Majboor (1989) - full transcript

Honest retired Judge Justice Deenanath live a happy life-style with his wife and two sons, advocate Ravi and inspector Sunil. One day Ravi brings home a poor girl Sharda to rehabilitate as ...

Worshipping God can help
us get heaven, but

not win the election.

Go to the public and
spread our message.

The way God is appeased
with hymns

appease the public
with speeches.

lf they don't listen, give
them liquor and money

then you'll see that we'll
win the election grandly.

Mr. Kishanchand, no
matter what we do

but we can win the seat of
ward 1 1 at Hanuman lane.

'No' word is only in fools'
dictionary, Bhakti Prasad.

Dad, he's right.

That area is Swaraj
Party's stronghold.

People of that place will
vote for that party.

Son Teja, if politics
of greed don't work

use the plot of terror.

Sangram. -Yes?

Spread so much terror in that
area so that people

should feel scared even to
mention Swaraj Party's name

and feel they would die if
they vote for that Party.

On the election day
be in that area

like angels of death.
-l got it?

Hail Sewakram! Hail Sewakram!

Hail Sewakram! Hail Sewakram!

Quiet! Quiet!


Get out!

Don't kill me. Leave me.

lnspector, do you know
whom you hit?

l'm Kishanchand's ace man.

You're not an ace man,
but crooked man

used to do dirty work.

How dare you!

Our family is full
of daring people.

lnspector, now l'll send
you to graveyard.

Graveyard is a resting place
for my enemies. Come.

Come. Get up.

You can vote for anyone
without fear.

Son, you've done us a favor by
coming at the right time.

lt's my duty to protect the law.

You've protected not just the
law, but common people too.

lf every office is
dutiful like you

instead of hooliganism,
democracy will prevail.

Special news.

ln the municipal election
Kishanchand Chopra's

Adarsh Party got the majority.

Mr. Kishanchand Chopra was
chose mayor unanimously.

Hail mayor Kishanchand!

Hail mayor Kishanchand!

Friends! Friends! Friends!

Before election our slogan was

fight and win together. -Wow!

Mayor, l had spent 200,000
for election in my ward.

Don't worry. You'll be
given the rights

to appoint teachers of
the corporation school.

And you'll take 5,000 rupees
from every teacher.

Mayor, what about me?

You'll be given contract
of street lights.

Listen. First break all the old
lights then fix new ones.


Kishanchand, l fear you'll
distribute profits to others

and l'll be left with nothing.

Don't worry, Bhakti Prasad.

You'll get license to start
bar in your area.

Thank you. Thank you.

Hail Kishanchand!

Greetings! Welcome.

Junior is also here. Pleased
to see you. Come.

Click snaps.

Hail Kishanchand!

Hail mayor Kishanchand!

Hail mayor Kishanchand!

Hail mayor Kishanchand!

l'm fortunate as you came
to inaugurate my shop.

Give me.

Liquor shop won't open in poor
people's colony. -Never!

Liquor shop won't open! -Never!

Liquor shop won't open! -Never!

Shut up! Who are
you to stop him?

He has the license.

l know he has the license.

You can give your
men any license

because you've the power.

And you don't have power that's
why you're shouting.

No! l'm shouting for the poor
whose peace you want to ruin.

You're trying to deceive us.

Close the liquor shop or
consequence will be severe.

Shut up! l decide my
own consequence.

Listen to me.

This liquor shop will open here.

No! Liquor shop won't open!

Don't just stand! Hit him!

Drive them away.

Stop it!

l say stop it.

Uncle, what's this commotion?

Sunil, this Bhakti Prasad wants
to open a liquor shop

in the colony of poor.

lnspector, he has the license
yet he wants to create riots.

Show him the license.
-Look, sir.

Look at the license.

He wants to spread hunger and
destruction with support of law.

We won't let him open
the liquor shop.

Uncle, he's not doing
anything illegal.

He has the license. You've
no right to stop him.

What? You too are
siding with him.

l'm only siding with law.

l protect the law
which is my duty.

l advice you not to
break the law.

Do it legally.

Very good, child.

Wow, child! Wow!

You're reciting holy verses
to your grandpa

and making him pious.

Sevakram, when did you come?

When Lord Krishan was reciting
holy verses to Arjun.

So you too heard
the verse? -Yes.

Then you'll get blessings
too. -Sure.


Hello. -Hello.

Big people have come
to my house today.

Sit, Sevakram. Sit.

Yes, sit.

Tell me, what would you've?

Tea, coffee or cold drink?

Child Jyoti, don't
take the trouble.

lt's not a trouble.

lt's said that guest
is like a God. -Yes.

Meaning guest is like
a God. -Yes.

Wait. l'll get tea
for you. Granny.

Dinanath, this girl is amazing.

Even at such a tender age
you've made her great.

Me? l didn't teach her anything.

l don't know about her parents.

She has come with their virtues.

My elder son Ravi brought
her from orphanage.

Uncle, tell me. Which culprit
has to be punished

and which innocent has
to be given justice?

Don't add sugar? -Why?

Granny, l've told you often
not to add sugar in tea.

Because some people have
diabetes. -Yes.

So you want that liquor shop to
be moved, right? -Yes, son.

No problem. lt'll be done.

Brother, don't promise
in a hurry.

lt's not easy to move the
shop. They've license.

So what? Don't ever doubt
Ravi's ability.

He can turn any case.

Brother, it's difficult for
brother to win this case.

Listen, Sunil. l'll surely win
this case. -lmpossible.

Dear, don't challenge
your elder brother.

You'll lose, fool.

What? My son is a fool?

And your son is wise.

lf my son says so, your
son will surely lose.

Strange! You just need
an excuse to fight.

l didn't criticize your son.
l just called him a fool.

lsn't that criticism? -No.

l'm a fool. Entire
world is fool.

You too are a fool. -What
did you say? l'm a fool.

Fighting again!

My elder son is clever. My
younger son is clever!

Don't fight on this topic.
l've told you often. -Yes.

After court's verdict we'll find
out who wins and who loses.

Right? -Right.

ls it right? -Yes.

Why didn't the defense lawyer
come in the court?

Your honor, he wouldn't have
point to fight the case

so how could he appear
in the court?

l'm here, your honor.

Defense lawyer is here.

l apologize for coming
late, judge.

Actually today l'm facing
such a big lawyer

so l went to temple of Goddess
Durga for blessing.

Would you like to have
offering, Mr. PP?

Offerings can't be brought
in the court, judge.

Sorry, your honor.

This court is the temple
of justice.

And offering can be
brought anywhere.

Won't you like to defend this
case? -Sure, your honor.

l will neither present evidence
nor witness in front of you.

l just want to know if Mr. PP
knows at which place

liquor shop shouldn't be made.

l know. Liquor shop
shouldn't be near

any religious temples
and schools.

Ok. Ok.

Now tell me, legally how far
the liquor shop should be

from all these places?

100 meters. -Correct.

Note this point, your honor.

Now tell me, the liquor shop,
whose case is going on

how far is it from the temple?

What? There is no temple around.

What are you saying, Mr. PP?

Temple of Goddess Durga is
within 100 meters from that shop.

This is a lie, your honor.

Defense lawyer wants to turn
this case around using religion.

l went to that liquor
shop this morning.

Your honor, people go to
temple in the morning.

But our PP goes to liquor shop.

Maybe in intoxicated state
he didn't see the temple.

He's insulting me, your honor.

l repeat there is no temple
nearby. -There is a temple.

l've come after praying
in that temple.

Look at the vermillion
from the temple.

And this flower is offering
of the temple.

This is wrong. Lie. There
is no temple nearby.

You can go and see if there
is a temple or not.

Truth will come out and court
can easily give verdict.


l'll go and check myself.

Come, judge.

This is the liquor shop. -Yes.

And that's the temple.

When was this temple
made? -Long ago.

Then why didn't l see it?

Dealers of liquor can't
see the temple.

Measure the distance of the
liquor shop from the temple.

Come, sir. Let's worship
the Goddess.

Sir, the liquor shop is 99.5
meters away from the temple.

Meaning, within the distance
of 100 meters

which is objectionable.

Sir, it could be a mistake.
Measure it again.

When you won the election
with 5 votes

you didn't say it
could be a mistake.

Recounting should be done.

Court orders Mr. Bhakti Prasad
to move his liquor shop

within 12 hours or
it'll be demolished.

Brother. -What?

This flower if Goddess'

Maybe this will help you
win the next case.

Come. -Ok.

