Mamma + Mamma (2018) - full transcript

MAMMA + MAMMA is the story of two women who love each other and of their desire to have a child together. Karole and Ali still don't know that the enthusiasm of this first attempt will be ...

to my son Leon
and of course, my wife Alessia

Come on!

Come on!

Knock it off.

She's gone.

The baby is gone.
We lost our baby.

Go look for her.


Ali! Where'll I find her?

What? I can't hear you!

Where is she?

Ali, where?

I can't hear you.

Have you seen my baby?


- I'm scared.
- Relax.

I have the Virgin Mary's number here,

you can call her,
she embraces the world's babies.

- Thanks.
- Bigmouth!

- You give that number to everyone!
- To those in need.

She lost her daughter.
You're so mean, Christ!


She needs to find her baby,
Mary will help her.

I can give you a ride.

Hello, Andrea?

Andrea, let me call you back,
we lost the baby.

But you don't have a baby yet.

- Yes, we do.
- There is no baby, wake up!

Andrea, I need to hang up...

I have to go call the Virgin Mary now.


It's Andrea, I forgot my keys.


Who is it?

He forgot his keys again.

I swear I'll find a way
to not forget them.



When did you decide
to have a daughter?

I think when we were at the airport.

That's impossible.

You were wearing white socks
and sandals in the airport.

Tube socks.
They were awful, Ali.

No, please...
socks and sandals no!

Give a person a break...
don't crucify them for tube socks.

So, wait... where'll you get the money?

We rented out Andrea's room

as a B&B, we're already booked up.

- And Andrea?
- We'll keep him.

- He'll sleep somewhere.
- Andrea's like a cat.

When he finds the comfiest spot,
he takes it.

- Can't believe you'll keep him.
- It's an act of love for Ali.

Then Ali will do something for me.

I've already done loads for you.

- I can't hear you.
- You can't hear me...

I'd like to call her Diletta.

Like my great-grandmother

who walked 50 kilometers
to identify her soldier husband

who had died of appendicitis.

She raised my grandparents on her own.

And when they emigrated to Germany,

they left her on her own again

to raise my father.

If she can't have my DNA,

at least she'll have this.
The Memory.

Now you're schooled.

You speak Italian, you've grown up.

But I'm dead.

You have to find the strength in you
to move on.

Because the world is now dark.

As dark as the midnight sky.

I'd like to embrace you,
mommy's darling.

But I'm dead
and now you have to be careful.

Open your eyes, take care of yourself,

and don't let anyone trample you.

Go, my daughter, run.

Run, run!

Come on!

Come on!

Enough, the doorbell's ringing.
Didn't you hear it?

- The doorbell!
- You're awake, go get it.

Move it.


What did you get up to last night?

Still using that crap?
You'll lose your hair all the same.

Mind out the way.

Put this stuff away.

Our guests are here,
the house is a total mess.

Looks like a dump.

Paper, glass...

No coffee, I feel like shit.
I'm still hung over.

- What a shitty fucking night.
- Again?

Stop the car,
you're going to kill us!

- Stop!
- Hush.

Hear me?

- Are you nuts?
- I hate you, Andrea.

Fuck you.

Hey... where are you going?

She went home alone and left me there,
totally drunk on Via Genesina.

Come back here!

I feel shit.

- Here.
- What's that?


You're rude.

Hurry up.
Thanks. Bye.


Got them!

Hold on, I came to Italy...

to learn and perfect the language.

I understand better
if you speak Italian.


I even have to watch how I speak.

He's wet behind the ears
and tells me how to live.

He's broke and never pays rent.

Ali gives him money all the time.
Yes, yes, yes!

They both suffered
with their father and mother...

But what am I supposed to do?

If we have a baby
will she think Andrea's her father?

He's like crabgrass.

- Crabgrass.
- Crab... grass.

How do you say crabgrass?

Never mind...

One, two, three...

red light!

One, two, three...

red light!

Karole, your turn.


two, three...

red light!

Come here!

Come here, come!

May I...

It's so dark.

Doctor, where are you going?

- Hurry, it's time for insemination!
- Dr. Balzano!

I can't help you.
Come with me.

I'll take you to my Spanish associates.
Follow me, this way.


I can't make it!

Dr. Balzano?
Where is he?

Quick, get in.
Or the follicles will burst.

How does one decide to go to Barcelona
and have a baby this way?

If you're not the mother carrying it,
if you're not the father,

but just the other woman,
the other mother...

it's a baby they call "synthetic".



