Maksym Osa: The Gold of Werewolf (2022) - full transcript

Ukraine - 1636. Someone has attacked a battalion of cossacks that were transporting the gold of the Polish king. A cossack - Maksym Osa - tries to find the missing gold, but soon becomes one of the main suspects. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food




In October of 1636 AD,

Vladislav II, the Polish king,
the great prince of Lithuania, Rus,

Prussia, Masovia,
Zhmud, Inflants, Smolensk,

Seversky, Chernihiv,
of Lorraine and Barrois Vladyslav,

sent a generous donation to the Sich
to prevent an uprising among the Cossacks.

The last time the battalion
carrying the gold,

was seen in the border castle
of Sir Pshelutskiy,

in the middle of plague-ravaged lands.

The fate of the gold is still unknown.

I'll tell you. Those are lies!

Beasts do exist.
It's written in the holy text

that the Devil is fighting God
and the beasts are helping him.

Mermaids also do exist.

I knew one.
Tried to pull me into the willows.

Just like that!

But werewolves don't exist.

Greyhair, let me taste some of that mead.
I'm cold like a dog.

We need to make it to the tavern quicker.
We can get some vodka there.

If Osa hasn't drunk it all already.

Who's this Osa you're talking about?

He's the best escort
you can get in the Wild Field.

He can read all the signs and trails!

I know many stories about Osa.

I once heard that he returned from a quest

after his funeral
was already held at the village.

He went to the cemetery

and there was a grave
with his name, "Maksym Osa".

So maybe he can't go to hell now.

And the fish danced with the crawfish

And the carrot with the porridge

Two years ago
Osa led my detachment from Crimea.

300 Cossack.

Tatars still don't know
how we managed to do that.

With him - we'll be able to bring the gold
to the Sich, as quiet as mice.

No one will see or hear us.

And a good warrior
can always come in handy.

He might be a good warrior,
but he's greedy.

He might not sell off his own father,
but an uncle - definitely.

Pour me another one.

Wait, wait!

Dear Sir Maksym Osa,

should first pay up
for staying in the tavern!


And for 13 quarts of gorilka.

Here, choke on that.

That's for staying in the tavern,

and I'm asking good sir for 13 quarts.

I told you, you greedy bastard,

the Cossacks will come
and pay for everything.

I told you.

I don't see any Cossacks.

What if the dear Sir Osa is lying?


What did you say?

Are you saying I'm a lying dog?!

Hey, pour Sir Cossack some gorilka.

We have to be on our way already.
The Cossack should go take a walk.

Wait, wait.

Turns out, I payed and you didn't.

So maybe you should go
and clean after the pigs

and look for something to eat there?



You're a pigsty, not a Cossack.

You dirty bastard.

Sir Cossack, Maksym Osa,
still wants that drink.

Or you still want to talk
about the 13 quarts?

Nice gun!


Osa is probably warm right now,
while we're wandering the forests.

Listen, Bugai,
why are we wandering the forests?

You're the worst guide I know.

Yes, Bugai, that's right.

Greyhair, do you remember the story
about the Osa, when he…?

What's that?

God damn!

Is that what I think it is?

It's exactly that…

What are we gonna do?

Just look,
it's trying to scare us with fire.

We have our own fire for theirs.

So brothers, let's kill the bastard?

Greyhair, shoot that beast.

Huh… What did you say?

Hey, what are you doing?

Who's Maksym Osa?

Who are you?

Hey, kid, do you hear me?
Where's everyone?

Kelep, Greyhair, Bugai, Tambourine?

The werewolf killed everyone!

And you saw hellfire?

Yes, everything was burning.

And then Greyhair shot…


He missed?

Hey, kid!

And missed?

Yes, he missed.

You're lying, you son of a bitch.

For as long as I've known Greyhair,
he has never missed.

And who's that?

Hey you!

They will meet the dead.

But the dead won't tell them anything.

Where's the gold?

Where is the gold, you son of a bitch?!

Why is everyone dead and you are alive?

Where's the gold?

What happened here?

I don't know.

Tell me! Tell me!

Because I swear, bitch, you would rather
have been cut down right here,

If you don't tell me
where the gold is, what happened here!

Good day!

