Make Up (2019) - full transcript

On a remote holiday park in Cornwall, a young woman is drawn into a mysterious obsession when she suspects her boyfriend has cheated on her.

Subtitles by explosiveskull

Sorry, I-I'm looking for Tom Grant.

Are you Shirley?

Come in on.

It's dead.

I saw a picture of you once.

Are you from Derby too? Yeah, erm...

Sorry it's late. I...
I saw your light on, so I thought...

I don't sleep in the summer.

How long you staying?

Don't know.

It's a long way.

13 hours it takes Tom
to get here each season.

Yeah, it took me about that
on the coach.

Your parents know you're here?


See, every summer,
Tom would come down and I'd say,

"What about your girlfriend?"

And he'd say,
"Her parents won't let her come."

They've let me come now.

I don't want no trouble.

Incomer. Who's up?


Well, where's Tom?

He's busy.

Well, you come, then.

Kai'll show you the van.

I had a nice couple
in there last winter.

Had a great set of skills.

But she's having a baby now

and I said, if it weren't for me,
they wouldn't have a bun.

And they say, "Oh, yeah? Like you
were in the bedroom, Shirley."

Cheeky tusses.


Sorry, I was the other end
of the park.

Tom told me you taught him
how to surf as a kid.

Taught him a lot more than that.

The emmets will piss off
end of the week.

Then we'll have the place
to ourselves.

What's an emmet?

An incomer.

A tourist.

What, like me?


I'll get him.


You're actually here!


You taste different.

Is that a new jumper? Hm.

Come on.

We're celebrating.

What's that?

Oh, it's just foxes.


Why are they shrieking?

They're not shrieking.

It's the cubs
leaving their mothers.

All grown up.

Tom. Hm?

Mm-mm. Mm-mm.

Ngh... Ngh...

Are you copying me?
"Are you copying me?"

Fuck off! How old are you?

What's the time?
"What's the time?"


Come here.

Step right up, step right up!
Whoa, there, little sailor!

You're distracting me.

I'm working really hard.

Now that one. No.

Now that one. No! That one! No, no.

Woo! Did you win?

2p. Hold on.


Hang on. What is it?

It's on a string or something.

What is it?

The fucking coin's on string.

What is that, actually?

Got to win it to find out.



Wait here.

I have to get back to work.


No. Not going.

I've got to.

You can't go. I've got to. No.

I love ya.

Love you too.

Go and see Shirley about the job.

Spit it out.


Like magic.

Thank you.


Cheers. Bon appetit.

It looks really good.

Yeah, I cleaned up.

Did you speak to Shirley? No.

I'll do it tomorrow.

All right, well, I told her you
were coming by, so...

I know, I'll do it tomorrow.
And, er, she charges...

Do you know a girl with red hair?
We're already paying gas and water.


What did you just say?

Oh, come on,
don't be teasy with me now.

What is that, Cornish?

Yeah, it means pissed off.

# Oh, Rose

# My Rose Marie... #

Dance with me, baby.


Come on. No.

Come on.

Ow! What the...?

..the fuck?

I'm going to brush my teeth.

Have you been enjoying it here?

What kind of jobs you done before?

My aunt had a bakery, so...I helped
out there every summer.

Strict health and safety
in a bakery.

Yeah. You see, normally, we hire
a working couple in the winter.

There's a lot of maintenance.
And then there's a strip-down,

emptying all the vans,
giving them a good scrub.

Sounds great. You just throw
yourself into it, you'll be fine.

Do you know a girl with
long red hair?

It's not ringing any bells.

She doesn't live here, or...?


You can see 'em sometimes
off the coast.

Whales. Look at the box.

It's great, innit?

You scared of the water?

No. Tom says you've never been in.

Not in the sea.

The sea is a great healer.

After I learnt to swim...

..I was no longer afraid of dogs.

Right. Would you be a dear
and put that in the kitchen?

Do you know where Tom is?
I think he asked for

the afternoon off.
There's good surf.

Shut up. Stop!



Silly dog, hey?

They're fumigating these vans.

Fleas, ticks, wasps,
that type of thing.

They're rentals. Everyone's out.

It's just the residents now.
Do you know where Tom is?

I said I'd find him.

Eh, boy?

Can pick up his scent a mile off.

If it's damp...and there's no

..can pick up scents
that are two weeks old.

They just sit there...over
and above the ground.

But now he can smell your cunt.

You all right, babe?

What you doing in the dark?

Where have you been?

Oh, just...

..had to go
and pick up a new chassis for Kai.

Though it wasn't there -
Kai is a fucking wrong 'un.

Shirley told me you had
the afternoon off. Oh, shit...

No, I've been working.

I thought maybe you'd gone surfing.


So, er, you spoke to her, then?
Yeah, she gave me the job.

Good. That's really good.

In you go.
Pop these on the shelves.

I'll just clear this up.

It was too high. Yeah, no kidding.

They just slid off.

Ah, come on in to help, have you?

Here, give those to me.
They're very slippery. Ooh.

Just given me an electric shock.
It wasn't me, it was the polythene.

Jade, I'm off, OK?

Thank God for that.
I'll probably be in tomorrow.

All right, then. Bye, love.

What's her name? Kippa.

Does she live here? Yeah,
she lives with her grandparents.

She just likes to help out -
stops her getting bored.

So you put them in...

..pull it over...

..and you press.

Have a go.

So you put them in...

..pull it over...

..and you press.


How long have you worked here?
I've been here a year.

Came to look after my nan,
but...she's gone now.

What about you?

What about me?

I don't know, can't be your
life's dream to live here, can it?

Do you want me
to stop you biting your nails?


It's real human hair.

What do you do with them?

