Making Contact (1985) - full transcript

When Joey's dad dies Joey is starting to act strange. He's got psychic powers. He can talk to him on the phone! His red toy telephone! But what he doesn't know is that he is not talking to his dad. He is talking to an evil dummy and the evil dummy is starting to make Joey's world a living nightmare.

We cannot always understand the
need to remove a faithful husband...

.from the bosom of a loving wife.

Or a devoted father from
the side of his only son.

Yet, let us not cling to the
souls of the departed...

• . .but rather embrace our
fond memories of them.

And Lord, we asked that you grant us
the wisdom to accept your goodness.

Let it rain, so fertile earth will give us
seeds to sow and bread to eat.

And let the words coming out of
my mouth do the same.

They will not return to me empty,
but shall do as I please.

And they shall succeed
in what I sent them for.

Lord, have mercy on sinners like us.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Go forth, be joyous and be
guided by peace, Amen.

— My deepest sympathy.
—Thank you.

Joey, be brave, son.

Mrs. Collins.

I am so sorry.

Chin up, son.

My, how you’ve grown.

You don’t remember us, do you?
Uncle Brad and Aunt Margaret.

You’re the man of the family now.

I am so sorry.

I cant do it.
I simply cant finish the tower.

I know exactly how to do it, but...

.without you, its just no fun.

Im really trying to think of it.
About what you said.

The whole time I am trying
to imagine you are here.

But it makes me even sadder.

Dad, I miss you so much.

Thats it, great!
Come on, Joey.

Now try and throw it.
Come on.

Yes, great!
Again. Show me what you got.

Come on, yes!

Daddy, please come back.

Slow down. Stop.

When I open my eyes
everything will be over.


Don’t you hear? Stop now, please!


Daddy, that’s not possible.

Daddy. That just can’t be.

Oh, no.

All my toys started going mad.

Yes. And Charlie, the little robot
you gave me last Christmas...

.makes the funniest sounds now.

No, really. It’s crazy!

But if I can hear you,
why can’t I see you?

I dont understand it. I can definitely
feel that you are here.

Not much new otherwise.

Jessica finally left today.

It was about time.

And in two weeks
I have to go back to school.

Too bad! But maybe Ill make
the basketball team this year.

— Daddy, don’t leave me again.
— Dear God, please help me...

Promise? You can’t do that.
Never again. Please.

Daddy... I love you.

We were discussing this
fellow here yesterday...

• . and we have seen that
he doesnt lay eggs.

Today we will discuss the
ordinary chicken egg.

I hope you all brought your own.

A chicken egg is built in a way that
it cant be broken lengthwise.

— Hold it with the small part facing up...
— Bernie, Bernie, now he has it.

This is what your father looks like now.

Bobbie, if you keep eating
like this, you’ll burst.

Joey, what do you have there?
Let me see it?

This kind of humor is going too far.

— What if your father had died...
— But he is not dead, he still calls him.

— What is this nonsense?
— Thats what the loony said.

Now listen closely...

• . .Joey loved his father and
surely thinks about him a lot.

Maybe he cant believe
that hell never see him again.

I dont think its fair making fun of him.

Joey, where is your egg?

Did somebody take it?

— William, did you take it?
— Me? No, I didnt.

— Bernie?
— Me? No.

— Michael?
— No, for sure not.

Im waiting for an answer.

Who took it from him?

Okay, if that’s how you want it.

You’re all staying after school.

Quiet, for Pete’s sake!

A pretty cruel joke.

Joey simply isnt being accepted.
He cant seem to make friends.

— I tried everything with no success.
— I dont understand that.

I thought he was all right or I wouldnt
have sent him back to school.

He misses his father.
Thats the problem.

— Yes, I know.
— There’s something else.

The kids make fun of him for
talking to his father on the phone.

— The kids say that?
— No, Joey says that.

If your telephone went crazy
last night...

don’t get upset,
your neighbor’s did the same.

At 10 pm, the phone system of Virginia
Beach collapsed for half an hour.

And now the weather.
Dream weather, blue sky, sunshine...


Charlie, wait, he’s not hurting you.

Scooter, stop!

What are you doing up there?

Dinners ready.

Scooter, leave him alone!

