Make-Out with Violence (2008) - full transcript

A genre-bending tale of a boy trying to fulfill his unrequited love for a girl who has risen from the dead. It tells the story of twin brothers Patrick and Carol Darling, newly graduated from high school and struggling to come to terms with the mysterious disappearance of their friend, the bright and beautiful Wendy Hearst. When a drive through the countryside surrounding their suburban community leads to the discovery of Wendy's mysteriously animated corpse, the boys secretly transport the un-dead Wendy to an empty house in hopes of somehow bringing her back to life. As the sweltering summer pushes on, they must maintain the appearance of normalcy for their friends and family as they search for ways to revive the Wendy they once knew, or, failing that, to satisfy their own quests for love amongst the living and the dead.

When Wendy was
alive, she was my friend.

Wendy always thank like a little kid.

She told me never to forget
how to think like that.

Wendy promised we'd still be friends

after she finished high
school, but she left

without saying goodbye.

They looked for her for a long time

and they never found anything,
not even a footprint.

They finally decided
that she must have died.

Patrick said they just
weren't looking hard enough.

I wasn't looking at all when I found her,

but she didn't recognize me.

But she really was dead.

She had forgotten how to think like a kid.

I know now that Wendy had to leave

and Patrick had to follow her.

Patrick was never ready
for Wendy to be dead.

My older brothers were born twins

before my mom died having me.

My parents weren't expecting two babies,

so they only had names for one.

No, this is me.

No, this is you, this me.

No, that's me, this is you.

That's me.

That's me.

This is you.

Patrick for a boy and Carol for a girl.

Patrick always had a crush on Wendy,

ever since she moved here.

Carol is four minutes
younger than Patrick and

when he was born, he
couldn't breathe because.

Patrick's umbilical cord
was wrapped around his neck.

My dad always says there's
something wrong with him,

but Patrick said he's just a big dork.

It's really fun.

Time to go.

Patrick we're going to be late.

Is Beetle ready?

Beetle got dressed last night.

I don't think he went to bed.

We have to
pick up Rody, don't we?

Patrick just get up.

Why don't you go get
Rody and swing back.

I'm getting up.

Rody was from California.

Our brothers always
thought he was the coolest.

Rody hated it when
people got scared or sad.

He said the best you could
do when you got scared

was to laugh as hard as you could.

His parents were always
going on vacations,

so Rody was raised by his big sister

until she went away to college.

Now he takes care of himself.

I know now that Rody
wasn't the coolest guy

we ever knew.

How you guys doing?

Okay, good.

Patrick, we gotta go to the copy cat.

We're gonna be late.

Well, just drive fast.

We gotta go, it's for Wendy.

My brothers know Addy
from elementary school.

Addy told me she didn't have any friends

when she was little.

Carol said she had lots,
she just didn't like

to play with him.

♫ Allie, how did you
cut your hand so deeply

♫ Did you fall out of a sleep ♫

Wendy was Addy's best friend.

♫ But there's a fire in your eyes ♫

My dad trusted her to sit with me so

he can look for a new wife.

But he always comes home early.

After Addy put me to bed,
Wendy would come over.

♫ There's a rainstorm in the sky ♫

I gotta go finish
the eulogy right quick.

Hey, Addy!

Beetle] We used to see Addy every day.

But since she started boarding school,

we only see her on weekends
or during the summer.

These were always Carol's favorite times.

One time Carol asked her
to go to a dance with them.

He forgot that he didn't
know how to dance.



I feel stupid dancing alone.

I'm not going to just stand here all night

in these stupid tiny sandals.



Hey, Addy!

Patrick met Wendy that same night.

You're Wendy Hearst, right?

Everybody was
supposed to say goodbye to Wendy

at a special service.

It was like a funeral with no body.

I wondered if Wendy came
back, would they put her

in the coffin?

Patrick loved summer because

it meant seeing Wendy every day.

Carol loved summer because
wherever Wendy was,

Addy was there, too.

