Make It Happen (2008) - full transcript

Lauryn is a girl from Indiana who wants to be a dancer. So she tries to audition for a dance school in Chicago, when she fails to impress them. They tell her to come back for the second audition which will be in a few weeks and to also try to do something different. But in the meantime, after her car gets towed and not wanting to return to Indiana; to her brother, who doesn't exactly support her, she gets a job at a burlesque club. And while there she discovers a different kind of dance.

Glenwood, Indiana.

Population: 918.

Miles from Chicago: 291.

Dance schools: zero.

Ive got one dream, one shot.

Today, everything could change.

Could you, could you,
could you teach me?

Show me that again

Could you, could you,
could you teach me?

You take the lead

Straight up! Do you have rhythm
underneath your feet?

Does the beat flow
through that fine body?

Do you enjoy sweatin all on me?

Whoa! Did you just bust
that move freestylin?

Do you do much choreographin?

Youre wildin out, boy, great timin,
I like a man who can dance

Showin, swingin, bangin,
teach me how to dance

Could you, could you teach me,
teach me how to?

Could you, could you,
could you teach me?

Teach me how to dance...

Im off to the garage. You wanna lift?

No, thanks.

Im gonna work the routine
a few more times.

- Big day, huh?
- Yep.

So youre packed?


OK, see you later.

- Hey.
- There you are.

- Missed you at the party last night.
- Sorry, Wayne. I had to finish packing.

- I burned you some travelling music.
- Oh!

So, are you nervous?

Not really. Im more excited.

Come on, its the Chicago School
of Music and Dance.

I know. Ive only been dreaming about it
for as long as I can remember.

The girls Im up against, they trained with
the best teachers and choreographers.

So you are nervous.

Dont worry.
Theyd be crazy not to take you.

Has your brother lightened up at all?

Hmm, you know how Joel can be.

- He doesnt get it.
- Hes just gonna miss you.

This means me and my two left feet
will have to find a new dance partner!

- You arent that bad.
- Yeah, right!

All right, good luck.

- Get out of here.
- OK.

- Good luck, Lauryn.
- Thanks, Marty.

- Frankie quoted me 500.
- Course he did, hes a crook.

Ill do it for 250. Pick it up after lunch.

See you then.

Hey, Clueless, I think she wanted
you to pick her up after lunch.

Last month after payroll,
youre plus 600.

Good month.

Thats still 1,800 behind
for the month before last.


I guess Ill be hitting the road.

Joel... why am I on the schedule?

Sorry, wishful thinking.

Come on. Im 21. Its now or never.

If I nail this audition, Im gonna be
in Chicago till my classes begin.

Look, I got some interviews
together for you.

Qualified bookkeepers to replace me.
Resumes are on my desk.

15 grand a year tuition... I dont know
how youre gonna pull that off.

With a part-time job, Joel.

I promised after Mom and Dad died,

Id do whatever
to keep this place running.

But I cant work in a garage all my life.
You know Ive trained to be a dancer.

Yeah, I know.

All right.

Im outta here.

Boss, if she dont work here no more,

you think I could date her?

Not if you want to live.

Take the other road,
go where I wanna go

Just like a jigsaw puzzle,
some piece is out of place

Youve lost your own perception
on how to win this race

Cos everybody in the world
seems to sing the same song

Marching to the same beat,
playing from the same drum

But I aint afraid to keep
my own eternity

I live my live, I do it my way...

- Excuse me, where do we check in?
- Up there.

243. Next!

- Name?
- Lauryn Kirk.

Lauryn Kirk? 252.

Next. Name?

Thanks for coming in.

- I give her about a minute fifteen.
- Youre kidding.

If you last more than a minute,
youre lucky.

Thank you. Thank you,
Stephanie, thats enough.

Thats not what were looking for,
but thanks for coming in.

Enjoy your time in Chicago.
Whos next?

Number 252.

Yeah, hi, how are you?

