Making Time (2020) - full transcript

After traveling back in time, a divorced workaholic must repeat his past footsteps in order to return to an unaltered present, but struggles when it means re-proposing to his ex-wife.

♪ Working hard every day ♪

♪ Almost there, don't take a break ♪

♪ Nine to five not for me ♪

♪ Every day I chase my dreams ♪

♪ Gotta get back, do it all again ♪

♪ I just wanna see my friends ♪

♪ Back when they would let me in ♪

♪ Time goes by and it's almost gone ♪

♪ If I could prove myself ♪

♪ I'll be number one ♪

♪ I'm gonna lap you ♪

♪ I'll see you in the past ♪

♪ Keep it for myself ♪

♪ We could stop every
clock on every shelf ♪

♪ So many people ♪

♪ Chasing a dream that doesn't last ♪

Hi, I'm Nick.

For years I've spent every waking minute

trying to achieve my dream of time travel

and no matter how much
the world doubted me

or how many relationships
I've had to sacrifice,

it would all be worth it
when I proved everyone wrong.

- Oh come on, come on.

Restarting system components.

Welcome Nick.

Load all time
data to cache memory.

'Cause let's face it.

Nothing meaningful.

- Please don't crash.

Ever came easy.

Loading data.

- Loading.

It's official.

Tonight's the night.

hours, six minutes remaining.

- One giant leap for mankind.

Confirm energy required
to launch 175 pounds.

Transferring 175 pounds

requires 5512 watts discontinuously.

- Perfect.

220 volts on a 50 amp
breaker makes 11,000 watts.


Oh God.



Confirm continuous voltage required

to maintain a connection to the present.

100% connection

requires 4000 continuous watts.

- So with 11,000 watts, what
can my minimum connection be?

before connection loss.

- Boom.



Oh crap.


Oh my God.



One second.



I said one second.

- Something's burning.

- I grabbed this.



- Love what you're doing with the place.

- Shouldn't you be like, like working or?

- Nick, it's Sunday.

- Is it?


Big surprise.

- You gonna eat this?

- Yes.

I am.

- This is last month's mortgage.

You'll lose the house and our renovations.

- Then why don't you take them with you?

And this is from this month.

- No.

This is from this month.



Come on and you shouldn't even have a key.

- She made hundreds.

- Good.

I've been meaning to change the locks.

- Sure you are.

- Jess, come on.

- It's laminate.

- It's fine.

- It's official.

You've been served.

20 days to file a response to the court.

Try not to forget this time.

- Official.



It's ready.

The time machine.

It's loading the memory right now.

I've triple checked everything.

I'm literally hours away.

Or years.

- I want you to try something.

Okay, think of your happiest
memory or any memory at all.

Go ahead, okay.

I bet in all of your confidence,

what you actually remember is nothing more

than a scattered mess of thoughts

and a total of like 30 seconds of images.

Or even less.

So much is lost as time moves on.

I mean, I couldn't even tell you

what I had for dinner two weeks ago.

- I could take a guess.

- And photos.

They can't give you sounds or
smells or anything tangible.

Rachel, I bet you can't even remember

the first time you met Ben.

- I remember that very well.

- So imagine being able
to go back to relive it.

You could dazzle him
with ''Star Wars'' facts.

- Oh geez.

Oh, speaking of my Han Solo.

Hey babe.

- Jess.

The day you quit your job.

Oh, to give Dr. Mudge a
piece of your mind again.

Or even.

Just having a simple
conversation with your dad.

- Just stop, Nick.

- I'm sorry.

I guess the--

- Wake up.

When are you gonna stop putting this

in front of everyone else?

Did you even look through
this like I asked?

- That box isn't gonna change the world.

- This is so stupid.

- What do you want from me?

- I don't know.

From Rachel.

- I just wanted this to
mean something to you.

For once.

- Hardly ticking.


It's in the past, remember?

Let it go.

- Fine.

You're right.

- Don't start.

- You know what?

I'll do it.

- Sis, come on.

I'm sorry but--

- He was still wearing his wedding ring.

- Jess.

- I know you saw that.

- Probably forgot it was there

like he forgot you were there.

Come on.

- He'd make a great father.

I still feel--

- You still feel like what?

He's the same guy he used to be?

I really wish things could've worked out,

but don't act like he
cares all of a sudden.

You're just stuck in the past, you know.

- You better have brownie mix.

- Double chocolate chunk.

- Yeah, sis.



- Nick, why didn't you answer?

- Was it life or death?

- It's Cory.

- What's wrong?

- He's been,

I'm not okay.

- Talk to me.

What'd he do?

- He's cheating.


- He always has been.

I screwed up.

- What happened?

- I told him I looked at his phone.


- Oh no, Shelly.

Is he around?

- No.

No, he's out trucking now.

- Okay, you need to go to
mom and dad's and stay there.

- Okay.

- I can be there tomorrow, okay?


Junk, junk, junk.

Finally something good.

She just had to have quartz.

You really wore that tie today.

Charlene made me this.

This better be worth it.

- You can have back the damn key.

- Nicholas James Cotter,
I'm Melissa Davis.

This is Jeff Brown and Dr. Thomas Kent.

We are with the national laboratories

of the United States department of energy.

If you have a phone or any other audio

or video recording device,
please hand it over.

- What is this?

- Arms up.

- Jeff here convinced
HQ to give you a shot.

So here we are.

- They're desperate.

I like the crown molding.

- We've heard about your theories

and read the papers you
submitted to the institute.

That's impressive stuff.

- Jeff, that's enough.

- Wait.

All set.

- We have classified information
relating to your work

and are taking a fair risk involving you.

Take us to a room with the least amount

of cracks and crevices so we can talk.

- I guess we could go--

- Oh for Pete's sake, Jeff,
and a bathroom please.

- They wouldn't stop.

- Okay.

Bathroom's there.

- Thank you.