They'd play until Wendy's
boyfriend would come

and take her away.

♫ You speak to me as
though you know my name

♫ If I'm so gone why are you still here

♫ Candle, wine and greeting on a train

♫ Cry me a river oh, dearie, dear ♫

Patrick said the first
thing he was gonna do

if she ever came back
was walk up and kiss her.

Rody said if Patrick was
ever gonna kiss Wendy,

he would have done it by now.

She's singing to you, man.

Oh, yeah, that's Anne Haran.

She's Addy's friend from boarding school.

And now to say our
final goodbyes to Wendy,

Rody Kerrigan.

I was the first person
Wendy met when she moved here.

I'm not from here either, but
I always consider this town

my home and you guys my family.

This morning I wrote a letter to Wendy

and I'd like to read it to you now.

Dear Wendy, I can't think of
any ways to talk about you.

Silence says it best.

I feel absent because you really are gone

and everything is just less good.

I can only take comfort in
the fact that you are free

of pain we share here today.

Your friends have to leave,
go to college and you will

always be 17 and beautiful and with us.

Sorry we had to grow up without you.

I'm sorry I took you for granted.

I still expect to see
your car in the road.

I still expect you to call me.

You've touched us all beyond
the strength of this world.

May grace and life give you
grace eternal, God speed.

Love, Rody.

Hey, wait, hey.

So tell me your name.

So, are you going to
the Hearst house after?

Yeah, I think so.

I figure I should.

What did you think of the song?

It was good.

I liked it.

Thanks, I practiced it for like a year.

I thought it would be appropriate

even though I think it's Catholic.

Yeah, it is Catholic.

Did you put anything in the coffin?


Were you going to?

Yeah, you.

After the service,
something felt wrong.

I think Carol noticed it, too.

I thought we were going home.

Are you worried about Patrick?

I'm worried about everybody.

I never would have known Wendy Hearst

if it wasn't for you Rhody.

Thanks, man.

I don't think you should leave.

You don't want me to go?

No, it's just I can't take
care of everybody by myself.

You'll do fine.

You hear those cicadas?


You wanna go look for some?


I tried really hard
to get her to notice me,

but that was always just
one of your friends.


♫ Victoria your pupils are indigenous

♫ I see a side of me in them

♫ I never thought to search

♫ Victoria, the day is coming

♫ Running late for church

♫ Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ♫

♫ Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ♫

♫ Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey ♫

Hey, slow down.



Don't go too far off!

Carol, I'm right here.

Beetle, I'm telling dad.



You can't leave.

Why not?

Rody, we're so proud to have a man watch

over this house this summer.

Don't forget to feed the
dogs and feed Donna's fish.

There's plenty of meat loaf in the freezer

and soda in the fridge.

Remember blah, blah,
blah, love mom and dad.

So what?

So, who's gonna take care of the house?

You are.

I don't know how to take care of fish.

You just scoop them out when
they float to the surface.

If I feed your dogs an
entire can of fish food,

you think you can scoop
him up when you get back?

Well, I just got done
using all the fish food,

but you can try to kill him
with my mom's meat loaf.

Give me some money and I'll do it.

I haven't got any money.

Rody, I'm not paying for your dogs.

I know your parents gave you enough money

for the entire summer.

Can you break a hundred?

No, do you have a hundred?


One hundred dollars.

Thank you very much.

Come on Beetle, what did I say?



Beetle, Beetle, what's wrong?

I wonder what Wendy
would think of your eulogy?

Maybe we could read it
to her if she comes back.

Man, I'm not waiting
around here for Wendy.

I'm not waiting.

I just don't want to lose
two friends in one summer.

Patrick, I think you're
going way out of your way

to let everybody know how
sad you are about Wendy.

No, I'm not.


After she died
again, Carol said we had

to take her home.

She came back to life in the car trunk.

Brian, Wendy would wanted us

to leave it for you.

We just really
want you to have a good summer.

When you were in chorus in junior high.

So then it
doesn't really count, does it?

