Malcriados (2016) - full transcript

Remake de Nosotros los Nobles

Good morning, Mr. Manuel.

Good morning.

Here's the newspaper.

Right. Come on in, Margarita.

That tie doesn't go with that.

Thank you.

Helena used to pick these things for me.

Maybe it's time for you to learn
how to do it on your own.

I think those are the kind of things
you just don't learn.

Or maybe I don't want to.

Are the kids ready yet?

I think girls from Barranquilla are yummy.

You girls are yummy!

-Let's go now...

Dude, I can't!

No, no, no!

-Why not?
-We can't go in.

-Why not?

-My dad...
-Then why did you bring us here?

My dad can't see us.
I'm sorry, we can't go in.

What are we going to do, then?

What do we do?

Get off. I'm sorry, Cat.

Javi, I don't have any money!

I don't believe you.

I don't like those...

And these gold ones? Gold...

I have nothing to wear!

May I? Good morning.

-Hi, Dad.
-Hi, sweetie.

-Happy birthday!
-Thank you!

Check this out.

Is that for me?


What is it...?

I wish you the best.

300 guests, Dad.

And all of them are coming!


I don't know what shoes to wear.
I was thinking about the red ones.

Do you like them?
I have other options in mind.

But I've worn these ones a lot,
and I don't know...


There's a party
for 500 people at my house.

What about the cake?

All right, 300 then.

I don't know. Do whatever you want.

Have Omar go to have dinner
with the Spanish guys instead of me.

And write it down on a napkin.

That man will not remember
any of what it's said.

Oh, God...

Yes, I'll be right there.

-Good morning.
-Hi, Dad.

Are you coming to the office with me?

Don't worry.
I'll finish reading this and I'll leave.

Fine. You're going to Pasto today, right?

-You'll meet the secretary of planning

to hand him the folder
on Las Lajas's restoration.

You smile and get back.

That's it.

Have a nice trip.

Bye. Good luck on that quiz
or whatever that is.

Pasto, that sucks!


Javi, you're a fraud.

I know.

What about you?

A Marxist with tablet and a chauffeur?

So cool!



Baby, and now?

Amazing. That dress looks great on you.

Alex, this is the same dress.

I changed shoes! Baby, focus.

-You're killing me! I already told you...
-What's that noise?



-Good morning.

What are you doing here?


your dad hired us to prepare
the food for your birthday.

By the way, happy birthday.

I haven't seen you in a while.

Like seven years.

Yeah... yes.

And that's why you forgot
employees use the service door?

I'm sorry, miss Bárbara, I'm sorry.

-But, Mom, I'm just...
-Luis Eduardo!

I'm sorry.

Right. So, yes or no?

-You're confusing me.
-Confusing you?

I look ugly then! Ugly, ugly!

Don't say anything else.

Welcome to the Rico house.

-Dude, but that girl is pretty hot.
-No, she's not.

Go ahead.




Mr. Olmos, the lawyer from the bank,
called as well.

He called about the debt.

I'll take care of that, Lidia.

All right, sir.

And finally,
Mr. Jorge Calderón called again.

He wants to make a new offer
for the house at Las Nieves.

We'll have to tell Mr. Jorge Calderón

that the house at Las Nieves
is not on sale, once again.

Sell that house, Manuel.

The neighborhood changed.

It must be worth nothing.

But that's my parents' house.

Besides, I can't compare it with yours...

Not everything has to be about profit.

Well, that's it. I'll go now.


But what's this about?

-What is it?
-A breakdown of expenses of my kids.

12 million 200 thousand pesos

in a weekend.

Marquez boutique and shoe shop:

7 million 350 thousand pesos. On shoes.

That was Bárbara alone.

How much can that be? She's like size 4.

Cell phone applications:
one million 400 thousand pesos.

Those are almost free!

They're like, one dollar!

Did you know about this?

Why didn't you say something?

You told me to stop being all over them,

that they were feeling pretty bad
because of their mom's passing.


They take care of themselves.

700 thousand!

In condoms...

Like, the yellow color you see

might not be the same yellow others see.

And what's the trait
a revolutionary needs to have?

Perspective, dude.

Perspective and, like...

being brave, dude.
You know what I'm talking about.

That's it. I mean, if people
get their hair done every day,

why not fix their heart a bit as well?

That's what I mean.


George Bush!
Everything looks good on me

Nothing looks good on you

Dude, dude
Everything looks good on you

Like that!

Everything looks good
On you, the rich

Nothing looks good
On you, the poor

Everything looks good
On you, the rich

Nothing looks good
On you, the poor

Maybe I'm rich
Everything looks good on me...


-Mariano, sir.
-Here, all yours.


My man.

Handsome Dan!

Feel it...

And look what I brought with me.

Three gorgeous girls, and this dude...

You and me, huh?

-Javi's angels, Cartagena... here we go!
-What do you mean?

Are we going to Cartagena?

You're so sweet...


We're going to Cartagena,
and you go to Pasto!

-That's right!

You have to meet
with this secretary of whatever!

And... you give him that,
and tell him that I'm sending him this.

You'll know what to do.

You are...

You are...!

All right, captain! Let's get ready!



-Where have you been?
-I was here all along.

-How are you?
-What a surprise.

Do you remember Alejo Riaño?

-Of course.
-Hi, how are you?

I'm sorry for sneaking in...
but everything was great.

Have we met?

Of course! We met at...

-Titi's wedding?
-No. He's an actor.

He's an actor...

I know he's an actor.

Of course.

The house is full of guests...

Just a minute.

-I'll go see how things are, and...
-Go ahead. See you.

I didn't like this one.

That one?

-He's hot.


He's poor. He's an actor.

And what is he doing here?


he is friends with her.

She's friends with my dad,
and she's like a TV producer or something.

She's hitting on my dad.

The actor?

His friend!

-You're drunk already.

-I'm going to hit on the poor!
-All right.

The Argentinian won!

-What do you mean why?

The Pope has an office in Buenos Aires!

Hi, fatty!

Don't call me that!


Remember when we used to play like this?

Are you still afraid of the dark?

Or was it me you were afraid of?


-You weren't?

-I think you were.
-I wasn't.

-And you know what?

I'm working, all right?

Excuse me.

Why are you such a party pooper, Lucho?


-Hi, how are you, sir?
-How have you been?


