Maly Jakub (2017) - full transcript


What do you mean, every day?

He just goes to the
fridge and takes it.

- Is anything missing?
- I don't think so.

You don't think so, or nothing's missing?

I'm sure, nothing is missing.

- And you don't know him.
- No.

You live alone?

What are you suggesting?

Nothing, maybe he
uses the window.

No, I live on the third floor.

So then, through the door, get your
locks changed and you're set.

Will you look for him?

Yeah sure, we'll look into it.
Check back with us.

But what are you going to look into?

What do you expect?

That I'll send in SWAT?

After a kid who's eating your butter
and preserves?

I'm not going to change the locks.

Stop crying.

Act like a man.

- We're going to the police.
- I'll say you beat me up.


- I will say that you beat me up.
- Why, you...!

Where did you come from?

You're not going to work today?

Your father will have to pay for the

But he's not around.

I'll still find out who you are.

It's Sunday, I'll be home all day.


I like bread with cream
and sugar the most.

Why are you alone?

It's broken.

Tell me a story.

A story, a story.

You're not so little anymore.

...There was a boy

who really wanted to be grown up.

As fast as possible,
right now would be best.

He thought - I could do anything then,

like my dad.

And he wanted to be grown up so badly
that one day,

he woke up in the
morning and he was already grown up.

And then what happened?

And nothing happened then.

He grew up so fast,

that he completely forgot
why exactly he wanted it so badly.

He thought day and night...

...what did I want exactly?

Why don't I know...

...why I wanted to be grown up?

And that's it.

And the dog?

I don't remember any dog.

Sleep, sleep some more.

- What are you doing here?
- About that boy.


So, the problem's gone?

No. No, he ran away and I haven't
seen him since.

I don't know who it was.

- I understand, goodbye then.
- Goodbye.


Are you returning from work?


And you left your door open all day?

May I come in?

He's had a physical and a talk with
the psychologist.

And now?

You can go home.

Do you know anything about him?

We'll take him to Social Services.

What boy?

- He was brought here yesterday.
- Ah, the little one.

- How is he?
- He ran away, we're looking for him.

The light is hurting my eyes.

I thought you were asleep, Mom.

I'm glad you're finally here.

But I come every day.

I'm so afraid.

What hurts?

I'm so very afraid.

I'll get the doctor.

What are you afraid of, Grandma?

Aren't you all dressed up?

Good for you.

Sometimes a man has to get dressed up.

No, it's this way.

Now you lead the way.


You need to know how to get home.


I forgot!

I forgot everything.


We had this wood stove
with fire rings,

and this grill
and fire burning under it.

Those fire rings would
get red hot sometimes.

And if a drop got on them it would
jump and dance until it was gone.

Your father liked to spit on the cook top.
He would get so happy, so happy.

Everyone liked to sit around the stove.

Your father would crawl in my lap and
make me bounce him.

Bouncy bounce, bouncy bounce!

And I don't know if he twisted
or I bounced him too hard,

or he leaned over and landed face
first on the grill top.

He cried, oh, how he cried.

And I thought my heart would burst.

So I wrapped him up quick in this blanket,
took him in my arms and ran outside.

I ran and ran and ran to comfort him
and to have the wind cool him.

And not to hear him crying.
And I ran and ran and ran.

And today,
there is not even a mark on him,

and your father
doesn't even remember this.



I know now.

On the bus and straight home.


Ma'am, excuse me,

I'm so happy that...

I go out every day
and wonder if I will see you.

You were away for a long time.

And I've been waiting here for you
for quite a while.

Maybe we could sit for a spell...

I just wanted to ask you,
whether you would...

Because if you'd like,

I would like you to be...

to be

my wife.

You are so beautiful.

And I am lonely.



I lost the key.
Do you have it?


I'll check in back, maybe it's open.

Everything is locked up.

That man is here.
The one who wants to marry you.

I don't see anything,
my eyes are old.



Will you marry him?


- Where is he?
- There, Grandma.

Can you see?

There used to be nothing there.

Only this big pond and lots of water.

I had your father early.

I was really scared when I had him.

Everyone said it was too early.

- Where have you been?
- With Grandma.

I've been looking for you
and you're just gone.

- I was with Grandma.
- Stop it!

Let's go.

Get up.

Get up!

Leave it.


You coming?

Put it back.

Are these berries fresh?

Just picked.

I'll take the lot.

I'm saving up for a bike, Ma'am.

Gotta feed the animals.

There, little one,


Some more, be ready for tomorrow.

My leg.

Come on, one more time.


Run get somebody from the store.

Get somebody. Get!!!

What happened?

He beat you again.

I fell.

- Is it bad?
- No!

Looks like he deserved it.

I wanted to buy bread.

And kasha. On credit.

You here?

Did you get someone?

Come here!

Come in...

Go get somebody already!

Leave the light for me!

Turn it on.

Turn it on!

The animals need fed.

Animals don't understand.
And can't make it on their own.


I wanted to teach you.

You gotta cut even to the ground.

And don't pull it to you.

I got the potatoes down.

Didn't spill them?



I'll kill you...You...I'll kill you!

Go get somebody.

You want money?

Here, take it!

Take it all!

You gonna get somebody?

Stay with me.


Sit with me a while.


Help me.


It hurts so much.

Help me.


I'm begging you.
Have mercy...

Go on, get.

I don't want to look at you.

I don't need you.

I don't need you.

- Everything will be alright.
- Thank you.

Tell me, how long did he lie there?

- As soon as it fell over I ran and...
- There were sandwiches there.

How long?

Two days.

Are you scared?

I'm cold.

School starts tomorrow.
You'll get everything. Books, notebooks.

- You forgot your jacket.
- I didn't have a jacket.


They didn't have to know
that you came without one.


Put it on.

This is yours, and this is Rafael's.

It fits.

This is Rafael, Jacob.

What is that?

It's taken.

This is Jacob. And Michael.

He just returned from home.

Let him in.


Hey, we don't go there.

- Why not?
- Kwiatek lives there with his wife.

- Who?
- The teacher. Let's go.

Michael, what is your dog's name?


And now, who throws farthest?

- I won!
- No, I did.

Should we get back?

I don't want to.

And where will you go?

- So, are you ready?
- Yes.

I don't want to play anymore.

Here kitty, kitty-kitty.
Don't be scared, come.

Get out of here!
Go on, get out!

Do the guys know?

Is he asleep?

I think so.

So, should I wake him?

Let him sleep.

The kite flew so high that you
couldn't see it.

Michael, where do you live?


Rafael, who made that kite,
you or your dad?

Dad. But I helped him.
I always do at home.

That's not true!

What's not true?

It's not true.
He was here, at Kwiatek's.

All the time. He was there all day.
I saw him.

Let's go back.







I was looking for you.

I was looking for you too.

I rebuilt your hideout.

I won't need it anymore.

It's dark.


I'll turn on the light.

Turn it on.