Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) - full transcript

Karan (Alok Nath) lives in a small house with his only daughter, Suman (Bhagyashree). He decides to travel overseas in Dubai, in the Persian Gulf, so that he can accumulate enough wealth to get his daughter married. He decides to leave his daughter with his friend, Kishen Kumar choudhury (Rajiv Verma), wife Mrs. Kaushalya (Reema Lagoo), and son Prem (Salman Khan). Prem is supposed to marry Seema (Pervin Dastur), who is the only daughter of Kishen's business partner, Ranjeet (Ajit Vachani). But Prem falls in love with Suman. He woos her until she also falls in love with him. Kaushalya approves of Suman, but Kishan does not, and asks her to get out of his house and life, as he feels that she has taken advantage of his hospitality. Karan returns and is enraged at Kishan's behaviour. Prem is unhappy with his dad's decision, and he decides to leave home and be near Suman. But Karan does not approve of Prem, and will not let him come anywhere near Suman. Prem will now have to prove himself to Karan, that he is not the same as his dad, and is worthy of Suman's love.

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"I love you."

"I love you."

"I love you."

"While coming and going."

"Laughing and smiling."

"I had thought about it in my heart."

"That first look."

"That slight reaction."

"Why does it make my heart restless."

"Stopping then walking."

"Walking then stopping."

"Don't know whom you are waiting for."

"Your trust.."

" it based on me."

"I feel it is on me again and again."

"Only this is true,
maybe, I am in love."

"Yes, yes, I love you."

"While coming and going."

"Laughing and singing."

"I and thought about it in my heart."

"That bud of flower."

"Blossomed a little."

"Whom is my heart beating for."

"Who are you? Let me know."

"Why have I started trusting you?"

"Should I keep quiet."

"Or should I tell every one."

"Or should I trust you."

"Yes this is true that
I have fallen in love."

"Yes, yes I have fallen
in love with you."

C-a-t Cat,
R-a-t Rat.

C-a-t Cat,
B-a-t Bat.

R-a-t Rat,
C-a-t Cat.

Oh No!
It's very late.

These are chocolates. Take these.

Where is she?
- There. - Fast! Hide this.

It's working.

Suman dear,
- Rahim uncle!

Live long! Live long!

Here, have these sweets.

You have come number
one in Inter exam.

Congratulations! Okay,
tell me, where is your dad?

Karan brother! What happened to you?

You got bashed today too?

Uncle Rahim, if he comes late to the
class then he will be punished, right?

O Suman! Don't
consider yourself to be great!

She has got educated somewhat..

87% Inter.

Even we know this inter and all!

C-a-t cat.. Cat means cat. Now tell!
Right or wrong?

Tell! Tell!
- Right.

Right! Come now you show your hand..

Now your turn.

Sweets.. Suman...

Where are you running!
- Brother Karan..

- Dad, I've hurt this hand.

- Here! - You! Take care!


You father and daughter
share a lovely relationship.

I only live for her.

Otherwise this is not the
age for me to be dancing.

My blessing is that you keep
jumping and dancing like this.

Your job is confirmed in Dubai.

Really!? - Six month job
and good remuneration.

Here is your passport and
all the requisite papers.

But what have you
thought about Suman?

I think I'll leave her at my
friend, Kishen's place in the city.

You're very worried for me.
That's why you're leaving me.

I'm only worried about you.

I have to earn money.

The house has to be done up.

I have to get you married.

I'll really miss you.

I'll stay here and wait for you.

I don't know anybody in the city.

Is that what's worrying you?

Kishen. Listen to what she's saying.

Silly girl! They'll pamper you.

I have that relation with them.

It's been years since I met Kishen.

Sometimes such a hunger
arises to hug him that..

Sometimes my heart runs towards you.

And sometimes towards him.
Towards his friendship.

I don't know when the
foundation was laid.


I never studied but he
was always into books.

I'd keep looking at him. Going to
town, progressing, earning money..

But his pocket was always empty.

He felt shy taking money from me.

He would smile and I'd be happy.

Once he sold his books in
order to return my money.

I slapped him real hard!

He thought my
friendship was an obligation.

I felt peace only after
bringing back his books.

I remember when he got married.

He stepped into a new world.
I got a cute sister-in-law.

She was always smiling.

But I knew she was sad.
Many years!

To have a little
flower in her bosom.

I took them to the temple.

We pleaded for wishes, kept fasts.

Then Lord Rama gave them a boon.

With a name that would
make all hearts bloom.

Twinkle twinkle little star,
how I wonder what you are.

Up above the world so high.

Like a diamond.. the sky.

Kishen's fate looked up with the
birth of his son. He went to city.

He started his own business.

And became a big man.

They came here again.

When your mother passed away.

For a week she looked
after you. Like a mother.

While leaving she hugged you
and cried a lot in the train.

Then the train went far away.

For some years he wrote letters.
Then he became very busy in work.

But he kept coming in my thoughts.

What's wrong?
- Nothing Dad.

We'll go to the city tomorrow.

The house is beautiful.

Suman is beautiful.

I smell something delicious!

I know you smell
something delicious.

It's lentils tempered with
cumin seed and asafoetida.

I'll serve it in a while.

Tell your master..
- Is Kishen at home?

- And you didn't tell me!

Where is he?
He's having a meeting.

Cancel the order. We should
have contacts only with the best.

Why contact him on the phone.
I'll go over to meet him.

Excuse me? - He'll be very happy!

Relations with small
people do not behove us now.


