Mamma Roma (1962) - full transcript

After many years working in the streets of Roma, the middle-age whore Mamma Roma (Anna Magnani) saves money to buy an upper class apartment, a fruit stand and retires from the prostitution. She brings her teenage son Ettore (Ettore Garofolo), who was raised alone in the country, to live with her, and Ettore becomes her pride and joy. However, the boy that does not want to study or work, joins to idle friends, has a crush on a bitch, and Mamma Roma uses her best but limited efforts to straight Ettore and make him an honest man. However, her past haunts her with tragic consequences.

carmine and bride!

Here come our brothers!

Sure, sons of italy.

Italy, hell.
They're pretending they don't know me.

Clementina, meet your in-laws!

This is peppe, and this is nicola.

This is regina, the pervert.
If you only knew what she does!

Tell us! Don't be ashamed.
We're all open-minded here.

- She's a lady of the night!
- What's that?

- A whore!
- Lucky her!

Isn't she cute?

I'm not embarrassing you, am i?

Clementina, did you get it?
She's a -

- long live the newlyweds!
- Good luck!

A speech from
the father of the bride!

Ladies and gentlemen,
at this ceremony, as we are -

- out on parole.
- I'm glad we're all here.

We're people who work the land,
and yet we still have -


Good hearts.

They call us hicks,
but if we didn't work the land,

what would the rich folks eat?

Sit down.
I saw a guy die like that once.

You gonna preach to us?

Mass should always be sung!

Mamma roma, why don't you sing us
a song from the heart?

You want me to sing?

O sweet acacia flower

when i sing, i sing with joy

and if i told you the whole story

it would ruin this celebration

carmine, show 'em
you can still do it!

O flower of sage

you laugh and joke
and act like a saint

but your heart is bursting with rage

o mint flower

hold your tongue
there's an innocent among us

and it's better

that she neither see nor hear

- now it's the bride's turn!
- Sing, clementina!

O squash flower

once a woman was crazy
for that mustache

and now that she's lost him
she can't get over it

o flower of shit

i've freed myself from the noose

now it's another's turn

to be his servant

no hard feelings, new bride!

I'm free! Free!

Long live the bride and groom!

You're laughing your head off.
Tell us what's so funny.

So you're free
after five long years of slavery.

So you've got money now
and you can do what you like.

So the man who exploited you
set you free,

but calm down now,
or else you'll choke to death!

Come on. What's so funny?

They're really something!

That's right.
That's the way to treat a woman.

Do you love your mother?


- You love your mother?
- Yes.

I bless you in the name
of the father, son and holy ghost.

One pimp dies,
and another is born.

My little pimp.

Children are something!

Carmine, good luck.

Clementina, come on, smile.

I hope you have
lots of children like jacob,

so that you'll be
in god's grace all your lives.

I wish you all the happiness
that should be in my house.


That son of a bitch.

Who swiped my cigarettes?

Let me smell your breath.


Don't you have a little kiss
for your mother?

Damn it!

Damn the countryside,
with all these pebbles!

This corn is killing me.

- Where are you going with your friends?
- Nowhere.

See ya, ettore.

How you've grown.
I hardly recognize you.

Did you think i'd stay the same?

Don't talk to me like that.

What did i say?

Good thing i'm taking you
back to rome with me,

or who knows
what you'd end up like here.

- Why are you taking me to rome?
- To keep the pope company!

You want to spend your life
working the land?


Have you at least
learned to read and write?

I manage.

Tell me,

is it true you've already been
with a woman?

What am i going to do in rome?

I didn't have a child
to have him turn into a hick!

Use your brain.

You don't know
what sacrifices i've had to make,

the things i've had to do
to take you home with me,

so that we could live
a decent life together.

I've been waiting 16 years,

and it hasn't been easy.

You don't know yet
what an awful place the world can be.

That's our house over there.

The one with the window in the sun
and the panties hanging out.

There, on the top floor.

We'll only stay a few more days.

Then i'll take you to a real home.

You'll see how beautiful it is,

full of respectable, high-class people.

See them?
A fine bunch, aren't they?

They're not like the kids
in the new place we're going,

young people who study
and work hard.

They're the ones
you want to make friends with.

Are you dense or something?
This is your home.

Put the suitcase down.

Did you think
i was some kind of witch?

I've never caused trouble.

Everyone's always liked me.

Are you hungry?

I had some bread this morning
with some spuds.

