Man Called Rocca (1961) - full transcript

(1961) Jean Paul Belmondo, Christine Kaufman. In this fine thriller, JP's friend ends up in prison. JP then tracks down the man responsible.

You haven't lost your skills.

Everyone has a hobby.

What are you doing here?
You're homesick?

No, I came because of Adé.

What has he done this time?

He says he didn't do it.

Yes, but he's inside.

You want me to get him out.
Is that it?

Just wanted to tell you.

It's the same.

Involved with the underworld.
What was he doing with those clowns?

He had a partner.
They were running a gambling joint.

He must like it,

Adé being inside...

You know his partner?

A guy called Villanova...
He's out of town...

Where is he?

Dunno. But he left: his girl behind.

And he cares for her...


Too pretty to remain alone.

And if she did not behave,
Villanova would come back. Fast.

Come on, get up.
I'm hungry.

- What time is it?
- Twelve thirty.

But I'm meeting someone in
the beginning of the afternoon.

Beware of draught.

Be quick. I'm hungry.

Where are we having lunch?

Same place as yesterday.

Why do we always come here
for lunch?

I like the place.

- Hello.
- Hello.

What will you have?

Same as yesterday. That hot dish.

I can't sleep afterwards but it's
not unpleasant at all.

MY news?


Adé... is fine?

I think so. I'll go see his sister.


Where's he from?

He's Mexican.

You know him well?

Not more than you do.

What did he tell you?

That having you here is
a real honor for his place.

We should talk a little.
For a change.

You know a guy called Xavier Adé?

Of course. We all know him. Why?

Just wanted to know.

But... "all"...
that's a lot of people.

To tell the truth...
Villanova knew him better.

They were doing business together.

Is that all you know?

Why are you so much interested
in that guy?

Let's say, I came here
to take care of him.

O.K. ... I understand...

Tell me everything you know.

I saw him only once.
But I had guessed

their partnership wouldn't last.

Villanova found him
somewhat burdensome.

That's all?

I've told you everything.
I read the rest in the papers.

I really think your friend
is not guilty, Mr La Rocca.

But it's complicated. The police
reports charge him.

The corpse was found in his car...

and the weapon under the front seat.

It's true that such obvious evidence
is often bad for the prosecution.

You've lived here a long time?

Twenty years.

Who could have flamed him,
in your opinion?

Xavier Adé is said to be very rough.

Among those people he sees,
it's a problem.

It attracts police's attention.

Someone wanted him dead.

Who is that someone?

Among his friends, there's
only one : his partner.

His name is Villanova.

His name is La Rocca,
Roberto La Rocca.

And where is he coming from?

I don't know.

I met him in Monte Cassino

He was playing soldier...

I've seen tougher ones
than that little fool.

Listen, it's quite simple.
I won't let him any choice.

It's Maud
or he dies.

I gave you my opinion.
You do as you please.

The decision is made.

Girls are a dime a dozen...

and he had to take mine.

That's Villanova, Maude's man.

The others are friends.

Nobody told you?

I didn't ask.

You thought she was living
with her folks...

and that she was still a virgin.

I didn't try to know.

It was good. That's all.

You won't feel good at all.
All of a sudden.

You've been with Maud
everywhere in town.

You didn't find it strange
that she knew all these people?

To each one his own life.

And your life is screwing
other men's women?

Especially when they're away.

Away or not, it's the same.

And what does that mean?

It means I like this girl.
As for the rest...

We are the rest.
You're too young. You're not up to it.

You'll give us Maud's address
and leave town.

And you're really lucky...

Come on, we're listening.

I like the town.
And the girl too.

You were given a break.
You should take it.

It's very nice of you.

It would be better if this
girl came back.

You shouldn't have done that.

I had to start somewhere...

Why did you do that?

I had to start somewhere...

There are always ways
to come to an agreement.

I hope from now on
we'll get along better.

He cared for that girl.

It wasn't worm it.

You can leave if you wish to.

I'd rather have avoided that.

But it was him or me.

What are we going to do with him?

A friend deserves to be buried.

You know the area better than I.
Try to think of a quiet place.

Meanwhile, put him in here.

Try to find a hm and ropes.
We'll get rid of him at night.

- Keep it.
- It distorts my pocket.

What time does it
usually close down here?

At about 3 or 4 a. m.
It depends.

