Male Companion (1964) - full transcript

Antoine was raised into the easy life by his very rich grandfather. After the death of his grandfather the money has gone and Antoine falls under the influence of various easy people.

Antoine, my boy.

You had a bad dream?

A nightmare.

Nanny, I dreamed
I was working.

Oh, my poor little!

Quick, let's go home.

You have overdone enough
for today.

Dear Nanny,

For 25 years,
I have blessed the derailment

that killed my parents.

No orphan was happier than me under
the supervision of his grandfather.

Antoine, never make any effort.

Fatigue is the enemy.

You need, to succeed
everywhere and always,

never work.

It is a mistake

to believe that laziness
is a default.

It is, on the contrary,
the mother of all virtues.

But the Bible says : "You will earn
your bread by the sweat of your brow."

But after original sin!

Before, man lived
as a shiftless layabout.

By the way, all religions
have decreed a weekly rest.

The faithful are aware that they are
offering their laziness to the Lord.

Show me.

Add a drop of Chartreuse.

Friday, we're Arabs.

Saturday, we're Jews.

Sunday, we're Christians.

And the month of Sundays.


That's why, I tell you,

don't torment yourself

about what you can
eat to live.

Look at the birds in the sky.

They make no sowing
nor reaping

and they don't pile up
in attics

because our Father feeds them.

Learn that lesson.

Being a sparrow.

This is an art
you inherited at birth.

God feeds the sparrows.

The society will nourish you.

The important
is to be re-invited.

The secret :

Be a nice guy.

Smile with the sensible.

Sneer with the cynics.

Laugh up with fools.

Get indignant with the fiery.

Sigh with the gloomy.

And with the talkers...

I let them talk.


You were saying?

The satellite disappears

behind the outer ring.
- "The outer ring."

- "Slowly."



But just think, little wretch,
miserable worm,

that Flammarion himself


"We sail in the vastness"

"at a speed a
thousand times greater"

"that a fast train's."

"A wonderful sidereal mechanism,"

"the Earth is softer than the gondola"

"abandoned on the mirror of
the Venetian lagoon."

"The Earth glides"


"on its ideal orbit."

"All that is divine
is effortless."


Poor Antoine Mirliflore.

I looked after the
interests of your grandfather

in his lifetime.
What a charming philosopher,

but so careless!

Do you know that the sale of its
properties, those without mortgages,

will barely cover

the inheritance tax?

My dear sir,
what else can we ask for?

I admire your composure
in the face of such a disaster.

Now you own nothing.

My poor sir.

No parents, no relations.

There you are all alone.

Let me introduce you
to one of my friends.

He will help you find
a trade, a situation.

A situation, me?

Perpetual holiday is over.
You must work, young man.

Work, me?

Dear sir,
there is no question of it.


Good life, gentlemen.


it's you and me.

You need your campstool?
- Yes, no, well...

It's not warm.

What you see in there?

The cosmos.


Get a look in there.

I see nothing.

We see nothing.

No, no, nothing.

Pay him.

Ice cream, peanuts,

special pictures.

David, look at that!

That's good. Look at that.



Talk about a customer.

Oh, I don't despair.

I started
by selling newspapers.

Yes, I, Balthazar!

As Henry Ford, but I,
I have not forgotten to be stupid.

I studied the
economic situation.

Believe me, the future is the ice cream.

All over Paris.

In 10 years, everywhere.

"Bathazar's Ice Cream."

Why not "Balthazar's Hot Chestnuts"?

So really,
we see nothing in your thing?

You see, I have a broad
who lives across the street.

5, St. Peter's Square.
- A broad?

- Oh my!


2nd window on the left,
around the corner.

- She's not bad.

Not bad at all.

She has the phone?
- Montmartre 10-12.

You have a token?
- And how!

What's her name?
- Nicole.

- Hello, Nicole ?


You must never
flood a geranium.

Who is calling?

Antoine. Don't put your
watering can in balance, it could fall.

Well, you can sit down.

There. You are
much better like that.

You know that pink suits
you really, really well?

Oh, wonderful!

I didn't know this aspect

of your personality.

Oh, you're just...

a big slob,

a lout, a despicable individual,

a jailbird, a fool...
- No!

