Majili (2019) - full transcript

Poorna in his teenage had an ambition to be part in cricket team of Railway zone. He accidentally meets Anshu and both fall in love. But their dreams were shattered as Anshu leaves Poorna ...

[train honking]Welcome to the audience.

On the occasion of Goddess
Maridamma's celebrations...

Waltair cricket match final I
going to start in some time.

The both Bullaiah college and Isukathota
teams are beats on their opposite teams,

and entered into the finals.
[vehicle arriving]

[indistinct voices]

-Hey, Paidi, brother has come.-The prize money is 5000 rupees

-and the cup...
-Hey, Bhushan brother came.

Welcome to the Chief guest,

our Corporator Mr. Bhushan who
is here to watch the final match.

Who are our people in this?

Hey Satya... Come here.

-Brother, he is Isukathota Captain.
-Greetings, brother.

Hey! If you lose, it is
equal to brother's loss.

Why do you say so, bro? We defeated six
teams and can't we defeat one team?

We will win the cup and bring
fame to Bhushan brother's name.

What dude, you committed so with Bhushan?

They won six matches, onto that they
are college students and are in form.

We have Purna with us.

-Why did that Purna come here?
-I too don't understand the same brother.

Brother, it seems Satya has done
match-fixing with Purna.

Brother, he's our rival.

Still, we know that but he isn't aware.
You enjoy the match.

Yes, Brother.

Why did you wear a shirt when
I asked you to wear a T-shirt?

Have you called me for
umpiring or for a fashion show?

Huh! Ok.
Give the coin and go for tossing.

Isukathota team won the toss
and elected to bat. [cheering]

Bullaiah college team bowler
Deepak opened the bowling.

Isukathota captain Satya is batting.

-Bowling dude... Bowling...-We can understand how strong...

...are the Bullaiah College
team right with the first ball.

-Nice bowling... Nice bowling.-Isukathota captain Satya... struggling in Deepak's bowling.

[indistinct voices]


-They've appealed for run out.

-Satya escaped a run-out and took a run.
-Purna started the match-fixing bro.

-The team opened their account.
-Purna, bowling is very tough.

You should do something.

-Come to the front foot and play.
-What if I get out?

Are you the umpire or me?

-I'll take care of it.

Ajay is bowling second over.

-Satya is clean bowled.
-Out... Out...

Bullaiah College is
overwhelmed as Satya is out.

-But umpire Purna gives no ball.
-Hey... Not out.

Bro, he was not given out again.

[cheering]Satya hits a four on off side.


Isukathota team lost their first wicket.

We're getting caught to the leg when we're
coming onto the front foot and playing.

He just has a leg in his hands.
I'll have the whole body in my hands.

Um... Okay.

Don't cross the crease
and play on back foot.


Ten Overs... Two wickets... 85 runs.

Out empire... Out empire...
[indistinct voices]

Not out.

They're playing a wrong game by fixing
with the umpire, shall we give a walkout?

Come on, let's not give up.

Come on boys.

Isukathota team beat
152 runs from 20 overs.

Bullaiah college team target 153.

Bro, he'll get to know after the match
that he supported our boys.

That Purna will die in shame.

Purna, we felt can't hit even
50 runs but you made us hit 150.

Make that team all out
within 10 overs. And we'll party.

The captain of the bullaiah
college team is batting.

Ball... Ball... Ball...

He made one run.


You play your game. You'll
win this game. Go play.

Rajesh is bowling.

Kiran hit the shot.

It's six.

Bullaiah college team
is playing steady right.

Batsman is making the scoreboard
run with regular fours and sixers.

why are you so silent without giving outs?

The public came to know that we both
fixed up and are playing the cheating game

Let's leave them for five overs.

Just five overs, right? Let's leave.

Okay boys, come on... Come on.

Bullaiah College batsmen
are playing great.

They haven't lost a wicket yet.


Bullaiah College team
scored 136 runs in...

-...15 overs without losing a wicket.

Talk is still the same
and what shall I do?

I'll take care in the 5 overs.

Both the openers in a good form,

are chasing the target by
hitting fours and sixes.

Bullaiah College team
without losing any wicket,

achieved the target easily
and won the tournament.

Hey, you take money from us and
support them? [indistinct voices]

How much did you take from them?

I'll say to Bhushan brother and you...

Who the hell are you rascal,
saying umpire to cheat? Huh!


Brother, he looks like an idiot.
He suddenly changed the party.

Bro, what bro? You supported them
first and suddenly came to our side?

Those Isukathota idiots bribed umpires
all in the tournament and came to finals.

Such waste idiots shouldn't win
over sincere players like you.

Thus I entered from their
side and made you win.

Bro! As you made us win,
I wish to give you a small party.

You are students, right?
You may not have money, it's ok.

No problem bro, say what do you want?

Will you book a room in Taj hotel?

"No way for the sensitive
jasmines to reach your topknot"

"Cuckoo hasn't sung with you..."

"...when the day is going down"

"Come to me, by crossing
over the high tides..."

" dear"

"Sleep forgetting this nightmare..."

" beloved"

"Let the dream in your eyes"

"boil in the tears"

"The sound turning into your heartbeat"

"and the thought turning into breathe"

"Even if I stop
breathing or I lose my life..."

"...I won't leave you"

[playing cricket on the television]

[playing cricket on the television]

[playing cricket on the television]
Let Sachin hit a century,

Akhtar will have tough time.
Watch it now... Watch it...

Why isn't Dravid giving the strike, man?

-Yes, he gave a single.

Watch it now... Watch it...

-I can't.

-Hey... hey, where are you going?
-I'll go pee and come.

Hey! If you move anywhere till
Sachin hits a century, I'll kill you.

What's the link between Sachin to
hit a Century and me going to pee?

-There is a link.

Tell him what happened day
before in Australia match.

-He messed the wide ball and got out.
-Yes! It's all because of you, idiot!

I'll prove that your sentiments
are completely wrong.

-Hey... Don't go. Please sit.
-Hey wait... Please wait a minute.

-Don't go.

-Oh God!


-You rascal!
-Hey... Sorry.

Can't you hold for two minutes?
Don't you have the patriotism, idiot?

-Are you Indian?
-Hit him... Hit him...

I love India. Oh God!
I love Sachin.

-Look at here... Look at here...
-Look at him.

-He prayed for Sachin...
-Look at him. make a century.

-What have you done for the country?
-Learn from him.

You'll go and pee.
You dirty rascal.

Why the hell do you make
such a fuss for my peeing thing?

[door bell ringing]

[playing cricket on the television]

You've night duty, right dad?

I thought to play day
& night match with you.

Don't you have any other work
than watching and playing,

that Cricket for 24 hours?

-I like cricket a lot, dad.
-Yes, I like boxing a lot son.

But if I hadn't left that and did
this job, you would have got ruined.

-We too will get jobs uncle.
-What, for your studies?

You couldn't pass Inter and
the whole batch joined in ITI.

He is electrical and he is carpenter.

Uncle, I'm good fitter.

Still, what's your age and
what's roaming with these guys?

I should be there to say good and bad,
right uncle?

Hit you with my footwear, rascal!

That great lady took a word
before dying not to hit her son.

If not for my anger...
[transformer trips]

Transformer tripped.

-What is it?

Power is exactly gone at the
time of watching the serial.

Please call the lineman and call for him.

Where'd he be Madhavi madam?

He may have drunk a quarter
and would've fallen somewhere.

That's why...
[gate creaks]

Mr. Murari, please call that lightman
and ask him to come.

Come on.

-Why a loss to my phone bill again?
-He started again...

-Stop it.
-You wait, dear.

[door creaks]

Hey, why for you?
What if something unexpected happens?

Let him do Sir.
Your son is Electrical in ITI, right?

You'll understand on the
spot about what he studied.

Hey, we should bash up
Murari by blindfolding him.

[indistinct voice] Hello, Mr.Purna...
Better do prayers to your dearest God.

No idea whether we can
see you again or not.

Dear, what are you talking?

You don't know. Do you know
how he talks from the morning?

He's the most useless
fellow of this entire colony.

-Oh God! The power is back.
-His face has become black.

Thanks son, a guy like you
should be there in every colony.

Even a boy like me too, aunty.

Will you give him an award now or what?
Has he invented electricity?

-Come on, move inside.

[cicadas critter]

So, what do you say now?
You want to get into cricket, right?

I'm giving you one year time.

In the meantime, I don't care whether
you become Sachin or a waste fellow.

Ok, dad.

But if you don't clear
all subjects in ITI...

I'll clear them, dad.

-I'll make you apply for a gang man job.
-Alright, dad.

They'd make you bend and
work on the tracks.

Dad, it is as you wish. Your word
is final. I'll do whatever you say.

-You will have a tough time.
-Thank you, dad.

Hey, from tomorrow nowhere
else than the ground.

-Okay? Let's rock.
-Let's rock.


"Let's call and ask the Sun to come fast"

"Let's stop moon not to come fast"

"Wherever the heart reserved a place"

"Let's fix and stand down there"

"This is the freedom of
ball crossing the boundary"

"Come on... Come on..."

"Come on dude, let's do it fast"

"Let's play great with the life, dude"

"Let's enjoy great, dude"

"Let's make the age whistle
like the train"

[alarm ringing]
"Let's call and ask the sun to come fast"

"Let's stop moon not to come fast"


"Don't you ever undermine anybody"

"Other guy may have something
which we don't possess"

"By observing the clock
every day which doesn't work"

"It shows the time correct twice a day"

"Because we have
invented this long back"

"and thus"

"Our friendship is..."

"...singing, dancing and enjoying happily"

"Hey dude... Hey dude..."

"O... O..."

How many times did I tell you
not to hit into the ocean?



-Here dude.
- How many will use, man?

-This is fresh.

Hey, ball...

-Oh no! Guys, they are doctors.
-No dude, they are navy cops.

-Sorry, sir.
-Can't you see the vehicle?

sorry sir

-Hello Police, give the ball.
-Who are you, man?

-Give me the ball.

Be careful while you play.

See and drive carefully sir.


"Let's give a still like Bruce
Lee and dance like Jackson"

"Let's stick all Tendulkar
stickers on the heart"

"Let's wear cooling glasses
and raise our collar"

"Let's go around the
city like a globetrotter"

"In a tremendous way"

"the colouring is awesome"

-"Fill in the eyes,"

"like a colour festival
enough for 100 years"

"Come on dude, let's do it fast"

"Let's play great with the life, dude"

"Let's enjoy great, dude"

"Let's make the age
whistle like the train"

"Come on dude, let's do it fast"

"Let's play great with the life, dude"

"Let's enjoy great, dude"

"Let's make the age
whistle like the train"

[power trips]
Hey shucks!


Dad, what breakfast did you prepare today?

