Man Mandir (1971) - full transcript

Orphaned at a very young age, Deepak and his sister, Laxmi, live a poor lifestyle. Deepak is introduced to Krishna and soon both get married and live together with Krishna's brother, Ramu. Deepak drives a taxi and it is through his earnings that they all live on. Soon Krishna gets pregnant, much to the delight of the entire household. Ramu has fallen into bad company and steals Krishna's necklace to throw a party for his friends. A kind-hearted wealthy Jeweler, Shyam Lal, returns the necklace to Deepak, as Deepak had returned his suitcase full of cash. Shyam would like his doctor son, Shankar, to get married to Laxmi. A delighted Deepak arranges a meeting at the Lals residence. It is at this meeting that Deepak's life will be turned upside down, for this is where he will find that Laxmi is pregnant; shock and tragedy will follow when shortly thereafter Ramu will be run down by a car; his wife will give birth to a baby boy and pass away, and Laxmi will drown herself in a river. Looks like fate has turned it's back on Deepak as he may be destined to bring up the child on his own.

What is going on? Deepak
has come. He will decide.

Yes, he will decide.
What is going on Pinto?

Deepak, we were playing cards
and he made the wrong move.

Now you tell us
what should we do?

All of you do this all day?
And Pinto aren't you ashamed?

You were an ordinary cleaner
I thought you to drive.

I got you a license
on my recommendation.

But you gamble here all day.

Gambling is for the rich and
not for poor people like us...

...who are responsible for their
old parents. Give this to me.

What are you waiting for?
Go on.

Sunder, did you come
home in the morning?

Yes Deepak.
Did you have some work?

I wanted your opinion.
I am going home.

I got rent from Kalbadevi in the
morning. Let's have a cup of tea.

Shyam, give us 2 cups of tea.

Take this.

Now tell me,
what's the matter?

Deepak, some or the other
trouble always comes up.

I received a letter
from the village.

Mother has gone
totally blind.

That is really bad. But
you had got her treated?

What do I do? I spent all
the money on her treatment.

But one cannot defy fate.

And the biggest
problem is that...

...I have a young sister. How
will mother look after her?

What have you decided?

I've planned to leave my job
here & work as a driver there.

It is not a bad idea.

You're an honest man. There's no
shortage ofjobs for such a man.

You will get some
or the otherjob.

But till I don't get ajob,
I have to manage the expenses.

Then why are you
getting so upset?

If you require about Rs. 50100,
then come home and take it.

I'd saved money for installment
for my car. I'll pay that later.

I will be grateful. You are
helpful to everyone. But...

Now stop all this, come home in
the morning and take the money.

I will be grateful...
Drink your tea.

Stop talking nonsense
and go. Okay.

Shyam, put the bill
in my account.

You are so generous!

You think about everyone.
Sometimes think of yourself too.

If Sunder had a sister,
even you do.

And the scoundrel
Kishan troubles her.

No one can dare even
look at my sister.

Okay. But how long will
you remain a bachelor?

Listen to me,
and get married.

Once you get your wife,
even you will...

...relieved of your
sister's responsibility.

You are right uncle, but where
do I get such a wife...

...who will take my
sister's responsibility.

I know a very good girl.

She is an orphan and just
has a younger brother.

She teaches the society children
to take care of him.

God has even made her beautiful.
I know them very well.

They are from
a decent family.

Come. Greetings uncle.
Greetings, child.

Where's your sister? She must
be coming. Uncle, take a seat.

How come you are here?

Child, I have come
for an auspicious deed.

Auspicious deed? What's it?
Sit down, I'll tell you.

Take a seat children.
Ramu, keep this inside.

First, meet him. He is Deepak.
Consider him my son.

He has his own taxi.
And she is sister, Laxmi.

How is he to look at?

Uncle, what are you saying?

Child, I have got a marriage
proposal for you.

See for yourself.

If God wishes to get you
together, you will.

Ramu, talk to him.

But what will I say?

Do you have your parents?

No, our parents expired
in our childhood.

Do you have your parents?
Even we are orphans like you.

Where are you from?
Rawalpindi. What about you?

We are from Lahore. Did you
come here after the partition?

Yes. How many brothers
and sister are you?

Only the two of us.

What about you?
Just the two of us.

What do you say Deepak?

As you say uncle.
What about you child?

As you wish uncle.

Then here,
have some sweets.

I had got the sweets.
Here, child. Take some.

What happened?
The kids are awake.

Kids! Oh, you mean those two?
No, they have gone to sleep.

Talk slowly.
They might hear you.

Krishna, it is a small house.

But till now we didn't feel
the need of a bigger house.

It is said that once a
woman steps into a house...

...she gets along
lots of wealth.

With you in my house, God
knows even I might get lucky.

And one day we might
buy a huge house.

It is not so. I won't miss
anything wherever you are there.

My heaven is in these eyes.

Come on, get up. The taxi has
been cleaned. Now go to work.

Get up.

Forgive me for
sleeping late Krishna.

After a long time
I had a peaceful sleep.

What is this?
You have a broom?

What kind of a
bride are you?

You started work
from today itself.

If you had a motherinlaw,
she would've cared for you for.

She would have
looked after you.

Who cleaned the taxi?
I woke up Ram.

He cleaned it.
Come on get up.

I made breakfast for you,
eat it and go to work.

Afterall you are a
taxi driver's wife... talk about work
early in the morning.

You're a newly wed, if you don't
work for a day, we won't starve.

No, first we have to work.

If we don't then how will we
save money for Laxmi's marriage?

You have come here as
my wife or as my mother?

You are already worried
about Laxmi's marriage?

Yes. I am like a
mother to Laxmi.

A sisterinlaw is like a
mother. Really, is that so?

From now on you're responsible
for Laxmi and I for Ramu.

Laxmi will be your sister
and Ramu will be my brother.

Okay? Now serve the breakfast.
I will take you out.


I am not stupid enough to go
to work so soon after marriage.

Give me the broom...
Come on...

are your eyes...

...where will my heart
escape to

I stop and I bow...
...wherever I see your face

is my Beloved

Where will I find
someone like you

I stop and I bow...

...wherever I see your shadow

My heart is crazy for you

Now the whole world
is foreign to my heart

You are wherever I look

Over here, over there
and all over

I am crazy after you

I think of you only

Your love took me..., there,
and all over

My life depends on your love

I worship every move you make

I will have a love...

...wherever you look

Sir, your face is glowing, has
the silver & gold price gone up?

Shankar's mother!

Now what work do you
have with me?

You are talking as if
I have divorced you.

Received our
son's letter.

Then what is there
to laugh about?

Without our only son,
how will we celebrate Diwali.

Doctor, you're responsible for
saving my life. God bless you.

Okay, now you rest.

Munna, will eat a toffee?
Yes doctor.

Here. Doctor,
you are spoiling him.

You get sometime
for him everyday.

Because he is my friend.
Right Munna?

Yes, once I get well, will
you play cricket with me?

Sure. And I will get out
on your first ball.

And when I bowl,
you make a good score.

Mr. Rai, it's you!
You are sitting here?

That chair was vacant.
That's the doctor's chair.

The doctor is at
your service.

You are the owner of
this nursing home.

Shankar, nursing home
is not a business...

...that it has an owner.

It is an organization I opened
in service for the needy.

I had comebecause I am going... participate in the
All India Transport Conference.

I had come to tell you that...

...I am giving the cheque for
Rs. 50,000 you had asked...

...for the new Xray machine
to the manager.

Take it whenever
you need it.

Come on.
Accountant, come here.

I cannot read.
Tell me, ho much do I weigh?

How much do I weigh,

This weighing machine
weighs upto 200 kgs.

It reaches it's limit when you
keep just one of your foot...

...then what will the
accountant tell you?

You shouldn't be jealous of
someone elses good health.

Wow, what good health!

Wherever she steps the
ground sinks 2 inches.

I am going to the shop,
if someone calls...

...give them the jewelry
shop's number. Understand?

