Maj Rati Keteki (2017) - full transcript

After a long gap of more than ten years, renowned writer Priyendu Hazarika returns to the town where once he was inspired to begin his journey as a writer. A book at times imitates the ...


Dr. Hazarika, are you happy

to be back in Guwahati
after so many years?

I am happy.

I am Sumona.


On behalf of the fourth Literary Festival
of Guwahati, we welcome you.

We’ll be coordinating your stay
and the events in Guwahati.

Please come this way.

How do you feel about winning
the national award?

We’ll now drop you at the hotel.

At seven o'clock, we’ll pick you up again.
Is that okay?


There is a dinner, isn't there?

Yes, Arun's.

At Arun Sarma's place.

A small get-together.

Amit will bring you
back to the hotel later.

It has changed a lot.

You haven’t been in Guwahati
for a long time, have you?

Ten years, even more.

But I never have to stay here.

I keep passing through this place.

But I've never needed to stay here.

The university has changed too!

But you didn’t study here.

I didn’t. My brother did.

Hello, Ma. I'm so sorry,
I cut you off so abruptly.

Yes, everything is all right. How is Babu?

Yes, yes, I ate something at a dhaba.

Amit is with me.

Ma, I think I’ll be late tonight too.

I know, but what can I do?

Okay, bye.

Your brother is at
Dibrugarh University, isn’t he?

Head of the English faculty?

He is brilliant!

Surancu Majurati is very popular.

Because he lives there,
I don’t stay in Guwahati.

Majuli is close too.


My sister and her husband
are social workers.

They have an NGO there.

I studied here, stayed in a hostel.

We know! The poet turned story-teller.

The canteen’s spicy samosas and...

equally spicy friends inspired me.

Has the old building collapsed?

Did you mistake her for
Papori Darshana Devi?

They look very similar.

Papori Devi is much older now,
so doesn’t work in films anymore.

She got involved in politics.

She's standing for election this time.

She’ll win.

I’ll take my leave now.

I'll be back to pick you up at seven.

Do you need to come personally?
Just send a car.

But that's my job.

Then see you at seven.

See you.

Sir, I needed to talk to you.

Tell me.

Perhaps later.
You’ll be here for some time.


-Bye, sir.

Ma, isn’t Babu’s fever down yet?

Did you call Dr. Lakhar?

Hera, Uma came.


Thank you.

Truth and autobiography.

Dr. Priyendu Hazarika will
now speak on that topic.

Later there’ll be a Q&A session.

I request all of you to attend it.

That’s a six.

I'm off to school, Ma.

Books and uniform will follow later.

School started two months ago,
but you are joining today.

The headmaster took you on
because of my recommendation.

You have to study hard, because you
haven't studied for two months.

Do you understand or not?

Your mother can’t feed you,
how can she educate you?

Hey, isn’t that the Hazarikas' son?

Get down.

This is Bhola, he is joining your school.

You take him with you.

Go with him.

I’ll come along later.

It’s so late. Teacher will cane us.

Are you scared?


Aren't you feeling scared?

Which class?

At home, I mean.


Go, go.

-Can you play cricket?

-Off to school?
-Yes, uncle.









The headmaster sent him. A new boy.

What’s your name?

Bhola Charan Ray.


Bhola Charan Ray.

What could I do?

I couldn’t ignore their plight.

In fact, poverty always moves me.

Take your tea.

Go, wipe the blackboard.

Not even a single book!

I didn’t do anything.

Okay, you go and sit down somewhere.


Children, I asked you to
learn the poem by heart.

Just you wait,
you'll show me your teeth now.

We all...

For these poverty-stricken people
all of us must...

Your tea will turn cold.

Ghorgao, Ghorgao,
listen my speech, then go.

Ghorgao, Ghorgao.
Ghorgao, Ghorgao.

Listen my speech, then go.
Why do you step backward for my speech?

Show the pair of feet.
Show the pair of feet.

What have you been doing
for the last two days?

Have fun roaming in the trees?

Now, let me see you laugh.

Give me your hand now.

It doesn’t hurt so much.

In our country...

Is the boy related to you?

No, no. No relation.

For the sake of our society,

we must rise above caste and religion.

Now, look at yourself.

By admitting him
you’ve done a great social service.

Did you want me, sir?

A great social responsibility.

This is Kartik Das.

He works in the D.P.I. office.

Get acquainted.
He’ll be useful for the school.

What do you say?

Yes or no?

Of course!

If you are done with my test paper,
give it back.

