Mako: The Jaws of Death (1976) - full transcript

During the Vietnam War, US soldier Sonny Stein is saved from a pursuing enemy by a Mako shark. He begins to appreciate Makos after that. After the war, Stein finds work in the Philippine Islands as a marine salvager. A Filipino shaman gives him a medallion that helps him develop a telepathic rapport with Makos. Once back home in Florida, Stein decides to become Makos defender. A shady scientist who wants to research the sharks and a strip club owner who wants to use the sharks in a stripping act try to get Stein to use his powers to help them with their plans. Furious, Stein turns on the two men and things get ugly quickly for all of them.

Boy, I hope we get one.

Oh, I hope it's a big brute.

The guys at the office
will be green with envy.

Look alive, something's
moving around out there.

Oh, wow...

I got him!

Set the hook, set it! Don't lose him.

Give him a hand there.

I got it.

Oh, yeah,
you got him whipped alright.

Stay with him, boy, he's a big 'un.

Look at that monster!

- Whoa!
- What a picture he's gonna make!

- What the hell?
- What happened? Did you lose him?

- Must've bit through the line somehow.
- Oh.

- You see a fin?
- Not yet.

Maybe we'll still get him for you.



What do you want?
Your picture with a dead skin diver?


Hey, you!
Get the hell out of there!

We got us a wounded shark around here
just a minute ago.

Get out of the water! Sharks!

You guys really kill me.

Don't you know no better than
to swim out where people are fishing?

No damn wonder you all disappear.

You gotta be pretty dumb
to swim out here.

There's some pretty dangerous water
around here, mister.

Are you a stranger? A tourist?

Somebody should've warned you
about this reef.

It's the best damn
sharking reef in Florida.

Hey, Lee. Look at that.

We'll give you a ride back to your boat.
Where are you anchored?

Now, how do you reckon a shark
can bite four feet off on a six-foot leader?

- You had a tight line?
- Hell, yes.

But that line weren't bit, it was cut.

You, uh... on a vacation or something?


- Hello, Stein.
- Hey, buddy, how are you?

- Not bad, old man.
- Alright, good to see you.

- How are you feeling?
- Beautiful.

So, how's the family?

Family's OK.

You know, Sonny,

if people knew what you do
with these scraps I give you,

they'd run you out of town already.

Don't you tell 'em, man.


Here's a cold one for you.

- Enjoy.
- Thank you.

- Mm.
- And a nice hot one.

Eat. Eat! It's on me.

Eat first, and then you work.
That's what I pay you for.

If you don't eat, you can't work.

You know, you give everything good
to those sharks.

Don't deny it, because I know you.

Crazy man, you are crazy!

But you're crazy
in a good sort of way.

Me? Huh!

I'm crazy, too.

What's a marine like me doing serving
hamburgers and beer in a joint like this?

You're keeping me alive.

By the way, I got some goodies
for your friend.

Do you? Good.

Well, well, Mr. Stein.

We were beginning to think
you'd forgotten about us today.

I'm sorry to...
Something I had to do. I'm sorry.

Well, that's alright.

I always enjoy your view.

What a place to live!

Right on the edge of forever.

I must say, for a man of the sea,

you certainly have
the best of both worlds here.


Have you considered my offer?

And can we bring her over real soon?

We don't want to miss this opportunity.

This could mean a great deal to science.

I hope I've impressed on you
how important this test can be.

No one's ever filmed
the birth of a wild shark before.

No one's even seen it.

I have.

Oh, well, I mean a man of science.

Oh, but you know
how sticky science can be.

Unless ten men with PhDs see it,
nobody will believe them,

and, uh...
even then they're attacked.

I've seen it.

I can tell you, you can tell them.

But they won't believe me,

unless it's done
under laboratory conditions.

But she wasn't made pregnant
under laboratory conditions.

Maybe they won't even
believe that either, huh?

Oh, come on, now,
you know what I mean.

Yes, Mr. Whitney,
I know what you mean.

You see...

it doesn't make any difference
what science thinks, because...

what is... is.

I mean, if they don't believe it...

it doesn't change what is.

Maybe it's better they just don't know.

It makes them dumb.

But the more we know about sharks,

the better we'll be able
to protect ourselves from them.

Look, the birth of a shark

is the first step in understanding
the entire life cycle of a dangerous creature.

