Making Family (2016) - full transcript

Kim Ha-Neul

Aarif Rahman

Mason Moon

Making Family

Guys, keep quiet.

Behave yourselves,
until the class finishes, okay?

Yes, Miss.

Okay, time's up.

Those who are done,
turn in your drawings.

Yes, Miss.

Good bye, Miss.

Good bye, Miss.

Good bye, Miss.


A life begins with physical
union of a man and a woman.

A sperm meets an ovum cell,

and created through
numerous cell divisions.

So, with my mom's ovum alone,
I wouldn't be born.

Because mom's not a hermaphrodite
like an earthworm.


Do you know...

what physical union between
a man and a woman mean?

You think I'm a kid?!

Let me ask you straight out,
who is my biological father?

Ready to go.

Help the audience in China...

to learn that they can get
the 'irresistible beauty' here

in Korea, with your enticing
and inviting look.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Ready to roll!


All I know is Mom had me in the U.S.
with the donated sperm.

And you were in charge of
conception and delivery at the time.

I know you're her friend,
but I'm not sure…

if it's appropriate to show and
look at each other's private parts.

Between friends.

Anyway, do you know
where my biological dad is?

Well… Tae-bong, you know...

Sperm donation is done...

under a strict contract between
the donor and the receiver.

So, it means...

'The identity of the donor
should be confidential

and never subject to any
legal liability as to fatherhood'

So I can't call him Dad, officially.

Those kind of stuff, correct?

Actually, that's why I've
kept myself from learning

who my real father is.

But today... it was so hard.

I shouldn't have told them
I could speak Chinese.

Then, I'd be assigned to
the human documentary dept.

I warned you, bragging
has consequences.

Answer your phone!

It's the Boss, I will call him later.

Oh, he's reviewing performances
to give out bonus.

Yes, Boss. Yes.


Tomorrow morning?

Sir. We just finished this one.

That's physically impossible
to get it done by tomorrow.

Hey, Boss! Boss!

What if I have leukemia
or aplastic anemia

that requires a bone marrow transplant.

My chance of surviving
depends on the transplant.

And if Mom's does not match...

then am I entitled to access
my biological father's?

Tae-bong, are you feeling
sick or something?

I said 'what if?'

You never know what'll happen.

Oh, I see.

If I am dying, would you lay me aside?

Wait a minute.

Tae-bong, please, no.

It's a spaceship, I'm still
putting it together.



- Don't worry about a thing!
- What?

If you have an urgent need for
marrow transplant or something,

he agreed that you could
contact him anytime.

Oh, thank God.

- You know what?
- What?

Mom told me not to
tell you, but...


Mom is waiting outside.

Mi-yeon is here?

Of course!

How can a kid come here alone?

It's not a proper thing...

to send her back without
saying “Hi”, huh?

Go ahead, I need to tie my shoe lace.

You do? Okay.

Easy Remote Installing


What the... Where did she go?



3, 2, 1...


Request Easy Remote

Sperm Donate Certification


Super! Awesome!

Sorry, I got the wrong house.

Hey, kid.

Who are you looking for?

I was mistaken, you're
not KIM Chil-seong.

I am KIM Chil-seong.

No way!

What? I am KIM Chil-seong.

If you don't mind...

can I ask you a rude question?

Alright. Go ahead.

Have you ever donated your
sperm in the U.S. years ago?

What? Sperm?

Do you even know what sperm is?

Oh, good. You haven't.
Sorry about the trouble!

Gotta go.

What sperm? Sperm?

Oh, sperm!

Bottoms up!

We've got tons of work for
tomorrow, let's stop.

Bottoms up!

No more for me, I am wasted.

Violently sick?
She's about to throw up.

It's so tasty!

Let's just have one more.

Wake up, your 'one more' is that much!

They'd think I drank all that!

Tae-bong, it's Mommy, and...

I am okay, but not too
much alcohol please.

And don't torture your friends.

See you tomorrow morning in one piece.

