Malaikat tanpa sayap (2012) - full transcript

In life...

There's no guarantee
to be happy all the time.

No assurance to anything.

Anyone can be thrown away
from their comfort.

So suddenly.

- Hey!
- Hey!

What're you doing here?

- Let's go to cafetaria first.
- Cafetaria?

Riva Syahrini is cute, right?

She surely is.

Let's go.

What? Why no response?

Come on, Vin. Why...


You can't just expel me from school, Sir.

My father has donated a lot
for this foundation.

Mind your manner, Vino.

- You want respect?
- Firstly,...

... you can't come in here
with no appointment.


... school management
decided that for you.

Three months, Vino.

You haven't paid your tuition
for three months.

You should feel fortunate.

They give you one week to settle it.

I don't need a week.
I'm out of this school right now.

We live in boxes.



When the label is taken,...

... we're no longer anyone.

Angel Without Wings

As a wife,...

... you should've accompanied me
in this situation...

... instead of running away.

Hey, where are you going?

Where do you think you're going?

Calm down. Think about the children.

You should be the one
who think about them, not me.

- You're their father.
- Please be patient.

We are not always like this.

Be patient?

Until when? Until I get TBC?

You want me to get TBC?

You can only talk.
You've got no courage at all.

You only want to work as a boss.
You say it's overqualified.

To hell with your pride.

Other man would even rob for his family.

You want to leave, Mum?

We have nothing left, Vin.

Look at our son.
He's no longer care with us.

He learned it from you.

Myra. Myra!

- Come here!
- I have to get out of here.

- Dad!
- Wina!

Nurse, please help.

Open the door.

- This way, Sir.
- Where to, Nurse?

- Here?
- I'll go to the toilet.

- Be gentle, Sir.
- I got it.

- Calm down, Sir.
- Her legs...


- Her legs, Doc.
- What's with them?

She was in the bathroom.
Something hurt her.

So many blood. Please help, Nurse.

She fell in the bathroom?


I don't know what's happened.

But when I opened the door,
she was covered in blood.

What was she doing there?

Taking a bath? Number two?

Was she running around in the bathroom?

She was calling for her mum.

- Where did the mother go?
- Miss!

Are we criminals in the courtroom?

Fill this.


- Wina's family?
- Yes, Nurse. What's up?

We've got to do transfusion immediately.

Wina's blood is A Rhesus negative.

- My blood is Rhesus negatif.
- Come inside.


Mum has gone.


Who's Sasha?

My doll.

Where did you leave her?



Which one? That one is tough.

It's 20.000. You want it?

- Excuse me.
- This one. Yes?

How much is this one?

That one...

It's 50.000.

- Please.
- Can you give it cheaper?

You won't get it for 100.000
at the malls.

You don't have to pay for the tax.

Please, Miss. Which one?

This is a good one, Miss. Look.


This one is cute, Miss. This, too. Look.

I only want Sasha!



Good girl.

Why are you crying?
Pretty girls don't cry.

Identity crisis.

What do you mean?

What do you mean by identity crisis?

I wasn't talking about you.

This. Ophiuchus.

I was reading this article. Astrology.

We've got the new one,
the 13th zodiac. Ophiuchus.

Well, because of this,...

... Mak Jambrek
seemed to lost her identity.

They lost confidence.

They really used to believe
this zodiac matches this zodiac.

Since the zodiacs have been shifted,
they're no longer a match.


Who you're attending to?

My sister.


I'll be going.

- Hey, Dad.
- How is it?

- Had to stay.
- Let's go home.

They said Wina has infection.

Something's need to be done.

Her legs might get cut off.

Cut off?

X-ray showed there's a piece of metal
inside her leg.

When is the surgery?


I've got no money left.

You can take a loan.

Where do you think the money
for Wina's treatment came from?

- I've sold my watch.
- Take a loan anywhere else.


Mum has left you.

You want your children to leave you, too?

You want it?

In need of money?

How much do you need?

I'm looking for a donor.

What's that got to do with me?

You have the same blood type
as my client.

You're looking for blood?

Go to the Red Cross.
Why you're talking to me?

It's not blood.

I'm looking for organs donor.

Then, what's that got to do with me?

Jakarta is getting full of idiots.

They kill themselves because of poverty.

If they're smart,
they can sell their organs.

Lot of money.

Well, then.

Find an idiot who's willing
to sell his organ out there.

The thing is,
I'm not looking for any idiot.

Listen, if you need me, I'll be around.

You used to be like this
when Mum passed away.

Your thighs were red.

They said Wina has infection.

Something's need to be done.

Her legs might get cut off.

I'll get going.

Hey! That's my motorcycle!




What's with the silence?

One thing has not finished,
you add one more!

Vino, where's your father?
You know what date is it?

Maaf, Pak. Saya harus ke rumah sakit.

I didn't ask where you're going.
I was asking for your father.

Pay the rent.

Bastard! Do you think I don't know?
You're no longer rich!

You need money for your sister?

- What about school tuition?
- Forget about school.

My sister's more important now.

I never thought you're that close
to your sister.

She's still my sister, right?

Listen, Yud...

How much do you have with you?

I have 300.000.

- I'll borrow them.
- Alright.

- Thank you.
- No problem.


I'll pay for the rest later.

What are you doing here? Look out!

What are you doing here
if you're afraid of height.

Who's afraid of height?

What was it then?

If you happen to fall down
and I'm the only person here...

... who's gonna be the witness?

Being a witness is okay.
What if they suspect me?

You just can't stop
when you start talking, right?

Why are you here?

Now you don't want to answer my question.

You're Mura, right?

How do you know?

Your father was calling you.

- Your memory's great.
- Well...

I tend to pick what to remember
and what to forget.

Why are you here then?

Well, I forgot about that.

You didn't intend
to kill yourself, right?

Is there anyone who forgets
he's about to kill himself?

Maybe you're just desperate
and want to kill yourself.

I am desperate.

I'll go down.

Surgery Room

Where did you get the money from?


I didn't steal anything.

Nothing to worry about.

- Excuse me.
- Please.

This is my sister. Wina.

- Sis...
- Whom are you with?

My friend.

Vino said you like to play with dolls.
I have plenty at my house.

- Do you want it?
- I want.

Really? I'll bring it next time then.

Where do you study?

Persada Luhur.


Now you go to college?

Dropped out recently.

I've got no money.

Where do study?

At home. Homeschool.

No wonder you have lots of dolls.

To accompany you at "school".

I don't think that I've got no friends.

Friends in virtual world
are more real sometimes.

So you're popular in the internet?

I'm not sure
people can have real friends there.

In the internet,
you let everyone knows about you...

... through your status updates.

But in the real world,...

... only your best friend
knows the real you.

I don't think it's necessary
to befriend you to read you.

Five minutes, people get the idea
that you're cynical.

You're the first person
who told me I'm cynical.

It means you don't have friends
who can see right through you.

Where do you live?

What for?

To prove that I'm not as cynical
as you thought.


There you go. Thank you, Sir.

What are we doing here?
You need to do something first?

I don't think you're a college student.

Mind your words.

Hey, Buddy.

- This is Economics, right?
- No, it's Faculty of Law.

I see.

I'm from Engineering.
Which way to the Economics?

Go straight
to the back of Warung Jujur...

... then take left.

- Okay. Got it. Thanks.
- What year?

I'm year 2009.

If you see Popeye,
tell him Gilang's looking for him.

- Sure. Okay.
- Okay.


This college is huge.

They'll never know
whether we're really studying here.

Now we can experience
being students here.

This building. This college. Not at home.

Not homeschool neither.

You don't like my idea?

I can do better.

Why are you laughing?
Do you have Twitter? Really hype.

Are you not hype?
What the...

Excuse me, is the water working
in the toilets upstairs?

None is working down here.

- I think it's working.
- You think?

Alright then. Thanks.

- Okay, take care.
- Take care.

- I thought it was working fine.
- The water's working upstairs?

- It is.
- Okay. Thanks.


Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, happy birthday

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Blow the candle...

To hell with the classes.

The walls that erected between people.

Life is the playground for adults.

We're just pretending to be old
to get through it.

We might pretend to be a child
to avoid it.

- Vino.
- Yes?

Thank you. I was laughing hard.

I forgot when was the last time
I laugh that hard.

Me, too.

Is it cold?

A bit.


- No, it's okay.
- Are you sure?

Let's go, Sir.

This is the first time
and the last time...

... you go out without my permission.

You won't let me
if I ask for your permission.

You know...

... how's your condition exactly?

You've told me once...

... you don't want
to be treated like a kid.

If you think I'm no longer a kid,
trust me then.

I have trusted you.

And this happened.

You went for hours.

I couldn't even reach you.

Do you know...

- ... if something happened to you...
- Dad!

I wanted to be like normal kids.

I want to have a boyfriend.

I want to go on a date.

I want a guy who really loves me.

Not because he feels sorry for me
because I'm...

The way you treated me...

... as if I were retarded.

Can't do anything.

I've got to be watched over all the time.

I was just worried about you, Dear.

If Mura suddenly goes?



It's okay.


You didn't go to school
while Wina got admitted?

I asked for permission.

They let you?

You don't need to worry.

You have to go to school.

Don't be a dropout, okay?

Be careful.


We'll go to the bank tomorrow.

We'll take care of the house
confiscated by the bank.


I want to ask you.

- Where did you get the money from?
- You don't need to know.

It's clean.

Wina still needs to rest.

It's not comfortable here.

You're just like your mum,
never appreciate anything.

At least I didn't leave you.

I've made an appointment with the bank...

... tomorrow at 9 AM.

You don't tell me what to do.

I know what to do.

If I can handle it by myself,
without your signature,...

... I won't ask for your help.

So in the middle of your difficulties,
you got yourself a girlfriend?

Who got a girlfriend? We're just close.

Close indeed.

Just say yes. What's so hard about that?

- Indeed.
- No need to be awkward.

- Yes.
- Enough. Here...


- Count them.
- What's this?

You keep it.

No need. Wina had her surgery done.

Where did you get the money from, Vin?

You keep it.

- I'll get going.
- Where are you going? Sit down.

I want to talk.

You've changed.

You never cared with your sister.

Not to mention girls.

Now you care about them.

When will you start to pay attention
to your study?

It's impossible I'll come back here.

Still, you'll have to find
another school.

When will it be?

Probably next year. I'll get going then.

One more thing...

What else?

When will you start to care
about your father?

That's none of your business.

Dad will come down in a minute.

What should I say?

Introduce yourself.

Dad, this is Vino.

Ah, yes.

So he's the one that made you
came home late that day?


- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Where do you live?

Tanah Abang.

When will you take Wina here?

Probably later,
when she's fully recovered.

When will you take me to your house?

I will move.

I will take you
when we've moved to a new house.

- Promise?
- Promise.

Why don't you eat the fish, Dad?

Let Vino have it.
I've eaten a big fish for lunch.

What fish?


I remember.
Our maid used to cook it, right?

Your father is nice.

What about your dad?

Nothing special.

Can you elaborate what do you mean
with "nothing special"?

Can you please stop nagging for a while?


You're not in good terms?

He's like this...

You know he's there...

... but apparently he's not there.

He's useless as a parent.

Probably you're the one
that should make him be there.

Why should I do the work? Why not him?

Why should I be the one
that understands him?

Why should he understand you?

You know nothing about my dad.


I didn't mean...


... before you make peace
with your father,...

... you should make peace
to yourself.

You're not going to school?

What's going on?


You told me to go to school...

... but you didn't want
to accompany me to the bank.

You're still mad about that?

Could you bring me a drink?

Don't sacrifice us for your ego.

Go with me to the bank.

I will do anything you want.

Taxi is not allowed to park here.
Go there.

Here you go. Here's the pen.

Thank you.

Sir, the next time I go here
with my father...

... and do business with you,...

... please don't look down
at my father.

Why did you leave the photograph?

It reminds me of Mum.

Wina, stop running around.

Wina. Wina.

Please open the door!

Wina, stop running around.

- Catch me...
- Slow down, Wina.

Wina, please don't.
There's dust all over.

Wina, come here.


- Sure you're okay to go to school?
- I'm sure.

I can do it!

- You're with him, right?
- I'm not. Who said that?

You told me yesterday.

I didn't say anything...

Pull over...!

If you have the money,
why not going back to school?

Instead of buying a new house?

That's not a new house.

That's my old house.

The one confiscated by the bank.

- How come?
- Long story.

My life is not as easy as yours.

No life is easy.

I'm sorry.

I've been pessimistic lately...

... about school,...

... life,...

... and the future.

Only lately, right?

It's not that you've known
no future awaits you...

... since you were a kid.

What are you talking about?




... if you want to talk
about the future,...

... you've got to promise me.

What promise?

Promise me...

... that you...

... will live the future with me.

They've moved out?

It was their rent house.

Where is the old house?

Nobody knows.

They moved in a hurry.



- Sir.
- Yes.

The doll is lovely, right?

It is.

Which one is the prettiest?

- This one.
- That one?

That one. The one with pink hair.

How come it's as pretty as you are?

- I'm pretty as a doll.
- Oh...

Here comes the doll.

I'm confused. Both of them are pretty.
Which one should I take?

You can take them both.

Are you serius? These are for me?

Surely is.

Look. She gave me dolls.
She's really nice, right?

She's pretty. Just like this doll.

The doll!


What's with you?

My sister's with me.

Wait here, Missy.

You want to get away from me?

I will return the money you gave me.

What will you repay it with?

You couldn't even pay
your school tuition.

- I will repay you.
- Have you got no brains?

Do you think I don't know?
You went back to your old house.

You use my money
to pay for the house...

... which was
confiscated by the bank.

Don't mess around with me.

Mura will pay for it.

Mura and his father didn't know...

... that it is your heart...

... which will replace hers.

This is a secret
between us.

No. You must be lying.

You're kidding, right?
You've gotta be lying.

Please answer me!

Answer me! You've gotta be lying, right?

- Answer me please!
- Find out yourself!

Don't let Mura's father know.
It's not ethical.

Impossible. Please answer me!

You're lying, right?
You're only bluffing, right?

Answer me! Stop right there!





The maid let me in.

You've started your school?

Why did you skip school?

These are my only pants.
Others are still dirty.

I want to study with you. Homeschool.

Today's subject is philosophy.
The philosophy of lies.

You seem to know really well
the philosophy of lies.

What if we change the subject?

We'll go around on bikes...

... with annoying guy yet lovable.

You have that kind of subject
at your school?

We've got no philosophy of lies
at my school.

What's with you?
What's with the long face?

Do you know?

When your aura is positive,
towards life...

... the universe will support
and agree with you.

When you're having a long face,
it will only attract negative things.

- Are you done analyzing?
- Not yet. Want me to continue?

Are you brave?

That's okay if you're scared.
We'll go back to that way.

Do you want to test me
whether I'm scared?

I'm just playing around.


If you're not feeling well,...

... you...

... will say no for sure.

What's the price?



- Let's go.
- You're ready?

Ra? Mura?



What's with you, Ra?




What is wrong with you? Ra?

Come here. Alright.

Calm down...

Everything's fine, Dear.


Put this on.

It won't happen...

... if you only take her
for a bicycle ride.

Don't you know?



Alright, Honey.

It's okay, Dear.

Daddy's here.

That's right.

I will pay the rest.

You want to cancel it?

Think it over.

You want to sell the house
which you've just got back?

Where will your sister and father live?

You want to let your girl die?


I'm not sure.

A dropout like you
don't have to think much.

Ten years of working
won't give you that much.

Even if I have to give my heart
for Mura...

... I'll do it voluntarily.


That's why...

You keep this.

It's only a part of it. Keep that.

If the transplantation's
about to be done...

... you'll get more money.

You'll be useful.

Just think it over. Okay?

- Afternoon, Sir.
- Afternoon.


I'm sorry. Is Vino here?

I'll ask you first.
Did Vino get to school?

I need to talk about something.

Me, too.

I've never got the chance
to tell you...

I have...

... a heart problem.

I'm waiting for a donor...

... for heart transplantation.

If you've known,...

... you must've left...

... or you would've pitied me.

I don't want you to pity me.


I love you, Ra.

Whatever the condition is.

- I only regret...
- Regret?

That's right.

If I've known that you're sick
from the beginning,...

... I would've
taken care of you better.

It's okay.

What did you want to say?

You said you want to say something.

I will never leave you.

Not ever.


Where have you been?

A friend's Doing homework.

Your school has moved?

Moved? No.

What were you doing around Salemba then?

- Who said that?
- I saw it myself.

Your two friends also said that.

You don't go to school.

What do you want to be? A homeless?



A lot of undergraduates
are not working out there.

There's a postgraduate
almost become a homeless...

... since he could not pay for rent.

You could not afford my school.
Stop telling me what to do.


- What's going on?
- What did you say to my dad?

I can explain.

Sorry if I said anything wrong.

Who freed your house?

You shouldn't have been lying
to your father!

Without us even going there,...

... you've already had problems
with your father!

You'll see.
I wish you all dead!

to leave our beloved friend...

... we hurt him
and make him mad...

... so when we leave,
we won't miss him that bad.

You don't feel stressed out?

You cross the calendar like this.

Of course not.

It's just a reminder...

... that I've passed another day.

You will get through
until the dates are over.

Also the upcoming years.

Here is an empty calendar.

No writings on it.

Nothing is crossed either.

That doesn't mean
there's no important event, right?

On this date.

That's when we met for the first time.


... I started to feel
that I care about you.

At this date,
I started to feel...

... your happiness
is beyond everything.

Promise me you'll never leave me
until I'm gone.

I promise.

Until you're gone.

Those birds always fly over
at this time.

They don't even have a watch.

It's called instinct.

That's right.

Just like death, right?

Has no watch, but know
when he has to come.

Maybe that's the reason
why death is part of fate.

The time is there.

As for me...

... death is like
being at the corner of the street.

We'll never know
what's behind the corner.

Probably that would be the time
of our death.

Please don't talk about that.


Because I'm dying?

So we're not allowed to talk about death.

Death could be an option sometimes.

At one point...

... the last choice could be death.

You mean suicide?

- It's a sin.
- We're talking about death.

Whether it's a sin or not,
it's the effect of the death.

Here's a good wayang story.

What is it about?

It's about a woman named Sawitri.

She's very faithful
to her husband Setiawan.

Until one time
her husband was taken away...

... by the god of death Yamadipati.

Sawitri kept on
following Yamadipati.

She begged him
to give her husband back.

Until finally...

... the god of death gave up...

... and gave Sawitri
her husband back.


Look! Wina's father is a cab driver!

Cab driver...

Cab driver...

Cab driver...

Cab driver...

Cab driver...

Cab driver...

Cab driver...

Cab driver...

Cab driver...

Here you go.

What's this?

My teacher said it's an invitation.

This is parents meeting.
Three more days.

You come to the meeting instead.

Why me?
It's supposed to be Dad.

You come.
You have to.

What's wrong?

They keep on mocking me.

They mocked you?

They said Dad is a cab driver.

Let me.
I can handle it.

There's an invitation
from Wina's school.

Aren't you going to attend?

You're her parent.

You should come.

You're Wina's parent now,
not me.

Wina's still a child.

Don't listen to her words.

It's because she's still a kid...

... she knows
who deserves to be her parent.




Why did you have to take
my responsibility as a parent?

You don't want to respect me anymore?
You want to dishonor me? Go ahead.

Let it be only you who doesn't respect
and against your parent.

Don't persuade your little sister
to disrespect her parent!

- Come with me. Let's go.
- The two of us?

Yes, us together. Let's go.

You can't just take Wina go as you wish.

Don't tell me what to do.
Wina's my daughter!

You have left her.

You don't know
that she had to undergo a surgery...

... because she fell
in the bathroom.

If I'd known
something happened to Wina,...

... I wouldn't have gone.

Why you're taking Wina away?

Why can't you live here instead?

We're no longer living
in that ugly house.

Why you've become so cynical to me?

Isn't it you that never care to us?

I learned all of that from you.

Don't be rude.

I've taken care of you guys.
I've taken care of you, Vin, 17 years!

What did I get?

You'll never get anything.

You don't even know what you really want.

Wina, let's go.

No. I don't want to leave.

You've heard what she said.


What time is it?

I'm sorry.

So Malay.

When you've signed this,
the surgery will be done immediately.

I'm not ready.

I need to finish some things first
before I go.

Alright. But don't take too long.

Mora's not getting any better.

You don't want Mora to die
before you gave her your heart, right?

- Give me one or two more days.
- One and a half.

Nothing more.

Or you'll be very sorry. I'm serious.



Yes, Dad?

You see my uniform?


Where did I put it?

Finish your meal quickly.
The car would leave soon.



Thank you.

I love Papa.

The most hurtful for a dad...

... is to see
his child born, grew up...

... then saw his child go
before him.

Dear God...

Let's pray together, okay?

Please forgive me, Dad.

I've done so many mistakes to you.

Please forgive me, too.

Okay, Vino?

Come here, Honey.

- Come join me.
- Dad...

... I ask you
to forgive Mum.

I've done all this...

... for you, for Wina,..

... and also for Mum.

If Mum would join you
and Wina again...


If there's anything
I don't talk to you about...

... it's not
that I don't respect you.

I just want
to grow up as a man...

... who can keep his loneliness
to himself.

Just like you.
Please forgive me, Dad.

Dear Mura...

... I don't know where to start.

I just want to say...

... fall in love with you
has made me whole.

I'm no longer incomplete.

Dear Mura,
when you open your eyes later...

... you'll never see me again.

But I'm not leaving.

I'm not going anywhere.

I will be inside of your body.

You will live with my heart.

Our heart.

Come here.

You look thinner.

I've been thinking of you.

- Liar.
- I've been thinking...

... how to make you smile again.

I've got something for you.

What? I don't like surprises.

No. It's not a surprise.

I want to take you to a place.

We'll go out?

My dad let us?

He gave us permission.

Can you do it?

I want to put on some lipstick first.

I don't want you
to be embarrassed going out with me.

Look at me. I'm really pale.

My lips are blue.

Do you know
why I can fall in love with you?

A dew doesn't need a color
to make a leaf fall in love.

Just like me.

I've got no reason
not to fall in love with you.


Please don't come home too late.

I'm still not used to be alone
on Saturday nights.

We'll go on a date next week.
The three of us.

Don't worry.

Mura will never leave you.

You'll never be alone.

Audience please remain seated.

We have a special performance tonight.

What closing is this?

- This is a story about...
- Sand painting.

He'll be painting
with sand on a glass.

There's a guy named Amarah.

His life is full of anger.
Just like his name.

Until he met a woman named Bening.

That woman is as clear as a dew.

Amarah could see his reflections
on Bening's face.

His anger's gone into ashes.

Ashes slicked to the leaves...

... wish to get carried away...

... becoming one with dews.

Nature's not on his side.

Bening's suddenly fell ill.

If only Bening had known...

... Amarah wanted to have
half of Bening illness.

Amarah prevented it.

The God of Death insisted.

Amarah offered his life.
He's willing to replace Bening's life.

- It's not finished.
- I don't wanna see the ending.

We're out.

Why did you change the story?

I wanted the story to be like us.

Like us?

You want people to know that I'm dying?


It's only a fairy tale.

That wayang...

That glass painting...

There's no one
willing to sacrifice that much.

There is.


Who is the person?

Love is not a matter of having.

Love means the courage to leave...

... or being left.

If you're the one dying,
I won't be anything to you.

If you're gone...

... I'll live my life like usual.

I will meet new people.
I will fall in love again, Vin.

I will forget...

Vin, when I'm gone...

... I don't ask for much.

Just remember me
once in while, okay?

Letter of Agreement

You can spend all of it.

We've got to go to Singapore now.

- Let's go.
- We've got the donor?

I've just got called.

You've got to get ready for the surgery.

- I'm scared.
- Don't be scared. I'm here.

I'm with you, Honey.

- Here's the iPad.
- Let's go.



- Vino?
- Vino? I'll ask Mr Yadi...

... to arrange it for him.

- Vino has to come along.
- I know...

Mr Yadi will take are of him.

We go first and Vino will come later.

Don't be too worry about Vino.
Your physic's got to be ready.

Wina. Wina.

Come with me.

No! I don't want to!

Wina. You don't miss me?

You don't love me? Come with me.

Come with Mum.

- Dad!
- Let her go!

- Let her go!
- She's my daughter!

I don't want her to live with her mom
with some guy.

- Who do you mean?
- Who?

That guy! Your new boyfriend.

- Dad!
- Let her go!

Let her go!

Let her go!

- Wina!
- Let her go!

Let her go!

Let her go!

- Let her go!
- Mind your own business.


- Where's Vino?
- Vino will be here.

He'll be here soon.

There's nobody
willing to sacrifice that much.

- There is.
- Where?

Who's that guy?

Nurse, that boy will donate his heart.

No! Please don't!

My son...

Take my heart instead.

The death of my father...

... made me and Wina sad.

But my father's death...

... also started a new life
for me and Wina.

With our new family.

If only I can choose...

... I would've chosen
Dad and Mura still there for me.

But sometimes...

... we have...

... no choice in life.

We have...

... no insurance
to keep being happy in life.

Like those birds in dusk...

... who suddenly fell...

... and never got back
to their nest.

As for me and Mura...

... time has broken our wings once.

Yet, time also healed...

... and taught us...

... not to give up.