Except Maud, who knew
about his business?

The both of us.

O. K. You'll take care of business
as if nothing had happened.

You can trust us.

See you tonight.

I've come a long way and
he had said today.

If you can wait a little,
his partner will be coming...

Villanova may have
told him about you.

O. K. I'll wait.

Look at that.
It's new, isn't it?

Feel with your eyes, not your fingers.

On sud: fine fabric, it prints.

You've been had once more.
They told you it was English.

Don't you have a girl
waiting somewhere?


- Everything all fight?
- Not quite...

What's wrong?

You see that fellow?

He says he's got an appointment
with Villanova.

I'll talk to him.

You wish to see Villanova?

I'm his partner.

Yes, I have an appointment.
My name is Cipriano.

A business matter?


I'm going to settle here.
Villanova sold me the joint.

You shouldn't be surprised.

If you're his partner,
you must know about it.

Yes, of course. This is not
the right place to talk.

Your hotel is far?

It's nearby.
-We should go there.

- What about Villanova?
- I'll explain everything.

I'll be back soon.

- I'm washed out.
- You don't have to gamble.

Well, old boy,
you're not friendly tonight.

Hey, your suit...

What about my suit?

- There's a defect.
- A defect? Where?

At the shoulder...
- The shoulder?

Yes here... it's puckering.

You think so?

There's a guy at the door.
Never saw him. His name is La Rocca.

I'll go.

We didn't expect you so early.

It's not so bad here when there
are people around. It's different.

Yes, it looks more cheerful.

The trouble is you must
close in fifteen minutes.

We can't.

Give the news. And we'll see.

Gentlemen, we're closing
in 15 minutes.

- What does it mean?
- That we're dosing in 15 minutes.

We're closing in 15 minutes.
- You're crazy.

- Last games.
- You're joking...

- That's the way it is.
- No time to recoup our losses.

Nothing I can do...

What's that mess?

I've got orders.

Closing in 15 minutes, gentlemen.
- But why?

We stop the games.

Where are you coming from?
We haven't seen you around.

I don't like gambling.
- You're not wrong.

I didn't make off tonight.

Take this. You'll feel better.

Why would you do that?

Money comes and goes, you know...

Well... thank you.
See you around.

I don't like it. Villanova would
never do anything like that.

Keep your luck for tomorrow.

No. Doesn't work that way.
Open by 100.

Come on, gentlemen.

At the far end
there's a guy who won't accept.

I know him. He's a bad one.

Look. Some are staying
to see what'll happen.

We're closing.

Who's that guy?

You've got lots of friends?

They're not speaking.
I am.

And I'm not going until
I've recouped my losses.

How much have you lost?

A big plate. - One minute.
- Leave it to me.

We turn a card each.
The bigger one wins.

If you win, the House gives
you your money back.

If you lose, you go as you are.

You're prodigal.

You choose.

Don't let him do that.

We're even.

With this one,
you would have won.

You had your chance.

We don't even know this guy.
No one does.

Yes, we know him well.

You'd better go. Take my word for it.

He's right. Come, let's go.

Go and lock up.

Good night
- Good night

Don't worry... Your suit is perfect.
- I knew it.

You thought of a place?
- Yes, there are coal mines near Gardanne.

Lots of unused shafts.

- Is it far?
- No, we're almost there.

Here, look...
Down there.

Not a cheerful place.
-It will do perfectly well for us.

The shaft is further down.
Let's have a look.

It's deep?

It will do.

Go and get him.
- Come on.

Come on, help me.
What're you waiting for?

- I will spoil my suit.
- Who cares? Come on.

Good. Let's go back.

- If I scrub it, it's mined.
- Well, don't scrub it. Come on.

- We'll see you tomorrow?
- Yes, I'll come...

You could have told me
you were going away.

What are you saying?

You could have said you were going.

You were asleep.

I always fear something
happens to you.

I'm sure Villanova is back.

I know...
I saw him.


Andi'... He went away again.

It can't be true...

Yes, it's true.
Come on. Time to sleep.

At once?

I'm only a little man, you know...

'd night.

Take this. it's your money.

- You got lucky?
- In a way...

It's O. k.

Who's there?

- It's me.
- Come in.

He's just arrived.

The young always think
they're smart.

- Thinking he took Villanova down...
- He shot him in the back.

So... you go first.

