Malicious (1973) - full transcript

A widower and his sons fall in love with Angela (Laura Antonelli), the beautiful housekeeper. Each man uses his particular way to approach and capture the - apparently innocent and naive - young woman, and to see more of her sexy body. But only one of them succeeds in dominating and conquering her.

24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 ...

Enzino !

Well then !
So ? Is that a nice thing to do ?

- With mom who's sleeping ?
- Why, she sleeps ? Isn't she dead ?

- Antonio, can I play here ?
- No.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...

Well ? I haven't said yes, I said no.

Oof !

What does it mean that widow Corallo
is the most beautiful ass of Catania ?

- How's that ?
- It's not me who said it.

Dad said so.

- Dad !?
- Yes, I overheard him on the landing.

Will you explain what the hell that means ?

- But when did you hear him ? Today ?
- Nooo ...

You're the best heart of Catania.
What would I have done without you ?

Forget it ! Both widowed.

And then, Margherita
was like a sister to me !

- Poor soul !
- Again ! ?

Mom is dead. Mom is dead.
Mom is dead. Mom is dead.

Hey !

Who is it ?

Is it you, Nino ?

- Let me in.
- Don't bother me !

Oof ! There, I can't play,
because Antonio will not let me.

Over there, I can't play
because mom is dead.

So, where do I play ?
Not even in the bathroom can I play !

Oof ! I want to play !

I'm going for a moment to the store,
to finish the inventory.

Hard times, they are !

We must combine business with pleasure.

What am I saying ?
Make a virtue out of necessity, right ?

That's it.
Can you give a look ?

Go down calmly, I'll mind the deceased.
What a misfortune, oh my !

- Peppino !
- Ignazio. I still can't realize it.

Take courage !

How did it happen ?

The other night I found her dead in bed.

- Oh, Jesus, my Jesus, what a misfortune !
- Huh, we just didn't need that !

- Poor Margherita !
- Thanks.

- Sir, may I start doing something ?
- Yes, go say a few prayers to Margherita.

- She'll be very pleased.
- Yes, I can also pray here ...

Matteo will come directly to the cemetery ?

I don't know.

- Hurry up ! I can't stay a month !
- This bolt of cloth is moth-eaten.

- Should we throw it away ?
- Throw what ? Put it in the bargains !

- Concettina !
- Here ! My condolences. We lack a batiste.

Look for it ! What else you wanna do ?

Condolences. This is a stained muslin.
We sell it at cost ?

What cost ? Send it to the dry cleaner.
What cost price !

- And you, what you're doing, Lo Coco ?
- I measure the remnants !

- And you measure off the cuff ?
- To be quicker.

Quicker to screw me !
How long is this, in your opinion ?

- Some 9 feet.
- Now we'll check with the yardstick. Where is it ?

One ...

two ...

three ... Three and forty-five.

- Wretch ! You want to ruin me.
- But, I've seen you doing it.

And you'd be a normal man ? Your arm
stretched seems a crossing barrier.

It takes the yardstick ! Use that, idiot !

- Yes.
- And wake up, I want to finish within Saturday !

I want to open the store Monday, OK ?
I gotta care also for the living !

Oh, Holy Mother !

Give me back the ball !
I want the ball ! Give it back to me !

Rest in peace.

Margherita La Brocca
was an exemplary mother.

Rest in peace.

- A sure guide.
- Rest in peace.

- Shining light of love and piety.
- Rest in peace.

Enzino !
Be quiet, will you ?

See that, Nino ?
That's the most beautiful ass of Catania !

constant and vigilant attention,

present and loving
under all circumstances.

caring closely, and solving, the small,
and inevitable, crisis of the family.

- Rest in peace.
- Her spouse is crying.

But one certainty supports him.

He knows that, if he will manage
to follow her shining example of life,

sooner or later, he will join her
in the glory of the Lord.

Well, there's no urgency ...

- But Margherita La Brocca is not dead !
- How, she's not dead ? She's dead !

She will never abandon
the house that once was hers.

There will be no ...

time of day, or room in that same house,
where her soul will not be present

with its sweet linger
as a beneficial domestic genie.

Guardian, I dare say, of
those she has left in pain and despair.

Always at home ? Well ...

God works in mysterious ways.

Rest in peace, Margherita, waiting to be
resurrected on the Day of Judgment.

Well, it's been a pleasure.
Rest well.

Thanks once again for everything,
Donna Ines.

Why ring, idiot, if there is nobody ?

- Good afternoon, sir.
- Good afternoon

- Excuse me.
- Come in.

- My sincerest condolences, sir.
- Thanks, but ...

Sorry, I waxed a bit.
The floor was dirty, with all due respect.

Come and see, it's all clean !

I ventured to tidying up.
The flowers I threw them, they smelled.

The candles are there, can be given
to the parish. I gave a little air ...

You've done well, thank you.

- But, sorry, who are you ?
- 3 days ago, the agency told me to show up.

The poor lady had made a request,
because you needed a maid, right ?

Oh, that's it !

I believed instead you were the daughter
of that second cousin of Margherita.

The one who lives in Caltanissetta
and has a hotel by the station.

- What's his name ?
- I don't know.

Sure, Matteo !

My name is Angela La Barbera.

I ventured to prepare some dinner.

A consommé, some stew, a salad ...

Have I done wrong ?

- A saint, she is !
- From Lentini ?
- No, from Caltagirone.

I'll tell you, tidiness made person.

Delicate, all clean.
Look, Agatino, I dare you

to find in the furniture

a speck of dust,
even to pay it one million.

All tidied, all perf ...
Then, you know what amazes me ?

When ever did I have so many suits ?
All this underwear ?

All those ...
Tino, wait.

You have to see it with your own eyes.
Tell me if you ever saw so many socks.

Not even if I were a millipede.

Shirts, scarves ...

scent of orange blossom.

She even puts orange blossoms !
But, do you realize ?

- She's able to think of every little thing !
- A luck in bad luck !

But I know who sent her to me !

It's you I have to thank, Margherita.

You've sent me this saint,
to assist all of us.

Just arrived in Heaven, and one can say,
without even time to undo the suitcase.

Oh, Margherita, one more thing !
Regarding that matter ...

of Don Cirillo, who said that your soul,
your spirit, must hover in our house ...

Look, there's no need, you know ?

Rest in peace here, you.

'Cause ...

for what concerns the house,
it's care of Angelina.

Alright ?
Whom you sent yourself, moreover.

Come out !

Ice cold !

The water.

You've let it flow ?

- It's ice cold, ma'am.
- Good !

Well then ...


Meanwhile, begin to read this phrase.

- You've bathed the creature ?
- It's still frozen.

- He wet his prick in it !
- He's dipped his prick there.

Enough now !
Silence !

If I had a father with a store like this,

I'd fuck school
and I'd stay behind the counter.

My father says that without degree
you can't sell not even shoelaces.

- And your father got a degree ?
- Yeah, the high school diploma.

Nino ! Come up, it's ready in a minute.

Coming right up.

- Nino, who is that ?
- The new maid.

- What a piece of ass !
- You say ?

Of course I say !

You're so lucky ! My mother
doesn't want girls, to spite my father,

and so we have a female cook
who's 120 old, and a butler.

So I take it up my ass, right ?

- It ends up in masturbation anyway ! What can you do ?
- Bye.
- Bye, Piglet.

But ... but, with her, you've already ... ?

- Oh, but you always think about that ! Bye.
- Bye, Nino.

In this TV set you can't see anything.

It's not the TV.
It's the wind.

You see ?
It's the wind that moves the antenna.

There we are.
Now we begin to see something.

That's it.
Now we can see well.

- Angelina ! Will you wash me too, tomorrow ?
- Stop it, come on !

- Cut it out, idiot !
- What d'you want ?

What's going on ?
Even here you fight ? Leave him alone.

And you, why shave every morning ?

Playboy !

- It grows.
- Shut up ! Mute !

- Will you hasten ? Move it !
- Come on, hurry !

Pass the ball ! Pass it hard !

Stay in defence, don't let him kick !

- Ninuzzo, what's up, you're not at school ?
- No, I fell while I was going.

- Jesus ! You got hurt ?
- It's nothing.

Come, child, come.

Don't worry, it's just iodine.

Now I'll blow on it and it will pass.

Oh, mother !

- Put your hand on it.
- Where ? On the wound ?

No, on the willy !
If not, it bothers me while I bandage.

- Angela ...
- What ?

Listen ...

- You won't say anything to dad, right ?
- Don't worry, I won't tell him anything.

It stays a secret between you and me.

It still hurts you ?

- She made that ?
- Yes, of course.

- And she saw it ?
- Sure !

- Naked ?
- Yeah.

And then ?

- Come on, tell me. And then ?
- And then ...

- she kneaded it.
- Shit, what luck !

Oh, she's in our hands now !

And what's it to you ?

Couldn't you order her to do it
at least once for us both ?

No, no way !
And then, not with you.

- I'll show you Luciana !
- Your sister ? I always see her, I give a fuck.

Naked ?

When ?

Let me check.


But what ?
She always sleeps with the door open ?

- She fakes to be asleep. She likes to be seen.
- And why she likes it ?

Cause she's a whore.
They're all whores, aren't they ?

- Not that you see much, though.
- Wait, wait.

- What're you doing ?
- Stealthy footsteps.

- But she will hear.
- Exactly !

Look !

Come on, Enzino, little angel.

Make a long long pee pee.

There !
And now back in bed. Good boy !

- And then, and then ?
- I was too tired.
- But ...

- But, two or three times you've done it ?
- Sure !

Shit !

But she, she cried out of passion ?
Huh, Nino ?

So, she cried out ?
Say !

Don't get distracted, Nino.
Will you tell me, Nino ! ?

But, your sister's crazy, to dance alone ?

Yes, you know she's all crazy !
Tell me, tell me the erotic details !

What shall I tell you ?
It was overwhelming !

- Tell me some racy detail, obscene !
- I will if you give me your gun.

OK, I'll give you the gun,
but next time you do it I come see.

- You're just a degenerate !
- Stop it !

- Cut it out !
- What a pain in the ass ! Leave me alone !

- Sorry for you, but you're just degenerate !
- Please !
- No, you're only a pervert !

Come, Ninuzzo.

Dance !

Why are you so stock-still ?
You seem a broom stick.

- What is it ? What're you looking at ?
- Nothing.

But your father and brother,
they too do dirty things ?

Idiot ! My brother is a jerk,
and my father is old !

Also my father is old, but has a
mistress in Palermo and one in Naples.

- And one in Milan, of course.
- And then, I keep watch on her.

Even now you keep watch on her ?
Even from school ?

Aw, fuck off !

You, and that big slut of your sister !

What now ?
What's up ? Huh ?

What's with this kid ?

He's not feeling well. Something
that hurt his stomach, poor child.

He's got a temperature, fever ?

- No, it's nothing, a slight temp.
- Shall we call the doctor ?

It's not necessary, don't worry sir,
you'll see, one day of rest ...

Yeah, he's got nothing ! But I know,
it's the cigarettes. I know you smoke !

Just let me nail you, my dear,
and you'll see how you end up !

Ninuzzo, what's wrong ?

You didn't do your homework, did you ?

You don't know the lesson ?

You don't want to tell me.

What is it ? You argued with someone ?

Something wrong with your pals ?

Look, for once I'll back you up,
but you can't fool me, y'know ?

You got no fever, you had only 97°.

Nino, say something to Angelina !

OK, young man. Then tomorrow you'll
go to school even with a 104° fever.

Understand ?

- But, you're ogling ?
- Who, me ? No !
- Move away !

Why, Angelina ?
I'm doing exercises.

Yeah, I know which exercises !

But who's there ?

What's up ? What're you doing ? Boor !

- Push-ups, dad, what else ?
- I know what you're after !

Pervert, degenerate and son of a swine !

- But dad ...
- No buts !

Yes, okay, I too was ogling.
So there !

Because she entered my mind, understand ?
I can't get her out.

Margherita ...

Maybe they cast a spell on me ?

You say no ?

For sure she's beautiful, she's female !
Got it ? She's ...

- Suffices Mickey Mouse ...
- Sir, the pastries.

- Oh, here you are, good !
- You hold them.

So, I may go ?

Yes, go, go,
don't make your boyfriend wait !

Which boyfriend ? I'm going to my aunt's
and then we'll go to the movies.

Okay, but you're telling me that a
girl as pretty as you has no boyfriend ?

I am hard to please.

Oh, yes !

Hard to please ...

Sir !

Donna Ines !
How goes it ?

Don Ignazio, it's become a rarity,
the pleasure to greet you.

What are you saying, Donna Ines ?
Unfortunately, the kids, the work ...

But of course ! By the way,
I decided to renew my wardrobe.

- I think I can shake off all this black now.
- You're right !

That's what I say. The mourning is
brought in the heart, not in the clothes.

Well, when you wish, Donna Ines.

When you wish, come to the store,
I've received classy things ...

Actually I wish to choose calmly,
that you help me choose.

You're a tasteful man.

Why don't you come home
one afternoon, for a whiskey ?

So you can give me advice ...
you can help me.

Bring a samples set
and we look at it together.

- Yes, one afternoon.
- I'm counting on.

Angela !

- Angela, look !
- What're you doing ?

- Jesus ! You got hurt ?
- No, nothing, a small tear.

Let me see.

Enzino, don't eat with your hands !

90,000 of clinic has cost me this joke !

You've gambled a year's salary !

- Dad, the body must be cared for.
- The mind should be cared for, moron !

- Antonio wants the pap !
- Shut up, beast.

- Maciste wants pap !
- Animal !
- Cut it out.

granted the Statute in March 1848 and
the same month waged war against Austria.

But on July 25 he got it up his ass
at Custoza, and was forced to ...

to ... Oh ! Also beaten at Novara.

This Carlo Alberto was always pecked.

- Ouch ! Come on, Angela, don't be silly, come here.
- No, please, young sir.

Come closer, Angelina, what it cost you ?

Enough ! Leave me alone or I'll scream !

- Hold it ! Don't go out.
- Stop, I said. Your hands to yourself !

Keep your hands to yourself !
Please ! And let me !

How is it ? Good ?

Drink it !

Drink up, it's fresh !

Did you like the water ?

- Let me. Let me, asshole !
- Please, don't fight !

- You filthy swine ! Get off me !
- Who's holding you ? Go, go.

Cut it out, please ! Enough !

No, no, don't stop them !
Give it to him, Nino, give him more !

Hush, Enzino !
You too butt in ?

Great imbecile ! What do you wanna do ?

Nino, more, Nino, punch him on the mouth !

Enough ! Stop !

I'll tell dad when he comes. Enough !

- Let me see blood ! Cut off your ears !
- Enough, enough ! Shut up !

Enough ! Stop it !

Come on, don't stop !

Don't be cowards ! Come on !

- Go on ! Like that ! Come on !
- Enough ! Enough !
- Don't stop !

Enzino, come away, come on.

Damn, what a spit !

I'll teach you to be cocky !
You think I haven't understood you ?

You'd like to, huh ?

But you're little, still.
Go !

Go beat it in the john, you can't do else.
I, instead ...

tonight, I'll go into her room.

And I'll screw her !

What do you want ?

Ninuzzo ... don't be upset.
Antonio is not evil, he's just spiteful.

No, he's not spiteful.
He's a son of a bitch.

I'm sorry.
I don't want you to fight for my fault.

It's not you.

I'm fond of you all.
And you too.

Come on, I saw you !
You put the flower every morning.

What're you saying ?
You saw what ?

Go wash the dishes, it's better.

What do you want ?
What is it ?

Pig !

Look at the old goat !

I hate them, hate them, hate them !

Thiefs, Dad !

Stop thief !
My store, murderers !

- My store ! Thiefs !
- That'll teach you !

Stop thief !

Excuse me.

But, can't this siren be stopped ?

You too, sergeant ? It's three hours
that I hear this mess. Three hours !

For sure, from tonight I don't
feel safe even in my own room !

- Here, I've made you some coffee.
- Good ! Take it, sergeant.

- For your men, too.
- Please !

- Russo, Pirandella !
- Yes, sir.

- We needed this coffee ! Bravo, Angelina !
- My duty, sir.

What is this ?

Don't annoy me ! Go to bed, please !

Why, when come the thieves,
you and Dad put on perfume ?

Enzino, cut it out !

You wear even new pajamas,
you and Dad, when thieves come ?

- Oh, at last !
- It doesn't even seem true.

So then, sir, are you sure
they didn't steal anything ?

It seems to me that nothing is missing.

Odd thieves !
Breaking a window rather than the lock.

Actually, it's very strange.

It seems that somebody got scared.

Sir ...

- You want to file a complaint ?
- Against whom, sergeant ? A ghost ?

Margherita !

Now we get to do even
nocturnal exploits, right ?

Even stones we start throwing !

100,000 lire had cost me that window !
100,000 lire !

Now you're even starting to break,
huh, Margherita ?

The windows, I mean.

In short,

Margherita, also the living
do need some understanding.

And then, let's say it once and for all,
so we get out of it.

You, look that,
from the erotic sexual side, in the act ...

my child ... !

In short, what I have to say,
I have to say in the face !

Angela !

Look, Angela,
I need to talk to you absolutely !

- What is it ?
- He's studying.
- Nino ?

Nino, do me a favor, go down to the store.

Ask Lo Coco for those fabrics,
and bring them to Mrs. Corallo,

- and let her choose.
- Dad, but I must study !

What do you mean ?
When have you ever studied ?

What's all this itch to study ?
You'll study tomorrow, that's holiday.

- But tomorrow we're going to grandma's.
- Alright, you'll study tonight !

Always arguing ! For the
slightest trifle that one asks you !

Come on, get up ! Do as I said !

Always arguing !

- What are you doing here ?
- Nothing, I passed by here and I said ...

- "I'll go spy a bit", that's what.
- What spy ! One goes to see a friend ...

Sure !

But, don't you live there ?

- Yes, but I must bring these fabrics to ...
- Yes, yes, I get it.

- Bye !
- Bye.

Wait, Piglet.

- Yes, what is it ?
- Wait for me at home. It won't take me long, OK ?

There's no rush.

Cheers, Ninuzzo.

Drink, drink !

Well, this one also, though ...

I don't know, maybe with some light.

This one ... is not bad.

What do you think ?

Ninuzzo, won't it be a bit too
young-looking ? Too vivacious ? Huh ?

What you think ?
After all, I'm not so old.

You ... how old you think I am, Ninuzzo ?

How old ? Come on, make a guess, say, say.

This is really lovely, y'know, Ninuzzo ?

Though you can't see the effect of the
cloth with all this stuff underneath !

Perhaps ... I'll drape myself.

What do you say, Ninuzzo ?
Shall I drape myself ? Huh ?

Yes ... yes.

I'll go get some pins.

So I can drape it.

Meanwhile I'll put on some music.

So you don't get bored.

I'll be right, I'll do in a flash.

- Here I am.
- What're you doing here ?

- Your father told me to come and help.
- And you left them alone ?

Couldn't you say you had to wait for me ?
Couldn't you do as I said ?

I seemed to disturb, and then ...
You know you smell of wine ?

That's my damn business, OK ?
Come on with me in the living room !

Eat, do as you wish and tell the lady
I'll be right back, OK ?

- But who's this lady ? Who knows her ?
- Don't worry !
- But who is ?

What do I tell her, then ?

And now what I do ?

Oh, Nino, it's you.

- Nino ... have you finished ?
- Yes.

And the fabrics ?

The fabrics, says that ...
she's kept them.

Says that ... she must think it over.

- What is it, you're not feeling well ?
- No.

What's wrong ?

How do I look ?

- But you're not Ninuzzo !
- Actually, no.
- But who are you ?

Baron Puglisi, nice to meet you,
Called "Piglet".

- But what you doing here ?
- I was passing, and ... I said to myself ...

But, I can pay ...

Don't you worry.

- Let's not talk about it.
- No, we must talk, instead.

I assure you,
a marriage that will cause a sensation !

You have to say yes,
I'll take care of the rest.

- But how do we do ?
- Don't think about it. Do as I say.

- But you know it's not possible, people ...
- I give a damn about the people !

- Angela, my mother will consent, you'll see.
- And the boys ?

The boys will do as they're told !
Even fleas have their say, now ?

No, no, no !
Get out, I'll drive. Move off.

- Come on.
- Oof, Dad !
- Oof, Dad !

You want to wholly ruin this car ?

- We'll arrive tomorrow !
- Yes, even the day after ! Angela !

Angela ! Enzino !

- Quiet, Enzino.
- I won't kiss grandma ! She stinks !

Mute, mute !

Dad, you never use the 4th gear
and the engine jams !

Your brain is what's jammed !
Enough now !

The car is mine, and I do as I wish.
But look at that !

And if I like, I'll go in reverse,
to grandma's ! Alright ?

There ! I said it !

Camillo ! Camillo ! They've arrived !
Come on out, Camilo.

Well come !
Well come !

The gear, Dad, the gear !

Yes. Yes, the Royal gear !

- Ignazio dear, how are you ?
- Adele !

Adele, how goes it ?
Here we are.

- Behave yourself.
- Hi, Camillo !
- Long as I mustn't kiss her.

You're growing up so much, my son !

It's not me to grow up,
it's you to get smaller each time !

- What can I do ? I'm old !
- Adele, how is mom ?
- How should she be ?

After the 50 years,
an ailment every 10 years !

- No, I mean her mood.
- Oh, her mood !

- It's north wind, today !
- I won't kiss grandma, she stinks !

Listen kid, beware,
it's not the right day, today !

- Stink or not stink.
- I don't wanna come !
- Enzino, you're a bore !

- Come on, Enzino.
- I don't wanna come !
- Please !

- I said no. It bores me ! Let me !
- Enzino !

Kiss grandmother.

- Mother.
- And Enzino, where is he ? Hush.

Nino, you're a little pale.

Aren't you well ?

- Sir !
- What ?
- Enzino. I can't find him.

- Where did he go, that wretch ?
- Hush.

This is the new maid ?

Actually ...

She's too elegant.

Fine, fine.
Go help Adelina in the kitchen. Go, go.

Mama, I ...

Hush !
Come on, let's go.

Antonio !


- I don't understand, Mom, why not ...
- Hush !

How many times shall I say that
wheelchairs are for paralytics !

- I'm not paralytic, I'm tired, understood ?
- Yes, Mama.

Hush !

Nice deeds you do !
We're at grandma's house !

No, I don't wanna see grandma,
cause she stinks !

Had I not been hungry,
you wouldn't have found me.

Do it for me, kiss your grandmother.

Yes, but I'll hold my nose.

- Oh, here he is. Where was this brat ?
- Hidden in the hayloft.

Incredible ! Greet grandma.
Give a kiss to grandma !

Come on, sit.

Eat !

And, mute !

Next time I won't bring you more
to grandma's, OK ? Stay put !

Go, go !

Anything but trade !
All nonsense !

What you are you owe it to the land.

You have no gratitude.

I'm old, I'm not eternal.

The fact is that the farm needs
the hand and the eye of the master !

And you ...

Well, it would be time for you to quit
wasting my money with the store !

These cigars have become just gunk,
they seem straw.

- Mom, I ...
- Hush !

Remember that, 50 years old, a Christian
is either Pope, or is sacristan.

And you, certainly, you're no Pope !

- Well, this we knew it.
- And remember that I can die any day.

When will you die, grandma ? Tomorrow ?

- Shit !
- Eat, Enzino, eat, or it gets cold.

And remember that in front
of the elders you speak little.

I beg you, Mom, in front of the kids,

at least treat me with some regard,
some respect, okay ?

Regard ? Respect ?

Why, by chance you had regard and
respect for them ? For yourself ? Huh ?


- What ?
- The cigarette !
- Oh !

But what do you believe ?
The mute child, his mother understands him !

Mom, I'm mute because
you never let me talk !

Hush !

When you talk, you always say nonsense.

- And you always make nonsense.
- I knew it.

- Getting involved with a maid !
- Which maid ?

You want to take your pleasure ?
Take it !

A maid is good for this too,
since the world began !

But you ...
You want to marry her !

Why, what's wrong with that ?
She's a good girl, hard-working ...

Hush ! She's a servant !

- A housekeeper.
- Servant !

- However, it would be a big saving at home.
- Yeah, I know !

- But you thought about the kids ?
- Of course I did !

They're fine with her, she loves them
and is like a mother to them.

Hush !

I see you've turned into a real jerk !

That's enough now, mom !
It's time to end it, okay ?

A jerk ! I'm no longer a child !

Mom, if we gotta talk,
treat me as I treat you !

If not, let's not talk more, okay ?

Mom ?

- Are you feeling sick ?
- I'm dying ! Hush !

- Hush !
- Mom, do not scare me !

- You make me die !
- Adele !
- Hush !

Adele ! Mom is feeling ill !

Enzino ? Hey, Enzino !

Enzino, what is it ?

What did you see ?

You saw mom, right ?
I've heard you calling her !

- Mom ?
- Yes, mom who's dead, and was calling you !

She wept because she wanted her child.
You, Enzino.

But you make her suffer, mom,
because you don't love her as before !

I want mom ! I want mom !

No, you want Angela !
Cry, cry louder, so mommy comes !

Mom ! Mom !

Cry, cry louder !

Mom ! Mom !

Enzino !

Enzino, what is it ?

- I want mom !
- Enzino, what's with you ?

- What happened ?
- Says that he dreamed mom.

- Enzino, don't cry.
- I don't want you, I want mom !

I don't want you, I want my mom !
I want my own mom !

- Listen, mom ...
- Hush !

- Mom, it's the first time !
- Hush !

- He's never done so, I swear.
- Hush !

- Not even on the first days !
- Hush !

Believe me !

What are they doing ?
Adelina, will you call them ?

They're here, they're coming down !
But why you're leaving like that ?

But she'll be disappointed,
poor old woman !

OK, tell her we had to leave early and we
didn't want to bother her. I'll phone her.

Maybe she's awake.
She never sleeps throughout the night.

Who ? I heard her through the door,
snoring like a double bass !

Come on, move ! Hurry ! Where were you ?

- In the bathroom.
- Always in the bathroom ! Let's go !

From morning to evening in the bathroom !

- Well, what's wrong ? What're you doing ?
- Don't you see ? I'm leaving.

And why do you go ?

Why do you ask ?
After all you've done to make me go !

Aren't you glad ?

Me ? What I have done ?

And the thieves ? The dreams of Enzino,
the ghost of your mother !

You think I didn't understand ?
You put Enzino against me, poor child !

Don't worry,
I won't steal your mother's place !

Angela ...

Don't go away.

Oh, no ? But then,
what do you want from me ? May I know what ?



Forget it, Dad. You never understood
anything at all about soccer.

Spoke the genius ! Here nobody understands
anything. These foreign players ...

They found America in Italy !

Throw-in by goalkeeper Menozzi for Hansen,
who advances to the right.

Counter attack of Cagliari.

Long pass on the right to Cavazzuti,
who's struggling with Toros.

Pass for Tonna, who shoots from afar ...
Save by Menozzi !

He just doesn't see the ball !
But what does he do ? He gets confused !

- Goal !
- Goal ! Up yours !

- The game is not over yet.
- Okay, but meanwhile he scored.

There, that's better ! Drink milk,
it's more appropriate at your age.

Appropriate ? What're you talking about ?
I don't understand.

Oh ! He doesn't understand, huh ?

And last night, before the TV ?
You don't remember anymore ?

That was the nothing you wanted from me ?

What is this ?

Pretends not to understand ! With all
the dirty mags you hide in the bedstand.

Put it down, it breaks.

But it doesn't squeeze you ?

What do you care,
if it squeezes me or not ?

But, if you didn't wear it, wouldn't
you be freer ? Wouldn't you be better ?

That's my business !

It's better that you don't wear it.
Don't wear it tomorrow, okay ?

Ninuzzo, listen to me !

Enzino !
Enzino, wake up !

Wake up, Enzino, mom came back !

Wake up ! You had mom's apparition.
Will you wake up ?

Scream ! Why don't you scream ?
Son of gun !

Aw, fuck off !

Mom !

I don't have it.
Are you happy ?

I've done as you wanted.


And now I want you ...

Enough now, huh ?

Cut it out !

I want you to take off your panties.

Leave me alone, Ninuzzo. Cut it out !

I want you with nothing underneath.

- Only the dress !
- I do as I please !

And you, please, tonight, sleep !

And let sleep us too.
I explained myself ?

- Okay this way ?
- Yes.

Can you take the book, please ?

Me ?

Yes ...

Me, when I get on a ladder,
it makes me dizzy.

Yeah ... dizzy !

It must be the big one
with the green cover.

- What are you doing ?
- Nothing. Holding the ladder.

- This ?
- Uh, no.

I was mistaken.

It's that other one, with the red cover.

Red, huh ?

It's this one ?

Maybe you're mistaken again, huh ?

Yes. May be.

It's this one, then ?
It's this ?

It's this ?

Or is it this one ?

It's this one ?

I'll tell you which one !
Is this the book you want to see ?

No, I didn't take them off, okay ?

Are you glad ? You need else ?

Damn coward !

Mom !
Mom !


The souls of the dead
are very susceptible.

Slowly !

That's it ! Here, it must be.
Here, at the entrance.

So, this blessed effigy

can be seen and revered
by all those who come into the house.

There, you must be !

Sir, now I need to connect it.

To the power. But I have no outlet.

Okay, okay,
go and get it, so you connect it.

Hurry up, you must also go to the store.

Here he is, our visionary !
You slept well, huh ?

Leave me alone.

You wretch ! Is that the way ?
Rude !

But look at ... !

Really ... Look, I ...


But you shouldn't do so, huh !

I ... I'm desperate !
I can't take it anymore, y'know !

I'm going to take Don Cirillo,
so I'll talk to the boys before him.

- If they're convinced, fine, if not, I don't give a f ... !
- Yes, okay !

Though, I think it's best to reflect,
to wait, y'know.

Wait for what, Angelina ? What do I wait ?
They're in growth age, and I wait !

Come on ! You only live once, in life.

And when one is dead ...

One should play dead, I say !
Alright ?

No, no, y'know, an exquisite person.

- You had any difficulties ?
- No, which ones ?

You were able to speak ?
Indeed ! Only I have spoken.

Got it ? Only me, doesn't let talk !

Moreover, I found that is an honest woman.

For that, without honesty,
what would be left to my mother ?

What got to do your mother ?

- But, didn't you go see my mother ?
- No, your mother later.

Besides, before talking to your mother,
who's a holy woman, but a little bossy ...

Shit, if she's bossy !

I had to check
what I'm going to sell her.

Sell what ?
I told you, Cirillo,

Angela is as clear as a glass of water !

Yeah, but you're too eager
to drink that glass of water !

Look, I realize that
the sooner the better.

Also because,
you don't have many cartridges to shoot.

Cirillo, stop with these cartridges !
I'm still an intact man !

Yes, alright, but you're no boy.
Then there are your children,

and all in all, your mother's not wrong
in worrying if these boys bind with her.

- They bind, they bind, I said they bind !
- All of ? Also Enzino ?

Enzino especially. At night
he wakes up and calls: Angela, Angela !

- And if she doesn't go ...
- He pisses in bed.

Ignazio ! Is at stake your happiness,
and hers too, I must say.

And above all that of the kids !
And also that of possible children that ...

Sure, by God's grace !

Of course ! Also because, alone ...

Please, Cirillo, will you talk to mom ?

Yes, alright, but in order, first I want
to talk to the kids. Come on, I'm hungry.

My blessed children,

you must realize your father's situation,
he'll correct me if I'm wrong.

He's a man still young,
with three devils like you to raise,

without the presence of a female hand,
without a wife ...

I deem that his decision,

since you're glad, right ? to take as wife
the here present Angela La Barbera ? Yes,

I mean, to take Angela as wife.
Who, moreover ...

is a cook of rare skill !
This dish is the seven wonders !

You see that he liked it ?

This seems, to me ...

a wise decision.
Something well thought, there !

And I ... I approve it, unconditionally.
I too !

It's logical, however, that, to be sure,
this decision needs

to be taken ... with joy by all of you.

Understood ?
In short, with the consent ...

this beautiful dove,
your father won't marry her alone.

- No, I'll marry her alone !
- Well, yes,

of course you'll marry her alone !
But I mean ...

you accept to take ... as mommy ... ?

To me is fine.
If dad is happy.

Well, dad is very happy !

With Angela we are very well.
We got used to having her at home.

I agree if she marries with dad.

Bravo, this is men's talk.

- Ninuzzo !
- Yes, Ninuzzo, you ...

are you happy, and so on ... ?

Angela, for me, were it not ...

Were it not ?

Were it not that I see mom at night.

Are there apparitions of mom ?

But they're just fantasies, dreams.
What you want them to be ?

Wait, wait, wait a moment.
Tell me one thing, Ninuzzo ...

What is ... ?

She doesn't come in dream.
I see her as ... as I see you now.

But, excuse me, she does what ?
Speaks ? She says what ?

No, doesn't speak, she cries.

- Yes, she cries, she cried always !
- Hush !

No, it's that she blocks me.

She prevents me from doing as I'd like.

- And then, he saw her too.
- It's true that you saw mom ?

- No way !
- Yes, I saw her. She was ugly.
She was uglier than when she was alive !

Ugly ... she was a type !

What you believe now ? The dreams
and fantasies of children ? Cirillo !

Of course ! With all they eat at dinner,
perforce they have nightmares !

After all, it may also be that
Mom won't come see us again.

Angela, I like her for real.

He likes her. Of course !
You'd be an ingrate !

With all that she's doing for you,
would you complain ?

- Sure, being the situation at this point, it's best to wait.
- Wait ? Still ?

Yessir ! To collect the ideas !

These kids see their dead mother,
who cries !

If I weren't scared by these apparitions,
I'd agree on the marriage.

Mind you, is not matter of superstition,
the Church has overcome this,

but it's science itself,

the psychoanalysis ...
Ignazio, Freud himself ...

But what does he want, this, from my life ?
Him too !

We won't say anything, to Freud !

Why do you rush ?
There's no need to rush.

- Good day, Mr. La Brocca.
- Hi, Stefano, say hello to dad.

- Yes, I will. Bye, Nino, I'll see you.
- Yes, this afternoon.

It's dangerous, you could smash your face.

- Come with me
- Where to ?

- Would you like to eat a cannoli ?
- If you want.
- Sure I want. Let's go.

So then, Nino ...

all fine ?

All fine what ?

I mean ...

All fine at school ?
Oh, sure, all is fine, thanks.

You'll eat another cannoli ?
Another cannoli to the boy.

So, Ninuzzo, all fine ?
Look. I've stained you.

- Last night, I mean.
- Want to know if I've seen mom ?

No, no apparitions.

Bravo !

Bravo Ninuzzo, bravo.

Tell me, Nino.

You remember that last summer
you asked me for a cyclo-something ?

Oh, the moped.

- You said no.
- Okay, I said no because you were a kid.

But now you've grown up, you please dad,
and I want to buy you one.

- Are you happy ?
- Yes, but I don't care anymore, dad.

How's that ? Beware.
You raised hell for it !

It's dangerous, you were right.

How about that !
I was right !

- Hi, Ninuzzo !
- Hi !
- Who's that one ?

- Piglet's sister.
- Bye !

- Will you come with me ?
- Is she your date ?

- Dad, come on !
- Nice girl !

- You like her, huh ?
- Bye !

Nino ! What's up ?

What do you do here ?
What else do you want ?

You see what time it is ?

Go to your room.

Go away !

Will you go away ?

Look, if you don't go, I call your father.

Last night, everything quiet ?
Nothing happened ?

Everything quiet.

Were it true that this ghost
had calmed down, once and for all !

You know what I tell you ?
Tomorrow I'll talk again to Don Cirillo.

But ...
wouldn't it be better to wait some more ?

- What's the rush ?
- What's the rush ... Do I have to explain it, even ?

And then, what shall we wait for ?
Everything is quiet !

Nino, for example.

I had always thought

that it was a story of his own,
invented because he was mad at you.

- No !
- I even meant to buy him a moped.

He refused, y'know ?
He didn't take advantage !

He gave me a lesson in fairness.

Nino, what're you doing ? You want to joke ?

Nino ! But what you doing ?

Nino !

Enough, huh ? Enough now.

Stop, Nino !

Enough, huh ? This is the last.

But what do you want to do ?
Please. I beg you !

Why do you treat me like this ?

Enough ! What have I done to you ?

But what do you want ?

Can I know what you want from me ?

You want to see me naked ?

If that's what you want from me ...

look, I'll undress.

Huh ?

I'll take off everything.

Collect the papers and let me study.

Stefano !



- Are you awaiting my brother ?
- Yes.

What a beautiful bicycle !

- Is it yours ?
- Yes.

- Will you teach me ?
- But this is for men !

So what ?
Hold it.

What a fright !

- What should I do ? Pedal ?
- Yes, but slowly.
- Well, slowly.

- Don't look at the front wheel.
- No, no.

- Oh God, I'm falling !
- Straight, straight.

Oh, God !


- But what are you doing ?
- Nothing.

I'm teaching her to go on bicycle.

- But if she taught me when I was 3 years !
- Bye ! I'll take a ride !

- But can one be more ...
- Bitch ! Say it without ceremony.

Look ! I've brought you the gun
that I had promised you. You like it ?

Is it loaded ?

What do I know ?

- Look, I brought the gun, but if she doesn't put out ?
- No, she'll put out ...

And when, when ?

Even tomorrow.
Dad goes to Palermo, Antonio goes out ...

- And the little one ?
- No, Enzino doesn't count.

Now you have to do what you've promised.

Now ?

- Are you sure there isn't anybody ?
- No, Enzino is at a friend's home.

- Shut up !
- Who's talking ?

Where is it ?

- From the window ?
- Hush !

I'll bust your ass !

Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose !

Where ?

Ugly coward !
He brought his little pal !

I would fill them both with slaps !

What do I do ?

Hush !

Hey !

You mustn't do these things here !

Enough now !

- But how, enough ?
- Out, go !

- Why ? But right now ?
- Enough, I said, ugly disgusting pig ! ! Go away !

But what's the matter ?

I want you out ! Go away, you ugly lousy !

- What ugly lousy ? After all, the idea was yours, right ?
- This pig !

- And then I gave you the gun. So give it back.
- Go !

- Wait, at least let me put my shoes on.
- No, you put them on at home, okay ? Out !

- Give me my coat !
- Here's your coat !

Why didn't you tell me
you wouldn't be alone ?

- You're a liar, a scoundrel !
- What's the difference ? One or two ...

- How, what's the difference ?
- So, you were aware.

- Sure I was aware !
- Why did you continue ?

How, why ?

I'll tell you why: because you liked it.
You liked being seen by us both.

You're a whore !

I didn't think you were like this.
Worse than that slut of Luciana.

- And who's Luciana ?
- A chick.

And you know why you brought
that other stinker ? I'll tell you why.

Because you didn't dare to look alone !
You're a chicken, a baby !

- I'm not a baby.
- Oh, no ?
- No !

Look !

- Nino, what's that ? Where did you get it ?
- Mind your own.

- Are you crazy ? What do you want to do ?
- Watch out, you !

Will you keep quiet ? I want to sleep !

Huh ? I mean, all normal, all quiet ?

- Yes, all quiet.
- Well, maybe I'll go.
- Where to ?

- Where ? To see Don Cirillo.
- Not yet.

Why not, Angelina ?

It's a week already that this
holy woman shows no signs of life !

Don't know ... just to be sure.

Sure of what ? Leave it to me, darling.

- Excuse me, I have stuff on the fire.
- Sure.

Margherita, look !

I swear that if you don't turn up again ...

I mean ... you got it, huh ?

I will dedicate one hundred
Masses for your soul.

That's it.

My life, my love !
How can I bear it ?

I wish I could hug you
until we're both dead.

I wouldn't care for your suffering.
I don't worry about your sorrows.

Why shouldn't you suffer as I suffer ?

You'll forget me.
You'll be happy when I'll be underground !

Don't torture me to the point
of making me crazy like you !

You must be possessed to speak that way !

I'm sleepy.

This torment makes me puke !

You're right, son.
Of course. It's a love story !

Me too, at your age ...

The kid gets annoyed, of course.

Stupid !

Nino ! What you doing here ?

Stupid, you think I didn't see you
give him the eye ? Idiots, you and him !

- What's it to you ?
- Nothing.

But you were both pitiful.

So what ? And now, scram,
go to your room, got it ?

- If you don't move, I'll call your father.
- And tell him what ?

That while he gives you the eye,
you let me watch you naked ?

So call him !

Don't defy me, y'know ?

Call him !

Angelina !

Angelina, you let me in ?

Sir, I'm already undressed.

- You're undressed ?
- Let him in.

Did you need something ?

I wanted to say that, since tomorrow
comes the mattress-maker ...

Will you stay still, wretch ?

Why don't you let me in, Angelina ?
I won't look at you.

- Stop it !
- And then, we're engaged !
- Please, let me !

- Angelina, you hear me ?
- Yes, I hear you, sir.

Since will come also the bricklayers,
to remake the walls ...

But you hear me ?
Angelina ?

Yes, sir, I've heard. Goodnight !


Forgive me, you know.

Goodnight, Angelina.
We'll talk tomorrow. OK ?

Have you seen ?
You didn't let him in.

How come ?

Go and fuck off !

Tomorrow, when you'll bring him coffee ...

Go away !

When you bring coffee ...

- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, Angela.

- The kids, they do ? They're still sleeping ?
- Yes.


- Don't worry, I'll clean it.
- Angela !
- Sir !

- Angela ! Angela !
- Sir, what are you doing ?

- Angelina !
- Stop, please. Stop !
- I can not stop myself !

- I can not stop myself !
- Please !

- Angelina !
- Enough, sir, enough !

- Angelina !
- Enough ! Stop it ! For heaven's sake, stop it !

Enough !
Enough ! Enough !

- Did I hurt you ?
- Neither you did me good !
- I'm sorry !

- You see to what I'm reduced ? I'm a poor wretch !
- I apologize !

No, I apologize myself.

- You see what you've done ?
- "I'm sorry !" "No, I'm sorry !"

You're two morons, that's what you are !
You're no good at anything !

What a mess ! Next time, like hell I'll
restore the apartment ! Come on, move.

Here they eat, bon appetit !
Yes, but quickly, guys !

Hurry up, or it will take a month !
Come on !

- My respects, sir.
- Hello. Come on, quick, quick !

The door, sir, or at lunch
we'll eat dust and we'll drink paint.

It won't be worse than the bile
I'm gobbling since this morning !

But that's enough, by God !

Now I'll go to Don Cirillo.
I'll drag him by the neck to my mother's !

So we get it over with ! So there.
Either in or out !

With or without her consent !
Okay ?

Yes, I see, better not return tonight,
with this foul weather.

- Are you happy ?
- What ?
- Are you happy that mom said yes ?

Yes, yes. Of course I'm happy.

- Will you give me a kiss ?
- But how ? Now, over the phone ?

Come on, give it to me !

Call me by name, now !

No, I can't. I can't call you by name !

- I'll see you at home.
- Goodnight. Goodbye.

- Hang up.
- No, you hang up.
- No, you hang up.

- No, you hang up, sir.
- No, you.

- Okay, then I hang up first.
- Good girl !
- Shall I hang up ?

- Goodbye.
- Bye, my soul !
- Bye.

It was Dad. Says he'll sleep at grandma's
with Don Cirillo. He'll be back tomorrow.

What a fright !

- Angela's afraid ! She's afraid !
- Yes, I'm afraid of dark !

So spoke the brave !

- Well, I'd take advantage to ...
- Get out in this weather ?

It's a few drops !

- But don't tell Dad that I'm out tonight too, huh ?
- Alright, I won't.

- Cover yourself though, huh ?
- Yes, I will. Bye.

And you, Enzino, to bed after "Carousel."

"Yes, Mom !"
"As you wish, Mom !"

You're mad at me.

Are you angry ?

- What is it ? You mind that I marry your father ?
- What do I care !

- Look that after, we must stop ...
- Stop what ? What are you talking about ?

God, the light !

Nino, please, will you go to the kitchen
and fetch candle and matches ?

Nino ?

Nino !

Where are you ?

Don't get me scared !
You know I'm afraid of the dark !

Nino, where were you gone ?
Move that light off my eyes ! Turn it off !

And don't play games.

Nino, stop that.
Cut it out !

Nino, enough now !

Look, if I catch you you're gonna get it !
Enough ! Nino, enough, please.

Enough joking, stop that.

Nino, I beg you !
You know that I'm scared. Stop it !

Stop it ! No more, no more !

Enough !

I'm scared ! Stop it with this game !

I beg you, that's enough.
Stop it, I'm scared !

Watch it, if I catch you I'll kill you !

- What do you want to do ?
- Undress, and shut up !
- Yes.

Mind you, this is the last time !
You understand ?

What a scoundrel you are !

It's a family of scoundrels !

Son of a bitch ! Swine !

Watch it, when I catch you
I'll kill you, y'know ?

I'll kill you !

Look what I gotta do, I was so happy !

I was settled !
I was so happy !

Wretch !
Pig !

Degenerate and son of a bitch !

Look what I must do for this big swine !

It looked like a good boy !
Degenerate, pig !

He brought me flowers, he brought !

But I'll kill you, you know ?
I'll kill you !

I'll kill you !

And that poor man of his father ...

Ugly wretch ! Damned you !

You're a coward ! You're a bastard !

Look what you make me do !
You make of me a whore !

Alright, you wanna see all of me ?
You wanna see me naked ?

All of ! Tits, pussy, thighs, everything !
What more do you want ? Damn you !

I'll make you pay for it !
That's it, that's how you like me, huh ?

Here I am !

Here I am !

Give it back !

- I said to give it back, idiot !
- No ! Now I'll play with it !

I screwed you over, huh ?
Come and get it !

You've lost all your courage, huh ?

Give me the flashlight, now !

What, you don't wanna play anymore ?
Come on, Ninuzzo !

Come here ! Come !

No, I'm not coming, give it back now !

I won't move if you don't give it back !

You won't move ? Come here !
Let's play !

Come, come, come here !

Son of a bitch ! I caught you !

Enough playing now, Ninuzzo !

Now you'll see what Angelina will do you.

Enough !
What are you doing ?

- What you doing ?
- Fuck me, motherfucker ! Fuck me !

Fuck me.
My baby !

Fuck ...
Fuck ...

My baby !

Fuck ...
Fuck ...

Fuck ...

My baby ! Yes !

My baby ! Yes !

Angela !

My love !

Broccoli, broccoli !

Buy the broccoli, nice broccoli !

- I don't wanna go to school !
- Come on, walk !

You big wretch !
Who gave you the license ?

- Me, in the car with you, it's over !
- Cirillo, is emotion.

- And then, it's his fault !
- So then !
- Hi dad !

So, grandma gave her blessing.

Now, we only expect yours.

Dad, Mom came back last night.

Shit !

- What does he say ?
- Says that mom came back last night.

Bitch of a bitch !

- But you're sure to not be mistaken ?
- Of course !

And she's happy that you marry Angela.

Couldn't you say it sooner ?

- Ignazio !
- Dad, you're dying too ?

Ignazio, come on !
Now that you should be cheerful, happy !

How beautiful she is !
Looks like an angel !

It doesn't even appear that she's a maid !

How, it doesn't appear ?
It appears, it appears !

However, she's graceful, elegant.
She's got class !

Certainly, she must be
much younger than him.

- Some thirty years !
- Huh, it's not little !

But these are the marriages that ...

When will die, Angela ?

What're you saying, stupid ? Shut up !

- Ignazio La Brocca, do you take for ...
- your lawful wedded wife ...

- You allow me to do ?
- Sorry !

- Angela La Barbera ...
- Yes.
- according to the rite of ...

- according to the rite of the Roman Catholic Church ?
- Yes.

- Yes ?
- Yes.

And you, Angela La Barbera, do you take
for your lawfully wedded husband

Ignazio La Brocca, according to the rite
of the Roman Catholic Church ?

Yes !

Unite your right hands.

Then ...

See you tonight ?

I don't know.

Ego coniungo vos in matrimonium, in nomine
Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, amen.


Donna Ines, please,
take care of the kids.

I'll take care !

You know her ?
It's my cousin Piera, Matteo's wife.

My sons, now we must go.

Mrs. Corallo, I can come myself
tonight at home.

- Now you are the master at home.
- Yes, Dad.

Nino !

Enzino, come !

Remember, behave yourself, listen to dad !

Antonio, give a kiss to Angela.

Come on, hug Angela.

Now you must call her "Mom", understand ?

Congratulations, Mom !