Make the Yuletide Gay (2009) - full transcript

Olaf "Gunn" Gunnunderson, an out-and-proud gay college student, crawls back into the closet to survive the holidays with his family. He keeps his cool as his quirky Midwestern-hearted parents try to set him up with his high school sweetheart, Abby. But when his boyfriend, Nathan, shows up at their doorstep unannounced, Gunn must put on a charade to keep the relationship a secret. With pressure mounting from all sides, will Gunn come out before the truth does?

It's cold and it's someone on the roof

I'm in a house with
windows I can not hide

MAKING GAY Holiday season

I'm here all alone
without you by my side.

It's Christmas time.

Like a tree
with stars for you to find

A row of popcorn at the end of the road

When you come to my
you know what corner you will find

It's Christmas time.

Someday everyone will agree

That Christmas is not the time to be alone

So why not pack your things,
metes to backpackers and sing? Sure!

It's Christmas time.

I think my family is making me crazy

And you should be with me, baby, I'll tell you why

Are family too, and you do not have to struggle

It's Christmas time.

Someday everyone will agree

That Christmas is not the time to be alone

So why not pack your things,
metes to backpackers and sing? Sure!

It's Christmas time.

Silent Night,

Holy Night,

wish you were here tonight

It's Christmas time.

And you are mine.

I finished this semester.

Thank you Mr. Gunnunderson.

You're welcome, Professor Van Devere.

semester ended.

Call me Daniel.



They call me Gun (Weapon).

I have heard.

The Great Weapon.

Merry Christmas,

You are also in this class?


have a good holiday.

I hope to see more of you next semester Gun.


I do not think we
the last people on campus.

When are you going home * for the holidays?
[untranslatable pun between "home" = house and "homo"]

I have to get home before the
by the sun or my mother is up.

You know, I never realized ...

What happens if
get home before sunset?

Zombies Hanukkah catch up?

In reality is the opposite.

We have become vampires.

So I have to be
indoors for your protection.

Thank you.

Well, do not worry about me.

I'm a pig, so I'm safe.

A salvo of what?

Vampires Hanukkah *.
[Jewish holiday similar to Christmas]

Nor do I know.

You spend the holidays together?

Unfortunately not.

My parents sent me a plane ticket.

Nathan, dear ...

there is much work to
doings in property during the holidays.

That is offensive.

Gun And you?

Well, I'm going back to my dorm ...

and then go home.

Once you have packaged kind.

Well .. have fun "package".

You bet.

Happy Hanukkah, Tremp.

Merry Christmas, Porch.

See you next year.

Finally alone.

Nathan ...

I need to make me even to the road.

I can not "make you" first?

15 minutes.

That's all.

I work with it.


Hello father!

Good, "How are you"!

It's your mother, do not you know?


Hello mother.

Hello baby boy.

How was the thing of your big test?

My final exam in Philosophy ... thing ...

was good.

Oh Good!
And you are on the way home?

Within a few minutes.


The traffic is terrible during the holidays.

I'm out the door as we speak.


I need all the help they get.

I am determined to find the
best cookie recipe ever.

And finally show how
that haughty side of Mancuso.

Well, Mom, if someone can thou.

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Gunnunderson.

It's your roommate?

Transmits to you our greetings.


They celebrate Christmas?



She wants Happy Kwanzaa *.
[holiday african-American alternative to Christmas]

What are his plans for the holidays?

Go visit her parents.

This is so beautiful!

Christmas is so important, you have to have a family.

The cookies are ready!

My sweets are burning.

You better hurry up young.


I love you.

Nathan ...

I just have to go.

It is not wise bored
Anya Gunnunderson at Christmas.

I wanted even
we spend the holidays together.

Me too, babe.

One last thing.



Already exchanged gifts!

I know. I know!
But I saw it in the window and had to buy.



This is by far the gayest thing I have.


And that thing in your closet?


It is the second gayest thing.

I love it.


Now ...


No. No.
Offers ma.


Do it!



To me!

You should not!

It's so beautiful!

Thank you!

What? I could not resist buying something for me.

I have really good taste.

Hello father.

Hello son.

How are you, sir?

Well Well

So everything is planned
for my flight home tomorrow?

Okay ...!

It is because of this.
I would ...

This is Nathan?


It is the mother?


Have you say?

Do I have to tell you.

Tell me what?

Give me that phone!


Hello Nathan, is the mother.

Yes I have noticed this.
Tell me what?

There was a wonderful change of plans.

This is even necessary, dear?

More than you think!


Sorry, honey.

As I was saying, there
a wonderful change of plans.

Somehow we forgot to tell you.

Then tell me now!

Well .. know that the Society
Music makes the collection of funds available?

You know, everyone is there.

E. ..?

And the items in this year
auction were so wonderful

simply had to compete at all.

And guess what happened.

Won something.

We won something!

What won?

A cruise!

A cruise?!

A cruise for Christmas.


For two!

For two.

Your father and I left tonight.

We will be out three weeks.

The view across the Holy Land.

I can buy all sorts of things.

Only you two.

There was simply no
no extra cabin available.

Mother, what do I do now?