Hello, Sharda. How are you?

Fine. How are you?

l'm fine too.

Tell me, what's the day today?

You forget.

Today is your birthday. Many
happy returns of the day.

Thank you.

Come. Let's play our game now.

ln my hands there are coins of
5, 10, 25, and 100 cents.

But l've only one
coin of 50 cents.

You've to close your
eyes and remove it.

lf you find other coin,
you'll win

but you find 50 cent
coin, l'll win.

Loser will listen to
the winner. Agreed?

Agree. -Close your eyes
and take out a coin.

Great! You got 50 cents coin.

lt means l win.

You've to give me what l want.

Give me 50 kisses. -Kisses?

Yes. -No.

There is something fishy in it.

Show me your hand. -Look.
-No, the other one.

What's the point of showing
the hands after wining?

Show me. -After the kiss.

No, show me your hand.

What are you doing?

These are 50 cents. You cheated.
lt's a deception.

Everything is fair
in love and war.

Now kiss me.

No, no, no.

My beloved l swear

l am yours.

My beloved l swear

l am yours.

ln your sweet, dark and
enchanting eyes

l've lost myself.

l've lost myself.

My beloved l swear

l am yours.

My beloved l swear

l am yours.

ln your sweet, cut and
enchanting words

l've lost myself.

l've lost myself.

My beloved l swear

We're not the one to separate
thorns from flowers.

We're not the one to separate
thorns from flowers.

We'll share what destiny
gives us

both happiness and
sorrow in love.

My beloved l swear

We've come so close
to each other.

We've come so close
to each other.

We dwell in each
other's hearts.

Even death won't separate us.

My beloved l swear

My beloved l swear

l am yours.

l am yours.

ln your sweet, dark and
enchanting eyes

ln your sweet, cut and
enchanting words

l've lost myself.

l've lost myself.

l've lost myself.

Sharda. Where are you lost?

Take out the coin. Come on.

Sir. -What? ls the visiting
hours over?

lnspector has given this letter
for you. -Thank you.

Sharda, there's good news.

You'll be released next month
instead of after 6 months.

What's this? You're
not happy the get

the news of your release.

What happiness?

l've spend my life behind bars.

These walls don't taunt me.

These bars don't point
fingers at me.

But when l'll be released

l'll have to hear the
taunts of the society.

l'll have to face the
spiteful people.

No, Sharda. lt won't happen.

l'll break all the fingers
that will point at you.

l'll cut the tongue of those
who call you a culprit.

Don't worry. Don't worry at all.

Can't you see? -Forgive me.



Why didn't you wear long pants?

lt would've wasted
2 meters cloth.

So l still roam in
childhood shorts.

Nobody can find a bigger
miser than you.

Why do you need to search?
You'll waste energy.

Shut up! You're worst than money
collectors at funeral.

You know to splurge. You
don't know how to save.

Why did you come?

lnspector. -lnside.

Stinky beggar.

lnspector. -l said
it'll be done.

lnspector. -What?

l'm Teliram. -l know.

You're famous for being a miser.

Thanks for the compliments.

What's the matter? -Priya
is my only daughter.

Dacoits have kidnapped her.

They threatened if l don't
give them 30,000 rupees

this evening they'll kill her.

l've brought her snap.
Look at her snap.

With heavy heart l've brought
30,000 rupees.

lf you need, just show
them to the dacoits.

But don't give them.

Don't give them.

Don't worry. You'll get
your daughter safe.

Oh God! lt's a dangerous place.

Sir, when the place
is so dangerous

the dacoits would be dangerous
too. -Shut up!

Take this money there
and shout

l've got the money.

Dacoits might hear
you and come out.

Then they'll surely shoot me.

lf you don't listen to
me, l'll shoot you.

l got it, sir.

You want to use me as bait.

Ok. Maybe after dying
at dacoits' hands

l'll get promotion. -Yes.

No go from there. -Yes.

l'll go from here.
-Thank you, sir.


Dacoit! Don't shoot!
l've got the money.

Don't shoot.

Are they exact amount? -Meaning.

30,000. -Dacoit.

Yes, yes. lt's 30,000.

But l can't see you.
Where are you?

Come to your right side. Coming.

To the right side.

What's this? -Wait.

l've stopped. Now what?

Keep the money on the
bark near you. -Bark.

No, no, no. Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!

l'm not a dacoit.
Look, l'm Priya.

Teliram's daughter. -You?

Why did you do this drama?

This isn't a drama, but my need.

l need money for my friend
Shushila's mother's operation.

She won't live if the
operation isn't done.

Now there is no need to
do any more acting.

Come to the police station.
Listen to me.

lf you don't believe me,
come to the hospital.

You'll know the truth.
Please come.

We don't have much time. Come.



No, Shushila. Don't cry.

Priya, mother is very critical.

Doctor said if the operation
isn't done by evening

she might not live.

Don't worry.

Take 30,000 rupees.

Go and give them to the doctor.

And tell him to arrange
for the operation.

Priya, thanks. -Go.

Now you believe me?

l asked dad for Shushila's
mother's operation.

He said he'll give, but he
refused at the last moment.

So l had to do this drama.

lf you think l've committed
a crime, arrest me.

all the gods and goddesses
would be in prison.

all the gods and goddesses
would be in prison.


Here. Here. -What is it?

Sir, l've been cooking food by
burning posters of the streets.

But now there are no posters.

Tell me, what should l
put in the stove? -Me.

But you won't burn properly.

What did you say?

You call me sir, but think
of eating all the time.

Did you forget that my
daughter is missing?

ln such circumstances,
forget eating

l can't even think
of drinking.

Food will neither be cooked
nor mentioned

until my daughter isn't
found. Hunger strike.

Hunger strike. l'm dead!

Where is this aroma of
flower coming from?

Brother, l've applied scented
oil on my head.

You don't deserve it.

Fool, l warned you from
coming in this house.

Why did you come here?
-For the money.

l don't give alms even to
beggar, so how can you get it?

l'm not here for alms. l've
rights on this house too.

Really? Didn't you
read dad's will?

l can't read. Dad didn't save
me to school to save money.

Forgot? -You must've at least
passed by a school.

Yet you didn't change.

All your life you kept stealing
from the house. Thief!

What thief?

l've to steal if l
don't get money.

That's why dad disowned
you and gave me

the entire property.

That was because of
your conspiracy.

You incited dad. Hooligan.

Yes, l incited him.

Or you would've sold
the house long ago.

l'm ashamed to call
you my brother.

l'm disgusted to call
a miser my brother.

Will you eat money or take it
to your grave after death?

You were rags though you're
a millionaire.

You don't even bathe.
You're stinking.

You'll rot.

Fool! How dare you abuse
me in my house?

Go out or l'll whack you
and tie you. Get lost.

Ok, l'm going.

You'll remember me.

You'll remember me
when l'm gone.

Stupid fool!

Daughter. Daughter.


My daughter. Your jewelry
is safe. Limbs are safe.

Yes. -Clothes are fine?

Yes, dad. -Move.

Thanks inspector for brining
my daughter safely back.

My money.

Give me my money. -Dad.

Those goons were dangerous.
They had long swords.

And guns. -That's fine,
but my money.

Actually -Dad, he whacked
those goons like this.

lt's the duty of the policeman.

Don't tell me.

My money. -Mr. Teliram,

when l was saving your
daughter, the bag

fell from my hands while
fighting the goons.

And those goons fled
with the bag. -What?

Dad! -Mr. Teliram.

Don't worry. He got a shock.

l've the remedy.

Sir. Sir. Sir.

He smelled it. Yes.

This is my money. -Does it
belong to your father?

You lost my money.

Mr. Teliram, your daughter
returned home safely.

You should be happy.

With if you lost 30,000 rupees?

What are you saying?

Daughter is back, that's fine.
But l lost 30,000 rupees.

lf l had to give 30,000 rupees,
l would've gone myself.

Police should do their duty, get
the girl and the money too.

You owe me 30,000.

You're a police officer, so
l won't take interest.

But return in one month.

l don't see a prey to trap.

Go behind the bush.

A couple would be romancing.

Show them the baton and
extort money. -Ok, sir.

Hurry! l'll check this side.


ls it a bomb?

l'll check.


Who is it?

Keep your hand properly.

Face too.

Sir, you -lnspector Chorghe.

Chorghe? -Yes.

From where? -Pandili.

Pandili. -Yes, between
Punjab and Delhi.

Ok. -Special branch
has send me here

to catch corrupt cops.

