Makuko (2019) - full transcript

Satoshi is only in the fifth grade at elementary school. He is unhappy with his father, his perfidy and the company he keeps. Enter transfer student Kozue who is different and exciting. She...

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Wait for me!

Oh no! It's Tadashi!

Hey, Tadashi! Come on!

Come on.

Dono! Just a second!

Show your true form!

What is he going to change into now?

Wow! No way!

"Wow! No way!"

What a weirdo!

It didn't work!

No, it's your fault!

You're weak under pressure!


I used to love hearing Dono

read the latest manga out loud

near the school entrance.

But lately, I've felt embarrassed

listening to him.

When I said that to Kimie

she surprised me by saying

it was because I'd grown up.

Dead End

Like grass that grows

after the winter snow melts

it seems that

I'm getting ever closer to adulthood.


hated that.

Be it yesterday...


or tomorrow.

I want every day to stay the same.


I joined a dating site.

A dating site?

He looks nice, don't you think?

Let me have a look.

Him? I don't think so.

He looks like someone who'd cheat.

Yeah, a real womaniser.

You have poor taste.

I'm home. —Welcome home.

Shima Onsen Akatsuki Inn

Welcome home, Satoshi!

Want a dorayaki?

Satoshi, are you a womaniser like your dad?

Hey, don't say that to him!

He's starting to look like him.

Oops, I made him mad.

Oh, Satoshi.

A new employee is moving in tomorrow.

Looks don't matter.

You'll grow immune

To even the cutest guy eventually. —Yeah.

That's harsh! —But it's true.

Was that Satoshi?

I'm tucking in.

I'm so hungry.

I'm tucking in. —Here.

I can't reach. —Here you go.

I'm tucking in. —Let's eat.

Here you go, Satoshi.


Thank you.

Aren't you going to eat?

I'm good.

We have a group of male guests staying over

so use the other bath.

Let's go together later, Satoshi.

Satoshi, have some of this.

We have to finish this by today.

By today? —Yeah.

OK. I said I got it.

Hold your horses.

It's Dad. —All right. I'm on my way.

OK. See you.

Hey, Satoshi.

Why didn't you wait for me?


Had a good bath?

Hey, it's your turn.

Did you see that?

She must be on her period.

What? Mana?

How do you know?

She took her pouch with her.

Are you a child?


Are you a child?

Well, yeah.

How old are you?

I'm 11.

I'm 11 too.

That means we're children of the same age?

I guess so.

But I'm taller. That's weird.

It's not weird.

In my class, Mizuki's
taller than all the boys.

They've gone red.

Your ears have gone red.

She's so cute.

Yeah, she's beautiful.

All right, everyone.

Help Kozue out if she needs it, OK?


Why are you acting all shy?

Kota, we don't throw things in class.

Oh yeah, Kozue lives at Akatsuki Inn.

What? —At Satoshi's place?

Kozue's mum is working there

so they're living there with Satoshi.

In the same house? —No way.

In the same bed too?

All right, settle down. Quiet.

That's enough.

Bye, Tadashi. Bye, Kota.

Bye. —Bye.

Please. —Wait.

Oh, Satoshi. Bye.


Let's go home together.

Let's go home together.

I'm going back by myself.

All right.

The used ones go into this bag.

The cleaning firm will pick them up.

We keep the fresh sheets

towels and yukata here.

And if the cushion covers get dirty

the clean ones are over here.



Akatsuki Inn Employee Dormitory

Hi, Kozue. How was school?

Hi, Kozue. Need something?

Help yourself to the snacks in the office.

Those two are a little odd.

Something must be going on with them.

That girl's so cute.

He's such a pervert!

What's this all of a sudden?

It's no good. I can't
do anything like this.

It doesn't want to talk.

This monster lives just to fight.

Boys. Give us a hand.

Now's the time.

Shut up, Period.

What's he going to change into now?

A sumo wrestler.

Is that an adult?

That's Dono.

Our town's biggest loser.

No, that's wrong.

The second biggest.

Hey, Kozue.

Do you have plans today after school?


Want to come with us to Mana's house?

Her mum's really nice.

And really beautiful.

And she bakes the best cookies.

Yeah, they're really good.

Satoshi. —Hey.