- Otherwise, follow me.

I'm clear.


Moving forward.

- Mic test.

One, two, three.


- This is Melissa Davis, Jeff
Brown, and Dr. Thomas Kent

in a field meeting with
uncleared civilian Nick Cotter

on September 15th, 2019
at 405 Atwater Court,

Shelby Township, Michigan.

1930 Eastern real time.

Second floor south east guest bedroom.

We'll get right to it, Nick.

We've read your papers and we have come

to make you an offer on your time machine.

- To buy it?

- We'll provide yearly
increasing installments.

That is the first.

Of course, if this machine is a hoax

or another hyped up pipe
dream, none of this matters.

- I can prove it works,
but not if you're gonna

lock it away in a warehouse somewhere

and scrub the world of its existence.

- Look, we aren't here to
entertain conspiracy theories.

The FBI's counter-terrorism division

has been asking for this for
years and quite frankly--

- I haven't delivered.

- But you can't change
the past with my machine.

Nothing ripples forward.

- Yes, we know that.

We've read your papers,

but certainly you've
considered the possibilities.

- Reviewing the day after
an attack on US soil.

Seeking names.


Replaying events to examine crime scenes

live as they happen.

- It'll be revolutionary.

- Come on, Nick.

- But why is this all so sudden?

- What do you know about the Red Fox?

- Like the animal or?

- Look, in June it was rumored

that the Russian state had
hired an American physicist,

now known as the Red Fox,
who allegedly just made

the first round trip back in time.

CIA has shared with us a few names,

but no identity confirmations yet.

Either way, if these rumors are true,

Russia is poised to be the first

to capitalize on time travel
thanks to an American traitor.

Okay, yup.

Working with Putin I suspect.

The Red Fox.

Look, even if you're not
joking, it's not about money.

You can't just buy me out of my passion.

- Okay.

Option B.

We give you a career in
the national laboratories.


You'll be on the
forefront of the time race

as director of your own branch
in the department of energy.

- Recognized as the
creator of time travel.

Directing its development
for the modern age.

Commercial use comes later.

Not to mention proving
that the United States

is number one in the world again.

- Someone's been reading my diary.

- Do you have a wife, kids?

Yeah, you a family man?

- Why?

- We hardly have time for a family chat,

but this is a big decision,

which would certainly affect them.

and start a new chapter in life.

- No.

No wife.

No kids.

- So.

Do we have a deal?

Hell yeah, you do.

- Yes.

- All right.

Now prove it works.

Right now?

- Would you rather we share a vodka

and wait for the Russians?

That's one way to stop time.

- Keep walking.

- You don't need to look
for recording devices.

Trust me.

- Don't tell HQ.

- Thank you.


- Not quite what I was picturing.

- I'll say.

- Three years developing the network.

Seven years of recording time
data and hundreds of tests.

Stuffed animals.


And a lucky handful of gerbils.

- All right.

Explain away and keep
it short but thorough.

- Okay.



Most theories about time travel
in my research are wrong.

There are no parallel time-lines, loops,

or any of that stuff.

- Right.

- There's just one time-line in history

and all we can do is
go back and observe it.

So my machine works like a WIFI router.

As long as it maintains a
connection to the present,

I'm free to travel to any time

that my network has been running.

- And that's what?

Seven years?

- Very good.

- So, there's no traveling to the future?

- Right.

Only along the time-line
that's been recorded in here.

And returning home

is just reversing the transfer,

requiring an equal amount
of mass that was first sent.

- So is this like a live viewing?

Like a living museum?

- Based on my research, yes.

It's basically a DVR time period

that I can interact with before returning.

- But you said you can't make changes.

Wouldn't being there already
start to change things?

Let alone interacting with it.

- Interacting is one
thing, but expecting to

ripple forward changes
is totally different.

From what I understand,
interacting is like,

like adding interference to
the connection to the present.

And small interferences should be okay,

since my machine can complete round trips

even at a lower connection strength.

So can you go
back and save a life?

- I wish.

But again, the time-line can't change.

It's already been recorded.

We're here right now.

There's no such thing as rippling forward.

- And what if you tried?

- Look, making large changes
to the past will only result

in the machine losing its
connection to the present.

Which means?

- I don't know.

Either stuck in the past or
possibly disappear in time

when the connection breaks,

which is why I can't risk
taking passengers yet.


Loading complete.

Standby mode.

100% fully charged.

- Incredible.

You did all the developing yourself?

- Yup.

Well, a colleague helped some,

but she moved on years ago.

It requires 4000 continuous
watts on a full connection.

- And it what, needs twice as much power

on a 50% connection?

- Exactly, 8000 watts, and
I only have 11,000 to spare,

so a minimum connection would be.

17% before the breaker kicks.

And that's when.

- If that's to maintain connection,

how much is needed just to launch?

- Well it depends on the mass.

For someone my size,
we're talking 5000 watts.

- So both of you would be 10 to 11,000?

- Both of who?

- You two.

You didn't think we were just going

to take your word for it, did you?

- This has never been done before.

I haven't even tested it myself yet.

- Right.

- I can't be liable.

This is uncharted territory.

- Nick, do you trust your machine?

The physics behind it?

- I mean, yeah.

But it's not the numbers
that I'm worried about.

The only way to get back home

is to change as little as possible

and just you being there

will immediately make some
amount of interference.

The bigger the interference,
the bigger the risk.

- Well then we'll stay low key.

Observe the environment and return.

- Here's the thing.

I'm willing to throw
away everything for this.

And I mean everything.

- Then we're no different at all.

It's time.

Ah, the bulletproof glass.

Yup, a police auction.

Lowers the path of resistance to ground.

Basically un-grounding ourselves.

- Ah, because of the
high dielectric constant?

- Yes.

Much less conductivity
than say wood or air.

She requires a heck of
a charge to be built up.


Charging complete.

Stage two, transferring energy.

