Majoran (1984) - full transcript

A Toei Presentation

A Premiere International


The street is full of men

I've been waiting for
the right moment

I don't care who you are...
Come to save me...

Please stop!

- Hey, Teacher!
- Please stop!

Hey! It's you who's fucking up
our school!

Move, bitches!


- This one has a problem!
- That's normal.

What the fuck are you
looking at, bitches?

Cafe Aoi

- I went there yesterday and saw Ogawa.
- It was so funny.

My boyfriend is so cool!

Who'll you vote for in the election
for the president of the school council?

Well, like I already said...

Hey, cut the bullshit!

He's a faggot and crawling
with AIDS and shit.

I'll vote for Takimoto this time.

You got it? Huh?

Got it? You fucking got that?

Did you?!

- Yes.
- Good. Good.


- Hey, have you been waiting?
- Not long.

How was your final exam?

I messed up mine.

- Hot coffee.
- Me too.

Chocolate bread for me.

The teacher told us to try harder!

Another one was only staring
at my tits!

Absolutely disgusting!

I will beat him up when we graduate.

You look at peace.
Why don't you join us?

I'm not interested at all.

I haven't trusted teachers since they
refused to help me apply for art school.

Parents are the same.
They keep fucking up our lives.

Don't you think there's something
wrong with this world?


That's right!

Would you like to hang out
in the southern downtown now?

- Southern downtown?
- That's right.

I would go if Rei goes.

I want to go to the toilet.

Rei isn't in a good mood today.

That's right.

Her period maybe?

It's over!

My period is over!


When I look at those signboards,
I get a headache!

Nice! I think I can earn 500,000!

I think I can earn even 1 million
per month!

Do you think I should try?


I will try after graduation.


Wow, it's like the idol business!

Salarymen Turkish Bathhouse

Salarymen Turkish Bathhouse
Wow, that's incredible!
It's for salarymen!

Salarymen Turkish Bathhouse

Salarymen Turkish Bathhouse
Perfect name.

Salarymen Turkish Bathhouse


What? I can't hear you!

Those guys are looking at us!

Hey, the seats are good here!

Come over!

- Should we?
- Maybe?

It's OK.

- They're actually following us.
- They are!

- Hey! What did you just say?
- I said you're idiots!

- Idiots!
- Fools!

Hey! Would you like to
go to Kobe with us?

3 on 3. Perfect.

We want to make good memories
before leaving for Tokyo tomorrow.

You know the song Sad Memories?

I want to go to the pier
from that song.

Would you like to guide us?

I think it's the southern pier.

Could you guide us to
the southern pier? Please!

Hey, let's go!

Who are they?

Hey, let's go!

Great, let's go!

Wow, they are really good at that!

I can't even follow!

You are right.

Hey! Give us a ride to the station!


Hey! Let's dance together!

What is this?
We aren't cheap girls!

What's the big deal?

You got into the car so you agreed!

What you got to lose?

I don't fucking care! Asshole!

What was that, bitch?

- Bring the tools!
- Got it!

Be quiet, bitch!

Be a good girl, bitch!

I told you to be a good girl!

Stop it!

Hey, what's up?

Be quiet, okay?

Those punks!

You'll get fucked!

Be quiet!

- Who the fuck are you?
- Good evening!

Would you please get out?


I Am the Only One

Who the fuck are you?

It's not your business.
Go somewhere else!

I won't fucking go anywhere, asshole!

What the fuck?

You guys are messed up!

If you want to touch a girl,
why don't you do a Tokyo girl?

Soon my crew of 100 will arrive!

If you keep loitering,
we will beat you up!

Those girls belong to the
guys who control this turf!

Isn't it time to go back to Tokyo already?

Not long ago, another guy from
Tokyo tried to do the same thing.

He got beaten to death on the shore.

Osaka is a scary place!



Are you okay?

Fucking punks!


Are you okay?

You have to be smart about
what kind of guys you hang out with.

Thank you.

This isn't a good area.
Do you want me to call someone?


Okay. Wait here.

I don't know where you're from.

When you come to the southern
downtown, pay a visit.

Everyone will know who Sabu is.

Wait here, then.