It's really important to us.

Please consider it.

We never got
around to doing this for Wendy.

And you're at the age where
you can really appreciate it.

Money's not the issue.

It'll be good
for you to know what it's like,

even for a little while.

I don't know, I gotta go home.

I can drive you home.

Where do you think you'll go?

I don't know.

You're gonna miss a lot.

If so, you can tell me all
about it over a milkshake

as soon as I get back.

How are you holding up?

I know you kids have had
a lot to deal with lately.

I'm good.

I'm just trying to make sure
that Beetle and Carol are cool.

Well, I
don't know how much longer

I can stick it out.

I think it's time for me to hit the sack.


Goodnight dad.

Oh, do me a favor.

When your brothers get home,
don't stay up too late.


Was that loud?

Beetle, close the door!

Who's out there?

It's Patrick.

Is he coming?

Close the door.

Carol, who's in the bag?

She's not moving.

Beetle, shut up!


Patrick, I'll explain.

I promise I'll explain.

First we have to find Rody.

Where's Rody?

Hey, I'm really sorry.

So am I.

Carol told
Patrick how we found her

and decided to bring her back home.

Patrick listened and
didn't ask any questions.

He looked nervous.

If Rody had been there,
he would have known

exactly what to do.


Think she'll get better?

I think she'll get worse.


I don't know if we can keep her here.

We can for the night.

I'm going to stay in here, too.

Me, too.

No, Beetle.

I'll just come back
when you fall asleep.

I'm going to sleep right now.

Don't tell Dad you stayed up so late.


Such a baby.

You really going to sleep?

What are we gonna do Carol?

Beetle, there's a reason

for a secret knock, okay?

Okay, but Dad just came upstairs.

What if he hears?

Did he see you come up here?

Yes, but it's my room.

Did he ask where we are?

At Rody's.

Think he'll ever go over there?

Nah, he wouldn't go over there.

He hates Mr. Kerrigan.

We move as soon as it gets dark.

Relax, motion sensors,
I'll take care of it.

Anne Haran.

Hi, Brian, hey,
it's Addy, how are you?

I'm okay.

I'm sorry if I was
acting weird yesterday.


Do I see one little,
two little darling boys.

Anne Haran.

Hey, Anne Haran, wow.

Say, what are you guys doing over there?

We're playing this game.

Come here, I'll tell you about it.

Okay, it's called Waterloo.

Beetle, get the door.

Beetle, it's okay,
they're not gonna hurt you.

I know they look scary.

They just want to sniff you, it's okay.


If we get caught, it's your fault.

I'm putting them away and
then Carol's taking you home.

No, he's not.

You seem tired.

Could you just talk to
me 'till I fall asleep.




Anne Haran's all taken
care of, but now I have

to go on a date with her.

Ooh, sorry, man, what'd you say to her?

We're feeding the dogs.

Carol, promise not to take me home.



Rody's house is headquarters, Beetle.

We can't lock up the dogs
every time you wanna come help.

Big deal.

Beetle, keep it down.



What's up?

Nothing, just throwing some
raisins at Patrick's window.

He must be asleep.


You tired?

You know what's weird?

Every time I see a blue car
pass, I think for a second

it must be Wendy.

Yeah, one of the only
conversations that we had

that I remember was at Rody's
cowboys and Indians party.

Where Wendy came-

- As a pilgrim.


Yeah, anyway, we were
up late just talking

and I asked her which one
of our group of friends

she would marry if she had to pick.

She said she'd marry you if
she could turn into a boy.

I said she should just
turn into me and I'd be her

as long as I didn't have
to go out with Brian.

Why don't you guys like Brian?

Brian, he's an okay guy.

I just don't feel like
he appreciates people.

I don't understand why he has to look so-

- Brian is just different,
he thinks a lot about things.

Well, yeah, but Addy, so do I.

I mean, I'm always thinking about things.

Brian just, he just
thinks about himself Addy.