He must be in there.

Charlie, do you hear me?
Get out of there.

What’s that?


Charlie, be quiet already.

How could you stand it down there?

Its much nicer here than
being around this old junk.


Joey, you have five more seconds.

— Five seconds are over.
— No, they aren’t.

By the time you come the food is cold.

Dont make that face again.

I was watching that.

First you eat and then its time for bed.

Drink your milk.

— Do that again.
— What?

What you just did.

Give it to me.

Now, do it again.

My God!

Who taught you that trick?

— Its not a trick...
— Don’t tell me, sure it is.

— Do it again.
— I don’t want to.

Please, Joey, I want to know.
You do it under the table, right?

Come on, I want to learn it.

— Its really not a trick.
— No.

— How do you do it?
— I just wish it.

You just wish it?

Daddy helps me.


Dont be afraid.

— I dont have to be afraid?
— III get it.

Come on.

Okay, then stay here.

You are evil.

What do you want?

Jonathan Fletcher was the
last great Vaudeville performer.

In the thirties he created a new
show, Fletcher and Fletcher.

He was to become world famous,
but his partner, the Fletcher dummy...

— . . .soon turned into a malicious being.
— What do you want from me?

After the tragic death of his wife
and child in an accident...

• . .he stopped performing.

In the late forties he returned with his
show and had a great comeback.

In 1954 he died under mysterious
circumstances in afire...

Answer me. Who are you?
Or leave me alone.

• . many people doubted the burned
remains were Jonathan Fletchers.

• . .because neither
traces of the dummy...

I don’t want to have anything to
do with you, do you understand?


Please, leave her alone.

Stop doing that, stop!

Stop it! Mommy!

Whats wrong?
Did he lock you out?

Joey, what are you trying to do?
Scare me to death?

Joey, whats going on with you?

Why isnt the light on?

Whats the matter with you?
You were never afraid before.

— Im not afraid.
— Of course not.

Were you on the phone again?

Joey, somethings wrong with you.

What happened in the kitchen?
Wont you tell me?

— I cant.
— You cant?

Its okay.

Everything is okay.

Well talk about it tomorrow, alright?

Regarding the latest shutdown of
the Virginia Beach phone system...

.experts are still debating the possible
cause of this latest interference.

Some believe it could be an
extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Some say that only psychologists of
the paranormal may solve this.

We are asking phone customers of
Virginia Beach for their patience...

.and apologize to all involved
for the inconvenience.

It wasnt me.

What do you mean?

— What do you mean?
— Honest.

Why would you say
something like that?

Would you please tell me
whats going on?

— Promise you wont tell anybody?
— Of course.

Hes evil. He wont let me talk to Daddy.

Joey, well leave in half an hour.

How come you werent in school today?

Were going to see my aunt Jessica.

Thats too bad.

Too bad.

— He’s burying something.
— Yes, looks like it.

They’re leaving.

Hey, Charlie.
Charlie, where are you?

Hey, there you are.

Let me introduce you. This is Charlie.
Charlie, this is Sally.

What’s wrong with him?

Dont be such a chicken.

— Why is he chirping?
— Hes talking.

Don’t make things up.

But its true, Sally.

What do we have here?


What are you two doing there?



— Charlie, move out of the way!
— Charlie, leave!

Get out of the way!

Oh, you animals!

Great shot!

— Who on earth is throwing bombs?
— It wasnt us. It was Joey.

How did you get in here?

Excuse me.
The door was open, the radio was on.

Joey wasnt in school today
so I thought Id stop by.

Yes, he had a sore throat this morning,
so I thought hed better stay in bed.

I just saw him in the yard with some kids.

What kids? Oh, what am I doing!

Use this. Some kids from his class.

— Did you think about my suggestion?
— What suggestion?

Consulting a child psychologist.

Please forgive me, but maybe we
should talk about it another time...

What is this?

Please leave me and my son alone.
Well manage.

Do you really mean to say that Joey
can communicate with the dead?

For him, his father isnt really dead.

But how does he talk to him?

He just uses a telephone.

What about the knives?
How did that happen?

Joey says the dummy did it.

I know it sounds silly, but he
found it and brought it home.

He says it’s evil.