What did you say?

Watch how you talk.

You have to talk like your mother,
not like those hicks down there,

or i'll cuff you one.

O gypsy with your look
so sad and soulful

you make your violin weep
in your hands

can you dance?

A little. The cha-cha-cha.

What? The cha-cha-cha?

Come dance a tango
with your mother.

You're not shy, are you?

Don't be shy. Follow me.
Watch out for my corn.

Follow me.

Now this way. Watch my feet.

What a stick you are.
Careful with your feet.

Now turn around.
This is a renvers?.

See, you did it.

My big boy.

Play only for me

o gypsy violin

you know this song?

Never heard it before.

- You like it?
- I sure do.

If you only knew
who used to sing this song.

Who used to sing it? My father?

- How did you know?
- It was easy to guess.

So it's true -
you do go with women.

It's them that come to me.
But i'm not interested.

About your father -

guess what i dreamt last night.

I dreamt we were
up in the mountains in greece.

First it was full of mud.

Then we came to a hill
covered in rosemary,

and a voice called out,

"mamma roma, come here."

It was your father's voice.

Just imagine.

Yes, i walked
towards your father's voice,

and on the other side of the hill,
who do you think i saw?

- Who?
- You.

But you were a policeman.

- What did i do?
- You wanted to put me in jail.

And what did you do?

I ran away as fast as i could.

Just look at this rascal,
wanting to arrest his mother!

You're getting the hang of it now.
I'll teach you a trick.

Watch this.
We'll do a casch? now.

Some casch? that turned out to be!

I landed on my butt, thanks to you.

Don't worry. I just want to talk.
Don't get any funny ideas.

Talk? Then make it quick.

Why don't we go inside?

- My son's inside.
- So you're happy, i suppose.

I was just about his age
when you and i started up.

My son is an angel.

I was just a kid.

I was so innocent.

My mother always told me
i was the best one of all.

But all i did was disappoint her,
and all because of you.

A stolen tear

watch it there or i'll kill you.

I'll kill you!

Go ahead and sing again
if you dare!

The honeymoon wasn't even over
and there was already trouble.

Come on. Cut to the chase.

It's nothing much.

My mother-in-law promised
to find me a job.

Instead, some friends i met there,
three hicks,

want me to sell livestock with them.

Horses, a few cows.

They've been in business for a while,
and they've made some money.

We buy the animals
for next to nothing,

then we slaughter them in secret
and sell the meat in rome.

How much do you need?
You know i don't have any money.

Two hundred thousand.

I can't. I spent it on the house,

and on the license
for the stall at the market.

Are you kidding me?
Don't you understand?

Do i have to teach you
how to make money?

Have you forgotten?

Haven't you had enough already?

Why make a fuss?

If you put your mind to it,
you can make that much in 10 days.

I'm counting on you.

I'll be back in two weeks.

Then i swear
you won't see me again.

How you like to dance, my son.

What an ugly view.
All you see is the cemetery.

I was planning on moving tomorrow,

but now we'll have to wait
two more weeks.

So what? We'll have fun later.

- Good-bye. I'm leaving.
- Who cares?

I'm off for good.
No hard feelings.

It's all yours, darlings!

Leaving us just like that?

- Good-bye, biancofiore.
- No turning back?

You're the best of the bunch.

Good luck.
- Have another drink, on me.

What a lush.

To your health!

You'll need it
with all these diseases around.

So long, biancofiore!
So long, dolls!

- Who are you looking for?
- Just out to get some air.

- I'm not hustling.
- It's about time.

What are you laughing about?
- I like you.

In all my years here,
nobody ever knew who i was.

Get it all off your chest.

There was a neighbor of ours,
a rich old man

with loads of money.

He dressed like robespierre.
He had a mustache and cane,

like he was a king.

You know how he made his money?

Under fascism.

Mussolini told him,

"build a district for the working class."

That became pietrarancio.

Your turn!

The walls in the first house
he built were great.

So were the toilets. You could eat
from them, they were built so well.

Mussolini came back and said,
"that's just what i wanted."

The son of a bitch.

As soon as mussolini leaves,
he stops building houses

and just makes toilets.

They called the district "latrinia."

Nothing but concrete tombs
as far as the eye could see.

God, was that old man ugly!

Some disease in africa
had pockmarked his whole face.

He had asthma, rheumatism,
a bad heart, colitis, diabetes.

He stank to high heaven!

