a knife. Arrested, she is entrusted to Don José who must escort her to the police station in town. However, clever Conchita gives Don José the slip. Because of her escape, he is demoted to private and must pull additional guard duty. One night, Conchita shows up at the fort to see Don José who's on guard duty. While she apologizes to him and seduces him, she also distracts his attention from a small group of smugglers who enter the fort. Don José is furious and goes to see Conchita at her friend's place. Unfortunately, Conchita is there with a gentleman lover, an officer. In a fit of jealousy, Don José loses his head and punches the officer who falls and dies. Don José deserts the army and runs away with Conchita. She takes him to a gypsy camp where many smugglers live. Conchita and Don José plan to save money and board passage on a ship bound for a new life in America. In the camp appears one man, former Lt. Miguel Garcia, who has just been released from prison. A shocked Don José learns that Miguel Garcia is Conchita's husband. He refuses however to see that Conchita is a lying, manipulative woman who has many secret lovers and who uses all of them. Nevertheless, Conchita gets a servant's job in the household of a rich Englishman from Gibraltar. She finds out that her employer plans to transport a lot of gold and money, via stagecoach, to the bank in another town. Conchita, her husband Miguel Garcia and Don José hatch a plan to ambush the stagecoach and rob it. Don José insists that no weapons should be used, because the penalty for murder is death. In principle, they all agree but Miguel Garcia is armed for any eventuality. The plan goes ahead without any problems up to the point where they transfer the chest with gold to their horses. After that, things start going bad.

[Breathing heavily]

[horse whinnies]


Man: Now I can buy
the medicines I need.

You wait here.

You'll be called in later
if there's any work for you.

- You've kept us waiting for three days.
- It's not fair.

This time you've got to let us in.

I'm not the boss.
I have my orders.

Then have some humanity as well.

Yesterday we stood out here
for five hours under that sun.

They called the others.
Why not us?

Well, looks like we're heading
for a war, Sergeant.

They told us to expect
troop movements.

What more do you want?

If they send me into action with
all those gorgeous females-- boy!

Sir, can I speak to you?

Talking to me?

That's right, Captain.
I'd like a word with you.

Now look. I'm a sergeant,
not a captain.

What can I do for you,
young lady?

Would you please
read this for me?

You see, I'm not sure
if they want to take me on

or if it says there's nothing
for me yet.

Is this your name here?

They tell me that's what's written,
only I don't know how to read.

Is it maybe Carmen?

Yes, the first name is Carmen,

but I don't know
why they asked you to come here.

I'm afraid I'm not
very much use to you.

- I'm sorry.
- Thank you all the same.

I bet you're a native
of Navarra, Valladolid, right?

Not far from there, anyway.

Oh, I knew right away that you were
from the north like me,

even before I heard you speak.

Have you been in Seville long?

We were all transferred
two days ago

from the fort in Cordova.

I've been here six months

ever since the death
of my poor mother.

We gypsies aren't very well liked

and it's difficult for us
to get regular work.

You'll get a job. I know.
I'm sure of it.

What are you doing tonight?

Maybe we could meet and you could
tell me if I brought you good luck.

I'm afraid that just wouldn't
be possible.

I live with friends, you see.

Ah, here's the porter.

You can come in now,
and hurry up about it.

- So they're going to take me on?
- You wait over there.

They'll see you with
all the other women, you understand?

- Thank you.
- Come on, get a move on.

- All right!
- No need to shout!

We've waited long enough!

Thank you, Captain.
So you brought me luck after all.

Phew, no wonder
they let the women undress

when they come to work here.

This place is like a furnace.

Hey, Sergeant, why don't we ask
permission to strip, too?

It's just as hot here
as it is in the factory.

Any gentleman feeling the heat

may unfasten the top button
of his jacket

when off duty
and out of the public eye.

The best of it is
when I think of all those women

running around half naked,
I get so dizzy I can't see the cards,

so the corporal's winning
hands down.

- Mind you--
- Sergeant, come quickly!

Those women are murdering
each other in there! Quick.

- Out of my way.
- Woman: You dirty witch!

- I'll show you!
- Silence! Silence, all of you!

You're nothing but a filthy gypsy!

- Woman #2: Say that again! I dare you!
- A filthy gypsy!

- Silence, I say!
- A filthy witch!

- [Women shouting]
- Silence! Silence!

Ah! She's a filthy gypsy witch,
I tell you.

I know she's out for my blood!

- Who started it?
- She did! That gypsy started it!

Come on,
repeat what you said!

- Repeat it!
- You dirty whore!

You dirty whore!

- You filthy hypocrite!
- You're a whore!

- [Shouting continues]
- Silence! Silence!

- Oh, my God, I'm dying! Help!
- Take her to the infirmary.

- I'm dying. She's killed me.
- The woman's hurt.


And take that one outside.

Give me the knife.

I can walk on my own.

Let me go.
I won't run away.

- Let me go!
- Woman #3: Gypsy!

Woman #4: Trash!
Filthy gypsy, get out of here!

- [Women shouting]
- We don't want your kind around here.

Those gypsies are all alike.