It doesnt want him to talk to his father
and punishes him for playing the game.

Whatever that means.
Im not sure what he tried to say.

Lets go.

Wait a minute.

I know I put the dummy down here.

— The dummy?
— I found it outside.

Oh man, I’m dead meat! I just borrowed
these. My brother is going to kill me.

— Why didn’t you wait?
— It would have made no difference.

One look and pow - they were gone!

How am I going to explain
to my brother where his tanks are?

— Oh, start crying!
— You have it easy!

Maybe we should kidnap him.

Hey, come here, I found something!

Not so fast! Wait!

You really want to go in there?

Wait, I have a lighter.

— Hey, there’s a box of candles.
— Give me one.

— Look at this.
- Wow!

Looks like the ceiling is going to cave in.

Look, there’s an old jukebox.

Awesome, check if it’s still working.

There’s another one!

Joey, dinner is ready.

I hope it didnt scare you.

Tell him to leave it alone.

Joey, what kind of behavior is that?

I was just looking at it.

Martin, your plate please.


— Your plate.
— Sorry.

What about you?

My God, did you see that?

Don’t let it ruin your appetite.

Well, Joey...

Joey, stop that and start eating.

Your mother and I think you should
go back to school tomorrow.

What do you think?

— Joey, he asked you something.
— Im not going back to school.

You dont have to worry
about the other kids.

I think the best thing would be,
how should I put it...

• . if you keep your secrets to yourself.

What Martin and I are trying to say is...

• .enough of your tricks, okay?

Will you promise me that?

— Martin, dinner is getting cold.
— Yes.

What happened?

— He burned my hand.
—Joey, what have you done!

Come on, let’s put it in ice water.

No, no. Here, there.

— III get some ice.
— Are you sure it was Joey?

Who else?

I once read that such
phenomena occur during puberty.

Puberty? Joey just turned nine.

She didnt keep it to herself.

Yes, and she said
she wouldn’t tell anyone.

Why can’t they just leave me alone?

No, I don’t want to go
to school anymore.

I hate them. I really hate them.

No, he isn’t nice, just stupid.
He treats me like a baby.

Really. I can take care of myself.

Okay, if you say so...


Where are you?


Theres no use hiding.




Mommy, Mommy, don’t go there!


I know youre here.

Laura, Laura, come quick!

What is this now?

I knew you were here.

Where are you?

I’m here, Mommy!

Laura, watch out!

I hate you! I want you to leave!

I never want to see you again!
You hear?

What do you want from me?

— A little game.
— I wont play with you.

— Well see.
— Daddy.

Yes, we’ll see...

Let me down!

Daddy, help me!

Daddy, Daddy!

Here, here.

— Help!
— What is it, Laura?

I hate you!

I hate you!

I hate you!

— Daddy help me!

— Stay away from the door!

Leave me alone!

— He has blocked the door.
— Joey, please open up!

Come on, open the door!

Calm down, III get help, I promise.
Things will be all right.

Keep going, keep going.. .stop!

Come on, come on.
Keep going...


Hey, watch it!

— Do we have to go up there?
— To the house.

He cant drive in here!

Be careful with that lamp,
give it to me please.

— Be careful!
— Watch out.

— Sorry, I’m a little nervous.
— Are you okay, Laura?

I dont know.
I try to save what I can.

— Look at that.
— Is this for real?

— All that for that little idiot?
— Thats unbelievable.

If he thinks he can get away
with this, hes wrong.

He has to pay his dues.

We have to think of something quickly.

Hey, wait a minute!

Hold it, you can’t go in.

Joey, look around.
Everything will be set up here.

And those people over there
are from the phone company.

Youve caused them a few
sleepless nights lately...

Up there are colleagues of mine.

Theyll be taping everything
when we do the tests.

Dr. Hayden.

— Whats going on here?
— You must be the boys teacher.

— Looks like the whole city is moving in.
— Dont worry.

We have experience in these matters.
The house is blocked off.

Have you noticed any
changes in the boy recently?

— No, I can’t think of any.
— Scooter, get down.

— Any illnesses?
— No, not to my knowledge.

— Oh, yes. A cold.
— A cold? A cold.

— Are you ready?
— Yes.