I remember the number.
It is 550213.

Yes Gorakh.

Why are you wearing
a black coat?

When some people ask for
something from God...

...they keep a kind of fast.

Even I have asked for something,
and till it is not fulfilled...

...I will wear this black coat.

What problem do you have?
I don't have any problem.

My sister has a problem.
Your sister?

Till now I have never given
your sister any trouble.

Others father 57 children.

I have just given her the
trouble of Shankar once.

Then what have
you wished for?

Brotherinlaw, I've decided,
till she doesn't lose 40 kgs...

...I won't stop wearing
this black coat.

Then Gorakh, keep wearing
this coat all your life.

I am getting late. I have to
check the stock in the shop.

you are leaving?

Give me Rs. 100.
I have just a Rs. 1000 bill.

Okay give me Rs. 1000,
I'll return Rs. 900 to you.

Has anyone in your
family seen Rs. 900?

In your sister's marriage,
your father spent only Rs. 750.

And tied me down
with these 750 kgs.

It is still cheap, it came
up to just 1 rupee per kg.

Nowadays mutton costs
5 Rs. Per kg.

I have told you so many
times not to go on with him.

He will either make fun
of me or our family.

Sister, who else
does he have?

Other than us who else
will he make fun of?

Look, I have got an
amazing piece for you.

Sister, your body fat will
flow out of your body.

Drink it with lemon juice for
40 days and you'll lose 40 kgs.

Is this a new medicine?

It's come on earth for the
1st time. Ashes of the moon.'

Thanks to my American
friend Armstrong...

...who has given me this piece
for Rs. 2500.

So will I lose weight if
I eat these ashes of the moon?

Don't you read the papers?
Everything on the moon is light.

Everything is
feather light on the moon.

Within 40 days brotherinlaw
will ask, Who is this damsel?'

Sister, my American friend
is going back to America.

Give me Rs. 2500.
Yes, I'll just get it.

Hurry up.
The Fatso is trapped!

Kishan aren't you
going to work today?

Since I've seen Deepak's sister,
I don't feel like working.

Talk slowly, if Deepak
hears you, he will kill you.

I am not committing a sin...

...I want to get
married to Laxmi.

Stop dreaming.

I know what all Deepak
expects for Laxmi's wedding.

Even I am very determined,
I will do anything for love.

Have you cleaned the car?
Yes sir.

Mr. Deepak, your younger
sister's name is Laxmi, right?

Yes, what's the matter?
You have done us many favors.

Kishan has wrong intentions
towards Laxmi.

I heard this for
the second time today.

Send a cup of strong tea.

What's the matter Deepak?
Kishan, I am a decent man...

...but if I come down to being
bad, I can be merciless too.

But what have I done?
You are asking me that!

If you ever even take my
sister's name, I'll kill you.

It's been ages since I met you.
After St. Xavier we didn't meet.

That is in the hands of destiny.
Have you become a lawyer?

Yes, or why would I wear this
coat? Have you passed B. A?

Do you get the degree of
law without being a graduate?

I was asking because you were
quite dumb in the college days.

That was because
you were with me.

I mean 6 months after you
left I got my degree.

What are you doing here?
I had come to buy jewelry.

This is my shop.

Yours. So you practice law
and sell jewelry too.

I practice law, and my
father sells jewelry.

But this is
Mr. Shyamlal's shop.

Which law states that my
father cannot have that name?

Here he comes. What?
My father has come.

Why didn't your
father talk to you?

He keeps a fast of not
talking on Tuesdays.

Gorakh, please
get me a taxi.

Why a taxi? When will
this car be of use?

Driver tell father,
that I took the car.

Tell him to come home in
the tram. Come, take a seat.

Do you have Rs. 5?
Take it from sister.

Is there water in the house?
I want to take a bath.

Yes, there is.

This's a house and not a
playground. Why do you whistle?

Sister, you always
keep scolding me.

Sister, look at my photograph.
Just Rs. 2 for 4 copies.

It is very cheap.

Look sister, how your brother
looks in the photograph.

Even in the photo you look
crooked. As you do now.

From the past few days I noticed
you keep making fun of me.

Don't you love me
anymore sister?

Can a sister stop
loving her brother?

Not only my brother,
you are everything to me.

But I've noticed that you are
not behaving properly nowadays.

Sister, you unnecessarily
worry about me.

I read, I write. There's just
one educated man in this house.

I can take care of myself.
How will you?

You can't even stand properly.

While talking you will
be moving here and there.

Laxmi, you are
laughing at me.

Let brother come, I will
complaint & teach you a lesson.

Yes, surely complain,
I am not scared of you.

If brother gets angry at me,
my sisterinlaw will save me.

Yes sure. As if you are
the only one dear to her.

Keep your face like that,
you look very beautiful.

Why are you coming in
a taxi? Why? Can't I?

You always answer
me like that.

You must have lend
the car to someone.

No madam, your brother
took the car.

It doesn't matter. Poor boy,
must have some urgent work.

Come, dear brother. God
knows why he was named Gorakh?

My parents could have
named my Shyamlal also.

But then I would have
been your brotherinlaw.

Gorakh, you had taken the car?

It must be some important
work. Did you finish it?

No sister. It was
done just half way.

What work was it? It is not
something you can do in this age.

Then why did you take my car?
Because I needed a private car.

It could not be done in a taxi.

Don't you dare touch
my car from now.

Don't talk as if
I am a stranger.

I have always respected
you like my father.

If you want proof,
then you can ask anybody.

It's a different think that I
smoke a pipe in front of you...'s the modern times,
I chew tobacco...

Don't talk nonsense.

Just tell me did you get
my car back as it was.

Brotherinlaw, why are
you being so childish?

What use is the car, which is
not in a part of an accident?

I have given it in the garage.
Did you have an accident?

Have patience and listen to
me. It's an interesting story.

I was driving, and
in my way came a tree.

I blew the horn,
but the tree didn't move.

Then I turned the steering.
Then a buffalo came in my way.

IU told her to move, but she
did not understand my language.

You killed the buffalo?

I am not stupid enough that I
will kill an innocent animal.

I saved it and run over
a 70 year old woman.

And she died saying,Oh God!

Now what'll happen? Whatever
I told you could have happened.

It didn't happen.

You car is standing outside
on all it's 4 tyres.

I knew that my brother
is joking.

Yes. Your father played
the biggest prank on me.

That he made your
sister my wife...

...and for daily humor send me
a brotherinlaw for dowry.

You have become very light.
Did you eat that?

Talk slowly, he might hear
you. I had eaten that.

Armstrong wrote a letter
from Italy. Really?

He said he is sending a bag
full of mud from the moon.

That will wash off
all your extra pounds.

You should first dry your head,
what if you catch a cold?

I have just 2 hands.

How can I wipe my body and
head at the same time?

You have four hands,
Two mine and two yours.

Give it to me.
Forget it! Why?

Give it to me.

What happened?
When a beautiful woman...

...that too a wife.

Lovingly wipes ones head, then
why won't he be in 7th heaven?

Forget it! You think up
mischief even in this age.

This age! This is the right
age to make mischief.

If Laxmi comes and sees us,
what will she think?

What will she think. That
we both love each other.

Let her think, thinking
that is not bad.

She can think something
else too. No, she cannot.

Leave me, come on,
leave me. Here, I did.

Why were you giving me a massage,
nothing has happened to me.

I know what you were
telling my sisterinlaw.

What was I saying? I
was not saying anything.

Brother, I am not a kid anymore.
I understand anything.

Sisterinlaw, look brother
has got something for me.

And he is hiding it from
me. What have I got?

What you have hidden in the car.

In the car? I didn't get
anything, nor have I hidden it.

What are you saying?
What is this?

Where did this bag come from?
Give it to me. Why should I?

First let me show it to
her, what is there in it.

Oh God!
So much money!

With brother?

Oh, so you earn and keep it in
your taxi and not in the house?

