Malý Bobes ve meste (1962) - full transcript

State Film Fund

Order of Labor
Film Studio Barrandov, Prague


based on the book
by Joseph Pleven

Frantisek Tenchik Ian Valasek

Yyrka Lukesh, Tomas Hadl

Karel Svoboda, Michal Prokop Kateržina Trávníčkova

Dana Medržicka, Radovan Lukavski Marie Sikora

Stanislav Neumann Miroslav Mahaček

Slávka Budínová, Jiri Goals Emilia Grusky, Eduard Kohout

Joseph Kozak, Milos casually Bogush Zahorsky

Ghana Krejganslova, Ferdinand Kruta, Marie Mareš, Stanislav Štrobahova

Zuzana STIVIN, Jozef Hvalina Zdenek Kutil, Jaroslav Kepka

Milos Willig, Adis A. Jaroslav Zrotal
and other

Emil Ludwig

Symphony Orchestra of Cinematography

Stepan Konicek

Boris Moravec

Fernand Waha

Ivo Gouf

Sound designer
Ladislav Gausdorf

Jaromir Janacek

Elishka Nyeiyedla

Ivan Vojtech Fritsch

Jan Valášek

creative artist
Erich Shvabika and Jan Procházka

Film Studio Barrandov

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What kind of morel?

Those new.

Let's go.

- Go with us. - I "ll ask.

- Well, yes, a sissy. - Oh, he's scared!

Who's afraid? Morels!

Listen to me!

Come on.

Cursed rogues!

Fuck, let's go already!

Already we go!

It Daksner, the one with the factory.

Do not mess about with it!

Wait here!

Now we will come!

Heh, heh!

Bobshi! Where did you come from here?

- I'm here with the boys. - Mama let you go?

Daddy, I've seen in a large ship.

- And the sword! - Immediately go home.

I'll drop you off a bit.

- Daddy, what are their names? - Ferda and Gerda.

- Give me the reins. - There is no time.

I still have to go three times for milk at the station.

Papa, please, click fashion more whip.

PRR! Hold on!



It ended well. A bit more...

The boy is still small. And that he had had problems.

It you were driving on that wagon?

Why, Mrs in cars! And the horses who were afraid? You!

You do not know how to work with them.

You are distracted by a boy!

Koney you ditched and look at these cans as they are beaten!

Better beaten cans than people!

You do, you know ... you even know how much damage caused, are you?

- You probably will be able to calculate it. - With that, I'll deal with you more, you ...

Good day.

Where have you been, gulona? Well, go, go, go.

And anyway, you know what tomorrow is?

- Well, that's it and you're done. - Welcome, sir Yakubets.

So, let's, let's, young man, come on, let's ...

Tak, first jacket. Tak ...

And through the head. Time!

First, the right handle, your grace so.

Yes, now the left, your lordship.

Tak. And one, two, op-la. And the order.

Here it is our Gonzik see. It will be Pan envy.

What will mama?

- You are my shkolnichek. - Mama.

What's that? Kuda happened to our boy?

- Well, well, well. - Thank you bye.


But, now that we tell Daddy Bobshi.

- Who will be the downpour. - We barely escaped.

We put here and ready. Well, where Bobesh?

- Bobesh? I do not even know. - For God's sake, he is not at home?



- Why did you removed? - In my soul ...

It's not at all Bobesh. Ugh, the abyss, show yourself.

What's the matter, Bobshi?

- For God's sake. - You, boy.

- What is it, Joseph? Come on, come. - Pull yourself together!

Leave me. Not fair!

Bobshy, arise!

Tak, come on, come on.

Good morning.

Oh, look, Bobesh. Good morning, man.

Bobshi, come here.

Well, you is the first time you go to school.

So, running, jogging, wash, dress up!

This Franta.

- Good day. - Good day.

- Gonzik! - Wow.

This braid, Gonzik. Their is only Admiral.

This anchor.

So what? All the same, this is for you sewed our directory.



The children are now the problem is correct, Mrs counselor?

Yes. I Miladke walk one will not allow.

The school will be led by its Zhofka. And how?

Come, Mrs counselor.

- What's your name? - Bobesh.

- Joseph Yanoush. - Joseph Yanoush.

Remember that. Joseph Yanoush. A Now wait.

So, Bobshi ...

Tell us a verse that you set for today.

