Mamangam (2019) - full transcript

During the Mamankam festival held at the banks of Bharathapuzha in Tirunavaya, soldiers from various places used to come together to wager battle.

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Mamangam was a world famous festival
which took place once in 12 years...

on the banks of the river
Bharathapuzha at Tirunavaya.

In the 15th century, the Zamorin of
Calicut defeated the King of Valluvanadu,

and became the Great Protector
of the Mamangam festival.

Unable to admit defeat, the King of Valluvanad
sent his best warriors to Mamangam every year.

The warriors of Valluvanad fought
bravely against the Zamorin's army,

sacrificed their lives on the Mamangam
ground and became immortal.

The blood feud between the Zamorin
and the King of Valluvanad...

which lasted for around three
centuries spilled blood on the land.

This film is a fictional adaptation of an unusual
incident in history which happened in 1695.

The vibes of this place
will excite you forever.

It's one of a kind.

This festival is a feast for the eyes.

The great Mamangam fest.

There are people from all over the world...

Brahmins, Chettys, Greeks, Lankans...

This is the grandest convention on earth.

Translate it to them.

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity...

Just tell him what I said.
Don't exaggerate.

I've given it enough elaboration.

Hordes of people come from
all over the place....

You cross paths among the best
traders and celebrated artists.

The turnover is huge.

The neighboring state Valluvanad has
enmity towards the Zamorin's kingdom.

After Chereman Perumal embraced
Islam and left for Mecca,

Vellattiri had the rights
of conducting Mamangam.

That's the King of Valluvanad.

With the power and the authority given by Perumal
to rule this state by killing or getting killed,

Zamorin claimed his right using his sword.

That was around three centuries ago.

Is there any other blood feud in this world
which is as interesting as this one?

Suicide warriors don't appear anymore...

adorning their traditional attire.

Don't know where and how
they're hiding now.

When Zamorin's people raise an open
challenge to those who oppose the King,

they would come rushing from nowhere.

Warriors like waves!

Wearing a pleated silk garment,

adorned with silk parasols and ornaments...

He gives honorarium to Thamme Panicker...

gives votive offerings to Lord Ganapati...

salutes the Goddess...

With ululation, handgun and fireworks, the
Goddess is brought out in procession.

And from there the procession goes outside.

When the procession ends,
the demo fight starts.

That's when the Zamorin
steps into his dais.

After that,

he salutes the God of Thirunavaya
and raises the sword.

Long live the Zamorin!

Long live the Zamorin!

Long live the Zamorin!

Kothuval from Ernadu and
Thalachennor from Calicut...

are the ones in charge of
protecting the Zamorin.

The customary firing.

That's when it's asked if
there are any objections.

The Zamorin king who
reigns this land and sea,

is going to be ennobled as the Great
Protector of this Mamangam fest.

Does anyone have any objections?

My God!

Chandroth Valiya Panikkar
and his suicide warriors.

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

"The uproar with which
Ganges and Nila merged"

"A great episode in
the annals of our history"


Mother, it's good you insisted that girls
should also master Kalari (a martial art).

Girls oughtn't to be just giving birth.



The Goddess of Thirumanadam Kunnu
came and sat on my bed.

With blood red silk and a flower garland,

Goddess came beside me.

With a sword in her hand,

she gave me her blessings and asked...

me to go for Mamangam.

Now, I have to obey her wish.


Why did you do this to us!

Even though I've five children,
I've got only you as my son.

Should we sacrifice one more life?

Times have changed.

It's our clan's own
Goddess who initiated me.

How can I refuse her?

I've got only you as my
brother and protector.

If you go, mother will have no one.

These kids will have no one.

We will be hapless.

What did we gain even
after all those killings?

Mother, please speak to him.

Who doesn't know that the
Mamangam is a betrayal ground?

I can not prevent him from going.

I shouldn't do it.

There're principles of our clan.


What can we do if someone from
Chandroth family got a divine call?

The king said there won't be victory
but murdering of our own people.

What did we gain all these years?

I'm not saying this to upset anyone.

But how can I not talk about it?

He's the only man left in that family.

Should he go?

Don't forget the grief of the
mother who gave birth to him.

Should we still sacrifice our
children in the name of a blood feud?

So that means we should accept surrender!

How could you say that?

The grief of a mother!

If not to save the face of Valluvanad,

why are the women over here giving birth?

All this while, all those who sought
the blessings of the Goddess,

went to Thirunavaya to hack the head
of that man standing on the platform,

and sacrificed their lives to
enthrone our King were stupid!

Our land awaits to avenge
the death of those men.

They embraced death to save
the honour of our land.

One should be fortunate to kill
and get killed in this holy war.

If the Zamorin is killed at the Nilapadu Thara,

will our king get his status back?

There's nothing as scary as one's fear.

If at least one man is left in Valluvand,

he should slay the Zamorin
standing on the Nilapadu Thara,

and save the honor of our ancestors
who sacrificed their lives.

The ballads praise these warrior.

Is there death once they sing about you?

Other than the children of Valluvanad, who
else knows the nuances of martial art?

Our tradition is not that of
living as a slave and dying.

It's that of dying as a suicide warrior.

I've never been ashamed about
being a subject of this land.

Except once.

My heart wrenches in pain, when I think of the time
the suicide warrior sought blessings of the Goddess,

betrayed his land, humiliated
his family and flee.

