Makmum (2019) - full transcript

While in the dormitory, the resident of the dormitory is terrorized by a supernatural creature. There is a kind of supernatural creature called "Makmum" (the follower) that follows them during prayer.

(Citra Girls Boarding School)

(Girls' Dorm)

My goodness.




It's midnight prayer time. Come on.

Where's Putri?

She's not in bed.
Maybe she went ahead without us.


All right, I'll go wash first, then.


God is great.

God hears whoever praises Him.
Our Lord, to You be the praise.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

I seek refuge in Go
from the outcast Devil.

In the name of God,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

All praise be to God,
the Lord of the Universe.

God is great.

God is great.

Glory to my Lord the Exalted.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

Greetings, prayers and goodness
that belongs to God.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you.

Putri! Putri!


Put, wake up!



Mr. Wiji?

Mr. Wiji?

(Forensics and Morgue Unit)

Please do not disturb me.
I'm doing my job here.

Please do not disturb me.

Farewell, Miss.

My goodness.

Are you looking for this?

-All right, Miss.
-Sit down.

Are you planning to run away?
You're so ungrateful, Nurul.

We have provided you
with free accommodation and food.

And you still want to break the rules?

Can we talk for a moment, Miss Rosa?

Miss Rosa?

What is it?

Please don't lock them inside their room.

I'm afraid that if something happens,
they wouldn't escape.

What are you afraid of?


Fire, maybe?

(Please Pay The Rent Tomorrow!)




Nurul, wake up!

Nurul! Nurul, help me! Nurul, wake up!

Nurul, wake up! Nurul!

Nisa, come down here!

Come down!

Wait, we have to look for help.

It's stuck! Help! Help!

It's locked from the outside.


Mr. Slamet! Miss Rosa!




Miss Rosa, Mr. Slamet!

Miss Rosa!



-Let's go, let's go.




-Wake up, Put.
-Wake up, Put.


Wake up. Put.


Now what?


She was possessed again.

Sit her up.

Come on.

Come on.

Does it hurt?

Listen, you three have caused
a lot of problems.

I could've gone on a vacation right now.

But since your grades are low,
I have to stay with you in this dorm.

So, don't make me more upset. Understood?

Yes, Miss.

Or you'll regret this.

Yes, Miss.


Wait a second.

We promise we won't cause
any more trouble.

We will obey all the rules.

But please don't lock us inside our room.

If you all try to run away again,

not only will you be kicked out
from the boarding school,

I will report you to the police, too.

They would hunt you like thieves.


Yes, Miss.

Where's Slamet? I couldn't find him.

I heard the girls screaming.

Spoiled brats.

They should've been kicked out
from here a long time ago.

Don't be too hard on them, Rosa.

You mean, should I be like you?

They didn't choose me to replace you
and expect me to treat them like you did.

You were too soft,
and they walked all over you.

there's something you need to know...

-about this boarding school.
-Not now.

You should go back to rest, Mrs. Kinanti.

I don't want your condition to get worse.

I've spoken to the board,
requesting to let you go home...

so your family can take care of you.

We have to look for help, no matter what.

Who, Nurul?

Who can help us?

Mr. Ganda.

He's our religion teacher, right?

He must know how to handle this situation.

But how?

We're not allowed to leave the school.

Or do you have his number?

Mrs. Tina, why are you wringing clothes
this early?

You should cook first.

Show off.


Rin! I know you're in there.




Sorry I banged on your door this early.

But this is urgent,
and I need to know your decision.

I have the money.

Good. Where is it?

Good. She should have done it
in the first place.

She should be on time, always ahead...

Here you go.

How much?

This is not what I expected.

I only have enough money
for two months of unpaid rent.

I will get you the rest.

It's okay. It's okay.

You can forget the three months' rent.

But you need to leave the room
by this afternoon.

-This afternoon...
-Don't forget to pack your bags!

Make it quick!

Mr. Slamet?

If I got there a minute later,
I could've missed you.

I would definitely call you
and let you know my new address.

Are you still working at...

the morgue?

I am.

Don't you think it's a waste
of your education?

There aren't many women who'd want someone
with a hand like this to do their makeup.

Besides, the deceased ones
deserve to look good, too.

I'm okay with that.

Is it still painful?


How is Mrs. Kinanti?

Is she getting better?

She misses you a lot.

It's been a year since the President
of the foundation...

appointed a new headmistress.

Her name is Rosa Pambudi.

I don't know how bad life had treated her.

She had been through multiple divorces.

I think that's why she turned
to be a cold person.

Nurul and Nisa are not allowed to go home
during school holidays.

She's very strict to them.

She's tough.

Who cooked it?

And she doesn't care about the students.

She's the opposite of Mrs. Kinanti
when she was in charge in your time.

