Mallesham (2019) - full transcript

The life of Padma Shri winner Chintakindi Mallesham, who invented the the Asu machine that processes yarn for sarees mechanically, is being recreated in this biopic.

Sir, get me four soft drinks.

Is that it? Where's the money?

Give it to me as credit.

Your credit list is a long one.

It's been six months now. Stop it.

Please give it to me for one last time.

That's what you always say.

But you'll never mend your ways.

There you go.
I hope I don't see you again.

Here you go.

-It's my turn.
-Hold on.


Dad is here!

Dad, why did you bring these?

You love them a lot.

That is why I brought them.

Yay! Chicken curry!

Dad, is there some kind
of a festival today?


It's a big festival.

A festival we've never celebrated before.

Do you want me to design a peacock
or a deer?


Mom, I'll take good care of you
once I grow up.

How are you going to do that?

I won't let you work.
I'll adorn you with jewelry.

I'll feed you egg curry every day.


I'll look after you.

Whoa! I've heard enough of this.

You say this now.

But once you're married,
your wife will be your priority.

In that case, I'll not get married.


Why are you discussing
his marriage?

Get ready, we need to go to Jangaon.

-Are we visiting Uncle?

Answer me.

Nari has fallen sick.

What happened to my brother?

There's nothing to worry about.

Don't panic unnecessarily.

He has a fever.

Let's go visit him.


I saved one rupee for you.

I'll buy you a snow cone...

some chips...

and puffed rice.


How dare you leave me alone?

Brother! Why did this happen?

My brother!

My brother!

How could you do this to the kids?

Mom, why did Uncle and his family
have to die?

Your aunt had fallen sick
and was not able to work.

Your uncle could do nothing
without her help.

That is why they got into a lot of debt.

Do people kill themselves when in debt?

He's a man of virtues, son.

He didn't want to live
after he lost his dignity.

Bujji wasn't the one in debt.
Why did she have to die?

It was a mistake.

He shouldn't have done that.

If you aren't able to work anymore,
would the same thing happen to us?

Everyone faces hardships, my dear.

We need to try and face them boldly.

Life is all about success and failure.

Nothing is constant.


Remember one thing.

During tough times,
you may feel helpless.

But if you muster courage
and think calmly,

you'll find many opportunities.


What is it?

Come here.

Wait a minute.

Come fast.

What is it?

Sit down.

-What is it?
-Place your hand inside this.

What is this?

Place your hand inside this.

And start working.

It's good but it lowers my speed.

Let's try this some other time. Alright?



-Come in.

What are you doing?

Mom's arm hurts from working all day long.

I'm making this to take
the burden off her.

What kind of work is she into?

She creates designs on saris.

She needs to move the
thread back and forth.

It's an art.

Mom creates a design
and Dad makes a sari out of it.

That's alright. Let's play now.

Okay, let's go.


Rao Gopal Rao kills Chiranjeevi's father.

Chiranjeevi gets really furious.

He kills Rao Gopal Rao
and that's it.

Is this how you narrate a story?

You suck at it. Raju, go ahead.

Get lost!

Do you want to enact that once again?

You are not good at studies.

And you're wasting your time
singing and dancing.

Kneel down.

Kids, I taught you a lesson yesterday.

Did you finish your homework?

Yes, sir.

Veera Pratap, stand up.

What do you call a Puli
in English?

Tiger, sir.

Very good, sit down.

Stand up.

What do you call a Nemali
in English?

I'm talking to you! Answer me!

Didn't you hear me?
What's a Nemali called in English?

You should've answered me sooner.

Sit down.


Damn it!

Spell "Peacock" for me.

Spell it one more time.

Spell it once again.

He's spelling it differently each time.

Now, I am confused.

I'll have to check the dictionary.

You're doing great. Sit down.

My exams are in two weeks.

How do I finish reading all these books?

Don't get worried. Just keep studying.

Take a look at this spool of thread.

Mom, the spools are full in the mornings.

By the time I'm back home,
they are completely empty.

How do you get all the work done?

No matter how big a task is,

doing it in smaller parts
will help the task finish itself.

Got it.

What is this? There are only six saris.

Lakshmi is suffering from
severe shoulder pain.

She didn't weave for a couple of days.

I understand.

But I am answerable to the clients.

I need some more money this month.

You know me.

I spent a lot of money
on my daughter's wedding.

You're not getting any extra money.

Don't ask for advance payments
for the next two months.

This is not an auspicious time
for weddings.

Look at this.

It's damaged.
I'm deducting ten rupees.

That's like calling a beauty spot ugly.

A few flaws make it more beautiful.

This is what makes this sari unique.

The art of weaving is a century old.

You already know that.

This is what happens when
the dyes are mixed.


Both of us know this.

But the clients don't.

Here's your money.

See you.

We toil day and night to earn this.

After paying our debts, we'll have
nothing left to feed ourselves with.


Yes, Dad?

You have to start working on the loom.

Or else, we won't survive.

What about school, Dad?

You'll have to manage both.

-Veera Pratap.

Lend me a few drops of ink.


I gave you two drops now
and three earlier.

Including the interest, you now owe me
nine drops.



This message is for all the students,
especially Anji and Mallesham.

The exams are finally over.

It's all fun and games from tomorrow. Yay!

The kids are playing games
In the lap of nature

Amidst the clamor
The cool breeze whistles

Kids sing their heart out
In pools of water

In the old well kids tend to play around

The kids are playing games
In the lap of nature

Amidst the clamor
The cool breeze whistles

Like a fish in the pond

Like the calves jumping high

Dance to the fullest

Come on
Snap your fingers

Keep beating the drums

Keep your fingers snapping

Keep beating the drums

Keep your fingers snapping

With the streams reflecting moonlight
In the day

There are showers of rain
Sparkling like pearls

With the blowing winds
Bringing an array of flowers

There are peacocks
Dancing like a rising wave

With the gleaming soil
Spread across the land

There is a temple of stones
Echoing music

With the kids building sandcastles
With their little hands

There are birds sending an invite
From their nests

With the reminiscence
Of games played outdoors

There are days when hide and seek
Is greatly missed

With the exhilaration
That hopscotch has to offer

There are shooting stars
We can't stop counting on

Dance to the fullest

Come on, rock and roll

Keep beating the drums

Keep your fingers snapping

Keep beating the drums

Keep your fingers snapping

With the spinning top
Taking you for a ride

There are instances of mischief
Sneaking in

Kids sing their heart out
In pools of water

In the old well kids tend to play around

The kids are playing games
In the lap of nature

Amidst the clamor
The cool breeze whistles

Like a fish in the pond

Like the calves jumping high

Dance to the fullest

Come on
Snap your fingers

Keep beating the drums

Keep your fingers snapping

Keep beating the drums

Keep your fingers snapping

Special marbles!