Should we also become betrayers like him?

We've a history.

How can you forget that and
surrender before the sinner...

who killed our ancestors and
betrayed our deities and ancestry?


Wealth and prosperity belong
only to the Puthumana family.

Is she not the King's sister?

If she's the one to decide, let it be so.

I'm going.

Sit down.

The royal messenger has
arrived from Mangada.

Before I make a decision,

let's see what His Highness
thinks about it.

His Highness said there's no
need to go and get killed.

We can’t violate the age old customs.

Also, we can't dismiss the
vision given by the Goddess...

and put our future in danger.

So the families have taken a joint
decision to send the suicide warrior.

Unnikora, convey this to His Highness.


I also had a vision of the Goddess.

I'm also coming for Mamangam.

No, son.

I won't leave you.


I won't be able to take you with me.

For your mother...

for your grandmother...

for these kids...

Only you're there now.

I also had a vision of the Mother Goddess.

"Darling child, my baby… the apple of my eye"

"Grow up into a brave heart"

"Child, my baby, my darling son"

"Oh my tender blossom"

"Oh my lovely little fawn"

"Slowly, grow up my child"

"Child, my baby, my darling son"

"Let me feed you rice with
milk in a floral platter"

"Oh Goddess of Thirumandham Kunnu"

"Protect my son with all your blessings"

"Darling child, my baby… the apple of my eye"

"Grow up into a brave heart"

"When the time comes, on the auspicious day"

"Leave thou must, all set for the battle"

"Not with the stylus"

"But with the sword, write thy name
in the annals of our history"

"Oh my tender blossom"

"Oh my lovely little fawn"

"Slowly, grow up my child"

"Child, my baby, my darling son"

The ceremony where we get the reward money,

will it be a grand affair with
the king and his ministers?

I forgot to take the bowl.

Go and get it.

What happened, Valli?

Lord, that...

Lord, don't worry.

He was one of the men
who'd come to attack you.

Two more are there.

How dare they come here?

This will be the first and last time.

No one will come again.

We'll take care of it.

Our merchants who landed at Calicut Port,

were robbed and their ships were set
on fire by the Zamorin's army.

They wouldn’t allow even a speck
of gold to reach this land, right?

I got the information and found a way out.

That's when I came to know
about the happenings here.

When I got to know of it,

I couldn't hold back and
rushed to meet you.

Looks like your entire life
savings is there in this!

Shouldn't we marry off Maimuna?

She has a brother.

With this gold that was made from
the pepper grown on our land,

you should kill the sinner
who cut our roots.

Let this be there on your
body as you third hand.

We're there with you.

Mistaken as suicide warriors,

those little kids who had
recently joined Kalari,

were drowned to death by the Zamorin's men.

I got to know.

Don't tell this to anyone here.

Zamorin is the man who breaks
the rules of the sea and trade.

It'd be the same even if
we go to that fraudster.

A righteous man might not always
succeed in front of a strong man.

But still,

if not even a lamp glows once in a while,
everything would become dark.

Everyone has got used to the darkness.

But still, there's a faint memory of light.

Stay on top of everything.

Let the ballads praise your victory!

Don't you have anything to tell me?

Didn't you have the vision of the Goddess?

You should definitely go.

It’s been my prayer all this while that,

this moment should not break me.

Not just mine.

No woman of this land would shed tears
for a man who has sworn to fight.

If tears are shed,

there will be fire from the sky.

I've only one request for Goddess.

I've been left with my son.

When he grows up,

may I not witness the day he also
leaves to sacrifice his life for our land.

For once,

only once I'd be able to bear it.

When I step out of here,

it's you who should glow
in the dark as a lamp.

When you go forward without turning back,

I'll be there with you
in every step you take.

Goddess will guard you.

Let all your moves be perfect.

Do accept the reward
money from His Highness.

His Highness is distressed.

That's why he decided not
to make it a grand affair.

Also, he feels it's better to stay low.

There are spies all around.

Be careful.

He also ordered not to call
off the other functions.


I'm leaving for Mamangam.

Give me your blessings, mother.

Even if I don't return,

being your son, I bestow upon you the
money to live the rest of your life...

and salute you.

I've got only you as my son.

If you also leave,

who will be there to do my death rites?

Don't be sad.

I'll do your death rights at Thirunelli.

Go to Thirunaavaya.

And by conquering the Nilapad Thara,
killing or dying,

Triumph, my son!

With my uncle,

I'm leaving for Mamangam.

Give me your blessings, mother.

Even if I don't return,


Being your son,

I bestow upon you the money to live
the rest of your life and salute you.

Being your son,

I bestow upon you the money to
live the rest of your life,

and salute you.

Go to Thirunaavaya.

And by conquering the Nilapadu Thara,
killing or dying,

Triumph, my son.

You should get ahead of
your uncle and fight.

Or you should die first.


You shouldn't turn or go back, son.

Kunkan will be there as your aid.

Don't forget the rituals at Thirunelli.

My God!

Hordes of people used to take this path.

During the time of Mamangam, these gates
used to be as crowded as a small festival.

But now, there isn't anyone.

God, how did this state
decline like this?

Is it Thalachennor (chief commander)?


Close the path.

Nobody should be allowed
to pass through this.

You should block those who come.

Did you get it?