Hop up.

- September 15th, 2019.

405 Atwater Court, Shelby
Township, Michigan.

Time travel launch test using

Nicholas James Cotter's
time travel prototype,

launching our own Dr. Thomas Kent.

Nick, how far back did you say it can go?

- Up to seven years.

- Wow.

- 2012.

Can we do that?

- You got it.

Enter destination.

maximum, or set custom date.

- Maximum.

Maximum set.

66,698.2 hours.

Energy transfer complete.

Stage three ready to launch.

Standby for clapping.

- Did that just say clapping?

- Well I worked in a clapper function.

You know, clap on, clap off.

Again, you don't have to do this.

- Oh, I've been chasing
this dream my whole life.

- Rolling.

Are we ready?

- Okay.


Close your eyes.

- Why?

- It just seems like
the right thing to do.

- Let's back up a little.

- Okay.


- Is that normal?

- Ah crap, the breaker blew.


resource mode enabled.

Charging at 1%.

- We gotta recharge.

- Son of a Newton.

How long?

- We're talking three to four hours.

Call HQ, Davis.

We need more time.

- Was it my weight?

- Davis, it's safe.

Brown, come on out.

Wait, give me that.

Give me that thing.

No service.

This clock has been on since.

What the?

- Don't tell me you fudged a number.

- I don't.

Perfect timing.

Who's that?

Seriously, not funny, Russ.

resource mode restored.

Stage one charging 2%.

- I'll call the cops.


Who the hell?

Connection 25%.

Critically low.

- What's wrong?

24%. Critically low.

- Speak.

- We did it.

We time traveled.


Nick, I'm sure
it's just the breaker.

Did you try the breaker?

- Jess.

Yeah, that's all it is.

We'll be back up in a sec.

Connection 23%.

Critically low.

- We gotta hide you.

Grab on.

- Okay.

Hold on, hold on.

- Take off your clothes.

- What?

- Oh God, did you bathe in cologne?

What are you doing?

- What does it look like?

You gotta play you.

- I can't possibly pull that off.

Maybe he'll wake back up.

- Will you shut up and hurry?


Connection 22%.

Critically low.

Come on, come on.

I'm going, I'm going.


I checked with Tina.

They have power.

- Hurry.


- It's a little snug.

- Uh huh.

I'm eating your cherry tart.

- Go reset the damn breaker.

- Fine.

Give me that.

Go to town.

Connection 20%.

Critically low.

Ooh, there we go.

- I'll be right up.

Connection 100%.

I feel violated.

Yeah, let me get a pic.

- I can't believe this is happening.

I cannot believe this is happening.



Now, when do we return?

- Three to four hours.

- Oh, so be it.

I'll stay with him.

You go on up and take everything in.

I'm sorry you're stuck down here.

- No, no.

No time for emotions.

Enjoy the evening with your date.

That nagging woman is my ex-wife.

- Well why would she be here?

Seven years is a long time ago.

- Ah.

May God be on your side.

- Okay.


No flooring.

- Oh God, sorry.

Here, take my, come on.

Upsie daisy there, cutie pootie.

What are you doing?

- Yeah, thanks.

- Oh wait, did you leave
that candle downstairs?



- Hey.

- All the cabinets.

Someone's being real weird.

- It worked.

It worked.

- I guess I'm eating all the dessert.

Good, I'm glad.

Can you blame me?

What are you doing?


- February 2012.

Seven years.

What does ISIS mean to you?

- I don't know.

- Donald Trump for president?


♪ Let it go ♪

- What?

- The Flint water crisis.

- A crisis on water?

You're missing some good tart.

That's all I'm saying.

Don't resist.

There you go.

- My favorite.

- I know.

Wait, but seriously is that
candle still burning down there?

- Huh?

- Come on.

You become more oblivious every day.

- Stop.

Nothing's down there.

You relax.

Let me go check first, okay.

Just be ready to call 911
if we go up in flames.

- What?

What do you mean flames?

- Kidding.

One sec.

It's incredible.

It worked.

- Yeah, we've established
that, but is it 2012?

- Yes, February.

- And how about the ex?

- Naggy, but not I wanna
kill your dreams naggy.

- No, no, no.

I mean, is she on to you?

- No.

- And what about the
time machine connection?

- Let me check.

- Yeah.

- Status.

Connection 100%.

Charging 7%.

- Could you go any slower?

I'm sorry.

What's wrong?

repeat the question.

Connection 75%.

It's the time machine.

It's what's causing our power issues.

- Why are you worried about work tonight?


- Oh my God.

Are you wearing a ring?

Connection 60%.

- Okay, something's happening, Nick.

Why are you wearing that?

- I'm.


- Is that talking?

- It's just work.

Stuff and calculations.

- Your work better not
ruin our night, Nick.

Bad time machine.

- It won't. I promise.

- Who's that?

Come on, I would've cleaned if
I knew we had company coming.


- Okay, you clear the table
and take the presents upstairs

and I'll get the guests.



Launch sequencing denied.

Charging incomplete.


- What in Niels Bohr were you thinking?

Wearing your wedding ring.

How oblivious are you?

- It's stuck.

I need soap.

- Wedlock.

- I said soap.

- If you want my help, you
need to tell me everything

that happens tonight.

Is this a party?

- I don't remember any of this.

It was seven years ago.

- Use your context clues.

Presents, guests, a candlelit dinner.

Was it an early Valentine's Day?

No, no.

Why would there be guests?

Yeah, he's right on his way up.

- I don't know but I gotta go.

Connection 85%.

- Wait, wait, wait, wait.

The lights.

- Make it quick.

- Yeah, the lights.

The machine.


Every time you deviate from the past,

the machine increases
in power consumption.

Dimming the lights.
- Dimming the lights.

- Yes.

That's your compass.

If the house is losing power,

then you've made a wrong turn.

- Got it.

