Make Me Shudder 2: Shudder Me Mae Nak (2014) - full transcript

Nick, Bew, James and his friends are preparing for their university admission. As they played too much and failed miserably for their examinations, James brings his friends to receive blessings from Mae Nak Shrine, hoping to enter a university.




Finally! Graduation!

The secondary school life was so dull.

Graduation, my ass.
How will you graduate, Nick?

What are you saying, Biew?

Look, three zeroes this semester.

I have two zeroes,
and two incomplete courses.

I also have one.

What the hell are you complaining for?

Well, you're so smart, Nick.

Three zeroes,

-two incomplete courses.
-There's more.

Not allowed to take two examinations.
How cool is that?

-How are we supposed to graduate?

If we want to graduate,
we should rely on mysticism.

I have a friend,
though he went to a Buddhist school,

he wished for studying abroad

and it actually came true.


I'm just asking. I'm not going.

Oil. You believe this kind of shit?

Are you going then?


Nick! Nick! Nick.

Jam. Where's James?

James asked me to bring you this.

Here, take it.

Where did James go?

He went abroad.

When did he go?

He went this morning.

-When will he come back?
-Just text him and ask him.

He gets on my nerves just like James.

-Are you guys going or not?
-Let's go...

Let's go...

Hey, Brian,

Net, both of you're with them?

Must have a lot of free time.

Brian, hurry.

-Want a piggyback ride?
-Are you crazy?

Hey, I'm coming with you.

Who the hell are you?

I'm your friend.

What friend?

I've never seen him.

My name is Tong

from M. 6/6.

M. 6/6, my ass! We're from M. 6/5.

You punk.

Let's go.

Hey, man. I'm really from M. 6/6.

M. 6/6, my ass! I'm from M. 6/5.

-I just wanna come along.
-Stop talking.

Hurry up, kids.

Hurry up, Brian.

Kawao, is this where you made a wish?

Yes, this is where I made a wish.

Before I took my exam, I wished
I would win a scholarship to go abroad.

Go to abroad, you know?

And then...

After I made a wish...

I can go abroad.

Really sacred.

Shrine of Mae Nak Phra Khanong.

When you made a wish,
what did you offer?

I buy her clothes,

Thai dresses, for her and a son.

You know? Children.

You're talking gibberish.

Here, I'll translate.

He said when he prayed

he came with his mom
who wore a dress, a Thai dress.

And the children... didn't wear anything.

-Is that right?
-No. No. You're so stupid.

Why am I stupid?

Stop fighting. You're both stupid.

-This is bullshit.
-Just find some candles and joss sticks.

Then we can rush home.



-Go get the joss sticks.
-Why has it got to be me?

Because it's you.
I wouldn't use anyone else.

What's the matter with you?

Sorry, buddy.

Damn Nick.

Always using me.

Mae Nak...

Where are the joss sticks?



What's the matter with you?

Behind you!

-What is it?

James! How'd you get here?

Hey, Nick!

I came to pray to Mae Nak.
Look at my grades.

Wow. Eight zeroes.

Not allowed to take four exams.

-I'm really lost, man.

-You said James went abroad.
-James told me that this morning.

You daft little brother.

Don't you know my personality?

You always ask me every morning
where I'm going,

so I was just being sarcastic.

Hey, Jam.

-Where are my bangs?
-It's there.

Why'd you take it?


-Didn't know you liked it.

We should go now.

Stop arguing.

Biew, where are the joss sticks?

Joss sticks...

There they are.



-You're causing trouble again.
-Just leave it.


Are you real, Mae Nak?
I've seen many people come here.

Did their wishes come true?

If you're real,
show us a miracle.

Or maybe just show yourself.

Come on. Show yourself!

What's going on?

Show yourself.


Show yourself, Mae Nak.

Nick! Nick!

Mae Nak!

Nick! Nick! Nick...

-Nick! What happened?




-Wake up.

-Come to your senses, Nick.
-Is he sick?


Nick. Nick. Nick.


-What the hell!
-Let's go!

-Where the hell are you going?
-Follow me.

-Fine. Let's go.
-Let's just follow him.

-Where are you going, Nick?
-Don't ask. You'll see.

And how are you going?

Where are you going?


-How did the boat get here?
-Where did it come from?

-What boat is it?
-Where's the boatman?

It's a big boat.

Where's the boatman?

How did it get here?

Aren't you two coming with me?

Where are you going?


-Do you love me?
-Yeah, I love you, buddy.

How about you, Biew? Do you love me?

Yes... but I'm not going
with you this time

because last time
I nearly died because of you.

Because of me? You guys played a part too.

James, are you going with him?

-Who are you going with?

With him...
With you.

James, my buddy...

-Let's go.
-Nick, I gotta go. Please understand me.

James, my buddy...

What about you, guys?

-Do you love me?

-Will you come with me or go with them?
-Go with them.

Shit. No one's coming with me?

That's it, Nick.
I'm not following you anymore.

I'll be the master of my own destiny.

Remember this, James,
I won't be Nick's puppy dog anymore.

Good! You and I are besties.

From now on, no matter what,
I, James, will never abandon you.