Who are you? Jinx no buttercups!

I would like to know who's asking?

I asked first.

I am Sir Karl Fogil.

Majordomo to Lord Pshelutskyi.

And who are you?

And I'm a fucking Cossack, Maksym Osa.

Is it better to say a crook, Maksym Osa?

Did you kill all those people?

It wasn't me.

This kid says it was a werewolf.

He said so?

Who is he?

He's from this detachment.

So he's probably telling the truth.

You better lower your gun.
To avoid anything unfortunate.

So sir crook is threatening me?

Very unwise.

I will repeat.
He said that a werewolf was here.

Alright, alright. Andzjei, get him.

What Andzjei?

What do you know about the gold?

What do you know about the werewolf?

Go fuck yourself!

Who killed the Cossacks?

If you want information,
ask the kid who was with me.

There is no Cossack!

That's bad, because you're the killer.

Does Sir Maksym Osa think

that the Fogil
and Andzjei killed the Cossack?

No, no, no.

He died from the wounds
that you've caused him.

Andzjeika, fire.

Andzjeika really likes fire.
Fire is pretty.

Do you see it dancing?

Andzjeika does it to himself
when he forgets something.

Ah! Doesn't hurt.

Where is the Cossack gold?!

How many times have I told you bastard
about humanism?!

How many times have I told you

that you can't fry people with fire?!

Sir Majordomo,

I have also told you about humanism.

Sir Joseph, I caught a bandit.
He didn't want to negotiate.

I was just telling him that he's
a dog that killed the Cossacks.

What Cossacks?

Those Cossacks.

Ah, those Cossacks?

Ah, those Cossacks?

Those Cossacks, fair lord!

I found this bandit at the cemetery.

One of them was still alive,
but he died later.

What about the gold?

It's gone!

What is he saying?

He's silent!

Try burning him with iron.

Maybe let's just talk
like civilized people?

What did you say?

Like civilized people?

I'm asking, sir…

I'm asking, sir…

For a dog - a dog's cage.

Sacred truth, Sir Fogil.

So, someone killed the Cossacks
and stole the gold.

We have a Cossack Maksym Osa,

who's entangled in this…

Sir Fogil, send pigeons to Warsaw.

I wouldn't want this to be blamed on us.

Where did I hear
the name Maksym Osa before?

Who's that?

What do you care?

I am the Lady of this castle. I care.

Oh, excuse me. Lady Helen.
I always forget who you are.

Yes, I am the wife of Sir Pshelutskyi
and your stepmother.

I demand respect!

So who's that?

A Cossack.

Maksym Osa.

Dad is blaming him
for killing a detachment of Cossacks.

Those Cossacks?

Yes, the ones
that left the castle yesterday.

They also say that he stole the gold.

What gold?

The Cossacks were transporting gold.

And the gold is gone now.

Did he say anything?

Go and ask him.

You know your way around men, don't you?

So where is the gold, Cossack?

What's wrong?

You were left without your master.

Alright, alright, quiet now.

That's their death.

Quiet, quiet.

Wolves will eat you.

Won't spare such a beauty.

Don't be scared, don't be scared.

Now, everything will be alright.

Only one left alive now, only one.

You hear me?

What's your name? Andzjeika.

Bring me something to eat, Andzjeika.

Sir Joseph forbid Andzjeika
from playing with the Cossack.

Cossack is bad.
A good Cossack is a dead Cossack

- Did you come up with that yourself?
- That's what Sir Joseph says.

Cossack is bad! Cossack is angry.


Cossack is very angry.

Good, good! Work more with your legs!

On guard!

Not bad, lady Marynka!

A woman with a sword is like
a horse with horns! Not bad.

- Did you bark something?
- Did you bark something?

Oh, the lady has an attitude. Very well.

I'm saying
that a woman should do women's things,

not play around with a sword.

And beating up your servant
isn't a difficult task.

Majordomo Fogil' isn't a servant.
Majordomo is a sir.


free the animal.

Sometimes simpletons need
to be taught some manners.

- But, lady, your dad said…
- And now I'm telling you. Go!


This is a bad idea, lady.

I have to inform your father.

Climb out.

Your daughter, sir.

What about my daughter?

