Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story (2018) - full transcript

Grant Fuhr was the first black superstar in hockey. He won 403 regular season NHL games and is a member of the 2003 class of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Making Coco is the story of Fuhr's life, on and off the ice.

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I'llive youa piecof paperere.

Doou want give
your sisr one to

She woullove thaif you
sign the, just sn there.

'S bee's beenesa coup of year
sie you'veeen in he.

MAN: We werjust plang
atrant FuhArena.

We ce straig from
ant Fuhrrena to re.

WOMAN: Oh, thenlook who here.

MAN: This iTyson, ts is
son, ok if I inoduce?

Ah, defitely.

How e you?

Doou want piece
of paperor an augraph?

Plsure to et you, we've tched yo

you're azing.

Thk you.

MAN: Yes, Iish we
uld get at team ck.

It was aleasure meet
- you, you goone more 2: Hey boss


Rit on.

Pis it up, shootsoh!

GRAN When'm at thrink,
it was msanctuar

Once I on the e, I
ntrol evything tt I do.

Ere off e ice yodon't
always g to contl what y

dor what y're doin

(cro cheerin

eat playy Fuhr!

Thbest momt
ofy life othe ice,

it's harto say, ere's
a lot ofood ones

so Snley Cup
are viously od.

GRAN Justlaying ithe Naonal Hocy Leagueas good.

He the greest
alie whover live

ere's nooubt in mind.

Without guy likeGrant hr on thnet.
Chpionshipthat we d

AL: Regardle of theera th

if you d't have ld
teing, it'hard to n.

Hr's gothe puck.

MAN: Personal I don'think
ere's ev been a tter

alie to ay in th
Natial HockeLeague.

ANNOUNCE Fuhras generly ratethe top altender

on the pnet.

N: Knowas the bt goalender inhe world

MA He w Whatas thethe lowest ment in yr careerODUCER

obably t lowest ment of
care was theuspensio

Suspsion hur

REPORTER He isuspnishmentromdtting the NHL fodrug use

r what er reason guess
this mig end hisareer.

- You're a of
- some yes old,

u're notupposed have
chest pas and ha panic.

You playn the
Nationalockey Leue.

You don'panic onhe ice.

Why isverythin
comi unglued


GRAN I me it was nd of thhang t spot f all theids,

and welayed baball drove thneighbou nuts,
ntertimee'd playoad

hockeyn the stet, so w
wereind of t menace the


It was areat wayo grow u

d I stard
skatg at fou

GWe we on theutdoorantedo play gl.
Nks, it'cold,

I ought th
equient look cool,

and yoget to wr the pa,
yoget to wr the gles,

you tally gooidea,k.Lookedike a

so I g to playll the te.And mo than a
fu it's wh I likedo do.

I ha a lot oteachershat
wi tell yothat's a

I red abou

We m have skped someays
school cause thoutdoor

rink ud to be the schl
prerty ande had a

so if yowere mard absenthe'd gto the r
whknew whe to finds,

to seef we werthere, a
therwas alwa 10-12 oushanginout, pla

When Iirst staed playi,
th didn't ve glove

r a leftanded goie.

I probly playemy firsteight ars as I thk growinup,
havi the portunitto sit Surday

nights a it waskind oamily ti,
watchi Hockey ght in nada was great tng.

I think at's wheI firstreallyell in l

had grea
adopti parents

Theyere veryupportiv
Dad pled hockea lot,

d Mom wakind of e
gochffeur sotimes.

If Dad w workingMom wathe chaueur.

Parentswere my rents.

My orinal pares,
I d no bon

The onlyarents
I knew, kept.

GRAN Growg up,
everybodwas a hoey playewano blackhite,

or aaseball ayer
whateveit was.

And that the gre part
about gring up iCanada a

actual here inlberta i
you' treateds a hock

pler, nobo really red,
us I wora mask bk then.

There wano, youcouldn see thrgh.

GRAN As a6 year o I sied with ctoria a moved

aw from ho to go
play junr hockey

ctoria w a greatplace, mean fome,

leaving me at 16t was
a lito startith.nt

BuI was founate engh
toave goodost famies,

d it wasice to gto
thrink andet away

II got ally luc havinga greagroup
thg ait's sanctua.ce

at t time I dn't reaze,
got a rlly good


He told that I d to com
Bwatcthis goatendereDirect of Play

in Vtoria.

I went Victori
watcd Grant ay,

he wasn'very goo
and said to rry,

I saidYou've g
to bkidding.

GRAN And en went the morial C and kinof laid

egg in e Memori Cup.

Wasn't vy good tre,
it wokaygreat.i,

ts of scts aroun
and erything

and rely good me PAUL My fir impressn when I first w him pl was at

the Merial CupI went
an sat bide BarrFraser,

chiescout ofhe Oiler the lers werpicking h at year,
nd said ou know, Barry, w are we

Who's thplayer he?"

And went do like th and
heointed athe goal

for Vioria.

Victia was dn 8-1.

This kidet 8 goa in.

That"I d't blockhots,.I remeer sayi

an block shots,

I'm not nna be dng it,"

I sa
"We ed a betr goalie

Weet in thdraft,
d Bath our

said "I'not
afting ts guy."

ISoarry and argued r a
lile whilend final

said "Wl you'veseen h twice,

I've sn him ahundretimes."

I said
"Yeah, y're righ"So we afted hi

Thiss Grant hr of th
Edmont Oilers,

ant, I'mure thisas beena veryxciting y
ck in 19.

GRAN Oh yh,
I've en loing forwd to thiever

since I arted pling hock
and w it's fally comtrue.

GRANT: Not su what probably10-12,00 I
thinkI madeoughly a t$4000 my fst year.

Give or ke.


GRANT::$45 grana year That's wt it was I won e lotterearly.

But th had gre goaliesall thugh the

for theto drafte, it
was a lile bit oa shock.

