Mama's Affair (2022) - full transcript

Mei-fung was once a top artiste manager and helped produce some of the biggest stars for her record label. But when she got pregnant, she chose family over career. Today, Mei-fung is living a seemingly worry-free housewife life, b...

Coffee, please.

What year did I quit my job?


It wasn't out of the blue. Yan didn't want me to work.

Don't you remember?

Me passing out backstage the year before that?

I didn't even know I had been pregnant for four months…

so I lost the baby.

That's when Yan forbade me from working.

It took me two years to get pregnant again.

The housewife life is good…

but my son is a big boy now.

He doesn't need me to look after him.

He wouldn't let me!

My son is all grown up now, so it's time to look for new challenges.

Wow! You're a Managing Director now!

Good for you.

I remember you're a fresh graduate when you joined our team.

When we managed Leo later on,

we had to pull three all-nighters in a row for his CD cover.

Do you remember that?


But Leo had changed three labels since,

and he's like a god now.

I did hear about you wanting a comeback,

but... I don't know if I can be of any help.

Not only you…

even I feel like I'm getting too old now.

How about I create a position for you to manage me?

Do you remember a guy from our office named Norman?

Norman Yau?

I know he started a music company, and it's getting bigger.

Looking after people is your forte.

I think you should talk to him.

Watch out!


- Madam! - Yes!

Are you looking for courses for your kids?

Would you like to look at our brochure?

No, no… I'm looking for Norman.




I've always wanted to have an arts school like this,

so those who can afford can come and learn.

For those who can't, I'd waive their tuition.

It's like I never left the business!

I'm still discovering new talents!

Some of them are even working for me now.

This is Ann.

Terrible at school, but passionate about music.

Now she's one of the instructors.

That's Kaki.

Tried to be a gangster,

but he's too shy and good-natured for it.

I never thought you'd work again!

I just want some new challenges.

A friend is asking me to open up a center in Thailand,

so once I have a caretaker in place

then I can leave.

You're still so energetic!

"If you love what you do, work is a pleasure;

if you don't, work is pressure."

I learned that from you.

Slow down, Jayden.

Why hasn't your maid picked you up yet?

Ten minutes later, she said.

Jayden, your nose is bleeding!

Come sit.

Tilt your head up… right…

Don't do that.

You're supposed to put pressure here.

Tilt your head down.

I'll get some tissues!

I can start anytime.


Kaki, this is Mei-fung.

She is my longtime friend,

and she'll look after this place from now on.

Hello, Mei-fung!


We do have evening classes

and we all have to take shifts.

Do you need to cook for your family?

My son is old enough to look after himself.

Ask him to join our summer jam sessions!

My son isn't really into music.

The sky is shining bright

Leading me into my future

This world is ever-changing, but I'll strive to give my best shot

I need strength to persevere and protect my innocence

Even in frustration, be patient

Fight for my dream

Keep the faith and hold me tight, rise above!

Fear no pain and we shall prevail

Light up every moment and fight for my future

Fret not when people ignore you

Let's stick together, break all barriers, and meet our future

That's how I follow my heart

Okay! Please reset.

Actors, gather round.

The competition is coming up, so we need to stay focused.

Tim, if the timing of your first line is wrong,

then everyone else will be too.

So you must get your timing right, okay?

Got it, sorry.

Everyone, this song is called "The Future,"

so try to look more hopeful when you sing.


When on stage,

look for a spot, such as the projector…

When does summer school end?

Until school starts.

So you're basically in school all year round?

Well, these are make up classes.


School starts in two weeks.

Your IB exams are coming up. You have to take them seriously.

I know.

Stop fooling around

with your extracurricular activities.

I'm not.

What are Tim and Samantha's plans?

Samantha will probably go to New Zealand,

but Tim has to see how his exams go first.

Tim's so lazy, he'll never get good grades.

He doesn't like school anyway.

Son… put your phone down.

I have something to tell you.


I'm starting a new job next week.

When did that happen?

Let's just say an opportunity arises.

Are you back in the record label business?

It's… music education.

Does daddy know?

Of course.

As long as you two like it.

Of course I do.

Your mom was a workaholic before I had you.

But we all have to take shifts at this job,

so I won't be able to drive you to school every day.

You'll need to get up earlier.

I told you many times you don't need to drive me.

It's my job.

You have to look after yourself when daddy's not home for dinner.

But I'll try to prepare some food for you anyway.

Okay, no problem.

You haven't vacuumed your room in two weeks.

If you don't do it…

Fine! I'll do it myself.

I just want you to learn to look after yourself.

I'll manage when you stop pushing.

In any case, it's your last year.

Do your best on your exams.

Didn't you say you wanted to get into Cambridge?

I will… don't worry about it.


What's up with all these groceries?

You've picked the wrong brand of toilet paper.

This one is thicker and cheaper.


- Do you two want some Chinese herbal tea? - Sure!

- I want some! - But I'll wait till my takeout arrive

Do you eat takeouts every day?

I'll bring some food along if I happen to cook.

He's like that… he wants to support his friend's café.

Stop it!

Keep crying and there won't be any classes for you!

Hi, I'd like to sign up for classes.

Which one?

Funky dance!

I told you, you're too fat to dance!