Veera Pratap, won't you
let us play with your marbles?

Get lost.

It's okay if he doesn't want to share.

-Let's play with our marbles.

Hit the light blue marble.

It's a foul.

I asked you to hit the dark blue one.

Are you blind?
You mentioned the light blue one.

What did you say?

Why did you hit him?

Hey, that sounds like an NTR film!

It's great.

Veera Pratap, please move.

Please move.

Let's find a different spot.

Veera Pratap, please let us watch.

Let's go.

Let's get out of here.

Mom asked me to get her
some thread made out of silk.

Take it.

Sir, does this work?


It's been in that corner
for a very long time.

Can I have it?

Sure, go ahead.

No. Let's get it fixed.

Yeah, right.

Take it away, my dear.

You keep donating stuff.

What will you do with it?
Take it.

Dad, I need some money.

What for?

I need to buy books
for the seventh grade.

No more school for you.

Everyone else has progressed
to the seventh grade.

Their fathers... can afford it.

I don't have that kind of money.

Get to the loom and start weaving.

I want to go to school.
Please let me study further!

Do you want me to beat you up?

Sit down, son.

Mom, why is Dad always mad at me?

He's not mad at you.

Dad loves you a lot.

When you were little,
you had a severe fever.

The doctors said that
you wouldn't survive.

Dad prayed to Lord Shiva.

Once you recovered, he walked in the
scorching heat for three long days.

Take a look at this.

I'll teach you how to join
two pieces of thread.

Take the thread.

Join the broken thread.

Hold this for me.

Hold it like this.

Dampen it and join it like this.

Let them blend into each other seamlessly.

Try it.

Take the thread from the block.

Hey, Mallesham!


What is it?

Look at what we've got for you.

A snack! How did you get it?

I hid it from sir and brought it.

I got the bottom crispy layer
because it's your favorite.

Gangaram gave it to me when
I offered to clean the vessels.

I said I'd do it tomorrow.

Guess what?

Our teacher beat the crap
out of Veera Pratap today.

Good! He deserves it.

I really miss school.

I feel like coming back.

Mr. Rama Swamy mentioned
you a few times.

He said he'd talk to your father.

Have it.



What's the matter?
Your son's not attending school.

We've earned more money
since he started weaving.

He is helping us to clear our debt.

That's not fair.

You need to send him to school.

You can't make him work
at this age.

I would have sent him to school
if I could afford it.


Come here.

Listen to me.

If you want to study,
there is always a way.


Keep this dictionary.

-It's very useful.
-Okay, sir.

Hey, Mallesham.


Do you want to go swimming?

Who's that?

A golden rooster, it seems!

When did it come?

It gets reflected on the edges of a sari

The mirror begins to sparkle brightly

In our town of weavers

We live by the art of weaving

Mom, Raju dances to this
song just like Chiranjeevi.

Anji is a good singer.

I agree.

But he's not good at anything else.

He'll end up begging on the streets.


Anji needs your help fixing a fan.
Let's go.


Here he is.

Useless guy!

He doesn't work or let anyone else work.

Wow! I'm glad you're here.

He's having trouble fixing the fan.
Please help him out.

That is why we're here.

Take a look at this.

I'll fix it.

Why did you leave the parts lying around?

Be careful.

Be careful with the fan.

Hold on.


Switch it on.

Will it work?

Oh no, we are dead!

Let's get out of here.

Are you going to kill me?

I should blame you,
not your stupid friends!

It didn't fall on you.

Shut up!

Don't tell me where it fell.

I hope you rot in hell.

Who asked you to fix the bloody fan?

My grandma will kill me if she knows
I spent the money on a movie ticket.

-I don't know what to tell her.
-Just forget about it.

The tickets are sold out.

Look at how that weirdo is staring at us.

Do you know her?

Let's go teach him a lesson.

Calm down.

-Hey, how are you?
-Do you know me?


You're Mr. Venkateshwarlu's daughter!

I remember now.

I saw you at my sister's wedding.
You were a baby back then.

So were you.

Hey! I got the tickets!


Could you get us two tickets, please?

I'll go get them.

Who are they?

Take it.

Thank you very much.
I owe you for this.

I'll see you during the intermission.


Wait a minute.


-Why are you giving me the third one?
-Please give it to Vani.

I see!

-Tell Vani that I bought it.

Did you like it?


Did you tell Vani that
I bought the chips?

Padma took all the chips.

She shared half of it with me.

Does Vani know my name?

Does she know that I'm your friend?

Padma remembers my name
even after all these years.

Why are you talking about Padma?

I'm asking you about Vani and
you're talking about Padma.

Is Padma that beautiful?

Anji, tell us the truth.

Who looks better? Padma or Vani?

My grandma gave me money
to buy some rice.

You took the money to buy the tickets.
And he went to watch the movie.

You bought the chips.

And he ate them.

You used my money.

My grandma will kill me
if she gets to know about this.

And you have the audacity
to ask me who looks better.

My grandma will answer that question,
let's go.

No, thanks!

Mom, what happened?

Nothing, my dear.

Her shoulder bones are wearing out.

She needs to stop weaving. Or else,
her arms will no longer remain functional.

Every woman working on the loom
is going through the same issue.

The work is wearing you out, Mom.

Why don't you go to Bhiwandi or Surat?

-Many villagers are migrating there.
-Hey! It doesn't hurt that bad.

If I apply boiled onion and turmeric
to my shoulder, it will be fine.

Your sister moved to Surat and I get
to see her only once in three years.

Let him go! He's not a kid.

Many people are migrating.

Half of the villagers are in Bhiwandi.

This needs to stop.

Take these medicines.

Despite being in so much pain,
you don't express it.

Let him go to Bhiwandi for work.

It will reduce our burden.


I get to see our daughter
once every three years.

I don't care what happens to me.

I want my son to be right here
in front of my eyes.

You never listen to me.

Will you keep doing it
until you lose your arm?

Mom is not able to weave anymore.

I could learn weaving.

But that wouldn't suffice.

I'm really worried.

How do I get through this?

Damn it!

No matter how big a task is,

doing it in smaller parts
will help the task finish itself.

What happened, son?

Mom, I have a great idea!
It's going to help relieve your pain.

Trust me.

Shall we go around?

Shall we wander the streets?
Shall we have a taste of toddy?

Shall we debone a goat?
And relish the marinated meat?

Shall we debone a goat?
And relish the marinated meat?

Let's taste the curry on a leaf platter

What kind of a song is that?

Watch me perform!

Hey, Raju!


I've got a really good idea.

Listen to me.

Similar to the wooden weaving tool, we'll
create a machine which will have 40 pins.

