Malevil (1981) - full transcript

In southern France, in a quite little town, the mayor, who also owns a castle with some cattle, is in the wine cellar with some other people: the pharmacist, the veterinary, and some of his employees. As they are drinking wine, they hear a terrible noise and the heat's getting higher and higher. They don't realize what's happening: when they come out of the cellar, they realize that everything has burned, and all the buildings are destroyed...

"Sunny weather this weekend...

"for the entire Southwest Region...

"above average temperatures
in the afternoons..."

- See you tonight at Caf? Chaudi?re?
- Yes!

Momo! Momo!


Come on, what's going on?

It's Saturday!

- Not Saturday!
- Yes, it's Saturday!

- Do you want some help?
- Come on!

Not Saturday!

Not Saturday!

Here we go.
That was the worst part.

Now take off sweater and trousers.

Listen Momo.
You're 32 years old,

You can wash yourself!

You understand that?

- All the bottles are clean?
- Yes almost!

I don't think it'll be today.

- Tomorrow?
- No.

And the sow?

I'll have look.
Germain, can you bring me a lamp?

I've got one in the bag.

Pervenche is still
the most beautiful.

You should back up the wall here.

A maternity ward must be clean.

I'll bottle my wine now.
If you want a taste...

More news at 11:00.

- Hello mayor.
- Hello.

- If you're thirsty...
- With pleasure.

These are foreign stamps, no?

- You're collecting them?
- No, but my son does.

- I'll keep them then.
- Thank you.

Hello. Did I disturb you?

- Even the pharmacist?
- It's a delegation.

Not at all. These gentlemen
dragged me here.


We asked Mr Bouvreuil to come, to
let you make an agreement together.

- Do you want to go in the kitchen?
- No, no...

I've got nothing against
this project, but look...

They want to put a street lamp here.
Near my bedroom window.

We could move it a bit, no?

We modified this blueprint
17 times, so we can move on.

But I remind you...

We can't move the street lamp
to the left because there's

your pharmacy cross

and on the right there's
Rue de Bouvreuil.

You don't want us to put the lamp in
the middle of your father's street.

Don't expect my vote on this.

That's not possible.

You know we need your
vote for this project.

I've got a solution.

If your pharmacy cross was
under your bedroom window

would it bother you?

No, I turn it off when I close.


then we put the lamp instead of
the cross under your window.

Who'll pay that?

The council.

Unless you're against it.

- Someone has to pay anyway.
- Right.

Is it solved?

If you agree please write
down this change.

- Do you want to taste my wine?
- Thank you.

Where're the glasses?


Do I dare ask you for the stamps?

I already promised them.

- Will your son come back for a bit?
- In autumn.

He says hello!

- Sir...
- Cheers!

Another power cut.

I've got a lighter.

Strange, there's nothing.
The batteries are good.

I'll go.

It's dangerous.

It's dangerous.

It's dangerous.

It's dangerous.


Dog. Tempest...




Dog! Tempest!


But what did you see?

Wait for me!

That's the only thing left.

Momo! Momo come!

Yes. Momo, yes!

Maybe we could start to talk again.

I'll get wood.

It's not good to let the dead stink.

It's wrong.

- It's dangerous.
- No, move!

It's dangerous.

On the right!

Straight on!

Straight on!

On the left!

I thought it would be worse.

You shouldn't do this. If you
fell we'd have no horse.

I had to do this.

In my place you'd
have done the same.

You left him to die outside,
like a dog.

What has he eaten since he left?
What does he drink?

He could come back
if there's nothing.

Leave my horse alone.

My horse, your horse, his horse.
Are you crazy?

It's hard to be understood.
I meant the opposite.

Nothing here belongs
to me anymore.

The Periwinkle belongs to all of us.

You can't take her
without telling us.

- Those are just words!
- No. Come on.

I've never been so thirsty before.

Have you seen the mark
on Colin's shoulder?


I was like you, I had a family.

You think it's right not
to talk about the others?

Yes, it's better.

Did you see anything?

A horse is passing?


I think it's too late.

Someone took the mare.


And a pig is missing.

A small one?