How else are we going to find out
what the best thing to do should be

when a shark starts circling?

Maybe there's something we could do
to keep from being attacked.

There is.

Swim away.

Oh, just like that!

Just like that.

Ain't that something?

Crazy as a bedbug.

Which one?

All we're trying to do

is learn to understand them,

so that man can get along better.

Now, isn't that what you really want?


If you won't help,

then don't complain
when federal legislation is passed

naming shark a bounty fish.

A bounty fish?

- Oh, you haven't heard?
- No.

Oh, well, they're contemplating
placing bounty on shark,

like they did on wolves and coyote.

And you know what that did to them.

What does a bounty mean?

Well, the government feels that,

until we learn more about sharks,
it's best to clean out...

They can't go ahead
and just kill all the sharks

because they don't understand them, now,
can they? Then put a bounty on 'em.

Well, that's what they say.

Of course, if you want to help...

I have your check for the last shipment.

I have to be going now.

But let me know
if you change your mind.

The sooner we get started,

the better it'll be for all of us.

- Mr. Whitney...
- Hmm?

I'll have Matilda there on Saturday.

I want them all back in a week.

Just like I promised.

Oh, um... I'll need four more whitetip
before the end of the month.



- Got the female?
- Naturally.

He's bringing her in on Saturday,

and her name is Matilda.

Can you imagine that guy?


I wouldn't be surprised if them baby sharks
don't all come out just looking like him.

You can make fun of him if you want,

but make certain
that he doesn't catch you at it,

until you find out
where he's catching those sharks.

Then you can have all the fun you want.

But in the meantime,
remember we need him,

so take it easy.

We'll take good care of him.

Is he taking a shark home to mama?

"This is my sweetheart,
Matilda the shark."

Sammy, did you hear that?

They're gonna put a bounty on you
unless we can do something about it.

Look, I don't wanna send Matilda there
to have her babies, I really don't,

but what can I do?

You're just gonna have
to trust me, Sammy,

to do the best I can for all of us.

Well, I gotta go make my rounds now.

I'm gonna bring you back
something real good to eat, OK?

- Hello, Sonny.
- Hi, how are you doing?

- OK. Beer?
- Yeah, please.

Hey, Charlie.

Would you?

Not unless she asked me real nice.

How do you like that? Evening!

What do you say, Tim?

Hi, Ernie. Yeah! Mm!

Hey, there!

Man, would you look at that!

8,500 bucks I put in that damn tank -
nobody looks!

Maybe I ought to take off all her clothes
or something, huh?

Man, we'd better do something.

Look at 'em.
They don't even know she's here.

Man, that's gone down
like a lead balloon.

She'd better think of something.

Oh, don't tell her
I'm going home with Billy tonight.

I got something I gotta talk over.

Oh, yeah, tell her the keys to my car
are in the desk.

- Alright?
- OK, Barney.

Yeah, man...

Hey, Barney, how you doing?

How about another one, Sonny?

- Well, all I got is a few...
- Oh, come on.

- On me. Sure.
- OK, thanks.


I see Peck's bad boys are at it again.

They really get their jollies
every payday.


I can't stand that woman.
She's driving me crazy.

Hey! Another round!

- One more round!
- Yes.

- How about a drink?
- Yes, something soft.


Well, what's new
in the world of crime?

You hear about that boat
we found adrift a little while ago?


Uh, wait a minute,
wait a minute, uh...

- Wait, that boat last year?
- Mm-hmm.

Third one this year.

Damnest thing I ever saw.

- Just vanished!
- Yeah.


Skipper, a mate,
some dude from up north.

No trace, no how.

Out of gas, or...

- What do you think happened?
- I don't know.

But I do know the Chamber of Commerce
is gonna hit the ceiling on this one.

It's bad for the tourist business.

I bet!

Thank you very much.

Hey, Bob, we're straight, huh?

Alright, Bobby.

Get out of the way for Pete and me!

Hey, come on, you guys.

I said, "Get out of here!"

Go home!
Go home and sleep it off!

I mean it!

You filthy skunk!

You low-life bastard! Let me go!

- Be nice to Pete.
- Get out of here!

Come on, baby!

You... come on now!

Be nice to old Pete.

- Barney will kill you!
- Shit!

Your husband's too fat
to kill a fly.

Come on,
be nice to old Pete there.