First they ask for help, and then
they cause nothing but trouble.

Here you are.

Get yourself a couple of men
and take her to the police station.

I'll send the knife later...

- with the report.
- Very good, sir.

Oh, please,
why must we go this way?

What's wrong with it?

My friends live around here.

I don't want them
to see me walking

between those two soldiers
as if I was a rotten thief.

I'm afraid there is no other way
to the police station.

I told you
that woman started it,

calling me a witch
and a dirty gypsy.

What would you have done
if you had been in my place?


Oh, please, Sergeant.

[Church bell ringing]

All right, you go ahead
by yourself and we'll follow.

- You two stay further behind.
- Thank you so much, Sergeant.

You're right.
After all, she's not a bad kid.

I wouldn't say that.

She had been only too ready
to kill that woman, I assure you.

She's gone!

I might have known it.

[Door opens]

Here. This is your food.

I don't want it, so you might
as well take it away.

Well, it's all the same to me.

One of your relations
has just brought you

some homemade bread.

You don't want to eat it
on its own.

I've no family in Seville.

But it was passed by the officer
of the guard in the usual way.

So only someone in your family
could have brought it.

- You know that.
- I tell you, it isn't for me.

Leave me in peace, Pedro.

I know how you're feeling, Jose,

and things are going
to get much rougher

before you're through with this.

They'll have their knives
in you, Jose.

However, it's only a matter of time
before you get stripes back again.

[Door closes]

- [guitar music playing]
- [chatter, laughter]

[chatter, laughter continues]

[music continues]

- [music ends]
- [laughs]

- [chatter, laughter]
- [applause]

Hello there, Sergeant!

Well, fancy seeing you
reduced to guard duty.

Oh, I know we have
some accounts to settle,

but don't be angry with me.

There's nothing we can do
about it tonight anyway.

Come on! No point
in making a tragedy over it.

I want to talk to you.
Come down here.

It wouldn't be wise.

Like some of my wine?

There you are!

I pour it before your feet,
my precious.

Now, surely there's
something you'd like to do.

I'll say put you over my knee
and thrash you.


I was expecting
something like that.

All because of a couple
of silly stripes.

Tell me you don't like me,
but don't make a fuss over nothing.

That would be more honest,
don't you think?


Listen, If you want to thank me
for the little gift I sent you,

I often go down to Lillas' Place
in Triana.

Why don't you come
and see me there?

It's better for you if I don't.

Will you come or not?

I'll come.

Well, now I have to go
and dance again.

Some lucky men are kept
by the army, but not me.

I'm a working girl.

Hey, soldier, come here!

Straight from the cradle.


No, I'm sorry.


I thought you'd never get here.

I'll just go and tell Lillas,
and then we can leave at once.

Oh, this place smells
like a fish shop!

Lillas, this is my sergeant

who defended me
at the factory that day.

Can you manage
without me tonight?

I'd like to go now.

All right, you run along.

There we are. I'm ready.

You know, I was hoping
we'd meet again.

I'm so glad to see you.

Where are we going?

- To the police station.
- Oh, you're joking!

Did you really think
you could buy me off so easily?

But who wants to buy you?

I only wanted
to do you a kindness.

You helped me escape,
and we gypsies pay our debts.

Escaping wasn't my idea.

I want to see justice done,
so I'm taking you in.

All to put back your precious
little stripes again.

You're so funny!


Don't waste time.

Listen, I'm sorry
you were punished.

But now I'm in an even worse
position than you are,

because now I can never
go back to the factory.

And where else
can I find work these days?

And if you really want to know,

I've already been
to the police station myself

and I saw the colonel.

I got invited to his house

and that's how I got permission
to send you the bread.

I don't believe it.

You know, I thought
you'd have understood.

I wanted to see you.

It was silly, I know, but I believed
you wanted to see me, too.

Look, we're rich tonight.

And I was looking forward
to some fun.

Stay with me, won't you?

You know I will.
What do you think I came here for?

Oh, you're terrible!

For a moment
you really got me scared.

If I had wanted to arrest you,
I wouldn't have come on my own.

- You know that.
- [Laughs]

Be careful
you don't drop everything.

Oh, I can't wait to see her face
when she sees you.

She's very nice, but you mustn't
rub her up the wrong way.

She's very touchy, you know.

[Church bell ringing]

Now remember,
let me do all the talking.

Dorotea! Dorotea!

It's me, Carmen.

At this time of night?
What is it now?

Go somewhere else.
You can't come here.

But we've got lots of food,

Please, don't be like that.

Go somewhere else.
I've had enough of your nonsense.

An hour, not a second longer,
I promise.

I've heard that before.

All right, bring him in.

You must try this.
It's very special.

- What is it?
- It's a secret.

And if you eat it
from my fingers,

something wonderful will happen.

You see?
It's magic.

You're a witch.

That surprise you?
I'm a gypsy.

I thought you knew that already.

If you don't like
my love potions,

then I shall give them
to the mosquitoes.

There you are.

Now they'll all be so busy,
they won't sting us.

You come here.

Oh, they reduce you
to a private's rank,

but you start ordering me around
as if you were a colonel.

