Make Me Shudder 3 (2015) - full transcript

A group of friends go on a vacation in Phuket after their high school graduation. They build their tents next to the beach but unfortunately for them, a huge storm forces them to move indoors into a nearby hotel. They decide to sleep at the hotel for the night. However, they are all woken up by the same horrible dream of a Tsunami disaster. A gruesome sight greets them as they open their eyes; the hotel is filled with wrapped dead bodies. They crawl through the dead bodies hoping to escape from the hotel.

You're done? Wait for me!

- What's all this stuff you're bringing?
- That's a lot of stuff.

Hey, I've fixed all my grades
with the teachers.

I've now passed every single one.

Ain't I good?

How about you lot? Ready?


Hey. Where are Biew and James?

- Where'd they go?
- Didn't they go with Nick?

Where are they?

- There they are.
- Hey!

Biew. James. Where were you?

You're really late.

We bought a Buddha image.

- Why did you buy that for?
- Well...

You have a foul mouth,

so both of us have to be prepared.

You'll probably challenge some shit.

I've invited a whole congregation
of monk relics.

How about that?

So full of shit.


That's quite a cool haircut.

Sweet talker, you are.

So handsome.

So handsome.

Put it back on. Quick.

Hurry up.


You're carrying the Buddha to Phuket?

Of course, I am, but I'm not carrying it.

Brian, take it.

- Me?
- Yeah. You keep it during the day,

and we'll take the night shift.

- Take it.
- Do you understand?

- Yes. I understand.
- What about you?

Are you ready?

Let's go.

Hey, Nick.

I still need to re-take two more exams.

I'll just catch up.

- Fine. Just hurry up.
- Yeah.

See you soon.

Take care of your boyfriend.

I know my responsibilities.

- You hurry up and catch up, okay?
- See you.

Hey, guys.

If you're going to Phuket, be careful.

Be careful of what, Wukong?



That happened in 2004, Wukong.

- Whatever. This is bullshit.
- Jam.

Tell your friend

to watch his mouth.

Because we three are the ones
with foul mouths.

- Let's go. Let's go.
- Why is he talking about tsunami?

See you.

Will there really be a tsunami?

You can't be sure.

Should we go after them, Jam?

Would you want help from a stranger?

Awesome glasses!

Where did you lift that from?

Who did you steal it from?

- My dad.
- Yeah?

Can we come with you?

You guys act like
you've never been to the city!

Hey, James!

Look at them.

Hey! What's the matter with you?

What are you doing?


- Biew! Jame!
- What?

I asked him where is it we're going
and he answered--

- What did he say?
- "I don't know either."

Net. This is so exciting.

This is great.


Stop! Stop! We have arrived!

I'm awesome.

- Get off.
- Quick.

Hurry up, you guys. Show some enthusiasm.

Net, it's like you're going to a seminar.

- Good luck!
- Good luck, mister!

Here it is, Patong Beach.

- Patong Beach.
- We're here.

Let's go. My body needs some seawater.


- Of course.
- Ready.

Let's go crazy, Nick, my buddy.

Class M. 6/5, follow!

We've graduated grade 12!

- Phuket!
- We're here!

Phuket, the city of huge clams!

- The huge clams are in Surat Thani!
- Really?

But I say...

the clams are huge everywhere.

James, from the day I was born

I still have never seen a clam.
I was to see a huge clam.


if you really want to see huge clams
that badly, then go look in the sea.

Humongous clams.

- Giant clams.
- Brian.

I'll take you to see two.

- Two?
- See what, Nick?

Huge clams, of course.

- Take me with you.
- Let's go.

Hey! Why did the water go down?


What kind of tsunami
would hit at this time?

But I heard that Dr. Smith Dhammasaroch
said there will be another tsunami here.


Net, look! There are fishes everywhere!

- Let's go catch the fish and clams.
- Let's go.

Wait, wait, wait! You can go if you want,

but give the Buddha to me.