Was he a christian at least?

He was 65 and i was 14.

I got married
in a young fascist girl's uniform!

No problems after the fall of fascism?

He was so old! You'd have thought
he only had two days to live.

Foaming at the mouth.
- Look who's here, mamma roma.

He's gonna die on me.
He's gonna die!

He's dying!

- Who's dying, mamma roma?
- The old man they made me marry.

- What an outrage! An old man?
- They made me. He was my husband.

And you didn't fight it?
If they'd done that to me -

oh, sure, you think
you're smarter than me?

I'd have liked to see you in my shoes.

My mother was probably right
in making me marry him.

- What a lousy mother!
- "He's got millions," she'd tell me.

"He's rich. Seventy years old.

He'll die on you.

What's the matter with you?
Don't you want to be a lady?

You can pick the next one."

You slept with him?
Shame on you.

He was probably a sadist too.

You want to know something?

My mother's dead,
and so's my father,

but the old guy's still alive,
damn him!

That's why i took up this life.

I'm going. Good night!

I've paid my dues in this world,
and the next one, too.

I'm leaving for good!

So long!

Take it easy. Still dancing
the cha-cha-cha at your age?

It's scandalous.

- Scandalous for who?
- For the hypocrites, of course.

Screw you and the hypocrites both!

It's a different world here.

That beautiful lady over there
owns a beauty parlor near our home.

That man's a big-shot monarchist.

That man over there owns a restaurant.

I'll marry you off
to that one's daughter.

That runt over there?
Look at her.

Why not? She's the right type of girl.
You should marry someone like that.

No way will i marry her.

Be quiet. You still wet the bed.

Isn't our new home beautiful?

What did i tell you?

Say hello to them.

- Ettore, are you coming out later?
- Yes, he'll be right there.


Take this, my little pimp.

Give me that hat.

Come on.

See her? Her name's bruna.

Why tell me?

She's something.
Everybody knows it.

You can ask them.

Everybody goes with her,
even the garbage men.

She's good-iooking, though.
You should see her legs.

Come on, we'll introduce you.

Hi, bruna. How are you?
What are you doing here?

I brought the baby out
for some fresh air.

Look how cute he is.

When are you boys
going to have one like him?

Isn't that pretty? Let me see.

- Don't touch. It's dangerous.
- It's a skull. How ugly.

Is it porcelain? Can i have it?

Are you crazy?

You're so mean.

I want to introduce you to a friend.

- Nice to meet you.
- I'm ettore.

He's a good guy, like us.
He told me he likes you.

That's not true.

Have you lived here long?
I've never seen you.

Not long.

Where did you live before?

In guidonia.

His mother's the brunette
with the new stall near yours.

Signora roma?
Such a good-iooking woman.

I know her.
You work with her?

No, i don't.


It's maria and assunta
and their friends.

Let's go.

Assunta, where are you going?


Damn, it was only a vision.

Got any money?

None at all.

If we had some,
we could go see a show.

Let's go see the whores
in caracalla and have a few laughs.

Let's go!

There's a black girl who likes me
and gives me smokes.

Have you ever been
with one of them?

One used to come to guidonia,
for the soldiers.

There's arsenal and thunderbolt.
What's going on?


Can i talk to you?

Is it safe?

Wait for us a minute, ettore.
We have to talk.

You're patient.
You can wait, eh?

Are you guys up
for a job at the hospital?

It's visiting hours for relatives.
We pretend we're visiting someone.

We look for a good target,

walk by his bedside table
and grab his things.

We have to be careful, though.
Some don't have any visitors,

but they don't want to look ionely,
so they pretend to be asleep.

But we'll be careful.
Are you in?

- Shall we try it?
- Sure. Can't go anywhere without money.

See you tonight, ettore.
We have stuff to do.


Ettore, what are you doing here?

I saw you from my window.
Right over there.

My baby fell asleep, so i took him home.
What are you doing here?

Just wandering around.


do you have a father and mother?
- Of course. Why?

God knows where those boys took you.
Watch out - they're a bad bunch.

- Do you like it?
- Yes. Can i have it?

Take it. I've had it for ages.

What use is it to me?
Just something i found.

This one's better than the skull.

Death is horrible.
Are you afraid of death?

No. When i was a kid,
i almost died a few times.

I had pneumonia and pleurisy.
I didn't even know i was dying.

Tomorrow i'll give you another present.
How much does a gold chain cost?