Biew, my buddy, let's go.


-I'm gone!
-What's the matter with you?

Damn James!
You said you'd never abandon me!

Big, why did you call me?
Have you finished the routine?

Yes, I have.

-Let's go. I'm scared.
-Where's my uniform?

It's in the car. I put it away for you.

Why did you come so late at night?

-I had to fulfill my vows.
-I saw a dog taking your shoes.

-James, my buddy.

You and I are besties.

From now on, no matter what,
I, James, will never abandon you.

Nick, my buddy.

-Come with me, James, my buddy.
-Let's go.

-Let's go. Come on in.
-Let's go...

Wait. Wait for me.

Nick, you and I are besties.

From now on, no matter what,
I, Biew, will never abandon you.

Come, Biew, my buddy.

Nick, my buddy, let's go.

Gawao, are you coming with me?

I don't like you, and I don't love you,
so why should I go with you guys?

I don't care if you love me or not,
just come with me.

Come on, Gawao. Hurry up.

Gawao, come quickly.
Quit wasting time.

Hurry up.

Who's going to paddle?

-You paddle.
-You paddle.


Do you love me?

-How about you, James?

-Yeah, yeah. I do.
-How about you, guys?


-Then the two of you paddle.

-Me, James?

-Me too?
-Yes, Biew.

-Let's go.

-How, Biew?
-I also don't know how to paddle.

-Just go ahead and paddle.


I love you, man...


-can I ask you something?

I also have a question, James, my buddy.


where the hell are you taking us?

Just paddle.
You'll know once we get there.

-Why do you have to ask?
-I just want to know where we're heading.

-The atmosphere is so scary.
-What are you whining about?

-What's that smell?
-What is it?

Stinks like a corpse, Biew.

Is it though?

-Betel palm.
-It's probably nothing.

Nick, is it much further?

I think we're almost there.

-You've been here before?
-No. I'm just guessing.

Man! I'm tired from paddling.

Just keep paddling.


What the hell?

How did they get here?

I think it's just around the river bend.

-Hurry up, James, my buddy.
-Let's go!

-Let's help.
-Come on.

Net. Brian. Paddle faster.

I better not see anyone slacking off.


There it is! We're here.

Whose house is that?

I don't know either,
but something made me come here.

-Nick, I know who made you come here.

It's... your dad!

I'll get you back for that, James,
my buddy.

Don't forget that.

Why have we still not reached the port?

-Biew, you--
-James, hold it.


-Quick. Hold it.
-Let's go.

Me first.

-Nick, Hurry.
-Yeah, yeah.

Nick, hurry up.
Biew, you hurry up too.

Let's go, quick.

Hurry up.

-Careful, Jam.
-What are you doing?

Don't fall into the water.


Nick! Lizard.

-Nick! Lizard.


-Biew. Lizard.
-You dare look at me!


-Just stab it.

Scram, or I'll stab you!

-Not yet!

Scram! I said scram!


There are so many fucking lizards here...

-both in front of me and behind me.
-James, you asshole!

Potty mouth!

Whose house is this?

-So eerie.
-I say we go up and see.

You want to go up?

Of course. We're here.

Let's go.

-What do you want?

-I have to go.
-You need to take a shit right now?

-Can I just go here?
-You need to shit or are you chicken?

I need to shit. I can't wait anymore.

Wait for us!

Why does Tong have to go at this time?

-Jam, did you do that on purpose?
-How could I?

Let's go.

What's the matter with you?

-You're really going up, Nick?
-Of course!

Let's go.

It's probably nothing.
Follow me. I said it's nothing.

Come on up.

Dammit! Stop holding on to me!

You're such a burden.

Come on up.

Fine. I'll go first.

Just go already.


You'll never get there at this pace.

I'm... I'm getting... there.

Just a minute.

Nick. Wait... Wait for me.

What's up with him?

Man. What a chicken.
It's just an empty house.

Why are you so scared?

What are you laughing at?

I was just faking it
to lighten up the mood.

James, don't tell me you find this funny.

That really hurt.

Just get up here, James.

Ouch. My balls.

It's throbbing.

They couldn't even wait for me.
I'm only taking a short while.

Hurry up.

Hey! Stop!

Come here. Come here!

Come here.

Them three?

You two!

Can you hear a woman crying?

-Go check it out.

Us two again?


Help me!

-Biew, let's go.
-Let's go.

Hurry up.
What are you waiting for?

Open the damn door.

-Why don't you do it yourself, Nick?
-Because I'm telling you two to.

Help me!

Net, I'm afraid.

Don't be afraid.

-I think it sounds familiar.
-I wonder who.

Open it.

Help me.


A woman...

-about to go into labor.

Guys, quick! Come help her!

-Help me!

A baby! A baby!

Hey. Come in.

She's a person, not a ghost.

-Help me!
-Calm down, lady. Just breathe deeply.

Breathe, lady, breathe.

Hand me a cloth!

Hurry up. Bring one!

-This one?
-Any one would do! Quick!

What next?

-I've seen it in a movie?

-Let her hold on to a cloth.
-Okay. Cloth...

I'm in pain!

Breathe deeply.

-James, hurry!
-Hold on to this!

James. Hang it up.

-Hurry up.
-Help me!

Calm down, lady.

-What? What's wrong?

-I'm in pain!
-Pull on it, lady!

-Hurry up!

It's too short.

Go get more! Extend it!


It needs to come down lower.

We need hot water.

Go boil some water.

-Net. Brian. Go boil some water.

-Brian, it's dark.
-Here's a lamp.

Found it.

Hurry up with the cloth.

Lady, hold on to this.

One, two, three...

Hey, let's look.

Take a look.

-Take a look.

No baby!

Boil it now.

-Jam, hand me some wood.

-Go get the water.
-One more time, lady. One...

two, three...

She's pushing.

Jesus! Who farted?

Stinky as a skunk!

Lady, why did you fart?

She didn't fart. You did!

-Whatever. Let's help her first.
-Help her.

Lady, breathe deeply.

-Breathe deeply.
-I'll do it. Let me do it.

I'm good at delivering babies.

-Hand me some wood.

It even has a big belly.

Hurry up!

-Let's continue.
-Hurry up, you guys!

Are you okay, Brian?

-Help the lady. Hurry.
-Help the lady.

The water's not hot yet.

James, go check.

Is the water ready?

Hey! Is it ready yet?

The lady's about to die, dammit.

-Let me do it.
-Hurry up!

Hey, let me do it.

-Give it here.
-Just decide who's doing what already!

One, two, three...

James! James!

Just go.

Hey! Is it ready?

How is she?

The water's almost ready.
Is the baby out yet?

-Not yet.
-Hey, lady...


-Is the water ready?
-You go watch it boil.


-Lady? Lady?
-How's it going?

-The water's ready.
-James, check her breath.

She's not breathing.

-She's dead!
-She's dead.

Let's get out of here! Let's run!

Let's run!

She's dead!

James, wait.

Someone's coming.

Find somewhere to hide. Come on.

-Mom! Where is it?
-We're almost there.

There it is. There.

Let's walk faster then.

-Walk faster.

Who are we hiding from?

From these two who are going upstairs.

-Those two ladies?
-Yes. Shut up before they hear you!

Nak, I'm here. I'm here now, Nak.

Mom, go boil some water.

There's some here.
Someone broiled some water already.

I want boiled water, not broiled water.

-Well, it's right here.
-Yeah, yeah.

Nak. Hold on to this cloth.


When I tell you to push, you push.

What should we do next?

We go home.

-James, you chicken.

Okay. Push.




-Nak is dead.

Nak is dead?


Get in!

-Hurry up!
-Let's go.

-Hurry up!
-Go forward!

Biew, hurry up!

Biew! Biew!

-Hurry up!

Why are we back here again?

It won't go...

Damn, I can't take this anymore.

-Get out of the way.

Get out of the way.


Nick. Take it easy.

Mae Nak!
Why don't you throw something at me?

I've paddled three rounds now!

If you're so powerful
then throw something!

That's all you got?

Got any more?

If yes, then show your powers!

Ghost! Ghost!

Hey! Ghost! Nick! Hey!

Brian! James! Wake up! Nick!


Biew! Wake up!

What are you yelling about?

I'm trying to sleep.

Gawao, come here.

-Come over here.
-I cannot go...

Mae Nak...

Why are you down there? Come up here.

-I'm not going up there!
-James. Come up.


-I'm not going.


Are you Mae Nak?

You've never believed
that I was real, did you?

Yes, we did.

But this guy...


Assholes, putting all the blame on me.

Mae Nak.

Aren't you dead?

Last night we helped you give birth.
I've seen it with my own eyes

that you died.

If I were dead...

I wouldn't be sitting in front of you.

Granny Erb saved me in time.

Then why did you bring me here?

I want you to do me a favor.

I want you to go and find my husband.

He has been a soldier for many months now.
I'm worried about him...

-This is familiar.
-Find my husband

and tell him that I have given birth.
His name is Dum.

It's Dang!

As in "red."

That is the name.

Why don't you go?

I am a woman, not a man,
and my husband has gone to war,

-I cannot go look for him.
-This is familiar.


Are you willing to help me?

What if I'm not?

Do you want to go home

or stay here with me?

We'll help...


Do you know where to go?

That's right.

Follow this path in here.


James. Go get it.

Can you use someone else?

Net. Go get it.

-Go get it.

Brian! Go get it.


Go on. Quickly.

How would I know
which one is your husband?

My husband has a beard and a mustache.
His name is Mak.

-This is familiar too.
-You're familiar with everything.

Has a beard and a mustache.
His name is Mak.

Biew. James. Remember this.

My husband has a beard and a mustache.
His name is Mak.

-Let's go.

You cannot go looking like this.

And how are we suppose to look like?

Leave it up to me.

We've been walking for a while now
and still no battle field in sight.

Why're you complaining, James?
Maybe they've stopped fighting.

Brian, come walk over here.

-Why not?

I hate you.

Nick, my buddy,
when are we going to get there?

I think you're lost.

We've been walking for three periods
and we're still not there.

Stop whining so much.

And what is this "period," Biew?

Nick, James...

What's that?

Maybe it's a shooting star, Nick.

James, come here.

Get off me, Net.

I've never seen a bomb
this up close in my entire life.

It nearly landed on my head.

-But I've seen this before.

-Ratchaprasong bombing.
-What the hell are you talking about?

There are dead bodies in here.

I know how we can find Mak.

Hey! Let's go!

Let's go find Mak!

We should hide here for now.

Wait until they've all killed each other,
then we'll go and find Mak.

What the hell did you make me wear?

Good idea, Nick, my buddy.


Let's go!


You two, go check over there.

I'll keep watch here.

-Why aren't you coming?

I said I'll keep watch here.





Son of a bitch!

Biew, go look.

Someone with a beard and a mustache.

-Does he have any?
-Nope. Neither does he.

What a mess.

Biew, come here.

Not this one.

-He's dead. Is he dead?
-Not yet.

-You chink!

Easy! Easy! Easy!

I'm Thai! I'm Thai!

Nick. Biew.

-What is it?
-This guy has a beard and a mustache.

-Let's take a look.
-Let's go.


Yeah, let's go. Drag him along. Quick.

Don't... Aren't you afraid of guns?

-Let's push it.
-Brian, help me.

No. Push, Nick, push.

-What's wrong with you, Brian?
-What's wrong with you?

Here, I'll help.

-Hurry up.

Back off! Biew! Biew!

Come on, guys. Quick.

-Be careful.

Back off. Back off!

-Just leave them. Come on.
-Biew, let's go.

-I'm out of here.

Hey! We're on the same side!

Don't shoot! We're on the same side! Biew!

Go away! Hurry up! Quick!


Put your back into it.

One, two, three, go!


-James, push.

-A novice ghost.
-What kind of ghost dresses like a monk?

-Is there a problem?

Help us, please. We have an injured man.

Follow me.

-We have a place to sleep now, Biew.
-Yeah. Let's go.

-Let's go.

-Did we forget something?

Shit! Go get him!

James, help me first. Right here.

One, two, three.

Let's go.

-Go on.
-Net. Brian. Push.

We're pushing.

Biew. James.
Which one do you think is Mak?

Probably not the first one.

-What about the second one?
-I don't think so.

I think the third one might be him.

Huge pecs.

I think it's this one.

James. There's no way. Take a good look.

Skinny as a crack addict.

No way it's him.

-I think it's this one.

Check out that six-pack.

Check out that face.

This is clearly Chan Nuat Keow.

Which one's Mak?

They've all got facial hair.


Bring Mak inside.

He is the most fatally injured.

Yes, Luang Por.

Novice, which one is Mak?






He's awake.

Who are you?

Your wife, Mae Nak, asked us

to find you.

My wife, Nak...

Is she...

Mak... Mak is dead.


Mae Nak will hurt you, Nick.

I am not dead.

What a relief.
You made me really scared there.

Your hair color is so beautiful.

Oh, I colored my hair...

when I prayed to you.

I want to thank you...

for helping me win the scholarship
to study in England.

Actually, I did not help any of you.

Each and every day, many people come
to make a wish from me.

How can I help everyone?

I did not do anything.

You have your own perseverance.

Mae Nak, so you and Mak love each other
enough to die for one another?

Mak loves me so much...

You smell so sweet.

From dawn until dusk...

You smell so sweet.

He would not let me doing anything else.

You smell so sweet.

Let us just not eat at all.

When I was pregnant,
Mak had to join the army.

You smell so sweet.


So I had to be all alone.

-Can you remember what James said?

If you want to know
if she's a ghost or not...

you must stand on your hands.

Look in between your legs.

This way, you'll see.

James would never lie.

-Let's do it.

two, three.


I see nothing.

Can't you see her giving Gawao a haircut?

I'll do it. You're useless.

One more time.

Can you see it, Tape?


-If this one fails, I'll chew James out.

I'll try one more time. Hold my legs.

One, two, three...


What do you see?

Where did Mae Nak go?

Where did she go?

How about that? You see?
James never lies.

Told you so. James never lies.

Hey, you.

Hey, you.

Was it you who Nak sent to find me?

That's right, Mak.


Watch your leg.

Nick's back.

Nick. James.

-How are you guys?

Nearly didn't make it.
Good thing that I'm such a boss.

And... that's...

-Mak, right?
-Of course.

Mae Nak. They've brought Mak back.

-Mae Nak's in her room?










Enough already.

Nak, I missed you so much.
How are you?

You smell so sweet.

I love you so much.

I want you.

-Right now?

Damn you, Biew!



You told me to stand on my hands.
I tried it and saw nothing.

-Did you do it wrong?

I did it right. I really saw nothing.

Live show...


-What does that mean?


James! Did you see what I saw?

Mak is making love to a...


-I saw it vividly.
-Now is our chance.

While Mak and Mae Nak are getting it on,
we can escape.

-Let's go.

How are you going, Nick?

I haven't seen the boat for many days.

That's right. I haven't seen it.

-Man, let's just go check.
-Yeah, let's go.

There really is no boat.

What now?

Let's go search for one. Come on.

-Make way.

Make way. Move. Move.

Which way next?

Go grab a lamp and follow me.

James, go get the lamp.

Hey, you guys, go get it.

-Nick, wait for me.
-Go get it.

Jam, take one.

Guys, wait for me.

Hurry up.

Hurry up, back there.

I think it's Phra Kanong village.

But where's everyone?


Someone's coming.

Are they ghosts?

Ghost, my ass! Look, they're alive.

Auntie... where are you going?

I cannot stay any longer.
Nak haunts me every night.


Ghost of Mae Nak!

Ghost of Mae Nak.

I say we get going.
Mae Nak might follow us.

How could she follow us?

We just saw Mae Nak and Mak...

getting it on...
They're probably still at it.

Let's go. You guys keep your eyes peeled.

There might be a boat.

Let me go, Net.

-Hurry up.
-Why are you crying, Biew?

-Hey! Nick.

There's a boat under that house.

-Hurry up then.

James, you paddle.

You keep paddling.
No slacking off.

-Hurry up,

or Mae Nak will catch up.

Why are you so scared?

Mae Nak isn't mean at all.


-That's right, Nick.
-Do you want to see her get mean?

Go tell Mak that she's dead.
Then you'll get to see.

See what?

See that Mae Nak is mean.

-Where are you going?
-We're going home.

Mae Nak!

-Let's go.
-She's staring at us.

Hurry up!

-Paddle faster!
-Go, go, go...

I'm paddling fast!

Darn it, Mom.

There are so many paths to home,
but you always take me this way.

Oh, Granny Prig.


Mak. Have you been back long?

I just got back today.

-Do you know--

Nak, your wife, is dead.


How dare you say that?

If you weren't such an old crone,
I'd knock you out right here.


You saw that Nak is dead.
You saw it with your own eyes.

It's true, Mak. I saw it with my own eyes
that Nak...

-is already dead.
-You two talk trash about my wife.

I will knock you out!

You do not believe us?

-Then I am going.
-Granny. Granny...


It's Nak!


Gra... Granny...

Damn those two running their mouths...

My wife is still in the house.

How dare they lie that she is dead?


What is it, Prig?

Prig, you've left me.

Nak, you shouldn't have killed Prig.

-Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

-Hurry up! Let's go, James.
-Let's go!


How did Mae Nak's corpse bloat so fast?

I'm not a ghost. I'm human.

If you don't believe me, touch my flesh.

You go.

You go!

Stop arguing, you guys.


So is she human or a ghost?

She's human.

Hey! What's happening?

What's happening? Where's the ghost?

-Let me!

What are you waiting for? Run.

M... Mae N... Nak...

Do you know what not to say?


We shouldn't tell you
that Mak is dead, right?

We shouldn't tell you
that Mak is dead, right?

You morons. Move aside.

We shouldn't tell Mak
that you're dead, right?

If you know then hurry back to the house.


Come on, you morons.

Follow me, quick.

-Yeah, let's go.

Okay, let's go.

They're morons. I'm smart.

Biew! Biew!

-Time for breakfast. What?


Dang Phra Khanong!

Nick, are you rocking the cradle?

I'm not rocking it!
It's doing that on its own!

Biew. James. Go take a look
if Dang Phra Khanong is in the cradle.

-Hurry up.

-Go on. Go look.

-Go on.

Hurry up.

Me again.


Why don't you come with us?

Yeah. Nick, you go.

I'll stay here.

-Fine. Let's go.
-Let's all go.

-It stopped.
-Go on.

Let's go.

What's going on?


Dang, your baby...

-rocked the cradle on its own.
-The cradle rocked on its own.

My baby is adorable.

Isn't that right, Dang?

How could he do that?

Oh, where did you go to last night?
I looked everywhere for you.

-We went for a run...

We went for a run...


Where did we go?

-Where did we go?
-That place.

Yeah! That place!

-That place!
-Yeah, that place.

Around here!

When will you let us go home?
I already found Mak for you.

Why are you in a rush to leave?

I know that you don't want to leave yet.
Isn't that true?

Right. We don't want to go home.

Good. Stay and have dinner with me first.

This evening, I'll make you chili paste.

Chili paste?

My wife's chili paste is the best
in Phra Kanong.

Last time I had some, I...

For seven days and seven nights.

-You smell so sweet.
-Enough already.

I am very tired.

Last night must've been rough.

But last night,
Prig lied to me that my wife is dead.

Do you believe her?

Dead. Dead.


Not dead. Who said dead? Not dead.

Not dead.

If anyone lies about my wife...

I will kill them.

I am going to go gather some vegetables
and fish for you all.

Who will come with me?



I shall hurry back.

Hurry up and follow me.

-Come on. Quick.
-Let me go first!



You do not need to go.

Stay and play with my son,
Dang Phra Khanong.

What now?

Let's go take a look.


Tell him.

No way. I'm afraid.


Tell Mak.


-What is it?
-Mae Nak...

is home!

-She's home.
-Why are you telling me this?

I just wanted to let you know she's home.

Why are you guys afraid? I'll show you.

I'll tell him.

Okay. Do it.

-Good. Good.

-What's going on with you guys?


the fish is there!

Gawao, you nincompoop!

That hurt.

I though you had the guts.


Who's he?


-What is it?
-Do you know

that Granny Prig is dead?

Why are you telling me this?

Because your wife, Nak, killed Prig.

-How dare you say that?
-Mom, my sister,

saw it with her own eyes
that Nak killed Prig!

You watch your mouth, Kham!

Mak! Don't!

Biew... the knife dropped.

No! Don't. Wait! Take it easy!


If you keep on accusing my wife,
I will knock you right out!

Well, your wife is really dead!

Mak! Fight again! Go for it!

Elbow him! Go for it!

Where are you running to, Kham?

Your wife is really dead.


-Mak... are you okay?
-James, go check.

Are you okay?

I'll tell you the truth...

your wife is already dead.

It's true.

I have nothing to do with this.

Mae Nak, she's dead.

I mean...

Mae Nak is dead.

Mak, I'll prove it to you tonight
that Nak is a ghost.

-Let's go.
-Yeah, I know.

-Hey, bring the vegetables and fish.

-He's so heavy.
-Hurry up.

Mak has dropped...

Here, it's done.

Mak, who did you hair? It looks good.

My buddies Nick, James,
Biew, and Gawao did it.

How do I look?

Do not ask me.
No man is ever as handsome as my husband.

See? See?

Have you all showered and changed?

Of course, my lovely wife.

You smell so sweet.

Better not. I am very tired today.

I have to go downstairs to grill the fish.


Once the fish is cooked,
my chili paste should be ready.

Go grill the fish. Go on.

Nick, Gawao, my buddies...

It's too late for you.

You two stay and help me
make the chili paste up here.

Make the chili paste?

Okay. Okay...

Hurry up. Come here.

Come over here.

Mak, I've seen the movie, Nang Nak.

-What movie?
-Just trust me.

When ever Mae Nak makes chili paste,
she would drop a lime,

then she would reach for it,

and you, Mak, would know
that Mae Nak is a ghost.

-But it has to be a lime and nothing else.
-Yeah, this is familiar.

I've seen the movie too.
He's right, Mak.

-Of course.

There are eight limes.

What should we do?

-Hand me a--


-Not lime.

I see nothing.

Only lime dropping.

Be patient!

How will I know that my wife... is dead?

The lime will come.

-Hand me a--
-Lime, right?


There it is!

What is it?

Here it is.

It's an eggplant.

The lime is here.

Then what was that?


It wasn't a lime.

Lime! Lime! Lime!

Lime! Lime!

-The lime has dropped.
-There's the lime.

Mak! Mak!

Mak! Mak! Mak!

-All out of lime!

-No more lime!
-Nothing here!

Only eggplants.

Then go fetch it.

Why don't you fetch it yourself?

Mak! Mak!


Nick! Nick--

Mak, look!

And it's gone...


We don't want it anymore.

You can have it.

You're lying about my wife.

My wife is so beautiful.
She is not like what you said.

-It's not like that!
-I'm not talking to you anymore.

Excuse us.

Mak! Mak! Mak!

-How can it be this way?
-I don't know?

What do we do next?

What is it, Luang Por?

Why have you come to see me?


-Who do you live with in this house?
-My son and my wife.

And where is your wife?

She's inside.

Mak, if you wish to know the truth...

make a wish and think of the Buddha

then look in between your legs...

and you will see the truth.


What is Mak doing?

Mak! Mak!

Mak! Mak!

Mak! Mak!

-Mak! Hurry up!

-Hurry up!
-Pull him out!

Why did you tell my husband?

We didn't tell him.

He found out himself.

What about under the house?

Under the house?

I don't know anything about that.
Right, James?

-Right... Yes, m'am.

Do you not wish to go home?

-Of course we do.
-We do.

How did you get here?

Why did you tell my husband the news?

Mae Nak, please calm down.

Mak already knows the truth...

Smile, Mae Nak, smile.


How about this?

The three of us will cheer you up.

-Isn't that right, Biew, my buddy?

-Right, Nick, my buddy?

-Ready, James, my buddy?

Born ready, buddy.


Smile. Smile. Smile...

If you're ready, then lead.



-Oh, I get it. Go get Mak.
-Three, four...

You didn't like that?

No reaction.


Perform a single, buddy.

Ready, buddies?

-Three, four...

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Close to you my heart flutters.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce...

Nick. James. Where are you?

Brian. Grab the torch.


Got it.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

Bounce, bounce to the front.

I'm stuck.

My butt is stuck.

It's lit.

So where are we going?

Which way should we go?

Wat Mahabut.

Take me to Wat Mahabut.

Which way is that?

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

Let's go. Follow me.

Keep calm...

Hurry up.

-Which way?
-Which way is Wat Mahabut?

-Turn right!
-Turn left!

-What are you doing?
-Which way?

-I said turn left!
-Turn right!

-So which way exactly?
-Just go left, Brian.

-Come on. Follow me, quick.
-Hurry up.

-Mak, are you all right?

-You morons. Be careful. Follow me, quick.
-Hurry up.


-Nick, wait for me.
-Hurry up then.

Hurry up, Biew.

-Nick! James!
-What? Hurry up.

Wait for me!

Hey, buddies! You abandoned me! Help me!

What should we do, Nick?

Help me!

-Always causing trouble.
-Hurry up.

Why didn't you run?

-What do we do, Nick?
-Hold the basket. I'll pull.

-Hurry up!
-Dammit, Biew.

One, two, three!

Son of a bitch...

Get inside the chapel!

Biew, wait for me!

Wait for me!

Hurry up.

I've never seen this place before.

Hey! There's Wat Mahabut. Let's go, quick.

Yeah. Let's go.

There it is.

Mak. Mak.

Mak. Mak. Mak.

Mak. Wake up, Mak.

Mak. Mak. Mak.


Where have you brought me?

It's Wat Mahabut, Mak.

Why are there no monks?

That way.

Luang Por!


What happened?

Nak is dead.

Nak is dead.

Nak is dead.


You're all monks.

Why are you so afraid?

You're going to pull my robe off.

What are you...


What did you say?
I don't... understand.

What are you going to do?

If I knew,

why would I come to you?

Do not raise your voice.

Nak is your wife.

Why do you fear her?

I did not fear her when she was alive.

But now that she is dead,
I am scared as a mouse.

Keep your composure.

Mak, you have put us in trouble again.

But it's okay...

You are still a pupil of mine.

I will help you.

Monks. Novices. In position.

In position!

Get ready. Go get the holy thread.


Why did you bring me into this chapel?

This is where Mae Nak wouldn't dare enter.

Are you sure, Nick?


Are you sure, Nick?

Of course, I'm sure.


Join me.

Right away, buddy.

-Can I come over too?

James, you just stay there.


Just stay here, okay?

I have to go, buddy.


Take care, James, my buddy.

You can enter...

What a smart cookie.

Why did you stop?

Biew! Biew!

James! Go inside! Go back inside!

What do we do now?

What do we do?

You want to haunt us?

That'll teach you. Biew. James. Let's go.

Nick! Wait for me! Nick!

Master, watch your steps.

Watch your steps, master.



Nak's grave is on this side.



We don't need to fear anymore.
Nak can't follow us anymore.

We've tied her up at the chapel.

It's true.

M... M...

M... Mae Nak!

How did she get here?

Stop. Stop. No more chanting.


It's not that I'm scared of you...

but you are a ghost. Why entangle yourself
with human affairs?

You are a monk.
Why don't you mind your own monk business?

Do not intrude into my marriage!


Watch your mouth.

Or do you want to scrap?

I do not have any sap.
Can you speak clearly?

I said scrap!


Or do you want to boink?


What does "boink" mean?

Ask the person next to you!

What does "boink" mean?

-Also "scrap."
-To bump.

If you need to take a dump
then just go on the cross beam!

-No, it's "bump."


-You are being insolent.
-Buzz off!

I am not trying to intrude...
but your husband dragged me into this.

You like to poke your nose
into people's affairs!

I will kill everyone here!


Luang Por! Luang Por!

Sire Luang Por.

Kham brought a ghost hunter
to Nak's grave.

She is gone.

Ghost of Nak is very powerful.

Kham! Do you know
who Nak loves the most?


Anyone else?

And her child.

Hurry to her home and bring her child.

If he resists...

put this amulet around his neck.

The rest of you dig up Nak's corpse!

Come on. Hurry up.

James. Hurry up, moron.


Where is my wife?

She is over there.

Why have you stopped?

Mak asked me a question, Luang Por.

Speed up.

Luang Por!

What is it?

Wrong way, sire.

Then lead the way.
We're wasting time.

Come or we will be late.

Hurry up, guys. Come on.

You are quite powerful for a little baby!

Hurry up. Careful, James.

Faster, novice...

-or we will be too late.
-Yes, sire.

Hurry up. Follow me.

There they are.


-Dang, my son!

-Hold this for me.

Where is everyone? Where have they gone?

Luang Por! Are you okay?

Dang, my son!

Kham, how dare you!

Dang, my son!

-Stay way!

Perhaps we need to cast a spell.
All of you chant the salutation thrice...

to send her our thoughts a prayers. Quick!


I really want to know where you are from.

From an election, sire!

You want to challenge me, Nak?

-I cannot take this any more.
-Where are you going, Luang Por?

-We're actually playing rough?


I can play rough.

Come at me, bro!

Come at me!


Thanks, babe.


Brian, let's go.

-Piggyback ride?

Both of you can go to hell!

You think that someone like you
can save Nak?


Kham, let me go!





Can you hear me?

Come out!

If no one is home, burn it all down!

Burn it! Burn it!

Burn it!

Burn it! Burn it!

Go on! Burn it!

I have done nothing to you!

Why must you intrude into my affairs?

Nak, you are a ghost!

You intrude into human affairs.
You have killed people.

Today, I will burn your house
to the ground.

Burn it! Burn it!

I live with my son and my husband!
I have never taken a life!

But you bastards...

want to take my son and my husband
away from me!

Today, you have come
to burn down my house!

