Maman que man (1982) - full transcript

Mom, I'm afraid.

You didn't want me to work in cinema.

You wanted me to be a teacher,

because of the holidays.
Mom miss Mom

You thought cinema
was not a world for me.

Something for "rich brats",
a child's dream.

You were a dressmaker at first, right?

You were making your own dresses,
with your patterns, your chalks.

Well cinema is just the same.

A chalk on a clapperboard,
some seams for the projector.

You spent a long time in your bed.

And Dad crying, naked in the shower.

It disturbs me to say it.

I wish you would say it to me.

But it was not possible.
We never talked to each other.

Insults, blows, interdictions,
cries, shouts...

It was a shock when I saw you like that,
skinny and fragile.

They put you in the leatherette chair
once, near the window.

And they asked me to photography you.

I triggered the shutter release
several times. You were so pale.

You had big eyes with small pupils.

A long time later, I dared to
bring the reel to the laboratory.

It was all black.
There was nothing.


It was my proof that nothing
had happened. You were still alive.

So I lived with this black in my mind.

I lived a long time with it.

Nine years, I think.

And one day, the Office for Creation
gave me eight millions.

Do you realize, Mom?
Eight millions!

Old franc, of course.

But it's a lot, isn't it?

Eight millions for a story.

A story with you.

You and me in your room,
as it all started.

A room.

A teenager son is with his mother.

A white mother, pale, skinny.

With big blue eyes.

A father, in the next room,
is counting his money.

Do you need something?


I'm fine.


It's Antoine.

Sorry. Hello, Madam.

How are you doing today?

She has lost weight, doctor.

Do you sleep well?


I will give you an injection.

It will be done in a second, you'll see.
It's done.

It's over.

- See you tomorrow. Have some rest.
- I'll feel better tomorrow.

Give him something too.

Don't worry, I'll give him something.
He'll sleep well too.

We have to wait for a week, at least.

One week?





I... I will keep this.

- For my grocery shop tomorrow.
- Okay.

- But at the end of the week...
- You swear?

I swear!

I have to go now, I'm sorry.

I'll be back at five tomorrow,
don't worry.

I won't forget you.
But don't drink too much.

No, I'll stop drinking.
Your hat, doctor!

- Thank you very much.
- See you tomorrow.


How do you feel, Mom?

I'm fine.

And there was this doctor.

You know, the one who said
it was just an ulcer.

He gave you plaster to drink.
The taste was awful.

This man here in bathrobe is Dad.

You won't forgive me this.

"Dad was not like this!"

Okay, Mom.

But, you know, this is cinema.

I feel good.

I'm just like you now.

This was the last time.

You swear?

I swear.

Don't shout, I'm begging you.

It was all black.
So I had to make things up.

This is Laurent.

The machine is speaking,
I'm not here.

But you can leave me a message
after the beep.

I only have 2 days to find it.
I'm relying on you.

Wait, I'll be right back.

I saw you as soon as you came in.

Smile, don't make that face.

Yeah, this is better.

Do you like dancing?

It's very noisy here.

Maybe we could chat outside.

Have a little chat.

I can help you, you know.

I have a lot of money.

And a lot of connections.

- It's true.
- I believe you.

I'm at Hotel 17, in the Marais.

- Will you come for a drink?
- I'm not alone.

- Oh, you mean her?
- Yes.

I'll take care of her.

What do you do for a living,
by the way?


When I said I could help you,
I was right.



What are you doing here?

You fell asleep.

I'll turn of the TV.

Lay on the sofa.

Has he left?

Does it surprise you?

Yeah, he was supposed to
wait for me here.

He asked me to call you.

Do you know him well?

Yes, he's a great friend of mine.

Could you give me his phone number?

Why would I give you his phone number?

Why would I help you?

- Because of earlier?
- Well obviously.

You can't just knock people over.


What if I were sorry?

It would be better.

Will you give it to me?

I'm hesitating.

I can help him, you know.

It's important.

He talked to me earlier.
About cinema, what he'd like to do.

Since it's my job...

I think I can do something for him.

- It would be too bad not to see him again.
- Yes. If you want to help him, it's okay.

But watch out.