No, sir. l didn't do anything.
-Nothing. -Nothing.

Then why are you sweating?
-No sweat.

Why are you shivering? -No.

l've not done anything.

l'll find out.

Thief! Thief!

Where is the sound coming from?

l'll go and find him.

l'll tell you.

lt's here.

Where did this come from?

l ate something in the darkness
of the night. lt's coming out.


So when did you get
this? And this?

l don't know.

Give your account to the
commissioner. Come.

No, listen to me.

Take everything. But forgive me.

No, l'll get you fired
today. Come.

No, don't get me fired.

Sir, take my months salary,
but forgive me.

Just a month's salary. -Even
next month's salary.

You'll give me? -Yes.

Now go. Don't repeat it. -Ok.

He's strange. -What did you
say? -No, thank you.

Oh God!

This is a fake inspector.

He must've surely
cheated someone.

Cheat! You fool people
as a police.

Come to the police station.
-Just a minute, sir. -What?

l'll give you a gift. Take this.

My specs. My specs.

Don't whistle. What happened?

Sir, that man is a duplicate

He must've surely
cheated someone.

Hello, inspector Sunil.

Some goons have killed a girl
in National Park. -What?

Yes, sir. -Who are you?

l'm Rita. Come quickly,
sir. -l'm coming.


What is this drama?

This is not a drama. l called
you to lodge a complaint.

What complaint? -Someone stole
my heart. You know?

You said your heart
is stolen. -Yes.

Then what's beating?

Your heart dwells in me.

My heart dwells in you.

Your heart dwells in me.

My heart dwells in you.

When will l get this bless

This bliss

When will l get this bless

in my life?

Your heart dwells in me.

My heart dwells in you.

When will l get this bless

When will l get this bless

When will l get this bless

in my life?

Your heart dwells in me.

My heart dwells in you.

My beauty has blossomed.

The desires are kindled.

My beauty has blossomed.

The desires are kindled.

l lost my sleep and peace.

l lost my sleep and peace.

Now l might lose my life.

l'm in this state in
a couple of days.

What will happen after
a month or a year?

My heart dwells in you.

Your heart dwells in me.

My heart dwells in you.

Sometimes this disease
inflicts someone.

This disease inflicts someone.

Love isn't aroused in the
heart in any season.

Love starts only in
the season of rain.

My heart dwells in you.

Your heart dwells in me.

My heart dwells in you.

When will l get this bless

When will l get this bless

When will l get this bless

in my life?

Your heart dwells in me.

My heart dwells in you.

Hello, Priya. This is Shushila.

Hi, Shushila. How is mother?

She's fine. She'll be discharged
this evening

from the hospital.

Very good. -Listen,
wait in the office.

l'll come in cab and then we'll
take aunt home. -Ok, bye.

Yes, sir.

Madam, sir gave you these
letters to type urgently.

So many. -Yes.

Now? -Yes. We've to
post it today.

These beautiful fingers
aren't just for typing.

Mr. Teja, behave yourself.

Don't call me Teja, but
king, my beloved.

l'll make you my queen.

You'll enjoy. -Shut up!

Leave me.

l'm telling you to
agree quietly.

Or you'll get ruined
and destroyed.

Leave me. Leave me.

Open the door!

Wait. l'll be back. -Ok.

No! No!

l won't leave you.




Where are you going? -Office.

lt's closed. -Closed.

ls Shushila in? -She
left long time ago.

She left.

She's strange. Ok.


Shushila! Shushila!



What happened, Shushila?

Teja Teja tried to molest me.

Why are you so worried?
Don't worry.

Your dad is a mayor.
Don't you care.

You should be brave.

But doctor, l'm scared.

Don't be scared, son.

l've prepared a record that
you're in the hospital

for one month and you got
attack of paralysis.

What? -Yes.

And you couldn't even move.

You were unconscious when
Shushila was murdered.

So you couldn't kill her.

Today you're being discharged
from this hospital.

And this is your medical

But will the police accept
this certificate.

Even the court will accept it.

This is the certificate of civil
surgeon, doctor Malhotra.

Take the documents
of your freedom.

What are you doing?

Culprits have to be prosecuted.


Why are you hitting
my patient? Why?


Law can reach wide and far.

Come. Get up.

What? lnspector Sunil arrested
my son for murder. -Yes, sir.

Just order me. l'll kill
inspector Sunil right away.

l won't mind getting
arrested later.

No. When things can be
done peacefully

we don't need to use force.

Greetings, lawyer. -Mayor.


What's the matter? How
come you are here?

l'm come to see you
to find a solution.

l didn't understand you.

Fantastic! You know
everything lawyer.

Actually my son is old, but
he thinks like a child.

Your brother falsely accused
him of rape and murder.

ls it? -Yes.

l want you to fight this
case to uphold justice.

And get my son released.

ln return l'll give you as much
money as you want. Look.

Mayor, are these money
the price of

that girl's life and honor.


lnspector, if you say, l'll
send a bag for you too.

Ok. To close your son's case.

As you say.

Just prove my son innocent
and get him released.

Mayor, if you don't leave with
your ill-earned money

l'll arrest you and
drag you out

and lock you with
your darling son.

lnspector Sunil, don't forget
l'm people's representative.

You too don't forget that
l'm people's protector.

l can destroy you if l want.

Kishanchand, no enemy
can harm him.

Both my sons are brave
and courageous.

They know how to face
the enemies.

Mr. Dinanath, youth can
say anything, but you

They too are my blood. Got it?

How dare you try to
bribe my sons?

This house is built
on rule and laws.

Honesty is the support
of this house.

And righteousness is its pillar.

We've made this temple with
all these virtues.

And a demon like you should
step in this temple.

Get out.



You're playing with fire.

This fire will incinerate your
temple and house some day. -Go.

Sir, what are you doing?
-Bear a little pain.

Don't you want to catch
him? -Yes, sir.

He fooled constable Vaghmare.

Today l won't spare that
crook. l won't.

Vijay Singh, go there. l'll
go there. -Ok, sir.

Wear this.

l'm sorry, sir. -Yes.

He's walking arrogantly.

408. -Yes, sir.

Look. Look. Come.

How much will you take?
-500 rupees.

l'll give you 5. -Move.

Ok, take 100.

She took it. They
can be my prey.

ls he sawying us? -Yes, sir.

Then kiss me. -How
can l kiss you?

You're my senior. -There is
no seniority in kissing.

Just do it. You won't.

They've started. Fools!

Where did he go? -l
think he's hiding.

Chase him. Quick.

Fatso, hurry up.

Where did he go?

He's coming as a cop. Hide.

What are you doing?

lt's police. Get up. -Police.

Where are you going? Wait.

Show me your face.

You're ashamed. Come to
the police station.

No. -lnspector, you can
take whatever you want.

Give me what you have.
-Right away.

You're trapped, crook.

l'm constable Vaghmare.

What? -Pick-pocket.

No, Vaghmare.

You fooled me as an
inspector. -Where

did you get this uniform from?

From the mythological drama.

How can there be an inspector
in mythological drama?

Yes, l'll go and ask them.

Come to the police station. -No.

l'll whack you and make
an example of you.

No need. Listen.

Where are you going?
-Forgive me.

l'll show you.

Forgive me. You made a mistake.

No, l made a mistake.

You? -No, you.

Ok, l made a mistake.

l should've robbed someone else.

But l stole from a thief.

What did you say? l'm a thief?

Stop laughing. Quiet!

Sir, you said the right thing.


You're laughing.

You laughed and called
me a thief.

Saw? lf you act insolently
l'll thrash you.

Stand straight. 408.
Close the door.

Not me, close the door.

Keep lying down. -Why?

We'll dupe the world.
-How will we escape?

Die. -How can we flee if l die?

Just act. l'll flee with you.

Sure? -Yes. -Ok, l'm dead.

Keep your tongue out.

Murder! Murder!

Murder in lock up!

Constable You

Constable has committed
a murder.

Murder in lock up!

Murder? Murder in lock up!

Constable has committed
a murder.

Murder in lock up! -What?

Who died? Who killed?
-You killed him.

You kicked him at such
a place that he died.

No, l'm just belching.

He's really dead.

He didn't die, but
you killed him.

No. -Yes. l saw it.

You whacked him and
he died in pain.

l'll go to the commissioner
with this issue. -No.

l'll shout in the parliament
constable killed humanity

Quiet! Keep quiet, dear.

l beg of you. Forgive me. Don't
tell anything to anyone.

l've killed in the lock
up for the first time.

