Malli Malli Chusa (2019) - full transcript

Gautham is an orphan raised by an Army major in Vizag. Swapna is a college student from Hyderabad who loses the diary that Gautham finds. How he manages to impress her forms the rest of the tale.

'Malli Malli Choosa'

[waves crashing]

[haunting music playing]

[voice over] 'I'm Goutham.'

'I'm an orphan.'

'In this world with consisting
of millions of people...'

'I have nobody to worry about me.'

'Except for my Swapna.'

'Swapna is not some beautiful girl.'

'She's a 60 year old woman.'

'I don't know where she is right now.'

'I don't even know what she's up to.'

'Or how she looks.'

'But, she has to come here for me now.'

'And I'm not sure if she'd come.'

'I'll be alive only if she shows up.'

'If she doesn't, I'll sink
deep into the ocean forever.'


[groaning intensifies]


[melancholic music playing]

[Girl] 'Goutham, you fell in love
with me at first sight, right?'

[Goutham] 'Yes. Love at first sight.'

[Girl] 'Do you believe
in love at first sight?'

[Goutham] 'Yes. The first
person I ever saw was my mom.'

'And I fell in love immediately.'

'That is why I believe
in love at first sight.'

[Girl] 'I get it.'
[Goutham] 'What?'

[Girl] 'You're a book worm.'

'And you're a copy cat.'

'Be honest. This concept of Love/Lover
X Life is also a rip off, right?

[Goutham] 'Yes.'

'It's by a Roman poet who analyzed love
stories in Indian mythology in the 1500s.

[Girl] 'What was his name?'
[Goutham] 'Who's more important to you?'

'Him or me?'
-[Girl] 'I choose you.'

[Goutham chuckles]

[dramatic music playing]

[Goutham] 'He gets all the credit
for this patriotic atmosphere.'

'He's a military major.'

'But before that, he's an
Elementary School Master.'

'And I'm his Elementary School.'

'He can't go to bed unless
he gives me a lecture.'

'This woman who's looking all
innocent and having her breakfast...'

'Her name is Lakshmamma.'

'She's been living with us for
as long as I can remember.'

'Coming to me, my name is Goutham.'

'I'm an orphan.'

'I believe in self-respect
and I'm not so selfish.'

I believe in the mantra of putting
satisfaction before success.

[scoffs] Drink this.

-There's little left.

You don't want it, do you?

Get up. Come on.
-Hey! Hey!

[Old woman] Get up!
-Hey! Hey!

You can't be sleeping still.
The sun is out. Wake up.

Take a shower and I have
hot upma for you. -Upma?!

What were you expecting?
Osmania biscuits? Get up!

[mumbles] Damn! She eats
upma in my dreams as well.

What's with that look?

You seem so confused, eh?

Were you dreaming again?

Aren't you ashamed to sleep
in and dream all day?

Ain't like I'm making babies, Master.
I'm just dreaming. -Shut up!

The Great APJ Abdul Kalam
asked everyone to dream.

Fools like you mistake it for sleeping.

[phone buzzing]

That phone has been ringing off the hook.

First go answer that. Go.


[phone buzzing continues]

Psst! It's him.

I'll talk to him later.

[phone buzzing continues]

What's the matter?
-[Guy] 'Bro, come fast!'

'It's a really important matter.'

Looks like you're on your way out.
-I'm headed to war, Major.


I don't wage wars on
countries like you people.

I wage it on bodies.

Why don't you say it's a fight?

I served upma for you. Have it.
You can fight for longer.

[mumbles] Why isn't he here yet?

What's wrong, man?
-Come fast!


Look, bro.

[pounding music playing]

What's happening here?

Gafoor's gang got them drugged.

[pounding music continues]

Poor kids. They're still young.

They refused but his gang
literally forced them.

Watch out!

Where are they right now?

[creepy music playing]

This is not done. bro.
My business is at loss.

Hey! Shut up and get to work.
-Yeah. Of course.

It's all my karma.

[pounding music playing]

[leaves rustling]
[upbeat music playing]

Squeeze in, man.



Play the radio.

[song 'Ee Petaku Nene Mestri'
from 'Mutha Mestri' playing]

[wood creaking]

[dramatic music playing]

[song 'Idhe Idhe' from
'Agniparvatam' playing]

[thud sounds]

[glass clinking]

[radio creaking]

Sing now!

I'm not here to sing.


Guys, get him!

[thud sounds]

[bench creaking]

[thud sound]

[water splashing]

[thud sounds continue]


[pounding music playing]

[glass shatters]

[wood creaking]

[leaves rustling]

Kill him!

[thud sounds continue]


[intense music playing]

[intense music continues]

[thud sounds continue]

[wood creaking]

How dare you drug innocent
little kids, you bastards!

Tell me why you did this.
Come on!

I know what to do with you.


How could you drug orphan kids?

I'm begging you, brother.

Tell me. Who asked you to do this?

Tell me. Tell me, you bastard!

I know only as far as exporting
orphan kids to Mumbai.

How dare you make orphans
victims of human trafficking!

You should be ashamed of your life.

[thud sound]
-Let me go, bro.

Hey! If I see anyone of
you around here again...

I'll drag you all the way from Gajuwaka
to Bheemili beach and beat you up.

[thud sound]

You should study well.
Don't take anything from strangers, okay?

[Kids] Okay, brother.
-All okay, huh?

They're fine. Back to normal now.

Come here.

Who are we?
-[Kids] Orphans.

-[Kids] Orphans!

We have people who
sympathize with us but...

No one's going to be there
for us and share our pain.

That's because we're orphans.

When we die, Municipality
treats us like street dogs.

[melancholic music playing]

You guys should promise me something.

[Kids] Tell us, brother.

Put your hands forward.

We're orphans.
-[Kids] We're orphans.

We're unfortunate to lose our parents.
-We're unfortunate to lose our parents.

Yet, we shall hold our self respect.
-Yet, we shall hold our self respect.

We shall stand together.
-We shall stand together.

We shall love everyone equally.
-We shall love everyone equally.

We shall achieve our dreams.
-We shall achieve our dreams.

You might want to abandon us.
-You might want to abandon us.

But we'd still want you.
-But we'd still want you.


We're orphans.
-We're orphans.

We're like your family.
-We're like your family.

Come here.
[soulful music playing]


-Why are you yelling?

Lower your voice, man.
-Can't you make anything other than upma?

I made that for myself.
I made roti for you.

Here you go.

Are you going to eat
upma your whole life?

You're always hogging on upma.

All my teeth are gone.
What else do you expect me to eat?

Upma is an easy-to-cook dish.

Whoa! Really?