I prepared Upma,
eat and go your way.

Why don't you learn to make
Pesarattu? It's always Upma.

Is it so? I'll give two on your
back and it'll be good for you.

Mr. Jagannathan,
stop that engine first.

-What happened?
-I should tell you a secret.

Your son is smoking and boozing.

-Oh, is it?

-Ok, leave it sir.
-What is to leave?

Sir, if he learns that I got
to know about his boozing,

he would continue it before me.

It would be disgusting.

Sir, we should carefully
safeguard the fear of being the father.

please don't tell him that I got to know.

Will there be a father as such too?
[vehicle leaving]

Irresponsible father, idiot son.

What did you say is your name?


He did Fitter in ITI and stopped, brother.

Srinu said that you would
get him a job in Railways.

Why did you tell him so late?

This year's railway posts are already out.

Onto that, we should manage from lower
authority to the higher authority.

The boy seems to work genuinely hard.

We shall spend money, brother.

It may cost up to three lakhs.

I can pay up to two lakhs, brother.

you wanted me to bear that extra one lakh.


When you find a good person,
you'd exploit him.

-Ok, I'll go to Bhubaneswar in two days.
-Okay, brother.

-I'll talk to all and come.
-Okay, brother.

-Give that two lakhs to our guy.

-I'll give the money, brother.
-Ok, sit... Hey, sit.

your job is guarantee now.

-Hey Ganesh.

Are the boys ready for MP
brother's rally tomorrow at the RK beach?

Everything fine brother but that Railway
new colony boys are denying to come.


That coach Srinu is diverting the boys by
saying that there are railways placements.

Distribute the cricket kits and biryanis.
Let's join everyone.

-Okay, brother
-Did you understand?

Our MP brother would feel bad
if he gets to know about this.

Shouldn't I talk on your behalf
and arrange jobs for you?


Ok, manage carefully.

Okay brother.

-I'm leaving then.

What guys? It seems that you and colony
team fought in the Waltair ground?

Brother, I was saying not
to play the match with them.

Brother, it was that Ganesh
who cheated us for every ball.

-Thus we revolted on them.
-Shut up!

Why do you want to play cricket with
those goons? [indistinct shouting]

Don't you wish to play
for the Railway's team?

Selection trials are starting.

In few days, there are district
league and zonal matches.

If you play well and get
selected for the East Coast,

you'll get a railway job

and place in Indian Railways
Cricket team at the same time.

You are saying a lengthy process.

There is a word outside that the job can
be achieved by paying three lakh rupees.

Who, who is saying so?

Is it that Bhushan?

He's collecting money from public and
is doing prostitution in Bezawada lodge.

Work will be done it seems!

Sorry brother,
we won't play with them again.


The day after, we have a match with
Navy team in the interservice competition.

It's a strong team, practice well. Go

-Let's go.

-For the day after tomorrow's match...

Shabaresh isn't coming, right?

No problem, brother,
we have another good player.

-Ok, you take care of it.
-Okay, brother.


I wanted to take training from you for
this year's Railway team selections.

Oh, already so many players are here.

-Brother please, I play very well.
-If needed, ask in Church ground.

If he hits, everything is six and four.

We shall see next time.
You still have age, right?

Please brother,
you said the same even in the last year.

Do something and give me a chance.

-I'm helpless, next year.
-Brother... Brother, please...

-What is this?

Do you want to play the match against
the Navy team on the day after tomorrow?

Yes bro, yes.

The captain is our guy. I'll suggest
you and he'll join you in the team.

- Many thanks bro, thanks.
-Arrange for Rs. 2,000.

Give me if you wish to play,
otherwise no.

Let's meet tomorrow.

Rs. 2,000?

I doubted when I saw his face.

Do they take bribes here too?

Purna, what are we doing
in the early morning?

It's time for the big ship to come.
Guards will be high in number.

Is this huge risk
needed for just 2000 bucks?

Hey, are we looting the ships?
Just some Copper and some Sulfur.

But, we can do anything for cricket.

We can do anything for friendship.

We can do anything if it comes for free.

-It's okay.

Hey... Hey...
-What are in these sacks.

Hey, it's copper.

Hey, hold it.

Hey, stop it.
What is this Sulfur and baking Soda?

We should aim for high.

Hey, what's your nonsense?
Keep calm.

Shall we break the container?

-Have you gone mad? It'll be a big case.

Mr. Jonty, there won't be a success
unless you take the risk in your life.

Listen to me guys, just one shot
and all four of us can settle down.


[metal clunks]

-It has opened.
-What must be inside?

Hey, slowly...

Hey, wait dude.

-What did your dad say recently?
-What did he say?

You are settled by tomorrow morning
and your dad goes silent.

-Hold it, dude.
-Okay, give it.

Move aside.
Mine is a lucky hand.

-Open man, open it. It's on me.

Why is it so empty, dude?

What did you say? I'll get settled
and my father will be silent?

What did you say?
[indistinct voices]

It is not a mistake to kick
you for what you've done.

-Hit him guys, hit him.

Let's lock him in
this container today.

-Hit him dude, hit him
-Hey! Whose is that?

They are cops. Let's go.
Hey Jonty, pick the copper fast.

-Make it fast.
-Pick them fast.

We will be finished if we get
caught to him. Runaway, guys.

Hey Masthan, take this.

-Hey! Hey!

Hey, stop.
Who is it?

What did you steal?


Hey stop, stop.

Have you seen any person
coming to this side?


[footsteps leaving]


Hey wait.

-Did you click my pictures?

-Tell the truth, did you click my photos?
-Why will I click your photo?

Show me.

Are you Shahrukh khan?

-Give the camera, give the camera.

I'm asking you to give the camera.
Give it to me. Give the camera.

-Hey, give it to me... Give it.
-Hey! Leave me... Leave me...

-Give it to me.

-Remove your hand.

-Hey! Leave the camera.

-Leave me.

-Did you think to inform to the police?
-Hey... Hey...

-Give me my camera.
-Leave me.

-Get lost!
-Idiot! Hello.

Hey! You dirty fool.

-Hey, get lost.

Thief is running away taking my camera,
catch him.

[birds chirping]

Anshu, how are you so easily
saying to have lost the camera?

-Why did you go to the harbour?
-It's just a camera, mom.

Why are you shouting at me?


I brought the camera from the US
with love for her birthday.

She doesn't even have
a bit of concern Reetu.

-Sanjana, there is nothing like that.

...did I ask you to celebrate my birthday?
Did I ask to get a camera for me?

Shut up, Anshu.

Don't take people for granted.

-Mom, she is taking me for granted.
-No, she is not taking you for granted.


Stop being rude to my mom.
She is getting hurt.

Go to hell.

I'm so sorry, Sanjana.

Look, what your dear daughter has done.

What, didn't she have breakfast?

It's not about the breakfast.

It's about Sanjana's camera.

She lost the camera and
now she is insulting her.

She is behaving so now. Will she
obey her after getting married to Kunal?

Look, she is standing there.

Make her understand
about how to treat people.

What happened dear?

Dad, this Sanjana aunty is irritating.

No, you shouldn't say so.

-Did you start?
-They are our well-wishers.

Anshu, you are a Navy officer's daughter.

People will look up to you.


You should be aware of what to talk,
how you behave and what you do.

-The world sails on...

Right. Go,
have your breakfast.



How are Anshu's birthday
party preparations going?


[train moving]

Jontey... Jontey... Jontey...

Oh no!

180 runs it sees dude, can we hit?

We can if there's a partnership.

What kind of bowling is that guys?

Have you guys scared by
seeing those navy players?

Brother, we have our batting too, right?

we'll show then what our Railway team is.

Fifty should be there
in the first five overs.

I think it will be better if we have 70.

I mean it would be better if we hit
the new ball before it is worn off.

Hey, shut up.

Let's bowl out their entire
team in ten overs, okay?

-Come on boys, let's do it.


-Hey... Kishore come...
-Ball.. ball...ball.. ball...

-Come on, run... Run...
-Only one... Only one.

Ok, ok single.


Shall I go after you?

-Inform the coach.
-What's the hurry to bat? Shut up.

Why does he feel like we asked his girl?

We asked just asked for his batting,

-Yeah! Come on.
-Oh, good shot Phani... Good shot.

-Hey come... Come.
-No, don't come.

-Come dude, it's single.
-Ball... Ball...

-Come on man...
-Hey, come... Come... Come.

Hey, out.
[indistinct voice]

What's this dude?

I told you right.
Just come for a single.

Coach, ask that Chalapathi to play
a bit fast. The overs are finishing.

Yes, bowling is very tough.

It gets loosen if two shots are hit.

They are playing too soft, coach.

Out, out.

-Siva, you go.
-Shall I play?

He can't play in their bowling, coach.

Ok, pad up.

Thank you coach, thank you.

Boys, come on.
Try it.

We'll anyways lose the match.

I'll make a half century. Take
single and give me a strike, okay?

Why centuries when our
team doesn't win bro?

86 for 6 overs isn't a big deal.
We can hit if we both decide.

What to decide?
Don't overact and take a single.

If not,
you won't be there in the next match. Huh!

-Hey, give the ball.
-Hey, come...

-Go, go.

Wait... he will play.

Didn't I told you that
we'll lose the match?

Hey, wait... Wait... he will play.
Wait for a minute.

[glass shattering]


-Look I told you.
-Good shot Purna.


I asked you to take a single.

Look at the the score.

-Come, come.
-Hey, Purna no.

-Go, it's single.
-Single in the last ball of the over?

-Purna... Purna... Purna... Purna...
-Why are you bowling like that?

Anshu, what happened?

Kunal, he's the guy who snatched
away my camera in the harbour.

He's very arrogant.

I don't know what you'll do. His face
should become shapeless. Got it.

Come on... come on...


Purna... Purna..

-Purna... Purna...
-Open your eyes.


Purna, can you hear me?

Get up.

Come on.
Let's take him to the hospital.

You are fine, right?

Hey, slowly.

Hey careful.

-I'll play.
-Will you play? Are you sure?

-I'll play.
-Careful, dude.

-I will play.
-Let's go boys, let's go.

Hey Purna,
atleast now come for a single...

Ok, your wish.


[metal clunks]


-We made it.
-Hey, Jonty.

-We are the winners.

-Well played Purna. You played very well.
-Thank you coach.

-From today Railway team Opener Purna.

One minute.

Hey stop.

Did you ask him to hit on my face?

Yes! Actually, I should break your
limbs for what you've done.

Do you need my limbs or the camera?

I need my camera.

I gave it to your security, take it.

Wounds aren't any new to me.

But I will remember
this for a lifetime.

Excuse me.
Did anyone give you a camera?

Yes, madam.

Here it is madam.
A boy came in the morning and gave.