- Tsuna-what?
- Tsunami!


Run for you lives!

Bastards! Wait for me!


Help. Help.



What's the matter with you?

I had a dream that we got swept away
by a tsunami.


Did you challenge something again?

So? Did you?

This silence....

Don't tell me that you...

Man! This place is scary as it is.

- Biew.
- What?

It was the two of us...

who made the challenge.

I think this atmosphere calls for it.

Calls for what?

For ghosts.

Biew, what ghosts are you talking about?

When you're with me, you need not fear.
Ghosts should fear you.

I think it's going to be a while
until the rain stops.

Let's sleep in here tonight.

We can return to our tents in the morning.

- Sleep in here?
- Yeah. Are you scared?

I'm never scared, Nick.
I don't even know how to spell "scared."


You know.

I think you're all going to get it.

What do you mean, Biew?


- Bastard!
- You smacked me, bastard?

I haven't smacked you yet.


When you're with me, you need not fear.


Hear that?

This kind of talk gets us into trouble.

Lord Buddha...

- Any ghost residing here...
- Is there a ghost here?

Come out and show yourself.

These guys deserve it.

Sons of bitches.
Where did you get that from?

Where's the phone?

James, go have a look.

- Me?
- Go on.


Who puts a fucking phone in the fridge?

It's not even connected.

How can it ring?

- It's happening...
- Jam's calling.


You bastard.

Hello, Jam.


You're coming?

We'll be gone by the time you're here.

Yeah, yeah. Bye.

- Nick!
- What's with you?

Anyone has a flashlight?

My phone has a flashlight.

I already threw it away.

Nick, my buddy, I have one!

Just a second.


I could never forget.
I have everything in my bag.

Here it is, a flashlight. Take it, Nick.

Didn't I tell you
that this building is scary?

There so many!

Biew, did you bring the Buddha?

I left it in the tent!

How do we get out now?

If there's no Buddha, I'm not staying!



It's moving!

Stop moving! I'm already scared.

James! Wait for me!

Well, if James can make it, so can I!

Biew! Wait for me! I'm coming.

Net! Brian!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Come on! Quick!

Brian, I'm going to go ahead.

Come on! Hurry!


Quick! Hurry up!

Net, wait for me!

This time... you all made it...
because of me.

Because of me. Therefore,
I should be the leader. Right, Nick?

Shit head!

Who's the leader? I'm the leader.

Yeah. Don't try to take advantage
of this situation.

Follow me.

James, my buddy...
Today, I'll let you be the leader.

You heard that, right?

My buddy, Nick, made me the leader.

Follow my lead.

There are corpses out here too!
And these aren't even in bags!

Mr. Leader, please come.

Why are they so still?

Moron, they're corpses!
How could they mo--


Biew! Biew!

- Leader!
- Biew!


What time is it?

Um, why?

My ancestors said

that wandering ghost in limbo...

will come out at midnight.

Anyone has a watch? Anyone?

You just shut up. Here.

What time is it?

It's 11:57 p.m.

Three minutes to midnight.

We have to get out of here before then.

Tape. Oil.

Go take a look.

Is there a way down there?

Go on!

- Me again.
- Go on!

Go on.

Go on!

- There are too many of them.
- Tape. Oil.

Why are they so slow?

Oil. Tape.

- Tape.
- Tape.

Oil. Tape!



Tape, what is it?

See it for yourself!

- Oil! Oil!
- What is it?

See for yourself. I'm gone.

What's the matter with him?

What the hell is that?

- Nick!
- What?

I can't go!

Son of a bitch! Let's go!

Let's go. Go on.

- Hurry up, James!
- Brian...

What's that liquid on my back?

I pissed my pants.

Get off me!

Nick! Nick!

Wait for me, Nick!

Hurry! Quickly!

Everyone stop.

I say we go up, Nick.

I'm not going up! Let's find a way down.