You're not hurt from the
war this morning, right?

A tiger is never hurt hunting pigs.

I don't get it, man.

What was that pledge with the kids?
Something like 'We're orphans!'.

For sympathy sakes?
-For self respect actually.

Whoa! Self respect, huh?

You're all grown up.
You don't think of saving up.

But you talk about self respect, eh?

Blah! Blah! Blah!
-Oh, seriously?

Do I look like I give a damn?
-I wish I could smack you down.

I would do the same to you if I could.

Who's going to cook for you then?

Eat it.

When you're jobless, this society
treats you like a misfit.

Birds are supposed to fly in the sky.
Not the auditorium.

Similarly,we're supposed
to live to the fullest.

It's not all about the money.
Something you told me, Master.

I also remember you mentioning a poem.

'Money that...'
-Hey! Hey! Hey!

Try to uphold Telugu
literature if you can.

Don't ruin it, okay?
This is a request.

Got it?

Bah! He eats so little.

[water running]



Didn't I ask you to post this
book to where it's addressed?

Yes, you did.

But there's no address on it.

Look. If you bring home all
kinds of stuff you find...

Someday, you'll find these
things take away the real you.

Yeah, right. I've heard enough.
-You never listen to me anyway.

'Again and again I saw'

What did she see?

By Swapna Swaramanjari.

Kind of a nice name.

'A life without freedom is
like a war without an enemy.'

What was that?

A life without freedom is
like a war without an enemy?

I don't get it but it sounds good.


That's me.

'Goutham. He's a multi-millionaire.'

Whoa! Not me!

By the way, why can't it be me?

How would I look as a

[dramatic music playing]

I look good.

[peppy music playing]

[dramatic music playing]



[clears throat]

Can I tell you something?

It's my anniversary today.

Me and my wife want to visit the temple.

If you could give me a half day
off, I'll be back in no time.

-I just told you, sir.

We'll visit a temple.

That is what I'm asking you. Why?

[sighs] Err... Why would
we visit a temple, sir?

For the Lord's blessings.

Please give me a half day leave, sir.

They say 'Work is worship'.
First learn to love your work.

You wouldn't need blessings.

Who said 'Work is workshop', sir?

Ah! Don't look at me like that, sir.

I'm sure someone great
must have said that.

Have some water.
You'll cool down.

Thank you, sir.
Love you. Happy birthday.

This guy is such a weirdo.

Oh! Maybe this is how
multi-millionaires are.

'Goutham has everything in life
and yet, something is missing.'

[heart pounding]

'And at the right moment,
something wonderful happened.;

[heart pounding continues]
[traffic noises]

[tyres screeching]

[heart pounding]

[heart pounding continues]

[thunder rumbling]

[pouring heavily]

[cheerful music playing]

[melancholic music playing]

[instrumental music playing]

Just like Goutham, I wish I
had a miracle in my life.

Swapna Swaramanjari!

Are you the miracle?

[serene music playing]

[inhaling deeply]

[clicks tongue] Bah!

You're doing it wrong.
Follow me, you guys.


Sis, mom will be bowled over
if she sees you in this dress.

Let me tell you what she really thinks.

Come on.

Hmm. You look so nice.

Awww! So cute!

'You look so sexy. So many guys
are going to flirt with you.'

Be a little careful in college.

You know how guys these days can be.

'Don't roam around with
random guys in college.'

'You know how guys these
days are looking for fun.'

What are you two gossiping about? Huh?

I'm just asking her to be safe, mom.

Hmm. Look. She's so smart.

Learn from her.

She's from the 4G era, mom.
She's ought to be fast.

Alright. Now drink your
milk before leaving.


[keyboard clicking]
'Hi, Miss Swapna. This is Goutham.'

'I found your book at Bhairavakonda.'

'Your story is just wonderful.'

'I couldn't find your
address on the book.'

'Just the email.'

'Send me your address.'

'I'll post the book to you.'

[soulful music playing]

What's up, man?

It's just one shock after another, huh?

You haven't gone insane, have you?


You're hooked to the book.
What's so interesting?


I thought you'd live
strong like a soldier.

But you're living like a loser.

Don't say loser, Master.
The word is lover.

In this generation, a
lover is code for loser.

Master, even a soldier is
a lover to his country.

And every lover in this
world is a soldier.

So you won't be waging wars on
countries and bodies anymore.

It will be hatred, huh?

Good. Good. Carry on.

'Goutham went out on a jog one day.'

'Clouds have taken over the sky.'

[thunder rumbling]

[pouring heavily]

[cheerful music playing]


Damn! What's with the fish and
passing right through his body?

She's not some ghost, is she?

What the hell is written in here?

Whoa! Looks like someone
is all dressed up.



[serene music playing]

[singing randomly]


Where is the soldier headed?

Out to wage a war again?
-Out for an answer actually.

You, your words and actions...

Think about it, man.

Things might go downhill.
-I know what to do, Master.

[intense music playing]

[laughing hysterically]

Who the hell is he?
-You look like a joker.

[continues laughing hysterically]

I guess he's mad.

Hey, badly! Whoo-hoo!

-Get off me!

Who the hell are you, man?

Hey, joker!
-Don't force me to hit you.


Are you insane?

[thud sounds]


Who are you calling 'Joker', huh?

[upbeat music playing]

[wood creaking]

-[thud sounds]

Bro, let him go.

[creepy music playing]

[thud sounds]

[upbeat music continues]

I'm trying to figure out why
she was holding a fish.

And you call me a joker, huh?
[thud sounds]

Joker, my foot!

[phone buzzing]

-Hey! Job done?

I couldn't hit him, bro.

But he smacked me well.

I heard you went looking for answers
and returned with a torn shirt.

What's the matter?


Let's put it aside, Master.

I'll read out a poem for you.

Tell me how it is.
-A poem?!

I can't take that risk.
Don't get me involved.

Give it a hear, Master. You only
asked me to save Telugu literature.

Hmm. Okay.

'You're the love that loves love.'

'You're the heart that
surrenders a heart to heart.'

'I'm the melodies heard in
the foaming waves ashore.'

'I'm the silence heard in the
sacrifices of fantasies about love.'


What's wrong, Master?
Is it bad?

I can't believe you wrote a poem.

-You have to believe it, Master.

When there's love in your
heart, every man is a poet.

Now you've completely
turned into a loser.

You're writing poems as well.

You don't get it, Master.
-Like I said, lovers are losers. Go!

Miss Swapna, your story
influenced me greatly.

I've become a fan of yours.

I'm eagerly waiting for your reply.

I hope you will respond
to my mail this time.