Three or four thousand lira.

I'll bring you one tomorrow.

Shall we take a little walk?

I love to hear the crickets sing.

They're not crickets.
They're cicadas.

You're right.

What's that?

A finch.

What's the one that goes

A lark.

How do you know them all?

I know them pretty well.
I used to steal their nests.

It was full of them where i used to live.
I killed plenty with my sling.

Yeah, you lived with the hicks.
Did your mother visit you?

Who cares about my mother?

She's still so beautiful,
her hair still so black.

How old is she?
- Who knows? Maybe 43.

Have you ever been with a woman?

Then you don't even know
how women are made.

How are you made?

If you only knew.

Where are we going, to america?

Can't wait, can you?
Your heart's pounding, right?

I bet your heart's beating hard.
- Stop it.

Let's go down there, behind that door.
That's where i always go.

It's a nice place.

Can you hear that?

Even i know what that one is.
It's a cuckoo.

Look at these fava beans here!

Buy my fava beans! They're fresh!

Look at these artichokes!
Stop and buy!

Signora roma, what a voice you have.
You could sing mass.

Hey, potato vendor,
let me shout. I'm happy.

Of course you are,
with a handsome man next to you.

Look at these figs.
I've got the best ones.

Signora roma.

Do you know that girl?

- Who is she?
- Do you like her?

Looks like a monkey.

Listen. Let me tell you the score.

That's why i had a boy.
Who's she cheating on?

All of rome.

When will you give her
your blessing as your daughter-in-law?

You take my son for a fool?

No, he's no fool.
He's buying her a gold chain.

Look at these figs.
Come and buy, ladies.

Hurry up and buy
so we can go home early.

Don't make me yell anymore.
I've had enough.

What's wrong?
What are you doing here?

He's not here for you.

He's drawn like a magnet.

- What do you want?
- Nothing.

What are you doing here then?

I need 1,000 lire.

You think money grows on trees?

How about a good slap instead?
What do you need it for?

- I don't need it anymore.
- I know why you wanted it.

Fool. At your age, the only woman
you need is your mother.

Forget about women.

You don't have the brains
to understand them.

They're all tramps!

Each worse than the one before.

Is that clear?
If not, i'll make it real clear for you.

Come and buy, ladies.
- Damn, what a voice you have.

Got something to sell?
Come here.

I've got some records.
Wanna buy them?

I buy everything.
Show me what you've got.

What are they?

They're no good to me.
I don't have a record player.

O gypsy with your look
so sad and soulful

you make your violin weep
in your hands

play once more a sweet serenade

where did you swipe this from?
I haven't heard it in 20 years.

I didn't swipe it.
Our place is full of them.

We don't have any use for them.

I'll buy anything, even rocks.

Even stolen goods.
I don't care. I buy them anyway.

You can find me here anytime.


I pay top price, so remember,

gennarino, the second-hand dealer,
will make you rich.

You in a bad mood?

Remember the kid i had with me?
He's sick, poor thing.

The doctor says he might die.
I can't live without him, poor little angel.

Even if he dies, he's too small
to understand. How old is he?

- Two years and four months.
- He's still a baby.

And how old are you?
- Twenty-four.

Six and a half years older than me.
You're not very well developed.

Neither are you.
You look like a kid.

Of course. When i was small,
i was always in the hospital.

Now i go to the gym.

What are you looking at?

This is for you, like i promised.

- Is that the madonna on it?
- The madonna and child.

I'm not worried that my son
is running after that crazy girl.

I can always get rid of her
if i put my mind to it.

Even if he steals my records
and things from the house.

I'll beat that habit out of him.

Don't you think he deserves it?
- Why not?

Father, i came here because
you're the only one that can help me.

They say only priests
can find jobs for people.

That's what they say,
but us poor priests don't count at all.

You do count, father.
Don't be modest.

If you say so, modesty aside.

My son needs a job.

I can't have him grow up
on the street like this.

He can't become a delinquent.

He's my only child, my only hope.

What does he know how to do?
Has he studied and learned a trade?

He grew up by himself.

His father wasn't around.

I've had to work to support him.

It'll be hard, then.

I might find him a job as a laborer
on some construction site,

but that's all i can do.

You must be joking.

I didn't bring him into this world
to be a laborer.

I want a decent job for him,
one with a future.

You can't make something
out of nothing.

You want to build his future
out of nothing?

I know, father.