Let's go!

Wait for us.

What did he say?

Let's go. Hurry up!

- Hurry up!
- Follow him!

Nick! Help me!

Brian! Brian!

Let's help Brian!


Just kick it!

Net! Brian!

It's a dead end.

Go back! Go back!

Hey, you guys.

What the hell are you scared of?
Take a look.

There's only one ghost.
Let's beat him up--


Don't talk smack.
You were just hiding in there.

I was regrouping.

You're so stupid.

Let's beat it up!


- James!
- James!

Help me!

Help me!

If you don't stop,

your friend dies!

Leader, how did you end up with him?

I didn't want to be with him,
but he made me stay with you!

He made you stay with you!

No! He's making me stay with him,
shit heads!

If you can answer my question,

I will spare you.

But if you fail to answer it,

the guy with the bangs dies!


Leader, remain calm.

Does an eyeless ghost
has an even or odd number of eyes.

Shit, this is like a quiz show.

An eyeless ghost has no eyes
because he's eyeless.


An eyeless ghost does have an eye.

I'm the eyeless ghost.
Eyeless on just one side.

A ghost who died pregnant.

When she died, how many
people actually died?


Wrong! Just one!

Because I died alone.
My baby is still kicking!

I will give you one last chance!

If you still get it wrong,

your friend dies!

Just get it right! Assholes!

The question.

If someone calls you an asshole,

are you a person or a body part?

That's easy.

Body part!

Body part my ass!

You're a person!

Now you should all die!

Son of a bitch!

They would even hurt a pregnant lady.
These kids are assholes!

Back the same way! Let's go!

We're surrounded. What do we do, Nick?

Since we're in this deep...

I will sacrifice my life...
for my friends.

I will lead you to fight them.

For my friends... I can.

Farewell, my friends.

- James.
- Don't worry about me, Nick.

Just go then.

What do we do? There's a swarm of them!

- Should we go for it?
- Yeah! Let's go for it!

Let go of me!

What the hell do you want from me?

Why doesn't anyone wait for me?
Stop hugging me!

- Hey! Where's our leader?
- Yeah.


Get back! Get back!

Get this thing off of me!

Get him off of me, shit heads!

Oh, he kicks?

What do we do? They're coming!

What do we do?

You guys get out of the way!


What took you so long?


There are ghosts out there and in here!

Stop screaming so loud.

I though you were ghosts.

How did you get here?


Jesus! Eed!

- Where the hell have you been?
- Nowhere! I've been hiding here!

Calm down. Speak slowly.

I didn't go anywhere.
I've been sleeping in here.

Why the hell are you in a blanket?

Eed! Dor! What happened?

I don't know who these kids are
and how they got here.

Listen to me.

There were actually four of us.

You only see three because one's missing.

Four came, three came, two missing.

So it's three left.
Four minus one equals three.

Confused? Confused?

I'm also confused.

I came to find ghosts.

- We came to find ghosts.
- We came to find ghosts!

We're southerners.

We're southerners.
We ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Did you know?

They say that this hotel...

was hit by a tsunami.

Thousands have died!

Thousands have died!

Thousands have died!

These ghosts are ruthless.

Very ruthless. Fucking ruthless!

We shouldn't have come.

Why not? We came to find ghosts,
so we have to come find them.


There might be ghosts here.

- Eed.
- Yes?

Go take a look.

Hin, you go.

- You go.
- No way.

Stop arguing.

You go.

- Are you serious?
- Stop asking questions and go.

- Seriously?
- Before I kick you.

Go on.

Speak loudly. Go take a look.

Found anything?


- There's nothing!
- You've startled me.

Go inside. How will you see anything
from outside? Go in.

Just go inside.

Hey! Don't try to fool me. I'm not scared.

Dor, look!

- What? I'm already looking.
- Turn around and look at this.

Shit head.

Look at it! Run! Run!

- Move you're feet!
- Okay.