I'm just saving you from embarrassment!


I always tell him being fat is not his fault,

but just don't show your flaws to everyone!

Okay… what do you want him to learn?

Piano! That "Long Long" is pretty cool!

I don't want it!


I'm so sorry! He's so clumsy…

What's up with you?

Mommy said I'm too fat to dance!

Are you?

I don't know…!

Have you shown your moves to mommy yet?


Then what are you crying for?

This is… mommy?

What… I'll pay you back.

Sure thing…

but can I have a few minutes?

Follow my lead!

Should my son sign up for Level 1 or 2?

I have to get going!


Don't go!

Who is he?

He's Fong Ching.

We were in a band together when we're young.

Now he works at a local café around the corner.

He's the one that delivers our takeouts.

Boss, Kaki told us to keep the change.


Excuse me, I'll have an egg sandwich.

Egg sandwich. Anything else?

That'd be it.

- Chuen, egg sandwich! - Okay.

Our next award is

the Best Director of the 19th Inter-school Drama Competition.

The winner is...

Jonathan Lo, "Future, Future"!

This is our last high school competition,

so this award really means a lot.

I want to thank my company

for your efforts and contributions!

Thank you!


Why are you home late?

Yeah, we went to celebrate.


Celebrate the start of a new semester.

Where's daddy?

He's at the factory.

These are yours. Take them.

Thank you.

How did the three of you meet?

We met at an arcade when we were 13.

They were bad guys back then…

Yeah… we even tried robbing once.


True story!

We heard robbing was easy, so we gave it a try.

We waited in the park for three nights,

and finally, we saw this girl by herself.

We had it all planned out.

I'd grab her neck from behind, and Ching would point a knife at her.

- I'd grab!       - And I'd snatch!

And we'd run!


We forgot one thing.

What was that?

As soon as we ran at the girl,

she started…

I got scared and froze!

What happened to the girl?

There she is!

- That was you?! - That's right...

In the end I introduced them to Norman,

and he invited them to come play music together.

Otherwise, they'd be in some gang now.

He's a good singer. Won many awards and

came this close to becoming a pro.

Why didn't you?

Can’t make a living by singing... I have bills to pay.


Mei-fung, you wouldn't know how tough life can be.

I'm sorry. One of the kids just pooped!


It stinks!

How did you manage to rehearse with us all summer

and still finish all homework in time?

Are you insane!

Don't copy word for word!

Something tells me he's going to make mistakes anyway.

I have seven minutes left…

I'm not going to stop and argue with you.

Hin, are you planning to study Architecture at Cambridge?


unless I fail my exams.

You of all people?

If you do, I will never copy your work again!

Oh yeah? Give it back!

Sorry, Mr. Director!

Hands off, Tim!

So... why don't you study Drama?

That's what you want. But he wants to study Architecture.

Like you know best!

Yeah, I do want to become an architect.

I thought your mom didn't let you choose Drama.

No… she likes arts too.

I thought all your mom did was cook and drive.

No way... his mom used to be a record label executive!

I just want to be like her -

get married, quit my job, and be a housewife.

Mei-fung, what a coincidence!

Yeah, we're almost done.

I'll be on my way.

Take care.

- Bye-bye. - Bye-bye.

So what's up?

Did you go work at Norman's center?

I told Norman to do his best to help you!

Yes, I quite like it there.

They do have lots of kids for you to look after.


I did stumble upon a kid with great potential.

To be what?

An artiste.

An artiste?

What's the problem?

Nothing... I'm just amazed at

how you've still got the chops!

I think the best proof of one's ability is result,

not age.

If I thought age were an issue,

I wouldn't have promoted you

when you were the youngest in our team.

Absolutely agree.

That's why I still respect you the most.

Keep it up then.

If you ever need any help from a major label,

you let me know!


Let me give you my new card.

Thank you.

Wow, CEO!

Talk soon!

- Bye-bye. - Bye-bye.

I'm home.

I made some soup.

I'll have it tomorrow.

Wai is retiring next month.

We're going to have a farewell dinner with him tomorrow.

20-plus years went by like the blink of an eye.


Am I in?

It's just a work gathering.


Say hi to him and his wife for me.


How's business lately?

Much better now.

You should get some rest.

You haven't worked for so long.

I don't know if you can stand it.

It just takes some getting used to.

Okay. I'm going to bed now.

Iced tea.


- Have a seat.      - Sure.

Mei-fung, what do you want to have?

Hot milk tea, easy on the milk!

Chuen, hot milk tea, easy on the milk!

Any food recommendation?

Egg tarts! They're awesome!


One egg tart, please!

Sorry, just sold out!

Egg tart.

Ching, hold your order.

Chuen, one more iced tea to go!

Mei-fung, are you passing by?

Yeah, I just happened to be around.

Have you been working here for long?

A little over two years.

Why work at a local café?

The owner is a friend of my aunt.

Don't you like singing?

I do!

But that's just a hobby.

Have you ever thought about being a singer?

I did when I was a kid.

Right, so why didn't you go for it?

Making a living is more important…

I want to make enough money to move out.

Kaki told me you're living with your aunt.

What about your parents?

A car crash took them both when I was 10.

So your aunt and you have been depending on each other since?