When going goats near the train bodnula goat skin.

Why Boda, aunt? I butted a little bit.

All right, kids! Gonzik, stop!

- What do you say, children can Bobesh read poetry? - Knows how!

You are very well-read, Bobesh.

... What a beautiful picture!

This is not a picture. This carpet.

- Come on, let's do somersaults. - What?

Well somersaults!

This dry willow!

It? This I can do, too.

- Zhofka, please ... - Zhyuyu!

Bobshi, quick! WE WILL have to clean it.

Why should I be upset.

I'm a sick man. I should be treated nerves. And do not kill here for some workers.

So, now we will play a big laundry!

- What is it? - Well, when it a lot.

Hold! Tie him there.

And we will, as it were, to hang. And you're, like, Zhofka, you hear?

Do not soak, Zhofka! We do hurry.

Do you hear? Free I'm not going to feed!

- Do you hear? Or the first flight! - Miladka!

Miladka! Miladka!

Christ! Oh!

Zhofka water! Shut the water Zhofka!

So ... I love you ... It's a boy!

It is your fault! it is necessary to punish Tebya!

- You must follow the children! - That's her! O on the bowl dropped!

- It's you! You are the vase dropped! - Not me! That's her!

Such a pity. Mary, how terribly sorry!

I'm with you, Zhofka already can not stand it!

Such a pity! Tak ...

Get out! Get out! Out!

Leather, leather, each doing what it can!

Everything half price! As they say, for nothing!

For Grandma on underwear!

Buy bulbs! Red, green, buy!

Turkish honey! Turkish honey!

Turkish honey! Turkish honey!


And then see chocolate like a log!

That's chocolate! What, do you want Pepichek, Poleshko?

Here are your Poleshko. Then take the chocolates from the confectioner Haladki!

- Buy too. - I do not have money.

You should have told the house.

- Kuda you went? - Home.

Bobshi, wait, I know something. Not here.

Will you be silent? The grave?

- And why the grave? - that no one knows.

- Would you? - Well.

Won one grandmother sells there.

I will choose sweets, long, you know,

Rostral would look at me, a while you anything You take.

- I? - Well.

- But ... just can not. - She did not even notice.


Faithful Poleshko! Go home.


Hold. Kupi Me too.

So, boys, what you like? Well?

- And this is for how much? - During the three. How much do you have?

- Two. - Two would be this or that.


Oh, you brat! One buys, another steals!

Damned boys! Who would have thought!

I'll show you!

Dear Mrs., everything has its limits. If you do not want to pay, then move out.

Mrs landlady, please do not be angry, we really could not.

Togo that Yanoush earns barely enough for bread.

Look, with this I should hold out until Saturday.

- Today, Tuesday. - Always the same song.

Free you will not live here.

If he went to school, he must have a new suit? Hmm ...

That is, even if it is. Take.

Well, that was at school, tell me.

And, perhaps, you have a wish?

Here, on.

I'm not hungry.

I changed my mind, Yanoushova.

We will be so eternally bickering. Look for something else.

First you have to move out.

Fucking witch.

Kuda we are now in a cold go?

Bobshi, look what I've got.

Wow. I've seen it here so much.

- A one boy was here such a big ball. - Gustik!

Thicket, thicket ...

Come on, hurry, Gustik.

Thicket ...

- You were yesterday at the fair? - I Was. And I know something.

- And I'll tell it to the teacher Pan! - What do you tell?

You know.

- And you zapravdu say? - I'll say.

Beautiful, huh?

- And if I say? - Do not say. If you want, I'll give it to?

Gonzik at the fair stolen.

Gonzik at the fair stolen. Gonzik at the fair stolen.

Gonzik at the fair stolen. Yuranek said.

- And where Gonzik? - He's not in school!

Yuranek you saw Gonzik something to take?

Well, yes, he for real steal, yes.

I ask myself Gonzik.

- Who lives there close? - Bobesh! Bobesh!

Will you come to Yakubets, ask that a Gonzik.


What, we were not together in school?

To her.

- Where are you taking so long? - Well, at school.

Ah, at school. Well go through.

You do not want to talk!

Kto started it ?!

INN INN ... ... well, we would like ...

Mnn ... when ... we thought ... that ...

Do not remove!


Well, I did not know.

As it was, Bobesh?

Bobesh wanted. I persuaded him.

I will not.

