Malli Raava (2017) - full transcript

Karthik and Anjali meet each other in three different phases of their life. In each phase, both develop a bond, get close to each other, but eventually part ways.

What did I say and what did you do?
Will you not do what is said?


Why do you still see so, go

It seems lunch time is up for Registrar sir
and is saying to leave

Oh no, how now brother?

You do not take tension dear, why am I here?

I said you are close to me and asked
to wait for some time and he said ok

He is of the type leaving the marriage too in middle
if it is one, goes home and is back after eating

We are giving you great trouble brother

Nothing so dear, I respect Ramakrishna so much

Look son, you may be wondering why
I respect your father so much

He did not touch even one
rupee working from 25 years in the Corporation.

That is the loyalty.

Respect is not like Aadhar card given to all.

It comes only when having eligibility like a Credit card

What do you say?

Yes, I saw you about 13 years back.

You were very thin and lean

You are now very strong

That is uncle, I am Subbu and Karthik is outside

That means, are you not son of Ramakrishna Sir?

That is...

He too is just like my son, brother.

Both grew together from childhood

You go and get him
Ok, I will just be back

I thought he is the bride groom

Are mom and others getting any tensed?

I called dude, she would be on the way and why tension?

I am very happy dude,

I can still see the childhood days before my eyes

What is a marriage so fast for you?

Hey, I will go and say mom that Anjali is arrived

What happened?

I called you many times.

I got tensed as you did not lift the call.

Ok, it is already late and let us go.

Mom, see she is come
I do not like this marriage, Karthik

Hey, you be talking and we will wait inside

What to wait sir?

Are you getting the girl married without her wish?

Sir, you come this way.

I will say everything like you understand after going in, ok

What more will you say?

To send your son abroad to America,
you get the girl married to him without her wish?

Please do not shout
Thank God, she said it here

If she had said that in before the Registrar,

he would have slippered me to have done
the mediation between you

What baby, are you happy now?

He quit his job saying to leave for America with you.

You made him stand on the road,
who never gave a chance for anyone to insult.

Will you stop for a while mom?

I am seeing her from the childhood, son

She does not like you getting better.

Not for your marriage with her,

but a fear what would happen to you

Mom please

Anjali, you leave and I will take care

Hey Dambu, she has to go too far.

You go, drop her

Hey, have you still not get the shame?

I am saying, she would get married within a year

And you crazy like this, still keep believing her?

Listen to me Karthik.


I am going to US by tomorrow night flight

Do you not have anger on me?

Liking when you are near me
and feeling sad when being away...

I do not know anything else than that Anjali

Will any time or distance keep you hidden?

Will any wound or silence change me?

Will you not come back to this place,
never being able to forget?

Will those forgotten not come back leaving the sorrow?

I am driving away, leaving though burnt
and shattered in any anger

No idea what medicine is in these relations,
this love is bouncing high again so

Will you not come back to this place,
never being able to forget?

Will those forgotten not come back leaving the sorrow?

What, VISA interview it seems?

It seems you should leave in a week if you get, right?

I should leave if I get

Then it should not come

It is fine here, right?

Why so far leaving all?


I will just come

Sammu, where is the tissue of baby?

It should be there at the TV, please look

Why did you call?

This job is a good opportunity for him

It is good that he stays in a different place for some days

You too do not like Karthik to leave

and why are you talking like this now?

Shall I serve tiffin?

I should drop him fast at the embassy,
just give me coffee enough


Five minutes dude

You kept all the papers, right?

Actually, card has come two weeks back it self

But somehow I did not feel like saying you

Stop it here dude

Here? Why here?

I will drop, right?

There is still some time.
I will wait for a while and go.

You leave

Ok, do not forget to call after the interview

Sir, no smoking

Hey, watchman came... Remove the cycles...

Hey we have the match...
Yes dude

1999, Rajolu

Dambu, my best friend

We studied together from the childhood

Not just studies,
but we used to write exams also together




Hey, wait I am giving.

Here, take


Dambu for moving with me was at least once
a day being scolded by some or the other

Sorry dude

Move dude

Still he likes moving with me that is it

How did you do this?

Cos theta right, ok

Oh, that is me dude

Have you done the social assignment dude?

What assignment?

You are gone today

Have all done the assignment?

Yes sir

Those who did not do, stand up








nine and ten

Hey, none other than you has done, you know?

All except you did it

I thought idiot, I thought.

I thought only you will not do and I am correct

Show your hand..




Are you acting idiot?

Nothing so sir


Shut up

Get out of my class


What are you doing outside?

What work do you have inside?

New admission...

Hey, it looks to rain.
I said you to get inside the class, right?

What are you doing here?

Ok madam

That was an unforgettable day of my life

The day of seeing Anjali for the first time

When the drop is fallen like the cut down star

Came walking straight is the dazzling Goddess

Time has moved and the speed has gone

Whole earth shook under the feet

Eyes have floated with lids becoming the wings

It felt like a tickling to the heart

Unbearable happiness to
the lip without even a mustache

A doubt of having a new birth every second

A sweet feeling with no words coming out

A joy not enough even for a thousand poems


you are right here

How did you get wet in the rain?

There was a lightening just now

and I went to the wall for observing
why the thunder has still not fallen

I got wet that time sir

Are you testing the nature, idiot?

Not to the wall but go and stand in the ground.

The thunder would directly fall and we will get a relief,

You idiot...


She is like a cinema heroine

It seems her mother works in ONGC
and got transferred from Bombay

Thus she joined this year in between

How do you know?

They are from my colony

and I heard when my mom and dad were talking

Why is that girl saying Hi...!?

Hey Karthik, wait

Hey wait

Hey Karthik...

Where are you going?

Hey Karthik


That is solved sir

I really appreciate it

Sir, whom did you ask and
agree to complete this project in a month?

Yes, we work and do you not ask us?

You think us as slaves?

How did you agree thinking we do
so much work in such small time sir?

One minute

I saw you somewhere dude

What to see somewhere sir?
He is working in our office from two years

Our office?


