Mama, There's a Man in Your Bed (1989) - full transcript

This is a story about a rich white man who falls in love with Juliet the full figured black woman who cleans his offices at night. After learning of his wife's affair with one of his work partners and the sabotage of his business he is left broken and is taken in by Juliet who then shows him what real true love is ... If you have not yet seen this movie then you are missing out on what real true love means, it does not matter what color you are, or what size you are it's how your heart feels and that's what this beautiful love story shows us all ... a must see!


- No, no, I want to sleep with you.
- No.

- Just this once, Mum.
- Every night, it's just this once.

- I won't take any room.
- Fine, but don't move.

And tomorrow, you sleep in your bed.

It's 7:00. Get up, sweetie!

It's 7:00. Get up, my dear!

Come on, everybody up!

- Aime, get up.
- No.

- Come on, get up.
- What for?

- To go to class.
- What the hell for?

- That's enough. Get up.
- I don't give a damn about school.

Don't hurt me like that.

Desire, Felicite, get up!


- Goodbye, Mum.
- Goodbye, dear.

Goodbye, Mum. See you tonight.

- Good morning, Maria.
- Good morning, Maria.

- Good morning, Mrs Francoise.
- Good morning, Maria.

And the jam.

Claire! Claire, hand me the pliers, please.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Paulin? Are you alone?

Listen, Blache and Cloquet
won't be pleased,

but this morning, at the board of directors,
I'm naming you assistant general manager.

No, don't thank me.
I appreciate you. That's all.

Goodbye, Dad.

- See you tonight.
- Bye, Dad.

Yes, yes. Of course.

Just one thing, Paulin.

The St Symphorien factory
produces 200,000 containers an hour?

I hope the report is wrong.

Get the file ready. I'm coming.

No, that's correct.
It's 200,000 containers an hour.

We had estimated 250,000 an hour.

Yes, but 250,000 is impossible.

There was a delay on the fifth
assembly line. It will be a month before...

I'm naming you
assistant general manager, Paulin.

This very morning.

- Yes?
- Yes.

That's wonderful. I'm really quite...

This factory produces
how many containers an hour?

- 250,000.
- That's right.

We will, by Monday.
That gives you three days.

It will be checked out.
Have the number adjusted on the file.

- Nicole!
- Yes?

- Are Blache and Cloquet here?
- They're waiting for you.

How are you, darling?

- Do I let them in?
- Yes.

Good morning, Blache.
Good morning, Cloquet.

I know you're going to shriek,

but today I'm naming Paulin
assistant general manager.

I know he's younger than you,
but if it makes you feel better,

he's going to have one hell of a week.

We're raising production
from 200,000 to 250,000 containers

at St Symphorien in three days.

If I were you, I'd be glad
not to be in his shoes.

Paulin, you leave for Lyon
right after the meeting.

There's no time to waste.

Marianne, the file, quickly!


Damn elevator.

As you can see,
profits are up across the board.

Furthermore, I have
some very good news for you.

As of Monday, the St Symphorien factory

will make 250,000 yoghurt containers
an hour.

- Isn't that right, Paulin?
- Absolutely.

American consumers
are just starting to discover yoghurt.

In three years, it will boom.

At that time, we have to be
the only ones on the market.

With this production increase,
we become the number one in Europe.

Far ahead of Vachelle,
our main competitor.

We need to aggressively
take advantage of this.

- Meaning?
- Meaning

that we have to eat up our competitor.

We're extending a
takeover bid for Vachelle.

It will be announced next Tuesday, at noon.

No, now. Give me three hours.

I want you.

Yes. Yes.

Saint-Honore, at the corner.
I'll be right there.

I'm rushing to Lyon.

How will you do it?
250,000 containers an hour, that's madness.

Madness, yes.

- Mind you, there is a way.
- I know.

- The health controls.
- That's right.

Get rid of vat cleaning,
lab and milk temperature controls,

you gain five hours a day,
and you've got 250,000 containers.

- There you go.
- It's risky, but it's the only solution.


It's a sure way to make a small fortune.

Tuesday, at noon, Romuald will announce
the takeover bid for Vachelle.

Monday night,
I'll bring you 600,000 francs in cash.

First thing Tuesday morning,
you'll go to a stockbroker

and have him buy 1,000 Vachelle shares
in your name.

They are worth 600 francs.

Wednesday, those shares will be worth
between 750 and 800 because of the bid.

Sell them back and that's a 200,000 profit.

I will give you 50,000, all right?

- But why do you need me for this?
- I'm not allowed to do this.

It would be insider
trading. It's very serious.

- And me, I can do this?
- You have every right to do so.

Only, don't talk about it, not at all.
All right?

- 60,000 for me.
- Fine. I'll bring the money Monday night.

Drive, please.

Mrs Bonaventure, I understand
your problems, but I have my own.

I have to give them something.

Here's 2,000. I promise that on the 31st,
I will give you 2,000 more.

That's nice. 2,000, that's very good.
That will hold them off for sure.

- Here's your receipt.
- There was Benjamin's bronchitis,

the doctors came twice,
and then the new school year.

Since then, I've struggled.
That's why I'm three months behind.

I'm sorry, but I've always
wondered one thing.

Why do none of your children
have the same name?

- I'm sorry.
- No, no, don't be sorry.

They have different names
because they all have different fathers.

- Really? So you've had five husbands?
- Yes.

Tell me, it must have been hard
to be abandoned like that.

You're telling me!

Out of the five, three attempted suicide.
You realise?

But now, things are good.

They got over it. We see them once a year,
and they are well.

Really? And you don't want to remarry?

No. I don't care about men now.
Not any more.

Not even once in a while?

No, no.
Not once, not every now and then. Over.

- Dad!
- How much?

Well, tonight, we're going to a new club,
and I promised my girl...

- 500?
- Yes, 500 is good!

No later than midnight, okay?

- Dad, tomorrow is Saturday.
- You have gym at 10:00. Midnight, that's it.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye. Bye, Mum.

So many people!
Impossible to park. How are you?

Really, really well.
I think I'm breaking our competitor's neck.

- Wonderful.
- I'm starving. Is there a meal?

She made fish fillets, I think.

Mum, tonight Sylvie is going
to the movies...

No, it's Friday! You have gym tomorrow.