Make him understand, why
does he not buy his own taxi.

It's not my money.

It belong to someone else.
Someone forgot it in the taxi.

My money is gone.
How can it disappear?

We will find it. Sister,
brotherinlaw! Found it?

Obviously not! I am telling
you, you have lost it.

If you had given me
that Rs. 10,000...

Sir, try to remember, did you
forget the bag in the shop?

I sat in the taxi with you,
you yourself gave me the bag.

Do you remember the
taxi's number?

Accountant, that
is our car's number.

Do you remember
the driver's face?

Madam, I have been working
for you for 10 years...

...I don't even remember
your face till now.

Tell me who else was
there in the taxi.

You are asking questions
like the police.

I was there and he was there,
who else?

You are lying. There was the
taxi driver too.

I have understood who took
the money. Then tell me.

Either the taxi driver,
or this accountant took it.

Oh God! Madam, I have
trouble handling a rupee... will I manage
Rs. 10,000?

That depends on the person.

Why don't you depend on me?

Try giving me a lakh or 2,
I'll manage it so well... won't even know.

What are you thinking?
It's a matter of Rs. 10,000!

Call the police. Have some
patience, why call the police?

So you now when I mentioned
the police you are worried?

I will call up right away.

Greetings! You have
brotherinlaw's bag of money?

Yes, I have come
to return it.

He forgot it in the taxi.
Why are you making a mistake?

Why are you giving
away money you got?

Listen, you keep half
and give me half.

Thank you. I will give it
to the one it belongs to.

The old man had saved money
by draining the poor.

Come and give it to him.

It's Mrs. Shyamlal speaking...
Found it. Found it!

The bag is found.
Show it to me...

You keep quiet!

Sir, you had forgotten
this bag in my taxi.

Just check if it
has all the things.

If one has good intentions,
it is totally good.

Even then check it
for my satisfaction.

I am satisfied.
In a world where people...

...don't repay the
loans they take...

...has honest men like you too?

Sir, a livelihood of honesty... more satisfying
than thieving.

You said what was in my heart.

Forgive me, I forgot to
invite you to take a seat.

Please sit.
What will you have?

Thank you. But I have
to take the taxi.

You forgot my name so soon?
It is not Shamdi, it is Shamli.

What difference
does it take.

Is the coast clear?
What do you mean?

I mean is your father home
or has gone out?

Who has come? Father, I told
you about my college friend...

Oh, the lawyer?

What do you mean? My name
is Gorakh. I am Balusingh.

Mr. Gorakh, what's your name.
I mean what's your full name?

That's my full name, but
you can call me anything.

You can call me Gorakhnath,
or Gorakhdhanda.

Anyway, it's a
pleasure to meet you

I thought that you might
be a little junglee'(wild).

But you're good enough. What
do you mean, I am ajunglee?

Your daughter told
me that you work... the Forest Department
from 2530 years.

Does a man become ajunglee by
working in the Forest Department?

Why not? According
to law 1503...

...if a man stays in Delhi,
he is called a Delvi.

One staying in Jaipur
is called a Jaipuri... one living in ajungle
can be called ajunglee.

After all he is a lawyer,
he will have smart answers.

He is a lawyer as
well ajester.

Child, you talk, I have to go
out for something important.

Your father is
so shameless.

He kept talking and didn't
offer the guest a seat.

You are the 1st youth to be
allowed to come in the house.

Did old men come before
me? You're still ajoker.

How must you be
fighting in court?

A man doesn't do that. The law
degree helps one to do that.

Want to see an example?

Consider that you are a witness
and I am the lawyer.

And I am interrogating you.

First say... I swear to say
the truth, nothing but the truth.

Did you act in Waris'? I
did not, but I had seen it.

Doesn't matter, even then you
are no less than any actress.

First question. What's
your age? 18 years.

Wrong, you had said the same
age 2 years ago in college.

Once you say something to a
lawyer, you should stick to it.

Very intelligent. 2nd question.
Have you ever fallen in love?

I never got the
chance till now.

A beautiful girl like you should
have 56 men around her... flies around
a piece of sweet.

I am not a cheap girl.

Some men had tried to
interfere in my personal life...

...but my father has
a 2 barrel gun.

O God! You father even
has a license to shoot.

My license had expired, I got
a new one made, look at this.

What are you showing me?
I am myself going to expire.

Shamli, I'll be leaving.

Laxmi, didn't come home?

You had taken her, she was
going to come back with you.

I had left after leaving
her at the theater.

I reached there around 10
minutes late to pick her up.

I looked around,
when I didn't find her...

...I thought she must
have come walking.

How can she walk
down from so far?

Even you are
sometimes stupid.

She is a young girl,
and no one is to be trusted.

I don't understand. Nowadays
Laxmi is acting stupid.

I had told her not to go the
movie. What's wrong with that?

But you should have
reached there on time.

Now, what should I do? Now
why worry, she must be coming.

Let her come, I'll
teach her a lesson today.

You're getting angry
unnecessarily, when she comes...

Brother you had told me, you
will pick me up from the hall.

I was waiting for
you for 10 minutes.

People were staring at me,
I got scared.

Yes Deepak, Laxmi was
waiting for you.

I was passing by,
and my taxi was empty.

I though you may be busy,
so I dropped her home.

Okay Deepak, I'll leave.

Laxmi, come here. Why were you
in such a hurry to come home?

Couldn't you have waited
for me for some time?

I was waiting for you.

Kishan came and said
that you had sent him.

So, I came with him.

If anyone comes to you and
tells you I sent him...

...will you go with him
too? Can't you think?

Shameless! You go around
with wrong men.

Don't you know what kind
of a man Kishan is?

Forgive me brother.
I made a mistake.

Tell me, the show got
over half an hour back...

...why did you take
so long on the way?

Brother... What are
you going on about? Tell me.

On the way my friend Kamla
stopped the taxi at her place...

...she insisted I have tea.
I am coming from there.

You were having tea? Laxmi,
listen to me carefully.

If you even step out of the
house without my permission...

...then I will kill you!

Now why are you crying?
Go inside!

Krishna, I shouldn't have
been so angry on Laxmi.

Go, she must be crying.
Make her understand.

I knew that.

Here comes the golddigger!
What are you?

He is joking Ramu.

We have decided to
have a party from you.

Me? Why not? Can't you spend
some money for your friends?

You boast so much.

Why won't I. I am
no less than a Prince.

You will be grateful. I will
treat you to dinner tomorrow.

Very good!
Three cheers for Ramu.

What is it?

Come here.

What's the matter?
Aren't you sleepy?

Come here.

I won't.

You won't?

What can I do? I am
not getting any sleep.

Close your eyes properly,
you will fall asleep.

You close them for me. I wake
you up, not put you to sleep.

There's a problem. You'll have
to stay awake with me all night.

You are just like a kid.

What are you doing?
I am a kid, right?

Get up. Laxmi will get up.
Get up!

Here's the money. Satisfy your
hunger and quench your thirst.

I am fortunate to have
you here. Please come.

Deepak, you house is small but
it is very clean and tidy.

It is a poor man's hut. But why
did you bother to come here?

If you had some work, you
could have called for me

I didn't have any work, but l
had heard that you are not well.

I am not well? Yes.
Nothing has happened to me sir.

Someone had said, so l
thought to ask how you were.

I was also going to get
a doctor along. Thank you...

...but someone misinformed you.
I was about to go for work.

Then Deepak,
I am very happy.

Why are you standing sir,
please take a seat.

I'm standing because
I'm surprised...

...that there's no one else
to be seen in the house.

In the excitement of meeting
you I forgot to call the others.

I'll just call them. Krishna,
Laxmi, look who has come.

Sir, she is my wife.
Bless you child.

You are lucky to have a honest
man like him for a husband.

And she is my younger sister,
Laxmi. Bless you child.

May God give you
a good fate.

You didn't tell
us who he is.

Oh yes, I forgot.
He is Mr. Shyamlal.

He is a very rich man.
He has a big jewelry shop.