But don't you know that man

who comes to mass here, pellissier?

He has a wife and daughter.
Don't you know him?

Of course. He's a regular.

He has one of the best restaurants
in trastevere,

where classy people go to eat,
like actresses and lawyers.

Couldn't you ask him
to give my son a job?

Don't you understand?

You have a serious responsibility
toward your son.

What are you doing
about this responsibility?

What should i do?

It's quite simple.

Start again humbly from zero.

Send him to school. Teach him a trade.
That's what's important.

A trade?

Will you promise?

I'll do everything i can.

I promise.

Good-bye, father.


Watch out. He's got an ace.

It's my turn.

Play a card. Wake up.
I'm already losing 500 lire.

Which one? They're all lousy.

Here comes bruna.

Hi, bruna. Don't even say hello?

She's acting stuck up.

You looking for daisies?

No, i'm looking for lizards.

I'm not playing anymore.

Quitting while you're ahead?

Take my place.

Look who's here.

Aren't you going to school anymore?

I'm already sick of it.
What's the use?

Don't you like it?

I don't understand a thing.

It's boring
and it gives me a headache.

You don't want to study.

You don't want to learn a trade.

I know what your mother says.
She's always crying.

Don't worry.
I didn't ask her to cry.

You're right. School's a pain.

But you love your mother, don't you?

What do i care about her?

Shame on you.

I love her a little, though.

- How do you know?
- Because i'd cry if she died.

- I didn't expect you'd be laughing.
- Shall we go?

Keep walking. Ignore them.

Where are you going?


We'll tag along.

- We have to talk in private.
- We do, too. Right, bruna?

What do you have to tell me?

The story of little red riding hood.

Let's go, bruna.

Are you leaving us high and dry?

Just like the germans,
you come and take over.

Why don't you get lost?

Oh, yeah?

Then we'll take bruna with us.

I don't feel like doing anything.

But we do.

Leave me alone!

I'll tell your parents
if you don't leave me alone!

Leave her alone, you bastards!

Can't you see she doesn't want
to go with you?

What's the matter with you?

You'd never act like this
if you were alone, damn you!

Who are you talking to?

Stop it now,
or i'll punch you one.

Come and try if you dare,
damn you!

Leave him alone!
What's he done? You idiots!

Let me go!

What are you doing?
You'll hurt each other.

Leave him alone.
What are you doing?

Picking on someone
smaller than yourself, eh?

Bye, ettore.
See you tomorrow.

God, you look horrible!

Has work done that to you?

Biancofiore, i need your help.
Would you blackmail a guy for me?

Sure, but you have to ask my man.

He's over there.
Call him before he leaves.

- Zaccaria, come here.
- What's up?

Come here, biancofiore.

Listen up, okay?

"Big-tooth maria" used to go
with this tall guy named cesare

before you worked this area.

Have you ever seen him?
- No, i don't know him.

Look who's here.

Back on the battlefield?

No, i want to talk to you.
I have to play a joke on a guy.

She's game. Are you?

If it means money, sure.

No, it's just a favor i need.

Don't worry. Whatever she loses
i'll make up to you.

Go ahead. I'm listening.

Send your woman to this guy
who's never seen her before,

this wealthy guy
who can help my son.

That's why i'm doing this.

While he's with your woman,
you and i show up.

You pretend you're her brother
or her husband.

I'll be someone else -
your sister-in-law, anyone.

We'll make a big scene.

You get angry. I calm him down,

and talk him into doing
what i want him to.

But you have to scare him,
like you want to kill him.

I understand.

You get it all set up,
and then i'll take over.

So long, mamma roma.
Don't worry.

Back to work.
No playing around.


since you're doing me one favor,
would you do me another?

Sure. That's what i do best -
favors for people.

My son's got a crush, so to speak,

on this crazy girl
who looks like a broom in drag.

He's never been
with a woman before,

so he's hooked, of course.

First love.

You have to be his second.

You have to make him forget her,
even the way she smells.

And you know what you're doing.

I'll do it.

Next time he sees her,
he'll spit in her face.

There's the pig.
Right behind me.

I'll take care of him.

God, his face is so sallow.

Look what a jewel my son is.

You'd hang on the cross for him,
wouldn't you?

You bet i would.

What else is there in life?
I know it sounds incredible.

Go on, biancofiore. Get busy.

See you tonight.

Ettore, come here.

Go and buy yourself a cappuccino.

I'll only be a half hour.