Uh, uh, Pan Yakubets!

I will repay everything zapravdu, Pan teacher.

Marsh home!

Wait till you get home!

Go to class, Bobshi.

You see, nothing will happen to us.

- Voryshky! - Voryshky! Voryshky!

Voryshky! Voryshky! Voryshky!

Voryshky! Voryshky!

Children Gonzik confessed and promised to reform.

And I believe that none of you are no longer going to tell him that ugly word.

And still, it is thieves.

This applies to all, Yuranek.

Bet you can not catch me?

Catch me!


- I've not jump. - Yes hatched.

- You have to reset. - Do not pour down.


Would you like to be able to fly?

- Bobshi, you're not like all the boys. - Why?

- You're not making fun of me. - And who makes fun of you?

Yuranek. Say, I have a silly girl with a brick.

We, too, with a brick.

A if it will scoff at you, then I burst his pencil case!

But he is friends with the dandy of the fourth, you know?

It does not matter, will scoff at - I gave him burst.

I want to eat. Let's go home.

Bobshi, we dark.

You can come to us. My mama knows that you are friends with me.

Well, you live here.

Well? Where is that girl ?!

Leave Josef. You know that it is impossible to say when will drink.

That here again for the order?

- Tut will be in order! - I'm afraid.

Come on, girl, let's go. Come on, sit down.

- Tak. Op-la. - Not much! Ança!

- Do not be afraid, Marushka. WE WILL you do not give. - Where are you? Leave me alone!

- Come on. Let's go. - What?

- Leave me alone, grandfather! - Come on.

- Come on, Marushka home. - Ancha!

So yes or no? I told you, leave me alone!

Here it is, our meal.

- And on top of a shame. - Sorry for him.

If he had a permanent job ...

The last time he threw just out of the blue.

And if to you at the factory?

I can ask, can Daksner it will take.


Ugh, the abyss.

- Well, good night, Mrs Yanousheva. - Good night.

- Everything, everything, Bobshi, do not be afraid, do not be afraid. - Wait!

Do not be afraid.

- Put on anything. - It is necessary to bear everything.

Before we fire you reach.

- Hold. - Where did they go?

To help make things and to extinguish.

It would be better if this old fool stayed home.

- Mama, I'm going too. - You can not be on the street, Bobesh.

- What are you looking for here? - Nails.

- What for? - Something for nothing.

- And this is possible? - We saw and did not say anything.

- Yee. - The machine on the lamp.

- This is so cool. For the wick. - Give it here, Gonzik.

- I have something to eat! - Wow!

- Yoo! Show. - Give it to me.

- You want it to leave itself? - He's a broken.

Boys, go play somewhere else!

Then fall on you something, and I will be for you a waste of time. Go, go!

Marushka, look what I've got!

- And look what I have. - This is bullshit.


You know what? We will play in a fairy tale.

About Smolychka.

Marushka, went to us to play with our mills, which has a mirror.

Grinder with a mirror? I'd like to see it.

I did not tell you.

- Maruska ... - Hop.

So you're not friends with me?

- Yeh, Bobesh friends with a girl, a girl! - You silly!

- Who's at you stupid? - You!

Bobshak, you want to get a slap?

Would you like to get two Bonk?

If you touch me, then ...

So, what's that?

Move away from each other! Ah, Yezus.

Bobshi, well, you and the view ... Go, go, go.

Marushka, go with him, let Feeds.

Bobshi, wait, I'll wipe.

Leave me! And never again to us do not go!

Because you're a stupid girl, a dad you have drunk, and know!

Ye, this sharpener. I'll give you a pencil sharpener with stoklyshkom.

- I'll give you a picture of a knife. - What do you want for it?

- Would you? - I do not want.

Bobesh, what have you got?

I found it in the ashes. Did you see the fire, Miladka?

All brick with thieves! You stole it!

Just so you know, we found this!

- What did she say Miladka? - Nothing.

Miladka, you want the typewriter? On it magic.

Do not take it, izmazheshsya!

Let Marche give, since they with her friends.

Just so you know, we are not friends.

Gonzik ... Gonzik! Bobesh friends with Mark Veymolkoy or not?

Friendly. You yourself said it.

Children prepare tablets. We assume.

The last time we believed that the 1 and 2 will be 3.

2 and 2 is 4. But it is too easy for you.

Today will be difficult.