We'll insert a beam near one of its side
and a wheel on top of it.

We'll then tie a shaft to it.

When we rotate the wheel,
the thread would wrap around the pins.

And then it wound wraps around the rod.

So on and so forth.

If we attach a motor to it,
it will go on and on...

It will keep rotating.

Well said, man!

What did you understand?

It's simple, man.
We break a cycle into half.

We'll tie one half of it
to the pillar.

A pulley from the well
will be connected to the wheel.

Then, we'll insert the cycle chain.

Someone should punch you in the face.


I need some money.

I wish I could get a loan.

Don't worry.

I will take care of it.

Count it.

Pay it back on time.

This is the machine.

Are you kidding me?

I swear, this is it.

Does nailing four pieces of wood,
attaching two wheels

and wrapping thread around it,
make it a machine?

This is just a prototype, man.

I need to attach the wheel and the motor.

It needs a lot of work.

You took six months to build a prototype.

Will you take six years to
create the final product?

Come on, Anji. Let's go.

Not sure about the weaving machine, but
he'll surely make a cotton candy machine.

We're leaving, Mallesham.

Hey, Engineer!

-What makes you think he's an engineer?
-I bet he is one.

-Is that so?
-Will he face the same destiny

as his uncle?

What's gotten into you, boy?

Get married! You'll have a wife
and she'll bring home a dowry.

She'll help you with the weaving.
Do you want to end up having debts?

Now I understand why
your husband passed away.


Mom, come here.

Watch this.

The thread wraps around the rod
without you having to touch it.

Wait a minute.

We need to attend the Muharram
celebrations tomorrow.

It's been a long time.

Come on, mom! You always do this to me.

I'll do anything for you.
But I'll not be a part of that festival.

This is ridiculous.

Mom could have offered food or clothes.

But she made me dress up like
a girl instead. This is horrible!

It's because you look good
when you wear women's clothes.

Oh, Olampalli Jambiya

Oh, Olampalli Jambiya

Talk to me, Oh Nampalli Jambiya

Talk to me, Oh Nampalli Jambiya

What does our Nallagonda Moulali desire?

What does our Nallagonda Moulali desire?

Lord wishes for baskets and scarves

Lord wishes for baskets and scarves

Baskets for the lord

Scarves for the lord

Baskets for the lord

Scarves for the lord

Let's dance, Kasima

Let's dance, Kasima

Dance, Kasima
Jump into the firepit

Dance, Kasima
Jump into the firepit

Let's offer the red scarf
And the shiny pink scarf

Let's offer the red scarf
And the shiny pink scarf

Let's go door to door
Collect coconuts and jaggery for the lord

Let's go door to door
Collect coconuts and jaggery for the lord

Let's dance
With the fragrance of jasmine in the air

Let's dance
With the fragrance of jasmine in the air

-Dance and shake a leg
-Dance away

-Dance and shake a leg
-Dance away

Let's forget caste and religion
And dance together as one

Let's forget caste and religion
And dance together as one

No, son. Please don't do that.

No! No!

-Veera Pratap is arriving.
-Veera Pratap is arriving!

Why are you here, Yadi?

I want to meet the other debtors.

What are you looking at?

Get back to work.

Sir, these few grains are all I have left.

If you take it away,
I'll die of starvation.

Just die then. Good riddance!

Your life is pointless.

If you die, the government
will clear your debt.

When you guys want money,
you plead and beg.

When it's time to repay it,
you show your true colors.

I can't trust anyone these days.

Veera Pratap.

He is facing a lot of trouble.

Why don't you give him some time?

Why are you defending him?

Go, clear your debt first.

I thought of letting the old man go.

But you interfered.

There's no way I'm letting him go now.

Hey! Make it quick.

His wife is unable to weave because
her arm is not functional anymore.

That is why this has happened.

Once I manage to build the machine...

no one will have to suffer.

Hear that, everyone?

Mallesham is making a machine for us.

If that works out, none of us
will have to work anymore.

A useless guy wants to
invent a machine now!

The five holy saints, Saint Markandeya,

and Saint Bhavana were returning
from Vaikunthapuram.

They were carrying 66 yards of thread.

-I see!
-A monster named Kaluvasura invaded.

He swallowed the yards of thread.

Then, they assassinated him

and transformed his body into a loom.

-And this is how they did it.
-Go on. Tell us how.

He converted the head
Into a spherical part

He made his throat the rod

Using his brains as the shuttle...

Stop it!

I need to speak to you!

You're asking us to use
30 pins for new designs.

And we're supposed to
keep rotating those pins.

How do you expect us to deliver
such humongous volumes?

Aren't we human?

Guys, I'm saying this
for your own well-being.

Times have changed.

Our designs need to change as well.

We need to weave to suit people's choices.

We'll have no buyers if we don't adapt.

Previously, we had to deal with
six or seven pins.

Now, you are asking us to use 30 pins!

Our arms can't stretch that far.

We don't mind rolling cigars
or stitching dining leaves.

But we won't weave anymore.

If women stop weaving, the men
will be left with nothing to sell.

We'll have to take up labor work.

We can't let the craft take our lives.

Forget it.

Mallesham is our savior now.

Mallesham is like Saint Bhavana.

Let's all raise the money...

and give it to Mallesham.

He'll build a weaving machine for us
just like Saint Bhavana did.

That's never going to happen.
Ask him to clear our debt first.

He owes me money.

What about me?

Bloody hell!

You've taken so many loans.

You're bearing all these insults.

You are hell-bent
on building that machine.

Why don't you migrate to Surat or Bhiwandi
for a living?

I need to build that machine.

Because no one else will.

No one else can relate to our suffering.

Our torment lies in the art itself.

If I build the machine...

we won't have to live in the
slums of Surat or Bhiwandi.

We don't realize how great
our art is.

How do you expect someone else
to realize it?

We failed to convince him to
stop working on that machine.

Please try to convince him.

Everyone should do what
they are supposed to do.

Weavers have to weave
and painters have to paint.

Otherwise, things will go out of order.

The only way to stop his madness
is to get him married.

I don't want to get married now.

Please agree, my dear.

The girl is really beautiful.

Don't marry someone too beautiful.

A cramped-up house and
a simple looking wife is ideal.

Or else, you'll have trouble later on.

Why are you so stubborn?
Why are you not listening to us?

Stop fooling around.

You're getting married!

Mom! I don't want to get married.

You can't force him.

We can't help him if he
doesn't want to be helped.

We'll have to deny Venkateswarulu's offer.

Who is it, Mom?

Who is it?

Hold on.

You can't enter until you
mention each other's names.

She is sleepy.

Did you hear that? They just got married
and he's already defending her.

It doesn't matter.

I won't let you in until you
mention each other's names.