If you need it,
you can borrow it again later.

I've got it. But tell me
how your Sanskrit test went.

Or else you won't get
your test paper back.

Yes, tell us the truth.
It must have been super?

No, it wasn’t good.

Wasn’t good... meaning 90 percent?

Children, Sanskrit is
our ancient language.

If you don’t learn it well,

you’ll be called donkeys.

This fellow is so irritating!

Really, so annoying.

-As for me, I’ll fail Sanskrit again.
-No, no. All of us will pass.

Of course! We are all brilliant like you.

You consult test papers, so do we.

But why are our results so different?
How unfair.

What an injustice.

Papuri, I'm going. I'm hungry.

Please wait a minute.

I have something to tell our genius boy.

Please help me a little with my math.
And Sanskrit.

And also English!


Tuition, of course!

You can come to our house.

-Or I can come to yours.
-Is that necessary?

I’ll fail, you know.

For one hour only.

It’ll make me so happy.

It’s always been my dream.

Amarendra, come here.

How is your preparation going?

Fine, sir.

We are all expecting a lot from you.

Your father must be anxious too.

He is an icon for our society.

Remember that.

So concentrate on your studies.

Don’t lose focus.

Only two more months to go.

Shall we go?

How long have you been waiting?

Not long.



Traffic at this time is very bad.

I believe there's a nice place
near Dighalipukhuri.


Are there any messages for me?

Let’s go.

I told you the other day that

I needed to ask you a few things.

Tell me.

I have written a book.

Somewhat autobiographical.

Dutta Publication will publish it.

-Bipul Dutta?

I had some doubts...
while writing the book.

Some questions in my mind.

They’re still there.

I need to clear them
before the book gets published.

The demon of doubt
is a burden we all carry.

I have absolutely
no one to tell even that.

This creative world.

Perhaps you are not that lonely.

That day at the airport

you called Shubha-barta Chaliha’s book
your bible.

-I do.

When I write about my life,

it touches many other lives.

People I love...

people I loved.

If I leave them out,
my truth is a half-truth.

If I believe in writing the whole truth...

I hurt them.

What is right?

It’s not easy to say
what is a compete truth.

What I obey as truth...

it may be only my perspective.

I may never know
many other perspectives on that truth.

So, all the truths
that we know or believe in...

means half-truth.

Now I come to your question.

My books may have certain
truths from my life,

but I don’t have the courage
to write an autobiography.

A very famous author once said,

"One carries ice in one’s heart
while writing a biography."

Were you inspired or
influenced by Graham Greene?

Inspired? Definitely.

But influenced?

At one time I used to read him a lot.

But much before that,

when I myself had just
started to write, I was inspired

and also influenced by one author,
Shubha-barta Chaliha.

Did he receive a Sahitya Akademi award?

Or Purvajyoti Sanman?

He didn’t receive any awards
as far as I know.

Why? Don’t you read
books that don't win awards?

I’m a fan of Chaliha.

It's not that he didn’t receive an award.

He refused them.

Shubha-barta Chaliha is a pseudonym.

We've learned that
he was a government officer,

working outside the state.
Always in Bihar.

His publishers and people close to him

carefully kept
his two identities separate.

I knew him only as an author.

But he hasn’t written for a long time.

Nobody seems to know where he is now

or why he stopped writing.

When you were young,

did you ever try to imitate
writers who inspired you?

To imitate means to copy?

Writing a story or a poem

or any other process of creation...

is so much more
mysterious than copying.

You can copy a book but
you cannot become its author.

-What’s your name?

Do you ever get tired of this?

Of what? Tired of signing books?

-What’s your name?

Nice name.

The signing of a book should make
both author and reader happy.

How much did he influence you?


Very briefly.

When I was green grass...

he was the sun for me.


To answer your question.

But ultimately
we have to answer our own questions.

When is your book coming out?

I don’t know.

It’s been with Dutta
for quite some time now.

He has been postponing it.

Now I'm afraid
that if he finally rejects it,

no one else will touch it.

I’ll pick you up.

Aren’t you tired?

Amit, please drop me off
near Ideal Pharmacy.

Today is your last party.

We have two more days to go.

That's not here either. In Kaziranga.

You'll have to go too?

Then you must go home right now.

Yes, I am sending
the medicine with Raja.

Wait, what did the doctor say?

Just tell me what the doctor said.


Looking so nice!

It comes off so fast!

Keep applying again and again.

I’ll give you the money.

what does Randi mean?

Who says that to you?

In the streets.

Won’t even spare this little one!