Alessia Merlino.

One moment...

That'll be 1,490 euros.


Pin, please.

Here you go.

Go to the right,

sit in the waiting room
until they call you.



You accept the legal responsibility
of being a couple?


You confirm you have no other
relationships aside from this one?

Yes, I confirm.

You want this baby and all of the related
legal and material responsibilities?

- Yes, I do.
- So do I.

- No, wait.
- I'll hold it.

Everything okay?

Now take a deep breath...
You'll feel something inside.

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

All set.

You're nuts!

It could be one of them.

Not too shabby!

Wonder what it'll look like.
The hair, mouth, eyes...

The skin.
Not to mention the personality.

- You think that's genetic?
- Of course.

I don't.

Listen, if the sperm is from a surfer,
but I raise the kid,

it would be more obsessed with gluten
than with rotator cuffs.

My dad was a great swimmer, you know.

I look a lot like him...

as a kid I fell in love
with any blue-eyed man

because I thought they were like him.

Do you think he'd be happy for us?

His wife doesn't think so...

But I don't believe her.

Look at those two!
How shameless!

The world's gone to crap,
look at that...

These people are invading us

and nobody gives a shit at all!

Which of them do you think
irons the shirts?

- Kill that fly please.
- Never mind the fly.

I'll kill the fly, they're invading us
but nobody opposes.

I'll kill the damn fly.

Happy now?
I killed the fly.

No one gives a damn,
they're all asleep.

This fly wants to bring down the wall
to reach the illusion of happiness.

Like all living creatures,

it's stubborn.

Like I was as a child.

In the 90s,
my school decided to reforest

an area around a small hill.

We were all thrilled
to skip a day of class.

Even then we were all destined
to the lives we'd have.

Ring around the Rosie

Pockets full of posies,
ashes, ashes

We all fall down!

Get down! Again!

What's she doing?

You savage!
Karole, get over here!

What are you doing? I'll catch you!

- I'll slap you silly.
- Leave my brother alone.

You and your sister!

Damn you!

Come here, Karole!
I'll tell your father.

Your daughter pissed in front of everyone,

standing up, like a tomboy.

Hold on, I'll be right back.

Get lost or I'll shoot you in the face,

then you can come back and tell me off!

Remember that God is very different
to any man.

We'll primp you.

Hello, ladies.
I did some organic shopping.

Organic cereal, organic milk,
organic salad...

Organic this and that,
I got my period.

Good morning.

I had a crazy dream last night,
I have to tell you about it.

I was at the Fountain of Trevi,

it was brimming with fat, red-headed
tourists eating gigantic sandwiches.

And I was there with a broom

trying to sweep them away:
"Go away, go!"

But more kept flooding in.

Can you believe that?
The Fountain of Trevi!

Fellini, La Dolce Vita!


Well, I'm off.


we knew it wouldn't be easy.

I was hopeful.

Then we'll keep trying.


I won't get pregnant faster
if you get depressed,

and sit around doing nothing.

There's nothing I can do.

I can't give you a child
if we make love.

So what?
I like making love to you.


why do you want a child with me?
Everything's more difficult with me.

I want a child and a family with you
because you're you.

We'll try again next month.

The B&B is booked through September

and I'm getting more coverage at work,

if we also rent out the other room

We can get a bigger house.

On the outskirts so it's cheaper

but we'll have our own space
and maybe Andrea can come too.

If he pays, we'll split the rent.

Karole, look at me.

You really want to live
in this godforsaken place?

Want to play poor or become poor?
I'm not coming here.

Look around, we're not all the same.

Your daughter isn't the same as mine
with her two mothers.

Your life will be difficult,
you'll never be like the others.

Yours will be a synthetic child,
the end.

And you're selfish
for wanting her at any cost.

Leave the child in peace
where she is. Look at her.

She's just waiting
for the right time to take off.

If you move here, she'll dump you
and you'll suffer like I did.

As a friend I'm telling you,
go back home.

You've been staring
at the doorknob forever, I'm jealous.

You've never stared at me that long.

Goal! Goal!

Such handsome guys around here.

Right or left today?

Yesterday we did the right side.

Are you sure?


It's Chiara.

I'll call her later.

It's Chiara again.

Hello? Hey, Chiara.

Can we call you later?

I'm giving Ali her injection.

She says insemination
finds its counterpart

in all tribal civilizations.
In many tribal civilizations.

Many, not all, okay.