Hi, Im Lauryn Kirk
from Glenwood, Indiana.

- So, what have you brought for us?
- Its... er... a piece that I put together.

- May we see it?
- Yeah.

Thats OK. This is your time,
dont mind our schedule.

Hello! Hello, hello, stop! Stop!

We received 2, 000 tapes.

Youre one of the 300 people
here today, congratulations.

But now I need more.

I... I dont understand.

Were looking for dancers
who can express real emotion,

not fragments of it.

Something softer, more sensual,
more feminine.

More honest.

Thank you, Miss Kirk.

Whos next?

OK, lets get right to it.

Right here.


252, huh?

I remember that cattle call.
Its a tough school.

You auditioned?

Oh, I dont know
if Id exactly call it an audition.

I lasted all of a minute and 12 seconds.

Should I even ask?

Its harder than you thought
it was gonna be, huh?

At least my brother back home
will be thrilled to know I didnt get in.

Yeah, all my brothers and sisters live
in the same town where we grew up.

They thought I was crazy moving here.
My dad didnt speak to me for weeks.

Did it get better?

Yeah, now he calls me all the time.

That school only lets in one percent.

Thats like 20 out of the thousands
who apply,

so dont be so hard on yourself.


So howd it go?


- You didnt get in?
- I didnt say that.

- So you did get in?
- They dont tell you right away.

- Well, what does it look like?
- Looks good.

- That sounds believable.
- Look, Joel, Im tired. OK, I...

- Call me as soon as you know.
- Yeah.

I gotta go.

Wait! Stop!

Stop! Wait, stop!


Hey, are you all right?

Lets get you out of this rain.
Call the tow company from my place.

Come on.

I really appreciate this.

No problem. Trust me, Ive been there.

When I first got here, I got knocked
down so many times I lost count.

And the looks,
like youre just some hick from...

Indiana? Mm-hmm.

Oh, what am I gonna do?

My brother thinks Im going
to dance school. What do I tell him?

"I didnt get in.
And, oh, yeah, they towed my car, too."

I cant go home.
Theres nothing for me there.

- So dont go.
- What, you mean stay in Chicago?

If you dont mind sleeping on the couch,
crash here while you figure it out.

Wait, you dont snore, do you?

Not the last time I checked.

Lauryn Kirk.

- Klirk?
- No. Kirk.

- No, I dont have you down here.
- I think its...

You gonna have to go wait over there.

Excuse me. Can I ask who youre with?

Oh, I was... er...
I was invited... here by a friend.

- Through the service door?
- Right... er...

- Can I see your ID?
- Yeah, of course...

- Im really sorry about this.
- Thats OK.

Lauryn Kirk from Glenwood, Indiana.

"Corn and cars", thats our motto.

I like corn.

Actually if you just give me
your phone number,

we can settle this,
and its kind of a house rule...

- Hey, you made it.
- Hey.

- Is this guy giving you a hard time?
- No!

But I thought he was the manager.

The manager?
No, Russ is the music director.


- Nice try.
- Well, it almost worked.

Sort that out later.
I wanna introduce you to Brenda.

Bye, Lauryn Kirk!

Brenda, this is Lauryn and vice versa.

Youve been looking for her,
for the bookkeeping job.

Thanks, but Im not adopting
any more strays.

I need you upstairs getting ready.

Wait, wait.

I know you dont want a stranger
looking into your books,

but I know QuickBooks,
I can do payroll in my sleep,

and your quarterly 1087
is due in seven days.

If you pay your crew in cash, youll need
a perfect Schedule E to avoid enquiries.

Ive cranked those out like clockwork for
my familys business since I was 17.

But if you just need me to file stuff,
I can do that, too.

- You done?
- Yeah.

Fine. Trial basis, $12 an hour,
and no benefits.


This is where the girls change.
This is your home away from home.

You get paid every other week.

Youll start at 3:00
and stay till we close.

