Make It Big (2002) - full transcript

Korean comedy film.Three high school students who are startled when a bagful of money and a dead man fall on top of their car. Once they realize just how much money is in the bag, they give up any thought of calling the police.

So James and I
went to the store

and then on
our way back home


I hear this noise


I died and then
came back to life

The doctor said

my vital sign was
at zero for ten minutes

Isn't it killer?


How can your heartbeat
stop for ten minutes?

If you're gonna
lie do it right

This asshole always cuts me
down whenever I talk

Got shit caught up
in your ears, asshole?

Think what I'm saying is bullshit?

Well, not exactly always

Screw you


Hey, auntie!

What's up at this hour?


See you soon

Hey, anyway

will this airbag really go off?

It sure won't

It won't?

What will you do if it does?

And if it does?

If it goes off, it goes off

This car is practically new

-Jin-won, record it all
- It won't go off, asshole




Today marks 100 days after

launching my own website

The only members are my
two friends and a young lady

and for our female member

who's currently online today

I will put on a surprise show

One moment


Detective Lee, it's me

One moment


Detective Lee
I said it's me

What is it, sir?

There's an emergency
Come in quickly

Captain, I haven't slept
in three days

This is too cruel


Then don't come in

Know Kwon Chul-hyun
the drug dealer, right?

so bring him in now

Ms Kim, waited long?

How many times
do I need to repeat it?

I said I've been really busy

Can civil servants
do this to each other?


I said I'll pay you

I'm on my way now
and I'm almost there

Yeah, I see it from here

l'm paying now
so turn on the electricity

Stop dating, you babies

Wanna die?

Look at these
damn sleepyheads

Lazy bums

Stayed up last night?

How much did you make?

50,000 won?

Hey, asshole
Am I some whore?

You don't get
the biz, idiot, the biz


A whore doesn't like bees?

Why not?

Hey, man!

Piece of shit

Hey, Woo-sub

- Get up, asshole!
- Get up, you son of a bitch!


Hey asshole!

Didn't I tell you
to come fight yesterday?

Hey, after this old fart
transferred here

all he does is act

like a total scum

I hate scums

What did you just say?

Let's fight
and get it over with

I don't wanna waste my fist
on a whore like you

That's what I'm saying
Let's end it right here

Let's end it!

There's a fight in room three!

- So what else is new?
- lt's Woo-sub and Sung-hwan

Don't you need
to go to the office?

- Tired already?
- No, I'm all right

- Teacher, why can't we go?
- Teacher, you're playing favorites

I told you not
to fight, didn't it?

Give us a break!



Today is the boss's birthday

Come home by nine, okay?

Why should I go
to that bastard's birthday?

Didn't I tell you
not to call him that?

Hey, take it easy!

Anyway, if you don't come
he'll cut off your allowance

So come for a
little while son, okay?

Okay, bye

Whose birthday is it?

That bastard's birthday

Your stepdad?

How could you threaten
someone with money?

that bastard does

- He disgusts me
- Hey, auntie!

Isn't that crazy idiot
going too far?

Love you, too


Gwan Chul-hyun!


Where's my car?

Damn it

Sir, l have about
2 million won in my pocket

Sir, can't I get off
at the next station?

Paying off a cop is a crime

l'm sleeping,
so don't bother me

Then let's take a cab

This is humiliating

I'll pay, so let's
take a deluxe taxi

Pick it up


How annoying

Give me a break

Son of a bitch


Think it's that funny?

Over by a minute
Fork over 100,000 won


- Ever hear a dog really bark?
- Yep, sure did

Our teacher in homeroom

A loan shark named
Mr Kim near here

lives with about
100 billion won in cash

But he's got a
Siberian Husky at his house

This dog is so damn mean

it went to every
house in this neighborhood

and became a legend after it

beat every dog with one touch

I saw that dog once

and man, he's got
one bad ass temper

That son of a bitch

Siberian what?