And no matter what, we
can't get lower than 17%.

- Yes, now go get 'em.

- I mean, it looks all right,

but the problem is the molding

is a half inch off on this side.

- Sorry.

- Hey, the man of the hour.

What's up, buddy?

How 'bout a hug?

- Cory, stop.

- Come on.

- Let me wash my hands first.

- Okay.

All good in the hood, buddy.

All good in the hood.

- Hey, Nick.

- Looking good, sis.


- Holy cow.

Benji, Courtney, Juice.

- Oh, sorry we're late.

Pure Michigan weather.

- What's your hiding there, Nick?

Something special?

You still owe me 20 bucks.

One minute.


- What?

- Idiot.
- What?

- Ah.


- Hey, you guys see which way Nick went?

- Just keep the status quo.

- What the hell is all this?

Go clear the table.

- I'm getting there.

- Party's here.

- Whoa.

Dude, I got you.

Geez, hey you gained some weight, buddy?

You okay?

I already cracked one for ya.

Oh shit, was that part of the?

Dude, I don't
know what just happened.

- Would you stop?

- What?
- Anybody want one?

I'll take one.

You already got one.

- Not much to her.

- What'd you see, a ghost?

Are you okay?

- Go inside.

- Okay.

- I didn't clear the table yet.

Jesus, Russ.

Jesus Christ.


Well if it isn't Ann Marie.

- Are you okay?

- Yeah.

Yeah, I just.

Needed a break.

- Well, talk about pressure.

All while inventing time travel.

- It's not easy.

- Well if we don't challenge
ourselves, then who will?

Am I right or am I right?

- How's your research coming?

Renewable energy.

- It's good.

- But not good enough for you, right?

Still think we'll change the world by 30?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- Yeah, okay.

- I'm serious.

We've got that drive, you know.

That's what makes dreams possible.

- I guess that's true.

- Hey, you didn't
graduate top of our class

to live a normal boring life.

Worrying about things like
pets and frozen pizza.

You're gonna change
millions of lives one day.

So will I someday.

But I think your house may have

lost some power or something.

- Why is that?

- Well the lights, they're pretty dim.

- Come on. They need me inside.

- Of course.

Hey later, I wanna see that
time machine I've heard about.

- It's mostly wires and theories.

- For a fellow physicist?

- Just make sure I'm there
to walk you through it, okay?

Sup, Nick?


- All right, pretty simple, people.

If you've done it, sit down.

If not, stay standing.


- All right, never have I ever.

Broke someone's heart.

- Damn.

- Yeah.

- Too soon.

- Oh what?

- Nick.


♪ 'Cause I don't know
how I'm still breathing ♪

- Oh come on.

We know that smile broke a
few hearts in high school.

- Okay, never have I ever
pre-ordered movie tickets

for ''Star Wars Phantom Menace''.

- Hey, screw you.

It's gonna be in 3D.

- Will the glasses hide the plot holes?

- Hey, just wait until he
makes an episode seven.

- Yeah, okay.

Dream on, dude.

- All right, all right.

Never have I ever cheated on someone.

- I cheated with a face full of kisses

from the dog at the office this week.

I gotta get stuff cleaned up, okay.

Keep playing.

You're fine.

- All right, all right, all right.

Never have I ever.

Blasted my ass trumpet on an old lady.

What the hell?

- I'm out twice.

- I'm all done.

- Yeah, I'm out, too.

Oh, that's Nick, too.

Dude, Shelly, you're the winner.

- What?

Shelly, Shelly, Shelly, Shelly.

- Hey, I think you'll be proud of me.

We took your advice.

I moved in with Cory.

- You what?

- What's wrong?

- Come here, come here,
come here, come here,

come here, come here, come here.

Hey Nick.

Can I talk to you in private?

- Yeah, one minute.

- I know this is a big step,

but this is what I want to settle down

and start a family with a
house eventually and kids.

- With Cory?

- You just said he was great with me.

What? No.

- What are you saying?

- Shelly, you gotta move out.

- Jess moved in with you.

- Yeah that's different.

I'm not an asshole to her.

I don't think.

- And he is with me?

- Shelly, I am serious.

Has he hurt you?

- No.

- You sure?

- It's just been hard since
you left campus, okay?

- Ow, ow.

Somebody get you two a room.

Damn Nick, you got some
real mood light in here.

That should come in handy.
- We're fine.

We're fine, Nick.


- Don't get any ideas.

Boing, boing, boing.


Core bear.

- Shmoopy.

Looks like you need some liquid
courage there, Nicky boy.

- Right.

Excuse me.

- Atta boy, get drunk.

- So now what's up?

- Even if you couldn't stop
something from happening,

it's about trying right?

- She making you put the toilet seat down?

- Huh?

- I'm just saying.

Having Jess move in with ya.

It's ballsy, man.

- It's not that.

Though she needed to renovate the kitchen.

- So it begins.

- It's actually Shelly but
you cannot say anything.

- Cory's abusive and
Shelly's afraid to leave him.

- Maybe, but how did?

- I mean, it doesn't take Einstein

to figure out what type of guy he is.

He's a jerk.

Peaked a long time ago.

Can't find happiness
in anyone or anything.

- You think?

- I'm sure he's cheated
on her a ton of times.

You really think that
he's happy or she's happy?

- Are you happy?

- Listen, I'm not gonna
invent a time machine

or change the world.

I mean, I was supposed to be

fielding grounders for the Tigers.

Sometimes dreaming, that's all it is.

- But you're happy, right?

- Well we got donuts today
at the site so there's that.

You know what'd make me happy?

You finish that time machine of yours,

so I can go back to states
and plow that catcher

instead of breaking my wrist on his cleat.

- Well I hate to say
but none of my research

supports changing the past.

- If you can't cheat the sports bookies,

what the hell good is a time machine?

- There's pros and cons.

I just need to figure 'em out.