Where did you kill earlier?
-No where.

lt happened for the first time.

l'll do whatever you
say. Save me.

Nobody can save you till
this corpse is here.

Then what should be done?

Make this corpse vanish.

Ok, take him away in a bag.

.Smarty, try to fool me.
Take him in a bag!

lt won't work.

Send your constables
out for tea.

l'll take him in an
auto. -Ok, fine.

You'll cremate him. -No, l'll
put him in a safe deposit vault.

Stop kidding. -Give me money.

What are you doing? -Give money.

What are you doing? -You've
to be cremated.

Mine. -No, him.

Do as l say or l'll
go away. -No. Fine.

l'm very hot tempered.
-Take care.

Go away. Run.

Get up. Let's escape quickly.

Today l'm very happy.

What's this?

Why this long face? -No.

That's the spirit.

Now your face suggest as
if Sita has returned

after enduring years of pain.

But this Sita has to undergo
the test of fire.

No, you don't need to do this.

l'm with you. Come.

Where? -First come. l'll
tell you, come.

Junior. Where are you?
l'll show you.

Grandpa. Grandpa.

Junior. Junior.

Granny, please get
caught. Junior.

Why are you going
there? Come here.

Where are you? Junior.

l'm behind you.

Thief is caught.
Thief is caught.


Elder, who is this? -Jyoti,
don't say that.

Sharda, she's my mother.
My father.

Hello. -Bless you.

And he's my younger brother,
Sunil. -Hello.

Hello. -And she is

Wait. l'll tell her.

l'm Jyoti. l study
in convent school.

l'm the elder of this house.

l take care of this house.

She talks a lot.

Father, l fought Sharda' dad's
court case a while ago.

lt was about his property
and house.

Because of my mistake,
he lost the case.

He couldn't bear the defeat
and died of heart attack.

Oh! l'm sorry.

She has neither family
nor a place to stay.

lf she stays in the house,
would you mind?

Not at all, son.

Janaki. -Yes.

Come, child.

You didn't do the right think by
lying to your parents for me.

l didn't do the wrong
thing too, Sharda.

lf they had found out that you
were released from jail

they wouldn't have the
same love, respect

and sympathy for you.

But lie doesn't last long, Ravi.

What will happen when they
find the truth about me?

We'll see when that day comes.

Why should we worry
now about it?

By the way, you went through
a lot in the prison.

Why do you put yourself
in trouble here?

Look. Forget all the worries.

And live happily.

Now smile. Smile.

Come on. Give me a good smile.

Now l got it.

My doubt is confirmed.

What doubt? -l'll
tell you. Move.

New girl, why were you standing
so close to him?

What's the matter?

Actually -l'm asking you.
Why are you looking at him?

Look at me.

Actually -Enough. No need
to give an explanation.

Elder, why did you come here
without narrating story to me?

Actually -Never mind.
l forgive you.

Thank you. This new girl will
narrate a story to me.

Right? -Sure. Come.

You may go. Go. -Ok.

Get in.


What's it? -l've something
important to discuss.

Come with me.

What is it? -Dad wants to
fix our marriage today.

Come home. -Now?

l've to go to court.

Listen to me.

Dad said between today 8 to
9.30 its auspicious time

which comes once
every 7 years.

He wants to talk
to you and fix

our marriage date
at that time.

Please come with me.

That's fine. But it's urgent
for me to go to the court.

You can go to the court after
coming to my house.

Meet dad for 2 minutes. -But l

No ifs and buts. You
know dad's mood.

lt keeps fluctuating.

He might even refuse
to get us married.

Please, Sunil. Come. -Ok.

Gaikwad. -Yes, sir.

Go to the court with the
van. l'll come there.

Be careful. -Ok, sir.


Come. Come, son-in-law.

Hello. -Hello.

Sit down.

l knew my daughter would
bring you home

because these days girls
bring gold medal home.

Boys don't even get
wooden medal.

Look at the horoscope quickly.

What's their sun sign?

My daughter is Virgo.
And he's Leo.

How did you know my sun sign?

Sun sign? l know even horoscopes
of all the cops.

Wow! There alliance
will be very good.

Really! Great.

lt's ringing too.

l mean it's a good sign. -Yes.

lt's auspicious.

Hello, this is Teliram.

That inspector is there. -Yes.

Will the work be done?
-Yes. Don't worry.

Preist. -Yes. -Look at
the horoscope again.

Their alliance won't be good.
There is some problem.

But everything was
fine a while ago.

There stars were not intruding.
Not everything is in mess.

Priya, l'll leave. Ok?

Bye. -Ok.

lnspector, it's for you.

For me? -Yes, for you.

Hear what the problem is.

Hello, inspector Sunil here.

Teja was kidnapped
by goons. -What?

Fantastic! Fantastic!

lnspector, this auspicious work
was done at auspicious time.

Between 9.15 and 9.30.

decieved me.

But your son will never
escape from me.

Stop, inspector! You're
a really big fool.

My son must be already on
the plane to Singapore.

And it will take off
in 5 minutes.

My son Teja will leave
this country for good.

Are you feeling dizzy?
lt happens.

When stars unfavour you, there's
no way out. -Yes.

Hello, can l speak to the
airport manager, please!

Airport manager speaking!

Look, the plane to Singapore
has a bomb in it. -What?

Yes. -Who are you?

The mayor of this city.

Okay, smart guys.

What are you waiting
for? Catch him.

Don't let him reach
the airport. Go!

Air lndia is sorry to announce
that flight number Al 105

will leave for Singapore
2 hours late.

Air lndia flight no Al 105 is
ready for take off to Singapore.

Passengers please proceed to
immigration and customs.

Mr. Teja!

The arms of the police are
quicker than the mayor's mind!

Come on!

Based on the statements of the
witnesses and evidences

the court concludes that
the accused Teja

not only tried to
molest Sushila

but also caused the

that forced her to
commit suicide.

Therefore this court
finds the accused

Teja guilty for
Sushila's death

and sentences him to
life imprisonment.

lt has also been proved

that in spite of being
the mayor, Kishanchand

misused his position and power
to protect a criminal.

lf a guardian of the law
himself breaks the law

he has no right to
retain his position.

Therefore this court orders
Mr. Kishanchand

to be removed from
the post of mayor.

Very good. You can recite verses
from the Bhagwad Gita, too.

Of course.

You thought you were the only
learned scholar here?

Father, your tea. -Keep it here.

Listen! -Yes.

What do you think of Sharda
as our daughter-in-law?

Not a bad idea. l
understand now.

You can rest the entire day. And
she'd do all your chores.

And she'd serve you
all the time.

You want such a daughter-in-law,

lt's not that. She's
an ideal woman.

l want her because she's
perfect for our family.

That's true.

Hear, hear!

What are you doing?

New girl, come out.

Everybody, please gather
at the hall!

What's the matter, dear?
-Sit down. C'mon.

Jyoti, Why are you shouting?
-You too sit down. Please

Yes, okay.

ls everyone here? -child,
why are you shouting?

Oh, grandpa, l have to resolve
an important family matter.

You'll solve? -Yes, that's
why l've called everyone.

Listen, brother, both you and
the new girl are single.

So we elders want to get
you two married

and fulfill our

Jyoti, what are you saying?

She's right, child.

Children are the image of God.

So she proclaimed what
we were thinking.

Sunil, what do you have
to say? -Father,

What would make me happier than
to have such a decent

and cultured girl as
my sister-in-law?

Ravi, what do you have
to say? -Look, mother.

l brought Sharda here, so that
she would have a place to live.

But if you wish that this to
be her husband's house

then l consent, but
only if she does too.

Tell us, Sharda.

l must have done good deeds
in my previous lives to

get a chance to marry
into such a family.

Get the invitation cards
printed immediately.

ln the name of God Almighty
the two of them will be

married at an auspicious
astrological moment.

This is the decision of the
elders of this house.

This girl is great!

What? The lawyer is going to
marry that girl? -Yes, sir.

And this is the time to attack.

And the weapon is Jankidas.

You mean that Jankidas?
-Yes, that same.

But the problem is that
he's in jail right now.

When l decide to attack
my enemy

l can even make the sun
rise from the west!

You all are laughing?

Hurry up! Everyone's waiting
for the bride!

Greetings. -Welcome,
Mr. Kishanchand.

Congratulations, Mr. Dinanath.

Thank you for inviting
me to the wedding.

l thought you wouldn't
invite me this time.