You think this is funny?
- Nicole!

Nicole, Nini, it's Balthazar!

Listen, sweetheart!
- Is that you?

- Farewell.

Very funny, your joke.

Very funny.

You witness the end

of a great love.

Don't do anything stupid.

It is in the test
that turn out great souls.

This is too much, I'm going to see her.
- Not in your condition.

I must!
- I'll go, it's my fault.

I'll fix it for you.

Thank you.
- We are quite friends.

I always knew
I could count on you.

Don't show up before tomorrow,
you could ruin everything.

Ah, the good boy.

Still here?
Always in my legs!

I'm sorry.

Batlthazar. It's all over between us.
PS : I'll be back at half past midnight.

Ah, thank you.






But who is there?


Well, where are you?

Who's that guy?

Oh, Nicole...

How can I apologize for this?

I've spent frightful hours
at the idea of ​​having hurt

this poor little fragile thing.

I am a wretch.

The funicular crushing my body
would have been a too easy death.

As penance, I climbed
6 floors on my knees.

It's not enough.

What to do to give you
this just revenge?

To offer myself as a martyr?

Here I am.
I am at your mercy.

Scold me, beat me, kill me.

Wow, what a speech...

Ah, she has forgiven me.

Oh, great lady, noble Nicole.

Generous Nicole, admirable Nini.

Can I keep you company?

Well, what a man...

"All that is divine
is effortless."


Antoine, the coffee is ready.

I'm going to work.

See you later, darling.

Oh, the Sacred Heart.

Hello? Yes?



Oh, I see...

Calm down, man.

I'll explain later.

Alright, come on up.

Say, can you bring me

Thank you, man. See you in a sec.

You beast!

Antoine, big slob!

First, would you be kind enough
to take off my housecoat?


But you really think you're at home!

I must admit
I spent the night here.

I couldn't sleep
under bridges.

Nicole is an amazing girl.

You seem worried.

But believe me,

man to man,
I didn't touch her.

Oh! Come on, be serious!

I must admit I didn't sleep much.

Nicole, being under the impression
that you broke up with her,

spoke about you all night.

- Yes, I even began to hate you.

She's crazy about you.


You want me to talk frankly?

You're on the wrong track.
- Ah?

You see, women are fragile.

Especially Nicole.

She's a small biscuit.

Modesty, sensitivity,
a variety of feelings.

- I'm telling you!

I must admit that I wasn't
looking at her from the right angle.

Change your perspective.

She hates jealous guys.

Be even-tempered, casual,
charming and she's yours.

She's mine?

Thank you, Antoine.

Now I understand.

All things considered,

she's a...I got it.

You're working today?
- No, I'm going to rest.

Sun is rising.
- Not me.

Oh, my little...

You will never amount to anything
if you sleep all day.

Life is a fight.

Struggle for life.

The law of the jungle.

You're going to sell ice cream
with such a weather?

Always the fallback position.

Never unprepared.

I am a fighter, you see?

If Nicole admires me,
it's because I got dough.

In ten years...

The Rolls, the yacht,

the Chinese valet,

the Davis cup.

The easy life.
- And today?

Today, I just tinker around, okay.
But I'm up to something.

Are you interested in Photo-stop?

It's not tiresome.
- Ah...

I'll get the gear.

See you downstairs in an hour.

You keep my cigarettes?
- Yes I do.

And don't forget, boy.

Struggle for life.

On horseback!

She can't even iron my shirt?

I feel I'm not going
to rot in here for long.




At noon, you will cook
the veal with carrots.

Yes, madame.

Madame, Miss,
I'm coming for the leak.

The leak?
- Yes, in the bathroom.

There have been complaints.
It won't be long.

In the hallway,
1st door on the left.

Psst, sir!


Dirty old man!

- Me, madame?

Be quiet! And in addition
you caused a leak in the bathroom.

- Yes, you. I never set foot in there.

I will withdraw the plumber's
bill from your wages.

By the way, what is he doing?

I also forbid you to purchase
oil in plastic bottle.

Oh, sorry.

It's done.

It works.

Would you have a towel?

My respects, madame.

This boy is charming.