Not really. She has two sons.

So you're used to looking after yourself.

- The takeouts are ready. - Okay.

You can say that.

Enjoy your food. I'll get back to work.

Can I get a cauliflower?

- Sure. - How much?

10 dollars per catty.

This one's 10 dollars!

- Great! No bag. - Okay.

Got it.

- Hello!       - Hello! Take off your shoes please.

Mei-fung, your place is huge!

Shall we have barbecue first

and then we do karaoke afterwards?


Look at this fish tank…

Leon Lai!

And Leo Ku!


I didn't know Mei-fung was a groupie.

What do you mean?

She had pictures with all these celebrities...

Food is ready!


Mei-fung, because of you,

I'm much more picky about food now!


Mei-fung, who is your idol?

I see you have a quite a wide range.

I only have one idol now…


My son!


Can one of you grab me a big knife from the kitchen?

I'll get it!

What are you doing here?

I'm looking for a knife.

Who are you?

I'm Mei-fung's friend.

Do you have a bigger knife?



Let's eat together?

After you.

My son is home!


Introduce yourselves.

My name is Kaki.

I am Ann.

I am Fong Ching.

- Have you eaten yet? - Not yet.

- Join us! - Sure.

Let's do karaoke later!

Come on!

Let's eat!

These sausages are ready.

I'm telling you, your mom is such a great cook.


your song collections are...

just like fine wine!


He's saying your songs are old.

My son doesn't like to sing!

Yeah, I'm terrible at singing.

Ching, it's the song you picked for the contest!

Me? Really?

Come on! He won with this song!

Do it!

Do you want to sing?

I don't sing. Go ahead.

Realizing there is never enough space

So I spend a day to live at my own pace

Realizing all efforts do go in vain

So I spend a day to reflect on my thoughts

Too much gone away, too little remains

So I spend a day to feel all that I love

In this sea of people

His voice does have character,

but I can't tell for sure until I see him in person.

When are you free this week?

You're still the same old Mei-fung!


When you need something, you always want it right away.

You've still got it!

Do you still want to become a singer?

Of course he does! Mei-fung, do you know anyone?

Oh right, I never told you what my job was.


My mom worked at a record label before.

Leo Ku?

Yu Mei-fung?

I know this name!

For a few years,

lots of artistes thanked this person at those award shows!

You're THE Yu Mei-fung!

Fong Ching, you're going to be a singer!

Have a seat. Boss will be here in a minute.

This is insane… I never thought I could visit Zooman's studio!

Look at all these awards!

So many of them!

Do you think I can take pictures with them?

Don't be silly… just wait till Ching gets one!

"My Favorite Singer"!

Don't you want one?

Come on...

Like you don't want it!


How are you, Zooman?

- How are you? - It's been a while.

A-B-C, what is our theme today?

This is Fong Ching. These are my co-workers.


- I'm Kaki. - I'm Ann.


Hello, I'm Zooman.

Hello. I picked one of your songs for a contest before.

Thank you. I've heard you sing too.

So which song have you prepared for today?


Then when will you be certain?

The song is called "Tentative."

I'm so nervous. It's like taking my son to his first day of school.

Why him of all people?

Can't explain.

I just felt something different in him.

He has great potential in both singing and dancing.

These talents should not go to waste.

I meant what made you get back in the game

and become a manager again.


Can't let this go to waste...

If you don't mind,

let me be your producer

and see how it works out. Okay?

Let it out! Hold it!

I can't… I can't…

I met with Sarah.

What did she say?

Just how she's been doing.

I see.

Don't mind her.

I won't get to once I get busier.

Good night.

I've been thinking.

Hin is leaving for the U.K. next year,

and that's taken care of as long as we have the money.

Last time

you said you'd still take care of us after moving out.

That's fine.

I know what happened to Sarah.

We've known each other for so long.

My only regret was taking your advice

to quit my job and have a baby.

Let me know your thoughts. I'll do as you say.

Hin, mom will be managing again.

It's Ching, the boy who sang karaoke at our place.

Are you sure you can manage after all these years?

You'll never know until you try.


Daddy will be moving out for a while.

Did you two have a fight?

It's not like that,

but we do have problems to deal with.

I knew it.

Just think of it like he's on a business trip.

Well, you already had it all planned out.

Life still goes on.

I don't understand why you wanted to work again.

It has nothing to do with that.

You knew daddy wouldn't like it.

He didn't say that.

You said it yourself.

Daddy had to beg you before you finally quit your job.

That was years ago.

You lost your baby because you worked too hard!

Remember that!

I wouldn't have you had I not quit!

That's why you always think so highly of yourself!

I'm not going to argue with you.

Like I said,

life goes on.

You should learn how to look after yourself.

You'll be leaving for the U.K. soon.

You won't have a chauffeur anymore.

I know. That's why I'd rather go sooner.

Your lunch!

Tryin' to make my way home


I'm just lost

I've been looking for


Is it all set?

- Yeah, it's good to go. - Oh.

You can upload pictures now.

I just followed you.

Mei-fung, is there anyone you want to follow?

Is there any chance my son has an account?

Of course! Everyone has one now!


What's his name?

Jonathan... Jonathan Lo.