HoI manageto fit ithat
stem, I'not real sure.

AntheHe was or I wn't
efirspick thayear,

d he wastill jusa kid.
Andyoog had ayed so ll

But inaying th,
his we kw that ts firkiwas diffent,,

could s that
he was scial.

MARK: He was a
incrible comtitor,

ved to py the ga,
ju didn't tter if was

actice ogames, a
situion he dn't wanto be

sced on, tt was hidomain
and he dn't wantne piece

ofubber bend him
er at antime.

And wouldo
anhing to op it.

Our ery sing guy, m
Mwhen we acticed, sf,

we tri to scorevery sh.
Shot ha and we ot high.

Never phed him,

Consequely we kn right
then andhere thaalright,

in tim this kis Wh's been e biest adjument forou?

GRANT: A lot ofdefence-n block ots,

d in junr hockeydefence-n didn'tea


So tt's abouthe
ggest chge I had

Feels etty gooplayingwith t big t

it'shat I waed to doand
w I justave to sy there,


U know, ing
goal tenr really

in thoseays didn
real know mu about t

initabilitor the
opportuny for a y to com

right t of junr and He clear proved s worthright t of theat play on e big cl.

Grt shot tt passed

and ma a goal stay ho,
th would he been t game

right ere.

Ant camen with a
ithe rowd cheing) y.ttallowehim to ee

ANNOUNCE And great save by ant Fuhr

GLEN: They tolme thathe wasn adopteboy

and his rents we white, Grant course

d... I sa
"Bigeal, whoares?"

Said "He a
go hockey ayer,

Heas never'blackto us.
Th's all Iare abou"

As far athere wano racis
or ncolour dferentia

it w all, heas one ous.

Rowd cheing)

never thght
neveeven thoht aboutt.

NOUNCER: Great sa by GranFuhr.

ANNOUNCE Boy is excing toatch whehe gets

that heabobbing d
thlegs areoing.

Fusy, CocoGranny, in
was e of theuys insttly.

Now wh you're tting the,
yogot a prty good ckey

club, u got arably thebest pyer in t

starti to beco
that g, Wayne,

're all ung and u got
this you goalie me in,

he fitn.
Not becae of anying her thanreat goatender.

He w a good mpetitor
so had therainers to need to getim i

the Univsity of berta an
get tennis bl machin

Std him ouide thehall, the dre

Had the nnis bal
mache, loadeit up,

and firethese
tennis bls at hi

anthe onlyquipment'd
lehim haveas his bcker,

and of crse I lehis
stichim we his can

But I nnged hiwith
th tennis ll, a lo

Reallyfter thawe neverhad anproblem


NOUNCER: AnotheOilers
rookie Gnt Fuhr,

e numberne drafthoice,
pected tstart inet.

NOUNCER: In theecond
period t Oilers ess the

Wiipeg tertory andhen
kowich ce up wita break

the Jetoint
ahd streamne.

Rst NHL me,
at I rember is Iost.

From whaI rememb
the me went ay,

buat the e of theday it still aos

not reay a
od way tstart.

Movingorward iI rememb,
thgs turneout pret well.

ANNOUNCE Grety, missehim, ound, toowers!

Ant Fuhr got it.

Count Grant Fr
histle bwing)

playing his fir playoff
load on s should.Great seational ok

And loss onl-.
GRAN If Iemember rrectlywe weninto th

gooff to areallyood star

ANNOUNCE It'sll over,
ood meback bthe Oile team,

and w--.

Wee gonna t oursels

It's jusa matterf we
I think 'll beatem.

And thenhe Mirac
of Mchester ppened.

Where welew a 5 thing le
in t third piod in L

ANNOUNCE Fiveeconds t play iregulati time,

eve Bozebackhand the
bound arnd Grantuhr's

ds, sendg the
game intovertime

And thcomebackas madecompletet 2:35

first ertime, ryl Evan
scor his fouh goal

of this ries.

--Ese twogoaltends were sry-- Kingwin at 6
in overme wi a win Mday nigh-.ANNOUNR:

NOUNCER: The shotuality
has beenxcellent



Came bachome andlost 7 to losehe s

Ni defencetruggle.

Lo 6-5, lo 7-4.

So.Didn't ink I wagonna
have a lg careerfter tha

at the Cosseum--

first yr, with e
amnt of wiing thate did,

probablwere a ltle
ckier th we

shou have be.DAVE: It's jusa gr

we had tcome up re
fothe fiftgame,

we knewhat we d to do, we had tforce t

we h to try four-chk
hi and thas what wdid.

WAYNE: They plad well, d they d a
trendous j, and...

They wonhe serie

PORTER: What bt you?

I don't ow, probly the
biggest ing thateat us w

the ct that did notng
fothe 5-noing lead

probly we di't do th
we wou have ha

ree straht wins.

Ha wired owinning: I thineverybo

so t recognion and t
notoety indidually wn't


it was bause of ant andthe ne that weo
angiven nit, you kw,

rowd cheing)

Heas speci in
sense th he coulhave

played beball, h
tablin the rm, he washe bestping

was theest athle
I er playewith.

Rowd cheing)

WAYNE: He was money glie,
just waed to ma a save,

he wast acrobac,
heidn't trto be,

but times hhad
be and could,

cause heas so

Go opportuty,
at a savby Fuhr.

Grant Fu
movi to his ft,

sh out tharight ha
and saved t goal.

Yodon't wiStanley ps
wiout havi a good alie.

You don'need to a goali
that'soing to n every

ngle gamfor
yo hockey ub,

but u got toake sureyou dot lose

d I thinthat's wt
Grt did, y know,

he wasust a stdy goali
athat all youan ask fowin evy singl

of your alie.

Shot, stped,
hr down!

Fuhr made theave!