Your Christmas present is under the tree,

and we still have a reserve in Neeman's.

Well this looks like fun.

And we made up a list of things
to treat while we're out.

Hold on! This collection
the funds had not been three weeks?

Something like that.

Merry Christmas, darling.

Merry Christmas?

What do I do now?

Do not tell me none of bullshit

"I have 22 years I am about to graduate me"

will always be my baby boy.

I know.

I missed you.


Now ... why not get the time?

Did you barely wear a little color sometimes?

Well ..

very contained.

You do not behaved well this year?

Your father thought that began
to be a little too much, so ...

we're trying something a little smaller this year.

Yeah. When I saw the inflatable sled
the roof I realized that something was going on.

This is because of
premium of the insurance company.


Come here!
The Olaf is at home!

Olaf, are you?

Yes, it's me, Dad.

Come here at once, then.

I would say it's good to see you, but
I do not see anything without my glasses.

They are in over your head, Dad.



Look older every time I see you.

Well, technically I am
older every time I see.

Truth! Truth!

In a pure biological level.

Well, at a
emotional spiritual also, of course.

People change constantly, as ...

as ...


I enjoy these conversations, father.

Oh yes! Sure!

Where do I put my glasses?

Are you sure you do not want anything else?

Mom, I'm full.

Definitely not
arrange food in this restaurant.

I do not know because you do not mute the dormitory.

Why not get yourself an apartment somewhere.

Big enough for you e. ..

for someone special.

You will never know a good
girl living in this male dorm.

You'll end up like the old
Clay Handleman down the street.

Never married, and having to keep
a roommate like that ...

good hairdresser who lives with him.

Does a great job with the lighting.

I like to live in the dorm.

For God's sake
let the boy quiet, Anya.

He will leave the shell when ready.

And then ...

The girls will come running as salmon.

I am almost certain
the salmon swim, Dad.


In addition, the dormitories are
good to male leads.

Oh yes!

Many links.

Tons of ... connections.

Day and night,

know, sometimes two or three times a night.

I told you this a hundred times, Mother

It's like I'm with
Dean and the other teachers.

I assure you, I do more
links in the locker room of the sauna,

that in all academic fraternity together.

There was a time that was with ...


I'm fine.

Wait a minute.
What was I doing?

I was ... how he was called?
I was ...

There were so many pretty girls
campus that since the visited.

I saw you with that with a
striking face and short hair.

What does she do now?

I am fairly sure
runs a hotel in Palm Springs,

with your ...

its ...

good friend.


This is superb.

Listen ...

is something I want to tell you.

It is about ...

me e. ..


It's about me in university.

You see ...

Oh Who could it be?

You did not invite Abby?

Shut up Sven!

Olaf, opens the door like a good guy.

- Hey!
- Hello Olaf.


What are you doing here?

Well, your mother said
'd be at home tonight, and I thought ...

I bet he would
eating a good hot muffin.

You always liked the
my muffins, not liked?

I can honestly say that never
I ate one more since we left in high school.

Sven, look at it!

Abby Mancuso, next door.

What koinkidenkia!

But you said 8 hours!

It does not matter.

Sit down for the love of God.

Why do these words
Cross only has words of 9 letters?

It's Sudoku, dear.



Su - the - ku.

Should know what it means?

So, I am virtually certain that
'struck' totally the final exam in philosophy.

All we had to do was

completely fill a
blue book and answer a question.

What was the question?



That was the question.


Not caught.

The answer should be:

"Why not?"

How is that answered the question?

Well, my argument was that the
insignificant inherent American political environment,

which can be combined
with the advent of "reality TV"

that forced the masses to look
outward instead of inward

the "why" is the only
question can put them,

especially if
hope of a human growth ideological,

or prevent stagnation
which currently is installed,

not only in the arts and
culture of our country,

but also the terrible
range, for those less fortunate,

especially those
come from developing countries,

for which the question of
"why" will never be important,

because their entire lives
are almost exclusively focused

no question of "how?".

Well, I like the competition American Idol.
[music competition which is based on the "Idols" in Portugal]

And there have.

I have a question for you, Mr pointy.

Why not offer
Abby a little more cocoa?

More cocoa would be lovely, thank you.

I need a word of
nine letters ending in "fore".

So then I had to hear all
about their school lessons in beauty.

Apparently the high-elegant is
what's in this half screaming.


Nicole remembered the
Kidman at the Oscars last year?

That was tragic.

For her yes.

So ... excited
ires see your parents tomorrow?

Strangely ...
rather see your parents tomorrow.

Well ..
I am sure they would love it.

But both know that will not succeed.

Your stupid parents would not allow.

Hey! Continue to be my parents!


They deserve to be called stupid
because of the way they treat you.

You have no idea.

Where are you?

On the way to the bathroom.

Talk to you tomorrow?


Good morning, dear.

Have you seen my glasses?

I saw all of you.

Sorry, Mom.

The small Olaf is here,
you can not walk around like that.

I thought you liked when I walked.

Beware you, Mr. Gunnunderson.

Prefer to be careful with Mrs. Gunnunderson.