You know
the ones that pull sleds

- Shit
- Right

How can | dog that
pulls sleds live in Seoul?

If you're gonna lie, do it right

If this bastard even opens
his mouth, it's a lie


Don't start again, asshole


Then does a Jindo dog

- always live in Jindo?
- Dumb ass

Then a Jindo dog
in Seoul is a Seoul dog?

Whatever, Shit, Forget it

My mouth hurts
when | talk to you, asshole

What is it?

Is it a body?

I don't know

Wait here

What is it?

What the hell is this?
Is there a big dent?


What was that?

What fucking asshole is it?

Isn't that a body?

Shit, is he dead?

Shit, look at that dent

Look, it's blood

Jin-won, call 911 first

ldiot, it's 119 here!

- Hey, it might be an alien
- Alien, my ass

Whoever it is
I better get paid for this!

Know how much
this car is worth?

I'm up shit creek

Put him in the car first

Why is he so damn heavy?
Give me a hand, asshole

Who told this ass
to fall on my car?

Give us a hand, idiot!

Yes, Jongno police station

Those bastards always
think they're cops

where are you going?

Go where?
To the hospital, of course

Isn't it strange?

What is?

That guy!

He's got on
weird clothes and gloves

and falls from the sky
Damn it

Jin-won, check his pockets


There should be
some kind of ID

- Check
- That's a gangster for you

He's got nothing on him

Plus, this bastard's dead

He's not breathing


- Damn it
- What?

What's the
foreign exchange rate?

How the hell should I know?

If it's 1,400 won


Each bundle
is worth 14 million won


a guy falls from the sky
with a sack full of cash

and this mysterious guy
has no ID on him

and he's dead

and your car's crushed


And the money that man lost

has disturbed us

It sure has


let's think
about this coldly

Whether it was stolen or lost

that money fell on my car


Why it fell on my car
isn't important

Simply, a dead guy
fell on my car, and


That sack and man
inflicted psychological

- trauma on us
- Exactly!

So how will all this
money make up for it?

And when I think
about his obligation


Someone died
so how could you think that?

Let's just take it

We're still young

What's there to worry about?

What's the problem?

So we politely return
the money and ask for repairs?

So what the hell
should we do?

Can't we just spend it?

Let's have fun with it!

We're only nineteen!

Let's have fun, damn it!

Hey, do something

Help me

Stop jerking around

Hurry up

But Woo-sub
l'm twenty-one

- Really? Been around then
- Bastard

Where are you going?

Okay, I was wrong

So nothing got stolen?


What a mean temper


It's strange though

Shouldn't he had stolen
a spoon at least?


So if he just leaves
it isn't a problem?

No, that's not what! meant

So business
is going well, right?

Here's a card for Mr Kim

Find anyone fishy
give me a call

Do they only pick thugs
to be cops lately?

Who is he calling a thug?

If I was, lwould've
paid off my electricity


A hit and run victim is at
Baek Hospital, so go quickly!

I can't even smoke
just one cigarette

So how much was it?

About 21 billion won, sir

21 billion
21 billion, you say

Let's think of it
as losing a month's worth

- I'm very sorry, sir
- Thinking it never existed in the

first place is better than
word getting out about this

Writing with
my left hand is hard


write that this body
fell from the sky

So we're totally innocent

On top of that

he could be an alien

So hand him over to the FBI

- Write it politely
- He might be a spy

He might be a spy

We could get
a reward, you know

Know what age it is
to talk about spies, idiot?


Man, I must've screwed
too much yesterday

- Here
- Huh?

Man, lthink I'm getting sick

- Met an auntie yesterday?
- Yeah, I'm in pain

Quit doing that
or else you'll rot

You're right

What's wrong?

- It's gone
- It's gone?

- What is?
- What's gone?

What happened?

Where did he go?
You said he was dead, idiot

- This is strange
- Shit!