Maybe, but you know I just
don't like it when you and

Patrick act like it's you
two versus everybody else.

Addy, sorry.

No, I'm sorry.

It's all just so strange.

I'd really, I'd really just
like to know for certain

that I felt a certain
way about everything,

like everybody's parents seem to.

I'm not even really sad.

They didn't even know Wendy.

Do you ever feel that way?

Don't you ever just wish
you could wake up one day

and be completely in control of yourself?

Yeah, I, I'm just not sure I know how

to think like that Addy.


You keep saying my name.


I didn't even notice.

Well, you do and it sounds funny.

Addy, Addy, Addy, Addy,

Carol stop it.

Adelaide Everly Greer.


What am I doing?

You can pet him if you want Beetle.

Don't touch their heads
while they're drinking, okay.

Stay here.

Man, she's pissed about something.

Yeah, this is good.

Good idea.

I don't know why we didn't
think of this before.

She's not chewing.

No, but she's sucking.

You know, Patrick, everything
we're feeding her is dead.

Yeah, that's the one.

You know I can't.

'Cause you're gonna
kiss Anne Haran all night?


Are you gonna hug Anne Haran?

Beetle, I'm just gonna
get this thing over with.

to Frank 'N Burger dude.

Hey, can I get
a chocolate milkshake?

Comin' right up.

Okay, nice bike.

There you go, man.

Oh, and a straw.

Hey, I'll give it to your
friend if you tell your brother

to put in a good word to Addy for me.

Thanks anyway, you can keep that.

I did a monologue for
the school talent show.

It was from MacBeth.

It was really twisted.

They loved it though, it was great.

I had the time of my life.

You sure I can't get you a plate?

No, that's okay, thanks.

She made extra for you.

I didn't know that.

That was very nice.

For you.


how's your summer been?




Well, with Wendy's passing.

I don't think she's gone.

But, hmm.

What do you mean?

I think they stopped
searching for her prematurely.


Carol, darling, where are
you taking me out tonight?

I thought we'd stay here.

I rode my bicycle over.

Carol, interesting name, Carol.


That way.


Something happened.

Just look at her.

She looks the same.

What happened?

I showed her the rat, She got worked up.

She got up.

Well, she probably wants to eat.

Patrick give me the rat.


She ate the rat.

That is so gross.

So, can she see Rody's
house from her window?

I never made it to her bedroom.

Patrick her dress needs
to go into the laundry.

Let's get her out of here.

Maybe Donna has something
that she can change into.


Maybe Donna has something
that she can change into.

I can't hear you,
turn off the blow dryer.

Maybe Donna has something
that she could wear.

I'll check the closet.

No wonder Donna left all this crap behind.


We're raiding Wendy's closet tomorrow.

Yeah, but won't
Wendy's parents be there?

Relax, just stay in the car.

I'll take care of everything.

Hi, Patrick.

They're upstairs.


I made lunch.

Why don't you go upstairs
and tell them it's ready.




Hi Brian.

Hello Patrick.

What are you doing?

I wonder why Addy didn't
wonder why I wasn't with you?

What the hell are you doing?

Getting some lipstick.

Did Mrs. Hearst
know you were coming?


Did she know you were coming?

Did you guys meet up here?

I didn't see your cars.

Well, Brian drove me.

Oh, so you came together.

What was Brian doing there?

He was having lunch with
Mrs. Hearst and sitting

all creepy on Wendy's bed with Addy.


Mrs. Hearst told me to tell
you guys lunch was ready.

I'll just stay up
here if you don't mind.

Tell her I'll be down in a minute.

Sure, sure, okay.

I'm going to put her in this one.

Are you gonna just take her clothes off?

You got a better idea?

It's not like I'm gonna look.


Do you want my help?

I can manage.

Besides, what would Addy think?


Then he got up and
left and that was that.

Like no hug, no kiss goodbye.

I didn't get to walk him to his bike.

I mean can you believe that?

Oh, yeah, that sucks Anne Haran.