Chiara, I can't keep up
with all of this anthropology.

Talk to you later.

Okay, bye.

- Well?
- Sorry for this cruelty.

It's not cruelty for me.

If we could adopt
instead of injecting me, I'd do it.

But they won't allow us, so...

poke away.

I'll poke.

I'm begging you now, just this once.

She's crazy.

We're good people,
we already quit smoking.

We'll quit drinking too.

Yes, I will too.

Have you been talking to her long?

Quite a while.

- How did she reply?
- Hold on, she's talking.

She says our daughter

will shine like a star.

This exercise is powerful,
very powerful.

It attracts prosperity into
our lives.

Let's focus on our desires.

Fertility, wellbeing,


Let's close our eyes...

release all of our negative thoughts.

And welcome prosperity into our lives
for 18 minutes.

Karole, don't laugh.
Chiara, keep your back straight.

Alessia, stop wearing socks in yoga class.

And remember, whoever laughs...
washes windows.

The commitment...


with all this commitment,
what's left?

Who'll free you if not yourself?

So I wrap myself in vain hope
and believe it,

drenching it in incoherency,

ready to kill enthusiasm,
bang, bang.

It's just a balloon anyway,

a balloon full of air
that explodes loudly.

A jolt.

Perhaps it wakes you
and then who knows.

Or maybe it will fly.



Lili, would you like...

to tell us about

how your most recent poem
came to life?

Are you sisters?


All right... the poem.

I wrote it a year and a half ago,

when I met a special guy.

Say again?

I wrote it a year and a half ago,
when I met a special guy...

and all of this love
that I didn't know what to do with...

was transforming itself.

It was becoming pain.

It's the clinic.

I have to take this.

Hello? Yes.

Sorry, it's the Spanish clinic.
We're having a baby...

I mean we're trying to!

How amazing!
That explains the closeness.

All right, that's perfect.


The follicles matured
sooner than expected.

Already 18 millimeters.

Sorry, I've never interrupted
such an important interview.

- We must go.
- I'll call a taxi.

- We have a few hours to get to Barcelona.
- Hurry up.

I'll give you a ride.

- Thanks.
- Really?

- And we can finish the interview.
- Thank you.

- Thanks so much.
- My pleasure.

- Do you have the keys?
- No, you said you had them.

You said you'd get them.


No, I can't talk louder.

The keys? Wait, let me check.

Door closed, okay.

Yes, I have them.

I can't come now, I'm working.

I'm working as an extra
so I can pay you back.

I can't now, I can't come.

Fine, okay...

I'm coming!


One more, let's do one more.


- Here.
- Quick.

Thanks, Andrea.

- It snapped.
- No!

I can't believe it.


- Slow down.
- Slow down? We'll miss the plane.

Should I help them?


- Just standing there?
- I'm crippled, you know.


Fucking hell!




- Got her?
- Yes. Let go.

Hold the ladder.

Take care of her.

- Andrea!
- Coming.

We did it.

- Let's hurry.
- Take care of her.

Don't worry, bye.

Bye, Molly. Let's go.

You okay? That way?

- Bye.
- Bye, thanks.


Want to?

- What?
- Want to do it?



Good luck, ladies.

Now nobody can say
you didn't inseminate me!


Are you okay?


And you?

After you.

- Oh God!
- What a mess.

Oh good, I was tired of
using the ladder.

Andrea... Molly?

There's no more water, it's off.

- Who?
- Molly. My dog, hello?!

Molly doesn't like Paoletta,
I left her at Chiara's.

Baby, let's go.


We're off. Bye.

Tofail, know anything about plumbing?

Of course.

- Can you check the water?
- Of course.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

The water main was off.
He did it.

He who, God?

No, the landlord.
Know why?

He wants to get rid of the Africans
downstairs. We'll just turn it on.

- He can't just turn off the water.
- I know.

He wants the apartment back.

- So?
- We'll just turn it back on.

What do I owe you?

50 since you're a friend.

What, 50?!
You just loosened a few screws...

- 50 euros is insane.
- Are you kidding?

A real locksmith would've charged 80.

I'm an exploited immigrant,
and a cripple to boot!

- Son of a...
- What?

I can't take anymore.

First we had to put up with him,
and now her too...

they're scroungers, don't you see?

And we're making all these sacrifices
to have this baby.

But you know what?
It's time to call it a day, really!

I'm sick of being scrounged off!

Look at me! Please, look at me!