Be careful.

Wait here.

Thank you.

He's so cool!

He really is a cool guy!

I am filled by suspicious rage
This is crazy

Please stop!

I will start over

Your words come into my heart

You want my love, baby!

The cool guy isn't here today.

What the hell. This is lame.

Hey! Don't you think the guitarist
is cute?

That guy!

He is!

A bit girly though.

Wait, he has been looking at you, Rei.

He must be into you.

Must be!

I have no interest in
that kind of guy.

Shut up!

Your words come into my heart

- It was good.
- So much thrill!

Hey, can we talk for a sec?

What the hell? Okay.
Just make it quick!

Follow me.

- Is it okay?
- It is.

What? Move faster!
Are you scared?

Are you kidding me?
Of course not!

I heard you yawned at
her comments.

Which group do you belong to?

Why are you smiling?

I haven't smiled much recently.

You should respect us.

We are not groupie kids like you.

You fucking kids don't
understand rock.

I'll let you go if you kneel down and
promise to never come here again.

Are you kidding me?
All that for a yawn?

- What did you just say?
- Hey, sis!

You'd better not make us angry.

- We'll fuck you up!
- Fucking bitches!

What are you doing?

Let me go!

- What?
- Bitch!

What the fuck!

What now? Still feel like coming
to southern downtown again?

I'll come back. Today's not
my best day. That's all!

This kid has a big mouth.

I'll enjoy every time you come here.
Behave yourself.

Rock & Blues

To Death

- Who the fuck are you?
- Get out!

Bitch! Why are you here?

I wanted to thank you for last night.

Do you want to get hurt again, kid?

Don't pull a dirty trick like last night!

Would you like to have a duel?

You have guts.

Let's do it!

Stop it!


Don't touch me!

- I'm here for a duel!
- I'll beat you to death!

- You're the one who gets beat you to death!
- Are you challenging me, kid?


What if they destroy the bar?

What do you need, sis?

Who's the girl in the jumpsuit?

I'm here for a duel!

Oh, okay! Don't touch her!

- Stop it!
- What?

Ah, the girl from the other day?

Thank you for the help the other day.

I had some fights while you were away.

Sabu, was it a real story here?

Right. Hey!

You have guts, but fighting is no good.

Nothing good comes from fighting.
Stop it.

It's not about good or bad.

I will leave after beating this bitch up!

- What did you just say?
- Riri, you have to calm down too!

If you fight in this bar,
you will mess it up!

Duel or whatever, it's painful
to see your pretty faces in anger.

Can you stop this for me?

- But...
- Didn't you listen?

Okay, let's do a punch each,
and that's it.

You can't ruin those pretty faces.

If you say so...

I like your straightforward character.

Do you agree, Riri?

Get ready. One punch each.

Riri, go first.

Fucking bitch!

- How dare you?
- I told you one punch each! Stop it!

You're intense!

Sabu, I think you need my support.

Riri, calm down.

But she is disrespectful!

Stop it now.

I got it.

Go home. Go home.

Be careful on your way home.
Go home.

Come again tomorrow! Okay?

I will hang out here until morning.

Will you join me?

I have no interest in rock.

Say that after you try it first.

Rock is great.

I will come the next time
I feel like it.

Thank you for the help the other day.
You really saved us.

Don't mention it.
It's all their fault.

- See you then.
- What? Going home already?

I have a meetup tonight.

What? Reion?

- Which family is it?
- Yodo Union.

It's the rival of our South Osaka
Union in the southern downtown.

No choice then.

Rei, are you available tomorrow?


I want to talk with you more. Okay?


- Have you been waiting?
- You look hot!

You are wearing a hot dress!

- Does it look good on me?
- It totally does!

Weird way to say it!

My strengths are my manners
and my heart.

The heart gives me the energy
to live my life!

- That's right.
- Hop on.

- Where do we go?
- I can't tell you before you try it.

Hop on now.



Young people are supposed
to have passion!

Don't you think this passion
is expressed in music?

Do you love rock?

I totally love it!

Weird way to say it!

I'm just talking your way!

You will become a good woman!

I already am!

I can't help it!