You mustn’t pay attention.

Even Akon says bad words.


Son of a bitch, bastard, swine...

Shut up.

I never say bad words.

Yes, you are a good girl.

Girls never say foul words.

-Now what?
-Our water smells.

We've added lime.
Give me a bucket of drinking water.


Let me remove that bucket of water
from the prayer room.


It’s done.

Now go and get some rusk
from Petla’s shop.

-I don’t want to go.

Who'll get it for me then?

-She doesn’t like Petla?
-God knows.

Even I don’t like him.

You come here.

He is a bastard.

-Shut up, you fool.
-Does anyone say bad things to you?

Tell me the truth.

See, if anyone says anything bad,

he can forget about touching you.

Even if he touches your frock,
you just scream.

See? Like this, Allah!

Just keep quiet.

Do you know any insults?


Shut up!

Don’t put ideas in her head.

Say it. Bastard.

Afalaya, listen.

Bastard, swine.

Do you understand, or not?


You wait a while,
I haven’t even made my first sale.

See, lot of people survive
on credit from my shop.

This is not just business,
this is social service too!

Giving a donation for Bihu
is also a kind of social service.

Let’s see how much I can donate.

I always stand by our community.

Don’t you want cigarettes?

I’ve given up smoking.

Hey, little one,
come and get your biscuits.

Only biscuits?

Don’t you want nail polish?

You’ve been looking at
the mask for quite some time.

Material for the next book?

-From China?
-Yes, from Beijing.

She was frantically looking
for a mask, saw hundreds.

We were in China
for about three weeks.

She liked none of the masks she saw.

On the way out, she saw this
mask on the wall of a foyer stall,

as a part of its décor.

And the tug of war started.

I fought and won it!

You wanted to say something else,
while looking at the mask?

Looking at the beautiful mask,
I somehow thought

of something not beautiful at all.



A mask is a good tool of exploitation.

What do you think?

I agree with Thakur.

Especially when the victim
knows about being exploited.

The prettier the mask,
the easier the task.

No, thanks.

Could you finally arrange it?

Oh, Sumona,

do you know why I wanted you?

Papa is in his room. Reena
and the others are busy in the kitchen.

Can you please take
a plate of snacks for him?

And if you can keep him company
this evening, we’d be happy.

If he wants to,
can’t he sit in the drawing room?

And I can help him.

Papa himself will be ashamed.

It’s sad, but we must
keep him busy in his room.

I’ll be busy as the hostess.
You can do it.

Papa likes your company.

I don’t mind being with him.

But my problem is

I wanted some time alone
with Priyendu Hazarika.

And Dutta Sir promised me--

For what?

I wanted to talk to him about my book.

Your book?

Oh, I know

Bipul will definitely publish your book.

He is completely mad about you.

Or perhaps we’ll get Priyendu Hazarika
to come and launch your book.

But this time we went to all
this trouble for some other reason.

You don’t need to know that.

Oh, Papa! You were in the library!

But you’ll have to stay in your room.

The house is full of Bipul’s colleagues.

I’ll only be sitting on the lawn.

Not now.

The guests will leave after some time.

I’ll personally come and get you.

I’ll send a lovely cup of tea.

Shall I cool it a little?

All right.

A cat?

A dog!


A secret tea party!

Papa got money from a big company.

But I’m your publisher.
Where’s my cake?

You’re not her publisher yet.

And there’s no cake here.

Your author is out there
and you’re here.

Don’t you have to go talk to him?

Finish your tea.

Ma, the new girl is from our school.

What’s her name?

Purabi. She is so pretty.

Here. Go serve the tea.


write the poet’s introduction.

The new Vaishnav religion...

Want some?

Let me see your hand.

It doesn't look nice. Apply more.

I keep applying it.

It chips off so fast.

You know, Petla the shopkeeper--

Why do you call him Petla?

What should I call him then?

Call him uncle shopkeeper.

Uncle shopkeeper has a new
kind of nail polish

which, once applied,
stays on for a long time.

Stays for how long?

For many days. A year?

He’s pulling your leg, stupid girl.

Of course not!

It lasts a lifetime and it’s costly.


I’ll give you some money

and take the rest from Ma.

All right?

And him?

He’ll kill you.

You sneak! Narad-muni!
I’ll get you! Wait...

You thief! You took my money!

Toady, I’ll finish you.
Give my money back.

Let me come back, you sneak.

Why do you want so much money?

-Dada, you need money.
-Where will you escape? Stop.

He wants to buy a bat.

