Make Us Dream (2018) - full transcript

Documentary about the mercurial football career of Steven Gerrard, one of Liverpool FCs finest ever players.

Translation: koala676

[Gerard] This is what a Liverpool kid can get.

The most wonderful experience:

Become the local boy who is focused on all eyes

I have achieved my dreams of achievement.

I have spent a lot

Never imagined the night and experience

Along the way

I have also experienced some unusual cruel setbacks.

In fact, I have never thought of the feelings caused by these setbacks.

Will accompany me after my career

But I think this is part of it.

Is part of competitive football

Football is not just about going to the stadium.

It means you have to deal with all the things that come with it.

Los Angeles
September 2016

I just think it’s time to pull back and retreat.

Not only leaving the team but also leaving the city

Get out of it and take a break

My mind is still sizzling for that moment.

Trying to find an answer trying to find the reason

However, nothing


What is different here is
I can escape from football

I never played for fame.

Before I knew it, football was already in my blood.

The environment I grew up

I am ready

To be Liverpool for my people

Take the pressure to become a professional player

I can determine a fact:
I was born for this.

Red child dreams

In Liverpool

Only football can get full investment

You can hardly persuade people to talk about other topics.

Even if a person walks into the stadium

You also know that there will be 28,000 partners.

Sing with you loudly
You know so clearly

Liverpool scored 5 goals

And this may also enter more

Poor Arsenal became a knife


Trophy appearance

Will be awarded to the league champion

Phil Crawford!

[Xiangli] I am coming to Liverpool.

I will wrap this belief into the bones of the boys.

It’s their pleasure to play for you.

Bill Shankly
Liverpool head coach 1959-1974

Britain's most successful club

The four European Champions Cups won

Proudly shine in the honor showroom of Anfield

Liverpool is the European champion!

How happy it is.

Last Saturday, relying on Kenny Dalglish’s goal

Liverpool will be the league champion of the season

Income pocket

For this difficult period

Within the stadium

Maintained a record of continued success

Kenny Dalglish
Liverpool head coach

Liverpool at the time

Is one of the highest unemployment rates in the UK

For many people

Football is probably the way to let them forget the loss

Liverpool Haydn

Haydn is just a small place

There is only one point on the map.

We live in a government welfare room.

Ring lily community

Father Paul Gerard

In our place, we must take care of ourselves.

Everyone lost their jobs

That is not a good time.

But people have to pass and pass

And we will still follow the team to the end of the earth

We are all breathing football

British football in the 80s

Merseyside monopoly

Liverpool won this decade

6 top league titles

This is the most popular team in the country.

The fans saw a team that is often unmatched.

Not only superior in ability but also extremely powerful in determination

nice shot
What a beautiful goal, from Dalglish

Their father
Go to the scene and watch all the matches.

Wembley, the cup final, all matches

At that time, almost everyone I knew supported Liverpool.

Neighboring friend

Everyone looks after each other

Female Julie Bryan

Steven is a good boy

Temper temperature

Always laughing

They are our whole world

We hope they will never be hurt

So we want them to stay where we can see.

We are quite lucky at this point.

Never need to find them everywhere.

They don’t want to go anywhere
Just thinking about playing football

[Father Paul] He kicks children's games

I took him to him on Saturday morning.

They won 27 to 0
He scored 12 goals

Still like nothing

They say this is a gift

He has talent

Born to have

I used to go to the local bar for a drink.

Then there is a brother of the team who told me

"This little guy can go all the way to the end.
You know this, right?"

I replied, "I don't know.

Who can guarantee it?"

He said, "I can guarantee

Steven can go all the way to success"

When he first went to Liverpool, he should be 8 years old.

This is the training ground of Liverpool.

Like the Fort Knox (US Treasury)
The value of this land is invaluable

In the past generation

This is the most successful club in England.

There is no sign of abating now.

Liverpool coach Hugh McCauley

He is still very small

Very small, not a little

Flying around on the field

I have passed one or two people in the brush.

As if they don't exist

You will think "God"

In Liverpool

Victory is the first

And he is just eager to win

He watched you listen to your teaching

The eyes are always focused and never lost

You will think when you look at him.

"Well, this child can become"

[Gerard] I just like to play football.

Also support Liverpool
It’s fun for me.

Please come up with the following players

Steven Gerard Phil Thompson Kevin Hanon

[Gerard] From my age of eight or nine

They know that I have a chance to succeed.

And I have no knowledge of it.

I am probably immersed in my own world.

I just love to play football.

Can't wait to play

Liverpool sings all the way

Advance to the semifinals, full of confidence

People think so far
Good grades this season

However, the season is not over yet

[Father Paul] I went to the next day.

Go to the bar and meet my dad.

[Reporter] Let us turn to Hillsborough

[Father Paul] followed
I saw it on TV...

[Reporter] A major accident occurred.

[Father Paul] He said
"There is trouble there."

I looked again

"God, it looks very bad."
No matter what is going on"

[Reporter] A mess

The police have brought reinforcements as much as possible

[Father Paul] Steven was only 9 years old.
Still a child

I told him

Someone was killed there.

In Liverpool and Nottingham Forest

The beginning of the FA Cup semi-final

In the history of British sports

The most terrible disaster

The death toll has risen to 94

24 of them have been confirmed

Including a 10-year-old boy

[Mother Julie] Paul's mother
7 am the next morning

Call us out of bed

Tell us Jon Paul
Steven's cousin

Die in Hillsborough

Jon Paul Gilhuli Cousin

That is one of the saddest days of our lives.

[Gerard] At that age, you are still not sensible.

Still just a doll

I remember going to the stadium.

Seeing flowers and scarves covered with Kop stands

Football is put to the side

Everyone is concerned about
People family emotion

And the sadness of losing love

[母朱莉] He will ask

"Mom, what happened to Jon Paul?"

How can he die?"

Too sad

Everyone who knows is dead in Hillsborough.

I have been watching the ball in the Kop stand for 28 years.

I just told him to leave my ball cap and scarf there.

I won't go there again.
He will never go again

We all fell from the bicycle, right?

Some people may just walk away

I don’t want to ride anymore.

Still others will want to go back to the car right away.

Because they love cycling

John Williams is a sociologist

He was also in Hillsborough

I witnessed the disaster with Rogan Taylor.

[Williams] I believe for many people

This makes them more convinced

Football is really bringing people in the city together.

Let's open the topic

One of the things that talk to each other

But the club is completely plunged into turmoil

Another minute

McMahon apparently got the news from the fans.

The last game of the season

We play Arsenal

Lost in the most dramatic way

England top league Liverpool vs Arsenal
May 26, 1989

Thomas flies through the midfield

Thomas! Goals are at your fingertips!


Just at the last moment

An incredible season climax

Entering the injury stoppage

Liverpool players are hard to hide

[Father Paul] After Hillsborough
Everything has changed

Arsenal won the 1989 league title

People's faces are full

Traces left by Liverpool Football Club

Same as weather-beaten
Do you understand what I mean?

Terrible, terrible

[Daglish] I have been fighting for 20 years on the front line.