- Shit. Shit. Shit.
- It really showed up.



Move your feet.

Where's the ghost?

They haunted us lightly and roughly.

Did you know that when I was asleep...

I heard a sound...

Ghosts sounds?

Nope. I was grinding my teeth.

It was so scary.

So scary...

Wait. What are you kids doing here?

I'll tell you the story.

We've graduated grade 12.

Which class?

Class M. 6/5.

Before you graduate,
you should brush your teeth.

Horrible breath.

We graduated grade 12!

Wait, why are you yelling so loudly?

- Oh, it's my personality.
- Personality...

But it was super hard to graduate.

Someone with your looks
probably wouldn't know.

I didn't study with my looks.

- Continue, Nick, my buddy.
- We came to the beach here at Phuket.

I don't want to follow you anymore.
You always get us lost.

I say we check-in here, tonight.

- Sure thing.
- Super chill.

I want a nice beach with fine sand.
Maybe some bikini girls.


In the middle of the night,
we put up our tents on the beach.

Put up tents!

Put up tents?

What's wrong with tents?

You don't know this, but I slept
in a tent on the beach.

There were six to seven tents.
In the middle of the night...

we heard a sound...

Ghosts sound?

Nope. I was humping the tent.

Then all the a sudden...

there was a storm.

There was a storm...

There was a storm!

James! James!

There's a building right there. Hurry up.



Take it easy. Tell it slowly.

So we came into this hotel
to hide from the storm.

We fell asleep.

- When we woke up--
- Wait.

I don't think this is a nice personality.

Stop talking loudly. I'm scared.


When we woke up...

we saw thousands!

- We saw thousands!
- Thousands!

You're very passionate about this.

We're excited to share.

This hotel had thousands of bodies.

Be them doctors, nurses,
or foreigners, all dead.

Some years...

- What is it?
- What?

Fuck you, James! This is your fault!

- James! Why did you fart?
- I didn't mean to!

It was an accident!

- Wait!
- What?

- Wait! Wait! Which way should we go?
- I say go down.

- I say go up.
- I say go down.

- I say go up!
- I say go down!

- I say go up.
- I say go down.

- I say go up.
- I'm going down.

- I say go up.
- He's already gone.

They've brought a whole army.

All nationalities.

European ghosts. AEC ghosts.
What do we do?

- What should we do?
- Just wade through.

- Is that wise?
- What should we do? What is this?


"Ghost" means ghost, shit head!

You guys, what should we do?

- Just wade through it!
- Let's go!

Get in.

Brian, hurry up!

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

Wait, Net.

- Where are Nick and the gang?
- I don't know. Why is it so dark?

- I have a cellphone.
- Get it out, quick.

I'm not sure if there's still power.

It works.

Brian, find the exit.

Where's the exit?

- Why did you stop?
- James.

They probably won't catch up to us now.

Where is it?


Hey, Brian.

It's gone, Net.


Net, where are you going?

Let's go!

Net! That's not me, Net!

Nick, I shouldn't have come
to Phuket with you.

I was going to take the GAT/PAD next week.


GET/PET my ass. It's GAE/PAE

- Yeah, GAT/PAT.

Biew, are you ready to take the GAT/PAT?

Of course.

Biew, if you're ready...

then give me the answer to this question.

I wish tomorrow were yesterday,
so today would be Friday.

What's today?

- One more time.
- I wish tomorrow were yesterday,

so today would be Friday.

The question is what's today?

Definitely Wednesday!

It's not Wednesday.

- It's Sunday!
- Is it though?

Yeah, it's Friday. Wednesday.
Friday. Sunday.


Chula, Thammasat, Mahidol, Kaset, Nawamin.

Horrible traffic jams.

And where will you study?

Me? Ramkhamhaeng.

Eight years.

For sure.


- Are you properly rested?
- I'm chill.

Let's go, Biew, my buddy.