Your mom told me you're already cooking
for some hotel or restaurant,

with the chef hat and everything.

That's great, I'm so glad.

I'm working very hard...

-Go ahead. You're really busy.
-Excuse me.

-Thank you so much.
-Go ahead.

Lucho. I always have to do everything.

Here you go. Daddy!


-You look really pretty.
-Thank you, Dad.

My boyfriend and I
want to tell you something.

-Your what?
-My boyfriend, Dad.

Where did this boyfriend come from?

This is a new boyfriend then.



My love!


Do you want to drink something?

So, he proposed to me,
and we're getting married.



Dad, are you okay?


What was your name again?

-Oh, Dad...
-Alejandro, sir.

Alejandro Balmaceda Severiano
de la Serna de Calatrava.

-He's a baron.
-A baron?

Well, not exactly a baron.

My grandfather is the baron
of the Elche monastery,

and I inherited the title.

Then, my parents migrated to Argentina
and I was born there.

I'm from Buenos Aires.
Have you been there?

Yes. And what do you do for a living?

Well, I'm working
with moderate-risk investments

on immediate intervention areas.

I see. You do nothing.

What's wrong with you, Dad?

I just want to know
how are you going to support yourselves.

Mom's trust fund will get cleared,
and we have many projects in mind.

How are you going to invest that money?

Should I...?

All right.

We're going to start an Argentinian grill.


I would have never...

-But it's different...
-It's lonch style.

-Baby, lounge style.
-Lounge, yes.

We want it to be like
with no tables, just sofas.

All right.

Big sofas, like a bed or something.
Like Ibiza, you know?

Great. So, how do you cut meat there?


I mean, if you're lying on a bed,
like in Ibiza or something,

how do you cut the meat
you are going to eat?


We haven't thought about it just yet.
We'll do it when we get back.

When you get back from where?

From the honeymoon, Dad.

We want some time off,

and Alex invited me to the town
his parents were born.

-And then we're going to Korea.
-To Thailand, fatty.

Don't call me that.
What do you mean Thailand?

Anyway, to a place
where people look the same.

Barby, you're aware
that you need my signature

to spend that trust fund, right?


Yeah, so?

Ever since we got here and sat down,

I've been trying to make sense
of this conversation,

but, God, I give up.


Because you're telling me you are marrying
a 48, 49-year-old man...

Oh, come on... How old...?

I'm 39.

You were 39 a long time ago, right?

He can't even tell me
what he does for a living.

Dad, since when do you care
about what I do with my life?

I've worried about that my whole life.

Yeah, right.

I've worried about that my whole life.

-What do you want?
-I want you to trust me!

-Calm down, fatty.
-Don't call me fatty!

Darling, you know I trust you, right?


I forbid you to get married.

You're forbidding me?

All right.

We're getting married!

Javi didn't go to Pasto.

What do you mean? Where did he go?

To Cartagena! To a reggaeton concert.

He took all his friends with him

in the company's private plane,
and sent Mariano to Pasto in a bus.


Yes, Lidia, what is it?

Principal Suárez from your son's school
is on the line.

Juan Fernando, how have you been?
How's everything?

Hi, Manuel, I didn't want to bother you,

but we had a situation
with Carlos here at school.

What happened?

Say it.

-Onward to victory...

Well, I understand the library thing,
I know that's not the right place,

but we need to understand
we all went through that.

I'll talk to him tonight, all right?

Well, the thing is
that she is the daughter

of one of the shareholders of the school,
and they want me to expel your son.

What should we do?

Dad, when did you start to worry
about what I do with my life?

What can I do! It was nature calling.


I swear I didn't scratch the plane.

Is it dead?

I think so.

You never think this might happen to you.

It just died.

I can't believe
there's no signal at this hospital!

This sucks!

What if the Wi-Fi password
is around here somewhere?

Guys, can you put your phones aside
for a while?

Your dad had a heart attack.

The doctor said pre-heart attack.

That's different from a heart attack.

Different how?

That's what comes next...

-I'll go get the nurse.
-What for?

I need WhatsApp.

What if that device
is taking away our phone signal?

Maybe if we turn it down a little...

And who dealt with the Pasto issue?

I already told you.

-I did it.

Don't worry about it anymore.

Did you pay attention to the doctors?

You can't work.

Manuel, you have to rest.


All right.

I'll go find a nurse
to get you out of here.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you.


Hi, it's Manuel.

Yeah, it's me.

People can choose what they want.

They should be thankful
I'm inviting them to the wedding.

Yeah, that's true.
You get so tired after thinking...


-Is there any problem with the food?
-Any problem?

I ordered a salad, and there's bacon
on it! I didn't order a bandeja paisa !

Excuse me, let me take that away.

-Do you want anything else?
-The check.

-It's okay if we include the tip...?

Otherwise we'll have to do it
without a bathing suit.

All right, so the party will be like this.

We went to a party with Javi
a few days ago,

even Lady Gaga tweeted about it.

-And why didn't you invite us?
-We were just so busy.


But hold on, you won't believe...




What the hell...?

Excuse me, miss.

It says non-sufficient funds.

No. What?

It says non-sufficient funds!

I already heard.


Are you trying to scare me?

Oh, shit... No!

Hey, where's Dad?

I don't know. We have no TV,
no internet, no phone signal.

And I think I broke my little toe.

The phone, the cards. I'm broke.

Well, I don't know if my phone
really has no signal...

-Did you restart it already?

What's going on? My cards are not working.

Did yours get canceled?

Yes. I called Lidia, but she said
everything was being seized.

What does that mean?

Is your phone working?

I used Nati's phone.

-What phone does she have?
-I don't know... a gold one?


-It's like Chinese or something.


Come on inside! Hey, come on, come!

-Come on!
-I have heels!

Shark 4! Cover the sides!

Come on, Panda squad!

That's the guerrilla!

They're taking my car.
Don't they know who I am?

No, but we do.

-What are you going to do?
-We have to defend ourselves.

-Do you plan to uncork them?
-Why don't you shut up?

They can't get in here,
this is private property.

They didn't care. Javi, wait up.

-Where's Dad?
-I don't know!


Don't raise your voice.

-Please, it hurts!
-You're like a koala!

-I can't run in heels!
-Be quiet and move.



Can you tell me
why they're taking all our things

as if we were in Venezuela?

Because they uncovered
a huge embezzlement, darling.

