Making Maya (2003) - full transcript

Maya's one goal in life is to become a professional basketball player. Then, Sam enters her life.

* Making Maya *

Mom are you ready?


Mom are you ready?

Mama what are you doing?

Baby your mama needs a little help

I'm wet... l... I wet myself again

The longer l live, the more
I realize the impact...

...of attitude on life'

Attitude to me is more
important than facts

Where is she, why isn't she here yet

She'll be here, she probably just
got her period or something

She'll be here

You think so?

Sara, just stop worrying
about it she'll be here

God this gum is getting old


Oh don't swallow it, you'll get diarrhea

What am I supposed to do with it?

Life is only 10% of what happens to
you and 90% of how you react to it.

Baby please don't be mad at me

Mom I'm not mad at you

Baby you're so beautiful

I used to look like you when l was your age

You're so dressed up

Baby where you goin'? Are you going
to a party with all your friends?

No mom

Where you goin'?

I'm not going to a party

She's not here


She's not here

Don't wing it! In school you get the lesson
then you take the test.

In the real world your going to be
tested and the lesson are going to follow.

Aren't you asleep already?

Yeah, she's sleepin'

So you guys look cute

We got you this

Move your butt, I'm laying down

Did you take pictures at least?

Did I miss anything?

Did that one guy flash everyone
like he said he was going to?

No, most definitely not

He chickened out! All talk.

So you wanna go out tonight?

No, l would but l have to finish
those college applications

I don't even know where
I'm gonna go yet, I mean...'s kind a hard to get in when...

...your high-school doesn't even
have abasketball team!


Well why don't you
fill them out tomorrow?

Come out with us tonight.
It well be fun. I promise.

She just wants you to get laid

Yeah, that's it

What is this infatuation
with me getting laid?

I don't know, ask Sara

There's no infatuation with you getting laid

l just think your yoo-ho
wants some fun tonight!

Well may be if you hada good
chat name. It's all in the chatname

Oh, what's your chatname?

Yeah, Donkey-lova-that's pretty freaky

We got dad's check

We haven't gotten anything from
Ed McMahonin a while though

Must be on his shit-list


There's an add for
Jesus Christ-God that guy has great PR

The toilet's not flushing again

Ok I got it

So I got you those chicken
things that you like

And then I got some new shampoo

It's cheaper. It still smells good though

Ma l didn't get you any

l thought we could try tonight without some

I'm such a bad mom

I'm such a bad mom

You're not a bad mom


I promise...

I love you

Hey Maya! Miss graduatin' girl!

Oh my god I'm so proud of you!

Look at Mars thinkin'
he's all smooth and shit

That man's been findin' an
excuse to touch your ass all day

Give me a hug, congratulations

Ok back up that's enough

Hey who's this?

Oh this is my boy Mo, Mo this is Maya

Sorry, he's actually kinda deaf,
you have to excuse him.

We grew up together...

Is he better at basketball than you?

Has to be

Let's play!

Bro, put your money where
your mouth is then

Bet $20

Bet $40

You don't got $40 man

My boy got $40

You don't got $40

My boy got it, wanna bet it?

Bet it

You got 40 bucks?

We got it, put your money
where your mouth is punk

You taught me that

That's my girl


Y'all get a room or something, man!

Quit being a girl, you're hair's fine

Oh my god, does he look like he's
fixing his hair?


Ya'll look like Amos and Andy

Puff Daddy and Christina Aguilera

Some things never change Zima

You could move to Siberia and
you wouldn't beat us

Hey you wouldn't have
won without her though

Go get the Ball!

You could've brought
Michael Jordan to the court

and you'd still get waxed

Of course you're used to that now right?

Yeah whatever, I'll see you
here next time man

You're soft dude, you're soft

You let a girl beat you man,
go get me some water

Hey so what we gotta do
is work on your jumper

So when you play with those
big girls up in college,

they won't know what hit 'em.

All you have to do, is get
your elbow in it, right?

And work on your back-spin so it takes
the pressure off your forearm

So it's just like that everytime

Let's see it

Oh my God! That's beautiful, that' a girl

Yup, that's it.


Man, I'm gonna miss
you a lot when you leave

Dude l don't know if l'm leaving yet

You don't know if you're leaving?

Well I haven't gotten accepted anywhere

Here's the thing, colleges...

they look for what high-school you went to,
how many state, how may regionals

Where you've gone with
basketball-I don't have any of that shit

I mean my school doesn't even
have a fuck'n girls' basketball team

Maya all of that doesn't matter l mean

You're meant for more than this,
don't you just feel it?