I never saw anywhere

I too had never come


Are the salaries coming in time dear


Do you not remember me if not when salaries come
but at least while withdrawing that?

Why not sir, we remember

Oh, what will you do when you remember?

What else sir, we miss

I too should know that you miss me right?

Send a message when you miss next time, ok?

What about you? You are always at that coffee machine.

Are you having food or living with coffee?

Do one thing.

I will keep that coffee machine beside your table.

Try to work at least till that cup is filled

Oh God!

what are the works you do in this office?

Coming to office at 11 in the morning,

discussion about where to go for lunch,
again tea after returning from lunch...

It gets dark by the time you sip tea.

What to do before it gets dark dear?

I should go home sir, dad would scold.

I see, this is what you have been doing
from two years right?

You say so many reasons when we get a project finally?

Project manager is coming from US

Those who like can work and the rest can quit

Looks like this is a good chance

Follow as I say


Ok bro

Let's move.

You should hike the salary for us to work sir

You should have shame to say that

Recently while in discussion with our watchman Buchibabu,
when the salary topic came,

I understood that just a difference
of 2000 is in between us both

I somehow feel his salary is more in 2000 too

Look, you do not talk about the salary.

Wind blows as per the tree size

You do not talk about the work...
Result is based on the pay

You said to give even life for the
Company when you came for the interview?

I said in an emotion then
and did you decide to murder me?

Will you kill me or what?
Hey bro... No

Cool dude, cool
Do we look like mad guys?

Cool down
You go out bro

Hey, take him
Why does he get emotional?

Sir, you do not keep that in mind sir
Karthik, listen to me

Karthik, you know about that fellow right?

Why do you unnecessarily get angry?


Countless colors at once are like drowning past
at once as a flood

It feels sultry in this cool breeze when you look so at me

It is less whatever I say,
this is the cyclone hitting my small heart

This is the first love saying no to any around

I saw Anjali again after 13 years

I felt like to keep watching Anjali like that

Did you not recognize or you do not remember at all?

I felt worried thinking of the second doubt

He is come


Client came to the office and she is like a cinema heroine

Where is she?

Up in Cafeteria,


2017, New York

Hi Arun

You look beautiful

Thank you

I am sorry, I kept you waiting.

There was an urgent meeting on,
but came out in between as you were waiting

No... That is alright

I got your message.

We are anyways going in three days to India together
and what is the need for you to leave right tomorrow?

It is not that you should not go, but...

I wish to give invitations personally to a few.

You can, we will have three days time even after we go

We both can invite together and
even I need to invite few people

Alright, your wish...

I will see you in India

Your flight is tomorrow evening right?

I will meet you tomorrow, I will drop you at airport

No problem, dad said would come

Anjali, can I ask you something?

You be so only with me or you are the same with all?

When there is a chance in three days to go together,

you going tomorrow itself to India...

What is the need?

I did not get the point... You see...

I am going for Karthik.

I have no answer to the questions
you ask after I say this answer

1999, Rajolu

All looked at me as a mad lady for asking a
transfer to Rajole from Mumbai Headquarters

You should have been right there,
why did you come down then?

If you had not pushed us into debt selling away
all properties for your business ventures...

Mom... I love this place

Did I dream that partners would cheat?

That is what anyone incapable say
that someone has cheated

You better watch your words,
or else I will wrap on your face

What else can you do?

Tell me...

Mom, I just love this place

God, I hate this place
Mom, I just...


Anjali, close the window. It is about to rain.

Anjali, roll it up, you will get wet

And you got to go to school now

Mom please...

Listen to what I say Anjali

Come on..throw it fast.

Mohan, go, meet the Principal and come.

I have already spoken to him.

I cannot go,

I am very tired.

You can take lifetime rest for what you did,

but first get down and finish her admission formalities

It is already very late and I should go
and report at the office

Bloody nonsense!

9th C class is up dear, come with me


I never felt as important to anyone till then,

but that day was different

About Karthik, I liked his attention for me more than him.

He is coming in search of me to see me again.

I feel so special

Still, a crazy school boy studying 9th class...
Why did I like?

Maybe I too was a crazy school girl studying
9th class then

Who felt like a woman for the first time

Eyes floated with lids becoming like the wings

It felt like a tickling to the heart

A happiness unbearable for the heart

A doubt of taking new birth every second

A sweet feeling with no words coming out

A joy not enough even for a thousand poems

This story was written at that time

when there was very little need
to protect the environment

and the wild life

Now we are just awake. The Government of India...

Hey, what are you seeing? Look into the book


Though many changes come in the human body,
it is only the eyes which do not change till 13 years

If you see the diagram, center part of the...

In Karthik, not just his eyes

but even the look for me has not changed

Hi Poojitha

She is our new project Manager


She will take care of everything, ok

Yes sure..
See her off

Thank you


When boss said me to go to India for project,
I felt somehow to meet Karthik

But, did not think I would come
to the place where Karthik is present



Please sit in the cafeteria that side
and someone will attend to you in 10 minutes

Yes sure, thank you

Karthik recognized me.

But my courage was not enough.

Was I remembered in love or in hatred?

I felt fear thinking about the second word


How are you?


What are you here?

See, when Manager said yesterday that some
Anjali is coming from US, I remembered you

But, I did not expect that you would come

I could not believe when Karthik just
said that you have come


Yes, that fellow.

Where is he?


Hey Karthik

Ok, send them both to my table. Ok?

Ok sir

Yes, Mr Murali how far did our project work reach?

Cool bro, why all those for us?

Mr. Murali, how far did out project work come?

What bro, is anybody watching?


Answer to what I asked first

No problem Mr. Karthik,

from the day before you cleared my doubts
I have been typing code on keyboard like playing a band

Mr. Karthik, almost everything is done you know?

You want to see?

Ok, carry on then...

Mr Karthik, Mr. John just called from Atlanta

and asked to send 1000 rupees for project expenses

I will deposit in the bank if you give me that

Mr. John from Atlanta?

Yes Mr. Karthik

Mr. Murali, that is not 1000 rupees but 1000 Dollars

Unnecessary taxes would be attracted if you transfer
and I will take care of that.