Stl liningup thehot,

and a eat saveby Gra Fuhr!

As Cude Lemix
goall of tt one.

Rowd cheing)

Saved byrant Fuh

GRANT: I meanou
len differt ways,

and think thbiggestthing s being

doesn'tave to bpretty
or anythg, it's st,

stop t puck.

Ere's alys a wayo find
the way get a l or hand

on i and unt it wentn
tthe t, you dn't quit

Sot times was prey, at
times itasn't ve pretty.

NOUNCER And at was sort of off spe shot,

wasn it?

WAYNE: He was a
incrible teaate.

The eatest tng aboutrant
s when aoal was ored,

and yosee goalnders
today, oeven in e past,

they looat a defceman
or they int theistick,

"I didn'see the ck,
t out ofhe way,"

that sorof thingGrant
just wou reach bk in the

t, grab e puck a throw
to cent ice anday"Let'so."

Oh, I ha a tempe
I a mper, ev as a kit.I mean've alwa

You st don'tet it ou

GRANT: Well, second ar
gooff to aad start

I we to reha my shouer,
had a suery donen the

suer, and habed th
shouer witho really


So Ias a lite heavycomingnto tra

Whicanthen had hard tityou ofto a verg
gettinhit by t puck,

and I deded I shld
prably sayomethingeally

t good tthe
ns one nht,

anI get a vely
ip down Monkton

Real not a good
the fans bunch ojerks.

I sat m down,
wentown, he ayed,

u know, ing to t minorsbrois a rl good

for somedy, and
wasn the onlguy,

I sent Mk Messieto the
minors o time beuse he

Glen cou have
done onef two thgs.

En couldave kepthim in Eonton,

ANNOUNCE send hiI fe veryrt,
h good forndy Moogmo.

He'sot his cnce--.

First eeriencein the N it was re

anI truly el that wasn't ady for e NHL athat gomy feet the grod,

me, and think Grt's mae a litt differe,
was rea for theHL but he just t off to rough

start st year d it
ver smooed out f him.

Thatear, comg
ba from thminors,

I got chance t
wod have led to, but noas much I

and th Andy pled all
but abou10 minut

Anwe got r over
the Islders.

Unfortately I dn't
t a chan to play

but the samtime, I t to
sewhat theinals we

all out.

It jt lit thfire aga
that y gotta bbetter.

Oh, si

Grant hr makesa greasave her

rd in thcorner!

Grant hr has bn hurt.

Unfortunely I we
out handle e puck a got

caught uin a spowhere and hit shoulde I on t dasher ard.

Couldn'tift my
arm up o my hip,

so unfornately
for me iwas done

ANNOUNCE Andyoog in pce ofrant Fuhwho was big

factorn game nber thre

dy and Iwe playetogether
haone u're parers,!

Sof we botdo wellthen theeam doese

And tw we wereriends,
thinthat washe bigge

thin we wereriends
ago withoutaving hiAnd I uld haveeve

my partr.

GRAN I thk that w realiz that evy game

was goa be har

As dending cmpion yo
don'get any sy night

th all wan everybo
wants beat th

defeing chamon.

D there'Hawerchu

a ll of a ot and
save by ant Fuhr

think itas Pat Bns,

or one othe old me
cohes saidou know,

"Goal nding's %, but i
you n't havet, it's 0 %."

Anto win cmpionshi,
touild a dasty,

you ne great gl tendin

We don'tin the cmpionshi
thate did wiout a gulike

ant Fuhrn the ne

Grant isrobably e
mo unrecogzed supetar

r his abity whenhe
chs are onhe line,

to make at big se, and
those gu in the lers tha

kn it, thedon't ha half
the goalthat theve score

cause Grt Fuhr
de them tter.

Players pick
it up, lk at thaleg save

Excellengoal tenng.

: Ednton,
th were r and gun

ey used eir spee
theysed theiskill,

theyanted toet
in a trackeat,

they lov to
exange chaes,

theynew whathey
d back tre,

and Grt alwaysseemedo, you kw,
riseo the ocsion.

E only te Grant er
sahis defeer or hiteam

mates wain the

Rowd cheing)

Wahing theilers
were prey big athat time

sohen I waable to e
a y like Gnt Fuhr ay,

and I st wanteto
beike him well.

Maged the ot, oh, beautil save.

GLENN: He wou literal try the plays that
we comingn onim to geit out pt the

ue line, nowing tt
nobo was bacchecking

PAUL: There we games
that we'come in,

up tthe seco period, we'd bin the d
hr'd say"Boys,

Wae's eyes go likehat,
rk, everody, we'just go,

we'd winhe game7-4, hshut theoor.

Thgame, anif you he that
kind of rson andhat kind

competir in thegoal tder posion,

everteam wilhave a gd
oprtunity be succsful

anwe were cky to he
Grt to leaus out othat

essing rm.KEVIN: Yeah, suppose

it the icken anthe egg, did thcamara

oseness me becau
of theictories

or didhe victoes comebecausof the

the caraderie?

We just ayed.

Weidn't lo at it le
30ears fronow we'rgonna

come bk and beoted
e best tm ever.

Weever evethoughtabout ings likth

were ktrng to woknow,
tryiout anpractice

pl the beswe can.

Glenould connuouslysay, y know,

hese areemories u're
ing to he foreve

you n this yr
you' gonna--

Yeah, t we werso younge
we just so of like

"Oh, oy."

GRAN The ay was 6f the st playe in the me.

Every y you gea lesson
so y're watcng what u're

trying tdo on thice,
at they' trying think,

and tryi to readwhat ty're doi,
anyou get tter thaway.

WAYN Nevecomplain that we had fr guys dp or it'

nothing let
two goa late,

becauswe're trng
toet a 7thoal.

Weere luck
that whad him,

d a lot ways I ink
fit intour teamlso.