Like you're better than this?

Yeah l feel it, but l don't know...
The way my luck is!

Maya baby, life is 99% heart,
right? And 1% luck

You got a lot of fuckin' heart,

we just gotta work on
your broke-ass jumper

My jumper is not broke-ass
thank you very much

Let's see it

Give me my money

Double or nothing

What do you mean?
I'm getting tacos tonight.

Don't know what your eating!

Who had the bagel?

Lt was me, thank you

Anything else?

Thank you

Ok, so they're pretty much filled out

except I have to do the address and
personal information on these ones

What's your address?

Here, you can copy off of this

So I met this guy on-line


Come on you guys, he's really
sweet and really, really nice

His name is Brandon, we're
meeting up this weekend

We talked on-line forever

L feel like I've met you before

I swear l was just thinking
that in my head

Here, try my drink

Yeah, it's really good

So I guess I can take a hint

l just thought l should let you know,

that l set you up with Brandon's friend

You're setting me up with Brandon's friend?

Yeah, what's wrong with that?

So I hear you're a famous
basketball player huh?

I used to play basketball myself,
you know?

Youh ave amazing hands


Oh! Let's see, umm... he
dates girls off the internet

God! He's obviously a charmer

You wanna hear a joke?

Why was the tomato blushing?

I don't know, why?

Because he saw the salad dressing!

That was funny

It's not like you've hooked
up since, oh I don't know, puberty

Jesse tell her

Jesse tell her

Shit! I screwed this one up.
Does anyone have white-out?


So Harry seems to like you a lot...

Sara he's such a geek

So what!

So what?

He's nice and he's really funny

Oh yeah, hilarious

So -here

Hell no!

Just take it, you never no

No, no, that better be for you

You never know

Correction, I always know

You are such a prude

I am not

Yes you are

And l'm gonna have fun tonight

Take my keys, I think I got a ride home

Have fun. Bye.


I had areally good time tonight

Me too

l think you're really special

You have something right here

No, there



You want to here another joke?


Ok-this pirate walks into a bar, right...

And he's got a steering
wheel attached to his, um...

You know... his private area

And the bartender says...

hey! Why do you have a steering
wheel attached to your...

Private area

And the pirate he says...

"arr, I don't know matey
but it's drivin' me nuts!"

Get it, get it, driving me nuts

Nuts, yeah


Hey check this shit out!

Who is the honey?

I don't know

Well I'm about to handle this

So you fine ladies up for
a game of basketball?


Yeah, sure

Who we got for teams?

Oh, me and you? That's cool...

Next game man... My bad...

He'll do anything for a girl man

So, what's your name?


How you doin' Sam. I'm Zima

And that fool right there is Lamar,
we call him Mars.

He's about to get his ass whopped

Alright, enough of your stallin', who has
a quarter? Let see who'll get the ball.

I got a quarter

Alright, make that shit count


Tails, our ball

Alright be careful, she
might try to psych you

out in the paint and
shoot with herleft hand

But just pass the ball to uncle
Zima and we'll be all right

By the way Sam, why don't you
provide me with your digits

So we can got out for a night in the town,
take you to a little dinner, little movie


You know, so we can have some fun,
would you like that?

See girls like when I talk all
sophisticated and stuff like that so

Are you one of them type girls too?

No, huh-uh


Hey who's your girl, she's
got a bad-ass jumper

I have no idea, I got her though

She likes to bank them when she can so
make sure you got the rebound off that

Look at you all Phil Jackson-like,
I love it when my baby gets serious

We win again, we win again

Good game, good game

lt was nice meeting you young lady

Yo let me holla'at you for a minute

You put some good ones in by the way

Thanks, you too - May right?

Maya, yeah

So who will you play for next year?
Or do you already play for somebody?

I'm actually still sending in applications

Do you play?

No, but a bunch of my friends
up in Washington...

They play for the Red Hawks,
that's where I go

I don't really have time to
take it serious you know?

You can't imagine not having time
for basketball right?


Excuse me, excuse me - so
how 'bout that phone number?

You know, so we can go
out on a date, get a little coffee,

or go to the movies or somethin'

Actually l have a boyfriend

You've got a boyfiend?