Don't you dare hurting him.

You think I want to hurt him?

Otherwise, be on your guard.

- Here.
- Thank you.

I'll call him.


What's up?

I don't dare going up anymore
since your mother is ill.

Good decision. It's hell upstairs.
I can't take it anymore.

I came because of that guy. You know,
he came to pick me up in the nightclub.

He really wanted your phone number.
He insisted. I gave it to him.

You did right. What's wrong?

I don't know, he looks weird. His cinema
and everything, isn't he a liar?

Yeah, maybe he's overacting.
But all I need is fun, you understand?

Mom's condition is getting worse. I won't
even mention Dad. I want to run away.

- Do you understand?
- Yes, I understand.

But do you like this guy?
Is he nice?

I like him, yes.

But don't worry, I'll call you
if anything goes wrong. I promise.

- You can call me even if nothing's wrong.
- I'll call you.


- I have to go join him.
- So he called you already.

He didn't lose time.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Hey!
- Hey.

- Have you been waiting for long?
- Mmh... No, no.

Look! Look at us in the mirror.

Don't we look the same?

It feels good.

Did you enjoy it?

Here, a bathrobe.

Price of room n°18 250 Fr
Breakfast 33 Fr

I'm thirsty!

- In Rio?

In Brazil?

Well you're having a good time!

Shouldn't I?

I don't know. I don't know if you should.
But it's nice.

I wish I could make movies in Rio,
in Brazil. I would enjoy it.

I can take you there.

Yeah, you're just talking and talking.

I need a cigarette.

I need a cigarette, hey!

I'll buy some in the hall.


Is everything okay?


Did you get up
on the wrong side of the bed?

Aren't you the one
who needs to explain himself?

Explain myself?

About what?

About this.

Bastard! Bastard!

Why did you touch my stuff?

This is jail.

Passports, money, plane tickets...

Okay, fine.

- I spent three years in jail. So what?
- Why didn't you tell me?

Is that a crime?

- I thought you wanted to work in cinema.
- Cinema...

I've never worked in cinema.

You can still begin.

This is Laurent.

The machine is speaking,
I'm not here.

But you can leave me a message
after the beep.

Come on, stop!

Come on!

You'll see, I risk nothing. Wait.


And there's even music.

Stop messing around.
There are cops everywhere!

Get out of here, for God's sake!
Some people are coming.

So what? Don't you like this car?

It's not too bad, is it?

- Is it?
- Are you done?

You want another one?

- Good night, ladies!
- Let's go.

Getting high

- Have you tried that already?
- Why do you ask?

Because if you're interested
I can introduce you to my friend Rémi.

- I'll give you his phone number.
- Whatever.




I'll take care of the tickets. I'll call.
Don't worry. Love you.



Are you sleeping?

It hurts!

It hurts!

Do you want me to call a doctor?

So here you are!

Have a seat.

This is the producer's cafe.


Well, we need to talk seriously!

Oh, by the way...

Here are your papers.

Why did you take them?

I needed them for the plane tickets.

I didn't want to wake you up.
You very sleeping so peacefully.

I'll keep them.
So you'll have to go with me.

So I can't decide?

I'm fed up.

Fed up with your bullshit!

Come with me.
Enough with the long face.

You look like you're angry.

You stole my papers. Give them back.

First of all, I needed them
to buy the tickets.

Also, I could have left with them
and never come back.

If you don't want to understand...

Take them back and
go back to your mother.


Fuck you!

Mr Zanassian,

I have nothing for you. Royal.

- But very expensive.
- Hi.

Hey guys.

- Let me see the kid.
- Laurent.

You know my price.


Let's have some champagne!

Wait, wait! Everybody will have some.
Slowly! Slowly:

It may be a little ulcer.

It's not serious at all.

I don't know why
I waste my time talking to you.

I can find money on my own!

You're the one making me sick!

He wants me to die!
He makes me suffer more and more!

There's always something wrong with you.

Is she sleeping?

I'll come back in an hour,
I'll be in the neighbourhood. Okay?

Who took the vial and the needle?

There were two vials and two needles.

- Was it you?
- Sweetie, did you...

Let her sleep. Who took it?
Was it you?

- No, it's wasn't me Doctor.
- Then who?

Do you realize I'm not allowed
to do this? I'll take this back.



I understand. But try to find who took it.
I'll take this needle back too.

I'll be back.



Have you seen?
They took everything.

It's gonna hurt me again.

It's already hurting.

You're handsome.

- What is this?
- Jack's jacket.

- You're leaving?
- Yes.

I don't know what to do!


In the drawer.

I have something for you.

- Where?
- In the middle.

At the bottom.

This is too much.
What am I supposed to do with this?

It's for you. You'll need it.
I don't need it anymore.

It's for you.
I've kept it for you.

This is a lot.

You're going to travel.

You're going to live.

You have to live. For me.


You are going to leave, now.



We are reaching the end, Doctor.

- When will it be.
- Well, Sir...

You understood she has a cancer.

It's a matter of days.
That's all I can say.

Can I have a coffee with cream, please?


My name is Laurent.
I'm a friend of Jack.

He gave me your number.


He told me you have some.


Quite a lot.


I will wear a white jacket.
Do you know that one?


See you later.

Don't leave.

Are you Rémi?

- Laurent?
- Yeah.

Have you heard from Jack?

Don't worry about Jack.

He is a weird guy.


It's occupied.

It's occupied!

You brought the money?

You're in the way. Move.

Next dance is for me!

Hey. If you need to meet me,

go to The Sun.

The Sun of the Tower. Okay?

- I'll be there all night.
- Okay. Ciao.

This is Laurent.

I'm getting high.

I want to see people.
I really don't want to be alone.

- Give me some white wine.
- Yes. Right away.

- Do you know where Rémi is?
- Rémi?

- Over there.
- Why are you looking for Rémi?

- I'm looking for him.
- He's over there.

Rémi, someone's looking for you.

- You know this guy?
- Yes.

A customer.

Do you play 421?

Go ahead.

It won't be difficult.

Pick them up.

Pick them up.

He told you to pick them up!

Don't you hear what he says?

Stop messing around. Calm down.

Go outside if you have to fight.

Let go of me.

How many do you want?


- This is all you have?
- Yes.

- We want it all.
- This is all I have.

We want everything.
Don't you understand?

Fuck him up!

Run after him!
Fuck! Run!

He's calling the cops, hurry up!

This is bad.

It was a trap.

They want my money.
They will break my face. No!

I saw you as soon as you arrived.

I know. I noticed you too.

You're seducing.

I won't lie about it.

I'm interested in you.

I love you.

Stop it.

You remember me of a friend.

He died.

Don't make such a face.


I'm not a monster, you know.



I'm surprised, that's all.

I think you're very pretty.

There's not much noise here.
We can't talk.

Let's go out.

- If you want.
- You're lovely!

You understand, doctor.

The youngsters, nowadays,

are not used to suffering
and death anymore.

Sitting in cinemas,
We see with a pounding heart

These adventurous knights
Very comfortable on the screens

We think they are lucky
Since the girls fall in their arms

But, believe my experience

It's not as easy as it seems

Cinema is not always funny

You are forced to do weird things

Smile when your teeth hurt

Cry or have a mean look

Smoke when you don't like tobacco

Drink twelve whiskeys in row
And run without being drunk

Cinema is not always funny

No, cinema is not always funny

You must be able to do anything

Well singing is not too difficult

When you have to bend your body
like a prima ballerina

Dive in a canal from a plane

Jump on a horse from a train.

Cinema is not always funny.

This is cinema
Yes, but cinema

It's the other side of the coin

There are ups and downs
In front of the cameras

When you do cinema

Doctor, this is the end.

When will it be?

This is cinema
Yes, but cinema

It's the other side of the coin

There are ups and downs
In front of the cameras

When you do cinema

But no matter the bullshit I say

Still, I love it



we are reaching the end.

When will it be?

You don't know it,
but after you left the house

I stole your medicines.

And I swallowed all of them at once.

Colorful pills,
with red stripes on the box.

It was very strange.

I was flying.

I was falling, Mom.

I wasn't feeling anything.

No more sadness.

No more happiness.

A peaceful sea.

This must be what death looks like.

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