Found him.

Your son does theater drama!

We can have him here someday and teach the kids!

He's won awards!

I didn't know that...

It's totally normal…

I wouldn't let my mom follow me either.

I don't want her to know about my private life.

Same here.

I don't want her to know I don't have a life.

Is that so?

Tryin' to make my way home


I'm just lost

I've been looking for


Stop me thinking

Hey, are you good to go?

Just relax and have some water.

We'll do a take.


- What brings you here? - How are you?

I haven't seen you in ages.

My kid is in session now.

That's Hin? He's a big guy now!

No… this is Fong Ching.

His debut song.

- Congratulations!      - Thank you.

Ching, shall we?

This reminds me of my first ever recording session.

I was in there, and you're also out here.

You still remember that?

I'll remember that for the rest of my life!

I remember that too. I was also sitting right here!

- The band is back together!         - Yes!

Am I too competitive?

I say it's all in the game, and I must win

Am I too rational?

I say I have to give my all to stay sane
Pretty good!

Practicing my shots and skills just to fuel my will to win

Who knows that only makes you fear me more

How I want to get into court and face my next opponent

How I also want to kiss you, stay in love forever

Win-win is just absurd

So my focus stays on the battle with my rival

How I want to have you here and be my cheerleader

Yet I've made my mind to put you last

Have you ever thought about leaving me?

Or ever felt lonely being my girl?

It feels like you've said it

Of course I feel regret

When I lost myself and

life beat me down, you lifted me up

I said I would call you

but I feared my other side would look down on me

Welcome to the "All in the Timing" autograph signing event!

Before Tachi comes on stage,

I'd like to introduce a special guest.

Let's give a warm welcome to Fong Ching!

- Hello, my name is Fong Ching. - Who is that?

It's my pleasure to sing in front of you all.

I remember him!

- I've seen him before... - He's Fong Ching. Super pop

- He's that Internet singer! - The one with the goo

Win-win is just absurd

So my focus stays on the battle with my rival

How I want to have you here and be my cheerleader

Yet I've made my mind to put you last
- It's him! - Excuse me…

Have you ever thought about leaving me?

I regret it so much

I stay on defence, yet I can't save my love

Time is never on my side

How I want to get into court and face my next opponent

How I also want to kiss you, stay in love forever

Win-win is just absurd

So my focus stays on the battle with my rival

How I want to have you here and be my cheerleader

Yet I've made my mind to put you last

Have you ever thought about leaving me?

I regret it so much

How am I supposed to balance it out

Everything in conflict

Have you joined the "The Sunnies" group yet?

- Of course. - I love this picture!

What is that?

It's Fong Ching's fan club.

Is he your new love?

- Oh yeah. - Have you seen his live show?

Did he hold a concert?

Yeah, on his page!


What's so special about him?

He's special because he never gave up his dreams!

I love him!

Me too!

In the end, you say yes
Fong Ching!

Without any regret

Aunt is out doing groceries.

Let's have dinner together.


I know I've been…

Give me back my mom!

Give me back my mom!

Can we meet?


I want out.

The reason being?

I don't want the public to know too much about me.

You mean about your job at the café?

Or that you have no parents?

I'm not an orphan.

My dad is home.

He just got out of prison after nine years.

Drunk driving, crashed his car,

killed my mom,

and the driver in the opposite lane.

Mom always told him to quit drinking,

but he never listened.

I remember that night.

They went out for dinner, and left me at home.

I remember the moment she said goodbye.

That was the last time I ever saw my mom.

I didn't want to lie,

but I'd really rather I were an orphan.

I'd rather they were both dead,

so I would never think that dad killed mom.

Now he's finally home.

My aunt is happy, but I'm not.

When I saw him,

all I could think of was him drunk driving.

When I saw him, I just couldn't contain my anger.

It wasn't an issue when I worked at the café,

but now

I can't let people know my dad was a murderer.

I don't want to drag you down.

Sometimes, what you think matters so much to other people

may only matter to you.

I never thought Kaki and you were bad people

just because you were led astray as kids.

The world is a crazy place.

If you think you have a problem,

everyone will think the same.

But it's not your fault, nor is it your problem.

Don't mind what others think.

If you don't like singing, you can keep working at the café,

but I know that's not the case.

I just don't want you to give up.

I don't know if I can be of any help,

but I believe our fates led to each other.

No, Mei-fung.

You helped me a lot already.

No one needs to expose their every secret.

I promise you, I won't tell anyone.

There are homeless people everywhere waiting for a helping hand.

Why don't you ask them all to come live here?

We're co-workers!

Co-workers should keep their business at work!

Some people bring work home,

but why must you bring a co-worker home?

No one looks after him.

When you know more about him, you'd want to help him too.

If anyone asks why my parents are separated,

I'd say my mom has another man!

How dare you!

This is for you.

Thank you! Grab your slippers.

Come on in.

Hin, this is Ching.

Thanks for letting me stay.


Come in.

This is your room.

Put down your bag.

Hin, dinner's ready! Help get the table ready.

Let me help.

- It's hot. - Okay.

Let's eat.

I'm a waiter.

I can tell.

Let's have some soup.

Wow, it's hot…

Hin, where were you?

Why didn't you answer me?