If I cannot live in peace...

then from now on, neither will any of you!

-Stop right here, novice.
-Yes, sire.

Oh, Nak...

You should not have left me so soon.

Don't sulk, Mak.
She's in a better place now.

Oh, Nak...


The venerable monk

would like all of you to back away
from this place at this moment.

No one may enter until he has finished.

Yes, sire.


get up and talk to me.

Laywoman Nak...

Why have you attacked people like that?

I have not attacked anyone first.

But they bullied me and Dang first.

Dang is only a small child...

yet they heartlessly hurt him.

They have also burned down my house.

I only wish to be with my husband.

I never wanted to harm anyone.

You have accumulated a very bad karma.

You cannot live with humans.


Yes, sire.

Layman Mak,
the venerable monk wants you to enter.

Yes, sire.




Oh, Mak...

From now on, I will not be able to stay
and care for you.

Dang and I are ill-fated.

Though death may do us part...

it could not take away my love for you.

Dang and I must say goodbye to you now.

I must go meditate with the venerable...

until my bad karma has been eliminated.

Oh, Nak...

This lifetime...

the two of us must have
very little merit together...

so our time together was short.

In the next life...

we must be man and wife again, Nak.


Layman Mak, please go. It's time.




I must go soon.

Take care of yourself.

You as well, Mak.

You must not cry.

I will take good care of myself.


Take care of yourself!

I will return soon!

Layman Mak must also come with me.

Why so, Luang Por?


Yes, sire.

Come, help me, please.

Tong. Oil. Go help.

Go on.

Do you remember nothing?

Look back at all the events.

I am here to bid you goodbye
before going to war.

Take good care of yourself.

From this moment on,
karma will lead your destiny.

No one may change it.


if you wish to know the truth...

make a wish and think of the Buddha...

then look in between your legs...

and you will see the truth.

Am I dead, venerable monk?

Are you not aware that ghosts
and humans cannot live together?

That's Mak.

-He really is dead.
-When did he die?

Nick... Mak really is dead.



Let's go. Let's go, quick.

Mae Nak.

What is it?

We apologize for disrespecting you...

and for not believing
in your love for Mak.

Please forgive us.


You shall travel safely to your homes.

Yes, ma'am.

Mae Nak.

About my exams...
will you help me?


All you have to do is study hard enough.

Man... Study hard.

Mae Nak.

Want a blanket?

Want a blanket?


How are we getting home?

-That's right.
-How are we getting home?

Nick, try asking Mae Nak.
Wake her up. Come on.

Mae Nak.

Mae Nak.

-She won't wake up.

If she won't get up...

then how are we going home?

Good question.

Luang Por, please take us home.

Do you remember nothing?

-Where did we come from?
-Good question.

From the port in front of Mae Nak's house.


Let's go home!

Let's go home!

Let's go. Quick.

Hurry up.

Come on. Let's go home.

Hey! Nick!

Nick! Let's go home!

Let's go home! Quick!

Nick, wait for me.

What's going on?

How do we get home, Nick?

There's the boat!


-Let's go.
-Jam, you go first.

You guys go ahead.

Just jump in.

-Are you ready?

Then let's go. Let's go home.

Let's go. Let's go home.

We're going home!


-Let's go.

Biew! Wake up! Biew. James. We're here!

Come on. Wake up!

-What's with you?
-Wake up!

-We're here!
-What's wrong with you, Nick?

We're here!

-Where are we?
-Wake up!

We're home! James, keep paddling!

Subtitle Translation by:
Nantawan Riddell



-James, my buddy!
-Nick, my buddy!

Come. Come with me.

Come on, James, my buddy.
Come with me.

Come on, buddy.

-Come on, Biew, my buddy.

-Come on, Biew, my buddy.

Say it like you're begging.



Not yet.


Wait. One more footage. Action.

-Ghost, my ass.
-Not yet.

I said it first again?

-Pulling my leg.

What van is this?

He peed on me.

I had...

-Last time I tasted it, I...

New Phra Khanong.

All right, all right. Okay.

-Can you believe her?

-I am still angry.
-Say Prig, too.


-Last night, Prig--
-Not the right tone.

-Last night, Prig...

Last night, Prig lied about me.

-Again. Again.

I can't remember my lines.


-Last time I had some.

-Last time I had some, I--

But last night, Prig lied to me that...

But last night, Prig...

How can you just resay it?

How will they cut it?

We're doing behind the scenes.

I'm not trying to intrude.

I'm not trying to intrude.

I am not trying to intrude.
Your husband did. Action.

-I'm not trying to intrude.

-I'm not trying to intrude.

-I'm not trying to intrude.

"Am not."

I'm not trying to intrude.
I'm not trying to intrude.

Am not. I am not trying to intrude...

but your husband dragged me into this.

-I'm not trying to intrude...
-I am not.


I am not trying to intrude...
but your husband...

dragged it to me... Dragged me into this.

I'm not trying to intrude...
but your husband dragged me into this.


I'm not trying to intrude...
but your husband dragged me into this.


Wait. Cut. Cut.

Let's not shoot.

Last night must have been rough.