Echo: Dalglish retired

After 20 years of success and high intensity

Football career... I really...

Kenny Dalglish is just a

I have pushed myself to the limit of mortals.

[Williams] Hillsborough caused the earthquake

Changed the course

Leading the sport to repackaging and promotion

Sky TV entry
Injecting money into football

Football has become unrecognizable since then

With the revolution of football in the 1990s

Money factors have become more and more important

There is a club inside and outside the stadium.

Leading these changes
That is Manchester United.

For us

The most obvious signal of change is

We can't win the league championship again.

We lost the power to control the overall situation

Steve Bruce is Manchester United

Raised the Premier League trophy

Winning the championship for the third time in four years

[Coach Macquarie] For Liverpool

That means a new period has begun.

a different era

Even in the transition period of the Liverpool team

People still demand success

The fans will still be present in every game.


We need to see hope again


And there is a guy here.

Always rushing forward

Every time you go to teach, you are full of hopes.

[Mother Julie] Steve Haiwei came to our house

Talking to me and his dad about Steven

Said that he is very dazzling on the court

"We want to train him"

This is their original words
"We want to train him"

He said, "Don't force him to do anything.

They will be rebellious

Just stay with me.
He will choose the right way to go"

I will never forget his words.

[Father Paul] Steven and football
Become the whole of my life

I will never miss

As long as he has a match
I will go see him performance.

I will tell him, I said, "You have the ability.

"But you have to use your ability to do it.

It’s impossible to get something for nothing without working hard."

That is the motto I gave him.

"You can get it if you invest."

[Coach Macquarie] From the first day
He is clearly aware

People's expectations of him

And that’s exactly what he crave

That can help him keep improving

But he is also very sensitive

He is a sensitive boy

Many ideas are closed in my heart.

What he needs to do at that time is to learn a high level of confrontation.

And to learn this can only be done by working with the best players.

Even though your job is to manage the entire team

Your eyes are focused on those two people.

Those you know have more potential

Promote to a higher level

Michael Owen Liverpool teammates

The player also has a ball dealer

You either have or you don’t have

There is such a consensus between us

Stepping onto the court, that’s where you belong.

Whenever I see Stevie got the ball

Immediately refreshed

I know what he is thinking.

He also knows what I am thinking.

I will think, "I have a chance to score, I can score"

Stevie continues to create scoring opportunities
One ball after another

[Father Paul] Steven got the ball

The first one to find is him.

He just knows that you know it, just like psychic.

They are two


[Gerard] I used to play before.

But everyone who sees a big guy in the opponent team

I will want to get rid of him first.

I think if I get him in the morning

The other person on the opposite side will know that I am amazing.

[Father Paul] One day coach pulled me aside

Say to me, "He shoveled people and killed them.

Smash them into slag"

I said, "Is that not what you want?"

He said, "No, he even has to us.
And when the staff are like this, it’s not it."

[Female Julie] on the field
You must be a tough guy

He was embarrassed when he left football.

If they lose the ball, he will become very quiet.

very quiet

Steven always punished himself

Be honest with yourself

The only thing I can say to him is

"Don't be too harsh on yourself. Steven"

But football is his world.

[Coach Macquarie] Whenever I meet
Outstanding young talent

As a coach
That is your lifeline

But only put them on the court
Let them try their hand

You can be sure

Because that is the real test

Stepping into the white line of the stadium, can you hold it?

Hold back pressure

This is the magic of this sport.


Also heartbreak

This makes the football look like today.

[Gerard] The cricket of the stadium is indescribable

Really sit on the bench and warm up

Only see a sea of ​​people

Heart is jumping


His possession allowed Hagrim to have a chance
However, Haigm...

English Premier League Liverpool vs Blackburn
November 29, 1998

[Gerard] saw the coach nodded

You have an unreal feeling

Very scary

[Competition commentary]...lifted from the youth team

Appear on the team's roster

He is about to get a chance to play for Liverpool.

Fresh face

[Father Paul] I have to marry myself.

"Does this really happen?

My lad, this is true"

Don't make mistakes, don't make mistakes

[Competition commentary] passed to Owen Youth's team

[Gerard] We actually only play three or four minutes.

But I remember going home after the game.

My dad told me right away.

"No one can take this away

You played for the first team of Liverpool."

It immediately feels like everything is full.

But then come back to reality
I understand that this is just the beginning.

My life has changed

After my first show, my life changed very quickly.

The door to the real game is open

Once there, go there

Standing on the grass

You are either ready
Either exposed to the weakness of the team

You have nowhere to hide

[Owen] Everything changes quickly

No chance to come back

You have to make one decision

At the end of the minutiae

Judged within 5 seconds

The next game is going

This is not a dream
This is what is happening

[Competition commentary] Redknapp
Found the pass route

Fowler played beautifully


The ball is still at the foot...

[Gerard] The level of competition around you

Highly dizzy

They can run rumors

Tall and strong

This is the real match.

The opponent hates you

That hate

Will seep out from the confrontation

[Competition commentary] between him and Westwood
a fierce collision

They both have trouble

As a young player in the first team of Liverpool

You must show something
Otherwise, I will never get a chance to play again.

Jami Carragher
Liverpool teammates

Must be impressed

Don't expect someone to give you 10 times 20 times.

I was very aggressive at the time.

The same is true for Stevie.

[Competition commentary] Bambi is well spread for Everton

Campbell hit a wall

That is the young Gerard.
Referee shows red card

Merseyside Derby is boiling again

Even though it was a bad interception

I saw the positive side.

I think "this guy is not afraid at all.

"He is ready

Just waiting to put yourself there."

We point the topic to the salary of the player.

In the late 1990s, this was a huge industry.
Agent Stuart Marshall will discuss with me

Stulan Marshall

I started in my 20s.

Acting as a player's agent

That is the beginning of commercialization of football.

Players are gradually becoming

Genuine star

From club to player

Everything is changing dramatically

David, what do you think of this change?

Obviously, power has changed.

The players are the objects that everyone goes to see.

They are the selling point

I saw the opportunity

But the level of the broker
Looking at whether the players are outstanding

I have to find someone with great talent.

Take me to a higher level

The discussion about him has been one after another.

The authority I know

Clearly stated that he is the future

We meet in the living room

Talk to his parents

His father dismissed us

But Stevie controls the conversation.

He asked me questions

Far more than I asked him

English Premier League Liverpool vs Xie Wednesday
December 5, 1999

That also made me see some signs.
"This guy has a play.

No matter who stands next to him
I hope I can stand there."

Now for Liverpool

Attack may be the best defense


What a wonderful string of balls

Wonderful goal!

From Steven Gerrard!

The first goal he scored for Liverpool

Meet the difficulties

Only 19 years old

One-stop goal

Liverpool 3 to 1 lead Xie Wednesday

Steven Gerrard hits a fatal

[Williams] When he first came to the team

He is so green, wholeheartedly

Driven by emotions

Even though he is still young, we feel

"God, he should be everything we want."