You carry on

No problem, I am here to help a genius like you.

No problem whatever may be the tax cut, please give

I said to be in lead to help but not to fall over like this

That is all?
You go


Huh, that Murali is a crazy chap


I feel to have seen you somewhere...



I informed that you said me dude

You have not changed even a bit, right?

2017, New York

Baby wait, I will keep it.

Why troubles for you dear, why not call me?

Go carefully dear

What baby, giving like paying a labor?

I do not have a habit to pay to any labor

Your tickets are with Arun
and that is for your expenses till you are in India

I will give after coming to India if you still need.

Please do not ask Arun for money

2017, Hyderabad

Dude, why did you switch off the phone?

I forgot to switch on after returning from Embassy

Have you been to Embassy?

I thought you are sitting here from the morning.

What happened?

They said to give VISA after two days

Shall we drink?

You drink?

You have Whisky and I will have soda

What happened dude?

What happened?

Leave it. It is me again to carry you home
if you are down drinking soda

What idiot, overacting?
Hey, it is paining...

Idiot, you know how tensed was I
as your phone was switched off?

Did you think I again ran away to Bombay?


You know where all I searched for you?

Ok, move dude

Come home and I will teach you a lesson

Hey Naga, pass it fats to him

Hey, pass it to me fast

Hey Dambu, what happened?

Nothing dude

Hey stop

Hey please say, has she any complained
to Principal about me?

Why would she complain about you?

That is, because I am seeing her

Nothing so, as she came in the mid year
Sir said me to give my notes to her

I said not to give

Why did you say not to give?

How much more will you study?

Have you thought a minute
at least how much is she in trouble now?

If I want to give my notes,
I cannot understand my handwriting itself

Will you first listen completely to what I am saying?

If giving books is not possible, she said
to visit my house in the evening times and write

So, I too said ok

Hey Dumbo, where do you get so much brain?

You did all this for me right?

My foot, my dad would kill me if I give the books

If you would have said to have done all this for me,
I would have brought you a color soda

Yes dude, I did for you

I know

Soda then?

I have no money now
and get you tomorrow in the morning

You always are so

If you come to my house do something crazy,

you know about my grandma right?

She would easily find out, careful
Ok move dude...

You fatty!

Who is fatty?



What is it son, you wore clothes saved for the festival?

I did not apply even turmeric

We should not think of all those
while going for studying mom

What is this?

Coconut oil,

you get headache studying for more time

All these are not needed mom,
books get spoilt if this gets on them

Oh no, have at least a bit applied son

No mom

What dear, to which film?

A new film, believe your son a bit, daddy

It is in Nagadevi and you should watch for sure

Shut up idiot, you are gone high in talks

Parents of Dambu used to fear whether
he may spoil moving around with me

But only grandma used to understand me correctly

You are not eating well these days, son...

Open your mouth


it seems you get mathematics well
if you eat the lady fingers more

You should listen to what the elders say

That is it.

Grandma, what to eat for getting good English?

You should be hit well for that

You do not get eating anything, go idiot

I said right, that only grandma understands me correctly?

Hey brother, that girl came in the car

What son, did you get a heart attack?

That is... Yes grandma

What is it son, only you get all disease
more than for your age?

Yes grandma, it is correct for someone of
your age to get heart attack than my age

Rascal kid

Please grandma, do not hit like this before that girl

Yes, I thought. You coming daily with a bat came

today with a book.

No idea why everything is seen only by me,

Ok I will see

Yes, I came in the festival dress as you would see


Chapters in social are 5, 6, 7 and 8

All these are half yearly syllabus

All these are in the notes given to you...

Let us first see Maths after social

Sin 30 equals to

Sin 30 equals to

(1 /2) one by two.

(1 /2) one by two.

Cos 60 is equal to

Cos 60 is equal to

(1 /2) one by two.

(1 /2) one by two.

Tan 45 is equal to

Tan 45 equals to

Say dude, what is tan 45 equal to?

Let it be something, say for now

I too know that it would be something.
Say how much is that?

That is when plus is made minus and...

Say dude...

Say it...

Say when I asked to say

I have seen, you are threatening brother right?

You are gone in my hands now, stop...

How far will you run? Come on run...

I am dead with this children gang...
What is your nonsense?

Come on hit

Not that side, see in the front

Hey, in the front

Uncle, is Mango jelly there?

Yes dear

Friend of Bombay girl brother

How many do you need?

Leave it uncle, I will take later

Hey, come here

Oh no...!

What brother?

Is that Bombay girl in your class?

Yes brother

Give the card

What is her name?


You wrote it super bro,
she will be flat just by seeing the card

Brother, there should be zero in between

Where is the place there, idiot?

The spelling is wrong, right brother?

Does she know English?

Yes brother

Hey, take out another card

Brother not G but J...

It is better to write in Hindi brother, said Bombay right?

She would understand Hindi well.

Do you know Hindi?

You get up

You come here

No problem brother

Sit idiot

No brother

Come on write

Come on write

it may not be good brother


Hey, you know that Bujji right?

Who, that 10th fail Bujji fellow?

They still talk in the staff room about his knowledge.

It seems he hit the teacher in LKG itself
questioning why we cannot write A for elephant

Not that dude, he is giving greeting card to Anjali

How many would he love?

Just recently all together hit him for giving
a love letter to daughter of maid right?

Did he still not get shame?

I will teach him a lesson



A guy on the road is disturbing
a lot daily while going to tuition

Do not care all such

Daddy, I am frightened a lot

This is not Bombay for you to roam around in Jeans.

First you dress up properly

None would care us if we are correct

Are you correct first?

Do you have no shame to forge signature of own wife?

You are a criminal Mohan, you are a criminal.

Get ready to be arrested

How many times have I said not to fight in front of Anjali?

I am saying as you would get
some shame saying in front of Anjali

Your dad is a criminal.

He forged signature of his own wife and robbed the money

Hey, what are you blabbering rascal?


What idiot, why are you overacting
when I am keeping silent?

Are you gone hyper?