Mr. Kishanchand

our differences have nothing
to do with this wedding.

l thought you yourself would
refuse to come. -How could l?

Please come. l'm really
obliged. -Yes.


This wedding can't take place.

This wedding can't take place.
This wedding can't take place.

Shut up! Who are you to
stop this wedding?


l'm her husband! -Shut up.

l'll kill you if you
speak rubbish.

The wrongdoer himself
is threatening me!

As soon as l went to jail,
you trapped my wife.

And made your mistress?

You rascal! -One who tries to
marry somebody else's wife

is called rascal. Rascal?!

Get out or else l'll kill you!

Sunil, control yourself!

Do you see this injustice?

These people are threatening
to kill me!

But if they do that

she'll be called a widow
and not spinster.

Because, l am her husband!

l plead with all of you.

Please get me justice!

Please bring my wife back
to me! -Silence!

l've listened to your nonsense
for too long!

How dare you create
a racket here?

Who gave you the right
to come here?

That marital chain that l
put around her neck did!

That fire did, which was a

witness to the 7 sacred
rounds l took with her!

That vermilion did, which l
applied on her forehead!

But ask her.

Even if l'm in shackles
right now

who gave her the right
to marry someone else?

Ask her, who has given her
that right! Ask her.

What proof do you have that
you're telling the truth?

Proof? l've proof.

These photos!

Look! You too! Look,
you too have a look.

Let everyone see them!

Child, what's all this?


Did you see? Did you see?

Her running away is a bigger
proof than these photos!

And he's like a pimp giving
refuge to runaway girls!

Shut up!

Do you know who you're pointing
your finger at?

Law and justice are alive in
this city only because of him!

Mr. Dinanath, why
are you silent?

Why don't you say that all this
is a lie? lt's rubbish.

l got it. Your silence

you too were involved
in the vile deed

that would have occurred
here today!

How shameful!

You said your two sons are
the two eyes of law.

Now we know that their eyes
lust for other men's wives!

Shut up.

Hold your tongue or

You can silence me but
what will you do

when the entire city will
spit on your father's name?

How many mouths will
you silence?

Everyone will say that
it's not the temple

but a brothel where law
and justice are raped.

Enough, Kishanchand!

Don't pour salt on their wounds!

Mr. Dinanath, l am
certain that

you would never deliberately
do anything wrong.

Please say something.

Father! -What happened?
What happened to him?

What happened? No!

Grocer! -Yes.

How much are the onions?
-3 rupees, sir.

Look at me and answer! How
much are the potatoes?

3 rupees, sir. -Look at me!

What about the aubergine?

What are you doing? -Sorry, sir.

Why should l look at you?
Take whatever you wish.

That's like a good boy. Then
give me 2 kilos each of onions

Okay! -potatoes,
and aubergine.

Here's Rs.5.

Constable! -Who is it?

Be careful, you'll
start to stoop!

Did you fill your bags for
free? -Speak softly!

Let's do something. Come
to that corner.

A constable, doing that?

You do it to the public; can't
l do it to you? Come on!

What is it? -Take out Rs200.

Did your father give me Rs200?

He told me to take
it from you. -Why?

Didn't you get your
pay today? -l did.

So where's my pay?

What? l'll throw you in jail!

You will? -Yes!

Then l'll tell the inside
story. -What?

Recall that frightening
night of December 7.

What happened that day? -A
murder in prison! -Shut up.

Put it in my mouth!
-Here, gobble it!

Keep the bags. l'll take them.

Let me take the vegetables.
-l'll take them too.

Vegetables too! -Yes. -Yucks!
-Are they spoilt? Listen.

What's your salary? -Rs1 ,200.
-Do something.

Give me 50 percent of it, every
month at the National park.

Why? -Murder!

l will. -Listen, there's more.

Give me 50 percent of your
illegal wages too

near the Bijlee talkies.

Why? -Otherwise, murder.

Listen. Give me 2 tickets

for the films shown
there. -So shameless!

Who? -Me.

He's the first thief to extort
money from a policeman.

Listen! -No.


Grandma. Grandma. Please
have your food.

Look, Grandma. l haven't
eaten anything either.

lf you won't eat,
l won't either!

Mother, come and have your food.

Look, until you eat, this child
will stay hungry too.

And it's a sin to keep
a child hungry.

There's no difference
between sin

and salvation here anymore.

Father was proud of this house

being a temple of truth
and integrity.

But you turned it
into his grave!

Sunil! What are you
talking about?

He's telling the truth, Ravi!

Mother, if you would listen to
Sharda's story just once

What is left to say that
we haven't heard?

That day you said that
she lost her case

because of your mistake
and was helpless.

l admit l lied that day, but

So how can we believe that
you'll tell the truth today?

Will you tell the
truth now after

turning mother into a widow

and destroying this house?

Brother, you behaved like a
lawyer even in this house.

You can never tell the truth.

You're a liar, a hypocrite!

Mr. Ravi. Mr. Ravi! l saw
Sharda in the street!

l tried to stop her, but
she went away crying!


Stop, Ravi!

lf you try to bring back Sharda
under any pretext

it will be my corpse leaving
the house this time!

Sharda! Sharda!

Sharda, stop!

Sharda! Sharda!

Sharda! What are you doing?

Leave me. Let me die!

What's this nonsense?

Leave me alone.

An unfortunate like me
has no right to live.

Your cheerful house became
silent because of me.

Your father died because of me.

Don't say such things, Sharda.

No, l'm a curse in the form
of a woman! l'm a stain.

l've started to loathe
myself. Let me die.

No, l won't let you die.

How can you decide whether you
have the right to live?

You forgot the man willing to
fight the whole world for you?

Oh, you forgot me because
we couldn't get married.

So l don't have any
right over you.

But l will grab all
my rights today.

Come with me.

What happened? Where's Jyoti?

Why don't you speak up?
Didn't you find Jyoti?

l could have found her only
if she was missing.


Ravi has settled down with
Sharda at Nehru Nagar.


He took Jyoti there
from the school.

He took away my child? My child?

Who's he to take away my Jyoti?

l admit l didn't give
birth to her.

But l've brought her
up right from birth.

l have every right over her. Go
and bring her right now. Go.

Mom, listen to me.

Brother brought her
from an orphanage.

So he has the right
to take her away.

But l can't live without Jyoti,
Sunil. l can't live.

l won't be at peace if l can't
hear her sweet voice.

l can't live without her. l
can't. -Mother. Mother

l know you can forget
your own son

but not your adopted
daughter. Calm now.

The court summons Ratanlal,
alias Surajmal!

Go! Go inside. -C'mon.

Constable. -What is it?
-When will l be called?

When will the judge summon me?

You're a professional, but
behave like a queen?

The judge has many other cases.
lt could take 3-4 hours.

3-4 hours? -Yes, of course.

A lot could happen in that time.

Come on! Come on!

Madam! Madam!

Excuse me. Remove my handcuffs.

Otherwise, l'll be in
trouble. Hurry up.

What is it?

You? But you were dead!

Constable, you?!

Remove them or l'll throw
you in jail. C'mon.

Come, Mr. Teja. -What is it?

We're appealing to the high
court. Please sign here.

Will l evade punishment? -Sure.

But why didn't daddy come?

He's busy finding witnesses
and evidences for you.

What are you saying, sir?

l'll transfer my mill worth 80
lakhs in your daughter's name.

l have a fruit orchard in Simla.

l'll transfer it to your name.

l hope you're not joking.

No, l'm absolutely serious.

Advocate. -Yes, Mr. Dhaniram.

The documents are ready,
too. Look at this.

All this will materialize
only after

Teja is released from jail.

For that your daughter will
have to sign on this paper.

What's written on it? -lt's
written here that

Priya doesn't consider Teja
to be Sushila's murderer.

She'll have to give that
statement in the court, too.

After that will you sign those
property documents?

That's nothing.

l'll get your daughter
married to my son.

Then she'll be entitled to my
property worth millions.

Then l'll run and get
her signature.

Meanwhile you stay
serious like this.

Priya! Priya!

Priya! -l'm here, daddy. -What
are you doing here?

Come on, get up.

Go to the market and buy
everything you can

clothes, jewelries
and many more.

What are you doing
here? Get lost!

Child, just sign on this.

What's that paper for?

lt's your statement that Teja
didn't kill Sushila.

The mayor wants to appeal
to the high court

so that his son
can be released

on the basis of
this statement.

Soon after that you two
will be married.

How could you think that l'd
marry Sushila's murderer?

What difference does Sushila's
death make?

And one must overlook a
millionaire's small mistakes.

You can overlook. Because
wealth has blinded you!

That's why you want to give
away your daughter

to Sushila's killer!

You know that l love Sunil.

Yet, you want to sell
me for money?

No. l'll never let that happen.


So, Kishanchand has
lured your daddy.

You refused and came here,
but he won't keep quiet.

He'll go to any extent with you
to get his son released.

We have to be very alert now.

There's only one way to
escape him. -What?

l won't go back home.

All right. -l am a trickster!

Well done, Waghmare!

Good loving sir! l'm sorry,
good morning, sir!

What's all this, Waghmare?

Food for the stomach.

You could have got it from a
hotel. -What are you saying?

You brought your guest
to my house.

Would l serve her hotel
food? Never!

Now l'll cook for both of you.

Why are you taking trouble?
l'll cook our food.

No, l will. -Sir, l'll cook.

l will. -l'll cook.
-Sir, l'll cook.

l'll cook. -No, l'll
cook. -l'll cook.

l'll cook.

Okay, both of you
cook. l'm going.

About turn! Quick march!

Left, right! Left, right!

lt's pouring outside.

Our bodies are on fire.

lt's pouring outside.

Our bodies are on fire.

Only this fire can quench
this thirst.

lt's pouring outside.

Our bodies are on fire.

Only this fire can quench
this thirst.

lt's pouring outside.

Our bodies are on fire.

A drop larger than the ocean.

A drop larger than the ocean
fell on me in the rain.

lt fell on me in the rain.

My heart is sinking
in that drop.

lt's pouring outside.

Our bodies are on fire.

We were apart.

We were apart.

There was a barrier
between us.

l wonder when we were united

and the barrier
was destroyed.

lt's pouring outside.

Our bodies are on fire.

Now we cannot part.

Now we cannot part.

nor can we come close
to each other.

Now we're confused
what do we do?

Only this fire can quench

Only this fire can quench
this thirst.

lt's pouring outside. -lt's
pouring outside.

Our bodies are on fire. -Our
bodies are on fire.

Hello. -Grandma, Jyoti here.

Jyoti! Jyoti!

My child, how are
you? -l am fine.

l hope you are fine, grandma.
-How can l be fine without you?

Why did you leave me and go?

l did not come by myself. Your
elder son brought me here.

Grandma, l want to meet
you. But l'm helpless.

That's okay, Pinky.

But have you done your homework?

Homework? What are you saying?

You idiot! You are so dumb.

Do l have to explain everything?
Can't you guess?

Oh, is she standing there?

All right, call up at
this time tomorrow.

Please, don't hit
me. Don't hit me.

l called grandma because
she must be missing me.

Jyoti. Jyoti.

l am responsible for this.
l am responsible for this.


Jankidas, how are
you? -Wonderful

l was waiting for you.

Here's your money.
-What for, sir?

This is your reward for
creating a scene

on the wedding day.
-Oh. Thank you, sir.

You have to stir up more
trouble in that house.

Tell me, sir.

Priya has refused to change
her statement.

And that rascal Sunil has
her hidden somewhere.

Consider that like Ravi, Sunil
too is my enemy now.

l will ruin the entire
family so

the fire of revenge in
your heart is doused.

l'll take your leave.
-Wait, Jankidas.

Give me my share. -What share?

l got you this business.
l should get 50 percent.

ls that so? How dare you
demand a share from me?

You were starving and begging

l took pity on you
and took you in.

You did not demand your
share at that time.

Remember that a weak man cannot
fight a strong man.

And if he tries,
he is destroyed.

So don't cross your limits.

So you won't give me my share?
-Yes, l'm giving it.

Here is Rs100.

Go buy yourself a drink
and have fun.

l'll tear you apart.

lnspector! lnspector.

lnspector, l want justice.

Please save my family from ruin.

Save me, inspector. Save me.

Don't make a noise. Tell me
clearly about the problem.

Once l saved my wife from
your brother's clutches.

But when l went to jail,
Ravi married Sharda.

Not only that, inspector.

Your brother has also taken
his daughter away.

Who's she? -Jyoti.

What nonsense are you
talking about?

Jyoti has been brought
up in our

house right from
her childhood.

May be. But perhaps you
don't know that...

...Sharda was in jail for
murder for 7 years.

And Sharda gave birth
to Jyoti in jail.

And here's the certificate
from the prison.

Why are you silent, lnspector?

Because the accused
is your brother

and you don't want to take
any action against him?

What are you saying, Jankidas?

l know inspector
Sunil very well.

When he is on duty

he is not swayed by
relationship of any sort.

Look, inspector. Since this
falls under your jurisdiction

we have come here to
lodge a complaint.

lf, for some reason
you hesitate

to take action against
your brother

we will approach the
higher authorities.

Stop this nonsense.

Go and register your complaint.

You? Come in. come in.

Please sit down.

You have to come with me now.

Has mother called for me?

No, you will have to come
to Nari Niketan.

Jankidas claims that
you are his wife.

Until this is sorted out, you
will have to stay there.

lnspector, you forgot the main
thing. About my daughter.

l am so unfortunate.

l haven't held her in
my arms even once

after her birth.

l am dying to take
her in my arms.

lnspector, ask her where my
sweet little daughter is.

Rogue, get out of here
or l'll kill you!

See the way she behaves?

Let go of me! -Stop it!

Take her away. -No!

No, l won't go.

l won't step out of this house
without Ravi's permission.

You will have to come
with me. -Stop!

Let go of her.

Nobody can take her from here.

l have a warrant against her.

But with whose permission
you enter in my house?


There's no need for permission

to get to the person
to be arrested.

There is. Because this is the
house of a reputed lawyer

not an illegal liquor den

where police can
just barge in.

The charge is more serious than
an illegal liquor den.

lt's regarding an illegal
marriage. -Shut up.

You have no right to disgrace
somebody's family.

Who can disgrace our family
more than you did?

Today we are being defamed
by the entire city.

And you are responsible
for it, brother. -No!

l haven't commit any mistake.

But you are disgracing
our family

by dragging Sharda
to the court.

Because now she is the
honour of our family.

Shut up, brother!

You widowed your mother
to marry her.

For me she's a living corpse
of my mother's desires

and not the honour
of my family.

Sunil! -She is a memento
of the painful

emotions of father's
final silence. -Sunil!

She is the symbol of
your lust for

which you ruined your
family. -Shut up!

Do you know the consequences

of raising a hand against
a policeman?

You will teach me law?

Stop or else! -Or
else what? Move.

Sharda, move aside!

Sharda! Sharda!

Sharda! Sharda!

What is it? -Aren't
you ashamed? Go!

Shameless! He hasn't
brought his wallet.

l am penniless.

Listen, give me two plates
of everything. Quick.

Babulal! -Yes.

lt's our shop. Would you like
anything? -Sure. Why not?

Make two plates for him.
-Not two, make ten.

l'm starving. -Ten?

Where will you put them? -ln
my stomach. Where else?

Do you have enough
space? -Of course.

Give me some.

Look how he's eating!

You hog like a dog. -l
enjoyed it very much.

How much? -Rs.60.

That's all? So cheap?
-Thank you!

Where are you going?
Give him the money.

Don't act too smart. l
won't give a penny.

You won't? -No.

Remember that scary night
of 7th December

a murder in prison.
-A loud scream.

And a great man with laughter
like a machine gun

who fled from the safe
deposit of Central bank.

No, you're lying. C'mon.

ls it? Am l lying? lt
is absolutely true.

Machine gun, come forth.

Where are you running away?

Come on. -My money.

Give him the money.
-Come on fast.

l don't have money.

Out with it! -Don't let him go.

Where do you wash your plates?

Where do you think
you are going?

Commission for going inside.
-Permission, not commission.

Nobody has the permission
to go inside.

What an injustice, constable!

l've offered prayers for
my wife's recovery.

l've also brought offerings
for you. Take a look.

You're trying to bribe me?
-lt is not a bribe.

lt is to buy an energy
drink for the patient.

Energy drink?

Sir, l've never seen such
a devoted husband.

The poor offered prayers for
the sake of his wife.

Let him go. -Yes.

lf l don't, it will
be a sin. -Big sin.

All right, go. l'll get
the energy drink.

Hold it! -Give that to me.

lt's been a long time since l've
come across such a man.

You? -Yes, it's me.

Why are you here?

l've come to wish you
a speedy recovery.

Then come to the court and

grant me custody
of my daughter.