It is full of gold,
silver and diamonds.

His heart shines
just like his shop.

He is a very decent
and courteous man.

Do you remember the bag
that was left in my taxi?

Do you remember?
It was his bag.

So, he the one?

God has been kind enough
and given me wealth.

But that does not mean that
I get proud and turn cruel.

Even I was born like
your husband Deepak.

God gave him a taxi for his
living and me ajewelry shop.

Sir, you've very noble thoughts,
that's why God is happy with you.

That is nice. You have
said a very sweet thing.

Do you know why I am here?
You surely have a reason...

...or else... Deepak,
you don't interfere.

This is not your matter.
Child, accept this from me.

Deepak, I know the
reason for your surprise.

This is a necklace
from your house.

Your wife's brother had come
to my shop to sell it.

I understood that your financial
position is not very good.

Or else no one sells or
mortgages ones own jewelry.

Your brotherinlaw also said
that you are very strict.

And he had to sell the
necklace for your medicine.

This is the reason
I came here.

Sir... Deepak, if
you had come to me...

Till now we thought there was no
one to help us in our bad times.

We are lucky to have support
of a generous man like you.

You should praise the
Lord who made everyone.

Here, child.
Take this necklace.

Okay, Deepak,
now I am leaving.

Get your whole family
to my place someday.

Yes, sure. Krishna,
Laxmi, I'll leave.

Don't be scared Ramu,
just answer my question.

Do you've a problem here?
Do I deprive you of something?

Brother... Look at me
when I am talking to you.

With lots of hard work, l
have made a decent living.

Just like a bird who
flies the whole day...

...gather's every straw
and makes his nest.

I request you that if you
cannot do anything else...

...then atleast don't
ruin my decent livelihood.

Why are you talking
so politely with him?

What else can I do?
He is a young boy...

...if I talk strictly,
he will back answer me.

He will back answer you?
I will rip of his tongue!

Talk slowly, these matters
should stay inside the house.

He is a kid, he will understand.
Go get me my cap and batch.

I have to go for work.

He hasn't committed a theft, he
has insulted our late parents.

No one's a thief in our family.
God knows what company he keeps.

Why are you crying like
a child. He will grow up.

It is good that he was caught
during his first theft.

He will never go
on the path again.

God has given us hands to
do good deeds and not bad.

That hands with which you
eat, are not used to steal.

Always remember...

...learning after falling
from the first step...

...saves you from the pain
of falling from the top.

It is surprising you are a good
lawyer at such a young age.

If I became a lawyer later, you
would've got an old soninlaw.

Mr. Gorakh, have you ever
fought a murder case?

I mean yes. Bobby Kennedy
murder case had come to me.

But the American atmosphere
does not suit me.

I had got another
murder case too...

...but I cannot digest the
rich food people In Punjab eat.

I am used to eating plain food.

And I am also a simple lawyer.

He is Mangludada. His brother
Somu has committed a murder.

So for his lawsuit, l
have recommended your name.

My... That was
very nice of you.

Mr. Balusingh, the lawyer
seems to be very young.

Yes, a little... He is
young, but very intelligent.

Mangludada, give him the case
and forget about your brother.

You keep quiet. Mangludada,
you explain everything...

...about the case
to Mr. Gorakh.

It is not a long story. Someone
called my brother, Loafer.'

So my brother killed him.
That's it!

He killed him just for that.

Is it your family profession
to commit murder?

My fore fathers must have
committed just 24 murders...

...but my brother must have
committed around 510 murders.

They are not much. Can you
tell more about yourself?

Can you tell...

He means can you tell
more about yourself? Yes.

My profession is to
commit robberies.

Once I was caught
for a robbery.

A good lawyer
tried to defend me...

...but he couldn't save me. I
returned after 2 yrs. Sentence.

And I murdered him.

Otherwise his record is clean.

Till now it is. But I think he's
going to kill one more lawyer.

That is good. We will
give even that case to you.

If I am alive till then.

Mangludada, was the murder
committed at night?

No, in broad daylight.

In a market place. Market
place? Whose knife was it.

The dead person's.
Even the knife was his?

Don't you use anything of your
own? We use just our hands.

Mr. Gorakh, his brother
has done me many favors.

When I was working in the
jungle, a lion attacked me...

...but his brother risked his
life and saved my life.

If it was me, I would
Mr. Balusingh(bear)...

...I am fond of a bear and
lion fight since childhood.

Mangludada, what fees will you
give me to fight your case?

Fees? Yes. Once a lawyer
had asked me to pay his fees...

...then I had
broken his legs.

Who asked you to pay fees?
I was just joking.

Have dinner at my place on the
day of the hearing. I'll leave.

Yes, please. Goodbye
Mr. Balusingh. Goodbye.

Mr. Balusingh,
please come here.

Do you really want me
to fight this case?

It is a surprise, l
want it will all my heart.

All you heart? Then I will go
tell my last wish to my family.

What happened?

Coming, just a minute.
Hurry up, it's getting late.

Did you call me brother?

Yes. We... Why
are you staring at me?

I have worn these
clothes because...

...I am going for an
engagement of friends sister.

Take care of the house, okay?

I have told the neighbour, she
will be with you till we return.

That aunty will bore me
to death with her talks.

Get bored but, you
better sit with her.

Where are you going Deepak?
For someone's engagement.

Come, I'll drop you in my
taxi. Mind your own business.

We will go by ourselves.

So this means that
Laxmi is alone at home.

Tell me, are you going on
a leave for some days?

Yes. It's been long
since I went home.

I'll go on leave
for a few days.

Yes, surely go. Afterall you
an only son of your parents.

They must be anxious
to meet you.

Go on.

Deepak, you know that l
have a son who is a doctor?

He is in charge of a
Nursing Home in Bangalore.

I'm hearing about him today.

I've decided to get
him married.

That's very nice. Appoint me for
the work that needs to be done.

That's why I've called you.
I'm proud you thought of me.

This will be the first
marriage in this house.

It should be very grand.

The stage decorated with
flowers should be huge.

You should have a variety
of dance and music.

It should be a wedding that
no one will ever forget.

It will be like that.
I forgot to ask you one thing.

Will the girl's family
be of your league?

Yes Deepak, the girl is
from a very decent family.

They have selfrespect,
selfesteem, and everything.

They just don't have any wealth.
But there is no shortage here.

The girl's name is Laxmi.

This is also your
sister's name. Yes.

Then listen, that Laxmi
will be my daughterinlaw.

I don't understand.
What is there to understand?

A relationship between
a hut and a palace?

It has never happened sir.
Now it will happen.

People will laugh at you sir.
That is good.

I will give this unhappy
world a chance to laugh.

Sir, I am in a fix.
Deepak, don't refuse.

How can I dare. But first
let me ask my wife too.

How can I give you my
word without asking her?

Surely ask. How can that
noble woman refuse?

Okay sir, I'll leave.
Why are your hands shivering?

You didn't ask anything from me,
I did. I am the one asking.

Go on, be proud.
Walk with pride.

So for my only son you have
found a taxi driver's sister?

Thank God, that we
have just one son.

If we had 2, I did get 1 married
to the sister of a taxi driver...

...and the other to the
sister of a cart man.

Enough. Stop joking.

Shankar got proposals of
daughters of landlords...

...judges and ministers,
and you found a taxi driver?

Listen. If I get a daughter of a
landlord, judge or a minister...

...then she'll get along family
arrogance too in her dowry.

If I get a girl
from a poor family...

...she will care for
us all her life.

We want a beautiful life
partner for Shankar...

...and an innocent

Not a woman having
family arrogance.

But think, their
pair won't match.

I don't understand
this nonsense.

Go in and weigh yourself.

Once you see your

...your soul along with
your body will become lighter.

Go, Go on.

Where did everyone go?

First they used to listen to my
voice and come running like...

...chicks do when
they hear the hen.

Did you call me brother?

Yes, I was. I called for you so
much but no one is listening.