- Where is he going?
- Grab that crazy bastard

- Crazy idiot!
- Be quiet

Sorry, Jin-won

Lift him

There's a slight
concussion to the brain

but it's not that serious

His left arm is broken

and he got bit by a dog badly

He may have rabies, too

Or maybe not, if he's lucky

This way

The body was discovered
on Nam Mountain promenade

There's no evidence
of a traffic accident

He fell from a very high place

He's lucky to be alive

Seeing that he has no ID
or any personal belongings

I think he was abandoned
at Nam Mountain

Oh yeah, and seeing that
he had gloves on

either he gets cold easily

or something smells fishy

He fell from a
very high place

He's lucky to be alive

Seeing that he has no ID
or personal belongings

I think he was abandoned
at Nam Mountain

And one more thing

Seeing that he had gloves on

either he gets cold easily
or something smells fishy


Wait until the patient does what?

I can't hear you, captain

Why can't I hear you?


I want you to
take care of this alone

Do it quietly

Of course
I'm not implying anything else

ljust mean to
watch over them closely

Is that all you want?


Let's wait it out for now

I know some important people

- So don't overexert yourself
- Yes, You don't need to worry

Why aren't you asleep?

Son of a bitch

Hurry up, hurry!

2137 billion won

Divided by three

that's 710 million won

My dad's yearly salary
is 50 million won

That's 15 years of his salary

Should I make my family rich?

I'm gonna kill him!

Damn it

Damn it

Where did that asshole go?

I don't think he went home

so go to the
nearest police station

Mister, stop the truck!

- Go faster, damn it!
- Let go, asshole!

Oh no!

The person you called cannot
answer the phone right now

Please call again

If he can't answer
then make him!

I can't believe this!

I knew he'd do this
after he ran to that station

l'm Detective Lee Jee-hyung
from Jongno police

So what was
your name again?

Oops, I'm sorry


l was assigned to

two cases yesterday

Usually, new officers
get the trivial cases

One is petty theft

and the other is hit and run

Hit and run

Over in Pyung-chang district

a burglar broke into
a rich loan shark's home

But that poor burglar couldn't
steal anything

and ran away

Whether he got hit
by a train or a car

he left evidence
behind at the scene


And then we have
a victim ofa hit and run

But the strange thing is

I'm not sure whether you
got hit by a car or a dog

but you have dog bites
on your arms and legs

Another strange thing is

I'm not sure whether

the driver
or the dog took it

but with no ID, you had on
black clothes and gloves

It's strange

Why is that?

And finally

it's a real coincidence

At the loan
shark's house

There's a dog
with huge teeth

A dog bite

A dog with
huge teeth




I understand I'll leave now

It's strange

It seems that
you're not an ex-convict

Your fingerprints
don't make out


since you're asleep
and can't see

this is a glove
with your blood on it

and this is evidence found
at the loan shark's house

Luckily, it has
bloodstains on it

Heard of the
National Research Center?

The place that actor
always talks about on TV

Mind ifl send this over there
to get a DNA sample?

If the blood matches
maybe I can take a vacation

If you can't sleep
by any chance

Call me
at this number

So have
a nice rest

Call me
ifyou talkto him

Your parents are rich

so what are you so upset for?

Screw you

What the hell?


Woo-sub, you cook

I'm gonna slice him up
into fish rolls!

He came back
so take it easy

Why should I?
I did it for you guys!

Shit, give it to me

- Kill him!
- You're dead meat

Did that idiot wash
this in shit, damn it?

Stir it carefully
so it doesn't tear

filthy bastard

This money

Should me and you
run with it?

I'm just kidding

It's a joke
I'm serious

Captain, it's me

He escaped

lwas thinking

lt's Detective Lee

First, we'll have to post
wanted pictures at all hospitals

and then get some real ID
on his fingerprints

No, sir

I'll stop by Nam Mountain
and head back in

Yes, I understand


I got us to exchange
thirty bundles

Why thirty?