I was studying.

Here you go.

Why don't you two introduce yourselves?

I'm Fong Ching.

I know who you are.

I know who you are too.

Very well then. Let's eat.

Bon appetit.

I never asked what you like to eat.

I'm fine with everything.

Good. Here, have some chicken.

Thank you.

How about you?

Western cuisine.

Come on, is this how you talk?

Don't act like a child. Or are you just shy?

I am a child. I'm still in school.

Do you have Instagram? Let me follow you.

He does! You can look him up on my page.

You have an Instagram account?

Yeah, I'm following you.

Just followed him.

You should follow him too!

Phone's in my room.

Can you get it?


Go on.

Can you get it?


This is all yours.

Thank you, Mei-fung.

Still getting used to this place?


It's just that I never had my own room before.

Make yourself home.

Hin is slow to warm up,

but he's all right.


Get some rest.

Good night.

Good night.


Let's study at your place.

Yeah, we can have pizza and play video games later.

My place is not available.

Why not? Your place is the best option!

Come on, it's us...

- Plus, it's Tim's birthday! - Yeah!

Let me ask my dad.

What does this have to do with him?

Come on…

I'm not sure if he's working at home today.

Don't worry. He's going to like us.

Let's grab our bags!


Are you home?


Are you gonna go out?

It's my day off.

My classmates and I are coming home now.

Either you go out, or you stay in the room.

Stay inside even if there's a fire!

Let's go!

- Sure... - Pizza time!

- Hin, can you bring me a knife? - Sure.


These are limited edition! Why haven't I seen you wear them?

Hey, let go, let go…

these aren't mine.

Whose shoes are they?

They're my dad's.


Why wouldn't you let me listen to Fong Ching?

This speaker leaks electricity once you connect to Bluetooth.


Yeah… shall we eat now so we can study?

Are you serious?

Yeah, eat up!

Don't mind him.

I need to pee.

Wow! What's that granny doing out there?

And she's naked!

Naked? Where?

Over there!

Which way?

That way!

I don't see her…

Me neither...

Oh, she just went back inside.

Grannies these day… just stay inside if you're naked!

Or else people will see you!

Just stay inside!

What's up with you...

Let's study…

My stomach hurts!

Where are you going?

The bathroom! Where else?

Hold on. Use the one in my parents' room.

Aren't we supposed to use yours?

My exhaust fan is down. I'll take you there.

This way…

Oh no!

My stomach hurts too! It must be the pizza!

But Angela is still in there.

Can't hold it!

Wait! Don't!

What a relief…

What are you doing here?

I just want to check on Tim.

Tim? Are you okay?


What's going on with them?

- How was it? - I'm sorry…

do you have any air freshener?

Even I can't stand it.

Why didn't you turn on the fan?

I thought you said it's not working?


Much better now…

Are you sure you can tidy up by yourself?

Yeah, I'll manage.

We'll get going then.

- See you! - Bye-bye!


They're gone.

He must've had a really upset stomach.

It stinked.

I'm sorry.

Do you play video games? Shall we play together?

Who is the home team?

Of course I am. You're the visitor.


Referee! Foul!

- Why would you tackle like that… - Foul!

Oh no, is he injured?

- Yeah, from your tackle… - Really?

I'm gonna shoot straight.

Go ahead. Shoot if you dare.

You said down the middle…

- Goal! - You said down the middle…

Been through all highs and lows

If I'm wrong, who's there to forgive me?

Missing my home and bed, my sanctuary

What am I striving to get?

Tried my best, felt the pain, beaten down

Boring days, sleepless nights

- What can I get you? - I kept giving my all
- Iced tea and a sandwich, please. - Anything else?

Never wasted one second, but at what cost?

All I ever want is you

Bless me with all your tenderness and your care

Your love always makes me

Forget all my weary and unpleasant days

Grateful to be with you

Treat me like the brightest star

Let's lie down together and talk about the future

Grateful to have you at home

Cheer me up with your warm soup

Bring tears to my eyes

Tell me home is where the heart is

That's all I ever need

You're the greatest gift I need

Let's lie down together and watch the world go by

Grateful to have you at home

Support me with your open arms

Bring tears to my eyes

Nothing compares with being

In your arms

Thank you.

When is your first exam going to be?

The third of next month.

It's coming up soon… what's it going to be?

The first subject will be Language.

Carmen, I saw the layout,

but I thought the typeface could look better.

Can we give it another try?

Let's talk about release date after the photoshoot date is confirmed

Let me ask him about that and get back to you…

Where were we?

I said my first subject will be Language.

Right. I'm sorry. I've been really busy lately.

But Ching knew your birthday was coming up,

so he'd like to to treat you to dinner.

Birthdays are no big deal. I have to study anyway.

He really wanted you to try out the steaks here.

That's right!

Their signature dish is the Tomahawk steak, and we can all share it.

Do you want to take a look at your poster?


Excuse me. Do you mind if we take a picture together?


When are you going to play a concert?

- Not sure yet… - Keep it up!

Ching, can I have a picture with you?


Can you make a finger heart?

Here is the Tomahawk steak you ordered.

Would you like to take a picture?


I'm sorry, no pictures allowed here.

Keep it up!