Stay awake.

Don't move from here.

Even the regulars don't
come this way these days.

A foreigner tradesman has been
killed at dancer Unnimaya's mansion.

He was Zamorin's confidant.

It's a huge scheme.

Thalachenor is coming in person
to investigate the case.

He won't leave anyone.


Can't Thalakappu Nair (commander)
investigate this case?

Not just one.

If Thalchennor himself, who's the
leader of the army is going to come,

then the one who died might
not be an ordinary tradesman.

Not just the stone,

this investigation will
crack open the rocks.

Unnimaya's dance mansion.


This is where the squires
squander all their money.

Your spies have been roaming
all over the place.

Still weren't you able to catch
anyone, Thalakappu Nair?

If you come inside, you can
relax and do the investigation.


Let that lousy Thalakappu stay here.

Where are those whores? Bring them here.

Please don't become furious.
They all escaped.


Go and get her.

Or else...

Whoever built this, it looks fabulous.

It has more elegance than the Governor's
mansion that was built from the tax money.

But at the same time it's
neither loud nor garish.

Few men who stayed here on the
dance night are being questioned.

Orders have been given to bring
back all those who escaped.

Silk carpet on the corridor.

Glowing lamps on either side.

Strewn jasmine flowers.

Sprinkled with musk and sandalwood.

Golden plate, casket and
mirror for decoration.

With milk in a gold pitcher
and lamp with silk wicks,

the girls welcomed the foreigners.

Where did you say they went?

Here is their help Konthi Nair.

He knows where Unnimaya went.


When Kumaran informed
a murder had taken place,

men and women ran frantically
all over the place.

I also ran.

Amidst the chaos, I saw
Rarichan's horse galloping away.

Unnimaya was also there with him.

The tramps who would
nick anything they see,

carried away the women with them.

Then who's that moving
above wearing anklets?

Bats or monkeys?

Or is it the Goddess herself?

Let it be anyone. I want to see.

I'll have a betel leaf.

They are the rats who
were hiding in the attic.

This is Unnineeli.

Maya's sister.

She's in tribal attire.


Where's she from?

I'm coming from down south, Kayamkulam.

If you're from Kayamkulam, this sword
would be as harmless as a banana for you.

Want to test it?

I won't even use my hands to trouble the
womenfolk who allure this entire world.

I'd made that promise.

She needs to open her mouth only to
tell what happened to the tradesman.

I haven't killed anyone.


She has tamed bigger frauds
than you in the Kongu region.

She'll make you speak the truth.

I want to know the truth by
reading her appearance and face.


Maya must be caught before daybreak.

My family is living because of the Zamorin.

I'll give my life or take lives for him.

That's my duty.

We don't know anything else.

Tell me the truth, Unnineeli.

Or else I'll torture your people one by
one like this, and bring out the truth.

I'll tell.


I was a singer who sang
for Maya's performances.

I was just that.

The money went to her.

But we did all the work.

How long can I rot like this?

I killed him.

I killed that foreigner whom Maya wooed.

He wasn't like the ones who
come to do small trades.

He had lots of gold and money with him.

To find someone like him,

I'd have had to wait till
the next Mamangam festival.

Who knows if I'd live till then?

I didn't want to kill him.

I made a mistake by....

listening to Konthi Nair.

Our plan was to lure him by
giving liquor and opium,

and secretly sell the diamonds to him.

So, he believed the dancer when
she said she'd diamonds, right?

He didn't believe.

He wasn't just an ordinary
tradesman like you think.

He was very cunning.

The diamond which was gifted to
Thalakappu Nair by the Dutch.

Who's capable of buying it in Valluvanad?

We were trying to sell it to the foreigner.

We planned to meet at the
grove behind the mansion.

Maya would have killed me,
had she got to know about it.

I was scared and went there stealthy.

He showed his true colors
when he got the diamonds.

He said they were fake.

When I asked him to give it back...

His plan was to trick us.

I didn't let him go.

When I understood that
he was going to kill me,

Calling upon all Gods, with all
my strength, I stabbed him.

The foreigner died.

When I tried to dispose of the body,

Kumaran who had come in
search of him saw me.

He screamed and informed everyone.

Why should Maya take the blame
for something she hasn't done?

I admitted my mistake
and helped her to flee.

I did this to have a life.

Let the punishment be anything.

Do decide and command.

Unnineeli, your mistress was wrong!

You're not a mere singer.

You're 'the' performer.

The perfect performer.

Let's leave the diamond story behind.

That grove is surrounded
by thorny bushes.

If you'd gone to the swamp
where Koya's body was found,

you wouldn't have come back without
any scratches on your body.

Also your feet would have had mud on it.

You haven't stepped out of this mansion.

What were the features of that
diamond you were trying to sell?

You won't have any idea
about where it went, right?

Is this the diamond you were talking about?

It wasn't with Samar Koya that you
made the deal on the dance night.

This fake stone was found on the Brahmin
who was there with you on the dance night.

Not just that.

Have you got the strength to kill someone?

I'll bring to light whoever you were trying
to save with your lies, before sunrise.

Don't let her sleep.

I'll show her the truth.

Irama, where are the people
who went after Unnimaya?

Why have you covered the eyes of this beauty
whom the Dravidian poets have lauded so much?

Did you think she would woo the
chieftain also if you remove the mask?