Oh, my...

You don't know what that is, right?

It is a huge debt we have with the bank.

The truth is we have no money.
We're absolutely broke.

We're ruined, and we cannot pay the debt,
and they want to get us in jail.

We can go to jail?

We can.

You're part of the company,
you're associates.


But what about Omar? Did you talk to him?

Can he solve... Did you talk to him?

I tried to reach him, of course, but...

he ran away.

What do you mean? Where are we going then?
I feel like my life... Where are we going?

To the only property
not owned by the company.

The house where I grew up in.

It's nice.

And what about my wedding?
What am I going to tell Alex?

You can't talk to him.

We cannot talk to anybody.

We have no relatives,
no friends, no boyfriends.

We need to get out of this mess.

I know it's difficult,
but together we can...

Can you open a window?

Why do you smell so bad, Charlie?

I think I stepped on dog's poop.

Lucho, come on!

-Goodbye, kids.
-What do you mean? No!


We'll stay with you!

I'll go visit you, all right?

Don't leave us alone, please!

-I'll go visit you, guys.

-Can I have a coin...?



Be careful, Mr. Manuel.

Why don't you put power windows in here?

Dad, a guy almost drugged us.

-He had a knife in his hand. I saw it.
-It was about to be an express kidnapping.

-This is it?

All right, let's go!

Come on, welcome.

Luchito, sorry for wasting your time.

-Go work now.
-"Go work now"?

No! Lucho!

Wait for me, Lucho! No!

Come on.

-That's the roof.

-That looks like the living room?
-I don't know.

That's falling down.

What happened?

-What is it? What did you see?
-It was like...

It's like...

Really, what happened?

I guess we'll never know.
Okay, so we have a chair.

There's more furniture around.
There's a table. Inside we have...

What if we turn ourselves in?

I just have to fix this here.

And that's it.

We have to start somewhere.

And what are we going to do now?

We need money.

We have to get money no matter what.

That's life.

We need to fix this place, buy some stuff.

And decorate it so that we feel better.

And we need to eat.

Don't worry about school, all right?

There's a public school
a couple blocks from here.

And how are we going to get money?

I think the time has come for you both

to do something you have never done.


It's about time.

Put the game on!

No, Bryan, they boy cannot get
his own food! Give me the money!

-Don't piss me off!
-Get lost, Bryan!

I told you Yuli, you'll make me do it!

One sheep.

Two sheep, three sheep,
four sheep, five sheep...

It's two in the afternoon already.
When are you planning to get up?


Why do we have to work?

Why don't you work instead?

I'd love that.

I really like working and...

But I had a heart attack.

Don't fool me.
You didn't have a heart attack.

It was a pre-heart attack.
And that's a different thing.

I have no idea how they're different.

What should I do? Listen to the doctor
or put my health at risk?

Don't you think it's time
you did something for me?

What do you mean, Dad?

We gave you a ballpoint pen
for your birthday.

-It was really expensive!
-Why do I have to finish school?

How many 10th grades do I have to lose?

Grandpa didn't finish school,
it happens every other generation.

Dad, and if we play online poker?

-I'm really good at it!
-And I can learn.


That's a great idea!

But go to the Bolivar Square to get Wi-Fi,
because we have no internet.

-You're being so rude to us, Dad.
-Do you know what's going on?

You don't understand the seriousness of...

What was that?

So, you used to live here, right?

Yes, this was my home.
The neighborhood was nice.

It was very different.

So, to sum up:

you can take the bus
three blocks from here...

-Which bus?

Then, do whatever you want.

Don't do anything,
but let me tell you something.

We won't have any food in two days' time.

All right?

A rat!

This is so disgusting, it's gross!

It's as big as a dog!

Get a broom!

A shotgun!


-Hi, baby.
-Finally, Barby.

Where the hell are you, fatty?

Don't call me fatty.

I've been looking for you
for three days now.

Something terrible happened.

But I can't say much...

Baby, we have to postpone the wedding.

-What do you mean postpone the wedding?

Baby, we're losing everything.

They want to jail us.

-Calm down. Where are you?

I can't tell you.

I can't tell you,
but I need you to do me a favor.

I need some money.

-Just a bit.

Like two, or three million.

Enough for one week. Please?


I'm losing... I... will... I...

How much is it?

500, and 1,500 for the peanuts.

Aren't these for free?

Carlos is a new student.

He came to finish his school year with us.
Would you like to introduce yourself?

-No, please, no.
-Don't worry, that's fine.

Sit down.

Hey, there's a chair over here.


20 people in a line!

Not only they want me to work,
they kept me waiting.

The person who interviewed me
was so weird.

-Weird how?
-Hi, Dad!

Because he wasn't a preppy?

-It's so cold out there.

-Darling, that's great!
-Did you find a job?

No, I sold Javi's watch.



Dad, it's so cold.

It was a Bulgari!

So what? I panicked.

-Six million pesos!
-Split it with my dad then!

-30 thousand! What's wrong with you?
-Stop it already!

I think it's great you guys had to see
what life is all about.

If we want to survive,
we're going to need more money than this.

And that's our situation right now,
in this country...

The police!

...ignorance is expensive.

If that's a burglar, I'm the one who has
to deal with him. I'll get killed!

Great. You're so brave.

-Good evening.
-What are you doing here?

We brought you some sheets, towels,
and some clothes we got...


Margarita, listen to me.

-Where's my girl?
-There's no need to bring these things.

Margarita! Would you pay attention to me?
I'm talking to you!

And I also brought you some money.

-No, no, no!
-Some money for my kids.

No! Don't even think about it.

you haven't understood anything.

-Please, Mr. Manuel, don't be so cruel.
-Deal with them then.

-All of this was mine.
-The kids are suffering.

-Memo Flores? Javi, really?
-Come on, quit it already.

There's nothing for me in there?

No, because I always got Javier's clothes.
I didn't get women's clothes.

Love, but we have a job for you.

-Right, Lucho?
-Mom, but that's not for sure.

Tell her.

The thing is that where I'm working
there is a position open for a waitress.


If you want, I can talk to my boss
to see if you can get the job.

Right, waitress?

Me, a waitress...


-Why not?
-Because no, no!

Hey, Lucho...

Do you have something for me?

Javi, I'm ready for you.

For you.

George Bush!

Everything looks good on me
Nothing looks good on you...

It's so hot!