[snapping fingers]

Psst! Why doesn't she reply
to any of my messages?

Sis, you've got mail.

Why don't you reply?
You'll get your book back.

He seems like a nice guy.

Even a black hen lays a white egg.

Likewise, all men seem
nice in the beginning.

Anyway, he's a total stranger to me.

How do you think I can trust him?
-Ask him to send a picture of his then.

Basically, I'm not dying
to get that book back.

'I just tried to write a story.'

And it turned out to be messy.

I didn't like it that much.

But he's giving false praise about
being influenced and becoming my fan.

Anyway, I'm damn hungry.

[sighs] Let's go.
-Come on.

[phone beeps]

Keep your mobile aside
and finish dinner.

Kids these days don't even have
the data capacity of a mobile.

They keep texting each
other all the time.

Not everyone has a daddy like
you who's giving out messages.

Shut up and eat your food.

Err... -Don't ask me how you
can eat with your mouth shut.

Be silent and eat.
-[mumbles] Sandhya!

Stop blabbering and pass me that curry.

A great poet once said 'The greatest of
political arguments begin in the kitchen'.

If he were born in this

He'd rewrite it as 'All shitty
things are born in the kitchen'.

[serene music playing]

'Goutham was lost deep in
her thoughts one day.'

[cheerful music playing]

[thunder rumbling]


[romantic music playing]

I'm sorry.

Actually, I'm scared of the thunder.

That is why I hugged you.

♫A raindrop brings me her vision♫

♫Shall I hide it in my eyes?♫

♫A fantasy of yesterday
comes true today♫

♫Shall I pinch myself to realize it?♫

♫This little heart is overflowing with joy♫

♫You're pouring on to
me from the skies♫

♫I can't put this feeling in words♫

♫My heart follows her
around everywhere♫


♫I'm not myself anymore♫

♫Something magical happened to me♫

♫I can't get myself to believe reality♫

♫I'm on the ground and yet, I fly♫

♫When I look for myself, you
become the mirror of my heart♫

♫I want to tell the truth but
hesitation keeps me bound♫

♫This feels like rebirth of time♫

♫The little kid in me comes out♫

♫I hope to discover many
more miracles along the way♫

What's up?

'I bought these color
sheets especially for you.'


Hey, sit down.

What's up, man? You look colorful.

[mumbles] I should be asking you that.

Sir, it's my wife's death day today.
Sorry. Birthday. -Oh, is it?

Convey my wishes to her.
-Thank you, sir.

Why are you trailing me?
You said it's your wife's birthday.

Take a day off.
Celebrate with her.

[song 'Dandalayya' from
'Bahubali' playing]

[serene music playing]

The rumbling skies...

Her fear...

My heart beat...

They're all linked somehow.

[heart pounding]

[heart pounding continues]

Excuse me.


It's me.

Remember it was raining.
There was thunder.

You hugged me tightly out of fear.

Oh, it's you!

I was pretty clear about
this the other day.

I only hugged you out of fear.

I have no feelings for you.

Can I talk to you for 2 minutes?



Tell me.

This might sound like a lie to you.

But you're the miracle I
ever witnessed in my life.

My heart starts pounding
whenever you're close to me.

It happened each and
every time I saw you.

Even now, I knew you were around
because my heart was pounding.

Are you done yet?

I'm telling the truth. Seriously!

Then listen to my side
of the story as well.

This whole thing about your heart
pounding and you falling in love...

It may sound good but doesn't
work out practically.

If possible, write a fantasy story
out of this and make a movie.

It will be fantastic!
-No, listen...

[sighs] Sorry. Your time is up.

Better luck next time!


Wow! What a story!

We should believe it when a girl
says she hugged out of fear.

But when we speak our
heart out genuinely...

They don't believe us.

They think we're cooking up stories.

[scoffs] Maybe this is why girls
are often portrayed as dumb.

I got mail?

From Swapna.

'Hello, Goutham. Sorry
to respond too late.'

'I believe that my book is with you.'

'But I'm not interested in
giving you my address.'

'Even though you wanted
to return my book.'


'I don't want to give away my address.'

'Don't tell me then.'

She must've thought I'll beg.

[Girl] 'So, I feel you're really
intelligent and clever.'

'I'd like to meet you directly
if you're okay with it.'

'But you should come
to the place I say.'

'I'll send you the location
in the form of a code.'

'Don't even mail me until
you reach that location.'


'Challenge accepted!'

[Girl] 'Here's the code.'

'He's a King.
But doesn't grace the throne.'

'He's standing tall in water.'


Here I come!


This is my contact number.

Send me yours.

[Girl] 'First you come here.'

She literally just asked me to shut up.

Do you think he'll come?
-Only if he has common sense.

Anyway, it wasn't a code.
It was a clue.

When did you lose that book, huh?

I went on a vacation to
Vizag last month, right?

'I wanted to write a story as
soon as I explored that place.'

'I wrote whatever I felt like.'

'Thinking about that story deeply...'

'I sat down on a rock for a long time.'

'I must've forgotten the book there.'

'I went back the next day and looked.'

'But I couldn't find it.'

Don't show off like it's
the most awaited book.

[sighs] Whatever. Let's go inside.

Hey, Goutham. Where are
you headed so early?

Hush! Master is asleep.
I'm going to Hyderabad.

I'll be back soon.
Keep this money with you.

Take care of Master and
the house while I'm away.

Why are you even going there?

I'm going there to kill someone.


He said something.

I didn't get a word of that.

What the hell!

[traffic noises]

Lift. Lift, please.

Psst! Damn!

Lift, please.

If it were a girl, you
would've offered a lift.

Bloody womanizers!

Wow! Charming guy!

[mumbles] Who's this? I
didn't even ask for a lift.

Hi! Do you want a lift?
-Yes, please.

Get in.

Hi! I'm Chaitra.

I was born in the season 'Chaitra'...
-So your dad named you after that.

Err... I actually named myself.

Your good name?

Goutham! Wow!

[mumbles] Chaitra and Goutham. Nice!

[awkward smile]

Can you drop me at Vizag
bus stop, please?

Where are you headed?

-Oh, Hyderabad!

[sultry tone] I'm also going
somewhere closer to Hyderabad.



Why don't you come to bed with me?
-Eh? What?

I mean, why don't you come to
Hyderabad with me? -Oh, okay.

[Goutham] Never mind. Drop me
at the bus station. I'll go.

I don't really mind, Goutham.

You're single and so am I.

So let's mingle.

Loosen up, Goutham.
-Okay. Okay.

I'm really lucky to have found you.

No one was bothering to stop the car.


I feel the same.

You look like an apple.