Let her go, Pete.

Hey, hey! Lookie here!

It's our little shark lover.

What do you want, boy?

Wanna see what real men do
with real women?

Look at this here.

Get away from me!

Come on.
Have a bottle of beer.


OK, shark boy.

I'm gonna break your fin.

Son of a...


Those creeps!

- Barney's gonna kill 'em.
- Did they hurt you?

No, I'm alright.

No, don't touch me. Don't touch me.

I can't move your car.

But you have to.

- Come on.
- Where are we going?

I'm late, let's go.

- Will you take me home?
- Get in.

What are you doing?
Why have we stopped?

I'm a little late in feeding my, uh...
my friends.

They expect me to be there at a certain time.
They're very upset if I'm not.

You wait here, I'll be back soon.

Where are you going?

Hey! You can't leave me here.
Take me home.

I'll take you home when I get back.

I'll be gone about half hour,
45 minutes.

Oh, great!

Come on, sport. Will you take me home?
It's only a couple more miles.

You can wait or you can walk.
It's not that far.

You know, I don't understand you.

First you come on like Sir Galahad,

and then you ask me to walk home
in the middle of the night.

What's with you anyway?

I got friends.

They depend on me.

What do you want me to do
if those two creeps come along?

Blow the horn?

You know, I got better things to do
with my time

than wait on some garbage collector.

You can wait or walk, it's your choice.

Oh, I get it.
I forgot to thank you.

Thank you, Sir Galahad, thank you.

Hey! Hey, where are you going?

I told you.
I gotta feed my friends.


Out there.

- Out where?
- My island. I... I live out there.

I'll be back soon.

You wait.

Hey! Hey!

Wait for me. Wait a minute.

I'll wait here.

Hey! Wait! I changed my...
changed my mind.

Hey, where are you?

Calm it, Karen, you got yourself
in worse jams than this.

Devil of a life!

- You'd better wait outside.
- Why?

What are you feeding?

You might not understand.

So, what's to understand?

Feed your friends,
and let's get out of here.


- You're cut.
- Mm?

- You're bleeding.
- Oh, that's nothing. It's just...

Nothing? You don't bleed
like that for nothing.

You sit down
and let me take a look.

- Take your shirt off.
- OK, nurse.

Easy. Easy.

- Yep.
- If my husband had a cut like that on his arm,

he'd be in intensive care for a month.

It's not that bad.

Look, uh...

You know, you're quite a guy.

You got something around?
I'll patch it up for you.

Oh, I got something in a box over there.
Don't worry about it. Sit down.

It's OK, really.

What's this?

Yeah, you always wear that.

Did you get it around here?

No, not around here.

This came from the South Seas.

The South Seas! Huh!

Boy, could I handle that! Where?

A place called Bazalani.

It's in Mindanao, in the southern part
of the Philippine Islands.

Man, do I love to hear those names!

Tell me, did...

Did some big chief
decorate you for, um...

for rescuing his daughter
like you did me?


If I tell you how I got it, though,
you won't laugh at me?

Laugh? No.


I was hired by a salvage company,

and we were recovering
some copper and lead

that was on a ship sunk by the Japanese
during the war.

And one day,
we were diving on the wreck,

and accidentally we found
there was some gold in the ship's safe.

Some bandits in the mountains,
they heard about our discovery,

and they swept down
and raided our camp.

They killed a lot of people, and...

they shot up the place real bad.

So I took off into the jungle.

I wasn't about to get killed
for five or six gold bars.

I knew they had sent
a couple of crack men after me.

They had no intention
of letting any of us get away.

We had seen too much.

Then I came to this small inlet.

There I found
that I had a decision to make.

One that would affect my life
from that day on.


The old man told me that the inlet
was a very special place

where he went to give sacrifice
to their shark god.

His people made a living from the sea.

They could only survive through the good
graces of the most powerful force they knew.

The shark.

I had done what no man had dared to try,

and by their sparing my life,
and killing those who would've killed me,

I became a member of the shark clan.

So, in return for my life,

as long as I wear my medallion,

I'll find friends everywhere
amongst the sharks.

So I've tried to pay back a debt that...

I really can't pay.

No, wait a minute.

You live around here,

and you feed your friends...

- You're not trying to tell me...
- Come on, I'll show you.


They're there,
they're just a little shy at first.