He may be omnipotent"


Steven Gerrard helps Liverpool score

Absolutely perfect

Gerrard is taking the ball again.

He shot long distance

Wonderful from Steven Gerrard's score

Murphy unloading

Running route to Gerard

What a wonderful goal

I started to work on the field.

Danny Wise has a squabble with Gerrard

[Father Paul] I pay attention to him.

No mind to pay attention to what other players are doing.

This will affect my overall view

But I still can't believe it.

Unable to understand

Some of his achievements

[Owen] When the state comes out,

There will be strength in the heart

Let you believe in yourself


You will be the best one on the field.

Football Cup Finals Liverpool vs Arsenal
May 12, 2001

We used to look up at those players who sighed.

Then suddenly
I and Stevie became part of it.

Babel tried to get the ball


Liverpool regains control

Thanks to Michael Owen


European Union Cup finals Liverpool vs Aravis
May 16, 2001

Harman passed to Owen
Gerard is in front of a gap

Gerard’s good opportunity

2 to 0 Liverpool

[Gerard] can use his own performance

Let so many people who follow us feel happy
Is a wonderful taste

You hardly know what you did.

Until you get home
See the news on TV

I am growing up

Become a man

[Eriksson] first place in 2001
The winner is...

[Gerard] Winning the Best of the Year

I feel that everything has improved.

[Eriksson] ... Steven Gerrard.

[Agent Marshall] That night
His award is not a key point in itself.

Focus on the door to a higher stage
Opened to him

His plan is to conquer the world

Going to the peak

I can't say that I want to go abroad to play, right?

[Agent Marshall]
Next to Liverpool Club

Go with him to success

My ambition is to play for Liverpool.

So you can go this step
I'm very grateful

I hope I can work with this team.
Win many trophies

Stay here as long as possible

[Coach Macquarie] fans love

The local guy who paid everything for the red shirt

In many ways, it can be said
He is their blood

Steven is them

The shining example that I want to see day after day

This guy can even be for your team

Bumping through a brick wall

Stubbs header

The ball returns to the foot of Gerard

Wonderful goal

[Coach Macquarie]
But for Liverpool fans

Before Liverpool win the league title

They will never stop

That's the way it is

They are continually craving

Craving for Liverpool to win

In 1982 he was at the price of 1 pound.
I bought Chelsea.

And now Ken Bates will be in the hands
The vast majority of equity

I sold it for £30 million.
Russian billionaire Roman Abranovic

Chelsea has never been able to

The financial strength of a team like Manchester United

But now the situation has changed.

[Agent Marshall] New owner comes in
Everyone will always tell the legend

They have to spend money for the team.

Say they will do this

But actually they rarely do that really

English Premier League Liverpool vs Chelsea
August 17, 2003

Came to Anfield for nearly 70 years.
Chelsea has only won one league victory here.

This is the strength of their newcomers behind the scenes.
One quick test

[Agent Marshall]
Yes, yes, this time is different.

This time is really coming

[Williams] is hard to imagine

Someone waving a check

I ran to buy a club and said
"We will become stronger than you"

Scorpio actually bought Chelsea.

Since the mid-1950s

Chelsea never won the league again.

Suddenly, they changed their face.

For competitive sports like football

History can be forgotten so quickly
Calling people

I am very happy to officially announce this morning.

Jose Mourinho

Will immediately become the new head coach of Chelsea

Football is changing

Society is changing

The world is changing

I believe in the club

All want to put their potential
Success into reality

But more importantly

I have to find a player who is consistent with my thinking.

We have to be brave to say "we want to win"

[Gerard] When Chelsea started

Spend 30 million new players in each position

For me, the person aiming at the league title

The pattern was suddenly broken
The rules of the game are different.

And my eagerness and ambition

Hard to accept all this

It’s incredible to think of it.

They won the league title last time.

It’s been 12 years ago.

A whole generation of fans have grown up

But don't know

Liverpool's taste as a league champion

[Gerard] I always instinctively
Defend the club

But there are concepts in my heart.

Clearly we are not good enough

In this case, how can I get it?
Win the league and the Champions League

That thought made me feel bad.

Even more heartbreaking is

When you are with their players

You will talk, they will say

"The next three or four years

Can Liverpool be competitive enough?"

So you start to question your ambitions

But for a player

Ambition is a complicated word

[Agent Marshall]
Chelsea is searching for talent

Mourinho, this bright young coach

Very eager to sign him

And I am not a Liverpool fan, do you understand?

I am not a Liverpool fan.

I am responsible for the football career of Steven Gerrard.

For his career
What to do is the best

Fight for trophies Medals Results?

With the arrival of the new coach Rafa Benitez

He made Gerard believe

Liverpool can create brilliant challenges and top honors

Merseyside also took a sigh of relief

Gerard’s decision
Nature will not make Chelsea happy

According to reports they are eager
Signed the player with 36 million

Michael Owen said

If Gerard leaves Anfield
Will be a huge disaster

They are now spared

The big problem now is

Will Owen stay in Liverpool?

[Carragher] When he received the call
I am staying with Michael.

My first reaction was
"If I don't go"

I always look at the big picture.

I will think, "How will people see you in the future?"

I also understand your thoughts.

You will want to compete with the best players in the world.

But that will create a crack

And may never be smoothed out

So is it worth it?

Real Madrid press conference
August 2004

[Owen] I want to Mr. Chairman.

Special thanks

Give me a chance

Play for the best team in the world

thank you very much

That is the temptation to win the victory.

Achieve the goal from small to large

I said to myself, "If you choose to refuse

"May be the rest of my life
I will think again and again

"What will happen if you go?"

So I have to try it out"

[Coach Macquarie] emotionally
That is a tough time

After all, these people

I followed you from an early age.

Michael is definitely a superstar

But at that time
What can he win with Liverpool?

After all, the last football is only about victory.

You thought they would play for Liverpool for a lifetime.
But you will think "wait

Why do we think this is taken for granted?"

They don't owe anything to Liverpool.

[Gerard] I always default

We will go hand in hand to the peak

We are always together

Worse, this will affect me.

This will affect us

But when the whistle sounds
You have to put your personal feelings aside

 The player we lost

Is Steven's best partner on the field.

Now he is the strongest of us

Once Liverpool didn’t play well

I have to rely on Stevie to turn the tide.


Create a shot space

How many wonderful scores

We all know how strong Gerrard is.

How important is this Liverpool

But they shouldn’t rely on him alone.

And now it looks like this is the case.

[Williams] Our lineup is average

Benitez does not like to be very close to the players.

He doesn't have that kind of emotional power

Did not send more experienced veteran players tonight

Is there some missteps?

I do not think so

- Are you satisfied with them?
- Are you referring to players on the field?

Of course, they have worked hard.

[Williams] So our feelings for Steven


On the one hand, he is given full trust and hope.

On the other hand, thinking about it almost desperately
What must we win?

To ensure that he will not be dug away

Li said in Spain

"As a Liverpool fan
This is 30 years

I feel one of the most shameful nights"

We don’t have the chance to win the league championship

The same for the Champions League

I think that is what I have seen.