- Oh, I see, things are pretty serious.
- You can't even imagine.

Take your sword.

Not bad.

I told you. It's not a woman's business
to play with a sword.

Finally, someone has showed
my daughter some swordsmanship.

And beat some arrogance out of her.


I see that Maksym Osa is a fair Cossack
and a fair Cossack needs weapons.

I finally remember
where I heard the name Osa.

Shut up!

Was that you who rescued the Cossacks
from Turkish captivity?

That was me.

So maybe Sir Osa will find
the stolen gold?

Bad, bad sign.

Why is he walking?

He's afraid of horses.

The fair lord believed you, but not me.
I don't trust you.

You don't know anything,

because you were just drinking
in the tavern.

So you won't find the gold.

Osa, doesn't it mean a small insect, Wasp?

Yes, a small insect
that can bite you very painfully.

I knew it.

I have something to discuss with you.

If you love money
so much - here's a zloty,

and leave now, Cossack Maksym Osa.

I will say that you went missing
and no one will touch Lord Pshelutskyi.

You Cossacks are all the same.
Like wind in a field.

- Sir Majordomo Fogil is trying to buy me?
- Yes!

Sir Fogil is buying you.
No Cossack - no problem.

Well! What do they say…

Good health to you and farewell!

The bad Cossack left?

Yes! The bad Cossack left.

Andzjeika, do you want to play a game?

Yes. Andzjeika likes to play.
Andzjeika likes games.

Then go and take the gold
coin from the bad Cossack.

Andzjeika will take it.
Andzjeika will find the Cossack

Andzjeika knows the forest,

Andzjeika is quick…

Andzjeika knows the forest…

Andzjeika knows the swamp.
The Cossack won't escape.

Andzjeika will get the bad Cossack.

So you, goddamn soul,
brooded your witchcraft?

Ae those your ropes, I'm asking you?
Or should I chop your head off?

A Cossack ran through the field
and the forest,

looking for gold…

No gold, no Cossack.

What do you know about the gold?

Oh, you are a true Cossack,
to fight with a woman…

Everyone is looking for gold here.
Some tried to carry it, but couldn't.

Where is the gold, you dirty witch?

A bit here. A bit there.
The werewolf ate the rest.

You crawl like a pig in a swamp,
looking for money.

Blind… Deaf…
What do you believe in, Cossack?

One, two, I believe in money… three…

A poor faith.

Or did you run because of the gold?

You cursed soul,
when were you last in hell?

I didn't run!

You ran, ran. You know yourself, you ran.

Where is the rest of the money?

The rest is where the beasts are.
Money is always where the beasts are.

Damn you, old witch.

Run, run…

If you run, you will never find out

where the money went
and who killed your guys.

Are you a Cossack or a pile of shit?

Andzjeika forgot…

Andzjeika is scared…


Andzjeika is scared!

The beast…

The beast is coming…


Evil lives in the castle.

If you find it,
you will find the king's gold.

If you find the gold,

you will find the one
who killed your guys.

And the fish danced with the crawfish
And the carrot with the porridge



Save me, Andzjeika is drowning.


Why did you climb in there, dumb-ass?

Cossack came to save Andzjeika?

Andzjeika is good.

Andzjeika has to be pulled out
of the swamp. It's very cold.

I'm alive, alive.



Ego affectus!

Sir Majordomo Fogil said
that the Cossack escaped.

As you see, Sir Fogil lied.

You dog…


Could Sir Fogil sit in his spot?

Sir Osa,

in our lands, no one trusts the Cossacks.

So we're surprised
that you have kept your word.

Please, sir!

Your coin…

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Did you find traces of the gold?

I found traces of the werewolf, sir.

What did you see?

First of all,

the beast attacked…

It's apparent from the traces.

Andzjeika is freezing, Andzjeika is cold.

So who attacked you?

A beast,

those are footprints of a beast.

A scary beast.

Did you see the beast called werewolf?

No, Andzjeika never saw the beast.

Andzjeika is afraid of the werewolf.

But everyone knows that he is scary.
Scary beast.

There is no creature

that can't be taken care of
with gunpowder.

But probably not this time.


why did you miss?

There was a loud boom!


there was a loud boom!

Farewell, Bugai,

you won't need that in the underworld!

Second of all.

Gold disappeared
and four horses lie in the forest.

But the fifth horse isn't there.

- So…
- So, whoever attacked the Cossack,

is looking for another sack of gold now.

So there is a third matter.

There was a person with the werewolf.

Is there any proof of that?

Yes, my fair lady.

There is fire.

Here is hellish fire for you.

Yes. Andzjeika loves fire, fire is good.

The fire was created by a human.


What do you know about the werewolf?


Did you read something in your books?
Also nothing!

And now, some smelly Cossack comes around

and starts talking about fire
and about people?

The same happened to him,
and to her, and to your fool.

You trust everyone!
Except for me for some reason!

I shouldn't have gone
with you to that damn place!

I told you,
you should have gotten her married.

Don't tell me how to raise my daughter.

As the fair lord says.

The dinner is over!


find the gold.

The lord said that the dinner is over!

It's over for you.

I'm still hungry.


His pure blood has nourished thorns

The freshets spring where love was born

He leaned to me, his frightening eyes

Have made me charmed and terrified

They were beautiful and wise

My love was born, my heart has died

Our kiss has sealed eternal ties

The ghost puts his cold hand
Over my heart, as frost creeps in

My thoughts and pains

Come to an end

I do not blink, I look at him

He does not lie

Does not pretend

"I am your death" - sounds like a hymn

Maksym Osa…

Yes, my fair lady.

You didn't tell us everything about
what you saw in the forest.

Yes, my lady. I didn't.

You don't trust Lord Pshelutskyi?

I don't trust anyone.

So what did you see there?

Maybe you met crazy Martha
that told you about the great evil?

Yes, Martha has a reason to hate Joseph…

Her eyes.

And you, Cossack,

do you believe your eyes?

What else is there to believe,
if not your own eyes?

And what do you see?

I see a woman living in her own secrets.

You shouldn't have come back, Cossack.

The lady is worried about me?

The lady is worried about herself.

Is there a threat to you?

Believe your eyes, Cossack.

Believe your eyes.

Lower the sword, lady.

Now turn.

Tell me, why did you come?

I'm Lady Pshelutska.

If you shoot, you will be skinned alive,

you will be covered in salt,

and hung at the square.

I came here to find out
what you found in the forest.

Right, right…

Lady has an attitude.


I found traces in the forest.

Of people and of the werewolf.

What about the gold?

Whoever is looking for the gold,

they have caused all of this.

And it seems that the lady
is too interested in the Cossack gold.

What are you implying, simpleton?

I'm not implying anything.

But I know that the lady would like
to escape from this godforsaken place.

To somewhere over the ocean.

Did Helen tell you this?

I saw you going to her.

Have you thought about her?

She also needs money.

What would the wife of a lord
need money for?

Not to eat pig heads every other day.

I see everyone needs
that damn money around here.

Even you.


even I do.

So what, lady,

did you find out what you wanted?

What is that you've got there?

Andzjeika is scaring the werewolf.

The werewolf doesn't like trrr-trrr.

Do you want it?

Do you know what that is?

This is coffee.

And this is a cezve.

Wow, so you know everything.

Yes. Andzjeika knows.
The old Cossack told him.

Bugai. The Cossack's name was Bugai.

Like a cow?

- Yes. Like a cow.
- Like a cow but a boy?

Also, Bugai isn't afraid of anything.

Yes. That's true.

But even he is afraid of death.

When Bugai is cut, he is given
something warm and tasty to drink.

So that he becomes calmer, more stable,

so that he isn't afraid.

So that's why they were
slaughtered like sheep.

They were put to sleep!

Who packed Cossacks for the road?

Lady Marynka.

You have ears, but you don't listen.

You have eyes, but you don't see.

You have hands, but you can't catch.

I can knock down a head.

Or you think your beasts will save you?

Old witch, haven't met you in a while.

I know that the Cossacks were poisoned.

You're the only witch in these forests.

So maybe it's your doing?

Give me what you've got.

So you think I've poisoned
the Cossacks for the gold?

It's sitting in the castle.
It comes from the castle.

- What's in the castle?
- Evil.

Great evil.

And you are the great good?

No. I'm the lesser evil.

It might be, old witch.

You better tell me,
why do you hate the Lord so much?

Maybe there is a reason?

Yes. there is.

I killed the wife of Joseph Pshelutskyi.

I delivered her child, a boy.

He died in her womb.

And the lady died with him.

I didn't see the umbilical cord.

So the Lord decided
that I shouldn't see anything else.

But he left me by his side.

I took care of him.

But then, a new lady arrived.

And the new lady began
taking care of the Lord.

But, I'll tell you one thing -

medicine can kill as well.

If you know what to do with it
and whom to give it to.

It's the beginning
and the end of one cycle.

What do you see?

It's getting greener.

You don't see shit, Maksym Osa.

Eyes lie.

You see one thing,
but I know something else.

Don't believe your eyes, Cossack.

How is that?

Cossacks were really poisoned.

Put to sleep.

Their heads were clouded.

But they were killed by the…


And whoever gave them the poison
will take me to him.

Don't believe your eyes, Maksym Osa.

So, Lady…

Tell me why you poisoned my guys.

Who do you think you are?
I am Lady Pshelutska!

I know who you are.

And I have proof
that the Cossacks were poisoned.

And this is a room full of poisons.

Why do you think these are poisons?

It's medicine I'm taking care of the Lord.

Maybe you're poisoning the Lord.

Tell me, bitch,
why did you poison the guys?

I will only speak with Sir Joseph present.

All right…

All right.



Sir Pshelutskyi!

- Did you want something?
- Yes.

What did you want to tell me?

I wanted to tell you about the witch.

About the crazy Martha?


So what,
has she something to do with all this?

- Turns out that she doesn't.
- Who then?

The Beast will come and kill everyone.

Andzjeika is scared.

It's scary here. Andzjeika is scared.

Bad place, Andzjeika will be alone.

Andzjeika will also die.

Bad place!

Whoever dies,

doesn't know anything anymore.

One is gone.

Evil is coming.

Lady is dead.

Andzjeika loved the lady.

Andzjeika will be alone.

Andzjeika will also die…
The beast will come to kill everyone.

- Andzjeika is scared.
- What were you doing here?

What were you doing here?!

Andzjeika heard a voice.

The lady was asking -
let me in, let me in…

And then she growled.
Like that - grrr, grrr. Then…

Was the door open?

Yes. Open. Andzjeika came in.

Was someone in here?

- Yes
- Who?

The dead lady.

Andzjeika will also die.

The beast will come to kill everyone.

Andzjeika is scared.

Andzjeika will be alone.

Andzjeika will also die…

Andzjeika will also die…

What happened here?

Lady Helen was poisoned.

By whom?

I don't know.

There are signs of a fight,

her neck is cut.

Everything is all over the place.

The doors were open.

What is in this flask?


There's a lot of it here.

What's that?

It's Marynka's…

It's Marynka's knick-knack.

Lady Helen took it from Marynka?

It's bad.

It's very bad.

Let me go! I am Lady Pshelutska!

I want to talk to my father!
I want to talk to Sir Joseph!

I have nothing to discuss with a murderer!

Don't call me father.

I am your judge now.

Again, you trust them, but not me.

You believe them again.

I didn't kill anyone.

Marynka is bad.

Marynka will be caged.

Everyone bad is caged.

Marynka is bad!


The lady does have an attitude.

You're a fool.

You're just a fool,
Maksym Osa if you believe all this.

I might be a fool.

I didn't find the gold,
nor who killed the Cossacks.

But I promise…

I will find them.

Excuse me, Sir Osa,
for thinking of you so poorly.

I see now
that Cossacks can be honorable warriors

and smart detectives.

Excuse me, sir,
for thinking of you poorly as well.

In nomine Domini Patris
et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.


I still don't know your name, kid.

Don't be mad that I yelled at you.

It wasn't personal.

I'll see you in the next life,
we'll talk there.

Andzjeika is bad, bad.

Osa is heading to the funeral.

And why aren't you looking for the gold?

I still have time,
but you're running out of it now.

What do you know about Majordomo Fogil?

Neither do I.

All I know… is that the werewolf exists.

And he has an overlord.


I know that as well.

You know what, kid,

it's hard to trust the living.

When you were alive,
I thought you were lying.

And now I know that you didn't lie.

Same with the Lady.

I thought that
she has something to do with all this.

Turns out that she doesn't.

I don't think that Helen was poisoned
by Pshelutskyi's daughter.

But a day or two in a cage
won't do her any harm.

She'll have time to think.

Here, that's for you.

So you have fun there.

What if it's Pshelutskyi himself?

He needs money, right?


And what do I know about Majordomo Fogil?

Right. Everything leads back to Fogil.

A peasant, a dog, not a Cossack!

Andzjeika is scared.

Andzjeika is afraid.

You should have taken the kid's shoes.

What if we dig him out
while it's not too late?

He's got a good gun as well…
And a sword.

Do you not believe in God?
How can you rob a dead man?

How else do we rob? We kill and rob!

Well, that's us doing the killing.
This one is already dead.

And we're giving him a Christian funeral.

Don't even think about that. Antichrist!

You know. A horrible death.

Being buried alive.
Maybe we should have finished him off?

A normal death for a Cossack.

They bury each other alive
all the time at the Sich.

In winter they dump them under the ice.

I would've even fried this bastard.
But we don't have time.

Fogil said that we still
have to transport the gold today.

Fogil talks a lot.

Do you know
that he poisoned his own sister?

- Who told you?
- Nachman told me.

So what, he poisoned Helen?

That's what I've heard…

I have a bad feeling about this Fogil.

Sounds crazy.

Crazy or not, we have the money.

I know him well
from the muscovite labor camps.

He pulled me out of there.

I know. All right.

The important thing is that he keeps
his werewolf away from me.

Right, we buried him properly.


that son of a bitch isn't going anywhere.

And that horny handsome stag

Jumped between the lady's legs

And that cock - nock-nock

And that goose - nice and smooth

Did you hear something?

And that goose - nice and smooth

And that duck - nip and tuck

And that chicken panic-stricken…

Run around the garden

Little chickens guarding and guarding

And the fish danced with crawfish

And the carrot with the porridge

And the seahorse with the pearl

And the Cossack with… the girl

So, you say that they've buried him alive.

Well, what a fate for that disheveled goy!

What did Mareck tell you to do?

He told that today
we need to grab gold from the church…

Thus, let's move to the castle, gentlemen!

Oh… So, Nakhman offers
to drink for the nobility… Cheers!

Good evening, thugs.

May I be damned.

Don't even doubt it.

Old shit…

So, friend Nachman,

let's talk?

Sir Osa, Nachman is a simple innkeeper,
whom no one tells anything.

Nachman knows nothing.

These two bandits that you,
Sir Osa, have killed so impatiently.

They knew something.
But I assure you, Nachman doesn't.


You son of a bitch!

I don't know anything.

I don't. No one told me anything.

I heard!

I only heard
about the gold and the werewolf.

Oh, so now you remember
the gold and the werewolf.

Who's behind all that?

Majordomo Fogil!
Majordomo is behind it all!

He's no Fogil actually,
he's just Marek!

Marek is his real name!
He's Helen's brother.

- Helen's brother you say…
- That's all I know.

- Almost forgot. Where is the gold?
- What?


Why? I told you everything!

In the church.

In the old church. It's all there.
And the gold. Everything.

And you said you knew nothing.

Damn you, Maksym Osa…

Drop dead!

Go. He will find you.

He… will find you.


Maksym Osa.

Or should I call you Marek?

- Oh, I see, Sir Osa have met with Nachman.
- Yes. And he didn't enjoy it.

Fogil, why do you need all of this?

Oh, I'll tell you.

You see, Pshelutskyi wanted
to build an academy here.

To enlighten people.

But he didn't realize
the value of this land.

The road!

The road that connects the lands
of the Khan and the lands of kings.

People would be passing by.

If not for the gangs and the werewolves
that inhabit these forests.

And then you come and ask for authority!


And whoever was in your way
are already dead or caged.

You're right again.

Well. I'm neither dead nor caged for now.

This time you are wrong.

You've died, but do not know this yet.

A good Cossack is a dead Cossack.


I'm a bad Cossack.