Bat? What bat?


Why you are crying?



Why do I need to call you so many times?

It makes me go hoarse.

Take the baby out.

Today is Sunday.

Bhola will manage everything.

We’ll work together now.

You two must be hungry.

Want this?

Don’t like it?

Koli, Koli, Koli.

Our Koli is a good girl.

Bhola, work faster.

Cooking lunch will run late.


Come and have your food.

Want more?


Why aren't you talking?

Cat got your tongue?


You can have your uncle’s leftovers.

Eat quickly. Sarmani will be
waiting for her milk.


I want to know about you.
I need to talk with you.

You’re my host.

I’m at your service the whole evening.

Wait, before that...

Come here.

This is Sumona Das.

A new writer.

We’ll be publishing
her first novel very soon.

She wanted to talk to you.

Say what you wanted to say.


What can I tell him like this?

Not now.

I have been seeing her every day.

I have been taking care
of him since his arrival.

Amit and I.


I wasn’t aware that Hazarika
had such a pretty escort.

Do you always go this far?


I can come with you every day.

Hey, Rasul, who will take the bill
for the milk? You or your uncle?

There are some ripe bananas
in the backyard. I’ll get you some.

You ate my ripe token.

You won.

This fellow is very lucky.

Go on.

Eat all the bananas you want.

You won’t need to come here
to play Ludo much longer.

I’ll play Snakes and Ladders
with my grandson.

What fun!

You can come to see him.

Golden hair, blue eyes!

Not dark like you.

Isn’t that Rudra there?

Yes, uncle.

And you know what?

They will come in an airplane.

What’s up, uncle?

-Are you aware that Atanu is coming?

This time he’s not coming alone.

He’s bringing his blonde
wife and my grandson!

He’ll take me with him this time.

I’ll be flying!

Is it for long?

Huh? I’m not coming back.

At my age I shouldn’t live alone.

What’ll happen to
the house if you leave?

I’ll sell it off.

Atanu has been telling me
to do so for a long time.

Besides, why do I need an empty house?

Who said that?

And you know what?

They have a huge house in America,

and I’m just a single person.

Ah! Barua?

Tuition on a Sunday?

What can I do?

In America, I’ll also have a lot to do.

Uncle, I’ll take your leave now.

I’m going to the city for some work.

Is that so?

Carry on then.

I’m going too.

How can you run away after winning?

My aunty will be waiting for me.

Will your mother be waiting?

Okay, go.

Come. Now the two of us will play.

What aunty?
Isn’t he Kartik Das’s new servant?

Of course not.
They are his uncle and aunty.

All right.

I’ve put hot water in the bathroom.

Which do you choose? Red or blue?

-Here, take your blue tokens.

If Kartik Das is paying
his school fees,

that fellow is truly lucky.

I’ve put hot water in the bathroom.

What are you blabbering about?

What happened to my tea?

How much tea do you want?
You’ve had so many.

Really? Was it tea or cow piss?

Just you wait, I’ll go to America.

And you? To Nepal!

The tea was good.


How did you know?

Do you serve me your leftover tea?

We are probably your greatest fans.

We’ve been eagerly waiting to meet you.

We are so proud of you.

Especially my wife.

Dipty admires you a lot.

She herself is so prolific
and popular as a writer.

Kitiaba, I'm amazed

you are not getting recognition
after being so talented.

Recognition meaning awards?

Well, you have understood me.

Even very mediocre writers
keep getting awards.

The truth is, you need
talent to recognize talent.

That is why when we came to know that

you were on the panel
of selectors this year...

Even though you live outside Assam,

we know you are a true Assamese.

Pardon my saying it,

we’re from the same caste too.

Ever downtrodden and forever exploited.

What do you say?

I beg to differ.

A national literary award
has nothing to do with

caste, religion or such things.

At least as far as I know.

But I can understand your bitterness.

I’ll check whether there are
truly any irregularities.

How did you know it was there?

Give me a rupee.
The egg vendor will not give credit.

Why does everyone ask me for money?

Because you’re so rich.

I always return your money.
You’ll get this back a day later.

Give me another 50 paisa.

Someday I’ll run away.

Of course you can go.

Just leave that bank behind.

You’ll have to pay me interest this time.

I swear. I’ll give you
a full one rupee extra.

If you demand interest,
you forego egg curry.

And where are you off to?

To Phukan Sir’s.

To clear my math doubts.

-You could have asked your father.
-When does he have the time?

Hand this to the egg vendor.

If your father doesn’t take tuition,
what will we eat?

That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Your father will somehow
find the time, if you ask him.

I’m not asking him.

Doesn’t he know I’m taking
my school leaving exam?

All right.

I’ll ask him them.

Just try.

I won't appear for my exam.

Shall I call you Sir?

By what name shall I call you?

Who’s that boy?

A new tutor?

Hazarika, the teacher’s son.

The first boy in the class. Always.


Someshwar Hazarika. Who else?

The one who was suspended?

Imagine! A teacher standing up
against the Minister of Education!

He has guts.

Now he sits at home
and takes tuition.

God knows when this case
will come to an end.

Did she ask him to help her
with her studies?

So what if he’s clever?

Why should any hanky-panky
come into the house?

Isn’t this a pure Brahmin’s house?

You’re right.

But this isn’t just any exam,
it’s a board exam.

If she fails in even one paper,

you better find a place
to hide your Brahmin nose.


Can I have a cup of tea?
I'm parched.

The afternoon’s dirty dishes
are sitting unwashed.

Bhola has gone to deliver milk
and get some sugar.

Just see, he’ll take ages.

Did you give him money
for the sugar?

Why should I?

I asked for help around the house.

You got me such an idiot.

Doesn’t speak.

Even when I ask him something.

But I know for a fact
he’s very cunning.

He gives me a headache every day.

Why? He does all the household chores.

And I don’t need to pay him.

He eats a mountain.

Let him. He’s only 12.

Never! He’s more than that.

What do these people know of age?

This little one also knows
not to pee in bed.

He was all right the first few months.

Now, he pees every night!

His mattress is rotting.

I’m not going to make him another.

It'll have to do.

Fine. Fine.

Now, may I have that cup of tea?

I can’t wash those dirty dishes now.

Okay, I’ll make it myself.

If you make it, give me a cup too.

Pig, where were you?
You left the stencils.

What are you stitching?

A frock for Akoni.

An old piece of cloth.

She is growing up so fast.

She needs a couple more.

Ganesh and Nitai have
given two months' fees.

What is worrying you?

If everyone paid on time,

it would have been
so much easier for you.

What difficulties do you see now?

Sometimes I wonder...


Why did it have to be me that protested

when the Minister of Education
appointed an ineligible teacher?

You will not defend that
because of me.

I have to listen to you for two years?


Sometimes it is difficult.

But I can boast of a husband standing up
against a corrupt minister.

If that show-off could fill our bellies
then it would be great.


What is it now?

Sewai for Akoni.

Why did you have to get it?
She doesn’t like sweets.

I had something to tell you.

How can I say?

So embarrassing.

Go on.

How many months?

Two months.

I went to the government doctor.

He demanded a lot of money
for an abortion.

Why go for an abortion?

We can’t even manage with the two.

How can we have another?

Why didn’t you think beforehand?

I was caught unawares,

because I am still breastfeeding
my youngest.

Whatever you do, don’t resort
to indigenous remedies.

Go to a proper doctor.

That’s the problem.

Where will I get all that money?

Tell Rafique.

If I mention abortion he’ll kill me.


Can you lend me some?

I’ll return it slowly every month.

My hands are empty.

Last month's credit is still pending.

I’ll have to manage somehow.

Explain it to Rafique, gently.
He might understand.

Don’t try any indigenous medicines.

Are you listening?


What are you looking at?

That fencing.

Needs repairing.

Farida’s chickens keep
crossing into our yard.

So annoying.

I don’t need to come anymore.

Your math, English,
everything is all ready.

What about Sanskrit?

You’ll do well in that too.

So finally I’ll pass in math.

If you pass in math
and fail in English, you fail.

Tell me honestly, will I pass?

How many times must I say it?

Study hard these next few days
and you’ll do well.

After this you’ll go away to the city.

What’ll happen to me?

What do you mean?

What a simpleton!

Who’ll help me pass in college?

I don’t need to go to Cotton College.

I can study here.


I make you a promise

You make me a promise

Doesn’t anybody else live with him?

I do.

I meant family members.

That’s the problem.

Everybody lives far away.

The only son lives in America.

He planned to visit for Bihu
with his family.

Yesterday he suddenly cancelled.

Father was upset.

He didn’t eat well.

Hadn't eaten well at night either.

This morning I found him missing.

Could he have gone for a morning walk?

He left his sandals behind.

Grandpa has come!

There he is.

You thought I was dead!

This Shorma.

Not so easy!

Why should I die?

Now all of you leave,
go home and play colors.

Why are you crying?