How many times did I say...
Not to say all these in front of her

Mummy stop it

Not just before her but will say in front of the whole town.
Stop it..please.

I will even give a police complaint on you
Say whomever you want to

Are threatining me

You will know being in jail for some days

Go and give the complaint.


Daddy stop it

I love you

Don't bother me

I have no fear even if your brother comes.

Still, all such are not any new to me

Please let me go.

If you do not like this card,
I even have a music card with me

I am not giving that as the battery is over.

Happy New Year?
There is still six months time for that right?

Ok, say the spelling of Luna


I did not ask to say what I said, but spelling

Hey, you do not have so much...

Move idiot...

She met after 13 years

I thought to give a buildup
and do you ask a thousand idiot? You...

I asked as it would look natural.


John staying somewhere in US
and asking me 1000 for expenses is natural, idiot?

Leave him dude

Bro, it is been very long since we drank. Let us have it...

Cool bro please
Pour it dude

Hey, go and get it.

Bro, you said to have met 13 years back.
Is it a love from childhood?

Not a love from childhood

Not knowing how to say like you understand

Not like, love or happiness while seeing that girl...

I do not even remember
what I feel seeing her that moment

It is the same even for me bro...

It goes similar mixing two to three brands and drinking

I will not remember what happens for the next dose.

What do you say?

That age is such bro, it feels the same seeing any girl

Hey, not just the girls in our class
but I never liked even their names

You will not believe,

but there were six Lakshmis in our class

Venkata Lakshmi

Mom, someone ate away my egg

Sri Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi

Hey, your mom is a lady, aunt is a lady
and your aunt is a lady

and mother in law is a lady

Oh no... Maha Lakshmi

And two Vijaya Lakshmis


there is something in that name itself

and it is still the same even now

Did even you feel so?
I said as I felt so

During the marriage looks,
you were liked by all at my house.

Am I liked to all in your house?

Yes sir, how much would your salary be?

It would be around a lakh and change Karthik

Oh no, how do you count
so much change every month sir?

Do you have no seriousness at all?

You are stuck at same position from seven years

The guy studying along with you is in the top position.

And you do time pass with all such waste idiots.

Look at them

He is coming this way, you do not care

Not having even the common basic
sense not to talk when the other is talking,

see how much are they overacting

Dear Murali and Rajesh, come here

What are you talking guys?

I am asking having a doubt sir

You do not know anything and what are you saying him?

Say again

I am saying you do not know anything
and what are you saying him

Do not get emotional sir,
he is talking something on phone

Yes sir, I too do not know

I was saying our Manager sir would
correctly say the answer to this

and you called just by then

Do you at least know the basics?

You know coding, testing...

Do you at least know C?

Cat sir

C means cat right?

Do you really know all these?

It is in the phone right?

Yes, in the phone sir.

But I feel this doubt is genuine sir

Is it not a Cat?

I am dying to manage daily at my mother

At least in the office stop talking on the phone

Sir, cat or not?

Or take off those in the ears at least.

Not understanding who is talking and with whom

Sir, is it cat or not?
What cat, idiot?

Sir, you please hold sir

I got what I never wished for

What I had came across and scattered the remembrances

This was never asked for, it called and came closer

Dreams have met so, they left the sleep and met

The babe has brought the missed happiness

She is the light in between the narrow walls

I got what I never wished for

What I had came across and scattered the remembrances

Believe in take it easy policy,
sell the stress and move to a side

Increase the crazy style,
share the worries and mix in the glass

Take a free tip, move aside
from work and do over action

Immediately try a girl, make friend and take a break

Though position is changing,
imposition will not change dear

Escape however hot is the condition

From here, Karthik will take over

Sir, please come

Come on
What do I know sir?

Come and explain

Oh my love, love, love...

Oh my love, love, love...

How many times should I say you idiot,
that this blue marker is not a luck for me?

Go bring your parents tomorrow, go


Move aside...
At least you should keep the red markers right sir?


Damn, they frustrate so early in the morning...

Hey, come we shall go out and have a smoke...

Come on

I will not come, I have lots of work


What are you dear? You did not accept
when I sent Farm vile request yesterday?

I have loads of work Karthik, please look into your work

What, work... Ok, carry on

Why are all our guys behaving different bro?

None had breakfast


Today is the birthday of Manager fellow
and all are ready to have if he gives a treat.

Here, this fellow has even brought even an empty box bro

We will do so

What to do?

He is acting like full serious from morning
thinking somebody may ask for a treat

He is just gone firing to complete all the
pending work right today, just now

Ok, we shall do the same

Ok, do

Good morning sir, what are you shining?

Shut up, do you not know to enter after knocking?

Coming like coming into the attached
bathroom of your bedroom by pushing?

Why all that sir, today is your birthday right?

I will go, inform all and come

Hey, wait... Who said?

What is someone saying sir.

You just have only two new shirts

Will we not get a doubt when the third is seen?

I liked your brain a lot.

Come to Suraj bar in the night.
We shall both drink and fall drowsy

We will anyways do that, what about the afternoon

What afternoon?

None has yet taken breakfast,
thinking that you would give a treat

You mean, are our guys doing any worship for me?

Not worships sir,
they want to have lunch if you give a treat

What treat?

Still, am I any kid to celebrate birthdays?

Will you, yourselves decide about everything?

If Kids, it is enough just to distribute chocolates.

So many arrangements are done because
it is your birthday sir

You say so?

Yes, a new restaurant is opened.
We are going there and that is it.


Look Karthik!

Like the goat believes in Butcher Mastan,
I am coming with a belief on you

You should not force if someone says not to come

I can reach to your expectations sir

You move sir.

Just you, me and another... Ok?

You will have it there....

Hey, whom did you say idiot?

What did you say the day before idiot?

He is talking on the phone sir

Hey, listen to me guys...

Still, who are all these Karthik,
came like for a celebration?

Are all these from our office?

Hey, when all of the waiting what are you
on phone into waste discussions?

Hey, even my car...

Stop sir, you can get into your car as
and when you want to. Let us meet there

I miss you darling....