South Osaka Union

This is it!

Presence stays here.

- This is the place?
- That's right.

We used to stay here,
but we gave it to the artists.

For the good of the public.

Let's go in.

- Is everybody inside?
- Yes.

Everybody must have been
waiting for you, Rei.

They all think you have guts.

I just live my life. That's all.

That's what I like about you.
I just live my life too.

Wait! I think the first recording
is a bit off.

Hey! Doing fine, everyone?

Ah, hello!

Nevermind us. Keep practicing!

Go in!

Before that, I would like to
introduce someone.

You met her last night. This is Rei.

Okay. Randy, Shigeru, Rudy,
Hiro and Daisuke.

Nice to meet you.

Hey! You shouldn't bear a grudge!

You too!

I see...

Nice to meet you.

Very touching, right?


Hey! You should become friends!

Let's stop hurting each other now

We are boys and girls for each
other anyway

The evil intention loomed out
of nowhere...

Do you want me to do it
for you?

No thanks, Rei.


This is Rei, who has just started
to work here part-time.

This is Rei, who has just started
to work here part-time.

- This is Anti.
- We are Anti.

- This is Anti.
- We are Anti.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Mad Rocker




In my hometown, I once tried
to dig a manure pool.

I thought I could finish it on that day.

Don't say it!

I couldn't even finish it after 10 days!
Can you believe it?


And this is the color of manure.

Hey, don't say it!

You've recovered your appetite, right?

Daisuke! Make curry!

That's disgusting!

- Where are you going?
- Part-time job.

What kind?

It doesn't matter.
You're annoying me!

You come home late every
night lately.

Enough is enough!

I'm just becoming independent.
Stop scolding me for that.

That's too extreme.

You know our school is
a public school.

It's okay.

The southern downtown girls disrespected
us because of that kind of attitude!

Yoko, don't you think this
is too extreme?

Our specialty is that we study and
have fun in a balanced manner, right?

You have been her friend since
middle school, haven't you?

You have to say something
in this kind of situation.

Rei, you are weird nowadays.

Hey, Yoshiko.

Do you think it will be painful
if I pierce my ear?

Do whatever you want!

I won't say anything from now on!

I really hate that I'm wasting
my youth!

Hey, it's not only about rock.

You like the guy from Presence,
don't you?

Who are you talking about?

The guitarist.

This is ridiculous.

If I have to compare,
I prefer Sabu!

I see.

Of course.

It hurts! It hurts!
I give up! I give up!

- Oh, I got a reaction.
- It feels disgusting!

You have to use your legs!

It hurts! It hurts!

1, 2, 3!

It hurts! It's over!

Endure the pain and learn
your lesson.

It hurts!

Are you having fun?
You even came out for me.

He said someone should
think about schedules...

and promotions to make
the band bigger.

It's too early to think about that.

By the way, there is an audition
in Candy Hall in a month, right?


I heard big entertainment companies
would be there.

That's why everybody has been
practicing so hard.

You should dress better for the audition.

Costumes maybe?

Fashion is not a main factor.

I disagree. You should wear
something fancier!

Why do you say that?

Do you want me to be your manager?

Stop it.

You should attend school
and think about your future.

So I'd be in the way?

I'll just do it without your
permission! That's my style.

You're a weird girl.

I'm not a girl. I'm a woman!


What is this?
You guys are very close.

I think his dark character
is infecting me.

I've decided...

What? You've decided what?

It's a secret.

You sound like a little girl again!

I thought you didn't have secrets.

Because I'm a woman.

When you become one?

You've helped the bar so much.

Thanks to your work,
the bar has become neat.

I have become interested
in rock recently.


That's a good thing.
What happened?

Daisuke and others told me that
you have a supernatural ability...

to distinguish good bands
from the rest...

and that you're the goddess
of rockers.

That's not accurate.

I've listened to many bands and
got tired of them at some point.

So people call me
Carmen the Band-Destroyer.

Also, I am very lazy in the first place.

But sometimes I need company.

Hey, get in now! Sis!

That idiot Kyosuke has done
something stupid again!

He cut himself with a razor because
he was too nervous for the audition.

I think your kind of punk is over!