- Is 500 good?
- Yes, it's fine.

I don't agree with this.

- Mum...
- Never mind. Today is a special day.

I promise to be back
right after the movie. Bye!

So, let's eat those fillets!

- Pass the plates, please.
- Thank you, Mum!

Clear the table when you're done.
Aime, do the dishes.

Wash all the plates, not just yours.

Claire, put the little ones to bed at 8:30,
no later.

You have school tomorrow.

- Yes, Mum.
- I'm going out tonight.

No, you're not!

I'm done with being locked up all day.

- School, sleep, school.
- Don't you start that.

- You'll make me late!
- I don't care. I'm going out.

You're not going out, and that's final!

You have homework to do.
You'll go out Saturday night.

I don't give a shit about homework.

I've had it with their homework.

Aime, I don't want to fight with you now.

I'm late.

So go to your shitty job,
cleaning their shit.

- You won't go out?
- You have 50 francs?

No, I don't have 50 francs.
I am three months behind on rent.

Mum, can I sleep in your bed?

No. No one sleeps in my bed.
Claire, I said no one.

To hell with their shit rent!

That's not a tongue in your mouth,
that's a sceptic tank!

You'll get 50 tomorrow,
if you do your homework tonight!


Damn elevator!


Paulin will stop sanitary controls.
At that moment, go for it.

And don't mix up the dosage! That's right.

That's it. A bad case of diarrhoea,
but no deaths.

No, there's no risk.
If someone is accused, it will be Paulin.

And watch where the poisoned yoghurts go.

Make sure the TV
and media know about this.

- 30,000, in cash.
- When will I get it?

You'll get it if everything
goes as planned.

Rats. Hello, Márton? I'll call you back.

- Excuse me.
- Don't you knock?

Excuse me.

It's only 8:00.
What are you doing here at 8:00?

I'm sorry. I come earlier on Friday.

Knock before entering!

Did you see a paper on my desk?

- A paper?
- Yes, a little crumpled paper.

- I threw everything out.
- Where?

In the garbage bag, in the hallway.
Wait, I'll get it.

No, there's no need.
You threw everything out?

- Yes.
- Fine, thank you.

250,000 containers an hour.

It's impossible! We're at 200.

- Your lab assistants, aren't they're tired?
- What?

I get the impression
they need a long vacation.

And the vats?
Are they really that dirty, the vats?

- The vats?
- The vats, yes!

Four hours cleaning the vats every day.
That's long!

Well, you know full well
that milk is a product that...

I know that on Monday,
we will make 250,000 containers an hour.

You're ordering me
to stop all health controls?

Vidal, I never ordered such a thing!

I said, "Administration has offered a
momentary vacation to its laboratory staff."

And I said, "Our vats are very clean."

And I'm adding, "Monday,
we will make 250,000 containers an hour."

I'm counting on you, Vidal.
Our CEO will appreciate your effort.


Take care of those samples and that's it.
We're stopping the controls.

We're going to pick the pace up a little.
It's no problem.

- Good evening, Juliette.
- Good evening, Nicole. You're working late!

Don't I know it!

- Good evening, Juliette.
- Good evening, Mr Blache.

I've prepared the acknowledgement of debt.
Sign here.

If someone asks you
who told you to buy these shares...

I know. I say it was an order from Romuald.

Very good. Anyway, he won't be able
to prove you're wrong.

And no one will ask you anything.

- Good evening, Juliette.
- Goodbye.

- How are the children?
- Fine, thank you.

- Good night.
- Good night.


What did you eat, Ma'am?

What did you eat, Ma'am?

Sir, what did you eat?

- Ask them if they had Blanlait yoghurt.
- Blanlait?

Did you happen to eat yoghurt?

Yes. I started throwing up
right after eating yoghurt.

- And you, did you have yoghurt?
- Yes, I had some.

- Do you remember the brand?
- I don't know. My wife buys them.

I've always bought Blanlait.

Have you had Blanlait yoghurt
recently, Ma'am?

Yes, I ate some.

Hey, guys! They all ate Blanlait yoghurt!

Hello, Stock Market Regulation?

Listen, about Blanlait's takeover bid on
Vachelle, I have interesting information.

No, I can't tell you my name.

Romuald Blindet's secretary,
a certain Nicole Litaize,

who also happens to
be Blindet's girlfriend,

bought 600,000 francs' worth of
of Vachelle shares this morning.

Since the takeover was only announced
at noon, I thought you might be interested.

Yes. That's it.
There's some insider trading going on.

Listen, now, the ball is in your court.

When will we have a night together?

- You haven't seen the paper?
- What about it?


- It's a catastrophe.
- What?



In the Blanlait yoghurt food
poisoning affair in Venissieux,

the proliferation of coliform bacteria
appears to have caused the poisoning,

perhaps due to some negligence in
controlling the milk. The police are on it.

It's my fault.
I had all the controls taken away.

That's impossible!

Don't tell me the milk, and vats
and everything was rotten,

to the point of poisoning
people in one day.

Yes, it is odd.

I'm telling you there's a hitch.

Blache, warn the lawyers
and monitor the stock market.

Cloquet, rush off to Lyon.

Stay for a few days to watch over things
and to calm the police and reporters.

Call me every three hours
to let me know what's going on.

Paulin, bring me all the manufacturing data
of the last few weeks.

We'll get to the bottom of this,
even if it takes a few nights.

What do we do? Sell?

No, let's wait. With this poisoning story,
Vachelle shares will go up again.

The 5:49 train for Paris now departing.

Oh, excuse me.

- What is this about?
- What?

What do you want?

- Nothing. I'm here to clean.
- Clean what?

I'll come back after you've left.

I'm not leaving.

So, can I clean up?

What? Yes, clean up.

Hello, Francoise?

Listen, I'm stuck at the office.
I'll be home very late. Don't wait for me.

No, I have big problems.

I will explain later.

I don't know.
Around 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning.


I don't know.

Fine. Fine.

Shit. Busy.

Francoise, finally! It's always busy. No.

Tonight, he's stuck here.

Oh, you know?

Really? He said
until 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning?

Can we see each other?


Midnight, my place. All right?


I'm sorry. I have to leave at 11:30.

I'll be gone for a few hours,
but I can come back later.

No, no, it's fine. Don't come back.

But be back early tomorrow morning.