- Well, don't get so busy
with that time warp shit

that you forget to help Shelly, okay?

She listens to you.

- Hey Nick.

Come on, please.

- Yeah, just getting
warmed up in the bullpen.

He's loose.

Go get 'em, tiger.

- Thanks, Russ.

- Okay.

What the hell is going on?

We had dinner and then our
friends show up randomly.

All they say is that
you invited them, Nick.

Nothing else.

And then you start acting

like it's not even our anniversary.

- Oh.

I invited our friends over tonight

because I thought we should make time

for people we haven't seen in a while.

- Nick, our anniversary is about us.

- Yeah.

- I'm so sorry.

Just wanna.

I just wanna open our presents

and then we can go back to them.

- Okay.

That's okay.

To Nick.

Dear Nick, another year,
another opportunity.

Day by day, hour by hour I felt our bond

grow stronger with time.

Who knows where this
crazy life will take us,

but I know I'll never stop appreciating

the little moments we have together.

Wrestling for the remote.

Burnt pancakes we force ourselves to eat.

The night we cried when
the vet told us about Max.


The way you held me and said he'd be

a real pimp in dog heaven.

Every day we're together proves even more

that we've made the right choices.

Five years are only the beginning.

I love you more than hot
cocoa on a cold night.


The presents, too.

The atomic clock.

- Yeah.

This way if you're ever lost in time,

you'll know exactly the
day, the month and the year.

We can hang it downstairs.

- That's very thoughtful.

- This is yours, too.

- But.

- Did you honestly?

Did you honestly forget?

- Jess.

No, Jess.

Jess, wait, wait.



Oh my god.

Holy shit.

How could I forget?

- Nick?

Are you okay?

- Yeah, yup.

I have such big plans for us.

We're gonna be unstop--

- Stop.

- But.

But she said no.


- No.

But this won't work.

- Oh.

You know, I didn't mean to--

- It's just bad timing.

- Okay, yeah.

I'm sorry.

You know, I just really wanna support you

and the work you're doing.

- I'll still show you the
machine, but later okay?

- Yeah.


Yo Courtney.

Beer me.

Guys, what's
going on with the lights?

- Ugh.

- Ann Marie.

- Russ.

- Choked, didn't ya?

- You knew?

- Don't play dumb, dumb ass.

- Why didn't you tell me?

- Tell you what?

Not to invite Ann Marie
up to your bedroom?

- She has nothing to do with tonight.

- Then what was that?

- What was what?

- You sound so idiotic sometimes.

- What the hell are you talking about?

- That's what matters.

I saw you talking to Ann Marie outside.

- So?

Are you really gonna throw
away everything with Jess

for a cheap temptation?

Seriously, what are you thinking?

- I wasn't tempted.

- Then why is she waltzing down the stairs

while there's a girl outside
any guy in this county

would give his left nut
for who's wishing her car

wasn't blocked in right now?

You're gonna throw away the best thing

that ever happened to you.

- I guess I choked.

- Damn right you did.

And here she is supporting
your silly dream on top of it.

- Why does that date ring a bell?

- I don't know.

Does your anniversary ring a bell?

No, no it was,

it was February 2nd.

- Whatever, dude.

Make things right with Jess, okay?


We'll take some shots.

Then I'm hitting the road.

I didn't drive all the way from Ubly

to miss out on the big moment.

- You can't.

- Can't what?

No driving tonight.

- Dude, give me it back.

- Russ, you've drank too much.

Dude, give me it back.

- We have a spare room.

- I ain't no bitch, okay.


- No, ugh.

I'm gonna tell you something

and you have to promise
not to tell anyone ever.

- Okay.

- I'm from the future.

Time traveling right now.

- Here we go.

- Russ.

You crash your car on the
way back to Ubly tonight.

The report came out February 2nd, 2012.

You die from drunk driving.

Come on, Russ.

This is real.

- Dude.

Screw you, man.

Cut the shit.

Dude, I saved the newspaper.

- Propose you big baby,
then I'm out of here, okay.


- Russ, I'm serious.

- What the hell?

- I'm sorry.

- She was bawling.

- It's not my fault.

- Nick, we've been keeping
your secret for over an hour.

What are you waiting for?

- If I could tell you, I would.

- I want nieces and nephews.

- Not now.


Can we talk?

- Excuse me.

♪ I'm not the old me ♪

♪ And our time is up ♪

♪ We both know we've thought about ♪

- What kind of man are you?

Oh sorry I can wait.

Would you?

- I made dinner.

You think I made cherry tart for fun?

- And then our friends come over

and you're laughing and drinking
beer and putting me off.

Great surprise, Nick.


- Excuse me?

- At least I didn't push us

into a house renovation we didn't need.

- That's for our future family Nick.

- Oh right.

Our bright future.

How long do you think
my funding will last?

Do you really think it will
pay for quartz counter-top?

- We picked those out together.

This isn't about that.


- Yeah, party's over.

- All I want is to spend my life with you,

not to be pushed aside for a dream.

- It is way more than a dream, babe.

- No, Nick.

That's all your life is.

You don't have time
for anyone or anything.

And what the hell's up with the lights?

- I gotta go, okay.

It's my machine.

- Of course.

That's the Nick I know.

Connection 25%.

Critically low.

What's going on?

- I'm struggling, okay.

- With what?

- Would you let your best
friend die driving tonight,

or let your sister stay with
an abusive cheating asshole,

or propose to the woman that
you know you'll divorce anyway?

- This is not real life.

We're just observing what
happened seven years ago.

- Bullshit.

You're not up there.

You have no idea.

- All right listen to me, Nick.

Those are terrible things
but you did them before,

so you can do them again.

Saving them now means nothing.

Let go of your emotion and be a physicist.

We have to get home.

- God.


Connection 25%.

Critically low.

Charging 74%.

- I saw you head down.

Can I see it?


Real quick.

- Wow.