What are you pale.
Are you sick?

I am not sick, but I have to
manage all the household chores.

What does your sisterinlaw
do? Just orders you around?

Doesn't she work?
She is not feeling well.

What happened to her?
How would I know?

From the past few days
she is feeling nauseous.

She goes to the kitchen
and eats pickle.

Eats pickle?

Now I understood her
illness. Where is she?

What is it? Why are you
twisting my ear? Leave me.

How can I? Come here.
What has happened?

Come with me.

She is my wife. My partner
is happiness and sorrow.

She will keep telling
me all kinds of stories.

But she is not telling me
the most important thing.

Now tell me am I not entitled to
half the share of her happiness?

What are you doing? Talking
like that in front of God.

O Lord, you are so kind.

First you gave me
such a good wife.

And now she is going to
give me a bundle ofjoy.

I promise that when my
first kid is born...

...l'll come to Dwarka with
my family to worship you.

And I will name my
child after you. Like...

You are the first dream
in my eyes

A colorful and
innocent dream

I will swing you in
the lap of my love

I will sing you a lullaby

I count every second
for that moment...

...for which
every mother lives

I can listen to you always... music playing
somewhere afar

Krishna, you cannot even imagine
who got a proposal for Laxmi.

Don't try my patience.
Tell me who is it.

Come sit down.
Do you know Mr. Shyamlal?

Yes. He himself asked for
Laxmi's hand in marriage.

His, son!
Yes, his name is Shankar.

He is also a doctor.

Oh God, you have...

Are you telling the truth?
Do you think I am lying?

What are you that
you don't trust me?

I am so happy that
I couldn't believe.

I'll give Laxmi this news.
No. Come sit here.

Let's make all the arrangements
for the engagement first...

...then we will tell Laxmi.

What is the wedding date?
Wasn't this a stupid question?

Would I have fixed the
date without asking you?

Fist of all I have to ask you if
you like this proposal or not?

I asked a stupid question...

...but even you didn't
say something intelligent.

Can our thoughts be different?

Won't I want Laxmi to
go in a nice family.

And spend her life
with peace and happiness.

Neither were my parents selfish,
nor is my husband selfish...

...then how can I be?

It's not that, I thought
that maybe you are thinking...

...of getting Laxmi
married to Ramu.

What are you saying? Ramu is my
brother, but I know what he is.

Will I get Laxmi married
to Ramu? Never. Never!

What's the matter Gorakh,? You
look tired early in the morning.

I was working all night.
Were you exercising?

No, I was not exercising.
I was trying to get points...

brother Somudada's case.

Did you get any point?
I will have to.

I can tell you the
judge's verdict now itself.

Are you Somu's lawyer or
a public prosecutor?

If that happens then
Manglu will kill you.

Doesn't matter. There
will be one more case.

Manglu will be hanged
for killing me.

Then we will get married
and live happily ever after.

But you would be dead. Oh
yes, I forgot about this point.

Darling, you didn't give
Manglu my home address, right?

Not yet. Very good.
And don't even give it to him.

What's the matter?
Why are you scared?

I am not scared of Manglu.
I am just scared of court.

You are a lawyer and
you are scared of court!

My law is limited to this black
coat. I am not a lawyer.

So did you lie to me?

You had said that your father
wants you to marry a lawyer.

Don't be upset darling. Let
me go. Don't tell your father.

Tell me something.
Why are you quiet, tell me.

Okay, I'll tell you
first count to 3.

Count to 3?
Is this a classroom?

Say it. Okay.
Now you boss over me.

One... Two... Three...

You stopped me at three!

Oh! It's your
third month?

That means there are
67 months more to go?

After 6 months I will have
a tiny baby in my hands.

Talk slowly, why are you
going mad with happiness?

Why talk slowly? I'll be a
Why should I bother?

Hey, give it to me.
Give me that too.

Shankar, come here son.

You know why I
have called you here?

Father, you had written
everything in the letter.

If you have anything
on your mind, say it.

Father, I am not like
those children...

...who doubt their
parents decision.

Didn't mother oppose it?

She wanted you to
have a bride...

...who has a huge
family background.

But I made her understand.

Today the girl's family
is coming here.

See the girl, if possible we'll
get you engaged today itself.

As you say father.

What's wrong with sir, after
all Deepak is a taxi driver.

You are right, but...

you can live
without having money...

...can't Deepak live
after having money?

Yes, he can. What? Yes,
he can. What? Yes, he can!

Please come.
You wait here.

Please come.

The guests are here.
You have come Deepak?

Come. Please come.
Come, why are you shy?

This is Krishna,
and this is Laxmi.

Okay, I'll leave now.

Okay, you should leave.
Okay bye everyone.

Shankar, he is Deepak.
Greetings! Greetings!

Father has told me
a lot about you.

Good people hide other
people's faults too.

Shankar, she is Deepak's
wife. Greetings!

And she is Laxmi.

Come child.

Shankar, do you want to
say anything? No father.

I understood the meaning
of your smile.

Deepak, tell me do you all
agree to this alliance?

There is no question
of refusing.

So Laxmi is now ours.

Deepak, why are you
sitting so far...

...both of us are related,
come closer.

Brother had said that we
are going for a party...

But here they are talking
of my marriage.

Why are you frowning?
You should be happy.

No sisterinlaw,
I don't like it.

Come, let's go home.
Why go home?

Now we have to talk
about the engagement.

Come here.
Take their blessings.

Come on, get up. Why are
you shy? Take their blessings.

Get up.

Bless you child. You were
Bless you.

She is a very nice girl.

Shankar. Yes father.
Arrange for some tea.

Yes father.

What happened to you?
What happened to her?

What happened?
Shankar, take a look.

Sometimes you faint out ofjoy.

Shankar, why did she faint?

Tell us, what is it?

Tell us son. I am a doctor,
so I can't hide the problem.

This girl is pregnant.

What did you say?

Your sister is 2 months
pregnant. No!

Don't say that. Check her
again, you must be mistaken.

Please don't doubt that...

...or else
someone will be ruined.

Yes son, check again. A mistake
can ruin the girls' life.

If I'd kept it a secret, it
would've ruined many other lives.

Whatever I said is the truth.

And I have had to say
it with great regret.

Father, don't forget
that I am a doctor.

Doctor, if you
don't like Laxmi...

...then why are you giving
such a vile reason to refuse.

I am a poor man. My wealth
is my honour and my decency.

I beg of you not
to accuse her of this.

Add some poison to it.

You are saying this to
me? Whom can I trust?

You had told me that young girls
are unpredictable...

...we could not
take care of her.

Laxmi was a chaste woman,
how could she do this?

Why are you quiet? Who is
responsible for all this?

Tell me! Speak up,
or else I will go mad.

How can I answer that?

You're the woman of this house,
who else do I ask if not you?

Answer me, why did
Laxmi do this to me.

Krishna, say something.

I will tell you.
Listen with patience.

Hurry up, and tell me.

Today when I was returning
from the market...

...I saw 2 kids were
acting like their parents.

Standing next to them was
their maid watching them.

I scolded the kids, and told
them not to play such a game.

The maid told me,
why do you scold them... '

...scold their parents... '

...who do such acts
in the children's presence.'

Children are impressionable.

They get influenced
by both good and bad.

Then what is the
children's fault?

Now tell me what answer
do you have for this?

Oh God!
Are we responsible...

...for Laxmi's sin?

But what is our fault?

We are poor. Where do we
get a big house from?

We have to make do
with just one room.

We have to love our wife here,
and take care of the kids also.

Krishna, you have hurt
me by saying this.

I will die Krishna.
I cannot tolerate this.

My younger sister...


Laxmi, now how could
you dare to face me?

I had so many
dreams for you.

I'd thought you will be married
in a nice family one day.

A rich man's son will come here
with a marriage procession...

...and I with my head held high
with pride would have said... sister is going
in such a rich family.

But Laxmi, you have
ruined my dreams.