Sit down and take your breakfast.

Good morning.

It is so if an adult
dress for breakfast.

Until what time Abby was yesterday?

Until very late.

Why do you have invited?

I thought you would like to
talk to an old friend like her.

She is so sweet.

Furthermore, you are practically engaged.

We are not!

We dated!

In four years ago!

Four years!

In high school!

We are completely different people now!

I mean ... she is a beautician, and

and I'm ...

You're what?

I ...

not a beautician.

With a hair that not even need to say.

Abby asks you to make a cut and
hairstyle, she will be happy about it.

I do not need that Abby
me 'comb' to be happy.

Oh my God, this is good!

I could eat a million of them.

Wait a second.


Yet not even 9 hours!

If death taught me
thing was that they are always 4:20 am somewhere.

Jesus! Sven!
It's Christmas!

That is why I brought the good stuff.

You want some?


Oh Mama! Please.
The boy already has more than 21 years.

I have new plants in the basement.

I'm fine.


I will.

Lord ... Gunnunderson?



I mean ...

I'm Nathan.

Nathan Stanford

I o. ..

It's my roommate!

It's my roommate.

What was supposed to be now
across the country with their parents.

Well, change of plans, and thought
"Hey! I will surprise you!"


What are you wearing?!

Wow! Hello friend.

Dude, it's good to see you.

What a surprise!

Father, would you mind ...

know ...

button up?


This is not right.

Now I see the family resemblances.

Can I talk to you for a second?


Dude ... your dad is hot!

OK, because ...

My father?


Ohhh yeah!

What are you doing here?

I told you.

Change of plans.

Apparently ...

Mom and Dad had ...

best things to do to pass the
Christmas with his only son, so ...

Sorry, babe.

No. It does not matter.

Ok Seriously, what is it?

What is it?


I mean, what pants are these?

My mother bought me these pants.


Let's pretend that it is Stacey,

and I am Clinton, of course,

and this here, this is ...

what NOT to use!



Why is not happy to see me?


But ...

But what?

What are you guys talking about?


We will accommodate your friend
before your balls cool.

Pancake balls.

- Hello
- Hello

I'm Nathan.

It's so good to know the friends of Olaf.

His girlfriend, Abby, was
here last night. You know her?


It is not my girlfriend.

It has been, may again be one day.


You do not take you over *!
[Pun untranslatable, out = assumed, lacking]

There is no shortage of balls of pancakes, as there mother?

Of course not, dear.

I find you a picture of
Prom Olaf with Abby.

She is so adorable.


Now, let me show you
where you can sleep tonight.




I love your hair, is a special cut?


Nathan, dear, I hope
do not mind staying below *.
[Pun untranslatable, bottom = passive]


The bowling.

I remember when me and Sven
bought this bowl for the small Olaf.

Clung to the ladder
jump up and down shouting

"I want to stay on top *!"
[Pun untranslatable, top = active]

"I want to stay on top!"

It was so funny!

So you do not mind, do you?

In fact, Mrs. Gunnunderson,

in our dorm

I much prefer to stay on top.

In the bunk, I mean.

Must have jumped up
up when moved, eh?


Yes, he threw himself.

But you know what?

It's Christmas.

So, for you, Mrs. Gunnunderson,

I let your child stay on top.

You are a gem!


You guys install it,

and TU

you ... call me Anya.


Thank you.

So cute!


The K!

I'm missing something here?

What's with all this theater?

How can you, the Great Lord in Gay
campus, you can not be made before your parents?

I do not know!
Just ...

The time was never right, e. ..

Look, I would tell you yesterday,

Look, I would tell you yesterday,

but then Abby came ...

And they still do not understand?

I mean, they know you, right?


can act as heterosexual when I need, ok?

Yes, but ...

why do you need?
Are your parents, and fully merrily!

Yes That is what many
think before you assume.

You know Josh, right?

Josh who?

Jorgie Class Josh or a school counselor Josh?

The school counselor Josh.

No, do not know.


his parents are in
entertainment business, right?

Work with gays constantly.

He thought that if anyone could
be understanding and supportive they were.

And it was not?

Deserted him completely.

No explanation.

His luck was to have a bag
studies would otherwise have to give up.

It sucks!


I think I should be
glad my still talk to me.

Rarely, but still ...

Working at Council
LGBT school gave me the kids know

religious parents
fanatics have accepted them with open arms.

And kids whose parents
the liberals completely deserted.

They no longer talk to them.

Or worse.

Much worse.

[sound equal to Share = share]

I'm sharing.


Diva Cher.

She did not know what to do, and it was assumed

how about ... is Cher!


I just ... could.

I could not stand it
they stopped liking me.



Look, honestly do not
believe that will happen.

But if it helps,

I love you.

Even if you're a great maricon?as.


Yes ..


E. ...?

E. ....


E. ...?

What else answer when I say I love you?


I thanked him.
Not enough?

You'll get tonight.

No, no, no.

You heard what I said to my mother.

Apparently who will take is you.

Promises, promises.



Let me!

For love of Thy! *
[Pun not translated]

Stop to roll now!

