Man Exposed (2006) - full transcript

A story of a priest, who considers himself as a rebel is suddenly asked to run for bishop of Turku.

A pig says oink oink.
A sheep says bah bah.

A donkey says hee-haw hee-haw.

My name is Antti Pitk?nen.
I weigh 1 20 kilos and 206 grams.

I have a lot of problems.
A whole lot.

Rock and roll!

I love you, man.


Do we have any lubrication?

I had such a boner when I woke up.

Yeah, that's it.
- Honey, let's not push it.

Let's try again next month.
- Do you want me to lick you?

No, that's okay.
- I want you to enjoy it.

I am okay, silly.

Try once more.

Make some noise.

- Concentrate on it.

Damn, it's half past nine!

Where are the batteries?
- Inside the remote control.

The bishop arrives today!
- He's not coming today, is he?

Yes, he is!

Yes, I'm on my way, I'm in the car.

Those are my bands!

Hurry up, we have to go.
- Have you seen my shoe?

Do you have the sermon?
- Markku is taking care of that.

He'll rant about
the church's conservatism again.

The bishop should welcome
constructive criticism.

He's your boss!
- He's your boss, too.

That's different.

Remember to invite him for a coffee.
Make sure the pastries are fresh baked.

Let me see.
- What is it?

I assume you can wear those as well.

Sorry, my watch was slow.
- Right. What are we going to sing?

Markku will tell you. Where is he?
- I don't know.

What about the hymns?

Who is going to preach then?
- You are the boss here.

I have nothing to say.
- See you in a minute.

Give the same sermon as last year.
- What was it about?

All Saints, remember?
- No, I don't.

You choose the hymns.
- Alright.

Let's pray.

Lord, touch us with Your love..
Let's just go!

Let's go.



Damn it.

Let's go.
We have to go now.

Damn Nazis!
The bastard will hear a good sermon now.


Markku, calm down.

You have to go now.

Here's the sermon,
for once you'll have something to say.

What do gays, the insane and unmarried
people living together have in common?

They are the lepers of today.

The church leaders think
that they are not fit to be priests.

Such a critical claim was recently made
by a member of our church.

I don't completely agree with him
but it's good to hear different views -

and to have a dialogue
instead of a monologue.

Dialogue means listening,
it's the opposite of a monologue.

Do you have time for a coffee?
- Sure, in exchange for more criticism.

I should thank the minister
for such a thought-provoking sermon.

He doesn't know yet, does he?
- No.

Where are the plates?
- In the cupboard.

This is dry.
- You should be happy we have something.

What if somebody chokes on this?

My name is Vilma, I am the new verger.

Antti Pitk?nen, minister. This is dry.
- Are you saying the jelly roll is dry?

Problem solved.

A little bird feels safe in God's hands,
We feel safe in God's hands.

Everyone is welcome,
there is room for everyone.

Everybody is safe in God's hands.

Thank you.
- The bishop wants to see you.

Did he see Markku?
- No.

I'll continue with you.


I'd like to talk about the sermon.
- I apologize, it was nothing personal.

Do you play tennis?
- Excuse me?

We could have a match if you play.
- Yes I do. Thank you for coming.

This is good. What should I wear?

These shorts and this t-shirt.

Try these on.

He's going to sack me. - Why would he
invite you to play tennis then?

Let him win.
- No, I'll make him run like hell.

Tennis and jesus are similar.

If you don't know them well,
you don't know them at all.

Your arm is curved in a funny way
when you hit the ball.

It must be straight,
like a dick. Get it?

Hello. I am in the car with Antti.

How was your game?
- Great, he's a player.

Is everything alright at work?
- There is yet another book out.

That's nothing new,
we'll get back to it later.

Always one who chooses
to swim cross-current.

As if the church should make sense.
The question is, does it have a meaning?

Even hell has a meaning,
it's the devil.

I am sure that
the church has a meaning as well.

How does it feel?
- Quite light.

It's heavy to carry.

You have a good image,
young people will like you.

We all ponder about the responsibility
that goes along with a powerful position.

If the church calls you,
it's your own decision.

He asked me to be the next bishop.

Honey, that's great!

I am sorry.

I am sorry.

Where's the cat?