I wait a little, get in, pick him out

and come back here.
- That's it.

It will be easy :
I'll pat him on the shoulder.

- I'm going
- O. k.

Quiet tonight, isn't it?

The guy who was here yesterday
has not been back.

And it's no loss. He's a rough customer.

- Thanks to you.
- Yeah, that's right.

No one has asked to see Villanova?
- No.


I've got to go to my club.
I won't be long.

We'll talk after.
You wait for me, O. k. ?

- He's got a dub?
- Yes, a cellar club. His wife keeps it.

- Where?
- on Tobano street

It's called "The cicada".

What? You're packing?

You're sure you didn't know
more about this guy?

I told you he's just arrived.

- You're unlucky he is here.
- Why? You know him?

I've met him.
He shoots too fast for me.

So you're lying down...

- Watch your tongue.
- O.k., O. k. it's your dough, not mine.

I've got enough dough.

And I want to make the most of it.

Well, I'll manage on my own...

- What are you doing here?
- That's your car?

- Yes. So what?
- Let's go for a drive.

- Where?
- Don't worry about that.

- Where are we going?
- To your club, "flue cicada“.

I was there. I didn't see you there.

- On the way, I met a friend, so...
- Yeah, you've got many friends.

You've got too much work.
You must feel tired.

- No I'm not... - You'll tell your
wife you both need a rest.

- I can assure you...
- Tonight, you're leaving on a trip.

And you had that idea just
like that. All of a sudden.

We've got to take the opportunity.
Our friend won't always be available.

I'm not against it...
- Good night

Good night... but it is so fast...

Believe me... We really
need a change of air.

They're all leaving town.
I wonder why...

I like the idea of
being in charge of this dub.

And it's a good omen.

I'm always
so afraid you'd leave...

Where would I go?

I don't know...

When do I start?

- Tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

We've got no time to lose then...

You've only got one thing in mind...

- You've changed in those 3 years
- I'm happy to see you, Roberto.

I could not come before.

- He didn't do it, Roberto.
- I know.

But how can we prove it?

- You go and see him often?
- Yes, every week.

Well... when he is not in solitary...

- When are you going?
- Friday.

I'll go with you.
You don't need anything?


Today, no.

Roberto's here.

He's seen your lawyer.

You'll tell him to go away. I don't
want him to get mixed up in this.

Right, Xavier.

You'll also tell him I'm glad he came.

How is he doing?

All right.

Good. But he must go, fight?

- Good bye.
- Good bye.


I told him you're here.
He wants you to leave.

Yes, he's in a fit.

All we can do is wait
until the trial.

Good morning, you're here for the visit?

- Yes, why not? Shall we?
- Yes.

You'll see beautiful things.
Here're two tickets.

Thank you sir. You've already
visited the mansion?

- No, no.
- It's from flue 17th century.

Built in 1664, for the cardinal
of Vendome, Governor of Provence.

He had it built to shelter his loves
with the countess of Corbin.

He didn't do things halfway, did he?

He was Louis the 14th's cousin.

- Well, in that case...
- You have a beautiful architecture here.

Gentlemen. The court.

After answering the questions asked
and after deliberating as by law

the Court and the jury have decided
to give the defendant

the benefit of
mitigating circumstances.

Therefore, the defendant, Xavier Adé
is sentenced to 10 years hard labor.

You have 3 full days
to appeal against this sentence.

After the delay has expired...

I didn't do it, you morons.

What happened to Adé?

He was sentenced to 10 years.

10 years?

Yes... He was transferred
to the penitentiary.

What are we going to do?

We'll go there to check out
the premises



That thing is still working?

- Yes Yes
- Play...

- You alone here?
- Yes, why?

Much danger. Fights often, no?

Hmm. Not that much. And
Paul and I, we manage...

Paul, no good. Me, help you.

And you... help me.

What d'you mean?

I... poor. You give me money

Me give you safety-

Ah... I see. Well, I'll think
about it...

- O. K. ?
- Yes... yes... Bye...

- Good bye.
- Pretty lady.

I... coming back tomorrow.

Hey? what about the bill?

We've got to close. Quick.

So... they won't go there any more?

No, they say it's too far.

- You'll come, won't you?
- Oh, I don't know.

Come on.

What is it?

Very beautiful, isn't she?
You happy.

If you're interested, it's easy...