Listen, go and sleep
at biancofiore's tonight.

She'll be waiting for you.
I'm busy this evening.

See you in the morning. Okay?

What am i going
to biancofiore's for?

You'll thank your mother later.

Whatever happened to carmine?

He's happy as he can be
hoeing the garden with those hicks.

Leave him where he is.
Are you joking?

What do you think they're doing?

What are you doing?

You want me to let it down?

I'll have you locked up, you schizo!

What are you doing with my sister?

How could i know she was your sister?

I'm crazy! Certifiably crazy!

If i kill you, i'll go scot-free.
I'll kill you!

He's not doing anything wrong.
You want to get in trouble?

You got the nerve to talk?

Are you serious?

How did you meet her?
What did you come here for?

I just came -

you didn't just show up here.
And you're not leaving here alive.

I told you i'm mad!

Zaccaria, what are you doing?
Are you crazy?

Do it for mamma roma's sake.

We'll all end up in jail.

Wait, i know this guy.

Aren't you
"big-tooth maria's" friend?

I always wondered how you could go
with such an ugly woman.

That was you, right?

Zaccaria, i know him.

He's a good person
with a great heart.

He never refuses
to help someone if he can.

You tell him, mamma roma.

Get dressed.

"Pellissier, cesare.
Via capeletro 15."

Ah, so you're married.

You'll be seeing more of me.
This doesn't end here.

Don't mind him.

So you're the owner
of the trattoria ciceruacchio.

Chicken, fettuccine.
That's good to know.

You only carry
20,000 lira on you.

Shame on you.

I'll keep this for moral damages.

Let's go.

Best to get out of here.

Wake up.

Come and see the sun.

Are you made of lead?

Don't you realize that from today on
you're the head of the family?

Don't feel like going to work?

Don't you remember?
You start work today.

Say something.

Aren't you glad
to be a working man?

Come on, jump out of that bed.

Let's go. Need a bugler?

Come on!

Can you ride a motorcycle?

Sure, it's easy.

You like riding motorcycles?

Of course. Why?

Hurry up with those trousers.

You'd think it was your wedding day.

Hurry up.

Come down and see the present
your mother has for you.

Isn't it beautiful?
Is it what you wanted?

Go ahead and caress it.
I bet you like it better than a woman.

Cat got your tongue?

That's right, caress it.
What a great mother you have, right?

Does it run?

It better!
It cost 250,000 lira.

- Get on.
- Shall we try it?

- Hold on tight.
- Go slow.


You're going too fast.

- Am i doing okay? You scared?
- No, but slow down.

Hold on to my waist.
Put your hands here.

- My hair's getting all messed up.
- So what? I've got a comb.

See, you just have to use
your brains to get ahead.

Soon you'll be driving a car
and you'll take me out for a drive.

You know how to drive?
- I'll learn.

Just wait. Your mother
will make you into somebody.

You'll be the envy of everyone.

You'll like being the young gentleman.
- They're all stupid.

I can't stand them.

They've got some money,
so they think they're a big deal.

So now you're a communist?

We won't get along
if you turn into a comrade

and hang around
with those losers.

You have to think like me.

Watch me take this corner.

Pass that car.
Go on, show them who you are.

The bastards are cutting us off.


Biancofiore, this is the first time
i've seen you since that night,

the night of deep sighs.

We did a great job.

But what about that night with my son?
Won't you tell me anything?


He's a good little soldier, god bless him.
He's got a hearty appetite.

I know that.

But i mean bruna.
Did he say anything about her?

Bruna who?

After he saw me,
it was "good-bye, bruna."

What kind of things
did he say to you?

Lots of sweet things.

That he likes me,

and i'm beautiful,
and he wants to see me again.

Oh, and that he'll take me to the zoo
on sunday to see the elephants.

But did you get the feeling
it's over with bruna? Really over?

Yes, i told you.

Let's go.

There he is, the cockroach.

Where's ettore?

Where is he? Do you see him?

There he is.

He's so handsome.

What's this? Are you crying?

What are you doing?

You know where mamma roma lives?

The market vendor
with the long, black, messy hair.

- What's her last name?
- Garofolo.

Her son ettore's
playing ball over here.

Someone's looking for you.
Come here.

You're mamma roma's son, right?

What of it?

Is your mother at home?
Tell me where she lives.

Via calpurnio fiamma 47,
apartment 24.

- You like wine?
- A little.