Not the big one, of course.

Look, the mare passed through here.

- More?
- I'm thirsty.


- Evelyne.
- No.


Leave him!


Come here Momo!



The river didn't run there.

Sure not!

Who knows where it goes.

- Who's that?
- Don't you recognise her?

- Was she alone?
- Yes.

Evelyne, where were
you when it happened?

In the cave.

What did you see?

A flash of light.


Then a lightning struck somewhere.

Since then I can't see.

- Will they come?
- Who?

The others.

My mother went with them,
Momo didn't find her.

We've to wait to find out.

Think we'll know one day?

Why not?

If we're not the only survivors.

Did anyone hear the news?

- The morning before the...
- Yes.

They said nothing.

We'll probably...

have some news soon.

Meanwhile someone has to decide.

There won't be any food soon.

Why does she say that?

You're right, we can't
share our food for ever...

You were the Mayor,
so you can still be.

Yes, very good.

- I've got enough.
- Talk!

A mandate should have
a limited time so...

Let's say, Emanuel is Malevil's
mayor until we get some news.

I'm fully satisfied. Fully.

All the better.

Come on, go to bed!

Don't stay here, you!

Aren't you worried about that mark?

What mark?

On your shoulder,
it's getting bigger.

He's had it since birth. His
poor mother had the same.

Come on!

You'll not touch?

You should wash
yourselves tomorrow.

- What she said?
- She says we stink.

She's right.

You didn't know him.

It was Meneau's husband's.

I'll sleep outside.

What shall we do with the fire?

If a plane passes by?

He's right.

Put more wood on!

Did you hear?


Come see! Come see!


They came back.

My child...

My child, try to remember.

The day when the lightning struck,
did it burn your eyes

or did you feel nothing at all?

I don't know.

- Don't you remember anything?
- No.

Open your mouth.

It's Bouvreuil syrup.

What are you giving her?

Dipotassic Clorazepate.

It smells like gas.

Don't you see anything?

Something shiny over there.

And now?

The same.

- Did you like Eric?
- Yes.

I'm his father, you know.

I didn't know.

You used to play with him
in the cave?

Not only with him.

When the lightning
struck, were you alone?

Yes. He couldn't come,
he was grounded.

But where is he, Eric?

I don't know.

- You don't like it? - I don't
know if the soil is still good.

We'll try anyway.

And if the sun won't come back?

We must keep trying.

I found this for you.

Emanuel's son, did you know him?

Yes, of course.

He left no more than 5 years ago.

His mother took him with her.

Over there.

If he knew his father were alive,
he'd find a way to return.

He's a radio amateur too.

We used to build radios together.
I was ten.

It must be a male!

When will this little calf be
able to mate with his mother?

In a year.

- Till then...
- Until what?

Or they find us, or we'll be...


We have enough for 2 months.

If we don't eat much.

And after those 2 months?

Either it rains and the water's good,
or it's rotten and we're too.

It's a male.

Well done.

We're lucky!

Listen Bouvreuil,
you don't have to stay.

Where else should I go?

If you stay... do like us.

Wait for the rain, take a shovel...

and shut up.

The calf. The calf.

The calf.

Evelyne... don't stay.
Again... Evelyne.


"France welcomes Sweden's Monarch"

Come see.


- Who did this?
- Colin!

Anyways your machine...

No need to smash everything.

You won't need it anymore.

It's not the machine's fault.

Oh, no.
Everything's pulled out.

You're making transmitter?

I'm trying.

May be he'll hear us over there.

In Australia.

I don't think so,
he doesn't enjoy it anymore.

- He told you?
- He wrote it.

How will you make it work?

With the generator. You got fuel.

Some are lucky.


Can you give me tokens?


You're stealing 10 francs.

- You won't play anymore?
- Oh no.

Crazy how fast we lose money here.

I want to tell you something.

Colin decided, by himself,
to make a transmitter.

It may be good, it may be bad...

When we use this transmitter

it'll burn fuel.

We have in all, 150 litres left.

With this we can...

We can plough 10 hours.

We must choose between the
tractor or the transmitter.