One of Liverpool's worst performances

I can hardly think of it.

There is such a bad game.

[Agent Marshall]
That season, the mood is ups and downs like a roller coaster.

Day after day, week after week

Everything is gradually surrounding him.

Liverpool captain
Steven Gerard

Calling for support from fans
The Red Army needs a victory

To ensure the promotion of the Champions League knockout

Liverpool last time on the top of Europe

Still 20 years ago

Tonight, they only win

To ensure their fans
Can continue to have expectations for glory in May

The guest at Anfield is Olympiax...

Harvey Alonso smashed Rivaldo's jersey

Champions League group match Liverpool vs Olympiacos
December 8, 2004

Still Rivaldo or him

Haipia foul

19 minutes from the intermission

Anfield is now 0-0

But Olympiacos got a chance

Into the low ball!

Kirkland has no response

One foot shot through the goal

Liverpool 0-1 behind Olympiacos

[Carragher] The situation is not good

At that time, he definitely felt that the responsibility on his shoulders was even heavier.

Probably the idea of ​​the remaining 10 players

All the same

Let Stevie come
Let him take a penalty kick

Or pass the ball to Stevie
He will shoot

Then 40,000 people in the audience also think so.

Stevie is watching you.

According to the current score, Olympiacos will advance

Unless Liverpool can score another goal

Mailer’s header is beautifully unloaded.


Steven Gerrard!

The goal for Liverpool to score the third goal tonight is

Steven Gerard

Wife Alex Gerald

When I first met him

He is just a kicker.

Live in your own dreams

I don't think he realizes
What is waiting for him in front?

Obviously forced by his responsibility

He has grown a lot

But at the time, we were still very young.

On the court, he always behave aggressively.

I will think "God"

Going home, he has become a personal

No longer afraid of emotions

I think he is looking forward to returning home early.

Be yourself

[Gerard] I am the captain of Liverpool.

Liverpool captain can always hand over satisfactory answers

They have to

Have such a history
Such a tradition is so successful

Can I afford it?

Am I good enough?

I will be in their mouth

"I have never won anything," is one of the captains?

This heavy burden of expectations

Always occupy my mind

[Coach Macquarie]
Playing for Liverpool

He put too much pressure on his shoulder

He also needs to be able to have his arms around him.

Just show a little care.

Can make everything different

But Rafa is not this character.

He is very cold in this regard.

I am there, I can see Steven's loss.

[Gerard] I am eager to succeed

And everything that comes with the game

And the coolness of Rafa is like pouring oil on fire.

If I don’t get love and respect here

He doesn't value me as much as I think he should.

I will sneak in when I left.

Mourinho likes me as a player

And everyone knows
He is about to win a series of victories

That is what catches my thoughts.

Grab my ambition

[Mourinho] Which team?

Is it better than Chelsea?


Sometimes they can get more praise

Is it better than us?

- They may get more praise.
- Action

They are very backward, very much.

[Carragher] before the game

His rumors with Chelsea are full of media layouts

This idea can stand up, isn’t it?

The result of this game
Will determine Gerard’s future

League Cup Final Liverpool vs Chelsea
February 27, 2005

Once lost, it will be difficult to resist

Chelsea's re-invitation

If winning, then Chelsea’s season collapse

That transfer to Stamford Bridge is not so attractive.

[Carragher] because of his identity

Gerard’s everything is carefully examined
He has nowhere to hide

Also because of his identity
He is always watching

Even a single camera followed him

The last 12 minutes...

Paul Ferreira is introduced into the restricted area

The ball is refracted into the net.

Luck is really bad

And among everyone

It’s actually Gerrard equalizing Chelsea.

How ironic this ball is.

Many people will think that Gerrard has just scored.

Is the first of many goals he will play for Chelsea

Under the leadership of Mourinho and Abu

Chelsea enters a new era

They beat Liverpool

And nothing can comfort Gerrard’s.

Today Gerard is a shame

Every time the shovel is finished
They reached out and lifted him up

Shaking hands with Markleley and others

what a shame

I do think his mind
Already drifting away

Not in the Liverpool club

Gerard should have served

Team actor

It’s a shame

[Father Paul] because of that nightmare game

He was severely criticized by the fans

You can't help but want to jump up and fight back

"Are you lost your memory or what?"

He loves Liverpool
He is fighting for this team"

I know that he will be hit by these comments.
But what can I say to him?

[Gerard] That was the first time
I feel lonely as a player

As a heavy punch in my face

You feel the responsibility to all of them

That is your fault
You tell yourself

You feel like you are fighting alone

At that moment I realized

Since the peak has created the most wonderful day of my life

The trough will also be the worst part

[Williams] Want to know
Heart is Liverpool this place

It’s really wonderful and full

But sometimes it will be suffocating

This place may be so you can't breathe

Because people’s desires are so strong

I hope that you can also feel their feelings.

Take such a responsibility

Must be extremely disturbing

He knows why he works for this club.

So important to people

But he also always has this question

"I will become a good player with a good performance?"


The incredible process of the Champions League that season

is crucial

That gave us reasons to stick to it.

Liverpool vs. Chelsea

The Champions League semi-final will start half an hour later.

The winner will win next month

Eligibility for finals in Istanbul

Second round of the Champions League semi-finals
Liverpool vs Chelsea May 3, 2005

[Williams] can't write a script

Meet Chelsea's bridge in the semi-final

Who can think of it?

[Mourinho] I take my ego

came here

Strong conceit

Know it

It’s stronger now.

[Benites] They own

The most expensive lineup in the world

Good coach, good player

But we have our fans

So we are now evenly matched

[Williams] fans will be the gods

Know that we must also play a part

The entire stadium is in a complete madness

Really feels like we are
Reach the impossible

What will happen to the outcome?


Pass to Gerard’s gap


He grabbed the ball before Terry

Goalkeeper has physical contact with Luis Garcia

Did the ball pass the line?

Gala pulls the ball away


First goal in the semifinals

Belongs to Liverpool

Liverpool once again set foot on the Champions League final

Finally arrived

Rafa Benitez and his team

Backtracking history

As old times

[Gerard] I entered the finals

Extremely eager to win the trophy

Just to write down history

Take off the burden

Everyone is asking

Can Liverpool win the fifth Champions League trophy?

Whether successful or not

Will Gerrard stay in Anfield next season?

[Gerard] The media is not willing to let go of rumors

They are asking questions

If they won tomorrow

That may change everything

But if they lose tomorrow night

It’s not surprising that Najrad left me.

[Williams] Where else?
More stage than this to Steven

The whole world is watching this game.

Isn't that what you and all of us want?

[Father Paul]
We went to a group of people

One of them went back and said, "Where to look at"

Then you turned around

I saw a piece of red covering the entire hill

I have never seen such a sight.


Such grand support

Champions League Final AC Milan vs Liverpool
May 25, 2005

Since Liverpool last lifted the trophy
21 years, such as the white gap

Tonight is a good opportunity to recover lost time.

