Make a Bow and Kiss (2017) - full transcript

Kishimoto An is a high school student who loves Japanese archery, which is also known as Kyudo. She has been practicing since her beginning at junior high school and is quite good. Time has...

The condition of your gear
speaks volumes of who you are.

Good work. Get home safe.

Thank you, sir!

Mr Maruyama, you forgot this.

Go straight home.

I will.

- He's so forgetful.
-That's so true.

I'm starving.

- I'll buy you dinner.
- Really?

What do you want?

How about okonomiyaki?


You're going to stay behind to practise?

I want to get used to my new bow.

Don't overdo it.

It's my last tournament.
I don't want to leave any regrets.

See you tomorrow then.

- See you.
- OK. Bye.

Everything will be OK.


Go for it!
Inter-High School Championship

We'll get there together.

Make a Bow and Kiss

The women's group final finals will begin shortly.



Back Line

Shooting Line

I didn't even make it past the first round.

You did great, Kishimoto.

I'm sorry.

I'm the captain of the team, but I didn't...

That's perfectly fine!

You didn't win, but you did your best.

With this last arrow, the results are finalised.

The winner of men's singles

is second-year student, Mikami Yota
of Ainomiya High School.

He skips practice all the time.
I can't believe he won.

This concludes the tournament.

The closing ceremony will take place at four.

Those who came in third and above,
please gather at...

Your school is really strong in archery.

I lost the singles, though.

I swear I'll beat Mikami next year.

Sorry, I forgot my phone.
Go ahead, don't wait for me.

OK. I'll be off then.




Is this what you're looking for?


This injury...

String lash, right?

Why are you so into archery?

Would you teach me?

The appeal of archery.

No way.

What could I possibly teach a guy
who just won the tournament?

Ainomiya High School

Staff Office

Is that so?

I thought you'd stay
till the fall tournament is over.

I'm sorry. I need to start preparing
for my entrance exams.

I'll clear my stuff out.

So Mikami's the new captain.

Now our school can start winning, huh?

- Please excuse me.
- OK.


This is a rare sight.
You coming here to practise.

Well then... keep it up.


You suddenly increased

the draw weight of your bow to 14kg
after the spring tournament.

You lost because you didn't have
the arm strength for it.

The more you practised
the worse your form became.

How do you know that?

Why are you so foolish?

You could have easily asked for help.

You didn't want anyone to see you struggling?

It's irresponsible of you to quit like this
before the fall tournament.

I don't have to stand here and listen to you.

You don't know what I'm going through.

I sure don't.

And I don't care either.

Are you sure you won't have any regrets
stepping away from archery like this?

Your shoulder should go no higher.

You're staring.

My eyes are always drawn to you.

I think you're sexy.

I'm just kidding.

I didn't know you crack jokes too.

Just stay like that.

Don't tense up.

Stay relaxed and natural.

Well done.

Let's try it once more.

Always drawn to me...

Dang it, both of you
got a recommendation to Nandai University?

Don't be silly. There's only
a one-in-seven chance we'll get in.

- Oh, shut up!
- What?

What are your plans, Rika?

I don't have any.

You don't?

- Hello!
- Hey guys!

Where's Mikami? He skipped practice again?

He's talking to Mr. Maruyama

about the line-up for the fall tournament.

He's getting all serious
now he's the captain.

Kishimoto, please join us for practice.

Why? I quit the team.

But your name is in the line-up
for the fall tournament.

What? Who told you that?

Mikami said so.

- Right?
- Yes.

Mikami did?

What's going on?




- What is it?
- Well...

Mikami, did you...

enter me in the fall tournament
without checking with me?

I told Mr. Maruyama

that you'll only quit after the fall tournament.

Why did you do that?

What's wrong?

But... I have to prepare for my exams...

That's just an excuse.

You'll regret it if you walk away now.

You want to do this, don't you?

You want to continue archery.

How could you decide that for me?

What's wrong?

I'm not like you, Mikami.

Stop dictating what I should do!

If only...

I could actually do that.

I'm just desperate to have you stay.

You're the one...

who dominates my every thought.

Do you understand now, you idiot?

I'm in love with you.