Turtle to Eagle, am at observation
post one, start distraction maneuver.

It worked. Let’s go.

I hope its not too uncomfortable,
but it has to be, okay?

We will play a tape.

You will hear exactly what
happened five nights ago at 8:45 pm.

Start the tape.

Turtle to Eagle, we are now at
observation post two.

Hey what’s this?
Idiot, I’m not a trash can!

I dont think that was loud enough...

Who is this guy?

I’m telling you, he’s from the CIA.

— CIA... This joker?
— Careful!

The entire phone system
was shut down...

.and the center of the
interference was this house.

Joey, your mother told me
you didnt talk to her again.

You may not believe me, but I have
talked to people with the same gift.

People dont understand them.
Theyre afraid of them.

They find theyre different, strange,
but theyre not really.

Theyre a rare treasure for everyone.

These people are proof that death
as we know it doesnt exist.

When I walked through the house
I noticed something strange.

There were no toys to be
found anywhere.

But your teacher told me
great stories about them.

What happened?

I know about the dangers, but you can
master them, if you recognize them.

Damn, they’re everywhere!

— You cant move the stand through this.
— What are they doing?

— Make a report.
— Okay.

Headquarters, come in. All is quiet.

We have reached our advanced watch
post and will keep you informed -- over.

— What is this?
— Some interference in the line.

Come in, we’re facing
an enemy spy...

— We dont have time for that, let her go.
— Okay, Sally, get lost.

We will try to get to the
center of the enemy base.

We are not taking any prisoners.
Well fight to the bitter end.

Our one single objective is Joey Collins.

I will need to see courage and
determination from everyone.

Now to our strategy.

Spiderman, youre in
command of the left flank.

Robin and Golden Eagle,
youre in command of the right.

My men and I will go straight
through the center.

Any questions? Good.

— May the Force be with us.
— May the Force be with us.

Okay, I got it.

Were starting to get bored.

Hey, look who’s coming.

Headquarters, Joeys mother’s
leaving the house.

Wait, the jerk of a teacher, too.


— I am so hot!
— Stop whining!

— Mayday! Mayday! Theres Sally!
— Hey!

Hey, what are you doing there?


Where are you going, girl?

Joey, theyre trying to capture you.

They can be here any minute.

Come on, we have to hurry!

Stay here!

Joey, do something!

— I cant.
— Why not?

Get them all!

Im begging you, Joey, do something!

Okay, but for the last time.

— What’s going on here?
— Where are they all going?

What do we have here?

Where are these kids coming from?

— Do something.
— Watch the equipment.

— How do you do it, Joey?
— I play the game.

Dr. Hayden, look!

Whack him!

What is this?

Mommy, Mommy!

I can understand why they ran away.
It was just too much.

— The boy needs you now, lets go.
— Yes.

When its all over you should
take the boy on a short getaway.

Both of you need it.

I hope this all will be done then.
I will see to it.

But if his father isnt dead,
is he some sort of ghost?

When you die, you’re not really dead.
The soul enters a new world.

If I’d say this at home,
they’d think I’m nuts.

— I dont think so.
— Sorry, but he lost it.

Just wait II beat the
crap out of you in no time.

Whats going on here?

— Tell us.
— I lost my teddy bear.

Joey, we would like to know
if you are led by your feelings.

Come on, tell us!

Do you wish it or is it simply happening?

One moment. Ill be right with you.

— Tell us, what was it like?
— Why is the light always there?

— What’s you name?
— Leave him alone.

Don’t you see, he doesn’t want to talk.

— Why don’t you try it.
— Tell us your name.

What are all of you doing here?

Get out! Out! Move it!

Joey, is everything all right?

I shouldnt have left you alone.
What did they do to you?

Asking stupid questions.

Should I tell them to leave?

Good. III be right back.

— What is it?
— Hes gone.

We have to warn them.

— Im going home...
— Look, this is you.

Too bad, we can’t tell anybody.

Can you imagine how much they
would pay for a story like this?

We all gave our word of
honor, so let’s keep it.

— Mommy, Mommy, we’ll keep quiet!
— Wait you...

Knock him down! Get him!

We started the jukebox!

Look out!

Mommy! Help!

— Head for the stairs!
— Hurry up!