Yeah, thanks though

You got a boyfriend, ain't that some shit

Ok, you'll see, you'll want me
want day when I make it to the big leagues

'Cause I'm drinking milk

Yo, she likes me man

What happened?

Well she was gonna give me her
phone number but l didn't have a pen

So she's gonna give it to
Maya to give to me

Right, for when you make
it to the big leagues

Yeah, no doubt! Let's go
get something to eat.



So what's it like playing in college?

Well my friends love it,
but it's a lot of hard work

I hardly seet hem anymore

Yeah, it's a lot of competition huh?

Oh yeah, but that's like all they ever do

Oh my gosh, they're the type
that eat raw eggs in the morning

I'd rather stick to pre-med

Pre-med? Your parents put
you up the that one or?

Your boyfriend in it or something?

Yeah? Which one?

A little of both actually

My boyfriend Benny, he's
in the pre-med program here

And my parents live here so,
I come visit whenever l can

Yeah, he didn't think it would be a good i
dea for both of us to be in the same program

Probably thinks you'd do better than him

You think?

Look at the car...

it's so perfect

You never see anything like that over here

I bet it's a mid-life crisis thing

Or may be some rich,
snotty kid's parents bought it for them

You know, didn't spend
enough time with them

Yeah, you're probably right

I gotta go, see you around

Are you gonna eat all that?

You told me you're on a diet


I'm just holding you accountable

You asked me to

I dropped off the Portland
State application today

They have a really strong team, so
I don't know if l'll get on but

I'm actually getting used
to be rejected, isn't that sick?

All I need is just one
try-out-one freakin' try out

Well anytime team would be
grateful to have you on it sweetie

Want me to go talk to them?


No I'm serious

Remember when l talked to
the little league coach

when he wouldn't let
you on the guys' team?

He still didn't let me on

So? Did that matter?

Mom, what are you doing?

L just need it to wash down the food

God damn it!

You know l am still your
mother, and I'm no thurting

anybody, and why don't
you live your own life!

Hey, I thought l might find you here


Are you gonna play?

L wish I could, I'm still
sore from the other day,

I can barely move my right arm


I actually just wanted to give you think back

You came here to give me my quarterback?

It's yours isn't it?

L was wondering what l was gonna
do about gas money this week

Sorry, that was really bad

No, no, it was cute

May be just one game?

Come on!

I always bring an extra
pair of shorts, but...

There you go


You don't like 'em? Don't
diss my lucky shorts

I actually had them on the first time l beat
Mars one on one, lt was like 8th grade.

Ok, can you cover me?


So, you've known Mars for a while!

Yeah, we grew up together. I used
to go to grade-school with him

He was two grades ahead of me, but...

He used to look out for me...

I used to get picked on a lot, l was this
scrawny kid with glasses. I was a mess


Yeah he used to walk me home everyday...
He's been my best friend eversince

Have you ever?

No, no, he's like my brother

Plus he's always got these women after him
and... I'm not really his type, you know!

Yo Maya, let's go, come onl

I'll be there in a sec


That's ok... I think, umm... my bra's loose

l think the strap is broken or something

You want me to look at it?

Um, actually, if you could?

Oh yeah, you're buckle's broken

That's what l get for not doing laundry

I could tighten it to the next notch but...
would that be too tight?

Yeah probably... You know what?
Don' tworry about it, it's fine...

Actually, here wait... Holdon!

L think this will work

It's all right! Thanks

These shorts...

Maya are you done yet? Let's go!

The toilet's not flushing again

Mom... Did you love dad?

Love him? No! But he loved me.
I was great in bed


L was like a tiger

Have you ever had a crush on someone?
Like, someone you may be

Like, someone you may be
shouldn't have had a crush on?

What, like a priest?

No mom, not like a priest

Good, 'cause I heard they
were terrible in bed

I had a crush once... It was the
most beautiful feeling in the world

l was around your age

I couldn't wait to see him

I hadt hese feelings in my stomach...
I had a

smile. I couldn't wipe
the smile off my face

And then one day, his parents
died in a car crash.

He was never the same again

And l never saw him again after that...

I wish I could have a crush
for the rest of my life.

I never felt that way before, or ever since

I'm gonna make things better mom

I'm gonna be big some day... We won't
worry about fixing the God damn toilet...

So Maya, where's your girl at?

What girl?

You know, the one we played
ball with last time?

That one?


I don't know!

Did she talk about me?


Come on nothin'? She didn't
say anything about me?