[mumbles] Bah! What's wrong with him?


I like your pants zip.

[awkward smile]

There's something on your cheek.

Where? Is it gone?


[erotic sounds]


[mumbles] What's wrong with you?
-It's gone now.

Goutham, what do you like the most?

Umm... I don't know about that.

But I do know whom I like the most.
-Oh, who is it?

I love my Master so much!

Oh! So you're also into men.

-Whom do you like anyway?


I don't know whom I like.

But I do know what I like the most.
-Oh. What do you like?

Rubik’s Cube.

Rubik’s Cube?!

Rubik’s Cube turns so hard
when you play with it.

That is why I like it.

Umm... What's in that book?
You've been staring at it.

A story!

Oh. It's a story book?
I really love stories, Goutham.

Who's the author?

No. It's a girl named Swapna.

Yewww! It's a girl?

I just hate girls.

[mind voice] It's him, right?

Let me check.


[serene music playing]

[heart pounding]

[intense music playing]

[romantic music playing]

[heart pounding continues]


[heart pounding intensifies]

[vocalization continues]

[heart pounding intensifies]

Hi. Geeta's my name.
-I'm Goutham.

Did you heart tell you I was here?

It was pounding really hard.

Can I hear it once?


[heart pounding]

[gasps] True.

♫A raindrop brings me her vision♫

♫Shall I hide it in my eyes?♫

♫A fantasy of yesterday
comes true today♫

♫Shall I pinch myself to realize it?♫

♫This little heart is overflowing with joy♫

♫You're pouring on to
me from the skies♫

♫I can't put this feeling in words♫

♫My heart follows her
around everywhere♫

♫I'm not myself anymore♫

♫Something magical happened to me♫

♫I can't get myself to believe reality♫

♫I'm on the ground and yet, I fly♫


[Girl] This place is so beautiful!


You put in a lot of effort to
bring me to my favorite place.

So I want to do something
for you in return.

I'll get the lotus
flower from that lake.

[instrumental music playing]

[water running]




[gasps heavily]

[suspenseful music playing]



Don't go.
-I'll be fine!

You're here to save me, right?

Geeta, no!

Why don't you listen to me, Geeta?

-Geeta, wait.

[yells] Geeta!

-Why don't you listen to me?


Goutham, help!


[suspenseful music playing]

[melancholic music playing]

[suspenseful music continues]

Sorry, sir. She's no more.

[melancholic music playing]

♫Again and again I saw♫

♫I gave you my heart♫

♫Again and again I saw♫

♫I surrendered myself to you♫

♫I can't get to forget you♫

♫Because you adorn my heart♫

[melancholic music playing]

♫Again and again I saw♫

♫I gave you my heart♫

♫Again and again I saw♫

♫I surrendered myself to you♫

♫I can't seem to forget you♫

♫Because you adorn my heart♫

[melancholic music playing]

I guess girls love to cry and
make others cry, Chaitra.

No one in the world knows the art
of hurting guys better than girls.

What's with this tragic
ending in a soft love story?

She's only trying to hurt Goutham.

I don't like it. Damn!

I don't like it either, Goutham.

Like what?

Err... We've almost reached Hyderabad.

You'll leave, right?


[melancholic music playing]


Thank you, Chaitra.
See you again.

Sure, Goutham. Good luck. Bye.

[Goutham] Why is his phone out of reach?

Excuse me, bro.

Could you tell me where
this address is?

Take the first right.

Then take the second left.
-You mean this right?

Yeah. It's the third
building on the second left.

Okay. Thanks, bro.
-Is this book yours?

Not actually. I found it.

Swapna, I found your book.

-Come, baby.

Is this book yours?
-Yeah, it's mine.

[mumbles] Oh God! What have you done?

[mind voice] I assumed Swapna
would look like an angel.

She doesn't even come close.

Have I come this far for her?

Damn it!

Err... Sorry. This isn't my book.
-[awkward laugh] It's okay.

[mind voice] Thank god! You saved me.

[door knock]

Chitti Babu!

Chitti Babu!
-Hey! Who's that?

Wait up. I'm coming.

[serene music playing]

[door creaks]
[singing randomly]

Hey! Who are you, man?

Chitti Babu?
-Yeah, it's me.

-Hey! Keep distance.

What the burger!

Didn't you recognize me?

[singing 'Mustafa' from 'Prema Desam']
Mustafa! Mustafa! Don't worry, Mustafa!

♫Mustafa! Mustafa!
I don't know you, Mustafa!♫

Please get the hell out of here.
-It's me. Your Facebook friend Goutham.

Goutham Ghattamaneni?

No, bro.
[dialogue reference] It's Goutham Konidela!

Hey, bro! What a sudden surprise!

[laughs] I didn't expect to see you, man.

Chitti, you're my only friend in Hyderabad.
-Yeah, I know.

You have to do me a favor.

Sure, dude. Anything for you.
Just say the words.

What happened was...

Do you see it?
-Hmm. There's moon and stars.

[awkward smile] Oh, dude. I get it.

-It's rising up and going down.

What are you talking about?
-Your heart, dude!

Think positive, dude.
The result will be positive.

'All is well' is the success
secret of Chitti Babu.

Now tell me what happened.

Sounds like you're giving me a
personality development class.

Err... Hey, dude!

Let's spread love.
What's the worse that could happen?

[gibberish sounds]

They will love you back.

Now tell me. What's the matter?

Actually, I found a book.

Swapna Swaramanjari!

Are you that miracle?

Why doesn't she reply
to any of my messages?

'He's a King.
But doesn't grace the throne.'

'He's standing tall in water.'

Here I come!

Very nice story, dude!

I'll definitely help you, dude.

But before that...

You freshen up. Relax.

After that, we're going
to rock you, dude!


[keyboard clicking]
'Hi, Miss Swapna.'

'I cracked your code.'

'I reached Hyderabad.'

'And I'm looking forward to see you.'


Sis, mail from your boyfriend.
-Ugh! Boyfriend?

Who's my boyfriend, huh?

What's he saying?
Did he reach Hyderabad?

Why are you so excited?

I'm so nervous, sis.
-Hold on.

You're excited for no reason.

Coming to Hyderabad
doesn't mean anything.


Yay! She replied.

[Girl] 'I'm on a pilgrimage.'


'Isn't it kind of odd for your age?'

[phone beeps] What's going on?

It's always better to take things slow.

She's 65 years old?!

What the hell!

No way!

Take it.
-I don't drink, Chitti Babu.

Right. Don't make that habit now.

Boozing can be the biggest
mistake of your life.

But, today is an exception.

Dude, let's drink.