Let's form a line…

Next one…

I want to…

I'm a big fan of yours…


Thank you so much…

I was scared to death!

Get in the car…

Excuse me, excuse me…

Jonathan Lo!

Why didn't you tell me all this time? Why?

This is big news!

What are you talking about?

About your mom!

Fong Ching's manager?

Let me tell you something…

Hin's mother is Fong Ching's manager…
"Fong Ching's manager saves puppy's life;

I even saw a picture of us and Hin online!
Single mom dines with star and ignores son"

I didn't know your mom was so capable!

Your parents got divorced? Why didn't you ever mention it?

No wonder you've been a little off lately.

I'm fine.

I took this picture! Why didn't they ask for my permission?

Excuse me.

Just shut up!

The markets were all closed… luckily the supermarket wasn't.

Dinner will be ready soon.

What's going on?

Why must the whole world know about our family?

Mom didn't want that to happen either.

I never asked about you and daddy

because I was waiting for you both to tell me.

I don't need to now!

I didn't tell you because the timing wasn't right.

Then when would be a good time?

Is it when everything's printed on magazines?

I never told my classmates about daddy moving out!

Did you know how helpless I was when they asked me about it?

You're not in the right state of mind now.

We can't talk like this.

Let's talk later.

Did you forget about my exams?

Why must you divorce now?

I live in a single-parent household now.

The magazines wrote that.

Daddy closed his factory in Xiamen. They wrote that too.

Whether it's dad moving out,

or you bringing another person to stay with us,

I was always the last one to know!

No matter what happened, or what decisions you made,

why couldn't you at least tell me or ask for my opinion?

Because too many things had happened.

Mom never told anyone.

What about me?

Am I even part of the family?

It's been tough for me too.

Why can't you be considerate for a second?

No matter how busy I was, I'd still cook for you

and deal with your tantrum.

You've been keeping many things from me too.

I knew you didn't go to classes last summer,

but you directed a school drama instead.

I wasn't happy about you keeping secrets either.

But does that mean I have to take it out on you?

I chose to direct a school drama,

so at least everything was under my control.

I won without your help.

I don't have to follow your lead on everything.

Did you ever ask me if I wanted to live with you?

What are you talking about?

Did you ever ask me if I wanted to live with you?

Do you not want to?

I never said I wanted.

You're breaking my heart.

I don't want my mom to be a superwoman!

I don't have a choice!

Does that mean I don't have a choice too?

I'm home.

Are… are you okay?

I… I'll be in my room.

You wanted to be famous,

but I didn't.

Stay right there!

Do you really want to know what happened? I'll tell you.

Sit down.

I said sit down!

Do you remember Auntie Sarah?

A very good friend of mine.

Daddy is with her now.

I recommended her to work at daddy's company.

Tell daddy to stop.

It can't… it's been a few years.

I thought it would be over too,

but Auntie Sarah is pregnant now,

so there's no turning back.

Mom has to deal with a 21-year marriage coming to an end.

Do you want some pasta?

For some reason I really wanted to make pasta tonight.


How's that dance coming along for your music video?

It's okay.

A kid hurt his finger at the center today,

and his parent had to call an ambulance for that.

How crazy was that...

Oh right, I have some good news.

One of our clients wants to sponsor your concert.

What do you think?

Let's not talk about work.

How are you and Hin?

I know why he's mad at me.

I know he's mad at me for not telling him about the divorce.

But what was I supposed to say? And how?

Was I supposed to tell him

daddy never came home because he's with someone else?

Three years.

It took me three years

to convince myself that divorce was the only solution.

Yan is gone,

and soon Hin will be too.

I don't have to cook anymore…

I don't have to get up early to make breakfast anymore.

For whom should I cook for?

I know it takes getting used to.

I was used to working when I was young,

and afterwards, I was used to being a housewife.


but I never thought I'd have to get used to being lonely so soon.

That's why I like to work,

so at least I can find my values

and my purpose.

I understand.

I think everyone wants to be someone's priority,

and that goes for Hin too.

Hin, thanks to you,

I have a lot more followers on my Instagram now.

Is that so?

- Do you know why? - Why?

Because the only thing between Fong Ching and me…

is you.

When can we study at your place again?

I want an autograph.

Do you like Fong Ching too?

I want to get your mom's autograph.


Hin, I made some cupcakes for you…

There's extra. Can you give some to Fong Ching?

I'm sorry.

Can we take a short break?

I'm afraid he's going to faint soon!

Sure… let's take a short break!

- Open your umbrella. - Sure.

Have some water!

The sun's killing you.

Do you feel exhausted?

I'm fine.

Remind me to get some winter melons. I'll make winter melon tea.

Don't bother.

Look, "The Sunnies" are out and about.

- Ten boxes of winter melon tea! - Fong Ching! Fong Ching!

Thank you, Fong Ching!

My cousin bought me some amulets from Japan

to bless me.

This one is for you.

Wishing you good grades and a spot at Cambridge.

I don't know if studying abroad is the best option.

Because of your family issues?

What would you study if you stay here?

Why do we have to choose all the time?

Because… only when you get to choose,

do you understand nothing good comes easy

and learn to treasure.

I'll do my best.

Let's do our best together!

