Malgudi Days (Kannada Film) (2020) - full transcript

In this amalgamation of relationships and nostalgia, a 65-year-old celebrated writer Lakshminarayana Malgudi announces his retirement. On his Post-retirement run to complete a few pending ...

A breaking news

Popular litterateur
Sri Lakshminarayana Malgudi,

has announced his retirement to his writing.

This must be for the first time a litterateur,

announcing the retirement in litterary field.

For past 40 years,

our publication house was printing his works.

If not for him,

at least for his readers,

should continue his writing.

This is our wish.

Dad, where are you going?

We are leaving to America tonight

The major works of Lakshminaraya, includes

(Shadow of the tree)


(With my mother)

(After my death), etc.,


the reason behind his sudden decision is not known yet.

When our readers appreciate our work

we get motivated to write more

However, I feel that the present generation

doesn't like my writing, that much

Give a second thought to your decision.

Currently this is how I feel.

But if a situation where I have to write arises,

then I’ll see what to do

Yakshagana is a sight to behold, right?


Instead of working in office hours,
what are you doing here?

Sluggish Idiots!

Go, go, mind your business, bastard


What did he say?

Nothing sir

No, no no..

He said something like ‘poya’, ‘poya’

He was complimenting your outfit sir, right?

Yes, yes

Listen, don’t use regional language here

- Okay sir

Go work

You bloody…

Good morning.

Come now

Why are you late?

You stay in a PG

You are provided with all facilities

People like us who live by ourselves,
know what our difficulty is.

That’s why I asked you to get a roommate


No thanks! I’m doing fine on my own.


Boss wants to see you.

Now, he is going to take me to task!

That's it.

Excuse me sir?

I’ll call you back

Ms Prakruthi, come on, have a seat

Why late?

I didn’t hear the alarm ring

But still I got ready fast.

But I got stuck in traffic!

I can understand

Bangalore traffic is horrible. right?

And Prakruthi,

One good news

The All India IT conference is happening in Goa


You will be representing our company there

We two will be going..

So, be prepared for that.

Sir, I can’t come

I’m going to my hometown next week

I will be taking off for four days

I have already applied for leave


What will you go home and do?

You’ll kill time chit chatting

At least participating in such national conferences
will get you more reputation.

It will help you progress in your career faster.

Got it?

It’s been six months since I’ve gone home.
I have to go



Think of it.



or family..

Okay sir, thank you

What happened?


Conference in Goa it seems,
I only have to go it seems! What the…

Give a second thought to your decision

After giving it much thought only
I have taken this decision

`Koneya Tiruvu'
(Last Turn)

…that’s my last book

What inspires you to write?

According to me,
these two can write very well.

One, who has experienced poverty,

The other,

who knows what it means to go hungry

Lakshminarayana Malgudi,

Can you tell us about your birth place?


This is where I was born and brought up.

I was in Malgudi, till my 16.

Then I moved to Bengaluru

Have you never visited Malgudi since you came here?

Somehow, after coming to Bengaluru,

no such opportunity presented itself
for me to go to Malgudi.

We will take a break and be right back

You are coming home next Friday right?

I have applied for leave,

if it gets approved, I’ll come,

otherwise no.

You are 28 years of age.

It’s high time you get married.

That astrologer says

there is some dosha in your horoscope.

to set it right,

you say, you are not coming.

Mom, I’ll come okay?

You were complaining of headache.

You are taking oil headbath
atleast once in a week. isn't it ?

Yes I am!

Also don’t eat junk food outside.


Sleep well.

Avoid using your mobile phone for long hours.


And remember that alliance
from America, that boy…

Mom, I’m getting a call from office ,
bye bye…

In your eyes filled with desire

Let only your goals be visible

In your eyes filled with desire

Let only your goals be visible

Come and spread laughter

Life is like a teaser

If you forget agony

Every moment will be fresh

Walk as equal

Bitter and sweet alike

It is fun to win by sweating out

Close to goodness

Protesting the evil

Strive sans rest

Be a blooming flower

Be a rain drop

Be a spark of fire

Be the sunlight

Be the brightness of moon

Be the twinkling star.


Hi, Prakruthi

I need two cans of beer to wash my hair

I’ll be at Raksha’s house. Get it.

Hair wash???


We are second to none

Do not neglect us as we are women

Woman is the strength behind achievers

If a woman sits idle
one should eat nothing but dust

There is no dearth of prowess or wile

If we stand determined
Man will be dummy

Strongest are the hands that rock cradle

Those who wrong us will be hit hard

Without you

memory is lifeless

Even in this silence

Only your voice is heard

Every day I go in search of

Your dream path

Bring back life

Merging your breath with mine

Life is a teaser
Which gives laughter

If you forget agony

Every moment will be fresh

In your eyes filled with desire

Let only your goals be visible

In your eyes filled with desire

Let only your goals be visible

What are you doing?

I’m reading

I was just checking on you, as you were silent

Do you need any help in the kitchen?

No I’ll manage


Saroja, what happened?



Saroja, what happened?

Wake up


Oh God!


I told you several times,

to marry our daughter off to
someone who stays in our city

You never listened to me.

But you found a boy who stays in America!


she could not even make it to my funeral

Now it’s just you and her

(shadow of the tree)

Here, have some coffee

Why are you looking at me like that?
Take it

Don’t worry, it’s sugarless. Drink it

Dad, we will feel at ease,
if you come with us

But I too should be okay for it, know?

From the place to people,
everything will be new to me

I am not coming,

Grandpa, please come with us.

If you don’t come, we also won’t go

Grandpa, please come

What about your school?

We don’t know all that.

You have to come, please

Should I now?


When to go?

Your visa is ready.

I will book the tickets within two days

Hey, Prakruthi, why?

Why are you so late?

Today she came to office at 12 pm!

But who will question her??

Who asks the girls,
if they come late? sympathy..!

Prakruthi, boss is want's to see you

I won’t go there,

ask him to come here

What do you think?

What do you think of yourself?

This is too much Prakruthi

You are crossing your limits

I’ll dismiss you


Kindly do that,

Mr Rajvardhan!

How dare you to call by my name?

Give respect to your M.D.!

To get respect one must be worthy of it.

You are not.

You were telling about dismiss.?

I’ll only resign!.

I don’t work in this company anymore.


What nonsense are you
talking Prakruthi?

Think twice.

You won’t get this job profile elsewhere.

Nor you will get such a work atmosphere.

That is true.

Neither will I get an atmosphere like this,

nor a shameless boss like you anywhere!

Hey! Mind your language.

What do you think we girls are?

Guys, listen here!

This third class boss of yours,

It seems there is IT conference in Goa.,

and he invites me alone to go with him.

In spite of my refusal,

he has been harassing me
since two weeks, to go with him.

There are so many seniors in this office.

and yet he wants me only to go with him.


You got me wrong.
This is all rubbish you are ta…

Shhh!!!…There is more.

Last time he took Vinusha along
for Delhi conference,

harassed her there.

She got scared and left the office


she quit citing personal reasons.

Look Mister,

I have messages
that you have sent me from a year ago

`Let’s go to a resort'

`Let us go on a long drive'

`I can’t sleep, send me that type selfie'

Listen carefully.

I’m submitting my resignation

My last two-month salary
should be credited by today evening.

If not ...

I’ll put molestation case,
and have you put behind the bars.