Anshu dear, is everything is fine?

-Everything is fine, uncle, thank you.
-Ok, take care.

Where are you going?

-To Jonty's house for combined studies.
-Oh, you study too?

Turn this side.

What's that?

While running for kite,
hit to the wall...

Did you fall in dung?
Even if you lie, it should match.

-Have you shown to the Doctor?

What did he say?

He told me to eat more
mutton for the wound to heal.

You do anything for non-veg, right?

Hey, that Mastan is your friend, right?
Ask him to cut three more extra pieces.

I'll get head, limbs, liver
and intestines chopped separately.

-That's it.
-Give me one more hundred.

-"We're raging youngsters"

Get in.

I need to talk to you.

Oh, ok.

-Kunal, you wait outside please.

Five minutes,
I have to say sorry to him.

Something is wrong with you.

What is this?

These are mutton pieces. It stinks
in an AC car. Can you please hold?


Anshu... Anshu... Anshu...

I am sorry.

Is it very painful?


Is it paining?

No problem, its common for me.

Why did you returned the camera?

I felt that's very important to you.

It is tinted glass, he can't see us.

-[dog growling]
-Shoo... Go away.

Where is your house?

Here... there...

So, tomorrow evening,

my dad arranged my birthday party
celebrations at the navy ship deck.

You can come.

Will they let me come?

If you wish to come, you can come somehow.

-Okay, bye.

-Where is my mutton?
-Dog ate it.

-Oh, no problem. I'll have veg for today.
-Disgusting fellow.


Bye, bye.


Singing: "Kannula Basalu song from
the film 7/G brundavan colony"

Their family must be very rich that
they're celebrating birthday party on ship


Ship... lights... they are very beautiful.

Don't I look good?
-You are very beautiful.


He is my friendship.


-It's not friendship, just say friend.


Uh! Drinks... Waiter.
Get drinks.

Thank you.

What is this navy police is doing here?

-Hey Preethi, how are you?
-Hi, uncle. I'm fine.

Hope your friend is
taking good care of you.

-Yes, daddy.
-Isn't it, Anshu?


-Hi, uncle.

Have we met before?

No uncle, he came state first in his tenth
class. You might've seen in the newspaper.

No, no.

-I saw you somewhere recently.

He is Kunal's friend, daddy.

-Hey Kunal, where are you?

-I was searching for you.
-Yeah, I'm coming.

Hi. So, he is my friend.


-Cheers uncle.
-Hello, who's the friend?

-That is...
-Why are kidding now?

I wish to celebrate in
this same ship, dude.

-How much do they charge per hour?
-Get lost!

What's that?

I brought to gift you.

Is it a gift?
Show me.

Greeting card.

Oh, many of them gave greeting
card in the school days.

This is a musical greeting card.

I think in plus one, three to four members
have given me the musical greeting cards.

I made this.

Oh, Scientist!
Show it. Ok.

-Anshu. come here.

-I'll just come back.

You've finally given it.

Anshu come here once.

Meet Aurora uncle.

Why did dhe put it aside?

-Happy birthday, Anshu.
-Hello uncle, nice meeting you.

-Happy birthday, Anshu.
-Thank you so much.

Anyhow she is a ship and you are
a boat, how would it match dude?

Both should sail on water, right dude?

-Well done dude.
-The surroundings are very good.



"All of a sudden it banged
hard in my heart,"

"no idea what's wrong"

"When you landed in my thoughts,"

"I like it no idea what happens"

"The words in the heart,"

"can't be hidden, said my lips"

We should ask the disturbance in the heart

"about our story"

"All of a sudden it banged
hard in my heart,"

"no idea what's wrong"

"It's almost like going breathless,"

"you don't ignore me and go"

"It's like silence is melting slowly,"

"when snatch my heart by casting a spell"

"Our words"

"Let it turn into a song"

"Our song"

"Let it flow like a song"

"Let that love turn into a dream,
truth and heaven"

"In our companionship"

"All of a sudden it banged
hard in my heart,"

"no idea what's wrong"



"I feel like reborn again
when you throw a hearty smile"

"Time flies out easily
when you speak sweetly"

"Shall I cross even the
seas just like that?"

"Did the dawn hide in the sparkles?"

"This love of ours is been so sweet"

"It's a beautiful epic"

I hit into the beach
and lost around ten balls.

-In to beach?

-Is it hot, right?

-Dear maaya(husband), four more rods.
-Okay, okay.

Purna, what is 'mayya'?

Wives call their husband
as 'maaya' in Vizag.


Yeah, wives call their husband as 'maaya'.

Oh...! Ok.


Purna mayya (Dear)...


Bye maaya.

-Bye maaya.

Bye dear.

Hit him but the wounds
shouldn't be seen on him physically.

[dogs barking]
Hey Phani, hi.

What is it Chalapathi?
Why are you here at this time?

What man? You are overtaking
my brother it seems?

-You aren't listening to him, it seems?

-What are you blabbering?
-Didn't you take away my opener place?

Hey, I was just obeying the coach.

That means,
won't you obey the Captain's order?

What kind of captain are you?
You are talking only one-sided.

Why are you talking too much?

We'll have so many things in our team,
who are you in between?

-He is my own brother.
-You hit my brother, get lost!

-How dare you to hit my brother?
-Will you hit me?

-Hey, Chalapathi.
-Will you hit me?

Hold his hands and close his
mouth... [indistinct voices]

-He doesn't even obey the captain.
-Push him into the auto.

Push him into the auto.

-Brother, make it fast.
-Hold him tight.

-He'll listen to us when we hit him right.
-Leave me.

I'll see how will you enter into
the ground from tomorrow onwards.

[groans] You'll be bashed if
you don't obey us from tomorrow.

[vehicle leaving]

Ok boys, all is set, right?

Who is going for opening? Purna...

Hey, why aren't you ready yet?

I won't play this match
if that Chalapathi is in.

He attacked me last night.

-Hey, is it true?
-He's lying, brother.

Alright, Pad up first,
let's talk after the match.

Not just this match, but I won't play
any match if that fellow is there.

See bro, how arrogant is he talking.

Not just me bro, but all our guys are
hurt. Ask Phani if needed. What man?

Yes bro, it seems he's saying
all even at the park center.

He said we won't win even one
match if he is not there in the team.

-Hey, who said it?

-Why are you both playing tricks?
-Brother, why will he say so?

-Tell me who said so? Tell me.
-Did you say like that?

I didn't say bro but I'm saying now.

-This team is wins just because of me.
-Ok, you don't need to play for this team.

I don't need this team when
this team doesn't need me.

-Get lost!

Hey, Purna.

Hey, no dude...
Go and apologise to Srinu brother.

But Srinu brother isn't our problem,

Problem is with him.

Why is he doubting on me by leaving
the one who committed the mistake?

-Come on Jonty, let's leave.
-Hey... Hey...

It's a small fight dude.
Why are you make this big?

Small fight?

It's me who was insulted and
I will only have the pain.

Hey Purna.

Purna, Paidi said it all.

It's their luck that you are playing
for the new colony team.

Of course.

If he wasn't there in the
recent Waltair tournament,

they'd have lost the second match.

When Purna plays is any team,
they will definitley win.

Let's make the whole
Vizag know about this.

You don't play for free.

You are very young.
I'll pay you per every match.

Play for the team I say from next time.

You know Bhushan brother, right?

He's gone out,
I will introduce you once he's back.

If brother likes you, he won't rest
until he makes you a player like Sachin.

Brother Purna!
Have this drink first.

Your total life style will change.
Listen to Ganesh.

-Purna, I'll take care. Have it.
-Come on drink.

-Come on, have it.
-We too are having it, nothing will happen

You don't need to play for this team.

When this team doesn't need me,
I don't need this team either.

Don't hesitate.

-Have it.
-Sip it.

-That is it.

[indistinct voices] Keep
drinking... finish it.

Thats it.

Hey! Yesterday he took money from
us and is he playing for them today?

What can he do ?

You said two thousand and they
said to pay three thousand.

You give an extra thousand and
he'll change the jersey.

You don't have morals.
Damn you!

Ganesh, I don't feel this to be correct.

Hey, you don't think otherwise.
[indistinct voices]

All the great players
have come up like this.

Don't mind them.
Give me your hand.

Have this. Go on.

Don't swallow, hold it here.

See now, all of your focus
will be just on the ball.


Purna... Purna... Purna...


-You are super, dude.
-Thanks Ganesh.

Victory is on the side wherever you are.

Here it is. Keep it.

You and sister, go out and enjoy.


Hey, I'm your friend dude.
Why do you hesitate with me?

-It's nothing like that Ganesh.
-You and sister go out happily.


[shouts] What happened...?
What happened...?

Ghost... Ghost...

-Don't get scared... Don't get scared...
-I am scared about Ghost.

-I have never watched Ghost's films.

Oh no Ghost.

Oh, baby!
Look, the ghost has gone.

-It also has a love story.
-Has she gone?


-What happened?

-Where is it?
-Not here but there.

Who is it?

[gasps] It's Sanjana aunty.
Come on, come... come..

What happened?

-I'll talk with Brother.

-I called MP brother for my birthday.

-See to that nothing goes wrong.
-Okay, brother.

I'll also tell to our guys.
I'll take care of it.



-Who is that girl?
-She is Purna's Girlfriend, brother.

Who is Purna?

He shifted into our team from the railway
team. He is a super player, brother.

We won all the matches since he came.

Yes brother, he is a great player.

We need such racing horses.

Add all of them...
[engine starting]

-Join everyone.
-Alright brother.

-Alright brother.
-Ok, brother.


I shouldn't be scared of someone
watching us, when I'm with you.

Find some private space.


Is the sister happy?
What is she saying?

Nothing, she says that she
need some private space.

Oh God! Did she say private space?
Oh no, she says to take her to room dude.

Hey! No, no.
she isn't of that type.

She is a north indian girl dude.
They wish to check thoroughly.

They will get ready for the
wedding once they agree for everything.

Hey, if you hesitate now, she
won't see your face again.

How can arrange a room suddenly?

Hey, tomorrow is Sunday.

There'd be no one here
in the party office.

You and sister sit here
alone and talk happily.

-Hey, Paidiraju.

Give that office keys to Purna.

-Okay, then.

-See you.
-Thank you Ganesh.

Don't ask for medicines once
again without a prescription.

Okay sir.

What, what do you want?

I need that.

What is that?

The one which is used as a
precaution before that. I want that.

Before what?
Precaution for what?

Helmet, man.
It's the helmet for the safety.

Why do you need my helmet, man?

Oh God!
How should I explain it to him?

I need a condom.

You asked so easily as
if it is a chocolate.


What is your age and
what is your requirement?

What do you mean?
Do you want me to wait until I'm your age?