You'll be filled with shirts
Herb and I'm out of detergent.

Yes, ma'am.

Now, go back
in and take breakfast.

The do wrestling with that age.

Which pair of idiots.

You see what I mean?

Full abstracted.



Why I came here?

I have to say,

you two seem too young
to have a child at the age of the Gun.

We were high school sweethearts do not know?


What the Packers will never win
a championship if I'm lying.

This is football, right?

Are you a comic!


We were high school sweethearts.

Even though he has moved
Welcome to the city of Minnesota.

So where are you?

Wisconsin, does not notice?

What is the difference?

I pretend not said that.

Then we got married right after graduation e. ..

went to college together and
had the small Olaf immediately.

So wait ...

you married in the summer ...

but your birthday is not until
December, that's nine months apart?

My water broke
even in the middle of the final examination of Geology.

But you stand and you've finished the exam.

Did you have an "A" and all.

I had my boy in the infirmary on campus.

No thanks to you!

Give me a break!

I had finished my own final exams.

I was a little ...

disabled on that day.

Incapacitated lightning!

Higher than a kite is the right thing.


He gets me in the room wanting the
boy's name was Jerry Garcia Gunnunderson.

I mean, what stupidity is this?

Yes .. Well

Olaf is much better.

Yes, I know!

But when your father did not take it forward,

Oh Mom ...!

Undresses completely and
begins to meditate in the middle of the room.

My clothes told me that I
needed to talk to God. What else could I do?

Well .. and God said?

He told me the secret of life.

What then whispered in the ear
Olaf's little for him to know.


I was a baby, how do I know?

Do not look at me, I
was higher than a kite.

Who is this all about, anyway?

Well, we need something to put
under this tree, is so empty.

So all this is just for decoration?


Well, I do not pay enough for this.

Your father is a show.

Well, I think the right thing is a flashback.

Finally alone!

I think it's time to go to bed.

Are you sure?

Yes, yes, I have.

You have to sleep in your
pajamas child while you are at home?

Well .. only if you want.

You know, you could be the
sexy, malandreco schoolboy.


And you could be o. ..

what? Rector badass?

Coming to punish me?

Bad boy!

For I am.

Boy ... bad.


Here, take them.

I ...

someone needs a punishment.


Forget about me.

I washed your clothes.

Just in time for the appearance.

Mother, I am not even at home for 24
hours, as you had time to wash my clothes?

A mother has its forms.

These are the nicest shorts I've ever seen!

Thank you.

So colorful!


And these ... are monkeys?

Monkeys, yes, they are angry monkeys.

So cute!

So cute.


You guys see if they sleep.

Good night.

Well ..

I think that as that ...

ruined the mood, eh?

Oh yes!

At large.

Well ...

Well ..

Good night.


The notes were good this semester?



We've already had the questionnaire
mandatory parental path.

Come, come on.

So how are your students this year?

Stupid as all.

I pity the future.

Except you, of course.


Nathan is also very smart, you know?

Suppose andes always fallen on him.

You okay?

Yes I'm clumsy today.


What do you think of Nathan?

I think it looks cool enough.

For that type.

What kind?

You know.

That kind.

The type of the above-privileged East Coast.


So do not like him?



If you like I do.

I like it.

I like him, wanted to talk to you about it.

Well ..
this is good.

I hated my first roommate.

Have I told you about it?

Many times.

I used to use my stuff without asking.

Even my underwear.



That's when I stopped using it completely.

Good morning.

Nathan, dear!

You came just in time.

I am preparing my beaver * for Christmas.
[Pun untranslatable, Beaver = slang for vagina]



What magnificent beaver, Mrs. Gunnunderson.

Yes, well, Sven loves him, you know?

You did not want to go run with them?

I'm not very adept at exercise.

This is good for your age, but ...

the older you get,
more difficult is you stay thin.

Sven seems to have problems.

He has to work for it, do not you know?

He gets munchies *.
[hunger after smoking drug]

Do not mind it ... know ... stay with munchies?

Of course I care!
It's a terrible habit!

Can not remember anything lately.

One day until they had slept in the middle of a lesson.


Even in the middle of a lesson, for God's sake!

* Can you overcome that?
[Pun untranslatable, Top = active]

I liked.

You know what they say,

"Hate the sin, love the sinner."

It is what it says.


I can change it one day.

The female power is so strong.

You'll find out soon.

What do you mean?

When you get married, silly.

You're going to find yourself doing
things for your true love ...

not thought possible.

I can imagine.

The Olaf did not tell me that
were to see someone in your school?

Actually ...


I'm going out with someone now.

I knew it!

I could see in your eyes.

With is it?

Well ..

person ...

that I'm leaving ...

is ...


inside and out.

And it is thoughtful. And it ...

Is that special someone.

Why is not Olaf meet someone like that?

Maybe ...

he has, and I have not counted yet.

The Olaf tells me everything.

We have no secrets.

But ever ...

asked ...
know ... about his love life?

Maybe there is something he wants to tell you.

Do not be silly.

I know everything you need to know.

And I'm not sure the
type of person to interfere.

Now ...

Where did they come from, and
is what makes your father professionally?