Come on, let’s get this door open!

— The kids need their rest.
— The kids are totally upset.

Maybe theres another staircase.

— You’re crazy! I’m not going!
— Then you can stay, fatso.


Watch out, the ceiling caved in.

Do you see anything?

— So, what do we do now?
— We split up.

You two, come with me!

— Joey, we cant go in here!
— We have to.

Its a dead end.

Were never going to get out of here!

Wait for me!

— William, you won’t believe what I saw!
— Do you hear that?

I told you not to go in,
now we’re in trouble.

Come on, calm down.

Oh, it’s you.

Did you find a way out?

No, just a big monster with yellow eyes.

Come on Sally, we have to find them.

— If we only knew where we are...
— I want to go home!

Lets keep looking!

Joey! Joey!


Where are you?

My God, Martin, he must
be somewhere!

Don’t worry, Laura.

It probably was too much for him,
I’m sure they’ll find him.

But I promised him I’d get rid of them all.

Come over here.

— Were now in the forest?
— Any sign?

— Not yet.
— Okay, keep looking.


Go ahead.

We have several juveniles
now missing from the area.

Try to calm them down.
III check here.

Take over, will you?

Mrs. Collins, we just got news
that other children are missing.

Let’s go!

Were never going to get out
of here, we’re all going to die.

Cut the crap! We’ll get out!

We have to find them!

Hey, be quiet. Do you hear that?

Come on, let’s get out of here.

Shut up! Who’s there?

How did you find us?
Show us the way out.

Theres no way out.
Whos got the dummy?

Look at that!

He hasnt got that much power.

— Dont you dare disturb him!
— I wont listen to you!

Please, help us getting out of here.
Tell him to leave us alone!

Joey, who are you talking to?

— Get lost! I told you to get lost!
— Shut up!

You have to help us, do you hear?
Do you understand me?

What are you doing here?
Who are you?

I have never seen you before.

He has trapped us here.
Help us get out.

I will not let you get out of here.
Thats a promise!

I dont need to help you.
You have a friend that will.

The door, can you see the door?

— Go now, don’t be afraid.
—Joey, don’t go!

— Hold him back!
— Joey, you cant go there!

Joey, dont go in there!


Joey, dont go!



Joey, talk to us!

Theyve found the boy!

Theyve found the boy!

They found him!

Mrs. Collins, they found him.


Joey, what happened?

I need a doctor.

Move the barricade, quick!

Make room, please.

Hows the blood pressure?

Ready for the EKG?

Wheres the probe?


Blood pressure?

Hurry up!


Drip. Start the EKG.

— IV. ready?
— Do it.

Is the IV. ready?

Okay, Bernie, then what happened?

The whole ceiling caved in.
We tried to run, but we couldnt get out!

Why not?

Well, there were all these doors and a
big monster with evil yellow eyes.

What did you see?

A Hamburger! It was at
least as big as a mountain.

— A Hamburger?
— Maybe a Cheeseburger.

— Come on, what did you see?
— Okay, I saw him.

— Who did you see?
— Darth Vader.

— Will he get well?
— Sure he will, Sally.

Sally, tell me what happened.

I told him not to go in there.
But maybe he didnt want to stay here.

Why do you say that?

— The light was so beautiful.
— What light are you talking about?

It was like the sun going up.

Blood pressure 70/90.

— Atropine 5 mg, lets go!
—5 mg Atropine.

Hows the pulse?

No pulse!

Start CPR!

Hows the pulse?

No pulse.

Come on, Joey.

Come on, you’ll make it, ready?

YouII make it Joey, come on.

Dont let him give up!

— One, two three, four...
— Pulse?

Damn it!

Sorry, my little one.

Yes, she’s coming.
For you.

What is it?

Quiet, please.

The boy is dead.

May we see him?

I know we were mean to you,
but we’re really sorry.

You would’ve made a darn good
leader, if you’d still be with us.

I no longer need this.


If you need me...

If theres anything I can do...


III take care of Charlie. I promise.

You have to go now.

So, what do we do now?

Pack up our stuff and leave.

Leave, don’t you go in there!

I’m not afraid! Its only Joey.

Yes, you’re back!

Hes back!

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