So, how's Brian?

He's okay.

I think us hanging out
is helping him a lot.

I'm gonna call him after I'm done here.

I think that's a good idea, Addy.

You know he was really
in love with her Anne.

To my little Brian Z.

I never thought a name
guessing game to lead to this.

One year later and you
still make me feel like

I swallowed a big piece of ice.

I guess you were right.

I'll never get used to boys.

Love, your girlfriend, Wendy.

P.S. Don't forget what you
said, 6576, magic numbers

with no middle names.


Hi, is Addy there.

Yeah, hey, Carol.


Are you sick or something.

No, I'm not sick.

Okay, are you upset about something?

What do you think Carol?


Do you want to talk about it?

Probably, just not right now.

Addy, it's okay if
you feel like you need

to talk about Wendy.

I've gotta go Carol, bye.



7/6, Wendy's 18th birthday.

Wendy once told me she never
wanted anyone to surprise

her on her birthday, but somebody tried

to every year anyway.

That's why I made her the card,
but I never gave it to her.

Happy birthday.

Addy, what are you still doing here?

Didn't anyone tell you you could go home?

birthday made Carol realize

that he had a mission, to
make Addy his girlfriend

before the end of summer.

Crap, crap, crap, crap.


Most of Carol's
plans didn't work out,

but sometimes things are
just supposed to happen.

Carol, hey darling, heya!


I broke my bike.

Yeah, I was just
gonna say are you okay?

Yeah, I don't know what happened.

I was just riding around
and I popped a wheelie

and the wheel came off.

Can I get a ride?

Isn't that your car?

That's Patrick.

He must have left that there.

If I take it, he'll be stranded, so-

- I can take you home.

Well, it's on Addy's way.

No, it isn't.

Don't sweat it, I got it.

Come on.

Addy, I'm sorry.

I never apologized for
being a jerk on the phone.

It's okay, you weren't being a jerk.

It was just a bad time to call.

But it was good time to wreck your bike.


Carol you are unbelievable.

What happened?

Wendy, she was, anyway it was Wendy.

She couldn't help it.

So what do you do here

when me and Beetle aren't around?

What do you mean?

Never mind.

Wait, I got an idea.

I'm gonna go.

Beetle, did you go over
to Rody's at all last night?


I need you be over there when I'm not

so you can tell me what happens.

I want you to spy on Patrick for me.

Patrick was waiting for me

when I got to Rody's house.

Just in time.

Just the man I wanted to see.

He told me he was
working on a secret plan

to get Carol and Addy together.

I got something here
I've been working on.

But really I knew it was a secret plan

to get Carol out of his way.

D.E.O, darling eyes only.

Everything you
need is now in your hands.

Darling eyes only.

The list?

The list was 13
steps that Carol had to execute

to win Addy's heart.

You really think this will work?

I knew this
would be his last chance

before summer ended
and Addy left for good.

Number one, the decoy.

Use Anne Haran to make Addy jealous.

Anne Haran, you want a soda?

Why yes, Carol,
darling, I would love one.


Hey, I want one, too.


Where the hell are all the ice cubes?

We only have one ice cube.

Who wants it?

She can have it.

Do you want it?

Do you really want it?

Yes, Carol.


Ah, Carol, darling, I'm gonna kill you.

No, Anne Haran.

You are so in for it Carol.

Hey, Addy, are you seeing this?

Wait, I can't swim.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you.

Carol can't swim.

I didn't know he couldn't swim.

Even babies know how to swim.

Thanks, Addy.

There's a
thing about dead things.

They're not what they were.

With Carol gone, I learned
something about my brothers.

They're not themselves without each other.


Number five, swimming lessons.

I don't know Anne Haran.

I still think he has a thing for you.

Number seven,
get her on a boat.

Any boat.

Guess who I just talked to on the phone?


Carol, darling.

What did he want?

He called asking where you were.

I didn't tell him.

I told you he like adores
you, it's ridiculous.