What we ew of hi
is iit came wn to

crunch te, you kw, and i
the me got t7-6,

he washutting e
do at 7-6,0u know,

and we we winnin
the hoey game.

When he cided
to buckldown,

there wanothing ing in.

(Cro cheerin

I go, I joy myse,
pl as wells I can,

RICH Monenever rely asdre him,
y know,

thers a dimishing
ility ofoney,

like oncyou haveenough tbe comfoable

anhe had me than h
everreamed psible,

the facthat I
could gehim more

Thatould makmaybe hiwife
ppy, mig make meappy,

didn't ed the lelight, he didt want t
but an (cro cheerinhay.

THEORE And en you he the greatestlayer th's ever

played t game, y know,
the greast leadeen mass,

you ow, all ose guysyou
rget howmportanthat guy

was tohat team

rowd cheing)

ANNOUNCE Off thside,
an theyearly woon 2-notng.

His firs2-3 year
in t league,

e puck fm the go line

and spent t next twd noeel for,
years rking onhooting

the cld pass e puckg
anywherend fire around

the ards.

Menko us to comen the
om all t time ansay

"Fuhy, slow wn,
u're makg me loobad,"

but whs ever gng to
get 14 aists as goalie,

ANNOUNCE And e crowd,
everyby is staing, it's jusunheard.

Hetops it, rant
hr gets e stop.

Onit's kin
of lika finals

and thfact thaeverythi
seem to go rht that ght,

and ifou didn'see
shot it'hit you.

You nged to t a toe, maybe glove on
whe everytng went ght

in big setng.

It's ki of whatyou drm for as ki


W do youeel?


'S the bt feelin
I'vever had.

Two a row.

It sweer
th the lasone?

, Definily
for it's mu sweeter

REPORTER The lers d a sad ty today

e funeraof
Grt Fuhr'sather.

We wereplayinVancouve

And it w right aer,
passed e mornin

of game.two.

Codn't telyou
d I pout the me.t.

NOUNCER: He scos!
What a st by MarMessier.

(Cro cheerin

re goes, the brkaway,

and ved by Gnt Fuhr, and heovers up


Got there ght afte

t again, ife.

And one those tngs
ere theyell you,

well he'got six nths.

Turned to two wks, so.

Don'remember thing.

Actuly the oy game Irememb out of

Asrant Fuhdid


(Cro cheerin

not get d?"e"Oh, howid you

Small rt of mylife athat tim

So notomething was
ally wored about

era it w almost,

u probab
woul't miss game.

Grant s very pvate,
he was t type ofuy that,

u know, was abl
to sp on thece,

anlike manof us, setimes
getting the iceelped yo

forgethat happed
ofthe ice,

and I suect that how
ant tread that pticular

ploff year

GRANT: Ah, yo
ho he was oud.

I thk first d foremo,
whicI think

I'd ve got aot morelecturesbout goi
wod have bn.

The wronroad, bu
at theame time

he w of the age
u have tlive youlife.

U have tmake miskes to
find outhey're mtakes.

ANNOUNCE The nter 's tippeby Gavinowe,

here's 2-1-1,
cents it, th score!

Yodon't li to loseT: I thinas a p

I an Glen d
taht us th yeah,

you n't win ery gamebut
u expecto win evy game,

our gro of guys
we dn't likeosing.

It dn't matt whetherou'd
n 10 in row, 15 a row.

Yodidn't le to los
and ys took sses har

(cro cheerin

GLEN Well always id gotenders e the babone

ofour teamn the
the iceor 60 mites.t's thenly guy at

You wiand youlose, anGrant,

won withim
mo of the me.


When I tnk of
playing e Oilers

I'not surehere's abody
o playedhem morehrough

ay defen trying
suppt their alie? All ou offensi.

They jt knew ty had a y
whwould ma the bigave

d if he ppened tlet
e in thed get tw

JAROME Whattood outost iny mind w you kno

wh I wouldream
be in t NHL, wh comment

dicome a l,I'd say"I wanto be in

d ere's nolackll
geezayers inhe NHL,"s,

hocould yonot seeGrant hr righthe

It gavme a lotf streng
and a t of condence.

You knowhe's plang,
he an all-ar,

winng StanleCups, hedefinily meant

in helng me foow my drm.
Landers the d of the run,

e Oilerst the
beginninof their

d that'shen I wa
introded to Grt Fuhr,

anGrant waprobablyhe
fit goalieho was a

incredib athlete

GRANT: Alwaysp agains-.
- Whs up?

Pling golfduring pyoffs,

first ofit gets u away
from theame for ur hours

Yeahthat wasa gooddea I thght.

Mean he es out, u relax.

The ole ideaf
pling golfhe afteron of

game in e playof, and
things le that we just,

you ow, he cld back up.

Cit bame a biof them
mystiquef Grant hr.

Sittg besideim in th
lock room anthe medihad

co in, I tnk it waJim
this andhe writefor the

Ednton Joual happed
hat did u do yesrday?"

AnGrant sa
"I wengolfing.

And all e media s in sho
ththday befo game 7.g

One of t writerssaid thim,

"Howany holedid you ay?"

And I'llever fort
AnGrasong as Iive,."

The mea guys we just
in shockt this stement,

d somebo said "H
comeou playe54 holes

And Granjust quily
saidWell, itot dark,

couldn'tlay 72."

And course won 3-1
he sod on hihead.

The bett
team w the cup

(cro cheerin

Th'87 Cana Cup
als, butt the sa time, eah, I ve up a t

And that what go tendingcomes wn to is
thsaves athe rightime.

Cada Cup, 7,
inedibly dficult sies to

be, the Soet Unionthe
chor thawe needeto beat

at team s Grant hr,
d that'she reasowe did.

5, and
what a cebration

GRANT: Try toake
couple ses,

hopefuy you ke
the gas close.