-Wait, I'll tell to your father.
-Don't tell to my father.

[phone beeping]
No, no. Don't tell him.

-It'll be a problem if he learn about it.
-What if he knows?

Sir! You know, your son came to
my shop and asked for a condom.

If he knows that I know,
then tomorrow in front of me...

No need, it's waste.

-Will you give or not?
-I won't give you.

I won't encourage antisocial
elements like you. Get out!

Do you think that it's just
your medical shop in Gnanapuram?

I'll go to another shop.
Get lost!

Poor girl, no idea whose life
is this idiot ruining today.

-Anshu, is this okay?

Tv playing: "Lag Jaa Gale song
from the film Woh Kaun Thi"

Singing: "Lag Jaa Gale song
from the film Woh Kaun Thi"

Purna! Do you know what this means?

No, I don't know.

So, this means,

On this beautiful breezy night,
let's hug each other.

As we might not get a moment
like this for our life time.

-For our life time, we might not...
-I don't even know English too.


And teach me Telugu properly.

Alright learn it, learn.

You know, I know palm reading.

-Show me your hand.

So, this is the marriage line.

-This is the love line.

And this is the children
line, it's the kids line, okay?

The marriage and love line are
meeting very fast, Purna.

And regarding the kids line,
I think you should take it very easy.

I think it should take it
slow and you should enjoy...

What are you doing?

You only ask for it, right? So,
it is for the safety for whatever we do.

Shut up, when did I ask?

-You asked for a private space.
-What? This one?

I mean, my friend said that,

all North India girls would check
before marriage. So, that's why...

Oh my God Purna!
How can you guys be so cheap.

Any girl whether she is a
North India or a South India,

she will give everything once
she trust you completely.

There will be no checkings
and no need of even this.


I don't like what you did, Purna.

Do you want it now?

Whatever we do, it is after marriage.

[door knocking]

-Hey Ganesh, whats up?
-Are you happy?


Bhushan brother has come, dude

Is it? Ok, we'll leave.

You go, the girl will be here.

What are you talking?

Brother has never
asked me for anything.

For the first time,
he got feelings for a girl.


Just leave for half an hour
and he will be done.

Hey, you idiot!

See there.
Bhushan Brother has come.

-No brother.
-Pull him away.

-Hey, Pull him away.
-Come, you rascal.

Catch him.

Brother, don't go... Don't go...
Brother, don't go... Don't go...


Relax... I won't hurt you.


-Leave my hand.
-Brother... Don't do that...

-Hey, why are you over reacting.
-Let go of me.




Hey, stop him... Pull him out.

Go away.

Anshu... Anshu...




Hey, wait.


Anshu... Anshu..





-Hey Purna...

-Hey... Drop that, drop that knife.

-Drop that knife.
-Give her to me.

Don't you dare to come
closer to me... Don't try...

-Drop that knife.
-Let go of her.

-Anshu, come with me.

-Anshu, come with me
-Drop that knife.

-Anshu come...
-First you drop that knife.


What happened, brother? Brother...

-[knife clangs]
-Anshu, let's go. Come...


[grill creaks]


[door opens]

Dad, if that Ganesh comes,
tell him I'm not in here.

-Come with me.
-Hey, what happened?

Purna... Purna...

What happened?



Is Purna here, sir?

He said he will come
to you, didn't he come?

Oh, is it? Alright, sir.


He isn't here.

-Let's search around park center.
-Let's go. [motorcycles revving]

What would they do if I
have told them the truth?

They'd have killed Purna.


Who's this girl?

I'm asking who this girl is.
Who is this girl?

How mom was for you,
she is like that for me, dad

Drop her at home and come.

I didn't understand what was good and
what was bad at that time, brother.

Jonty told me.
What's happened has happened.

There's inter zonal
tournament from day after tomorrow.

If you perform well, you'll have
a chance for Railways probables.


Opportunities won't come every time
even when you have great talent.

-Sure, brother.
-Don't miss.

I won't miss.

Come to practice from tomorrow morning

Okay, brother

Sorry dude!

I'm apologising, right?

Hey! It's just ground, cricket and
practice from tomorrow, ok? Promise dude

Hey! We thought I'm Sachin and you
are Kambli right? Did you forget?

Hey, you said me Kambli
as I'm black, right?

Hey Jonty, your heart is
fair though you're black.

More than the Navy quarters?


A lot of things happened.

The time won't be sufficient
if I start narrate it to you.

How did these things come to you?

My name is Bhushan, madam.

I'm the youth President of Gnanapuram.

Nowadays, your daughter is roaming around
with a boy named Purna, do you know that?

Don't know.

He trapped her by with his alluring words.

She had been to a room with him yesterday.

She forgot this bag in that room.

There's a gang in Gnanapuram to trap the

daughters of officers like
you coming from other states.

He is one of the gang members.

If something unexpected happens to
your daughter, your family will get ruined

We can buy many bags if they are lost.

But what can we do if lives get ruined?

Ok sir, take care. See you.

See you, Madam.

What is this Rajeev?


Where did you forget these things?

I had been to Kunal's
friend's house to get records.

-I must have forgot...
-Huh! Leave it.

It seems you are roaming with some guy.

Is it the guy who came to your birthday?

Which boy?
I don't know whom you are talking about

Heard that you had even been to his room?

Room? How can you talk to
me like that? What rubbish?

Dad, actually let me explain...

Dad, please listen to me.

I told you hundred times,
there is no alternative to discipline.


Dad... Dad... Please dad

Hey, Goli...

Bhushan brother always
says MP bro and MP bro.

He's been calling him since 5 years.

Will he come at least for this birthday?

He's here, dude.

Hey... hey... Wait.



Hey... wait.

Wait man.

-What did you tell to her father?
-Hey, hold him.

Hey... punch him in the stomach.

-How dare you to attack him?

-Hey... trash him.

Get up, rascal. Get up

Hey, wait.

Hey! will you die?

Is she more valuble than your life?

You used to call her as sister, right?

Would you do the same
even for your sister?

Rather than their bashing me up,

I feel more painful for
what you have done to me.

What kind of friend are you? Damn you!

-"No way for the sensitive jasmines"
-Stop there...

-"to reach your hair"
-Anshu... Leave me. Leave me. Anshu...

Anshu... Leave me. Anshu...

-"Cuckoo hasn't sung with you"
-Leave me. Anshu...

-"when the day is going down"

-Anshu... Anshu...

"Come to me,"

"my dear crossing
over the high tides"

"Sleep forgetting this nightmare,"

"my beloved"

"Let the dream in your eyes"

"boil in the tears"

"The sound turning into your heartbeat"

It seems there would be
a storm. Come home early.

-Of course. Will I die if I don't return?
- What is that hubby?

-I'll come home early. Go home now.
-Okay, be careful.

"No way for the sensitive jasmines"

"to reach your hairs"

"Cuckoo hasn't sung with you"

"when the day is going down"

Hey, get up and have some food.

At least, have a little.

"Oh dear, come to me"

"crossing over the high tides"

"Sleep forgetting this nightmare,"

"my beloved"

"Let the dream in your eyes"

-Anshu... Anshu...
-"boil in the tears"

-Leave me alone.
-Come inside.

-"The sound of your heartbeat"
-Listen to me... Listen to me.

-Stop crying and come inside.
-"and the thought turning into breathe"

"I won't be gone even if my breath stops"

"or I lose my life"

Do something, Rajeev.

If not, Anshu will go away soon from us.

Look, there's guy named
Bhushan in Gnanapuram.

He will show you who Purna is.

Go now.

Look, he's a student,
give him a strong warning.

-If he doesn't listen, thrash him mildly.
-Okay, sir.

[tv playing cricket]
[crowd cheering]

Not just breaking his limbs,
kill him away.

[trips the main switch]

[knife creaks]

-[car arrives]
-Ouch! Oh no!

Hey... Purna...

Purna, get in.


-Come quickly. Come.

-Hey, stop him.
-Hey, catch him.

[tyres screech]

-Hey, stop him.
-Hey, catch him.

Don't leave him.

They are going in the car in that way...

Anshu, where are we going?

Anshu, where are you taking me?
This is the handiwork of Bhushan.

He came to your home, right?
I won't leave him.

-I know that he did this.
-It's my dad, Purna.

Your dad? Why did your dad do this?

[unlocks door]

Come... Come.


Listen, don't come out
of this room till I come.

What happened to you Anshu,
why are you so scared?

Come on, let's go to my house.
Let's talk to my dad.

What if something happens to you by then?

No, you be right here.

Tomorrow evening, I will come. I will
come, Purna. Tomorrow evening I will come

Anshu, I have cricket
selections tomorrow morning.

I can't stay here.

Is cricket more important than my word?

Your word is important.

Alright, let's go to some place
from hereby leaving everything behind.

It's that we'll be there
for each other, that's it.

Where will you go? Will you
abandon cricket and all your dreams?

What are you talking, Anshu?
What are you talking?

At one point, you'll question
whether you're important to me.

And again, you'd question whether cricket
is important to me. Have you gone mad?

Yes, I'm mad Purna.
I am mad because I love you

Because I care about you.

Do you think this is a joke?
You are not understanding.


They'll kill you.

I'm coming tomorrow evening, right?

We will decide.

We will decide about where we will
have to go, what we will have to do.

Please maaya(dear)...

"Let the dream in your eyes"

-Promise me.
-"boil in the tears"

Don't come out of this room.

Anshu... Anshu...

"Even if I stop
breathing or I lose my life,"

"I won't leave you"

[thunders rumbling]

[door bell dings]

[door bell dings]


[door opens]

Brother, Bhushan's gang
is teasing sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law is crying since an hour.



-Hey Purna, why are you hitting?

-Hey... Why are you hitting us?

Ouch! Ouch!

Hey... Run... Run quickly. He is after us.

Purna is bashing us.

-Look, he is here.
-Hey wait.

Hey... What?

Bare with him for five minutes. I'll go
and get our guys from the party office.

Let's put an end to this.

Hey, idiot!

-Hey, open the door.

Hey, move...

Brother, Purna came to the
market to hit our boys.

I locked him up in Gold Babu's shop.

Today, he shouldn't go out of the market.

The work should be done by
the time brother is back.

-Come on guys...

You said you have locked him, right?

He came out breaking it, brother.

Hey, go bash him up, guys.

Hey, go guys... beat him up.



Hey... Don't leave him. Hold him, guys.








Fight him.


[unclear voices]


-State your names?
-Doddi Srinu Sir

Kanaka raju, Sir

-Gold Babu, sir.


Goli, sir.

Paidi Raju, sir.

Jana, Sir.

Where do you stay?

Gnanapuram Railway colony, sir.

What is your name?

Hello, I'm talking to you.