And I obey you like a slave.

Tell me what to do to please you.

Read your palm for you?

Shall I?

Well, what have you seen?

I was pretending.

Kiss me please.

Listen, Jose.
Can you hear the music?

I know, I'll do
a gypsy dance for you.

I'll dance just for you
as if you really were a colonel.

It made me so sad when I saw you
all alone outside that evening.

I could have murdered you.

I'm not much of a dancer,
but nobody seems to mind.

You know well enough that men
don't think about your dancing

when they watch you.

Oh, really?

[Music playing]

What do they think about, then?


They think, "I've got to kiss her
to death and eat her all up!"


- Please!
- This time you won't escape.

Oh, yes, I will.

I know what you want,
but I shall run away.

That's what you think.

But I don't want you.

You're not my type.

You're my type, though.

Oh, you're squashing me!

Oh, please,
I have to go back soon.

You say you like me,

but you don't even dare to climb
over a barrack wall for me.

What'll you do for me?

[Clock ticking]

[Jose sighs]

You're still here, Sergeant.
Go away.

I've paid my debts
and we're all square now, aren't we?

Yes, I've been paid in full.

But it won't happen again.

You're beautiful,
but not beautiful enough

to make me ever want
to see you again.

And perhaps the better
for both of us.

I'm sorry.

It's such a pity.

It might have been good.

Still, it's right for you
to stay away from me.

You and I are from
two different worlds.


Keep away from me.

I can only bring you bad luck.


Are you two still here?

Hurry up and get out.

- [Church bell ringing]
- [chatter]

Good morning.

Well, what can I do for you?

I'd like to talk to Lillas, please.

She's not here.

And neither is the one
you're looking for.

She's in Portugal.

In Portugal?

- What do you want?
- I have to speak to Carmen.

I'm Jose.

I don't care who you are.

Carmen hasn't been here
for ages.

You'd better try somewhere else.

Tell me where I can find her.

How the hell should I know?

[Wind howling]


Jose, it's me, Carmen.

You mean,
you've forgotten me already?

I'm not very flattered.

Well, do you want to murder me?

What are you doing here?

I heard you were on guard,
so I came to see you.

Do you mind?

I looked for you everywhere.

- You mustn't stay here.
- All right, I won't.

I've got to hurry anyway.

I came here
to ask you something.

Would you like to earn
a little money on the side?

Then let some of my friends
pass tonight.

No one can pass through here.
I can't ignore orders.

Oh, Jose, you're such a fool.

You disobeyed orders when you stayed
with me at Dorotea's.

Oh, please do this for me,

and then I'll meet you again
tomorrow evening.


- It's impossible.
- I see.

I shouldn't have come.

The fact is,
I'm in trouble, Jose.

I borrowed an awful lot of money

and now my friends want me
to give it back.

But if I can do this favor for them,
they'll forget all about it.

Oh, I know it's wrong
to ask you, Jose,

but you do see my position.

So now it's smuggling
that you've sunk to.

Oh, smuggling.

You're so dramatic.

They're just poor people
who have to earn a living, that's all.

But if you can't, never mind.

I know plenty of officers who will turn
a blind eye when it suits them.

They appreciate my gratitude,
which is more than you do.

- Sorry I asked.
- Come here!

You make me sick.

You wait till they order you
to hang yourself

and see how you feel then!


Let go of me!

Why won't you be reasonable?

I'm sick of your stinking morals.

The men who don't parade
their virtue

are the ones
who hang onto their rank.

What would it cost you
to do this for me?

It's much a little thing
for you, Jose,

and it means everything to me.

You're so good
and I like you so much.

I'd really be in terrible trouble
without your help, you know.

Meet me tomorrow at 6:00
and I'll tell you all about it.

You're such a liar, Carmen.

No, I'm not.

I know you won't believe it,
but I can't get you out of my mind.

Jose: Where have you been
all this time?

Carmen: I'll tell you tomorrow
when we meet,

and then you'll be glad
you helped me.

I love you, Jose.

I didn't ask you
to do it for nothing.

Take the money.

And don't pretend that it wasn't
a business arrangement,

'cause I made it clear from the start
that I'd pay you, so there.

[Clock ticking]

Or maybe you think I should fall
at your feet in gratitude.

Take the money and forget all about
your damned absurd morality.

Well, why don't you take it?
It won't burn you.

Go on!

Get out! Get out!

Get out!
And don't come back again!

You're just a filthy little slut.

Go back to the gutter
where you belong.

I've had enough of you!

What right have you got
to complain, I'd like to know,

when you're the one
who's running after me?

You're full of principles
till you want something,

and then it's different,

because all your law and order
doesn't mean a thing!

I broke the law, thanks to you.

And if I see you again,
I'll murder you.

You-- I'll kill you!
You burn in hell!


[organ music playing]

Jose, don't hate me.

If I didn't love you, I wouldn't
have come here to look for you.

Forgive me, please.

I'm sorry.

Can't you leave me in peace?

You know,
it's your fault, Jose.

I wanted to meet you today to explain
that I wouldn't be free tonight,

as I've found some work.