If youeep 'em ose, you
guys a gonna sre some

als evenally.

MA Heanperhaps ene goteworlright noag,

Simplyhe best ere is.

A altenderand 's a gre goalie.
Really braised tbe

AnGrant Fu--.

Rowd cheing)

, as faras I'm ccerned,

the Way Gretzkyof his pition.


GRAN I lod pling everday.

I mean Ihink as goalie
that's wt you wi and you

dream, and evybody's ke
"W, you'reonna getired."

No, you' not
You ess evergame anyy.You prare for

sohy not py every me?

Think th'87-'88 a.m. was
probablyur best ler team

mean I tnk our dth
wathe deeptt yr.

My fst marrie
probly couldave been

a litt bit betr,
buhockey w it,

d that'sust the y it
s, and y live, bathe,

die hock, and th there'sfamilyime aftet

BRIAN: Grant res
r his ki a lot.

I ink the ckey, pling
ckey andeing on e road

a lot, is diffict to
a fathe you kno

at aoung ageGrant stted
aying hoey, and u know,

he was atar, andhen you'
thatthe fs hockeyhe s,

I ink thatrant wasthe mo comfortl

waactuallylaying gl,
anhe was bind his sk.


goalteers in t world, Grant hr appea
coidered o of the st

have iall.

E winners Grant hr.

PORTER: Stanley p ring, cele send to none,
an houred place inhe Hall Fame,

waitinfor him.

T Grant hr, the vinciblehockeylayer waa

Grt Furh, e troubl

Subsnce abuswhile
being a mber of e team.

PORTER: Meanwhe troubl
goal Grant Fr is in

ToroGrant Fu'sth the
drugdmissionould meahis rently repte

a lifeti suspensn for
the Oilenet mino

TheL Presidt Johnlicyleaveshe door
Ziegler punish hr.

M Barretand
ve Stapl of the monton

Journal th brokehis
ory abouGrant Fu's drug

proble, but yohave to e Sportsllustrat
articleto finout abo all e way ba to 19860

and ugs probms.

Whatrompted e breaki
of ts stgelemen? Orni,

Welllike eveone elsewe've ard the

yes about ant, bute
ner had anreal har

eviden, anythi that Unl about month agwe gosome infmation tt we

thought s very vy solidthat Gra had beei

treatmencentre i1989.

Weidn't kn where owhen,
but we ft that iwe could

na that do, we cou
throthe storaround i

His -wife Conne agre to
lk to usnd tell some

things bause of r
coern abouhim.

E story ally
he was gting divced fromEN: Then wt had

his wifeand he h been
firing h agent a they we

upt with h, so thesent
e informion to aeporter

in Edmton.

Itll coinced
rit aroundhat time

Ri and Corne
we good frnds,

Conne... kn the repter,
that cile is ki of how

came ou

ah, we ted
a t to getim help,

tried aot to, y know,
it's typal with coholics

d drug urs, theye
nodoing itright,

"No yore not, u're notright,
ike I'm e point had himested and thoskinds ofhings to

try and lp and tat
let be ford to adm it,

but we ner gen they wrote e story, eah, ld

they h some fas wrong.

Bu..guess at, it'sedia.

And thene had too over te
the urnal, a at the me,

the gentman who ote it w
basilly maki a name

to me i
was alhearsay.

I meanere you' going t
desty this g's repution.

I know Gnt in thend up
admittinthat he d used

so of thistuff.

But he ctainly
wasn't hked on i

Itasn't, hwasn't arug
adct, that for sur

dsportsr any ple that
had moneat that me,

ey're exrimentin

T to sayhat thesguys
re addicd to anying,

just don believeyou can that.

RICH: Force hiinto trement
th Corin's assisnts.

D at thastage, srtly afr that Ias firedyGrant,
o I wasn a to do anhing furer,

and rinne anhe separed,
much afr that,

GRAN I stopd gog at thapoint.

So goingown for e
evaltion pisd me off

a lile bit ain.

But at t same ti,
itas a chae to say

I've stoed.".

Thbiggest snomer iif
you e, that u abuse.

Well, ing a goie and bng
inhe Natiol Hockeyeague,

you can'abuse
because, uess wha

doesn'take it
easier tplay goa

And you looback at e
reco, if I w abusing

the reco wouldn'
haveeen wherit was,

so thas kind othe
fferenceetween t two,

d they h a hard me
dephering tween thtwo

back the

--ve by Grt Fuhr.

GRAN I dot know iit ev really came an sue.

Think pele changtheir
opinionsecause siety was

starng to chge
athat time

and I ink it bame moref
anssue aft everythg had


After Dapassed ay at 86, we tooa whole

t somethg you cado if
au're outunning aund.Hence I ayed 75


RICH: He didt thinkabout s drug ase,

thoughtt was
just druuse.

It's casl, it'srecreaonal,

it'sot a proem.

And mae it wast a I ink he h it morendere itll the te.
Corol thane though

Anwhen us shing hi
to aress it, ike, guy

like is not th big a dl.
Likee missedt, we weren't lping hi

First ofll, therwas
drug teing in t NHL

at thatime.

We h a real tness
program Edmonto

anpart of was tesng.

We dn't findnybody tt
haany illel drugs

their stem.

Get to ronto,
ask the ague,

I sa "Well h
anyby testedim,

have y got anyonclusiv , it wasis own
aittancethat he'been in ris rlly intohis stuf"

GRANT: That te, the Nional
ckey Leae didn'tave

a dr policy.

AnI think ey
dermined, ay, well

we're re to push, we'r
not he to helpnybody.

So they cided bere
I er got tToronto.

PORTER: The Leag could
hand Gra Fuhr a fetime

suspensi for usi drugs, but itrobably n'

hr says 's been f
drs for a ar now,

and thNHL has history
lenicy for pyers whoave

cleaneup theirct.

