Malacopa (2018) - full transcript

An architect solves his problems by getting drunk and creating an alter ego.

People say "like father, like son"...

..."the apple doesn't fall
far from the tree."

But truth is, I'm no apple,
I'm nothing like my father.

It's a Japanese firm.

I'll sign with them in a week.

I'm so proud of you.

You're very talented.

I know you'll be a great architect
and design great buildings.

I hope so.

"I hope so"?
Aren't you my son?


Yes... who?

The girl.

Ask her to dance with you.

I couldn't. We're hanging out,
I can't leave you alone.

I'll die alone
without grandchildren.

-Ask her to dance.
-No, I'm fine, Dad.

The shy fail more than the bold.



Son of a...!

How's it going, man?
Ready for the presentation?

No, sort of.

-It isn't easy.

Are we going to have to order pizza?


-Want some?
-No, I'm fine.

-Is everything ready?
-No, I told you, I'm on it.

What's wrong, Mateo?
You seem nervous.

Stop pestering me.

Relax. I told you,
all you have to do is be there.

I'll take care of the rest.

-We're a team, right?

-Thanks, we'll call you.
-Just look pretty.

-Otilio, good morning.
-What do you want, Smurf?

Miss Ayami needs you in her office,

I got the competitors' blueprints
through the public bid.

They're not bad...

...but they're not as good as ours.

We'll crush them.

Mike Smith will hear
our proposal tomorrow.

I expect absolute excellence.

Will you fail me, David?

No, Ayami,
we'd never do such a thing.

This time, the dynamics will change.

You'll do the presentation, Mateo.

-No, but...

No buts! That's how it'll be.

So get to work.

-Sorry Ayami, we have a dynamic.

-We're all set.
-I always present.

I want you to do it, that's all.




Hi, thanks.

Relax, Mateo. Have a shot
of tequila first and it'll be fine.

I'll call in sick.

Don't do that, Mateo,
will you leave me to die alone?

I prepared the presentation,
Ayami has to understand.

-Do you want us to get fired?

Or the two Juans to get the project?

-Don't overreact.
-Kill me now!

You might as well,
slit my throat with that knife.

-Don't overreact, it's ridiculous.
-Go on, do it.

Sorry, thanks.

If you mess up tomorrow,
I'll jump out the window.

I'll make it look as if you
pushed me, you'll do time.

Oh, gosh.

Besides, we have no choice.

"Like father, like son."

You have to believe in yourself.

Son, inside of you,
there's a very special person.

Once you find him,
he'll never abandon you.

Sorry, this is important.

What brings you here?

I heard rumors
about Architect Mateo Pino.

He's going to do the presentation.

Yes, what about it?

Nothing. Mateo's a good architect,
I just don't think he's up to it.

Especially with his...
introverted personality.

Mateo knows the project
inside and out.

You have nothing to worry about.
Now, if you don't mind...


Doctor, please.

I don't get it.

How can she put the company
and her father's name at risk?

What's wrong with her?

All I can say is Ayami
is a very intelligent person.

Yes, that's why I don't get it.

-I hardly slept last night.

I don't know, I was very nervous.

I played online.

You know, only until two.

Who is she?

Mr. Nisisaki's representative.

She only comes to major meetings.

-She'll be at the presentation?

-Shall we?

Let's go, come on.


Why do you look so worried?

-No, no!

Don't tell me
you have menstrual cramps.

What do you want, Juan and Juan?

Okay, why delay the inevitable?

We know you'll mess up.

We're ready to take your place.

Our project is unbeatable.

-That's right.

Beat it, creeps.

Best of luck!

Relax, David!

You know what they say about
our profession?

An architect is a man who isn't gay
enough to be a graphic designer...

...or man enough
to be an engineer.

You're not helping.

I know. The point is
nobody takes us seriously, Mateo.

But now we have the chance
to win a good account.

To look good with the Gringos...

...and, who knows? We could end up
as company partners.

So don't screw up, blondie.

I was told Mr. Nisisaki
will attend the meeting...

...on video conference.

-But the meeting is at five!


-Good afternoon.

This is a...

...ecotourism resort.

Mateo, I'm so sorry.

I forgot the file with the costs
and benefits on your desk.

Why don't you go get it, please?

Thanks, Architect.

This ecotourism resort... part of a national
sustainable ecotourism project.

-Everything in order, Architect?