But in the face of starlight

AC Milan with multiple players in the Champions League finals experience

Can Gerrard become an legend of Anfield?

Just watch this campaign.

[Gerard] that kind of attention
That kind of momentum

That magnitude
Is a new height

Today 50th Symbol European Football Club

The highest level of the final is about to start

Can go this step
Hit the final

We have indeed played exceptionally

Don't go to the last step but messed up

If we win

That will be the best night of my career.

If you lose, it will be difficult to get out of it.

Liverpool facing tonight

Is a group of talented players


Milan quickly entered the state as soon as it opened.

Milan gets a free kick

Pirlo turns the ball to the left

The ball is flying high

The ball went in

Opening 50 seconds, Maldini scored

Can you believe it

Only the first minute, the captain of Milan took the lead in scoring

For Liverpool
This is undoubtedly the worst start.

Liverpool was hit hard

How do they reinvigorate from this fight?

Liverpool will need their fans to come forward

[Gerard] I panicked in my mind

I can’t feel like this big scene

Struggling very hard

Feeling confused

Kaka ball

Trouble is coming, Shevchenko

Crespo! Milan 2-0 lead

The situation in Liverpool at halftime has become more and more serious.

The Italian has led two goals

AC Milan thinks the game has ended prematurely

Very certain
The entire coaching seat ran out.

They are clear in their hearts

Just can't believe it

Crespome scored twice in five minutes

AC Milan 3-0 Liverpool

The final is over

[Carragher] Ok, they are 1-0 ahead.

This often happens

But when they lead 3-0

It feels like being heartbroken

For the course of the game

You have had so many imaginations

Will Stevie raise the trophy?

That is his dream
The dream of all of us

And you are there suddenly realized

"This is already impossible"

People all over the world are watching

And you are trapped

In such a shameful scene

The situation may also get worse

This is only the midfield.

[Williams] 3-0

Opposite these cold-blooded killers in Milan

This obviously... is over

"You will never walk alone" when people are in the midfield.

Just passing such a message

"Listen, although the performance is not satisfactory.

"But we are still here

"We can still bring 40,000 people

"Influx into the cultivated land of Turkey

We still can't be underestimated."

But no one believes we can still
Jedi counterattack in the game

[Gerard] We have 45 minutes left
Try to save some face

I think at least this is what the fans deserve.


I feel that I have an obligation to see me.

Traore steals

I want to know how many players are in this team.

Tonight is the last time for Liverpool

Is Gerrard one of them?

Passed to Louis Garcia

[Gerard] I think I have to take a little more adventure.

Even if it is not honored
Who cares about it?

I have nothing to bear with Carragher’s jealousy.

I was swallowed and swallowed.

Harvey Alonso


Harman Harvey Alonso

Alonso turns to the left

Pass the ball to Riise on the left

Riise hits Kaka
Bounced the ball back to himself

Riise re-introduced the ball into the restricted area
Head the ball!

- The ball is in!
- Liverpool's lifeline!

- In addition to Captain Gerrard, who else?
- team leader!

Steven Gerrard's head hammer score

Continue a life for Liverpool

He swayed his arms to the fans

Come on, believe us

Milan 3-1 Liverpool

Maybe Gerrard has broken a bloody road.

[Williams] somehow
Guess who scored a goal

He also made those gestures to the crowd.

That makes us realize
He did not take this as a comfort goal

Let us start to think
"It’s hard to say things in the world."

Smitz hits the door

The ball is in! The ball is in!

Vladimir Smitzer

Liverpool scored two goals in 2 minutes

Miracles are possible

Started another round of offense

Baros passed the ball to Gerrard!

- Penalty! Penalty!
- The referee gave a penalty!

I can’t believe it.

In the major finals
I have never seen such a situation.

Xavi Alonso takes the penalty

He must keep his head cool

Ah was saved!
Make up the net!

Too unreal!

Liverpool with 3 goals behind halftime

Within 15 minutes after the start of the second half


This score is shocking

AC Milan 3-3 Liverpool

The Champions League final has never appeared

Such a big reversal

He himself is the epitome of all changes

There is a spring under his feet
He played with a sense of urgency

As a captain, you must exert influence.

Being a captain must be inspiring

I think he did it in the second half.

Now the tense moment is here.

Fans don’t have enough nails to get into the meat.

They can still fight

Do you cheer for their team?


Good luck!

Dudek's two-in-one

Less than 3 minutes

Very good

The last time is also used up.

The eighth time in the 50-year history of the Champions League

Will be won by penalty kick

a penalty shootout like Russian roulette

The next 5 minutes

Who is Chengxiong Who is defeated?

Seeing soon


Liverpool's dreaming start

Harman strives to be the first player for Liverpool


- scored
- Elegant first hand

[Gerard] looking out from the middle
The ball becomes very small

If you still lose in the end

People won't remember you got into the ball

I won't remember your second half and overtime performance.

You and your team can only win

Will let them keep in mind

So close to honor

[Gerard] I’m scared that I’m still in the end.


He turned his head

However, has the game been reversed?

[Gerard] I think is
"It seems that I have to go to the round of my penalty to decide the outcome."

Feeling pressure can't be bigger

If Milan misses

Liverpool will win the championship

Shevchenko knows

There is no room for any mistakes now.


If Shevchenko misses the penalty
No more chances to come back

Float it out!

Champions League trophy back to England

Return to Anfield!

Liverpool once again boarded the European Championship!

The most extraordinary football night

The most extraordinary finale

[Gerard] This responsibility and pressure finally unloaded

It is heavy and scary

very scary

I love you!

I love you guys!


[Gerard] There won't be anyone on this planet.

I can understand how I feel when everything happens.

I saw a photo taken by me.

Pounce on the fans after the game

I have no body attached.


[Father Paul Gerard]
There was a mess

It's a mess

People hug each other

Kiss each other

I can't say a word.

I stood up and tried to reach him.

But that is impossible

I can only sit down

Feel a piece of wood

[Williams] After we won

Even if I think about it now...


As a presenter

The kind of happiness that can be witnessed by the eyes

I saw Steven standing in the middle of the center.

"We can still do it.
Even if no one believes we can

No one believes we can do it

And he said to all of us
"I believe"

This is a very pure thing

Is the victory of spiritual will

And the core figure of all this is Steven.

That's why he is so important to us.

[Gerard] You have to understand
This is my life

Put on the armband, put on the sneakers

You are that person, this is true.

Spend such a night with this team
Is that what you want, isn't it?

Of course, you will stay right.

You will swear allegiance to this club.

[Gerard] At that time

Think of all the gossip

I think Lafa will definitely use it now.
I look at me differently.

I will sign a long appointment, it’s that simple.

Of course the head coach and Rick Parry

Would like us to sit down as soon as possible

Make a decision...

After such a night
How can I still leave?

But it seems to me that there is no need to be so urgent.

I feel that is true

Rafa wants to exchange funds for me.

I am not sure, my thoughts are scattered.

a mess in my mind

I dedicated my life to this club.

I have dedicated all

Maybe I am worth going to a better team.