- I'm for the tractor, of course.
- Can you give me 10 litres?

Agreed on 10 litres?

Yes, we've still got the
mare for ploughing.

What about looking at Bastide
with the tractor.

You'll go first, to clear
the way with your shovel?

do we keep 10 litres for Colin?

Who's against it?

We'll see. If there's some left.

...wash yourselves.

What she said?

- She says we stink.
- She's right.

If it rains, get inside.
It may be dangerous.


If the film is black,
the rain is rotten.

- Radioactive, just say it.
- Radioactive.

55, 56, 57...

78... that's enough.

It's white.

It's alright.

Can we go?


- Mom!
- She can see, Momo.

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

I didn't know.

You can see they're all dead.





Oh shit! It should work.

You should take them off,
they'll be overdone.

No, it's ok.
They're old, you know.

You put salt?

Stop running around her.
She's not a child anymore.

See the fire?

No time.

No time. No time.

If he bothers you tell me.

Maybe thrushes.

Stop! It's not mature!
It's not mature! Stop!


Stop! For God's sake!

Be careful!

Stop this shit!

It's nothing.

We should rub him down with Arnica.

- We need a fifth gun?
- If you want mine...

What was it?

We killed three of them.

Who were they?


People stealing our wheat.

People we knew?

No, no one we knew.


Do you remember the old
shipwreck stories?

When there's a raft,
everybody wants to get in.

So the ones on board cut off
the other's hands.

What else could we do?

I don't know.

But they're humans,
there aren't many left.

We're humans too.

We managed to survive and that's all.

Because we were lucky?

And then?

We must defend ourselves.

Who doesn't agree?

I think like you.

How long since... it happened.

6 months? More?

I've counted 7 full moons.

In the beginning, we
couldn't see a thing.

It's strange,
not to be alone anymore.

18, 19, 20.

They're 22.

What are they waiting for?

You really think we should go?

We can't stay like this.

Do you see us playing
sentinel every night?

And if they ask to talk?

Bring one back, we'll see.

He's our Messiah, you're the one.

These 2 curs,
we killed them like beasts

but we buried them like humans.

When I ordered to shoot,
I heard you whispering.

You didn't have to whisper!

Don't forget our pact!

Our pact with God.

God chose us.

We're the only survivors on earth.

And it's here, and by us

that the new roots of
humanity will be born.

That's it.

They got uniforms. Let's go?

Not all of them.

With the guns?


You think so?

Come closer!

Come on!

We're from Malevil.

Have you got I.D?

Bouvreuil, pharmacist.

deputy mayor.

our electrician.

We wanna see the one in charge.

We killed 3 of them.

How do we address your boss?


Hands up!

Don't panic!

It's forbidden to talk to the strangers.

The distribution of supplies
has been postponed!

We are the first survivors.

Have a seat.

Where're you from?


- Where's that?
- 15km from here.

- How many are you?
- Eight.

How did you find us?

Hunting the thieves.
We heard your shots.

What do you want?

Nothing, we just thought...

it was natural,
considering the situation

to let you know that you're
not the only survivors.

I'm a pharmacist.

Malevil, is that a village?

It was. There's only a
part of the castle left.

I think Cathy's from there.

Do you want me to get her?

Have you got milk?


And wheat.

And you?

Hello, Mr Colin.

Do you recognise this man?

It's the pharmacist.

Mr Bouvreuil,
we have a sick man here.

Would you have a look at him?

Do you have any medicine?


I don't know if they're suitable
but we have some.

Certainly I can.

Thank you Director.

I know how good you are.
Thank you, thank you.

How did you find a doctor?
It's hard these days.

I hope it's not measles.

I'm not lucky, really.

I've become a burden, Director.

He's feeling a bit congested.

It's not scurvy, huh?

We're very well-fed
here Doctor, you know.

The director is looking after
us like after his own children.

We're all his children.

- It's nothing.
- Really, Doctor?

I'd like so much to come back.

Can I see your medicine.

There, very good.

Rhinoglucinal, perfect.

That's what your friend needs.

We've got a sick woman
too, you can save her.

Take it.

Let's meet again,
one is enough for now.