I'm a very bad Cossack.

The werewolf is afraid
of the trrr-trrr-trrr.


Andzjeika is good.

But the lady told Andzjeika
to let the beast play around.

Lady always says that.

What lady?


Andzjeika is scared.

Andzjeika is afraid.

Andzjeika is afraid of the dead.

Don't be afraid Andzjeika.

The lady is not dead.

I took some medicine and fell asleep.

While I was asleep,
did the beast come to Andzjeika?

He didn't come.

Andzjeika sent the beast away.

Good, did the Cossack leave?

Cossack is good. Cossack saved Andzjeika.

Yes, yes, I know.
So where is the good Cossack?

He took him to the forest.
The young dead Cossack.

And where is Marynka?

Marynka is bad!
Sir Joseph put Marynka in a cage.

I see!

So let's go to Sir Joseph?

He's gonna be so happy when he sees me.

Sir Joseph isn't happy
that Lady Helen is alive?

Andzjeika! Here. Come here.


The boy, whom you have beaten,

whom you kept in a cage
and forbid to play?

Andzjeika likes to play.

Yes, Andzjeika likes to play.

You ask this child for help?

You ruined everything around you, Joseph.

And for what?

For your dreams?

No, Joseph.

There is no forgiveness for you.

It was you who have forced me
to do what I have done.

But I will still try to pray for my sins.

And you, Joseph,

will burn in hell.

The beast also wants to play.

The beast also wants to play.

He wants to…



Andzjeika is afraid of the beast.

No! Go away! Go away! Don't!


The beast wants…

to play!

What Lady?

The alive Lady.

Is everything all right?

What happened?

Maksym Osa.

You should have killed him, Marek!

- I just…
- Shut up!

Where is he now?

In the church.

I left him with the beast.

With the beast, you say.

With the beast.


He will die there.

But. We still have
something to take care of.

- Let's go.
- Let go!

Let go, you stinky bastard!

You see, Joseph, what you have done?

And you could have thought about yourself,
like other royalty.

About your daughter, about family.

About the crest. About the king.

But no!

So you have it.
You can't even save your daughter.

Because you can't do anything.


try to.

What, Sir Pshelutskyi, can't do it?

Sometimes you can't make up
for your mistakes.

Oh look, the werewolf is back.

The Cossack died.

Because that was destined to happen.

What are you doing?

Stop, damn it!


Helen, tell him to stop.

Stop! The beast isn't playing.
Andzjeika, stop.



Damn you.


I'm already damned.

Maksym Osa.

Yes, my fair Lady.

My brother taught you
to fight pretty well.

That's right, bitch. He taught me well.

Shush! Sleep! I am your death!

The last time,

the detachment with the gold…

was seen…

in the border-castle…

of Sir Pshelutskyi,

in the lands…

Who is this?

A court clerk from Warsaw.

The fate of that gold is still unknown.





Huh, Sir Pshelutskyi.
So you found the gold of the king.

K… z… k… s…

Cossacks? Right. Fair Lord. That's right


Turns out that Helen didn't believe
that you could talk about that.

When God helps us, we can't deny his help.

If no one objects
that the gold belongs to the Cossacks…

Then I'll be on my way to the Sich.

But one sack is still missing.

The fair Lord will return
the missing gold.

But does Sir Cossack understand

that he can't tell anyone
about what happened here?

Sir Cossack understands.

Good, good.

Fair Lady.

You're leaving?

I am.

Not running away?

There's nothing to run from anymore.

Do you think that all the evil
in the world is gone?

You don't see the full picture,
Maksym Osa.

You don't.

And the fish danced with crawfish

And the carrot with the porridge

And the seahorse with the pearl

And the Cossack with the girl

In time, everyone has forgotten
about what had happened

and people started coming up
with their own lies about Maksym Osa.

People have talked
about the wedding of the Lord,

of the German Fogil,
about the ever-young witch Helen.

It was said that Andzjeika had two sisters
who have turned into dogs

and the Tail himself turned
into the werewolf.

But, in these stories,
there was always a Cossack,

in funny pants and with a long moustache,

who liked to make up his own lies.

No matter what happened,

all these stories had one end.

The great evil has returned
to these lands.