Playing for a coach who loves me

Maybe leave, look forward
It is a better choice for me.

I feel dizzy, I am lost.

Lost in dizziness

He said that this is what he has done.

The toughest decision

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard

Have told the club that he wants to leave

It’s only a few weeks since he led the team to win the Champions League.

Six weeks ago, he woke up at the top of Europe.

Seems to have decided to stay

This morning, he turned back to the old chapter.

Intent to pave the way from Anfield to Chelsea

His agent claims that the renewal contract has broken down

According to the newspaper
Gerrard's relationship with his head coach

Also broken

- Shocked, sad.
- Why?

He is the backbone of the team. It’s the same thing.

The engine is broken, the car can't move.

- That’s what this Liverpool is saying.
- That's right.

- Gerard’s transfer
- That's right.

...our team is falling apart

Said to win the trophy

Actually not for money

He will actually consider leaving

This is enough to show what he is.

Let this little rogue go

Let him go

Get rid of Judas

[Agent Marshall]
That brought out people

Feelings about this club

They express their ideas without reservation

A note was placed on the door at the end of the road.

Phone text message

"You dare to walk and see" "Get out of the way"

"You are one of us"
"You fucking better not to go"

There are also naked threats

I have been with him for a long time in Liverpool.

Can understand his identity in the city

How much distorted pressure has grown

I don't want to be in his position.

He once raised the Champions League trophy

Although I also want to experience that taste

But I am not willing to exchange positions with him.

When I sit with him
Seeing on the TV

When the fans burned his jersey
This is my idea

[Williams] a player like him

Only four or fifty years will come out

You can only meet one in your life.

If he is gone
Then we can all be scattered.

All of us can
Go find a more successful team support

Why not

This sport is completely different.

[Gerard] I was very young at the time.
A little lost in the direction

So many things happened

I can't clear my mind

Try to make this

You don’t know the big decision right or wrong.

So you need someone close to remind yourself

What do you have?

[Father Paul] He is at a loss

I can see it.
I remember I looked at him.

He said, "Dad, I received these transfer invitations."

I said to him, "In the end.

"You have to make your own decisions.

"But the fans there won't be like people here."

"Love you like that.

"You can't change the true color
Change the way you grow up

You are a Liverpool person"
That is what I said to him.

[Gerard] He told me
"These fans worship you."

"You are everything to them.

"You are their hope every day.

"Every day's dream

"Liverpool is in your heart
Put aside the things in your head

"If Chelsea is in your head
That's just noise

"just noise

"Remember where you came from

"Remember who made you

Liverpool is your team"

It is 9:38 in the morning.

Johnny Sanderson broadcasts sports news for you

Steven Gerrard will stay in Liverpool

This Friday, Gerrard is about to sign

a four-year new contract

Obviously what happened in the past few days
Causing some influence

[Gerard] I think that day

Is the hardest part of my life. Really

I am not proud of it.

I was confused at the time.
That is a tough day

I don't want other players or anyone else to...

That conversation is the best thing that happened to me.

If not my dad and my brother

I may have made a mistake.

I guess a lot of professionals

I feel that my decision at the time was wrong.

But they don't understand my feelings

Maybe ten out of ten

Leaving is the right choice

But I am not one of those eighty-nine

I am the one left.

[Coach Macquarie] Steven Proof
He is an affectionate mortal

One heart for his club
For his city

He put on this red shirt in the next game.

"I want to lead this team as far as possible.

No matter what I need to do
I will do it"

He represents Liverpool
He is Liverpool.

That year
With West Ham's FA Cup final

Football Cup Final Liverpool vs West Ham United
May 13, 2006

One person will score that goal

The ball fell to the foot of Gerrard
Hit the door!

Magical goal

Steven Gerard

Just when you think

When he can't do anything anymore...

[Gerard] The FA Cup
Is one of the best days of my life

Because I know very well
What have I done for ourselves?

The winner of the FA Cup final is Liverpool!

I have decided
Dedicating the best years to this club

So very happy
Can restore the bond between us tough

I feel relieved

feels good

Like "Come, who is your opponent?"

[Williams] Now he really belongs to us.

But for most supporters
This is not the end of the story.

And it’s just the beginning of what we are committed to.

What we really want to do

Is to win the league title
He must bring us to this trophy

[Xiangli] We really want to win the league.

Because I think to win the top league championship

Is the ultimate challenge of British football

[Gerard] I still have a trophy

But the Premier League is improving overall.

Faster and stronger

Drogba turned and hit the door

Wonderful goal!

To play for the top six top eight teams

You must be a world-class level

Manchester United leads


Every team

Are spending huge sums to build a championship lineup

Manchester City Club

Has been acquired by Arab billionaires

They announced that they will put this team
Made the strongest in England

We are not aware of the Abu Dhabi royal family.

How rich is it?

We only know that it is hundreds of millions of pounds.

Sufficient to despise Liverpool Manchester United

Even Chelsea

Waiting for the financial strength of the team owner

That is what we have to do

Try to make Liverpool go hand in hand with those teams

Today's headlines

American millionaire George Gillette

Ready to take over Liverpool Football Club

If Gillette’s offer is accepted

He will become a recent Premier League player.

Third American

The first two are

Malcolm Glazer of Manchester United

And Randy Lerner of Aston Villa

Each of them promises
Will quickly bring the team to glory

And that’s what Liverpool fans crave.

[Co-Chair Tom Hicks]
I promise all Liverpool fans

We understand your expectations
You want champions

I also want champions.

[Carragher] After the bosses came

Really met our requirements

That is to buy a new player at a higher level.

English Premier League Manchester United vs Liverpool
March 14, 2009

We signed Fernando Torres with 25 million.

Mascherano also came £20 million

The strength of the team has been enhanced

The 2008 team lineup is the best I have ever experienced.

Vidic is waiting for the ball

Torres crushed the past

Torres enters the restricted area for Liverpool

Fernando Torres


Gerrard’s free throw is just right.

Escaping Van der Sar's ball

He kissed the team logo

Kissed the camera

[Gerard] Can you feel it?

Driver from the fans

Power from fans

I have to get the trophy as soon as possible.

Give them what they want


Gerard rushed to the horse!

Steven Gerard scored twice

Liverpool scored 4 goals

The battle for the championship has become more intense

[Williams] that season

We are really very close to the championship

Manchester United

[Williams] At that time, it was only a matter of time before I won the championship.

However, it turns out that we are all fooled.

The era of Hicks and Gillette

Started in 2007
They bought the club for 290 million pounds.

May earnings report again
Nearly 55 million pre-tax losses

Liverpool’s total debt has risen to nearly 2.8 billion

Banks are on the lookout G and H are liar
Don't give them a loan

[Williams] It turns out that the bosses

Just the opposite of the spirit of the club

That is a complete betrayal

I think Liverpool fans

This time must be realistic.

To face up to the current financial situation of the club

Football has nothing to do with the economy, only about emotions.

I think this is already out of control.

When football returns to football itself

I will be happy.