Thank you.

Does your friend always talk
that much or is it the fever?

No, he always talks that much.

This should cure him. But I'm
worried, I must admit it.

- 2 spoons mornings and nights.
- Before each meal.

We've only one meal,
in the evening.

Well, 2 spoons in the morning,
and 2 before the meal.

Our prison.

Very good.

I don't want to seem nosy, Director
but my duty would be to stay,

your man's health worries me.


- I'll get a room ready for you.
- Thank you.

I think it's better like this.

Tell them in Malevil, that we'll
take good care or your doctor.

- We didn't read this one?
- This one?

- Let's read this one.
- Who was it for?

Mr Pascal Jaquet,

C.E bank, Call?s, Lot.

Where's that?

- Shall I read it or not?
- Read it.

Read read read!

My dear Pascal. I must have
left my umbrella in your car,

I hope this mistake won't
have any consequences.

Don't forget to tell me, if you
come on Monday or Saturday.

I've got a book for you from Roland.

We're waiting for you.

I've seen it.

I saw a woman locked up with handcuffs
in the bog. This guy's a lunatic.

And they have a locomotive.

You piss me off!

Admit that you'd like to rip
the loco for your transmitter.

I don't deny it, I never will.

Yes, I'd like the batteries but the
point is that guy is nuts.

I'd shoot myself before
falling into his hands.

- What d'you want us to do?
- I think we must go.

- With the guns?
- Sure that's better, no?

You should go to bed.

They've got women too.

Didn't expect this, you?

Didn't expect this?


It's Cathy!

It's Cathy!

If we refused to make
love, he'd beat us.

Especially since you came,
it's been worse than before.

He met another psycho,
he came with his gang.

He calls himself Commander.

Everyday, for hours, you have
to repeat the same thing.

We're the only survivors.

God wants us to have children.
That he's our Lord.

But who's "He"?

Fulbert, Director.

Did he let you go,
or did you run away?

I ran away with Judith.

He drove her insane.

He took her back!

Who's that Fulbert?

I don't know what he did before.

He just became the boss,
right away.

He made us bury the dead.

What have you got to eat there?

There were goods in the train.

Cans, a bit of everything.

There was also the farm
near the tunnel.

Oh, yes, Villedieu.
It's Albert's.

Then he locked up the
supplies, with handcuffs.

We heard explosions, many times.

Was it from you?


Were there people in the train?

None of them tried to defend you?

Yes, Jos?.

He's been in jail
for a month now.

There was no one in the
cell the other day.

What you saw isn't the jail.

The real jail is a hole that big,
at the bottom of the loco.

What you saw
is the women's prison.

It's just obscene.

And the woman with the two children?


She's like the others.

She cries.

Do we hide?


We also thought
we were the only survivors.

Yes, it was more simple.

You came to bring back
our pharmacist?

Not only.

- What the director wants is...
- I'll tell them myself!

Since we met by chance.
Let's make the most of it.

I agree.

It's a trap.

No, just precautions.

I know you have milk.

I'm interested.

We have children at the tunnel.

Did you bring the medicine?

3 boxes, yes.

There's something we'd
like from your locomotive.


What for?

A transmitter.

Let's say the milk
is for the medicine.

What d'you want
for the batteries?

A pig.

I see you know our resources.

Evelyne, bring some milk.

- Is that enough?
- For a month, yes.

- We'll meet again.
- Maybe.

And the pig?

We'll bring it when
we get the batteries.


We're leaving.

You're ready, Cathy?


- So hurry up!
- No.

You belong to the tunnel.
You must follow us.

Never. Never again.


And Judith?
What did you do with her?

And Jos??

These gentlemen don't
care about our business.

They know. I told them
of all your obscenities.

Excuse her.

Come on.

If you kill Judith, I'll kill you.
Bastard. You're a bastard.

She won't come. Leave.

Kill him. Kill him.

You want war?


But you're not alone anymore.
It'll be less simple now.

I could go with Pessou, you know.

I want to see it myself.
It's so...

Too bad you didn't listen to me.
We'd live in peace now.