Great. I love you, son.

I love you, Mom.

Ms. KO, let's go. She's leaving.

Mom, get back to your gang,
Don't worry about me.

Thanks, Tae-bong.
Mommy has to work all night.

So good night and be a
good boy at school.

Sure thing, Mom. Bye.

Ms. KO, your phone is ringing!

Hello? Gosh...


Mi-yeon, it's me, Jeong-Tae.

Sorry, not a good time.
I'll call you later.

Wait, Tae-bong came to me
yesterday and asked something.


This is Tae-bong's, right?

Yes, I gave it to him, but why?

He must have hacked into my computer.

He hacked your clinic computer?

He got...

the information on the sperm donor.


He managed to extract classified
data, on his biological dad.


And this is...

his biological father.

How do you do?

Say hello.

I've never seen him before,
the donor of sperm #387456.

Nice to meet you. I am KIM Chil-seong.

Mr. KIM has something to tell you.

It's about...

Please tell her yourself.


The sperm was registered
under my name...

but it did not come from my body.


When I was at college in the U.S.

I had a very close friend.

We had a lot in common.

And both of us became close while
having arts as our second major.

Back then, we were poor,
immature young boys...

but we weren't lonely together.

We got along so great!

One day, some friends made
a bet on a sperm donation.

It's like hallelujah as I was
desperately in need for money.

But to have my sperm win
was not an easy thing.

You had to have the healthy
and strong body to be selected…


Do you even hear what you're saying?

I'm not gonna pass with all
the alcohol in my blood.

Yeah, that's right.

So why the hell did you drink
so much, man? Come on!

Don't worry, man.

They are not gonna recognize you.

Try to explain to them.

Explain to them?

So what do you want me to say?

'Hi, so my friend, he had
a bet on a sperm donation.'

'But his sperm are a little
hungover right now.'

'So I am here to take his place.
Is that okay?'

Yeah, good, just like that.
That's what you say.

- Just like that?
- Yeah.

You are out of your mind.

Dude, you are my best friend,
and I want to help you.

But this is not gonna work. Okay?

Okay, fine then.


1,000 bucks!

You pass, we'll split 50:50.

I've already registered
and everything.

You just keep your mouth shut,
finish your part and come out.

I will take care of everything
if anything goes wrong.

Hey, man, please, please man.



No, just no.



That's the bottom line.

What? You're saying
the sperm I got was not...

What? Is this a sick joke?!

I am so sorry.

I didn't know it would
end up like this, sorry.

How could you put the wrong
sperm in my body?

I just...

used the healthy
registered sperm #387456.

How could I've known
this huge conspiracy?

This is the address of
my friend, in China.

Tae-bong wouldn't stop nagging
me so I gave it to him.

But it's not a problem, right?

Of course not.

Use your common sense.

How could such a small kid
fly to China by himself, right?

- Right?
- Right.



Oh, are you by yourself?

Well, I'm flying by myself,
but mom escorted me here.

She said I am big enough
to take care of myself, so.

My mom is now...

watching me from over there.

Do you know him?


No, I've never seen him before.

But cute, though.

Your mother's so cool!

Yes, she is, but not
easy to live with.

I don't know your father,
but he must be proud...

to have you, a smart son.

I don't know who he would be...

But you should marry
a man like my dad.

You will have a smart son like me.

Thank you.

Have a nice trip.


Waiting for long?

Thanks for making an effort.

You got the results?

You look very fashionable.

You should be wearing
those pajamas at home.

Just tell me.

At this national arts
competition, your work...

ranked first!

- Is that true?
- Sure, it is.

When the exhibition is held,
you'll get great responses.

You'll be famous in no time!

Send out more invitations.

- Okay, I need to go.
- Good.

Now get some sleep.

I know.


ZHOU Liyan, what's
the matter with you?

What happened? I was going
to call you anyway.

You haven't heard about it yet?


Oh my god!

Tae-bong actually went to China.

This is crazy.