I sell them.

You make them? Yeah.

I started off making my nan's,
but... I make them for the hospital.

It's peaceful.

Takes 40,000 knots to make one wig.

Do you ever wear them?


Sorry it's such a shithole in here.
Don't normally have people here

in the winter.

Have a seat.

Right, we're just doing tips,
not the long ones,

just something to make them
look nice.

I look like a stupid kid playing
dress-up when I put make-up on.

Trust me, I'm not going to
make you look stupid.


Here, pick one.

I'll get you some acetone as well
so you can have your own stumps

back whenever you want.

That's Tangerine Dream.

That's Blew My Mind.

It's not about what it looks like,
it's how it makes you feel.

Scarlet Sunrise.
It's my favourite, too.

Give me your hands.


Where have you been?


I was at Jade's.

What are you doing?

Come on...

What's going on?

Oh, fuck sake.


Come here.

What's her name?

Why do you want to know her name?


You got rid of your nails.
I quite liked them.

Didn't feel like that.

Jade's got a bit of a reputation,
you know.

So, er, be careful.

Reputation for what?

What are you wearing?

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Come on.

Ready? Yeah. Go!

Oh, it's freezing!


Ruth? Ruth?!


Oh, hey.

Why's your hair wet?
I went swimming.

Who with? Kippa taught me.

Kippa? Yeah.

In the sea?


Ruth, tell me you're joking.


The sea's fucking dangerous.

What are you doing going
into the sea with an 11-year-old

when you can't even fucking swim?!
I know.

Are you mad or something? No.

Bit teasy, are we?
Mate, can you give us a minute?

She's a big girl, I'm
sure she can handle herself.

do you need something, or what?!

Yeah...I need you to do
some fucking work.

Yeah? What the fuck does it
look like I'm doing, mate?!

All right.

The yard's not going to
clear itself up.

He'll be five minutes.

Where would you go if you could go
anywhere in the world?

Don't know.

I'd go to Madeira.

What's in Madeira?

I don't know - want to come?!

I came HERE to get away. No... came here to be with Tom.

Is he your first boyfriend? Yeah.

How about you?

How long you been together?

Three years. Since we were 15.

Most people are impressed by that.

I'm not most people.

"I'm not most people."

Some people think they're freaky.

See how they aren't shining?

Human hair absorbs the light.

Just be normal.

# Hold me closer

# Squeeze me tight
Squeeze me tighter

# Love me right

# Love me tonight
Love me tonight

# Hold me right now
I need you so much

# The warmth of your breath
The feel of your touch... #

No. Yeah. No. No.

No. I can't dance.
Of course you can.

I can't.

I won't watch. What?!

I thought you said you wouldn't

# Love me right
Love me tonight... #

Ooh! Oh!

# Squeeze me tight
Squeeze me tighter

# Love me right
Love me tonight... #

# Hold me close

# Squeeze me tight... #

Hey, are you all right?
Yeah. I'm...I'm going to go...

Thanks for the drinks. Ruth...

You don't need to go. Ruth!


Where have you been?


Wake up.

Why are you looking at me like that?

You had a nightmare.

What was it about?

Don't know.

I've been feeling a bit strange.

Maybe I'm just being silly.


Do you want a cuppa?

You should always knock.

Because if I'm in the middle
of something, you see... could be awkward.

I've seen someone in one of the vans
that are being fumigated.

I thought I should say because I
didn't think anyone was meant to be

in there.
There's no-one in those vans.

There is. There's this girl,
and I've seen...

We sealed them up weeks ago.

Can I check the CCTV?

All the cameras are fake, dear.

Will you take this to the scrap,
for the burning?

Where are you going?

April from next door's gone missing.

We need to find her.


I'm coming, too.

She's old and frail. She's going to
have been out there for hours.

When you find her, bring her back to
the office, where Shirley is.

Simon, you can search
the playground. Jade, you take

the shop and that whole area.

Ruth, you search the vans
that are being fumigated.

You lot can take the canteen
and the arcade, OK?

Let's go.

Careful, yeah?




Yeah, uh...

You're OK.

Had the whole place
searching for you.

How are you doing?

Where'd you find her? Hey.
We found her in the dunes.

Do you want to go inside, April?
Let's get her inside, Tom. Yeah.

Get you warmed up. OK.

It happens more and more.

Especially at night.

How you doing? I'm OK.

Do you want to have a drink?

I'm not thirsty.

I'm going to go.


..I'm sorry about the other night.
I'm sorry, I...

You didn't need to leave.

Wouldn't have done anything.

Kai's watching us.
I don't care.

I'm going to go.

Going to come in to work tomorrow?
I don't know.

Is it not what you
thought it would be like here?

Didn't think anything.

I'm sorry it doesn't feel like
we're on holiday all the time.

I came here to be with you.

All right?

Oh, you're freezing.
Do you want to sit down?

Come with me.

What happened? Do you feel faint?

I just scared myself.

Take that off.

There you go. You'll warm up.
Do you want to sit in there?

No, I'm not fucking joking.



Leave it...

You're fucking chatting shit, mate!
Off you get.

What's wrong with you?

I told him
the fucking truth about you.


No, don't touch me.

What, are you throwing me out?

Yeah, I've got eyes, Ruth.
I can see.

You can see what?

Oh, don't mug me off.
You've got her fucking jacket on.

Don't fucking walk away from me.
I'm not walking away from you.

Are you sure about that?

I love ya, Ruth.

I said, I love ya, Ruth.

Fuck this, man!

I can't leave here...another few

Just while they dry.

They'll match the towel.

It'll be camouflage in
my room in a sec.


Oh, it's you.

What the fuck?!

Subtitles by explosiveskull