Anyway, get inside now!

- It must really hurt!
- Hurry.

I wanted to take him to a hospital but
they might transfer him to a mental hospital.

You are smart, Sabu.

Of course, I am! That's why
I ran South Osaka Union.

Hey! There is a first-aid kit
under the counter.

- Yes.
- It must really hurt!

- What have you done?
- Sis, did you let her work here?

I offered her the job.

Listen, Riri.

Don't overestimate rock.

It's like a firework that only
lasts for a short moment.

Kyosuke's punk band and Presence.
They're all the same.

Ah, thank you.

You know the band called
Sex Pistols, don't you?

Yes, a little.

If you want to become a true groupie,
you have to be prepared to accept...

the fate of Nancy Spungen, who
got stabbed to death by Sid Vicious.

Poor thing. Lie down.

Why did you do this kind
of thing?

Poor thing.


Rei! Where are you going?
It's 1 AM now!

- I am going on a business trip.
- What are you talking about?

I will be back in a month!

- Don't worry!
- Wait!

I don't care where you go.

Just leave after your father comes
home from his business trip tomorrow.

Otherwise, he will blame me!

That's ridiculous!

That's why I am getting out of here!

- Let me go!
- I am going to get angry!

You are annoying me!

You know my character, right?

You are not even my biological
mother! Stop disturbing me!

Rei! Rei! Rei!

Leave now! She is crazy!

Leave now! She might come
back with a knife later!

- A knife?
- Yes! Leave now!


What happened?

I will become Nancy Spungen.

What is that?

What the hell now?

What? What happened?

- I ran away from home.
- Ran away from home?

Wait a sec.

- Can I come in?
- Sure, come in.

What happened?

You surprised me!

I thought Osaka Giants came
to beat me up.

Ah, wait! Don't look!

I'm just glad I'm wearing underwear.

It's dirty, but you can sit here.


You ran away from home?
What happened?

I want to earn 800,000 in a month.

I can't do that while I live there.

Why do you need that
much money?

I want to buy cool guitars and costumes.


Audition for Presence is
in a month, right?

Are you stupid? You don't
have to do any such thing.

That's so reckless!

I'll do what I've decided to do.
That's my character.

My heart gives me the energy
to live, right?

What should I do...

How did you find out where I live?

I asked Carmen, and she said your
place was the safest place.

Please take care of me.

She gave me a weird mission.

But I'm a man and I like you too.

I know you well.

If you really have to do it,
I would allow it.

I can't win. You know to hit
where it hurts!

Sabu! It's cold, isn't it?

Why don't you join me?

No, I am fine.

I have muscles to warm me up.

I won't touch you.

But it's hard.

If you need any help, let me know.

Any help?

But I can't tell you.



Can you do me another favor?


The wage I earn from Bahama
won't be enough.

I want to sell drugs.


Can you introduce me to someone
from the Southern Downtown?

Okay. It's dangerous though.

I will do anything!
I have guts just like you.

That's right.

You like Presence, right?


If not, why would you do such
a dangerous thing for Presence?

I will become Nancy Spungen. That's all.


You like Daisuke, right?

So what?

Wow, what have I been
doing then?

It's so sad that I'm going to cry.

I like you too.

I consider you my older brother.

I don't want to become
your older brother!

Should I learn how to play
the guitar as well?

- I will handle it!
- Okay!

Then there won't be any problem!


She's the girl!

She's a newbie.
Take good care of her.

- She's cute.
- Nice to meet you.

You use this car, don't you?

- She's cute.
- Nice to meet you.

- Leave it to me.
- Yes.

3,000 yen?

I won't back down from that price!

I want to test it.

Where have you gone
in this car lately?

Do you want some?

3,000 yen!

- Don't you need any?
- 3,000 yen!

3,000 yen!

Yes, it's good!

I guess you've never used this!
You'll be blown away!

You will recover tomorrow...

Rei! That's enough.
You can go home early.

I will do the rest.

I'm almost finished.

And I have nothing to do
when I get back home.

You ran away from home,
didn't you?

Don't you regret it?

I'm at the happiest moment
of my life right now.

There's sukiyaki for lunch.