If you cant find something, look harder.
Its all in here somewhere.

You can start... organising the January receipts.

No problem.

Oh, by the way, the other bookkeeper...
lasted about a week.

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Rubys,

the hottest spot in Chicago!

Hold the door, while I let myself in

Im tired, boy

Need a drink, need a man

Im not looking for trouble

I just want someone to tease

Maybe if youre lucky

Ill show you what Ive got

But lets get one thing straight, dear

I get what I want

Here there, boy,
I am not like the rest

Lets have a dance,
while our souls get undressed

I dont care much for small talk

Theres no need
to say a thing more

I can make you feel
something lovely

That youve never felt before

Maybe if youre lucky,
Ill show you what Ive got

But lets get something straight, dear

I get what I want

Slow down, boy

Dont you step on my toes...

Hey, dont be late again.


- This goes on every night?
- Every night were open.

Brendas got a real vision for the place.

Its rooted in burlesque, but our dance
goes way beyond the traditional stuff.

- Well, you were terrific up there.
- Thanks.

Whats up, girls? Good job tonight.

- Brenda, hit me.
- Yes, wash this stuff down.

Hey, this is Lauryn.
Shes the new bookkeeper.

Carmens not interested
in any stories shes not the star of.

Oh, still bummed Im not the star
of your world any more?

- Baby, stars burn out.
- Maybe you couldnt stand the heat.

You guys wanna do some
after-hours damage at Juniors?

- Yes. Cheers.
- Cheers!

- Right, first rounds on Lauryn!
- What?

Can we have a Cosmo
and a gin and tonic, no ice?

Hey, two.

Lets get this party started.

Aw, well, welcome to Chicago.
Congratulations on the new job.

Cool about earlier?
Cos I was just playing.

- So how long you worked at Rubys?
- About a year.

- You like it?
- Theres worse ways to make a living.

Ill bet there are.

- Why arent you out there?
- Not my kind of dancing.

Sitting back, hiding in your hoodie...
Thats your kind of dancing?

So... er... you and Carmen?

No. No.

That was like a 24-hour flu.

You get it, you get really sick,
and then you get over it.

So arrogant. "Are you just hide
out there in your hoodie? "

Russ likes giving people a hard time,
especially if he thinks theyre cute.


Russ was right.
You shouldve been on the floor with us.

What, dancing like Carmen? Shakin it?

Work it. Ha!

I love it.

Seriously, youre missing another side
you could bring to your dancing.

Im not dancing right now, remember?

Hey, youre looking good.

Why do my feet hate me?

I dont know. Maybe its cos
youre going from the twist into a step.

Like youre missing something.

- Right. Ill just eighty-six the combo.
- No, its...

No, I think the combinations fine.
Its just I think youre missing a piece.

Like, if it was my thing

and I wanted to do that
I would just go... here to there.

Could you show me that again?

Sure, its simple.

- Here.
- Here...

Then here.

Then there.

- There... I like that.
- Yeah?

Watch your back, D.
Girls got moves.

- Maybe you should watch yours.
- Her moves aint that good.

Maybe you should give it a try,
get up on stage one night.

Are you kidding?

I would fall on my ass in those heels.
Seriously, people would get hurt.

- Shut up, youve got steps.
- No, its not my thing.

Oh, OK, and those clothes are?

Seriously, Lauryn,
theyre killing your sexy.

- My sexy?
- Yeah, every dancers got a sexy.

You just got to find yours.

Thats how we do it on the weekend

Turn up the radio
and let the speakers blow

Get your shoes on,
feel the party go get started...

Without further ado,
ladies and gentlemen,

put your hands together for Dana!

Go, Dana!

Hey, Lauryn, meet Marcus.

Oh, hi. Danas told me all about you.

You shouldve seen your girlfriend
on stage tonight. She nailed it.


Were gonna catch a bite to eat.
Wanna to join us?

Oh, no, you two go.
Ive got to finish up here...