Or are you afraid that this
Goddess's eyes would spark fires?

She might escape if she gets a chance...

Let Thalakappu Nair and his
search party go to hell.

Remove the veil.

I also want to see the truth which she saw.

Did you like it?


There's one more which is
prettier than this one.

For my Maya...

The bridal necklace that I'm going to tie.

Bridal necklace for the one who
dances before the wealthy?

Who's the wealthy one?

The losers who come pawning their
remaining assets to spend a night here?

It's not because of the money.

I'm staying here because of my love.

Before the upcoming Mamangam fest,

I'll make it happen.

I'll come to take you with me.

Rarichan's calculations went wrong,

when Samar Koya arrived
before the Mamangam festival.

I had made up my mind.

What if Maya also goes to foreign
after the Mamangam fest?

I stood there burning.

I couldn't stand there watching it.

-I'll come.

I've come to take you with me.

I'll wait at the grove.

Rarichan, don't talk foolishness.

Today's dance for which I've
been paid is not yet over.

How can I cancel it?

If you don't come,

there won't be anyone
here to watch your dance.

Unnimaya came to the
grove since I insisted.

Before I could talk to her,

the foreigner came after her.

I had only one option before me.

Don't touch her!


It wasn't Unnimaya.

It was you.

It was you who killed Samar Koya.

For this dancer.

Isn't it?

It just happened, lord.

When he began to kill Unnimaya in the dark,

I stabbed him from behind.

The wound was on Sama's chest.

He was not stabbed from behind.

Rarichan, you're not capable of doing it.

In fact, it wasn't possible for
anyone to kill him on that night.

He was alert and ready for anything.

Appointed by the Zamorin himself,

he was an ultimate warrior to crush the
brave and ruthless Valluvanad squads.

There might be suicide warriors.
Go and check.

Don't leave.


Samar Koya was not meek or an easy prey
to be killed by a dancer and her lover.

He'd come to finish off the suicide
warriors who come for Mamangam,

carrying centuries old revenge
and hostility inside them.

There are no weapons.

You've found the wrong people.

If he's died in between that, it means either
he found the ones he was searching for,

Or the ones he'd been searching found him.

Whom are you trying to save even
after getting tortured this much?

I want to know that.

The city of Mamangam comprised of the
river Nila and its golden banks.

The temple...

The bathing ghats...

To the east of Banyan Tree platform,
a Nilapadu Thara for women...

West of the temple, an elevated path
from the temple dome to Vakayur Manor.

Mangattachan's (Zamorin's
prime minister) mansion.

On the other side of the river,
next to Thekekara temple,

situates Eralpadu's Nilapad Thara.

Tens of thousands of guards.

This can be drawn only by someone
who has seen it in person.

Who drew this?

Who drew this Mamangam festival
as if he's witnessed it?

The wetness of these colors is enough to
understand it was drawn recently.

Who's he?

He wasn't just an artist.

It was he who built this mansion
from the rubble of the old manors.

Like a mother, he looked after
all these women who were orphaned.

He's one among us.

He's someone like us.

"Has the moon stepped out of the
clouds and descended to earth?"

Chekara menen, you continue
to annoy these poor things?

Neither the local lords nor the
King’s commander respects you.

And you constantly milk money from
these innocent girls who keep quiet.

If they had saved what was spent for you,

these columns could have been
built using gold instead of wood.

Wretched killers!

Don't go empty-handed.
Keep this.

Don't you dare to enter my doorstep
until the Mamangam festival is over.

And if you nobles still
choose to make an entrance,

remit a 1000 gold coins even if you have
to sell your rich wives possessions.

Whenever he comes, the mansion
gets filled with dance and music.

"How come there is a scarlet
flower in your hair braid"

"O gypsy woman, why is
there a scarlet flower"

"How come there is a scarlet
flower in your hair braid"

"O gypsy woman, why is
there a scarlet flower"

"How come your blue eyes
are kohl-lined now"

"O gypsy woman, why did you kohl-line"

"The hair braid..."

"How come there is a scarlet
flower in your hair braid"

"Hasn't the great temple fair concluded"

"Yet why did you go that way"

"O gypsy woman, why did you go"

"When it is all dark and desolate"

"Why are you by the banyan tree"

"O gypsy woman, why are you at the turret"

"Even before it dawns,
why are you all dressed up"

"O gypsy woman, why did you
take the palm umbrella"

"Even after all the flowers
withered, why are you at the pond"

"O gypsy woman, why are
you in the backyard"

"How come there is a scarlet
flower in your hair braid"

-I'll have a betel leaf.
-Yes, sure.

Is it from our land?

This arecanut must be foreign, right?


It's difficult to grow this on our land.

It looks really nice.

Looks better than gold.

Do you want to take rest inside?

I like to be here in this open space.

I can watch everything also.


You've become fat by eating whatever
your local boss throws at you.


Just like how you took side with the
Portuguese, don't befriend the Dutch.

If the landlord gives all
the spices to the Dutch,

there would neither be tax
nor it'd go to anyone else.

That would be a great deal.

Even if our kingdom gets
destroyed, you want to make money.

You are all greedy!

Our rulers and the
foreigners are all the same.

The decisions taken at the
Mamangam ground would change.

It's the people and this
land that do not change.

Oh, master...

We heard a story from those
who came from Valluvanad.