Shut up! lf you call her
your daughter again

l'll kill you.

Disgusting! ln a cultured
country like ours

you shouldn't talk to
your husband like that.

Go away! Get out!

Calm down!

Don't be angry. l'll
go away if you wish.

But before leaving, l have some
good news to give you.

Our daughter, l mean
your daughter

studies in Gandhi
High School, right?

lf you don't confess in court
that she's my daughter

and Ravi is forcing
you to marry him

then in the graveyard near
the school, your daughter

l'll take your leave.

l'll tear. Get her
the energy drink.

You will find your daughter
in pieces.

You will find your daughter
in pieces.

Jyoti! Jyoti!


Jyoti, my child.

Grandma! -My child!

How are you?

l am not okay, grandma.

l miss you very much.

l miss you very much too.
l can't live without you.

Come with me right now.

But the elder one will come
and take me again.

No, l will hide you
somewhere where

nobody will find you. Come.

Mr. Jankidas, what do you
want to tell the court?

Your Honour, l've been telling
everybody that

Sharda is my wife and
Jyoti is my daughter.

But nobody listened to me.

So l have come to you.

Please help me get my
wife and child back.

Get me my wife


Madam, listen.

Come on. -Let me go!

Get in. Move driver. -Help!

The court summons Mrs. Sharda.

Your Honour, the police
have informed us that

she's escaped from
police custody.

This is not true. lt's a scheme
of advocate Ravi Kumar.

He has kidnapped my wife.

He wants to snatch my
wife and daughter

from me for good. He is
an impostor and a cheat.

Order! Order! -Let me go.

Sit down.

The case is adjourned until the
main witness Mrs. Sharda

appears before the court.

lt's strange! Where did she go?

Sir, madam came here and
took your revolver.

Hello. -Sangram here.

That Sharda, who you must be
worried about, is with me.

Well done, Sangram! Great job.

Bring her to me immediately.
-Not so fast, Jankidas.

You've made me work like a
slave for several days.

Now we will make a deal.

You will get Sharda when you
give me one million rupees.

What? One million?

l'll give you death, not money,
scoundrel. -Death?

Come to the 3 Aces clubs with
the money in an hour

or l'll hand her over
to Ravi. Got it?

Take this and go.

l will bring back your
money and Sharda.

l will show that rascal that
l am his boss. -Good.





Search here and there.

Search wherever you can.

Search here and there.

Search wherever you can.

Some day, somewhere
this will happen.

You will find the one you
are searching for.



Search here and there.

Search wherever you can.

Search here and there.

Search wherever you can.

He is out of sight but
close to your heart.

There's fire in your heart,
and thirst on your lips.

He is out of sight but
close to your heart.

There's fire in your heart,
and thirst on your lips.

Don't be disappointed.

Kill me Kill me, this way!

Don't feel disappointed.

lf hearts unite, everything
is possible.



Search here and there.

Search wherever you can.



Now this party will
get more colourful.

Now this party will
get more colourful.

l'm so excited! l'm excited.

l'm so excited! l'm excited.

Don't feel disappointed.

Kiss me!

Take me in your arms.

Don't feel disappointed.

Tonight will be very romantic.



Search here and there.

Search wherever you can.

Some day, somewhere
this will happen.

You will find the one you
are searching for.

So search.




Give me the bag. -Where
is Sharda?


Darling. You wanted
to escape from me?

l'll destroy you.

Sangram, you are giving me my
Sharda back. Thanks a lot.

Jankidas, l want the money,
not your gratitude.

That's what l've brought. Look.


Jankidas killed him,
not your brother.

Doesn't this revolver
belong to you?

But But l stole it to kill
that scoundrel Jankidas.

Because he ruined my life.

But unfortunately, before
l could reach him,

l was captured by this man.

lt's true, Sunil. He tried to
make a deal with Jankidas

they argued and Jankidas
killed him.

You are an expert in
making up stories.

Constable! -No, believe me.
l'm telling the truth.

Take this. -He is innocent.
He did not kill him. l

Move aside!

So, finally this woman turned
you from a lawyer to a killer?

Mother! Mother!


Who is it?

You?! -Mother!

Why are you here?

ls there any happiness
left in this house

that you want to snatch?

Brothers who loved each
other were torn apart

because of you.

l lost my husband
because of you.

What more revenge do you seek?

Get out! Get out of here!

No, mother. No.

Please don't talk like that.

l didn't want to show you
my face ever again.

But today l was compelled
to come to your doorstep.

Mother, your younger son Sunil

has arrested Ravi
for a murder.

What?! -That he didn't commit.

So you've come here to appeal?

Son, what am l hearing?

Yes, mother. Brother killed
a thug for this vile woman.

No. That is not true

He is being framed.
He is innocent.

Mother, l caught brother
red handed.

And all the evidence
is against him.

How unfortunate am l

that l had to handcuff
my own brother.

And in the name of duty

l will have to send
him to the gallows.

This woman is responsible for
all this, mother. She.

She is a stigma on womanhood.

Only a woman with no moral
would woo another man

when her husband is alive.

You are crafty. Characterless!

No, mother! Don't say that.

There is no slur on my name.

And your son is not a criminal.

We have not done anything
wrong, mother.

We have not done anything wrong.

But we kept one secret
from you

and it's made you
all detest us.

Today l will disclose
that secret.

When your son was studying
Law in Nagpur

l was studying there too.

We became friends

and our friendship gradually
turned into love.

And then

Not only our souls, our
bodies too united.

When Ravi found out
l was pregnant

he said that he would
marry me soon.

But my brother refused
and said

that he had borrowed 50,000
for my education.

And until that debt was repaid,
we couldn't get married.

Ravi promised to repay the debt.

Jankidas loaned us that money

with the intention
of making me his.

He approached the
village council

to get back that money.

lt was decided

that if the money was not
repaid by 4 PM on Monday

l would have to
marry Jankidas.

On Monday, l waited
for Ravi. But

Throw him into the pool.

But your brother just told
us that Ravi deceived you.

So, he will never come back.

So, now you will have
to marry Jankidas.

No, l don't consent
to this wedding.

This wedding can't take place.

Why not? Enough of
your histrionics!

The villagers and the
village council

will no longer believe you.

l am not trying to influence
them. l am helpless.

l don't consent to this
wedding because

Ravi and l have crossed
all the limits in love.

l am pregnant with his child.

Wow! Did you hear that?

She has even learned to
make up good stories.

You are lying!

She has made up this new story.
Stop this charade!

Take her away, and begin the
wedding preparations.

No. No, brother! l don't consent
to this marriage.

No. Let me go! Let me go.

No. No. No.


No. No. No.

No. No. No.

What is it?

l got it. There's no younger
one in the family

so you have come to
fulfil this custom.

Take it.

What is this? l want Rs30,000.

25,000 for getting you
married to my sister

and 5000 to pay the goons
who beat up Ravi.

l'll tear you.

When we beat up Ravi and threw
him into the pool

you took the 50,000
from him, didn't you?

You're not concerned with that
money. Settle your account.

Cool down, brother-in-law.

Come tomorrow morning
and take your money.

Don't ruin my mood.

Let me enjoy my wedding night.

Open the door.

Okay. l'll open it right
away. Right away.

You all killed Ravi! -No!

l won't spare you!
l won't spare you!

What are you doing?

She'll kill me!

l won't spare any of you!

l won't spare any of you!

Run! Go and catch her!

lf she reaches the
police station

we'll be sent to the gallows.

Kill her, l said. Go!

Where will you go? -Let me go!

l won't leave you alive.
-Let me go!

He Help!

He Help!

l won't spare you!

Ravi! Ravi!


Mrs. Sharda has confessed
to her crime.

So the court has no doubts
on that count.

Under lPC section 304 A

this court sentences
her to 7 years

rigorous imprisonment for
the murder of Chandu.

No! Sharda!

Why did Sharda do this?

Whatever l did, was for
the good of all of us.

Why do you always sacrifice
for everybody's good?

This is not a sacrifice.
-Then what is it?

l committed the murder and
you are being punished.

This is not a punishment, Ravi.

lt is a blessing in
disguise for me.

But it is a curse for me.

How will you know what l go
through seeing you in jail?

l won't let you stay in
jail, come what may.

Don't talk like that.
Think calmly.

Whom do l have except you?

lf you go to jail and
l am outside

who will protect
me from Jankidas?

Where and how long will l flee
from him for our child?

He won't let go of me.

When he finds me, he will
make my life hell.

And then a mother will
be dishonoured.

That's all just in
your mind. l'll

tell the truth to the court.

Stop, Ravi. lf you want to give
your statement in the court

go ahead.

But remember that before the
judge can give his verdict

l will end my life.
l'll commit suicide.

After l was released

when l came to this house
for the first time,

l asked him to tell
you all the truth.

But he was worried that after
you knew the truth

you may not accept me.

So he lied to you.

He brought my daughter Jyoti

into your home and said
she was an orphan.

So she could have a
mother's affection.


But look how unfortunate l am.

l am losing my husband
and someone

has abducted my
daughter Jyoti.

Forgive me, sister-in-law.

l was wrong about
you and brother.

l was the one who handcuffed

and l promise to bring
him back home safely.

Don't cry, dear. l
have hidden Jyoti.

What? Really?

Yes, dear. Come.

Let's go, son.

Ramlal! -Ramlal!

What happened?

Where is Jyoti?

Sir, some thugs came here
and kidnapped Jyoti.


C'mon! -Let me go! Let
me go! Let me go!

Take care of her. -Okay, boss.

Let me go. -Or l'll tear you.

Let me go. -Don't shout!
Don't shout!

A hundred rupee note
on the floor?

Wealth on the floor!

Got it! Where are you running?

A note runs in the bazaar,
not on the floor.

Lock it!

What's going on? Who
brought this cage?

We did.

You think your father
is a cock? Open it!

No, you are a crow.

How can one mistake a crow for
a cock? -Do something, dear.

Get your father's coat,
shirt and pant. Go.

All right, uncle. -Uncle?

You are calling this
mongoose your uncle?

What will you do
with my clothes?

l will wear your clothes,
paste this moustache

pose as Teliram and ruin
you in a few hours.

No! You are my brother!
-Get lost!

Who wants you for a brother?

lf you act smart,
l'll bash you up!

You took 5 lakh rupees from
me to get Teja released.

But you haven't been
able to do a thing.

Will you do something only

after my son rots
and dies in jail?

Today is the last day
to file an appeal

in the High court against the
verdict of the Sessions court.

Go and file the appeal!

You are needlessly
shouting at me.

On what basis do l appeal?

There is no witness or evidence.

And you

And you could not even make
Priya change her statement.

l will make her change
the statement, lawyer.

How? -Her lover's beloved
Jyoti is in my custody.

Come! Come in.

Let's see how you don't
change your statement.

l'll kill you. C'mon.

No! Please don't hit me. l
will do whatever you say.

Sign these papers.

C'mon. -l'll sign them.

But l won't marry your son.

All right, but you will have
to testify in court

that Teja was not present
when Sushila was killed.

But Teja was present.

Yes, but you will say
he was not present

.that you wrongly
identified him.

What if the police implicate
me in the murder case?

Don't worry. Nothing of
the sort will happen.

Why not? You killed Sangram

and the police arrested Ravi.

l didn't kill Sangram.
Janakidas killed him.

Janakidas? -Yes, l killed him.

You killed him? -Yes.

Whoever makes an enemy
of me loses his life.

My name is Janakidas.
-What? -Jankidas.

Sangram had kidnapped Sharda

to get one million out of me.

So, l killed him
with Ravi's gun.

And Ravi was accused
of his murder.

Why are you afraid?
You are helping us.

Sign the papers. Come
on. Good! Very good!

Come on! What are
you waiting for?

What about my money?

Advocate, are you ready?

Mr. Kishinchand, Teja
can be saved now.

l have such a strong
case for an appeal

that it will be accepted
and Teja will be released.

Daddy, l am here. -How
did you get here?

l escaped from jail. -What?!


Mr. Kishinchand, no one
can save your son now.

Shut up. Advocate, if
my son is not saved

l will not spare
your life either.

Hello. Who's calling?
-lnspector Sunil.

Teja must have reached
you by now.

Stop your nonsense.
-Where is Jyoti?

Tell me where's Jyoti?

How tormented you sound. -And
you are happy because

you don't know what's
in our custody.

Listen to this.

'But Teja was present.'

'Yes, but you will say
he was not present

that you wrongly
identified him.'

Did you hear that?

You yourself gave evidence
against your son.

Now your son will go to
the gallows for sure.

l will kill that
traitor Teliram!

lf you kill Teliram, even you
will go to the gallows.

No! l didn't do anything.

lt was this traitor Chameli
who did it. -Shut up

or l'll knock your teeth out.

You've put me in a
soup. -Shut up!

lf you want Jyoti alive then
come to Janata Mill

with the cassette tomorrow
at 1 PM sharp. Got it?

That rascal Janakidas must
have kidnapped Jyoti.

Mr. Ravi, l've found out where
Jyoti is. -Where is she?

l saw Janakidas taking Jyoti
to the Ratan Nagar society.

He has kept her in some
building there.

l will kill him! But

Why are you worried?

This lock will be opened,
even if l lose my job.

Jyoti. -Jyoti. -Jyoti.

Jyoti. -Jyoti. -Jyoti.





Girl! Why are you shouting?

l am praying to God.

Sure, go ahead and pray.

All the Gods together
cannot save you.

Krishna! Krishna!

Oh Krishna, Govinda, Murari.

Oh Krishna, Govinda, Murari.

Where are You?

Where are You, my Lord?

Oh Krishna, Govinda, Murari.

Oh Krishna, Govinda, Murari.

Without you,.

the temple of my heart.

Without you, the temple
of my heart is lonely.

Oh Krishna, Govinda, Murari.

Oh Krishna, Govinda, Murari.

Whenever your devotees
are in trouble.

You have always come to
their rescue, Oh Lord.

Whenever your devotees
are in trouble.

You have always come to
their rescue, Oh Lord.

My tormented heart

My tormented heart has
called out to You.

Why are you tarrying
in coming to my aid?

Oh Krishna, Govinda, Murari.

Oh Krishna, Govinda, Murari.

With your flute you created
lovely melodies.

With your flute you created
lovely melodies.

You moved your divine
wheel to

annihilate all evil.

Here again.

Evil men are here again.

Oh Krishna, Govinda, Murari.

Where are You?

Where are You?

Where are You?

Where are You?

Oh Krishna.

Oh Krishna.

Oh Krishna.






Have you brought the cassette?

Here's your cassette.
Where is Jyoti?

Here's your Jyoti. Throw
the cassette.

Take your Jyoti.

What's this? This is
just a rag doll.

You think l am such a fool

that l'd hand over the
real Jyoti to you?

Don't l know that many copies
can be made of one cassette?

Kishanchand, you are
playing with fire.

You'll be burnt! -My dialogues
uttered back to me.

l have not come here
to get singed

but to extinguish the fire.

l have called you here

so that l can bury you
right here in this Mill.

Don't spare that scoundrel.
Kill him.

Let go of me. Let
go of me. -C'mon.

Kishanchand, here's Jyoti.

Mummy! Mummy, save me!
-Throw the kid.


A gun in your hand?
Give it to me.

l will arrest you.

My Mumbai police! Hail Mumbai!

lt's me. lt's me, Teliram,
Kishanchand's stooge.

l am your friend. Look!
There's Chameliram.

Teliram, you were going
to beat me up?

Yes No l was practicing
fast bowling.

l have been selected for
the West lndies team.

l bribed them heavily. Now l'm
leaving for the West lndies.

You are Teliram, aren't
you? -Yes.

Can't you smell the stink?

But where is your moustache?

When l left from home,
l had a moustache.

l think l dropped it. Stay
here, l'll get it.

Catch him!

l'll tear you apart.

l'll tear you apart.


C'mon, everybody.

lnspector, this is
the prisoner who

escaped from jail. Arrest him!

You scoundrel! Cheat!
You are betraying me?

What else could l do?
l was helpless.

You said that if l don't save
your son, you would kill me.

So, to save my life, l had
to get you arrested.

You scoundrel. -Shut up!

Take both of them away.

C'mon. C'mon.

lnspector, wait! You have
still to arrest one

Brother, you are already
ready to go to the jail?

l understand. You get free
food there, right?

Your intentions aren't good, at
least keep a good expression.

Okay, listen. Do something.

While in jail, chant
God's name

and l will blow up
your money. -No.

Take him away. He is
a con man. -Come.

Go you. -Move! C'mon.

l'll tear you apart! -Move!

Little one, are you
hurt? -No, grandma.

And you, elder one?

You didn't tell me, but l
realized you are my father.

Daddy, are you hurt?

No, dear.