If anything happens to him, you
should be responsible for that!

I need to meet LI Changrui
and talk about it.

Too late.

What are you talking about?

They've already made a move.

He filed this case with
the Arbitration Committee.

And me?

I'm labeled as a curator who
holds plagiarized art shows!

This is all because of you!

Oh, even you don't trust me?

KUN Ling!

Answer me!

Do you actually think
I plagiarized him?

Your opponent is LI
Changrui, an emerging star.

And you, ZHOU Liyan,
an unknown artist.

So who would they believe?

That means you...

you don't believe me.

- Whoa! Are these peanuts for free?
- Of course!

- Can I have two?
- Sure.


Thank you!

Sir. Could you drive me here?

Sir. Could you drive me here?


Thank you.



ZHOU Liyan?

Who are you?

Dad, me your son!

You've got the wrong house.

Dad, me your son!

What are you talking about?

Hey, kid, this is not your home.
Go back to your home.

Okay? Good boy.

So now what?

Oh, great, super great.

Arbitration Committee or whatever!

I am the victim in this case.

I am the victim in this game.

This is unbelievably unfair to me.

Location. I am in
front of Dad's house.

His reaction…



and kicked me out.

What happened to Tae-bong?
He wasn't at school today.

And this is his drawing
from art class.



I am your son.

I am your son.

I love you.

I love you.

Dad, I have missed you.

Dad, I have missed you.

I am your son.

The dialed number is not connected...


Dad, where are you going?

Dad, Dad!


Faster, come on.



Come on.


This way.




ZHOU Liyan!


I have had enough of this.
It's been so noisy since last night.

What is going on?

I am sorry, but...

the guy who lives here,
where did he go?

I have to see him.

He's not inside?

That's why she's asking!

Can't you tell, idiot?

Excuse me. Do you know him?
ZHOU Liyan?

He's the Hengqing Bay
Hotel owner's son.

He's way out of our league!

Go to the hotel and ask.

Any taxi driver would know
where the hotel is.

He's the Hengqing Bay
Hotel owner's son?

- Yes!
- That bum?!


Dad, I am your son!

Dad, I am your son!






Hey, brother, Chuxing.


If this gets worse,

Liyan could be damned
in the art industry forever.

That's just excellent!

He steals other people's
work for living!

I should have forced
him to quit earlier.

A disgrace to the family name!

But you, as his father, knows
Liyan is not that kind of a guy.

- He is...
- Shut up!

Not even one more word about him now.

He ran away from home
and should bear the cost.

No more word.


KO Tae-bong!

Where are you? KO Tae-bong!

You shouldn't disturb our guests!

Help me. My son is missing.

Calm down.

Ma'am, please keep down.
We'll try to find your son.

- Let's get out first.
- His name is Tae-bong.

He's from Korea.

And nine years old.

Please help me.

Please leave.

Calm down, you will
find your son, I promise.

- Okay?
- ZHOU Liyan!

Please give back my son.

ZHOU Liyan!

ZHOU Liyan!

Why are you looking
for your son from Liyan?

He's the father of my son. That's why!


Mom, calm down first.
Don't panic or anything.

It's you who should calm down.

- Liyan...
- I am listening.


Take your time, I am all
yours, don't make a fuss.

- Liyan has...
- He has what?

He has a son, without our knowledge.

He in fact has a son!


Are you okay?

I think he got lost.

Or was abandoned by his parents.

He looks abnormal, retarded.

Well, for me...

He looks pretty smart.

He is Korean.

But you two somehow look alike...

No way! I am Chinese!

He is my dad. Believe me, he's my dad.

Okay, let me do it this way.

We'll take care of him
for the time being.

We'll find his parents by contacting

- the Korean Embassy tomorrow.
- Yes, right.

Thank you, sir.


Dad, where are you going?

Don't worry. They will find your home.

Don't worry.

He is my dad! Let me go with him.

He's my dad!

I want to go with my dad, let me go!