Good bye for your job!


I have the screen shots of all the messages,
which you sent to Vinusha and me,

and I have forwarded to your wife,

Have a good day.


You should not get a job in any company..

I will make sure.

Bloody bitch.

We are still slogging here!

Where did she got that courage from?

Mostly it must be #Me Too affect.

She loved my writing,
loved me and married me.

I stopped writing.

She too left me!

I used to tell her,


… I will die before you..

because, I don't have the power to live without you.'

But she only passed away first.

But the truth is,

if she would have been in my situation,

she would not have the strength to endure this distress.


Friend, Call me often,
once you are in America.


Is he not a renowned litterateur now?
I doubt if he will even remember us

You needed us when we were in school,
but you don't need us now, isn't it?

“Flowers don’t talk..
When they bloom, everybody admires

Water does not speak
If it falls from atop, everybody rejoices

The wind does not talk...

I’m so sorry

Are you fine?

That’s okay

Are you hurt?

You came suddenly, so I didn’t notice
Doesn't matter

You are fine, right?

I’m alright.

I should have been more careful.
It was my fault.

It was my fault too

Don't worry, give me the bag.

It is fine, it is okay.

Should I drop you somewhere?

No, I don’t want to trouble you.
Please, I insist sir

Ya, please

I was heading towards Majestic

Ya, sure. I’ll get this

Okay, okay

Sir, where are you off to this early?

I don’t know


I have not decided yet.

I have left home and come

Why? Are your children not taking
good care of you?

Or is it Love case?

Nothing like that

Last week I lost my wife

I’m alone at home

My daughter and son-in-law have come from America

They are insisting to go with them to America.

I don't want to go to America.

Since I’ll be forced to go with them
if I stay there,

I left home and came

Mine too is a sort of similar story

I was fed up of my boss and work issues

I desperately needed a break

So I borrowed my friend’s car and started out

Where to?

Same pinch, No clue

Mostly towards Malnad region, I think..



You don’t know where are you going, isn't it?

So if you have no objection,
you too can come with me.

I’ll also have company

But you’ll have to sponsor our food

I’ll take care of the fuel

Okay, will give..

Anyway, you wanted to go towards Malnad..

Can we go to Malgudi?


Yes, Malgudi,

I was born there

It’s been ages since I went there

Now I’m feeling like going there

So I asked, that's it.



until you introduced yourself,

I didn’t realize you are
the litterateur
Lakshminarayana Malgudi

That’s okay.

Am I film hero,
to recognize me at first sight?

Aren't the writers also heros?

This is very tasty

It’s not too sugary.. It’s yummy

I’m a foodie

Especially if I get local delicacies,

eat more..

Our work tensions,
made us to forget eating.

If Whatsapp and Facebook were edible,

then you would eat till your stomach burst I suppose!

Sir, we are youths,

Should always be in trending..

It’s these trends that are making writers like us jobless!

See there,

everyone is busy reading messages,

no one wants to read books!

You know what sir,

earlier we had to fall back
on books
and news for information

Now you get everything in Google !

You get everything..

but for the people we have lost!

But we can see what we have lost also,

which is a kind of torturous

Can we leave?

I feel like watching the sunrise

It’s been a while since I have seen one too.

Let’s go

When darkness recedes

Amazement of earth twinkles

The world looks new

Bringing out the child in you

It is re-birth to the lifeless heart


As if a town is beckoning you

As if something is left behind

The path is conducive

The firstlight is colourful

In the dew filled dawn

Let moments blossom

amidst memories

Let the journey go on

The air of the earthy scent

touches gracefully..

A line of poems of past

have become songs now

I’m really sorry

I don't like America..

I’ll be back in Bangalore in two days

It’s not like that, Daddy

You please leave

Apologise on my behalf to the kids

Those written stories

have sought the town’s skies

The hidden tears

desire a space filled with love

The tree that embraces the earth,

is saying something,

`Come what may, keep growing like this'..

Like the silence of the forest,
turned into a song

and brought the rain

The way to the town is also inviting

The tree that embraces the earth,

is saying something,

`Come what may, keep growing like this'..

As if a town is beckoning you

As if something is left behind

The path is conducive

The firstlight is colourful

In the dew filled dawn

Let moments blossom*

aye, aye..
- what?

She is on a tour with some old man..!

The picture says, ‘journey begins’

Phew, here we are, waste bodies..

could not impress a single girl..girl!

It seems girls like old men more, what you say?

In that case, let we also age faster!


I have read a couple of your books

`MARADA NERALU' (Shadow of the tree)
is my favourite

Oh! Really?

At the end of the story,

the daughter's agony, when she could not attend
the last rites of her mother,

the attachment of father and daughter,

the way you described it..

had tears when I read it..

Sometimes imagination becomes reality

As a writer, I also like that work of mine

After reading that book,

I wished I had a father too

You mean, your father is no more, is it?

My father passed away when I was in school

A father’s love,

daughter’s warmth,

mother’s tenderness,

wife’s concern…

Only those who have experienced all these
can realize the value of it

What does your mother do?

She is a homemaker

Right now she is worried about
only one thing

The fact that I remain unmarried
even at this age

But I am telling,
why get married at such a young age??

Certain things have to happen
at certain times,

only then will they be meaningful.

More so in the case of girls,

While working in the IT sector,

did you like someone? Any proposals …

Lots, but somehow I didn’t like..

I think this, Love, affection are all bullshit..

Which means,

you loved and lost in love,

and are now in the ‘I hate him’ mode!.

My story too


not only in writing stories,

interested in hearing the stories too..

Tell me your story. I'll listen.

We can pass the time till we reach Malgudi

Oh! So my love story is your time pass, is it??

If it upsets you..

That’s okay, I’ll tell you..

I am born and brought up at Sringeri.

Completed my BCA degree.

Got a job in campus selection.

That was in Puducherry

I had never stepped out of Malnad region before.

So I was very scared

I, especially can’t forget the first day

Why, what had happened?

New people, new place, new language

I was really scared

That was when I saw Vijay for the first time

If somebody asks a girl
how her man should be,

`like Vijay' would be the answer.
Such a smart fellow, he was.

He was smart fellow.

He made me to cry on my very first day

Hey, I’ll be back

Good Morning
- Good morning.

Hey, sit, sit, sit

Hi, myself Vijay, I am your trainer.

I’ll be training you for the next 15 days

And very importantly,

Welcome to the corporate world!.
- Thank you sir.

What I would like to say is,

corporate world is totally different
from your college life

Nobody to help you all, all right

Please introduce yourselves

My name is Akshaydeep, I am from Madhurai.

Hi, Akshay
- Hallo sir..


I did my Computor Science Engineering
from my college,

and I got 80%, that is First class distinction..
Pretty talented guy man! Nice to have you. Sit, sit

Thank you Sir, Thank you so much.

Your name?

Hello Sir, My name is Bhavani
I’m from Hyderabad, Telangana

I have completed my Engineering in CS,

My hobbies are… watching movies,
and I’m a TikTok actress,

Yes please

Excuse me?

You can talk

Nobody is going to punish you!

My name is Prakruthi

I came from Karnataka



BCA, 80% marks

Okay Prakruti,
tell me something..

What do you know about this company?

It is big company,

I love to work here

It is good company.

What is this Prakruthi?

You have come to join this company,

and you don’t know the basic things
about this company?