But when you arrived
and your face was so hard,

I believed you wanted me
to pay you in kind.

And it just got me furious.

We'll never be any good
to each other.

It's finished.

No, Jose.

I don't know what's happening
to me, but I love you.

I've never loved anyone before,
not even myself.

Why won't you believe me?

The fact that I've found a job
with the countess

will make things so much better.

It means I can finish
with all this poverty.

You're lying.


And one day,
when I do begin to tell you lies,

I'm sure you'll believe
it's the truth.

You ought to see the countess.

She's wrinkled and old,
but she still wants all the men around.

Where did you get to know her?

I read the cards for her once
and she was pleased.

Now she wants me to go and see her
to tidy the house and so on

and keep her company
every now and then.

She's so alone.

And where does
your countess live?

It's quite near.

You could come with me.

I thought I'd never find you again.

And then I suddenly thought
of the church.

Well, here we are.

This is where the countess lives.

Look, Jose!
That's one of her lovers.

- Is tomorrow at 6:00 all right?
- Yes. Where?

What do you mean where?
At Dorotea's as usual.

But didn't you say
you had to work?

Oh, of course!
How stupid.

I can't come till 7:00.

See you tomorrow.

Just a second.

So you've started
following me now?

Go away!

I am not playing games
any longer.

You leave me alone, I tell you!

I don't account to anyone
for what I do with my life.

Quiet, both of you.
You'll cause a scandal.

Yeah? Who is in there?

No one, you crazy fool.

You're nothing
but a revolting clown.

You fill me with disgust.


He mustn't go in.

No, Jose!

Help me, Lieutenant.

I don't know what this man
wants of me.

Well, this is a surprise,

Just what do you want?

I'm sorry, Lieutenant.
I didn't know you were here.

Stand to attention
when I address you, Private.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

Just give him orders
and he'll obey.

And now, Private, you can show
the young lady what I've taught you.

About face.

I ordered you to get out of here.

Did you hear me?

Get out.

You insolent scum.

No, Jose!

Dorotea: Do something, can't you?
Make them stop!

Jose, do you want to be shot?

You're crazy.


Let go of me!


He's dead.

See what you've done.

He didn't mean a thing
to me, Jose.

Your life is ruined forever.

Completely ruined.

[Distant drums beating]


Jose, it's me.
Get up.

You've got to be strong.

We must go to my friends.

They'll help us.
They'll save you, Jose.


Come on.


Don't try to move, Jose.

The fever's gone down,
but now you must sleep.

I've changed the bandage.

We must burn his uniform.

Man: I made a bundle of it
and buried it.

Carmen: No, no.
We must burn it.

Man: If he gets better,
will he stay with us?

Of course.

Give him some more
of that herb tea.

He must sleep.

[Distant rooster crows]


Hey, you, wait a minute!

Where do you think you're going?

You're too weak to be out here.

How do you expect
to stay on your feet

when you haven't eaten
for more than a week?

Who are you?

You mean you really don't know?

That's a nice way to thank me
for looking after you all this time.

Come on,
let me help you back inside.

- Where are we?
- Zurca.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Take it easy now.

The village was once full of people
like anywhere else.

It's almost uninhabited now.

The young ones all go away.

No life for them here.

The old ones and the babies
survive on goat's milk.

The place isn't so bad,
but there's lot of poverty.

The ground's so arid,
you can't grow a thing.

Here we are. Better lie down
and I'll bring you some milk, huh?

They're good people, though.

The ones that are still here

go out of their way
to do you a favor.

Better now?

Still weak.

I won't give you any more
of that stuff to make you sleep

now you're on your feet,

but you've got to do just
what I tell you till the others return.

Here, come on, drink this.

It'll do you good.

Where's Carmen?

I don't know,
but she'll be back soon.

She watched over you
day and night.

I'd never have believed it of her.

You know you've got a large price
on your head, Jose.

You know, no one believed
that I could cure you, Jose.

Now you must get to know the others
who helped save you.

But be careful.

You mustn't say a single word
to anyone about us two.

So please, swear you won't.

Why not?

It's better that way, Jose.

We know that I love you
and you love me.

Still, I'd rather
the others didn't know.

Try to understand
and be on your guard with them.

Dancairo and Juan will be
staying with you for a few days.

Then we're all moving out.

Well, made up your mind
about Gibraltar?

Maybe he could go there.

I can't.
They know my face too well.

Carmen: It doesn't matter
so much who goes there.

We can talk about that
when the time comes.

The main thing is to be quite sure
you can handle everything else.

Meantime, Dancairo,
why don't you tell him

what you found out in Seville?

They're convinced
that you've fled to the north

and that's where they're looking
for you now.

They called off the search
in and around the city several days ago.

So you're free to wander about as openly
as you like if you've got the guts.

That's enough.

Obviously, you can never
go back to Seville

or any place where you're known.

You'll have to be on your guard
in case there's trouble.

Though I doubt if even his friends
would recognize him now.

Anyway, if you want to stay
and work with us,

we're ready to take you on.

It depends on the kind of work.