In ft, in 19 when Tonto
Mae Leaf Bje Salmi

admitti--mewith Zieerhegot on an 8 ga s
foabout 75inutes

thisfternoonno one w
willg to sayuch afteard.

Noomment fm us,
or from ant Fuhr

GRANT: I thinwe werethere ybe 20-2min

think itas abouthe
nextay, Glenalled me

"Go to t office, he says.

"I gotad news.

I'm ke, and en at th
timeidn't thk it wasoing

to be long susnsion.

"They' suspend
you foa year."

ODUCER: You faed no
am or Leue drug st.

How do suspensn fly,
like it uldn't f today.


But at tt tiey said"We're gna suspe you,
about relts or athing el.

U can adt it or t
adt it, itoesn't mter,

it's gna happe"I thout I was nna
ve a hea attack.

IWhy everythg kind
cof cominunglued?'reot suppod

you don have th mentaltoughns or tha
Thmedia anthe fans theyill beatou down d

confiden, it hasroken gu
and eto ever ay.en ae

playing Edmonto

havingone so melf, thecity les and ds

Oilersit's whathey livfor
the cit it's Oirs 24/7,

I n see... at grindg
onomebody ke Grant

and u guys suld layof Gra Fuhr f Ye I thinGrant Fu,

's got eugh
oblems ait is.

MAN:) in Edmoon forge thator five ars GranFuhr

monton suld be bind him, not shting hi
I ink thathe peoplof

li a dog.

It's absutely
deplorab that anperson

chooses do drug and I
think hehould beanded th

fullt penalt and
finitelyhould bexpelled

from theeague.

GRAN I me I don'think ybody was to livtheir

lifen the nepaper.

So it'funny wh you talto
ki and talto peoplnow,

th're like"well, i
it hd to livlife

And m like, ah.

You'ren a fishwl.

MAN:--shou be helpg the
y out inead of ting

tI'm disiusioned atds
ganyby with tt kind o

highrofile wld use rs.THEOREN: There is

being spended, ight,
I'veyou knowmy caree r endeas a susnded

hockey pyer.

PORTER: Zieglehanded dn
hiruling ely this ening,

banishg the Oirs net mor
fromhe NHL f one ful

seasontarting day.

I was thfirst on
thateally godragged

I got suended wiout pay.

It w just a at
ou here's e deal,

yThe ague didt
knowhat to d

Antheir fit
thght was punish.

Therwas no wried abo
helpg anybod it was ke,

"oy, you me a miste,
wee going punish u for

th mistakewe don'tare,
don't wt to helyou."

CRAIG: To me, tt's notrewardg a guy r get lp for hself,
bu sendg a messe to somody

who es have problem
justeep quieabout itnd I

mean, itoesn't ge you an
incente to reay clean up.

They wergoing
suspende regardss.

So iwas easi just tosay "Y, I did a

The was rely no
solid evence thathe NHL

could pr"Yeah, y're usin
whto be thfall guynd nobo wants

RICH So l's do th publ relatio thing,

let'just picon thisguy, andhat was

cause th must
ve killehim,

to be tan away fm the
thing heoves so ch.

Suspendomebodylike Gra, bad miak

t... hardime.

GRANT: Glen h come
up with plan,

"well, y can't pctice buwe'd likyou to work outvery day

I workeout twica day,
and the ague camback and

sa "Well, 've decid
yove been der good

behaviou we're gna
cuit to 40ames."

PORTER: And aryou preped
toandle althese qutions

about dr abuse,
d the throh and holong do u thk you'reoing to ve to

Ahit'll prably sta
'tilou get aund the ague

oncer twice, nd then 's
goa slowlyade awaynto

thdarknessso it'lle
therfor a lile while

t it's sething tt I haveto livwith andt
bad toive withnymore.

The Natial Hocke
Leag fans we fabulou

and ri, so thawasledat oncand a wh
whenthing dierent.itg

But somef the Amican
ague cits were aittle

more hdcore,
little rgher.

--few boo-s are ou

Th check i gets
wnt to thnet,.

Jus--ske, Lemiewas
blockewith shot,r.ANNOUNR:

d a fineave by Fr.Here'she--.

Rowd cheing)

Fuous backnd
anFuhr sto it!

(Cro cheerin

Grt Fuhr h
return to the tional

Hoey Leagu and--

--of h career.

At a retn for Grt Fuhr.

monton's great cy.One, ty live, brea

I think at's theiggest
thing ist's a hoey city

firsand forest, and ah,
ere's so challens to

playinin Edmonn,
buat the se time,

if you'rcommitte
to wt you'reoing,

: A ockbustetrade between e Edmont Oilers it also anasy ci to playn.

And Tonto MaplLeaves.

TSN contted Leaf
genel manageCliff Flcher

to finard it n w
cfor the weeks,

there's more
rcond gueing,,

there'no more ndering.

But onhe otherand,
it hard toay goodb.

GRANT: When I w tradedfrom t Oilers t
thiBualso at e sameas me growi up as aid,

you get watch Mtreal
Toronton TV,

so I w a Leafsfan at t time,

so thepportuni to
play foToronto,

go play Maple Lf Garden
kindf took se of theting

t of it.

U're gon move arnd a
ttle bitnd move some

fferent ams, and thoughtI'd have longer

Buffal but it dn't
rk out tt way.

You ke movest the
end of yr career

unfortately th's
hothe gameorks.

NOUNCER: Grant hr who w
achpionshipwill staesfirst ur Stanl

tomorrowgainst t Oilers.

He's hing to
return this form

I ess withhe
oppounity, swing up,

it may ba good te
totake a cim here,

pl show pele I canstill pl for nexy

any is made meealizeo be backup y.
That if m going continu

, I can st kind
sett for whe I am,

or Ian push self
be bett again.

GRANT: That washe goal s toush myse to be bter.