I am not a career-minded person.
- Honey, it's not a career.

You would get to do
what you enjoy most.

Can a bishop play in a band?
What will Markku say?

0f course you can play in a band.
- But what will Markku say?

What are you laughing at?

You'll become a great man,
you'll make history.

What do you know about being a bishop?

Markku, do you have a cable?
I left mine at home.

They are waiting
for you at the funeral.

Call me a taxi. Please.
And give me a coat.

This is not mine.

- Hi.

We have great premises here.
You don't use drugs, do you?

We'll remember him as a person
who always had time for others.

He comforted us when we needed it.
He was happy when we were happy.

Shame on you.

I am not going.
- Get dressed.

I am a useless minister.
How am I to become a bishop?

Honey, you would have
great staff working for you.

You have a great assessor in me and
you could concentrate on bigger scenarios.

They only want my image.
I have this in their behind.

You can stick that anywhere you want to.
Get dressed, we are late again.

I will not sing tonight.
- Quickly. We can talk later.

You have terrible dandruff.


Asko and Jaana are University professors.
They both have a family.

They have many beautiful children.

What more could a father want?

Tuula. Tuula!

And her fat husband, late again.
- Sorry.

Happy birthday, Dad!

I wish you a long and prosperous life!
- You put it very nicely.

That was very well thought out indeed,
something completely new.

Donald Duck from 1 95 1 .
My collection needs this.

Where did you find it?
Thank you, darling.

Happy birthday, Dad!

When have I asked you to call me Dad?

Make yourself useful
and get your wife pregnant.

0r can't you do that either?
- Excuse me.

Get out!

What was that?
- He started it.

He's an old man.
- He has always been like that.

You must be disappointed in me
for not giving you a baby. - Enough.

Don't tell me to stop now.

Dear God, I wish for a couple of miracles.

Bless me with a baby
and a happy wife.

Persuade her family
to be pleased with me.

Persuade the bishop
to be pleased with me.

Persuade me to keep my faith.

It's my first visit here as an assessor.
- Has it changed a lot?

No. What about the residential area?

Are you upset?
- About what?

We had an agreement.

We must talk about the risks in Antti's
campaign. My credibility is important.

He can play in the band as long as
nobody has to hear it. - Understood.

He can't work as an ordinary priest now,
he should start post-graduate studies.

We must think of the media as well
so he has to lose weight.

This was my parents' bedroom.
- And now it's my bedroom.

You make sure Antti
becomes the archbishop, okay?

Dear brothers.

As time changes,
people must change as well.

The duty of office
has called me elsewhere.

It is time to elect a new and
better man to replace me.

My transcendental calling is over.
You now have the power.

To this extent,
the church needs young energy.

As an athlete,
I hope the next bishop is a player as well.

Let us sing.

A mighty Fortress is our God,
a trusty Shield and Weapon;

He helps us free from every need
that hath us now o'ertaken.

- Thank you.

Great decision.
We'll all support you.

I am sorry for
the extra work you'll have to do.

We'll help you, big shepherd.
0f course we will.

These are nice.
- Yes, those are an option.

These are more churchly.
What do you think?

What are you doing? - Checking
the accounts before the election.

The finances are your responsibility.
- Dad wants to become a bishop.

Antti, could you help us with the doors?
- Sorry, not now.

I have an important meeting.

Great. Play that guitar.


Pose like james Dean.

Let's hear the guitar. Great.

Put these on.

Yeah, that's it.

Please sit down.

Are you having a sex change?
- What?

Have you dyed your hair?
Those crosses are obscene.

Button your shirt up.
She lost her husband this morning.

My condolences.

She would like you to officiate.
- Sure, I'll do it.

What is it?
- She lost her husband this morning.

She would like the minister to officiate.
- Antti cannot officiate at the moment.

What about the wedding on the weekend?
- I can't officiate anything right now.

It's a celebrity wedding.
The bride and groom are bishop's friends.

You'll do it.

I need money!

Let go of him. Go outside,
Markku will be with you in a minute.

Damn. If you are conning me,
I'll resign from the church.

Hi, I am Antti Pitk?nen.

A lot of traffic here.
- That's right. Follow me please.

Honey, it's a nice restaurant.
- I don't want to suck up to your family.