I guess the dollar
will go up

Let's hold
on to the rest

Damn it

Just do as I say

And you
won't be sorry

Especially, you

So what should
we do now?

We'll get
big money tomorrow

So I'll buy
a car later

What should we do?

How about a movie?


Hurts, huh?

I won't do
this stuff anymore

But this
chick is hot

Her tits

They're as
big as your heads!

How can
they be as big as


I'm serious

Probably fake

They're real


So they're

This big?

Pretty close

Lots of articles
on the country perishing

But none
about lost money

If it's perishing
it's perishing

And if there's no article
then nothing must be lost

Shut up
and watch the movie

So when are you
gonna meet her?

I wanna meet her fast
and work on her

- On who?
- You know who

Why do you
have to meet her?

You know who
Just worry about your aunties

Don't insult my aunties

Why not?
They deserve it

Quite a
sexy girl she is

Please go on

So it was way past one
late into the night

Then this beat up car
drives up here

It was a pearly
new EF Sonata model

The hood was dented
and the roof was crushed

That car had surely gotten
beaten up before it got here

So did you see
the person in the car?

lt wasn'tjust one

They looke
pretty young

And didn't seem
to come here to screw

They all sat up front
like a friendly bunch of kids

Remember what

they looked like?

Sure are making me
talk a lot today


I don't
smoke domestic

Not sure if smoking domestic
will help me remember

Let's see
Those boys

Keep the change

The driver
looked arrogant

The one sitting next to him
looked like a pansy

And the guy on top
of him was plain-looking

If you
remember anything else

Call me at this number

Here's two

it's Lee Ji-hyung

I know the
license plate number

I'll need a few more
cigarettes though?

Yes, this is
Detective Lee Ji-hyung

I'd like to check
a license plate

Seoul 51

I'm getting off now
Call tomorrow

So what happened?

I told you everything
over the phone

Damn it!

I made it
so easy for you

I turned
off the alarm

unlocked the door

All you needed
to do was take it


So who
the hell were they?

Vicious thugs

I'm not sure
where l was

But whether
to bury me or burn me

they started to shout
and argue over it

Then suddenly
as things got worse,

They threw one of
them right over the railing

l was wrong!

It's even a miracle
for me to be alive now

A miracle?

my ass!

Counting the money now
is a miracle, idiot!

Know how
much it was?

Damn you

I must've
been crazy

You're pathetic

Always doing
crossword puzzles

Don't you even
know "majinosun"?

You should've studied
harder in school

At least I was
better at ethics

Oh yeah?

So you embezzle your
company's money, go broke

and break your arm and leg
over a robbery?

Don't bring up the past again!

I tried, but things
ended up this way!

What's with you?

What gives you
the right to yell?

Mi-sook is
getting married


So is
that so important?

If you hadn't
screwed up

You could've
married anyone

All you do is
talk about Mi-sook

And your firm?

I think they figured me out
I've got two days at most

Damn it!

Hey, you know
Detective Lee Ji-hyung?


Last one?

Except for tomorrow's
money the rest is all here

If something happens
know what to do, right?


Don't get
any bright ideas

If something happens
we'll take care of it

Loot at the paper

There's nothing

not even a death

Until they come looking for it
we can spend it freely

Then cheers


All he talks about
is that research center

What's wrong?

It's fun
Change the channel

- The research center is on
- Stop talking about it!

Stupid, You can't
even get anything right

Wanna die?

Stop hitting me
this looks good

He can't fix
that feet of hi

He'll need an operation
His leg must be cut off

Our players
are loosing confidence

Yes, our players
are running at 66%

How did those
stats come up?

Please don't ask
silly questions

You wanna be
an FBI agent, right?

Then I've
got a question

What would you do
if you found a lot of money?

How would you
live without getting caught?

Bastards It's not
even that overdue

I'm just arriving sir

Sorry to bother
you at a busy time

No, it's okay

So going to
school in Korea is better, huh?

To some extent
it is

But there's
no excitement

You should know

Thanks to you James

went to college
By paying his way in, of course

I didn't do anything

ljust blocked
a few bullets, that's all

Come to me
after you graduate

I'll give you more
excitement than LA

Let's see
you said thirty, right?

How much do you need
to set up a place like this?



What's up
with those guys lately?

Maybe they
struck a lot of money

- Hey!
- Don't talk to me

Who are they?

What's that?

Nice car!
Give me a ride

Go ride a scooter
punk See ya'


- President Choi!
- President Lee!

How long
has it been?

- You ordered pizza, didn't you?
- Was it good?

Nothing you
can't do with cash

A car
delivered in a day

Pick one

- What's that?
- What is it?

- Is this is the smallest with the best screen
- Yes

- You've got a pretty face!
- It's not open?

Keep the change

Wow! So you can
live like this, too

The haves
live like this

just innocent

The haves?


So he doesn't
have money?

You're innocent?

Hey, Sung-hwan!

ls innocence and
a call boy the same thing?

You asshole!

I don't know!

Since there's a demand
there must be a supply

That's right!

Wanna die?

So, what are you
guy gonna do now?



Not sure. Now that
l have all this money

I don't know
What to do

I can't go
shopping all the time

Plus, I can't go to
college with this money

When I think about that burglar

even a security guard
makes me nervous

So I was thinking

This is
really fishy, fishy


No, I can't
go to America

No way

What about
Canada or Australia?

We can go to college
and live there for a bit

No matter

How hard
you study

English is the key

This is the global age

So how about it?
Let's go

I'm not sure
I want to

but will
my dad permit it?

I don't want to

Why not?

Wanna live
in fear forever

on the little
money you got?

We can just
leave for a short while


So with that little
amount of money always

drink and do drugs

shoot guns with a gang
and get run out like you?

What did you just say?

Hey, for a rich bastard like you

what's there to
complain about, huh?

Is it because of that
money you wanna leave?

Son of a bitch

I have a lot of money

Shit! So what are
you gonna do about it?

I don't care
Mine gets hard to the left

So you guys go
the way yours go


But, mine goes straight up

Why is that bastard so cynical?
Son of a bitch

Son of a bitch!

I don't know!

I guess he's on his rag


Drunk bastard
lost his mind!

Keep cool!

You asshole!

Then don't
go asshole!

What are
you doing?

Did you
catch him or not?

You're supposed
to report in!

Yes, sir l'm
trailing a new suspect

And captain

something fishy


All | smell
is your breath

I'm taking a vacation
starting tomorrow

So don't worry

He's not suspicious?

A few billion
won is

Nothing to
that old man

Oh yeah
is the cop there yet?

He just came in

Did you get it?

I know
I know Hurry up

Yeah, it was hard to get
but will we need it?

I'll come pick you up
If he leaves, follow him, okay?

come on man



How should I know?
I do what they tell me upstairs

What age is it

now for us to receive
calls from upstairs?

Captain, Captain!

I had a loud mouth
at your age, too!

Try having a wife, kid
and commit an affair

Then you'll just
do as you're to

since nothing got stolen

and things are still quiet

stop investigating!

You should've
solved it earlier

Father I want to study
abroad Stop investigating?

Stop investigating?

Women is...

You have to sweep
her away with cash

Ever seen a girl who hates money?

No, right?

So it's important to be cool
about how you spend it

So what then?

Spending like crazy is no good

Hey idiot!
Stop thinking with money

A guy's image makes girls
crazymakes girls crazy


First impression is important

She thinks you always sing
and dance in your pajamas

So this time with
a new hair style and suit

show her a new look

I'll give you a new image

so it's fair play



My mom looked into Canada

and she'll call tonight

Why is this week so hectic?

A sack of money
studying abroad, women...


they say you only get
three chances in your life

So think as if all
three came this week

So what about the next sixty years?

Bastard Your dick's
not hard that long, idiot

Hey, is rest period over?

Why are you running, idiot?

lt's homeroom!

What's taking them so long?

Maybe they made a detour

I think this is their house

Isn't it too nice for thugs?

Think the world's fair lately?

All kinds of odd people nowadays

lt's two against two

but a surprise
attack is what counts

What the hell is this?

You should've bought
an expensive one at least

Don't you know you get
more for your money?

What about you?
Is that how you went broke?


Are those three punks
the thugs you talked about?

Well, it seems like them

You said one of them got thrown away

You're right

Can't I drive this time?

You don't even have a license, idiot

Wanna wear it?

It's yours?

It's awesome

If they're the thugs like you said

that cop can't take all of them

Anyway let's wait first

and grab just one of them

Even fired one before?

Damn you

Where to?

Up that way
I look like a waiter

Where's the watch?

I left it in the car

You idiot

To complete the
perfect style is with a watch

Give me a key


Run, what?
Just hurry back, idiot


What's up with him?



Why run?
Shit, just run

Hey man!
Why are you running?

That guy's a cop
He even came to our school yesterday


You should've told us, idiot


Damn it!

Get up!

- What about Woo-sub?
- I don't know!


- Watch where you're going
- Yeah!

- Are you crazy?
- Yeah!

You better go to a hospital

Lift him

- You hit him too hard!
- You said he was vicious!

But still!

Now we have to wait
till he comes around!

What the hell?

Lisence plate...

Get the license plate?

- How could you hit a cop?
- But you pushed my head!

What now?


What did we do wrong?

What's the crime?

ldiot! A misdemeanor
for throwing a bud away

You punks run from a cop

Got hit by a car

This isn't the job for me

So you're the pretty boy, right?


- Punk
- What?

Gotta ride
the subway again

Smart aleck!




Is that so?

Is that so?
Too badHe was a nice guy

Want me to find the money,or
quietly take care of them?

Instead of the money
the latter would be better

Anyway do what you
want with them

If it's by my way each
body will cost 30% more

I know!

Let's see
Where was his house?

Silver has lost it now
He's too old

But once a Silver
always a Silver Anyway

shut up while I watch TV

Dumb ass!

Hey bro...

Who are you guys?
Damn it

Both of them aren't answering

Then tell me from scratch
how you got the money

From the beginning?

So now the fun starts

-Think it's fun?
- Humm

You play around with 2 billion won?
You guys are no joke

But what about my friend?

Not sure Usually

So tell me where the money is!

By that way
we can catch them Right?

Want some?

Where are you?

Where are you?

What? The cop caught you?

listen to me very carefully

What means yes
can't hear you means no

Did you tell that cop everything?


Is the money gone?

I can't hear you

I can't hear you

So I guess
we're the only ones left

Now how to fight?

I couldn't hear
because of the static

How come you couldn't?

I heard everything

Kids these days
watch too many movies

Give me my money Give it back!

Let me breath

Who the hell are you guys?

What is it?

Then tell me what's what
so I can tell you what's where!

This is one stubborn bastard

Don't you know him?

You hit him with your car
and stole his money

- Why'd you take it off?
- It's okay

he already knows your face!

You're that burglar, right?
My car! My car!


I'm a person, you know!
And I've got a name, too!

What the hell was that?
What should I do?

Answer it, you idiot

- I don't need a shower!
- Damn it


No, I wasjust
running with the guys

I'm busy
so call me later

Canada is all set?
All three of us?

Then later today


What now?
Give yourselves up

Look in the mirror Pathetic

Take those
stockings off and get a life!

You still talking youself man!

Sung-hwan? Where are you? You okay?



where are you now?


I'm in a bathroom
Hey, also...

Hey, I'm with two pairs of stockings

I'm okay,so don't worry

These assholes are losers!

If you wanna save your friend
Bring us all our money in tact, okay?

I don't want that filthy money

Shut up and just bring
Sung-hwan in one piece!

Where did he say?

Didn't you set up the meeting place?

You have to
agree on a meeting point

Gonna meet him here?

Where are you?

Gotta know where
if we bring him or not!

Come to our school gym

Which school?

Come at ten

Which school?

These kids have
no sense of manners

Know how
much older we are?

It's gone

- What?
- I said it's gone all of it

Jin-won! This money
Should me and you run with it?

I knew he'd do this

Rotten bastard

So you're just gonna lay here?

You have to save
your friend first

Stand up

How can I
if there's no money?

Say something that
makes sense

You said you had
money in your account, right?


- Get the door
- You do it

Hurry up
You're closer

No I'm not Bastard
Why doesn't he do it?

Who are you?

What's this?

Don't come any closer

I said don't come closer

This is a knife

What's wrong?
Why are you doing this?


Come to our school gym
Come at ten

- Know him?
- Yes

Hey, Bong-pal!

Hey! Bastard
wake up

Wake up, you bastard

Wake up

- Brother!
- What? Okay!

What happened?

He's flooding this place up
That fat bastard

Don't come any closer!
If you do, I'll burn this place up!


Your friend is
gonna live along life

He's already
lost a pint of blood

Put your gun down!

- What happened?
- Sung-hwan

Call an ambulance!

Are we gonna die?

Forget about dying
and help me untie this

Ifl could
I would've already

Hey, stop pushing!

- There's no room
- Stay centered!


Hey, put it back up

Don't smoke that cigarette!

Why not?


What's that?

What? Who?

It's me What is this?

Shit, I died

Any way

We were rnning with
that young man

Suddendly that suck man...

That police stoop up
there with gun

So I wanted stop my car but...

This man push down my head

So I do couldn't see anything

How could you say like that

He had a gun
so I thought he was gonna shoot us

Shut up!

You said to hit him

and now we're charged for it

I said what?

So I made those
punks hit me with their car?

So I suggested the burglary

And did it all?


I did it all alone! did everything

Not my honest brother

But all by myself
take me away

Mi-sook is married anyway

Stop over reacting Damn it


Yes, sir! The money in Sung-hwan's
account has been confiscated

Kim Ik-joong will be brought in
for questioning today

The unidentified man Detective Lee

arrested hasn't talked yet

And Kim Ik-joon's aide

and his companion
have confessed

So the rest of
the money has been burned?

Yes, sir! when I came in it was
being burned! jumped into the fire

but it was too late I'm sorry, sir

Up till now, I told you guys

That my heart stopped for 10 minutes

Or I fought 17 guys
with guns in the States

and you never may have trusted me

but this time I really died
and came back to life

I really saw myself


Just like when
Patrick Swayze died in Ghost

he rose up from his body
The spirit inside

Shut up, damn it!

Just tell us
where you hid the money

You dumb ass Come on, you idiot

Well anyway

since my treatment is longer
than school probation

I don't know whether
this is punishment or a vacation

How can we burn the gym
and just get probation?

Just get probation?

My mom put air conditioners

in every classroom

There he goes again

Anyway, if you don't tell me
I'll rip your throat again!

Sung-hwan, about your car

What about it?

When I went to the gym
I drove it there

I parked it on the street
and forgot about it

I went to go get it, but it got towed

You better go retrieve it


What's wrong with you?

You don't have a license
so why did you drive?

You should've taken a taxi Idiot

What is he talking about?

Didn't you hear him?

You don't have a license
so why drive, idiot?

Damn it!

What if it's not here?

If it's not
I'll never forgive you two

Stop screwing around, you bastards
Don't blamed me ljust hide in this place

Shut up man Jin won open it

- Sung hwan, open it
- Hurry up!

Don't yell in my ear, asshole!

Go away, you asshole!

Oh no!
what the hell like that