What a luxury.

Welcome. Is it complete?

Yes. Look!

It's snowing a lot outside.
I was surprised.

It doesn't snow often in Osaka.

I want everyone to wear this, and
some kind of loop for the tops.

So, make everyone wear
variations of that.

And when they introduce one by one,
Daisuke shows the decoration on his arm.

And Randy said he wanted
to wear something on his hip.

Shigeru wears a wing-shaped

I see. I see.

- Can you do it?
- I think I can.

Sabu, what do you want
me to do with the tub?

Oh, I will use it later.
Leave it as is!

Please use it first.

Okay. I will.

I think I am going to go crazy
if I have to keep doing this.

Am I an idiot?

Hey! Daisuke! Do you
have someone you like?

Not right now.

Who the hell are you?

You are flirting with each
other here?

Why don't you go to a hotel?

- Sorry.
- What the hell?

Why don't you keep working?

- What did you just say?
- Sorry.

Why do you apologize?

Rei! Stop it!


Why are you so intense?

Is your hair made of corn?


- Rei! Let's go!
- Shut up!

How old are you?


I knew you were a kid.

What is that? Look! Look!

You corn-haired bitch!


See you!

It's cold.

No more customers today.
What should we do?

Customers don't come because
it's too cold.

I think so too.

What are you doing?

- Do you need some drugs?
- Get in the car.

- Why?
- Enough. Get in the car.

- Why?
- Get in!

Get in.

- What are you doing?
- Enough, be a good girl.

Sit down.

I thought the quantity was not enough.
Have you been stealing?

- I've never done such a thing.
- How many have you sold today?


So you must have 8 left.

How could you lie to us
with that pretty face?

Are you interested in getting
filmed or modelling?

- Hey!
- What are you doing?

Shut up, bitch!

What is this?

I didn't know it was there.

What are you thinking, idiot?

You're such a liar!
Do you still have more?

A lot more.

She still has some.

Huh? Move aside!

Do you still have some?

Wait a sec.

Done. Are you an idiot?

How dare you?

Hold her!

Come on!

Bro, do you want me to bring
the camera?

She got a nice rack on her!

Let's take a trip to Wakayama
for a week.

Sounds fun.

Lose the clothes, bitch!


- No!
- Hey!


What the fuck? It's Sabu.

Please forgive me for misjudging
that girl!

- Sabu!
- Rei!

Did you know, asshole?

No! I just heard from the guy
outside and came!

It's still your fault!


Who is this?

His name is Sabu.

He works in the southern downtown.

You can beat me up if you want.

- Fucker!
- No!

No! What are you doing?
It's my fault!

No! Forgive him! It's my fault!

No! Please!

No! Forgive him!

Ouch! It hurts...

Don't try dangerous things.
They are real gangsters.

Punishment could've been
much worse.

Forgive me.

How much more do you need?

Audition is in a week,
but I need 300,000 more.

I see.

What should I do?

I can't lend you money.

I'll lend you my treasure instead.

I really appreciate it,
but I can't take it.

I want to earn money by myself.

But you can't earn 300,000
in that time.

I will do anything including
selling my body.



Don't say stupid shit!

Forgive me...

If you realize your mistake,
I will forgive you.

You are such an idiot.

Why don't you just become
an ordinary groupie like Riri?

You are even more intense
than Carmen.

I am really sorry for causing
you so much trouble.

Don't mention it.

Poor thing.

Does Daisuke know that
you are trying this hard?

I just do what I want to do.


That's it! I forgot about this!

I have a great idea!

I completely forgot about this!

I have a friend called Shamo.

He had a great idea.

You have to give a special kind of
massage to an old guy who's almost 70.

He is too old to perform well.

It's close to prostitution, but not exactly.

This is great! Let's do this!

I will call him now!

We can earn money!
Wait here!

It hurts.

Huh? What is this?

That stupid man grabbed me too hard!

We are now leaving for my hometown!

My friend is waiting for me!

Hop on tight!

Let's fly into the sky!

Oh! Saburo!
I've been waiting for you.


What happened to your face?

I had a fight with yakuza earlier
and beat them up.

- Again?
- Yeah.