Shame on you

Why are you crying?

Don’t cry

Don’t cry

I didn’t shout at you

I just made an observation

You can speak Kannada?

Then why didn’t you ask me in Kannada?

See, we have to converse only in English in the company.

That is our company rules

You mean to say that
only those who know English will be respected?

It’s not like that

Then, only thse who know English are intelligent..

I’ have studied in Kannada medium

I am not fluent in English

I will learn

Please don’t insult me
because I don't know the language.

Just calm down

This is a multinational company

For business we have to talk in English

That’s what I was trying to tell.

Now you please don't cry, okay?

You just calm down..

sit sown, come

You know why I came here?

I just wanted to listen a beautiful poem from you.

Can you sing a poem?

Tell me ya, tell me some poem,

`Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are …'

Tell me that one line..

just a single line

Aye, come on yaar,
Why are you making fun of her?

She doesn't know English only.

What’s going on?

Dude, trainer..

If this happens again, you’ll be fired.
- - No sir, no. Sorry sir, sorry.

Come, come..

Why are you crying?

I’ll go back

I’m not able to adjust to this place

Everyone looks down upon me


Not knowing English is not your problem,

Lack of confidence is your problem.

Build that confidence.

Be bold

I will tell you something

Everybody is equal here

Why are you comparing yourself to them?

Don’t do that

And listen, this will never happen hereafter.

Because I have warned them



Nothing is more beautiful
than a confident woman,

who does not pretend to be something she is not.


That word changed my whole life..

Without my knowing,
I was attracted by him.

My dream girl is right in front of me

I can't help but stare at her like a child

Our acquaintance transformed into love

I matched my every step along with hers

Love took over me as

I lost my heart to her

Resonating a new song

And nothing but you remain my focus

You are now part of me, a part of me

I am now a part of you, part of you

Your laughter, your eyes..

This journey, has unknowingly begun

Why need a reason to smile..

This life is in full of your thoughts

Wherever I go, you come in front of me..

Whatever I do, you are settled in my heart

like the cool breeze

you have touched me

There is nothing other than you on my mind

You are the rain and I am the greenery

It is dawn of love now on..

You are the lyrics and I am the tune

Don't we have melodious future?

Oh my love, Come now

Oh my love,

Come now

Closeness is dear

Proximity gives freedom

As the heart slopes, it is only your thoughts

Come pamper me

I will hold your little finger, extend it

Will walk along..

Love me..

In that one year I spent with him,

I went through an unbelievable transformation!

Without me knowing it, I started loving him.

It is it.

If we understand someone so well,

that is love.

Anyway, who proposed first?

I wanted to propose

I had planned to surprise him too

This birthday is very special for me

This is something which I will remember for lifetime

Really, thank you so much for making it so special

My pleasure

You have changed a lot,
since I saw you first time, and today.


I was alone in my life.

After you entered my life,

it has changed so much

Shringeri girl has gone all modern!

I’m talking to you and you are glued to your phone

It’s not fair ya.

I’m listening, to you. tell..

When I’m talking,

concentration should be here.

Or else I’ll get angry

Vijay, give back my phone.

Is this phone more important than me?

I was googling, not chatting

Don't make me angry, give back my phone

You can also get angry is it?

Don’t try to start a fight

Just give my phone back

Am I important, or the phone?



You have changed a lot

A lot!

What’s your problem man?

You are always asking me, don't do this,
do that, don't be like this, like that..

It’s my personal life

I will lead it the way I want to

Don’t interfere, I don’t like it. Okay?


I’m not an outsider,

I have that right

Okay, let’s get this straight

Just because you have the right,

I can’t live the way you want me to, okay?

I too have a comfort zone, don’t cross that

Comfort zone?


From where this comfort zone came,
which was not there till now?

Now I get it.

May be you have a new friend,

so, you forgot the old friend, know?


I never thought you can think so cheaply..

Thank You for everything, Good bye.

We had break up on proposal day itself.

After that I left Puducherry and moved to Bengaluru

Ever since life has been good

But that was the last time I spoke to him.

This is hilarious


You have lost your love without any reason,
that's why!


without problems

no relationship will strengthen

We should learn to tactfully cop up with such issues

Relationships and problems around them are like,

jackfruit and the rough skin around it

Just because the skin is tough and poky,
is not the fruit tasty?

What is it we want?


its fragrance,

its taste..


Goodness..isn't it?

Did he not try to reach out to you?

He did several times

I have not received calls

I did feel like talking,

but my conscience did not permit me.

At times,

We would have shared so many things with them
who are close to our heart.

But when situations have drawn us apart,

and live, thinking them as our rivals, afterwards.

In spite of all this,

we will continue to have
a soft corner for them.

True sir..

Many a times I have felt that,

it would be nice if I could share
my happiness and sorrow with him.

I feel, stirring your old memories..

curdled your emotions..

I have never shared this with anyone.

I feel relieved sharing it with you.

Hey, Bro!

Where are you off to?

Who is that man with you?

He is Lakshminarayana Malgudi,
a litterateur

Met him on the way.

I’ll tell you everything, after returning.
Don’t ask me anything now.

Why not? Tell me now itself.

Bye, bye byeeeeeee!


there must be strong reason
for you not visiting your hometown so long.

Reasons are many.

In that age,

I didn’t had the discretion
what is right and what is wrong

Apart from that,

hiding my hometown,

Bengaluru engulfed me

Then what made you to think of
seeing hometown now suddenly?

Do you know, which is our life's paramount,
and ever remembering chapter?

Which ones?

Our childhood.

Our school days.

For some time now,

my Malgudi days memories,

are haunting me..

The streets I walked around in,

the school I went to,

courtyard of the house where I grew up,

childhood friends…

I forgot all these for years, it seems..

It is my desire to see all these before I breathe last.


Whatever we do,

reach great heights, achieve a lot in life,

our hometown, our childhood memories,

Those feeling are irreplaceable;


I’m sure you have pressing reasons
for not having visited your home town, isn't it?

What is that?

Tell me, sir



Nice name

Who is that?

Tell me sir.

Sir Please


Sir, please

Sounds interesting, Sir, Please

If you don’t tell me, I’ll not move the car..

No, Let it go

Please !!!


I wonder how she is?

Whether she is alive or not..

But in my heart,
she is just the same Lineta

She is only 16 years old

Same smile,

Same sharp look

Graceful walk

first girl I loved ……


You mean your first crush?

In your dictionary, yes

Sir, I insist, that you tell me Lineta story


Didn’t I tell you mine? Tell me

I studied till 10th standard,

at the Malgudi Government High School


That name has a different feel to it.

I feel so proud to say that
I was born in Malgudi

I studied in this Malgudi’s High School

Govt High School.

Malgudi was the only place
where it rains nine months a year

Month of June

Promoted from 9th,

just entered class 10

My school days were no different from other's

We had a gang





We were a fun loving, naughty bunch





We were classmates since first standard

We were extremely close to each other

Rammana was the prankster of the group


In our school,

we had a teacher called Saraswathi

I have come this far,

only because of her

My favourite teacher

She too was admiring me

Very nice poem Lakshmi,

Continue like this..
You’ll become a great poet

She used to identify each student’s interest
and encourage them to pursue it

Cheering them up.

When things were going like this …

I think it was just three-four days
since school had started ..