Now that you're not getting
the three good meals a day

from the king, you'll have
to make a living somehow.

Listen, I have to go now, Jose.

Come with me
and I'll tell you all about it.

Jose: I ran away from my village
when I was still a boy,

and I've always been reserved
and impulsive ever since.

I wanted to make
something of myself,

and I failed from the start.

I was waiting for a promotion
before I went to visit my family.

And now I will never
see them again.

You were right that night,
Carmen, my life is ruined.

That's not true, Jose.
We'll get by if we stay together.

Living like outlaws, I suppose.

Cheating the state
and robbing your neighbors.

It's not for me.

It's not my idea of life either
and nor is it theirs.

None of us wanted
to live this way,

but sometimes you find
you have no choice,

because respectable people
have no pity.

And if you make a mistake,
one little mistake--

Forget it, Carmen.

All right, but you just try
going to a fine lady

and saying, "I murdered
an officer by accident,

but please give me a job
and don't tell the police."

You try it, and then tell me
if you don't feel like stealing

from your so-called neighbor.

Being born a gypsy
is considered enough

to make me a criminal
right from the start.

When I was only four years old,

I was already being sent
to beg on the streets.

Yes, I am
what I always had to be.

But all the same, I love you.

Well, then,
let's go away together

and begin all over again,

A new life, a clean one.

- Where could we go?
- To the new world-- America.

We can find someone to give us
a passage and hide us.

But no, it's impossible.

We haven't the money.

Oh, but you're wrong.
It doesn't have to be impossible.

I'm tired, too.
I'd be so glad to get away.

The money is necessary,
but we can get it.

In Gibraltar
there's an English diplomat

who's going to transfer
an enormous quantity of gold

to Granada in a few days' time.

Enough to solve all our problems.

He's so rich, it's just not true.

So it wouldn't harm anybody
very much, Jose.

You brought me here
to make me talk of that?

I want to stay with you
and I'm prepared to find the means.

Jose! Jose!

Thank goodness.

I was afraid
that you wouldn't come back.

If you had robbed me
of my horse,

I swear I'd have hunted you
to the ends of the earth.

Why, I might even
have murdered you.

So that's how you trust me.

If you promise not to laugh,
I'll tell you something, Jose.

Why should I want to laugh?

I had a brother once,

but when he was only
five years old, he died.

He was a funny little kid.

I don't know if he was backward

or whether he was suffering
from some illness or other.

Anyway, he never spoke
a single word.

He could hear as well
as anyone else,

but he would only communicate
with his hands and his eyes.

Oh, I loved him, and I took him
with me just about everywhere.

But when I began to work
along with the smugglers,

I had to leave the kid
at home, of course.

And he wasn't there
when I went back.

He'd died while I was away.

And that's the reason
why I haven't been home since.

But what I wanted
to tell you was this.

As we were passing
through Badaucin one day,

I saw him there in a field.

This horse, I mean.
He was all alone.

And I don't know why,
but it made me think of my brother.

I stole him
just because of that.

And I think he's my brother
here on earth again.

He's been so gentle
and obedient with me.

I know he's the kid
returned to keep me company.

It's a beautiful story.

Now I know why he means
so much to you.

Jose, have you decided
to stay with us?

Carmen made it all clear.

And I'll stay if they accept
my conditions.

Jose: During the next few days,
we must watch the road carefully

and check how long it takes
for a carriage

to get here from the crossroads,
going at a normal pace.

We'll post someone up there
to give us the signal.

Juan can begin digging the hole
up on the cliff right now.

And don't forget it has to be
at least five feet deep.

And once I get up there
and start digging,

how long am I supposed to stay?

A month if necessary.

Then why don't you do it?
It'd suit you much better.

Give you enough wine,
you'd be happy in hell.

- What do you mean by that?
- Forget it, Dancairo.

Now, as I said,
we need two men at least,

but three would be better.

The third man would only be used
in case of necessity, of course.

No, no, we've always shared
everything equally.

The more of us there are,
the less we get.

Better keep it down to two.

Juan's an idiot,
but he's the best shot in Spain.

I said no shooting,
and I mean it.

Very well.
There'll be no shooting.

It's your plan.

That way, the Englishman
will only realize his gold

has been stolen
when he reaches Granada.

If anyone is wounded,
let alone killed,

we'll have all the police
in Spain after us

- in a matter of hours.
- You're right.

Look, you know
that in case of emergency,

Carmen'll pass us a message.

Or better still, ask Roxana.

She knows where we are.

[Metallic hammering]

What do you want?

I want to buy a bridle
for my horse.

I see.
And who told you to come here?

My friend, Dancairo.

Well, you'd better take
some skins

and go to number seven,
Avenue de la Serna.

Ask to see Carmen.

Tell her you're a peddler
and that you come from Guadix.

I understand.

Remember, if he comes in,
we don't know each other.

And don't forget
he speaks Spanish.

Wait here.

Well, now, how much
do I owe you?

You said 30 didn't you?

[Piano playing]

Here you are.

The skins aren't worth
half what you asked for them,

but the master's
in a generous mood today.

I can't tell you, these people
are enough to drive you mad.