Number eight,
always who is Mr. Fun, you are.

Number ten, tell as many
people as you can that Addy

is a lot of fun to hang out with.

I really like Addy.

You know who'd really like this game?

Addy Greer.

To tell you the truth, I
totally think Addy's a lot

of fun to hang out with.

You know, he does seem
to be around every time

I need someone.

And people I don't even
know, keep asking me

if he's my boyfriend.

You know, I bet Addy Greer could teach

me a thing about tennis.

Oh, shoot.

Man, I think Addy's a lot
of fun to hang out with.

So you coming to my party?

With Addy.

All right.

Addy Greer got me this skateboard.

I thought the
list would make Carol braver,

but it just made him forget.

All I could do is wait until he came back.

Does dad know where you are?

I told him I was sleeping over

at Edwin Lokey's mom's house.


What do you got for me?

Hold her Beet, I think
she's starting to move.

What did you do?

Look if you can't help,
then you have to go home.

All he does is hurt her.

Does he?

I don't know.

I can't breathe in there.

He told me I had to sit
outside because I'm a baby.

That's stupid.

Yeah, he's stupid.

He doesn't care, Carol.

Why doesn't he just take
her back to the place

where we found her?

I showed him where to go.

Beetle, is he doing anything gross?

Have you seen him try
to kiss her or anything?

Are you retarded?

Carol, are we gonna break the pact?

No, keep quiet, stay
here, I'll talk to him.

I'm serious.

Keep them closed.

I can't do it if you're watching.

Okay, I promise.

Number 11, rumor has
it Addy writes secret songs.


Hey, Carol, where you been all summer?

Guess the list was a success.

♫ What is wrong, what can it be

♫ Have all my days turned to Halloween

♫ My smile is lost behind ♫

That's what I came to talk to you about.

That and Wendy.

This isn't fun anymore, Patrick.

Well, we're not in high
school anymore, Carol.


What's your problem?

♫ I need you here by my side

♫ I want you here by my side

♫ Need you here by my side once again ♫

Number 13, sleaze comfort.

What is number 13?

Is it what I think it is?

Number 13 sleaze comfort is
the consummation of the list.

Wendy's gone, Addy's upset,
yeah, it's what you think it is.

I don't want to do that to her.

Yes, you do.

Not like that.

Not using Wendy.

We're not using Wendy.

Did you break the pact?

No, I didn't say anything.

I promised I wouldn't.

♫ By my side

♫ I want you here by my side ♫

She's going to
be at this party tonight.

She didn't even ask me
to go, Anne Haran, did.

Hey, Anne Haran.

Are you going?

Why don't you just take Carol

to the party?

No, I don't want to know any
more boarding school girls.


♫ Once again my love, my friend ♫

Call Anne Haran.

We're going to that party.

Twins, all right.

Yeah, dude.

I guess we should find our girls.

Call Addy.

Hello, my darling boys.

Hi, Anne Haran, bye Anne Haran.

All the BSGs have arrived.

So come on, would you like
to meet the other Annes?

There's Anne Ferguson.

I know a secret about
you Carol, darling.

What's that Anne Haran?

You like Addy Greer.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Sure you don't.

It's been forever since
I've seen you Patrick.

Yeah, it's been a rough summer.


When was the last time I saw you?

I don't even remember.

It was at Wendy's.

You were there with Brian.

That's right.

Did she give you that?

I don't like you anymore,
you know that right?

I know Anne Haran.

No, really, I totally
don't like you at all,

so over you.


So you've been hanging
out with my brother a lot?

Yeah, he's a really
sweet guy, a lot of fun.

What do you guys do?

What do you talk about?


Have a drink, Patrick.

I don't need a drink to cut loose.

Cuttin' loose!

I thought we agreed we
weren't going to talk

to anybody about Wendy?

Patrick, I think she should know.

If Beetle can know, so can Addy.

No, Carol, the pact.

Addy's not our sister, she's not even

your girlfriend is she?