We came home to find the house covered

in these gross little droppings,
these gross mouse droppings...

And where is he?

Right, where's he gone...

You know where?
To play tennis! You see? To play tennis!

Someone's calling you.

I'm not answering.

Why not? It's a private number,
it might be the clinic, answer it.

The clinic wouldn't call my number!
It's my phone.

You're losing your mind!

As if they'd call me...

You see? They're calling me too.

Maybe it's the clinic... Hello?

Oh, it's you...

yes, I'm at your house.

Nothing, we're just playing ping-pong
with the mouse droppings.

He wants to talk to you.

I told you I don't want to talk to him!
I refuse!

Marco, can you free up the line?
I'm waiting for a call.

You can talk to Chiara later.

Bye, thanks.

There's no water.

There's no water!

Goddammit, did you hear me?

It's shit, everything's shit,
life is shit and I'm fucking sick of you!

Wait. Please, I beg you,
go get the water.

There's no water!

- Me?
- Yes, go, please.

- Andrea, it's okay. The water's coming.
- There's no water.

I'm sorry, but he has more hair than you.


The water's coming, don't worry.
Everything's okay.

Okay? The water's coming.

Quit staring at me.

I won't give this to you,
it's my pizza.

You're gluten intolerant.

Yes, I know.
I'm gluten intolerant too, but...

I'm eating this in secret, so...

it doesn't count.


- Stop eating in secret.
- I'm not!

I just got my period.
The hormones were useless,



Nothing is wrong with you.

You're young, pretty, and fertile.

We just need to keep trying.

Yes, but...

what if they're right?

What if they're right to say
a child shouldn't be made this way?

Without a father.

I never had a father either.

What does that have to do with it?

I'll be there for our daughter.

I know.

And I feel hideous,
I feel bloated, I feel tired!


You are beautiful.

Ali, you're doing something huge.

Your body is becoming deformed.


- Did I say deform?
- Yes.

I mean to say
it's becoming transformed

to welcome a life,
this is a huge feat!

Karole, when did you get back?

- Hi, Jolanda. How are you?
- I'm fine and you?

- When do you leave again?
- We'll see, I just got back.

I'll be around for a few days.

Have you seen your mom?
She's making "sfringioni".

They're lovely,

crispy outside and soft inside.

- You had some?
- Yes, I ate a few.

Can you smell them?

- I'll go see her. Bye, Jolanda.
- Bye, darling.

You're so pretty,
as pretty as a peach!

Have you found a husband?
When will you have a baby?

She's so pretty, just like her mom.

- When does dad get back?
- 7:00.

Get ready so we can all eat together.

You look tired,
you have dark circles.

Go home and rest, go on.

My darling.

She's grown up.
She makes my heart tremble.


Where is everything?
Why'd you paint my room?

Sorry, honey. It rained and
we had to retile the whole roof.

A black cloud
suddenly soaked everything.

We had leftover orange paint.

I went out and when I came back
it was all orange.

We'll leave it that way.

It was blue before

with a painting of the sea,
it took me a week to make it.

You're right, honey.
What can we do?

We'll repaint it one day.

- What about my books, my stuff?
- They're in the attic.

- Francuccio, how are you?
- Fine, you?


- Remember Fortunata?
- Yes.

- She died.
- How?

- A stroke.
- A stroke?

She had a stroke and died.
Let's say a requiem.

Let's say a requiem.

Look at how lovely grandma's bread is.

Concetta, let's put this basket down,
my back is killing me.

Let's lighten the load
by giving her some to taste.

Nonsense, it has to be blessed first.

Mary, Joseph, and the Angel
get the first taste.

Hush! You've been munching on it and now
it has to be blessed? You're so bossy.

- Please, don't be stupid.
- Bossy.

- Have you gone to confession?
- Not yet.

Quick, before it's too late.
We all need God's grace.

When did you last confess, kiddo?

Butt out!

Butt out? I have nothing else to do.

- I haven't confessed in 20 years.
- Watch out.

Charon won't let you into purgatory,
he'll send you to hell.

- When did you last confess?
- An hour ago.

- Hi, grandpa.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Fine.

What's going on?

- See that plot of land?
- Sure.

It's all that's left.

I replanted 300 trees,
I crammed them in.

- You planted 300 trees?
- Yes.

- How?
- I got a fresh, robust branch.

Then I got a straw
and stuck it in the branch.

I put one in every branch,
one by one.

Then I got a rope,
tied it up well and pulled it tight.