Yeah, you sure?

- Yeah.
- OK, all right. Well, catch you later.

- Like tomorrow.
- Bye.

- Have a good night.
- Bye.

OK, Im out of here.


Anybody here?

I cant believe he said that.
Me either.

Youre still not taking
your brothers calls?

Just not up for it.
He still thinks Im in school.

You cant hide here
and avoid him forever.

- Youve got to tell him sometime.
- I know.


- Come on, Cinderella.
- I gotta work, you guys go.

Bye, see you.

Hi. Nice moves.

- What are you?
- Im not gonna tell anybody.

But just a hint...

If you want to keep a secret,

dont rehearse where you work,

unless you know youre the only one
with a set of keys.

Thanks, Ill try to remember that.

You know, er...

Think I could pry you away?
Maybe grab a drink?

Not real thirsty.


Cool. Er... next time.

I could eat.

Well, I got the perfect place.

Growing up, my mom used
to tell me stories about Chicago,

the lights, energy, the people.

She dreamed of coming here
and being a dancer.

- Thats where you got the moves from.
- Yep. She studied to be one.

Chose to be a mom instead.
So she passed the dream down to me.

- Is she still in Glenwood?
- No, no. She passed away.

Im sorry.

She got pretty sick when I was about 10,

and it took a lot out of us,
especially my dad.

After Mom, he just...
spent all his time in the garage.

He said it kept his mind off missing her.

And then one night, three years ago,

I was coming back to the garage
after a recital.

Joel was in Indy picking up equipment
and hed asked me to stay with Dad.

But some dancer friends
wanted to go out to dinner.

Later when I did get to the garage...

...I found him on the floor.

Hed had a heart attack.

I always wonder if Id just got there
10 minutes earlier...

You cant do that to yourself.

After that, I put school on hold
to stay and help Joel out with the shop.

Since losing Dad,
its just been the two of us.

That had to be hard.

You know, all of it.


So whats in there?

This? This is the best
sweet and sour shrimp in Chicago.

- Really?
- Want some?


Yeah, thats Lincoln Park,

where all the kids hang out
with the students and what not.

Then you got downtown,
where the bankers are.

Thats pretty much Chicago.


Thank you for a wonderful dinner.


I dont remember seeing that
on the menu.

Yeah, well, thats the Chefs Special.

Good night.

Good night.

- Hey.
- Hi.

- Hows it going?
- Good.

So I had a good time last night.

Me, too.

You have got to be kidding me.
Carmens running late.

Doesnt Dana go on first anyway?

Do you see Dana?
No, because she called in sick.

- And I have a line...
- I can spin till Carmen gets here.

I have three birthday parties
and a room full of VIPs.

No offence, Russ,
but they didnt come to hear you spin.

- You could let Lauryn dance.
- What?

Brenda, Ive seen her dance,
OK, shes good.

Why dont you just give her a shot?

Look, Lauryn, youre a sweet kid,
but youre obviously no dancer.

Why did you tell her that?

What, youre gonna hide out
back here?

What you saw me doing
was fooling around.

- I dont dance like Rubys girls.
- So do your thing.

Trust me, when you get on stage,
nobodys gonna care.

Well, I care.

You moved to Chicago to be a dancer.

I moved here to go to school.


Im sorry.

Look, price doesnt matter
as long as you get her here.

Yes, a cab.

How long? All right.
Thanks, Ill give them a try.

Joe, its Brenda,
I need a girl right away.

Give me a shot.

I can do it.

Get off the stage!

What is this, amateur night?

We have a tradition.
After your first dance...

...a toast on the house.
- Thank you.

If I didnt know any better,
Id say you rehearsed for tonight.

Beginners luck.

"Beginner" got that right.


...that just proves
how good you were tonight.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

You wanna get out of here?

You grew up around a garage?

Yeah, I know
my way around a car.

- Id like to see you as a grease monkey.
- Oh, yeah.