Children, we are done for the day

I'll continue this tomorrow, okay?

Lakshmi, get these books
and come to staff room

That day it was raining heavily

In that rain,

I saw Lineta for the first time

Imagine if rain was a woman,
how pleasant it would have looked,

that’s how pleasant to my eyes Lineta was!

Please submit the documents
that I have asked for at your earliest.

I’ll tell the class teacher now

Let she attend the class today itself.

No problem, I will arrange

Leave, leave, leave

Leave dude

Let me play..

Listen here..

What’s your problem man?

A beautiful girl has joined our school today

New girl?

That too, to our class only

And she is my mine!

What you mean by `mine'?


I mean she is my girl

What is it? Is it shared so quickly?

Let her come to our class first

Then we will discuss and take a call, right?

No, it does not work that way

I saw her before you guys,

Whoever sees her first,

She belongs to him know?

I saw her first, so she is mine

It is not important who saw her first,

Whom she sees first is important.


Now, when I saw her,

is it not obvious that she saw me?

Nothing doing


We will pick a lot,

and will decide whom she should belong.


It’s the teacher, come come…

Attention students

Why is she here even after her class is over?

Today, a special student is joining our class.

Let me introduce her to you

Come in


She looks like a doll

This is Lineta

Christian girl,

I’m out of the race!

Daughter of police officer
who has been transferred to our town

daughter of a policeman! not to me also..!

She will study with you,
in this class from now on

Impressing a police’s daughter is tough!

Lineta, go sit

Students, I’ll be handling
the next class as well

Lakshmi, get out!

You have got a good gift, go , go….!
-I’m sorry teacher.


Free tea

If my father comes,
he will make us pay for it

Father is policeman.

Daughter comes in a jeep,

Plus she is Christian.

Can we get her?

No, `we' will not get her.

That’s what I was thinking

But I will get her.

She was not talking with anyone,
even after a week..

I was seeing her daily..

I noticed that she kept to herself

One day I mustered the courage,

and decided to talk to her.

You go to her..

Ask for Mathematics nones.

She will give it
You thank her

She will say `Welcome'

What should I say next?

Tell her you will return it tomorrow


It is enough for today,

Rest we will decide while returning the notes tomorrow.

No, No…I’m too scared to ask her!
How can I ask, tell me?

Will you ask or not??



I, I .. want your Maths…

Lineta, give me your mathematics notes


I’ll return it tomorrow Okay?

What guys?


Aye, today must be last..

If we see you talking to her or
asking for notes hereafter …

That is my wish. I will do as I please,

Who the hell are you to ask?

What, you will do what you want, is it?

I fell!!!


How dare you hit our Ramanna? You….

Bring him to ground , hold him

Leave me ,

He fell..

(students fight)

Sir, see them

Sir, not me sir

Run, run , Run…

Bhatta, get up, Santhu come
Run, run , Run…

Look, Mr. Gururaj,

I have got a complaint that you are
hoisting the flag of your religion, whereever you wish.

Don't you know that
this causes communal riots in society?

Sir, it’s just not a flag,

the flag of our religious empire

We don’t need your permission to hoist it.

Look Gururaj,

I am telling you,

You set out to hate the other religions..

This is not good.

I don’t need lessons on
what’s right or wrong from you

When it comes to our religion,
we are ready for anything.


Hereafter, if you hoist your flags and
disturb the communal harmony,

I will encounter you..

Do it, do what you want.

First check if your bullet is strong enough
to penetrate our hearts!

You are crossing your limit..

This is my last warning.

Get out.

I said, Get out.

Bro, looks like this SI measures
everything with two yardsticks.

He obstacles our path

Let him..

We too will have our time.. Come

It's been years since our country's independence,

he is still here.!

He is some Mountbattem it seems

Poor thing,

Very soon we will ‘free’ him also!

Sure. Sure.

Ya, Ya, we will


I will see that Lineta talks to you today


Hey, hey …that’s a snake ..snake …what the …

Dude, that’s just a green snake

Green or orange, snake is a snake!
Won’t it bite?

Aye, this won't bite.

Even if it bites nothing will happen.

But why did you bring it here?

Now, I’ll leave the snake
where Linetta and other girls are sitting..

You go stand near that door..

Lineta will get scared and come running..

will dash you,

You hug her tightly..

From there on your friendship begins!

How is the idea?

Aye, Nothing will happen if I hug her, is it?

Nothing will happen dude!

How many times I have hugged that Ramani? .


Has anything happened to her?

Listen dude, nothing will happen

You just go stand there,

I’ll take care of the rest. Go.

Snake, snake , snake, it’s a snake…


Snake, snake,

Lineta, take your Maths notes

Thank you

Are you bringing snake to the class?

Sir, we didn’t get it

When we were passing by the forests
it has crept into my bag sir..

We didn’t’ do anything sir

Please don’t beat sir

Is it hurting?

No, you?


Then you were wailing there?

I was pretending,

If I hadn’t done so,
he would have beaten us more


Aye, Come, come..
- What is this?

No, no, leave me,

Come, Come..
- A minute..

You wanted to tell me something?
What is it?

Go dude
- Nothing,

Tell dude, tell

I won’t mind, tell me

That is …I

I love you..

Do you know my father?


Wait. I’ll tell him
and have you put behind bars



What happened?


Okay, go back to sleep

Yesterday's lesson was about World War II..

When was the world war II ended?

You tell..


You sit down.


Dude, he has not asked Lineta..

You don't remember yesterday's lesson..

How will you remember lessons of the whole year,
for annual exams?

Go and do something else.

Sir, you have asked questions to all of us.

You didn't ask Lineta,

Ask her also Sir, if she knows let her answer

Though you know that she is dumb,
you are insisting me to ask her?

She is speech-impaired it seems!

Can't speak?


Whatever I say, she keeps smiling..

Not talking..

Even if she knows, how can she tell?

Do you know the answer?

She knows it seems..

Write it on board.


Right answer, very good.

All of you sit down.

Don't remeber yesterday's lesson.

You only know, what you read and what you write..

World war II ends in 1945.

After two years,

that is, in 1947,

India gets Independance.

Ever since her truth came out,

no one showed interest in talking to her

She was always by herself

This started pricking my conscience

The desire to be with her grew even greater

That is for the day.

If anybody has any doubt, come to staff rooom.

Not coming?

Go on, i’ll be right behind you

“Friendship is the coming together of two pure hearts.

I will be a partner for
all your ups and downs

I am extending the hand for friendship

Your reply?



Lakshmi, recite the poem that you wrote yesterday.

Title of the Poem is..

Mounada Maathu
(Words of silence)

“Flowers don’t talk..

When they bloom, everybody admires

Water does not speak

If it falls from atop, everybody rejoices.

The wind does not talk ……

Evening breeze relaxes our mind and body.

Just like that

You too don’t talk

But you tell everything..

By your sharp look.

Wow! That was very nice Lakshmi. Sit


The rain has ripened the heart

The earth abounds with beauty,

This friendship is sweet

Even the silence speaks.

The spattering sound of raindrops

Is the sign of friendship with the sky

The rain that brings hearts together

is itself the scripture

Like the sacred last birth..