Then I dug a hole
and put it inside.

And planted them.

You come here every day?

I have to come here,
if I don't I'll die.

This land gave me everything.

It's all I can leave you.

I should kiss this land.

Let's kiss it, grandpa.

Listen, grandpa...

- Can I say something?
- Yes.

Know why I never brought home a man?


Because I've never liked men.

- I like women better.
- What's the problem?

Even hens like to be together.

They only need the rooster
to make eggs.

You're right, grandpa.
I never thought of that.

In order for me to make an egg,
I can't without a rooster's help.

But in Italy,
two women can forget about it.

Know why? Because we're antiquated.

Then we're actually dead!

I have to go to another country
to have a kid. I'm not kidding.

I have to go to Spain, for real.

And it costs tons of money,
I'm broke now, where'll I get more?

Couldn't you find a rooster in Italy
that cost less?

It's you...

I'm going to have a daughter.

But I'm not pregnant,
I'm the other mother.

What do you want?


Get out of here.

Jesus never threw anyone out.

Want half an omelet sandwich?


If they ask who the father is,
what'll you say?

Just eat.

If she falls in love with her brother
without knowing it?

Just eat.

Only Jesus Christ can forgive you.

- Have I gained weight?
- No, you're lovely.

Tell me the truth.

How about me... have I gained weight?


- You lost weight.
- You're just saying that, as usual.

Since I had my knee operation,
look at this...

Come on, your dad will be home soon,
I need to make dinner.

I found out I'm gluten intolerant.
That's why my tummy's swollen.

Gluten, my foot!
Karole, you're too tense.

- Your eyes are dull.
- I'm not tense, mom.

I had blood tests,
the doctors aren't stupid.

Let go of me.
Leave me alone, mom.

Why don't you go talk to
Nicola and Costanza? Go see them.

You live nearby. Your brother's
there for you, he loves you.

Go see him, honey.



How come you're the only one
I can't talk to?

I can't seem to tell you, of all people,
that just like you,

I want to become a mother too.

- Shit!
- Well?

I found out she was seeing her ex.

Do you realize what love is?
You haven't realized shit! But I have.

Thanks to her I realized.
What's that face for?

- You realized it thanks to her?
- So what?

Got a problem with that?
I want to change my life.

- Good.
- Yes, enough.

Excuse me. Can I bum a smoke?

I've decided to start smoking.

- Didn't you use to smoke?
- No, not me.


I've had enough.


- Amen.
- Goodbye.

Come on, get a move on!

Come on!

Enough, Tofail.

The English guy's coming
for his cooking lesson

and I still need to learn the recipe
for pasta "cacio e pepe".

But you get paid to teach him
how to cook.

Well, I get 10 euros for the shopping,
and tell them how it's done!

How do you make a profit then?

Tofail, you're so mean!

You just want to make a quick profit,
that's wrong!

If you're nice to someone,
they'll come back!

You'll make a better long-term profit.

You're clueless about business!
Don't you see?

You're hopeless, especially
when it comes to business, understood?

Guys, look what I found.

- Could be useful.
- Good.

Hi, baby.

How much are you making off this bed?

Half of what we paid for it.

Well done, you're real tycoons!


- Will it pay for the hormones?
- Yes.

But we need money
to go back to Spain.

I have an idea, okay?

- Give me a break!
- I'll earn and you'll save.

- Great idea.
- Fantastic!

So all four of us
can cuddle in the bed.

- Make a knot.
- Yes, I am...


I packed everything, I packed everything.
I've got everything.

Bring bags down, car is outside.

I'll kill you!

I swear I'll kill you.

The car is outside.

You drive!
I scared to drive in this city.

You drive, I pay!

I don't have a license.

Plane leaving!

Plane leaving!

Plane leaving!

Leaving! Understand?

Where are you going?
You have to pay me and her.

Pay us.

I no have European money,
only yuan.

- Only yuan.
- Yuan is fine.

- Yuan is fine?
- She owes us 50, she's rich.


50 euros, 50 yuan.

50 euros, 50 yuan.
50 euros, 50 yuan.

Quick before we get arrested.
Let's go!

That's 15 euros,
minus the exchange fee, is 6...

Here you go, 6 euros.

6 euros for 4 hours of work?
Are you kidding?

That's not fair,
you let her rip you off!

Your degree is a waste,
you don't know anything!

You have no business smarts!

You're a sheep!

How'll we get home now?
With the herd?

Wait, Tofail!

have some flat bread, it's delicious.