We'd have liquidated Fulbert
and be safe.

And the tunnel people too.

And that Commander,
what about him?

He hadn't stopped us
walking around?

One day he had attacked
us with his gang, and...

We should know
how many guns they have.

We shouldn't only, we must!

That Commander is probably
not more Commander than I am.

I'll have a look.

It's not war! It's not war
since we gave them milk.

We didn't give them milk.
It's a trade.

These gentlemen gave us 3 boxes of
vials that'll make you feel good,

and in return...

We gave them a milk can.

You see...

If Emma was here...

With her kids.

So what?

She'd sure be
the right one for the vet.

- Think so?
- Yes.

She's beautiful, you know.

And Judith would appeal to Emanuel.

So that way,

we could love
each other in peace.

- I've put the other fire out.
- Thank you.

Excuse me.

- Where's Momo?
- How should I know?

Didn't expect, hum?
Didn't expect.

You know what I told Colin?


I said that at the tunnel,
there's a woman you'd like.

Her name's Emma.


Calling all units!

Calling all units!

Calling all units! Amateur radio.
On channel...

Calling all units!

Be careful. Here they come.

To the river.

You loved him that much?

Oh yes.

We don't want to kill you,
it's been enough of this.

How many were you?

the others are dead.

- Where're you from?
- I'm from Bastide.

Any survivors there?

There were around ten.

They're dead?

- The Commander killed them.
- Why?

The Commander attacked our convoy.

He killed my dad and recruited me.

And you? I've seen you before.

I'm from the tunnel.

Corporal Fran?ois L?on.

- What were you doing with them?
- Director's order.

Isn't he dead?

What do you mean?

The Director preferred to
send the others into death.

Is Judith still in jail?


Except at night.

What do you think
about all of that?

It's war.

Do you know what he
Commander did before?

He was a doctor.

Do you want this war to go on?

What was planned?

- We're supposed to win.
- And then?

We'd settle in Malevil.

- What's the Director doing?
- Waiting for the Commander's return.

Keep an eye on him.

We're not many,
but I won't let you live.

You're a man from
before the disaster.

You don't deserve to survive.

From now on the tunnel's law
will be the only law.

If Malevil has survivors, they'll obey.
Or they'll die.

Any prayers to say?


The Commander asks that all prisoners
are judged at the same time.

Very well!

Bring Judith.

Since it's a trial,
I'll give you a chance.

You'll interrogate Judith,

If you can make her
confess her crimes

I'll pardon you.

Let Jos? out!

I'm listening.

Did you disobey the Commander
or the Director?

I didn't disobey.

They raped me.

Didn't you refuse to
smile at them?


You see.

How'd you explain that the Commander
didn't kill the Director?

I forbid this question.

The prisoner doesn't want to come.

How "doesn't want to come"?

The prisoner doesn't want to come?

It's Malevil!

- Judith!
- Cathy!

You won't blame me for the
alliance with the Commander?

You'd all be dead today.

If I had pretended to be friendly.

And you're here,
happy to welcome Malevil.

Where's the prisoner?

He's there.
He's there!

You were right, you know.

The Commander wanted to kill me.

That's why I told him about Malevil.

Of course, I shouldn't have.

Anyway, it's over now.


He's dead?

He didn't want to live enough.

Well done!

Poor Mr Bouvreuil.

If he hadn't been here...

We wouldn't be together.

What'll become of us?

We're here.


The mule!


We'll never have enough plates.

We'll have to build
another house.

Can you imagine?

How long will we have to live
to replace all the deaths?

"Intervention Unit 7 speaking!

"Regroup quickly for
immediate evacuation!

"Don't take anything with you!

"You must board immediately!

Intervention Unit 7 speaking!

"Regroup quickly for
immediate evacuation!

"Don't take anything with you!

"You must board immediately!"

"We're happy we found you!

"By an international decision,

"the destroyed nations territories'

"have been declared uninhabitable!

"These territories will be used
for military research.

"You will be brought to a
decontamination center.

"You'll get
all necessary examinations.

"Everything will be alright!"

Original subtitles:
Otto Rivers & Szam

Timing & revision: