Make Me Shudder (2013) - full transcript

A group of student want to challenge themselves by entering the most haunted building of their school, which is forbidden.

Hey. We're here.

Hurry up, you guys.

Here it is. The red-stair house.

Are the two of you...

coming in with us?

I don't think so.

Look at the atmosphere. Super spooky.

What are you scared of?

I've been to this house before.

There's nothing.

-What about you?
-I'm not going in. You're going in, Oil?

-I better not go in.

I'm recording this as evidence.

-What the fuck are you recording, Biew?
-You two.

You're not going in?

Then I'll go.

-Nick, wait for me.
-Hurry up then.

You'll see. Come on.

-Hey. Wait for me.
-Hurry up.

-Is this for real?
-Yeah. This is for real.

-It's so desolate here.
-You're right.

Damn. How can it be this creepy?

-Wait, Nick!

-Tell me if you see something.

I'll let you know.

Can you just keep it down?

It's so fucking eerie in here.

Here it is. The red-stairs.

They really are red.

Curious about its history?

This place's history...


-You really want to hear it?

The owners of the house
fought over something,

and fell down!

Brains everywhere.

Brains everywhere?

Super terrifying.

Shit! You scared me.

-Get that flashlight out of your face.
-Come on. Hurry.

I said don't be afraid.
If I see a ghost, I'll beat it up.

-What a bruiser.
-That's not all.

That's not all?

Every year, people would come
and hang themselves here.

You better be careful if you're slow.

What the hell is wrong with you?


-Should we go in?
-I say we go back.

Hey. They're your friends.

Let's go take a look.

The second floor is creepier
than the first floor. Shit.

-It's here!

-It's a ghost?
-Ghost my ass.

I think it's in this room
that people hanged themselves.

Follow me, and watch your steps.

Slip and your brains would splash.

Let's go.

Let's go back.

It's probably nothing.

-It's all in your head.
-It's not in my damn head!

I know you heard it too,
or else you wouldn't turn around.

Come on. Follow me.

Turn on the flashlight.

Which way?

-I think it's this way.
-I heard it from this way.

Hurry up, James.

What a slowpoke.


-Where are you taking me?
-In this room...

someone hanged herself here.

Super scary.

Stop whining, James.

-That's Biew, not me.
-It's you.

James, why are you shaking?

I'm just cold.

-That's the owner's bed?
-How should I know?

-What the fuck do you want?


Why not James?

-You do it.
-You do it.

Shit. Just do it already.

Why are you shaking?

Sacred monk charm, please help me...


Jesus what? I'm doing it.

I think I've found it.

-Found what?



Why are you telling me this?

Well, you said I should tell you
if I saw something.

You don't need to tell me anything!

Where is it?

Up there.


You look.

-Why don't you look yourself?
-I'm busy...

poking this.

You look.

I'm also busy.

I'm praying.

Why are you messing around right now?

Look at the same time.




It's only me.

-What did you find?
-A ghost!

-That way!
-This way!

What the hell are you afraid of?
She's a cutie.

You morons.

Nick, you asshole! Why did you bring it?

What the hell are you afraid of?

She's a cutie.

She's got quite the moves.


James. The semester's done.
What do you want?

-About what?
-The thing we talked about.

Why did you stop? You forgot?
Or are you chicken?

What do you mean, chicken? Let's go.

I thought you were chicken.
That night you ran the fastest.

I was regrouping,
so I can go back and help in time.

You guys just don't get me.

-Benz, I have something to show you.

-That other night.

I was there. I brought these two...

-but they waited outside.

I even have evidence for you. Here.

-Pale as a ghost.
-Hello, teacher.

Weren't you scared?

Me? I'm never scared.

Not scared my ass!
Your scream was loud as hell, Biew.

That was James. All him.

So what about tonight?

Just wait for those two.
Nick has everything planned.

Here they come.

Hey. Are you guys ready for tonight?

-Yes. Ready.
-Me too.

And you?

-Yeah. Whatever.
-Just don't mess with my bangs.

-I'm ready.
-Here's the plan.

Listen to me.

Okay. Okay.

You guys follow my plan.

It goes like this.

-All clear. Let's go.

There's no one.

-Where are you guys going?

What about tonight? You're not coming?

-No. I'm scared.
-Me too.

Scared of what?


-Where are you going?

What about our plans?
You're not coming?

-No. I'm scared.
-Me too.

Scared of what?

-Goodbye. We have to go.

Come with us.

I'm not going. I haven't told my mom yet.

-Give me her number. I'll call.
-But she speaks English.

James. You call.

Shit. Just give me the dirty work.

Let's go.

-I'm not going.
-Let's go.

-Hurry up.

Do you know why we're not allowed
to enter this building?

-Because the doors are locked?
-Locked my ass. It's becasue someone died.

-It was a 12th grader.
-A girl?

Our school's boys only, stupid.

Couldn't make admission. Stressed out.

-So he went up to that corner on the roof.
-Must be the second floor.

I said roof!

He jumped.

Hit his head.
Bashed one side of his skull in.

-Is he disabled?
-He's dead!


-He's dead?

I'm going to take you all in to see.

Hey! Any ghost who thinks he's powerful...

like, an uber-scary one,


and my friends...

and friends of my friends...
will go in to let you haunt us.

Lord Buddha, please protect me.

-Lord Buddha, please protect me...
-What's with you, Brian?

This is uber-scary.

Uber your dad.

-You're insulting my dad?

-I'm telling my mommy.
-Go ahead.

-Is it a ghost?
-Ghost my ass. Hurry up.

Hurry up.

Hurry up.

You guys are shaking so much.
Is it really that scary?

What are you two moaning about?


Hurry up, you guys. Follow me.

We're here. This is the entrance.

Nick... Are we really going inside?

-Why? You're scared?

-Have you... yet?

-Have you... yet?

Have you... yet?

What permission?

This one. The sign says so.

Do not enter before given permission.

Come here, boy.

-Permission your dad.

-You're insulting my dad's friend?
-Friend's dad.

I'll insult yours too, Brian.

-I'm telling my mommy.
-No need to tell her.

I bet she knows already.

-Let's go.


-Where are you going?
-What are you doing?

What's up with you, Brian?

-Worshiping the Buddha.
-This is a spirit house.

Brian. What are you chanting?

I'm praying.

That's not a prayer.
That's the five precepts.

What about you guys? Not joining him?

-What's up?

Remember the spirit house you trashed?

You want me to trash this one?

The spirits in that one followed us.


Where did they go?


-Between those two buildings.
-There's nothing there.

Yes, there is.

-Are you really going in, Nick?
-Why else would I be here?

Ghosts! Get ready to haunt!



-Hurry up.

This place may have some sort of energy.

Stop setting the mood.
We're scared enough as it is.

Biew. Say this,
"Come out! I want to see you!" Say it.

-Why has it got to be me?
-It's got to be you!

-There are four or five others.
-You say it. Quick.

-I want to see you.

-I want to see you.

-I want to see you! Come out!

Maybe tonight... all of us...
will feel the presence of some spirits.

Stop it, Nick.

Stop it, James. What's up with you?

I saw... Up there. I saw...

Where? What did you guys see?

-Then why did you scream?

We just joined in.

Get up, all of you.

-I really did see it.
-Get up. Quick.


Next time you see something,
don't tell us.

-I really did see it.
-Just hurry up.

Hurry up.

You're breaking things.

I will lead you guys upstairs.

You ghosts upstairs!
My friends and I are coming up!

Nick! Can I stay here?

Will you come up willingly,
or should I drag you by the ear?

-Fine, I'll come up.
-We're coming!

Hurry up.

-Hey! Who pulled me?
-What the heck is up with you?

-What is that?
-It's nothing.

You guys are so scared
that you're seeing things.

Seeing things my ass!

-You said there's nothing, Nick!
-It's all in your head.

Let's go.

James, help me.

-Come on in.
-Nope. We're scared.

You guys want to see me, right?

Wait for me!

James! What are you doing there?

My legs won't go!

I said open!

I said open!

Let's go, Biew!

Help me!

Wait for me!

Wait for me!

My shoe!

Let go!

Let go! Let go!

Let go! Let go!

Nick! Wait for me!

Where are you going? Down here.

I'm scared.

-Where's James?
-Forget him.

Help! Help me!

Mr. Saman, can you hear kids yelling?


Why haven't these kids gone home?

How about I go and take a look?

Good. I'll come with.

Sure. After you.

-Where did James go?
-I don't know!

-Where are they?
-I don't know where they went!

-Help! Help me!

On your left!

-I don't see shit!
-On my right!

-Come on. Hurry!
-The door's locked.

It won't open.


-Help me.
-Hurry up!

-Hurry up. This way!
-This way!

He's coming.

It's uber-scary!


You're acting was amazing.
Where did you learn that?

Of course, it was amazing.
I'm the king of acting.

Biew wasn't bad either.
That scream was like, damn!

How can I let James up stage me?

But I saw him go really pale.
Screamed like a little girl.

What about that ghost?

Oh yeah. Hey, James.

Where'd you get the mushy-headed-ghost?
He looked so real!

Did you see it? The brain was oozing,
and oozing...

down this side...

-So real.
-But I didn't hire him.

It had to be Nick.

-It's a double trick.
-I didn't hire him.

I didn't hire him!



and I...

didn't hire anyone.

Then who?

James! Is this a prank or is it for real?

It's for real!

It's an abandoned building!
Who would take a shit here at this time?

Biew, go take a look.

-Me again?

-I'm too scared.

Here I go.

-I'm actually going now.
-Just hurry up.

There's nothing in here.

You're right... There's nothing.

Shit. You two love me so much, huh?

Typical. Biew,
I told you there was nothing.

Can't you see? Empty stall.

Why so scared?

But I really heard it.
James, Nick, you guys heard it too.

Or else why would you scream?



it was the senior who jump--


Now he's quiet.

Let go.

Let go!

Let me go.

-I say we get out of here.
-Let go...

-You're leaving your friend behind?
-Let go...

I'm not leaving him behind.
I just have to go regroup.

I'll count to three. Then, run.






-Which way should we go?
-What should we do?

What now?

There's a ghost this way too.


Are you okay?

I think he's possessed.

Go hold him down. Help hold him down.

I'll do it.

-Nick, hold this.

You guys, hold him down.

-Hurry up.

Demon. Be gone!

Be gone!

Be gone!

Be gone!


-What did he say?
-He said "bastard."



-What did he say?
-He said he's got epilepsy.

-Find something to shove into his mouth.
-I'll do it.

-Hurry up.
-Is he okay?

Hold him.


Really? You're really doing this?

Hold him down.

-James. Stop squeezing so hard!
-It hurts!



Take your bangs back!

Help me adjust my bangs first!


Oil, let me go!

Let me go!

Bit so hard I'm bleeding. Bastard.

-Which way?
-That way!

Where's Oil?


-We should help Oil!
-Wait for me!

-Let's go help him.
-That's right. Oil.

Wait. Let's go help him first.

Go ahead...

-The noise must have come from this way.

I think it's upstairs.

How about this?

Mr. Saman, you check upstairs,
and I'll check downstairs.


Be careful.

Thank you.

-Oil. Hey. Where's Oil?


-Oil, where are you?

-Oil, where are you?

-Maybe he already went downstairs.
-Yeah. Let's go find him.


It's locked.

What now?

Hey. I'm out of juice.


I shouldn't have come with you.
You son of a bitch.

-Nick. He called you a bitch.
-I can hear.

He said "son of a bitch" not bitch!

I bet it's all fine now.

What are you so afraid of?
Look at James. He's fine.

Nick. Let me in.

-Why did you have to bud in?
-I need warmth.


Help me!

What's going on?

-Pull him down!
-I'm pulling.

-Help him!
-Why aren't you helping?


-Help me.
-Come down.

I'm holding. Can't you see?

Bring me down.

Help me, please.


Did you guys see what I saw?


He's behind us, isn't he?

I'm not sure.

Then I'll count to three,
and we all turn to look.



Three! Can you see anything?

Why didn't you turn?

I'm scared!

Scared of what?

Biew! Hurry!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

My face.

Ouch! My leg. Ouch!

-Hurry up!
-Come on!

Let's go.

Help me!

Hey! Wait for me!

Biew and James, wait for me!

Hey! Biew!


Help me first!

Why do you have pull so hard?

-Why are you holding me?
-Didn't you want to meet me?

You're the senior
who killed himself here, right?


-What did you do that for?
-I failed the admission.

-That's no reason to kill yourself.
-I was disappointed!

-What was your first choice for admission?
-Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital.

-Medicine at Siriraj...
-Second choice?

Medicine, Chulalongkorn University.

-And third choice?
-Medicine, Chiang Mai University.

-And fourth choice?
-Medicine, Thammasart!

In 12th grade,

-what was your GPA?

Dumbass! If I were you, I'd kill myself
back when I got my grades.

-What about your GPA?

-I got 0.58.
-No different.

You guys should come join me!

Get ready to join me.

-It's a dead end.
-Dead end!

-Biew! Why are you climbing?

-It's a dead end.
-It's a dead end.

-Hurry up. Run.
-Is this a dead end?

Biew, James, help me!

-The ghost!
-Biew, James, help me!

Help me.

No way! Ghost!


-Help me.
-No way. Ghost.


-Biew, why did you stop!
-Fuck you! I'm scared.

You're not going to help Nick?

I'm not going in,
unless you're all going too.




It's so dark.

Can't see anything.

-Biew, James, help me.
-Nick! Hurry!

-Come out!
-Come out. Hurry!

-Hurry up. Crawl over. Quick.

-Hurry up, Nick.
-I'm too scared to go there.

-Hurry up!
-Come over here!

-Just a little further.
-Nick. Hurry up.


Biew, I'm scared.


Biew, what do we do now?









-What's the matter with you?
-I'm hurt.



Where is he?

Hey! Let go of my friend!

That's enough.

Guys, hurry!


Hurry! Hurry!

What's all the commotion?

Hello, Miss.

Do you know that students
are not allowed in this building?

Yes, Miss.

Yes? Then why did you come up here?

You're challenging me?

-But there's a ghost downstairs, Miss.
-That's right.

What ghost?

-Then I'll go--

There's a ghost downstairs.

Miss, may we please stay with you tonight?

-Please, Miss.

If you want to stay here, follow me.


-I said follow me!
-Let's go, Brian.

-James. Who is this teacher?
-How am I suppose to know. Just walk.

Go on.

Net. Come on.

Why are you guys holding on to me?

Walk faster.

Wait in here for now.

In here, Miss?

That's right!

-Hurry up! Go inside!
-Yes, Miss.

It's so dark.


Why does she have to lock us in here?

Shit. It's so dark.


Would you guys rather be outside?

Eager to see the mushy-headed-ghost?

Hey, guys. Let's look for a candle.

My battery is almost dead.

Biew. James.

Go search over there.
Maybe there's a candle.

-James. You go.
-You go, Biew.

-Me again?
-Yes, you. Hurry up.

Hey. Light the way for me.


Biew. Be careful.

How am I supposed
to find something in the dark?

Why are you two standing around?
Go help him find it.

It's so dark I can't see anything.

Net. There's a light switch.
Go take a look.


Doesn't work.

You, check there.

Shit. It's my lucky day.
I found new shoes.

Found it!

What did you find?

-What is it?

Here's our candle.

Go fetch it.

Biew, come one. Go fetch it.

Quickly. Step on my hands. Hurry.

-Shit head! There are chairs everywhere.

Shit. I'm so scared I forgot. Quick.

Shit. How are we suppose to light it?

Biew, check up there for some matches.

Found it.

-James, hold this.

Hurry up already.

Maybe she's back to open the door for us.

Miss! Miss!

Miss! Miss!


Go over there.

I said go over there.


I said stop.

Just stay right here. Don't follow me.

I'm out of here!

Wait for me.

The dented-headed-ghost is staring at us.

James, what are you holding that for?
Give me the candle.

-Biew, where are the matches?

How did the fucking ghost get it?

-I don't know.

Go get it.

Stop whining! Go get them.

Hey... Can you just give them back nicely?

-Come at get them yourself.
-James. He told you to go get them.

He told you to go, bastard!

Then you two go.

Fucking no way!

-You then.
-No way, Brian. I'm scared.


Biew. Go get them.



Go on.

Can you give me the matches?

I want the matches, not your hand!

Please, give me the matches.



The matches dropped.

Then pick them up!

Promise you won't do anything?

I promise.

-Wait! It's only a temporary promise.
-Temporary is fine.

Time's up.

-Where are you, Oil?

-Where are you, Oil?

Oil! Oil is here.

Help me with him. Are you alright?

Oil, how did you get here?


Hold him up higher.

How are you, Oil?

-Are you okay?


Nick, what the hell are you doing?
Why don't you go to sleep?

I'm not sleepy.

-How about you?
-How do you expect me to sleep...

with this damn ghost staring at my face,

waiting for a chance to haunt me?


-Where are Oil and those guys?

They've disappeared.

You're right.
I think they've probably gone home.

There's a pillow.

Hey, you guys should get some sleep.
The teacher should let us out tomorrow.

If your friend has these symptoms again,
you can't just play around.

Find a spoon or something hard
for him to bite on.

Or else he might bite off his tongue.

-Yes, Miss.

Apart from you, are there others?

Miss Wanpen.

Come this way, please.
I need to discuss something


Just a minute.

You three remember,

don't go anywhere.

If the two of us aren't back,

you must stay in this room. Understood?

Yes, Miss.

Let's go.

Hey, Tape.

What's today?

What is it, Oil?

Can you find a calendar for me?

Benz, go look.

Is something wrong?

Are you okay?

-Any better?
-Here's a calendar.

Is something wrong?

The 10th...

with new moon...

Hey, you two,

remember the story I told you
at the dorm that night?

See the building next door?

-Paraminwittayakom building.

Don't tell me...

you're telling a...


-a ghost story!
-Of course, I am.

Don't be afraid, little one.

Daddy's here.

James, if you're scared,

you best carry your little one outside.

Fine. I will.

You're not stopping me?

Then I'm not going.

-This building--

You're really telling it?

This late at night?

-It's so scary at this time.
-Tape, you shit head.

What the hell are you scared of?

Have you seen the ghost hunt
in the show "Ghost Display"?

All of the homes that are haunted,

the three of us have treaded.

Are you going to listen?

This building was built in 1957.

It's 50 years old.

But the building you're seeing today
is a new building,

built on top of the old one.

And do you know why it's haunted?

A senior student,

grade 12...

was very good in school...
but couldn't make admission.

Thus, he decided to kill himself.

But that's not what I've heard at all.

They say...

before they demolished the old building...

some teachers killed each other
in that building.

And whenever it's an 8th night
of the waning moon...

or a new moon

someone would see that teacher
walking around the building.

People around there got so frightened.

Spooky, right?

Then, this next school break,
I'll take you all for an adventure.

Let's see whose story...

is the true story.

That means your story is true.


Tape, I say we leave.

But the teacher said to wait here.

Wait for what?

Then let's go tell Nick and the gang.

Let's go.



Where the hell are you guys?

I'm here.

Who gave you permission to enter?

Leave this place this instant!

And never return again!
Take your friends with you!


Hey, everybody!

Why won't you leave us alone?

Let me hit him. I'll hit him.

Wait! Stop!

I need to take this.

-Hello, Nick.
-What kind of ghost has a phone?

This isn't Nick.

-He's a northerner.
-May I speak with Nick, please?

Who's Nick?

I am.

It's for you.

-Hello, Nick. Where are you?

Why aren't you home by now?

Jenny? Hello?

Jenny. Hello?

It's dead.

Hey, ghost.

-How did you get my phone?
-I'm a ghost.

I can take your things when ever I want.

Want a flashlight?

I even have a lighter.

Quit babbling.


-beat him up!

I'll go get your mom to come play with.

-Why are you so scared?
-Son of a bitch!

Told you so.

There's no such thing as ghosts.

It's all in your head.

See? Told you so.
Ghosts don't exist. Chickens.

Give me that flashlight.
Let me see that face.

I knew you're not a real ghost.

I was just pretending.

-Son of a bitch!

Made me run all that distance.


-Guard him.


You made me run upstairs
and now I have to guard you.

Stop following me.
I'm going to take a piss.

Hold this.

Nick! The book opened by itself!

What kind of book opens by itself?

The wind blew it.

I saw it too, though.

It really did open by itself.
You're as crazy as he is.

The wind? What wind?
I didn't feel any wind.

-I really did see it, James.

Buzz off.

Did you see it, Biew?

Ghosts don't exist.

If I see one, I'll piss on it.

And if I don't see any,
I'll curse them all to eternal limbo.

If it's a child ghost, I'll punt kick it.

If it's a male ghost,
I'll piss on his damn face.

And for the female one, I'll rape her.
But give me a pretty one.

Nick! Is this her?

Nick! Is this her?

Miss Pannee Rattanawiset.

Birth: August 2nd,

01:02:18,880 --> 01:02:22,760
Death: July 13th,

01:02:24,720 --> 01:02:27,160
-She's definitely dead.
-Yeah, she's dead.

Hold this.

"The fighting of teachers
at Poramin School

lead to the death of teachers

in the classroom M. 6/5."

Does anyone know what room this is?

When we came in,
I saw that it was room M. 6/4.


What a relief.


Point the light to the photo again.


Who was that?

We don't want the teacher to hear.

Hey. Someone's coming.

How can she be here?
Let's get out of here.

Do you think it's her?

I think it has to be her.

What do we do?

What do we do? I'm scared.

There's a buddha image at the front.
Someone go get it.


Fine. I'll do it.

James, light the way for me.

And you guys find somewhere to hide.

Don't make a sound.

-Keep the light steady.

Come on. Hurry up.

Nick, hurry up.

-Just climb, or it'll be too late.
-I know.

-Are you okay?

M. 6/5

M. 6/5...

She's back.

Who wants to see me?

-Come here!

Let me go.


Stop it, Pannee. How much more
bad karma do you want.

Leave me be.


Was it you?

No, Miss.

-Then it was you!
-No, Miss. No, Miss...

Teacher, I'm sorry.

Nick, where's the Buddha image?

Who cares? Just get out of here.

I can't hear you!

Chant loudly.


-Still can't hear you!
-I'm scared, Miss.


You're trying to run from me?

Nick, what do we do?

You must come stay with me!
I am taking you with me!

You must come stay with me!
I am taking you with me!







What is this place?

-How did we get here?
-Who am I suppose to go and ask?

-Brian. Hey, Brian. Net.

-Tape, wake up.
-Oil, wake up.

Where the hell is this place?

What are you standing around for?
Follow me.


Where's Benz?

How am I suppose to know?

I say we should take a look inside.

-Maybe he's inside.
-Nick, wait for me!

Give me the flashlight!

Poraminwittaya School.

That's our school.

Nick, can you remember
the story I told you?

Some teachers killed each other
in this building.

We already met the teachers.

They are--

What are they?

They are teachers, Miss.

You know where this is, don't you?

I'll help you find a way out.

I will not let you leave!

How dare you challenge me?


-Please, stop.
-I will not!

These kids...

need a teacher like me!

Benz! Benz!

Stand back, kids.


Biew, hurry up!

-I'm gone!

Biew! Come on!

Excuse me, sir.


Help me.

Which way should we go?
This way or that way?

That way! Biew!

James, how did you get here?

I don't know either!

Look! My pants are all ripped.

Help me think, Chip the Ghost.

That's not my name. It's Mark.

I don't care if you're Mark or Moron!

Just help me think!

-What do you want from me?
-Just hurry up. They're coming.

Shit. What do we do?

You kids have never feared
or respected teachers, have you?

-Not true. We're scared to death of you.

You insulted me.
That's why you dared to come here.

-We didn't insult you, Miss--

Don't argue!

-I'm not arguing.
-This is called arguing.

Don't you even think
that I'll let you out of here so easily.

Teacher. Please don't hurt us.

I said don't argue!


Get out of here, kids.

That's enough, Pannee.

These kids are like your students.

These rascals are not my students!

They don't respect you...

because you're like this!

That's right, Pannee.
You have a bad temper.

That's why no one loves you.

Including you, Mr. Saman?


You can both die together then!

Hey. The ghosts are getting closer.

Where are they?

Hurry up! Hurry up!

Still needs blood.

The blood has dried out.

I didn't bring any extra.

Is that your toe? It's really bloody.

I can't reach!

You suck on it.

Suck it!

Hurry up.

Still not enough.

Suck again. Suck it.

-Is it realistic?
-It's super realistic.

-Go out and fight them!
-Hurry up.

Hey. Are they afraid of you?

You will fear me.

You will fear me!

Stupid ghosts.


Be careful, man.

Benz! Benz! Benz!


Is he dead? Benz!

He's not moving!

I think he's dead, man!


-Let's just go.
-Yeah. I say forget him.

-Forget him? Where are you going?
-I'm going home.

Go find Nick and the gang first.


Let go of me! Let go!

-I'm not dead! Help me.
-Benz isn't dead.

-Hurry. Help him, quick.

Help him up. Let's go. Hurry.

Mark, hurry up.

There are people here.

Why are they studying at night?

Are they going to be alright?

There they are. Let's go.

Why are you goons standing around?

Where were you?

-Save the questions. Let's just run.
-Let's go.


reads cu-ra-tor.

Write it down.

Where did the light come from? Go hide!

...reads de-struc-tion.

Write it down.

Students, leave the room.

I need to talk to Miss Wanpen.

Hurry up!

What's up with her?

How did Miss Wanpen get here?

She was just helping us.

You're right.


What is it, Pannee?

Are you having an affair with Mr. Saman?



It's not Wanpen's fault.