Thatd be Joels dream come true,
keeping me in that shop.

- Well, hes just a protective brother.
- A little too protective.

He doesnt want me to get my hopes up,
so he means well, I guess.

- This is really impressive.
- Its my entire life, right here.

- That yours, too?
- Mm-hm.

Yeah, I gotta admit something
thats been bothering me for a while.

Whats that?

I lied.

When I said I liked corn,
that was a blatant lie.

I actually hate corn.

Wow. I feel betrayed, like I dont
even know you any more...

- Play me something you wrote.
- What, now? No. No, its...

Quit stalling, Music Man.



This one Ill play you is...
Its not finished yet.

And... er... you know, dont judge it.
OK, please?

- OK.
- OK.

This is you?

Yeah, I just, I looped the vocals.

- On the sax, thats you, too?
- Mm-hm.

You should play more.

Youre good.


So thats pretty much it.

- Its not finished.
- Why not?

Cos I havent got around to it.

I think someones eager
to change the subject.

Yeah. Yeah.

This your thing?
Going though all the girls at the club?

- Mm-hm, all of them.
- Thats what I thought.

First Carmen and then who else?

You know,
somebody needs to shut you up.

- Oh, really?
- Mm-hm.

- Whats wrong?
- I think I had too much to drink.

Well, then, you... er... shouldnt drive.

Im sorry, I dont...
I dont think Im ready for that yet.

Thats not what I was talking about.

Hey. Got your email.

Yeah, I was gonna call you. I got a job.

- At a garage?
- No, at a club, called Rubys.

OK, whats with the silence?

Had to let Marty go.
Its no biggie, just a little downsizing.

So hows the school?

Its good.

I sent you some stuff I found
in the attic I thought you might want.

- Some of Moms things.
- Thanks.

I gotta go. I booked some studio time
and my class is starting, so I should...

Yeah. Yeah, sorry. Take care.

Lauryn, I have three regulars outside
asking when theyll see you dance again.

I told them tonight. Can you be ready?


You havent earned the right
to be on that stage.

- Excuse me?
- Yeah, youre a dime a dozen.

Just another girl from Bumbalow
trying to make it big.

Guess what, this is the real world and
people come to see something special.

Not that stuff you do.

Bullshit, Carmen.
Ive trained my whole life.


The tradition takes years to perfect.
You dont just roll in and own it.

Lauryn, ten minutes and youre up.

Whats going on?

Break a leg. Really. I mean it.

Ladies and gentlemen,
lets give a warm Rubys welcome

to the newest addition
to the family... Lauryn!

Like you said, girls got moves.

So... er... this school
you auditioned for,

did they say anything, you know,
like why you didnt get in?

Sort of, I guess.

Can I be honest with you?

I think whoever made that decision
is nuts.

OK, the director of the dance
department didnt like my routine.

He said he thought it wasnt...

sensual or feminine enough
or something like that.

Lets wrestle him into Rubys one night
and prove him wrong.

I dont think hes looking
for Rubys kind of dancers.

This guy cant have final say
in your life.

Well, no offence, but he is
a world-renowned choreographer,

so I think he knows a little bit more
about dance than me and you.

Well, I know what I see and...

...I see that you could be as sexy
as Carmen if you wanted to be.

Oh, really?

You know what, Russ?

My lifes goal isnt
to be as sexy as Carmen.

- Hey... Im sorry, that came out wrong.
- Oh, you think?

Yeah. This isnt about Carmen,
this is about you.

You can mix it up better
than any of those girls at Rubys,

and trust me, Ive seen em all.

And you have the potential
to go so much further.

Thats all I was trying to say.


Come on.

Ow! You know, youre kind of cute
when youre mad.

- Im not talking to you.
- Im just saying.

Shut up!




Your routine felt a little off tonight.
Something on your mind?

Just... some stuff from back home,
I guess.

My favourite teacher once told me...
dance is a window to the soul.