It's only because
we must have that gold

that I can face them at all.

Here, take this.

I've written everything there.

- When do you expect to leave?
- Tuesday afternoon.

And I said that road was the best
because it's much quicker.

So do please tell Dancairo

that everything must go
perfectly smoothly.

Otherwise, they'll say
it's all my fault.

You leave it to me.

I'd like to kiss you so much.

Isn't this place magnificent?


[answering whistle]

- There he is. That's him.
- So what do you expect us to do?

Spring to attention?

If you're wise,
you won't provoke the lad.

Leave him alone.

Careful now.

You could blow up
half the mountain with that.

Who are those two?

One's a man from my village,
name of Miguel.

The other one's Garcia,
Carmen's husband.

- Carmen's what?
- Husband. He was in prison.

She's been trying to get him out
for the last two years,

and now she's done it.

You be careful, Jose.

He means a whole lot of trouble.

Careful of what?

Well, Jose...

you can tell us all about it.

These are our new companions,
Miguel and Garcia.

Our law-abiding leader,

but nobody wants a sermon
from you, Preacher.

The carriage'll pass on Tuesday

with Carmen
and the Englishman inside.

There'll be one escort.

The chest of gold
will be under the floor.

I've already got
all the dynamite we need.

Who wants dynamite?

Afraid of blood, soldier boy?

No, I'm not afraid.

There won't be
any shooting, though.

I became the commander
just to avoid bloodshed.

And if you don't like it,
you're free to go away.

I wouldn't shout so much
if I were in your shoes.

Listen to me, all of you.

Remendado will keep watch
and give us the signal.

Juan will be on top of the cliff,
ready to light the fuse,

and I will be down in the road
to meet the carriage.

You two must be waiting for us
at the turn-off, as we agreed before.

Remember that everything
has to be done as quickly as possible.

Is something wrong, Carmen?

No, of course not.

Why should there be?
I'm so happy being with you.

Don't be afraid, dearest.

You're going to stay
with me forever.


Stop! Stop!

The road's blocked.
You can't get through.

Come here, will you?
What's happened?

What are you talking about?

A landslide.
There's been a landslide.

The road's full of rocks.

Sir, for years I've been using this road
and it's always been safe and quiet.

If I were you,
I'd turn back and at once, sir.

This landslide could be
part of an ambush.

But that's impossible.

- Is much of the road covered?
- Come and look.

It's quite impossible
to get through, sir.

You stay here.

You come with me,
if you don't mind.

It'll take a long time to clear a path
through all that, I'm afraid.

Oh, don't worry about that.
I'll pay you well.

Come on, let's have a look.

For heaven's sake, hurry.

Hah! Hyah!

Look, sir, the carriage!

Stop! Stop, I say!


Hah! Hyah! Hyah!


Hyah! Hyah!


Hyah! Hyah!


Hah! Hah!


Come on, quickly.

Quick, Miguel.



- [horse neighs]
- Hah! Hah!


- Englishman: What happened?
- Jose: He stole two horses.

The lady's not well.

- Are you all right, my dear?
- I was so frightened.

- It was awful. I feel so bad.
- I know, my dear.

You've had a nasty shock,
but it's all over now.

Was he alone?

Yes, I'm sure there was
no one else there.

As soon as I arrived,
they took their horses and fled.

I couldn't follow him because
I had to hold back the carriage,

but I'm sure I wounded him.

- Oh, dear. Oh, dear.
- Guard: Excellency.

All this looks fishy to me.
I want to take a look around.

All right, but be careful.

But you're mad. Come back.
It's dangerous.

He'll bring your horse back,
don't worry.

I don't want to stay here.

I'm so frightened.
Take me away.

Please, please, take me away.

The young lady's right.

And in my opinion,
you'd be wise to turn back, sir.

You'd be foolish to face
such a journey with only two horses

and the young lady so unwell.


[horse neighs]



The game's gone on long enough.

Put your hands up
and drop that pistol.

But you'll ruin it all.
Go away! You're crazy!

That'll do, Preacher.

You're worse than the police,
you filthy coward.



Look out, over there!

We've got to get him.

That fool Juan
should have killed him.

He mustn't get away.

It's over for us.

We've come to the beginning
of the end.



[gun clicks]

[horse neighs]

thank God I found you.

We can't leave you here.

Go away, Jose.
Go away.

No, you know I couldn't.
You've got to try...

It's not worth the effort, Jose.
I'm-- I'm going to die.

The explosion must have frightened
the horse and he ran away.

I tried to get him back,
but that soldier saw me on--

on the hill and fired.

Jose, you take the horse.

I want him to be with you.

Don't speak now.

You've got to save your strength.

- We must try and reach the others.
- No, no, go away.

Save yourself, at least.
Please, Jose.

Leave me-- ah!
Leave me here, Jose.

Jose: Stop! Stop, Garcia!
Come here.

Give me a hand, quickly.

Dismount and help me
put the boy on the horse.

He's dying, Garcia.
He's dying, I tell you.

We mustn't waste time on that.

That damn guard
managed to get away,

and by now all the police
in town'll be after us.