Oh my God.

This is amazing.

- The launch zone.

The brain.

The electrical load storage.

The smart controller.

Most of the bells and whistles

are inside this little box here.

- Wow.

I mean, this is hogging all your energy.

It's all run via tablet?

That's right.

All touch and talk.



Connection 35%.

Charging 75%.

- Hey, what's wrong?

- Nothing.

- Go propose, Nick.

- You can keep looking.

Just stay out of the launch zone

and don't touch or say anything to it.

- Yup, just observing.

- Yes, Ann Marie.

I meant observing.

- Ann Marie?

Oh, this can't be.

- Hey man, we gotta catch our flight out.


Courtney and Juice are probably waiting.

- Have you seen Jess?

- She'll say yes.

Just be confident.

You mean a lot to her.

And anyone can see she
means the world to you.

- Thanks, man.

Got this.

Have a safe flight back.

- February 1st, 2012.

The outer components of
Nick Cotter's time machine.

All run by some sort of prototype tablet.

Maybe the flash will help.

Launch zone.


Out of the way.

Russ, I'm serious, man.

- I have to drive two hours.

- What?

I work at 5:00 a.m.

- Hey, you're the one being the idiot.

- Open your eyes, man.

- Fine, I tried.

Let's take a look inside.

- Hold on, Miss Vixen.

Hands up.

Critically low.

- Who are you?

- Go to the pictures.

Delete them or I'll
expose you to everyone.

- I don't know what you're talking about.

Don't play dumb.

Connection 23%.

Critically low.

- Again, all of them.

Hurry up.

Connection 22%.

- What more do you want from me?

Have you seen Cory?

- Yeah, sucking Shell's face.

- What?

What, with who?


Warning connection lost.

Warning connection lost.

Oops, sorry.



We're disconnected.

- What happened?

- She has photos.

- Of what?

- Your work to steal it.

- Ann Marie?

- Ann Marie Vixen is one of the names

on the CIA suspect list.

She's the Red Fox.

- That was.


No, she became my intern.



How can you be so oblivious?

- She moved away from
Michigan a few years ago.

- At least I made her delete most of them.

- What?

Then you should've let her go.

And let the Russians?

- You interfered with the past.

- Oh my God.

It was my fault.

- Yes.

Well no.

I don't know but we're alive.

We're alive.



Connection lost.

Charging 90%.

- It's still charging.

- Just stop it.

- Hey, I told you it was at your own risk.

- And if you hadn't forgotten why we came,

we'd be about 10 minutes from takeoff.

- Hey, hey, where you going?

- To find your liquor
and to see something else

besides this wood paneling.

- No, you can't.

Real great, Shelly.


- Hey, jerk.

So now you need Jess, but
only when it's on your time.

Will you grow up?

- Go home.

- Yeah, I'd like to go home.

I would like to have my own life,

but do you see me getting
to set up my business?

Lease property or set up any new classes?

- The art studio thing?

- Yeah.

- I'm sorry.

Teaching pottery isn't lucrative.

- Excuse me.

- I said it's an unprofitable,

stupid waste of daylight hobby.

- Unprofitable?

I've been turning down
investors because of you, Nick.


Do you think the kitchen demoed itself?

We laid out the entire design our self.

We ran new lines and we hung up drywall.

I even helped Dad fix the
sub floor without you.

While you were all distracted

by your technological bullshit,

I put my life and my career on hold

because I actually care about people.

You're just selfish.

Now go back in there and patch things up

and pretend to listen.


- Resume connection.

Connection lost.

- What good are you then?

I'm sorry.

Please repeat the question.

- Was this worth it?

I'm sorry.

Please repeat the question.

- Jess.

I'm sorry.

Everyone's gone now.

- Russ isn't staying?

- No.

- And Shelly went home with Cory?

- Yeah.

I really wish
she would leave him.

- It's.

It's all my fault.

- What, ruining our anniversary, Nick?

- All of this.



Everything I did.

I had to do.

It was all wrong.

- Everyone makes mistakes, Nick.

- No, this whole thing has been a mistake.

- Look, you spoiled our
night, but it's okay.

I forgive you.

Come here.

- I could've done things right with them.

With you.

But I am tied down by that damn machine.

- Listen to yourself.

Just because we've had a
few dips here and there

doesn't mean you throw away
everything you've worked for.

What if you unlock time travel next week?



- What if it's not tomorrow?

What if it's years?

- Then we'll make the best
of those years together.


All it takes is telling
Shelly how you feel.

And Russ.


I guess call in a drunk driving

if you're really that worried.

Sometimes I just miss how

easy things were when we were young.

Like this.

I wish we could relive this night.

You know?

It'd be bittersweet.

- Mostly bitter.

But a little sweet.

- Remember drinking hot
chocolate under the stars?

I loved that.

Okay, you can't tell me
you don't regret that face.

- Oh God.

- It looks like you're
pooping or something.


- There's instant mix somewhere

in this construction zone.



- It's freezing out here.


Oh my.

What the hell?

- All we had was cappuccino, babe.

- I was gonna say.

I kind of like it.

If you could.

If you could go back in
time to any time in the past

with your time machine, when would it be?

- Why do you ask?

- Just curious.

I would go back to a time
when it was just about us.

When things were fun.

- Think we're living it right now.

- Well if that's true,

then who needs a stinking time machine?

- Jess.

What keeps you up at night?

- Spiders coming through our walls.

- I mean, what gives you
motivation each morning?

What do you hope to achieve one day?

- Well.

It's definitely not my job.

A loving family.

With you.

Well I mean it's not.

It's not inventing time travel but.

It's why I wanna get the
renovations done so early

before life gets crazy.

- I think that's a great dream.

- I also wanna go to the Swiss Alps.

I think that would be incredible.

- Oh I'd love to.

And Italy.

- Yes.

- Yes.

- Right?
- Right.

We have to go to Venice.

- No, that's okay.

- Open it.

- All right.

- Do you want me to hold that?

- No, it's okay.

May our love never stop ticking.

Do you like it?

- It's wonderful.

Thank you, Jess.

- What's on your mind?

- Just you.

- Not Shelly and Russ?

- You seen my phone?

- Yeah, it's.

It's in the drawer by our bed on my side.

- Don't move.

- Are you?

Don't move.

- I might move.

Sorry I missed your call.

Leave a message.

- Shelly, it's Nick.

I don't know if you'll get this but.

I don't think you should stay with Cory.

You deserve so much better than him.

And I miss our college
days and I miss you.

And I am so sorry I
couldn't be there for you.

Please, please, don't give
that jerk another minute.

You're a catch and tomorrow
will bring new opportunities.

I know it.

I hope you get this.

I love you, sis.

911, what's your emergency?

- Hi.

I'm calling to report a drunk driver.

- Ow.

- Oh my God.

- Ow.

Oh my God.

- Is it bleeding?


- I told you not to move.

I was just cleaning up.

- I should've known.

I don't even wanna look at it.

- Okay.


What's that?

What is that?

What are we gonna drink more wine?

What are you doing?

- Jess.

I've spent half my life
trying to chase a dream

only to realize that it
was right under my nose.


- Not many things in life are perfect,

but you're the exception.

You've shown me the true value in time

is spending it with those you love.

And I vow to spend

as much as I possibly can with you.

I'm starting everything over tonight

and staying here by your side.

I love you, Jessica, with all my heart.

It's upside down.

- Will you marry me?



Oh my God.

You idiot.

- I love you.


Connection restored.

Connection restored.

- That sounds like.

- Dangerous.

Wait here, okay.

But I'm.

Wake up.

- Help me.


Charging complete.

What's happening?

two, transferring energy.

- Connection status.

Connection 100%.

- Full?

You did it, Nick.

We can return.

Make history.

trip destination set for--

- No way.

66,702.1 hours.

Energy transfer complete.

Stage three ready to launch.

Standby for clapping.

- But how?

- Who cares?

Let's go.

- No, I called the cops.

I've made changes.

- You did what?

- I've done things to change the past.

- Well they must not have changed yet.

Let's go.

- Is it safe?

- You can go I'm staying.

- Wait, wait.

No, no, no, no, no.

We have to transfer back an equal mass.

- Then take him.

- Nick, please answer me.

Connection 75%.

- One sec--

- Don't let her screw this up.

Let go, I'm staying.

- You've gone mad.

This is just an observation.

- Let go.

- Recorded data on a server.

The machine is yours.

You can take all the credit.

- Nick, Nick, listen to me.

Listen to me.

Trying to stay here
will not fix your past.

Now let's go.

- No, no.

No, no.

Go, go, go.

- Jess.

- Oh my God, they're back.

I knew it.

- No, no.

You've been gone for hours.

How are we?

So, did it work?

I am not going to put myself

through that kind of stress ever again.


- Tommy.

You're damn right it works.

This place.

This place was a construction zone.

- Is that whiskey?

And we ran into.

You're gonna love this.

Is anybody else seeing double?

- Nick met himself?

Met him?

More like bushwhacked him .

Warning, missing data.

- And the Red Fox?

Get this.

Was his intern.

His own intern.

- What?

- Working right here.

No, but it all makes perfect sense now.

How else could she have
all that knowledge?

Warning. Missing data.


- The Red who?

- Ann Marie Vixen.


- What's happening, Nick?

- Oh, don't worry about
security clearance.

He already knows.



- Out.


- Out.
- What?

- Go.
- Run.



99.93% data restored.

0.07% new data.

Time-line amended.

- I've never.

Previous memory updated.

Reset complete.

New maximum destination set

for September 15th, 2019 at 11:14 p.m.

- It changed?


I'm sorry, I can be there.

Are you at Mom and Dad's?

- We just left.

- We?

No, no, no, no.

Is everything okay?

- You tell me, Einstein.

- Guess what?

What you think I choke?

Shit, come on.

- Russ stop.

- What?

- Hello?


I told you this connection stinks.

- Well, whack it or something.

- No, no, I'm here.

- There we go.
- There you go.

- I have to see you guys tonight.

- Come on, don't get all weepy now.

- Hey, so we've got like 100
more of these calls to make,

so we're gonna you know.

- Yeah, yeah, of course.

Congrats, you guys.

And sis.

I'm proud of you.

- Thanks, Nick.

- Time-line changed.

- Son of a Newton.

Nick, do you know what this means?

- What else?

- Hey, where'd your stupid, ugly tie go?

- What?

- We could save lives.

Even plan for rewinds.

With proper testing.

Who knows how much we can fix.

- Not everything.

Melissa, if we
start tracking her now.

Yeah, yeah, we just might be able

to stop the Red Fox after all.

- How much did you have to drink?

Nick, we need to update HQ.

We'll be back in a moment.

What is this Red Fox?

- You know, Nick.

I just gotta say.

Love the cabinets and
the quartz counter-top.

- Thanks.

How could I forget?

- Nick, with your
successful demonstration,

I would like to personally welcome you

to the United States department of energy.

Elon Musk may have revolutionized

electric vehicles,

open AI, and space exploration,

but it looks like we will be
leading the way in time travel.


- Elon Musk?

- Finally got one over on him.

You'll be flying out tonight.

I have property setup
so you can get started.

Believe me, there is no time to waste.

You are still interested?

- I made a deal with Dr. Kent.

He gets credit for everything.

- Oh, don't be silly.

You were talking like
a fool not a physicist.

You'll touch millions of lives.

This is your dream.

Our dream.

- Doctor, it has been one hell of a ride,

but this is your achievement.

I'm taking option A.

Are you sure?

Earlier you said--

- Does the offer still stand?

Annual payments.

- Then we've got a deal.

Well, the clock's ticking
and the Russians are rushing.

- All right.

Mister family man.

- If I don't come back alive,

be sure to lock up on your way out.

- We're gonna need all of this in writing

and help deconstructing the machine.

And his notes.

And help rebuilding it--

- Right, right, right.

Let's give him the night off.

He's earned it.

You hungry?

- There's literally no food in this house.

- Jess.





- Jesus, Boba Fett.


- Sorry, man.

I gotta talk to Jess.

And Rachel, too.

- Well, they're not here.

- What?

Oh no.

Oh no, no.

Oh, how could this?

You're married, right?

- What are you doing?

- How could this?

The divorce papers.

The divorce papers.

They were at my house today

and Jess has been staying here.

I know it, Ben.

- And they ran out of ice cream.

- Huh?

- That's them now.

- Oh God.

- Look man, I don't really
know what to tell you.

- What do you mean?

- I know how much your work means to you.

We all do and.

I don't know.

Sure this is what you want?

- More than anything.

- Don't waste her time, man.

- Big surprise.

Sorry Nick, but the world doesn't start

and stop at your convenience.

- Rachel, listen to me.

- Get your chairs off my lawn and go home.

- I wanna invest in your art studio.

- What?

Nick, I gave that up years ago.

Not that you would ever notice.

- Yes and I'm sorry you turned
down investors because of me.


- Who told you that?

- Here.

I have the money and I know
how much it means to you.

- Don't kid yourself.

- I'm serious, Rach.

I promise you'll have your nights back.

All I want is to start a family with Jess.

No more distractions.

Just don't cash it 'til next week.

- So now you're trying to
bribe me just to talk to her.

- It's not too late for your studio.


- Oh God, what did you bathe in cologne?

Don't mess this up.


- Keep it.

Got a lot to learn about personal finance.

What's going on?

- Just bringing this over.

- What the hell is wrong with you?

- It's all over.

I'm done with time travel.

- Done?


- That's right.

- Yeah.

So you're quitting right
before your big trip?

How does that work?

- Jess.

I just came back from
the night I proposed.

- Don't even try it.

- I'm serious.

Everyone was there.

I got on one knee.

You had your bloody nose
and we sat under the stars.

- What bloody nose?

- Oh.

Right 'cause.

It's okay.

You don't have to believe me.

- Seven years, Nick.

Seven years.

All of our marriage wasted.

And now you wanna talk about work?

You made a vow that you
would stand by my side

and I fell for it.

You think I couldn't tell the moments

when you stopped listening?

Felt like we were
strangers living together.

- I'm so sorry.

- How do you think that made me feel?

Like it was some kind of chore.

Making time for me.

- Why?

Why didn't you stop me?

- Oh right.

Just shut the whole
time travel thing down?

- You saw things I couldn't.

- Because.

- Because why?

- It wasn't right to squash your dreams

just so I could have mine.

I wanted us to have both.

Time travel and a loving family.

Call me crazy.

We'd be that couple.

As long as we had each other.

But I had no idea how consuming

your work would be.

And how far we'd grow apart.

Look, our--

Our relationship, the way it was,

wasn't working.

And I don't know if it ever will.

Maybe it's stupid.

It's stupid to think that
things wouldn't change

and things would stay easy.

And maybe, Nick, we just
weren't meant to be together.

This is melting.

- No, Jess, stop.

- I forgot the reasons we fell in love.

How young and silly and

happy we were.

Rushing out of work to go out.

The butterflies from our first kiss.

How everyday was made better
once I saw your smile.

We'd have so much fun doing anything.

Or nothing.

It didn't matter.

I've been selfish and blind.


We had something special together

and I took it for granted.

I'm sorry.

I'm committed to us and our family.

That's my dream now.

- You expect me to believe

you've changed in a couple hours?

- Jessica Marie.

I have never been more in love
with you than I am right now.

Whether I proposed an hour
ago or seven years ago,

I wanna make this vow to you again.

Day by day, whatever challenges we face,

I promise our bond will
only grow stronger.

I don't need to change the world

or get some sort of
scientific self-validation.

I just need us again.

I can't believe I've fallen so far.

Will you take my hand?

- Upsie daisy, cutie pootie.

I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry, too.

- And I love you.

- I love you, too.

- Wait.

Let me grab something.

- That's the Nick I know.

Just kidding.

- Could I interest you
in some hot chocolate?




- Ah.

Oh babe.

- Nothing ever works out.

- Come here.

Come on, we'll leave it
here 'til the morning.


Oh my.

Don't worry.

I didn't even really like those anyway.

Also, don't hate me,

but I kind of threw my ring
out the window earlier.

Wait, did you?

- No.

Funny story.

Wait a minute.

A glitch?

- You really went?

- Jess, how would you like
to see the Swiss Alps?

- But?

But what about?

- And Venice and Italy.

And then.

- And then.

- The real adventure.

Come on.

We'll need to conduct
a lot of experiments.

- I think you've done plenty of testing.

- Hey, that was just the control group.

The philosopher
Albert Schweitzer once said,

in the hopes of reaching the moon,

men fail to see the flowers
that blossom at their feet.

And you know what?

I think he might've been onto something.

What'd you
stop to smell the roses?

It's almost noon.

- Mm, I think Mom is challenging
us to a tickle fight.

- Yeah.

- No, we don't have time for that.

- Attack.

Get her, get her, get
her, get her, get her.

- Stop.

- Hello.

Shoes off, kids.

Grayson, we're here.

Hey guys.

Hey Grayson.

- Hello.
- Hi guys.

- We're here.

Oh God, they already found him.

Time to play.

How about we play tag?

Hey, get a room.

- Can I just say I appreciate you

cleaning the basement for the kids today?

Why don't we take
off the shoes over here?

- Confirm energy required
to rewind 24 hours.

And I cleaned
the upstairs by myself.