I have to tell Lucho
the air conditioning is not working.

Hey, should I take this turn
or the next to get to the 37?

Nothing looks good

Everything looks good
On you, the rich

On you, the poor...

And another traffic jam...

What? Go honk your mother!

Maybe you're poor
Nothing looks good on you

Maybe I'm rich
Everything looks good on me

Maybe you're poor
Nothing looks good on you...

Hey! What's your deal, man?

I'm talking to you, dumbass!

What's your deal?

What the hell? No!

Do you have any experience
in the hotel industry?


Have you ever worked as a waitress?


Do you have experience in any other area?


But can I arrange my shifts?
I'm very bad at getting up early.

-For the tips?

Do you want me to work for the tips?

-You know why they're taking you here?

-Because I recommended you.
-Thank you!


-What are you going to do?
-I don't know.

-You won't find a job anywhere.
-Why not?

Because buying shoes doesn't count
as job experience. Do you follow?

Locker, uniform,
and I'll see you in ten minutes.


I won't be able to work here.


My friends come here after partying.


What do you mean and? What if they see me?

Nobody can recognize me, I'm a fugitive.

Like Harrison Ford?

-Why are you so mean to me?
-Mean how?

Like that.

So cold...

As if we didn't know each other.

But we don't know each other.

What do you mean we don't know each other?

What are you doing?

Don't tell me you're afraid of the dark.

Ever onward to victory!




What were you thinking about?

Well... I... If only you knew...

I don't want you to laugh at me.

Come on, tell me.

Well... about the world.

I was thinking like...

How many ears does a man need
to hear other people cry?

That's something Dylan said.

And this is something
that I say, that I believe in.

And it's like, hey,
if people get their hair done every day,

why not fix their heart a bit as well?

I don't know, that's what I think.

You have no idea how much I wanted
to meet someone like you.

Really? Why?

I mean... It's just...

Check this out.

We're putting together
an organic vegetable garden after school.

Yes, I...

I like everything about vegetable gardens.

Because in the end,
the planet is all that matters, right?

Like, taking care of the planet.

And my mom had a vegetable garden.

All right. I'm in then.

-You're in?
-Yes, I'm in.

Thank you, Carlos.

Thank you.



You took one hour to get this,
and it's still raw.

I didn't cook it. I just brought it here.

Then you eat it.
I want the dish I ordered.

Are you having the wine
or should I take it back too?

What the...? That bastard...

Why is he taking all of my passengers?

I won't let you get away with it.

What a bastard!

What a bastard! I won't let him steal
my passengers forever!

I'm a Rico, I'll get him to respect me.

I like washing my clothes...


Why are you so happy?

I'm going to kill them all!
I'll kill them all!

What happened?

Lucho, they...

They're so mean to me.

I take their food,
I try to be really nice,

but they don't even look at me in the eye!
What are you laughing at?


They treat me as if I were...

What? One of us?

Take this to table ten.

The food is delicious.

You have no idea, I love it.

I can't believe this!

What's wrong with this moron?

-We'll pay for your laundry service.
-That's the least you can do!

Please, let's go to the restroom.

I'll tell Felipe about this.
This in unacceptable!

It was just an accident, yes.

Lucho, you'll have to pay
for that, all right?

For bringing this genius!

And tomorrow you'll be in Paloquemao.

-But how can you send her...?
-Don't worry, you're going with her.

Oh, so mean!

Look, I'm so scared!
I love going to Paloquemao!

I'll go there tomorrow!

What's Paloquemao?

Is this Thailand?

No, this is the place all restaurants
in Bogota buy their supplies.


I mean, the food
you think comes from Paris

doesn't come from Paris.
It comes from here.

So you bought that taxi

with money you borrowed
from my dad or what?

Yes and no.

Your dad lent me some money
to set up the juice stand.

Working there I got the money for the cab.

Then I was able to work and study.

That's why I now work
at the kitchen in the restaurant.

What a great plan!


I've never made a plan in my life.

Because you've always had it all, right?

What do you mean I've had it all?

Bárbara, you have it all!

You don't know anything about my life!

There's something I want
with all my heart that I can't have.


My life, Lucho.

I want to get married, go on my honeymoon

and get out of this nightmare
once and for all.

I don't want it, here.

Will it be much longer?

You have to push, right?

-But I'm pushing!
-You're not pushing!

-What should I do then?
-Push! I'm doing all the pushing.

-But what should I do?


Is that so hard?


-Wait up!

-Mrs. María.

-Hi, Luchito, how are you?
-I'm great. How's everything?

Fine, son.

Can I have the usual? Times two.

Times two? What?

Sit down.

Thank you.

What's that?

That's changua .

And what's that green thing over it?

-That's coriander.
-Cutie pie.

Hey! What's up, dude?

Did you just stand up for me?

Why don't you eat?

Let me introduce you.

She's Yurani.

-Say hi.

And they're the others.


-Let's begin.
-All right.

I forgot to tell you.

Since you're the newbie,

you have to bring the bundles
from down there.

The ones in there.

-It's for real.

Go, we'll wait for you here.

That's not so much.

Wait up!

How was your day?

Not so good, huh?

Not so good?

It turns out I had made more money.

But I had to pay for a car
I hit last night!

And it turns out Lucho's taxi is a clone.

That's a concept I didn't know, of course.

And two cops wanted a bribe from me!

I had more money,

but I had to pay to get the taxi fixed.

So yes, not so good! So?

I'm sick of eating just carbs!

You don't have to be rude...

Why don't you work?

Javier, I study and work at the same time.

And where do you work?

The vegetable garden at school.

That's a task...

That's a solidarity work.

So that people can grow their own food.

-I mean...
-And how much do you get paid?

Solidarity, Javier.

Oh, this is so important,
and I get paid in solidarity and harmony.

I think he's doing
a noble thing, it's laudable,

and somehow worthy.

Do you actually believe him?

He must be doing that to screw
some chick in the vegetable garden.

All right.

Dad! What are you doing?

What are you doing?


Since when do you do this?

-What do I do?
-What I'm asking.


To put your fingers
in your mouth to throw up!

That's just great!

There's one working for solidarity,
and the other throws up everything we buy.

Do you know how many calories this has?

Please, answer me.
How long have you been doing this?

It's the first time, Dad, the first time.

Since the last time I did it.

What do you mean? When did you do it?