I know how you girls talk
about us behind our back

You're so fuckin' relentless


You know all the women love Uncle Zima


Hey Maya, Maya, check this
out, we're gonna do this...

What's this?

Jump-4, the ones who sponsorJ
ason Wallace and Andrew Miller

They're putting on their own
basketball association,

that's made totally from
people from the streets

Players play street teams from here, play
against street teams from other states

You get your own jerseys,
your own freakin' tour-bus...

and they're even gonna televise
the play-off rounds baby!

Are you shitting me? Wait,
you signed us up fort his?

Hell yeah!

Wait! Are girls even allowed?

Well, I signed you up as a guy, but once
they see you play it's gonna be d-day baby!

When are the try-outs?

This Sunday, and we're gonna
rip some fuckin' ass!

Who is this girl anyway?

She's just a girl I met playing
basketball, she's really nice

Besides, you're gonna be with
all your guys and l won't have

anyone to talk to, so l thought
l could just bring her along

Well I'm sorry that l bore you...

Benny, sweetie

Don't do that, you don't
know how you get when you're

around your guys I'll be
the only girl there...

Yeah I guess-just hurry
up, we're gonna be late

You know l get car-sick when you drive

Hello! Yeah, Sam?

Yeah! It's, it's Maya...

Where are you going again?

Just some party

Yeah but, why aren't we invited?

Stop buggingthe poorgirl,

This is the first and only
time she will ever ask

me to help her shop. Please
do not ruin my moment

Ooh, what do you think about this? Ow!

God! Too fancyl don't wanna look
like I shopped for anything

Good point...

So, who is it?

Who's what?

Who are you trying to impress?

No one!

Mhm... Maya's got a boyfriend,
Maya's got a boyfriend

Shut up

I have got the perfect outfit

Nice, huh?

Ok Sarah!

I like it...

I like it too Maya

I can't believe you picked it out yourself

I know, you're getting so big. Our
little Maya is buying new clothes


Hi, is Samantha there?

No she's not...


Girl scouts


Bad night?

May be a good night


Stop staring

I'm sorry, got get your ball dude, we gotta
go practice let's go, chop, chop... come on!



I can do it

Go for it

Man l just did a whole bunch
of them, I can't right now



Man, can you imagine doing this for a living?

If l can't do this with my life I
don't know what l'd want to do

I have no idea

May be l'd go to Mexico, sell
peanuts and ice-cream, live in

a little tent on the heach,
build fires at night, you know?

Damn that sounds good

Can I come?

Not if you don't take a fucking shower

Have you smelt you lately, after
you play you're not so fresh

You're not so fresh either

At least l'm tall

Hey now!

What are you doin'?

It's a basketball tape, Mars lent it to me

It's got some really great moves

We actually have a competition,
tomorrow, to be on a team

I need to study this tape

Oh, so I have to study too then huh?

Come on ma, you'll like it

Well you can do that

Not like him, I mean I try but...




You can do everything

Your food's gonna get cold

Maya l'm so sorry

Don't apologize, it's ok

Benny, he just gets that way
sometimes, he's a little possessive

Yeah I understand

So what, your underwear broke or something?

Have you been crying?

Do you want to take a drive
with me or something?

Are you ok?

Do you wanna take a drive?

I'm ok, seriously

Benny just broke up with me, again!
It's so stupid

I'm sorry

I got you something

l wanted to make it up to you for
leaving you hangin' like that

I noticed you were running out of
writing space on your other on

This is the nicest thing
anyone has ever done for me

So you'll come?

Nice car

Sam, do you know where you're going?

I have no idea where I'm going,
isn't that stupid? It's so stupid!

Stop saying stupid, it's not stupid

Do you think I'm weak?

No I don't think you're weak

Do you think I'm this rich
little good girl who gets

everything handed to her just
for being my stupid self...

Sam stop

l just wanna be strong, like you, you know?

I just wanna take life by
the balls and squeeze it

I'm flattered

l just feel so fucking suffocated

People telling me what to do,
how to be, what to study

l just get so sick of it, you know?

I think I know what you need

You do?

Yeah, here, move over

I usedt o come out here sometimes by myself

It's the best feeling to shout out
what l wish for and what l wanted

It's funny, sometimes you don't even
realize that it's you saying it

So you just, shout ou twhat you want?