What's the worse that could happen?
You'll not want to stop.

That is why I don't want to.

Dude, always remember.

Not all losers are bad.

And not all big shots are good.


Not everyone that
drinks is an alcoholic.

Not everyone that's
sober is the ideal man.

Stop discussing and just drink, guys.

Hey! Who is that?
-Dude! It's the audience!

Hey. Sorry.
-You don't want to irk them.

Sorry, guys.
You go ahead.

You think so?
-Just do it, man.


It doesn't taste so bad.

-Dude! Slow down.

Dear Chitti Babu...

You're a love guru, right?
What's your opinion on love?

Love is like a valley. Hmm.

You mean like a well?

-Some people slip and fall into it.

Some people turn blind with
lust and fall into it.

Similarly, some people get lost in
dreams and fall into it for fun.

No matter how someone falls...

Each guy is different from the other.

But girls...

They're all the same.

But that old lady is so
dangerous, Chitti Babu.


The old lady in my house
eats upma all the time.

But the old lady in the
book ate my heart alive.

I should've realized
when I read the book.

Guessed it's an old lady
but not a young girl.

How depressing is it to lose
your life over a petty flower?

Isn't it funny?

Yeah. Yeah.
-Too bad.

Are you listening?
-Yeah. I'm alert. I'm alert.

-Yeah, tell me.

Friendship is greater than love.

A friend is greater than a lover.

If you fall in love,
you'll end up hurting.

But if you make friends...

You'll end up happy someday or the other.

[song 'Mustafa' from 'Prema Desam' playing]

Yay! Listen.

Timing, bro! Timing!

Just great!
-Timing, bro.

[singing 'Mustafa' from 'Prema Desam']


Bro, one second.
I'll be back.

Hey, dude. Take this.

-Hey! Hey! Hey!

You're my true friend, man.

Go. Go.

[humming randomly]

Come, dude. Come on.

Sit down.


What is that?

I'll sleep here tonight.

You sleep inside.
-What happened, bro?

I'm going back home tomorrow, Chitti Babu.

Oh no! Why?
-Don't you feel bad, Chitti Babu.

Our friendship is far greater
than this feeling of concern.


Please don't go, dude.
-No. I have to go.

Dude... Dude...

Okay. Sleep. Sleep.

What a tragedy!

Friendship is friendship.

[speaking gibberish]

[serene music playing]

♫Dreams and tears...♫

♫Tons of hopes...♫

♫Stones and sculptures...♫

♫Words spoken...♫

♫He brings life to everything♫

♫His expression is silent♫

[cheerful music playing]

Hey, dude.

-What happened, dude?

Dude! Hey, dude!

You said you're going back home.

Why are you chuckling
like a crazy person?

What? -You're not the face I want
to see first thing in the morning.

What's wrong, dude?
Did you see something scary?

No, Chitti. I actually fell in love.

Love? Are you serious?

Yes, Chitti. I saw a girl last night.

No. No. I actually saw an angel.

-Right here.

Here? What did she do?

Did she sing a song?

Yes, Chitti. How do you know?

Silly, dude.

It wasn't an angel that you saw.
It was danger.

Her name is Swapna.

-Just Swapna.

Not Swapna Swaramanjari.
-[clicks tongue]

Why would I care about that old lady?

This angel Swapna is far more
dangerous than your old lady Swapna.

She stays on the 3rd floor.

You wouldn't want to mess with her.

She feels she's multi-talented.

She writes stories, sings, dances.

She'd happily be an actress
if you gave her the chance.

She's crazy, man. A rebel!

Loving her and digging your
own hole are no different.

Why'd you make the introduction
so irritating, Chitti?

Facts, dude. She's very complicated.

A tough nut.
Forget her, dude.

If you want to achieve something in life,
hard work must become your obsession.

Just watch the game.
-Whoa! What a statement!

What is this, Swapna?

You came, sang a song and
bowled my friend over.

He says I just have to watch the game.

Now he's going to have to play a
lot of games to earn your love.

[playful music playing]

Hey, dude! Off to a wedding?

No. Off to college.
-What college?

Whoa! You're off to Swapna's college.

-But why are you
dressed like this?

This is bare minimum when
you want to grab attention.

There's no fun otherwise.

Cool, dude.
Super. Nice.

How will you manage
to get an admission?

I know, right?

What do I do now, Chitti?
-Not possible.

Cool, bro. I know the
Principal really well.

In fact, I was from the same college.

You go to college. My friend
Pandu will meet you there.

Just pay him 500 bucks.

Admission will be ready.
[laughs hysterically]

Thanks, Chitti.

Hmm. Now go.

Umm... Hello...
-Hey, Pandu.

Where are you, man?

Why do you care?
Tell me where you are.

I'm in college.

My friend Goutham will be meeting you.
Get him an admission in your college.

I'll have him pay you 500 bucks.

Alright then.
-Cool, dude.

[indistinct chatter]

[upbeat music playing]

[Guy] Bro, shall we play volleyball?
-But this is football, man.

Nah! We played back then.

Play for us, please.
-Doctors advised me not to.

[indistinct chatter]


What's your name?

Pavani, sir.


I have to pee urgently.

Why don't you come and...?

Come on and open my zip.

Sir, please.

What? Are you scared?

Or are you shy?


Sir, please!

You have to do it!
Come and open it.

Sir, please...

Come on, baby!

Open it, baby.

[thud sound]

Ball, please.

[indistinct yelling]


Why are you running the other way?

I have to go urgently.
Don't stop me, sir.

Oh, yeah? What will
you do if I stop you?

Will you cause an accident?
-You're playing with us anyways.

Playing with you? What game?

Shall we play kabaddi?

Let's play Cop-Thief otherwise.
You're the thief. I'm the cop.

Sir, I meant I have to pee.
Don't stop me now.

Hey! Hey!

Come on.

[Goutham] Can this class get any worse?

[indistinct chatter]

Hey! Squeeze in.

Who is he, man?

He's one of us.


But he's an idiot.
Keep distance.

[awkward smile]
Don't mind me.

[cheerful music playing]

[All] Good morning, ma'am.

Sit down.

Hi, students.
-[All] Hi!

I'm your new English lecturer.


[Guy] Over there.


[period bell rings]

Okay, students.
See you all in next class.

[cheerful music playing]

[coke tin creaking]


[cheerful music continues]

I'm so sorry. Please!