Please, Kishimoto...

Enter the tournament with me.

But I...

If you don't say yes...

I don't know what I might do to you.

Hey... cut it out, Mikami.

What's your answer?


I'll enter the tournament.


I'll be going now.

Let the others know.

What was that about?

- Are you serious?
- I'm serious.

No way. I never knew.

Kishimoto. You knew it too, right?

Hey, Kishimoto?

- Hello?
- What?

Are you listening?

Oh, sorry. What were you saying?

Sheesh, forget it.

- How did it go yesterday?
- What?


What about yesterday?

The fall tournament and whatnot.

Well... how do I put it...

Don't tell me
you're going to continue archery.

Is that such a bad idea?

You do realise we'll be sitting for
our entrance exams?

We need to study really hard
even with a recommendation.

I know, but...

Then why aren't you quitting archery?

I totally bombed this month's test.

One unread message from Mikami.

Mikami: Please come at 6.30am tomorrow
for morning practice.

Kishimoto. Good morning.

Good morning.

Have you been waiting for long?

I just got here.


Stop there.

What is it?

Your back is stretched out nice and tight.

I love how you look right now.

Focus on the target.

Control your breathing.


Well done.

You didn't hurt your arm either.

See? This is why you shouldn't practise alone.

I guess you're right. Thanks.

Who does morning practice before exams?

I knew it.
Mikami's not thinking about you at all.

I don't think that's true.

I see...

I get it now.


You fancy Mikami, don't you?

What are you talking about?

Of course not!


What was that about? Tell me!

Yes, over there.

Over here now.

Hey! I don't see you guys stretching.


To your right.


That's good.

See this? That's perfect.

Let's continue.


What's the matter, Yuki?


I'll be there right away.

Something urgent came up. I have to go.

That phone call...

Who was that?

You don't need to know.

Mikami! Where are you going?

- Out.
- Hey!

Just leave him be.

Let's practise.


Fuchu City Sports Centre

Mikami, let's have a celebratory dinner
if we win the fall tournament.

Sure. You have the habit
of pulling your shoulders back, Endo.


When you raise your bow and draw.

Mr Maruyama wants to see you, Endo.

OK. I'll see you later then.


Excuse me.
I'm going to do some target practice.


You've been avoiding me all day.

Are you mad at me or something?

Why would I be?

I have no reason to be mad at you.

Avoid me all you want.

My eyes will still be drawn to you.

What are you saying?

I don't want to miss
the alluring lines of your back.

I told you, didn't I?

I love the sight of your back.

I'm glad I stopped you from quitting.

I don't understand.

Is that why you kissed me

and said you loved me?

That makes no sense! That means...

everything's a lie.

You have no right
to invalidate my feelings for you.



Wow, that's amazing.

Mikami Yota, second-year student.

His school came in third at the Inter-Highs.

What do you think, Kuwabara?

No good.

He has no love for archery.

A person like him has no right

to stand before a target.


What are you doing here?

It's almost your turn.

Is it your arm again?

Enough of this silent treatment.

Talk to me.

Why do you...

take that tone with me?

You're the one who put me in the line-up.
I can't do this.

I don't have any confidence.

I'm sorry.

I took advantage...

of your weakness and good nature.

I just wanted

for us to win together.

This is your last high school tournament.

I know how hard you've practised.

I've seen it for myself.

I know this is presumptuous of me


I'll always watch over you.

I promise.

You'll never be alone.

So don't worry.

Please believe in me.



I can do this.

Kishimoto An. Third-year student.

Not bad, but not particularly outstanding.

You think so?

I like her.

- Kishimoto.
- Mikami?

- Sorry, I'm not Mikami.
- Oh...

I'm Kuwabara of Nandai University.

Congratulations on your team
winning third place.

I was impressed by your performance.

Thank you.

You know, your passion for archery
really shone through.

You have a lot of potential.

- Work hard.
- I will.

Well then.

See you.


Endo, do you know where Mikami went?

He always does as he pleases.

I don't know if Yuki is his girlfriend or what

but he ditches us everytime she calls.

Sorry. I have to go too.

What about our celebratory dinner?

IMS Tokyo General Hospital

I came in first in today's tournament.