Tell me, why
did you do this?

With whom did you do it?

Tell me Laxmi,
who did this to you?

What will she say?
You tell me.

Say something.
What do I say?

If I knew who it was, you would
have his deadbody before you.

Why are you at her feet?

You have betrayed me.
Tell me, who he is.

You have committed a sin... don't commit another
by hiding him from your brother.

Tell us, who is he.

So someone from this house
is responsible for this!

Are you telling the truth?

Is Ramu responsible for
ruining your life?

Your brother has
earned this sin?

I would even dream
that Ramu...

...that Ramu will turn
out to be my enemy.

Ramu, I never thought of
you as my wife's brother.

I thought of you
as my own brother.

Did you have to repay me
like this for my love?

I used to consider myself the
most happy man in the world.

But you ruined my happiness,
peace of mind, everything.

Look at her...

Earlier she had an aura
of a chaste woman...

...which has now been tarnished.

Earlier she was
like a free bird...

...and now she has
been put into a cage.

Speak up.
Why are you quiet?

Do you think that your silence
will cover up your sin?

Admit it yourself.
Do you admit it or not?

Where did he go?

Today, I will kill him.

I won't spare him!

Poor boy, got run over!
What happened?

It was a young boy,
he was covered in blood.

So the man took
him in his car.

Brother, what happened?
Speak up brother.

At him.
Brother, what happened?

Here, have atleast one more.

Darling, do you know what was
it called in the Mogul period?

What do I know about those
times? I'm not from that period.

It was called Sobosa'
in the Mogul language.

Now you say that.

Okay, take Sobosa.'

Can I take what I want?

What is this? Give me one.
After marriage.

Who knows when we get married,
atleast let's rehearse it once.

Come here
No not now

Your refusal is as
good as your agreement

What's the hurry,
if not now then when

Go on, torture me,
make me suffer

Tell me how long am I to stay
thirsty standing by the shore

We have all the time,
what's the hurry

If not now then
someother time

Let our eyes meet,
let us fall in love

May we be patient,
let our love mature

Think before
falling in love

Why admit to false love

When hearts meet

Words don't matter

Are you listening?
Shankar is going back today.

What are you staring? I hadn't
decided to get him married.

Will you ever let
me live in peace?

Have I made life
difficult for you?

Mother, why do you
unnecessarily fight?

We are not fighting, I am
just making him understand...

...that why is he
unnecessarily loosing his sleep?

It is Deepak's problem
Father, forget about it.

Son, I am never scared
of trying anything.

But why did a noble man like
Deepak have to face this?

Is said that even
God tests good men.

Like you test gold,
God tests good men.

Very good.
You said a nice thing.

Tell me is it necessary
for you to go today?

Yes father.

Earlier the happiness
felt when you came... includes
a slight pain.

Are you going by car? Yes.
Go on. Drive carefully.

Bless you.

What happened?
Laxmi left the house.

She left this letter. I
said, Laxmi left the house.

Why are you quiet?
Go inside.

Did you hear what I said?
I said, go inside!

What will I do inside? The
soul of our house is gone.

Whom do I talk to?
Whom do I hug?

It would be better
if I die too.

you left your brother?

Ramu... Ramu...
I will kill Ramu!

What happened Krishna?
No. I was scared.

Krishna, you don't have to
be scared when I am with you.

Forget what has happened.

Here, take this.
Keep this here.

You don't get nightmares if
you keep iron next to you.

Go to sleep.

How is that girl?

If we had her address, we
would have informed her family.

I know her address. But no
need to inform them right now.

One more thing.
Is the girl married?

No. Then how did she have
an abortion due to the shock?

Yes. Doctor, take
special care of this girl.

What a difference!

Look at the difference between a
saint like Deepak and his sister.

She had an affair with
Deepak's brotherinlaw.

Mind your tongue. Deepak
is like a brother to us.

I didn't say that
he is my enemy.

If he had gotten his
sister married to me...

...then he wouldn't
have been defamed today.

What's the matter aunty?
Why did you call me?

It's time for her delivery.

Go and admit her
in a hospital.

I won't go to the hospital.
Why are you scared?

I have come, I'll be with you.
Come on, get up.

What did you say.
Krishna died!

Oh God!

You are the first dream
in my eyes

A colorful and
innocent dream

I will swing you in
I will sing you a lullaby

The garden is destroyed,
a bud remains

A shrunken memory
remains in my heart

Don't sing a
lullaby crying

If you cry,
how will he stop crying

God, I had promised that
my family to worship you.

How do I come? Tell me
O God, how did this happen?

Shamli, is the old man,
your father in? No. Come in.

Tell me Shamli,
are you fine?

No. Do you know Mangludada's
brother was hanged.

The murderer had
to be hanged.

Mangludada had come here.
He is after your life.

One day, even
he will be hanged.

Is you father upset with me?

Do you think he will
be pleased with you?

He has come to know that
you are not a lawyer.

Oh God! And Mangludada
has threatened father...

...that within a week if he does
not hand you over to him...

...then he will make it
difficult for us to stay here.

Let him be damned! It's
good you walked into the trap.

Gorakh, I was looking for
you all over the place.

Bulbulsingh. It's Balusing.
Yes. Bulbulsingh. Balusingh.

Yes Mr. Balusingh,
I am a foreteller.

I understood your problem
are upset with me.

But if you remain
upset with me...

...your daughter
will remain a spinster.

Let her be. First tell m why did
you need to act like a lawyer?

Because of you, Manglu
has become my enemy.

Mr. Bulbulsingh... Balusingh!
Yes Balusingh...

...the man who is an enemy of
the government and the public...

...can't he be your enemy?

In the law... Don't talk
about law, or I'll beat you up.

Becoming Manglu's enemy is like
losing your life. Understood?

If anyone raises his finger
at you, I'll kill him.

You'll be happy to know that for
7 years our problem is solved.

You will live for 7 years and
even I will live for 7 years.

Famous dacoit Mangludada,
is sentenced for 7 yrs...

...imprisonment for
3 robberies.

After 7 years when
he comes back...

...l'll have 6 children
playing in Shamli's lap.

Really? Now you agree
to being my fatherinlaw?

Go wash your face. Okay.
Shamli, where is the bathroom?

Forget that & listen to me, you
are not at all worthy of Shamli.

Don't say that father. If not a
lawyer, he is a rich man's son.

So what? Cool down. Look,
it's just a matter of 2 days.

Don't get angry.
Think with a cool head...

...think and then tell me.
I will do as you say.

Now, I'll leave. I have
to meet someone. Go on.

He himself went off. Pack your
clothes, we'll elope from here.

Hurry up.
He is a nice old man.

Go on.

Do you hear about Deepak? I
looked for him at many places.

No one knows about him.
Poor Deepak.

If he doesn't work, then how
will he bring up his kid?

You have done so much for me.

I swear, I'll take manage your
responsibilities all my life.

Don't call me sir. I was
an ordinary wandering youth.

I was luck that I
came under his car.

And that accident got me
to a new turn in life.

In Mr. Rai's memory...

...I give this
cheque of Rs. 50,000...

...for the improvement
of the nursing home.

Yes? Next week
it's his birthday.

It should be celebrated like it
was celebrated when he was alive.

Give the staff of the transport
company & nursing home staff...

...a 3 months bonus.

Thank you sir.

Now stop taking this
staff's support.

You are absolutely fine.

Where were you going
without my permission?

A dying person does
not need any permission.

Don't talk nonsense. You don't
get life again and again.

What you call life
is worse than death.

You know that.

Laxmi, like you
repeatedly wish to die...

...if you wish to live... will see that
life is so beautiful.

Look the end of my sorrows
will be when I die.

There is no use
making me understand.

You should have let
me die that day.

I am a doctor. It's my
job to save people's lives.

But by saving me you
did not do me a favour.

I beg you not to make me
suffer like this.

Laxmi, why do you lose hope?

Who knows how much happiness
is lying in wait for you?