When i come back,
we'll have some together.

Do you sleep in the nude?

That's my business.
Can't i sleep as i please?

- What do you want?
- Who was that talking to you?

A waiter who works with me.

Did you just see the devil or what?

What do you want?
What are you here for?

Peace of mind.

My god!

Don't you know i've got a son?

Yeah, we're friends.

We're having a drink later.
He's waiting for me.

Go ahead and have a good cry.

You knew what i was like.

You think i could have stayed
with those hicks?

You should have known
i'd be back sooner or later.

Pigs around the house,
chickens flying over the bed.

You'd have done the same thing.

You'd have run off
and sent them all to hell.

I know you.
I know what you're like.

With all the young girls in rome,
why come back to me?

Find me one.

You worm.

Don't worry.

With a little help from the right saint,
i'll find a young girl.

I just have to be careful.

They can ruin you.
Send you to jail.

You know i work all day
at my stall in the market.

You'll manage.

Listen, carmine.

I'll give you food
whenever you want.

There's a bed for you here.
I won't kick you out.

But don't even think i'll ever
walk the streets for you again.

You did it for me, did you?
You did it because you liked it.

Like i said:

A bed and a plate of food.

Hey, scumbag, remember this:

You were covered with lice
when i found you. I cleaned you up.

You didn't even own a dress.
I civilized you.

I was 23 and you were 40.
You had your fill of this man.

You're the one who got me used
to money. I never asked you for it.

You wanted me.
I had just arrived from my village.

I didn't even know
women like you existed.

You ruined me.
You turned me into a pimp.

Admit it. Isn't it true?

You dare deny it?

Leave me alone.

Get out of my house!

I know you don't want
to go back because of your son.

You're afraid he'll find out.
Listen to me.

If you don't go back,
i'll tell him everything.

Get out!

I think i'll have that drink
with your son.

Get up.
Stop acting like a crazy woman.

You knew this would end
badly for one of us.

Looking for a bit of heaven?
Don't you like our kind?

Come here. Have a drink.

Help yourself. Look.

Here, drink up.
Don't be ashamed.

It'll help.
You're not that young anymore.

This fog rusts your bones.

Screw them if they call us tramps.

Why do you do this?

Who makes you do it?
You don't even know yourself.

You've done it for 30 years
and you're asking me?

It's your fault, you know.

You're one to talk.

How you end up is your own fault.

Everybody knows that.

The evil you do is like a highway

the innocent have to walk down.

When ettore was born,
he didn't want to walk down this road.

But who put all this garbage
in your head?

A priest.

He was like a living bible.

I didn't want
to start over from scratch.

Maybe i just didn't understand.

Damn you and this cognac!
Now you've got me drunk!

Do your soul searching by yourself.

God, i've got an awful stomachache.

Like i ate my own heart out.

Hey, ventriloquist.

- Are you one of my customers?
- No, i'm a soccer champion.

Who can remember so many clients?

I'm not the census bureau.

The first was my husband,
ettore's father.

You even had a husband?

A handsome young guy
with everything.

Sure, even a spare tire.

Twenty people came to our wedding.

We went to church one at a time.

The first left at 9:00 a.m.,
the last at noon,

at ten-minute intervals
so we wouldn't attract attention,

because the police
were after my husband.

When we were married,
as soon as i said "i do,"

they took him away,

and i was left a virgin at the altar.

It could have been worse.

You know why my husband,
ettore's father,

was a first-rate son of a bitch?

How should i know?

Because his mother was
a bloodsucker, his father a thief.

Why were they
a bloodsucker and a thief?

Because his mother's father was a hit man,
and his mother's mother was a beggar.

His father's mother was a madam.
His father's father was a snitch.

God deliver us from evil.

And every one of them
starving to death.

If they had had money,
they would have been fine people.

So whose fault is that?

Who's responsible?

Closing up shop?

No, for you i'll work overtime.

Let's go, then.

Whose fault is it?

The birds' and the bees'.

How much money have you got?

Explain to me why i'm a nobody

and you're the king of kings.

Let's divide this cash.

I'll count it again.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight and nine.

Where's the rest?

Go and get change at the caf?.

I'll take this for myself.

What are you doing?

Give me that back.

I'm entitled to more than you.

More than us?
What do you mean?

We have to divide it equally.
Why should you get more?

Because you didn't do anything.
I did it all.

If you want it, come and get it.