I lost my ID this morning,
and I got a call from the police.

- You mean the ID?
- Yes, sir.

You can pick it up next
to the night-duty room.

Next to the room?

Thank you, sir.




Are you done?

What's taking you so long?

Not yet?

The kid ran away.

- What?
- I lost him.

What happened to your hand?


What are you doing here?

Come over here.

Let me have a look at your hand.

Have a seat.

Oh, you had your hand bandaged.

So is he your son?

My son?

Don't put on an act.

I know all about it.

Don't get it wrong, I've got
nothing to do with him.

So, where is he now?


Did you kick him out?

I am asking you, did you kick him out?

Whether he is your son or not,

the child has come a
long way, to see you.

How heartless you are
to turn your back?


Where is Tae-bong?

Don't tell me you drove him off!

He just showed up and...

cried out I am his dad.

I didn't know what to do.

You are a heartless rat!

Don't worry, I brought him...

to the police station.

Which station?

Hurry up and bring him back!

How lonely and abandoned must he feel?

Have you thought about that?

He went missing?

You told me you'd take care of him.

How can this happen!

We are scouring
everywhere to find him.

But you said you don't know
him, then, why are you here?

- And you are his mother?
- Yes!


Wait, let me ask his mother.

Is he the father?


I knew it, they looked alike.


you shouldn't have done that.

Abandon your child could land you in jail.

This is driving me nuts!



You must be Tae-bong!

Who are you?

His mobile does not work?

No, it doesn't have roaming service.

Then why do you keep
dialing over and over?

It's no use.


What an uncaring father you are!

What are you talking about?

Are you saying I am... his father?

Officially no,

But technically yes!

Let me make this clear.

I am not his father.

You are far less than a father.

People like you...

do not deserve to be a father.

But it was you who just
said I am his father!

Not in your wildest dreams!

Mr. ZHOU, we found your son.

He is not my son!







- Tae-bong!
- Mom.

Where have you been?

Don't worry Mom, I'm
alright as you can see.

Calm down, Mom.

Okay, everything is fine.

The child is back, and all
is well, so don't cry.

Okay, let's go with me.
We'll have a great dinner.

And take some rest.

Liyan, come with us.

Thank you, but we're
going to the airport.

Well, it's too late to
get a flight out now.

So get some rest first.

Liyan, you take them to
the airport tomorrow.

Yes, Grandma.

Let's go.


Oh, great!

Ran away from home,
stole another's work.

Now what? You sold your sperm?

What a worthless bum!

Sorry, for all I have done.

But what matters most now is...
Is he your son?

Is it true? Are you his father?

Mom, you have a great grandson!


It does not have anything
to do with our family.

Yes, you're right, Dad.

Liyan, what did you say?

You said 'Dad's right'?

I don't remember when was
the last time he said...

'Dad's right'

I do, ten years ago.

Please, let's not get off track.

First thing in the morning.

Put them in the first
flight back to Korea.

They didn't even ask to be our family.
No need to make a fuss!

Don't worry.

I'll take care of them flying back.

Sorry, Grandma.

I see.


Where else did you sell your sperm?

'Oh, he is so handsome,
just like his father.'

'And she's my daughter-in-law,
do everything for her.'

'Yes, sir, don't worry about a thing.'

Mom, take a shower. You stink.

No, not today.

I'm so exhausted because of you.

I just want to sleep.

Mom, I love you

I love you too, sweetie.

No seats available to Korea?
By way of Shanghai or Beijing?

Sorry but everything is
full for the next 3 days.

- For 3 days?
- For 3 days?

I checked with other airlines,
and they're all the same.

I don't understand, it's
not even the high season.

Sorry, sir.

Mom, what is going on?

No seat available to Korea today.


Okay, let's get back to the hotel.

Let's make a reservation, and
you can fly back in 3 days.


Right now?

Why go hometown out of the blue!

We've not been there in 10 years.

I don't think so, Mom.

You need to rest for now.

You just had the surgery!