It doesnt let you hide.

But if you always fight what you feel,

youll never tap into what could
make you not just a good dancer

but a great one.


Lock up when you leave, OK?


Get off the wall,
dont matter what they think

From your fingertips
to your toes

You know youre hot,
so let everybody know

- Gotta take it low
- Bottoms up, bottoms up...

Yeah, keep it movin, man,
make it poppin, man

Im on the move,
gotta catch me when you can

Might see my face
on the movie screen

Hypnotise you frame by frame,
scene by scene

Get your head up, do your thang

Get off the wall,
dont matter what they think...


Is something wrong?

No, not at all.

You just look amazing. Come on in.

You are a closet romantic.

Well, Ive been called worse.

Shall we?

Wait. Let me.

- Thank you.
- Youre welcome.

- May I offer you some wine?
- Yes, please.

Thank you.

Oh, no. I gotta check the oven.
Ill be right back.

How about a take-out?

I dont know, its like... long as the shop is alive,
a little piece of my parents is, too.

So, it would kill me
if Joel ever closed it.

- You two sound close.
- Weve had our moments.

So I wanted to thank you
for the other night.

For what?

You were right.

I cant let somebody Ive met once
decide what I want.

So I did some research... and...

...the School of Music and Dance usually
accepts 20 applicants in a school year.

But this year only 18 qualified.

So theyre holding
a second round of auditions

for the next semester
to find their remaining two dancers.

Youre gonna re-audition?

I think so. In three weeks.

...the problem was the record company
got in my business,

trying to tell me how to do it,
you know.

I thought I knew better, so... I walked away.

- Just like that?
- Just like that.

I backed out of the deal and...

...fell in with the wrong crowd,
and... er...

...and... er... you know?

Eventually, I ended up at Rubys,

and I straightened myself out.

See, heres the thing.

See, everybody who walks away
from a dream has a reason.

I think its brave... take another shot.

Sometimes I just feel like
Im doing it all wrong.

Well, youre not.

Listen to me...

You know how much you want him

Youre trying to be cool about it,
youre trying to be big about it

Youre constantly just denying

Youre like a moth to a flame,
can hardly wait but listen

Cause I know what Im saying...

Joel, stop!


- Could you put some clothes on?
- What are you doing here?

I came to congratulate you
on getting into the school,

only theyve never heard
of a Lauryn Kirk.

You call this chasing your dreams?

Is this all the hard work
youve been doing?

I didnt get in.
I didnt know how to tell you.

But if youd stuck around,
youd see how difficult the routines are.

- I saw enough.
- Why dont you listen for a change?

Im on the verge of losing the shop,
and I drove six hours for this.

- What do you mean?
- I have to sell or the bankll foreclose.

- I cant make the payments.
- What?

- Equipment, leases, everything.
- Why didnt you tell me?

Why would you care?

Youre a big city girl now,
youre a dancer.

Why have you always had
a problem with me dancing?

You think the world revolves around you,
you always have!

How dare you? I put my life on hold
for three years, Joel!

And you put Dad on hold that night!
You shouldve been there, Lauryn!

Hey, you OK?

Maybe he was upset
because you were so bad.

Ease off, Carmen. She was killing it.

He drives hours to get here, then
has her embarrass the family name.

- Hey, hey, stop, stop.
- Im sick of your shit.


You happy, Carmen?

God, girl.

Lauryn! Lauryn, wait!
Shes just trying to get in your head.

She can get in line cos theres
enough going on in there already.

Hey, come on.

I know that this was a lot,
but he knows now.

- You dont have to lie any more.
- What if hes right?

All my life my family gave up
so much for me.

What if Im selfish?

What are you going to do,
you just going to quit dancing?

- Gonna quit living your life?
- Joels the only family I have.

I shouldnt be here
chasing some stupid dream.

I should be home helping him.

- Im sorry, I have to go.
- Who do you think youre fooling?

I know youre going home
because youre scared of that audition.


If this was about your brother,
youd have told him before tonight.

What are you talking about?

I know that youre running
because youre scared and thats it.

Im sorry if it shocks you that Id help
my family out in a time of crisis,

but thats how we do things
where I come from.

Lauryn, come on.
Lauryn, youre making a big mistake.


What are you doing here?

I found two new wholesalers
we can use.

- That should catch us up half-way.
- Wait, just slow down for a second.

- Are you back here to work?
- Im not gonna let you sell.

We can catch up.

Look, I...
said some things I didnt mean.

I know.

Im sorry. OK?

Can I just get back to this? I was almost
done with last months reviews.


Look, are you sure about this, Lauryn?
Being back?

It was Dads shop.

You know what it meant to him.

Hey... remember that time

that you got the bicycle
on your eighth birthday?

Yeah, I drove it in the shop, crashed
into the Buick and chipped my tooth.


I can dance another time, Joel.

Im here now.

Hey, its me.
Er... I was just calling to say hi.

And... er... Im not burning
the chicken any more, so...

I hope you come back soon.


Hey, stranger.

I hear the last school audition
is this weekend.

I know.

Youre going to be there, right?

You know, Im just... Im really...
buried in paperwork here and...

Come on, Lauryn.
Have you talked to Russ?

No. He called, but...

You should, you know.

Look, Ill talk to you later, OK?



Oh, hey, I love this song.
Come on. Come on.

I need an alternator permit.

For old times sake.


... we know how to become
number one in a hot party show

- Now push it
- Ah, push it

- Push it good
- Ah, push it

- Push it real good
- Ah, push it...

- Oh, hey, I thought you left already.
- Just finishing up.

Yeah, its never done, is it?

After Mum and Dad,

you never quit...

...never threw in the towel.

I guess.

Youre the most unselfish person I know.
And you know what?

You have always been
one hell of a dancer.

Dont know how it happened.
Certainly wasnt cos I encouraged you.

Speaking of which, youre fired.

What? Joel, without me
youll lose Dads shop.

Its not Dads shop any more, its mine.

And I have to take care of it, not you.

Lauryn, Im not going to let you
sell out your dreams to live mine.

So you need to get in your car,

drive back to Chicago
and kick that auditions ass.

All right?

Get out of here.


- What are you doing here?
- Where else would I be?

Here, I made you a track.

What are you waiting for?
Go do your thing.

Thank you.

- Excuse me, this is a closed session.
- Yes, Im here to audition.

- Miss?
- Kirk. Lauryn Kirk.

Right. We held a set of auditions
this morning for those re-applying.

Were only seeing first-time applicants
this afternoon.

But I just drove 300 miles.

And my staff will do their best
to reschedule you for next year.

No, thank you. Im here now.

Well... I trust youve brought something
more interesting than last time.

Is that correct?

Ill let you decide.


Thats how you do it!

Thank you, Miss Kirk.

Im afraid youre right,
some things should not be rescheduled.

See you next semester.

- Thank you.
- My girl! Right here!



Shes not in the best mood.

Only employees are allowed in
before were open.

I... er...

- I just came by to get my cheque.
- Your cheque?

After the jam you left us in
when you took off like that,

you think I owe you a cheque?

Im really sorry.

OK, I promise it had nothing to do
with Rubys. I love this place.


- Got you.
- What?

Hey, congratulations.

Hey, Lauryn, look...
Im sorry about all the BS, OK?

I was just giving you a taste
of what I got when I started.

Im just glad youre getting out of here
so I can get my stage back.

- Congratulations, sis.
- Im glad you came.

- Im proud of you.
- Can I have a turn?

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Youll be sorely missed around here.
- Im only a couple of blocks away.

Good cos I dont need any
distractions when Im making my album.

- Its about time.
- I know. Cheers.

Whats everybody standing around for?
Is this a dance club or what?