No, it's all a lie. They are
dreams. Dreams never come true.

Let me die doctor.

There's no one in this world for
me. I don't belong to anyone.

She has fainted again.
Lie her on the bed.

One person should be
with her 24 hours.

What's the matter Mr. Ram?
Was it a new case?

The case is 2 years old.
But is very complicated.

Forgive me for interfering.
You attend to the patient.

Is this a hotel? Darling,
this is a nursing home.

Will you keep me in a nursing
home after getting me from home?

What is the difference between
a hotel and a nursing home?

Food is delivered in a hotel,
here kids are delivered.

You get a bed to sleep both
in a hotel and a nursing home.

Hotels have boys for service
and here there are nurses.

We'll have to do one thing. Till
we don't get another option... act dumb.

Mother and father
are fine, right?

Yes, brotherinlaw has
better moustache...

...and sister is losing weight.

Did you come here for some
work? Yes something important.

Girl was with
me in college.

She used to talk so much. One
day she suddenly stopped talking.

She became dumb.
What's her name?

Her name is Shamli.
Doesn't she speak at all?

You test her.
Show me your tongue.

What's your father's name?
Nephew, listen to me.

Her whole family's
name is Baa, Baa.'

When did she become dumb?
Around 4 years, 9 months...

...5 days, and... what time
is it now? 5 o'clock.

Yes... and 5 hours.

So did she talk before that?

Yes, she talked so much that
her society had noise pollution.

In the college days,
she was the only girl...

...who gave a lecture to 2000
students without a loudspeaker.

The cure for loneliness
is not a walk in the park.

At this age you need a life
partner. You're right doctor.

But before marriage I
have a duty to fulfill.

I have to look for someone.
What kind of a duty is that?

I'll tell you some other time.
Can I ask you something?

You are elder to me.

Then why haven't you cured
your loneliness till now?

I had got a chance.
Then what happened?

But I lost it.
Why is that?

Father had fixed my
marriage to someone.

But that girl...
You didn't like her?

No. It was something else.

Did she have a flaw? A
person does not have flaws...

It's the situation
that gives him flaws.

Anyway, forget all this.
We are getting late.

Whose kid is he? I
cannot see anyone around.

Sunder, come here.
Yes sir.

Look, this kid is lost.
You stay with him.

If someone comes looking
for him, then hand him over.

Okay. Or else take him
to the police. Okay.

I will drive the car myself.

Come. Pick him up. If
he cries get him some sweets.


Mohan! I was so scared.

Sunder, it's you!
Deepak, you are here?

Is he your son?

I went off to sleep
so he walked away.

Maybe that is how we
were destined to meet.

Tell me Deepak, how did
you come to this city?

What have you
done to yourself?

What do I say Sunder?
My life seems worthless now.

It is slipping out of my hands.

Didn't you know I was here?
You should have looked for me.

When troubled,
a person forgets himself... could I think of you?

But when did you get married?
You didn't even invite me.

Where is sisterinlaw?

I have just this left
of your sisterinlaw.

I understand.
It is all fate.

Come to my house with me.
I don't want to be a burden.

Deepak, don't
insult friendship.

You have helped others
all your life...

...what I am getting today
is all because of you.

Come with me.
Come on.

Come Deepak.

Why are you so astonished?

You must be thinking how a
driver got such a big house.

It is all our
master's generosity.

He gives every employee a
house to live for free.

Your master must
be a very big man.

He is very young,
but has a huge heart.

Just wait a minute.

Deepak, why are you so lost?
She is my only sister.


Radha, do you know
he the same Deepak...

...with whose help we
are surviving today.

Then today we are
lucky to have him.

Greetings. What are you
waiting for? Take the child.

Yes brother.

Didn't you get his mother?
No, there is just him.

What about the mother?
I will tell you later.

First give him some food,
and give the child some milk.

Okay. Listen,
Give him to me.

Why? Can't I play with him?
What's his name?

Just like the little Lord.

Sir, a letter which you had
addressed to Mr. Deepak...

...has come back.
Come back?

It's possible that the address
is wrong. How can that be?

It is also possible that the
person you wrote the letter to...

...lives somewhere else
or left the town.

The food is you eat
and not look at.

I will eat. Don't
consider Radha a novice.

The food she makes
is delicious.

Brother why are you
making fun of me?

To satisfy himself a poor man
considers water as juice...

...and rice as pulao.

Munna is crying. You sit.
I will take care of him.

Did you see, he stopped crying.
He has become close to Radha.

Can I ask you something Sunder?
Why haven't you married yet?

I haven't grown old.
You are not even young.

You are right, but
having a younger sister...

...if I get married.
It does not seem right.

Just think,
when my wife comes home...

...I will give her more
attention than to Radha.

How will I freely talk to my
wife in front of my sister?

You are right Sunder.
Don't get married now.

Who is it? Manager? It
is Shankar from Bangalore.

Call father?

He has gone on a pilgrimage?

When he return,
ask him to give me a call.

It is something very


Did you find out something?
Nothing doctor.

I think that even Deepak
is not in Mumbai.

Manager. He is
my friend Deepak.

Deepak he is our Manager.
Greetings sir!

Greetings! Manger, he has
been my friend since long.

He is a very good driver.

I would say that he is both,
honest and a good driver.

But he is unemployed nowadays.

If you would be kind enough to
give ajob, he'll be grateful.

Sunder, job come up
often over here.

Why don't you yourself
go to the master.

He should agree for it.
Then I will give him ajob.

Manager, as you say.
But if you came along...

...then it would be helpful.
Okay, I'll come along too.

What is it? Sir, Sunder
wants to ask you something.

What is it Sunder? Sir, my
friend needs ajob of a driver.

That friend has
done me many favors.

If you give him ajob in your
company. I'll be very grateful.

But as far as I can remember,
a new driver is not required.

Sir, I would be grateful.
He has seen good days.

At one time he used to
get people like us, employed.

His life changed. His family
and everything is ruined.

He is roaming around
unemployed with a small kid.

What kind of a man is he?

It will be justified if
you think of him as God.

Yes? When an honest man like
Sunder is praising him so much...

...then he is surely
worthy of sympathy.

Employ him anywhere.
As you say sir.

Sir, shall I call him in?
No, it's not required.

Listen! What? Let out
the smoke on that side.

The tobacco's stench
is getting to me.

Shamli, you smoke tobacco in
the pipe and not any perfume.

Now tell me how long do we
have to stay in this hell?

Till we are not
invited to heaven.

No. I won't stay here a minute.

Afterall what's the problem.
We have a room, food for free.

And also romance for free.

And even you ogle at
the nurses for free.

If you get arrested for
something, then where will I go?

Shamli, sometimes you say
stupid things like your father.

I won't let go of an angel
like you and choose them.

I am not that bad that I leave
you and run away with a nurse.

Then why do you peep
around all day?

Silly girl. These
nurses are also women...

...if I don't look at them once
in a day, they'll get a complex.

I don't know.
I feel trapped here.

If you had elope you should
have first looked for a place.

The doctor is coming.

What's going on? I'm clearing
her throat with the pipe.

Don't you know smoking is not
allowed in the nursing home?

Uncle. Throw the pipe. I'll
arrange for your operation.

I can talk. I can talk so loudly
that your ear drums will burst.

Your patients will run away
from the nursing home.

Uncle, where have you
got this trouble from?

She is going on nonstop!

She sometimes talks and
sometimes get's stuck.

Doctor, your uncle
is fooling you.

I am not dumb
and I never was.

If you don't believe me,
I'll tell you a dialogue.

A lion cub never eats grass.'

If you didn't see the play
then what did you see.'

The doe left but not the
memory of the doe like eyes.'

If you don't believe my dialogue
then I will sing a song...

In your memory,

Now tell me uncle.
Operate on him, he is dumb.

Make then empty the room
today itself. Yes sure.

Now please keep quiet.
Why are you crying?

I got this job with
great difficulty.

It's my 1st day. Let me go.
Come on, keep quiet.