It is our anniversary.

It's our party tonight.

Here is the gift.

I can't wear that, I'm fat.
- Put it on.

I am 20 kilos overweight.
- Which one do you prefer?

What is that jingling sound?

This must have been expensive.
In sickness and in health.

It's because I have been
your burden for so long. - Oh honey.

Can I see?

Should we tell them?

We have good news.

Tuula, are you...?
- No, it's not that.

The church conducted a poll.

It seems Antti will do well in the election
and become the next bishop.

What! This fatso?
Not a chance.

Dad, they are looking for
a different type of bishop.

It's not official yet,
only a small family secret.

We'll get our home back.

Antti, please sing us a song.

Thank you but no.

Sing the one you sang when we met.
- I'd rather not.

Is anybody listenining to what I say?
I said no.


Where are you taking those?
- Do you really care?

Where are you taking the wine to?
- A lot of home communions these days.

What do you need the food for?

Come! - I am coming.

Who's next on the bridge!

So things are a little strained at home?
- Isn't that normal?

Who are they?
- My friends.

Don't stare.
- What are they doing here?

How is it going guys?
- Okay.

I brought you food.

Sorry, no cigarettes this time.

See if you find something to drink.

This one?
- Great, that makes my day!

An apple from the tree of
knowledge of good and evil.

Bite it.

Now you realize you are naked.

In the repairs account we have
more than two million euros.

We are making a fortune
by letting houses to businesses.

With the profit
we are buying more houses.

You are in an influential position. Do you
have any idea what I am talking about?

We should help people
like my friends sitting outside.

I have 20 euros.
- That won't help much.

This is a service occupation,
we have to reach out to people. - What?

If the church won't help them, I must.

I'm responsible for the church finances.
- Will you help or not?

What does help mean?
It does not mean in moderation.

You talk like all the other Pharisees in the
church. What kind of a slime ball are you?

I'll find an explanation.
- Thank you.

Buy only what you need, okay.

Honey, they are important people,
so remember to behave.

Don't drink too much
and leave a good impression. - I will.

When I am the bishop,
I'll buy one of those. - Okay.

Bye then.

We have a new member.
Welcome, Minister Pitk?nen!

Brothers, we are the Knights of Sauna!


You must get rid of Markku.

What if he is arrested for drunk-driving
or comes to work under the influence?

You are his employer.

He never drinks and drives
and he has never been drunk at work.

It already looks a little strange
that I support a youth pastor.

What about the polls?
- Fuck polls.

Do you know
where the polls are conducted? - No.

Not now!

They are conducted
in the church council caf?.

Get rid of Markku and
save your own career. Do you understand?

Shouldn't he be admitted to rehab?
- Well played. And then discharge him.

You'll find a new assistant at anytime.

That is all.
Discharge him.


I am married.
I have never cheated on my wife.

Most people have kids when they want.

First they have their careers,
then they have their children.

I haven't sown any oats anywhere.

Very kind of you.
I am Tuula Pitk?nen, Antti's wife.

How much do I owe you?
- That should do it, thank you.

Good night sweetie.

There is money missing
from the account.

Unless he spent it elsewhere, that figure
could have fed the entire congregation.

If Markku is your friend, help him.
Put him into rehab.

Discharge him.

Discharge him?

- Hi.

I must get these inside before the winter.

Help me carry these, will you?

Put them in the wheelbarrow, okay.

No birdie, this is not yours.

We need to talk.
- I know what you need.

A bit of medicine.

That's right, some medicine.

Is this what you came for?

Markku, I have to suspend you
or at least give you a warning.

Perhaps you should take sick leave
or some time off.

We need something stronger.
- You have to take some time off.

We need stronger medicine here.

That's it, forget about all sad things.

See, you were thirsty.

Let's drink some more.

Mentioning those suggestions to me
you must have a terrible hangover.

Did you take care of it?

I am working on it.
- What do you mean?

He will pay it all back.

How should he be able to do that?
Honey, they are waiting for you at work.

Hello, I am Matti Korpinen.
- Antti Pitk?nen.

I was sent here for the job interview.
- I see.

Let's go into my office.

I should point out that
I refuse marriage to the divorced.

I won't officiate with a female pastor
nor baptize children out of wedlock.