- Where are you going?
- Trying to be a smart guy?

- Give it to me or we'll fight it out.
- Fine with me.

What did you do
that we didn't do?

I found the place.

Who told you
the goods were there? I did.

Who took you to gennarino,
the second-hand dealer? I did.

He's my friend,
and that's why he bought the stuff.

As soon as the hick gets here,
he starts acting big.

Signora roma,
tell your son to calm down.

He's not behaving.

Ettore, where are you going?

See what happens
when you don't work?

Why did you leave that job?

Wandering around all day
like a lost soul.

What do you do in the streets?

At least you had your own money
when you were working.

I bet you don't have a single lira.

Here. Mamma will give you some.

I don't need your money.
I can earn my own.

Whatever you do to your mother
will come back around to you.

Aren't you ashamed
of what you're doing?

Stupid loafer
without an ounce of brains.

You don't have a shred of pride.

Irresponsible fool!

Hey, potato vendor, do me a favor.

Take my stall back to the warehouse.

Ettore, listen.

You feeling all right?
You're all flushed.

You've got a fever.

It's over 102.

Why aren't you in bed?

Who gives a shit?

You angry 'cause of what
i told you about your mother?

Everybody knows.
I thought you knew, too.

I've had enough!

Leave me alone!

I don't give a damn
about my mother!

Get a move on.
You're not calling the shots here.

Why did you stop at the hospital?
You want us to catch a fever, too?

I'm going in.
You want to come?

What for?

To carry bedpans to dying patients?

You're crazy if you go in there.
We can't keep doing that.

I don't care.
The punishment's the same anyway.

He's got a fever and it's late, anyway.
Why should we go?

I spit on them!

Let's go, tonino, you and me.
The fools.

I'm coming. What the hell.

Let's go.
Visiting hours are almost over.


Watch out. Some of them
only pretend to be asleep.

Nobody visits them
and they're ashamed.

They keep their eyes closed, but they're
not really sleeping. You got that?

Listen. I remember there's a guy
who has a little white radio

at the end of the ward.
He's got one foot in the grave.

The priest has already
been in to see him.

He's got red hair and an ugly mug.

They've already seen me around.

There he is.

The hick.

He's so ugly he pisses me off.

Go on.

Put it back where it was.


My radio! Nurse!

He's a thief!

This one, not him.
He's the one who stole my radio.

Come along with me. Move.

What did you learn today
from the divine comedy?

Today i learned pages 104 to 105.

It took a jail sentence
to educate you.

Come on.
Let's hear that canto.

I dreamed i was in the circle of shit,
and they kicked me out because i stank.

We gonna hear
the divine comedy or not?

Fourth canto.

"Broke the deep slumber in my brain
a crash of heavy thunder,

that i shook myself,
as one by main force roused.

Risen upright,
my rested eyes i moved around,

and searched with fixed ken,

to know what place it was
wherein i stood."

Hey, they put a crazy guy in with us.

Calm down.

A guy like you came in here a month ago,
and the next day he was dead.

Keep on reading.

"On the brink i found me
of the lamentable vale,

the dread abyss that joins a thunderous
sound of plaints innumerable.

Dark and deep,
and thick with clouds o'erspread,

mine eye in vain explored its bottom,

nor could aught discern.

Now let us to the blind world
there beneath descend."

Play only for me, o gypsy violin

perhaps you too dream of a love


I want out of here!

Let me out!

Let me go!
You're hurting me!

What's going on in there?

I'll have you put away!

You've been carrying on like this
for three days now.

I can't be responsible for him!

I'm strapping him to the bed!

Let's tie him down!

Help me! My arms hurt!

Why did you put me here?


Unstrap me. I'll stop.

I swear i'll stop.

I'll be good.

Take me back to guidonia,
where i lived when i was little.

I'm freezing to death.

I'm sick.

Tell them to unstrap me.

My poor baby.

My poor little boy.

He came into the world alone.

He grew up alone,
like a poor little sparrow,

looking all around,

searching for god knows what.


Mamma, i'm dying.

I've been here all night.

I can't take it anymore.

Mamma, why are they
doing this to me?

Leave me alone.

Don't worry.
I spent time in jail as a kid, too.

You get over it.

When he gets out,
he'll have learned about life.

He'll turn over a new leaf.
Like water under the bridge.


Mamma roma, where are you going?

Mamma roma, where are you going?

- Mamma roma, wait.
- Stop.