By the way, a paper lantern?
That's classy.

Since we are going to a particular
place, I have to bring this.


Is she going to do it?

That's right.

Carmen asked me to take care of her.
She is like my younger sister.

I am honored to meet
a beauty like you.

Everybody calls me Shamo.

Nice to meet you.

When he gets angry, his face turns
into that of a smelt. Funny, isn't it?

You are really cute.

My heart is beating faster.

Thank you.

Are you sure the old man at
the shrine will give us money?

Leave it to me.

But she is too cute to serve
that geezer.

Would you do it for me too?

You do it by yourself!


Listen! Just give him a special massage!

Don't overdo it!

Leave it to me.

I see. Okay! Let's go!

He's almost 70.
You won't have to try too hard.

Watch your step.

As I recall, there's
a manure pool around here.

Ah, there it is!

It stinks! It still does!

- This way!
- Yes!

This is the place!

Wow, it looks very old!

- Let's go in.
- Yes.

She's a real beauty.



Do you really think that guy
can get a boner?

Mister? Which spot do you prefer?

This one?

It feels good.

If she did that to me, I'd definitely
get it up and blow a huge load too!

But isn't he too old for that?

I don't think so.

Just looking at the arch of her back
to her hip would make my dick explode.

How could you help it, bro?

You are so horny.

This is rock! This is rock!

I'm still a man!

Bro, he got an erection.

It's time to make him nut.


She's so good at it.

Mister, does it feel good?

I'm in heaven! Ah, it's paradise!

That was great!

Thank you.

You want to erase your past

You want to make your dream
come true

Always. Always. Always.

Scream at me until you 're dead

Oh yeah!

We're falling down to my heart

We 're falling down to my heart

We 're falling down to my heart

We're falling down to my heart

They did well!

They will definitely pass the audition!


When I look at you,
it brings back memories.

Okay! Everyone!

Let's raise a toast!

Presence will become big this time!

One, two, cheers!

It's too loud in here!

They are so annoying!

Why don't you say something
to them?

Hey! Do you want to get punched?

Bottoms up! Bottoms up!

- Here you go.
- Enough.

Bottoms up!

I'm going to lend you my treasure.

And you find a room to live with Daisuke.


It's better. It's healthier.

If I have to, I will do it with money
I earn from a proper job.


By the way, are you saying
you don't like us living together?

I didn't mean that. But...

I really consider you as
my older brother.

And it's a lot of fun, isn't it?

That's right...

Has Daisuke thanked you properly?

I don't care.

I did it without his permission.

I even think I might have
disrespected him a bit.

What is that idiot thinking?

I should say something.


Have you thanked Rei properly?


Huh?What's that supposed to mean?

No girl cares more about you than her.

Did you do it?


You know what I mean.

How can I do that kind of thing to her?
She's like your younger sister.

Idiot! Do it now!

- Mr. Sabu!
- Mr. Sabu?!

Mr. Daisuke?

Enough is enough!

Wait a sec!

Do you own this place?

You punks are too loud!

- Don't fucking touch me!
- Who cares about that?


You guys are too loud!

Why don't you drink quietly
in the corner?

- How dare you!
- Hey!

Who the fuck are you?

You touched our mascot!

If you like your mascot
that much...

why don't you mount her
on your car?

- What the fuck did you just say?
- Stop!

Who the fuck are you?

People call me Witch Egg.

Guys are not supposed to intervene
in girls' fight!

You have guts.

I guess you can't understand this...

but you have to spend money
to get big in the rock scene.

It's the music of the royals.

What are you trying to say?

I'm saying that I can't let you...

leave the bar without paying
because of the fight.

Should we take it outside?

Against a girl like you?

You know the Osaka Giants,
don't you?

Aren't they famous for being retards?

What did you just say, bitch?



I am the leader here!

So many bastards in one place...

Here comes the South Osaka Union!

Why don't you take a little
walk outside?

Got it.

Don't run away.

I'll kick your ass!

Hey! Grab her!


Everybody! Stay inside!

Stop it!

- They kidnapped Riri!
- What?!

- Let's go!
- Okay! Let's go!

Bro! What should we do?