It's the story of a divine kid.

He's made of fire.

He defies the body.

Twenty five years ago, there
was someone similar.

A suicide warrior from Chandroth family.

If he jumps up, he won't come down.

He would stand in mid-air
and do somersaults.

It was a miracle, the grand master
who became the suicide warrior.

Isn't that Chandroth's tradition?

Those who had witnessed Mamangam
twenty four years back,

have seen him fling his
sword and fly like a bird.

Even the great Marrakar's sharp
shooters would miss their target.

After 25 years, once again they saw this
art of soaring high and chopping heads.

By that little kid.

How dare you gossip about those who
come to hack the head of the Zamorin?

The singers praise a lot
when they get their rewards

The local nobles get excited even
before the suicide warriors arrive.

The inglorious tradition of making
some upstarts into suicide warriors!

If you don't agree to it, you'd
lose your life and family.

Don't be amused listening to these stories.

Stay safe.

[an invocation]

This is where that divine
mural should be drawn.

Colours were prepared in wooden bowls.

The saffron from Kashmir
don’t look red like before.

You can see the real red when
the hibiscus of Valluvanad bloom.

That's the real red.

Blood red.

"I salute the luster of your body which
competes with the dark heavy clouds"

"I salute your curly hair where
you wear the crescent moon"

"I salute your fiery forehead and
three eyes which burnt the demons"

He was half way into his painting
when Samar Koya arrived.

You're an artist, aren't you, Kurup?

I do some portraits.

The spoken words and songs vanish.

But the paintings would be there
as long as the walls remain.

Isn't it?


You should be careful of the
robbers when you're in this land.

And spies also.

There are Zamorin's spies from
Thirunavaya to Kadambuzha.

You could lose your head
in the wink of an eye.

Where are you off to?

I've kept the colors for
becoming the right consistency.

If not, the paintings would be spoilt.

The walls could tumble down.

You please take rest.

The beauty of this mansion
is special at dusk.

There's a veil on Kurup's eyes.

And a story behind that.

Keep an eye on him.


It wasn't any suicide warriors.

It was our spy Prangodan whom we found
from the ditch in Puzhakakara forest.

He's unable to talk.


His tongue got stuck
somewhere in his throat.

His breath is suspended,
neither down nor up.

He was Samarkoya's special
messenger sent to inform me.

But we found him only after I arrived.

He himself will say who
attacked him in the forest.

Kaimal was saying there wasn't
anything suspicious over there.

There wasn't any sign of a fight either.

Not like that...




Even though Parangodan
lost his ability to speak,

what he said is the truth
which none of you told.

Two strangers.

A man and a child.

Who were they?

What's their truth?

Should I ask it to this poor mute,

Or will anyone of you
speak before I mute you?

It's true that a man bitten by a snake
and a helpless boy were brought here.

He was barely alive.

He was on his way to take the
kid to the Kalari school.

"Do come to Unnimaya's mansion"

"Stay they for a couple of
days and enjoy yourselves"

Said a hooded snake.

The man readily agreed to
it and came along with you.

Despicable lot, you keep snake
like pimps even in the woods.

You're wrong, Thalachennor.


The snake bite story is true.

The snake was slithering away after mating.

It bit the unconscious
man blocking its path.

Our Master of this house is an
expert in treating snake bites.

That's why he was brought here.


Didn't you find anything
suspicious about them?

A man who's on the verge of death.

And a twelve year old darling kid.

If you look at his face once,

you'll know there isn't anything dubious.

It isn't bad.

Get me some peppers.

Open your mouth.

Is it hot?

Is it hot?

There's poison in the wound.

Since the snake had been
mating, it’s not so deadly.

That's what saved him.

Don't let him sleep.

He shouldn't sleep.

Even if the sky falls, he shouldn't sleep.

Son, do you know about colors?

Gods who're righteous are given green.

Golden yellow for Goddess
Lakshmi and Goddess Parvathy.

White and gold for Lord Shiva.

What about kings and warriors?


What does it mean if river, snake,
deer and peacock come together?

Either woods or deep forest.

What about blooming water lily?


So, you're interested in painting.

It’s all in symbols.

You know that.


Can I fill a small cluster?


Do you know my great grandmother?

How will I know your great grandmother?

You look like my great grandmother.

You can call me granduncle.

It's good.

My uncle has started to sweat.

It's because the poison
is leaving his body.

What is in your mind?

It's a warrior's tale.

A cursed one.

We've also got a similar legend.

The legend of a grand warrior
whom others call a betrayer.

He would hold on to the top of the
palm and somersault like lightning.

What sin did he commit?

He betrayed the deities of Kalari,

humiliated everyone and flee.

What's your story? Let me hear it.

There has never been a warrior like him.

He was so quick nobody could see him.

And he somersaults so high the
height couldn't be measured.

Nobody has ever used a twin Urumi
(whip like sword) like him.

He had mastery over the five elements.

He could walk in the rain without
getting drenched by using a mere stick.

Once during a heavy monsoon, he
swirled his sword so fast that,

not even a drop of water
fell on his co-traveler.

Do you think it's possible?

Well, not everyone finds
the essence of kalari.

Doesn't that traitor have a name?

Didn't you ask anyone?

His name shouldn't be uttered.

Then how will I ask?