Incredible, you mean the bearded guy?
Oh, the pig!

It's just between us.

You know me.
- Excuse me, ladies.

What a rain!

The ten of spades goes on the valet.

There you are.
- Your feet!


Your feet!
You mess everything.

Excuse me.

And ten points for the last trick.

Thank you, Émile.
- See you tomorrow, same time?

You will stay for lunch, Mr. Antoine.

No, no!

We're already too late.

Taking pictures is extremely

The thing is to choose the time,
the place...Are you listening?

And the customers.

The most important,
I insist on that,

is an impeccable equipment.
For God sake!


I'm doing great!


Your papers.
- Me?

Do not panic.

Oh, sorry.

My God!

Destroy this photo.

10.000 francs for you.

Hey, this is a great idea.

How much this one?
- 10.000 francs.


Filthy scum! At my age,
no one blackmails me!

Oh, no!

Good heavens, my wife!

Good heavens, my husband!

What are you doing
with this man?


Antoine, come on, come on!

Let's go.

Hello, Nicole?


No, don't hang up.

I'm calling you for professional reasons.
The weather has changed.

Your scheme with Max,
is there still a part in it for us?

At 15 pm? Ah, very well!

It really helps me out, thank you.

See you later...sweetie.

Let's go.
- It's nice, right?

What is this for ?
- It turns when there is light.

I see, it's interesting.
You pay, we're gone.

I don't have any money.

And the banknote from that guy?

What! This gizmo is worth 10.000 francs?


Let's do another one.
Sit there.

Get down, you are ridiculous.
You are too big.

Don't move.

Let's hurry,
it's going to rain!

Come on, the last one.

Come on, run! Hurry!

Do you like it?

The photographer
thinks you look great.

It would be great for you
if it worked.

Why don't you redo your nose?

Come, they're waiting for us.

You know, I've spent the
morning shopping at the Galleries.

A 65 litres refrigerator
costs only 5.000 francs.

There is also a wonderful Japanese washing
machine. But we must be reasonable.

We'll wait next year to buy it.

I had lunch with my mom too.

I told her everything,
she is very happy for us

and desperate to know you.

We'll dine with her tonight.

You'll see,
she stayed young at heart.

As soon as we have our first child,
we can live with her.

What a joy, my Antoine.

She's trying to make me jealous
but she can't fool me.

Do not move.

It's pouring!
Come on, let's pack up.

Protect the equipment.

This is a surprise for you.


That's the last straw...


here are my wedding presents,
my little ones.

And thank you for everything.

You will bring your suits to
the office that evening, without fail.



There you are,
it's not too early.

The kitchen is over there.
- I think you're mistaken, my friend.

Oh, sorry, sir.

The prince will soon come down, sir.

It's beautiful, isn't it?

Trans-Pacific 1930.



I'm sorry,
I arrived last.

I'm expecting no one.


Your reception was very successful.



Very nice to have met you.

Excuse me but we
can't hear each other.

I understand your concern,
but I'm not crazy.

Not for a second.
- I will explain to you.

It's very simple,
I am very rich.

I bear a noble name.

That's why I don't have any friends.
I am alone.

I'm bored since the death
of my poor great-aunt.

Every saturday,
I have a large buffet set out.

I start my tape recorder

and I open the windows.

You are the first...

butterfly caught in my acoustic trap.

It's lovely.

You dance?

And you?

No. The women frighten me.

And you prefer locomotives to them!

I've been searching for the
dining-car of the Transsiberian

that I just saw in your
window for 10 years.

You're a toy train lover!

Just a modest collector,
nothing more.

A cigar?
- You smoke the same as me.

Decidedly, we have the same tastes.

Let's ditch these drunks.

I wanted to talk to you about
a project close to my heart.

My dear Antoine, I think you are
the man I've been looking for.

This is a delicate mission.
It takes skill,

a strong sense of responsibilities,
irreproachable moral qualities.

This way.

My parents.
Just pretend they're not here.

No, this way.

You like it?
- Oh, yes!

I knew it!

May I?
- You're welcome.

I'm appointing you stationmaster
of my miniature network.


I have other projects, the whole
south network powered by catenary.