I’m hungry. Give me something to eat.

Rudra, come have tea with me.

Kancha makes lovely tea.

Bhola, where’s my tea?

What a curse he is!

Can’t go into that storeroom
because of the stench.

He pees there every day!

I won’t let you sleep in
the storeroom again.

You sleep with the cows.

Did you get burned?


This creature has broken all my cups.

Someday I’ll pour kerosene
and burn you alive!

Get away!

Farida, auntie’s bowl.

She brought sewai in that.

Never came back for it.

Their mother has a fever.

Did you call the doctor?

Nurse Baideo is giving
an injection now.


She’s not good at all.

She was pregnant.

Applied an indigenous medicine.

A good doctor might be
able to save her.

Don’t touch her.

It could be tetanus.

Oh, my God! Baideo has come.

Give her something to sit on.

Her fever never comes down.

Rafique, quickly take her to the hospital.

-What about the children?
-I’ll take care of them. Give me.

No, Baideo. I’ll arrange something.

Why have you come to my dirty house?

I’m rotting away.

Stop talking rubbish.

I didn’t listen to you.

God will not forgive me.

God will not forgive me.

You’ll be all right, even now, Farida.

The civil hospital doctor
will save you yet.

You will be all right.

I won't come back.

Pray to Allah, Farida. Pray.

I didn’t find anything except a cart.

Come, let’s go.

Here is some money for you.

Not necessary. I have enough.

What’s wrong with Farida Baity, Ma?


Haven’t you saved enough money yet?

Some other customer will
take it away someday.

You’ll never get another
like this, mind you!

And you? Want one too?

Can I hold it?


Don’t drop it.

If you constantly think of groceries
how will you play cricket?

I only played 'Dhop’ in the village.

Never played cricket.

Or are you upset because
you only get to bowl?

No, not with you.

Hey, you rascal.

Wait... See...

Serves you right!

Do you know what they call this place?


Devil’s shore.


People come here to commit suicide.

I’ve seen it. The eyes...
You’d die of fright!

-I’ve seen it.
-Where? In your village?

Our father.

That’s Bashar Miyan.

He’s from our side.

How do you know?

I meet him in the market.

I’ll run away.


I’ll run away.

I see Ma every night.

How will you go? By ferry?


By train

Bashar Miyan will take me along
in his boat when he goes home next.

I’ll have to pay him.

Do you have the money?

When is Bashar Miyan going home?

Next Sunday.

What? The 15th?

The play is on that day.

I’ll see the play before I go.

Besides, I don’t have any money yet.

Please don’t go.

I’ll let you bat every day
with the new bat.

You one day, me the next day.

If you go, will you ever come back?

Okay, I’ll come back.

Bai, I’m moving away.

My tragedy is, she didn’t trust me.

You were kind to her.

Allah will bless you.

I’ve repaired your fence.


Why you are with Tiponia Kohori's husband,
Porbotia Kohori?

I want to know.

I always want to know that.


Why with Valpowa?

With Valpowa for the same reason?

The way everyone's girls go.

The way everyone's girls go.

My girl will not.

-My girl will not.
-Love that way?

What are you doing?

None of you have learned your lines.

There are only ten days till the play.

And you are all still dependent
on the prompter.

It doesn’t work like this.

If you want to do it sincerely,
do it seriously.

Otherwise you can leave.

Come regularly for rehearsals.

Your exams are over.

Your results are also out.

Where are the sweets for us?

My results were so bad.

What sweets?

Also, I can't come tomorrow.

-I know. Wedding.
-My cousin’s.

Is rehearsal over for today?

Hey, Aditya!

-How are you?
-Fine. Carrying on.

You know who it is? Aditya Sarma.

I am working on my next project.

Believe me, friend.

Wait. I’ll introduce you.
Do you know him?

Papori, come here.

This is Papori,

and this is Aditya Sarma,

As if we don’t know.

Premor Porinoti.
I’ve seen that film twice.

My favorite film.

What was that song?

"Listen, listen this time, this time"


With me, with me

Will pass the world

On everyone’s lips.

Hey, genius boy, where’s the tea?


You need to collect more costumes
and props. Collect them after.

Take care of your costumes.

Don’t complain later.

Collected? Okay, five more.

Aditya is looking for
a heroine for his next film.

Nonsense! All lies.

Red tea and biscuits.

My crew will rebel.

Is that so?

What do you serve, big producer?

Coca-Cola and samosas?
Or some other liquid?

Porsok Dahoria, I know what's going on
with you guys.