- It's warm.
- Thanks.

- You're not eating?
- I need to slim down.

Look at me,
I've already lost 3-4 kilos. See?

- It happened overnight?
- Willfulness is the key.

Chiara said if we send willfulness
to our cells, they do the work

and you'll lose weight
and not want to eat.

Works with hair growth too.

Shut that off.

Leading to a 7% downturn...

After steady devaluation, the yuan
is at its lowest in 5 years

halting Beijing's expansionary measures.

- The Virgin Mary is good!
- What's this?

Karole's expansionary measures.

It's her.

Don't answer, you know what'll happen.

I say answer it, Andrea, go on.

Be brave.

- Hello?
- Butt out.

- No!
- Butt out.

Hang up, I said hang up.

What's he saying?

He loves her, misses her,
and all that stuff.

Let's hope she takes him back.

She wants to see me,
she must miss me

so she loves me,
if she loves me I'll move in with her.

I'll leave you everything,
even the pool. Happy?

- And this?
- No.

- So I can buy her dinner.
- No!

Come on!

- Fine, but this is the last time.
- Promise. Bye.

Ali, we sold our bed to get that money.

I know, but he's suffering.

We're going all out to save
and you give him two 50 euro bills?

- He's like a brother to me.
- Some brother!

He's always been there for me,
it's my turn to help him.

Worry about your own brother, okay?

Mom's knee is hurting.

Mom's fine, but her knee
will never be the same again.

You could call me once in a while,
you know...

It's not like you call me every day.
Haven't seen you in 3 months.

Every day? I'd have nothing to say.

You could ask how others are,
it's not all about you.

I get it, Nicola,
but what would we talk about?

What do you want from me?

Costanza left me after 7 years.

I don't even know how to tell mom.

I'm in no state of mind to hear you,
I can't help you.

Let's talk about you then.

Am I not allowed to say what I think?

Of course you are,
but say it to my face.

I think what you're doing
is not natural.

Only people with money do that.

You were born doubtful
and will die doubtful.

It's normal, since my head still works.

If it worked, you wouldn't down a bottle
of sleeping pills a week.

Give me some time.

I hope a venomous wasp stings you
so the pain within you explodes.

No, please,
don't let this be the electricity bill.

- No?
- No, it's a money order.

I've saved up my entire life.

What if I die tomorrow?

Then I'd rather give it to you
since you need it.

Remember, don't tell Nicola.

But I really want a grandson.

Alessia, don't get discouraged.

When my wife and I were in Germany,

we ate from the same plate,

but we were so in love.

Be strong!

That sweet munchkin...

No one will stop us now!

I took you to my Spanish associates
but it was a flop.

You doubled the hormone dosage
but it was a flop.

All you can do now
is use grandpa's money for IVF.

Naturally with IVF the possibility
of having twins increases.

Naturally with IVF the possibility
of having twins increases.


If both eggs take with IVF

and we end up with twins...

what'll we do?

Well, if they're twins
they'll give me a C-section, right?

Yes, probably.

Yes, don't worry.

Do you have much more to write?


- But the trip is nowhere near over.
- So?

- Let's go.
- Where?

Come on!

Come on!

- Where are we going?
- Trust me.


God, how stressful!

The embryos can finally get back
to their mom.


We're done.
Stay lying down for a while.

You can wait here.

Have a good day, ladies.


See? You can't say
I never do anything for you!

- I planned a test-party. Happy?
- Where's Ali?


Everyone's buying beer.
If she's pregnant, one free beer.

- Huh?
- Don't worry.

I'll give you a cut,
money for your family.

Money, money, money!

Get it, money?! Hooray!


I consulted the I Ching,
"repairing the damage" came up.

Damage? Is that bad?

No, it's great.
Everything will be fine.

Because repairing what's wrong
produces superb results.

- I want to tell Ali, where is she?
- Dunno, I was looking for her.

Is she in here?

Ciao amore.

Where'd he find all these loons?

Dunno, but he was sweet, huh?

Yes, very sweet.

Did you pee already?


- Should I?
- Go.

- It's me, open up.
- Hold on a second, please.

Please, I'm about to pee myself!

Hold on!

I'm coming in, okay?

Did you take the test?

We're waiting.

Have you picked a name?

- Chiara Diletta.
- What kind of name is that?

Don't like it?

No... Chiara Diletta...
What an awful name!

- I can't bear to look, you do it.
- I'll do it.

Hope it's a boy.



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