I am against both homosexuals
and sodomites. Is that okay with you?

What is a sodomite?

They are into bondage and -

all kinds of unnatural acts
that don't yield fruit.

I'd make a campaign in the city and
put a gigantic banner in the church tower.

In red, it would read "Jesus is the Lord".

I found this lovely action figure.

We could give these to young people.

I wanta you to hve this. If you have
children you can give it to them.

I was leaving,
you don't need to clean here.

You have a master's degree in theology.
- Does that surprise you?

Why are you working as a verger?
- I have to make a living.

With this CV? FinnChurchAid in
Ethiopia and Malaysia.

That CV failed to
impress the other six churches.

What would you do as a pastor?
- Do you really want to know?

I'd feed fat sheep and ignore the poor.
- That's what you say in job interviews?

Are we having a job interview here?
- No, we're just talking.

Did I interrupt something?
- No, we were just talking.

Vilma, I have another meeting now.
I'll get back to you.

Let's go have a drink, wrestling champ.

Vilma is great, she's radical.
I mean if you have the guts to hire her.

There are 1 0 000 euros missing.
Can you pay it all back? - Of course.

It's church money.

I haven't drunk it.
0kay, maybe a fraction.

0r maybe a little bit more.

Markku, I must discharge you.

I'll pay it all back.

This is official now.
- You can't discharge me.

This is official.
- You can't do this to me.

Give me another chance.
- I must go, I am late already.

Work is everything to me.
I used the money for charity.

I should have done something
about your drinking a long time ago.

I am sorry.

I am sorry.

Where is your mercy?

Give me another chance.

Go into rehab.

Good evening.

Art is not selling very well in Finland.

That's why I have invited
a member of the clergy. Antero...

Antti Pitk?nen.

Pastor Antti Pitk?nen.
- Yes, God created us in his own image.

The artist's hands have played
a part in this multidimensional exhibition.

God, You created us
so as to live together with others.

What about the prayer?
- Well, it was unique.

I didn't expect one, though, and
I don't think it really fit the occasion.

Isn't that your friend
who arrived with you? - No.

You really don't know him?
- No.

Isn't he a pastor as well?


Discharging people is always hard.

Did you find a new pastor?
- Yes, I did.

This was the most qualified applicant.


Vilma is on the blacklist
in all the other churches. - What blacklist?

The bishops won't accept her because
she has lived with another woman.

With a woman?
I konow she's a bit radical but...

Can't we negotiate about this? - Sure,
a marriage certificate would be convincing.

I want to talk about your application.

You want to talk about my application.
- I need to know about your thoughts -

concerning officiating and the dress code.
Are you able to preach from up there?

That's okay. Are you in a hurry?
- No.


Come and say hi to the pastor.

Hi! My name is Jasse.
- Pitk?nen. Antti Pitk?nen.

Hi! I am Elina.
- I am Antti.

Hi! I am Lasse.
- Hello, I am Antti.

That's Samu, Eepi and Eden over there.

Hi there!
- Hi!

There are black people living here.
- Yes, I know.

Well, we are all God's creatures.

Come inside!

Do you feed all the kids here?
- Except those still playing outside.

You have a carnival here. Nice.

Why did you become a priest?
- To help people.

Why are you dressed like that?
- It's my uniform.

Do you believe in God?

Samu, what does your father do?
- He's an architect.

That's great. What about your mom?

You work in a fair trade store
and as a verger, right?

You are his mother?

So you are not a...

You met his father when you were
working abroad. - I met him in Helsinki.

0f course his father is not from Finland.
- He's British and in part Dutch.


I feel like crap because of Markku.
I've known him since I was a kid.

I thought if a guy like him
could become a priest so could I.

I feel a little worn out.

Markku isn't exactly jesus.
- I guess not.

My Dad was an alcoholic, too.
- Did he die?

Five years ago.

You bought our record.
How is it possible, we only sold 200.

I really liked your record when I was 18.

Markku and my wife Tuula
sang the background vocals.

Do you have children?
- No, we don't.

I'd like to have one more child.
- I won't be able to help you.

But I would be ready, immediately.

I mean that people jump into bed
all the time and everything...

Should we look at my application?
- What application?

