Malang (2020) - full transcript

Advait visits Goa where he meets Sara, a free-spirited girl who lives life unshackled. Opposites attract and all goes well until life turns upside down. Years later, Advait is on a killing spree with cops Aghase and Michael in his way.

Waiting for him

To arrive tonight

Just a little longer

Waiting for him

To arrive tonight

Let him arrive, my restless heart

You can shower all your love

Shubu, shubu, shubu, shubu


Shubu, Shubu, Shubu, Shubu


-You have style.
-What style?

Goa isn't what it used to be, Tony.

Earlier there were Russians, Europeans.

-Israelis who would come here.

Eat one meal, smoke weed, get high.

But one meal is never good for business.

Not good at all.

Ever since those
Dil Chahta Hai boys came here

and clicked pictures at Chapora Fort,

every Indian has been flocking to Goa.

Goa meaning, Dude Alley.

Dude Alley.

But one good thing about Indian
tourists is, they come with family.

Wife, kids, or even parents.

But they have three meals a day.

And eat their fill.

So even small-time bar owners
build family restaurants.

And even I took advantage
of the situation.

You didn't just take advantage.

You built an empire around it.


Remember Feroz,
the guy that worked with you.

What's the deal with him?

Look, I brought him here from Bihar.

Gave him a job.

Gave him a salary.

I put food on his plate.

A place to stay.
He said he wants to bring his family over.

I helped them all settle down.

One day I said,
these tourists that come here,

serve them beer,

and give them a chance to try something.

You mean try?

He refused.

He said it's immoral.

I said, to hell with intentions.
I'm telling you to do it.

I'm your boss. I say do it.
He said no.

And I slapped him.

Later he threatens me
that he'll go to the police

and he'll tell them about me,
ten years of my effort will go waste.

So I killed him.

He must be there...

-Where's the body?
-Dumped it in Dudhsagar Falls.

His wife thinks he ran away
with some foreigner.

Who cares about the family?

But the restaurant
should never close down.

You bro, are a great man.

But let me tell you

my family's coming over.

It's Christmas eve after all.

My family's coming.

My wife, my parents, kids.

And for Baby John...

Come on, Borkar, time to go to work.
Save me, Lord!

Check him.
See if he's dead or not.


He's still alive.

The gun we seized yesterday
at the raid, put it in his hand.

And wipe the fingerprints with a wet wipe.

We killers never have
our heart in the right place.

Shubu, Shubu, Shubu, Shubu


Shubu, Shubu, Shubu, Shubu

Wants to run a family restaurant.

SHO Agashe.

I want to report a murder, sir.

Inform your local police station.

It hasn't happened yet,
I am about to do it.

You dog.

It's Christmas eve and not
April Fool's day. Don't try to fool me.

It's going to be a very long night.

Happy Solstice.

What? Hello.


Father, find someone like Michael
for my sister as well.

A match like Michael and Teresa
are only made in heaven.

Catholic values, respect for the church,
they are not made anymore.

After 15 long years, she is pregnant.

I've taken his contact number.

When Teresa and Bonnie were growing up,

we were afraid that Bonnie
would have to join the merchant navy.

-Come on.
-But look now,

he's home for at least
three months in a year.

And our family's growing.

I'll check on the cake.

Supper's ready. Everyone's waiting.


There's something I wanted to tell you.



Sorry to disturb you all.
Is Mr. Michael at home?


I have to meet him regarding a case.

You don't have to remember everything,
but always remember one thing.


Cause of death,
blunt force trauma to the head.

He was subjected to many more
such wounds before he was killed.

Seems like the motive was robbery.
There's extensive damage.

We're still making
a list of missing items.

It's not a robbery.

Thieves don't announce their arrival.

The victim's name is Victor Ferns.

DSP, Special Cell.

He was an officer from your department.

I know.

He was a friend.

But one thing still puzzles me.

The destruction left behind
doesn't look like one man's job.

Seems like there were
at least half a dozen men.

This is the job of one man, Pandey.

But you must say there
were at least half a dozen.

Otherwise, people will laugh at you.

One guy took out a Special Cell officer.

Look at how he hung him, Borkar.

Yes, sir.

Like one hangs a medal on the wall.

-He enjoyed killing him. Right? Right.
-Yes, sir.

This is personal.

The victim was from Special Cell.
From my team.

And this is our case.

We don't need the Crime Branch.

I came for a stroll after dinner.

You see, the murderer called me
before committing the crime

and said he's going to kill someone.

And I thought I should check whether
he was joking or if it was a challenge.

It turned out to be a challenge.

And you know...