Mr. Kim is a representative of Korea's SY Entertainment.

Per our phone conversation,

they are looking to pick one talent from every Asian region

for a two-year training starting at the end of this year.

The group will be targeted to a global audience,

and they'd like Fong Ching to represent Hong Kong.

May we know more about his upcoming plans?

We're but a boutique label,

so the plan is to keep working on new songs

and his upcoming concert.

Mr. Kim asked if you have any particular requests

or conditions.

I do have one request.

Can my manager

Mei-fung come along?

This is my own request.

What do you think?

Sorry, I need to use the bathroom.

Excuse me.

Sorry, I'd like to say hello to a friend.

Excuse me.

We had a quick discussion just now.

Regarding the concert, Mr. Kim said

he could provide any support you might need.

In essence,

Mr. Kim is really eager to have Fong Ching in Korea,

so he'll do his best to cooperate.

Please give us some time for evaluation.

Do you think I should go?

Do you want to go?

I do!

I want to keep learning so I can improve.

But I want you to go with me.

What do you think?

Let's talk about that later.


Did you ask them to leave?

I once saw my dad at an event.

He just stood there at the back.

I know how hard it is to pretend someone wasn't there.

Why didn't you ever bring it up?

I thought I could handle it by myself.

But I guess no one can handle everything alone.

It's out!

Can I go take a look?



It looks pretty cool, right?

It's amazing.

It's huge.

I feel blessed.


Because people get to see the efforts we put in.

Who is the person you want most to see your effort?

No idea.

I see you on magazines all the time!

I see Ching all the time too.

- Mr. Fong?       - Ms. Yu? Please come in.

I'm his fan too.

People do everything on their phones nowadays,

so I try my best to learn.

Whenever I turn on my phone, I see his news and ads,

and that makes me feel like he's talking to me.

I was in prison for nine years, but he never visited me.

So I started writing letters.

I just kept writing.

They're all here.

But my sister said he never read any of them.

I just wanted him to know his father was mad at himself too.

I still am.

I took away his mom. I know that.

But I lost more than my wife.

I lost my family too.

It made total sense that he's mad at me.

I'd never know how to express my guilt.

That's why I'd like to thank you

for bringing the best out of him!

I can't ask for anything more now that he's doing so well.

Been waiting for long?

Why didn't you get a haircut?

I don't have time.

So many letters…

How are you doing with your exams?

Two subjects left.

Keep it up. You're going to the U.K. soon.

Are you never coming home?

Your mom and I are getting a divorce.

I know…

but can I know why?

We've been together for so long

that our feelings just faded away.

That's why you're breaking up?

That's not exactly it.

Then what's the reason?

When I made mistakes as a kid,

you'd punish me even after I apologized.

Yet, as an adult, you could just walk away. Why?

I did apologize to your mom.

What about me?

Wouldn't you think you were unfair to me too?

I used to look up to you

because you always told me to do the right thing.

If I made a mistake, I had to make sure to apologize.

You told me not to lie,

and that I could always count on family.

Why did you have to contradict everything you said?

Hin, you're all grown up now.

You'll be in university soon,

and you'll learn to be independent.

You'll come up against obstacles

and problems.

But not every problem

has a perfect solution.

So you ran away.

Dad really made a mistake.

I'm sorry.

Night or day, can't close my eyes

Those fawning words, they don't give me a sense of pride

And so I walk away, hide away

Nobody has to know how I feel

All the talks and hugs, they scare me away

If I spell it out, will you ever feel how I feel?

This sadness overwhelms me, I scream for help

I'm trapped in my own hell

This loneliness, this heartbreak, will this pain ever leave me?

I might not be good enough, but please don't leave me behind

Please laugh all you want, rub salt in my wounds if you like

Even when everyone's sick, I'll be with you and see you through

When all of your tears go in vain, and there's no one else to talk t

Remember I'm still here

Let's leave the shadows behind

Hold our heads high

It's our life to live

Next to the university?

Is there any unit with a Korean BBQ restaurant downstairs?

That's basically Myeong-dong.

- Fong Ching! - What are you two up to?

Looking for your apartment in Korea!

Are you really going to Korea?

Can you take me to meet BTS?

I'll be your assistant for free!

Make it two!

I haven't decided yet.

Are you serious… we're talking about Korea!

This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Of course you're going!

I told Mei-fung I would only go if she does too.

Then that's a done deal!

There's no way she would leave your side.

This rerun is our last performance at this school,

so I hope it will be as good as we did in last year's competition.

Plus, I have a few adjustments…

Any questions?

Hin, I'm sorry.


Can you get me two tickets to Fong Ching's concert?

I can't get them anywhere.

- Same here! - Hin,

can you take us backstage after the concert?

It's official! SY has chosen Fong Ching to represent Hong Kong

and he'll head to Korea soon!

So this is going to be his last concert!

So soon!

You're still practicing!

I just want to practice on my own for a little longer.

Mei-fung has left already,

but she told me to leave you this box. Probably gifts from fans.

Can I leave it with you?


Keep it up!

I'll get going.

- Bye-bye. - Bye-bye.

"Many people love you, but don't forget your father is one of them t

The day I signed my contract,

Mei-fung told me that

in this business, I can't have the fear of people not liking me

because I could never please everyone.