Purna, sir

-Can't he speak?
-[vehicle arrives]

Did you hit these people?


Greetings, SI sir.

What's that Mr Bhushan?

What is with your boys and what
kind of fights are they getting into?

Greetings, brother.

It's petty fight in the cricket
ground in the morning, SI sir.

It doesn't mean you should
mess with ladies, right?

Ladies? What guys, what happened?

It wasn't us who teased, brother.

Some mistake has happened
somewhere, SI sir.

My boys generally never do such things.

Look at him...
That guy is very dangerous.

He says to know all guys in Cricket
and keep taking money from everyone.

No sir, he is not such kind.

Do you know how many
guys were cheated by him?

-He stays in his own world,

-but he never messes with anyone.

Look how stubborn he is...

-How reckless he is!
-Who ruined the lives?

-Please, calm down.
-He doesn't even care about you.

-Calm down...
-Hey, stop

What is this sir, will he hit and kill
if somebody touches his girlfriend?

Sir, he might let go if
she was his girlfriend,

but she's his wife whom he married
by taking oaths to protect her.

Then, ask her to give a complaint herself.
I file the FIR.

Where is she?


Your name?


Is he your husband?

Are these the guys
whom misbehaved with you?

-Throw properly.
-She's shining like tender brinjal.

-Why don't you accept?

Come on...

Yes, sir.

Look, they'll be punished for a month

if you file a harassement
complaint against them.

And also, your husband will be in one
day remand for taking law into his hands.

It means he has to be
in the jail for a day.

Speak what shall we do?

Complaint or compromise?


Good! You can leave now.

Mr Bhushan, if this repeats again,
I'll put them behind the bars. Leave!

[birds chirping]

-Oh hot, hot...

Pesarattu(pancake made from Mung bean
batter) for him and I'll make Dosa for you

Oh.. Pesarattu for him and dosa for me?

For you...

I don't need.

You don't need her,

but you want the
breakfast prepared by her.

It's been 2 years since you got married.

Did you ever speak to her with love?

She wanted to take you temple
as it was your marriage day,

but you took her to the Police station.

-It was because of me.
-That's not the case.

Your husband didn't hit
them with love on you

It's just a reason for
him to show up his heroism

What do you do this when
he's eating, father-in-law?

Sir is available only while eating, right?
When can we get him otherwise?


I need to talk with my
daughter for 10 minutes.

Didn't you have your breakfast?

There's nothing here


Dear, bring breakfast for your father.

No need, dear.

Mr Jagannatham,

I thought no girl in this colony
should get married to your son.

But, my bad luck.

I never even dreamt that

I'll have to give my daughter
with my own hands to marry him.

I came to know that an idiot without
any goal is there in the opposite house

but never thought that my
daughter will like the same guy.

Dear Sravani,

your husband crossed
the stages of drinking,

fighting and went till Police cases means,

the next stage would be going to prision.

Why do you want to bear that?

Listen to me,
let's to our house.

-Come with me, dear.

She is coming.

Can't you understand?

Our daughter is asking us
to get out of the house.

Come on, let's go

We got to give new clothes for our
son-in-law for this Pongal festival.

If you give money to our daughter...

You know what he does with that money?

He'll will go to Kondal Rao bar

and booze for 4 days
continuously sitting at the same place.

Will you give?

Let's go.
We shall have some self respect.

Let's come on next Sunday.
It is common for us, right?

-Shekar [typing]

Didn't you get service
done for the printer?

I'll get it done, madam.

When, after all those
passengers miss their train?

Sorry, get your tickets
in the next counter.

Look at her, she doesn't say a word
to her husband who doesn't even earn.

But she yells at us.
Usual thing, right?

-Yes. It's just her stupid projection.

What did you say?


Your husband works in Wipro, right?

Salary is 50,000 rupees but gives
just 10, 000 rupees at home.

Shall I say the balance account?

One set up at Akkaya palem

and another set up at Tadichetla Palem.

Gives 20 here and 20 there.
He's playing 20-20 match.

Everyone in the office other
than you knows this matter.

Don't mess with my personal matters

Not that Sravani...

Don't mess with me!

[indistinct train honking]

I checked all the ledgers of last month.

You always talk of duty and job, but
never think about the pleasures of life

Be seated.

-Now, tell me.
-How is your health, sir?

All of you thought that I took leave
last week due to health issues, right?


Uh-uh, I lied.

I went to honeymoon with your aunty.

Honeymoon at this age, sir?

What else can I do, dear?

Marriage, job and then it was done
with children's education and marriages.

That's why, we've sent them far away
and I and your aunty went for honeymoon.

Where did you go for honeymoon?

Ours was a destination wedding,

We started from Goa...

And till Munnar... Manali, Kashmir

All... We covered everything

On top of that, he likes snowy places.

-Is it?

What the heck of IPL is this, man?

During our time, we couldn't eat
for three days when India loses.

And now we are all clapping when
some outside guy is hitting a six.

It's become a hybrid cricket.

[phone rings]

Yes, brother

Okay, brother.


It was Srinu brother from Dehradun.

He called again. He asked me to come to
Dehradun if I'm free.

Where the hell are we free?

There's a lot of things here to finish.

-Greetings, Bhushan brother.
-Greetings. Be seated.

Hey, Bhushan is coming. Don't look at him


why are you drinking so much?

Your kidneys and liver would get spoiled.

Somebody advise him, guys

-Yes, brother

Hey, ask him to leave from here.

-Mr Bhushan, this isn't correct.
-Please leave

Hey, I'm saying for the
benefit of his health. You sit...

How if somebody don't tell?

Hey, he's such a good player.

I thought he'd become a national player.

Why like this, dude?

We used to happily bet over him.

What can he play now, bro?

-What can he play now, bro?

Pity his wife,
what might be her situation?


-You rascal!

Hey... Hey... Hey!

Hey, I remember her seeing you.

When I remember her,
I forget I'm a human.

Then I don't know what I do.

-Hey please dude, go from here.

-Go from here
-Hey... Hey...

It's his emotion guys,

his love.

Don't hurt

Hey, you sit down.
I said to sit, right?


Why do you keep quiet
when he's talking crap?

Just allow me once and
I'll stab him right here.


you're seeing anger in his eyes.

I see pain in his heart.

Do you know how soothing
I feel seeing his pain?

He's dead snake, leave him.

Everyone's life will have
bitter remembrances, dude.

Would you ruin your life
by not moving on over Anshu?

Anshu isn't a remembrance
dude, she's my life.

Hey Sravani, open the door.

Hey, don't you have any other work?

You always are seen in my house.


This is our house and that's your house.

Yes, I know it.

[gate clangs]

You're the bad luck stuck
to our family, idiot!

What did you say?

I said you're the bad
luck stuck to our family.

-What did you say?
-I said you are bad luck

-What are you talking?
-You heard it, you are bad luck.

-What are you talking?
-I'll say it again, you are bad luck.

-Will you kill me?

-Me? Me? Me?
-Yes, it's you. It's you...

-Hey, mind your words!
-Will you kill me?

Will you murder me or what?
[gate creaks]

-What will I do?
-Will you murder me?

-Father, stop it.
-Try to lay your hands on me...

-What happened?
-He's drunk and talking rough

-I'll smash your medical shop.
-Please calm down father...

-Who will be smashed?

-Will you hit me?
-What happened, father?

-He is talking rubbish getting drunk
-I told you many times not to mess with me

-You shut your mouth.
-Brother-in-law, please calm down.

-What happened?
-Let's go inside and talk about it.

You wait

-Hey, stop.
-I'll talk right here.

I'm unable to live with
respect in this colony.

Day before, he knocked the
door of Sanyasi Rao's house.

Yesterday, he knocked the
door of Saraswathi madam.

-She gave friendly advise and sent him.
-Yes, say it.

-Come on, say more.

-He takes loans from everyone.
-His boozing habit might be wrong,

but he was never into filthy works.

-What's there to do, dear?

He's done everything
by the age of 19 years.

His entire body has come under repair.

-Please go inside
-As you are my daughter...

-Ask your father to do that.
-...we couldn't tell these things to you.

-Tell her. Lies, right? Just tell her.
-Please go inside. Don't fight.

-Please listen to me. Please.

Are you supporting even
to such a fool, dear?

You're the live example to

that all idiots do get good
wives and you proved it.

-Knowing that I'm a fool,
-You are a fool indeed.

You are a freaking fool to marry
off your daughter to me. Damn you!

-Am I a fool?
-Bugger off!

-Am I? Am I?
-Yes, you are a fool!

-I'll prove it. What'll you do?
-Mother, take father inside.

Father, the same nuisance
happens every day.

-That idiot blabbers nonsense, damn!
-Please come with me.

Let's go inside and talk.
Go inside.

-What are you doing?
-Get inside.

What are you doing?

-Get inside.

I brought kerosene for campfire
in the summer. Will you join?

-No, father.

Just go away.

-Go away
-Oh no, father!

-Go away, I'll show what I am.
-Father, please stop doing this.

Just leave it.

-Mr Appa Rao, do you have a matchbox?

-Mr Sanyasi Rao, do you have a matchbox?
-Stop it.

Saraswathi madam, do you have a matchbox?

Oh, you are ladies and you
don't smoke cigars, right?

Are you gone mad? You come inside first
[matchstick crackles]

-Oh no! Did you see?
-Oh no!

Your husband tried to kill me.

-Did you see that Mr Apparao,

-when asked for a match box
-Stop it, father!

-What's this? Don't you have any sense?
-Stop... Stop...

Listen to me.

I'm giving you time till the next Pongal.

I won't interfere with your family
if your husband reforms by then.

-If not, you should return to our house.
-Hey, get lost.

If not, you will see my dead body.

Come with me.

Come on, my body stinks with
kerosene smell and I should take a bath.

Hey, what's all this?
Why are you doing this?

Why do you feel so sad about it,
father? This happens every day, isn't it?

-It's my ill-fate! My ill-fated!
-Come on dad, you too. Go now.

Go. Hey, get to your houses.

Why do you get insulted like that?

If you wish to booze,
have it inside our house.

I'll give, if you need money.

Who needs your money?

I don't need to live on wife's income.

[studying about stock exchange]

She is reading about stock
exchange right in her intermediate.

She'd definitely bag a job in
World Bank after she grows up.

-You and your praises!
- What's in the hands?

Milk for our daughter.

Give her Boost,
she'll get energy

My bad fate

It safeguards the wealth.

-Here, drink this supplement.
-Mom, don't disturb me.

I should come top the college at
least now. No, I should top Vizag.

[electrical transformer trips]

Huh! That's why,

you shouldn't talk shocking
things which even shocks electricity.

See, the transformer is tripped now.

No one wants me to top the college.

-Even Electricity board doesn't like it.
-Quiet! I'll get a candle.

