Malabimba (1979) - full transcript

Bimba's mother has just been murdered mysteriously and the family is holding a seance to contact her spirit. As soon as the mystic finds her spirit things go crazy.

It's here.

I can feel it.

I can feel a presence.

A presence bound to this house.


Who are you?

Yes, yes...

It's a woman.

No! No!

I don't want you, go away!

Go away!

- It's my poor Daniela.
- Don't move.

It's an evil presence...

No, no...

No! No!

Go away! I don't want you!

Go away, you're hurting me!

No! Go away!

You're scaring me!

You're scaring me!

- What's going on?
- Be quiet.

No! No!

I don't want to! Leave me alone!

Get out of my body!


You're nothing but a bunch
of filthy upper class pigs.

Staring at me with that idiotic
expression won't do you any good.

This is not Daniela's voice.

You're soiling the good
name of our family.

You filthy, perverted,
two-faced whores,

you keep hiding behind
your good name...

but there's nothing but
rot behind your masks!

You're rotten! Putrified!

Darn it!

Somebody is touching me.


- Between my legs.
- Don't be an idiot. - It's true!


What's happening?

Make it stop! Andrea,
do something!

That's enough! Stop it!

Enough of this farce!

No... No...

No... No... No!





That girl worries me.

Perhaps it was a bad decision to
keep her isolated in

this remote house.

At her age she should
meet other people.

She's never set foot
beyond the castle gardens.

I'm afraid she'll become an
insufferable, problematic girl.

You should be proud of
your daughter, dear.

I would have never expected to
have a granddaughter like her.

The difficult phase she's going
through happens in

every woman's life.

It's in a time like this that a
father can play a pivotal role

in a daughter's life.

She'll have to get used
to a more modest living.

I'm going to sell the castle.

You can't do it! I'm your
mother and I'll forbid you!

The Caroli family has lived
here for fifteen generations!

You forget our debts. How
will we pay them this year?

There's still time to
think about those.

You're being unreasonable!

You don't realize what
we are dealing with.

You're still living in the
golden age of your youth,

so you don't see reality for what it

I'll handle things.

You've always been weak,
and this proves it.

You won't sell this house, your
brother will help us.

He has all the money we need.

Adolfo is a vegetable, do you
really expect to rely on him?

All his wealth is in the hands
of his wife, and you know it.

And unfortunately so does that so
called administrator she

brings around.

We'll never get a penny out
of them to save this dump.

Why don't you marry her, then?


Who would stop you from
marrying Nais?

That way, Adolfo's wealth
will stay in the family.

Mother, you don't know
what you're talking about.

Adolfo is paralyzed,
but he's still alive.

Do you understand
what that means?

Not for much longer, I reckon.
That's the sad truth.

You've always been
able to astound me.

How can you say that about Adolfo?
You're talking about your son.

I'm talking about our
family and this castle.

Our family has lived here
for three centuries,

and we'll keep it like that
for as long as I live.

Very well, but
don't count on me.

I'm sorry, Mother.

I'm not going to marry again.

Not even if I
have the chance.

Mind my words.

But what is so absurd
about my idea?

I think it's rather
clear, Mother.

Daniela is dead, but
she's still in my life.

I'll never fill the void she left.
Not for now, at least.

And it's very inappropriate of you
to suggest me to marry my

brother's wife.

Besides, Nais was right for him
because he was always seeking

third-rate harlots.

You know I can't
tolerate such language!

We'll talk again once you decide
to speak in a manner fitting

your upbringing.

Am I wrong or were you
talking about me?

Mother can be quite

You're neck-deep in trouble.

Your mother is more
clear-headed than you think.

She often says very
practical things.

You still haven't answered
my question, though.

Since when have you
become so curious?

Do you think the spirit belonged
to one of your ancestors?

I've never believed
in such things.

She seemed to know the family well,
though, but she didn't

sound very polite.

She was much more explicit
with you, as a matter of fact.

She called me a whore and
she was perfectly right.

All women are whores,
more or less.

And what are you? More or less?

I'll let you be the
judge of that.


I don't have enough elements
for a proper answer.

Perhaps your lawyer could
help me with that.

Feel free to ask him!

Or you could just
ask the source.

I won't hide any
secrets from you.

Help! Dad!

You and your brother
were never much alike.

Sometimes I wonder how you manage to
bear the dusty, gloomy

atmosphere of this place.

But you live here as well.

Not for much longer,
mark my words.

Dad! Dad!

- Dad!
- What's wrong, Bimba?

I was walking in the park and I
heard noises coming from a bush.

It's normal to hear noises in a

Maybe it was the wind or a squirrel.

No, no! I saw snakes!

Calm down, now.
There've never been snakes around

here, least of all in our park.

Bimba? Bimba? Oh, excuse me.

I heard Bimba calling, and...

Nothing to worry about.
She got a little scared after

hearing noises in the park.

Take her upstairs, please.

Get some rest, dear. You have
to study today, you know.

- You don't believe me, but...
- Rest, now.

Let's go, you can tell me
everything in your room.

Remember, our Lord
doesn't want us to lie.

Well, I see you're in no
mood for conversation.

Nothing much we could talk
about, to be honest.

I beg to differ, Andrea.

And I suggest you to listen
to me one of these days.

See you later.

I wanted to apologize about
last night's incident.

I believe a violent death
took place in this house.

The spirit said her name was

Was she one of your ancestors,

I could have taken some precautions
if anybody had warned me

about this story.

Have you ever experienced
similar phenomena?

We had never done a seance
in this house before.

I just hoped to put you in contact
with your wife's blessed soul.

It's clear that Lucrezia's lingering
spirit was still in this house.

Who knows how long she had been
waiting for a chance to speak.

Can't you tell me
anything else about her?

I'd rather change the subject.

There's nothing more
they're going to tell you,

Lucrezia was the black sheep
of the Caroli family.

Nobody knows whether she took her
own life or was killed by one

of her many lovers.

I'd like you to spare
us your cheap sarcasm.

See? He won't talk about it.

Where is Bimba? Why hasn't she
joined us for supper yet?

I don't know, Count. I knocked
twice but she didn't answer.

Good evening, everyone.

Good evening, Grandma.

Good evening, Dad,
Nais and Giorgio.

Good evening, Madam.

I see that resting
did wonders to you.

You look absolutely
lovely, tonight.

Thank you.

- What's for supper, Maria?
- Soup, chicken and vegetables.

Oh, no soup for me. Bring
me the main course.

You should try the
soup, it's delicious.

When I was your age, I ate
three portions of it.

When you were my age, you were
already screwing all your

father's friends.

Ain't that right, Gran?

What did you say?

Bimba, how dare you!

Mind your fucking business, I'll
say anything I want. Got it?

I want you to immediately
apologize to your grandmother!


Miss, please. You'll
make me drop the tray.

When will you stop fucking Maria
with this dirty cock of yours, huh?

That's enough, Bimba!

I've had it with your language,
go back to your room!

- Sister Sofia, please.
- At once, Countess.

I just don't understand.

Who could have taught her
such obscene expressions?

Come on, speak your mind.

- I know you're talking about me.
- Nais, please.

Keep stuffing your face
and don't interfere!

I'm part of this honorable family,
whether you like it or not,

and I've really had it
with your insinuations!

I remain adamant in saying she
couldn't have heard such words

from me or my mother.

I notice you didn't
mention Adolfo.

That's how you see the world: your
family and a few elected

others at one side,

all the peasants at the other.

I'm so glad that Lucrezia's spirit
is taking you people down a notch.

I know you see Adolfo as a
poor whore-marrying deviant.

But guess what, the whore
likes to speak her mind.

You're responsible for
Bimba's upbringing,

yet you're trying to blame
me for her obscene language.

You don't even care that she's
going through a problematic phase.

You'd be ready to disown yourselves
just to preserve the good

name of the family.

I won't allow you to
talk to me like that.

You're not only insulting me and my
mother, but your husband as well.

Is that so? I haven't had
a husband for five years!

Adolfo has already become another
memory in the ancestors' gallery.

And how dare you tell
me how to treat him?

I heard how much you respect
Adolfo just this afternoon.

All he is to you is
a living corpse.

A living corpse with a
vast amount of wealth.

That's the only thing you really
care about, but I won't let

you have a penny.

Then we'll see if you'll keep saying
that "A Caroli is always a Caroli".

You know, Adolfo, they want me to
marry your brother to get

all your money.

I may be an immoral whore, but
you're a bunch of hypocrites!

That's what you are! And you
stop eating like a pig!

- Where are you going?
- To see my daughter. Excuse me.

Please, stop crying and
try to get some rest.

Anyone can lose their temper.

Everything will be different
tomorrow, and much better.

Now be a good girl and
don't cry anymore.

But... Why?

Why have you done this?

To shit on you, whore!

Are you awake, Bimba?

I'm sorry about slapping you.

I didn't mean to. I
just lost my temper.

Please, let's forget about what

What do you say?

Forgive me, Dad, I beg you.

Of course, honey. Of course.

- It's all over now, stop crying.
- Forgive me, I'm sorry.


What are you doing here?

My, how rude.

Are you going to keep
acting like that?

A man's bedroom is not the ideal
place to respect etiquette.

You could be right.

But to me it just looks like a
way to live a moralistic life.

Puritanical, if you will.

Alright, let's
change the question.

Anything I can do for you?

Do you have any sleeping pills?

I can't sleep.

You must admit it wasn't exactly
what I'd call a nice day.


Let me see if I still have some
sleeping pills in the bathroom.

- Sorry, there's no pills left.
- A glass of Scotch it is, then.

That's something
you have for sure.

Here. Do you need anything else?

Just to drink it.

You could drink it in your room.

Don't you think you're
exaggerating a little?

You're my brother-in-law, after all.
I'm not a stranger.

Or are you afraid you'd follow
your mother's suggestion?

Leave her out of this.

- Your mother or...
- Don't even mention Daniela.

Cover your legs.

Don't be a fool.

Just my legs?

What about my breasts?

Did you forget about them?

Cover both.

You noticed.

I thought such things didn't
interest you anymore.

Cover yourself, I said.

Take a good look at me, first.

Don't you want to touch me?

Don't just stand there.

Take your whisky and leave.

Tell me, when was the last time
a woman entered your bedroom?

- It's my own business.
- Wrong. It's everyone's business.

You're strung tight
like a violin string.

I believe you should relax a
little, don't you think so?

And you'd be willing to
sacrifice yourself for it.

A sacrifice I'd gladly make.
What do you say?

I say no.

I've had enough. Get out!

You're either impotent or crazy.
Who do you think you are, Andrea?

Either way, I'll be in
your thoughts tonight.

Your eyes gaze at my body...

You won't be able to forget
it when you'll be alone.

Take a good look.

Long for my body.
It can be yours.

If you get aroused in
bed, try not to masturbate.

You'd make me feel guilty.

Good night.

- Where have you been?
- Minding my own business.

Who said you could
enter my bedroom?

You went to see
that wimp Andrea.

If he's a wimp, then I don't see
why this should concern you.

Are you jealous?

You're a big slut!

Right, and that's the
way you like it.

Come on, make an offer.

I'm for sale tonight.


You'll have to do better
if you want to fuck me.

You filthy masochist!

You want more, don't you?

- Take this!
- More! Hit me!

- Harder, you pussy!
- Take this!

- You're the real wimp, not Andrea.
- You like it, don't you?

Take this! And this!

Can't do it without
preliminaries, huh?

You like this, don't you?

Turn over.

That's everything your
virility can offer?

It's gone with a scream.

The thing is,

You're just a pansy, the
wreck of a typical male.

Nothing left for you now
but to suffer my nails.

Let's see who the
real masochist is.

Yes, yes, I like it...

- Like this?
- Yes... Yes...

You like this?

Please, stop...

You're all the same.

You're all pussies.

What about me, now
that you came?

There's still a long
way before I climax.

I want to cum too, asshole.

Who taught you how to make love?

You selfish jerk.

Give me your hand.

Let me cum.

Like this.

I know this is your
favorite thing.

Like this?

Like this?

Like this?


Deeper... Deeper...

Harder... Harder...

You like it?

Are you coming? Go on, come...

I'll come again if you
go on like this...

You're the best
whore in the world.





- Nice, isn't it?
- Oh, yes...

Kiss my breasts...

What are you doing here?
Why are you spying on me?

I wasn't spying on you,
I'd never do that.

Spy! Spy! You're nothing
but a damn spy!

Spy! Spy! Spy!

It's shocking.

I don't understand how a child
can do something like this.

We should have never
called that witch.

We stopped being ourselves since
she stepped into this house!

You can stop worrying, the
witch is about to leave.

How dare you? You're the one
who requested my services!

My mother didn't
mean to insult you.

She can't treat me this way!

You called me here to work for
you and that's what I've done!

There's no such
thing as witches.

I just act as a medium between the
worlds of the living and the dead.

Let me add that, after knowing you,
I fancy the latter to a bunch

of snakes like you!

I heard you're having a
fancy party tonight.

I hope somebody will
drive me to town.

I'll send you an invoice
for my services. Goodbye.

My opinion is you're all being
overdramatic for something

totally natural.

I guess you don't remember your
adolescence. No teenager is a saint.

Bimba has just a
delayed puberty.

That's the reason she's
having these morbid impulses.

Don't you agree with me?

I think she's right,
we shouldn't worry too much.

We can't just pretend
nothing's happened.

Bimba knows we took her teddy bear
and I think she also knows

we're spying on her.

Did you hear what
I said, Andrea?

I'll go talk to her.

I want to find out what's going on
in her mind.

It's the least I can do.

I agree with you.



Where are you hiding,
little monkey?

What are you doing?

I listen to the plants breathing.
Can you hear their breathing?

So you're not afraid of being
alone in the garden anymore.

You told me there were
snakes in the bushes.

I made those up, there have
never been any snakes here.

- Bimba...
- Yes?

Would you like to talk a bit?

I know what you want to talk about.

You're totally right.

I'm a terrible daughter and I give
you a lot of reasons to

worry about me.

I know, I'm acting weird.
I don't know what gets into

my mind sometimes.

See, Bimba, I...

You're the best father in the world,

you're the only person I really care

Will you please forgive me?

Of course.

I've already forgiven you.

- Give me a kiss and I'll
believe you.


- Two aperitifs, please.
- Thank you.

- We stayed here this year.
- Your drink.

But you've always been so active.

Oh, I'm no spring
chicken anymore.

- Mother... - Have you two met?
- How do you do?

- Have you seen Andrea?
- He was here a moment ago.

Maybe he's gone out for a
breath of fresh air.

I'll look in the garden. Thanks.

You sure you don't mind
driving me to town?

Whenever you wish, dear.

Let's go now, then.
You're so kind.

What's wrong, Andrea? You
can't disappear like this.

- The guests will be offended.
- Too bad for them.

I'm really not in the mood
for formal conversation.

I have other things
in mind, believe me.

Have you worried about Bimba?
Did you manage to speak to her?

It didn't help. Quite
the contrary, actually.

I've never been treated like this,
believe me. They're horrible people.

Thank you.

She's leaving. It
is about time.

Did you notice that sometimes Bimba
speaks with that medium's voice?

Like when that woman was
in a trance, I mean.

Do you think she's
trying to scare us?

I haven't the foggiest. I
just can't explain it.

Try not to think about it now.

I'm sorry about last night.
I behaved horribly.

I thappens.

I was hoping for a
sweeter ending.

I'm going through a hard time.

Bimba is such a nice girl.

We should introduce them,
my daughter is alone, too.

- Yes, this house is...
- We could go riding together.

Have you met Nais?

Pigs! You're nothing but
a bunch of filthy pigs!

What are you doing here, Bimba? I
told you to stay in your room.

You hypocrites!


Bimba, cover yourself

There's nothing to worry about.

The physical development of your
daughter is perfectly normal.

Puberty often brings some
psychological issues...

that will disappear with
the first sexual experiences.

And remember she's
sixteen, after all.

Her physical health
is excellent.

What about those
melodramatic crises?

You've never witnessed those, but
she seems a different person.

She speaks with the voice
of a much older woman.

Listening to that
is quite shocking.

My dear Caroli, her mother's death
must have deeply affected her,

and that's why she's trying to
identify herself with an adult,

she does it in order to
find some confidence.

Stay close to Bimba and have her
spend time with other children.

Everything'll be fine.

- Goodbye, Professor. Thank you.
- Goodbye.

Well, well.

- Nais! What are you doing here?
- It looks like times are changing.

I should be the shocked one,
according to the rules of the game.

What a shame, you
looked better before.

Please, stop.

Men usually look better
with their clothes on.

I guess you must be the
exception that proves the rule.

This is my honest feminine
opinion, of course.

I'm in no condition to joke around.

Well, you should be!

After Daniela's death you've become
a shell of your former self.

Don't you know that...

What I know is that you all think
Bimba is Lucrezia's reincarnation,

even if you don't have the
guts to say it out loud!

You'll all get hurt if you
don't stop with this nonsense!

Stop thinking about
her adolescence.

Think about yourself, it
will do both of you good.


And now give me
an honest answer.

What do you think of my body?

Don't think about anything else.

You keep teasing me.

It doesn't leave me cold, if
that's what you want to hear.

There's a void in my life,
and you're very beautiful.

So why don't you desire me?

Nais, please.

You mustn't. We shouldn't.

But why not, Andrea?

This is just hypocrisy.

You know what I've been through.

I can't resist anymore,
I'm going crazy.

Adolfo is my brother.

And I've loved him!

But he's been in that state for five

Imagine, five long years.

I'm a woman, don't you
understand what it means?

We've been staring at
each other for months.

Months that we
desired each other.

Our nerves won't hold forever.

We can't go on like this.

It's not right, Nais.

We've got every right to do it!
The right to live and to

love each other!

I want to live, Andrea.
With you.

Tonight you won't
be alone either.

I'll keep you company,
do you fancy the idea?

They say you're like a statue but
I'll get you moving, trust me.

You're gonna like it.


Like what you see?


You like it, don't you?

Take a good look at it.

It's yours.

Uncle Adolfo?

- Uncle Adolfo, say something!
- Bimba! What happened?

Whore! You're just
a filthy whore!

Oh, no...


Help me, Sofia! I beg you!

Of course I will, my child. Try to
calm down now, it's not your fault.

You must try to forget.

Put those at the
foot of the bed.

I'm still struggling to understand
how it could have happened.

Bimba must have sensed he wasn't
feeling well and went to

keep him company.

I heard her screaming
and rushed to the room,

but it was already too late.

Please, join your son and don't
worry, I'll take care of everything.

Thank you, Sister
Sofia, you're a gem.

Bimba hasn't joined us
for lunch today either.

We need to send her to a
holiday somewhere, Andrea.

It's too late for
that now, Mother.

She's too upset.

She's young,
she'll manage to forget.

Daniela would tell you the
same if she were alive.

I hope we'll finally leave this
house once we sort out the papers

about his patrimony.

I don't know yet, I
have to think about it.

What does that mean?

Don't tell me you'd like to stay
in this catacomb to rot forever.

Let me remind you that
I'm a fully grown woman.

Of course you are, but not that
mature when it comes to your

sexual behavior.

- What do you mean?
- You know damn well, my dear Nais.

You had that chump screwing you, and
he's just looking to get

Adolfo's money!

Don't you get you fell
for it like an idiot?

What did you say?

I won't allow those
sort of insinuations!

- Stop fighting!
- You shyster!

I know your game!
Take your hands off me!

At least try to show some respect
for poor Adolfo's corpse!

Besides, it's not up to you.
Nais can make her own choices.

She'll be most welcome if, as I
hope, she'll choose to stay

with her family.

"Her family", give me a break!

You're a nest of vipers, and
Adolfo's money is the only thing

keeping you together!

That's the truth.

I demand you to
leave this house.

You're not part of this so called
"nest of vipers", so I ask

you to leave now!

At once, Madam, and I'm
pleased to oblige.

You haven't seen the last of me,
you'll pay my services to

the last penny.

I'm sorry to bother you.

I wish not to sound inopportune,

but I feel I should remind you we
are facing bigger issues

at the moment.

Your daughter is very ill.

It is clear that the recent events
have taken a toll on

her mental state.

We need to look after her.

Professor Salvi asserted that
Bimba is perfectly healthy.

I don't see what we
should get worried about.

There's more than
physical health, Madam.

Sometimes, it's the soul
that can get very ill.

Are you trying to imply
that Bimba is insane?

I was talking about her
soul, not her mind.

I think we should feel responsible
for our negligence...

...and for setting a bad example.

Bad example?

How dare you?

This is a perfectly
respectable household!

Please, Mother, calm down.

Sofia might be right.

What do you suggest we do?

Unfortunately, my duty as a nurse
has almost come to an end,

and in a few months I'll take
the veil, Jesus willing.

I'd like to use this time to heal
your daughter's soul, if you wish.

And how would you heal her?

Through prayer?

Through love and compassion.

Two qualities that are
not of this household.

I agree with you.

I'm putting Bimba in
your hands from now on.


It's me, Sofia, open the door.

Open it.

Bimba! Bimba!

What are you doing in there?

Do you feel sick?

Open the door, Bimba.

Bimba, what's wrong?

- Why are you crying? - I'm sick, I
don't know what's happening to me.

Come on, put your head
on the pillow.

I feel sick!

Cover yourself or
you'll catch a cold.

Try to relax.

- Help me, please...
- I will never leave you.

I'm here to make you feel safe.
I want you to believe in me.

We'll always be
together, you'll see.

And, one step at a time,
your illness will disappear.

Try to sleep now.

Close your eyes and don't
think about bad things.

Sleep, little one.

Like this, yes...




Where are you?

Bimba, get away from
that door immediately.

No. Take a look.

- Have you gone crazy?
- Absolutely not.

I love looking.

You should give it a try.

Come on.

Just for a minute, I know
you'll like it. Come on.

Come on.


- No, I don't want to...
- You have to look.

You have to.

Pretty nice, huh?

It's all inside her.

No... No, let's go.

It'll be better for everyone.
Let's go, Bimba.

I want you to try to
forget what you saw.

Now you get why I'm
always spying on them?

No, I'll never get it.

You really shouldn't have.

I shouldn't have let you.

Don't be silly, we
won't tell anyone.

It will remain our
little secret.

Don't you want to be my friend?

- Don't you?
- Of course I do.

It's the thing I want most now.

I want to help you getting rid
of these strange obsessions.

- Do you really worry about me?
- Absolutely.

You're my only friend.
Don't ever leave me.


I promise we'll always be together.

- You can count on me.
- Come here, I want you beside me.

I'm too afraid of sleeping alone.

All right, I'll stay with you.


Why don't you take
off your veil?

All right.

The cap, too, it's warm in here.

I want to see your hair.

Oh, your natural
look is beautiful.

I wish my hair were like yours.

It's so soft.

You have such great skin.
It feels just like a peach.

So sweet.

Stop, you shouldn't tell
me these kind of things.

But why?

Well... It embarrasses me.

Why does it embarrass you?

I can't really say. I can't.

Oh, so you don't know?

You have breasts, too.

Do they look like mine?

Yes, of course. I'm just
like all the other women.

Can you show me your legs?
I've never seen them before.

Why do you want to see them?

It looks like you have wheels
under your clothes!

Don't be silly. Take a look.

You're soft...

You like it, don't you?

No! No!


Who's there?

I've already felt this
wind once before.

You rejected me, but you won't be
able to save yourself this time.

Your god has abandoned you because
I've finally showed you the truth.

No! It's not true! I didn't sin!

I rejected you! I did!

And you broke your promise to Bimba.
You said you'd help her,

but you left her
languishing in bed alone!

Why did you say those things?

That voice...

You're not Bimba...

You're Lucrezia!

It makes no difference until
I get out of this body.

And you're the only one who
can free me.

No, don't tempt me...

No! I don't want to sin!
I don't want to!

The only way to save Bimba's
soul is to lose your own.

You were the one I really wanted to
curse for all eternity, but

you were so strong.

But you can't escape me now.

You are at my mercy now.

You promised Bimba.
Now get up...

and take off your clothes.

Do it.

Take off your clothes.


Yes... Yes...



At last I'm inside you.

I'm in your blood
and in your breath.

It's as if you were born
during this very moment.

Everything in you belongs to me.

Your mind, your
soul and your body.

I gave you the knowledge and now
you understand what love means.

It's the tormented
struggle of your senses,

it's the subtle joys of ecstasy,

it's the wild pleasures of sex.

You'll never be able to get rid
of me for as long as you live.

Sexual lust will corrupt
your soul little by little.

It'll force you to seek more and
more pleasure, each time

more intensely,

until your flesh will
become a vessel of sin.

An endless hell of pleasure.

An endless hell of sin.


Where are you? Bimba?



- Hi, Dad.
- Hello.

- How are you feeling?
- I'm fine.

You look lovely today.

Let me take a good look at you.

Somebody broke my teddy.
Can you have it fixed?

- I love it so much.
- Of course, let me handle this.

- Don't worry.
- Thanks, Daddy.

I'm glad you're doing so well, we
were all so worried about you.

Sister Sofia did really
help you, don't you think?

Enjoy life. Your
body, your senses...

No, don't do it!

- Sofia!
- Stop! No!


- Bimba, stop!
- Sofia!

Don't go!






You're safe now, my child...

Get away, dear...

Subtitled by Francesco Massaccesi