Poor thing, he can't...


Mateo, inside yourself is all
the strength and power you need... solve anything
that comes your way.

Mateo? Mateo, I'm talking to you!

Damn it!

Who are you?

Your worst nightmare!

Stop screwing with me.

Got you, blondie.

Relax, stress is bad
for your health.

Calm down, everything's
under control.

Get to work!

Have we met?

Do I need to explain how this works?

You and I are the same.

Don't mess with me.

Where families can experience
once in a lifetime moments.


That's why each area was developed
especially for our families... enjoy that quality of life.

At Nisisaki and...

...and Associates...

...we like to emphasize harmony...

...and lifestyle...


Good, David, well done!

I'm sure everyone... bored to death!

Mateo, what are you doing?

Can you hear anything?

You can't? Are you sure?

Listen carefully.

Now can you hear it?

That's the sound of coins.

Money leaking from your pockets...

...never to come back!

So others can take those coins
and put them in their own pockets...

...while we just sit here!

Doing what? Nothing!

Nothing, wasting our time!

Okay, I'll explain this to you
nice and slow.

I see a cash register
receiving millions and millions.

I see...

...a bottle of Champagne
being opened...

...and you, celebrating
with hunky models.

Your hand, please.

I see a 50-feet yacht...

...setting sail
from a beautiful harbor.


I see...

What do I see?

Oh, you scoundrel!

I see women... beautiful women
laughing all around you.

Yes, you! Isn't it wonderful?

It's fantastic!
Pity I can't help you.

But you can, Mike!

You can take control of your destiny
and hire Nisisaki and Associates!

So we can be the motivators
to help you reach the stars!

And so you, only you...

...can build the most beautiful
and spectacular marina...

...anyone has ever seen.

Wasn't it an ecotourism resort?

It doesn't matter what it is.

Fine, it's also ecological.

Any questions?

Does anyone want us
to talk about costs, benefits?

What did you do?

Have faith, "Peter", have faith.

I don't understand a word,
but I'm catching up!

Attention everyone, attention!
We're done for the day!

Shots for everyone!

Let's celebrate!

Come on!

Hey, Mister Gringo, hey!

We have to discuss strategy
first thing in the morning...

Excuse me, you can't smoke here.

Pal, just pour the drinks
and stop pestering.

Got it?

Thank you so much for your help,
but it's time to go to bed.

You know? I don't trust
people who don't drink.

Why not drink? What's the need
to always be sober?

It's weird,
maybe they're hiding something.

No, it's so I don't lose control.

I don't like it, so please...

Look behind me.


They're watching us, blondie.

How long has it been?

-It's been a while.

So chill and go with the flow.

-I do have fun.
-Drink up.

No, thanks, I'm fine.

Okay then!


A shot of mezcal and a beer, please.



-Hi there.

Your glasses are really pretty.

Your eyes are even prettier.

I bought them on one of my trips
at an antique shop, they're okay.

You're not allowed to smoke in here.

Yes, sorry, I'll put it out.

Says who, darling?

Says who?

Are you always so macho?

I thought you were different.

Sometimes I can be even more macho.

Sorry, I didn't introduce myself.

Mister Macho, nice to meet you.

The pleasure is all yours.

-Lovely eyes.
-Lovely butt!

Do you still want to go?

Yes, yes.

Do you trust me?

More or less.

That really breaks my heart.

Good night.

-Hi, sweetie.

Oh, should I make it better?

-No, thanks.

Where did you buy those glasses?

I found them last night,
they're cool.


Do they look good?

Great, yes.

Should I call a cab or something?

Don't worry, I'm in no rush.

If you have stuff to do,
go, it's okay. I'll tidy up, relax.

[Activists depicted a severe flood...

[ show what climate change
would cause...

[...and denounced the lack
of consensus by politicians.

Good morning, Rocío.


I think I owe you an apology.

You drank too much last night.
When did you leave?

I didn't even notice.

I don't know, it comes back
in a daze. I can't remember.

It's fine, man, relax.
Besides, we won, you risked it all!

Yes, we achieved the goal,
didn't we?

My men!

Here come Pinky and the Brain.

Colleagues, hi.

I mean it, congratulations,
you deserve it.


How about a chocolate chip cupcake?

They're delicious, want one?

-Leave them here, tray and all.

Anything else, Juan and Juan?

Yes, actually,
Juan and I were talking.

We agree you'll most likely...

...need assistance
of high quality and efficiency.

Of course.

Well, we know all your hideouts.

If we need you, we'll let you know.

Perfect, have an excellent day.

Thanks, you may leave.

You too.

Those damned Juans,
they're green with envy.

You're the office hero,
I'm your faithful minion.

Come on! A hero? We're a team.

You were having a blast
trying to dance with Paulina.

I get the feeling Ayami hates her.

"I'm the boss's pet."

"I studied at Harvard."

-"Look at my big boobs."

-"See me pout."
-David, David!


It was Stanford.

But thanks for the compliment.

Last night we had the chance
to get to know each other.

By the way,
did you wake up all right?


I suppose everyone knows
I'm Paulina Santa María...

...sustainability and environmental
impact specialist.

Good afternoon, Doctor Santa María.

Mr. Nisisaki made me head
of the ecotourism project.

We need changes
in the executive project... review the files thoroughly.

If you need anything,
here's my card.

Thank you, Doctor.



What can we do?

-Let's get going.
-Yes, okay.

-I can start with Section A.
-Okay, I'll leave it here.

Go through it all,
I have a very important meeting.

And don't wait for me...

...because afterwards I have a date
with my gamers gang.

Well, I'll check up with you later.

-We have to do it together.
-You owe me for last night.

Weren't you my minion?

Call you later.

Don't you know how to knock?

Sorry, sorry.

Very well, very well.

Doesn't it taste better with booze?

Did you think
I'd deprive you of having fun?

Never blondie, never!

What happened last night?

-I woke up with a stranger.
-Wait, answer this.

Have I ever left you
to die on your own? Never!

Trust me,
that girl isn't good for you.

You need a feistier woman,
a sexy broad.

-You know the kind.

Like that Chinese girl,
what a hottie.

-Same thing.

Or at least like last night's.
That kind of broad, fearless, hot.

The Bible is right:
"Never trust the quiet kind."

-I doubt the Bible says that.
-It should, I'll speak to the Pope.

Can you tell me what this is?

-My clothes.
-Why are they so ugly?

-I like them.
-Are a salesman?

-Damn bad taste!

No, wait...

This one isn't bad.

But like this.
We're perking up your clothes.





Enough, give me that jacket!

-Give it!
-Wait! Don't wrinkle me up.

I might pay Pau Pau,
the hottie, a visit.

Or maybe Ayami, the China girl.
I haven't made up my mind.

Okay, we'll leave it to chance.

Rock, paper, scissors.

I won!

You are me,
you're my alcoholic side.

You're so smart,
they should give you a Nobel prize.


What are you doing?

No, no, no! Listen, listen!
What are you doing?

-I'm getting rid of you.
-No, let's talk.

Listen to me.

Got you!

Hey, hey!
Where do you think you're going?


I mean it.

Did you know it's an urban myth?

-Wait, stop it!

-Let me go!

Let go! Let go!

-No, no!
-All the fun is out there!

Don't go, stop messing
with us, please.

Okay, I won't go. Get up.

-Do you mean it?
-I mean it.

-I promise.

Get up, okay?


-Careful, stupid!
-I didn't see you!

-You didn't?

Am I invisible to you?

-Hey, easy, relax.
-Easy what?

-Easy, I didn't mean to.
-Mean to what?

-Okay, who wants some action?
-Dad, let's go.

-Let's go!
-Mr. Ernesto, are you okay?

-Get me the check.
-It's on the house.

A souvenir.

Keep playing, keep playing.

[Thousands of people around the
country are protesting against...

Hey, should I bring you the check?
My boss is scolding me.

How much is it?

You had seven tacos, three specials,
some beans and five beers.

And rice pudding, it's 395.


Plus my tip.

[The International Caravan
is passing through the Capital...

[ attend the COP 16.

[They're from different
areas in Mexico...

[...that have been affected
by environmental disasters.

[We've had an open landfill
for over 35 years...

Keep the change.





No, no, no, no, no!

No, no!

No, no, no! Darn!

David, sorry I'm late.

How are you?

What's wrong?
Otilio's been calling me.

-Don't talk to me!
-Where are you going?

I think I'll go home,
grab the phone and call my dad... ask him for a loan to get by.

-You got fired?
-As if you didn't know!

Tell me what happened.
David, please, David.

David! Please tell me what happened.

-I thought we were a team.
-We are.

-Some things you just don't do.
-What things? Wait.

-Let's talk!
-Go to hell!

David, wait! Damn!

It's about time, Miss Ayami
is waiting for you.

You reek.

Morning, Architect,
I wish you a productive meeting.

Good morning.

Excuse me.

The guy really freaks me out.

Juan, darling,
we've got to watch our backs.

If he did it to his best friend
he could destroy anyone.

-To the left, please.

There you go.

-Mateo, come in.

I'll wait outside until you finish.

-No, no, come in.

I don't know what's going on.
David isn't to blame, he's good.

This is about something else.
Mateo, sit.


I want...
I want to show you something.

[Miss Nisisaki,
you don't know us...

[...but we're the group
that protects our environment.

[We won't let you build resorts
disguised as eco-tourism...

[...that destroy our flora and fauna.

[That's right,
we want five million...

[...or we'll make it public
and you'll regret it.

I've met all their demands.

Our land use permit
isn't compliant.

The project may be closed down.

Why are you telling me this now?

You're the only one in the company
I can really trust.

Besides, you're head of the project.

I want us to get
through this together.

Will you help me?

What's that smell?


-Is everything all right?
-Yes, fine.

Do you know what happened to David?

Only that he doesn't
work here anymore.

Hey, you were
a bit drunk last night.


I mean, last night
you were acting a bit weird.

Well, I couldn't sleep,
I took a pill and it made me sick.

Are you feeling better?


-Are you?

Hey, if you need anything,
you know you can count on me.

You can trust me.

I mean it, trust me.

Oh, okay, thanks.

I really like the work
you handed in last night.

David deserves credit for it too.

I mean it.

You're a great architect.

Also, if you ever want to talk,
you can always call me.

I take calls before midnight.

Yes, thanks.


-Hi, how are we doing?
-We need to talk about last night.

What did I do to David?
Whose money is this?

Oh, if you only knew!
Okay, where should I start?

From the beginning.

And don't say: "First there
was nothing but matter."

Hey, don't say that,
we'll burn in Hell!

-Look, drop that!
-It's heresy.

Fine, given you're a sloth,
you fell asleep.

That's what I'm here for,
to look out for your interests.

They aren't much,
with this economy, we have to save.

That's why I'm always looking
for new ways to help you.

So I texted Paulina to let her know
the task she asked for was done...

...and I was free
to help her any way I could.

That damn broad never
texted me back.

So I took your computer
and sent the file we had to send.

But I told them David
didn't help us...

...because he'd been
playing Call of Duty.

So, I told the truth.
Cheers to that.

Of course,
that's why they fired David.

It was my fault.

-Where to?
-I have to tell Ayami.

No, blondie, I'm not done.

The best is yet to come.
Shut the door.


"I went out looking for you...

...and I couldn't find you."

"My friends told me why."


"When I arrived at the party
I saw you kissing..."

Okay, okay, okay!
All right, all right, all right!

Damn! Darn it.

-Good evening, sir.
-Chief, good evening.

Any alcohol?

Yes, a double shot of mezcal...

...and an ice-cold beer, please.

-Cheers to the Captain's broken gun!


I made lots of new friends
and was having a blast.

I was smoking hot, blondie.


I couldn't go to sleep, could I?

Love is a funny thing, Compadre.

Until you realize that special
person has always been there.

So what do you do? You celebrate!

Leo, play the song I like,
daddy boy!

Hey, Leo!

Don't play anymore music for me.

Damn it.

Oh, hell.

-What use is this to me?
-Don't you get it, blondie?

Sure. If the most beautiful
woman my eyes have set eyes on...

...hadn't broke my heart...

...I wouldn't have said to myself:

"Myself, you deserve
someone better."

"Relax, stop crying."


So, with that conviction
I drove around town.

And as watched
the beautiful sunrise...

...I had a revelation.

The love of my life
is the China girl.

Her name is Ayami.

I was determined,
and sang her a serenade.

-Yes, to win her heart.

Like in the old days.

I can't believe it, no.

Like the poet says:
"What's done is done."

I don't care,
my future is with the China girl.

She was anxiously waiting for me
outside her house.

And frankly,
she looked spectacular.

She wanted to go
to a quieter place... I rushed to do as she asked.

We rode around town for a while,
we had a talk...

...very nice by the way.

And I could see
she was dying over me.

Well, I knew that
since the first time we met.

I couldn't help it, what could I do?
That's how God made me.

She couldn't take it anymore,
and took me where we could be alone.

And well...

...I won't give you any details,
I'm a gentleman.

But you can imagine.

All I'll tell you is I had
to make use of my best moves.

Stop destroying the environment,
capitalist pigs...

And guess what?

She was so pleased,
she even left me some money.

I was so exhausted and hungry...

...that I went to the best
restaurant in town.

I deserved it.


-Do you have cheese tacos?
-Yes, sir.

Bring me three. Double the cheese,
on wheat tortillas.

And for dessert, rice pudding.

No straw, kid.

-What a night!
-And some guacamole.

Oh, I don't believe it.
We ruined Ayami's deal.

What deal?

She showed me a video
of three guys in disguise.

-Yes, yes.

-I have to give her the money.
-Leave it!

-Let me go!
-Come back!





Relax, "Miss Tamagotchi",
I'll do the speaking here.

One: I saved your cash.

But how did you...?

Where are you manners?

"Thank you." You're welcome.

Did you think they'd leave you
alone by giving them money?

It's not money that they want.

They want to destroy you
and everything you care about.

But relax, dear,
I'm here to watch your back.

To protect you and help you
with anything you need.

And two: I exude confidence.


Okay, everyone to the left!
Around the house!

Follow me, cover me!

Cover me!

Oh! You didn't cover me,
no one covered me, they killed me!

David, I really need your help.

I'm very confused.

I think something's going on
with Paulina.

I don't know, I like her.
I think she likes me but...


I messed up; I kissed Ayami.
Call me when you get a chance.

No, no... no, no.

No, no, no... no, no!

Don't mistreat me, Compadre.

Calm down, beautiful baby,
it's all right.

It'll be fine.

You're a champ, you're a scoundrel!

What did I tell you?

What did I say?
That China girl, Ayami...

I'm very proud of you!

Listen to me carefully.

Relax, let time patch things up.

I know women.

That China girl will fall,
I know it.

I'll fall, but down a precipice.

Oh, is the drama queen
inside of you speaking?

Look, just so you know
I love you very much...

...I'll call Pau Pau.

No, no, no!


Stay still!

Stop, stay still!


-Hi, Mateo.
-Hi, Pau Pau!

How's my doll doing?

Sorry, I was in the shower.

Can I help you?

Why don't we go out and grab a bite?

What did you say?

Hey, wait a second,
it's really noisy here.

Stop it, this is for you.

Are you okay, are you busy?

Is somebody there?

Yes, I'm all alone here, for you.

Are you at a party or something?


She likes eggplant.

Perfect, you're a vegan.
Fine by me.

I'll pick you up tomorrow.

Bye! Kisses!

What are you doing?

Okay, blondie, this is a sport.

You need to ingest calories
to burn when the action begins.

-Want some?

-Open your mouth.

-Want some?

Hey, Dad, have you ever
been afraid of failing?


What if you fail?

Like Pancho Villa said:

"It's not that we lost,
we just haven't won yet."

Oh, no, no!


Tell me about yourself,
do you have a family?

Parents? Do your siblings live here?

-No, I'm a single child.

I don't remember my mom much,
she died when I was two.

I'm so sorry.

It's all right, my dad was always
very joyful, he raised me.

How did you get this job?

You ask some stupid questions!
Kiss her already!

-One thing leads to another.
-Kiss her!

You know how it is,
one thing leads to another...

-Do it!
-Are you okay?

No. Well yes, sorry, it's a pebble.

So, you were saying?

-Rich girls with privileges...
-The China girl.

Do you mean Ayami?

-Oh, no.
-You hate her, don't you?

-It was delicious.
-She's hitting on you.

Whatever you need with David...

You need something!

We need everything from you,
Pau Pau.

Oh, do it, kiss her already!

The project is progressing
as planned.

Mateo made the changes I asked,
he did very well.

I need to work closer to him.

No Paulina, you have too many
other things to worry about.

I'll take care
of Mateo's development.

Thanks, but I think
Mateo and I make a great team.

We had lunch today,
we had a great time.

You won't have to bother anymore.

David is coming back tomorrow,
you know they're tight.

That's great news,
does Mateo know?

I haven't told him yet.

After you.


Mateo, have you heard
the good news?


-David will be back.

-Yes, everything's been arranged.

Don't worry.

Oh, thanks, thanks.


-Okay, I must go.

See you later.

-What happened?
-I merely talked to her.

I said we should
review the project...

...check the specifications...

...and that I think
you're the right person to do it.

But you need help.

And... you're going to help me?

Yes, but...

I don't know why...

...but it seems Ayami
doesn't trust the two of you.

-Why? Did she say something?
-Never mind me.

You have to focus on resting.

So promise me
you won't party tonight.

I have a meeting, bye.

David, at least pick up
Tilly's calls.

They want you back.

Coming, coming!

You know, I'm here for you.

I bought you a gift.

Well, you know I love you.
All right.

Don't you dare come out of there
or you'll be sorry!

You're protecting that damn
Japanese friend of yours!

That evil eco-killer!

You'll pay for it!

You're history, creeps!

My great-grandmother's
coffee table.

What did you do?
Those are my memories.

-Tell me something.

Will you tell me the truth?


Are the beers cold?

What? We need to celebrate
now that you're a hero!

-I'm not a hero.
-What do you mean?

-I'm a mess.
-No, you're not a mess.

-You're the best.
-I get in trouble because of you.

That's not true. it'll be all right.

-Get off. Stop kissing me!
-You're a hot blonde.

I don't like you to kiss me.

-Get off me!
-It'll be all right.

I don't like you touching me.

You may love me,
but I don't love you back.

Now we really lost you.

You're talking to yourself.

Oh, no, no.

David, David, hey, hey!

What happened?

Oh, yes.

It was the eco-terrorists.


Hey, them knowing where you live
is scary, isn't it?

Of course.

I have to tell Ayami.

Hey, you kissed her?

Tell me, man, how was it?

-Later, wait, wait.
-Mateo, brother.

Where's my present?

I mean it, you dunce.

-Mateo, hi. What a surprise.

-Are you home?
-Yes, I'm at my place.

I'm on my way.

-Right now?
-Yes, it's important.

Sure, I'll be here.
Is everything okay?

-Yes, see you in a while.

You'll be missing
one of the best Japanese sakes.

What did you need to tell me?

I came to...


I... yes.

That picture is really pretty,
where did you buy it?

I bought it in a gallery, in Tokyo.

I love it.

-Will you put out or what, honey?
-Excuse me?

Oh, I forgive you.


Sometimes you seem
like two different people.

Which one do you prefer?

Do I have to choose?

You're full of surprises.


But I... sorry,
this isn't what I came for.

I came to tell you
something very important.

Yes, well...

The eco-terrorists went to my place.

Yes, two of them,
the panda and the tiger.

They had bats.
In fact, they hit me here.

They beat the air out of me.

They smashed everything.

My great-grandmother's
coffee table was there.

It's been in the family
for eighty years.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you
is that they warned me...

...not to go back to Nisisaki.

Yes, but don't worry,
I defended myself.

I punched them and they ran away.

I know martial arts too.

What I wanted to say is I'm here,
I'll protect you.

I have your back.

Murderers, murderers, murderers!

No more concrete, no more resorts!

No more concrete, no more resorts!

Murderers, murderers, murderers!

No more concrete, no more resorts!

No more concrete, no more resorts!

Murderers, murderers...

...murderers, murderers!

-Where did you park?
-Two blocks away.

So did I. These maniacs!

Good morning, gentlemen.

-Good morning.

Good morning, morning.

-What now?
-Let's go inside.


Criminals, murderers!
You have no conscience.

-We won't allow it.

No more concrete, no more resorts!

-Shall we?

-Murderers, murderers...!
-Tilly, Otilio!

Do you know them?


Murderers, no more concrete!
No more resorts!

No more concrete, no more resorts!

No more concrete, no more resorts!

-Mateo, are you in the building?

-They followed through. Please come.


-Who was that?
-Ayami, she wants to see me.

You wore that yesterday.


-What's up?
-David, here's your lamp back.

I only borrowed it.

I replaced it,
but fine, leave it there.

-Welcome back.

What's going on
in this office, what?

-We can't work this way!
-What is it?

The system is blocked.

I thought Systems had blocked
my password to keep me out.

The entire system is blocked.

-I guess they hacked us.
-No way!

Mateo's PC has the same problem.

I guess he's more worried
about other computers.

Mateo, the computer is out.

Let me try, exit...

Let's see.


The thing is... Just a moment.

Doctor Santa María,
do you need anything?

I need a minute with Ayami,
it's urgent.

I'll announce you, allow me.

What's going on?


-We're being hacked.


Ayami, excuse me,
please explain what's going on.

-We believe we're being hacked.

How can a company like Nisisaki...

...not have a fool-proof
security system?

-Tilly, call Systems.
-Right away.

I mean...

Otilio's with Systems, we're on it.

-How long will it take?
-Beats me.

Give me an estimate.

-We're on it.
-People have to work.

The phones are dead.
I'll have to go to Systems myself.

Watch out!



-Is the phone connected to the IP?

What's going on in here?

Outside everyone's a mess.

You asked to change the computer
system to a more modern one.

-True, your dad didn't want to.
-I'll let him know.

Wait, Mateo look.

[You think you'll outsmart us.

[All you've done is stir up our rage.

[Mortal rage!

[Miss Nisisaki, as you can see,
we control everything.

[Give up, you can't win.

[Cancel that project.

You're wrong, you're the ones
who will be wiped out.

They think they can scare me
in my own territory?

I know every last corner
of this place.

I know where they are.

-I'll go with you!

They're in the machine room.

Doctor, are you okay?

-Help me!
-What's wrong?


No, she's gone.


Got you, there you are.

-I'm feeling a bit better.
-Better? Stay here.

-I'm going with Ayami, see you.

-Do you need air?
-Have some water.

No. Alcohol, the first aid kid.

Pick her up.

Hey, Tilly, do me a favor.
Let me know if you hear anything.

-Great, I'll go with them.


-Well, I'm going too.
-You can't.

Yes, I'll find Mateo
in the basement.

Why don't we calm down?

-Relax, Tilly!
-My psychoanalyst says...

Tilly, who the hell cares about
what your psychoanalyst says?



Where are you?


Yes, who is it?

I need you to help me find Ayami.

Of course, that's why we're here,
to serve you.

-Not this time, not this way.
-Why not?

It's your fault
the China girl was kidnapped.

She's Japanese. That's not true,
and you know it.

So you'll come with me, no tricks.

Did you raise your voice
or am I just sensitive?

I'm serious. Let's go find her.

-Open up, open up!

-You don't need to be violent, easy!

David, they took Ayami.
Follow me on Find Friends.

-Put on your seatbelt.


-Don't repeat what I say.
-I won't.

Okay, fine.

Aren't we driving the wrong way?

Oops, we're out of gas.


Relax, blondie,
nothing lasts forever.

What are you doing? No, wait!

Wait, where are you going?


Blondie, don't leave me here!

-"Passengers to China..."
-Shut up!

Oh, you're such a sourpuss!

"Bitter passengers to China..."

All you want is to party!

You had my friend fired, Ayami's
in danger! I'll kill you!


Are you so macho?
It's all my fault? Come on!

Come on, come on!

Go on, honey, run!

What a lunatic.
01:14:38,266 --> 01:14:39,934
- Yes.
-Does it hurt a lot?

No, I'm fine.

Mateo, thanks for saving me.

It's nothing.

-Oh, damn it!
-Sorry, sorry.


-Can I ask you for a favor?

Give me another kiss.

Our ecotourism resort is in
the final stage of development.

And I'm very pleased
to tell you here today...

...that we meet the highest
environmental standards.

What's wrong, Mateo?
Aren't you ready yet?

Oh, my pretty blonde,
I missed you so much!

Like the good old days,
we'll be together.

We won't be together anymore.

What's wrong with you?
You need me!

I tricked you.

And there's something
I'd like you to know.

The resort...

David, David.

-Sorry to interrupt, may I resume?
-Of course.

-Great. No, I'm fine, thanks.

All right, the...

There you go, much better.

I'll explain the project details.

When I'm done,
I'll gladly answer your questions.

[Shake your soul to madness.

Well done!

-Great, great!

I brought you this.


I'll be right back.

Kudos, man!

Kudos to you.

Now all I just hope
you invite me to the wedding.

-Shut up, man!

Yes, sorry?

-What was he saying?
-Nothing, you know him.

Sir, may I?

Your dad likes me better now, right?

I guess so.

-Did you tell him about dinner?

What did he say?

That he'd love to.


-Your drink, sir.

-You look handsome.
-And you look stunning.


Ayami... better half.

This is to you.

How's your juice, blondie?