Are you playing?

No, not really.

What are you doing here?

I saw you, so I followed.

You came alone?


You know...

these are...

the ruins of a castle.

A castle?


Tokiwa Castle.

Down there...

are the stone walls.

Stone walls?

Yeah, stone walls.

Stone walls.

Are you getting along with Kozue?

No, not really.

Hey, be nice to her.

They've only just moved here.

She's so cute, I bet
he's being kind to her.

Hey, stop it. Get off me!

Have you brought your materials?

Did anyone forget?

Take your seats.

It's time to start the lesson.

3D self-portrait

Wow. This looks just like me.

Show me.

Stay in your seat.

Kota. Back to your seat.

Get on with your work.

What's up, Satoshi?

Oh, nothing.

Why are you following me?

I want to watch you.


Kozue, why did you have that?

Have what?

The cushion cover.

Cushion cover?

The cushion covers for guests.

You used it for your self-portrait.

So that's called a cushion cover?


Did you steal it from the linen closet?

If my mum finds out, you'll be in trouble.

It wasn't me.


I said I needed materials

so Mum gave it to me.

Your mum did that?


So, your mum stole it from a guest room?

I don't know.

She just gave it to me

when I asked for materials.

But why?

Your mum's an adult.

Doesn't she know it's wrong to steal?

She doesn't know anything.


It's her first time.

What is?

Being a mother.

What are you saying?

She didn't use to be my mother.


Why are you sorry?

Hey, what's so fun about that?

It's amazing.

What is?

I don't know, but this is so much fun.

What do you mean?

I don't know why

but we find it really fun.


Want to know?

I've never told anyone this before.

My mother and I...

came from another planet.

Another planet?

Yeah, a planet near Saturn.



We came in a spaceship.

It was such a long journey.

We're here on a mission.

On our planet, nothing ages

so none of us ever dies.

But one day, we started

multiplying rapidly in numbers

so now we can opt to die.

But we have no idea

what death actually means.

So we came to Earth to learn about it.

Kozue... why are you saying that?

Is that a story

from the TV, or a book or something?

No, it's the truth.

I came in a spaceship to learn about death.

I synced with a girl called Kozue.

That's why I have a human form.



My true form

is closer to the
self-portrait I made today.

My true form is firmer
and more solid though.

Tamura Kozue

Sugawara Tadashi.


So Rui didn't show up after all.


I bet he wanted to come

to the graduation ceremony.

I'm not surprised.

Rui's a big fat liar.

He's always making up dumb stories.

Like how he has seen ladders

that extend into the sky

and UFOs and stuff.

Come on, let's go home.


Let's go.

Hey, don't poke me, Tadashi.





I love you, Grandma

Well done.


You have to work harder in Maths next year.

I'm sorry for taking time off work.

I'm much better now.

You can rest today.

Mum says there aren't that many guests.

Your mother is such a kind boss.

She has been doing a good job

after your grandmother passed away.

What's that?

Oh... that?

It was my daughter's.

Where is she now?

Far away.

Far away?

Really far away.

The colour changes.

Of course, because your blood's flowing.

This never happens on our planet.

Kozue... listen.

You need to stop saying "our planet"...

On our planet, nothing ever changes.

Colours, shapes, hardness...

Because our particles never change.

Particles? —Yeah.

Our bodies are made up of

countless tiny particles.

They're always the same and never change.

Your body's made of particles too.

What? Mine too?

Yeah. But unlike our particles

yours are everchanging.

They increase and decrease in number.

They interact and exchange materials

with the other particles.

That's why you get old.

That's why your shape and colour change.

The particles that make you today

will all be replaced one day.

But we're made of
particles that never change.

That's why we live forever.

So, on your planet

your bodies never change

and you never get old?

That's right.

I envy that.

But one day

meteorites rained down on our planet.

The meteorites' particles
affected our planet

and even more of us were created.

We kept increasing in number

while our particles remain unchanged.

Our planet is in complete chaos.

Some of us need to die.

We need to let go of our particles.

For the future of our planet.

Saisei Festival

So this year, we're going with Kozue's idea

of using Earth as our theme.

All right!



Mana, I found it.


You found it?

There are lots.

What are you making?

I'm making China.

I see.