2 sugars?
- Yes, thanks.

You are charming.

This is the tailor.

4:56 pm, 4 minutes earlier,
I don't like that.

Well, I'm leaving you,
he will take your measures.

For me?

You shouldn't have.
- I insist.

M. Antoine, it is 6:12 am.

There's your costume.

the prince is waiting for you.

Travelers to Orleans,

Tours, Poitiers, Angoulême, Bordeaux,

your train is about to leave.
All aboard, please.

The way is clear.
Change the signal.

Change the signal, good heavens!

Don't forget the switch

for the 11:52 freight train.

Is the sector Lorraine's crossing closed?

The 96.

The N73.

No, my friend, no!

It is 6:12 am, Mr. Antoine.

The 9:52 am is late, my friend.

"The cars furnish transporation
for the disabled ex-servicemen"

"only if they don't include
a thruster at the back for
the activation of the wheels."

"1st, 2nd class,"



Well, Givet...but I don't Give up.

Antoine, you are a charming
gentleman's companion.

I have prepared a surprise for you.

You deserve it.

Ouch! Oh, shit!

What is this?

Now that's something else again.

Oh no, it's not possible!

We stopped in open country.

What time is it?

It is 10:31 am.

What's happening?

"Trains stopped. Indefinite strike."
- What now?

The prince is on strike
in solidarity with the Union.

This is the final struggle...

Antoine, we will hold.

Yeah, sure.

Most certainly, we will hold!

You're beautiful.

Eighth day of the strike.

What a pain!

Without ordering you...


It is 11:52 pm, we go to bed?

Not now.

Oh, you're a bore!

We go again?

4:00 am!

Oh, no!

After a magnificent
two weeks strike,

the government caved in.

This is a great victory
for our union demands.

And now, to work.

We must provide 22 extra trains
for Easter holidays,

ski trips,

an army of skiers
pouring down the railway stations.


What's wrong with you?
Have you become crazy?

800 deaths.

You have 800 deaths
on your conscience.

Wait, some are not quite
dead in this car.

- Hi, Chief.

Nothing to report?
- All is well. The 117 is in the station.

It's the 6:27 am Paris-Rome?

Well, yes.

Hi, Chief. How are you?

I'm fine, thanks.

Look at that!
I'm in Rome!

How beautiful!

Sorry, I don't understand you.

You're French?
Let me introduce myself.

I am Professor Gaetano from
the school of Fine Arts.

No, don't break the pose.
Don't move.

I was pointing out to my students

the natural elegance,
the sculptural beauty

of your body lying down.

The nobility
of your facial features.

Although the nose...
But that does not matter.

It's only a detail.

No, no!
Keep the pose.

Forgive my boldness.
I approached you to ask you

a little, or better,
a great service.

You can answer yes or no.

Would you do me the honor
of posing in my studio?

Where are you going?

I was taking a shower.

But a blow of wind
closed the door so...

now I look like this.

I'm looking
for the swimming pool.

The swimming pool?
Where is the swimming pool?

Ah, the swimming pool!

Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome.

Good bye, sir. Good bye.

A strange guy but very sympathetic.

Take it.

But I don't have money....

A handsome guy like you don't
have to pay. Take it.


What do you want to drink?
A coffee?

Yes, please.

A coffee.

I am


I am Antoine.


Antoine, it's cute.

Why are you dressed like this?

I am...

a boxer.

Ah, you're sporty.


Very sporty.

God damn, life's a bitch!

My husband.
- Nice.

He works at night.

And he sleeps all day long.

Interesting...he sleeps at day

and he works at night...

All night long?

All night long.



Tonino, get up!

Hurry, my husband is coming!

I can't get out naked.

Here, take my husband's jacket.


- You're welcome.

My love.

A white coffee for my little Tonino.

Maria? A Martini, please.
- Alright.

Antonio, let me go.


You didn't find
the swimming pool?

The swimming pool?
Sure, I've found it.

Maria, Maria...

Lawyer Di Menuti's son passed away.

He was only 25.
A terrible accident with a Ferrari.

A 10 million Ferrari.

A 10 million Ferrari?


Alive yesterday.

Dead today.

Poor Carlo.

He was stupid.