I am blessed by this friendship

Every word of yours
sparkles like the raindrops

and as honey close to heart,
glittering like a blob

For every moment of my life,

You are my pal

My heart will wait for you till the end

Pour, you rain..

to slide the veil of mind

Spring, you the waterfall

to forget the tone of flute

In every words written

your happiness is supreme

For this sweet friendship,

even the musical notes falter

The rain has ripened the heart

The earth abounds with beauty,

This friendship is sweet

Even the silence speaks.

I’m off to school

Lineta, I have been to several temples

But I would like to visit church once.
I have never seen it.

You will take me?


you will be leaving this school after two months.

But don’t forget this school.

We may have beaten you and scolded you,

but all that was for your own good.

You all are very bright kids.

Plan your future well

Whenever you remember this school,

the doors of this school
will be open for you always.

Hey boy, you come this side


Yes, you, move to this side.

Come fast

Should have sent Lineta also..

keep quiet

We want justice!
Down! Down! Malgudi police

Down with convertions

We want justice!

Down with Malgudi Police.

Stop Conversion, Save Culture.

Down with Malgudi Police.

Stop it I say.

Down with Malgudi Police.

Why are you shouting?

Conversions are taking place here.

Instead of shouting,

are you expecting us to
welcome this with all the fanfare?

For that, it is not to
protest in front of the Police Station.

Give a complaint of the converstion.
We are here to enquire it.

If protectors only turn perpetrators,
whom will we complain against?


You are the ones encouraging conversion

Aye, Shut up.

Mind your tounge.
Whom are you talking to?

Stop pretending Thomas.

We know you are orchestrating the whole thing..


What did you say?

We said what we have seen..

Are you using your daughter to convert an
innocent Hindu boy in the pretext of love,

and converting the innocent Hindus,
to strenghthen your religion?


Shut your mouth, dog

This Khaki is to protect people.

Not to do such nasty things.

We have proof for this Thomas,

to show your daughter took our boy to the Church,

and the Father preaching to him..


How cheap are you to use your daughter for this,
and pretend like you know nothing?

Is it tit for tat?

We will kick you out of this town
and hoist our flag.

It will fly high in every nook and corner.
What are you going to do?

What I will do?

What are looking at? Charge.

Down with Malgudi Police.

We will see you..

How dare that police guy hit us!

He invited his own doom by doing so

We need to make him aware of our might.

The whole town should burn in this crossfire

Let’s go

Gururaj blew a small issue out of proportion

He had hatred towards Sub Inspector (SI),

But we became the scapegoats.

A couple of these men went to the church
and created a scene there

In retaliation, the other community
ransacked temple

Even the SI was attacked

Situation became tensed

The entire town
became victim to communal violence

They blamed me for the entire thing
and tried to kill me

I had to leave town to save myself

One small incident..

changed the entire dynamics of a town

To save my life, I fled from my home town

Reached Bangalore with someone’s help

After a few days when I wrote a letter to my town,

Ramanna replied,

that my mother died worrying of me.

What shall I do at the place
where my mother is no more?

I lived in an orphanage at Bangalore,
completed my studies

engaged in writing.

My writings became popular.

I became litterateur.

And here I am today

Sir, then how about your marriage, daughter..

How did that happen?


She was a big fan of all my writings.

She became my wife.


That is,

She used to read all my books and write to me.

I also used to reply.

Then our familiarity turned into friendship


we used meet near
Ganapati Temple at Basavanagudi.

This friendship gradually turned into love

We got married

thn our daughter is born.

At one stage

I even stopped writing.

She too left me..

You are very lucky Sir

Not everybody gets their love.

That too you married your fan!

You are realy very lucky.

That is true.

Sir, one thing is clear


You are not going to see Malugudi.

Is it not to see Lineta?

I know.

If I wanted to see Lineta,

I would have gone long back.


we are any way going to Malgudi,

Lineta also will be there.

Shall we meet?

Oh, no, no..


I have no courage to meet her again.

Nor I am worthy of it.

Lineta is the nectar chapter of my life.

I don't want to continue that chapter again.


whatever you say,

first crush is always beautiful

Whenever we think of them, it makes us happy

That's why it is called love.

Sir, we have arrived in Malgudi

Have we arrived so soon?


See bro, SI’s daughter

She is SI's Daughter.

Is he not our Girijamma's son?

What is he doing in church?

They go to the same school.

He may have gone to see the church.

No one goes just like that.


These Christian girls

under the pretext of loving Hindu boys,

take them to church and convert them.

Aye, there is nothing like conversion and all..

I too know that.


to drive away Thomas from this town,

we won't get another weapon, stronger than this.

Aye, go..

get the boys ready

Okay Bro..

Down with conversion.

This is very ground where I playing..

Everything has changed

Sir, we are in Malgudi. Next?

I feel like visiting my school

School? Okay let's go.

I used to climb this flag post up on,

Independence Day,

Rajyotsava, Republic day or any other days,

hoist the flag, and climb down the pole
with great speed.

All the students used to watch me intently.

Because I was the only one doing this
in the whole school.

Oh, nice

I used to sit here


used to sit on that bench


where were you all these years?

Do you know from how many years
I have been waiting for you?

And you are coming now!

Is he not a great litterateur today?

How would he remember us!

In school you wanted us..

Now you don’t need us, do you?

After all we are village folks, you know?

He is city dweller today.

If he takes the names Village, friends,

won't his worth go down?



One minute, one minute

Do you see a broken statue there?

There is a big story behind that

What is it?

Sir, how many such stories do you have?

Oh, I will tell you along the way.

Shall we go?

SIr, next?

I feel like going to school again.

If that could be done,

everybody would be going back to school.

I asked, where to go next?

This is where Ramanna’s hotel was.

I don’t know if it is still theirs.

Aye, Lakshmu!

Ramanna, Ramanna

It has been years since I have seen you!

After leaving this town,
I am seeing you today only!

I am so happy to see you.

Come here, come sit

How have you been dude?
- I am good

What Ramanna,

hotel has changed so much?

How are you?

I am just the same.

After my father’s death,

I had to take charge of the hotel.

By the way, Malgudi is not what it used to be.

It has changed a lot.

When town is changed,
the hotel also had to change know?

Finally you came to Malgudi.!

I am so happy.

Whenever you are seen in media,
I tell my customers,

that `we were childhood pals'.

I am very happy.

By the way, who is this?

Thisi is my daughter,


Is it?


What do you do?

I am an IT analyst, sir

I do not understand all this IT, BT

Even I have not understood it.

My children are also in Bangalore.
They too are in the IT, BT.

Oh, is it?

They earn well and are well settled.

They come here once a year.

For that,

can we give up our traditional occupation?

What happened to Gururaj
who created the entire ruckus?

He was jailed after that disturbance.


But once he came out of jail

he was given MLA ticket,
just because he was Jail-returned!

It was even thought that, he would become MLA.


when he was going home in the night,
four persons hacked him to death

Good that it happened.

That SI?

After that incident
he was transferred to somewhere.

That was the last we heard of him.

Did not Linneta tell you anything?

No, No..

After I went to Bengaluru everything changed.

I was not in touch with Lineta.

What about our Santu?

He is settled in Delhi.

He is doing very well

He came here three years before.

Whenever he finds time, he calls

Didn't you go near your house?

No, now that I am here, I will go

But what is there to see, Ramanna?


After your mother’s death,

house was ruined.

people looted the house,
and took away whatever they got.

Okay Ramanna, I will leave now.

How can you go without having a cup of tea,
from my hotel?

`Two tea.'

No, no,

I have some work to attend.

I will do this,

Before I leave, I will definitely visit you again

You should come..
- Definitely.

I will take leave..
- Okay..

Let's go..

Bye, uncle

For one last time,

I feel like seeing my mother

Is your mother still there?

In the memories of my home,

my mother is immortal.

Sowing the light of confidence

Riding the dream horse

Passing the cross road,

Climbing the mountain

Reaching the peak fast

With the smile of success

The entire world underneath my feet

Mom, it is only your memory

that is in the mind

The silence within me

The prayer in my breath

You are my courage

The shadow of valour

You are light
that brightens the world, Mom

Krishna is not God to Devaki

Rama is not God to Kausalya

The mother who gave birth to God,

Isn’t she a Goddess herself?

I will seek another childhood and

be a kid in your warm lap, Mom,

Mom, I will be the smile in your life

My mother, my mother is the God that guards my world

You are my life,

You are my conscious

You are my courage

The shadow of valour

You are light
that brightens the world, Mom

I lost my mother.

I forgot my roots.

I am a sinner.

Being a writer,

why did I disassociate myself from my people?

Please console yourself Sir.


There is a store here.

I will go get a bottle of water.

One minute

Thank you.

Hey, Prakruti



What a surprise!

What are you doing here?

This is my hometown,
I have settled down here now

But you were working in Bengaluru, that one?

I quit that job,

came back and am now happily
pursuing agriculture.

What brings you here?

I had some work, so I came with Sir.

Which sir?

Lakshminarayana Malgudi, a litterateur

Oh, my wife is a great fan of his;

will you introduce me to him?

I’ll do that


You stay in Basavanagudi is it?

When I came to Bengaluru, I didn't had your contact..

So I could not meet you.

Is it?

Sir, sir....

Greetings Sir,

This is my friend Avinash.

We were collegemates


Please sit sir,

Sir, my wife is a great fan of yours,

she must have read all your books.

Is it?

Sir, you are in our town;

if you come to our house,
and have a cup of tea, we will be so happy.

We are hard-pressed for time,
we have to leave now .

Sir you start out.

but before that if you come to our house,
we will be happy.

Prakruti at least you tell...
- Avi, listen

Sir, you don’t have to tell her anything ,

I insist, you are coming coming to our home.

Prakruthi get into the car, you are coming that’s it
- Okay fine, we will come

Please listen to me..
- Follow my two wheeler.

I’ll be near that shop, bring the car there.

Please come in sir.


I am coming, Avi.

This place is so peaceful

in the midst of nature,

very peaceful, isn't it?

Sir, the entire garden,

these sakuline plants, bonsai plant,

everything is maintained by my wife.


These things interest her a lot.

-Please have a seat sir


Sri, come soon,

why are you taking this long?
- what Avi?


Sir, sir is that really you?


Sir, please be seated sir

That’s alright.

Sir, I cannot trust my own eyes,

Actually, I am a big fan of yours sir.

I have always been telling Avi ,

that I want to meet you at least once,

I am so happy to see you sir


Prakruti right?


Sringeri Engineering College?



- Hi.

- Nice meeting you

Sri, prepare something special

Anything will do,
why trouble yourself too much?

Sir, this is no trouble, you please keep quiet.

What shall I prepare Avi?

Prakruthi likes, unde kadubu (a dish),

prepare that.

you keep talking,
I will prepare that and be back soon

You remember?

Of course..
Walk slowly

So, what do you do Avinash?

After completing my engineering course,

I was trying for a job.

I didn't want to work day and night,
as data entry person in any company, like a slave.

I was interested in agriculture,

so I decided to pursue it.

Oh, what do you grow?

This field was in ruined state,
as nobody was there to plough it

I got it from its owner,
and started growing paddy.

We give some share of
whatever we grow to the owner,

the rest is for us.

We also grow pepper and areca etc.,

As of now, 30 persons work here.

We are doing well.

Very good plan, excellent job!


whatever progress technology may ,

the food we eat must come from villages,

and farmers should grow it.

If this is understood properly,

every farmer is an engineer.

Is he not productive?

Sri, shall I help you with?

No I will do it, you go.


You go, I will take care of it

Ask me if you need any help. I will come.

I said leave.

I got jaggery, I got jaggery

Sir, you are back in Malgudi after so many years

Wav, nice..

After listening to your story,

I feel like seeing Lineta.

What do you say Prakruti?

Me too..
I must see her at least once

You Naughty girl.


let us go back to Bengaluru tomorrow
as we had planned

Linetta gave me fond memories
to my life, no doubt,

but it is good, if it is in memory only.

I came here to see my town Malgudi,

I saw it.

If I go in search of Lineta now,

after the death of his wife, at this age,

won’t people laugh at me and saying
Lakshminarayana is going in search of his childhood friend?

Let anybody say anything, but we must see her

We had actually thought of going back,

but now it is cancelled.
We will stay back.

Good idea, you stay here until she is found.

No problem.

Mine is also the same opinion.

We will make all arrangements for you here.
you just stay here

Any day first love is the best love.

What did you say?

First love is the best love.

First love is best love?

Is it not sir?

Shall I talk about it?

Let it go

I will tell
- I said no

Let me tell..

What is it?

Sir, actually these two are not just friends.

Avi was in love with prakruthi
when they were in college.

Is that so?

Actually that.....

Don't worry, Avi has told me everything

Actually I was loving her a lot,

but I didn’t had the guts to tell her.

But finally I made up my mind,

proposed to her on the Farewell Day.

But she rejected a good boy like me.

It is not like that,

I did not want to commit so early

Thanks for rejecting him.


I would have never found a good guy like Avi.

He is really good guy.

What is the use of saying that now?

My wife is a Ph.D. in preparing `unde kadubu' (Lumpy pudding)
and `akki rotti' ( rice bread)

taste it and you will know it.

Our Malnad savories' taste is wonderful.

Do you know one more thing sir?

Whenever we have fights,

I always tell her,

I will divorce you,

Prakruthi is waiting for me,

Oh, I am waiting for you, come..!!

You like `unde kadubu', right?,

Eat, my wife has prepared it.

Serve yourselves..
- I need one more “rotti”

It is prepared by my wife,

How many times will you say it’s your wife's preparation?

It is very nice.

Hey, I wanted to tell you yesterday itself,

your car is super.

It is my friend’s

Do you want to drive it?

You used to come to college in this jeep right?

Yes, the same jeep.

I learnt driving in this jeep only.

Is it?

He only taught me.

If I meet Lineta,

I will first apologise to her.

In case I meet her,

will she talk to me?

Do not worry Sir,

Just wait and see how she will blush
as she sees you.

You are weaving good story.

she will blush it seems!

I told you that day only,

he has been transferred
immediately after that riot.

So, they left this town overnight

You better to enquire at
Someshwara police station.


Sir, have you given her any gift?

I had not given her anything,

but she had gifted me a fountain pen.

I had preserved it very carefully,

I don't know where I lost it afterwards.

But the memories of my time with her
are gifts which cannot be lost.

What’s with these tattoo?

If you give any gift,

it may be lost, may be forgotten,

but this

is permanent.

What are you thinking about?


Thomas was

S I here in this station, between 1975 and 1979.

The records say that
he was transferred to Moodbidri later.