I'm also from Ramkhamhaeng.

Ten-year program. Come study with me.


You look like Gollum.

You're on your own.
My program is only for eight years. Bye.

James! Why did you leave us?

Net, where's Brian?

Here he is.


Bastards! You left me.

Who left you? No one did!

Come in, quick.

Nick, what do we do next?

Keep calm. We have to focal.


- We need awakeness.
- Awareness!

You daft.

I'm talking to myself.

Let me think.

I'm drawing a blank.

I think that these kids
are smarter than we think.

Yeah. What do we do? Help me think.

I've got it!

What is it?

You should think.


Such a genius. Stop playing around!

This is serious. Help me think!

What should we do?

Help me think.

Why didn't you tell me about the wall?
You want me to die?

I didn't do anything.

- Didn't do anything my ass!
- I didn't do it.

- I'm scared.
- Don't be scared, Brian.

- You have me.
- Met!

Tape. Go have a look

which floor we're on.

Is there a way out?

Tape, I think this is way to high up.

- Yeah, we can't jump.
- Let's go.

There's no way down.

We're really high up.

Nick... Don't tell us that...

Where did our leader go?

There he is.

Nick, don't tell us that...

Bastard! He's the first one to run.

Where did our leader go?

- Where did Nick go?
- Nick!

Nick! Nick! Nick!


What is it?


What the hell are you afraid of?

- What kind of leader is he?
- Yeah. First one to hide.

James, you'll definitely
get to be the leader.

I'll accept with pleasure.

What's so scary?

I'm alive, not a ghost.

You kids...

how did you get into this hotel?

Do you know

this hotel was hit by a tsunami?

Thousands have died.

And no one has done a ceremony

to send the souls away.

They want replacements,

so they can reincarnate.

If you meet any stranger

and they ask you to do something,

don't believe them.

Don't be scared.

I'll save all of you.

You too.

I'll go get the Buddha from the tent.

I might have to risk my life...

but for my friends...


I'm ready to sacrifice it.

I'm going now.


Do you want company?

It's okay, Biew, my buddy.

I'll only risk myself.

Good luck.


How should I go? It's packed outside!

James, I know how you
can safely get the Buddha.

How, Oil, my buddy?

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Biew, my buddy...

Oil, you bastard, you said when in Rome,
do as the Romans do.

We stick out like a sore thumb!

What now, leader?

Biew, my ancestors said

that you should hold your breath
in the presence of a ghost

so they would believe
that we're one of them

Ready, leader friend?


If you're ready,

hold your breath.

Go, Biew.

Biew! Where are you, Biew?

Biew! Biew!

Why are you calling me? Hold your breath.

Biew! Help me!

James, help me! I can't breathe.

I'm coming!

Biew! Biew!

What? Just go!


What do we do, lead--

Hold your--

I'm holding it!

Hey, you--

Yeah, you don't--


- I love you. I'm fine.
- No, no.


Oh! He called you a retarded buffalo!

Who told you that if you didn't breath
I wouldn't see you?


Where you come from?



You look familiar. You're my friend.

He's my friend.

Nice to meet you.

I come from France.

Oh! From France! Bonjour!

I'm from Thonburi.
Near Phutthamonthon, you know?

You don't understand.


Excuse us. We want to go.

Please, make way.
Biew, my buddy, let's go.

Bye-bye. Make way for us.


Shit heads, you think I'm stupid?

Where are those two running to?

Follow them, quick. Hurry up.

Go on. Go!


Just you and me now.

Follow them.

Oh! You're going to lock the door.

You're going to kill me.
Want to take my place?

No. I have never even thought
of taking your place.

You look like you're hiding
something from me.

I better not find out.


- What was that?
- Boss. I said boss.

Let's go.

Why are you sitting here?

I'm waiting for my friends.
There not here yet.

Friends... Oh! Two of them?

- That's right.
- Don't worry.