[Coach Macquarie] Hicks and Gillette

Changed the status of the club

Forever changed people's lives

Now this is a
Huge huge business business

Ok, we all have to change ourselves.

But in my opinion, the essence of the club was taken away.

Once we were unique

Liverpool used to have "the way of Liverpool"

And this is not the way Liverpool

I know very well what the way Liverpool should be.

This is this morning when the fans are heading to Anfield.

The shot we took around the court

Honestly, I feel the game of today.

Reminisced by Hillsborough 20 years ago


There will be a minute of silence before the start of the game.

To commemorate the anniversary of this tragedy

[Carragher] Liverpool is not just a football club

Also an institution based on a common philosophy

Sometimes the reality hits you hard
Remind you how important it is

This is our club
This is our life

This is to stop and reflect on the past week.

Wednesday is the tragedy of Hillsborough

20th anniversary

Family and friends
And the broader Liverpool family

Will gather at Anfield

Come to commemorate

Of course, it’s also to celebrate new students.

[Carragher] If you are a local child

This meaning is completely different

I am very happy to be able to work for a team that values ​​local talents.

If the team does not care about this
Then I will gnash my teeth.

But sometimes that is not
Will make us more difficult?

When the situation is not good

As a local player
Your emotional load is multiple

You will feel that you let yourself down.

Stevie as captain
That feeling will only double

[Gerard] When the fans are united

Want to reach a goal
They are very, very powerful

I think that also shows
The spirit of the people of the city

Forget the identity of the player.

For their goal

They always fight to the end
That's exactly what they did

As part of it

You are proud of your hometown

I want to help people I love.

My family my supporters

Try to make them happy

But I know that I have no time.

So when Torres moved to Chelsea

I am very, very depressed
That is a trough

[Carragher] Top players turn
More financially strong team

You always pretend to be nothing

But actually you need to keep these players

To win the league title

And our strength has dropped dramatically

[Gerard] I am 30 years old.

This body is far from being young

I will endure anything in order to be able to play.

Stress fracture of the back

Every place in my body has been closed

Push yourself to the limit and push the limit

[Agent Marshall] The team is taking steps


He made all the stops

Maintain this team

He wants to take it

May be month after month, year after year

After all, it eroded his physical and mental health.

Caused some damage

After those games he walked into the channel

The heavy burden on his shoulder is visible to the naked eye.

[Father Paul] Every father who has a player son

all the same

You want them to win every game.

Because you understand what this means to them.

It’s impossible to win every game.

No one can do it

There will always be a link, you are defeated.

this picture

Occupy a lot of sports layouts

You can see Gerard holding a cane
The patron saint of Liverpool...

[Gerard] My body has gone on strike.

Hanging in the groin

Falling off the bone

Infection caused my pelvic split

After a while, I thought I was probably finished.

[wife Alex] a lot of parts
New infections appear one after another

At that time, you felt that "this is not good"

In the hospital, the doctor told us

"We have to have an operation"
And he keeps talking about it.

"How long will it take me to play?

How long will it take?"

I remembered the way he talked at that moment.

[Gerard] I think in my heart

"Maybe this is my ending."
This thought makes me sad

I can't sleep at night.

Seeing people lose their temper

I need help

I saw that my state was very bad.

Covered with thick feet
2 degrees below the outside

I am holding a cane in the snow
Go see a psychiatrist

What I think is
"How can football make me fall into this situation?"

Just talked for 2 minutes

I just want to go.

Because the first sentence he said to me is

"If you are really finished,

"If you really can't play anymore.
what are you going to do

How are you going to face it?"

Wonderful is
I don't want to hear these

But that really played a role

He led me to think

Most of my friends and relatives will not let me think about it.

a scene I have never imagined myself

I almost really feel that I am finished.

Really think of "Okay.
If this is the case, then

What can I do?"

That makes me no longer mad, I am free.

Remember that I thought

"How much pressure do you put yourself under?"

That's what makes me cherish

What I have outside of football

Make people understand

"Yes, football is very important.
Football is your life

"But football is not everything

"The family is everything

People who care about you are everything."

However, that is an addiction

Football is addictive

You always want more

That kind of pressure
You are eager to feel it again

The trophy that once passed by
Heavy again beckoning to me

English Premier League Liverpool vs Everton
January 28, 2014

Let me put my heart in again

Too fans are silent

The cheers of the Red Army fans are deafening

[Agent Marshall] He looks to the abyss

Seeing him only a stone's throw from the finish line

But he is not ready at all.

Of course he wants to believe that they have a chance to fight

But I think that is more hope

More than really believe

Now he has Suarez

To help him reach his wish

He is the leader of this young team

Can Liverpool kill Arsenal?

English Premier League Liverpool vs Arsenal
February 8, 2014

Further consolidate the position of the top four

Liverpool will pass the ball into the restricted area

Liverpool leads

Martin Skrtel scores

[Williams] that season
When Arsenal came to visit Anfield

Ranked first in the standings
And we wiped them out.

Liverpool wins 3-0

Rahim Sterling

Liverpool situation is good

[Williams] The league is a long process

Is a journey

That season's piecemeal puzzle

Gradually put together

If we can squeeze out the last point

Steven’s brave contribution to us over the years

If Suarez can remain unharmed
Maybe this is really possible

We may be able to witness the miracle

[Gerard] I don’t think anyone believed at first.

Christmas, new year, February

Along the way, we gradually accumulate
Constant forward momentum

You start thinking, "Can we do it?"


Scalpel-like pass

Sturridge enters the restricted area for Liverpool

The ball bounces through the door post into the net

Gerrard’s penalty hits all season

This time is the same

Manchester United 0-1 behind Liverpool

The visiting team is ecstatic

Gerard was surrounded by teammates

Sturridge took the ball to the penalty area


- Suarez...
- The ball is in!

3 balls! No suspense!

Suarez is a historic victory for Manchester United
Drawn a full stop

[Coach Macquarie] Steven always

Be able to be friends with people on the same channel

Those excellent shooters

He and Suarez are also the best

Long shot

Oh, my word is poor.

[Coach Macquarie]
This team once again shows the true color of Liverpool

Exciting football

Louis Suarez created history

[Coach Macquarie] When people go to watch the game

With winning expectations

Gerard also stood in front of the ball

Gerard scored the penalty!

[Gerard] You feel incomparable



You watch TV, read the newspaper

You chat with people, all around this.

Let go of all the emotional accumulation
The higher the accumulation

My life is dominated by this.

Who is winning today?
Who can win the league title?

I think yes.

If Manchester City wins

I will say that they have won the championship 100%.

Liverpool... also has a good chance

[Carragher] That was my first season as a ball review.

I have regretted my mind many times.

"Why should I retire?

"In order to lift the trophy

I have been waiting for a lifetime."

But that will still be exciting

Let Stevie enjoy that moment
Get that big reunion ending

English Premier League Liverpool vs Manchester City
April 13, 2014

Feeling will be destined

Please join us now...

And that day is the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough.

It’s really exciting

But Manchester City is the direct opponent of the title

We still have to win the game.