I said I need to go.

Then who'll take care of the hotel?

What makes you so determined
to visit our old home?

You mean the reason?


I want to see my family, do
you need a reason for that?

Take it as my last wish.
So, get ready.

Then great, let's go, all right?

It's a big family trip.

After breakfast we all leave.

So soon?

How come they are still here?

All the seats are booked up.

Nothing until two days after tomorrow.

I don't believe this,
it's the low season.

That's what I said.

You checked with every airline?

No tickets, then no way to fly back!

Just join us for our trip home.


- Our home town.
- Home?

Go with us, okay?

Mom, it's a family trip,
why take strangers?

Didn't anyone hear what I said?

Mi-yeon, let's have a talk.

Sorry about the airplane.

You have nothing to
do here for 3 days.

So why don't you join us for the trip?

On your family trip?

You don't feel like it?

But we've got nothing
to do with your family.

Are you sure?

If you go back now,

do you think Tae-bong will be
the same as if nothing happened?

Now he knows his dad lives in China,
and he has seen him in person.

Do you think he will be the
same as before this happened?

There's nothing wrong
with wanting his dad.

Tae-bong is a smart boy.

So let him spend some time with Liyan.

Then he will find the
answer by himself.

Answer to what?

Whether Liyan is his father or not.

Dad, where are we going?

Dad, where are we going?

He is asking where we are going.



Home? Do you have another home?

It's an old house, where all my
family used to live together.

I'm dying to see dad's room
in his childhood home.

Mom, interpret for me.

KO Tae-bong, can't you stay calm?

Mom's breasts are as flat as pancakes.


Mom's breasts are as flat as pancakes.

- What did you say?
- Those're not kids' words.

Go away.

Ko Tae-bong,

go back to your mum!

- You can't get away with it!
- Leave me alone.

As a pancake?

KO Tae-bong!

XIA Lin!

- Aunt XIA Lin!
- Grandma XIA Lin.

Oh, Sister!

Sorry for not calling you in
advance, how have you been?

We're doing great.



XIAO Ma, what happened?

Much wrinkled and aged!

Stop making fun of me!

I am so happy.

Yes, me too.

- Long time no see.
- Aunt, this way.

She is Liyan's wife?

Not really.

- Liyan, what happened to your hand?
- You don't want to know.

Watch your step.

- These photos still here?
- Along with all other old stuff.

Let's go

Be careful.

You've got a beautiful wife!

No, please, she's not my wife.

The three of you, stay in this room.

- No!
- No. He's nothing to do with me.

Me either. I'm not interested in her.

Didn't that use to be my room?

Yes, but now it's a storage,
you can't sleep in there.

Don't worry. I will stay there.

It needs to be cleaned up first.

I will do it.

So you stay here.

Liyan, wait.

KO Tae-bong.


Thanks a lot.

My son, good morning.

It's not morning, but afternoon.

Oh, is it?

What are you doing? Overdue homework?


What's this? Who are they?

This is my Dad.

Look, my round eyes and
fair skin come from Dad.

He even fixes broken furniture,
and nothing he can't do.

And this is my grandmother
and grandfather.

She is a great singer,
and he loves fishing.

Whenever they come to my house,
they give me pocket money.

This is my uncle.

He is the trouble maker at home.

He has no job.

No girlfriend, no wonder.

But I love him as I have fun with him.


I just imagined what my
family would be like.

We feel alone because our
family is only you and me.

So imagine a big family.

Mom, don't you like it?

- Mom?
- Yeah?

Mom, try the food. It's super yummy!

Okay, enjoy your meal.


What the...! I am taking a bath.

Tub bathing is rough
with your one hand.

Are you crazy? Get out!

Let me scrub your back.

What the heck are you doing?


Let me scrub your back.

Don't touch me!

- Help me!
- Hold still, Dad.

You insane...

Dad, where are you going?

To take a shower and clean it off.

What a dirty leech!