Five years ago.

Mom took me to the doctor.
Didn't she tell you?

Did you know about that?

Of course not.

I... I did know.

You did? And why did you never say
anything to me?

You were never home...

Come on.

Now you're portraying me
as the absent father...

But, Dad, you were never home!

-You were never there.
-That's true.

If we wanted to talk to you,
Lidia would say,

"I'm sorry, Mr. Javi, until next week..."


-Hold on a moment.

This is very serious.

No, this is serious!
Where were you on my graduation day?

Or when Javi parked the SUV in the pool?

-Hey, what's your problem?
-Come on, Javier.

Did you think it had been stolen?

Where were you when Charlie ran away?

-You weren't there.
-All right, that's it!

So you put your fingers up your throat
and that's my fault?

You're grownups,
you're responsible for your actions.

So the only one responsible
for not knowing, it's you.

Let's go, Charlie.

Excuse me.

It'd be nice to meet
at night some time, to see...

-What's your zodiac sign?

Oh, Capricorn!

Hard-working and hot...

Give me a minute. I'll be back.


Yes. I haven't forgotten about it.

Yes. I just need more time.

Is that so hard to understand?
I don't have the bucks yet!

Don't get mad, I already told you.

I was getting married
to this Rico girl, but...

No, man, they're screwed.

They're hiding,
the police are looking for them...

I'm looking for another one!
I know...

Don't threaten me!

No, I don't like it! Don't threaten me!



Hello, hello?

What the hell...

That's it.

-Come here.
-Yeah? Can I go?

See who came with me: the bundler.


Do you want some juice?

All right, thanks.

Do you need some help with the seeds?

No, no... wait.

We are here.

How much is it?


Can I give you 300 some other time?

No. Don't you have change?

You're a taxi driver.
You have to have change.

Do you have change for this bill?

Of course.

Hey, dude.


Hey, dude!

Hey! Get off!

I'm sick of you stealing my passengers!

Get off!

Yes, you! Get off!

What's wrong with you?

You are what's wrong with me!

I'm going to hit you hard!

Do you want a bit of this? Go ahead then.

Would you take off your cap?

What's the matter? Go ahead!
Are you getting cold feet?

Come on!

Are you Memo Flores?

You're Memo Flores.

Are you going to give me a hard time now?

You're Memo Flores.

Memo Flores!

He's Memo Flores!

Who's Memo Flores?

You're clueless!
What do you mean who's Memo Flores?

You're Memo Flores!

I can't believe it!

Come here, man!

You were my idol when I was like 12!

Everybody would sing your song!

-The president would sing it!
-Do you remember?

But then you just disappeared.

What happened?


To take a break.

People needed a rest from me.

But it was a bit long, don't you think?

My manager found me in bed with his wife.

-What the hell, Memo!
-Yes! I screwed everything up!

That guy made me disappear.
In a heartbeat!

Just as he made me famous.

The guy knew what was up.

And I was partying
all the time, with girls,

and spending lots of money.

I went from yachts and private planes

to cleaning toilets at the bus terminal.

That's rough.

That's why, as the song goes,

"The only moment that's worth it

is when you try to make
your dreams come true."

And that's what I'm doing.
Trying to make my dream come true.

-But driving a taxi, Memo?
-Why not?

Do you know how many people
get on here every day?

What if I pick up my new manager one day?

The one that sets my career
in motion again!

And I'm prepared for it.

- Memo Flores: Attack.
-No way, dude!

The original.

-Do you have this CD?

I used to have it!

-Play it!
-Should I?

-Of course!
-The hit song.

-Let's do it!


By looking for your happiness in others

You will only find your own vanity

By lying to yourself
With no reason

You willl only deceive your heart

By looking for your smile in others...

How's everything going?

How about the money, Javi?

We are, like, 600 thousand
above the expectations.


Let's see.

Go up and down. Up and down.

This looks fine, but it's a bit less.

You added 125,000, so that is 102,500.

I must have been tired.

Did you write "Brabara"
instead of "Bárbara"?

I'm dyslexic.

You are dyslexic?

-You are...?

How come you are dyslexic?

I used to go to therapy.

-You paid for it!



This is Javi. Javi, this is Dad.
I'll introduce you to Charlie.

His real name is Carlos.

My favorite color is green, and I...

All right, that's it! That's it!

I want to see you become mom and dad
from one day to the next.

Try raising some kids.

Your mom died.

And here we are!

I've done my best.

I've done my best, for God's sake!

But you can only complain, right?

And demand,
because you're great at it! Fuck.

Here's your order.
Do you want anything else?

-Chili pepper, please.
-Chili pepper?


What are you doing here?

I was at the bowling alley
and I came to have breakfast.

-We were at the bowling alley last night!

We have lots to talk about.
Come on, sit down.

All right.

You have no idea
about what happened last night.


Where have you been?

I was having some time off.

-I was really tired.
-Of course.

Getting everything ready for the wedding.

-Of course.

Get up!

-I'll be right back, all right?
-Of course.

Let's go back to what we were doing.

What do you think about Andrés?

Table two.

Leave this place and go far away!


-He invited me to Cartagena.
-So, where were we?

Tell him that...

Where were you anyway?

Here at the... the hotel... Colon?

-It's very close from here.

Alex wanted us to have a pre-honeymoon.

-So cute.
-How sweet.

Lucho, I really like you.

But I'm sick of your friend.

Look at her sitting down
with some customers!

-Please do something. She needs to work.

It expels black smoke all over the city.
That's not environmentally friendly.

And Teresita is still funky?

She's like a walking funky!

Good morning.


I had no idea you were working here.

Yes, I am. How about you?

Fine, thanks.

You know who's taking our order?

Yes, I'm so hungry.

I'm sorry. The waitress had a problem,
so I'll be taking your order.

Yes, great!

So, very quick, we want three broths
and what do you want, Barbs?

Changua ?

Yummy! We want four changuas .

With coriander?

-Yes, with coriander.
-Excuse me.


I'm sorry.
You can go to the restroom and get clean.

Of course!

I'll bring your order.

-Be careful not to throw the jar on us.
-Don't worry. Excuse me.

-Is that Cuchi?

-We hadn't seen her.
-I don't get it.

What's wrong with you, Bárbara?

I'll ask Carolina to attend that table.

You go and say goodbye from your friends,
and come wash the restrooms, all right?

Because I can cover for you
with the waitresses,

but not with the boss here.


Thank you.

Yes, I would do it, but I can't
because I'm in that student thing,

so I have no time to do it...

-What's up?
-Oh, hi, Charlie!

-Hi! How's things?
-How are you?


My glasses. I left them in the classroom.

I'll bring them for you if you want.

-Wait here.

So, what if you weren't hitting
on my girlfriend?

Who's your girlfriend?

Don't play fool on me.
I've seen the way you're with her.


No... I...
I don't know what you're talking about.

-Do you want me to hit you?

Baby, why are you so jealous?
I didn't know you were like that.

I love you very much.

Don't go all jealous on me.

Even when you're jealous,
you look so pretty. Right?

And my glasses?

I don't have the money yet,
but I'll get it for you.

I already said I have to get it...

You want me to take it out of my butt?



I didn't see you.

-How have you been?

I ran into Barbs today.

I talked to her
and she told me everything.


What you set up, the pre-honeymoon.

So sweet! That's so you.

-Nice to see you.


-See you.
-All right.

Did you pick up that chick or not?

She's a lesbian.

I don't think...

Cut it already.

-You are like...
-I can't believe this happened.

-You guys!
-What's up, Dad?

I don't think we should talk
about this during dinner.

I don't think so.
If he picked her up or...

The thing is that he didn't
because she is a lesbian.

-All right then.
-Come on, cut it already.

-Come on, where are you going?

-Dad, come here!
-No, it's not about morals...

-I think it is.
-I swear to you.

It's not about morals
or something like that, no.

Tell us what is it.

I just don't think that's a nice topic
to talk about during dinner.

But still you have to tell us
how was your first time like.

-My first time?
-Yes, tell us.

There's not even the slightest possibility
of me telling you...

I'm sure it was a girl from this block.

-The one from the store.
-The fatty one.

It was a long time ago, I can't remember!

Of course you remember.

It must have been
with the girl next door even.

It was in a ranch. It was a girl that...

All right, I will tell you.

It was in Sasaima.

This girl, whatshername,
she fell into the pool.

And she came out with her shirt all wet...

All right!

She was so cold,
and I told her, "Let's switch shirts,"

for real, and she took off
her shirt or whatever.

They used to call her "arracacia"
because she was yellow.

-No way, Dad!
-What do you mean?

She wasn't Asian.

She had a liver problem and...

A liver problem, no!

She was like this.

-And you gave her a blue shirt.
-But, Dad, let me ask you something.

Was "arracacia" hot?

She was so nice. She was very...

She was a great dancer!

How are you, Mrs. Rosa?

You walked out the door
On a normal day

In a rush to get to work

You only ate a bit of bread

I didn't want to ask you

-If you were all right...
-Where are you going?

-Or if you wanted to rest...
-What's up, dude? Go home and cry!

Oh, it hurts

Your kisses hurt me

Your absence
Who will mend it?

Oh, I'd rather be taken away
By death

I don't want to live without you

Are you from Barranquilla?

Oh, it hurts

Your kisses hurt me

Your absence
Who will mend it?

Oh, I'd rather be taken away
By death

I don't want to live without you

Oh, it hurts

Your kisses hurt me

Your absence
Who will mend it?

Oh, I'd rather be taken away
By death

I don't want to live without you

Good morning.

Hello, good morning.

Can you tell me when are you going
to keep on going with this?

I don't know. Until I feel like it.

Omar, it's working.

Those kids are finally seeing
what life is about.

You know?

Hold on a second.

Hi, Lidia, what's up?

Sir, Patricia Cortés is here.

Let her come in.


-How are you?

-How have you been?

-Nice to see you.

-I already signed your check.

-Did you get it?
-Yes, thank you.

It was pretty expensive.

What? No...


-Just a bit.
-You wanted realism, right?

-Yes, I did.
-Did you see who was the cop?

Alejandro Riaño.

Come on.

It's always the same thing.

I liked it.

Yeah, right! The one I met at the...

I introduced him to you
at the party, remember?

Yes, I know. One of the best.


And, how are things?

-How's the producer going?

Great. We have lots of projects.

I'm glad.

I'm sorry, have you met?
I don't know if I...

I'm so sorry.

-Hi, how are you?

So great to see you.

-Beautiful as always.
-Thank you.

Do you want a coffee or something?

-Should I...?

-Do we have a meeting?
-I have to go.

You can stay while we are
in the meeting and...

I just wanted to say hi. That's it.

-All right.

I'm sorry.

Bye. Take care.


Thank you.

She must have a messenger
in her company, right?

What? I don't know, why?

Why do you think she comes here
to pick up a check?

Omar, I just lost my wife.

Helena died three years ago.

You need to find a better excuse.

Why don't you give her a chance?


Are you leaving already?

-Can I go with you?



-Aren't you cold?

-No? Really?
-All right, just a bit.

-Come on.

That's bad luck for them.

Do you miss it?


But you know what I miss very much?


I really do.

What if we dance?

With what money?

It's not about money.

Then what?

What are you doing?

What's that?

Shall we?

No, it's embarrassing. No, here?

-You don't know?
-You think so?

-You don't know how to dance.
-You're the one who doesn't know.

-I do know.

Love me
Like I love you, woman

-Love me...
-It's unbelievable, don't you think?


For us to be together like this.

Tell me why women

Have souls as hard as coconuts

Tell me why women

Have souls as hard as coconuts...

I'm sorry.

The more you love them

The more they drive you crazy...

Love me
Like I love you, woman

Love me

Love me
Like I love you, woman

Love me

I used to think

You were my special one

I used to think

You were my special one

But soon I realized

Everything was just a lie

But soon I realized

Everything was just a lie

Thank God I'm here! You left your keys!

Am I right or what?


What are you doing here?

Hey, I didn't tell you to come in.

I came to visit you.
The house is really pretty.

It's pretty.
It's nothing like the other one, but...

-it's nice.
-What do you want?

What do I want? To understand.
That's what I want.

Why a man like you
made his kids believe you were broke

to come live in this shitty neighborhood.

At first I thought, "He's doing it to stop
me from marrying his daughter."

And that was possible.

And then I came up with this crazy idea...

You tell me if I'm right or wrong.

"And what if he's doing it
to teach his kids a lesson?"

It seems I'm on the right path.

Alex, don't blackmail me.

No, I want to help you to help me,
so that your kids help you as well.

Can't you see it? It's a piece of cake!

Tell her I paid for everything.

That the cops are not after you anymore,
that they can get back home.

We're going in, but...


What are you doing here?

What do you mean why am I here?

My cutie pie.

I came here to rescue you.
To come look for you.

How are you?

So, there are two girls,
and Yurani is the one who...

Dad, what's going on?


What happened, Dad?

-Go ahead.


That everything is a lie.

-No, no.
-Yes, yes.

Everything is a lie.

The debt, the raid,
the police being after us...

I made it all up.


All the cops were actors.

And I hired Patricia Cortés, a producer...

We all know who she is, Dad.

So I hired her,

and she set the whole thing up,
like a movie.

-The ride was a lie.
-That's terrible.


For you, Charlie. For all of you.

I'm sorry?

Do you remember what you used to be
before all this?

Remember I had a heart attack?

-It was a pre-heart attack...
-A pre-heart attack!

Really, guys. Stop it already.
Let's leave it alone.

Do you remember, Charlie?
You got kicked out of school

for having sex with a girl
at the library, for God's sake!

And you used to tell me you were working,

but you were partying in Cartagena
in a reggaeton gig or something like that.

-I can't believe this.

Yes, it is.

And you, Bárbara.
Are going to marry this...?

Hey, hold on...

You're going to marry this guy
just to bother me.

You're crazy, did you know that?

Did it work or not?
Be honest. What are you now?

You help each other out.
You're good siblings.

You're good kids. You work.

During the last few weeks
we have had true family moments

and I think we've been happier than ever.

You don't get it!

-You knew everything!
-No, he didn't.

-I didn't know.
-He didn't know anything.

Are you aware of what you did?

-Are you?

Do you know what you did to me?

Yes, darling. I'm sorry.

I had to wear my brother's old clothes.

I'll never forgive you for that.

-Let's go, baby.
-That was just terrible.

Excuse me.

Charlie, let's go!

That's terrible.

Bárbara, take me with you!

Excuse me.

Good morning, Mr. Manuel.

Good morning.

I brought the newspaper for you.

Yes, Margarita. Come in.

That tie suits you.

It's settled.

We are going to start
our beautiful restaurant with your money.

Plus the experience I got working we...

-Yes, yes.

The restaurant is easy.

-Sort of.
-No, that's easy.

-Good morning.

Baby, and we're getting married.


This is like a dream.

-It's like... I love you...
-I woke up invisible today.

We're going to organize everything
in a month!

-Don't talk to him!

I won't.

And we're inviting everybody but him.

We're going to have the wedding
at my grandparents' house.

Right, in that house.

I'm Mr. Cellophane.

-Not here, I don't want anything from him.
-You know what I think?

-Baby, focus!

Listen, we're not going to ask my dad
for money for our wedding.

Do you hear me? In fact...

I'll never ask my dad
for money ever again.

I... I...


Everybody has to go, even your granny.

This is my triumphant return!

You have to tell everybody.

Are you going to the office with me?

No. I'm eating.

-Ask your cousin.

Yes, Cata.

-Is Charlie here?

I think he was around here.

Charlie? Someone came to see you.

Come on in.


-Are you okay?

Didn't you have to go to school today?

I got expelled, remember?

-Yes... and she is?
-She got expelled as well.

Come on, wait a minute...

It's been a while
since we last talked and...

Hold on, Sara, wait up!

Hold on a minute.

Hey, check this out.

Sara, I need to talk to you
about something.

Do you like it?

No, Sara! Wait a minute...

Hold on.

Sit down and let's talk
for a moment because...

I think it's best...


If you leave.

I know that can get fixed...

with laser.

Let's do it like when we were kids.

You wear it, and I take pictures...

Oh, Barbs!

Baby, this is the one.

Look the way it moves, like Tinker Bell's!

It's so pretty!

What's the matter?

Baby, what's up?

Barby, what's the matter, sweetie?
Are you okay?

What happened?

"You have seven missed calls from Lucho"?

And why do you have
seven missed calls from Lucho?

Barby, what are you going to do?

Hi, father-in-law.

Mr. Manuel, I told him
to wait in reception,

but he didn't listen.

-Do you want me to call the police?
-No, this guy is like family now.

The view from this office is great.

-The dusk must be out of this world.
-Alex, what do you want?

I want to help you.

Last time you didn't let me help you,
and look how things went down.

Your kids are not talking to you.
They hate you.

And, on top of it all,

your daughter pushed
the wedding date ahead.

I'm wondering,

wouldn't it have been smarter
to go with my plan?

Cut to the point.

I want the money
from Bárbara's trust fund.

You put it in my bank account

and you'll never see me again
in your goddamn life.

What do you say?

Well, this is not "truth or dare"
but "do you really dare?"

We're going to have a blast!

Hello, man! What's up?

-Javi, my man!
-Handsome Dan!

I think you're thirsty.
Like, this predator look...

-This "eye of the tiger" look.

I'll get you something right away.

-Osquitar, come here.

-How have you been, man?
-Fine, thank you so much.

Okay, everything is clear, right?

I'll see you in a bit.

I'll have a whisky, no ice.

Of course, right away.

Mr. Javier, I'm sorry.
You know, the club's policy

is to get a credit card
before opening a big account.

So, could you...?

But Dan gave it to you, right?

I'm sorry, Mr. Javier.

I asked them,
but they told me to ask you.

All right. Thanks, man.

Hold on a minute.


Are you going to make me pay
for my welcome party?

Yes, Javi.

Do you remember it's always been like,
I call everybody, and the...?

You don't give a shit about me.

Javier, how can you say that?

You don't give a shit about me, right?

You're just here for the money.


I think you're overreacting...

-Go fuck yourself!

Fuck off!




Tato told me you were here.

I was picking up my things.

And I said goodbye to the boss.
But I was already leaving.

Are you getting married?


It was only one night.

And there were only two kisses, you know?

Forget about that.

Forget about me.


It was nice to get to know you.

How come you're staying here for good?

Because I feel like it.

They're worse than ever.
They barely talk to me.

And to top it all, that thug...

I did everything wrong.

I told you this was crazy.

I called them.

-Your kids!

No. Why did you do that?

To try and help you get out of this.

No, and what do I do now?

Mr. Manuel, they're stubborn.

Like you.

But they're also good people.

Like you.

Trust, Mr. Manuel.


Thank you.

We have to produce
your song again, Memo.

I'm only waiting for you approval.

Can I be your manager or not?

Like the song goes,

"The only moment that's worth it..."

-is this one!
-You're out of your mind.

Are you sure
you want to get off here, Javi?

Don't you want me to take you home?

I have an issue to deal with.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing in this house?

You have a house.

But I deserve it, don't I?

I did nothing but judge you

for not being
what I needed you to be, for me.

The truth is that I'm not
half of what you need.

But that doesn't mean you have to exile.

That you have to come hide in this house.

We are your kids, Dad.

Not your enemies.

I don't deserve you.

But you do deserve a hug.


Dad, come here.

From the money
that will be deposited immediately

in Mr. Fabio Alejandro Buritica Piraquive
bank account,

born on July 23rd, 1970,
at Sutamarchan, Boyaca.

Any sort of obligation
is subject to an agreement...

Wait. Hold on a second.

Sutamarchan what?

Do you mean this guy is boyaco?

Dude, can I have the paper...?

Thank you.

Would you please, Mr. Manuel?


Go ahead.

What are you doing?

This is our best chance
to get rid of this guy.

I'm sorry. You have to sign the...

Bárbara chose this dude. Right?

That's her choice,
and we must respect that.

I must learn to trust her.

Yeah, it was about time.


Lidia, please, call Patricia Cortés.

Yes, sir.

Hey, sis, you look so pretty!

Barby, I know
you didn't want him to come...

-But we thought that...
-But we thought, yeah...

That you couldn't get married without him.

You look beautiful.

You look just like your mom.

I'm really mad at you.

I'm so glad you're here.

Thank you.

Let's go.

How did you know
Mom was the love of your life?


Just by seeing her.

The day I saw her.

I suddenly said to her,

"You're going to live with me

your whole life."

And when I wake up
every morning, every single day,

the first thing that comes
to my mind is her.


Bárbara, no matter what you do or decide,

me and your brothers of course.

All of us will be there for you.

Till the end.

Bárbara, are you okay?

I trust you.

-What the...?
-What happened?

Calm down, dude.

This can't be happening.

Can you help me push?

Thank you, really.

It'll start in a minute...

In the name of the Father,
the Son, the Holy Spirit,


We are here today to celebrate

the Blessed Sacrament between...

Alex and Bárbara.

I'm sorry...

What it is, fatty?

Go ahead.

Chapter 6.

Isaiah sees the glory of God,
and he condemns himself...

No, I'm sorry!

Father, I can't go on.


-What is it?
-I can't get married.

I mean...

I don't want to marry you.

-What do you mean you don't...?
-I'm sorry.

Dad, let's get out of here now.

-You told her, didn't you?

-Get out of the way.
-I'm not moving!

Have the balls to accept that you told
your daughter not to marry me!

Don't touch me!

Bárbara, I'll tell you...

-Alex was asking Dad for money

not to get married and run away.

-But Dad didn't accept, of course.
-Hold on a second.

You made it sound like a bad thing.
But it's different...

You, motherfucker!

And you were going
to let me marry that jerk?

So, you made me believe
that you trusted me.

But this entire wedding is a set up.

Did you know about this too?

That's why I love you so much, thank you.

Why are you so sweet?

I mean...

You did all of this to protect me.

Thank you.

Can you believe
I was going to marry that moron?

No way in hell.

Stop the wedding!

What is this...?

I'm sorry... Excuse me.


Come on, let's party!

-Is everything okay?

Are you having a good time?

Mr. Manuel, and what are we now?

I have no idea, Margarita.



What I really like is acting.

Even if there's no people, or no cameras,

the important thing is to act, you know?

For people to feel my performance...

And it's better
when there's money involved.

And if there's money, of course.

What's the name of that actor?

-They funny one.

Did you see the actor
I got you as a priest?

Yeah, Riaño.

-I know.

And moving on...

What are you doing tomorrow?

I don't know. Work, I guess.

Yeah, we all work. But at night?

After work.

I have no idea.

Why don't we go out for dinner?


Excuse me. Javi's angels, sis.

I'm sorry to interrupt the party,
but I have a great surprise back there.

Let's go, let's go!

I wanted to ask you something.

What if we make a...?

A square?

-The three of us, a...
-Don't you understand we don't like men?

But keep your mind open. Never say never.

Thank you so much for being here.

This is a surprise I had
for my sister, Barby,

and her boyfriend.

But now it is for my sister, Barby,
and her boyfriend!

You're about to see someone
I'm sure you know very well.

He's not only a great friend,
but my client.

Let me introduce you to... Memo Flores!

Memo Flores!

What's up, everybody?

By looking for your happiness in others

You will only find your own vanity...

What do you think?

-You did all of this. You did it all.

-On your own.

And you made the congratulations sign.

-How did you notice?
-I guessed.

Your car and your cards
Are gone

Just as your dreams
And your love

There is only one thing
Worth doing

Chasing your dreams
Until they come true

You can't buy true love
With money

You can't buy
Your dreams and your life


Don't expect anything in return
That's how you will find love

Don't be afraid to love

Wake up your passion!

By looking for your happiness in others

You will only find your own vanity

By lying to yourself
With no reason

You willl only deceive your heart

By looking for your smile in others

You will lose yourself
Trying to be someone else

Your car and your cards
Are gone

Just as your dreams
And your love

Stop trying so hard

To show off
What everyone wants to see

Or whatever they want to have

Don't fall into the trap
Of looking like someone else

And showing a smile
You can't even fake

Don't expect anything in return
That's how you will find love

Don't be afraid to love

Wake up your passion!

By looking for your happiness in others

You will only find your own vanity

By lying to yourself
With no reason

You willl only deceive your heart

By looking for your smile in others

You will lose yourself
Trying to be someone else

Your car and your cards
Are gone

Just as your dreams
And your love

By looking for your happiness in others...


You thought
we weren't going to find you here?

-We're here for the money, moron.
-Wait, let me explain...

-Come on, move!
-We can reach an agreement!

I have a sister who wears a ruana...

and I can sell some stuff
to pay you the first bit.

Let's give it up!

I can speak any dialect! Greek, Chilean...
You know?

Looking for your happiness in others!

Make some noise!

Long live love!

Long live the bride and groom!