My job application that you wanted to see.
Am I a hopeless case? - No.


Thanks, I had a good time.
- You are welcome.

I am sure things will work out.

Are you leaving already?
- I should, it's getting late.

Mom hasn't had a friend
in a long time so could you stay?

Let's play football!

Adults versus children!


I am going to see the bishop tomorrow.

We need a new pastor.

That's great, honey.
- Why don't we ever play football?

Why should I appoint her?
- Because she will make a great pastor.

She is also the most qualified applicant.

She has a child out of wedlock
but that shouldn't be a problem.

The church won't accept her relationship
orientation. - She is not a lesbian.

How do you know?
Looking for a job for your girlfriend?

I will accept this by no mens.
She'll get the job, I'll assure you.

There is not much you can do.

We are like marionettes
controlled by an invisible hand.


M for merit. L for love.

Damn it!

Why would they want to appoint me now?
- I guess you remind us of Markku.

I am not a drunk.
- No, but you understand people.

I don't care what the bishop says,
I am going to make you a pastor.

Want to dance?
- No.

It's not working out with Antti.
The other candidate deserves my support.

Your husband should withdraw
from the election.

It would be best if he did it himself..
- Antti is just a little nervous.

If he gets elected,
we'll support all your projects.

What about Vilma?
- Let's appoint her and he will calm down.

There is one more option.
We could make a new deal.

Let's have Antti withdraw from the
election so that he can rest a little.

We'll appoint Vilma as the new pastor
and find a new pastor to replace Markku.

We can find another position
for Antti later. - No, that's not okay.

I am doing all this for you.

He's not good enough for you.
- You both have a bit of a temper.

Maybe we do.
We'll think about it.

If you had a strong argument for Antti -

you could tell it to me now.

Right now.

Wait, okay.

just a minute, okay.

I have a lot of respect for you.
You are really nice.

I can't do this, I should go.
It's getting late.

Stay there. Don't go anywhere.

You don't have to do anything.
- I really have to go.

What was that? - A reminder to make sure
our cooperation continues.

See you at work.

Here you are.

Hi honey.


Would Vilma make a good pastor?
- Honey, she was appointed already.

Everything is taken care of.

Thank you.

Bend your necks to my yoke, for my yoke
is good to bear, my load is light.

The almighty and most merciful God
bless and preserve you.

Pekka Tobias, I baptize you in the name
of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Noora Elisabeth jasmin Nieminen,
will you love, honor, and keep -

juhani Kullervo Lilja in sickness and
in health as long as you both shall live?

I will.

Stick your butt out. That's it.

Having a good time?
- Sort of.

You get to see interesting people, artists.
It's good to reach out to people.

You did a damn good job.
- I am glad you liked it.

Yes, you did a good job. Are you the dyke
everyone is talking about? - What dyke?

Is there something I should know?

What are you talking about?
- Between you two?

I would be jealous,
I have never fucked a priest.

That would be an experience.

You are exactly like Markku.

At least you worship him.
- Markku is a better priest than us.

You just want to suck up to people.
You are a real Pharisee.

Who do you think you are?
You are just like everyone else.

And a lesbian, too.

Aren't you?
- I am who I am.

I am sorry.




Why is all your furniture outside? - I was
evicted. Please, buy me some beer.

Vilma is great, isn't she?
Yes, birdie, you'd like her, too.

Careful now.

Good birdie.


Hello hello!
- Antti!

Here it is.

I'll bring you more bird food later.
- Thanks.

Sorry about the last time.
- That's okay.

Welcome to your new home...

What's that?
- It's an arm.

Sorry, I have to make lunch.
- No problem, I was leaving.

I'll call you.
- Okay, thanks.

Hi, my name is Samu.
Say Samu.

Are you hungry or what?
- Yes.

Here are some apples for the ride home.
- Great, thanks.

Where are you going?

I must exercise a little.

Hi Tumppi.
Where are you? I'll be right there.

It's all your fault!

He won't climb back over.
He says you sacked him. - What?

I am going to kill myself.
- Don't be ridiculous.

Markku, climb over.
I will not jump after you.


Do something, he's drowning!

Give me your phone!
- Call for help.

Should I jump in as well?

In loving memory of our colleague.


Come in.
- I came from Markku's funeral.

I know. Come in and dance.

This is grieving, too. just dance.

Good night!


Everything will be fine.


I am sorry.

I am sorry that I came so quickly.
- That's okay.

Don't fall in love with me, okay.

Don't get the wrong idea,
I am a married man. - It's okay.

Isn't it kind of late already?
Time flies.


Hi. I am sorry I am late.

What's that on your pants?

It must be whipped cream.

Let me soak them for you.
- No, I'll wash them myself.

Honey, you shouldn't eat cream.
- I know. Tuula...

I have to use the bathroom.

God, I ask for your forgiveness.
I need a couple of miracles.

When is the election?
- In two months.

It's going to be a tight one.

Good morning.

The other strong candidate is
an expert in divinity.

But Antti has the bishop's support.
- That's right and a stronger campaign.

Are you okay? - About yesterday.
Let's keep it between us.

It's best
we don't see each other outside work.

People might start talking here.
- That's right.

You don't have any sexually transmitted
diseases, do you? - Please.

I should go.

- Bye. Don't tell anyone.


Don't let...
Thy will be done...

I support Antti Pitk?nen. He is familiar
with the world that young people live in.

He has worked with them and in
this office demonstrated his competence.

He has a good wife
and Christian family values.

He would be
an ideal bishop for people of all ages.

As a shepherd,
Antti is the right choice.

- Yeah?

Wait. Are you going home?
- Why?

I want to show you something.
- We agreed to meet only at work.

Maybe you can work overtime?

Why did you become a priest?
- I always admired Markku.

Also I heal
my own wounds in other souls.

Can an adulterer and a chameleon
like me be a priest? - Yes, you can.

Markku's soul could be in that squirrel.
- Or in that crow.

Northern lights,
on you they shine

No sleep tonight,
make your dreams mine

Give your friends a big hug!

Are you praying?
- No.

You may get up now.

0ccasionally it takes a bit more time
but nature manages to take care of it.


Darling, that is exactly what I wanted.

We all long to be free of
the endless struggle -

and rest our head on God's heart.

No matter how impeccable
we consider ourselves to be -

our lives depend on the mercy of God.

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good
Let us praise Him joyously

All God's creatures,
Sing His praises

I think I am in love with you.

I think I am in love with you.
- Pour more wine into it.

I can get a divorce
and leave everything if you want.

I can't go on like this.
There is no way I can become a bishop.

Come, for all is now ready.

Knock knock.

- Hello.

That was a beautiful sermon.
- Thank you.

Congratulations to the new shepherd!
- Thank you.

I need to tell you something.

Are you in love with her?

It was an accident, nothing special.
- What is special then?

I don't want to become a bishop.
- Because you fucked an employee?

I accepted...
But I haven't progressed...

I can't work as a pastor.
I understand if you want to...

You are ashamed of me.

Are you going to leave me?

Is that it?

We are going to have a baby.

You smell so good.
Yes, you do. - Vilma.

Mommy will take you now.

This is a little complicated.
Tuula's pregnant.

We had been trying for 1 5 years
and suddenly it happened.

Congratulations! You are going to
become a dad. - Thank you.

So what should we do about us?
Could you think of finding another job?

I have the election coming up
and a family to raise. I can't leave.

I'll find a good position for you.

I believe everything happens for a reason,
don't you?

God bless you.

Thank you.
God bless you.


I took a poll and
it looks like you are going to do well.

That might soon be your kingdom.
- I am starting to feel like Saint Peter.

The sermon will be broadcast on TV,
it will be important.

It's not about who knows most
but who knows best, right? - Yes.

You have done a good job with Tuula.
- Thank you.

I hear she's expecting.
You shall need the bigger house.

May God be with you.
- Thank you.

I think I heard something. Or is it just gas?
- No, it's the tea.

Should I sing something?
- Sing in Swedish, he'll be bilingual.

Don't laugh.

That's the heart beating.

This is the head
and here are the facial bones.

This is the spine.

There will be room for all his toys
and we'll put up some nice posters...

- Oh hello.

How are you? This is Samu, Vilma's son.
He speaks Finnish.

So, how's the parrot?
- He's swearing even more than before.

Do you want some candy?
- No thanks, I am on a diet.

How do you like it at Seamen's Mission?
- I fit in really well.

Are you coming to the bishop's house
tonight? - I wasn't invited.

What about Antti's sermon tomorrow?
- It's quite early for us.

Very well. Take care then. Bye.
- Bye.

It's a little bit tight here.
Can you move inside it?

That's almost sticking out,
maybe we should take the button off.

You'll look great in that.

Antti, my rival. Hello.
- Hello.

The bishop takes good care
of his own people. - That's right.

He got you a spot on TV. - The service
would have been broadcast anyway.

If you say so. Good luck!
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Antti... May we kidnap your husband?
- Sure, if you return him in one piece.

This is speculation, but our company
has made a renovation plan for the church.

It looks impressive,
I have seen it as well.

We should have lunch
in the near future.

just an informal lunch.

I don't see why not.
- Good to hear.

You think it's probable, considering
that the election is approaching? - Sure.

Have a nice evening.
- You, too.

So this will be your bedroom then.

There is still one thing
I need to take care of.

I intended to give you
this a long time ago.

The most important things
in life always come last.

Is there anything
more important than this?

I have been looking for this everywhere.
You said that it wasn't here. - I am sorry.

What about the porn shot you took?
- I have deleted it.

Sincerely? - Yes.

0kay then.
- Thank you. Everything will go well.

What's going on?
0ne sperm found its destination at last?

You are getting it all wrong.

- Brother my ass.

Is this the kind of work you are doing
for my campaign? - Calm down.

Don't get all worked up, you'll look bad
on TV. - I have cheated, too, you know.

I am going to deliver a sermon
that you have never heard before.

I will tell how you swing your Episcopal
staff under assessors' skirts here.

Don't destroy all we have done for you.
- Stop it! You are being ridiculous.

Thanks for the confession, Father!

Did you say embarrass us?

In sickness and in health, huh?
- Let go of me. You are the adulterer.

I don't want to listen anymore.
You're violent and grazy.

I have done so much for you.
You have no reason to be jealous.

You should be happy about the baby.
- I tried so hard to have one, too.

You're an ass.

Stop that!

How was sex with the bishop?

Can I come in?

How are Samu and the parrot?
- Okay.

Let's run away.
- I am seeing somebody.

We can take your girlfriend with us
and have a threesome. - You are grazy.

I must be loosing my mind.
Whose hands are these?

Whose voice comes out of my mouth?
I don't know who i am anymore.

Who would you like to be?
- Me. But I don't know who I am.

I have lost my faith in God.

God has betrayed me.
- Has something happened?

My life has fallen apart.

My wife cheated on me.
- You'll live.

I have a hard-on. Can we make love?
- How about a glass of milk instead?

You have 1 5 minutes.

I am not going. - Of course you are.
You have a chance to speak and be heard.

I am not going.
- Don't be silly.

I had not planned to tell you this
but maybe it's the right time.

I think you are the father.
I am pregnant.

It's yours. I haven't slept
with another man in a long while.


What's for breakfast?
- Oatmeal, toast, juice.

A miracle! A miracle!

Is everything alright?

Forgive me.

Forgive me.

Here's the sermon.

The Bible says -

Whoever wants to become great
among you shall be your servant.

I am a candidate for
the position of bishop and shepherd.

I am dressed this way.

But one does not become
a priest or a bishop by wearing a robe.

I have lost a good friend on this journey.

What do these clothes do to the person
wearing them? Do they hide the human?

If they stop one from speaking yhe truth,
one must take them off.

If these clothes are a sign -

that with your love and God's mercy
a sinner and human being can serve you -

I'll be happy to wear them.

I thank God for this gift.

I thank God for this gift.

Here is the news.
Antti Pitk?nen was elected bishop...

I am seeking an audience with you.
I wish to extend my maternity leave.

Permission granted, Mrs. Assessor.
- Thank you.

Honey, sweep over there, will you?

Look what Daddy brought us!
- Aren't they lovely?

Ready, steady, go!

- Does grandpa want to sing or shout?

That's great.

We feel safe in God's hands,
A little bird feels safe in God's hands.

Everyone is welcome,
there is room for everyone.

Everybody is safe in God's hands.

Sing grandpa!

- Sing with us, Dad!

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