- Shy sharks?
- Mm-hmm.


I don't believe it.

You don't have to be afraid
of them either.

You don't have to be afraid of any shark
when you're with me.

The way you swim,
and the way you move,

you'd be a natural.

- A natural?
- Mm-hmm.

Who, me?

Uh-uh, no way.

You're not playing with the full deck.

Look, I'm not crazy,
if that's what you mean.

The sharks are a very misunderstood
creature, they're...

They are predators, but so are we,
I mean, we...

we kill cattle and chickens
to survive, don't we?

- Hmm?
- But not that way!


You've never been in a slaughterhouse,

you've never heard the cries,
smelt the blood.



What are you doing?

Look at me. You don't have
to prove anything to me, honestly.

Now, am I crazy?

I think I'm going a little haywire.

What are you trying to do,
scare me to death?

Wait a minute.

I was perfectly safe.

You see, these are my friends.

I owe them my life,
now they are my life.

You really believe in what you're doing?

I never met a man quite like you.

Why don't you come in for a drink?

When Barney finds out what you did for me,
he'll wanna pay you something.


No, listen, you take it, you understand?
He's loaded.

Come on in.

No, thanks. I'd better get back.

Suit yourself.

You know, he's probably got the Marines
out looking for me by now.

I'll see you.

Now, she's been gone
long enough,

and I wanna know where she is.

Oh, you do me a favor
and go out and check?

What, is that
too much trouble for you?

Never mind, never mind, forget it.
Here she is now.

Where the hell have you been?
You left two hours ago.

You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

I just crave a drink.

What happened?
You been raped or something?

Where did you get that t... Hey!

What have you been up to?
You been screwing around?

Damn you, I warned you about that.

I ought to belt the hell out of you.

Don't you go accusing me of anything,
you idiot.

For your information,
I almost did get raped.

By two of your friends,
Pete and Charlie.

And I want them arrested.

Then I want you to go down there
and beat the hell out of them.

And if you can't do that, sit down!

They're two of my best customers.

- They wouldn't do that.
- Best customers?

Is that all you ever think of, Barney,
your bloody cash register?

Now, I'm your wife.

And you'd better start standing up for me,
you understand?

Alright, alright, don't get so uptight.

Tell me what happened,
and I'll take care of it tomorrow.



Tell me the whole story, will you?

And you know, I ain't gonna buy it.

Well, I got to admit,
you must be telling me the truth.

Nobody can make up a story like that.

I'll tell you,
we got something else to talk about.

Baby, that act of yours
just ain't working.

We gotta do something to put
some pizzazz in, you know what I mean?

Most people are falling asleep out there.

Forget it, Barney,
I'm not going in nude.

I have enough trouble getting on now.

- Yeah, but listen...
- No buts! No!

Alright, don't get so damn uptight!

You ain't got nothing to lose.

Well, anyway,

we'll talk about it tomorrow.

Come on in, the water's great!

I'm waterlogged enough.

Besides, I'll stick to my nice, safe tank.

I'm no Sonny Stein.

Come on! No shark can get in here.

What do you think
I had this special net made for?

I think I'll mix myself another drink
and go to bed.


Nice, safe tank, huh?

Nice, safe, boring tank!

I wish the hell
she was more like that Stein jerk.

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Karen!

Man, I got it! I got it!

I know how we can really
put your act together.

Wait till you hear this.
It'll kill you.

Will you look at that?

Man, what a beast!

Are you sure it can't get out?

Nah! That plastic barrier is tough.

The customers will never know
you ain't really in there with that shark.

And I'll tell you now...
Oh, by the way, man.

Look, like, we - that is Karen -
really appreciate everything, you know?

So, like, what's the damage?

I never sell my sharks, I...

I told Karen I would lend them to her
just to see if he liked it.

I'm not sure about this.

I'm not sure it's the right thing to do.

Sure you're doing the right thing, man.

Why, that shark ain't got nothing
to worry about with old Barney around.

I told you that, didn't I?

I gave you my word, right?

I don't want you to hurt him.

What, here? Hurt your shark?
Come on!

He's the life of the show.

We wouldn't want anything to happen to him,
right, Karen?


I said we'd take good care
of Stein's friend, right?

Sure. Sure.

Look, Sonny, I know
how much they mean to you.