[gate creaks]

Would you present him an
award? Did he discover electricity?

-Get inside.
-Let's go.

"Hey beloved..."

"my heart sang a great tune"

-"Sweetness of love"
-Hey, the bus arrived.

-There are no girls in this bus.
-There are woman, right Jonty?

Let's board it.

"When beloved's looks touch,"

"won't you be moved?"

"I'm waiting and trying to trap you,"

"can't I get you?"

Hey my beloved dear,

-"look at me for once"
-Hey, Sravani.

-"Hey handsome boy..."
-You've been loving him since 4 years,

Why don't you propose your love to him?

-"This beautiful girl is liked you"
-I'll propose my love after exams.

Hey beloved,

-"My heart sang a great tune"

"Sweetness of love is"

-"understood from your naughty thoughts"
-Hello... Hello.

Hey, give it to me.
Hello. Who's on the line?

Hello... Hello.

-Hey... I think she is that girl.
-Why aren't they speaking?

That girl cannot even do
such things in her dream.

Same blande food even on Sunday?

-Why not cook some nonvegetarian food?
-Hey, eat it

-Come in, dear.

-Mom sent Chicken curry.

No, he won't eat nonveg.

He is took oath to Lord
Appanna, it's unholy.

Who said so?
No problem, give it. Thanks.

"After I completely drowned,"

"in admiration with love"

"I wrote a love letter"

"with these eyes"

"No idea"

"whether my present reaches or not"

-"Heart with hopes"
-I need water.

-"is behind with hopes still alive"
-Mom, get water. Here take it.

-"Hey my dear beloved"
-Here, have coffee.

-Oh God! Thank you.
-"look at me for once"

"I'm like this and will be so"

"as your shadow forever"

"I'm like a lamp burning"

"with tears without you"

"With the burden of being far away"

"My life is standing still"

"When are the moments for you
to be with me and move along?"

-Hey, what are you doing?
-Hey, she is your neighbour.

-Hey, what's your college?
-Hey, what are you doing here?

-Go away from here.
-Bugger off.

"Sweetness of love"

"is understood from your naughty thoughts"

When beloved's looks touch,

-Sravani, it is full.
"Won't you be moved?"

"I'm waiting and trying to trap you,"

"can't I get you?"

-Hey, leave me Jonty. She will come.
-Come with me Purna.

-She said she would come.

-Everyone is watching.
-She promised me.

-I should be there when she arrives.
-Are you mad?

-Please listen to me.
-Drive, go.

"This beautiful girl wished for you,
Oh sweet and handsome guy"

It's been 4 days since you came home.

Where all should I search for you?

Who is the girl, son?
Where did she come from?

No idea whether she is there or gone?

How can you ruin your life for her?

You shouldn't go out of the house
at all, consider this as a warning.

-[weeps] Damn!
-Hey, Purna

[gate creaks]

Sravani, Don't go..
Don't go...

Did know anything about him
-Excuse me,

Your friend is lying at volleyball court.

-Hey, Purna

-Hey, Purna

-Purna, get up man.

What are you doing?

Did you know anything about Anshu?

They have vacated their
house and left the city.

Purna... Hey, Purna

Hey, Purna...

We tried getting her phone
number but we couldn't get it.

Your father is
searching for you from 4 days.

-Hey, Purna.
-Come, let's go home.


Careful, uncle.

-Thanks Aunty.

-I am alright. Go home, dear.
-How are you feeling, uncle?

No problem, uncle. Get inside.

I am fine, dear.
Please go to your home.

Uncle had a blackout and fell.

I and Saraswathi Aunty have
taken him to the hospital.

The doctor said his BP got lowered.

He is here. You go home.

-It's alright. Go home, dear.

He is here, right?

Go home, dear. Thanks.


During your childhood, I held you from
falling down when you learning to walk.

Now you are 30 years old and I am
holding you when you are falling down

in inebriated state.

I am your father, right!

I'll hold you whenever you fall down.

But I am getting old
now... I won't be any longer.

If I die suddenly,

who will take care of you? And this
grief is giving me BP and Sugar.


Why didn't you agree to get married?

I won't marry anyone other than Purna

He's an unworthy idiot

I'm not going to marry anyone except him.

What're you doing?

Hit me or kill me,
I'm going to spend my life with him.

I'll die if you oppose me but
I'll not marry any other guy.


Please don't...


You heard it right, sir.

My daughter said she'll
marry no one except your son.

She also said that she would
die if this doesn't happen.

I have no other way, sir.

-Please accept my proposal.

How long would you be like this?
Look at him, he is devastated.

If you marry Sravani,
he can relax that someone cares about you.

If not, he will die some
day with that grief.

You will be the reason for that.

Hey... not caring about your
parents while they are with you,

and when they pass away remembering that
you have not done anything for them

is so unbearable.

[wedding chants]

[railway announcement]
Madam, someone came for you.

-Ask him to come in.
-He's asking you to come.

I came to drop a friend
who was leaving to Hyderabad.

There are no trains go to
Hyderabad from this station.

Oh, is it? Oh no!

No problem, he'll get to know about this.

-Is the station ours?
-Not ours, it's governments property.

Yes, the same.

-[railway announcement]

I have no need to live on wife's income.


Did you call?

You didn't call me, right?

Yes, I called you.

While washing your clothes in
the morning, in your shirt pocket...

Yes, you left thousand rupees.

Oh, this are mine right?

-Yes, yours.
-Not yours, right?


-Yes, sure.


Walkman playing: "Lag Jaa Gale song
from the movie Woh Kaun Thi"

[walkman continues playing]

You should have some shame, idiot.

To take money from wife...

Give some brains to your son.

Hey Apparao, are you listening?

Food eating, dress worn and finally
what he drinks is from his wife' income.

Who are you to say?

-Yes, Aparna.

You are listening right?
You should say like that,

What's his problem when you
both have an understanding?

Still, after reaching a stage should sit
home and watch Chaganti or Garikapati,

but what's he scolding
your husband before you?

It's wrong right?

There's none on the other
side of the phone, right?

There's none even on
that other side, right?

Stop it dear,

he used to drink a quarter and
now because of you he had full.

Hey, this philosophy and
songs won't fetch food.

-Get up, how long will you be so? Get up.


Once you lose something
nothing comes back later, son.

It may be a thing or even a human.

Walkman playing: "Lag Jaa Gale song
from the movie Woh Kaun Thi"


you feel it'd be good
if he stops drinking.

But I feel it'd be good if his
wound at the heart is healed.

Mix more water guys.

Saying to give bachelors party in Goa,

you make us sit here under the tree?

Come on dude,
budget is gone high even for this.

Hey, all of you don't drink and leave.

You should be here
till the marriage is over.

They'll be dude.

-[wedding percussions]

Hey dude! Come on, marriage party.

Huh! Bring two more full dude.

Why two?

Hey, I thought you will not come.

-Come on.
-I need a job, dude.

What happened now, dude?

I said right?

I need some job.

Set a job in some bar, dude.

He'll drink there and sleep right there.

Hey, I'll break your jaw.

-Did I speak anything wrong?
-It's correct right?

You come to the showroom with me

Just come and sit like that I'll
talk to the owner. Ok? Come on.

You too decided that I'm unfit
for nothing than to just sit, right?

What exactly is your problem, man?

You show anger over Anshu on Sravani,

anger over Sravani on your dad
and anger over your dad on me.

You know what he said?

-He said Anshu won't come back again.
-She won't come

and I too was saying the same.

See him,

you know how much did he love Indu.

Some Padma it seems,

match was seen just 10 days back.

See how happy is he.

Name of the girl we write on love letter
won't be there on the wedding card, dude.

Really are you happy now?

That's why I am giving you party, right!

-I mean, mom's health isn't well at all.

I too am growing old, Indu
won't come back anyways and thus.

-How much the dowry?
-Car, 10 lakhs and two acres fertile land.

They are giving heavily.

What now? What do you say?

"Looking one by one girl and
checking height and weight"

"Parents fixing matching, dowry giving"

"Looking one by one girl and
checking height and weight"

"Parents fixing matching, dowry giving"

"Marriage bells ringing,
single bed sharing"

"Inside first love killing, you're dying"

"Where is the, where is the..."

"Where is the, where is the..."

"Where is the, where is the loving
Where is the, where is the feeling"

"You're feeling crying, dying"

"Where is the, where is the loving
Where is the, where is the feeling"

"You're feeling crying, dying"

"Looking one by one girl and
checking height and weight"

"Parents fixing matching, dowry giving"

"As you gave word to dad"

"As you gave word to dad"

"As your mother is angry on you"

"Would you make heart
commit suicide by tying knot"

"Taking seven steps
with girl not matching you"

"Is like digging
seven feet grave for self"

"The peepal tree, school ground
and Gandhi statue are your company"

"And the image of your love
standing still in your heart"

"Where is the, where is the..."

"Where is the, where is the..."

"Where is the, where is the loving"
[camera captures]

"Where is the, where is the feeling"
[phone notification]

"You're feeling crying, dying"

"Dance my dear, the faster you dance"

"My daughter comes back to my
house sooner. Come on dance"

See, Poorna recording dance.

You've seen the change, right?

"The shape in front of the eyes"

"The shape in front of the
eyes won't touch the heart"

"Life full in heart
won't come before the eyes"

"Life journey isn't a train
journey but the marriage"

"We can't adjust with anybody, brother"

"Unable to look into the
eyes and unable to talk with"

"A deciding line in between the
couple for the total lifetime"

"Where is the, where is the..."

"Where is the, where is the..."

"Where is the, where is the loving
Where is the, where is the feeling"

"I am feeling crying, dying"

"Where is the, where is the loving
Where is the, where is the feeling"

-Hey, stop it! Have you gone mad?
-"I am feeling crying, dying"

Come on man.

-Hey! What man? Leave me...
-Your father-in-law is watching.

-Leave me, man. Leave me.
-You got so high man.

-Will you listen to me or not?
-Hey, leave me.

-All are watching.
-I'm not any high.


-Sravani has came to take you.
-Poor Govind is getting married dude.

-Let's discuss about him later.
-Hey, he isn't really happy. Jonty!

-Thanks, Jonty.
-Take care, Sravani.

Come on, drive.

What, it seems sir, put up a dance
show yesterday at the park center?

[temple bells ringing]

Yes, your dad is sent
in WhatsApp even to me.

That was for fun in
Govind's marriage with friends.

What fun?

You bought him this bike with
great love as a marriage gift.

He won't give you a value and
what will he give value to this?

You've been wiping it
daily like it's paint goes away.

As and when he remembers that
girl, drinks completely in hotel room

and dances at the center.

Has he any day, anytime filled
250 ml of petrol in this bike?