It's pouring heavily
The blankets are getting wet

Let us in, sisters
It's time

It is not pouring heavily
The blankets aren't wet

How can we let you in?

I'll give you pearls
And garlands made of flowers

I shall present worldly gifts

I'll give you unicorns
And kingdoms to rule

Cattle to graze and buffaloes for dairy

A shepherd to look after them
And a blanket to keep him warm

Let us in, sisters
It's time

No way!
You have to say the names.


My dear.

That's not his name.


Promise me that your daughter
will marry my son in the future.

I promise.

I want to hear that from her, not you.

Just say yes, Aunt.

We're talking about you.

We're here for each other

Our hearts sway on a cradle together

You're a part of me

Nothing can separate us

Our union becomes an epitome of love

As we be our sweetest selves to each other

We play around
We get all mischievous and cute

So many hopes aboard

So many imaginations flying

They've got us entangled

So many smiles blooming

So many colors spilling

They've got our glances fixed

This way...

Fold it like this.

Hold it.

Here you go.

A folded sari should
instantly grab attention.

That's not how you're supposed to do it.

Like a bouquet of flowers

Our hearts sway on a cradle together

Like the pair of a mynah and a parrot

Our union becomes an epitome of love

So many dawns and kisses

They reflect upon the holy thread

So many chuckles and giggles

They bring beauty to our couple

We're here for each other

Our hearts sway on a cradle together

What happened, Padma?

When people said that weaving is tough,
I had no idea that it was so difficult.

Now that I'm doing it,
I know how difficult it is.

It's only been six months and
my shoulder is hurting so much.

I wonder how Mother-in-law has
been doing it for so many years.

What if I say that you don't
have to weave anymore?

That would be great.

What are you going to do about it?

Well, I'll build a machine.

Both our families warned me
about the machine.

I was asked to keep you away
from the machine.

What can I do?

Everyone opposes it.

But I've been noticing something.

You really care a lot about that machine.

Look how the thread spins around it
without having to do it manually.

This is like the first step.

The cycle wheel and the threading process
is the second step.

Three more steps and our machine
will be ready.

My dear, I don't care what people say.

-Start working on the machine again.
-How do I do it?

I don't have a single penny in hand.

I've got a lot of money.

We can make many such machines
using that.

How much money do you
think you have, Padma?

I have 1,000 rupees.

Let's do it.

Noticed your lights were on
and realized that

you had started working on it again.

Listen to me.
Don't tell anyone until I'm finished.

People have varied opinions.

Why do you care about their opinions?

You have to do certain
things at a certain age.

There's no point regretting
once you're old.

You're the only one who
understands my pain.

Carry on.

He's all about the talk and no money.

He's coming here.

Hey, there!

Hey, Anji.

Hey! Let's party tonight.


Because the entire village
thinks that you're insane?

Or, because they're mocking us
for being your friends?

Why is he saying that?

He is the guarantor for your loans,
and the lenders are pestering him.

You need to start repaying your loans.

Of course, I'm aware of it.

When will you start doing it?

Bloody hell!

It's the same nuisance
in public and at home.

I'm here to have a good time with you
and there you go again.

Padma gave me some money.

The third step is almost over.

Third step?

That is why I'm here
to party with you guys.

How many steps are yet to go?

It will be done, man. Now what?

Yeah, sure.
We've been hearing that for so long.

Why don't you stop daydreaming?

If we stop dreaming, what else
do we have left in this world?

We have the right to dream.

But your dreams are all colorful.

There's a rumor going around
in the village.

People say you talk to your machine.

We also heard you name it.

Is it Rambha or Ramya Krishna?

Hey! It's not Rambha or Ramya Krishna.

It's Lakshmi.

My mother's name.

You guys can take a look
at my machine tomorrow.

I'll also serve you rice flour pancakes.

Anji, bring your buffaloes
along with you.

Make more pancakes for me then.

The thread wraps around the rod

and then onto the pins.

And now, when I press this...

the thread falls around the pin

and that's about it.

Turn the motor on.

Hey! Get a cloth. Go!

Turn the motor off. Now!

Did it burst?

Oh, no!

It was working well yesterday.

Look! That's how I made all of this.


Mallesham! Come on out.

I'm coming.

Bro, why did you come home?
You could have called me.

Yeah, right.
You want us to invite you home?

You haven't even paid me the interest.

Bro, please don't yell.

I'll clear your debt in two months.

Two months? I'll give you two day's time.

I'll mortgage your house
if you don't pay up.

I don't have a single penny
right now.

If you haven't got the money,
sell your wife and pay up.

Watch your tongue!

What have you gotten yourself into?

I've run this family for so long.

I cleared all my debts.

Has a loan shark ever been to this house?


What have you done?

You put our family at stake
for the machine.

For the first time in my life,
Mom scolded me.

I haven't failed, Padma.

I'm paying the interest every month.

The entire village knows that my machine
has burned down.

They're asking me for
the principal amount.

They aren't even giving me
a couple of days.

Everyone wants the money at the same time.

How can I pay all of them
at once?

I'll get a new motor.

I'll run the machine.

Then, the villagers
will believe in me.

Mr. Veera Pratap.

On the eve of the Sankranti festival,
my holy cow bows to you.

Greetings, Mr. Veera Pratap.

Thank you for giving alms to the holy cow.

Hey, Mallesham! It's been so long.

I heard that your machine burned down.

-Tell me why you're here.

I need a small loan.

I knew it the minute you showed up.

I must be the only one left
in the village.

You were great at the marble game
when we were kids.

But he'd cheat a lot.


Don't act innocent.

He was a bully.

You, Raju and Anji stole my shorts once.

You hit us so many times, so...

I will lend you the money.

But I need to settle a score.

Remember you hit me when we were kids?

Apologize for it and touch my feet
for forgiveness.

Then, I'll give you the money.

You're home.

Come in.

I've been waiting since morning.

Since it's Pongol,
I wanted to visit the temple.


I'll bring you some snacks.

The snacks are really tasty.

Your mom made them. Taste it.

Why are you sad on a festive day?

Everything will be okay.
Don't you worry.

Padma, can I ask you something?


I need materials for the machine.

No one in the village is lending me money.

If you could give me your gold chain
and bangles, I'll pawn them and...

I swear I'll get them back
once the machine is made.

Ever since we got married,
have I ever asked you for anything?

My parents gave me those jewels.

That's all I have of them.

I don't expect anything from you.

But don't ask me for my jewelry.

You don't trust me.

Why are you giving me excuses?

You gave me hope when
no one believed in me.

But you consider me insane,
like everyone else does.

Am I right?

I trust you.

You are free to assume things.

I'm not giving you my jewelry.

You would've given it to me
if you had believed in me.

I don't need money to booze
or fool around.

You're all talk.

If you don't give me the jewelry,
what will I do? I think I should die.

Don't say another word.

I'm tired of men in our families
threatening us with suicide.

If you are not capable of facing
your problems, then go die!

But, don't use me as
your excuse to die.

My dear!

I was angry. Don't take it to your heart.

I get really furious when I hear
people mention that word.

I said it out of anger.
Please don't mind me.

Let go, Padma.

-Let go!

He won't go anywhere, my dear.

He'll come back.

Come, let's have dinner.

We looked everywhere.

But we couldn't find him.

Don't panic, Padma.
He's not going anywhere.

He'll be home by dawn.

Mom and Dad will come back
day after tomorrow.

Say yes to anything they ask for.

I'll take care of the rest.

And we don't want any dowry.

Let's have a simple wedding.

We can share the expenses.

Do you want to see the girl?

That's not necessary.
He fell for her

the first time he saw her
at the movie theater.

Ask Padma if she likes me.

She likes you.

Has a loan shark ever been to this house?

You put our family at stake
for the machine.

Apologize for it and touch my feet
for forgiveness.

Then, I'll give you the money.

If you are not capable of facing problems,
then go die!

Our worst fears have come true.

The bride's family has come to know
about your debts.

They have called off the wedding.

Our daughter is lucky because we
figured things out before the wedding.

We are merchants.

Our debt compelled us to accept
that marriage proposal.

She'll have to keep weaving her whole life
if she marries him.

How can they call it off?

We can't blame them.

Because of his machine,
we are getting humiliated.

In that case, let's accept that
teacher's proposal from Sircilla.

Alright. Let's go ahead with that.

What about my preferences?

I want to marry Mallesham.

Are you out of your mind?

He's drowning in debt
because of that machine.

How is he going to feed you?

He's in debt and yet he
didn't demand a dowry.

He's also willing to pay half
of the wedding expenses.

Did any of the suitors ask me
if I liked their proposal...

except Mallesham?

During tough times,
you may feel helpless.

But if you muster courage
and think calmly,

you'll find many opportunities.

Hey, you had us really worried.

Where have you been?


Where were you, son?

I left my family behind
to be with you.

What would I have done without you?

I'm sorry, Padma.

I've gotten so occupied
with the machine...

that I didn't care for you.

You bore insults for being my wife.

I never made you happy.

I often resolve to not touch
the machine again.

I try not to think about it.

But I'm unable to do it, Padma.

Whether I'm awake or asleep...

Whether I'm idle or busy...

That machine is the only thing
on my mind, Padma.

What should I do, Padma?

What should I do?

Resume your work.

Are you serious?

Yes, I am. But I have one condition.

It's Pongol today.
Let's have a deadline of two years.

I hope you finish it before the deadline.

Otherwise, you'll stop worrying
about the machine for good.

Yes, Padma.

I'll build the machine in two years.

I'll show you the finished product first.

Dear, let's move to the city.

These people here will not let you
work in peace.

Okay, Padma.

Let's go to the city and
get a job.

After that, we can come back
and work on the machine.

Starting a whole new life

A new direction

Every footstep seems strange

But with every slip I'm motivated
To rise again


I'm going to meet my friend.

He said he'll help me
rent an auto rickshaw.

I'm so used to cooking on firewood.

I wonder how I'll manage with this.

Let me show you.

A silver lining will always be there
Behind a dark cloud

Please adjust for a few days, Padma.

I like it here.

Okay, then. I'll get going.

Be careful.

Grit and determination is needed

To face the rising tides of life

Bro, can you take me to Koti?

You said there were only three people.

Are you counting the kids as well?

There are stars lining

The horizons of darkness

There are rain drops showering

From the rumbling clouds

Why is the fare so high?

It doesn't cost this much from
Sultan Bazar to Musheerabad.

-No, sir. The meter is correct.
-Did you rig the meter?

Sir, they increased the minimum fare.

Oh, no!

How many times have I told you
not to wait up for me?

How many times have I asked you
not to work so late?

I already told you
I get double the fare at night.

That doesn't mean you
have to drive nonstop.

I understand we have to save
for the machine.

But you also have to
take care of yourself.

Wow! Tamarind leaves and fish curry.

I'm unstoppable as long as
I eat your food.

Stop pulling my leg, my dear.

Stop! Stop!

Wow! Have you ever had such
a handsome guy in your auto?

Fool! Take me to Madhapur.

The girls out there are crazy about me.

Venkata Lakshmi from the seventh grade.

Padmaja from the tenth grade.

Indraja from the eleventh grade.
Are you listening to me?


Durga who is pursuing her graduation.

Why do you look so shocked?

Girls go gaga over me.

Stop! Stop!

We've reached Madhapur.

This is Madhapur.

I thought it was close by.
But we've come quite far.

You feel so because you're new here.

So, did you listen to my love story?

Yes, I did.

Okay, then.

Name my girlfriends correctly
and I'll pay you.

Tell me.

Tell me.

-Venkata Lakshmi.

Go on.



How could you forget Indraja?

It's Indraja, man.

I'm not going to pay you.

You forgot Indraja. I'm not paying you.


You should demand your money, man.

You look way too innocent.
You can't be so nice and sweet.

Here, take it.

-46 rupees.
-Yes, take it.

Keep the change.

A drunkard is always honest.

You forgot Indraja!

Okay, get lost now.

Do you think I can make money off flowers?

Of course, you will make a lot of money.

I didn't have a single penny
when I first moved to the city.

Look at me now.
I own two properties.

How much?

I settled their tiff.

But they didn't give me
any toddy or tobacco.

-You should've asked him.
-He is ungrateful.

Hey, fool! What are you doing here?

You quit driving the auto and
started selling flowers now?

Why aren't you yelling? Who's going to
buy your stuff if they can't hear you?


Let me see you sell some flowers.

Show me how you'll sell flowers.

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

Did you hear that?

Who's going to fall for that?

Selling is an art.
Want to know how it's done?

Bread! Bread! Freshly baked bread!

This is how you do it.

How do you sell ice cream?

Ice cream! Ice cream!
Dig into it, lad!

Ice cream! Ice cream!
Dig into it, lad!

That's how you do it.

You are really naive.
But you are a nice guy.

Go, sell them now.
Your business will bloom.

Thanks, bro.

Flowers, ma'am! Flowers! Flowers!

-Flowers, ma'am! Flowers! Flowers!
-Give me some alms, sir.

-Give me one rupee, please.
-Flowers! Flowers!


Flowers! Flowers!

-Do you want to buy some flowers?
-No, thanks.

-Buy them for two rupees.

-Do you want to buy some flowers?
-No, thanks.

Sir, give me some alms.

Tea! Tea! Hot tea!

Delicate and beautiful jasmine flowers!

Flowers! Jasmines, jasmines!

Oh! Looks like my dear husband is upset.

Don't be angry, my dear.
You're not used to selling flowers.

Why don't you get back
to driving the auto?

None of the drivers use their
meters anymore.

I make no profit when I turn the meter on.

I'm thinking of driving a trolley auto.

Okay. Go ahead with that.

The tea tastes good, eh?

Not really.

Come on. Load them in.

The load is too heavy, bro.

Here you go.

-It's done.
-All right.

The auto is completely damaged, my dear.

The owner is really upset.

I'm really worried.

I'll figure something out.

Go home.

You haven't slept all night.

No, my dear. I'll stay with you.

The doctor said that I'm fine.

I'll be home by tomorrow.

Go home, Padma.

Take care, my dear.

Bro, what do you do for a living?

I'm an electrician.

What do you do?

I drove an auto until recently.

But I had an accident.

What's that book all about?

This one?

It's about electrical circuits.
I've had this book since my college days.

I've been trying to pass this exam
for four years.

I have to pass it this time.

Are you looking at the pictures?

No, bro.

I understood a little bit of it.

You said you only
studied till sixth grade.

How did you manage to understand it?

That's true, but I passed tenth grade
through distance education.

I passed in the third attempt recently.


Solve this.


Prove it.

You don't understand English.
So, how did you manage it?

English has always been
a challenge for me.

That is why I always carry a dictionary.

Go on. Prove it.

Current and resistance are like a
mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo.

One calms down while the other fires up.

How did you figure out
the complex circuit?

You just have to divide it
into small parts.

Our company has a vacancy for
an electrician's assistant.

Will you do it?

I really love electrical work, bro.

I blew up many motors during my research.

Please get me this job.

Why are you pulling the wrong wire?

I'm pulling the supply line.
I'll finish it today.

What should I tell the owner?

-We'll finish it, sir.
-I can't depend on you guys.

-Sir! Hello, sir.
-Hey, Kiran.

Weren't you supposed
to be back in two days?

I was at the hospital.

Excuses, excuses!
Hospital, exams, weddings.

You keep fooling around.

Why are you so angry, sir?

This is no big deal.

You asked for a helper.
I have the right guy for you.

-Hello, sir.

Do you have any experience?


Do you have it, or not?

He does, sir.
Why else would I recommend him?

He's a good worker.

Listen! I don't tolerate substandard work.

I want this job finished in a month.

He met with an accident.

If you could get him an advance...

Do you want an advance for nothing?

Just get a table and chair for me.
I'll give advance payments to everyone.

To hell with the tasks.

You're experienced, aren't you?

Hey, Mallesham.

-Keep it.
-I don't want your money, bro.

You can pay me back once
you get your salary. Okay?

Thanks a lot.

You don't have to thank me.

-I'll start working on the machine.



Thank God you're home.
I was waiting for you.

Look, I brought you something.

A sari!

It's very beautiful.

I've always weaved these,
but I never got to wear one.

Why did you buy it?

I've got a job, Padma.

That's great news, my dear.

I also have something for you.

What is it?

Be patient!

What is it?

It's not Pongol yet.
Why did you make special snacks?

Don't you realize something?

It's just a smiley face.

There's a mini snack ring in the middle.


You've given me such wonderful news!

We'll have a baby girl.

She'll bring us good luck.

I can't wait to hold her.

You don't believe in
superstitions, do you?

This is different!

Narasimha, how are you?

I'm good.

Your son sent you money.

Sign this.


I'm leaving you alone for
the first time, my dear.

It's okay. I'll be visiting you.

Take care of yourself.

Don't lift heavy stuff.

I'll drop you home and I'll
also get the machine here.

Sure. But don't let it
consume all your time.

Please eat and sleep on time.

Will food and sleep
help build the machine?

Will starving and pulling all-nighters
help build the machine?


-How are you?
-I'm good.

-How are you, my dear?

-How are you?
-I'm fine.

Come on.

It's been so long.

-When did you leave?
-We left early in the morning.

Let's pray that you have a safe pregnancy.

Sit down.

Where's your nuptial chain?

You don't have your gold bangles either.

We pawned it.

Pawned it? For what?

We pawned it for the machine, Mom.

Without asking us?

How could he pawn the gold we gave you?

He'll get them back.

The machine will be done soon.

Yeah, right!
He'll sell everything for that machine.

I wonder what he'll do to you next.

Why don't you lower your voice, Mom?

Don't embarrass him.

I don't care.

He's a lunatic.
Didn't we warn you before the wedding?

Stop it, Dad.

My dear...

My dear...

How can I live in a place
where you aren't respected?

I'll go with you.

Padma, stay here for a few more months.

I don't think my mom
will be able to help you.

Let's go back to the city.

We'll be together through thick and thin.

You need to build the machine.

Those who insulted you
should sing your praises.

My parents should proudly
boast about their son-in-law.

Don't take it to heart, Padma.
Forget about it.

You are not able to work on
the machine because of me.

I should've stayed
at my parents' house.

Go to sleep, Padma.
Let's talk tomorrow.

My dear...

My stomach hurts.

Wait a minute.



-What is it?
-There's blood on the sheets!

Get up.

Let's go to the doctor.

Be careful.

She has a low-lying placenta.
Otherwise, there are no other issues.

She needs a lot of bed rest.

Or, there might be complications later on.

Is there anyone to look after her?

I'll prescribe some medicines.
Make sure she has them regularly.

Thank you.

What did the doctor say?

She needs a lot of bed rest.

Did she say anything else?

Two teas, please.

Don't be worried.

I know how important
this machine is to you.

It won't take too long.

About five months, right?

Time passes in the blink of an eye.

Why don't you leave an hour early
from work?

I'll take care of the rest.

Thanks a lot, bro.

Don't be silly.

Do you want to eat
something in particular?

I want to eat curd and rice.

It should be spicy as well.

Mom's blessings and Dad's nurturing

That's how it's going to be from now on

It's delicious.

It's Padma rice.

Padma rice?

Curd rice with spices and garlic
becomes Padma rice.

Shall I take care of you?

Shall I pamper you like a little baby?

You have a place for me in your heart!

Do you want me to design
a peacock, or a deer?

Which one is harder?


Then, I want peacocks.

Shall I feed you with my own hands?

Shall I admire your cute self?

Shall I regale you with stories?

Shall I brighten your mood?

Gift this father
The little soul growing inside of you

And I shall gift the invention in my brain

To the world

Be careful.



You've arrived!

My sweetheart! My cutie pie has arrived!

Your grandpa decorated the entire house
for your first Pongol.

Look at your grandpa.

I think it's my mother.

Thank you for coming home.

It's been very long.

Let's put her in the cradle.

Okay, let's do it.

My sweet baby!

What are you doing?

Why are you touching
that wretched machine?

I'm taking it to the city.

Are you insane?

You endured so much ridicule.

What more do you want?

Why are you doing this again?

I'll do it right this time.

This is the cause of all our troubles.

This has ruined our lives.

Let this machine rot!

Dad! Dad, what are you doing?

What the hell is this, Dad?


Stop it.







You worked so hard all these years.

Your dad burned the entire thing.
That's ridiculous!

It's okay, Mallesham.
Think of it as a blessing.

Forget about the machine
and find a good job.

To hell with all this!

Why are all fathers like this?

They don't let you do anything.

They're against change.


Do you think fathers who don't
care about their sons, are great?

Your parents may have been harsh,
but they made sure you had food to eat.

What do you guys know about
the pain of not having parents?

Have you gone crazy?

You were crying,
and all of a sudden you're laughing.

It's impossible to make this machine work
with a wooden frame.

I was holding onto it because
I had spent so much money on it.

My dad did me a favor by burning it.

Wait and watch.

I'll make an amazing model using metal.

An amazing one!

Wait and watch.

Do you want to make the machine
using metal?

I'll look into it.

There is a guy who can do this.

But he is a little crazy.

Life is amazing!

It's like a cow that's grazing!

Wow! Amazing poetry!

Abdul, I need money for
the child's school fees.

May he study well and become an engineer.

Here you go.

Thank you, bye.

How was my poetry?



Why are you here?

-Greetings, Abdul.

-This is Mallesham, my close friend.

He needs your help.

I need to build this machine.

These blueprints are an engineer's work.

Abdul duplicates parts.

He doesn't make machines.

Bro, your lathe machine remains idle
during your poetry session.

Teach him once, and he will do it himself.

He will pay you as well.

When God was handing out knowledge,
were you sleeping?

Don't you understand?

Not these designs,
bring me a sample instead.

Bro, where did you get this scarf from?

No one has made them
in the past ten years.

My grandfather gifted it to me
when I was a kid.

I have searched for this in every nook
and corner of Hyderabad, but in vain.

It takes a month to make this.

It takes a lot of hard work to
make these complicated designs.

That's why no one is making them.

What's that called?

The art of weaving.
Weaving these special intricate designs.

That's the weft.

Later, it's woven onto the loom.

We wrap the thread
around 9000 times a day.

In doing so,
my mother's bones have worn away.

I am making this machine to help her.

I'm moved by your story.

I bet you love your mother very much.

Good job.

From now on, this lathe machine
is yours during my poetry sessions.

I will help you as much as I can.
I promise!

Wrapped in a cloth of silk

In a cradle of diamonds

Swing away, my angel


In a cradle of diamonds


I bought you something special.

You're bringing all kinds of flowers.

But when are you bringing me
some jasmines?

You are very happy.


I met a guy called Abdul.

He's owns a lathe machine.

I can work on it.

What are you waiting for?
Get started.

He's allowed me to work for an hour
every night.

But we have to pay him 350 rupees
every month.

That's going to be tough on us.

It's okay, my dear.

I've taken up some stitching job.

I'll learn how to stitch blouses
to make more money.

It will be hard to send money home
until we're done.

Hey! Look at your dad.

Oh, sweetie!

He's working.

It's time for my poetry!

Get ready!
All of Hyderabad is going to be steady!

Wow! Well said!

I've been watching you for two months.
You have been wasting time and money.

This is the job of an engineer.


Whatever it takes...

I have to build this machine.

-Here's your rent.
-I don't need it.

Keep it for yourself.

You have spent a lot on your materials.

Get done with building the machine.

You can pay me later.

We will get through, somehow.

But I wonder how our son is doing.

He must be struggling to get by.

Congratulations! You built the machine!

No, bro. The actual work starts now.

I built the same wooden model
using metal.

The actual challenge starts now,

and I need your blessing.

You've gotten better with your words!

It's all because of you.

The volcanic eruptions

Are countless

The calm ocean hides them in its belly

The invisible glitches in the blue skies
Are infinite

Billions of celestial bodies died

For the birth of the earth

Millions of years of human evolution

Led to this human form

Countless dreams of the future hover

On the sleepy eyes of the infants

Many unwritten poems are wailing

Inside the wounded heart of a poet

Bring our daughter here.

She should switch it on.

As of now we're just using 12 spindles.

And it rotates around
the spindle only once.

This helps in making small designs.

But we need about 40 spindles
to make big, elaborate designs.

Each spindle needs to
rotate around seven times.

And that's possible only if we have
about four hundred of these strips.

But we don't have space
to place that many strips.


What do I do now?

Consult someone who is an expert in it.

He will help you find a solution.

I'm the one who is building the machine.

But it's only half done.

I don't know what else to do.

I need some help from
someone who is educated.

Our education is useless.

We just memorize old question papers
to pass the exams.

You need someone with practical knowledge.

Let's ask my professor.

Let's go.

It's a good design.

But it's going to be really hard
to make it.

I did, sir.

I've made it, sir.

You made it?

-Did you?
-Yes, sir.

How can I help you?

It's using only 12 spindles right now and
it only rotates once around the spindle.

But for intricate designs, we need more
spindles that could make more rotations.

I was hoping for a solution from you.

There are two variables
in what you just said.

That is why the mechanical version
isn't possible.

I mean, we can't execute it.

We can try the electronic version of it.

But, you'll need...

a micro controller...

transistors and...

How much will it cost, sir?

Approximately 30,000 rupees.

30,000 rupees?

Please ask him if he will continue with
this madness or get back to his senses.

Maybe it's Mr. Yadagiri Narasimha Swamy.

Dear spirit, you have to answer me.

Will he ever come back to his senses?

Will he?

They say he won't.

I've done this so many times but
it's never been this disappointing.

-See you later.
-See you.



What are you doing?

I came here to find some labor work.

All the looms have shut down
in our village.

How is Aunt's health?

It's become worse.
She has stopped weaving.

So I'm out here, hoping to earn a living.

We can blame it on our fate.

That's it.

We can blame it on our fate.


The gear is not working properly.

Mallesham, where are you going?

-Thank you--



The engineering professor
said that it can't be done.

But it can be done.

We don't need 400 strips.

A big gear for the 40 spindles.

A small gear to rotate around
the spindles 10 or 20 times.

A big gear, a small gear.

I don't understand this.

How do I explain?

Hey, please hand me that clock.


Look at the gear that controls the hours.

Here's the gear that controls minutes.

-That's about it
-Okay, just do it.

Take it.


Look who's home. It's Dad!

Guess what I've got for you.

I'm sure it's not jasmine flowers.