Beyond this, there is no other information.

Why are you standing?

As there is no chair to sit!

Okay, stand,

this government digs good roads for

white topping

In our office,

if there is a table, there is no chair or vice versa.

I was requesting for furniture repeatedly.

I am fed up of working here!

Sir, key.

Did you drop my daughter to school?
- Yes sir

Sir, your wife asked you,

to get 2 Kg. onion and one Kg drumstick
on the way back home.

Yesterday only I had brought 2 Kg Drumstick,

brought 2 Kg onion..

how can it get over so soon?

How would I know your family secrets, sir?

See, one Kg. drumstick costs 55 Ruppes,

1 Kg. tomato 40 Rupees,

I kg. onion 20Rupees,

A bundle of coriander leaves 25 Rupees.

How can we make both ends meet,
if this is the situation?

How can we live with this price rise?

No, no, no..

No chance..

Can you please call the Moodbidri police station and

enquire about SI Thomas?

The present SI Shankar is my friend,

I will call him right now.

Hello Shankar, how are you?

I need an information.

In 1979,

from our Someshwar station,

an SI named Thomas

was transferred to Moodbididri.

Please find his whereabouts and text me.

I have been repeatedly asking
for a transfer from this station,

they are not transferring.

If I ask them,

they say, reduce your weught by 10 Kg,

we will transfer you to the station of your choice.

You only tell me,

at this age,

can I reduce my weight?

It is not possible sir, you surely can't!

You said it.

Yes, yes.


SI Thomas

was transferred from Moodbidri to Hosanagara.

He has only this information, he says.

If you go there and enquire,

you may get information.

You were of great help.

Thank you
- We will take leave


Other than drumsticks and onions,

what else, she has asked to bring?

We are all but sailors in the boat of memories

Sailing between one shore and another

searching for the path we left behind
After serving here,

he was transferred to Malur.

If you enquire there, you may know.
by opening each and every page

In the trap of illusion

is it a haunting memory?

In the river of emotion

is it roaming memory?

In the trap of illusion

is it a haunting memory?

In the trap of love

is it the memory that haunt us?

Beautiful.. life is beautiful..

even with little happiness

Bond.. bond with everybody..

until we breath our last


Where are you?

I am in my hometown.

I have not used my car properly..

You have taken it for a day,
but how many days now?

When are you returning?

I didn't here anything.. bye, bye.

Searching those footprints you have left behind,

you seek the bygone journey again

We are all but sailors in the boat of memories

Sailing between one shore and another

Let us set out early in the morning tomorrow.

By 9.30 we will be in Sringeri.

No, somehow I don't feel like going..

We will return tomorrow itself..

We have searched so far,
we will definitly find her.

Let us try once tomorrow, Sir


Let's try tomorrow also.

But if we do not find her tomorrow,

you should not force me again.

Sir, we will definitely find her.

Hey, what happened?

Why are you dull?

Nothing like that.

I too am observing from afternoon..

she is thinking of something very deeply.

We are travelling past two days,

I am tired a bit. That's all.

That’s not the case,

Let me tell you.

Avi, no,

Avi, please,

You keep quiet. I will tell
- nothing like that..

Avinash, you tell us.

Today is Vijay’s birthday

Vijay who?

Our madam’s

`special someone’

Oh, Puducherry Vijay

Why should you feel low over that?

It is not that,

Three years ago we broke up,

That too was on his birthday.

After that, we never spoke.

We wish each other on our birthdays, that’s it.

Let me tell you something by my experience.

Those whom we love,

will be with us only till we love them.

Even if we do a small mistake,

they disappear.

But those who love us,

will correct us,
even if we have made several mistakes;

and love us all the more.

Whatever and whenever
we are destined to get, we should.

Once time passes away,

that too slips from us.

I am the best example for it.

Call and speak to him,

everything will turn out fine.

He may have forgotten me,

or he may have committed with
some other girl.

No, don’t.


If he really loves you,

he will wait till you get married at least.

Call him and say `sorry'.

By asking `sorry' nobody becomes small.
Isn't it?

I don’t have courage.

Tell Avi.

You text him.

you will definitely get reply.

What if I do not get one?

Take, text him.

Do it.

Type fast..

What you have to say is…
- I’ll type

All that she’ll know!

Did you do it?

One second,

sent it?

Just a second

Is it sent?
- Yes.

Is it delivered?

Must be delivered.

Message is delivered.

He has read it.

All this happened because of you guys.

If he does not come here..

I knew

that you would be back in my life.

But you should not have done that ya..

Actually, that day I came to propose to you



I too came to propose


That day, I had told my friend that I would propose.

She kept texting me, asking what happened.

I was just replying to her.

I thought that you were chatting
with somebody else,

I thought you were not interested.


all these beacause of me.

I didn't reply your calls.

all this is my mistake.

It is okay baba..

It’s okay, show me your hand.

I am ready, shall we leave?

What is this?

Dressed up as if
you are going to attend some function.

We are going to Sringeri anyway,

There is a ‘pooja’ at my home.

So I thought I’ll introduce him to my mother.

Oh! This means we will soon have,
wedding banquet.

On the way to Sringeri,

get me a good tender coconut.
- you forgot your mobile.

Sir, I will get you the best one.
- Thank you.


Okay, we will get going now.

Shall we have a selfie?

When you say selfie, girls’ faces brighten up..


Finally you are here.

How are you?

I am good.

How are you?
- I am good

This is my mother, my father,
my whole world.

Mom, this is Lakshminarayana Sir,
I was telling you, know?


That is Avi, Avinash, my college friend.

This is Vijay, my friend

Hello aunty.


How many more days
will you introduce him as your friend?

Tell that he is your fiance.


Not like that, I wanted to tell you.

Mom, we were colleagues in an IT company.

We became friends there.

But you didn’t tell me all this?


the boy and girl like each other..

This is not the time to worry about
caste, horoscope etc.,

without making them to give up,

get them married as soon as possible.

I have never objected any of her desires.

Since she has chosen him,

there can not be a better choice.

But still, you should have told me.

Don’t get into drama mode now!

Bring your family members once.


We will all sit together and discuss.
- Okay

In fact, today's Pooja is,

for the blessings of almighty
to get her married soon.

See, the result has come
even before the ‘pooja’ begins,

So why delay?

Come.. Puja begins.


Holige’ (pancake) and ghee -
beautiful combination


you must have one more,
That’s why finish it fast.

Why just one, let me have two more..

When you come next time,
stay at least for a week

Not just for a week,

I will stay over for a month.


I’ll head back to Bengaluru.

We will meet once you are there.

Mom, when I come next,
I will bring my family members along.

Will do
- Okay, Bye

Bye, Sir bye.

aye, let be good.

We will also take leave.

let be good..
- Bye.

Sir, if you have a photo of Linneta,
we would like to see


We didn’t had mobile phones then,
to preserve our memories

You generation is far better.

You meet through Facebook, Whatsapp,
Groups, whenever you feel like

You will stay connected.

No sir,

We too remember our
school and college friends

But won't meet.

there will be messages saying
`Will meet in Whatsapp group, let's have reunion'

But nobody will meet.

It is not that Prakruthi.

When in college, only our classmates
are our friends

but once we step out in to the real world, our circle widens

Our responsibilities also increase,

If one finds time, others do not.