Yeah, go ahead

l want... I want to quit
school and travel the world

Ok, now say something else, but say it louder

l want my parents to be proud of me,

even if l'm not successfully
or a gazillionaire

Keep going

l wanta fucking guy who knows howt o kiss me

A guy who doesn't dry-hump me in the morning

l want a guy knows how to fuck!

Ok you're done

What, Benny's not good?

Who do you have?

That's right

Beautiful signature


That girl was such an idiot

I can't believe she didn't see it.
Ok, what room are we


Oh, the bed is mine


This has been the most fun I've
in such a long time. Thank you!

Don't thank you me you deserve it

You know l've seen the
way you play basketball

It's like, everything you
have, everything you love,

everything you desire is on that court


You're gonna do it

I don't really have a choice, it's all I know

l want you to do something for me


l want you sign my shirt,
for when you're famous

You want me to write on your shirt?

Just do it!

I better be able to see it

I need to lose like, 6 more pounds

Are you joking? Who told you that?

Benny, he likes them skinny

But l told him if l lost anymore weight,

it'd be in my boobs before it was in my ass

Come on Maya!

Too hard, too hard! Ease up, ease up

Watch your key! I'm gonna start
calling those, don't camp in the key


Excuse me

Yeah, what can I do for you

What happens if your
teammate doesn't show up?

If your teammate doesn't show up?

Yeah, I mean, but they're
on their way, it's just...

You have a set time to start, I mean

We can't go on later or something?

I say you're shit outtaluck

That's the rules, that's wha
tyou signed up for. Sorry man.

Next on the court, team
number 24 and team number 3

Hey excuse me, did you say 3?



Where have you been?

I'm so sorry

You know what, it doesn't even
matter, we're on right now.

This is the break of our lives Maya, let's go

Who's the victim

Team 3 if l'm right

Well where they at? Are they scared?

They'll be here

Is that them?

Man what the hell?

Team 3?

Man what is this, a girl? A girl?

You come to the church league man?
This is some real basketball

Alright, alright...

Hey are we gonna be ok with the girl here?

Ok, we're gonna play, they paid
the money we're gonna play

Alright sweetie!

May be after you loose, I'll let
you cook me dinner tonight too

Ok listen up, 3 second rule,
that key belongs to me

I'm gonna watch and I'm gonna call it

lf l didn't see the foul it did not
happen, do you understand that?

You got 5 minutes, show me what you got!

Play ball!

30 seconds, 30 seconds left,
let's see a good show

Let's go, lock down, lock down

You brough ta girl to the tournament?
Don't touch me

Thanks for comin' out, thanks for comin' out

Game it on 'em Maya, sure shot Maya

You got this!

To the house

Ask for the new star, come
to the player's entrance

Maya, they're stupid, they don't
know anything about basketball

Maya l mean...

Maya! Maya!

Maya it was just one competition


I mean, I don't need to be consoled

lt is what it is, it's not going to change

Let's talk about something else

Well they can kiss my ass
as far as l'm concerned,

who do they think they are anyway?

Well, uh...


Sara how's youri nternet guy?

He's good, we're gonna meet up this weekend

Should be fun


So do you wanna go out tonight?
Maybe we can go dancing

I mean we don't have to go
out, we can just stayin

No, you guys go out,

I don't really wanna do anything

Thank you

lt really means a lott o
me, that you guys care

Good luck in New York

You better make me proud

At least you're outta here

I'm glad it's you

I'm sorry you didn't make it

Couldn't have done this without you

Yeah you could've

I'm gonna miss you so much

You'll forget about me when you're on TV

I can't ever forget about you Maya


Hi, is Samantha there?

No she's not, can I take a message?

Can you... can you just tell her that...


Thanks for taking care ofher

Oh no, don't worry about it,
you just go and do yourt hing

Am l forgetting something?

God! I already have butterflies

Don't worry about it

You're gonna do so great

I guess we'll find out

Now zip

Get your bony butt off there

I love you girls

You're gonna kick some ass

We'll watch you on TV some day


I'm leaving now

Dear Maya - I'm sorry l
left you at the hotel room

Guess l was just a little
afraid, not sure of what

I don't know, we just do
stupid things sometimes

As you're reading this I'm
probably on a plane to Australia

I've always wanted to go there

I left Benny, I left school, I'm
just gonna go experiencing for now

l just wanna thank you... for everything

I talked to my friends to play for
the Red Hawks up in Washington State

l told them about you. They're
really excited to meet you

Try-outs are nextweek, and
they want you to be there

Good luck.

I know you'll make it big

Love, Sam