Oh, come on!

Come on, keep guessing.


He's got something for you.

Padma, it's New Year's Eve.

Let's celebrate.

I'll fix the small gear.

My dear...


What is it, Padma?

Why is it rotating in a circle?

It's supposed to rotate
in the shape of the number eight.

-The number eight?

You don't know how to weave.

That is why you don't know what I mean.

It's supposed to rotate
in the shape of the number eight.

What do you mean?

I mean...

Look at this. It's circular.

We have a very fast way of weaving.
That is why you've never noticed it.

We rotate it like this.

This is how we do it.


It's working, right?

Look at this. It's circular...

It should rotate like this.


It's going back and forth, right?

This is all good, my dear.

But it's supposed to rotate in
the shape of the number eight.

I thought I did it correctly.

Everyone is very happy.

I don't want you to be upset.

I've watched women weave
ever since I was a kid.

But I never noticed that.

Don't be sad, my dear.

You've achieved so much already.
You'll fix this as well.

There are only 14 days
before the deadline, Padma.

How can I finish it by then?

It's okay.

Take more time.

I've promised you.

I won't let you down.

Dear, I am not asking you take extra time.

You spent six months looking after me
when I was pregnant.

I'm just asking you to make up for it.

What's the use of building the machine
if I can't keep my word?

"Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee
will visit Pakistan."

"A weaver commits suicide."

These people just kill themselves
to get compensation.

Would they have that much money
if they were alive?

I have an amazing offer for you.

I'll pay you two lakh rupees.

Why don't you drink this
and kill yourself?

What are you talking about?

Have you gone crazy?

I hired you and you're
planning to kill me!

What are you looking at?
Drag him out of here.

Do the suicides seem funny to you?

We're starving to death and
you make it all about the money.

How dare you fire me?

It's okay, my dear.

Take a break.

Can't you hear her cry?

Why couldn't you hold her for some time?

You're just saying this
because I'm jobless.

That's not what I meant.

You just said it. Don't deny it!

Are you trying to outsmart me?

Why are you dismantling it?

I'll sell this off to a scrap dealer.

You slipped out of my hands

When I almost had you

I thought you would guide me

But you broke our bond

I nurtured you

For seven years

I treasured you in my heart

I protected you

Like my own child

I fed you

With my blood and tears

I made a mistake, Padma.

I've been very mean to you.

I shouldn't have lost my cool.

My dear...

You have worked hard on the machine
for so long.

How could you just throw it all away?

Go in the morning and get it back.

Listen to me, my dear.

No, Padma...

The machine creates problems.

The machine is also a solution
to all our problems.

Over the past seven years,
I've been struggling with the machine.

I'm ready to accept this challenge.

But this might not be the last challenge.

There might be many more
problems that might arise.

And we don't have enough time, Padma.

Please lie down for a while.

It's been two days since you
had a good night's rest.

To solve many people's problems

I gave birth to you

Instead of being a savior

You further increased my burden

Like the umbilical cord
We were bonded by the thread

Like the umbilical cord
We were bonded by the thread

You turned what could have been

A beautifully woven sari into rags

Dear, go get the machine back.

Why are you being so stubborn?

Forget about it, Padma.

Why are you bringing it up again?

Let me see that.

-See what?
-The bobbin.

Sir! Where's all my stuff?

-Your stuff?
-Yes. Where is it?

-I sold that stuff.
-Who did you sell it to?

Who did you sell it to?

I sold it to a man.

Did you notice a scrap cart pass by?

I don't think so.


He went that way.

This is my stuff.


Have you been working all night?

Mallesham has built the machine!

Everybody needs to come and see it.

Yeah, right!

Back then, he almost killed me
with the fan.

I wonder what he's planning to do
with this new machine.

-Is the baby sleeping?

The machine is here!

-Move aside!

Turn it this way.

Get out of the way!

What is Mallesham up to?

We have no clue what
that machine will do to us!

Anji, why don't you stand far away
from that machine?

Grandma, stop it!

His machine won't work.

I bet a thousand rupees!

Does anyone have the courage to bet?

I will!

He doesn't have money to eat,
but he's ready to gamble.

I'll bet my house.

Mom, please come and switch it on.

Dip it in the lake!

It's of no use!

It's not going to happen today,
let's leave.

Your house is mine now.

Wait a minute.

If this machine doesn't work by sunset,
you can have my house.

I can only hope his
fate will change today.


The clutch plate is not working.
Get me your old motor.

-Make it quick.

Go quickly!

Everybody, move out of the way.



Please switch it on.


Hail, Mallesham!

Didn't I tell you the machine would work?

Look at the machine working well!

Why are you here?

Go and take a look at it.

I don't deserve to be there.

I've been very mean to him.

How can I face him?

He is our son.

And you said all of that for his own good.

Come on.


The machine...

Mallesham, you made this
machine for your mother.

Will you help us as well?

I will make one for everyone.


Your mother is here.

Are the arrangements done?

Hello. My name is Chinthakindi Mallesham.

I am from Saradhipeta village in
Nalgonda district of Telangana state.

They said, "For 50 years,
our struggle has been going on.

The hands of our women are worn out
working tirelessly on handlooms

and you invented a machine
to ease our toil.

Thank you. You did this for your mother.

Now please consider all the hardworking
women weavers here as your mothers

and provide us these machines."

My parents embraced me and said,

"Sorry, son.
We were harsh on your ambitions.

You invented a machine to ease our labor."

In the year 2005, we faced a problem.

The price to make the machine was
13,000 rupees.

But the price of steel in the
market had almost doubled.

Many couldn't afford the price.

After coming a long way,
we were stuck here.

Now people were hesitant to buy it,
and we were back to square one.

After a lot of thought I ran to the
old book stores in Koti, Hyderabad.

I bought books related to electronics,
integrated circuits, transistors etc.

I took them home.

I started reading them.
I struggled to understand each concept.

The books are in English and I don't know
the language! Oh, God!

Later, I bought myself a dictionary.

I listed out unfamiliar words on a page
and began understanding the concepts.

I struggled for two years and made the
machine available for 13,000 rupees.

In 2000, I had another
idea for new designs.

We need new and creative innovations.

I gave it a thought.

While researching about the process,

I was advised to use micro controllers
on the machine.

Micro controllers?
What on earth was that all about?

My friend asked me to read those
electronic text books again.

I brought myself four
books on micro controllers.

I read each instruction meticulously.

Now, I can program assembly languages
and create various designs.

After the arrival of the machine
in weavers' homes

many educated girls have
been employed successfully.

One girl called me and said.
"My brother, because of your machine

I need not learn weaving anymore."

I studied Engineering and I have a job
that pays me 40,000 rupees per month.

I am extremely grateful!