[conversation muted by music]

[romantic music playing]

♫I wonder what happened♫

♫How do I know what it is?♫

♫My heart is lost in love♫

♫Lost in love♫

♫I wonder what this feeling is called♫

♫My footsteps begin to fumble♫

♫I part ways from myself suddenly♫

♫I stand thinking to
myself how I got here♫

♫I wonder what happened
How do I know what it is?♫

♫My heart is lost in love
Lost in love♫

♫I wonder what this feeling is called♫

'My footsteps begin to fumble♫


♫How do I speak my heart out?♫

♫This feeling is whole new♫

♫You got my heart twisted♫

♫This feeling has been long hidden♫

♫I can't risk jumbling my words♫

♫Show some mercy on me, girl♫

♫As my breath hums a
sweet melody for you♫

♫This feeling is both believable
and unbelievable at the same time♫

♫What's happening to me?♫



[cheerful music playing]

[clears throat]

What's with the song?
-What song, sir?

The one you were just singing.

If you think college is for
naughty stuff like this...

I'll make sure you regret it.
-Okay, sir.

I need you to quit this and
prepare well for you first term.

If you go around trying to impress
girls, you'll become a loser.

[mumbles] Damn! Such a
bad start to the day.

Hey, dude! How was
first day of college?

Had fun?
-What kind of a college is that, Chitti?

It's kind of weird, you know.
-Why? Didn't you like it?

It wasn't good at all.

You call that a college?

More like kindergarten.

The whole classes, betting and
ragging set up was strange.

And that Principal. Bah!

Is he still the same?

So bad!

It's one crazy world, I tell you.

[exhales deeply]

If there's anything good, it's the lady
lecturer wearing a sleeveless blouse.

Oh! So you got eyes on her.

What do you think of me?

I'm just saying she's beautiful.

Anyway, I only got eyes on my Swapna.

I wonder what she's doing right now.

[scoffs] She's a crazy woman.

She must be singing and dancing
somewhere like a mad person.

[laughs] Err... I meant
she's multi-talented, bro.

I need to use the restroom, okay?

[serene music playing]


Where's sister?


-Hey! Where are you going?

Sis, it's my close friend's
birthday tomorrow.

We planned a small celebration
for her at midnight.

So... -Do you realize what
would happen if dad found out?

But if I have restrains, I can't
achieve anything in life.

You talk like you're headed to some war.

Forget about me.
Tell me if I can go or not.

Will you help me out or not?
-Be careful.

If anything goes wrong, you're
going to have to pay for it.

[kisses] Thank you so much!

[phone buzzing]

-[Sis] I'm home. Open the door.

Hmm. Coming.

[door creaking]


-What's happening?

What's wrong with her?

[door creaking]
-Watch out!

[whispers] Come on. Get up.

[door creaking]
-[gasps] Get behind me.

What are you two doing
here so late? Huh?

Does the Constitution say anything
about not leaving the room at night?

Err... It's nothing, dad. We were thirsty.
We couldn't fall asleep, so...

We wanted to catch some fresh air.

Yes, dad. I'm damn thirsty from
catching fresh air outside.

Hey! Don't drink too
much water at night.

Not good for you.

I didn't mix water at all, dad.

It was all Sprite.

What the hell is she talking about?

I mean I was out...

Let's not talk about it, dad.

Looks like she's out of her mind, dad.

You guys go to sleep, dad.

I'll look after her.

Yes, dad. She said she'd
manage everything.

Don't be crazy.
Come with me.

Hey! Looks like she had a nightmare.
Be with her.

Let's go.

-Have you gone mad?

Why are you acting crazy?

We were almost caught.

Dad would've killed you.

What'd you do at this party anyway?
-I had three pegs.

I'm really sorry, sis.
I'll never drink again.

I love you, sis!

That won't calm me down.

-Look. Goutham's here.

Bro, come sit with us.



Good morning!
-Good morning, ma'am!


[indistinct chatter]

Excuse me. I have a small
announcement to make.

Students won't be having
any classes today.


-Stop it!

Why the hell are you
cawing like crows?

[mumbles] You look more
like a crow actually.

This doesn't mean the college is off.

It's 'Swachch Bharat' day.
Step out and clean Te entire college,

Cleaning? I can't do it.

[indistinct chatter]


Black coffee!

'Drink black coffee for
dark, glowing skin!'


I saw that in a TV ad yesterday.

Oh. Is that why all the handsome guys
in our college are into black coffee?


[mumbles] These devils
can prep all they want.

But I'm going to fail them in labs.

I'll make sure they're never
allotted the certificates.

[Guy yelling] Principal incoming!

Whoa! Let's get out of here.

Are you here to pass time in the canteen?

Go out and participate
in 'Swachch Bharat'.

[All] Okay, sir.

[mumbles] Getting all
dressed up won't cut it.

Hello, Mr. Narayana...

Are you drinking black coffee to preserve
your complexion? -Err... Yes, sir.

You also come participate in
'Swachch Bharat'. -Sure, sir.

Let's go!

Hey, is she looking?
-Hmm. She is.

Is she staring deeply?
-Yeah. Quite deeply.

Is she staring intensely?
-Yeah. So intense!

What is she looking at?

You idiot! I was asking about my girl.

But I meant my girl. You think
you're the only handsome one here?

Give it a rest.

What girls, man?
-I already told you.

[awkward smile]

Aren't you supposed to just clean?
-I mean, sir...

Give me a minute.
I'll show you what I'm made of.

Give me those.
-[mumbles] Help me out here, man.

Turn around.

The other way, sir?


Get to cleaning now.

Always trying to flirt with girls.

I can't see anything.

-Pandu left.

Where are you, man?
-Pandu left long back.

You idiot! Come here.

[traffic noises]

Geeta! Geeta! No!

Don't go, Geeta! No!

Don't go, Geeta! You'll die! Don't go!

Geeta, no!
-[water splashing]

Don't go, Geeta! No!

Don't go in, Geeta!
-Let go, man.

What's wrong, dude?
-That old lady killed Geeta in the book.

I'm really sad. What shall we do?
-Shall we bury her properly?


What's wrong, Chitti Babu?
Are you sad too?

I have tons of work at office tomorrow.

I had a roommate named Ravi earlier.

He would do the same. Never
let me sleep when I had work.

Why do you guys trouble me
in the name of your love?

Whatever. You go to sleep
and keep dreaming.

I'll go and sleep upstairs.
-No need.

You sleep here. I'll go...


[serene music playing]


[clicks tongue]

Damn! That old lady's story
is haunting me in my sleep.

She gave such a bad
ending to the story.

I want to give it a good,
alternative ending.

I should save Geeta at any cost.

Psst! [paper rustling]
This is bad too.


It needs a much better ending.

Geeta... Goutham...

I should keep their love alive.

Umm... This might be good.

Ah! This is not right.


What do I do?