Liverpool's Sterling enters the restricted area

Wonderful goal


How cool

Gerard takes the corner from the left side

Pointing to Skrtel!

He once again faced Manchester City goals

Martin Skrtel won anfield full of applause


Fernandinho is beautiful

Classic Manchester City goal

A wonderful goal from a super team

David Silva


Milner passed to Silva in the penalty area

They caught Liverpool’s gap

Silva hit the door after a refraction

The ball went in

- Miniolet was defeated
- Oh my God

- Manchester City completed the Jedi counterattack
- Unbelievable

The fans who turned to Manchester City fell into madness.

They are not lucky, Liverpool.

But have to say...

This is the key moment of the game.

This is the key moment of the season.

Ah, Kompany kicked.


Do you believe it!

Little magician created magic

Liverpool’s victory was nailed

This Anfield’s Sunday is worth remembering

Liverpool in the league title battle
Continue to stay ahead

What a wonderful celebration

They just got the road to winning the championship
Cleared a huge obstacle

嘿 I must not let my mother relax!

Hear me out!

There must be no slack!

Listen! Listen!

This game has passed!

We went to Norwich
To come up with exactly the same performance!

We are here again!

[Coach Macquarie] Twilight is in front of you

Honestly, I became very emotional.


This is a man standing at the top of his career.

But what I saw was not the man.

But the boy

I saw Steven Gerrard, 9 years old and 10 years old.

He believes in everything
All related to Liverpool Football Club

[Gerard] I don't know
Just can't help...

It must be revealed
that's the truth

After all, I have never been so close

But 48 hours before the crucial battle against Chelsea

I feel panic

I don't think I can catch up with the game.

The back is so stiff and sore

I can't get on and off freely.

I basically relied on closed needles that season.

Supported so many games

Fix me, whatever method do you use?

How can I not feel pain?

What do I have to do to not feel pain

I have to play this game.

Anyway, I have to play this game.

In reality, my situation at that time

Should not be played

Should not be played

But according to my character
I have to do my best to stand on the field.

So I played anesthesia on my back.

Swallowing a large pile of painkillers

This is what happened before that game.

[Williams] Manchester City with Mancheng Gold

Built the team

When we beat them

I think everyone present is thinking

"God, we really want to win."

But you don't even dare to think about it.

So close, at your fingertips

We gasp in the city

Hey, we have to win the league title.

For Liverpool, the decisive moment has arrived.

If they can successfully complete the task
Waiting for the Red Army fighter is the call of fate

Today Chelsea and Mourinho came here.

English Premier League Liverpool vs Chelsea
April 27, 2014

What kind of hospitality is this?
What kind of atmosphere?

Even at this football club

Unique and brilliant history

This can also be considered a major occasion.

Anfield's sentiment

Anfield is full of expectations

Can Liverpool be like
So many games this season

Bring good news to them.

Crossing the front is Chelsea

Heading towards Kop stand attack

Sterling catches the ball

Good pass

Johnson joined the battle

Bypassing the pass behind


He tried it, but unfortunately...

Salah’s ball is too far away from him to catch up.

Mourinho picked up the ball

Gerard and Flanagan both ran over

Almost grabbed the ball from Mourinho’s palm.

It’s a fool, it’s a fool.

The first half is coming to an end

Overtime 3 minutes

Coutinho passed to the middle arc

Liverpool crosses the midfield line

To Saco

Ah, Gerrard slipped.

Deng Baba got the ball

Form one-on-one with Miniolet

Durban's goal
Chelsea lead

Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

Captain Steven Gerrard slipped

Denpaba came out
Score another key goal for Chelsea

Chelsea leads in Anfield

Among all the people, it is Gerrard...

Chelsea's Denbba wears the goalkeeper to score

- It’s Gerard’s mistake.
Liverpool 0-1 behind

[Williams] I can still be in my mind now.

Depicting the moment, the end of the season

Torres enters the restricted area

Facing the old club...

Final whistle
This is a bad day for Liverpool.

Is Mourinho...

[Williams] lost to Manchester City in the league fight

Heartbreaking, still

But this is the essence of football

That's why it is important to you

Can think of
Because that moment slipped that moment

Among all people

He will only blame himself

That is really cruel.

[wife Alex] When the ball entered
I saw him looking up at the sky

I thought, "God is coming.

"He will be heartbroken"

He is really heartbroken

He just doesn't talk

I can't say anything that will make him slow down.

No one can do it

English Premier League Crystal Palace vs Liverpool
May 5, 2014

[Coach Macquarie] Everyone has a dream

But football is a cruel sport.

Go to Liverpool now.

Will never be the same again

Because the 8th is gone

The end of an era
695 games 180 goals 10 trophies
a Gerard

Have you seen the report, do you know the reaction from the outside world?

[Gerard] I can’t do it now.

I keep switching TV channels.

I have a reply to the message or something.
But this is very difficult

Can be with my idol role models

Those club legends


It feels good

Especially... to my dad

And my brother said

You have mood swings and you should

After all, this club

Forms such an important part of your life

But you are also all of us
All our fans

An inseparable part of life

Yes, such a strong bond

Can have such a love

I am really one of the luckiest people in the world.

Lift your scarf now

Welcome your captain to step on the pasture

Played his last game at Anfield

Ladies and gentlemen
Unique Steven Gerard!

English Premier League Liverpool vs Crystal Palace
May 16, 2015

[Mourinho] I want to take him to Chelsea.

I want to bring him to Inter

I want to bring him to Real Madrid.

From beginning to end, he is still the dear enemy.

So I pay tribute to him.

Because at the end
I think he has an outstanding football career.

Have deep feelings with his people

He refused the invitation of other big clubs.

Only loyal to Liverpool

I think this feeling

Will last forever

♪Steve Gerard Gerard

He has a long pass and 40 yards.

He is strong and cold.

♪Steve Gerard Gerard

[Gerard] This is the toughest thing I have ever done.

Leave this club

Until now, leaving me still hurts me.

But I only come out from such a stressful environment.

Fair to my family

Staying here gave me a chance to breathe smoothly

End my career with a smile on my face

I play football, I hope.
People can be proud of my efforts

I think I did it.

[Father Paul] When he left Liverpool
he told me

"Dad, I have contributed.
All I can pay for"

I said, "You don't need to tell me.

I have seen it with my eyes."

[Williams] can witness him kicking the ball

I feel very honored

Although in many ways people will think

Steven Gerard
Achievements in my career

Can't be commensurate with his talents

I think he has to accept this.

But what he has
And only a handful of players have it.

Is the people of the city where he was born

His deep love and respect

Just like many people in this city

He is an emotional person

So he belongs to that kind of

"I feel better than what I can win."

The kind of person I can earn something more important elsewhere.

And this is a great creed

[Gerard] I enjoyed an extraordinary journey.

I have had my highlight moment

But I still have an unfinished business.

I still want to return

I often say to myself

"Why are you going back to the pressure?

Why are you going to experience?
The ups and downs of those emotions"

But I think my journey is not over yet.

Let us wait and see

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