So I hadt got tohe pointwhere wanted


ANNOUNCE Five ge winnin Ohhat a sa by FuhrANNOUNR:

What a gat save.

Bob Barrand
were in w York,

aabout thpossibilyevw
anofoming tohe blues

d this lge vehic went
Bob and as we s in


The eaks scrmed on, d
oujumps Jat and

Wae Gretzk

d I'm taing abouour
am and blding outeam,

and e possibity
hiring goalie.

EI said "u'rentFuhr'sour goal."

And at's howrant
hr got tSt Louis

WAYN Whenike saido me,
"Should sign him

ain, he'the bestgoalieho ever ved
I said "e you cry?

D so whehe
was St Loui

he wass good aor bette
than Iver saw m play.

MIKE: Grant wawithout job.

Mike bris him in camp an suspds him bause he s out shape,
we didn knowhat we we gettin

ore're loong at a y that
was at t end of e trail.

So he shs up,
he's notn shape,

plclin unlike ything,

I d send h home,
and I sa

rantanyou're rdy to pl, g
th you're r goalteer."

Atirst I tnk
heas gonnayou know

releashim of h contrac
bfito play u can reasethere you're t

a guy om his ctract,
and you ow,

we didn'want thato happe

When Fuhy showedup to aining cp i

heas a lite hefty.


t clcalland I godemotedtdown tthe bike
t quite t sent he,

practiceand Fuhr walkedon thereadmill

abou10-12 da, and th
he gotack to pctice.

MIKE: I remod him fr the
am untile lost t weight

d then hcame
gas playedy a goalnder a cord forhe nu

inis seaso

--ale he shos, oh!


I think at happed
wi Grhis n epipha.He was jt like, he

His innecompetiteness wa
whatrove himo get in

she again, nd proveto evebody tha"he

I'm on good te, I've g
a guthat stu his necout

d broughme here, and I beeve in mel

and u watch is."

It a threeon twoit's--.

big one r Fuhr.

Latebacally I uldr,
ll it abe almost

He playeevery sile game, and wod play
hievery ga.

Throh the ploffs.

Grt was onof thoseguys tt said"

I'm ok, okay tplay,"
but he wld play rt.

Itas tougho pull heone eycovered
onout a hockegame.

He was t toughesgoalie
Ibeuse he w so goodWAYNE: Nothing at

He lovedo play.

The beau of thatas
ifou talk the St uis

gu, they'day
"Welno wondeyou guys

n all the cups.

This g's unbelvable."

Likee knew i right?

But you ow, you t all
these otr guys pying wit

him, ty're lik
"Thiguy's unlievable

Every sile night
and th the manrisms.

They're oking atim goinglike "Ohhe's not

he's jt kind o
doing is thing

but he'sBuit was..oesngrubberike it'so


At's a l of game
to plain a row

GRAN St Lou,
we wer havi a prettgood yea

ANNOUNCE --brkaway, oots, ohbaby,

at a savby Fuhr!

JIM: Playedreat d a greateam in Louis,
and we ce reall th St Los,

close at year, nd you d't
reize how od an atete

and a ckey plar someon lent lev isurpsed me aittle bi.

Justow easy made
it look, ou know,

he g the penlum
ing withis stick

and I me I used
marv in pracce,

he'd juskind of it for
you and st... tun tunk,

I me it was real.

Could sse wherethe pl was goi and

it wasevelopinand as h icker beuse he cld reaancipate t

e pass, d
it stoppedy Fuhr.

Oh, what stop byrant Fuh

I ve nothi
but adration, ced his mons

and has de a comack, andnot on made a

he gotack to t top of s Ohhe is roed,
solutelyobbed byuhr!

GRANT: The playfs got d collion withick and eygood a then w crse,
and re an AC MCL,

which foa littlehile I
thought might beble to

play wh, but aarently
doest work sgood thaway.

Ug a hocke
play, rst and remost,

a hockeylay.

I want to crea somethi,
so havoc ifront ofhe net.

Did it bause
ris Pronr who wathere,

and osscheck me, andit's alay tha

countls amountf times, every ti I've d

goalteers haveotten
and finhed the me,

and wereever evehurt
the extd where ant,

unfortunely, coun't fini
the sees and h major

surgery his kne

CHRI I rember pusng Kyeos to t right,

and hisomehow ving lef

I'm nosure howhat happs.It wasefinite
unrtunate tuation.

Ankfullyobody bled me.

I an it's derstandle, en mfault agn.G
ayoffs y fall onoalies.

It hpens.

Dihe mean hurt
me, not ally.

But athe same me did h And could sahe
was mAt t obably mleasttt.t thatime, th's

favori person.

Obously hiright le

he's n gonna me it
the dreing room

thinjury ourred, a I
thk you cod tell hknew

someing was ong,
anthen theunny par

or n so funnpart, ise
wagonna we a brace

and ay!

Legit wted to py and
ey were ke, you ow,

"You can play."

This is t gonna rk.

And u know, think
at was cshing toim.

The The seas that Grtuis
whad, e was on missionAL:

and I lt we haa team
capable winning

a Stley Cup.

I kn the dous and fe you
ve in yo mind cong back,

peciallylaying aositionwhere u're cona

on yr knees e way
he playe up down

havi to relyn his
eed, andis quickss,

that an imprsive tot,
pling 73 ges afterlowing

out ur ACL, 36 yearold.

You ow, realing howhard iis to r

as iressive it
to play9 games,

to py 73 aft surgeryhe
folling yearas to be


PRODUCER GRAN Probab playingthe
79ames outf 8 What your prdest recd?

Mean I tnk betwe that
and I thk there'only may

one alie thahas
re Stanl Cups.

76 ia row wa
fun,9 was grt.I'm prd of tho b

durabili even asn old ma

I thoughI wouldretiren St Lou.
TThoughI could obably play oneore yearto

I thout the bo would
hold outor anoth year.