We know!

Papori, it's getting late.
Time to go home.

I have my motorbike outside.

I can give you a lift.

No need for that. Tumon always
escorts her home.

Tumon, you will escort Papuri.

Even my mother is a fan of yours.

Let me ask you a question.

You are Assamese.
Why do you write in English?

Better sales!

I liked your answer.

Soup for Sir.

Doesn’t matter. Come.

You’re looking so sexy tonight.
Why are you hiding?

I don’t like parties.

I have been with Barua Sir.

But I’m your publisher.

You should worry more about me.

Actually I’m upset.

I’ve been working so
hard for this event

only because you promised me that

I’d get some time alone
with Priyendu Hazarika.

Is that all?

So, why are you like that?
There is still time.

So many ways to communicate.

Talking to someone across
the table is different.

Hazarika Sir is not going
to Kaziranga, is he?

What are you planning?

Sir, I’m tired.

I want to go home.

You’ll go home
when you get back from Kaziranga.

Who’ll take care of the guests there?

All right. I’ll come.

See? I knew it.

If you don’t go to Kaziranga,

what’ll happen to all my plans?

Vast-hearted became vast.

The soup is hot.

You’re not paying attention.
You’ll lose.

I don’t need to pay attention
to beat you.

But you’re already losing.


Because I’m keeping you prisoner here.

But I believe you think
I’m your prisoner and you’re the guard.

Is it the opposite?

I think you’re your prisoner
and your guard as well.

Why is the guard necessary?

An unwelcome truth.

You play well with words.

Better than chess?


Because you have come to believe that
in the interest of your manuscript

you’ll have to take out
a begging bowl.

My manuscript?

Trying to make your creation perfect...

But once it is complete,
its journey is its own.


Where did you find my manuscript?

Bipul Dutta left it in the lobby toilet
a long time back.

I brought it here.

Why didn’t you leave it where it was?

But he isn’t even looking for it.

Who are you to read my manuscript?

Who are you to even say that?

A retired government officer,

whose family is ashamed of him.

Hundreds like you disappear from
public memory every day.

What would you know of
creative recognition?

Every writer seeks recognition.

And, me?
Where will I find mine?

And if someone gives
me an opportunity,

why shouldn’t I take it?

What’s your problem with that?

If necessary I’ll clean your shit.

Not everyone can be Priyendu Hazarika,
who has

Shubha-barta Chaliha to inspire him.

I’ve been looking for you.

Please don’t say anything.

We must talk.

Chaliha Sir?


It was not in my mind.
You are here?

Sir, you may not recognize me. I...

I gave you the second prize
in a short story competition...

Kapil Dev.

But the person who won
the first prize never wrote again.

That’s why I keep track of you.

I read all your books.

I try to remember my failure
as a judge that way.

That girl is Sumona.

I know her.

She has written her first novel.

She’s written very well.

You must read it.

So you’ve met already.

Coffee is being served
in the dining room.

I’ll come.

We plan to leave
for Kaziranga before dawn.

Amit will accompany you
for these two days,

because Sumona will come with us.

Mr. Dutta, Sumona will not
be able to go with you.

I’ve arranged a Skype interview
for her with my publisher.

I’ll be there too.

Seven in the morning here
and evening there.

Last night I read her manuscript.

You must have read it.

Isn’t it?

You were supposed to keep
our senior away from the guests.

You didn’t tell me his real identity.

I wasn’t aware that you
were so cunning.

Get ready for Kaziranga.

I won't go to Kaziranga.

No matter what others tell you,

getting one’s first novel
published is no joke.

Where’s my manuscript?

In the toilet?

I tried to make it as perfect as I could.

But its journey is its own.


I will make your game over.

You lose today.

I’ll take your leave now.

We have the play today.

That’s right.

You have to go.

Hey! The guest is leaving.

Where’s the tea?

That’s the reason I invited you.

She’s our new bride.


Our Kancha has got
me a daughter-in-law!

Parvati from Parbatiya.

An absolute angel, isn’t she?


My Grandma used to make these laddoos.

These are even better.

Eat quickly.

I have to go for the play.

If I'm late
Bashar Miyan will leave me behind.

Why do you need to go now?

There’s a long time to go till the play.

You’re also getting ready.


I have to work backstage.

I also have work.

What work can you have?

Forget it!

Where are you two going?

We have the play today.

I went to Guwahati today.

Brought back a Cotton College
admission form.

Have you got any other admission forms?

I won’t go to Guwahati to study.


You don’t want to study in Cotton?

I don’t know.

I’ll probably study here at B. C. College.

With your marks, you’ll easily
get into Cotton.

That might be so. But I’m not going.

I know you aim to do your Masters
in English at Delhi University.

And Cotton can give you
the foundation required for it.

Perhaps. But I’m not going.

Everybody wants you to
study at Cotton College.


Meaning who?


Your teachers.

And us.

'Us' includes you?

What I study, and where,
you have no right to interfere.

You never helped me with
my exam preparation.

But you never asked for it.

You spend all your time in tuitions.

Where have you got the time for me?

Behave yourself!

If you don’t get out of here,
you’ll end up a school master like me.

Why? What’s wrong with that?

Don’t you see me?

Yes. I can see you.

But I’ll never be foolish like you.

Have you lost your mind?

I won't pick up a fight with
a Minister and get suspended.

Let me see.

Good. All the best. Do it correctly.

Stop looking at your script now.

Why is Bhola feeding the cows now?

And why are you ironing clothes?

Where is he going?

He wants to go to the play
with the master’s son.

Let him go.

I cooked a feast for
your friends this afternoon.

All the dirty plates
are still lying there.

When is he going to wash them?

That means I’ll have to wash them.

I cook, look after the baby
and wash plates too.

I don’t get time to even comb my hair.

What fate I have!

Go and tell him. I can’t.

You’re so late.

I’m a nervous wreck.

My hands are stone cold. See?

Papori, tea?

No, thank you.

-Is the auditorium filling up?

I received blessings from
the Govinda temple for you.

Now keep it with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, this evening we have
the famous Phani Sarma’s play Bhogjora.

-Shonku Da, tea?
-Keep it there.

Have you seen Bhola?

I haven’t.

Let me check.

Whose idea was this?

Rani Ba, please change this.


You look so pretty.

Wear this frock to Petla’s shop.

I don’t want to go.

I’ll give you money to
buy the new nail polish,

sweetie pie.

Uncle, please let me go to the play.

Wait. After some time.

What do you want?

A biscuit.

What about nail polish?

I’ve brought money today.

Das Babu. Come.

Oishor, sit there.
You are a teenager. Listen.

Here, take a biscuit and sit down.

One powa joha rice.

That means two 50 grams.


Isn’t she Hazarika master’s daughter?


She’s a very good girl. Aren’t you?

You acted so well in this scene.

Really, you're destined
for the silver screen.

This is for your next scene.

Come to Guwahati.

I have a lot of big plans.
My aim is to go to Bombay.

I’ve never seen a better
actress than you here.


But I know you won’t
come to Guwahati.

Because your boyfriend lives here.

Of course. That genius boy?

Don’t be silly!

He’s a classmate.

But I’ve heard otherwise.

Why have you gone to that side?

I’m a pure Brahmin and
Tumon is scheduled caste.

-What do you want?

Mind, everything in life is straight.


The new nail polish lasts for a long time.

If you buy one
I’ll give you this one for free.

Are you looking for your brother?

Have you seen him?

I saw him cycling like the wind
towards the Devil’s shore.

Is anything wrong?

-What are you up to?
-I haven’t done anything.

Come here and see what
your great help is doing.

Why are you touching my money?

Aren’t you coming?

I said why did you touch my money?

When I go to Guwahati to study
you’ll have to look after Ma and Pita.

How can you be such a crybaby?

Here, take this for your savings tube.

Big brother...

I can buy the cricket bat now!

Go and buy it right now.


Take him along.

Be quiet.

I want to go home.

I’m not going to hurt you.

Why are you scared?

I’ll give you a lot of nail polish.

You stupid girl.

Thief! He says he didn’t do anything.

How dare you touch my money?

I knew he was sly.

Ungrateful beggar.

Don’t shout!

Dog! Bastard!

Open the door!

Remove your pants!
I'll skin your ass.

Ma, take me home!

You want to go home?

I’ll send you home.

Give me my scooter keys.

I’m going to the police station.

Do you know where Bhola is?

-He doesn’t know.
-Let him speak.

Tell me the truth.

What’s wrong, Das?

My servant ran off with my money.

Your son knows where he is.

Teacher, everyone knows you
as someone who never lies.

Look at this. I found this in my cow shed.

Recognize it?

Never seen it before?


Hello, Ma.

I’ve decided to not go to Kaziranga.

Is Babu’s fever down?

Thank God.

I’m coming home on the first ferry.

Only one more hour and I’ll be home.

Okay, Mother. Bye.