Agashe loves a challenge.

Everyone knows about you, Agashe.

Your "Redemption by instant justice"
won't work here.

Do you have a rupee, Pandey?
Give it to me.

I am in mood of giving advice.

But I never give it for free.

And if I charge for my advice,
people will think I am corrupt.

Take my advice and keep yourself
busy with the facts.

Because whoever did this
is not an ordinary killer.

He's a monster.

One can strike fear

only when he fears nothing.

Make you suffer to death
when one's lost something himself.

This is not the end,
it's just the beginning.

Wait and watch,

tonight is going to be
one of the darkest nights.

And the silence will be deafening.

The caravan has set out

On this journey

The caravan has set out

On this journey

No strings attached
No place to be

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant


Like an ascetic

My heart wanders around

Like an ascetic

My heart wanders around

Where will fate take me next?

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant


There's wind beneath my feet

Nothing can hold me down

There's wind beneath my feet

Nothing can hold me down

I've left the shores far behind

To go as far as
I can with the tide

The days keep passing by

The roads may end
But not the journey

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant


-It's the police. Police!

-Stop. Catch him.
-Come on. Let's go.

Are police raids a regular thing here?

Someone must have tipped them off
that they are selling stuff in there.


I mean, there must be a
party happening somewhere around.

Come on, it's just ten o'clock
and the night is still young.

It is that way.

Check where can we find one.

What? Washroom?


It should be available here.

Listen, I'll go talk to that guy.

Wait here. Don't go anywhere.

Hey, Costa.

What are you looking for?

Peace or pleasure?

We don't want anything, let's go.

Are you two together?


Temporary or permanent?

We haven't decided yet.

This one's on me.

Stay together, okay?

That's all.

We'll split one pill into two halves.

It's too strong.

Life means choices.

Either you are in or out.

I found myself

Since I found you

I found myself

Since I found you

In this world of illusion
I found my destiny in you

The night is fading away
And the dawn is yet to come

I am losing faith in You

As you have become my religion

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant

I want to be vagrant
Vagrant, vagrant


Is this thread and these knots special?

This thread is me,
and each knot is for each of my fears.

Every fear that I want to overcome.


Like just trying everything.

Like meeting a stranger and having wild...

-I see.

So I was just a knot on some thread.

And the rest?

The rest...

I'm going to do everything
I've never done before.

I'm in Goa for a few more days.

And then I'm planning to go to Gokarna.

After that I'm going North, I think.
To a place called Tosh.

Go to different places,
meet different people.

Post mortem says that the victim
was given an overdose

of the flakka drug.

-And evidence?
-We have a lead from narcotics.

And dealer?

The dealer's name is Nicholas Obado.

Sir, he just got in.

A police officer's been murdered, Michael.

This is very embarrassing
for the Department.

The case should be solved immediately.

So let me teach you a thing
or two about Hindi.

Come on, Mr. Pandey.
You guys never eat.

Come on everyone, let's go.

Come, Mr. Pandey.

How was aunt's plum cake?

-Come on, Borkar.
-Eat it.

Here you go.

-Take it.
-No. Thank you.

You have some.

Plum cake.

End of the broadcast.

Multipurpose tool.

Can be used as a hammer. What?


Can also be used as a screwdriver?


Your boss is done for.

And if I shove this up your back,
what do we call it?

-What do we call it?
-Leave him.

Bullying is their job.
The cops don't do that.

Learn to follow the system.


I beg you.

Tell us, please.

Who did you sell the drugs to?

Tell us.

Tell us.

This is Agashe's style.

This is Agashe's style.
This is Agashe's style.





I got a call.

She paid extra.

It was a white girl, dreadlocks.

Tattoos as well.

That's the truth.

I got a call.

Paid me extra.

That's the truth. I swear.

You can speak Marathi as well.


Tap all your informers
in the hippie circuit.

Okay, sir.

-Pandey, inform control room.
-Yes, sir.

In the CCTV footage from Victor's society,

they spotted someone in a red hoodie.

-He can speak Marathi as well.
-Are you serious?

-What, Pandey?

You knew my gun was empty.


I didn't know.

-Sir. The phone's switched off.

We can't trace the device
until he doesn't turn it back on.

-Give this to some poor man.
-Okay, sir.

-There's a phone number on it.
-Goa needs police officers like him.

-Yes, sir.

There's a number in here.

Text me all the details
on my personal number.

Yes, sir.

For this case, sir?

-No. Personal.
-Okay, sir.

It's a bizarre job, isn't it, Michael?

Completely messes up your personal life.

Arresting the criminal
means end of the case.

But not the criminal.

He returns someday as your enemy.

As in Victor Fern's case.

I'm sure it was an old enmity.

Another assumption.

My friend, Victor, and his family
will get justice.

To hell with justice.

You can't amuse families with justice.

What do they want? Revenge?

Always remember, Agashe.

Revenge always leads to two graves,

one of which is your own.

5 '11 inches, my height.

Dig one for me.

Sir, it's him.
Calling on your mobile.

You won't get anything
from the drug supplier, sir.

You're only wasting your time.

You should be happy.
We're buying you more time.

I don't know who you are or what you want.

But you don't know Agashe

-and what he does with killers like you.
-Encounter. Correct?

Killing murderers makes you happy,
doesn't it?

Don't stray from the topic.

Who are you and what do you want?

It's your job to find out who I am.

But I'll tell you what I want.

Another police officer.

Sir, he's in Panjim.

There's a carnival in progress
in that area.

And half the Police force
has been deployed there.

All teams move in.
The suspect is in a red hoodie.


Suspect is wearing a red hoodie.

If you see anyone in a red hoodie,
then take him into custody.

And tell every police officer
to stay alert.

I am repeating again.
Suspect is wearing a red hoodie.


You don't know what you're doing.

I am a cop.
You see what I do to you.

Just watch what I do to you.

Now, you watch.

All teams be alert.
Suspect is wearing a red hoodie.

Uncle Michael.

-I have a family.
-I don't have one.


Hey wait, stop. Stop.
Catch him!

-Call for an ambulance, quickly.
-Yes, sir.

Suspect is wearing a red hoodie.
Don't let him escape.

Mark all exits, quickly.


Weren't you leaving?

Yeah, I am going.

No, I was thinking why don't we open
the knots on your thread together.

Mine or yours?

Like one's weakness is other's strength.

So, did you come to Goa alone,
or with some...


Listen! Be careful,
this surface isn't strong enough.

I am scared of heights.
And you?

Yeah, definitely,
at this height, I am scared.

Not anymore.

You won't be scared of heights anymore.

You can't be afraid
of the same fear twice.

I wonder

What's wrong with my heart

Feels like I know you

How do I confess

Whether this is passion or crime?

You arrived in my life

Like the dawn after a dark night

I wonder which direction
We are headed

Just do whatever we want

No matter where I go

Every path leads only to you

You are my companion

And I am yours

No matter where I go

Every path leads only to you

You are my companion

And I am yours

My heart is grateful to you

What is this addiction?

What do I call it?

Parents went abroad from India
for a good life.

They worked hard for a good life.

But when they had no life, I realized
that they never lived for themselves.

So I've decided that I'll collect
memories instead of things.

How many people?

A couple of them.
iMac, iPhone, iPad.

Netflix, PlayStation.

You know how to avoid questions.

Come on, let's make a deal.

We'll live only for ourselves.

No friends, no home, no family.

No one else knows

Only you understand me

I've never seen

Such insanity

Except for you

My day starts and ends with you

I can't get you out of my sight

All my time

Is for only you

No matter where I go

Every path leads only to you

You are my companion

And I am yours

No matter where I go

Every path leads only to you

You are my companion

And I am yours

You and your camera.

-I had to capture that moment.
-Stop it.

But why?

Now, don't tell me
you're not on Instagram.

Then where are you?

I am right in front of you, in person.

My heart is grateful to you

What is this addiction?

What do I call it?

The illusion has shattered

And I saw the real world

My eyes have seen a dream

I want to thank you

No matter where I go

Every path leads only to you

You are my companion

And I am yours

No matter where I go

Every path leads only to you

You are my companion

And I am yours

I am your companion too

No matter where I go

My heart is grateful to you

What is this addiction?

What do I call it?


I don't know.

You carry a needle
in case of an overdose, huh.

What to do, bro?

There is no one else to take care of me.

I have to do that myself.

Why? We're here for you.

And what happened to your friends?

Mika was a client.

These drugs, parties,

I offer myself to buy these pleasures.

Just like you two,
I came to Goa a couple of years ago.

Handful of money.

And lots of confidence.

But I got so addicted to all this

that I ended up with
no money and no confidence.

And now this addiction and this world
has become a home for me.

In fact, I have a feeling and I know
that this lifestyle will kill me someday.

So totally prepped.

Addiction to stay away from life
and this medicine to stay away from death.

I am just running all the time.

We all want freedom in life.

No objections, no restrictions.

Free to do whatever we want.

We all want fun, but no peace.


Jesse needs some peace.

You tell me.

What is peace for you?

Never gave it a thought.

So think now.

Back home, with mom and dad.

Dad would, every year,
plan a surprise for mom.

And every year he would
plan the same surprise.

We would all decorate
the Christmas tree together.

And I still remember that dad
would get a lot of presents for us.

Dad dressed in his suit, mom in her dress.

Together we would dance
all night on old Hindi songs.

I guess...

...that was peace for me.

-Come on.

-Just come.
-But where?

Advait, what are you doing?

This is someone else's house.

Life means choices.

In or out?

Scared you.

Old Hindi music.

I searched the entire basement for it.

We searched for all the cases
in the police records

that were solved by
Victor Ferns and Nitin Salgaokar.

There's another officer on their team.

ASP Deven Shivaji Jadhav.

As you instructed,
we also looked for those cases

which were solved on 24th December
by this team.

But we came across only one such case.

On Narcotics,

where this guy was sent
to prison for five years.

-Advait Thakur.

-He was a drug peddler.
-Move the barricade...

-And was released yesterday.
-Let them in.

Who is he?

Jessabelle aka Jesse.
She is a foreigner.

-Mrs. Salgaokar...

We searched her home,
but found nothing.

Send both these pictures
to every police station.

-Yes, sir.

-And keep updating me.

Put it down. Don't take pictures.

-Don't take pictures.
-We are from the Press.

So what? Remove the camera.
Take his camera.

What is this?

Just because you are a cop
you try to bully people.

If you are a real man
then prove it to your wife.

Return my camera.

Return my camera.

Now take pictures.
Now take pictures.

Get up.

-Leave him, sir.


Now take pictures.

Cool down.
I said cool down.

-Pandey, get them out of here.
-Yes, sir.

Move back.

These journalists also are watching
too much Savdhaan India these days.

You go home.

I'll handle this.

I said, go home.

I'll handle this. Trust me.

Go, Michael, go home.
I said I'll handle it.

We have a piece of information.

ASP Jadhav always goes to Fatorda Stadium
every Christmas to watch the match.

Paint yourself in
The colors within

Find a companion within you

Paint yourself in
The colors within

Find a companion within you

Make a small world for yourself

Be a crazy vagrant

Chant "Hu"!

Chant "Hu"!

Chant "Hu"!

Chant "Hu"!

Chant "Hu"!

Where do you think you're going?

Did you really think

that you'll come out of prison
and kill us all in one day?


He's scared now.

Keep dreaming with empty eyes

Do what your heart says
But listen to everyone

Keep dreaming with empty eyes

Do what your heart says
But listen to everyone

With scattered breath
Keep fighting, keep moving

Pick your fate bit by bit

When your heart
And soul chants "Hu"

Even the hot summer
Feels like a pleasant breeze

Shed a tear in his devotion

Be a crazy vagrant

Don't let go.

Don't let go. Don't let go.

Chant "Hu"!

Chant "Hu"!

Chant "Hu"!

Chant "Hu"!

Chant "Hu"!

Chant "Hu"!

Suspect escaped from Fatorda Stadium.

He's wearing a red hoodie.

All checkpoints...

Waiting for him

To arrive tonight

Arrest anyone with a red hoodie.

Just a little longer

Waiting for him

To arrive tonight

Let him arrive, my restless heart

You can shower all your love

Waiting for him

To arrive tonight

Just a little longer

Just a little more longer

Shubu, Shubu, Shubu


Shubu, Shubu, Shubu, Shubu


The song is over... and so is the night.

This night won't get over so soon, sir.

There's a lot left to happen yet.

He won't spare anyone.

No one!


-I'll check on that side.
-You look there.

-Yes, sir.

I am texting you an address, get the
forensics team down here immediately.

-I found evidence here but it's burning.
-But Advait Thakur has been arrested.


See, sir.

Even after getting arrested,
he's showing attitude.

He wasn't arrested, Borkar,
he surrendered.


I can't recollect...

But I've seen him somewhere before.

Dad, would you have let me go
if I had told you?

No, right?
So I didn't tell you.

-Vaani, I am your father.
-Vaani, let's go...

Don't you have any protocol
or respect left for your father?

I am not Uncle Borkar.

Save your protocol lectures for him.
And why can't I party?

Because you don't even
have a driving license yet.

18 is legal.
Before that everything is illegal.

I am sure someone
like you made this rule.

If it's a rule, you got to follow it.

I am not like you.

I'll be home by 10.
I'll come on my own, so don't call back.

Where are you right now?

Do you think I am an idiot, Dad?

-Fine, listen...
-No, you listen to me.

I said too much.

But you are also such a spoilsport.

Sir, I had told you...

You should've taught Nigel a lesson.

Broken a few bones before letting him go.

And I told you to follow the rules,
follow procedure, follow the law.

What's the point, sir?

He got out of prison after six months
and is peddling drugs again.

We'll put him behind bars again,
make a case and arrest him.

-Where is Nigel?

Let's go.

This is fresh stuff.

First you finish this.
I will give you 10 more.

What happened?

Nigel, police. The police are here.

-Hey, move.

-I will kill her.
-No one panic.

-Put your gun down.
-Guns down.

-Leave the girl.
-Put your gun down or I will kill her.

He's come to take me back to jail.

Put your gun down.

-Borkar, don't fire.
-I will kill her.

I don't want to go to prison.


-I will kill her.
-Please help me.

-Put your gun down.
-I will kill you.

Let her go.

Let me check, sir.

Come on, put the body in the ambulance.



Vaani, wake up.

Your dad's here.
Open your eyes, dear.

Please, open your eyes.

You listen to me, I have a life.

Dad, sorry. I said too much.

But you are also such a spoilsport.

Your dad's here.
Wake up, dear.

I was so stupid.

I thought...

Mom and dad never lived their lives.

Never bothered to ask them why.

So that I could live mine.

This time when I leave
I'll never return

You can forget me
And I'll forget you too

This time when I leave
I'll never return

You can forget me
And I'll forget you too

This is my final goodbye

And pray to God

That may we never meet again

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

I fear that we'll come too close

And my sorrows might alleviate

I hope we don't become friends

And my life doesn't
Become peaceful

It's best that you
Don't complete me

You're the sky and I am the earth

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

I didn't realize
That we separated

Tears trickle down
Even as I smile

Why did I choose to fall in love?

Everything that happened
Was my madness

I never want to return to your lane

Don't want to miss you ever again

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

Give me four beers.

-HPDTC brands.

-Fine, make that six. Give me six beers.
-Yes, sir.

-You take credit card, don't you?
-No, sir.

What are you saying?

You own such a big shop.
How's that possible?

-How much?
-That's 560.

Hey, drunkard!

Hold this.

Stop it, bro. I said sorry.

You're not doing me a favor.

Thankfully I don't keep a count.

Otherwise you would have to
apologize for the rest of your life.

Why didn't you come for my wedding?

You invited my parents.

Why did you need me?

They've literally seen me grow up.
I invited them out of courtesy.

And had no clue
they would actually show up.

Then why don't you
plan a reunion for them?

Stop taunting me.

Tell me something.

Why do you run away
from every relationship?

Bloody idiot, do you really think

that every relation is going to shock you
as your parents when they separated?

Everyone's a fraud.

Do you ever speak to them?

Lately it's been off.

You should call them more often.

If the old man dies
before signing the will

then you'll die a miser.

Forget it.

How's your married life?

I'm losing my mind.

What happened?

Nothing. There's work at the office,
targets to meet, deadlines...

Sometimes I can't make it home on time

but madam insists that
we have dinner together.

How do I do it? Should I quit my job?

And if I don't, I feel guilty.

Every month, I get blood tests done.

And if there's a small
spike in the readings

then she puts me on
one of those smoothie diets.

At times she faces problems herself
but keeps me away from every pain.

This is like having
a mother all over again.

I miss those hostel days. I swear.

That was fun, such freedom.
No one to question.

Towel lying on the bed.

Underwear hanging somewhere,
socks scattered.

That was great.

I am afraid what's going
to happen when I have kids.

I guess life will just breeze through.
I'll grow old doing the same.

Then leave her.

I bought a three-bedroom apartment
on Carter Road.

She made it home.

I am really missing her, bro.

Come on, bro.

Leave me.

He didn't come to our wedding.

Yeah, always.

He has always been like this.

Where are you going?

I am going home.

May we never meet again

May we never meet again

You still can't think beyond me.

I know I mean the world to you.

But I can't be that for you.

Someday I'll have to leave.

What will you do then?

Jesse? Jesse, I want to see Sara.

Sir, we have no evidence.

There was a power failure
in that section of the stadium.

All the evidence has been corrupted.

We didn't find anything
at Jesse's hideout.

We've nothing to put
in the charge sheet either.

In such case, the court can
grant us only two days of detention.

So all in all, we have nothing, sir.

Long story short, Advait Thakur
will be free by tomorrow morning.

We have only one chance, sir.

Come on, speak up.

If Advait Thakur confesses.

There is no need for a confession.

He killed three police officers.

Shoot him, make it an encounter.
End of story.

Why are you in a hurry to kill him?

Advait Thakur will pay for his crimes,
and he will also confess.

-I'll get it.
-What confession?

It takes years of planning
to commit a foolproof murder like this.

And they don't plan so extensively
so that they can confess in the end.

You're just wasting time.



It's Christmas, right?

So I'm going to the carnival
with my wife and kid.

Bossy, come with me to Fatorda Stadium.

We'll enjoy the match, drink some liquor.

And watch the cheerleaders.

Spare me.

At least give it a try, Bossy.

And anyway, you'll be
under curfew after a few days.

-You're getting married.
-No, Jadhav, Teresa is not like that.

You wouldn't know.
Are you married?

Girlfriends are simple, but not a wife.

You better understand that.

What the...

Jadhav, what are you doing?

Bro, say something.

Bro, you too?

-Bro, you're married.
-"Bro, you're married." Shh!

I am married, not dead.

A little window-shopping doesn't matter.

Victor, have you done this kind
of window-shopping or not?

Or you're just wasting your
time at the gym.

Church says that you can
only do this with your wife.


Still a virgin, huh?

By the way, I know a girl.

100 per cent sex bomb.


-Villa 64.


She will set you straight in one night.

No thanks, guys.

But can you do it?
Do you want her address?

We never pay.

Listen, Victor.

Visit her once, and you'll thank us later.

You'll become a man, Victor.

You should do net practice
before marriage, because...

A happy wife means satisfied wife.

If you can't make your wife happy

she will run around
announcing to the world

that Victor isn't a man.

That Victor isn't a man.

But they are all your
friends and relatives.

Yeah, but they are boring me
saying the same thing over and over.

Michael is so good looking,
Michael is so smart.

But actually, I feel great.

I feel like the best guy in this world
is going to be my husband.

I always believed that

we do this only after marriage.

Call me old school, but...

That was my plan.

It's a good plan.

But we're getting married in a week.

So no more excuses after that, okay?

You should do net practice
before marriage, because...

A happy wife means satisfied wife.

Yes, Bossy.

That girl you were
talking about at the gym

give me her address.

Are you serious, Bossy?

Villa 64, Lady of Eve Road. Antona.

Her name is Jesse.


I really hope
this won't be a problem for you.

Since it's the holiday season,
I couldn't get a flight back home.

And I couldn't stay at that lodge anymore.

It's not easy to stay where
your memories dwell.

Never ask a lonely person
why he's giving company.

And sometimes you need an excuse to live.

So you gave me that excuse.

The chance to do something right.

What is this?

Do what you do.

What do you mean?

I think you're getting me wrong.
I am not the one you think...

Enough of the drama.

If you want extra money,
then just ask for it.

I know women like you.

Now take your clothes off.
Do what you do.

Take your money and leave.

-Get out!

They don't know how to respect women
but they call themselves men.

What did you say?

I am not a man?

You'll teach me how to be a man?

You'll teach me?

Teach me. Get up.

Make me a man. Teach me.

Show me. What does a man do?

What does a man do?

What does a man do?

What is a man?

Make me a man!

Make me a man!

Come on...

Come on!

Make me a man!

Michael, you are a man.

You are a man.

So no more excuses after that, okay?

No, no one knows.

-No, no one knows.
-If you can't make your wife happy

she will run around
announcing to the world

that Victor isn't a man.
Victor isn't a man.

You are a man.

You are a man, Michael.

No one knows.

I won't tell...

I won't tell anyone.

Tell what?

You'll tell everyone
that Michael is not a man.


What won't you tell them?

That Michael couldn't do anything.


Jesse, I want to meet Sara.

Jesse, I want to meet Sara.

Jesse. Jesse.

I am telling you.

Police station case, Villa 64,
Lady of Eve Road, Antona.

Did you here, Jadhav? Villa 64.

What happened?

What happened here?

Don't know, sir.
This man barged right in.

I wasn't here actually,
I was standing outside the door and...

-Do you know him?
-No, sir.

Where are you from?

She is from abroad, I'm from Mumbai.
We're tourists.

I see... tourists.


There's been a problem.

You guys will have to come with me
to the police station.

To record your statement.

Let's go.

I've endured the pain
of shattered relations

that's why I always stayed away from it.

I thought

it's better not to make new relations
rather than suffer.

Come out. Come on.

I said come out.

-Trying to be a wise guy.

-What happened, sir?
-Trying to be a wise guy?

You want to complain...

-I'll teach you a lesson now.

-Where are you taking him? Advait.
-There won't be any complaint.


-There won't be any complaint.
-Leave him.

-Bloody tourists, get up...

You want to make a complaint?

-Should I shoot him?
-What did you see?

-What did you see?

Now let's see you make a complaint.

-You didn't see anyone.
-Make a complaint...

You didn't see anyone here.

Help me.

-Get up.

Stay back. I said stay back.


Bossy! You didn't have to come here.
Why did you?

-What did she say?
-Nothing. She is scared.

Bossy, you messed with the wrong girl.

She is not Jesse.

Bossy, there's some evidence in the van.

Jadhav, quickly go get it.

Junkie's statement has no importance.

We'll give her a small dose.

After that, no one will believe them.

Neither the press, police,
nor the court. No one.

Bossy, it's a hard dose.


Bitch, you're the reason for this mess.

Don't move.

Victor, hold him.


Victor, hit him.

No, please...

Please. No.

I want to spend all

My moments with you

And make you look beautiful

With my love

Bossy, easy. It's a hard dose.
She will die.

I want to tell you

How much I love you

With you


Is where I belong

It's the villagers.
They are returning from Christmas mass.

What are we going to do
when they get here?

You know how to cover up a crime scene.

Don't you?


I am tired

Let's go home, companion

We'll never part
As long as we live

Let's go home, companion

I'll never stop loving you

Let's go home, companion

I'll be yours


And you be mine

Let's go home, companion

The court finds Advait Thakur
guilty under NDPS Act Article 47

for illegal possession and trade of drugs.

Sentenced to five years
of rigorous imprisonment.

Every room smells

Of your fragrance

I don't need walls

All I need is you

With you

I want to build my world of love

Where there's just you and me

Let's go home, companion

I'll be yours, and you be mine

Let's go home, companion

I am a police officer for the world.

I make criminals confess.

But no one could've made me confess.


My dad was an alcoholic
and he would beat my mom every day.

And I would have to bear
the brunt of their anger.

Mom used to vent her frustration on me.

She would curse me.

Beat me.

Call men bloody.
Say all men are the same.

She scared me so much
that I was no longer a man.

Fear can reach beyond your imagination.

It can affect your heart, your mind

and even between your legs.

I would be scared, afraid...

What if someone finds out?

People will laugh, make fun of me.

Then one day I had a calling.

Michael, enough.

We won't be scared anymore.

Now be what you couldn't be.

Be a man.

I finished police training
and became an officer.

Who would doubt a police officer?

Even got married.

Simple Catholic girl.

And she thinks that
the problem is with her.

It's natural.

Millions of women in this country
believe that the problem is with them.

But I made one small mistake.

Sara found out.

She discovered my truth
in a single meeting.

She would've told the world about it

and it would've ruined my image.

So I had to kill her.

I was helpless.

I killed one more today.

I don't know what is sex and how it feels.

But now I know how it feels.

I felt her warm breath against my palm.

I saw fear in her eyes,
her quivering body.

Trembling lips.

It was just me and her.

No one else.

And at that moment, I was a man.

There were four witnesses to this case.

You've already killed three.

That leaves you.

Agashe is dying to kill you.

Sign on this confession and go to prison.

At least you'll live.

You know...

You, me, Agashe, we're all alike.

All killers.

Just one difference.

You two don't enjoy killing anyone.

You don't get any satisfaction.

But me...

Sara and Jesse.

But Sara will be special to me.

She made me a man.

This is what I wanted.

Stay back...

I'll shoot you.

Stay back.

Make him sit. Sit.

You were right, Agashe.

You will make him pay, not the system.

If you need any other help,
let me know.

Send all the officers home.

Where do you want to take him?

Whatever needs to be done, I will do it.

You're better as Michael.

Don't be another Agashe.

And as for Advait Thakur...

I'll make his death so painful

that he'll regret the moment
he thought of calling Agashe.

Go home.

Patch things up with your wife.

-Mr. Agashe.

Hey handsome, your time's up.

Get in the van.

Let's go, let's go.

Time to go home.

Enjoy your Christmas.

-Let's go, Keith.
-Yes, sir.

-Let's go.
-Yes, sir.

-It's been so long since mom passed...
-Come on.

-And you still can't think beyond me.
-Come, let's cut the cake.

But I have to leave someday.

Hey, move.

-Where do you think you're going?
-Put your gun down.

Tell him that...

Sir, everyone has left.
And he's in the van.

Borkar, how long have you been in Goa?

I was born here.

What is happy solitaire?

It's happy solstice, sir.
It's like saying merry Christmas.

Only a handful of Catholics say it.
Portuguese descendants.

-Michael Rodrigues.

Correct, sir.

These are the house keys, Michael.

-There's someone in my life who...

I know.

Numerable phone calls
in the last six months.

More than 3000 messages.

And some dirty stuff on WhatsApp.

You've been going around with him
for six months behind my back.

You two have done it, haven't you?

He's coming to get you.

Why do you keep saying happy Solstice?

The right question.

Better hurry up.

If I start singing,
you won't get a chance.

There's a lot to say, sir

but you won't be able to hear it.


Hey, Charles.
Keep the bottle down. Calm down.

Look, we've sorted everything.


Michael, what...


Have you lost your mind, Charles?

Are you mad?

-Don't touch her.

Don't touch her.

-What did you do?

Look, if you think you can
get away after killing her,

you won't be spared.

-Remember. You won't be spared.


That's what I'll have to tell the police.

Get down! Get down!


Five years ago,
you were arrested right here!

This is where your story started
and today, this is where it will end.

Are you the only one who can get a
license to kill after losing a dear one?

Not me?

Which dear one are you talking about?

That girl?

The one who was with you?


This is where

the four of them
snatched my family from me.

Which four people?




And the fourth one?

Michael Rodriguez.

We'll have to tell something
to the others, right?

What will I tell your family?

-I won't tell anyone.
-She was going to leave me.

She lost her way.

She lost her way.

But she realized her mistake.

But Charles couldn't endure it.

He couldn't endure it.

He killed her.

Killed her.

How dare you hit him?

Borkar, wait!


Why did you call me before every murder?
Why me?

Because I don't want to run.

I want justice.

And only a man who knows
the pain of losing someone close

can give me justice, not the system.

Sir, the villagers are coming.
Hurry up, do something.

If Michael is involved in your case

then why surrender before killing him?


if I wouldn't have been
inside the police station

then I could never get revenge.

Michael wouldn't have gone home.

Look, Mr. Agashe.

When I made family my priority,
it fell apart.

He killed my wife.

He was about to kill me too.
So I had to kill him.

Sir, why are you wasting time?
Shoot him.

Who is going to kill Michael there,
if you're here?

Waiting for him

To arrive tonight

Why should we listen to someone else

While we are praying?

Why is your heart filled

With pain and sorrow?

Who are you? What are you?

Think about it

Fight your own battle

Conquer one and all

Make your own small world

Become a crazy vagrant

Chant "Hu"

Chant "Hu"

Chant "Hu"

Chant "Hu"

Chant "Hu"

Chant "Hu"

Chant "Hu"

Chant "Hu"

Chant "Hu"


You're lying.

You're lying!

Someone killed Mr. Michael at his house.

Killer is someone else, sir.

The night's over now, sir.

Patil, get the ambulance out of here
before the press arrives.

It was some guy in a red hoodie.

I couldn't see his face.

Before I could realize,
I fell unconscious.

I didn't see anything.

What do we write in the file, sir?

No evidence, no witness, no statement.

Case closed.

Standing by the window

Waiting for me to return

Every day, this is the sight

I want to see

I want to fall asleep

In your arms

We've been awake
For myriad nights

Let's go home, companion

We won't separate
Until the last breath

Let's go home, companion

Waiting for him to arrive tonight


Just a little longer

Let him arrive, o restless one

You can shower all your love

Shubu, Shubu, Shubu, Shubu
I don't know this, sir.

How do you say this in English?

Wait a minute.
I'll give him the phone.

Please, let me go.

Let me go.

No, I didn't sell drugs.

-Forgive me.

Let me go.


I want to report a murder, sir.

Which I am about to do.

Vagrant, vagrant, vagrant

Vagrant, vagrant, vagrant

Vagrant, vagrant, vagrant

The caravan has set out

The caravan has set out

On this journey

No strings attached
No place to be

I am a...

I am a...

I am vagrant, vagrant, vagrant

I am vagrant, vagrant, vagrant

I am vagrant, vagrant, vagrant


Like an ascetic

My heart wanders around

Like an ascetic

My heart wanders around

Where will my fate take me next?

I am vagrant, vagrant, vagrant

I am vagrant, vagrant, vagrant

I am vagrant, vagrant, vagrant


There is a little bit of haze

The ambience is of silence

The ocean's dry
And I am still parched

Just unspoken words

Scattered like the grains of sand

On the surface

These scars on the moon

Can be cured by just you

I am...

Vagrant, vagrant, vagrant

I am vagrant, vagrant, vagrant

I am vagrant, vagrant, vagrant

I am vagrant, vagrant, vagrant