Thank you.

- So?
- Our shares have lowered.

- A lot.
- A freefall.

Shit. You know what's going to happen?
Vachelle will extend a takeover bid for us.

Really. You think so?

First thing tomorrow morning, sell it all
and buy for 600,000 of Blanlait shares.

Why? I thought
Blanlait shares were falling.

Yes, but they'll go up again
because of Vachelle's bid.

I don't understand anything.

Thank you.



Hello, Romuald? Yeah, yeah.

Yes, yes, I'm in Lyon. Well, I'm between
Venissieux and St Symphorien, right now.

I'm all over the place, trying to
calm everyone down, but it's hard!


Oh, my opinion of the accident?

I don't want to talk a colleague down,
but in my opinion, Paulin made a real mess.

That is my opinion. It's even a certainty.

That guy is incompetent.

And between the two of us,
he might even be a traitor.

So, did you see the Vachelle bid?

Yes, you were right. I sold just before.

That's a 280,000 profit. I bought
back for 600,000 of Blanlait shares.

You'll see. Now,
Blanlait will come up again.

- Where's the money?
- At my place.

I'll bring it here later, around 9:00.
Take away my 60,000, that's 220,000.

Mr Blindet, I'm leaving for a moment.
I'm going to get you some food.

Yes, thank you.

Hello, Stock Market Regulation?

Again about Romuald Blindet,

if you want to catch him,

I'm letting you know that his secretary
will bring him the cash,

in a briefcase, at his office,
tonight at 9:00.

Excuse me, Miss. Financial squad.

We have a few questions for you.
Where are you going now?

I'm bringing dinner to my boss, Mr Blindet.

And what's in the briefcase?

Nothing, just documents.

We have a warrant to take you
in for questioning. Please follow us.

But why?

You have the right to ask that a lawyer
be present, but you must come with us.

Please. This way.

I don't know what you've been up to.
But it's a perfect sabotage operation.

I asked you to increase production rates,
not to poison the clients!

You are incompetent, Paulin.
Probably also a traitor.

I regret having trusted you the way I did.
I did like you.

You can go home.

You can't stay by
yourself. I will help you.

You're the last person who can help me.

Will you sleep here?

Yes. I have the board of directors
at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

A short night to get ready.

Be here tomorrow at 8:00. You can hand in
your resignation. Good night.

It's you, Cloquet.

I just fired that incompetent Paulin.

Tomorrow morning,
I'll put you in his place.

Yes. Things are heating up here.

And in Venissieux?

Listen, we must absolutely
begin production again tomorrow morning.

We need to defend ourselves
against Vachelle's bid.

Good. We're lucky to have you, Cloquet.
What would I do without you?

Okay, call me back.

Mr Blindet.

That's not what you should have told
Mr Cloquet.

I beg your pardon?

That's not what you should have told
Mr Cloquet.

- Really, Ma'am...
- My name is Juliette.

I've cleaned these offices for 10 years.

Pleased to meet you, Ma'am.
My name is Romuald.

I'm sorry to talk to you like this,
Mr Blindet.

But this is what you should do.

You should call Mr Cloquet back
and say these exact words,

"Cloquet, I'm in my office. Everything
has been revealed." Then hang up.

You want to know what's going to happen?

Ten minutes later,
Cloquet will rush in here.

He'll open this door and say,
"What has been revealed?"

- Really?
- Yes.

Mrs Juliette, thank you for your advice,

but you see, Mr Cloquet is currently
in Venissieux, close to Lyon.

450 km from Paris.

So, it's hard for me to believe that
he would be here in 10 minutes.

Call him in Lyon.

I can't call him in Lyon,
because I don't have his number in Lyon.

Really? Why don't you have
his number in Lyon?

I don't have his number in Lyon,
because he didn't give it to me,

and he didn't give it to me,
because I don't need it,

I don't need it because Mr Cloquet himself
calls me every three hours from Lyon.

That's why.


Well, if I were you,
I would try calling him in Paris.

In Paris.

You know, people aren't necessarily
where you think they are.

- Meaning?
- Your secretary, for example,

- she was supposed to bring you dinner?
- Yes, that's right.

Well, you can keep waiting for your food.

Your secretary,
she's with the financial squad.

Why the financial squad?

I don't know why she's with them,
but I know that she is.

And there's more. You know what
you should do after you call Mr Cloquet?

You should go to your house to see
if your wife is where you think she is.

Well, listen, Juliette,
thanks again for your advice,

but right now, I have plenty of work to do,
and I think you do, too.

- Thank you. Goodbye.
- I'm sorry, sir.

I was only trying to help you.

Just what I needed. A crazy cleaning lady.

- You didn't know it was illegal?
- No, I didn't know.

You never asked yourself why Mr Blindet
didn't take care of his own market affairs?

No, he's my boss.
I was obeying him, that's all.

Did he offer you money to do this?

No, he would take me to the restaurant
once in a while.

Have you had sexual relations
with Mr Blindet?

- Yes.
- So, there's nothing you won't do for him.


Hello. You have reached Yves Cloquet.

I'm not here at the moment,
but don't hang up.

You can leave a message
right after the beep.

Careful, it's your turn.

Hello, Cloquet. It's Romuald.

Friday, 4:45 in the morning.

I'm in my office.
Everything has been revealed.

What has been revealed?

So, you weren't in Lyon.

No, no. I'll explain later.

I had to come back early...

What has been revealed?

Nothing. I'm sorry, I was just saying that.

I had to speak to a friend.

You have no idea how happy I am
that you came so quickly.

4:55 on the dot.

Stay longer. He's still at the office.

This time, I have to go.
The kids get up in two hours.

Precisely. Stay another hour.


Oh, no! They are impossible.

- Oh, sorry. I must have the wrong floor.
- Who are you looking for?

Nicole Litaize. It must be up there.

No, it's here. As a matter of fact,
I'm waiting for her. What time is it?


Already? Shit! I fell asleep.

What is she up to?
We were going to meet at midnight.

It doesn't matter. I'll come back later.


In the yoghurt story, the food poisoning
might be the result of criminal actions,

given the abnormal concentration
of coliform bacteria

found in the poisoned yoghurt.

Moreover, Mr Blindet, Blanlait CEO,

appears to be involved in an illegal
stock market exchange.

It's unbelievable. Last Friday,
we were basking in substantial profit,

rising shares
and eliminating the competitor,

and in one week, catastrophe!
There are 45 people in the hospital,

a criminal food poisoning story to boot,
freefalling shares

and Vachelle's takeover bid
on our company.

As a bonus, our CEO is involved
in a stock exchange fraud.

This is really big!

Mr Blindet, I demand an explanation.

All right, listen. If your arguments
aren't more convincing,

I am personally asking
for your resignation.

I resign.

We accept it with pleasure, Mr Paulin.

I move that Mr Cloquet now
take over Mr Paulin's duties.

As Mr Blindet remains silent,

I move that our board dismisses Mr Blindet

and nominates Mr Blache as CEO instead.

It's not here. I made a mistake.
Please keep going.


- What are you doing here?
- I need help.

- Can I come to your place?
- My place?

- Two months, it's been out of order.
- Oh, really?

All right, let me change the sheets.

That's very nice,
but I wouldn't want to impose.

No, no, forget it.

Ah, no! Shit!

I'm sorry.

- Are there many more like that?
- There are two more.



- Mum! Mum!
- What?

- There's a man in your bed.
- What? Yes, I know.

But, Mum, he's white.

We're going to be late.

I'm sorry. I can't close the faucet
in the shower. I think it's stuck.

- Don't worry about it. Aime, take care of it.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry. I've monopolised the bathroom.

No, no, forget it. Kids, get dressed.

You can brush your teeth tonight.

I'm very strict when it comes to
them brushing their teeth.

Damn it! Who keeps taking the pliers?

Damn them!

Here they are!

Thank you.

And when was this?

I don't remember the exact day,

but in Mr Blache's garbage bin,
I found these little plastic thingies.

You know, to tie bills,
like they have at the bank.

There were a lot. Maybe 100 or so!

A hundred? About 500,000 francs?

Mr Blache had a briefcase.

After that, Nicole had the briefcase.
And she left with it.

- A briefcase?
- And she had the same briefcase last night

when the financial squad brought her in.

The same briefcase?

They asked her what was in the briefcase,
and she said, "Documents".

But she looked like she was lying.
I am certain there was money in there.


Are you sure?
He said, "A bad case of diarrhoea"?

Yes, I'm sure.

Well, this is what I heard,

"A bad case of diarrhoea, but no deaths."

And then, he said something like, "Paulin
will be accused. You'll get 30,000."

And the guy on the phone,
his name was Márton.

I remember because
it was the same name on the paper.

It was also written:

"St Symphorien factory", and also
"coliform" or something like that.

- I will show you the paper.
- Really? You kept the paper?

665.50 francs, please.

Cloquet is jealous of Paulin,
because you like Paulin.

Really? You noticed that?

- And you, what do you think of Paulin?
- I like Paulin.

And Blache, in your opinion,
what does he want?

Blache wants your job.
That's what he wants.

Really? How do you know?

- Wait. Let me take a bag.
- Thank you.


That's incredible!

- And about my wife, how did you know?
- I don't know anything about your wife.

But the other night, you said...

The other night, I just said that.
I said it because you were annoying me.

- I don't know anything about your wife.
- You don't know who she's sleeping with?

I'm willing to help you
with your problems at work.

But everything else, no!

Aime and Claire,
bring me your dirty clothes.

- Do you mind if I stay here again tonight?
- No, not at all.

Anyway, you can't go back there now.
No one will think of looking for you here.

Desire, go see Mrs Lambert.
Ask if we can borrow her son's mattress.

What is this?

Damn machine!
Who played with the machine again?

Out of there, kids!

All right,
I'm going to get a few toiletries.

Hey, Mum.

- Where do I put it?
- On the floor, in your room.

- Do you have any medication?
- No.

All right now, that's enough. Plates!

Good night, everybody.
I am completely exhausted.

Good night, sir!

- I laid out a pair of Aime's pyjamas.
- Oh! Thank you very much!

- Who is that guy?
- It's Mr Blindet. The boss at Blanlait.

- What the hell is he doing here?
- He's resting.

Really? Is this the new Club Med?

- Juliette! Juliette, I got it!
- What?

I figured out what happened with Blache.
He must have given some cash...

Stop, let's go to the kitchen
or we'll wake up the children.

I got it.

He must have given some cash to Nicole

for her to do the transactions for him.

And at the same time, he must have called
Stock Market Regulation

and told them she was dealing for me.

And when she was caught,
her only possible defense was to blame me,

say that she was acting under my orders
and that the money wasn't for her.

It all makes sense, except for one thing.

Blache must have found a way
to get his money back.

That's right, his money.

He couldn't have let go so easily
of 500,000 or more just to take my place.

He must have had her sign
an acknowledgement of debt.

- Who?
- Nicole.

Oh, yes, Nicole.

And that acknowledgement of debt,
I need it.

- You need it.
- It's the only way I can prove I'm innocent.

Wait, I don't understand.

All right, let me explain.

Blache probably gave Nicole some cash
for her to make the transactions for him.

- So?
- I looked everywhere. Nothing!

- In fact, his office is empty.
- Empty?

He's settled in your office.
They packed your stuff in boxes.

Bastard! The paper must be at his place.

- What do we do?
- Wait.

Mr Blache must have a cleaning lady.

Hello, Mr Blache.

I'm calling from the employment agency.
We have a little problem with your dues.

The dues for your cleaning lady.

Well, Mr Blache,
we also have a lot of work.

If you want us to send over a bailiff...

Right, so you do have a cleaning lady.

I hope you pay her fringe benefits.

That would be the last straw.
I need her name and address.

Mrs Salgado.

20th. And how many hours does
she work for you?

Eight hours. And what days?

Yes, I need to know the days
for confirmation.

Monday and Thursday afternoons.

What's this?

You pay what you have to pay, sure.

Well, yes. We will check this out.
Goodbye, sir.

Wait here. I'll be right back.

Mrs Salgado?

Listen, it's terrible.
We tried everything to get hold of you.

I'm from the school on Mare Street.

The principal sent me.
They didn't have your boss's number.

Your daughter Rosaria was in an accident.
She broke a leg.

Oh, my God!

The principal decided to have
her sent to the children's hospital,

but you have to go there right away.
There's a cab downstairs. The driver knows.

Oh, my God!

That's impossible. Oh, my God!

The principal sent you this.

For the cab.
It's from the school's petty cash box.

My God, Mr Blache's cleaning.
My God! Was she hurt really badly?

No, no, just a small fracture.

Give me the keys. I'll lock up
and put the keys in your mailbox at home.

Don't worry about your boss.

Don't say anything. He won't even notice
you've left. Go on, quickly.

Shit. Shit.

Where the hell did he put that damn paper?

Juliette, sometimes you really should learn
to keep your mouth shut.

Mum, where were you?
Why is the white man still here?

Mum, Felicite stole my sneakers! She says
they're too small for me. But I don't care!

No, it's not true. He stole my balls and...

- ls Aime here?
- No.

That's impossible. Where is he?

He hasn't been home before 8:00
the past three days.

- That's not good!
- Don't yell at me.

- It's not my fault.
- Mum, can I wash my socks?

- We're out of bread, milk and fruit.
- Go, please.

- On Thursday, Aime runs the errands.
- Yes, but as you can see, he's not here.

You hasn't even left me any money.

- You're here, Juliette.
- Here's what I found.

Mum, why does the white man
sleep in your bed?

- His name is Mr Blindet.
- Mum, can I wash my socks?

- It must be what you're looking for.
- Thanks, I'll look this over.

Can I wash my socks?

- Mum, can I wash my socks?
- Here, take 100 francs.

Aime can run errands tomorrow
and the next day.

I've had it with this. I don't know where
to do my homework. You're never here.

Benjamin scribbles on my books,
and then I get screamed at in class.

- What kind of fruit should I get, anyway?
- Oranges.

Desire, that's enough!
Stop bothering your little sister!

She's the one bothering me!
She took my sneakers!

Felicite, come here.
You give those sneakers back.

First, they're not his. He's stealing them.
You told me I could have them.

I just wanted to wash my socks.

I need some sleep.

Juliette! It's great! Here it is!

Nicole's signed acknowledgment of debt.
Exactly as I had predicted.

Bastard Blache. With this, I'm cleared.
I still have to deal with Cloquet.

Then, I can go back.
And heads are going to roll!

Ah, Juliette.

I was waiting for you,
I stayed just to see you.

What's going on, Mr Blache?

I'm in a bit of a pinch because in
the move, I lost a very important paper.

Yes, I saw that Mr Blindet left his office.
He's not coming back?

No, I am taking his place.

Nicole and Paulin, too?
Their offices are empty.

No, they were all fi... I mean, replaced.

Tell me, Juliette. You haven't seen
a box of mine in some office?

- No, I didn't see a box.
- And you didn't throw anything away?

No, I never throw anything away,
only what's in the garbage bins.

I brought home a box full of papers.

- Yes?
- And I thought that this paper was in it,

but it's not.

Really? That is quite annoying.

It's more than annoying.
It's a real catastrophe.

My God, what can we do?

Listen, I will look everywhere. But...

Could it be at Mr Cloquet's place,
your paper?

What do you mean, at Mr Cloquet's?
Why at Mr Cloquet's?

I don't know, I'm just saying.

Sometimes at night, I see Mr Cloquet
working in other people's offices.

What do you mean,
working in other's offices?

Well, yes, working, looking at papers...


All right, I'm sorry,
I don't want to bother you, Mr Blache.

- If I see the box, I'll tell you right away.
- Right.

What time do you finish work, Juliette?

- At 4:30.
- Every day?

- Yes, except on Fridays I leave at 1:00.
- Very well.

What annoys me, you see, is that even
if I get rid of this traffic accusation,

- I still have to deal with the poisoning affair.
- Of course.

I must catch Cloquet out.

But I wonder if the paper on which he talks
about Márton and coliform is enough...

Don't worry about it.
It's been taken care of.

- How come? What was taken care of?
- Blache will deal with Cloquet.

- Just wait here quietly. It will all work out.
- I don't understand.

I took care of it.

All we need is a photocopy
of Cloquet's paper

and for you to write
a little anonymous letter.

Wait, wait, explain this to me.

- Is Aime home?
- Yes, he's sleeping.

- What time did he come home?
- At 11:00.

What does he do out there every night?

- All right, so how did it go?
- As expected. Blache was hiding in a car.

As soon as I left,
he hurried inside the building.

I was sure he'd come on Friday,
because I leave at 1:00.

That leaves him plenty of time
to go through Cloquet's office.

What will surprise him
is your letter on his desk.

"Who was it that poisoned
the St Symphorien yoghurt?"

"Attached is a lead from Cloquet's hand.
Can you conduct the investigation?"

"A friend who will always owe you."

"Márton. St Symphorien factory.
Coliform concentration."

Juliette, I wanted to tell you how much
I appreciate everything you've done.

Don't mention it.

Tell me, Mr Blindet,
there was one thing I wanted to ask you.

Could you sleep in my bed tonight?

I mean, on the mattress,
in the children's room.

I'm sorry to ask you this,
but I haven't slept in days.

Pardon me, I'm ashamed.

You should have told me before.
Especially since you work nights.

it doesn't matter. It's just for one night.

Because this weekend,
I probably won't be able to rest much.

- It's husbands' day.
- What day?

Husbands' day.
That's what the children call it.

Once a year, all husbands come over,
and give presents to the children.

- Really?
- Yes, before, birthdays were too dramatic.

One would forget the date,
the other couldn't come,

the other didn't bring a present,
the other would bring so many.

So I said, "We'll have one party
for all birthdays on one day",

"everyone brings one present, that's it."
No one is jealous.

Really? And how many
husbands do you have?

- Five. But ex-husbands, fortunately.
- All right.

So, I'll let you get some sleep. Excuse me.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Dad!
- Hi there, kids! Hello, Claire.

Yes, it's for you. Present.

That's great.

- What's going on? Douta's not here?
- We waited at the cafe, he didn't show up.

Hello, sir.

Here we are.

Go on, push the truck.


You like it? That's good.

Look, candy, children.

- Aime's father didn't come.
- Really? Oh, that's too bad.

If there's one who needs his father
right now, it's Aime.

Wait, I'll buy him a present quickly,
I'll be right back.

- No, no, don't bother.
- Of course!

- But I can't live without you.
- Of course, you can.

I want you all the time.

- Stop it.
- We were so good together. Why stop?

I feel better like this, alone.

- But I love you.
- I also love you very much.

So then...

I don't feel like it any more, that's all.

- You have someone else.
- No.

- You're with that white man?
- What? Are you crazy?

- Benjamin told me he sleeps here.
- So what? That doesn't mean I'm with him.

- So, what is he doing here?
- That's enough, Otou, go see your son.

- I found something for Aime.
- That's nice, but you didn't have to.

- Where is he?
- On his bed.


It's a walkman.

I got you some tapes,
but I don't know what you like.

You can exchange them.

Don't cry.

Don't cry.

- Ma'am?
- Excuse me, I have an urgent message

for my boss, Patrice Blindet.

He plays here every Sunday morning.

Yes, he's here. Please wait,
I'll go get him.

I'm sorry to bother you,

I've come here on behalf of your father,
Mr Romuald.

He's asked me to tell you
that he's thinking of you,

Valerie and your mother,

that he will be home very soon
and that you should not worry.

- But where is he?
- He cannot say for now.

- And you, who are you?
- I'm just...


Well, nothing.
Please, don't tell anyone about my visit.

It could put him in a lot of trouble.

Just tell your sister and your mother
that he will be home soon.

- That's it?
- Yes.

Yes. He said, "Where is he?"
And he asked me who I was.

- And they looked well?
- They looked very well.

- And my wife was with them?
- Yes, she was playing with them.

How did she look?

I only saw her through a window, you know.

- And she was playing with them?
- Yes.

But how with them?

- Well, she was playing.
- Yes, but against who?

Well, I don't know.

She was in front of your son.

So, my daughter was playing with her.

No, no.
Your daughter was playing with your son.

What, both against my wife?

That's impossible.
My wife is a lousy tennis player.

No, it must have been my wife and daughter
against my son.

- Here, this is your shirt.
- Yes.

And they looked well?

- Do you like pizza?
- What?

Yes, I do.

Tonight, I'm making you a huge pizza
to help you forget your worries.

I'm happy you told me they looked well.

I heard what Benjamin's father said
on the landing.

- Otou, that's his name?
- Yes. What did you hear?

- He thought we were together.
- Can you believe that? He's crazy.

- Are you getting back together?
- No.

You're right.

Mind you, I love him very much.
I love them all very much.

When it's over, it's over, that's all.

But still, you might need a man.

No. Men are the ones who need us.

- You think so?
- I don't think it, I see it.

It's probably because
you've never really loved someone.

That's possible. And you?


- Mr Blindet?
- Yes?

I think something's going on.

They've put those bailiff wax things
on Cloquet's office door.

- And a note for me that I wasn't to go in.
- You're not serious.




- What's going on?
- Aime didn't come home.

Look what I found under his mattress.

- What is this stuff?
- It's coke, I don't know, drugs.

Mum, what are we going to do?

- What are you doing here?
- Taking you out for your 18th birthday.

- But it's tomorrow.
- Tomorrow, it's at home. Today, it's just us.

I have to go see my buddies.

You'll see them tomorrow. I leave for work
in an hour and a half. We have time.

- You really don't want dessert?
- No, I'm not hungry.

- What's wrong? Why are you always sad?
- Nothing, there's nothing wrong.

- You miss your father?
- To hell with my father.

- I bought you a present. It's at home.
- To hell with your damn presents.

- Keep your money.
- What's wrong with my money?

- Your stinking white cleaning money.
- Cleaning lady is not good enough for you?

Anyway, what else can you do?

And what about you?
What does your money smell like?

- What money?
- Your money,

it's stinking jail money. Aime. White jail.

Check, please.

- Mrs Bonaventure?
- Yes?

- Search warrant.
- What's going on?

Does Mr Aime Bonaventure live here?

Yes, but he didn't come home.
Do you know where he is?

Did something happen?

- He's in custody.
- Where?

I'm sorry, Ma'am,
but I have to carry on with the search.

- Mum.
- My poor baby. It's all right.

Mum, get me out of here, now.
I won't do it again.

It doesn't matter. I'll have them wait
for another three months,

four months, six months.
Don't cry, Mrs Bonaventure.

You know, I can't sleep, I can't eat,
and I can't stop dreaming all the time,

all the time, all the time.

I picture him when he was little,
when he was learning how to walk.

What stupid thing have I done
to make him like this?

But they're all like that,
you didn't do anything stupid.

Don't cry, Mrs Bonaventure.

You know, his name is Aime.
I didn't name him this for no reason.

Of course you love him.
Don't cry, Mrs Bonaventure.

I have to ask for release on bail.
And because it's my first conviction...

And your last.

Apparently, the judge will grant it. We'll say
I'll go to school and return for the verdict.

- I don't want to stay here, Mum.
- How much is this bail?

Normally, it's 3 or 4 million.
You think you can get that?

- 3 or 4 million?
- And they told me I need to get a lawyer.

The ones appointed by the court
are no good, because you don't pay them.

I could get the maximum without a lawyer.

- What's the maximum?
- I had 20 grams of coke on me.

It can be one to two years.

Stop crying, Aime.
We'll get you out of here.

- We need to find the money, that's all.
- But where?

Come in.

- Yes?
- Excuse me, is Mr Blindet here?

- What is this about?
- I know Mr Blindet well.

- Can you let him know that Juliette is here?
- Mr Blindet is currently in the United States.

The United States.

- When will he be back?
- In one month.

One month.
And you can't contact him before then?

- What is this about, Ma'am?
- I'm the cleaning lady here.

I've been cleaning
these offices for 10 years.

The personnel director is one floor below.

No, I want to see Mr Blindet.
He knows who I am.

All right. Listen, give me your name,
and I'll see what I can do.

My name is Juliette Bonaventure. I
really need to talk to him very, very soon.

It's about my son. Can you tell him that
my son is in prison,

and that I need three or four million?

Three or four million?

Old francs, of course. Not new ones.

- That's all?
- Yes, that's all.

You know,
my son is not handling prison very well.

And I need a lawyer.
If not, he will get the maximum.

- You have to tell Mr Blindet everything.
- That's right, I will do what I have to.

You'll tell him, then? He can send it
to my place, he knows where it is.

I'm sure he will agree,
I will pay him back.

All right, I have a lot of work.

Normally, one doesn't come in
here without an appointment.

Of course. Excuse me.
Well, I'm leaving. Goodbye, Ma'am.


You'll tell him, then? Because this is
very important and very urgent.

- That's right. You can count on me.
- You are very kind. Goodbye.

Hello, front desk?

Why was the lady mean?

She was not mean.
She will help us bring Aime back home.

She was mean.

What are you doing down there?

Do you really let anybody up here?

Why not all the hobos from Alma,
while we're at it?

So just do your job, for goodness's sake!

What if Mr Blindet had been here?

Air France flight departure,
Concorde 001 for New York,

all passengers are asked
to board at gate 14.

I went to see Mr Blindet. He was not there
but his secretary will give him the message.

I'm sure he won't let us down.
He liked you very much.

- Great!
- I brought you some good sandwiches.

Make sure you get them.

- So?
- No, nothing but bills.

That's it. The judge accepted
to release me on bail.

- He's asking for 3 million.
- Great.

Mr Blindet hasn't answered yet,
but it'll come.

But since I didn't have a lawyer,
they appointed one.

When we get the money, we will get one.
I'll ask Mr Blindet if he knows a good one.

- How were the sandwiches?
- I didn't get them, it's not allowed.

Dear friends, I am very pleased to see
you all here this evening.

I would like to make a toast
to our new business together

and to the health of American consumers
who shall soon discover the great taste

of our Blanlait products.

Ma'am, please.

Where are you going, Ma'am?

I work here.
I'm here to see Mr Blindet's secretary.

- Your name, please?
- Juliette Bonaventure.

Hold on.

Mrs Bonaventure is here for you.

- There is no way she's coming up here.
- Yes, yes, all right.

- She's not there.
- What?

- You just spoke to her.
- I'm telling you she's not there.

But I know her, let me go up there.
I need to talk to her.

She's not there and I
will not let you go up.

Cells 450 to 460.

Cells 450 to 460.

450 to 460.

Mr Bonaventure, please stand up.

The court, after having deliberated
in accordance with the law,

finds you guilty of
the charges filed against you.

Accordingly, you are sentenced to
18 months in jail.

You have 10 days to appeal
to this decision, if you wish.

Next case, please.

- Here, put this on.
- Yes, very nice.

Try these.

Oh, Juliette. Well!

I'm happy to see you.

It's been a while
since we've seen each other.

Oh, hi. You're back.

Yes, I've made several trips
to the United States,

and since then,
I've been swamped with work.

Really. I didn't know you were back.

- So, how are you?
- Fine.

- And the children?
- The children? Fine.

And Aime, is it still a little rough?

- What? You don't know?
- What?

- Aime is in prison.
- In prison?

- No, I didn't know. What happened?
- Your secretary didn't tell you?

My secretary?

Because I came to ask her
to give you the message.

Because Aime was caught trafficking drugs.
It's not too serious.

But at one point, I needed money
to make bail to let him out.

And mostly, to pay for a lawyer.
But you didn't get back to me, so, well...

In the end, he had a lawyer
appointed by the court.

He got the maximum sentence,
a year and a half.


But no one told me anything.

- The poor boy.
- And how much do you need?

No, no. I don't need anything any more.
It was before, for the lawyer.

Now, he's serving his sentence.
That's all. It's all right.

I am very sorry. If I had known, I would
have lent you everything you needed.

That's nice, thank you.
Well, I'll let you get back to work.

No, I'm done. I'm leaving.

I would have liked to have coffee with you,
but there are people waiting for me at home.

- There's a reception.
- But maybe some other time, all right?

Yes, of course. All the best to your son.

Thank you.

- And please kiss the children for me.
- Yes.

And if you ever need anything else
for Aime, you can count on me.

Yes, yes. Thank you very much.

Good evening.
Good evening. How are you?

Excuse me, I'm late.

Good evening. How are you?

Everything is all right?
You're not dancing?

I'm coming.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Please. Come, help yourselves.

Charles. Pleased to meet you.

Excuse me.

What are you two up to?

It's great. He gave me
an Electronic Mastermind.

He's very good.

Soon he won't write out the problems,
he'll solve them in his head.

Here, this time, I'll try in my head.

What an idiot.

What an idiot!

What a terrible idiot!

Wait, here.

- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, that will be all.

Here. Here are the keys to my apartment,
they're all yours.

I'm staying at a hotel.
I like you very much.

Be happy with Francoise.
She loves you. So do the children.

You will make them happier than me.

I'm such an idiot
for not having seen this sooner.

Don't say anything.
Life is short, very short.

But it's beautiful, beautiful!

I'll take it.

But Romuald, it's too much.
I have more than enough with half.

No, no. Write me down
for 30,000 of alimony a month

and the apartment
and the house in Deauville, all hers.

But you don't have to. You're not guilty.

You have no idea how good it feels
to see again.


Yes, I am recovering
from a lifelong eye disease.

I couldn't see anything.

Mrs Bonaventure,
my wife and I just got divorced.

She is very happy with Paulin.

I'm giving her everything.
She won't need a thing.

I bought a house in the country,
close to Paris, for you and your children

and I have come here
to humbly ask you to marry me.


One day you asked me
if I had ever really loved somebody,

and I didn't answer because I didn't know.

Now, I know.

Now, I really love somebody
for the first time in my life.

Well, listen, Mr Blindet,
you have lived in my home, all right?

I helped you out of your troubles.

At one point, I asked you to help me
and you couldn't do it, all right?

You felt bad. You were very kind.

And in a moment of weakness,
you and I slept together, all right?

Well, you see, that story ends now.

All right?

The story is over.
Over! You understand?


- I love you.
- Right, let me tell my horse about it.

- I want to marry you.
- Right, marry me, and then what?

You think people get married just
like that? And what I want, do you care?

- I don't want you!
- Why don't you want me?

He wants to know why!

Because you're white, Mr Blindet!
Because you're the boss of all bosses!

Because you're the kind of man
who can't be trusted at all.

Because you think everyone is your maid.

Because you couldn't bother to carry
a grocery bag or wash a lousy plate!

Because you're blind!

Because you think you can buy everything.

Because you slept in the big bed every night
while I was killing myself with my job,

my five kids, still running your errands
and cleaning up your mess.

Because you can go to hell,
Mr Romuald Blindet!

Because I'd rather starve to death
than live a single day with a man like you!

- Is that what I'm like?
- No, that's not what you're like.

What I said just now
is nothing compared to what you're like.

This is what I'm like. It's true.
But I've changed.

Goodbye, Mr Blindet, and good luck.

Tell me, a while back,
a certain Mrs Juliette Bonaventure

came here and left a message for me.

I remember very well, crazy woman!

In fact, I gave the front desk a piece
of my mind to have let her up here.

She had the nerve to come back.
I didn't...

Wait, you see this door?

- This door?
- Yes, this door.

Well, miss,
you will take all of your stuff,

you will walk through this door,

you will walk down
to the personnel director,

you will ask for this month's salary,
your compensation, all the details,

you will walk out of this building,

and if I ever see you again,
I will tear you to pieces.

Mrs Juliette Bonaventure
happens to be the woman that I love

- and that I plan on marrying.
- But...

You are paid to take messages
and pass them along,

not to be a cop!

You may have ruined my life forever!

Get the hell out of here!

- Mrs Bonaventure?
- Yes, but she's sleeping.

- We're here to deliver the appliances.
- What appliances?

Well, the dishwasher
and the washing machine.




- Mrs Bonaventure?
- Yes?

I am Mr Blindet's chauffeur,

I have to drive you home every morning
and take you to work every night.

Well, you can tell Mr Blindet...

I'm sorry to interrupt, but Mr Blindet said

that if I can't convince you
to get into the car,

he would fire me.

- He said that?
- Please let me drive you.


In the back, please.

- Will he also fire you if I sit in front?
- No.

- Are you Mrs Bonaventure's children?
- Yes.

Mr Blindet is waiting for you in the car.

- Good morning!
- Good morning!

If you want,
I can drive you to school every day,

but please, you can't tell Juliette.


Because she's a little mad at me
because I left,

but now I'm back, and I'm here to stay.

Have you ever seen a car like this?

Is there a TV in your car?

Ah, no, shoot...

So, that's it, he got back to you?

- Who?
- I have a new lawyer. He's great.

He knows the judge
who carries out the sentences.

He will meet with him, and it looks like
I'll be out of here in two or three weeks.

- What are you talking about?
- You didn't take care of this?

Hey, Ma'am, the elevator is working!

- What?
- Well, yes, we just fixed it.

- Why is it working?
- Because we fixed it.

- But why did you fix it?
- Well, because it wasn't working.

Yes, but why now?
It's been out of order for months.


So, there's a TV in the car now?

When you get out, if you want,
you can come work with me.

I don't want to be a boss.

- You can be whatever you want.
- Why are you doing all this?

Why do you think?

- I've already slept with your mother.
- All right!

- So the lawyer was the reward?
- I love your mother.

I want to marry her and live with her.

And you, I want to get you out of here.



Mum, when are we going to the house
where I have a swing?

Who told you that?

You see, that's my swing.

- You saw Mr Blindet?
- Yes.

He put a TV in his car for me,

but we can't tell you.

What can't you tell me?

Mum, I get out next Thursday!

Can I drive you back?
My chauffeur has a cold.

- No, I'll take the subway.
- You're still mad?

- Thank you very much for Aime.
- You're welcome.

And for the dishwasher
and the elevator, thank you.

- I can buy a million things more, you know.
- I know.

- But I know that I can't buy everything.
- No.

For example, I am yours,
but you didn't buy me.


You're beautiful.

You're funny.

You are filled with kindness.

You are courageous.

You're the mother I'd want to have,
the daughter I'd want to protect.

I've never made love the way I did to you.

I want to see your children every day.

I want to live with you.
I'm patient. I'm not blind any more.

I will learn to wash the dishes
and carry grocery bags.

I will watch you sleep.

You are so stubborn,

but I know you love me,

and that nothing can come between us.

That is from the cleaning lady.

What's gotten into her?

Don't worry,
she's just happy that you're out.

It makes her feel better.

- I agree, but on one condition...
- What?

- I keep working.
- As you wish.

No, I mean I'll keep working
at night in your offices, like before.

No, not at night.

Then I'm not marrying you.

Fine, keep at it but you will get
an accelerated management training,

and I will name you
co-assistant general manager with Paulin.

- We'll see about that.
- I need you to help me run the place.

Fine, but we will have a contract so that
I can keep my cleaning job, if I want to.

All right.
We're moving into our new house?

No, I'm staying in my apartment.

All right. We keep the apartment
but we move into the new house.

Fine, but I will pay the rent here.

All right.

No, because I know you.
You're a very sly person.

And you're not sly?

- So how is she?
- You'll see.

- It's not very cheerful, around here.
- But this is where she lives.

And how old is she?

She is four years older than me,
she has five children, and she...

- Five children?
- Yes.

- Mum, can I have a piece of bread?
- Yes, but it's the last one!


Be careful, Benjamin.

- Good morning, everyone!
- Good morning!

This is Patrice and Valerie.

Good morning.

And this is Benjamin, Felicite,

Desire, Claire, Aime, and Juliette.

I'm sure he didn't mention it,
but as you can see,

we are all black. Do you want bread?


Let me see. Let me see.

But I can't fix the tie.

- Wait, Benjamin.
- Oh, how handsome!

Here we go.

So, what are we waiting for?

If he doesn't show up...

There he is!

What a shame!

Hurry up, we're waiting for you!

I'm sorry, I missed the bus.

Hello, my son.

Oh, you are so handsome!

All right, get in the car!

- Do you know the bride?
- No.

- Did you see? His wife is here.
- But they've divorced.

- And her lover is here, too.
- Yes, but they're married now.

- Who?
- The wife and the lover.


- But isn't he marrying the secretary?
- Of course not. She's in prison.

Mum, it's here, it's here!

Mum, there's a lot of people!

Dear friends, dear colleagues,

I am pleased to introduce
my future wife, Mrs Juliette Bonaventure,

and her five children,
her five ex-husbands, and her friends.

- What is this?
- This? Oh, I got some stuff at Tati's.

There were some good bargains
for the children.

- But this?
- What, this?

This, Juliette.

Well, yes. They're sleepers.

Real new ones? To use in real life?

But it's really the last one.

- What about the name?
- Caramel.

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