Especially girls will have excuses like,

`must drop my child to school',

`husband didn't permit me'

`my mother-in-law is sick'

like things..

Not that sort.

We too will have more responsibilities,
once we are married.

Mother in law, Father in law, husband,
his family, their functions,

That itself is a different world.

By the way, after our college days, you are meeting today.!

Did you call, or texted?
You never remebered us.

Hey, I am a married person now!


One minute.

this is a never ending argument.

Friendship, Love

are two great epics of the world

These two elements are the inspiration
for all great stories

As per our stayion records,

he served in this station,

till his retirement.

Then he settled in Madikeri, people say.

Afterwards, I don't know sir.

Okay, we will take leave.

It is not Malgudi that you want to see,

it’s Lineta! Isn't it?

After listening to your story,

I feel, I should meet Lineta

No, we will go back,

there is no point in searching for her.


I am leaving,

I am leaving this town..

If I continue to stay here,

they will kill me.

I do not want to die,

I want to live..

I will leave now.

No, no, I am not leaving you;

I will not go, leaving you.

I’ll be back in 2-3 days, whereever I go.

I will be back.

I will come back for you.

I promise by you Lineta.

You will wait for me, till I come, is it?

I will come Lineta..

I will definitely come

will definitely come Lineta,
I will definitely come

It is true that I wanted to see her and
apologise for my mistakes.

But even after searching fso much,
we failed to trace her means,

she can not be traced.

We will leave Avinash..

Your garden is really beautiful.

I felt very happy.

Thank you, it is just a hobby.

This house, atmosphere, your hospitality..
- Will you teach me too?

everything made me very happy
- Sure

We will take leave of you.

It’s our duty sir.

Next time when you come to Malgudi,
you must come to our home to stay



if you do not invite me for your marriage,
I will kill you!

Both of you must come a week ahead.

Why a week, we will come a month in advance.


Hello sir


Hello, Mr Lakshminarayana,
- Hello

I am the head master of Malgudi school

Oh! Hello..

I knew that you are in town,

so I came to meet you

So glad..

I had actually come to the school.

I came to know, peon told me

Tomorrow afternoon

we are celebrating our school day.


It is the school where you have studied.

You are in town..

On behalf of the School,

we want to felicitate you.

No, no please.

I am not a person who desires such things..

Sir, let’s go.

School day, children, atmosphere ..
everything will be great fun.

But we have to go back to Bengaluru now

Sir, apart from that,

the person felicitating you is very special.

Special guest to felicitate..

who could that be?

Some old man it seems,

he has a flashback it seems,

they are searching it..

how stupid are they?

phew, to hell with us.

Even that old man has a flashback!

we are just sitting here doing nothing..

Rita, want to join me for coffee?

you will get till my chappal tears..

I can’t pay for that.

Will pay only for coffee.

Dude, chappal costs 500 bugs.

That is why, we are sitting like this.

What dude?

On behalf of the people of Malgudi,

we are felicitating a litterateur today.

Another special person, who felicitates him was,

guide and was light of Lakshminayana's life.

Madam, please come.

Saraswati teacher,

she was Lakshminarayana Malgudi’s teacher ,

and inspiration to all his writings.

Today, this stage has witnessed a rare reunion.

I have now realized

I have fogotten my town,

my school,

my people..

If I had not come back here,

my life would have been a waste.

Today if I have written something,

our Saraswati teacher is behind it.

I am reminded of a poem on this occasion.

In the book of thousand memories

Memory of childhood being the first line

Book is spread with childhood mischiefs

Falling, getting up, running, studying..

Those memories of being back again,

Another childhood has to return again..

to complete the mischief that was balance

to learn, to teach

But can childhood be back again?

Time has gone past us.

only remembrance in front of us

Jai Kannada.

Cultural programmes will commence now.

First up is a folk dance that mirrors the culture of Malnad,
by 8th standard students

When others spoke high about you,

I was feeling proud, you know?

I am so glad you came back.

By the way,

what is Lineta up to?

Look how he is blushing.


Yes, you are.

Why would I?

We searched a lot madam,

but we could not find her anywhere.

That story is over.

I am very happy to be back here.

More than anything,
I’m happy that I got to meet you.

Sir, shall we capture this moment in a selfie?

Aarti, a 9th standard student,
will now sing the song `Kaanada Kadalige hambaliside Maana'

Sometimes in the pages we don't mind reading itself ,
there will be the answeres we search for


Hello, am I talking to Prakruti?


Are you looking for Lineta?


May I know who you are?

I’m Shruti,

daughter of Lakshminarayana Malgudi’s
school friend, Vimala.

My friend had shared the post
you had uploaded on face book.

I saw that and called you.

Nice, tell me.

Actually Lineta is alive.


Where is she?

She is in Malgudi only.

Lineta is in Malgudi only it seems

Lineta is in Malgudi?


But we have looked around everywhere.

Someone must be fooling around with you.

You please tell me, where is she in Malgudi?

I will send you the address.

Thank You. Thank You so much.

I kept telling you right

that we will surely meet her

It seems, she is in Malgudi only.

Who told you that?

Your friend Vimala’s daughter told me.

Shall we go now?

Okay fine, turn the vehicle.




I was the one who called you.


Lakshmi.. how are you?

I’m sorry, I can’t place you


Malgudi school?

Oh! yes.

Where is Lineta?

She is inside.

Li, Li, Lineta,

Lineta, look here,

It’s me Lakshminarayana

I, your Lakshmi is here.

Your Lakshmi.

I know that you are angry with me

I am distressed by the fact that
I did not think of you all these years

Lineta, I have wronged you

I told you that I would come back to meet you,

but I never did.

I could not come.

I am a sinner.

I made you wait this long.

Open your eyes and see me once Lineta,

See your Lakshmi once

Lineta and I,

studied together in PUC and degree.

We two were very close friends.

When we were in final year degree,

ignoring her protests,

her father,

got her married to a soldier from Madikeri,
as it was a good alliance.

Her bad luck,

within a month of their marriage,

her husband died in the war.

She was very upset.

Till her father was alive,

she was in Madikeri.


You know, what did she told me?

`Take me to Malgudi..

Lakshmi will come there searching for me..

I want to see him!'

she insisted to do so.

Her last desire was to meet you.

It is ten years,

she has not recognised anybody.

You should have somehow tried to contact me and

informed me.

I did consider that,

But she said,

`Lakshmi will remember me on his own..

He will surely come looking for me someday
if he loves me'

And here you are finally as she wished.

If she was conscious she would have been the happiest..

As if the tears rolling down your cheeks

are waiting for the finger

The first silent words

Are searching for the shore

I beg your pardon

In rebirth I will

be born as your friend,

we will meet, forgive me for everything

Like the pen that wrote a story

forgetting the very first line

Fond memories have almost faded away

Death comes flowing like a stream

The forgotten breath

seems to say something

Let the final line be

I will meet you again

As if the tears rolling down your cheeks

are waiting for the finger

The last silent words

I will meet you again..


Memories are like old clothes.

They may be old now.

But they were new once.

This may not be just the story of
Lakshminarayana Malgudi's memories

It could be your story too.

This could be your childhood story ,

The story of your town,

It's just that in Lineta's place,
somebody else may be waiting..

Instead of Lakshmi,

somebody else will be searching..

Look around once..

real love and affection is all around you ..

Don't forget those who have you loved you