What's your worry about, now?
Is it about him or about your petrol?

Put even sweaters and rugs dude.

It will be very cold there, it seems.

Still, why'd we feel
cold, we're always on right?


He's going away somewhere feeling
bad for what you said in the night.

If he had so much self-respect,

he should've gone long back
leaving the house. Shucks!

-What son, where are you going?
-I'm going on a work.

What is work,
it'll have a place and purpose.

-Where are you going?
-We are going to Dehradun uncle.

-Srinu brother, called us.

Hey, take even Sravani with you.

You haven't taken her anywhere
after marriage, she'll also have fun.

What dear? Come on take her, son.

I'm not going on
honeymoon but going for a job.

-Say this dude.

No need to say, he heard.


Oh no! Srilakshmi...

-Yes, coming.

-Here's a surprise.

It seems our son in law is
going to Dehradun on a work.

That means fame and
prestige of our family,

are spreading now even
to the neighboring states.

It's good, right? He's going for a job.

What job is that? Maybe this job and
who knows. Maybe this job and who knows.

Come on.

This year five to six students from our
Academy should be selected for Nationals.

Srinu, I want the whole
selection process to be transparent.

-I believe in you,
-Sure, sir.

-Good luck.
-Thank you, sir.


What else dude, how is Sravani?

She's fine brother.

I couldn't come down for your marriage.

We didn't expect he would
himself come to his marriage, brother.


This is the top Cricket Academy in India.

It is a big matter to
get selected from here.

I should select the best 40 from the
100 players to be coming tomorrow.

So, if you are by my side my
judgment will be more perfect.

What by my side, you stay back right here.

If you don't have any problems...

Are you a problem for me?
I'll talk to the management tomorrow.

Take it.

Ok dude, how is Bhushan?

After he cut his mustache,
he is moving around like a swollen bull.


Poorna, when we played the
match first time with Navy team,

the off drive six you hit...

Wow, what a shot it was.
That was a beauty.

Why did you remind now again?

Look, he's into the time machine again.

He still didn't forget Anshu.

He isn't being good with Sravani also.

That poor girl is feeling so bad.

What can we friends say much?

He should have that.

He's come here,
right? He'll set by himself.

Sikha Saini from Jharkhand.

Keep it on the off stump.

Leg spin.

Ishaan from Uttarakhand.

-Next player.
-Meera from Delhi.

-Just show me defense.

Why is she playing like, bother?

Meera, come here!

Why did you do that?

This isn't a match.
I asked you to show the defense.

But, I like attacking play.

-Don't show attitude.

What's that discussion, brother?

Looks like she is very arrogant.

How should the game be?
It should peaceful like in a penance.

Are you speaking about peaceful mood sir?

Send that girl away brother,

she's unfit for cricket.

Who the hell are you?

Who are you to say me unfit for cricket?

If you have the guts,
make me out and show.

-Then judge me, ok?
-Stop it.

Out of the ground.

Next player.

Fraud is happening here in the selections.

You know what, they asked me to get out.

Some random Telugu guy,

thinking I don't know
Telugu has scolded me.

If you don't come and
take me in the evening,

I'll come back to Delhi by walk.

You know that I do what I say, right?

-After making her bat first...
-Hey, who is the coach here?

Yes, I am the coach.

Who said my granddaughter cannot
play cricket? Did you say that?

-No sir, let me explain the situation.
-I don't want to listen to any explanation

-What do you think?
-Just not the technique of the sport,

we also have to work on
the attitude of the player.

Why did he come here, dude?

He took away Anshu
and made me lose my life.

Hey, leave about past.

Why did you come?

What more do you want to take from me?

Did you get Anshu married?

No idea whom you got her married to,

but one thing is true.

She won't ever be happy just like me.

As if she is alive to be happy.

I got her married to
Kunal without her wish.

She thought to die many
times unable to forget you.

She stopped talking with me.

She thought to live only after
she got a baby, just for her.

But, God hasn't given her that chance.

Last year in an accident,
both Anshu and Kunal...

The girl you scolded in the morning,
Meera... She's Anshu's daughter.

She got selected for Delhi
under 19 cricket team just for 13 years.

She's disturbed a lot with Anshu death.

Unable to concentrate in cricket,
she lost her place in Delhi cricket team.

I changed so many academies for practice,

But, no use...

She is a good player. What needs to
change isn't the technique but attitude.

Why shouldn't that change start with you?

"Not sure when does this relation
date back to but it will stay forever"

I can never give back your love.

At least if Meera becomes a
good player because of you,

I feel to have said sorry to
my daughter for my mistake.



-"Till I reach you"
-I won't go grandpa.

He is not at all looking like a cricketer.

I don't trust him.

After going to Vizag
ask about Railway Poorna.

You'll understand yourself,
what sort of a Cricketer is he


Trust me.

-Ok, man.
-Bye, brother.

-Ok, brother.
-All the best, Meera.

[door creaks]

Who are you dear, whom do you want?

-What is this?
-Whom do you want dear?

Who is she? Who is this girl?

Whom do you want dear?

-Where is my room?
-You can stay with her in that room.

What in which room?

I won't share room with strangers.

No problem, I'll share.


Okay, go.

Who is she?

Who is that girl? Who is she?

What? Who is she dear?

He said Dehradun, job and why is
he here now suddenly with a girl?


I think my husband adopted this girl?

He's Mahesh Babu of
Srimanthudu film to adopt.

He isn't saying even when we are asking,
did you notice?

We should urgently
find out who that girl is.

I think God's child.

Our people.

She has so much respect and
devotion on God that means,

she would have come from a good family.

What dear, who are your
parents and where do they stay?


-Is it in the space?

Dal! 120 Calories.

Fried Brinjal! 67 Calories.

Pickle! 80 Calories. White rice,

oh my God! So many calories.

I want to become
Cricketer and not a weight lifter.

I want proper healthy diet.

Don't you have broccoli or
something like spinach and boiled peanuts?

What, is she scolding us?


You should eat whatever is served here.

-I won't eat.

You don't even know what food
needs to be given to a sports person.

You've zero knowledge.


Who is that kid, son? I've been asking
from the morning, say who is she?

Anshu's daughter.

Do you have any heart at all?

Can Sravani bear knowing this?

Not you, but I should say to her mother.

Why did she send that girl here?

Yes, is it to ruin you again by
entering your life with this blame?

Won't she let you live at least like this?

-That person is...
-She's dead dad.

Her grandpa sent her
here, to teach her Cricket.

You shouldn't sleep hungry.

-Eat at least the curd rice.
-I don't want.

[cicadas chirping]

Do you have one more?

200 calories, you shouldn't eat.

You are a sports person, right? No, no.

I'll manage.

[cicadas chirping]



Is he your husband?


Do you know, you are so lucky?
That he agreed to teach you cricket.

If he once starts,
he won't stop till he finishes that work.

Yes, he didn't stop till Vizag
once he started in Dehradun.


[door knocks]

[door knocks]

-Meera... Meera!


Isn't there a shower?

It's there, but it's not working.

-All the best.

Lakshmi, it isn't the time
to open the wine shop yet,

why son-in-law
woke up and going so early?

By the way, who's that girl, hubby?

We shall know the same.

[crow caws]

[cleaning throat]
I asked him last nigh dear.


Who that girl is?

Our Dehradun Srinu is there, right?
His coach...

It seems, she is a girl from a family he
knows and sent for this cricket coaching.

It seems she'll leave in ten days.

She'll take coaching and leave it seems.

I know father-in-law...

that she is Anshu's daughter,

I even know that Anshu is no more.

He doesn't know what he is doing dear.

What he did is right.

He is just fixing up a goal.

I feel Meera is a hope
for the change in him.

Hey Kranthi, bowl off stick.

Wait, wait.

While playing defense,
you must play with soft hands.

Not in the right hand,
you should've the grip in left hand, ok?

I know it.


Oh, coach sir, did it get hurt so hard?

I think I don't
need a wicketkeeper.

You better stand at third man
or at the fine leg boundary, ok?

Hey, girl.

Hey girl, you know who I am?

I'm Sravani's father.

Why are you staying in this house
and what is your work with Purna?

My coach.

When there are so many in the world,
you wanted only him as your coach?

When there're so many boys in the world,

why did you give your
daughter get married only to him?

Oh God!

Walkman playing: "Lag Jaa Gale
from the movie Woh Kaun Thi"

Hey, Meera! What are you doing?

My mom likes this song very much.

Why did you bring this?

Give it here.

If by husband gets to know...


Why do you fear so much about him?

Whoever we like, we fear more to them.

Why did you take that out?

-What simply?

Why did you touch after
knowing this is my personal?

Or did you knowingly
do as I would feel bad?

Why would I do so?

-The girl...
-Why do you blame that girl?

Say if you don't like
her being in the house

and I too will leave along with her.

Why are you talking so?

Look, you can come into my room but,

you can never enter into my heart.

You stay a bit away from me,

I'll live in peace.

I took the walk-man,
why are you scolding her?


It's because of me, sorry.

It's okay.

-Rs. 500 bet on table.
-I will win the game today.

-What do you have?
-Who is that kid, dude?

One Cornetto.

She stays in Poorna's house.

Delhi breed, dude. She's Anshu's daughter.

So, they came to one understanding.

Is she Anshu's daughter,

or did he get and put in his
house when born to someone else?

I'm unable to concentrate on
the game in so much confusion,

urgently conclude who's the daddy.
Hey, girl.

Come here.

Hi, dear. How's your mummy, is she good?

-Your mummy and we were close friends.

Is it, really?

Why are Paidi Raju and others
talking with the girl, dude?

How is daddy and where does he stay?

Looks like they make some mess.

-Say where does he stay?
-Say it! Can't you speak up?

Where is daddy? Ah!

Hey! Hey!


As he hit so hard and that's
confirm that he is the daddy.

Why are you taking the
stick? Will you hit? Then hit.

-Come on, hit.

Poorna I am warning
you don't come close.

Poorna I am telling you,
this isn't correct. Hey!

Poorna, don't hit on the head.

-Look Purna, this isn't correct.

We shall sit and
discuss if anything is wrong.

What's not correct, idiot?

-Should we sit and discuss? Come on.
-First leave his hand and sit.

We shall sit and discuss
You first be seated come on.


Hey, you stay right here,
I'll see your's and her end.

What will you do?

-Hey Purna, stay here. You be right here.
-What you want to settle?

-Hey! I will see your end,
-Stop there!

Stop there.
Let's settle the matter come on.


Hey! Ah!

What? Whoever wants to come, come on.

-Come on, idiots.
-Hey! Purna, it's not correct.

Hey get in, get in the vehicle guys.

Isn't it true that you and
her mother loves each other.

Didn't you roamed
around beaches and parks?