After lunch we need
get something for Waszenawskis.

They drive the local nursery.

I could never do that.

You see, taking care of kids.
Walking around ...

It is a nursery of plants, silly.

Sven arrange their supplies there.

Well, my dad swears by the shit of them.


Did you mean fertilizer.

Wait, you do not want children?

You want?


- Really?
- I do not know!

I think not so bad.


O lucky!

Hello Anya.

Heather, honey.

I am surprised by
see you standing at this hour.

I just came to deliver a package that stupid
the postman delivered to my house by mistake.

It is amazing how often
it delivers their 'packages' in your home.

I can not do nothing
always need something new

to fill the hole that the
my husband left when he died.

Are you still squeeze
that after five years?

Abby, hurry up!

The Anya clearly
need to get their hands on his chest.

- Hello, Mrs. Gunnunderson.
- Hello, darling.

- It's for you. It's so good to see it.
- You too.

- Hello again Olaf.
- Hello Abby.

Anything else mother?

If you do not care, I need
see a man because of a trunk of cheese.

Hello, I'm Abby.

Hello .. Hello, um, I'm Nathan.

Nathan Stanford, how are you?
How are you? What's new? Yeehoow!

Oh my God!

You two are completely gay.


Why do not you tell me?

Because I did not tell anyone here.

Yes, that I realized.

You just called me 'whore'?

OK, and if you are gay, that
hell is wrong with your clothes?

I know!

He thinks that will keep in the closet.


It is they who should stay in the closet.


How did you know?

Well, duhhhh!

Look at you two together.

E. .. you ... do not mind?

All I care about missing the
my time trying to get you in bed.

What happened to Miss Serious?

Fuck this,
is mainly because of your mother.

And besides, I
thought you liked the genre.

No, Girls / the Serious / os,
definitely not the kind of it.

I can see this, your boy Malandreca.

You will not tell my parents, right?

Girl, please!

Hey! You want to come drink vodka later?

I'm dying to put in the drinking days.

To me.


You know what?

I think I like you better this way.

Who knows, I may change because of you.

thou wast not so good to begin with.

I love you!

She has spirit.


Yes, just ...

not the kind I like.

Pineapple juice.
Trust me.

About what are you talking about?

Was able to see if the Gun
come to church with me this weekend.

Good luck with that.


Yes, I need time.

By the way, your father says that the last delivery was a bit overweight least

but I let it go.

I miss this place.

I also have.

You had bunk beds as a kid?


My parents would never permit it.

Never slept in the house
friends when you were younger?

No. It did not allow it.

Why not?

I think I saw the signs early.

They fear that if I
had a friend sleeping at home

I might be gay.

Good thing it did not.

Yes, completely.

You know what I realized?

Do not you tell me how
you made towards your parents.

I think you do not want to follow my steps.

It was so bad?


"Bad" does not even come to describe.



In my senior year of high school,

my parents were out ...

for business or anything, a
place like Morocco, or even remember.

Wait, this is an important detail?

Not really.

OK. Then it goes ahead.


Short version is.

They returned earlier

and my father, get me in bed ...

Sambucca with Tony.


What were you doing?


Fortunately we were sleeping.

OK. This may be completely innocent.

Two ...

two cronies ...
that if left to sleep together,

after studying all night.


Sure. OK, so not so innocent.

No. Definitely not.

And you know how I like to let me sleep with your hand ...?


And that's what my father saw when he entered.

So never arrived to tell them?


I think the exact words of my father were:

"Please, never thou
that in my house, never again. "

Since then, never again will we again mention.

But their attitude to
me changed immediately.

They had something serious?

You and that ...

type Tony?

I think it was my passion for high school.

But ... we ... lost
completely lost touch after graduation.

Do you miss him?

Not when I'm with you.

Good answer.

I miss ...

one thing that time.


I miss the way that
my mother was first discovered.

What's so funny?

Only the best part of Christmas.

Now you can see it by the computer, you know?


It's great!

The kid with the blanket won
awareness of the meaning of Christmas.

And the other kid feels like garbage.

Is quite hilarious.


This is your favorite part of Christmas?

Look for the bald kid to beat.

OK. The mother wants you orders
for the feast of Mancuso, okay?

I'm ready.

Take that, my stupid materialistic flyer!

Ok, Dad.


You know the amount of food she makes.

Because you have to make cookies?

And let Heather Mancuso
think I'm a bad guest?

Not on your life.


She keeps a count of scores, or what?

You were really worried
opinion on straight, tonight.

Look up the mirror!


Just Be yourself, OK?
- OK.

And yes, I see the irony.

So good to see you again.

Nice to see you, Anya.

As we festive!

The sweaters are the same
sinful matter, are not they?

As you are dear!

Toma! I made this batch of cakes just for you!

Good and thick, the way you like.

By the way, where is the handyman
has been working in your house all day?

Oh You mean Diego?

He has been a help here.

I can not imagine what he gives you.

A tasty sausage?

Thank you, Diego.

The pleasure is mine.

Never tasted the sausage of Sven, did you?

I mean ...


What's the point?

What a pleasure to see you.