Completely stupid.

Who is he?

It's terrible.

Alive yesterday.

Dead today.

Cars are very dangerous.

Thanks for coming, sir.

It's a sad thing.

You're French, sir?

Grief has no country,
dear master.

Carlo was more than a brother
for me.

You met him when
he traveled to Paris?

That's it.

He was an highly intelligent boy.


I know what you're going to tell me,
but believe me, fathers are blind.

He had that modesty,

that intellectual modesty

that is so typical
of true intelligence.

How strange...

I arrived this morning and

I discover this city that he had
so often described to me,

I find your home
without having ever seen it

and suddenly...

this nightmare!

It's too unfair.


you still have your daughters.

Carlo never talked
to me about you.

At my express request,

given the differences of
fortune between us.

This delicacy does you credit.

What are you doing in life?

My dear master,
I am preparing a thesis on work.

Ah, you're a communist!

No, I'm not doing a thesis
on working conditions

but on the actual work whose principle
become more and more difficult to justify.

Explain yourself.

It's difficult in a few words,

I would like to have time
to explain my ideas.

Another day.

We're already unemployed
132 days per year.

The leisure-oriented society
has invaded us.

Industry itself...
- Interesting.


I regret to have met you

in these painful circumstances.

So, Antoine,
you feel better?

It's good. Life must
always have the upper hand.

That's the way of the world.

Poor Carlo.



The likeness is extraordinary.

You think so?
- Of course, the same piercing look,

the same variety
of facial expressions.

there is all the difference

between the featherless baby bird
and the golden eagle.

A golden eagle...

You know,
I'm really fond of you.

You're very sympathetic!

Very sympathetic.

All this is so trivial.

You don't like it?

No, sorry, it's only the emotion,

the tiredness.


We won't make any noise,
tomorrow morning.

Come on, come on, girls.

Try to sleep late.

Enough! Come!

Bye, girls.

The Italian sky.

Ah, it's getting light.

Come on, big girl, to work!


My God, it's so late!

He's still sleeping!

That boy worries me.

He worked all night.

I heard him come and go.
All night long.

Leisure time would be
the new religion?

- Interesting, although a bit ironic.

Ironic? We only work
140 days a year.

But Antoine, he never stops.

He's tireless!
He works on his thesis day and night.

This is your car?
- Yes.

So come here.

Honking in Rome is forbidden!


You are in violation.

Your papers!

It's beautiful, heh?
- Yes, nice car, but I don't care.

150 horsepower.
- 150 horsepower?

Yes, that much.

Four carburators.
- Four carburators!

Two twins.
- Two twins!

A superior model.

Here, the carburators.


It's because I've had
another one installed.

With a new battery.

It works with a vacuum horn.


A vacuum horn.

Try it.
- Me?

I'll try.

That's enough.


You're welcome
but I'm in a hurry.




Close it.

Yes, sure.

Great. Thanks.

A moment!
I'm going to stop the traffic.

Hey you, come here!

What's that sound!

Is this your bicycle?
Why did you press the bell?

Didn't you see the no-honking sign?

I'll have to fine you!

Your papers!

Full tank.
- A little bit ahead.


You have a good and easy job, huh?

You're kidding me.
Trucks all night.

I even work on Sundays.

And I get up at 6:00 am every day.

What are you complaining about, lazy?

He's right. Lazy!

I'd like to see you in my place,
without a day off.

Lazy! Good for nothing!


What a nice surprise!

I thought you'd appreciate a visit.

How thoughtful!

You're so good!

Antoine! I'm glad you're here.

You'll have lunch with us?

I was about to suggest it.

May I?
- Yes.

But you're crazy, sir!
- Does it matter?

Children, go play elsewhere.
- Me too.

Come with me, let's play the Nautilus.

You will be the submarine's captain.
And you, the cabin boy.

I want to be captain.
- No, it's me!

If you see an enemy ship,

you fire your torpedoes!
- Yes, yes.

You'd make a wonderful father.

Isn't it?
My name is Antoine, and you?

What are you doing?

As you can see, we are alone,

as at the dawn of humanity.

The male roams the desert areas,

with the dark desire to perpetuate
the species. - Stop or I scream!

It's time when dinosaurs drink.

Don't hurt me, please!

If you're not interested, I'll drop it.

I did that
to please you.

Women are so complicated.

Maybe I must tell you that
your eyes are like deep lakes

and your mouth
like a ripe raspberry?

It's always the same.

My name is Clara.
- Ah?

Excuse me, I took you
for a sadist.

Naughty girl!

What punctuality!

Here I am! Start without me,
I'm changing and I'll be right back.

You're welcome,
we have all the time.

I'm worried.
He doesn't look well, don't you think?

On the contrary.

He's so changed.

He's superb.

He is so strong.

He is so cute.

Perhaps, but it doesn't
mean anything, on the contrary.

I've known many seriously ill persons

who looked radiant with health,

who ate like ogres.

It's better this way, right?

I wish I had a son like you.

Since you are here,

I don't know...

Did you work hard today?


I thought, I dreamed,

I imagined, I extrapolated,

I speculated,

I solved...

or rather, I tried to solve.

You see what I mean.

What a tremendous amount of work!

Antoine, my son...

Yes, yes.

My son.

Let me warn you.

You're overworked.

Let's speak frankly.

I know for a while now
how your situation at my home

can be unpleasant.

Well, you know...
- I mean it, Antoine.

I appreciates your delicacy.

But I think I cannot
further abuse of your kindness.

So here is the good news.

I spoke about you to
the rector of the university.

He is very interested in your thesis
and wants you as a secretary.

You have an appointment
with him tomorrow at 5:00 pm.

Aren't you happy?

Well, I don't know what to say.

The idea of working...

No, no,

do not thank me.

You're offering me not only a career,
but also happiness.

I will finally be able to...

get married!

But I didn't know.

Without a good job,
it was difficult for me to ask you

the hand of your daughter.

My daughter? But...

Which one?

Well, that's the problem...

Which one?

What do you mean?

Let's talk between men.

My overwork, my fatigue,

the noises
you hear at night...

Well, that is...

You don't mean...
- Yes.

Antoine, I command you
to tell me which one could...

Oh, but...

all of them.

All my girls!

You mean with all my girls?
- I didn't want to create jalousy

and they are all so charming.

How passionate they are!
- Sir!

You speak of my daughters!

Who else?
- But they're all underage!

This is so much better.

Get out of here!


Ciao, ciao!

Thank you, your Highness.

Excuse me, Sir...
Your Highness.

Any bounds on 200 pounds?

Going, going, gone!

To Mr Genevissi for 200 pounds.

Next piece, please.

This portrait of Mona Lisa
was painted

by Leonardo da Vinci in 1480

and was refused by the client.

It's a very rare work:
The sad Mona Lisa.

Starting price:









Any advance on £100.000?




Any advance on £300000?






- £750.000

- £950.000

One million!

My drawing...

Don't cry, baby.

Two millions!

Quiet, ladies and gentlemen,

Any advance on 2 millions?

Going, going,


What's the matter?
- To Mr. Alexandre Darius Socratos

for 2 million pounds.

What's the matter?

What, what, what?
- Nothing.

Oh, you got me good.
- Is it any wonder?

Learn, young man, that nothing
resists Alexander Darius Socratos.

However I enjoyed crushing you.

Who's that?
- Who are you?

Excuse me. Mirliflore.


Mirliflore, Antoine?
- I don't know him.

Sankhapur, do you know
this fellow, Antoine Mirliflore?

Don't try.
I don't belong to your world.

I belong to no one,
and nothing belongs to me.

So where does your fortune come from?

My fortune? What fortune?

Come on, stop this game, please!

You won't have me believing
that, without any fortune,

you tried to contest me this painting?

Yes, without fortune
would be an exaggeration. Let's say...

without a penny.

You provoke me!

I wouldn't think of it.

Where is the difference?
With or without a penny,

you enjoyed crushing me.

I'm very glad you did.

Isn't that the point?
- What a crook!

So you're a crook!

At last, a worthy opponent!

What nerve.

What audacity!

You remind me of someone
I loved very much.

Really? Who?
- Myself.

That's very funny.

I was also juggling
with imaginary millions like you.

For me, all millions
are imaginary.

Exactly. Those who understand
that really have the genius of money.

I'm going to Paris.
Come with me, we will talk.

To the airport.

We are of the same race,
my dear Antoine.

Life is a fight.

Struggle for life.

I started
by selling newspapers.

I, Alexandre Darius Socratos.

In 10 years,
I had the Rolls, the yacht,

the Chinese valet.

You're only starting,
my dear Antoine.

But I see in you
a futur major financier.

A very big financier.

By pretending to be a rich man,
you probably had an idea in mind.

No, not a single one.
I don't know what prompted me.

An infallible instinct.

You are predestined.
- He is predestined.

Go ahead boldly and money
will fall into your hands.

I'm going to give you loans.

Believe me,
your fortune is made.

That's it, it starts again.

Well, thank you for everything.

Very nice to have met you.

You are charming.
Yes, yes, charming.

Where is he going?
- Where are you going?

Believe me,

your financial success
would be complete.

New York.

Financial success?

You're completely out of line,
my poor Alexandre Darius Socratos.

Call me ADS.
- ADS.

New York.

Financial, financial...

Do I look like a financial success?
Look at me.

The more I look at you...

Mark my words
once and for all.

I don't give a damn about working.

I don't understand you anymore.

You're without fortune and
you don't give a damn about working.

New York.
- Kick him out.

He's fired.

How do you live?

The great art in life
is to accept your fate.

You find enough fools to maintain you?
- Oh, yes!

He's so funny!

Come for the weekend in
our home in Sologne.

You will explain us everything.

Wait, wait.

The great art in life...
- to accept your fate.

Be quiet!

You should write a book
on the subject.

With this title: "Doing nothing".

Followed by 200 blank pages.

What was your purpose
when writing this book?

It's alright.

I understand you.

When you say you are lazy,

you really talk about
a fixed determination

to do nothing?

A perpetual desire.

A passion.

Well, ADS, why the long face?
You're in trouble?

I wonder,
when I look at you,

if my life was not
a huge mistake.

I suddenly feel...

How do you say?
- Small, shabby?

- A total ass?

- Yes, I see.

You have to change
your outlook on life.

You know the subway?
- No.

So, you're having fun?

Antoine, believe me,

I am unworthy of your friendship.

Leave me alone.
- No, I won't let you. Waiter!

So, we're done with
that great sorrow?

My kitty.

You are good. Thank you.

You are too good.

Here, pay the bill, my dear.

I'm offering you this painting.
Only you deserve it.

Talk about a gift,
this granny!

He's right again.

I'm only good at buying
a 2 billion granny.

Yes, of course,
two billion is a sum.

Antoine, I beg you,
help me.

What would you do with it?

I don't know.

I would give it to my workers.


This painting will change your life.

Wage rises, premiums,

paid holiday,
all this is over.

Access to artworks,

that's the key.

My dear comrades,

you will all become collectors,

and billionaires,
through your boss.

Let me greet

the promoter of
this magnificent initiative,

Antoine Mirliflore.

You're coming, Isabelle?
- Yes.

Antoine, my boy, we're leaving.

Can I walk with you?
- Yes.

You live far away?
- There, on the outskirts of Argenteuil.

What? I'm not going to walk
all of that way.

Get on the luggage rack.

You're not going to pedal?
- Why not?

It goes against your principles.

It's there.

That's it.
So goodbye, Isabelle.

Won't you come in?
- I don't want to disturb.

My parents won't eat you.
They're very nice.

Your parents are there...
- Hello, Isabelle.

Good evening mother.
- Sir.

Don't you recognize him?

It's Mr. Antoine Mirliflore.

M. Mirliflore ? That guy from the TV?

Oh, but then come in.

Oh, yes! My husband will be so happy.
He always tells me:

"This Mirliflore is not a..."
Well, he's someone.

Say, Julien.
- Huh?

Guess who's here.
- I don't give a damn.

But look! It's Mr. Antoine Mirliflore.


It's him.
- Oh, my!

Mr. Mirliflore.
- Yes, Mr. Mirliflore.

Excuse my attire.
What do we owe the honor to?