Will you hit all those, who
ask? Truth is like fire, rascal.

Come on let's move.

Do you know my mom?

Let's talk all those at home, move.

Do you know my mom?

-I know.
-When did you both get separated?

Did you even torture my mom like Sravani?

Have you done the mistake?

-Or did my mom did the mistake?

-What is this Meera?
-I should know right away.

Poorna's dream was to
play for Railway team.

When we all played for jobs,

he used to play with zeal that at least
one player from Gnanapuram should be

selected for Indian national team.

Your mom got introduced
then and both fell in love.

Not like what you thought Meera.

You know how difficult is it to
leave the one we love like life and go?

And your mother that day left and went
away as nothing should happen to Poorna.

He left playing cricket as he
couldn't forget your mother.


Even God does mistakes, Meera.

He can't come and
say sorry like humans, right?

Thus when he takes away something
from us, he gives something else.

Maybe he thought to have done
mistake by taking away Anshu,

he gave Sravani as wife.

No idea when would he accept Sravani.

I don't know how much
did you understand in this?

I'm saying this so that you should never
misunderstand about Poorna or your mom.

Sorry, coach.

No problem.

I said sorry, right? Why can't you smile?

A bit more.

-Yes, dear.

-No, need.
-What, no?

Your salary gets double
and your respect gets double.

I'm asking as I don't understand,

you know anyone would jump in
joy knowing to have got a promotion.

I can't jump so much sir.

My husband is cricket coach,
so many students,

I should take care being with
him and this is enough for me.

Not that dear, listen.


notification has come for Delhi under 19.

Your grandpa sent a
mail to fill in details.

-We've to increase practice from today.
-I won't play for Delhi team.

I'll play for Railway team.

Here, for East Coast.

What are you talking Meera?

To get into India Cricket team,
you can easily enter from Delhi team.

It's very tough from Railway team here.

Railway Team is India Team for me.

Meera, listen to me.

Competition is high and facilities
are low here.

Whatever hard you try,
you'll stop somewhere Meera, please.

Then, I'll leave cricket itself.

What dude? What happened?

Is she gone mad, dude?

When I asked to play for Delhi,
she says that she will play for Railways.

we anyways didn't play for Railways dude,

she says to play for us, right?
Let's encourage.

For her to play for Railways,
one of the parents should be in Railways,

or should be working with Railways.

Oh, this is the problem, right?

If you say not to hit,
scold and get into flash back,

I've got a beautiful idea.

What is that?

Hey, say whatever you
thought in a flow immediately.

Tell her.

-What Jonty?
-Yes, uncle.

-What's the matter?
-You should say, uncle.

-How's Meera's practice on?
-She's doing fine uncle.

Background song: "Matarani Mounamidi
song from the movie Maharshi"

[song continues]

[chopping veggies]

I know it may be a bit difficult for you,

Sit, I need to talk to you.


You will get hurt, it's hot.

I came to a decision in Meera's matter.

Please don't ask for a divorce.

What guys are you in consciousness
and talking or have you come drunk?

No uncle, we took this decision
being very much in consciousness.

If needed see him, how steady is he.


Sravani is the one
who have to take decision.

It's a good thought, right father-in-law?

What good thought dear?
Is it enough that you decide yourself?

Shouldn't her grandfather agree?

Can I talk once with her?

-I don't know what your name is dear.

But even if my daughter was in your place,
she can't take a decision like this.

God bless you.

-He agreed father-in-law.
-Did he agree?

There, even Meera has come.

Meera dear, what did I say you?

Didn't I say when god takes
something, he'd give something else?

Your mom and your dad,
these both are looking to adopt you.

Who are you? Are you my grandpa?

-Even grandpa agreed dear.
-I see.

-Shouldn't I agree?

You have to,
if you want to play for railways.

Listen to me, please.

I won't.

Does that mean,
you don't like me or you don't like him?

We'll take care like your own mom and dad.

To be my parents,
you first be like wife and husband.

When should that happen?

There should be luck.

Like a husband, it seems.

Ah! Meera...

[slams door]

That is,

we both have to sleep in the same room,

isn't my intention, Meera...


Father-in-law is in night duty, right?

I'll sleep in his room.

Hey, Apparao.

you say whatever but I'm
unable to do these night duties.

Yes, department is sucking out the blood.

You know how much am I troubled?

Ok, I'll sleep on the roof.


-I'll sleep in hall.
-Sleep in my room, no issues.


It was right there, it's gone.

Ok, sleep.

Hey, wait... wait... I have to go.

What, today is a holiday for you right?

Won't we have plans if
it's a holiday or what?

All of our childhood
friends planned a picnic today.

What, on this?

Why? What is wrong with this? Old is gold.

What are you doing? Start the bike.

-No problem, we'll go in auto.
-We won't come in auto.

"God shows the destination..."

"...of every human"

"It isn't what you get by wishing for"

"When you're tying me now like a truth"

"I'm still in those dreams of past"

"Though you always see me in your world"

"I've been driving you always away"

"Though you don't leave
me like the tide in sea"

"Have I turned like a
stone without heart?"

"God shows the destination of every human"

"It isn't what you get by wishing for"

"If you miss that come forward,
he ties up something else again"

"He drives you
automatically to your destination"

-Pass me that.
-Hey, pass it to her.

"All those remembrances from my past"

-"How to wipe them out from this heart?"


-I can't play.
-"The life within me from so long"

-"How do I live separating that?"
-Run Sravani, run.

"How long is this getup?"

"Is the fate playing this drama?"

"When you're tying me now like a truth"

"I'm still in those dreams of past"

"Silence searched for your call"

"Life is behind wishing for that boon"

"Ask my heart and will let you know"

"This breath is still
there for your friendship"

"This love destination for you..."

" relax is waited for just you"

"When I'm trying me now like a truth"

"You're still in those dreams of past"

"Though I always see me in your world"

"You've been driving you always away"

"Though I don't leave
me like the tide in sea"

"Have you turned like
a stone without heart?"

"God shows the destination of every human"

"It isn't what you get by wishing for"

"If you miss that come forward,
he ties up something else again"

"He drives you
automatically to your destination"


[pigeon coos]


son-in-law is just changing these
days. You too will get kids tomorrow.

If you adopt that girl now,

you'll have fights in
between later in regards with kids.

If such fights may occur,
we don't need kids at all.

Meera is my daughter, he is taking
care of me forgetting everything.

what do I need more than that mother?
Never talk again about this to me.

I feel very happy seeing you
and Sravani like this, dude.

No boundaries for your
dad's happiness at all.

You've asked place for academy, right?

If we take on lease for two to
three years, we can slowly develop.

First player in the academy is Meera.

You should give me a share dude.

-It's okay, but...
-Hey, stop the vehicle.

-What happened dude?
-I've a small work, I'll come later.

Hey, no dude.
[vehicle honks]

-Why again...
-I said to have a small work, right?

Hey, listen to me.

[vehicle honks]

[phone rings]

-Yes, Sravani.

I'm waiting in station for him to be
coming and he isn't lifting the phone.

I too am not getting, you go home.

Why don't you too try for once?
He won't come, Sravani.

You think, he is changed or what?

He won't change and he's so,

again the same hotel
room and the same story.

Say if you don't like her to be in the
house and I too will leave along with her.

Look, you may come into my room
but you can never enter into my heart.

If such fights may come up,
we don't need children at all.

Meera is my daughter.


Is everything fine?

I don't have any work with this now, dude.

[crackers brusting]

Sorry, it seems you waited for
long about me in the station.

I went having a small
work at the association.

[crackers brusting]
No problem.

But, Meera will become a
great cricketer in future.

Thanks for the help you did in her matter.

I getting close to you in these ten days,

-what happened in between us...

We did all this for Meera.
You want to say the same, right?

You don't like me even
coming opposite to you

and you are touching me,
sleeping in the same room...

Why will I think all this is true?

Meera is set now and all
this is no more needed now.

You be as you like and
I'm already habituated.

-Meera, come on.
-I'll come after some time.

You can have food and come back, come.

What Sravani, aren't you feeling well?

-Sravani, it's too hot.
-Is Meera watching us?



When we thought all the
problems are cleared and are happy,

-why do you say to go right now?
-Shall I fix a good time and leave?

What did I say now?

You'd never gone out of the city and
when you suddenly say Bhuvaneshwar,

-won't we get tensed?
-Move, it's time for the train.

Sravani, listen to me dear

you resign the job and stay back home.

It's enough that you
take care of son-in-law.

Let her go brother-in-law, she wishes
to grow in her career and let her go.

Both got along well right now, right?

Why don't you stay back, Sravani?

Both are happy now and let
them take their own decisions.

-What do you say brother-in-law?
-All those you want are all around you.

Why me again now?


What Meera?

-What happened?
-Don't talk to me.

Not that dear,

you'll go back to your
grandpa very soon right?

No, I'll be with you only.

I'll come to you when possible.

-Never oppose him, ok?

-I'll go and you leave now.
-No problem,

I'll stay till the train arrives.
Give the bag.

You haven't forgotten anything,
right Sravani?


When did you get to
know about the transfer?

Yesterday morning.

Then how did I get to know ten days back?

Mr. Subrahmanyam informed me.

You said no then and
why are you going now?

Are you going to stay away from
me or to completely go away from me?

Tell me Sravani,
when you stood with me for so long,

did I become a burden for
you just in these ten days?


Say Sravani, why are you going away?

Because, I'm unable to act.

I haven't withstood
you for all these days.

I loved more than my life.

Then, even if you were away from me,

I didn't feel any pain.

Because that had a truth in it.

But these ten days,
when you are acting like you love me.

Every time I remember that the
love is false, I feel like dying.


I haven't acted Sravani, I haven't acted.

I couldn't understand and that's all.

That day, I hit Bhushan's men to death.

I thought to have hit as I hit in
anger that they put hands on my wife

After knowing that Anshu is dead
while in Dehradun, I too felt like dying.

But I stopped with a thought
about what may happen to you.

I thought to have stopped
with a responsibility as husband.

Like before marriage, love after marriage
won't be visible to the eyes Sravani.

It lies in the right
one takes over the other,

in the responsibility
one takes for the other.

I understood after talking
to you for these ten days.


With so much of love before my eyes,

I've been searching for myself in
between the four walls in a hotel room...

...where I never existed.

Not knowing that I'm you.

It took me so long to
forget the girl I loved.

But even after knowing that
Meera is Anshu's daughter,

it didn't even take two
minutes for you to accept her.


There's so much of difference
in between you and me, Sravani.

Love isn't just to take,

but I came to know because of
you that it is also to give.

All these days,
though I said no you gave me your love.

And now when I wish to
give more love than that,

will you leave me and go?

Only after this life is gone...

Tears should never roll
out of your eyes again, ok?