I'm getting used to the bow
you gave me, Yuki.

I hope I'm getting closer to you.

Anyway, I think I'm getting better at it.

I was able to hit all the targets.

I really wanted to win today.

and gave myself a lot of pressure
towards the end.

- What's wrong?
- There.


Well, I'm just...

What are you doing here?

No... I can explain. I mean...

Oh, are you that third-year student

who's really into archery?

We're childhood friends.

I'm Kishimoto An.



So you're Yuki?

Yes, that's me.

Yuki... I see.


It's getting dark. I'll send you home.

Come on. Let's go.

- Yota.
- Wait...

Excuse me... hey, wait.


Wait, Mikami.



I have something I need to tell you.

Then say it already.

I want to...

thank you for today.

I'm really glad that I entered the tournament.

I can leave the team with no regrets.

Thank you.

You came alll the way
to the hospital to say that?

Well, not really...

You always disappear
as soon as you get a call

from someone named Yuki.

I assumed Yuki was a girl.


it really got to me.

I was jealous.


Of course I would be
if there's a girl you're close to.


That's because...

I like you.


You like me?

I do.

Thank you.

You have no idea how happy that makes me.


Does that mean...

you want to be my girlfriend?

You have...

always been watching me...

and looking out for me.

That's why...

I want...

to be your...

To be my what?

I want to be your girlfriend.

What should I do?

I don't want you to go home.

Don't worry. There's no one home tonight.

OK... wait, what?

Here you go.


Your parents?

You look like a happy family.

They are my aunt and uncle.

Sorry. Stupid me.

My parents moved to Germany for work
when I was five.

I've been living here since
with my aunt and uncle.

I see.

My parents couldn't care less about me

About Yuki...

I didn't tell you about him...

because I don't want you falling for him.

You'll be graduating soon.

I don't want anyone in our way.

I won't...

fall for anyone else.

I'm worried.

You're too trusting.

I told you no one's home.

You shouldn't have agreed to come over.

I'm sorry.

Please take the call.

You didn't have to walk me back.

I should. You're my girlfriend now.


I can go back by myself from here.

See you.

See you.

Please kiss me.

Kiss me.

Right now?

Right here?

I want proof...

of your love.


I can't do it!

I'm not ready yet.

I'll see you.

Good night.

- Take this bag.
- Hello.

Nandai's archery uniform is dark blue.

It's him...

Hey, he's really hot.

That's Kuwabara. A sophomore.

He's our ace.

Is he seeing anyone?

What? Not at the moment, I think.

I see.

He has a really cute smile!

Since you're here, want to give it a go?

- May we?
- Really?

- I'd love to!
- Let's go!

Let's go!

Good luck.

- Kishimoto.
- Yes?

You mistook me for someone called Mikami
the other time, didn't you?

Do I look like him?

Oh, that's not why.

Mikami is really good at archery.

Is that what attracted you to him?

He's your boyfriend?


I'll like to see your form.


Lets shoot some targets.

Sure. Thank you.

- Kuwabara?
- Yeah.

He told us a lot

when we were there during open house.

Rika couldn't stop raving about how hot he is.

It was so funny.

He's really good at archery

but he coached us very patiently.

Do I have to listen to this?

Have you prepared for the interview?

Hey, Kishimoto.

You've been lost in thought all day.

Our exams are round the corner.
Pull yourself together.


Well, that's what love does to you.

What? Love shouldn't pull you down.

It's fine.

Kishimoto! You need to come.


Just a second.

Check this out.

Sorry for asking you here at the last minute.

She's going to ask him out, isn't she?

She's super cute.

That's Murakami.
The goddess among all second-year students.

Gosh, I'm so nervous.

Can you get to it already?

Oh, OK.

Why is he so impatient with her?


Is he like that around you?

I'd like to be friends with you.

Shall we exchange numbers?


But I won't reply your texts.

What the heck?

I would text her in a heartbeat!

Why not? Please reply my texts.

I have someone I like.

She's the only one on my mind.

Stop it.

Kishimoto. What brings you here?

I just wanted to swing by.

Are you going for archery practice?

Work hard.

I will.