- No. I talk business. You think?
- No, it won't be possible.

Me not rich enough.

Yes, yes...

You think again, maybe. No?

- What are you doing here?
- Oh, Roberto. I'm happy you're back.

What's going on? Tell me.

Those guys. American deserters I think.

Mean looking. They terrorized
everybody around.

Quiet down. We'll take care of it.

- Pretty boss here?
- No more pretty boss. She gone.

Now. Boss man.

Understood. Well... boss here?

I'm the boss. What d'you want?

You not know? Pretty boss nut tell?

She did. But I'm not paying.

So, you've got to go.

Now, it's more expensive.

Sentenced to 7 years
by the Aix-en-Provence court of law.

Shootout. Goes to the tailors' workshop.

Listen to me. I'm in charge here.
And I don't like gang leaders.

Keep quiet and everything will
be all right.


- You've been here long?
- Five years.

You know Adé?

Adé? yes. He's downstairs,
at the bags workshop

At the moment he's in solitary.
He's been in a fight.

So, Morin? Not finished yet?

Yes, boss.

What a jerk.

Right... if you need me, you call.
See you later.

You'll be quiet now?

- Hi.
- Hello.

- Wasn't too long?
- No.

You're coming back from solitary?

Yeah. 15 days.

You've seen Adé?

Yeah. But not lately.
He was not coming out any more.

There's a reason?

The trustee... A piece of trash.
He hates his guts.

He forgets to give him food
a little too often.

And what can it get to?

I don't know. But Adé has still
got one month to do.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

You'll forget I'm the one
who told you that, o. k. ?

What do you think you're doing?
Put that out at once.

It's a pity. Alter lunch,
it's the best of the day.

You will go into detox.

In solitary.

Come with me.

Come on. In the buff.

- Done?
- Yes, boss.

- How long are you staying?
- 15 days.

Put him in number 5.

- What's that?
- I was wounded before I was arrested.

- You're new here?
- Yes.

- Yes, boss.
- Yes boss.

Yes We'll lake care of you.
Put him in Nr 8.

Hey... you again.

Yes, boss. I'm unlucky.

So you say. Number 3, right?

Take them out.

Take them out.

No, no, give me this...



So... piece of trash...
not coming for a walk?

Fuck you.

Hands out.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.

- Hey, what's that?
- What? what's the matter?

One word and you die.
Adé's still alive?

- Yyyes.
- Call him. I want to hear his voice.

Number 6.
Number 6.

Talk to him as you
usually do.

Hey... piece of trash.
You're not answering.

Is what I was told true?
You don't give him anything to eat?


If I don't see him outside tomorrow,
I slit your throat.

Shove off. And don't forget...
I sleep with it.



So... number 6?

The trustee knows.
He'll leave you alone.

Try to keep quiet now.
Go back to your workshop.

He's got the blade now. Treat him
well. He doesn't really like you.

You can count on me.

I hope so. For your sake.

When the lights are out,
change beds with Adé.

No regret about
your cozy little cell?

I only regret not to have
Killed that piece of shit.

That would have been a brilliant move.

I would have felt better...

I'm fed up. I can't take it any more.

This place drives me crazy.

- I've done nothing. You get that?
- So what? It doesn't change anything.

Nothing, I know.
But we must get out of here, Roberto.

To do that, getting in solitary
every other day is not the best move.

Do your work, speak to no one.
Then, we'll

Geneviéve will certainly come see me

She's changed, hasn't she?


I'd like the both of us to go
together. She'll be pleased.

What shall I do now?
I'm all alone.

Listen... You're young : you must
think of yourself first. Got that?

We'll manage. You don't have
to worry about us.


You won't be alone long.

Don't worry.
And come as much as you can.


The convicts who want to volunteer
to take part in the mine clearance

of some areas can send an application
to the Ministry of Justice.

Each file will be studied individually
according to the length

of time remaining.

In exchange for the risks incurred,
reductions of sentences will be granted.

The volunteers will give their names
to the workshop guards.

You can sit down.

It's not enough.
Free it up more than that.

You don't take too many risks, do you?

It's all right. back. forward.

Take it away. There's nothing
to fear any more.

You thought it was me
this afternoon, didn't you?

It was the side you were on.
So, of course...

Not this time...

Stop. You're crazy.