So, you know, you can feed them
when you come by, and...

and if he's not happy,
you can just take him home.


Don't worry, I will.

What's all this nonsense
about taking him back?

He just got here.
Give him a chance.

Look, man, you know,
with the insurance company and everything,

I can't keep nothing in this joint
that I don't own.

So why don't you take
a couple of hundred bucks?

He's not for sale.

What's the matter?
Ain't he your shark or something?

Well, nobody owns a shark.

Alright, look.

Here's a bill of sale
that I had drawn up.

You know, this is just to keep
the insurance people happy.

It don't mean nothing, man.

But it'll keep me off the hook.

I told you, I can't have anything in this joint
that I don't own. You understand?

He could come home anytime he wants?

Sure, sure, anything you say, man.

Just sign it, it's business.
Right, Karen?

Yeah, right. Right, Barney.

Look, Sonny. Don't worry.

Everything will be alright.

Would I lie to you?

Hey, Barney,
you're wanted on the phone.

Look, man. Come on by
and catch the act tonight, OK?

The bill's on me.

it was Barney's idea at first.

I thought he was crazy.

But then I remembered...

I remembered how good you looked out there
swimming with Jimmy.

His name is Sammy.

Oh, yeah.
Sammy, that's right.

Hey, come on.

I'll walk you out to the parking lot.

See, I told Barney I wouldn't do this act
unless you got me a shark I could trust.

Well, this one won't hurt you
if you take care of him.

That's what I mean,
you know about those things.

In the land of Barney, he'd have gone out
and got me just any old shark,

and I'd have ended up doing my act
with just any old shark.

Thanks to you I'm not so afraid.


I'm really glad you're here.

I can't thank you enough
for all you've done.

- Oh...
- I mean...

Well, I'm just glad you're here.

Did he leave?

Yeah, I gave him a send-off.

What a character!

You know what he said to me?

"Be good to my shark.

"He's a good shark."

Well, nobody's perfect.

Hey, what are you guys doing
with that stuff?

Just putting things away, kid.
I'll tell ya.

Oh, man, listen,
I want to talk to my wife.

- Yeah, sure.
- Just for a second, OK?

- Sure.
- Thanks.

I must say, Stein,
you didn't exaggerate.

Matilda is a magnificent specimen.


Oh, if we can cause the birth
of her offspring,

what a great step forward
for marine science.

Mr. Stein, I honestly don't know how
to thank you for giving us this opportunity.

Mr. Whitney, just be gentle with her,
would you, please?

- She's very special to me.
- Oh, I'm sure she is.

My office is right down the hall.
Shall we go?

I'd like to say goodbye to her,
if you don't mind.

- I'll go with you.
- No, no, no. Thank you, I...

I'd rather do it alone.

See how lazy he moves?
Wouldn't scare a pussycat, right?

Well, then why don't you get in the tank
and find out who scares what?

Will you listen to me?

You ain't got nothing to worry about,
I told you!

That plastic liner would stop a tank.
He can't get anywhere near you.

Now, will you stop worrying?

Dig this.

What's going on?

Just a little something we cooked up.

These controls set off
a high-frequency sound in that tank

that drives those sharks bananas.

Barney, have you flipped?

You'll break my eardrums!

- I'll go along with the sharks, but...
- Goddammit, will you shut up?

Now, I told you,
nothing can happen to you.

That sound don't even go
in the tank.

What the hell do you think I am, nuts?

Listen, I'm sure it's for the best.

If man needs to know more,
they have to be,

before they start killing off
all your kind.

Please, you understand that,
don't you?

I gotta go now, and...

Mr. Whitney is gonna let me know
at the very first signs.

I'll see you soon.

You said something?

Uh, it took me a little over
two and a half hours,

and it weighs about 350 pounds.

It was quite a job bringing him in,
I tell you.

Go on home, son.

Say, fellow, that was sort of rude.

- Did you do this?
- What?

Did you kill him?

You mean did I catch the shark?


You didn't catch this shark, mister.

What do you mean?

Sure I did! And what's it to you?

Where'd you catch him, huh?
Come on, tell me, where?

Out there, near the Gulf Stream.

Nah, you're a liar.

This shark was not caught,
he was killed.

He was murdered by a harpoon,
a shark gun.

- A shark gun?
- Yeah.

I don't understand.

Well, take a good look, mister.
Look at that, now come on, tell me.