You know how you were saying
you wanted me to kiss you?


Sorry. That's all.

I'll be going then.

This is infuriating.

I'm already getting weaker...

and you're only starting to dazzle.


need you to love me more earnestly.

Be mine, and no one else's.

I already am.


I want your everything.

May I?

Why don't you resist?

I'm forcing myself on you.

If you're scared, say so.

I love you. Earnestly.

I'm fine with this.

Incoming call: Dad

Reject call

Was it Yuki?

It's just a wrong number.

Come and watch us practise.

Your entrance exam falls on

the same day as my next tournament.

Yeah. The week after next.

So I've decided...

not to see you again
until your exams are over.


This is a crucial period for you.


I don't want to distract you.

In place of that...


Good luck charm


Let's both do our best.

Wow, so you're still together?

I'm surprised.

I didn't know you could be
in a committed relationship.

Why? I told her about my parents too.

I see.
You're serious about her.


How are things with your parents?

Are you staying in touch?

What are your plans after high school?



It's been a while.

I got some time off, so I came back.

We need to talk.

but you haven't been answering my calls.

What's there to talk about?

Plans for your future.
You've been dragging your heels.

You can't be living here alone.

Come live with me.

I'm not going to Germany.

I can get a university recommendation
through archery.

Archery? You can't be serious.

You're only doing that for Yuki.

What about after he's dead?

Don't say that.

Yuki won't die.

He will. His disease is terminal.

Why did you come back?

You're so self-centred.

I'm sick and tired
of letting you dictate my life.

Stop trying to make everything go your way!

What's wrong with doing that?

You're just like me in that aspect.

- No, I'm...
- Yes, you are.

You're just like me.

Hey, Yota. Where are you going?

This is bad.

I need to focus.

Entrance Exam Test Centre

Archery Amateur Tournament

You have a text.

One unread message from Mikami

All right, Ms. Kishimoto.

To end off, please tell us what you've gained
from your time in high school.


Through my participation in archery

I have learnt the importance of having teammates.

Archery may be an individual sport

but being able to watch over each other
from close quarters during tournaments

is a huge part of its appeal.

We support our teammates
who are standing at the shooting line.

and we draw motivation
from the gazes of our teammates

when it's our turn at the shooting line.

I hope to remember what I have learnt

and pass it on to my juniors
when I'm in university.

OK. Thank you.

Next, Mr Ozawa.


One missed call from Endo
One new voice mail from Endo

Hello, this is Endo.

Sorry to bother you during your exams.

Mikami didn't turn up for the tournament.

He texted to say he couldn't make it.

Call me if you know anything.


Whats the matter?

I see. Thank you.

No, he's not home either.



What are you doing here?

You got everyone worried.


My dad's back in Japan.

It's complicated.

Is everything OK?

I'll be fine.

Mikami. Does this place...

hold a special significance to you?

Why do you ask?

I saw you here before.

You were...


Is this a place of childhood memory for you?

Are you playing detective?

No, its not.

It's not what you think.

Don't shut me out.

Tell me something, anything about you!

I want to be there for you
when you're hurting.

No matter where you are.


missed you so much.

Your wrist...

What happened?

What happened? Is it string lash?

- It's nothing.
- But...


May I ask you something?

What is it?

I want to know
what you're thinking when you shoot.

I'm ready.


check your footing.

Clear your mind
as you correct your posture.

Nock your arrow.

Keep your gaze between the string and bow.

Once your breathing has steadied

turn to face the target.

As you raise the bow

and move to draw the bow

extend your back to relieve the tension.

Pull the arrow back...

and release.

I always feel...

a little empty at the end.

Thank you.

Now I feel like...

I own another piece of you.


I love you so very much.


I'll be OK on my own.

I know I've been
forcing my feelings on you.

Making you go along with me

You agreed to go out with me
only because you couldn't refuse.

The truth is...

you don't really love me.




Let's break up.

Break up? Why?

Thank you...

for everything.

Ainomiya High School Graduation Ceremony

Rika, would you please go out with me?

No way!



I'm Igarashi Katsumi from Ainomiya High.

I wasn't able to do well last year

but I'll give my best here at Nandai.