We must get 'em
off our tracks somehow.

Abandon the horses
and take to the mountains.

All right, then.
We must carry him ourselves, Garcia.

We can't let him die like this.

- You're right.
- [Gunshot]


You murderer!

- Murderer!
- You're yellow, Preacher.

You swine.

- I could kill you if I wanted to.
- No. No. No.

Preacher, that's enough.

We've got to get away.
What's done is done.

We must get the gold
and try to save our own skins now.

Why did you do it?
Why did you do it?

You didn't want him
to suffer, did you?

Let go of me.

You're nothing
but a filthy criminal.

Well, that's just too bad, isn't it?

'Cause in future, I'm the one
that's giving the orders, Preacher.

But a filthy criminal!


We're all just about done for.

Why don't we stop for a moment,
if only to decide what to do next?

We'll make our plans
when we're safe up there.

- [Jose grunts]
- I'll take that.

There's a village
way down in the valley.

It's pretty obvious that Carmen's
the only one we can risk sending.

So she'll just have to go
and get us everything we need--

clothing, some food and water,
and information.

She must find out which areas
they're searching for us

and make sure they're kept
well off our track.

That miserable guard
will have reported the three of us,

but Carmen's
the innocent victim, that's all.

Why, she could report him, too,

for having abandoned her
to the mercy of thieves.

Kiss me.

[Garcia laughs]

Off you go.

Best foot forward.

Make a statement to the police
about those wicked robbers

and send them all off
in the wrong direction.

Go on, and come back
as soon as you can.

Go with her as far as the road at least
since you know the area.

No, and I'll tell you why not.

I don't trust you two.

Let's send Jose.

I don't want anyone.
I can go by myself.

I'll come back in two days
if not before.

- Don't worry.
- [Garcia laughing]

[wind howling]

Carmen, wait for me.

I'll go with you.

Let's get away from here
and escape on our own.

Are you mad?

That's just what they're hoping for.

You stay and keep an eye
on them.

And remember that money
is our only hope of salvation.

I'll be back soon, Jose.

Wait till we have to tell Enriques
we'll pay him in sovereigns.

The idea of living in America
isn't so bad.

Now we've the money to get there.

It's only that...
there are too many of us.

Hey, Preacher, bring that here.

You can come and get it.

Dancairo, tell the preacher
to obey orders,

or I'll make him regret
the day he was born.

We don't want his kind with us.

Listen, Preacher.

I've got nothing personal
against you.

It's the idea of having to share
one ounce of that gold with you

that turns my stomach.

On your feet.

Did you hear, Preacher?


That's better, Preacher.

That's it. That's it.

Come on.

Come on
if you've got the guts.

Come on, Preacher.


That's it.

Know a bayonet, don't you?

Come on.
That's it. That's it.

Now let's see what they taught you
in the army, eh?



Come on.
Get up, you coward.


Come on.

Come on.
Come on.

You didn't expect that,
did you, Preacher?

- I can't see anymore.
- Here I am.

I don't want to kill you
right now.

I want to have
some more fun with you.

Preacher-- stinking,
moralizing, filthy preacher.

Get up, you coward.
Get on your feet.



[birds squawking]

[rocks clacking]

[rocks continue clacking]

You won't get far on your own,

so I wouldn't even try to start
if I were you.

What's wrong with you?

You mean you thought
I was hiding the money

to keep it for myself?

That's what you mean, eh?

Or do you want to keep it all?

Don't move
or I swear you'll get

the same treatment
that you gave Garcia.

I was going to be
the next one, wasn't I?

But you made a mistake,
because I'll murder you first.

I don't want to murder anyone.

But it's madness for us
to wait up here forever.

If anything delays Carmen,
then what do we do?

You haven't thought of that.

Perhaps we'll die of hunger
or go raving mad with thirst.

Better bury the gold for the present
and go find the things we need.

And if you don't want to come with me,
then I'll go on my own.

You're right.

We must get away from here
before I go out of my mind.

Look at me.

My hands are trembling.

I'm always the same way
when I can't get anything to drink.

Leave me alone.
Go away from me.

Go away!



It's one of my attacks.
Keep away from me.

- Leave me alone.
- Dancairo.

Can't you go away?

Go away.
Leave me alone.

[Sobbing continues]

Dancairo: They're not peasants.
Wait till they get closer.

Just our luck.

They won't have a thing to eat
with them.

The mules'll be useful, anyway.

I'll go down.
You wait up here.

I'm coming, too.

Stop. Put your hands up.


How lovely. For a moment
you thought I was a real lady.

Come on,
I haven't much time.

I brought you some food and clothes,
and I'll leave you that mule.

You'll need it
to take everything to Gaucin.

To Sancho's place.
You know where he lives.

Why Gaucin?

Oh, of course
you must let me explain.

After I'd been walking for an hour,
a big coach came along,

full of people all going
to Gaucin for the corrida.

And guess who was with them.

Lucas, my old friend,
the greatest bullfighter in Andalusia.

Lucas lent me money
to buy everything.

I only have to ask.

The money we have
is more than enough for us.