Now you tell me you did this, go on.

- Alright, I'll tell you.
- You're gonna tell me now.

This shark has never even seen
the Gulf Stream.

He spent most of his life around a reef
nobody else has ever seen. Tell me!

Alright, OK, OK,
I bought it for twenty bucks

from a couple of guys
who had a lot of 'em.

What do you mean, "a lot of 'em"?

They were looking to kill sharks
wherever they could find them.

You know, I mean, they had dead sharks
lying all over the place.

- Who are they?
- I don't know.

I'm only on vacation, buddy.

I don't know these people.

Alright, what kind of boat did they have?

Uh, it was a... an old boat.

Fannie something.

Uh, Fannie Marie!

Go to your beef to them!

It was just about a half hour ago.
They're probably still there.

Twenty dollars, huh, mister?



All that fuss over a lousy shark!

That guy is a nut!

He's a real wild man.

He ought to be put away for good.

How's that?

How about that?

Ha-ha! Got you! Got you, ha-ha!


Eh, doctor, you come up?
It's my turn now.


Oh, another one! Another one!

I ain't ever seen so many sharks
in one place in all my life.

It ain't no wonder they goddamn sure
don't want us to know where it is.

If he knew the old man followed him,

he'd have a fit!

You'll just see him...

coming out here next time,
and ain't none of them bastards left.


Get off of there!



Ooh, I caught you again!

- Yeah, how did it go down there?
- Beautiful.

You got any more ammo for this banger?

Uh, plenty!

- There you are.
- I got a big one underneath.

Right underneath,
and it's a little heavy for me.

- You get him?
- Charlie, I'll kill it for you.

- Thank you.
- I'll get it.

Get in there.

Now for my prize.

Oh, yeah.

For you, partner.

Yeah! Old Eddie caught a mako
around here the other day.

Only seven feet long, though.

I've seen a lot bigger than that.

I don't know what the hell's happened,
but there's sharks all over the place.


Well, about time
Pete got his keister back here.

Small craft warning's been up
about an hour.

- Sea's rising.
- You're right.

Hey, what's he towing
behind the boat?

What the hell?

He's coming in pretty fast, isn't he?

- Blimey, let up on the throttle!
- Come right into the dock.

Tonight, you're about to see

one of the most electrifying and unusual acts
to be found anywhere in the state of Florida.

As a matter of fact, anywhere.

Tonight, our own aquamaid
will perform for you her ballet,

not only underwater, but accompanied
by the savage wolf of the sea,

a man-eating shark.

Karen, the death-defying shark maiden.

What are you doing?
What are those things?

Wait a second! Wild, ain't it?

Sonny! Sonny, let him go!

Sonny, I said let him go
before he calls the cops.

He's killing my shark!

You bastard! That shark belongs to me.
I got a bill of sale. You signed it.

Sonny, please, for me! Please!


You've gone too far this time, Sonny.
You almost killed him.

What are you talking about? You saw
what he was doing. He tried to trick me.

He didn't try and trick you,
you big dummy,

you just don't know
good show business when you see it.

Don't look at me that way.

- I just thought that...
- You just thought what?

Well, I thought that, you know,
you like to swim, and...

- I like to swim?
- Yeah.

That's the dumbest thing I ever heard.

Oh, I know what you thought.

What are you, sick?

You are a sickie!

You live out there
on that pigpen island of yours...

To think I have stooped so low
that a garbage picker thinks...

Get out of here!

I'll be back for my shark tomorrow.

You haven't got any shark.

You set on foot on my husband's property,
so help me, I'll call the cops.

Now get out!


I'm gonna take my sharks away from you,
from the aquarium, from everybody.

Cos I can't trust anyone,
I'm never gonna trust anyone again.

Big deal!

Who cares?

Get out of here, you shark lover!

Say, lady,
where can I find Mr. Whitney?

Uh, Dr. Whitney. Dr. Whitney!

I think he's still in his office.

Down there, past those tanks,
first door on the right.


- Stein!
- I've come to get Matilda, Mr. Whitney.

Stein, you w-what?

You weren't supposed to come
until Saturday, Stein.

I'm gonna take her now.
I want her to have her babies at home.

Yes, of course, Mr. Stein.

Wait a minute!
What you got in there?

Don't! We're experimenting!

You sharks!

You sure don't know
about inflation, do you?

Here's one with a little bit of an opening,
but you'll gobble it up.

Pete! Charlie!

Pete! Charlie!

Where are they? Where are those two?
Where are they?

Listen, these sharks,
they're eating up a storm.

- I don't know what to do about it.
- Look, I don't care. I don't care.

Go find Pete. Go find Charlie.
Have them meet me in the front office.

Doc! They're not back yet, Doc.

But they were supposed
to be back hours ago!

Doc, you know
how those two are. They...

They probably stopped in
for a... meal or something.


How's the crowd?

Oh, that's great.
Listen, I'll tell you what we'll do.

You take the first show, OK?

Right, and I'll come in for the second.

Yeah. Oh, look, by the way,

don't call me
for the next half hour.

I wanna catch a fast dip
before that hurricane hits.

By the way, what time's it gonna hit?

Oh, really?

Huh! Well, I'll tell you.

Yeah, I'll catch you then.


Right! See you later,

What's that, man?


Ugh! What are you trying to do,
kill me or something?

Hey man, I gotta get going.

I gotta get back to the club.

You want a lift to town?

What, did you lose your boat
or something?

You want a ride?
What do you want, the phone?

Oh, man!

I'll give you a lift to town.
There's a hurricane coming.

Come on, the joke's over.

You wanna rob me?
You want my money, that's it, right?

Well, look, go up to the house.
I got a couple...

Now, come on, please!
What do you want?

Honest to God, man. Ugh!

The whole thing was a joke.

You can have your shark back.

Honest, the fact is...


Bob! Bob!

I'm ready.

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen,

and for the rest of you,
I'm sure you know what you are. Hmm?

Now, I see that most of us here
are natives.

Especially you, sir,
with the bone going through your nose.

I'd spot you anywhere,
wouldn't you, darling?

Take a look at the man, a natural native.

I guess most of the snowbirds got frightened
by the hurricane warnings, and...

flew up north.

Hmm? What do you say?
Have you seen them around here anywhere?

No, we've got a good group here,
and as I said before...

a group that sticks together
has got to sweat together.

I looked outside a little while ago,

and believe me, when I tell you
it is blowing out there,

the sea is moving,

it's very, very rough.

It looks like we're all gonna be locked in
right here tonight.

You and me.

But let me tell you something.

We're gonna have some fun.

Now, most of you have not seen
our Karen's new act.

And I gotta tell you something.

It's a beauty. You're gonna see something
you have never seen before.

Now, we Key Westers

have had a running battle with the sea
to stay alive,

as all of you know.

And many of us have had some
pretty harrowing experiences with sharks.

So, we will appreciate
what we're going to see here tonight.

Our lovely Karen,

alone and unafraid,
swimming in a tank of water,

with a man-eating shark.

Right before your very eyes.

And now, without further delay,

I'm proud to present the Aquamaid's
real live own aquamaid...

- Karen!
- Yeah!

No! Wait! Listen!

Jesus, that's the guy
we've been looking for.

The one that killed the guy
at the aquarium.

He's outside, let's go.

- Stop it!
- Hold it right there!

Don't move!

Don't you see what you're doing?

Don't put a bounty on them!

Leave us alone! Leave us alone!

I don't see him, Tony.
Where did he go?

There he is. Way out there.

There he is. Come on.

Tony, you got your boat here?

Yeah, right over there.


They killed her, Sammy.

Holy God, they...
they butchered Matilda.

And all your babies.

I just can't go on anymore.
I can't trust anyone.

You're one of a kind.
You're gonna have to...

kill all you can.

You're gonna have to...

put so much fear into them that...

nobody will ever go out to sea again.

You understand?

Sammy, wait a minute.

I'm gonna come with you.

I'm coming home.

Alright, freeze.


Stay where you are.

Don't come any closer.

Yes. Go away!

Go away, please.

I had to kill him.

Come on, Stein,
you know you can't get away with it.

I didn't want to kill anybody.

I didn't want to hurt anybody.

It's just they... were killing my sharks.

They deserved to die.


I'm so tired.

Tell me, Bob, did you know him?

As much as anybody could know
a guy like that.

What the hell was wrong with him?

Why did those sharks kill him now,
after all that?

I don't know, Dan.

I guess he just cared too much.

Crazy! Come on.