After getting the blessings of Goddess,

took lessons from his clan and Kalari,

deceived everyone...

betrayed his clan for the enemies...

He committed a great sin by escaping
without fighting the blood feud.

Will you betray me if I tell my secrets?

I'm hearing your story so
that no one deceives you.


He drank an entire bowl.

His body has started to
accept the medicine.

Having an appetite for food is a good sign.

Son, did you eat anything?

I'm not hungry.

I've a cure for that.

When someone serves me food,
it reminds me of my mother.

Since I'm not supposed to think
of her, I don’t feel hunger.

I will be your mother today.

You can be with your mother when you
return after your studies, right?

I don't know if I'll ever return to her.

Son, you will find a way back.

That's my promise.

I would like to see Mamangam.

Though it's not as grand as it used
to be, it'd dazzle in your eyes.

The city of Mamangam fest.

A magical market filled with
countless tents, shops and trades.

How is it like?

What do you want to see there?


Zamorin is...

If not one person, then another one.

He isn't one person. There are many.

It is a position that continues to exist.

In order to annihilate him, suicide
warriors come from Valluvanad.

Have you seen them in person?

I'm saying the rest only
after you have your lunch.

What do you call that
warrior in your story?

We don't call him by his name.

We narrate the story by
calling him 'this' or 'that'.

Doesn't he have a mother?


She didn't speak to anyone after he left.

She was engrossed in prayers and fasting.

One day she started to talk.

After a couple of days...

She died all of a sudden.

Doesn't he have a wife?

And a son?

Our Unni uncle.

His interest wasn't in Kalari.

He was a poet.

He'd compose new songs all the time.

Once he lost his way while
returning from work,

and was caught by the
Zamorin army at the market.

When they understood
he's from Valluvanadu,

they killed him and threw
his body into a well.

His body was not found.

What about his mother?

She became unstable after her son's death.

She never leaves her room.

I think if granduncle had been
alive, he would have come to see her.

He might have come.

In a disguise.

He would have returned half way.

Maybe he didn't have the courage.

Maybe he wasn't able to face her.

Nobody would have the courage
to look at my aunt's face.

People would quiver when she looks at them.

Granduncle might not have come.


A trap is being set up.

We should be cautious.

Uncle, I'm not sleepy.

I'll stay awake. You can sleep.


You can stay on guard.

When you feel sleepy,

I'll stay on guard.

A bathing area beside the temple.

To the east of Kuriyal platform, a
Nilapadu Thara for women.

West of the temple, an elevated path
from the temple dome to Vakayur Manor.

The path ends at Mangattachan's manor.

On the other side of the river,
next to Thekekara temple,

situates Eralpadu's Nilapad Thara.

There are huge barricades
around manors.

And tens of thousands of guards.

Manors and tents in different colors.

Also, there're secret paths
and cells we don't know of.

If they smell danger, they
will hide the Zamorin.

Do you know how the Zamorin
stands on his platform?

Goddess is brought out in procession
with handgun and fireworks.

As he steps into his platform,

the swords are raised.

The crowd goes silent after
the customary firing.

That moment...

That's when we need to
express our disapproval.

Who taught you this?

Whose false words did you listen to?

Tell me.

Where did you get this?

Tell me.

Not your enemy.

I'm your blood.

Conferred by the Goddess to be
born as a warrior and immortal.

"The uproar with which
Ganges and Nila merged"

"A great episode in
the annals of our history"


"Enveloped in red by getting
drecnched in blood"

"Flies above the Mani Thara
in lightning speed"


I did not become a suicide
warrior to slaughter people.

I was going to sacrifice my life after Zamorin
was shifted from the Mamangam ground.

I simply stood there so
that I could be killed.

But just like my eyelids,
my limbs also moved.

Unknowingly, I started to somersault.

These are all made up stories.

This man is a coward.

Son, don't believe him.

Don't be a timid.

The suicide warrior who ran
away from the battle ground.

How were you born into our family?

Son, what's cowardice?

Staying away from killing people?

It's been centuries since the Zamorin who
was the reason for this blood feud died.

Though Vellatiri was ready to forego, the Nairs
of Valluvanad got addicted to this sacrifice.

And some Muslims joined them.

You're going to sacrifice
this kid also for a delusion.

Comradeship with death!

I won't let the guards kill you.

I wore this mask all
this while to get to you.

Keep your precious lives
safe for your family.

That's your destiny.

Whichever path you take, I'll be there
to make sure there are no dangers.


For us, you died ages ago.

You shouldn't be alive anymore.

You should kill with these hands itself.

When I left for Mamangam, you'd only
started your lessons at Kalari.

On the day of fasting, you dropped the
sword on your leg and gashed your thigh.

My sister and grandmother
cried seeing this.

I also cried.


You endured the pain.

Everyone called you brave.

Go on. Kill me.

They would have got cold at
night without a blanket.

But not for these children who
have come here taking a vow.

You should create a diversion
for the foreigner and his team.

9 nazhika (24 minutes) after sunset, guards
at the entrance would start feeling sleepy.

You should start your journey then.

I'll also be there with you.

You can trust him.

More than anyone else.