Write more carefully, taking the time to read this.

Bean + Brand


Show me too, Bobshi.

Yes, give him the tablet as well? It is his.

You did climb to the girls, so you know!

What? What? What?

Here! Here.


Everyone in the corridor! I'll teach you to order.

Well, tell him that it's me! Say, a sneak-koryabeda!

Ban Me director complained.

- Kto of you was it? - Bobesh and Gonzik!

Gonzik and Bean!

Boys, what's the matter today?

Kto do it?

All places!

Kto do it?

Sorry, no doubt. WE WILL were not in the classroom, the director of the Pan drove us.

No one, then?


And Gonzik.

Come with me to the office. For posters.

Tak who did it?

Excuse me, sir teacher, I threw an inkwell.

How did it happen?

I was going to withdraw from the bag table. Somebody put it there.

I did not do it.

Why did you put Bobshinu bag on my desk?

- Well, he did that from there ... well, that took off. - What for?

- When Bobesh ... - Well, Bobshi?


So you are no longer friends ...

May be going.

- Bobshi ... - What?

Do you have zapravdu Coffee grinder with a mirror?


- And you can somehow show? - Well.

Yeh, let's go.

Yeyda, Marushka, is that you?

Wait, Marushka!

Marushka ... I've already said everything Pan teacher.

Oh wait, Marushka! Take myself this pencil.

He was not a regular. He paints in red! Look.


Sensation! Wizard Carafa!
Only 3 days.

Qarafi! Qarafi !!

Ka-ra-F !!!

Abracadabra, abracadabra.


Sensation! Only three days! Carafa!

- Yes, it is a real wizard. - Give me this flower.

- He's a paper. - It does not mean anything, I would have been able!

So conjure it!

Well, finally appeared.

Mama, do you know who I gave this rose?

Otnesosh dad dinner. You know how to go?

- And I saw a magician. - And careful not to spill.

Well run. Hold.

Mom, a I can go on to the wizard?

Forget it, Bobshi. Folder receives very little.

Furniture Factory
Raymond Daksner

You see how much we have here?

What do we want to produce, since no one buys.

I hope you do not want to stop the operation, the pan manufacturer?

- What is there to do this lad? - You'll be someone?

It Yanousha, Pan master in order from the boiler room.

Over there your daddy, in the boiler room.

I have to fire someone. What remains for me?

It's your boy?

- What have you got? - The Rose.

So mom sent you?

Go here.

- What? - I want to consult.

You know?

Now you will go straight home before it gets dark, well?

CRR, and swim.


Kindly visit, respectable!

You see the biggest sensation of the world!

None of you can not afford to miss

the greatest wizard maestro Carafa!

- Only three days! - Man, this is it!

Twenty hellers, children half!

Do not hover, if you please, go easy!

Marushka, go here, go. Tut better seen.

Kindly visit, respectable!

The biggest sensation of the world!

Maestro Carafa!

Ladies and lords, who will go, will not be sorry!

Kindly go! Kindly go!

- Only 3 days! - Oh!

- Get lost, morel! - Come here, Bobshi.

I'll beat him one day.

What did you say? Kogo izobosh?

Be kind, be kind, be kind! Maestro Carafa!

Kindly go! It's about time!

- Marushka ... - This gazebo.

- What? - This house.

- And who lives in that house? - Come on.

There's someone there.

It's kind of our directory.

- your folder? - But what is there to do it.

Wait here.

Importantly, do not be afraid.

If we are all in this together, then Razrazi thunder, if not released.

- Tut because we can talk about it? - Not so loud.

Marushka, we will not go into the pavilion. Folder probably be angry.

- Grandpa, you should have seen it highly. - Well.

And guess who was in the gazebo.

- Well, who ... devil. - Not.

- Or, fagot! - Not. Daddy!

What? You are the spoke to him?

There were still some people.

Bobshi, it do not tell anyone.

- Even my grandmother. - And why?

- Well, why ... - What are you whispering about?

Yes I'm talking Bobeshu that I would go with him to the wizard.

Grandfather, you'd better not remind him.

Grandpa, will you go?

Let's Bring, that we finish here.

- Kuda too ... - Santa, for children are paid 10 hellers.

But no Gugu!

Not a word, I tell you.

On. Only polkiseta.

Why not the whole? Tabachnik you cheat.

- Well, no I already have a full, Zolotko. - So do not smoke!

So the children, cook for 10 hellers.

- On the wizard. - Ye!

Sorry, I do not have.

Qarafi. Qarafi! Qarafi !!

I will not go.

It Marushkina 10 hellers.

O on them I hid.

On the wizard's all go. And Bobesh.

Somehow we'll have it.


- Are you there? - Yes.

A now I nushen odyn hlopshik who is not afraid.

We fmeste make a great sensation.

Well, who is not afraid?

Oh well. Well.

Well? You are the?

- You are the not afraid? - Not.

- Gonzik not walk. - Do not walk, Gonzik.

- What's your name? - Gonzik.

Come on, Gonzik, here.


A now Gonzik, come on, come on.


- I'm going after him. - And do not go.

- I'm going after him. - Do not go.

- My friend, where is he? - It's coming!

- Gonzik. - How did you disappear?

- How it was? - OH you really bewitched?

- Where have you been? - How did he do it?

If you saw it, you would be amazed.

So kids, a now all go straight home.



You know, I want to tell you that you're a good lad.

Okay, that's it. So go.

And the dancer twirled like this out there, remember?

Yes, that's life.

Month man running, a then throw it.

Everything is the same.

150 people.

How many? 150?

- A Yanoush? - Yanoush? I do not even know.

Well, kids? You are already here? How?

Marushka, let's go. Go home.

Go play, go.

Well go, Mara, come.

I'm going to meet him.

- Mama, I'm coming with you. - As it is, you're still awake?

Well, to bed. Run!

- Joseph. - You, too, fired?

- Not yet. I need them in the oven. - Praise the Lord God.

I was a little delayed, we had a meeting.

- I wish you'd left the meeting. - Tomorrow we go to Daksneru.

And what if you do not agree?

Then we will go on strike.

Comrades, we all have to pull one rope!

Let's go there.

This is unacceptable to us so done!

That's right, comrades, we have to understand it!

Yesterday 150 people thrown out! A Daksneru that he lives well!

Sam belly filled, a we simply have nothing to eat!

- Pana manufacturers all rowing yourself! - A shame!

- ... a he rides in the stroller! - He will throw us too, when we remember!

We can not leave it like this!

We should join the strike! Otherwise, we lose all!

It all depends on our unity, the right thing needs to win!

That we have achieved that belongs to us by right!

Only in unity is our strength!

And so we have to fight until the very end!

- It Yanoush. - Daddy ...

- What will the family have retired - is Pan manufacturer is not interested.

But it is of interest to us! And we need to protect their friends from Daksnera,

even if he would send against us policemen and gendarmes!

I see, they do not have to wait long!

But we do not dadit shut our mouths!

- The matter of truth and our right to finally win! - Now what will happen?

- Gonzik, he will be beaten? - I guess it's yes.

Mom, gendarmes beat dad on the market!

- And he scolded the gendarmes. - They threw stones at the gendarmes!

It is not true. The gendarmes were attacked and dispersed them!

- We are in the shop window smashed! - Who?

Well, these socialists. A our father saw him being led away.

- Who? - Well, someone, Yanousha! And now he's under arrest.

Pash said folder to a Bobeshem we were not friends.

- And I'll be friends with Bobeshem! - And me too!

- I, too! - I, too.

And why should we not be friends with him?

- Dad says Yanoush - rebel and persuades people to go steal! - True?

Yuranek get you want?


- Bob-shek! Bob-shek! - Kids!

What happened? Again Bobesh.

- Yuranek spoken ... - Yes, bean ...

Yuranek said Bobeshov rebel folder.

- So it was? - Yes it was. It was.

- Yuranek ... - I'm sorry, our dad says so.

You young to understand what is being done outside.

Sit down.

I think that this will not even understand your dad, Yuranek.

Prepare anthologies.

Read, Bobesh.

In Norena ... under ...

lived under the floor ... ... a mouse.

Weep not fix anything.

I knew that the all and end.

Mom, please.

- You did everything on his own. - Leave you their useless question!

- Good evening. - Kind. - What happened?

Nothing, we're just here ...

Take it from us, both on its own.

And Joseph? He will return?

Well, yesterday released five. Today two.

- He will return. - It is up to you ..?

Please sit down. I like you to be happy ...

Daddy's coming!

We're not afraid of more than anything, right?

the end