It's really a pleasure to see you too, Mrs. Mancuso.

Abby walks around here somewhere.

And there are people in the back.

Have fun.

Want to go find the other people?

Maybe they are all the
to play spin the bottle somewhere.

My favorite sport.

Well, as ever
you had kissed a girl.

Frida Bellucci, the fifth year.

- Yes

How was it?

Well, you know.

It made me gay.


Should you send a thank you card.

Do it.

You know what always wondered?

There are even eggs in eggnog [Eggnog]?

No one knows for sure.

What does "nog", anyway?

Yes, what is the "nog"?

I do not know.

It is delicious, however.

No, it is not.

You must be friends of Dorothy.


The daughter of Fred?

Her colleagues are?

Afraid not.

I am Olaf Gunnunderson.

Son of Sven and Anya.

That means nothing to me.

That strange man.

Who was he?

Have no idea.

And who is Fred?

I have no idea.

We should go look for other friends of Dorothy?

In this crowd?

Good luck!

He is really good!

It has a great voice.


My friends used to love it
read stories to pack when we were kids.

I can see it perfectly.

I think is one of the reasons
why he is so good teacher.

Students love to hear his voice.

It's really catchy.

Except for this.

Because never going to schools where he teaches?

I mean, it would have been cheaper, right?


But ...

The gay issue?


Not the gay issue.

Just do not want to be known as the
son Professor Gunnunderson, you know?

Would not sure if the other
teachers treat me differently or ...

if everyone would assume that
I had entered for him.

Makes sense.

You wanted to say for yourself.

Without your father.

Yes Exactly!

And of course there was the gay issue.

Well I looked.

News, bitches?

I've seen that were
dragged into this horrible tragedy.

It is a pleasure to see you again, Abby.
- You too. Hi.

I never told you this before, but ...

your dad is hot!

I know!

Well, I do not need to hear that.

Too late, Q-U-E-N-T-E, hot!

The Olaf is so hot?

I think so.

People, please.

Now he is embarrassed.

I have a question for you.

What does he have that I do not have?

I mean ...

why you have changed?

This ...

for this.

- No offense.
- Not offended.

So what does he have,

that you do not have?


Besides the obvious, of course.



the most sincere heart I've ever seen.

It's beautiful.

He saw your heart, is a bit disgusting.

You know what I mean.

It's smart.

And it's funny.

And it makes me feel better
me even when you're around.


It is the most sickening thing I ever heard.


Well, well ...

I'll look ...

a single heterosexual man who has been drinking too much.

Wish me luck?

Good luck!

Go get them.

Thank you.

She has a nice ass though.

A great ass.

O holy night

the stars are bright and resplendent ... decem;

is the night the dear Savior's birth!

long placed in the world
in sin and error ansi ... ando,

Until he appeared
and the soul felt its worth.

A thrill of hope,
the weary world rejoices,

So you have fun tonight?


Thank you.

This woman here has some lungs!

Oh No!


I think I know what that sound means.

Mr. Gunnunderson!

lost a toy down there?

Hello Something Special, where
that is the toy boys?


Outside, to visit family and friends.

A enjoy a little quiet?

In fact, trying to contact my parents.

The Olaf told me that they have buckets for you.


True, but if they had not done so ...

I never would have known.

Mr. Stanford, you say the sweetest things!

Penalty to be
completely wasted on me.

Why all the best ones are gay?

It's all part of God's plan.

It was expected.

Abby, you know the Gun longer than me.

Because ...

Why do you think he
not made before the parents?

Perhaps he counted
father, but he forgot.

Sometimes happens.

I do not know. The truth is ...

we all want to be what
our parents would like.

E. ..

we all hide things from them.

Important things, insignificant things.

You do not believe in
secrets that I hide from my mother.

Such as?

Let's just say I do
I can run for president ...

... in Mexico.

Good to know.

But seriously

I mean ...

You tell your parents everything?


No way.

No one our age does.

And obviously

nor Olaf.

But what if he never does?


Also, when you diplomas

and get to live together, they
likely to suspect something.

Maybe not!

People have colleagues
room several times.

In an apartment with a single bed,

in the middle of Boys Town, USA,

with a Drag-Queen landlord

called Miss Monique?

You were a long time
to think about it, you were not?

A little.

Be patient.

I'll try.

We always have a great bit.

I was painting sets,

and the Olaf was to dominate the English accent.

My English accent was amazing was that!

People thought I was a
traveler from London, thought the same!

It was Russian?

He looked so
malandreco with the fact hat and English.

And she cried on the opening night,

and cried to the closing ceremony.

E. ..

all night in between.

What? I was
just proud of my boy.

I enjoyed.

That was hilarious ----

They do not look cute together?



Oh my God!

Excuse me ...

A minute and be right back.


It must be so difficult for him
being away from family at Christmas.

I think he does not care as much as you think.

From what he told me ...

they are not exactly a family together.


I should write them a
letter and tell them what I think.

Abandoning a poor child so.

At home alone!

But he is not alone.

Not this year.

Merry Christmas, Dad.

Yes, Merry Christmas.

I see you tried to call ahead.