"Nose ring, my nose ring...
Oh, it's missing"

"Nose ring, my nose ring...
Oh, it's missing"

"I searched it hither"

"I searched it thither"

"I searched it hither and thither"

"Alas, could not find it anywhere"

"Oh, my nose ring is missing"

"Nose ring, my nose ring...
Oh, it's missing"

"A thing of beauty crafted by the
lady goldsmith for golden dreams"

"Did it fall into the red lotus,"

"Did it get lost in the crimson sky pond"

"Shook my clothes, searched my body"

"Alas, could not find it anywhere"

"Oh, my nose ring is missing"

"Nose ring, my nose ring...
Oh, it's missing"

"Oh, where did it go..."

"My glory and my splendor"

"My nose pin of dusk bloom"

"Neither in the bed nor in the doorway"

"Alas, could not find it anywhere"

"Oh, my nose ring is missing"

"Nose ring, my nose ring...
Oh, it's missing"

From what this mansion told us,

Sama has been killed twice already.

For two or more reasons.

The man and the child you gave shelter,

and Kurup who provided you
shelter, have gone missing.

The Mamangam ground in this painting
is a clue that he drew it for someone.

Irama, we don't have time
to find out the truth.

Sama was killed by all of them.

You all have a role to play in it.

Otherwise, only a Mighty
Avatar can kill that Demon.

You should have asked the clan of Qureshi’s at Kallayi
port about the ferocity of Chandroth's warriors.

I feel sorry for spilling
your blood on my land.

I give you redemption, Zamorin's hunter dog!

Your death, that's your
good fortune, Koya!

If so, it's Kurup.

The boy and the man with him are the ones who
have come from Valluvand to kill the Zamorin.

We should go ahead of them
instead of going behind.

This time also Valluvanad
won't admit defeat.

Instead, we'll finish off
their suicide warriors.

They will not be able to
get near our Zamorin.

Come, let's go.

Lord, what about them?

Don't kill any one of them.

You should set fire from the
wick of their lamp itself.

Let them have their final dance.

When I come back after
finishing my mission,

there should be a pond over
here for me to take a dip.

Irama, cover her eyes.

Let mine be the last image
she sees in this world.

You are mistaken.

You won't be able to touch them.


The prayers of all those women and children...

whose families were destroyed
because of the endless war,

are there with our master.

Even if you hide the Zamorin inside
his mother's womb, he'll be bitten...

By the serpent king.

The wick of our lamp won't douse.

He sees everything from the hideout.

You've been traveling on new paths, right?

I was relieved when I spotted
the three of you on the hills.

But I was doubtful if there
were men behind you.

I ran two leagues backward to make sure.

The onward journey?

When you reach Vakayur, there'd
be our man waiting with a boat.

Lord, you should hear this.

It was he who told I should accompany
you in this journey like a shadow.

It was he who saved you from the
shooters in that forest the other day.

He's the one who took you
safely to the mansion.

The army will reach from
the mansion shortly.

They won't come over here.

If they step into my abode,

they will lose their caste and life.

We've put our guardians in danger.

It has always been like that.

The ones who stand by the suicide warriors
also have to give up their lives.

No one can replace them.

Nobody will get near those
tens of thousands of guards.

Who else has mastered
Kalari like you people?

Otherwise they'd be hacked
to death before that.

Though I couldn't witness it,

I've heard the last time's story from you.

All these years proved that
it wasn't just a tale.

If they don't go, our
kingdom will lose its face.

It's not with the tongue that
you should answer the Zamorin.

It should be done using their sword.

There's still time to end everything.

I'm the last suicide warrior who
never escaped the brutal fate.

I'm failing again by trying to
be the saint I can never be.

I'm not able to send you to that
festival ground to sacrifice your lives.

I don't have the strength.

I'm not able to ruin you.

I won't stand as an obstacle anymore.

Let Goddess show you the onward path.


Check if there's anyone on the trees.

There isn't any danger, lord.

Sometimes shooters would
hide in tree holes.

Our people are there all over the place...

to protect these lords if the
army comes from Calicut.

If we decide to go for Mamangam, then
we become the peoples responsibility.

And the villagers become our friends.

Let's stay here tonight.

The Kalari school of Kannapa Panikker.

Even the shadows over here would
stay on guard with their swords.

Have you come here before?

Over there...

They put a carpet to welcome me.

I was on my way to Thirunavaya.

Feast had only begun.

Marikkar's wife Pathu came
running to say there was danger.

Seeing the men from Calicut, her
husband sent their son to inform me.

When I stopped eating and stood up,

Kannappan said I mustn't leave it
half way and they'd see to it.

When I stepped out after
everything, women ululated.

Showered me with flowers till the road.

Some of them cried.

It was after I crossed the
hills the army reached.

And surrounded them.

They were accompanied by foreigners.

They wreaked havoc, looted the
treasury, dug pits out of mansions.

They all became ashes for
this suicide warrior.

You can trust even the shadows over here.

I've heard Kannappar's songs.

Even after they did so much,

didn't you forget your aim.

Even though they died,

you're still living.

If the first suicide warrior who was
killed had got a chance to warn us,

he would have stopped this.

It takes great courage to
see through this matrix.

A magical sea!

The waves will keep crashing.


Doesn't he have anyone?

A sibling or a son?

He had a son.

He was about your age.

He was deaf and dumb.

It happened at Kadampuzha.

They killed him also.

Poor man.

Why is the body cremated
when a person dies?

Then it would merge into the
five elements and nature.

Just like how a mind merges
into another great mind.

A body which is not cremated becomes
food for wild animals and birds.


What if my body can't be cremated?

It won't happen like that.

What if it happens?

After all, everything is nature.

The glory that glows even after death.

They're scared of it.

The men of Valluvanad still
volunteer for Mamangam,

because the women keep the
vengeance burning in their hearts.

It's on those furious flames that they burn
their ancestor warrior's mortal remains.

You and I were born in
the womb of such women.

We grew up drinking their lifeblood.

No, son.

I shall protect your body and not
give it to any tiger or hawk.

Go and sleep.

We've got a long way to go.

You are doing the final
rites to your mother.

What will happen if we
succeed and return home?

They are not the ones who died.

We are doing this for ourselves,
who chose death over life.

There are thousands who gave up
their lives to clear our paths.

We are paying respect to their souls.

The biggest hurdle a suicide warrior has
to cross while running towards his target,

is not the thousands of guards or the army.

It's oneself.

There shouldn't be any weight
in our mind that pulls us down.

It's not just your fear that
you should leave behind.

It's also the roots that
are tied around you.

That's when your art becomes perfect.

Will you be able to remove
that tie and cut the roots?

Then, you'll make it to
your final destination.

"Kerala, the land which grants wishes"

"Turning the battle fields
into funeral pyres"


"The eternal war destiny
piled up with corpses"

"The thirst of the clan
quenched by offering lives"


Please forgive me.

Branded as a traitor,

you were kept away from
your family and village.

I've understood the love and
care of that big heart.

There shouldn't be another
Mamangam or suicide warrior.

Let this feud end with us.

Give us your blessings.

My limitations should never limit
your prospects of winning.

Let you be able to prove me wrong.

Dear, let your art achieve its full glory.

Let both of you escape the ill fate.

My heart aches now.

In the name of our glorious
and brave ancestors,

Live as a warrior!

Win over death and live!

Come this way.


Be it the friend or his sword,
I've a place for you in my heart.

Moyeen, you go back.

If I get killed in this blood feud,

I'll be hailed as a martyr.

The doors to heaven will open for me.

But if you die,

It'll be a loss for your mother and wife.

The last thing my father said when
he was dying on my lap is that,

I should be there with you as a friend.

I've promised that to Allah.

You're not going to get killed.

After you've taken revenge, I'll carry
you on my shoulder and go.

Come on.

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

The Zamorin king who
reigns this land and sea,

is going to be ennobled as the Great
Protector of this Mamangam fest.

Does anyone have any objections?

I've objection.

We, the warriors from Valluvanad!

We need his head for the glory of our land.

The suicide warrior won't return
without slashing the Zamorin's head.

Get ready to die.

Kill him!

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Thank God!

The child's body is not there.

What are you doing in this graveyard?

I came to confirm the truth which
the balladeers are going to sing.

Tomorrow they would sing all over,

the story of the young suicide warrior.

Be it anyone who moved the body,

he won't cross the border.

No army can stop him.

Death is certain for them.

If someone has entered the
Mamangam ground unarmed,

and taken the body of the suicide
warrior under the nose of your Zamorin,

then it's none other than our great Lord,

Valiya Panicker of Chandroth!

The Martyr's body!

No mortal in our history has
crossed our borders...

with a suicide warrior's body
from the Mamangam ground.

Kill that traitor!

Even after these many blood sheds,

I haven't been able to quench
the thirst of my sword.

First it was your son.

Yesterday it was your nephew.

And then a small kid.

And now...

You're standing before
me awaiting your death.

With this mighty weapon
blessed by the heavens,

I will finish the saga of your clan.

I'll kill you.

Your sword is venerated with our blood.

It shouldn't get polluted
with your evilness.

It was through treachery you killed
all those warriors and commoners.


Valiya Panicker...

Here is the brave one who
fought for your traditions.

It wasn't the Zamorin or
his army who killed him.

It was you people who did it.

What's the use in crying?

I know well that the fate of the women
of this clan is harder than that of the men.

For the sake of your husband,
I took my sword once again.

I carried the curse of my family and clan.

You weren't even able to save
even my son who was innocent.

Our successors will call him as the
blessed one who fought for our honour.

He should be the last suicide warrior.

I have only this much to tell you
all who are responsible for this.

Let the omnipotent Goddess forgive us.

Until I die, I shall remain at eternal
service to this land and its people.

In the history of Mamangam, no martyr's
body was ever brought back to Valluvanad.

Except that one time.

In its memory, today, at Makara
parambu in Malabar region,

there is a memorial in
Chanthunni's final resting place.

The identity of the warrior who brought back
the body is not mentioned in the history.

But there are ballads about one such man.

When new suicide warriors
get ready to fight,

he reminds us that a new day
without bloodshed is possible.

"I salute the luster of your body which
competes with the dark heavy clouds"

"I salute your curly hair where
you wear the crescent moon"

"I salute your fiery forehead and
three eyes which burnt the demons"

"I salute your body from head to toe"

"I salute you Mother Goddess
without any hindrance"

"I salute your divine dance that
entices the entire world"

"I salute the tinkle of your
anklet that shakes the trees"

"Oh Goddess who rules and protects of
the worlds that I see, I salute you"

"I salute the Mother Goddess
of Thirumandhankunnu"

Complete Subtitles Exclusively Arranged by:-
Samaksh ~ Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain