Mama (2013) - full transcript

The senior partner of an investment brokerage, Jeffrey Desange, has a breakdown due to a financial collapse and kills several co-workers and his estranged wife. He then kidnaps his two young daughters, Victoria 3 and Lilly just 1. He drives his car recklessly through a winding snow covered road. He loses control of his car and drives off an embankment. He finds an abandoned and isolated cabin where he plans to kill his daughters, but the children are saved by a dark ghostly image. After five years of searching and depleting his savings, Jeffrey's twin brother, Lucas, finds the children that were raised without social interaction and claim that they have been raised by 'Mama'. Lucas disputes the custody with the children's Great Aunt but Dr. Dreyfuss, who is working with the girls, helps Lucas get custody of the girls so that he can still have access to them. Lucas, his girlfriend Annabel, Victoria and Lilly move into a house provided by the institute that Dr. Dreyfuss works for. Lucas and Annabel soon find out that the girls have brought Mama with them and their lives are in grave danger.

Once Upon A Time...

There's one word to describe
what's happening,

And that word is "Panic"

And of course this comes with unthinkable
irrational behaviour,

The crash of 29,

...1987 Black Monday...

...Came with tragic suicides and murders.

This collapse is no exception.

Just one hour ago
as the market were opening,

2 partners at Cava Holding were shot... the troubled company's headquarters.

Senior partner, Laura Muller,
died on site.

An analyst, Albert Bernard,
is in critical condition.

Jeffrey Dosage, also Senior partner,
was in the office... the time of the shooting
and is now gone missing.

I'm sorry, we, we got to go, sweetheart.

That's it.

Isn't Mommy taking me to school?

Mommy's not feeling well.

Hurry. Put on your glasses. Come on.

Let's go.

Daddy, where're we going?

I don't know.


You're driving too fast.

- Daddy, you're driving too...
- Shut up!

Sorry, excuse me.

- Hey, buddy, you want to get behind the tape?
- I'm family. I'm Lucas Desange.

You called me. Someone called me.
Detective or something?

- You live here?
- No, my brother lives here.

What's going on?
Where is Jeff?

Are the girls okay?
Where are the girls?

Sir, just hang on, all right?
Just wait here.

Jesus Christ.

Jeffrey Dosage apparently
shot 2 of his partners to death

...before going on to murder his estranged wife.

And kidnapped his two daughters,
age three and one.

It's okay. It's okay.
Come on.

Daddy, are we there yet?

My glasses are broken.

What is it?

It's okay.


- It's all right, come here.
- There's someone inside.


Come on, come on..

Daddy, there's a woman outside.

She's not touching the floor.

Why are you crying?

Because I'm sad, honey.

Why are you sad?

You know,

Mom and Dad, they...

...tried real hard.

But sometimes
they messed things up.

You know Daddy loves you, right?

I can't see.

What's that?

Look honey, there..





Look, Lilly. A cherry.

Five Years Later.

Burnsie, where are you guys, then?


We're going to to have a another
look around sector 1-7-12-33.

- That's the mountain road, right?
- Uhuh.

Gas station,

Road to the Paulson Pass..

- This is good.
- Oh, God. I hate to do this.

Do what?

The last payment didn't clear.

Well, uh...
I'll check on that.

Don't worry about that. Things go down.

All right. I'll work on that
and get back to you.

"Not Pregnant"

Thank you, good bye.

Thank you, God.

- That was Burnside on the phone?
- Yup.

What is his next move?

Is he going to search sector lousy alpha?

Hey, guess who's not pregnant?

What is wrong with you?

Last payment didn't clear.

Is there a problem with the bank, or...

The money's gone.

- I pick B.
- That is the correct answer.

Look, babe..

It's your brother. You want to spend all
your money, and find them,

It's okay with me.
It's cheaper than therapy.

- And so am I.
- What..?

I need to go.

- Burnside!
- What?

Hey, Burnside!

Jesus Christ!

- You're going to call him?
- Just give me a minute.

But we should call, we said we'd call.


Shut up.

Just for one minute.

Here you go, Bird.
Take a whiff of that.


Ah, yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir.

It's cherry pits.

Hey, Burnsie!


Can we call him now?

They found them.

- You shitting me.
- They found the girls.


Dr. Gerald Defuses.

- And you must be Annabel.
- I must be.

- Lucas.
- How are they?

Well, just let me warn you.
This won't be easy.

We're very fortunate,
that Victoria was old enough... retain much of her vocabulary.

But it's still too early to determine...

- ...if this development...
- What about the other one?

That's a different story.


Oh, yeah.

Hey, Victoria.

Is that you, Lilly?

No, no, no. It's okay.
It's okay.

I'm not going to hurt you.

It's okay. It's okay.

I brought something for you.
For your eyes.

When you were a little girl.
You had a pair of these. You remember?

I was going to put...
That's okay.

Just going to put them here.

It's okay.


That's it.


Oh, no, no, honey.

Honey, no, I'm not your Daddy.

I'm your Daddy's brother.

Remember Uncle Luke?


It's okay.

- Dad?
- It's okay.

Dr. Gerald Defuses, Your Honour.

The girls have been in my care at the Institute.

Since they were found 87 days ago.

And how would you define their progress?

Solid, and outstandingly fast.

If I may?

Your Honour, Victoria and Lilly Dosage...

...were found in deplorable conditions.

Isolated, starved.

They feared and distrusted all physical contact.

Their emotional growth was
clearly compromised... their abandonment.

In order to survive such extreme isolation,

The girls created an imaginary guardian.

A parent figure, to feed them,

Sing to them, protect them.

They called her: "Mama".

Victoria and Lilly have a real chance... have a normal life, though.
With the right care,

Physical emotional development.

And much needed love and affection.

- They'll get better.
- Thank you, Dr. Defuses.

Ms. Podolski. Would you care
to address the Court?

Good morning, Your Honour.

Jeffrey Desange murdered my niece.

And abandoned his daughters in the forest.

And now his brother did an extraordinary thing.

Lucas never gave up on his nieces.

But he did it for the girls. Not for himself.

So, if he still has their best interest at heart,

He must know neither his salary,
nor his very small apartment...

...are suitable for the raising of 2 children.

Let alone, 2 children with a very special needs.

- How many kid did you raise, Jean?
- Not as many as you, Lucas.

Of cause she wants the girls, Lucas.
Stand on her shoes first.

She can't just sweep in, and take them.
They are not hers to take.

- I'm sure that's not entirely fair.
- I'll tell you, what's not fair :

It's not fair is she gets to buy my nieces.

- Is that really such a bad thing?
- What?

Annabel plays in the band.

You draw pictures for a living.

Where do you live? Do you have room
for children in your life?

I mean, really.

What are you saying, Gerald?

When it comes to the girls' welfare..

Family Court judge is pretty much
oblige to act on my recommendation.

And right now,

I'll be lying if I didn't say
it was a slam dunk for Ms. Podolski.

But the truth is...

I don't want them living on the other
side of the country anymore than you do.


We can really really help each other out right now.

You want the girls,
I need continued access to them.

What are we going to do?

This house, courtesy of the Institute,
is used for case studies.


You move to the house, you get the girls.

This is a joke, right?

Mr. Desange, is your brother still alive?

Oh, son of a bitch.

- Look, Jean..
- No.

I just want to see them.
That's all.

You'll see them. I mean, you've got
visitation, right? We respect that.

Right now, we need a little space.

Just work on this thing for a while.
Find their feet.

- Okay?
- Excuse me.

October the 26th.

Although she seems collaborative,

And is quickly recovering her language skills.

Victoria maybe repressing the memory...

...of her experience in the wilderness.

Okay, Victoria.

Are you nice and relax?

Are you feeling sleepy?

I want you to tell me the story again.

Can you tell me the story?

It was long time ago,

A lady run away
from hospital for sad people.

She took her baby.

She jumped into the water.

How could you know that story, Victoria?

Did Mama tell you that story?

- She showed me.
- How?

In a dream.

Go on, Victoria.

And you can't tell anyone
where you are?


That's just bizarre, dude.

Yeah, well. For the girls.

Few breaths away.

So much deplorable.

All families are the messed up.

Yeah, but this one messed up,
and it ends it.

I don't even have the chance
to screw them up. They came that way.

- Leave him.
- I can't.

You don't sign up for this, babe.

I can't do that to him.

Mrs. Sensitivity,

You are in a rock band.

I was in a rock band, yeah.

Hey, girls.


Come here.


No, don't call me that. I'm not your Mom.

I'm Annabel. You can call me that.

Or Annie, or whatever you like.

We could...
We could work it out together, right?




There are no police reports
between 2008 and 2012...

...that match the patient's story.

And Doctor, there are no psychiatric hospitals...

...anywhere near Clifton Forge.

Where were the closest one would be?

Falls Church, 200 miles from here.

Now this log book, contains records
from St. Kerch?s asylum.

Abided to Salt Lake.
That's 5 miles north from here.

But you told me that there are no
mental hospitals in the area.

There aren't.
St. Kerch is shut down in 1878.

Page 31.
Patient Edith Brennan.

- Annabel?
- Yup?

- Handsome is outside.
- Try to put him there.

But he's crying.


There's no way these kids
are ready for this.

I know it's tough. It'll get better. I promise.

I don't know if I can do this, Luc.

I love you, girl.

- Someone's here!
- What?

Victoria, Lilly?

- No one's here.
- Someone's here. I saw them.

- Wow, wow, honey, honey.
- I saw them.

Give me the hammer.

I'll check downstairs.
You look after the girls.


Oh my God.

- Lucas?
- Hi, it's Vince with Slap Chop.

Chop, chop. Chop, cop.

I'm really sorry, Annabel.

But they told me he responded well to the tests.

And it's uh, very likely this coma is temporary.

What happens now?

I'm afraid I don't follow.

- Those girls now without Lucas...
- No.

Annabel, the girls need you.
They need security,


But I'm not prepared for this.

- I can't do this alone. This is not my job to do.
- Just...

Just follow, if you not,
you'll lose custody.

And Lucas will be lucky if he sees
his nieces every second at Thanksgiving.

Well, I checked out.
All the doors and windows are locked.

No evidence of intruder.
Nothing's stolen. So...

So, I imagined it then, yeah?

- All right, thank you, bud.
- Mom...

Richmond's finest!

Okay, guys.
Just you and me for a while.

I don't know how are you feeling about that.

But we got no choice.

How they've been affected by all of this?

They are talking to the walls.

What did they say?


What's this?

They made that.

They found a doll
in the cabin, Victoria.

Who made the doll?


The doll's called Mama?

Or Mama made the doll?

- Mama made the doll.
- And who is Mama?

Are you Mama, Victoria?

This is Dr. Gerald Dreyfuss.
Please leave a message.

Dr. Defuses, this is Louise...

...from Clifton Forge Public Records.

I found something that
you would want to see.

You guys okay?

What's so funny?

Good night.



Nice butt, Bruce.


Come. Mama.

You guys know what time it is?

I guess you wouldn't. It's late.
It's really really late.


Don't what?

Don't close the closet.

Why not? What's in the closet?



It's been an along day. So you guys
should get some sleep. Go to bed.

You want me to leave the door open?

Good night.

Just tell me about it.

I think someone's coming to visit them.

- Who?
- I don't know.

- And you believe that?
- I heard her.

She was.. singing to them,
like a lullaby, or something.

You heard her?

- Definitely a her?
- Yeah.

Sound like this?

Yeah, but it was, it was different.

Her voice was deeper.

Victoria is showing signs.

A dissociative personality disorder.

I think she could taking on the role of Mama.

Literally, becoming her.

It's treatable.
With time and patience.

Am I safe?

What? Look, she's 8 years old.

Give me a break.

I found second entry under
the name of that woman.

Edith Brennan?

Not Edith Brennan.

Welcome to isle 17, Doctor.

Every archive has one.

Lost and found of things
people don't want to find.

Twenty years ago, when they moved
to Clifton Forge cemetery.

Some of the oldest, smallest remains,

were not claimed by the relatives.

They were sent here to be filed.

I'm not a religious person,
but I do believe,

there's a place for human remains.

And that's not on the shelf
in a Government building.

Do you believe in ghosts?

I can't say that I do.

When a corpse is left out.

The elements withered. Desiccated..

Twisting it into a distorted figure that's
barely recognizable as a human being.

A ghost is an emotion went out of shape.

Condemned to repeat itself, time and time again.

Until it rights the wrong that was done.

What's this?

The wrong.


Save my girls.

Go to the cabin.

- What happen ?
- Hold him still.

- Lorazepam. 4 milligrams.
- 4 milligrams of lorazepam.


- Fever?
- No fever, doctor.

Can you hear me ?

Relax Mr. Desange.

You kicked me out of the bed. Checked on
the girls. That as much as I remember.

- For I know that you took me.
- I would've managed the job.

Oh, you drew me a picture.

It's a raccoon.

Thank you.

I do something
for you guys too.

There you go.

- You like it?
- Yeah.

It's cute.

So, how was it? Was it a tunnel?
With the light at the end?

Oh yeah, that was good.
Also I stepped into the light.

So, how was it been?
How is the single Mom?

- That's great.
- Yeah?

- They're terrible. They hate me.
- They don't hate you.

They hate me.

So easy for you to say.
You're like the cool uncle.

I am the cool uncle.

What is it, Anny?

Just get well soon, so you can come home,
and clean their mess, please?

You sure about this?


You okay?

What are you doing in here?

Here, I'll help.

What is it?

I don't want you to get hurt.

What do you mean?

I'm fine.
Nothing bad is going to happened.

- You can't do that.
- Why?

She gets jealous.

Hey, wait!

What's wrong with you?


Hey, Jean.
How can I help?

It's my day.

Are you sure.
I thought that was Thursday.

It is Thursday.

Sorry about the mess.

Children make mess. It's how it works.

- How are they?
- Adorsey. You want coffee?

Thank you.

Oh my God.

What is this?

I know, they're wild sometimes.

It's not an excuse.

Hey, now. They're bruises.
Kids get bruise.

- This bruise?
- It's not like that.

- Let me have them.
- Sorry?

Just for a few days.

You can umm.. I don't know.
Play with your band,

Have a drink with your friends.

Jean, I think it's great.

But the girls have relationship with their own.
I really really do.

But right now, I need you to get out
of my house. Before I kick your ass.

I'll see you both very soon, okay?


- Do you've been coming around here?
- I beg your pardon?

Do you've been coming at the house,
playing with girls?

Of cause not! Why?

Doesn't matter.

Richmond ?

Social Services.

Who should I speak to if I believe... nieces are being abused?

Well, what kind of evidence
do I need exactly?

- How the hell did you forget?
- Are you kidding me?

You know she wants to take
the girls from us.

I'm exhausted, I'm sorry.
I forgot today is her day.

Jesus Christ, Anny. It's one visit.
It's not much to remember.

Anny, listen. They're just kids.
All you got to do is...

What? Chill out? Take it easy?

You know I can't do this. This is not my job.

- This is your job.
- I'm out of here in a day,

- Just hold it together until then.
- All right, fine, yeah. We'll see what happens then.

I'll take care of them. Those girls
are the most important thing in the world to me.

- Awesome.
- Anny, you..

Okay, Victoria.

Are you nice and relax?

Are you feeling sleepy?

I'd like you to tell me
about Mama.

Did she live in that house with you?

The house by the lake?

Where did she live?

In the walls.

Where is she now?

I don't know.

I think you know.

I think you know where she is.

Where is she, Victoria?

Is she here, in this house?

Did she come with you?

Open your eyes, Victoria.

Look at this photograph.

Is this Mama?

- Is this Mama, Victoria?
- Go away!

- Tell me about her.
- No!


What's going on?

Nothing. Nothing's going on.

- Gerald, what happened?
- I have to go.

I'll call you.

November third.

The seventh session was more
than revealing.

I think I have found the door, a passage,

that connects Helvetia into this house..

There is no rational explanation
that supports this theory.

But it is only the ability to embrace
the different reality,

that makes science expand beyond
the limits of what we know.

However, extraordinary claims
require extraordinary proof.


I'm never this close than ever,
to the real subject to my research.

I will come back from Clifton Forge,
with an answer.


Make her stop!

What's wrong?

What's under the bed?


Victoria. Come. Mama.


Come. Mama.

Victoria stay.


Where, Mama?

I know your name.

I know what you want.


Lilly, are you okay?

How did you get down here?

You shitting me. Are you shitting me?

Come, you crazy.



Stop it!


It's okay. Come on.


Okay, come here.


You like that?


Okay. Door's good, window's bad.

So, if you want to go outside,
what do we do?

- We use the stairs?
- Right.

Lilly ?

We took stairs?

Yeah, that's excellent.

Okay. Let's go get breakfast.

Oh, God!

Lilly, you scared the crap out of me.

Annabel, breakfast is ready!

I'll be right down!


Lilly's hungry!



Victoria. You and Dr. Dreyfuss,
you guys talk some.

I mean, you guys talked a lot, right?

Victoria, Dr. Dreyfuss and I,
we talked some too.

We talked about Mama.

You and Dr. Defuses. You...

You guys talked about Mama too, right?

Who is Mama, Victoria?

This is Dr. Gerald Defuses.
Please leave a message.

Hey, it's Annabel. I need to talk to you.

So, please call me whenever you get this.

Okay, thanks. Bye.

Hypno session 1-5 on tape:

Session 6 on tape: Responsive.

Yes, I talked to him, sir.
Two and a half hours ago.

I'm sure you are.

I just don't understand.

I am afraid that something bad
may have happened to the doctor.

You okay?


Come on. Get your clothes.

Wilson Pass.

Richmond. I need a number
for enterprise that rent a car.



Mama - by Dr. Gerald Dreyfuss.

Tahun 1887, horror came to Clifton Forge.

What was found at Helvecia
was a mystery.

Havebeen someone
looking over them ?

Hypnotherapy Session 6.

I want you to tell me the story again.

Can you tell me the story?

It was a long time ago,

A lady run away
from the hospital for sad people.

She took her baby.

She jumped into the water.

How could you know the story, Victoria?

Did Mama tell you that story?

- She showed me.
- How?

- In a dream
- Go on.

She fell into the water.

But the baby didn't.


I don't know.

What could've happened to the baby, Victoria?

I don't know.

Mama didn't show you?

She doesn't know what happened
to her baby.

She went walking in the woods.
Looking for it.

She searched for a very long time.

And then?

Then she found us.

Why are you crying, Victoria?

Because she's sad.

Disenterrement Request

Is she sad, or are you sad, Victoria?

Where is Mama?

Is she here with us?

Can you show me Mama?

She won't come here.

Why not?

Because she knows through watching.

This isn't Annabel.
Leave your message after the beep.

Fuck you. Beep...


Hey, Victoria.

Are you, okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Good night, Annabel.

I love you.




Don't look at her!

She's mad.

Go up! Lilly!


Lily! Open the door!

- Victoria, what's going on? Are you okay?
- Annabel.

It's Lilly!


Are you okay?

Mama, stop it!

You promise!

Leave her alone!



Aunt Jean?

Are you okay?



Hey, this is Lucas.
Leave a message.

Lucas, she has the girls.
I'm heading to Clifton Forge.



I got your message.

What the hell are you doing here?

- Where are the girls?
- She took them.

- What?
- I saw her. She's real.

- What the hell's happening?
- She's going to kill them.

We got to get to the cabin.
She was here with them the whole time.

Dr. Defuses knew it.

Oh, God.


They're on the cliff!



- No! No!
- Mama!

Lilly! Lilly!



Edith !

- Mama !
- No !





Mama, no, Mama!


Stay here.

Bye, Annabel.

Sleep, Annabel!

Victoria, Lilly.


Sleep, Annabel, sleep!


Good bye, Mama..

I love you.

Victoria, come.

Victoria stay.

Come. Lilly. Mama. Victoria.

No. Lilly. Mama.


- Lilly!
- Victoria, no.

- No.
- Lilly!

- Lilly!
- No...

Oh God, bring her back...






Apa yang kau lakukan disini‎?
‎- Dimana anak‎-anak‎? ‎- Dia membawanya‎.
‎- Apa‎? ‎- Aku melihatnya‎, dia benar‎-benar nyata‎.
‎- Apa yang terjadi‎? ‎- Dia akan membunuh mereka‎.
Kita harus ke pondok itu‎. Selama ini dia disini bersama mereka‎.
Dr‎. Dreyfuss mengetahuinya‎.
Oh‎, Tuhan‎.
Mereka di tebing‎!
Victoria‎! Lilly‎!
‎- Jangan‎! Jangan‎! ‎- Mama‎!
Lilly‎! Lilly‎!
‎- Mama‎! ‎- Tidak‎!
Mama‎, jangan‎! Mama‎!
Tetaplah disini‎.
Selamat tinggal‎, Annabel‎.
Tidurlah‎, Annabel‎!
Victoria‎, Lilly‎.
Tidur‎, Annabel‎, tidurlah‎!
Selamat tinggal‎, Mama‎.
Aku menyayangimu‎.
Victoria‎, ayo‎.
Victoria tetap disini‎.
Ayo‎, Lilly‎. Mama‎. Victoria‎.
Tidak‎. Lilly‎. Mama‎.
‎- Lilly‎! ‎- Victoria‎, tidak‎!
‎- Tidak‎! ‎- Lilly‎!
‎- Lilly‎! ‎- Tidak‎.‎.‎.
Ya‎, Tuhan‎. Kembalikan dia‎!