We were in a tomb.

How is the Holy Land?


trust that is in a good ...
guest in the house of your ... friend.

Yes, sir.

not stay longer than desired.

Remember, you are a guest!

not part of their family.

No, sir, I will not forget it.

reminds you that there is a list of
tasks at home that he needs care.

You hear your mother?

Yes! Yes!
Tasks! I heard!

found true treasures
Morocco in a market in Jerusalem.

So cheap!

The family would like some?

I can check them in a box
exposure that they sell to tourists.

found some very
more beautiful for our house.

What? No. No!

It is not necessary.

So Nathan, when are
think of returning to the property?

We need you to be a man and
lides with things while we're out.

Do not worry.

Do not worry.
I take care of everything. Okay?

What do you mean like you left?

I'm going home. I
things we have to take care.

There is no one there!

You will spend Christmas alone?

Yeah, well, sometimes I feel alone here.



Your parents think that I just
a type that you know the school.

I am no different from Abby, and she, well,

they think they have a future with her, so ...

This is not fair.

Maybe not, but it's how I feel.

God! We have more privacy
a dormitory filled with 300 guys!

Even ...


Even if we were with my parents,
God forbid!

they would know who you were.

And how much it meant to me.

And not like!

No! But they would know!

What is more than what
you can tell your parents. God!


You can enjoy
back to the closet, but I do not!

I already told you my reasons!

- This is not easy for me!
- You're 22 years old!


You'll finish the university this year!
Soon you will not be able to use ...

"homework" as
excuse for not going out doors.

I know.

I know.

How far I
to make this clear to you?

Your parents ...

love you!


Do not drive just because they're gay.

Should be even easier for you saying that.

You never mattered with
what your parents think of you.

Have your trust fund.

This means that you will NEVER
have to worry about money.

Should be even great.

There are more
important in life than money, Gun.

I'd rather have the love
my parents' money.

And nor do I believe
don 't know this about me!


Please do not go!

Gotta go.

I be ...

I may be alone at Christmas
but at least it is where I belong. Gotta go.


You belong here!



I tell them.


I tell them.

Before Christmas.

I tell them who you are.

Who I am.


You can not do it for me,
you have to do it by yourself.

I do. Okay?

Just, please ... Please!

Do not go!

I have to.

Because you have been so grumpy all day?

No reason.

It's almost Christmas.

Santa does not bring you any
present if they keep this wrinkled face.


I am a little old
too much to believe in Father Christmas.

For God's sake!

Never too old
to believe in Father Christmas.

It may surprise you,

to descend through your chimney.

and leave you a nice gift.

when you need it most.

Definitely my
chimney could use a gift now.

I know kids your age who would prefer
walk with friends than with the silly old men.

Mother ..

You're not old.

You are a little silly though.

Guilty to 100%

I love spending time here with you and father.

I mean ...

I can not even
imagine not spend Christmas with you.

You say that now, but ...

Eventually you will want to be by yourself.

With your own family.

I do not know, I mean ...

I may never have a family like that.


You just need time to meet people.

I know that Abby thinks the best of you.


I'm not interested in Abby!


But when you are done to
school and go out into the real world,

will be made more difficult
know the right girl.

when I was your age.

I had your father and you in my life.

Never wish you expect to have children?

I can not imagine
my life without you and Sven.

I have no remorse.

Have you ever thought about having more?

You know, while you are still so new.

And ruin my figure of girl?

Heavens! No!

Also, if you want
a brother, you Nathan.

By the way they act is like
if they had left the two of me.

No! He is not my brother!

He is NOT my brother.



Feel better?


My boy!

But ...

But what?

There's something I think we should talk.

It is more important than Christmas Eve?

Because I have a thousand
doings things for you today.


Can wait.



Merry Christmas, Mrs. Gunnunderson.
I was hoping to wish Merry Christmas to Olaf.

That dear, he's in there.


It's my home smoked.

That is so sweet.

I have not had the opportunity to
end with us this last year, but ...

will freeze well.

By the way,

I tasted the cakes that you took for the party.

Interesting texture.

What was that?
Rosemary in the dough?

Yes .. rosemary ... yes ... bright.

How have you been?


One thing I can do?

A miracle of Christmas is asking too much?

It is worth trying.


She always goes out to you.



Is as good as the miracles of Christmas.

Let mother, we have to celebrate.

Your son was a bad influence on her!

Do not be so dramatic!


And thanks for the fish.


Mr. Gunnunderson.


I thought I'd be at home.

Okay, okay ...

Have you ever seen a movie in which people
fly anywhere on Christmas Eve

and the plane is completely empty?

You mean ...

like that of snakes?


Snakes-me stunt man.

All slimy and slippery.


not work that way in real life.

All flights home were filled by
Therefore, the sooner I could get was tomorrow afternoon.

And what are you doing sitting here?

You do not need a
strange to be around for the festivities.

Christmas is about family.


But if you can not be with
your family can be with ours.


The more the merrier.

A Christmas more cheerful.

Thank you.

But I doubt that the Gun want me around.

You see, with Abby there and everything.

I do not think she is still the kind of Olaf.