It needs to be bigger.

Yeah, stretch it out.

I can't. It's too tough.

Give me that afterwards.

By the way, isn't Tadashi quiet today?

That's true. He's usually pretty loud.

His face is all red.

Your face is flushed. Are you OK?


Why do you sound so self-conscious?

It's so funny.

During the festival

they'll destroy the floats we made.

They will? How?

The adults will wreck the floats

and burn it by the river.

Oh, I see.

Why are you so happy?

Kozue, I want to talk to you.

I love you, Kozue.


Be quiet.

I love you too.



Why? What's going on?

Satoshi's growing up fast.


He covers himself when we bathe.

Is that so?

Haven't you noticed?

I'm pretty dense so I wouldn't notice.

You're a lot more observant than I am.

Satoshi, what kind of float are you making?

Come on. I won't tell anyone.

Sorry, it's a secret.

It's your last, so make a good one.

It'll be wrecked though.

Well, yeah.

There you are.

About the other day...

You and Tadashi.

What about it?

Is it true?

Is what true?

You know...

when you said... you loved Tadashi...

It's true.

I love how fun he is.

You mean...

Tadashi, Kota, Mana, Mizuki, Anna...

they're all fun.

By the way, just now

I saw your mum smile for the first time.

She has been smiling a lot recently.

Your mum's an alien too, right?

We aren't aliens.

But you said you came from another planet.

In that case, you're an alien too.

Well, I guess so.

We can only sync with people who've died.


Kozue's dead.

But she hasn't accepted her death yet.

I can understand how she feels

that's why I synced with her.

Because I'm eternal.

Time has stopped for the real Kozue

but if we accept death, it'll start again.

By "we" you mean...

you and your mum?

No. I mean Kozue and me.

We're so connected now

we're almost one being.


you'll die one day?

The festival will be fun.

It's looking weirder by the day.


Look this way.




Good morning. Your breakfast's here.

The food's here.

Excuse me.

Where can we see the festival floats?

They set off from the school at 3.00pm.

They should reach Main
Street around 3.30pm.

Then there's the ceremony by the river.

I see.

That'll be fun, won't it?

All done.

You look great, Kozue.


Over here.

You're late.

Look, it's coming.

Saisei... Saisei!


Saisei... Saisei!

Saisei... Saisei!

Look. It's Satoshi! —Satoshi!


Saisei... Saisei!

Saisei... Saisei!

Saisei... Saisei!



Kozue! —Mother!

Kozue! —Mother!

Kozue! —Mother!

Kozue! —Mother!

Kozue! —Mother!

Kozue! —Mother!

Kozue! —Mother!

Kozue! —Mother!

Saisei... Saisei!

The ceremony will now begin.

Here we go!





Here we go!










Here we go. —Yeah!




Satoshi? —Saisei!

—Saisei! —Sir.


What's wrong? —Don't do it.

Don't destroy our float. Please.

Listen, Satoshi.

This festival is...

Fire! Fire! —Let's go!


Isn't Akatsuki Inn over there too?

It could have been worse.

Thankfully, it wasn't.

It was arson?


Sorry. I was lost in thought.

I'll need to find another room

for Kozue and her mum.

We're not going to
continue with the festival?

It's fine to leave it as that.


Our float is still intact.

You want it to be wrecked?

That's what this festival is about, right?

It's a weird festival.

They wreck what we worked so hard to make.

It's barbaric.

I hate them.


Men. I hate grown-up men.


Because they're barbaric.

They get worked up over stupid things.

They're stupid.



There isn't a single adult in this town

whom I can look up to.

How could there possibly be?

I most certainly don't want to

end up like Dono.

And my dad's the worst.

Is he supposed to be my role model?

What a joke!

They suck.

Why do you think that?


My dad's...

having an affair.

With a woman from the next town.

An affair?

Everyone knows.

Even my mum.

He's crazy about women.

It's disgusting.

I don't want to become an adult.

But my body is changing.

I'm becoming a man.

I hate it.

I really hate it.

With every fibre of my being.

I hate that I'm changing.

Why can't I stay like this?

I think it's fun.


Experiencing physical
changes is a fun process.

Having a body that changes is interesting.

If that's what becoming an adult means

I like it.

Aren't you scared?

Scared of what?

You know...

becoming an adult...

and then...

and then, one day...

It's just like the float.

We know it'll be wrecked and burnt

yet we parade it around town.

It's stupid.

We're forced to grow up so we could die.

That's what we have to go through.

That's just... too cruel.

Why can't we just stay the way we are?



It's fun.

No, it's not!

Are you crazy?

Aren't you scared?

Your dormitory was set on fire.

Your room was burnt down.


I don't want you to die.

I don't want you...

to die.

Oh. I see.

Now I know why.

Why throwing leaves is so much fun.

Because they fall.

Everything falls, Satoshi.

If they never fell

they wouldn't be so pretty.

Good morning.

The police are coming
to ask more questions.

What a waste of time.

Who cares if they catch the culprit?

Are two enough?

I'll make you some more.

Onigiri should never
be made using cold rice.

It wouldn't taste good.

It's best to use freshly cooked rice.

Hot enough to burn your hand.

Clapping dulls your nerves to the heat.

Eat up.

I'll have one.

You know, when I was your age

I was always hungry.

Hey, Satoshi.

By the way, I just saw it.

The dormitory's pretty badly burnt.


They say the police are coming again.

Scary, isn't it?

But thankfully, it didn't spread.


The other day

when I was helping out my dad

I ran into Rui.

What? Really?

You know, I called him a liar and stuff

so I didn't know what to say

but Rui came over to talk to me.

I should've apologised to him.

It's so boring now
that the festival is over.

I can't wait for school to start.

What's with the dog?

She just turned up.


I've seen her before.

You know this dog, Satoshi?

It's Rui's dog.

What's her name now?

What's wrong?

You know what?

Why don't we just tie her here... and go?

Without telling someone in the house?

Hey, wait...

Maybe nobody's home?

Oh, Satoshi, it's you!

Long time no see.


Yeah, it's Rucha.

I guess she ran away.

Wait there, I'm coming down.


Rucha, go inside.

Thanks, Satoshi.

This is?

This is Kozue. She's a new student.

She came last term.

I see. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Want to come in?

By the way...

Dono's here, right?

I saw him earlier.

Yeah, he's upstairs.


He's shy, so he might not come down.

What are you doing with him?

Oh, he's helping me study.

I'm learning a lot from him.

From Dono? —Yeah.

Dono knows so many things.

He's like a master, and I'm his apprentice.

Don't touch that!

If you do, it'll fall apart.

Did you make this?


School only starts the day after tomorrow.

I... I know that.

You're close friends with Rui?

I didn't know that.

You could say that we're friends...

I guess.

Rui said you taught him lots of things.

Just grade school stuff.

In return

he teaches me how to paint pictures.


He's my inspiration.

You know what I mean?


You could say that

Rui's pictures are like dreamscapes.

But he says he's painting what he has seen.

Even the one of the sky glowing?


That sand painting of the UFO

is a masterpiece.

That was a UFO?

That was what he said.

Do you believe him, Dono?


Don't you think it's a lie?

You think he really saw a UFO?

There's no way that's true.


what if Rui really did see one?

No way.

I don't understand...

why you don't believe him.

So, you believe everything he says?

I do.

I believe him.

If someone wants me to believe something

I'll believe it.

But what if it's a lie?

What... what is?

What if you found out

what you believed in was a lie?

I'll cross that bridge... when I get to it.

I'll probably...

feel hurt.

For the first time ever.

Say, if someone were to tell me...

they're an alien

I'd definitely believe them.

Dono, where did you hear that from?

Who told you that?

N-Nobody. It was just an example.

I'd... believe them.

What are you doing?

Don't tell me you're...

Who are you?

It was you, wasn't it?

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

You're the one who started the fire.


Were you thinking of doing it again?


It wasn't me. It wasn't.

I didn't do it. Please believe me.

It wasn't me. Believe me! Please...


But you're my dad's...

I'm really sorry.

I'm really, really sorry!

Then why are you here at this hour?

To apologise...

to you...

and to your mother.

I thought I could make everything right.

I know I have no right

to be asking for forgiveness...

but I...

I really didn't start the fire.

Please believe me.



Please wait.


Let's wreck it.

It might be too heavy for us.

Maybe, but we have to do it.

You should give it a proper send-off.

It's cruel to just leave it there.

A proper send-off?

We send it off while shouting Saisei.

What does Saisei mean?


The Saisei Festival...

is to pray for rebirth.

Everything disappears in the end.

Nothing lasts forever in this world.

But we pray that
disappearing is not the end.

We pray that they'll change.

That they'll live on.

We pray to give them
the power to be reborn...

as we send the floats off.

May I wreck it with you?

Saisei... Saisei!

Saisei... Saisei!

Saisei... Saisei!

Your name.


What's your name?




I love you.

I love you, Kozue.


Thank you.

I love you, Satoshi.

I've learnt to feel love.

That's why...

I'm going back to our planet.

I have to end this tiny eternity...

and transform it into a huge eternity.

Is this it?

Throw it in.

Do we need this? I'll put it in anyway.

Where's the "on" switch?

Spin, rinse...

Like that? Oh, whatever.



Do I look weird... down there?



Mine looks even weirder.

Disgusting, aren't they?

Both yours and mine... really.

It's like that for everyone.

Not a pretty sight at all.

So, it's OK... to think they're gross?

Sure. I mean, they are gross.

They're disgusting.


Don't ever hurt Mum.

If you hurt her again

I'll never forgive you.


Got it.

By the way

doing laundry includes hanging them to dry.

Wait, no. Folding and putting them away...

What are you two doing?



What are you doing here?

What about you?

Me? Well...

I'm here to send her off.

Send her off?

You mean Kozue?


You too?


Did Kozue tell you everything?


Well, actually...

she didn't exactly tell me...

It was kind of weird.

The other day, while I was in the bath

I felt like Kozue was talking to me

even though she wasn't there.

Like I could hear her voice inside of me.

That's how it felt.

I heard it again this morning, so...




Satoshi! Kota!

Hurry up!

Come on!


You're all here! What a surprise.

You all believed Kozue?

You did too!

Everyone heard her voice?

Yeah, I was at home when I heard her.

Yeah, I heard her on the way home

after we made the float.

She wasn't anywhere near me

but I saw her in my head.

Me too! —Me too!

It was like she was with me. —Yeah!

So, everyone felt it.

I thought it was just me.

Me too.

It's a relief that everyone is here.

Look. More people are coming.


I should've worn different shoes.

Yeah, why did you wear sandals?

You're telling me.

Mum! Dad!


Oh, Satoshi!

I see, all of you heard Kozue?

What about you?

Kozue's mum told us.

I have no idea what's
going to happen though.

I knew she was different.

Did you, really?

Don't do that.

Look. Over there!


Kozue! You certainly left in style!

Wakagi Sora

Everyone, if Sora has any problems

help her out, OK?


Oh yeah, Sora's living at Akatsuki Inn.

Isn't she, Satoshi?

Another alien?

We're aliens too.


Want to walk home together?


Just ask me anything, anytime.

Thank you.

Let's go to the Sazanka room. Turn left.

Do you think she's an alien too?

As long as she works hard, I don't care.

We have a festival here every spring.

All the kids would make floats

and carry them down the streets.

This year, our class made a float of Earth.

There was a fire that day, right?


The dormitory was on fire, right?


You heard about the fire?

I was the one who did it.


I started the fire.

Aren't you angry?


Me setting your house on fire.

Oh, right.

Don't you want to know why?

You can call the cops.


I'll tell you what.

Why don't you come with me?

This used to be Tokiwa Castle.

It's just a ruin now.

Down there are the stone walls.

So, you've come to this town before?

I don't know why

but my mum suddenly
wanted to go to a festival.

There was a certain float she had to see.

So she just left the house

we shared with my dad

and moved to this town.

She seemed to be trying to forget Dad.

It scared me.

I didn't want to come to this town.

I wished this town would burn.

So, I slipped away

while my mum was watching the parade.

I'm sorry.

I believe you.

While listening to Sora...

I was reminded of Kozue.

Some day...

I'll tell Sora what Kozue had taught me.

That all things fall.

That is what makes them beautiful.

And that our particles are always changing

and eventually they will all get replaced.

But even then...

inside of me...

there's a tiny slice of eternity.

Where Kozue remains with me.