Idiot! Follow them!

Bitch! You disrespected us!

Don't touch me!

You deserve punishment!

Do you want a smoke?

This is what you get for
disrespecting us!

Don't you ever forget, bitch!

- Look!
- Hey! What are you doing? Stop!

I'll destroy you, you bastards!

You'll never catch us, idiots!

You can't beat us, fucking punks!

I'll destroy you!

We are right behind you!

What are you doing, bastards?

Riri! Are you okay?

We have your mascot!


If anyone disrespects the Osaka Giants,
this is what they get!

Remember it well!

Got it?

Here she is!

Bitch! I'll beat you to death!

Are you okay, Riri?

Get out of the car, fuckers!

We will!

If you're a real man,
you should prove it!


Let's have a duel!

How stupid.

Are you scared?

If you want to prove that
you're Number 1...

on this turf, you should have
a duel like he said!

Are you scared of losing
in front of so many girls?

What did you just say, bitch?

I will have a duel with her too!


If you have the real Osaka spirit,
you have to have a duel!


I will do it then!

Punk bitch!

You will never drive this
on the Osaka roads again!

I'll beat you up, bitch!

Let her go!

Riri, are you okay?

Hey! You'd better leave now!

Bro! Are you okay?

Nothing serious...

Go die, bastards!

Riri, are you okay?


I knew you had guts!

I will let our past slide.

Let's be friends.


We still have to pay monthly
installments for that car.

It's still usable, isn't it?


Yoshiko! What's up?

- Are you well?
- Yeah!

Get in! Sit!

What's up?


I think you got expelled from school.

Your mother called me many times.

I'm in trouble.

Forgive me.

Just ignore it.


What are you going to do?

I don't care about getting expelled.

I have many things to do right now.

Don't worry.

I don't like thinking too much.

You already know that, don't you?

I think you have to submit a letter
of long-term leave and process it properly.

I've run away from home several
times now. It's too late.

Even if I processed it that way,
I wouldn't go back home.

I have been worried about you,
but you look fine.

Of course, idiot.

I will drop by sometimes.

I can't change you anyway.

Thank you.

Be careful on your way home.

Yes, bye.


What a cute girl.

Is she your friend?

Usually, I don't say anything like this...

but do what you want until
you get satisfied.

I can't help you much though.

You can do it.

Thank you.


Do I have Lolita complex?

What's up?

Would you sleep with me tonight?

It's embarrassing.
I can't say anything else.


But Sabu is...

We are like brother and sister.

You don't like me?

Tell me straight up.

It's not that.

I like you.

I like you.

Thank you.

For what?

I feel like I am playing with
your feelings...

but I have liked you since
the beginning.



I can't help it. I'm crying.

Thank you.

I didn't know anything about you.

I never asked you what you
want to do in the future.

My future?

Our band will apply for an audition
in Tokyo soon.

To be honest, I am scared.

Nevermind the people in Tokyo.

My parents in Tokyo told me
to get a proper job.


Are you actually from Tokyo?

I was wondering why your Osaka dialect
sounded so weird.

I bet everything on this audition.

If it doesn't go well,
I will give up completely.

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Everybody, ready?



We are ready to start.

The title of the song is "Lucy".
Thank you for listening.

I met a cool girl, but I can't
make her mine right now...

Ted International - Rumi Yaotome
Sky Music - Toru Segawa

Light Production - Andy Horii
Saturday Club - Ken Izumi

PC Promotion - Hiroki Omura

Even if my heart gets crushed...

I won't let you go, Lucy!

You are so childish, Lucy

Why don't you use your brain a little?

Whatever happens, nevermind

There is something you can't understand

Even if my heart gets crushed...

I won't let you go!



Why did you stop it?

Isn't it a good song?

Isn't it the best song out of all
the songs you have composed?

Thank you.

If you can recognize the beauty
of it, you must be right.

You wanted to promote your
band at my bar, didn't you?

Why did you disband?

They couldn't follow me.

Kyosuke, isn't that too

Not really.

I'm not saying they're stupid.

I'm just tired.

I don't need any band members

Are you lonely?

I want to die!