- I told Hin to follow them. Let's go.
- Wait, wait.

What was that?

Mister. Mister.

Stop looking for people.
You have to trust me.

Follow me. Quick!

You'll survive. Come quick!

- Let's go!
- Let's go, Brian.

Follow me.

James! Go! Go! Hurry!

Hurry, Biew.

Biew, there are ghost everywhere.

Which way should we go?

- Biew! Biew!
- James!


- Let's go!
- Help me!

Let's go! Quick!

- Which way is the tent? Do you know?
- Just keep running.

Run! Run!

James! Go! Go!

This is really scary.

- Hurry up, Net.
- Hurry up!

- Hurry up.
- Point the light steadily. I can't see.

- We're almost there.
- Come on.

Come on.

Watch out.

Hurry up! It's really messy here.

Nick, wait.

- So scary.
- Nick, point the light here.

I can't see.

- Point the light here.
- Hurry up.

Net, hurry.

This is so scary.

What do we do next?

Wait. Just a second.

What the hell is that sound?

Stop fucking around! We're already shaken.

I'm scared too, so I'm trying to be funny.

Wait for me!


These ghosts are scary.

Hurry up. Careful.

- Nick!
- What?

- Hurry up. Come on?
- What's the matter with you?

I don't think you should go that way.

- You get here!
- Hurry. Come here.

- Wasting time.
- Trust me.

Why should I believe you?
It's many against one.

- Hurry up.
- You get here quick!

Hurry up. Quick.

I want to go there...

He won't come.

But the thing behind me...

won't let me!

This again?

What fucking sound is that?

- What fucking sound is that?
- I was talking about you!

Nick, help me!

Nick, help me...

- Nick, help me...
- Stop! Stop right there.


How manly.

Go on, Nick! Get it.

- Go on, Nick! Go on!
- Oil. Tape.

Aren't you tight with him?

I thought you were going to help.

Fuck! When did I become tight with him?

- Just go! Go!
- Help me...

- Help me...
- Go! Go on!

Go! G--

Who go?

- They go.
- They already went. You and I have to go.

Let's go!

Wait for us!

Nick. Why won't you wait for me?

- This is your fault!
- It's your fault!

- Jesus...
- Hurry up.

- Together...
- Help me.

Let's just get this over with.

Oil, help me. Hurry up.

Just get it. Get it.

Hey! Wait for me! Wait for me!



You don't need to get this close.

You really smell as good as you look.

Wait for me!

- James! Biew! Hurry up.
- Net, wait for me.

- Be careful.
- Careful.

I don't think we should go this way.

What about this way?

Stop that, will you?

You have time to spare?

Let's try this way. Hurry.

Wait for me!

- This way, Dor?
- This way.

- What about my friends?
- Hurry up.

Wait for me.

Wait for me.

- Hurry up.
- Net.

Hin, you better be there, dammit.

Who was it?

Hurry up.

Follow me.

Hurry up. Come on.

Can you see over there?

I'll take you there.

And why did you bring me here?

I told your friends to go there.
Hin is also there.

Look at the white sand. Let's go.

- Follow me.
- So creepy.

- Just follow him
- Wait.

What are you complaining about?

Do you have a choice?

You won't make it any other way.

You won't make it if you follow me.

You said that wrong.

Come on. Just follow me. Quick.


Net, careful.


Watch your steps.

- Follow me, quick.
- Tape, hurry up.

Don't be afraid.

Follow me. Hurry.

Don't let go of my hand, Net.


- Dor.
- What?

- Are we there yet?
- Just follow me. Hurry up.

We're almost there.

- Where, Dor?
- Follow me.

Wait for me, Tape.

Can you see it?

There's the ocean.
Hurry! We're almost there!

This way!


- Almost there!
- Hurry up!

Nick, hurry!

Are they following us?

No. There's the tent!

Hey! Where are you guys going?

- Getting the Buddha to help our friends.
- No need.