I'm pleased to be here!

I'm Kishimoto An from Ainomiya High.

I love archery...

from the bottom of my heart!

I'm pleased to be here.

You'll do better if you're not so tense.

But when I release...

So what's the plan for later?

May I help?

Sure. We'll need a final head count.

I'll tally up the head count for the freshmen.

I'll leave that to you.

About 10 guys and...


- Hello.
- Here.

I have a present for you.

I found this clip.
It's from the last month's tournament.

A very clear clip.

Isn't that... my...

Freaky, isn't it?

He's completely copying your form.


Why are you here?


Why are you copying my form
when it's hurting your arm?

You broke up with me because
you don't like me anymore didn't you?

So why?

You got the wrong idea.
This is my current form.

It has nothing to do with you.

Please leave.
You're interrupting my practice.

I want to know!

I want to know...

what's on your mind.


Let's go.


So you wouldn't mind me doing this then.

-Why the hell did you do that?

Apologise to Kishimoto!

Apologise to her right now!

Do it!

Your love for her is way too heavy.

You've never been properly loved, have you?

This is not about me.

Apologise to Kishimoto for hurting her.

You said its over between us, didn't you?

If I'm nothing to you now...

why are you acting like this?

You're right.

I'm sorry.

You're not going after her?

I'm not the one who hurt Kishimoto.

You and your twisted idea of love are.

Yota can be such a fool.

It's a confession.

A confession?

To use someone else's form in a tournament
is a momentous profession of love.

For the longest time, he avoided
getting too attached to anything.

And because of that

he no longer knows what love is.

That's why

when he finally found you

he doesn't know how to express his love.


You have nothing to say to me?

For the first time in my life
I've practised really hard.

And today...

four arrows will determine
if my hard work has paid off.

To be honest...

I'm scared stiff.

Could you...

please hold my hand?



I would...

say this to myself before every match.

"Everything will be OK"

"after the first bow."

"The uneasiness and doubt"

"will all go away."

Thank you.

Wish me luck.

The finals for men's singles will now begin.

The bare for gold medal
will be fought between

Mikami Yota of Ainomiya High School

and Shiraishi Kohei of Yasumi High School.

Each will shoot until missing the target.

Yota is...

trying to win using your form.

A part of you is there with him...

when he competes.

I'm there with you.



Everything will be OK

after the first bow.

The uneasiness and doubt

will all go away.

You're not alone.

We're doing this...

as one.

First, check your footing.

Clear your mind.

as you correct your posture.

Nock your arrow.

Keep your gaze between the string and bow.

Once your breathing has steadied,
turn to face the target

As you raised the bow

and move to draw the bow...

extend your back to relieve the tension.
Pull your arrow back...

and release.

We have the results.
The winner of men's singles

is third-year student, Mikami Yota
of Ainoyama High School.

Runner-up, Shiraishi Kohei of...




But you're a fool

to insist on using my form

when it's hurting your arm.

If it weren't for you...

I would never have gotten this far.

I didn't have any interest in archery.

I was only doing it for Yuki.


I got envious

watching you practise.

You're far from a natural at archery

but you tried harder than anyone else.

You were so earnest and single-minded.

So honest and unwavering
in your passion for archery.

I admired that and I was jealous of you.

Before I knew it...

I had fallen for you.

That's why I wanted to win
using your form.


if we had stayed together

I'd only get more possessive
and controlling of you.

Tell me.


what you want from me.

I want everything.

Not just your body and your soul

but every moment of your life.

- All of that's...
- Impossible, right?

All of that's...

already yours, Mikami!

I want to always be with you.

I never want to be apart from you.


I love you.

I'm someone who wants
to have everything his way.

Are you sure...

that won't wear your love down one day?


You have no right

to invalidate my feelings for you.

You know what?
I'll prove it to you.

I'll prove my feelings for you.

Are you OK with the rules?

The first to miss loses.

If I win

I want you to stay away from me.

Watch closely.

I'll make you see...

how much you mean to me.

I won't lose to you.

I mean every word I said.

You don't need to

push yourself too hard.

I will always...

be yours.

An excellent shot.


You can love me more.

It's not enough.

I want more.

I will.