JAROME I on got to ay wi him forne year,

but u could e he wasa reallyood team

reallyood pers, playedwith aot of di

alies ov the yea,
and ere's a riety of

personities asyou cod imagin

Some geteally, y could s
theme get rlly quie t,

He didn'really cnge, JIM:
Nothinreally g uundeeath hiskin.

Heas cool der
prsure andandled i

anthe crearose to e top.

In comtitions, here's
some may, I meanisten,,

GranFuhr's n the
eatest glie ever

but the's nobo better.

Ifou look
goalending tay,

erybody'about stistics
and thisnd that.

Athe end othe day en youtisc that sll m
go to netiate a ntract,

FRED For watchinhim,
itwasn'tbout a c whatWi and loss?

It w just abt
how od he wa

and at impache
ma to the ague,

d just bng one othe
st goali out the.

VerThis timshe kindf howimportt his m
wbsurrdered a ttle bit

was gooand it w bad.

I mean s wasn't ffering, so thas the g
t, it's ill yourom.

Anshe wenthrough t wholenowhe saw t who

rigmfunItas alwayero
anenothg but suort.d.Even tn.



Let's saI retire
one, ecause Ias old.

Think thbiggest ing
s the bo was don

I meanhe kneehad be chewed.
Spent mo time inn ice tub withce on myody

than Iid on thice,
it was me.

I an it wastartingo
we on the nd a lite bit,

d I thinas an atete,
en you cmb the hl and

u realizthat youcan't t any beer,

and thin were on
gointo get wse,

at you he to mak
a desion it'time.


ANNOUNCE Theant Fuhrn theameis pleed to in ayer Catory.


We had auge
mily in monton,

d it wasll a tea


And think th's why
we were ccessful

I'like to ank
llie O'R, I mean

it's an tra specl honourto be e first

And just shs that hkey
isuch a dirse spor

thatnybody c be succsful
it, and'm proudf that.

I'd li to thanmy famil
KendylRochelleson RJ,

daught Janine,
hey I'm pret much maied the gamof hocke.They me the bisa

I meanhat's
first anforemost

that's pbably ouwife
the gamof hocke

And theyind of te
a ck seat that.

So I tnk them r that.



I ink thatrant is
way tter fatr now th

hever was.

Loves h kids, a I thinkas he s more
to them nstantlys

amera flhes)

BRIA I thk the tr sign of what ant has come as

a pers is matung, is
I was raed to doGRANT: It's sething

mean I eoy goingout anhelping her

athinwas ingrned in mwhen
andwas a kithat youaI

ve to gi back.

E Centenals Greast
Teamas a gre honour,

If you lk at ourpan fromthe ti I star
play wi those gs.

Thrco throughhe city, ave
t a chan to playere,e

e splacto play th aI
cotter gro of guysr

hrsy's lking inbetterhape now-da

than hwas backhen.

Ain't th frighteng?

At year s it thawe
hato wear e weightag?

GRANT: Oh, send year, unning u
and do all thetairs.

Ad we di't
ha this buding.


u were t first
star, thfirst fo games.

E first ur games

MAN 2: It justakes awhile get intit.


GRANT: There re no myeries
to what nd of te we were

mean I tnk that s the
nd of a n and guteam, veryby knew wwer

and the ct that learnedto plagood def

I me we weret
bad fensivel

but weidn't pl defence

I get asd all th
timehat it'sike havi him

as a d, and I ver knowow
tonswer itecause y don't

ow anythg else.

CHELLE: He's jt our da

're justwaiting Marty.

E world sn't chaed.

GRT: WeIt good torrekind the ban having uout, Fuhy.

It is.

GRAN And the ggest thg that I've tak away fr it is

there's many go
peop in the me.

Fe's gooright no

I mean think is you g a chancto lookback ayour lifan at's sti out the for

u, and I happy wh
whe I am ilife.

Yeah, I' still g some
ings I'dike to dand

such, buI'm goodwith wre I'm a

I'd li to playgain, buI
knowhat's nogonna haen so.

What I'deally li to getback io the ho

I'like to t back o
the icand teacagain.

One youotta plaTY: Fuhrsythis


That's t rumour, ike I wa
tellg my kidthe otheday,

great plers knowwhen tplay, rit? Li

You mit, whater,
fit seconderiod,

bucome thehird perd in a
tightupy five bore thaty.GRANT: Well

Wh's that?

GRANT: I usuay give u-.
Ll know,e'd gi up fivereakaway

ODUCER: Do youhink Gra
woultrade a uple of

Stanley p Champiships fo
a suessful p golf caer?


, He ain givingthose ampionshs u

They'rtoo hardo get.

StanleCup for pro in gf? No.

WHe went the icenley
anotr he sll has--Fu.

Rowd cheing)

NOUNCER: And thpuck
llowed h about aecond

lateand he soped it.

Grant Fu is the n
ofhe hour far.

KEVIN: One ofhose guythat
u want othe net r a big

Granshould gdown in e

There's easy wa

yohave to ply yourlf.

Tonit, the Eonton Oirs
we by far e better

hockey pyers.

CHRIS: He fough
for ery puck

and think th's why
he's a Hl of Fam.MARK: One ofhe be

and ifou thinkbout it, what pyer do

ofhe dressg room
each andvery gam

anthat's t goal teer,
d there sn't oneame that

played wh Grant at he
lead us t of theressing

room thaI didn'teel thatwe were ways gon

his veryest.

WAYNE: As a pern he's
generallone of t nicest

peopleou'll ev meet.

Cat meet aicer man

GRANT: It's aamily ev
after u leave e game.

D at anyiven tim
you ofriends,,maybe en thousds

and theyl do anying
r you atny givenime.

At is bacally yo family.

Especily whenyou'relaying.

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