- Come with me first.
- Where to?

Go help your friends over there.

- Well, here's the Buddha--
- No need anymore. Just come with me.

See that island?
Hin and your friends are there.

I'll take you there.

How can they be there?


James! Can you hear me?

- Biew!
- James!

- James! Biew!
- Stop it!

Stop it. Come on.

Come with me.

Nick! Nick!

I said come with me!

Let me go!

Nick! Nick!


- What?
- You don't need the Buddha anymore.

Of course, I do!
How else can I help them?

No need to help the Buddha.
Just come with me.

I'm not helping the Buddha.
The Buddha's helping my friends.

What's this friends help Buddha
and Buddha helps friends?

I'm all confused.
I'm helping my friends with the Buddha.

Yeah. That's right.

But you're coming with me.

Leave us alone!


Where did you put the Buddha?

I don't know either. Biew, look for it.

- Help me find it!
- I didn't bring a flashlight.

How am I going to see?

I said come with me!

You wouldn't listen!

Now I'm angry!

How is he a ghost?

Biew! I found it!



That's enough.

Enough of you!

What dialect is that?

I can't understand!

- Can you speak Laos?
- Yes.

How many more will you kill?

That's enough.

Have you forgotten?

If we don't kill these kids,
we will never be reborn.

That mentality of yours
is what keeps us here.

Virtuous ghost!

Your new company has changed you a lot.

You know we need replacement ghosts!

If I don't kill them,
I will never be reborn.


Are those two still running?

Those guys...

How can we help them
if we can't even save ourselves.

I told you from the start not to come.

How was I to know there are ghosts!

Come. Let's go help them first.


- Come on, Dor.
- Listen to me. I said--

I didn't kill you!

I didn't kill you, okay?

You are wrong.

The more people you kill,
the more bad karma you harness.

Ghosts like us...

won't reincarnate like you expect.

Do you want to die a second time?

- You don't understand Thai, do you?
- I won't listen!

Keep crawling.


Shit! Biew!

I told you to go to your friends.

Nick! Nick! Nick!


I'm a leader.

You run and get the Buddha.
As for these ghosts...

Leave them to me.

I can do...

this much...

for my friends.




Net! Net!

Net! Wake up!



Oil! Biew!



Wake up, Met!

Net! Oil!

Get up.

Oil! Oil.

Oil! Buddy.


- Net!
- Brian.

Are you hurt?






I'm okay.

Are you okay, Biew?


Where's Nick?








- Nick.
- Nick.

Nick! No...

- Is he dead?
- Nick!

- Is he dead?
- Nick!

- Nick!
- Nick.

- Nick!
- I think he's dead.

Nick! Hey, Nick.

My friend needs help!

- I'll do it.
- Nick.

- Give him CPR.
- Nick!

- Wake up!
- Nick!

Nick! James!

Nick! Nick! Nick!

- Wake up.
- Nick, wake up.

- Nick!
- Nick!

- Nick!
- Nick!


- Nick!
- Wake up! Nick!

He's waking up.




Why is the water going down?


Is the moon waxing or waning?

I think it's waxing, Oil.

The water wouldn't go down
when it's waxing.

The water should rise.


Nick. Are you still sleeping?

- Are you dreaming?
- Biew.

Slap me in the face
to see if I'm dreaming. Hurry.


Not a dream, is it?

I don't know! One more!

How's it going, buddy?


Do we run?

Run fast!

Here! Bring a stretcher!

There's one here!

Get in there quick!

Bring the car.

Bring the car.

Hey! There are two over here!

This way! Hurry!

Check in the boat.


What a wreckage...

- Let's go, quick.
- Let's go find them.

Excuse us. Let us through, please.

James... Hey, have you seen my brother?

- This is him.
- There are so many bodies.

I can't remember them all.

- You really haven't seen him?
- I don't know. I can't remember.

Were there students in uniform?