- What do you want, miss?
- I've come to see my brother.

He's one of the convicts
working over there...

I'm sorry, miss but it
won't be possible.

It was very difficult
to come the whole way.

We can guess, Miss.
But we have strict orders.

Can you give him this, please.
His name is on it.

Of course, Miss.

It's freed up?
- Yeah.

I don't like its position.
You must do better than that.


They might build villas here,

with swimming-pools.

It will be quite a change.
I'll come and see.

If you don't blow up...

Don't you come and eat?

I've got a parcel
for one Xavier Adé... You know him?


Wait. I'll go get him.

Where's Adé gone?

That way.

Leave it alone.

Get off.

You're nuts.

I told you to get off.

Leave it alone.

He's still alive. Move your ass.
Go get help.

We'll all blow up.
Now or later.

The furniture, the tools are included.
2 million now.

The rest on due date.

30 acres of good land.
10 to exchange...

Down there, near the river.

Come on, feel that.

Yes, it's good...

It's a pleasure to see young people
interested in land.

They say farming
needs arms, don't they?

- I like it...
- I like it too.

All we have to do is
find the 2 million.

Hurry up. It's a real opportunity.

You have priority until Friday.

That's for dinner.

- You're all right?
- Yes.

You're really getting skilful...
- Look at that.

I've been training for a while.

No, no, with the left one.
I was left-handed.

Missed. Not very good.

I don't practice every day.

They're well grouped together.

I'm better with my right hand.

Roberto, you always buy
the most expensive

Great coincidence :
we're celebrating today.

What are we celebrating?

It's an anniversary.
- Which?

It's been 2 years since I've been
lighter on one side.

I've found a job
- Where?

In a clothes shop. The lady's old.
If I get on well with her,

she might leave me
the shop. That would be nice...


And what have you been doing
this afternoon? You went out?

To see people walking around,
I can watch from the window.

Pass the mustard.

Xavier's gone until Friday.

- Where?
- I don't know, he doesn't say.

Dry me, please.

Thank you.

- The gentleman wants to ?
- Take me to Nevada.

- My master is expecting you?
- He knows me. It's enough.

Let's go. I'm following you.

You get a tan faster. You do.

You don't get a tan so fast,
but you're cute all the same.

One of your friends
wishes to see you.

- Let him come.
- He's right here.

- Adé. My dear friend.
- Hello, Nevada.

Oh, you've lost your arm.
How unlucky.

I lost my two legs...
Sit down.

- You will have a drink?
- No. I'd like to talk to you.

- Alone.
- Really?

Get into the pool, girls. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

They're nice, aren't they?

And what do I owe the
pleasure? It's been a long time...

- I need money.
- Always the same.

You haven't changed.
How mud. do you need?

4 million.

You can't be serious.
- I am. Quite serious.

You're crazy.

Things aren't what they
used to be. They're hard times.

- I can't get such an amount.
- Come on. Stop whining.

You'll have a little less fun with
the little girls. It'll do you good.

Right... we'll go to your office.

No scandal.

I lost one arm but I'm
quite good with the other.

Still at the same place?

Come on. Open it.

And you can't afford it?

And this is for your reluctance.

- This is not right.
- I need that dough.

It's not much for you.

Don't try anything. Ever. 0. K. ?

Or I'll be back.
And it won't be for money.

Good bye.

Hello. Give me Marcadet
3558 in Paris please.

- What do you want, Sir?
- Adé's in?

No, my brother isn't here.

What do you want from him?

Us? Nothing. Nevada does.

He would like another
talk with him.

Who's Nevada?

Never mind. Adé borrowed
money from him.

And he was quite

So, he would like
this money back. Quickly.

I'll tell him as
soon as he's back.

Do that. And to be sure you won't
forget, we'll take the lady with us.

No, she's got nothing
to do with that. She won't go out.

Come on, put on your coat
and follow me.

What's wrong?


we've got the house.

What's the matter?

Where's Geneviéve?

Who did that?

Who did that?

You did.

Yes, you did. They wanted you.
I couldn't do anything.

Can you hear me?

- Who?
- You have no idea?


Ah, you know. But when you
understand, it's too late.

He pisses you off, Roberto.
Get the hell out.

He doesn't want to see you.
He can't stand you. Get off.

- Poor one-handed man.
- Stop. you're going too far.

My condolences, sir.