You can not be noticed.

But I think that Abby is a little wild.

A wild thing.

Also suspected it.

The Olaf ...

The Olaf needs a good girl.


A good girl.

You are so focused on school.

You can not see what you need.

Is disciplined.

It's like his mother.

She really likes to be ...


We went home?


Liked it.


Then you can drive.

I have no idea where is my car.

Daddy, are you?

Yes, mom!

So come on and encourages the boy.

Is darker than a blackout
during a snowstorm in Wisconsin.

And it is dark enough.

That's why we moved
to a more sunny, you know?

Look what I found.




I did not get a return flight.

I hope you do not mind.



A cookie?


The Olaf is beheaded.

He always goes right to the head.

I will not even touch that.

I'm glad you're back.

Me too.

So they end up in last night?

In a hotel.

Near the airport.





No. I apologize.

Look ...

as you appear here, I do not
had no idea how we would get to Christmas.

But ...

after I left ...

well ...

Well what?

Before leaving ...

I realize how much I loved you.

Past Perfect?


No. Present Indicative!

Future. Whatever!

And I'll tell you.

As I said, no.

Do not do it for me, do it by yourself.

Look, whatever you do for me, do it for you.

What does that mean?

I have absolutely no idea.

Just, just came out.

Hey, guys, come on.
There is a strudel waiting for you.

We go.
[Pun = we are coming to us]

I wish!

- Daddy!
- Mommy.


Well, before we get,


I know you had your
beautiful eyes on it for months.


Merry Christmas, Mom.


It's perfect!

Force Peckers!

What ...


You did not have to give me anything.

Oh shut up!

Could not leave you without
nothing to open on Christmas morning.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Opens at once.

It is a silly, but ...
now you have something sweet.

Yes, it can last up to half of the year.

He has a huge oral fixation.

I too!
Who knew!

We did not know you wanted.

But we hope you like it.

No, this is ...

This is perfect.

It ...

exactly what I wanted.

This was an amazing dinner, Anya.


You did a good job, Mom.

It was nothing.

Only weeks of planning, and

four hours of hard work this morning,

and too many people
depressed in this house to animate

I'm losing my voice.

But deserved it.

As my mother taught me,

if you put enough meat in the mouth of
a man, he is happy, am I right?

It has always been my experience.

Why do not you see Abby after dinner?

I do not want to see Abby after dinner.

But she has loving friends.

I bet she can get
a good meeting here for Nathan.

You look for the New Year, dear?

I do not want it
arrange a meeting for Nathan!

Gun, calm.

No! No!
I need to be angry.

Need to have the adrenaline
run if I can do this.

It is because you went to college?



It is not dear.

Not this way.

In fact, it is really fabulous.

So what's the matter, darling?

Not a problem, is ...

I'm gay!

Nathan is not my roommate.

It's my boyfriend.

It is my lover.

It's my everything.

I love you.

You heard what I said?

I'm gay.

I'm also, if it was not clear.
Clear. OK.

I told you!

You owe me $ 100, kid.
I get them out of your inheritance.

What are they talking about?

He lost the bet!
I won!

When ...

When you made that bet?

O Heavens, when was it, Sven?

I think it was in your freshman year.

I do not know, my
memory is not going well lately.

It was around that time.

They talked about it for two years?!

Oh God, no!
Freshman year in high school.


Well, there was the swimming team,

And the class theater.

And dating this poor Abby.

If you ask me, she likes their
muffins too, if I understand.


Oh sweetness!


By telling us,

tasted the kind of man you are.


We love you no matter what, son.

Do not you know this already?

I think you should.

I love you!

We love you!

Always love.

Always love.

And if we did not,

had to return the
all gifts and I kept the receipts.

Now as you ...

The bowling from above?

Oh Mom, stop!

A mother needs to know these things.

No! No!
No need!

It is too early to start
the plague because of grandchildren?

- Yes!
- Yes!

Breitbarth Gunnunderson has a good sound.

Let the boys quiet, Anya.


I just you remember what you
said the hospital after birth.

What? What did you say?


All you need is love.

Damn! That's it?
Is what was playing on the fourth.

Continues to apply.



Now ...

while we eat,

why do not you like
TRUE wear your clothes,

and doing something about that hair?

You look like a Mormon, for the sake of Thy!

Mother, Father
is me, Nathan,

look ...

I'm calling ...

I'm calling to say thanks,

I have not driven from
home when they discovered that I was gay.

I understand that was a big step for both, and

I appreciate it, so thank you.

But truth be known,

I need to talk about my life,

and about my boyfriend.

Yes! My boyfriend.

Whenever I want, because both
need to know who I really am.

Is how families should work, e. ..

I do not know!
If they do not ...

If they do not, I
another family here, okay?

So ... call me

Because I really want to talk with you.


What do you think?

Can you breathe it?

It's so cute!

I told you a little
color would do wonders for you.

Merry Christmas.

And I love you both, okay?

No matter what.

Much better, right?


Now ...

If you do not mind ...

There is one thing that I have
state desperate to do.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Translation and subtitling:
Damnant denies intellegunt.