We cannot fit in this, come let us go in another auto

Why another auto sir, waste of money.
You waste all your money like this

Another guy will not fit there.

We shall make the driver get down now, if required

What did you say?

I said one more will not fit there
After that

I said we shall make the driver get down if needed

Driver, you come out

You get down dude

Why are you making him get down?

Who will drive the auto if he down?

This is correct for you

Are you still not gone?

Ok, shall we go on the bike?

What are you all doing here outside?

He made us all small kids and made us stand here bro

Nothing so,

you shut up...

Karthik, will you come to a side once please


It would have been good
if we both had been to some mess right?

Why all this mess?

No... Where are all these?

Oh God, all have settled...

You do not come to office but came here in time...

You idiot...

Mutton biryani... Apolo fish...
Chili Prawns... Veg Manchuria...

Chicken noodles.

Do not read so loud, he is writing thinking that as order

He understood
I understood sir

What did you understand?

Boy, say all this in the menu as one round...

Ok sir

Give that card here

The same will be there even in this sir

Then, bring two

Ok sir

What to bring? Is it to eat or to sell?

It is the dead chicken right? Eat a bit slowly,

it will not run away anywhere

Bill sir

Oh no!

2017, Hyderabad


Karthik, come to my cabin

Come in

You got the Swedish VISA

Look Karthik, I talk anything openly

I know that all your experience,
certificates and graduation are not original

But I never spoke as Subbu is very close to me

I do not understand how this VISA came too

It is not to say that you are not working,

you improved a lot after coming here

In fact, I was surprised lot of times

But at the client location, work would be a bit more difficult

I hope, you can cope up with that

You will have to leave in three days, get ready

All the best

Thank you sir

It would be very cold there.

Get some warm clothes

And remember, in three days you have to fly

Screening will be over there and food will be placed outside

Actually, there is still time for your marriage right madam

All the pending works would finish in one day

All these bookings are only after three days.

We are surprised to see you early

I have got some other work here


I need a car

Ok madam, I will inform at the travel desk.

They will let you know when driver is available

I do not need driver. I will drive.

Ok madam, when would Sir come madam?

2012, Hyderabad

What, called to come urgently Dambu?

No idea, he said to inform after you come
and is on phone from an hour

Who is that girl?


On the phone


He does not have that scene Anjali,
he is speaking to some customer care girl

No chance, it is a girl for sure

I am saying he does not have that scene Anjali

I see, come let us see


What is this?
Come on

Actually all this is new for me.

Have I not said?
I remember only you

You idiot

I thus have decided immediately after
seeing the photo that I should marry only you

He has it now...

I know...

How many more girls will you play with more, idiot?

You are finished idiot,
Wait, listen to me.

you run so much of story without my knowledge

Sit.. I called both to say that same thing

Ok, say

Actually, mom had been to vizag last week right?

For marriage and it seems they saw Samyuktha there

They liked her a lot

Did you not like then?

No dude

Ok... I too liked.

I should have said long back but thought
to say both at once after it is confirmed

This Saturday is the engagement in Bangalore
and to say that I called you both

Dambu, marriage so fast for you?

Hey, you are coming for the engagement right?

Of course, how will your engagement take place
if I do not come?

Hey, mom is saying to go in train.

So, you and Anjali come in my car
I may be needing car there.




how are mom and dad?

They are fine Anjali

Dad is retiring next year.

But he is wishing to stay back in Rajolu


Yes, say

Did you ever remember me after I left Razole?

I remember your face when I saw you first time till date

Even now if I go to Razole, I go to the places
we roamed and remember how we used to be

That Apartment, our school,

Exhibition, Police quarters and all...

As you left, many times I used to
feel you were there in any Ambassador car I see

I used to chase on cycle and fell down many times too

I did not understand what to do as you left at once

There were no phone, Orkut or e mail then right?

I did not even a hope that you would meet again

But one day I suddenly felt like seeing you

Somehow I remembered you a lot

I just knew that you were in Bombay

I did not have a single rupee in pocket,

got into the train and came to Bombay

I did not know where to go.

I had no food to eat, I did not even know the language

I was roaming around so not knowing where to go
and the Police caught me after three days

Uncle had come the next day
and said that mom was worried

It seems she did not even
eat properly from when I left

I immediately got to cry

We left by that day evening train

Even while leaving in train,

Even while leaving in train, I was staring at the platform
with a hope that I may get to see you at least once

I spoke a bit too much right?

Has the first light hidden behind the heart knowingly?

Have many days passed before the eyes were opened?

Stories in me have come in you

Whole body shivered all of a sudden

My heart did not believe you like this

Moonlight overshadowed me so much like this

Searching for love and cannot say the pain

It came to know so today after meeting.
Closeness like the flood

What Karthik, it seems you said to speak something?

That is... that is...

That is...

I love you Anjali



What? is Luna spelling correct?

There are five and I anyways cannot hit so many.

The first guy hitting me has it today in my hands

What idiot, are you a hero?

Bro... goggles

You are finished idiot
Hit him, hit

Hit him, hit

What to hit idiot?

Is that girl your own? Has she said to be in love with you?

Will you hit me idiot?

Hey, I spoke to Mr. Srinivas in the morning.

He said to pick you up once you land in Sweden

Thanks dude

Hello.. No, what is this?


Just once please, once

Just once please, once


See here..


Hey Sammu, no

I am drinking

Sammu, do not play drama

I am drinking

Sammu, you will get hit now

Hey wait, he will fall there if you drink here

Does Subbu really has no habit?

Yes, he drinks bottoms up if Maaza is given

Subbu, waste fellow

Wait, I will see

Hi, when did you come?

Come... Come inside

Karthik, why are you still here?

Oh, has Dumbu still not said you?

There is a party at my home today evening.

Go home fast and come freshening up,
I will show you my room

I cannot come today Anjali

What happened Karthik?

I fell from cycle

Will you get hurt so falling from the cycle?

I fell such that I get hurt like this, ok?

What happened to you Karthik?

What do you bother about me?

That Bujji hit, he hit for moving with you

Did you not ask why for him?

He asked why for me? He asked, is she in love with you?

Did you not say yes?

You believe only if I say?

See me properly Karthik, can you not understand?

How are you Karthik?

Look at me properly, can you not understand?

Enough of seeing dude, you are good.

Why not put this tie on?

Why hurry for you dude?

Should you immediately wear the tie,
go down and put plates for food or what?


Is my tummy seen by chance?

Hey, you think I became fat?

Come in...

Hi, you...

Yes, I am not disturbing right?

No, of course not... Please come in...

Come in, sit down...


Thank you

Hey, you should to put some tie knot right? Give it here

Why hurry dude?

Should have this tie fast, go down
and put plates for food or what?

Let us relax a bit, sit


Hey Subbu

Wear this chain


Why are you here, dear? Come and get ready


Hey Dambu, put this tie a bit dude...

Hey Dambu...

Hey, do you know how to put this tie knot?

I do not even wear a belt as such problem would come bro

I will come in a minute


what are you doing there?

Come here, we should go and visit the bride

What idiot, will you not leave that girl?

Nothing so grandma,
wherever I am going that girl is following me there

Oh no, for your beauty?

Sir, wait sir... How was your journey?

What journey Karthik,
my life is going thinking about that journey

What happened sir?

Oh no, you would say everyone if I say you.
I will not say you

I will not say anyone sir, come here


Huh, say now

Lorry, just missed

You know it was better I died falling under that lorry
than to have heard the language of that driver

It may get night by the time we go, it may even get late

What are you doing?

Hey, right dude


Hey, right for you dude

Hey, right dude...

Have I said you? Have I said your right?
You did not listen

Why did this fellow go like this?

Hey, what is it idiot?

That was, said right and...
What right after dashing the vehicle, idiot?

Hey, are you any rascal?

Get down idiot, get down... To hell with your...

What are you sir?

Still, what is that Phani being seated in the front sir?

You should have happily made a girl sit next,
listen to romantic music and should have driven

Even that fun was fulfilled

What are you talking, why?

Are you any crazy?

It said fly in the clouds and dash like the cyclone,
said the naughty heart going with the girl...

What happened?

He did it,

Why is she crying?


What happened?

Dirty rascal...

Hey, do not cry

Hey, do not cry

They would think I did something to you


He will have it now, see if you want to...


Will kill him that idiot.

Open, open the window...

Good morning

Very nice hat sir

Why is she crying?

You are doing a very good job officer

Doing a very good job

Have you forced her?

What sir?

Did you force her?

Yes, the Sun is very high...


What about the two, are you a pair?

Yes sir, confirmed... Yes....

Sir, rape for sure... Come...

Rape and me...
Come on open


Open...come on open it.

Please Leave me


will you quit smoking if I ask?

Ask and see

I will not ask, that word is enough for me

Will you do anything for me?

I love you Karthik

I felt you would get very angry on me
as I suddenly left Rajole like that

I thought you will hate me for life

I thought you would hate even by listening to my name

I did not speak with dad for
one year after going to Bombay

I too slowly carried on with life

College and job and I met lot of people in this process

But I never got the feeling when I was with you

I thought only I had that feeling Karthik

But, when you said so yesterday in the car

I could not control myself saying this to you

Will the mask from my love be gone
I love you Karthik

You swept me off my feet with that little talk

I have been controlling from yesterday Karthik

I cannot anymore now

I... I love you Karthik

I should open the lock of closed heart room
and mix me in you

Great like from my small world has done
something to make me as you, I cannot say

My time saying heart is yours has
after so long come in front after hiding

I know... this is mine

I never said you the reason
why I suddenly said no for marriage that day

You too never asked me and that troubled me more

Why all those now Anjali?

No, I have to tell

There is no meaning to the life I lived till now,
if you too hate me

One minute

What happened dude?

It seems grandma got heart attack

It seems she is put in the ICU

You do not worry, we will start right away

Why you dude, you have the travel this week

and you should be in office by Wednesday for sure

Not you...

Wednesday right? I will be back by Tuesday night

Sammu, you get ready fast. We are starting right away


Dambu, I too will come with you

Leave it Anjali, your marriage is on Wednesday right?

You will have so many works here again

I want to see grandma, please Dambu.

I will come back again with Karthik

Ok, your wish Anjali

I will wait at the car, give the keys


you should be here 10 days in advance for marriage

I will come for sure grandma

I would have felt happy if you were
married even before Subbu

Will you call me for your marriage
or let go saying a old woman?

Wherever you are, I will come myself
and take you to my marriage

Bye dear, bye

Bye Dambu
See you, bye

Look Karthik, you got to urgently do a help for me

No chance

first ask what the help is

Ok, say what it is

Those crazy fellows, take them in your car. Please...

No chance

Have I said anything when you signed attendance
even when you did not come to office?

Please, understand just for this time.

I am frightened to travel with them

Please, just for once... Please

Ok, let them come
Hey... Madam you too... In this...

Thank you

One minute, I will call you again


What is this?


When all are into sending e mails
and messages, are you still giving letters?

I like it when I write myself and give

I see

Hey... What is this?

They are in the back and they would watch

Has the love come back forgetting the past?

Is the love going to become a past again?

Has this become a game for you?

Is there a place without a sky?

Is there a chance to hide latching?

This love is like lightening

Karthik, I need to talk with you

Karthik... Come here once

Why did you call dude?

She is been sitting there for long

She is not talking properly.

Go and ask what the matter is.

I am leaving home

What happened Anjali, sitting here?

I thought you left home

Why do you not speak anything?
Has the Social Sir said anything even to you?

I got the report card Karthik, I am frightened to go home

No idea what Daddy says?

He will feel very bad

What happened, have you failed?

No Karthik, I got 9th rank.

I always used to come first.

Now getting such marks,
I am frightened what daddy would say

You know one thing?

I till date do not know what a rank is

I always used to fail three subjects
and now I failed all the subjects

Still, time is not enough in your house
for your dad and mom to fight

and what would they bother about you?

I will not stay calm
if you say another word about mom and dad

What are you going high? Shall I say you another thing?

I heard when my parents were talking.

Do you know that your mom and dad
are getting separated?

No problem when they fight
and now an objection when I say

I hate you Karthik, I hate you

Dambu... Hey Dambu

Do not shout, I am coming

Hey, did you go home?

No, I am going. Why?

Hey, Principal sir came to know everything about you both

He called parents of you both and spoke something

What did he speak?

No idea, I too do not know

But, both your dad and dad of Anjali had a big fight
and came out shouting from the room of Principal Sir


what work do you have with that dirty vagabond?
Come up

Grandma, do you know how to sign?


I am wishing to marry
and thought you would sign as the witness

You idiot...

You will not get shame how many
ever times you are scolded

You need a marriage now, idiot?

Hey Subbu, come up taking that tumbler

Hey, are you not afraid at all?

I am very much frightened, see how are my hands shivering

My dad today would really get me married

I am feeling worried thinking even Anjali
would be the same frightened

Ok, you go

Hey, where are you going?

I just said something to Anjali. Maybe she is feeling sad

Hey, are you any crazy?

It is fine if you get hit by your dad.
But why do you wish to go and get hit by her dad?

Hey, nothing will happen

Why are you talking like you know everything?

At least say what is going to happen.
I will have no tension

I unnecessarily made Anjali just cry.
I will go and say her sorry, bye

Karthik, stop dude. Listen to me... Karthik

What is your age?

What is your age?

01:32:54,832 --> 01:32:59,498
Your school Principal called and said to debar you
and that no chance to write the exams

I wished to request saying she would do
better as you may have got less marks

But what he told was something I did not expect.

Say what answer should I give Anjali?

Answer me

Who is that fellow, always roaming around our house?

No anger right?

Sorry Anjali, I just said something...

This idiot...

Come inside Karthik

What is your age Karthik?

01:34:03,165 --> 01:34:04,082
Oh, good...

Even Anjali said the same

Look Karthik,

it would be listen that my daughter at 14 is preparing for IIT,
got a cup in sports or got first at the school

And if we get to listen that she is moving
around with some boy at 14, it sounds very bad

I like Cricket by the age of 14, I like my mom,
I like Dambu and similarly I like Anjali

When all these are not wrong,
what is wrong when I like Anjali, aunty?

I do not know why aunty, but I like Anjali very much

Even Anjali likes me a lot. What Anjali?

Sorry Anjali, I just said something before.

Do not feel bad...

Do not touch her...

Anjali, come on...

I like mom, cricket and Dambu
and the same like Anjali too

Elders around did not understand such a small fact.

I did not speak even when understood

I then for some reasons felt no for likes over
and above the age

I felt the troubles I had were enough

I will be with grandma, you go and take rest

Karthik, I got to speak with you for a minute

Hey, grandma wants to see you.
Visiting hours are only till 6.

Go and see her once

Madam, your phone is ringing


I thought of surprising you.

But you have surprised me

Where are you?

Yes, in the hotel

It seems you did not come from yesterday evening
and your dad gone to bring you has not returned till now

I am not in Hyderabad


When are you coming?

I will take two days

Two days?

That is... That is one day before marriage.

Arun, I cannot explain now.

I do not want your explanation Anjali

Relatives arrived here,

what should I tell them?

I will call you back, ok?

Visiting hours are up. Do not disturb
the patient and come back fast

Sure Doctor

What son, what did the Doctor say?

He is saying it is tough now

and asked to call all relatives grandma

Oh no...

Here, hit now

What son, has that girl come for you?

She came grandma.

Her marriage is in two days and came to invite

Somehow, I never used to like you from childhood.

Roaming around in mischief,
being sarcastic for everything, roaming like a vagabond...

I used to fear that even Subbu would
get spoilt along with you

Take rest...

Take rest

One day, you went away from the house
for that girl without saying anyone...

Then I got so angry to come in search of you and kill you

Stay calm grandma, stay cool

When that girl said not to marry,
you did not ask even once as to why

I liked you then for the first time.

Right or wrong,
who would understand a girl better than this?

A boy thinks how to marry the girl he likes

but the girl thinks how to be after marriage

No idea what is in her heart?

Shall I meet her parents tomorrow and talk?

It seems mom wants to speak with you.

You meet mom tomorrow and talk for once

Oh no, why to meet your mom now?

No idea Karthik, I said mom that we are going to marry

What, marriage?

What is it, has Dambu not informed you?


You say...

My flight is in the next three days.

This time I cannot stay away for long from you

It is difficult for you to get a VISA in this time.

So, having a marriage certificate
you can easily get a dependent VISA

After you come down,
we will again come back to India after six months

Then if needed, we will invite all and arrange for a party


Hey, what?

Have you said?

Hey, I thought to give a surprise.
I even called mom and dad to come tomorrow

Huh... it is hurting

Congratulations Karthik, you are finally going to America

I am giving you a bonus as this
project finished successfully

You know what is that?
I am relieving you even without a notice period.

All the very best

One minute...

Please go sir

Eat dude

Even that fellow knows about marriage.
but I don't know.

Surprise is for you and not for him

Actually, this is idli actually and this is chutney actually

Idli and Chutney good actually

Actually this is sambar actually...

Idli and sambar also very good actually

My dear Rajesh...


My dear Rajesh...
Wait sir, I am explaining

She knows everything even without explaining.

You come to a side.

Yummy, actually..

What are you talking there?

It was you saying to talk in English
when a client comes and show up

Other than actually and taking out Idli, sambar,
where is English in what you spoke?

What is it sir? I said excellent at last, right?

Do they say it as English, dear?

Is it not?

It goes so when waiters from hotel are brought
and appointed as program writers.

Mistake is mine

Oh, yes! Like a job for Obama is given to me?

You will have it

Mutton is very hard sir

Is it?

Adjust with chicken for today, please

If you say no and wantonly mutton, keep that in my mouth.

I will chew and spit it out.

You eat then. It would be soft.

Oh no, what if you chew and swallow?
Yes, I am so...

So Karthik, it is been how many years?

It is been thirteen years,

I liked Anjali for the first time I saw her

I am asking from when are you into job?

I think 4 to 5 years

So, what is your future plan?

Anjali said to send VISA papers after going to US.

I am thinking to start shopping after that.

Oh, have you asked about the job?

Never mind!

Mom, can we go?

Yes son, 5 minutes... You play

Anjali said you did B Com
and how did you get a job in IT?

I did two months course after coming to Hyderabad.

Then a vacancy came up in the office
of our Subbu and he managed.

Huh, Anjali would manage after going to US.

That sounds like a plan

Aishu, finish your drink.

Madam, can I ask you one thing?

Why do you never like me?

I too do not understand the same thing

Why did Anjali like you?

Why do you not talk
when I asked did you like Karthik, mummy?

Will you stop marrying him if I say not to have liked?

I will not

Do not say job and career of Karthik
is the reason for this, mummy

I do not care about his job or money.

He is aimless and irresponsible

But he loves me

Anjali, all the couples getting separated now
after fighting are all married once with great love

We should marry not with an answer
about how we are till today in love

But with a question of how we would be tomorrow.

Parents in childhood,
Subbu after growing young and you now...

He is always dependent and comfortable

If you see once he is out of that comfort zone,

you will see the real person

You will understand that three months after the marriage

Driver, stop the car

Anjali, all say that your thought process
and behavior are like me

Just for the five minutes
I spoke with Karthik, I felt him like your dad

If you ever have to get down in middle like this after marriage,

do not forget that I am there

Good luck baby!

Amongst the kids going happily back home after school,

I used to go in fear of what fight would
I have to see going home now

At times, I used feel like running
away somewhere leaving out all these

I never used to understand why they
married at all, when they are fighting so much

That same question has now come in my life

What if Karthik too changes like Daddy as said by mummy?

What if I and Karthik always fight like mom and dad?

I was frightened.

I did not remember even love of Karthik that moment

I do not like this marriage Karthik.

Leaving you and going maybe
my selfishness but our love is not false

If that is false, there is no meaning to my life so long

I should say there is no mistake from
you in what has happened

I should say you should go on with your life

I should see above all these,

if possible I should hold you tight and cry

This is the last chance for me for all these
to be possible, Karthik

I have thus come for you Karthik

I have come again for you

Why did you come back again Anjali?

Why did you come again?

Shall I say?

You had the guilt of doing a mistake

You wanted to explain why you left and came to clear your
conscience before your marriage and thus you came

Are you so selfish Anjali?

Even now you want to give your explanation
why you had to leave and then happily go and marry

but have you ever thought
what runs on him listening to that?

He is crazy Anjali.

He is still not understanding why you left him

You know how he is when with you.

But I know how he would be when you leave.

Enough of what he went through because of you.

Do not make him suffer more Anjali.

In fact if you can,
give a reason to forget you and then leave.

Make it easy for him...

Have you seen grandma?

Anjali is waiting

Say what?

Karthik, all our letters, cards, pictures
and all you have with you

I want all

I do not like any problem to come
because of you after my marriage

I am going to Hyderabad on Tuesday morning.

I will keep them all in the house of Dambo

Send someone to collect.


I need to talk with you dear

You were sixteen when I and mom took divorce

When the judge in court asked
who do you like to stay, you said with daddy

Then all thought you like me.

But I know the truth

Your mom likes you a lot.

You felt she would come back at least for you
staying with me and that we stay together

I know long back that you never liked me Anjali

You kept me not liked near
and keeping away the person you like.

What logic is this?

Still, all mistakes are ours.

We should not have fought in front of you.

I felt you were a kid and what will you know.

But never thought it hurts your heart so much

This is me,

he is different

What is his age and what is he doing?
I was insulted a lot because of him

He is become so just because of you

He is a kid and what does he know

I unnecessarily pampered him, you know what he did?

Hey Karthik

He took away all the prestige safeguarded for so long
Hey, come here once

When sent to school to study, he is writing love letters


Anjali and family are leaving

She came with her parents to school for taking the TC

Hey Karthik stop, I too am coming

I am not knowing how to control him.

Where are you going again?

Hey Karthik, stop!

Hey Karthik, get up

What is this?

Hey, it is bleeding

Hey Dambu, I am getting to cry

The feet is not controlled, my heart is left me

It is become a habit, tears are not dropping

The burden of your absence does not go down

Heart does not listen that you will not return

Nothing wrong and the love does not go

You became like the rain coming and leaving

I am here like the land

You are the season changing while watching

I am the sky standing still

What is a bigger sorrow than your love?

Shall I share my life if you wish for?

Will your silence break if I break open my heart?

I am like the breathe and will go as an exhale

I am not alone, you will be always with me

I am never without you even in the thoughts

I promise and say that you are me

Anjali, I gave all our letters
and photograph at the house of Dambo

I love you Karthik,

I love you

I will stay back with you Karthik

You do not go anywhere,

I love you

You asked for a car to airport right, it has come sir

Ask him to wait for 10 minutes, I am coming

Ok sir

I am afraid Anjali.

I do not know the reason but I am very afraid

More than the pain that you are not there,
I have more fear that you will go away gain if we meet

I do not know of any other world than you from childhood

The moments we had when you were there

and the remembrances of moments spent
when you were not there

I am not saying all this with an anger on you

I do not just love you, but I am crazy

See if you want,

saying to have kept all these in the house of Dambo
I am secretly taking all our remembrances along with me

I do not have the courage to bear if the moment
to get away from you comes again Anjali.

So, let us be the same Anjali

Ok Karthik,

you waited so long for me right?

I will wait now.

Not that you should come back again to me,

but will wait till you come back

Come to me when you have just the
love on me here and when there is no any fear

We shall marry then

You know right, this is yours

You will come back again for me, right?

Will any time or distance keep you hidden?

Will any wound or silence change me?

Will you not come back to this place,
never being able to forget?

I am driving away,
leaving though burnt and shattered in any anger

No idea what medicine is in these relations,
this love is bouncing high again so

Will you not come back to this place,
never being able to forget?

Will those forgotten not come back leaving the sorrow?