It's all on me.

That means you both admit
that you're having an affair.

No one loves you...
because you're like this.

Including you, Mr. Saman?


You love each other so much, don't you?

You can both die together then.


-Let go of me!

Mr. Saman!


Is this worth killing each other for?

So all the teachers are actually ghosts?

Miss Pannee!

Guys, follow me. I know the way out.

That way! Hurry!

Quick, follow me.

Is he okay?

-Your mouth...

Miss Pannee slapped me, silly.

Never mind that. Follow me.

You rascals! You think you can escape me?

Guys! There's the exit!


Let's go!

Please, don't hurt us.

Stop following us!

Is it you who disrespects your teachers?

No, Miss.

-Please don't hurt my friend. Hurt me.

Stay out of this!


Hurt me instead.

Kids who disrespect their teachers,
like you... deserve to die!

That's enough.

These kids have nothing to do
with your problem.

-Why don't you ever listen to us?
-Why should I listen to you?

Wasn't it you

who made me this way?

No matter what...
I will take these kids with me.

Don't you know...

that all that happened to you
didn't happen the way you thought.

You misunderstood it this whole time.

Think hard about the events on that day.

Are you okay, Miss Pannee?

-We're almost at your room.

We're here.

Wait here.

Thanks, kids. Miss Pannee should be okay.

-Yes, sir.
-Let's go.

Let's go, Mr. Sombat.

Mr. Sombat is dead.

Mr. Saman.

Remember the day we carried
Miss Pannee to her room?


After we left,

I saw Mr. Sombat go back into that room.

It all happened because of your wrath...

even though you knew the truth...

that Mr. Saman didn't get you pregnant.

The one who did, was Mr. Sombat.

Didn't you kill him already?

All you want is revenge.

You thought everyone hurt you...

though they had nothing to do with this.


It's not as you say.

Pajera Jariya Honti.

Kunu Tara Nusa Sakan.

I pay my humble respect

to all my teachers

who gave me an education,

who granted me knowledge,

taught me ethics

in this present day.

Any ghost who thinks he's powerful...

My friends and I are coming up!

Ghosts don't exist.

If it's a male ghost,
I'll piss on his damn face.

And for the female one, I'll rape her!


You're a good teacher.

Since the students have made mistakes,

we should teach them
and guide them to the right path.

Once the students accept their mistakes

and are ready to apologize...

we should forgive them.

Because they call us their teachers.

Isn't that right, Pannee?


Let them go.

Please, Pannee.

Let them all go.

I'm so sorry, teacher.

We're sorry, teacher.

You can all go now.

She's letting us go.

I said go!

Thank you, teacher.

Mark, what are you standing there for?
Hurry up or it might be too late.

You guys go.

I can't go with you guys anymore.

Because I'm where I belong.

You don't belong here.

This is someone else's home.

Hurry up, crazy!

You kids should go.

Mark was right.

He's been here a long time.

That's right. I've been here for so long.

Can you remember?

When you first came into the building

Hurry up.

I tried to chase you out of the building,

but you wouldn't go.

You weren't afraid of me.

Until today...

when you arrived here...

I tried to help you,
yet you couldn't leave.

Guys, follow me. I know the way out.

Do you remember?

That means you're a-a-a... a ghost?



I need a favor.

Go back to the classroom M. 6/5

and take all of our pictures out...
and burn them.

Yes, sir.

Hurry up and go, kids, before dawn.

Go that way.

Thanks a lot, Mark.

I'm off.

Let's go.

Goodbye, teachers.

-Let's go.
-Good luck.

Let's go...

We're here to fulfill our promise to you.

May the three of you rest in peace.

Any wrongs that we've done to you,
please forgive us.

I sort of miss Mark.

What the hell, man?
Why would you call him out? He's a ghost!

Even as a ghost,
he's more generous that you are, Biew.

-He's probably been reborn by now.
-Not yet.

-Not yet my ass!
-That wasn't me.

-Why are nudging me?
-Your friend's here.

-What friend?


Honestly, James...

I uber-miss you so much.

-You know that slang?

Why the hell did you uber-miss me for?

Why the hell did you call me here for?

I was just saying it.

Let go!

I'm gone.


Don't be afraid, Brian.

-Aren't you two afraid of me?

Keep hugging...
and you might get laid tonight.

Hurry the fuck up and go.

Let's go, Brian.

Subtitle Translation by Nantawan Riddell