But it really bothers me

that you don't like me.

In the beginning, I was so envious of you

because of your upbringing, your family,

and your mom.

When your mom made me breakfast for the first time,

I realized it was the first homemade breakfast I had in over 10 year

It might seem ordinary to you,

but that was something I never had.

I know you don't like me because of your mom.

So that's that.

SY Entertainment invited me to Korea.

I told them I only had one condition,

and that was having your mom next to me.

They turned me down at first,

but they reconsidered and said yes.

What did you say? I dare you to say it again!

I'm sorry…

back then I didn't know you chose to stay in Hong Kong.

But I really wanted your mom by my side.

That's my mom!

Are you done stealing?

Why does the world have to revolve around you?

It's you who doesn't have a family!

What did you say?

What did you say?

It's you who doesn't have a family!

She said no! She said no!

She turned me down!

She said taking care of you is what matters most.

She said

you're her gift from heaven.

But have you ever thought that

she's your gift from heaven too?

You think I'm lucky?

You think I have everything?

I'm the only one who knows

what I truly want.

I cherish your mom so much

that I don't want her to be sad.

I've decided to go on my own.

This concert

is your mom's blood, sweat, and tears.

You have to come.

What now?

Do you want to keep fighting?

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

Bring it!

Are you ready? It's time.

He's here!


I don't really know what to say…

We may only have one show,

but I know we'll all give our best shot.

3-2-1. Good Show!

You're the best!

What's up with you?

I don't know... I just feel so excited!

I never thought we would actually make a star!

And I'm a part of it!

Alright, alright!

Good luck!

Good show!

Let's go!

Thank you.

I never told you that

when I was 10,

I got into a community singing contest for the first time.

I remember it so well not because I won,

but because my dad, normally a taciturn person,

applauded me all night.

He said,

"I never knew you're so good at it!"

Some time later, something happened,

and we were separated for a long time.

A very, very long time.

I know he's here tonight.

This is the first time he sees me perform live after those years.

I hope I didn't disappoint.

After this concert, I'm going to spend some time in Korea.

I hope I'll see you all again soon.

This next song will be my last for the night.

This is my first attempt at the lyrics,

and I see it as a gift to those I love.

This long journey - which way to go

For my future I strive and fight

Never mind all the sweat, nor will I cry my tears

Piercing my heart with regret is a pointless thought

So I let go

A silent promise I swear to keep

Don't ever look back or guilt will hold you down

I heard time is like a thief - it can steal all that you love

Can't let it beat me down

Letting go means keeping it deep in my heart

My love, so it won't get drowned in this sea full of people

Can't leave behind my past, I still know my way back

In this darkness, you are my shining star

I might have to deal with my regret and pain

My love, so I turn it into blessing


Like sunrise, forever

Wish I could stop and turn back time

If I never said bye, then I wouldn't have to leave

Hold your hands tight from here on out, yet I just can't say those f

I stand still and tremble

Letting go means keeping it deep in my heart

My love, so it won't get drowned in this sea full of people

Can't leave behind my past, I still know my way back

In this darkness, you are my shining star

I might have to deal with my regret and pain

My love, so I turn it into blessing


Like sunrise, forever

I can never let it go

Your companionship, your care, and your patience

You're always there, come rain or come shine


Come what may, forever

- Mei-fung, the show was amazing. - Thank you.

- Truly stunning. - Thank you.


Let me take you to the dressing room.

Have a seat. I'll ask Mei-fung to come over.

Thank you.


Great show, mom.

I'm so proud of you.

Everything. All of it.

Let me give you a hand.

Thank you.

Don't worry. We'll keep the room as it is.

I promise I won't put anything in it.


But I'll probably look for my own place when I'm back.

Come on, man.

Take this with you. Make sure you have enough warm clothes.

He can get them in Korea.

Just take it.

Thanks, Mei-fung.


this is for you.

It wasn't me.

Samantha's cousin bought it in Japan.

It got me through my exams, so it should be useful.

Remember to feed the fish.

Don't you worry.

I'll help you with these.

Let's go.

We'll take care of him.

Thank you.

Yeah, just trust us.

Have a good trip.

Yeah, thank you.

Realizing there is never enough space

So I spend a day to live at my own pace
Take care.

Realizing all efforts do go in vain

So I spend a day to reflect on my thoughts
Come back soon.

Too much gone away, too little remains
See you.

So I spend a day to feel all that I love

In this sea of people

Some might drift, and some might drown

In the battle of love

Some might win, and some might lose

Only then do I find my one true love

We can write all the poems

We can sleep all the hours

Time makes us take in all the dull and dear moments in life

All the misfortunes, all the surprises

So I must keep going till I find my love

That was Fong Ching's cover

of the song that made him what he is today,

"One Thing Only Today."

I'm sure we all know that

today is the day Fong Ching leaves for Korea.

His fans probably only have one thing in mind today,

and that is to bid their farewell.

I heard that the airport is already full of people now.

For someone who debuted not long ago,

it's truly remarkable.

You can even say it's a miracle.

For those of you listening,

if there's only one thing for you to do today,

what would it be?

This way.


This one?

Yeah, after you.

Be careful.