- They were many.
- There are lots of bodies inside.

I can't remember their faces.
Ask me later. Please be patient.

We'll move them to the morgue for now.
The hospital is currently full.

Put the bodies in the car.

Why didn't we come sooner?

This way! Quick!

Stay calm. Stay calm.

- Nothing?
- Look over there.

Have you seen kids in uniforms?

Doctor! Have you seen my friends?

Hurry up. Let's help. Quick.

- James!
- Doctor!


- James!
- James!

- James!
- James!

Nick! Nick!

What is that? A ghost?

- Ghost!
- James!

- James!
- Doctor! Bring your equipments.

James! Doctor! Help my brother!

Just a minute, please.

- James!
- Tape.



- Tong!
- What is it, Jam?

- Biew's here!
- Biew? Biew!


Doctor! Help my brother, please!

- This one also.
- We're volunteers.


- Net.
- Nurse.


Nick! Nick!

Nick! Nick, wake up!

- Nick!
- James.

Doctor! Please call the nurse. Nick.



Kunatip... Wake up... You must fight.

- Get up...
- Kunatip...

You're not someone
who would give up so easily.

Wake up, Kunatip. Stay strong.

Wake up...

Kunatip... Wake up...

Kunatip, you must be strong...

You have to fight...

I care for you...


You're better now.
You can go home tomorrow.

Biew! Biew, my buddy.



- Biew. Biew.
- Hope you're  not too hurt.

- Biew.
- Brian, are you better?

- Biew.
- Why did you call me?

How are you?

Look at their state.

Nick, how are you?

Tong, help me up.

Sure. I'll help.

Help me.

Help yourself.

I haven't helped myself in days.

I'm not as dextrous.

I didn't mean help yourself like that.

Then what did you mean?

Get up on your own.

I thought you meant that.

Do you know...

how we survived?


Miss Wanpen.

Miss Wanpen helped us.

Net. Brian.

You two are the reason
that we're in this state.

Because of your foul mouths.

Don't look at them.
The two of you were also the culprit.


- Like you should talk.
- Fuck you.

If it weren't for James,
we wouldn't be alive right now.

Right, buddy?

Tong! What are you squeezing my arm for?



- There...
- What's the matter with you?


R... Really?


Biew! Biew!



In this life, many may encounter
some mysterious things

that enter our lives
in many different forms.

But most fear what they cannot see.

Sometimes they come to ask for help
because they are suffering.

This was another incident
that we have encountered,

and sensed many spirits stuck in limbo.

They were stolen away from their families,

their loved ones, before their time.

Our actions and words...

were not meant to insult.

We understand and we feel

for those who have lost
the things they loved...

both those who have departed,
and those who are still living.

For any of our actions of violating you,

be it through ignorance

or any other reasons,

please forgive us all.

May all the merit we have accumulated

release all of you from your sufferings

and bring you to a better place.

May you go to nirvana.

Subtitle Translation by
Nantawan Riddell

Run towards me. Turn to look behind you.
Run this way.

Faster. Run faster. Come on.

Move your feet.

You're not laying flat?

- Where's l-leader Nick?
- Again. Why are you stuttering?

- How did you get in here?
- Did you know?

- Did you know?
- I can't remember.

- Actions.
- Did you know?

Did you know?

I also forgot.


- Did you know?
- Did you know?

- This hotel...
- This hotey...

This hotey...



And their souls are still here.

- In limbo...
- In limbo.

They want blah blah blah...


Don't be afraid. I'll take care of you.

Again. Not "take care."

All of you... I can't remember...


- Biew.
- Yes?

Wipe Biew's feet. They're filthy.


Anyone has a towel?

- What?
- Help me.

Help yourself.

I haven't helped myself in days.
I'm not as dextrous.

I didn't mean beating off.

- I mean get up on your own.
- Don't say beat off.

I didn't mean help yourself like that.

I didn't mean help yourself like that.