What if I replaced Geeta with Swapna?

This will definitely work out.

Love/Lover X Life.

Equals to a beautiful love story.

Love/Lover X Life.

What does it mean?
-Love is a science.

Lover is art.

Life is a gift.

In this world, there's no
greater science than love.

No bigger art than love.

What does love mean?
-You can't give it a definition.

It's a wonder.

Tell me one thing.

Whose love story is the greatest
in this whole wide world?

Every lover who prefers
love to liking.

You like someone beautiful.

But you love your mom.

Your likes keep changing.

But not love.

[soulful music playing]

♫Again and again I saw♫

♫There's no bigger wonder than her♫


♫I've been longing for this day♫

♫I've been waiting to
watch my dreams unfold♫


♫Again and again I saw♫

♫I filled my eyes with
her beautiful self♫


♫Again and again I saw♫

♫I join footsteps with her
to embark this journey♫


So what he was saying was [Love/ Lover
X Life] is what it's all about.

He's a creative guy.

Don't decide yet, sis.

It's just a trick to impress you.

I don't think so because...

I'm a 65 year old lady
according to him.


So he's good. He's creative.

He's lovable.

[laughs] Don't worry, dude.

You should plant a tree to impress her.

Eat one leaf every day.

And then, any girl in the world
would be impressed by you.

Send 500 bucks.

Hmm... What's up, dude?
-Chitti Babu...

You have to do me a favor.

I want Swapna to fall
for me at any cost.

Let's drop a banana peel.
She'll slip and fall.

Don't give me shitty ideas.
Go tell your 'Love Guru' audience.

Cool, dude. You want to
impress that girl, right?

Is that enough?
-Yes, bro.

You can't find a better
expert than me in the city.

I'm the best!

Stop bragging about yourself, Chitti Babu.
-I'm not bragging, dude.

You just believe me and follow me.

That old lady will also be
impressed along with this girl.

[playful music playing]

[serene music playing]

[conversation muted by music]

[melancholic music playing]

[serene music continues]

[temple bell tolling]

You said you were an expert at this.

What the hell have you done, Chitti Babu?
-Cool, dude.

For you and only you...

I'll use the master trick that
I've been treasuring since ages.


[beggar speaking indistinctly]

Sir! I've heard this voice before.
-No chance, dude!

This is one and only
'Love Guru' Chitti Babu.

Sir! You're the 'Love
Guru' from radio, right?

Yeah, you got it.
I'm 'The' Chitti Babu.

Sir, why are you posing as a beggar?

Dude, everything is fair
in love and friendship.

I'll do anything for friendship.

Sir, if you're doing
so much for love...

Your name will remain in
the pages of history.

Hats off!
-Thank you, dude. Bye.

Ma'am, please give one rupee.
-I don't have change.

I have paytm, ma'am.
Scan the code and send one rupee.

You seem like a hi-tech beggar.
-Yes, ma'am. Updated version.

Chitti 3.0. [bleating sound]
Now scan this.

[phone buzzing]

Just a second.

Dude, I just got her number.
Will send it in 5 minutes, okay?

Oh no! I'm caught.

Hang up.

Actually, ma'am...

I'm a multi-millionaire.

My mother had a brain tumor recently.

For her recovery, I must take the
disguise of a beggar for 30 days.

No. 40 days, I guess.

A saint told me that will
help her get well soon.

Today is the 39th day. My mom will
recover completely by tomorrow.

That saint asked me not
to reveal this to anyone.

Oh shit! I told you.

Now my mom is going to
die because of you.

Mom, please don't die.
-How dare you narrate a film story to me!

[thud sound]

You're quite tough, ma'am.

Sandhya, start camera.

Wait. Wait.

What is your name?
-Chitti Babu.

Your full name!
-'Under the Tree' Chitti Babu.

'Under the Tree'? Seriously?
-Yes, ma'am.

But there is no tree.
[awkward laugh]

Where do you live?
-Err... In India.

[thud sound]

Sorry, ma'am. I'm not
supposed to tell you this.

[thud sound]

I'm from down south.
-Hey! Don't irritate me.

Be honest.
-Please understand.

What is your mission?
Who do you think you are?

Why did you pose as a beggar?

You're into some scan with these codes.

Sorry, ma'am. I'm not
supposed to tell you this.

You think you're Abhinandan?

He was a great man.

You're trying to imitate him, huh?

What are you trying to do? Tell me!
-Take a break, ma'am. Please!

[phone buzzing]
-One minute.

Yeah, Srujana! I just had
a Thai massage done.

[temple bells tolling]


Hi, dude!

Give me one last chance.
I have a terrific idea.

Don't make me smack your face.

Listen to me first.

Okay. Tell me.

Err... Pandu just called.

Didn't his dad call?
-Ah, funny.

He has his exams next month.
-So what?

There's some guy from your
college called Bhargav.

Come to the point, Chitti Babu.
-If you hit him, Swapna will be impressed.

It's a very old idea but
it will work 100 percent.

Shame on you!

Listen to me first.


He's been troubling so
many people since years.

Want me to trouble him?

Ugh, dude! Please listen.

Cool down.

Remember you told me about your
beautiful lecturer Madhuri.

He ragged her as well.

You just hit him hard.

I can't hit a cheap guy
like him, Chitti Babu.

No, dude. He's a dirty fellow.

He was my classmate at one point.

He's still in the same college.
Just imagine what a loser he Si.

According to him, girls are puppets.

He'll drool over anyone,
as long as it's a female.

So there's nothing wrong in you hitting him.
-What do you want me to do finally?

You just hit him hard.
-You think that will impress Swapna?

Not just Swapna.
Even her friends would be impressed.

It'd be a pity if so many girls are
impressed. -Ah! I pity myself. Shit!

Hey, Bhargav! I'm coming.

[pounding music playing]

Err... Just a minute.

[yells] Hey!

[intense music playing]


Did you misbehave with Madhuri ma'am?

I did.

So what?

[thud sounds]

[upbeat music playing]


[thud sounds continue]


[Guy] Principal's coming.
Get out of here, guys!

I didn't know I could scare them.

[clicks tongue]

He said she'd be impressed if I fought.

But she looked at me
like I'm some goon.

Chitti Babu, you're not Love Guru.

But a Loafer Guru.

He said we'd go out and
still didn't show up.

Psst! Shit!

What is she doing here?
-[phone buzzing]

Whose number is this?

Hello, Goutham. Hello?


Hello, Goutham?

Who's this?

Hello... Your voice is breaking.

It's not glass to break.
It's my voice.

Hello. It's me. Swapna.

Who is it?
Sri Reddy?

[soulful music playing]

Hey! Don't make me kill you.
Go aside and talk.

Hello, Srujana. Did you eat?

Hello, Goutham.
-Yeah, who is it?

Swapna Swaramanjari.
-Yeah, grandma?

How are you, Goutham?
-Good, grandma.

My pilgrimage has come to an end.

I want to meet you.

Are you in Hyderabad?
-Yeah, I'm actually...

Not in Hyderabad.
I came back to my hometown.


Did you go back to Bhairavakonda?

I'm really eager to meet you.

Can I visit your house?

You're always welcome, grandma.
-Send me your address then.

I have a surprise for you.

Okay. I'll send it right away.

By the way, who all stay in your house?

Me, my Master and a grandma like you.

Is he a teacher?
-[chuckles] No.

He's a military major.

He taught me what life is all about.
That is why I call him Master.

Okay, my son.
See you later.

God bless you.
-Okay, grandma.

Hello? Come here.

-You! Come here.

Tell me.
-I need to talk to you.

Sis, coffee for you.

Did you make it?

Want to have some coffee?
-Ah, no.

Psst! It's okay. Have it.

You've done a lot for me.
This is the least I could do.

Have it. Come on.

[dramatic music playing]

Tastes bad, huh?

She doesn't know how to make coffee.

That is why I gave it to you.

Umm... What's that locket on your neck?

You think you're some hero?
-My favorite person gifted it to me.

Oh! Is it a guy or a girl?

It's a person.
-Who is it?

It's one single person.
But equal to a million for me.

Oh! Emotional connect, huh? Good.

So, tell me.
What's your problem?

It's not a problem.
It's love.

Anything else?
-I loved you at first sight.

You followed me at second sight, huh?

You joined the same
college at third sight.

You followed me around at fourth sight.

Finally, you wanted to fight
someone and impress me.

'Love Guru' gave you all
these ideas, right?

I've been observing you
since the beginning.

Basically, you're a good guy.

Your name is Goutham, right?

I love that name.

But I don't love you.

Sorry, Goutham. I'm already in
love with a guy named Goutham.

Please stop bothering me hereafter.


[melancholic music playing]

♫You just ripped my heart apart♫

♫You just suffocated me to death♫


♫I was feeling blessed
for this lifetime♫

♫But I just realized it
is filled with void♫

♫How do I convince myself
that you're responsible?♫

♫How do I convince myself
that you're responsible?♫


♫The moment your smile struck a chord♫

♫I filled my world with your presence♫

♫What have I wronged so badly?♫

♫Don't leave me hanging here for life♫

♫Tears roll down the same
eyes that dreamed about you♫

♫My lips are burdened with
the silence of your absence♫

♫You just ripped my heart apart♫

♫You just suffocated me to death♫

Hey, dude. What happened?

Hey... Hey...


Look, dude. You should propose directly.
You can't send your friend to do it.

Whatever. Ask your friend to
send 500 bucks. -Chitti Babu...

-Hang up. Hey, dude.

Where are you going?
-I'm going back to my village.

I can't stay here anymore.

Why all of a sudden?
What happened?

I don't get where my life is headed.

Dude... Dude...
-It's not love. More like a monster.

It eats your heart alive.

If there's anyone in the
world unaffected by love...

I'd love to fall on his feet.

Despite being such a big city, my
little heart couldn't find peace here.

Dude, it's okay. We can solve this.
-No, Chitti Babu.

Don't you worry.
I'll be back.

Not for Swapna. But for you.

For your friendship.


Dude, listen to me.

[melancholic music playing]

Why are you dull, sis?

I know it's because of Goutham
who moved in to the penthouse.

I've never seen you feeling so low.

[smiles] I'm fine.

See. You look so beautiful when you smile.

Forget about this Goutham
and think about yours.

You said you'd go to Vizag to meet him.

Shall I go instead?
-No. I'll go.

[waves crashing]

[shady music playing]

[thud sound]
[glass shatters]

[thud sounds continue]

[waves crashing]

Excuse me.
-Who is it? Please come in.

Hi, grandma.
-Who are you, dear?

My name is Swapna.

Swapna, huh? Want to have some upma?

Err... No, thanks.

I'm here for Goutham.
-Goutham? He's not home.

And his Master?
-Major sir? He's inside.


There's nobody inside.
-He's in here. Let me show you.


Come, look.

This is Major sir.

[melancholic music playing]

Goutham doesn't have a family.

He's an orphan.

He grew up with him ever
since he was a kid.

They loved each other so much.

Goutham must be 7 years old.

He was set out to Kargil War.

I'm going to war, dear.

A soldier is like the waving flag on top
of the Red Fort on Independence Day.

He always holds his head high.

His life is a testament to nobility.

He who isn't selfish...

He who makes lives around him better...

That's who a soldier is.

You must live like a soldier, love.

I'll see you soon.

[intense music playing]

He took a bullet to his heart
from the Pakistan soldiers.

Thus saving many lives in India.

Now he remains as a
soldier in this picture.

Goutham would often think of
him and break into tears.

Who can relieve his pain, tell me?

If anybody said Major sir is no more...

He gets really angry.

He doesn't agree at all.

Though he knows he's no more...

He shares everything with him
like he's still by his side.

[melancholic music playing]

He's living in a reality that's false.

What can anyone do about it?


[soulful music playing]

'What's that locket on your neck?'

'Trying to be a hero, huh?'
-'My favorite person gifted it to me.'


Where's Goutham right now?

Where else?

He'll be at the beach, talking
to the crashing waves.

Okay. Thanks.
-Oi! Oi! Oi!

[Master] 'The lamp in
the temple is put off.'

'The pyre is still burning
in the graveyard.'

'Cow strolls around the place like
a boss in front of the calf.'

'Chameleon on the branch is gazing
wildly at the bird in the nest.'

'Country has resorted to revolt
upon hanging their warriors heads.'

'Body battles the odds while in a pool
of blood, with the wind freezing over.'

'Hey, Goutham!'

'Get up!'

'A soldier doesn't give
up like a coward.'

[pounding music playing]
'He beats the crap out of bastards.'

'Being addicted to drugs, avoiding
all kinds of responsibilities...'

'Involving kids in human trafficking.
All of this makes them traitors.'

'Smack them down!'

[thud sounds]

[dramatic music playing]

[thud sounds continue]

[wood creaking]

[glass shatters]

Guys, let's run.

Let's get out of here.

Come on, guys!

[waves crashing]

[melancholic music playing]

[swishing knife]

[melancholic music continues]


[squealing] Goutham!



Goutham, get up!


[harmonica playing]

[soulful music playing]