Nisa, the smartest girl...

It's bland.

She's an orphan from Blitar.

-Putri is from Banyuwangi.
-Where are you going, Putri?

She has been there since seven months ago.
She has been possessed multiple times.

Ever since she came,
the dorm turned into a creepy place.

Slamet is not here.
So, Nurul, bring this food to her.

Nurul, she's a stubborn girl.
But she has a kind heart.

Do not copy what Slamet does.

He's a bad influence for you.

She came from your town, Jombang.

By the way, where's Ningsih?

After you told me she left the school,
I couldn't contact her at all.

Pull over. Stop!


What's wrong, Rin?


Excuse me, Ma'am.

What's wrong?

Hang on.

Hang on.

What is it, Ma'am?

I see nobody there, Ma'am.

No one's there.

It's been 13 years.

Come on. What are you waiting for?

Let's go inside.

We're gonna surprise Mrs. Kinanti
with your presence.

Come with me.

-Mr. Slamet.

May I see my old room?

What a coincidence.
I was about to take you there.

There it is.

Your old room is now occupied
by Putri, Nurul and Nisa now.

Sorry, here's your purse.

I'm gonna get the other stuff.


What are you doing?

Look here. Best Friend Forever.
Rini Ningsih.

-Our name will always be here.

-What do you think?
-It's cool.

Excuse me.

Who are you?

You must be Nurul and Nisa.

-I'm Nurul, and she's...

Where's Putri?

She's doing some chores outside.

And you are?

I'm Rini.

Put, come here.

This is Miss Rini. She's an alumna.


Have you ever seen some creepy stuff
when you stayed here?

Creepy stuff?



-That's right.

They always show up during prayer time.

She's Rini.


Rini, this is Miss Rosa,
the new headmistress.

So you're interested
in being a tutor here?


As a volunteer?


Because I owe so much
to this boarding school.

But he told me you're working
with dead people.

Are you sure you're capable of working
with living people?

I'll do my best.

Everything needs process.

And someday, living people
will become dead people, too.

I know that.

So, you're an alumna?

That means you understand well
the rules of this place.

There are no new rules here.
I just need someone to enforce them.

-Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you too.

Come here, Rin.


Her speech aid is broken again.

Thank you very much.

May I help you?


Here you go.

So, you do all the house work here?

Yes, because there are only three of us
during school holidays.

Miss Rosa is so cruel to us.

Watch what you're saying.

If she finds out,
we're gonna be in trouble again.

Excuse me, Miss Rini.

I don't mean to be rude,
but what happened to your hand?

It's a burn scar.

My goodness, what happened?

I don't remember most of the incident.

All I know was that when I woke up
in the hospital,

my hand and half of my body
were already wrapped in bandages.

Miss Rosa's coming.

Hey, leave the yard,
you have to cook for lunch!

Does she always treat you like this?

Yes, Miss. We'd better go.

You can continue with it later.

-Let's go.

Excuse us.

(Citra Boarding School)

-Miss Rini!

Wait a second.

Putri is being possessed again.

I've told Miss Rosa,
but she doesn't believe me.

-Where is she?
-She's inside.

Go away!

Go away from here!


Go away!


Go away!

My goodness.

Get away from here!

Put? Put.

Get away from here!

Putri? Put?



Wake up, Putri.

Mr. Slamet,
we should take her to a clinic.

No, we don't need to do that.

She's not ill.

She's just...

Mr. Slamet, please go find Mr. Ganda.

What? Mr. Ganda?

He can cure Putri.

But he's a religion teacher, not a doctor.


We don't need to call anybody
to come here.

Was she possessed during the day?

There's no ghost coming out this time.

You're being ridiculous.

You should see her. She was...

She just acted up to get more sleep.

You two should cover for her work then.

Does this thing happen often?

Do you...

believe us?

Sometimes, people who believe
in supernatural things...

are considered weak by others,
and they doubt our faith in God.

But the truth is, it is not unintentional.

Sometimes they come to our world
just so they can communicate with us.

To tell us things they couldn't say...

to their loved ones.

Vina got this necklace
on her 7th birthday.

You gave it to her.

There's always a reason for everything.

Forgive me, my baby.

Nothing is meaningless.

So what you are saying...

is that the spirit that appears
during our prayer time...

wants to tell us something?


I have looked at your school report.

Your grades are mostly 7s.

We were expected to get mostly 8s
so we can be allowed to go home.

But Putri got mostly 8.

She has a bad health.

She chose to stay.

Is nobody in her family looking for her?

Didn't she tell us about her family?

She told us that her grandmother
has mental illness.

Her grandmother often abused her.

-How about her mother?
-She passed away.


She told us she had a sister,
but she went missing.

Can you tell me
where can I find that Mr. Ganda?

Thank you.

Excuse me, kids.

-Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you too.

-Rini Antari?
-So you are the Ustaz Ganda?

Students in the Boarding School
call me that.

Maybe they forgot my nickname...


Yeah, I'm Skinny.
You gave me that nickname.

Well, do I still look skinny to you?

Be safe.

-Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you too.

Peace be upon you too.
Peace be upon you too.

Go straight home. Stay safe.

Since when did the spirit appear?

According to Nurul,
ever since the new school year.

Did it always appear during praying time?

Most of the time. Being the follower.

They call it the "Makmum Spirit."

But during this school holiday,
it becomes more active and aggressive.

There are dark spirits
that don't like to see people praying.

It's called Kanzam.

There are jinns, ghosts and devils...

who will do anything to keep us
from obeying the Lord's words.

What the students' experience
in their dorm...

are not gonna stop
if they don't have strong faith in God.

There are many things
that they would do to distract us.

They try distracting us while praying...

and make us forget the prayer.

Kanzam included.

-God hears whoever praises Him.
-God hears whoever praises Him.

God is great.

-God is great.
-God is great.

-God is great.
-God is great.

God is great.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you.

Can you come to the dorm
just to make sure?

Call me if there's more disturbance.

Headmistress of the Boarding School?

Do you want me to be the headmistress
of this School?






What's wrong?



Mr. Slamet! Help!

What happened?

I don't know, she just collapsed.

She's cold. I'm gonna get warm water.


Rul, can you go with me to the bathroom?

I need to take a shower.

We can do Isha prayer together after that.

You haven't done that, right?

Come on, Rul.

Okay, you'll lead the prayer.

You'll lead the prayer, I'll be makmum.

I mean, I'll be the follower.

Come on, Rul.

But let me sleep for a moment.
I'm so tired.

I don't want to go to the bathroom alone.

Why don't you go with Putri?
I'm too sleepy.




Can we take shower together?




Put? Putri?


Where's Nisa?

I don't know.


The girls...

Nisa! Put!

Excuse me.

Nis, open the door!


Nisa, open the door!



-I can't open the door.
-Is Nisa inside?


Nisa, it's me.

Nisa, it's Miss Rini.

Nisa. Nisa.

Nisa. Nisa, it's me.

-It's me.
-What happened, Nis?

What happened, Nis?

There, there. You're okay now. It's okay.

Hello. Peace be upon you, Rin.

All right. I'll be right there.

How convenient...

Do you want me to get you some snacks too?

Or do I need to make you the snacks?
Do you know what time is it?

You're supposed to be studying.

Read your text books
and go straight to bed.

You have to understand, Nisa was...

That's enough, Rin.

I said it once,
this dorm only has one problem.

Lack of discipline.

If you wish to stay here, enforce it.

There, there.

Miss Rosa, those girls
are having a serious problem.

As the headmistress, you should've...

Are you questioning my ability
to run the school?

No, I'm just trying to tell you
that they're terrified.

Something's been haunting them
for several times.

And you believe them?

I do.

In the name of God,

I intend to perform two rakats
of the midnight prayer.

God is great.

God hears whoever praises Him.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God hears whoever praises Him.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

God is great.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you.

Who...? Who are you?



-Mrs. Kinanti.
-Mrs. Kinanti?

Come on, Rin.


Mrs. Kinanti.


Are you feeling better already?

Let me go!

Miss Rosa? Miss Rosa?

Miss Rosa?

Miss Rosa?


My goodness.

Mrs. Kinanti is missing.

I couldn't find her in her room.

Miss Rosa, are you okay?

I've search for her everywhere,
but I couldn't find her.

My goodness!

How rude!

She doesn't care at all!

-Let's search for her again.

The lower half of Mrs. Kinanti's body
is paralyzed.

She won't go far from the school area.

-I don't understand.

Do you remember the fire accident
involving you that day?

Vaguely. Why?

Not everybody was saved.

We had to do it.

You had to do what?

Mrs. Kinanti is suspecting all things
that happened to those three girls...

has something to do with the accident.

That's why she invited you here.

You were her best friend.

I don't understand.

Putri? Putri.


Let me go after her.

You should go to Mrs. Kinanti room.

She keeps a box under her bed
that you have to see.

She was gonna talk about the box
with you.

Putri! Put!



Where are you, Put?


Are you okay, Put? Hey.

Wake up, Put.

It's me, Mr. Slamet. Hey.

Wake up! Putri, wake up!

Miss Rosa!

It's me, Slamet. Wake up, Miss!



A box...

(Fire Accident in Citra
Girls Boarding School, Sragen)

(The Cause of the fire in Citra Boarding
School is Still Under Investigation)

(A Boarding School Girl is Missing)

(A Boarding School Girl is Missing)

Ningsih was missing?

(A Boarding School Girl is Missing)

Can I be your makmum?

Ustaz said that doing a midnight prayer
is better if you do it alone.

I don't remember the prayer.

-God is great.
-God is great.

-God is great.
-God is great.

-God is great.
-God is great.

Peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you.

You can go to bed if you want to.
I still want to pray.


Oh, my God! Fire! Fire!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!





-Oh, my God.


-My goodness. Rini!
-Help me, Mr. Slamet.


Hang on, Rin. Stay awake!

My goodness!


Ningsih! Ningsih!


Rini! Rin!


Rin. Rini. Rin!

Wake up, Rin. Rini.



You should get out of this place.
We're gonna put the fire out.

Let's go, Nurul.

Oh, my God.


Mr. Slamet. Sir?

Mr. Slamet. Careful.

Help! Miss Rini! Ma'am!

Mr. Slamet!

What happened?

Miss Rosa is being possessed.

This is all my fault.

Mr. Slamet...

Ningsih was burnt alive, wasn't she?

She was.

That night...

My goodness!

It's Ningsih.

What should we do?

They would think it's our fault
and blame us.

They will shut down this school.

And we...

The other girls
are still on school holiday.

Nobody will know if Rini and Ningsih...

Just bury her body.

Right now.

I think Putri is a medium for Ningsih...

so we could learn the truth.

She often terrorized Mrs. Kinanti and I.

But since Putri came, it got worse.

I'm sure that with prayer,

God will protect us all.


Putri is Ningsih's little sister.

That's why she was often possessed
by her sister's spirit.


Forgive me, I had to lie to you.

Oh, my God!

Mr. Slamet! Miss Rosa! Somebody help us!


Help! Please open the door!


Please open the door! Help!

-My goodness.

Who are you?


Open the door! Help!


Girls, calm down!

My goodness!


I seek refuge in God
from the outcast Devil!

Then get out of Paradise,
for indeed, you are expelled.

And indeed, upon you is My curse
until the Day of Recompense!

God is great.

-Ganda, are you okay?
-The girls are still inside.


Nisa! Nurul!

Miss Rini! Miss Rini!

Help us! Miss Rini!

Stand back! Move away from the door!

You're all right now.


She's not Rosa.

Whoever the spirit is using
this woman's body...

I command you to leave her body
in the name of God!


Rini, stand back!

Nurul! Nurul!

Ningsih, these girls
did nothing wrong to you!

I know what happened to you!

Please forgive Mrs. Kinanti
and Mr. Slamet!

They had no choice!

The fire was an accident
and you were the victim!

Please let go of Nurul, Ningsih!

In the name of God,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

In the name of God,
I perform Ruqyah for you.

From everything that is harming you...

From the evil of every soul
or envious eye...

God heal you.

In the name of God,
I perform Ruqyah for you.

Repeat the prayer after me.

In the name of God,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Say, O Prophet, He is God,
one and indivisible.

God, the Sustainer, needed by all.

He has never had offspring,
nor was He born.

And there is none comparable to Him.

In the name of God,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

And from the evil of the night
when it grows dark.

And from the evil of those witches
casting spells by blowing onto knots.

And from the evil
of one who envies when they envy.

In the name of God,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Say, O Prophet,
I seek refuge in the Lord of humankind.

The Master of humankind,
the God of humankind.

From the evil of the lurking whisperer.

Who whispers
into the hearts of humankind.

From among jinn and humankind.



In the name of God,
the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

There is no God but He, the Living,
the Self-subsisting, Eternal.

Neither slumber, nor sleep overtake Him.

To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens
and whatever is on earth.

Who is he that can intercede with Him
except with His Permission?

He knows what happens to His creatures
in this world and in the Hereafter.

And they will never compass anything
of His Knowledge...

except that which He wills.

His Throne extends
over the heavens and the earth...

and He feels no fatigue
in guarding and preserving them.

And He is the Most High, the Most Great.

The last thing I remember
was when Mrs. Kinanti came to my room...

and attacked me right there.

And then I blacked out.


Mrs. Kinanti?

The board has agreed...


appoint you as the new headmistress...

of this boarding school.

I'm assigned to another school.

So don't feel sorry for stealing my job.



forgive me.

Her grave is in front
of the main house...

under the tree in the front yard.


We're gonna give you a proper burial.

May your soul rest in peace.

Come closer.

Ita, come here. Let's take a picture.
(2 Years Later)

Come on, everyone!

Get close to each other.

Move closer a bit.

Excuse me. Standing over here, please.

You may sit right here.

All right. Is everybody ready?

Smile, please. One, two, three!