Becoming a professional musician
isn't easy.

That's right.

No choice anyway.

Let's drink a lot tonight.

Let's do it.


Since we got the results, you'll stay
in Tokyo and talk with your parents, right?

It doesn't matter anyway.
Do whatever you like.

I will stop being a band member
after tonight.

Nothing good comes from failed auditions.

I think so too.

Think about Terry Kath of the band Chicago,
who died during Russian roulette.

Also, Brian Jones of Stones.

All these professional musicians.

It's time to end this band.

What are you all talking about?

Some Tokyo idiots didn't recognize
the beauty of our music, that's all.

Don't take it to heart like that!

Rei has helped us a lot.

Sorry we disappointed you.

Everybody tried hard.

There must be something wrong
with the judges' ears.

Do you know what they said?


That guy in his late 30s said that.

The word "outdated" shocked me.

Yes. Hello?

From Osaka?

Please put it through.

Wow, Sabu?

What's up?

We failed.

We thought it was our
best performance.


No way!

Carmen killed herself?

No way!

Everyone is sad.

You've cried enough.

I just don't understand why
she did it.

Carmen and Kyosuke killed


We won't find out until
we go to Osaka.

I hate it.

Why did they die?

Everybody must be very worried
right now.

Let's go back to the ryokan.




Why did she die with Kyosuke?

I know how you feel.




My birthday is tomorrow.

I want you to come. Only you.

Only me?

I would only feel depressed
around our members.


I want you to dye your red hair
black tomorrow.

I want to introduce you
to my parents too.

I see.




Excuse me.

Who are you?

That's great!

Of course it is!

Daisuke! Do it right!


I am really happy...


Daisuke, let's go.

Did you cut your hair?


You look the same as yesterday.

What are you here for?

My son's childhood friends
have gathered today.

If this isn't urgent,
could you come back later?


Is this a birthday party?

Go become a salaryman or something!

That's mean.


Please leave.

That's enough!

Don't make me laugh!

What is that look?

Are you fucking kidding me?

I was on the way home after dancing
until I got exhausted at a disco

I muttered to myself that
my youth was over

I looked at your shoulder and
thought you became skinnier

And I cried

I'm a girl born in Osaka

I know Osaka's downtown well

I'm a girl born in Osaka

I can't live in Tokyo

I was on the way home after dancing
until I got exhausted at a disco

I leaned on the telephone pole
in the night

Finally, I got back to my own room

I turned on the bare light bulb,
but then I turned it off again

I was thinking of your face

The tears that had supposedly stopped
earlier, started pouring down again

Even if I'm a girl born in Osaka,
I'm leaving Osaka behind

Even if I'm a girl born in Osaka,
I'm leaving Osaka behind


What happened, Rei?

I'm in pain!

Don't cry!

I thought you wouldn’t come back at first.

But you are Rei.

I was sure you would definitely
come back in the end.



Don't cry.


As I have told you before, rock is
just a fire work that lasts for a short time.

When Kyosuke told me he wanted
to die...

I found the courage to do it
with him.

He was going to become
an ordinary engineer.

But I taught him rock.

It's not like I'm taking responsibility.

I'm just letting him do what
I've wanted to do.

I’m going to leave Bahama to you, Rei.



Do you like me?

Of course.

Would you sleep with me?

What? Out of nowhere?

I was stupid.

Sabu, sleep with me.


It's too late for that.

We're already like brother and sister.

It'd be like incest.

No way.

That's right.

I'm struggling too!

It's really...


It's painful!


I like you!

Me too.

Let's go to Bahama.

Everybody is waiting!

I've had everyone gather there.

- Do you want to go?
- Yeah!

Great! Let's start over from scratch!


Don't answer me right now

I can't accept it with a smile

Tomorrow is not perfect either

You ignored me

If you want to say you love me,
give up that capricious attitude

Even if I have to be abandoned
at some point, I am into you now

Take me. Arrest me.
Take me. Arrest me.

I don't want tricks

I will become blind one day

My feelings for you also confuse
my judgment as always

I have no choice but to wait
until I find a new me

Take me. Arrest me.
Take me. Arrest me.

Directed by Seiji Izumi