M. Mirliflore brought me home.


Mr. Mirliflore brought Isabelle home.

Yes, I got that,
he brought her home.

That's it.

Let's drink to it!
- Yes, good idea.

How much do I owe you, Léon?
A round of drinks each, 8,50 F each.

It's too silly, but I...

I forgot my wallet.

Don't worry.
You will pay next time.

We know your theories.
Money, it comes and goes.


I am mortified.

James, you wouldn't
have 8.50 F to lend me?

I am sorry, sir.
I only have dollars.

To the factory!

How much will you give me for this?


8,50 F.
- Perfect.

Here I am, sailors!
And this time...the round's on me!

The last one. Then we get some chow.

More chocolate cream?
- No thanks.

You're a wonderful cook.

It's not me.
It's Isabelle who made it.


You'll see,

her pike with white butter sauce...

Among others...
- Can I help you?

Come on, are you kidding?
Let them alone.

Don't you want to go to the living-room?
We thought a nap will do you some good.

It's very kind of you
but I'm not sleepy.

I'm the boss here.

We appreciate your
coming here on a Sunday.

We have time, we can chat.

- Two sugars?

Yes. No, one is enough.

A little drop?
- Yep.

The weeknights,
after work, I'm exhausted and

I'm not good at making conversation.

Of course, I understand.

You know what it is.
In the end, this is your problem too.

Maybe you want to
talk about something else.

You really don't want to take a nap?

No thanks, I am not tired at all.

Oh, France-Bulgaria!
- Wait till I sit comfortably.

You don't mind?

Not at all, do not change anything
in your habits for me.

If sport doesn't interest you,
you can go for a walk with Isabelle.

Who is it?

Mr. Antoine Mirliflore.

He who does nothing?
- Yes, Madam.

It's funny that you're here.

Really? Why?

For a man like you,
we're not very interesting people.

A man like me...

I'm not the Shah of Persia.

For my parents,
you are the Shah of Persia.

You can't imagine
their joy, their pride.

Everyone knows.
- It is rather nice.

Oh yes, of course.

They are very kind,
but sometimes they annoy me a little.

For example, when they boast
about your housewife qualities?

For example.

I don't like when they
do their sales spiel.

They are proud of their daughter.

And they are right.

They'll be very disappointed
when you don't come anymore.

But, Isabelle...

Be sincere.

You're not going to spend all your
Sundays at Argenteuil between mom and dad.

You see.

There are not only your parents,
in Argenteuil.

Me? It's cruel,
what you do here.

I don't care about the disappointment
of my parents. You know it.

But I was living happily.

I didn't need the Shah of Persia.

You are right.
Maybe it's better if I go.

Oh, no!

Now that you're here.

How about a dance?
- Oh yes.


I think I love you.

Ah, here he comes!

Where were you, little sneak?

You have disappeared
after the inauguration.

It seems that you were looking
everywhere for 8,50 F.

You see,
you need money.


But it was the first time.

You have found it, I hope.

- Oh, I wasn't worried for you.


You don't seem

very eager to talk.


Of course,

you learned the news.

What news?

He didn't learn the news!

You're a poet!

The sad Joconde has disappeared.

The sad Joconde has been stolen.

That's what makes you so happy?

Dear Antoine,
this is the best deal of my life.

I had insured it three billion.

But you paid it only two.


Well, gosh!

Let's drink to it!

We must celebrate.

To celebrate?
But this is what we do!

You call this a party?
You don't know nothing.

You all look like freezed penguins!

Take off your jackets,
your pants, your shoes.

We are at the court
of the Shah of Persia.

And I am the Shah of Persia!


You are on top form.
- Top form.

Hey, that's too much!

The insurance will pay.

He is right.
- He is right.

He's always right.
- He's always right.

There are limits, dear friend.

I am not your dear friend.

Wait, wait. Look at him!

You've always made me laugh.


That's it.

I'm coming to ask
the hand of your daughter.


They lived happily and...


Antoine, Antoine.

Dad, you didn't say goodbye.

See you tonight, darling.

Work hard.

Come on.

Antoine, my boy.
You had a bad dream?

A nightmare.

Nanny, I dreamed
I was working.

My poor little.

translation: aloysius70