No, she's not my
girlfriend, she's my friend.

She's your friend, too,
at least she used to be.

She is my friend but what do
you think is going to happen

if everybody starts to find out?

How long do you think you
can keep her there Patrick?

Rody is coming home.

Rody's parents are coming home.

It doesn't matter, Carol.

You finally realize that Addy
Greer would rather date her

dead best friend's old boyfriend than you?

Shut up Patrick.

Addy'll never be your girlfriend.

Just like Wendy'll never
be yours, so fuck off.

Let her die.


Where's Patrick?

He left.

He didn't even say goodbye.

Do you want to come outside with me?


It's better out here.

Yeah, it's kind of cool.


Are you ever going to kiss me?

Addy, I've never kissed a girl before.

Let's get awesome.

Hey, Rody,
we know you're in there.

What's wrong?

This whole summer everything has changed

and I just want to know
what's going on with you?

I don't know.

I haven't seen Patrick all
summer, I've gotten to be

pretty close with you.

Brian won't even talk to me.

What's going on with you and Brian?

After everything happened
with Wendy this summer,

Brian and I started spending
a lot of time together.

Oh, God.


No, I'm sorry.

Go on.

It's just-

You sleaze comforted him?

You sleaze comforted him.

I found some more, it's
Patrick darling, run!

You broke the pact.

What's this?

It's just toilet paper, I
didn't want them to find Wendy.

So you helped them roll Rody's house?

No, I didn't.

No, I didn't.

I didn't break the pact.

♫ Through the storms and all thundering ♫

Shut up Beetle, you little cry baby.

While you're at it, tell
your dogs to shut up, too.

She doesn't need you Patrick.

She's not even your
girlfriend, she's Brian's.

Well, guess what B?

They're not even your
dogs, they're Rody's.


You should know something about Patrick.

Leave me alone, I can't stand you.

Beetle, does your father
know where you are?

Addy, you have to come with me.

It's about Wendy.

Something you wanted to talk about.

I'm having trouble remembering
any stories about Wendy.

I'm starting to think I just
didn't know her all that well.

She seemed to know you pretty well.

I mean, well, she wanted to.

How did you meet her?

At school.

When we first started
going out, we were sitting

drinking chocolate milkshakes
and I told her I'd dump

my milkshake on her head and
she said she'd punched me

in the face if I did and
so I did and she punched

me in the face and it hurt.

What does Wendy have
to do with Rody's house?

Addy, promise you won't get scared.

We found her.

How did you meet her?

Fall formal.

I thought I was gonna kiss her that night.

Oh, yeah.

Don't tell Patrick I have this.


Did she ever
tell you anything else

about me and her?

No, should she have?

I don't know.

This is hitting me harder than anyone.

You're such a faggot Patrick.

Leave me alone.

In there.


You broke the pact first.

Hello, Addy?

I'm coming over right now.

They were all
yelling and Patrick was crying.

The night before the funeral
at dinner we were all quiet.

Whenever dad talks about mom, it's quiet.



She's gone.

When we found Wendy
in the field it was quiet.

I'll take her to the field.


Addy, I don't know what I was thinking.

It doesn't matter.

Carol, I'm leaving.

Summer's over.

Your average
country cicada spends much

of it's natural life in silence.

It emerges from the ground
for three short months

to sing and make love.

It does this until the
moment if it's death.

I now know what-

- What the fuck happened
to my house darling?

Just forget it.

♫ Here comes the end

♫ The end's up ahead

♫ Is it pulling on me
or am I reeling it in

♫ Grandma told me about a tunnel a'glowing

♫ Forgot the gray bones
of the ferryman rowing

♫ Down, down, Dixie's oar

♫ Blah, blah, blah, the end is a bore

♫ I can hear the door of the world locking

♫ Leave your tongue
behind, there's no talking

♫ Guess there's no light was the la di lie

♫ Or is it just the pennies in my eyes

♫ What's that lurking up on the horizon

♫ More of the end, how surprising