To my mind Jose's right.

Now we must only think
of how to get away and quickly

if we don't want the police
to catch up with us.

And you, too.

I know.
Now listen to me.

Lucas' best friend
will be sailing from Malaga

for South America next week
and he's promised we can travel

on board the ship
as members of his special party.

He can help us
get into the country, too.

All we have to do now is pay someone
to take us out to the boat in secret.

Well, Jose-- the New World,
just as you wanted.

Yes, I know.

Ask me where your husband is.

Why should I?

He's up there in the mountains
with the money.

I murdered him.

Then you realize
our time has now come.

You must see I'm right.

Don't you realize there are
hundreds of police out after us?

We can't possibly reach Gaucin
with all this stuff.

It's much too dangerous.

Carmen's there waiting for us,
so we must take the risk.

It's a trick to rob us of everything.

Listen to me.

You shouldn't trust Carmen.
I know her too well.

We've got to go where I say.

It's after Gaucin,
not so far from the sea.

We'll be much safer hiding there
till the ship leaves.

All right.

Carmen's coming, too, though.

I'm going to fetch her.

You've been good to me, Jose.

I won't forget that.


Why are you so late?
Is something wrong?

Dancairo won't stay in Gaucin.

I only wanted to tell you that we'll be
in the tavern at the crossroads.

You left Dancairo alone?

Oh, you must be a fool!

You mean you couldn't see
it was only a trick

to rob us
of our share of the gold?

So everything we had
is completely lost.

Don't worry.

He's a good man.
I promise you.

And besides, he's too sick
to run away, so come with me.

I'm not going anywhere with you!

You think I'm crazy?

You're not just a thief and a killer,
but a complete idiot!

Leave me alone
and go to hell!

Come here!

I could murder you
for what you said.

[Carmen laughs]

You make me laugh.

Really, you do.

You make me sick.

You're stupid, Jose.

Why do you get upset?

You know I have to stay
to work on Lucas.

There's no reason for jealousy.

We want to get
onto that ship, don't we?

And he's the only one
who can help us.

I love you, Jose.

Or I wouldn't have
worked so hard

to help us get away
and begin all over again.

Now everything's ready,
you know that?

You don't know me yet,

so be careful.

Everything's prepared for the day
after tomorrow at San Nicola.

No wonder that I'm nervous.

This is what you have to do.

Ask at the crossroads
for a fisherman called Pedro.

He'll take you to the beach
where I'll be waiting.

The ship sails at sunset.

Oh, look what you've done
to your hand!

How silly you are, Jose.

I'll put this handkerchief on it.

Pedro: I tell you,
if we wait any longer,

we'll never make it.

The ship's already well out to sea
and she'll be off the big headland

within a few more minutes.

Dancairo: Don't worry.
We're just coming.

Then hurry up.

Don't you realize
there'll be trouble for us

if we're caught here with you?

Carmen won't come
and you might have known it.

Even the fisherman
only expected the two of us.

Try to face the facts, Jose.

Why deceive yourself any longer?

Why ruin your life for the sake
of a dirty prostitute?

It's a form of madness.

You're coming with me
if I have to drag you away by force!

You keep away from me now.

Board the damn boat alone.

You've dreamed of that money
all your life, haven't you?

Well, take it.
It's yours.

Go away.

You know that Carmen's
now living with Lucas.

Even the fisherman'll tell you.

This is our last chance.
We're finished if we stay here.

I won't give up my hopes
of a decent life now.

We're rich, Jose.

We can start all over again
and learn to be respectable.

We gotta go.

If you're coming, come on.

You'd better let me follow
my own road

or I'll damn you
to the end of the world.

[Music playing]

Thank you, Lucas.

Bravo, Lucas!





What do you think you're doing?

Leave me alone!
Let go!

- You're coming with me.
- Lucas!


How many times must I tell you
it's not safe for us here?

I thought you were already
on the boat,

so I told the police
you'd come this way

just so they'd leave me alone.

Tell me why you deceived me.

I never meant
to go away with you.

I want to be free
and I always will.

You may lead me to my death,
but I won't live with you!

You stayed because of Lucas.

You're in love with Lucas.

You poor fool.

I loved Lucas for a day or two,
no more than I did all the other men.

But now I'm in love with nobody,
nobody at all.

You knew you weren't coming,

so why didn't you say so
from the start?

Because I'm tired of you,
because I was afraid of you,

because I wanted you
to leave me in peace!

If you want to kill me
for this, go on.

It's fate,
but it won't change me.

I don't want to kill you.

We can forget the past
and begin again.

I don't need to forget
about anything!

It's not my fault
you became what you are.

Leave me alone!

Go away!
Go away!

I don't want you!


You loved me once,
didn't you?

Tell me you loved me once.

That you didn't lie
at the beginning.

Tell me before it's too late.

That you believed for one moment
that we could save each other.

What can I do
to make you understand?

Your New World never meant
anything to me.

I've never been in love
with you, Jose.

And now I'm sick of you!

I'm sick of you, do you hear?

And I hate you!

I mean it, I hate you!

No! No!






[Wind howling]