Two art works by LI and ZHOU...

selected in the national
installation art competition

are now in a hot
controversy of plagiarism.

LI filed the case to
the Arbitration Committee.

I've got nothing
to say at the moment.

The truth will be revealed
in front of the committee.

KUN Ling, the curator for this show,
is going through rough times.

She is rumored to have a
relationship with ZHOU.

But KUN Ling denied the rumor.

What a nonsense!

It's groundless rumor, that's all.

And I have nothing to
do with this case.

I got lost, looking for my room.


Great grandma, good night.

Great grandma, good night.

Great grandma, good night.

Great grandma, good night.

- Great grandma, good night.
- Great grandma, good night.

Great grandma, good night.

Great grandma!

Come in.

Great grandma.

Good night.

Thanks, good night to you, Tae-bong.


I told you!

You should understand my business.

Time is running out.

Please let me know your decision.

ZHOU Liyan!

You must be hungry.

Dinner is almost ready,
it will be served in no time.

Sorry but could you go get
some groceries at the market?

Of course.

Liyan will go with you.

No, thanks.

Why should I go with him?

I can go by myself.

Tae-bong, look at your face!

What happened to your face?

You don't even know where
the market is! Go with me.

Let's go.


Hey, you forgot to take the money!

Mom, I love all this.

Dad, you like it too, don't you?

What did Tae-bong say?

He says 'This car's too small.'

Sorry, it won't take long.

Tell him...

I am sorry.

What did he say?

He's asking you to behave yourself.
He has to drive.




Why pay what she asks?

Ma'am, look, it's not fresh.
Give me some discount.

What do you mean not fresh?

Look at this.

The leaves are yellowish.

Okay, I'll take some off.

Sorry, she is so...

What else is on the shopping list?

Alcohol and pork, that's all.

Alcohol and pork...

KO Tae-bong!


What are you doing here? We should go.

Mom, if you drink up
everything in the bamboo,

you get one case of beer for free.

If you are interested...

Oh, that's so.

Step right up...

Today it's a beer
drinking competition.

Mi-yeon, no, you shouldn't do that.

A woman shouldn't be doing this?!

If I don't drink it up, I will
pay twice the normal price.

I will never be responsible
for you throwing up...

and stumble like a
zombie on the street.

Super great.

One, two, three!

Tae-bong, hurry.


Let's go.

No, not in the car!
Hold it two seconds!

Here, drink some water.

Mom, are you okay?

Take it easy.


Don't worry.

Let's take a break here.

When I was a kid,

I used to come here with my dad.

He loved watching the
sunset over the horizon.

He said it soothed him.

To be honest, I envied my friends
taking trips with their dads.

Now, it's like my dream
comes true, right?

I can't be your dad, kid.

I am sorry.

I am so happy that you're my dad.

You too? You're happy I'm your son?

I don't deserve to be a dad.

How about we all three live together?

As a family?

Hey, kid...

From now on when you're back to Korea,

wear this happy smile for your mom.


Do you...

love me too?

I am sorry.

I hope you love mom as well.

We are all family.

Have a seat.

- Have a seat.
- Thank you.

You're stunning!

Your dress makes her look
like when you were young.

Mom, you are the best.

Let's eat.

Are you feeling better?

Yeah, I am sorry for
throwing up on you.

No problem.

I had so much fun.

I had no other clothes, so this is...

You look so pretty.



I am so sorry.

I was so mean when I
first met Tae-bong.

Well, I understand.

But he is such a small kid.

Sorry, I've got other problems, so...

Liyan, when is your exhibition?

I heard of it from your grandma.

It's... been postponed.

It's been postponed.

Grand Aunt...

It's been delayed.

When it gets fixed,
I will let you know.

Sure, let me know.

Me and all my family will be there.

Look at the fish! There are so many!

You left home to do art or something,

but ended up plagiarizing work?

I never did that.

ZHOU Liyan, the plagiarist!

I won't allow you bring
dishonor upon our family!

It's not what you think, Dad.

I'd never disgrace our
family, trust me.


Get out.

I made it clear before.

Whatever you do, make sure
it doesn't affect the family.

You gave up your family first.

Take care of your mess on your own!

Is Grandpa angry at Dad?

No, not really, let's get back.

What are you doing?

I'll go with you, come on!

I said what are you doing in my car?

Are you not driving?

If you drive in a bad
mood, does it make you...


What are you talking about?

Does it make you feel better?

It's none of your business,
it's my family affairs.

You've got nothing else to do?
Please go back.

It's 'my business' now.

You turn out to be my son's father!

It may sound odd but listen to me.

Tae-bong could have been
born with a real father...

but he died.

I used to live alone in the U.S.
after my parents passed away.

I met a guy, whom I loved.

One day we had a small quarrel.

He got angry and drove
away like you did now.

And he had an accident.

And I had a miscarriage.

I was like, 'What did I
do to deserve this?'

Time went by, I wanted to have...

a child, whom I'd love so much
and who would love me back.

But I didn't think he'd miss
his dad this much years later.

So overhearing you arguing
with your dad, I envied you.

I really did.

At least you have a dad, a family.

Mom... please sit.

Have you been to Liyan's exhibition?

Why don't you go have a look?

To see what he's been up to.

Will you?

Hey, don't be doing that!

Shut... roll up the
window, it's dangerous!

Do you like fishing?


Does Tae-bong like it?

He loves anything you
offer to do with him.

Then let me play daddy with him.

How about it?



You're great!

Here it comes!


Be careful.



- What happened?
- Oh, Sis!

- Xiao Ma, hurry!
- Come on!

Great grandma.

She survived the critical point.

But we need to transfer her
to a bigger hospital.

All of you, wait in the hall.

Thank you, doc.

I am sorry, Dad.

Your grandma was worried
about you all day.


- Go back to Korea right away.
- Pardon?

If you two had not showed up,

my family would have been okay.

I don't understand.


Grandma's incident has
nothing to do with Mi-yeon.

I think it has!

This woman out of nowhere,

and her son are not
welcomed in our family.

Grandpa, don't get upset.

I should've never let you in.

I am so sorry, we'll
go back right away.


You know it has nothing
to do with her.

Why are you so stubborn?

Do you think you're always right?

Why are you always like this?

You don't try to understand.

You, self-willed, heartless,
won't listen to others!

That's why I can never open up to you!

How ungrateful you are!

Sorry, Liyan.


I'll take you.



KO Tae-bong!





Hello, is anyone there?






Yes, Tae-bong.

I want to go home.

Yes, let's go home.

Sorry, sweetie.

He is... my dad right?

He is my dad.

Then tell him to come
to Korea with us.


I am sure he also wants to.

Because I'm his son!

Mom, you tell him.

So we can all go together.

Tae-bong, we can't do that.

Go with me. You're my dad!

We should live together!

You want to do that, don't you?

So please tell Mom that...

the three of us will live together.

Come on.

Thank you for everything.

Take care.

Good bye.

When you have time, visit us anytime.

Look at you!

I thought you were sacked,
but back to work?

This station cannot
survive without me.

I don't know how
you didn't get fired, but...

get ready to pull
all-nighters for a week.

I'm used to it!

Congrats, you're back.

Stop the lip service, buy me a drink.

Not in this world.


So this is the art in question?

Yes, sir.

- It's dinner!
- Yes, mom.

Dad, let's have dinner.

I will join you in a second.

Honey, what is taking you so long?
It's getting cold!

Oh, I want that.

Wait, let me pick it for you.
You like it?

Yes, it's yummy!

Dad, you have time for me today?

This is nonsense.

Just because he copyrighted
his work a month ago,

does it prove that
the work is not mine?

All the time and effort I
dedicated to this work...

can be just ignored and
trampled like that?

You acknowledge his work which
was registered only a month ago?

Calm down, it's just a
tentative decision.

We need a solid proof from you.

If you have anything,
submit it to the committee.

Okay then.

Mr. LI, please explain...

the algorithm arithmetic for your work.

Let me answer as the
manager of Mr. LI.

Do you think it's a difficult algorithm

for the common installation artists?

I admit. Something can be similar.

But impossible to be exactly the same.

Mr. LI!

You can prove that I copied yours!

Then prove it, show it to me.

Sorry to disturb,
but may I say a few words?

Please, you may.

- Please introduce yourself.
- Dad.

I am ZHOU Chuxing,
ZHOU Liyan's father.

And I've got something
that might help you...

to make your decision.

Recently, our whole family went
on a trip to our old home town.

Now seeing my son's work...

I understand why my mother
organized the trip.

Sorry, sir, but...

could you limit your words
to the plagiarism issue only?

Yes, I am, this is about this case.

Sorry but could you be
patient and listen to me?

Yes, once again...

I am ZHOU Liyan's father.

At first, I thought

he copied the other's art.

But afterward,

I realized I was wrong
once I saw his picture.

I didn't really care about
his pictures at all.

They're about our family.

Anyone can copy his form of art.

But no one can copy
the emotions inside.

We will be staying right next to him

until the investigation
will bring the truth out.



Your art...

made me happy.

Thank you.


As soon as Ye-jin comes
home and tells her mom.

Who wants to read the lines
for Ye-jin and her mother?

- Me!
- Me, Ma'am!

Good, Eo-jin for Ye-jin.

And for her mother...

Chae-won, could you do it?

I am coming.


ZHOU Liyan?

Dad, me your son!

He said, 'Where are we going?'

It's an old house, where
all my family used to live together.

I love you, sweetie.

No! What a little naughty paparazzi!

Yes, more family trips, I promise.

With Dad?

From now on when you're back to Korea,

wear this happy smile for your mom.


I am so happy that you're my dad.

You too?

I hope you love mom as well.

Because we are a family.


Mom, don't be late today.

Don't worry, son.

- Good bye.
- See you later.

Good! It's much better.

Oh, thanks, Doctor.

Excuse me.


Hey, it's me, don't
forget what I asked you.

Don't be late for Tae-bong's
school performance.

Don't worry about a thing.


Why don't we take
this more seriously...

Shut up.


No, I am not going to go, you...


Hey, Doctor. This is Chil-seong.

Hi, how have you been?

- Can I ask you something?
- Go ahead.

Can you tell me where Mi-yeon is?


Why do you want to know?

♪ I wandered today to the hill, ♪

♪ Maggie, to watch the scene below. ♪

♪ The creek and the ♪
♪ creaking old mill, Maggie ♪

♪ As we used to, long ago. ♪

♪ The green grove's gone ♪
♪ from the hill Maggie, ♪

♪ Where first the daisies sprung ♪

♪ The creaking old mill ♪
♪ is still, Maggie, ♪

♪ Since you and I were young ♪

♪ I wandered today to the hill, Maggie... ♪

Mom, it's snowing.

You must be proud to have
a smart son like Tae-bong.

Smart maybe but
not so easy to live with.

He says he does all
house chores himself.


You don't know anything.
You try to raise your own kid.

Sure. Why don't I start now?


Hello, I am in front of the gallery
of the installation art competition...

which drew attention
with the plagiarism scandal.

The art industry was
shaken up by the scandal.

Dramatically, it turned out
that Mr. LI, the celebrity artist...

was the one who stole ZHOU's idea.

Thanks to more people giving credit
to the fair judgment of the case

gaining great attention
from the public.


Do you remember the time
they wanted to fly back Korea

and no seats were available?

I do.


the tickets were all bought up
by your grandmother.


Yes, she really liked them,
so she wanted them to stay.


I told you, I am not your dad.

Yes, it's true, I donated my sp...

Yes, my sperm.

But it does not mean I am your father.

I wish you good luck, give me money.

Hurry, hurry.

Hide yourself.

Hurry, hurry.