What happened to him?
He never cries like this.

What happened?

What happened.
Daddy hit you?

Doesn't matter.
We will twist his ear.


Look, he called me mother.

One thinks of things
that he has lost.

You go to work. Today is
the first day to work.

Today is his birthday too.
It's your birthday today?

And it is your first day to
work. It's a lucky day, right?

Were you crying because no one
is celebrating your birthday?

I am here to celebrate
your birthday.


Your father is very lazy.
He didn't even make his bed.

My photograph!

It's me.
Munna's mother.'

God gives everyone
different fates.'

But by mistake,
he gave us same faces.'

Radha, I am grateful to you'

You are giving my Mohan
a mother's love.'

Will you do me a favour, as
a younger sister. Will you? '

The place I hold in
my Deepak's heart... ' take that place.'

Even you put a bindi like
I have in the photograph.'

Shankar! Mother! Father!
What a surprise.

Forget all that. First tell
me, is everything fine?

Everything is fine. But when did
you return from the pilgrimage?

When you saw us. Why did you
think of going on a pilgrimage?

Son, from quite a few days,
I was not at peace...

I was bored of seeing
your mother everyday.

I thought why not go
for a pilgrimage.

It's good, atleast his
sins have been forgiven.

Your, not mine. I have done
good deeds all my life.

I had come to tell you that
Laxmi's temperature is normal.

Son, who is Laxmi? The
same one. Deepak's sister.

I am treating her
in my nursing home.

But how did Laxmi come
to your nursing home?

When I was coming to Bangalore.
Laxmi tried to commit suicide... jumping in the river.

I saved her with
great difficulty.

Shankar, are doctor
also stupid.

If people come to know,
they will talk so much.

Why did you need
to get Laxmi here?

If she wanted to die,
you should have let her.

Shankar, I didn't
expect this from you.

What's the use of
saving a girl...

...who ruined her
poor brother's life?

Your mother is right.

People will unnecessarily
talk about us son.

Father, i didn't expect
you to agree with mother.

One who has a clear mind
does not see faults...

...he sees the good qualities.

You educated me and
made me a doctor...

...and now you expect me to let
someone drown in front of me?

We should fear the society,
but not kill our conscience.

Even he is right.

Even you are strange.

You keep changing!

Look, don't criticize my son.

A short bridegroom,
A fat bride

You are light and weightless,
she is plump and pudgy

If she sleeps on Monday,
she wakes up on Friday

Tomorrow is Sunday,
Munna will go to the market

She eats so much

Even then the bride remains
hungry out of shyness

80 meter skirt is tight
for the poor girl

She took him in her lap
when she felt affectionate

A little darling sing
and plays in my veranda

She dances, sings
and kisses her Munna

He will but a 2 paise bride
and a 6 paise necklace

Why have you put bindi
like that today?

Doesn't it look good
on my forehead?

Don't mind.
I just asked.

Why have you created such
an ado for his birthday?

Because a birthday is
to celebrate happiness.

Come children.

Please give your cigarette,
I want to light the pipe.

Forgive me. God knows
why I got such a useless man!

Now will we sleep
on the footpath?

Okay, let's have an open
air romance for somedays.

Yes, why?

Remember that. Come,
let's go tell the doctor.

Nephew, we found Deepak.
Deepak? Where is he?

He is in this city.
He was driving a taxi.

Driving a taxi?

The taxi had a company name
written on it. What was it?

That is our company name.

It is Doctor Shankar speaking.

Is there a driver named
Deepak over there?

Yes, there is.
What is the matter?

He's my friend. When he returns
from duty ask him to call me.

A Rs. 100 bill?

Excuse me sir. Did
you keep all the gold?

The police is chasing us.
Listen! What is it?

You are smugglers? That is why
you asked me to drive fast?

Mind your business.

Police station?
What did you say?

Deepak, one of our drivers
met with an accident.

What is it Raju?

Deepak met with an accident.
Where is Deepak?

Don't worry. Deepak was
not hurt. Come with me.

You are here? Yes.

According to me you should
have been in the hospital.

You thought right,
but God saved me.

It was a very bad accident,
I just escaped.

You were saved,
but the taxi was not.

I didn't think that I will meet
with an accident so suddenly.

Who were they?
They were smugglers.

They were smuggling gold. I
came to know at the last moment.

Why did you need to
bother with them?

According to me it was
the duty of a taxi driver.

What argument is going on?

Sir the thing is that...

Today was the first day of a new
taxi and I met with an accident.


Brother, what are you
looking at? I am your Ramu.

No, you are the one
to ruin my whole family.

No brother. Don't say that.

You call me brother after
ruining my happy family?

I thought you have been
punished for your sin.

That you were run over by a car.
But you are alive!

Why did God keep you alive.
Brother, don't get me wrong.

I am not alive,
day and night...

...all the time...

...I regret what I did and
am suffering.

You should seriously
have died till now.

You are standing
before me as my boss...

...if I knew that you are
the head of this company...

...then I would not have made
the mistake of working here.

I am not the master
of this company...

...I am the keeper of
someone's property.

I tried to find you... beg you for

I repent the injustice
I did to Laxmi.

Don't try to convince
me with your lies.

You never get your honour back.

You had defamed me, I am still
looked down on in society.

I can still not look
people in their eyes.

Brother believe me, I will
repent every sin I committed.

Now I am not the
old Ramu anymore...

...I have understood
the ways of the world.

Brother kill me yourself.
But don't doubt me.


Yes brother.

Am I dreaming?
It's you!

Mr. Deepak, she was going
to commit suicide.

I was passing by.
I saved her.

From then she is in my nursing
home under my treatment.

Has everyone in your family
decided to do me favors?

Deepak, people part
in the bad days.

...and meet in the good days.

Sir, I was unfair to
Laxmi without thinking.

I wiped off her happiness.

Laxmi, elders have to forgive
the mistakes children make.

I am happy that you are
standing alive before me.

Ramu, forget the past.

Tell me, will
you accept Laxmi?

If I don't, then there won't a
worse sinner in the whole world.

Silly girl,
why are you crying?

Your days to smile are here.

Now even Krishna
must be happy.

If you were here, these 2
would have wiped your tears.

You would have
been so happy.

Brother, you didn't
get sisterinlaw?

Yes brother, where is sister?

Munna was crying at home
and you are here?

Sisterinlaw? Sister.
Why are you touching my feet?

This is where we
belong, sisterinlaw.

Forgive me sister. I am
not what I used to be.

Who are these people?

Laxmi, she is not
your sisterinlaw.

What are you saying? She's
Radha, sister of my friend.

They helped me
in my bad days.

I live with them.
Then where is sister?

Tell us.

If you want to see Krishna,
look at that kid.

...he is her last memento.

Every Indian woman
wants her last rites... be performed
by her husband.

In the same way
my Krishna... front of my eyes...

...went very far
to a place...

...where one day
everyone goes.

Kids, the love you
had for Krishna...

...treasure it in your heart.

Don't let it flow away
through your tears.

Your marriage.

Bless you. Today,
I completed my duty.

I won't give him to you. Now
I cannot live without him.

She is telling the truth.
Munna is your son...

...but even Radha has
some right over him.

Sir... Look, that child
is asking something from you.

I know that you
are a young man.

Some one who will help
others what may come.

Sometimes you have to do
something for yourself too.

He is right.

Life is a difficult journey.

This journey cannot be
passed with sad memories.

At some point or the other
one has to make compromises.

You are saying that Sunder?

Look Deepak, children
are divine.

Maybe, this is God's hint.

Nowadays the rumor is
that she has married me.

So I thought today I will
get married to her.

So my sister won't have
to carry so much weight... my marriage procession.

Pandit, please chant
some mantra for us too.

We got the garland.
Darling, put the garland.

Just a minute. There are
so many couples here.

When will Shankar
get married?

Uncle, I haven; t grown old.
I can wait for a year or two.

So that means that you and
Munna will get married together.