How are you?

Forgive me for interrupting.
I just couldn't stay away.

You finish your work.
I'm outside with your wife.

Sister-in-law, he's
converted home into office.

He never listens to me.

Sister-in-law. - Yes.

His hair is greying.

Is he working very hard?

Age too is racing past.
Our son too is grown up.

Yes, where is he? He used to
call me Babuji when he was small.

I gave him his name. Prem.

You remember, sister-in-law?

How can I forget? I got my son
only because of your prayers.

Oh no no sister-in-law.
This is all thanks to God.

That he has such good parents.
But where is he?

My husband insisted and sent
him to America for studies.

He's finishing studies and
will return tomorrow. - Tomorrow?

Not since yesterday, I
know Ranjit for years.

And his daughter, Seema.

Ranjit is one of the
wealthiest men here.

Don't embarrass me, in this
city if anyone has prospered..'s you.

To own 14 factories in such
a short time is incredible.

Great man!

We're setting up a
huge factory together.

By the way, what's your business?

I'm a diesel mechanic.

I am sorry.

I've just come to the city
I'll leave tonight for Dubai.

You could've stayed for awhile.
- When I return I'll stay long.

I'm leaving her here.

If she makes a mistake,
don't hesitate to scold her.

No, no. She is most welcome.

We should make a move.

Oh yes. I am sorry, Karan.

I have an important
meeting with the bankers or..

I'd have dropped you to the
airport.. - Go ahead and work.

Arrange for the driver.
- Yes.

Shall we leave?
- See you, Karan.

Kishen? Won't you hug me once?

Now, go.

Let's have a little
conference after the meeting.

Oh Manohar?

Come, Papa has left.
- Papa has left!

Thank you. Thank you.

They are shameless.
They don't wear clothes!

He's Manohar. Prem's childhood
friend. He's afraid of Kishen.

Is he afraid of Kishen? Are you?

Peep inside him. He's like wax.

I can't even look at his
outside How can I peep within him?

If he's here, I go the other way.

Very strict man, papa..

Very strict man. Very
strong man! What muscles, sir!

Bananas give you muscles.

You're eating again?

No not today, I am fasting today.
- Fasting? You are lying to me.

Not today, it was yesterday no
tomorrow.. When is it I don't know..

Okay, show Suman the house.
- Yes.

Let's begin with the kitchen.

I committed a grave sin today.

- I lied to mother.

But she won't feel bad. I
know her since childhood.

Only the lucky orphans
get so much of love!

Ramu, Shyamu!

Why are you dressing up..

...and putting lime on your
face instead of working?

Don't disturb!

Servants in our
house talk in English.

Brothers tell us why this make up?

She.. Is going to come.

My beloved! - Lets go Suman,
there is danger here.

Won't you introduce me?


This is Gulabiya, the milkmaid.
She comes and goes, has no other job!

That's all. Come on.
- Madam..

What now?
- Tell him to show me television.

Drama.. On the sly.

Want to see television?
- Yes.

- Yes.

Ashamed in front of others?
- Yes.

Shall I square your accounts?
- When will you do it?

Not now. I'm not in the mood.
When I have the time.

Right now I am on my duty.
Don't disturb. Let's go.

Everything is hot here. Let's go!

My beloved is my foe.

Take the milk!

This is your room. White and pure.

Open your bags. In the meantime..

- I'll begin from the kitchen again.

I'm hungry. Shall I
get you something?

You hardly eat anything. I'll
get something. You have to eat.

- Yes?

May I call you brother?

Thank you.

You're leaving very soon.

I'll return soon. Suman, I'm going.

Be good and learn everything.
I want no complaints.


Silly girl.

Forgive her if she errs.

She cries at little things.

You're leaving her.
Won't she feel emotional?

Today you're crying at my leaving
but tomorrow you'll cry leaving them.

You'll get so much love here.

Okay. See you.
- Take care.

Shall we leave?
- Yes, or you might be late.

Don't cry clear. Bid
farewell to your Dad with a smile.

It's so late. Uncle hasn't come.

He has no time these days. He's
getting a big cabin made for his son.

Says he'll gift it to him.
He's his pampered child.

He loves him a lot.
- Don't ask how!

He won't meet him like a
Dad but like a sportsman.

He'll shake hands, wrestle arm.

And then they will race.

Welcome back, to India son. Welcome.

Seema. We have to get ahead in
this race of father and son.

I know, dad.

Then you also know why I've
trapped him in my friendship.

When you've trapped him,
why do you pretend to limp?

For sympathy?
- It strengthens friendship.

Kumar's life is his son.

He likes you so he'll surely
make you his daughter-in-law.

But Prem is young, has hot blood.

I don't trust him.

Don't worry, Papa. You
pretend to be friends.

I'll pretend to be in love.

Careful! Prem!
- Let him go!

The road is blocked ahead.
He'll be trapped.

I won't be trapped!

V for victory!


We won finally!

You've never driven this fast.

There's another reason for this.


- Hello!


The times of knocking at
the door seem to have gone.

The times of locking the
door too seem to have gone.

Suman! I was
looking for you. Met him?

- Hello!

"God what do I do, I found a maze."

"I found a maze."

Where's Prem?
- Changing in his room.

For you.

- Same to you, madam.


Are you going to Prem's room?
- Why? Any objections?

No! It will be better if
you open his door carefully.

- Greetings.

- Same to you.

"I found a maze".

"She got kicked."


Hope you're not hurt.
- What prank is this?

Will you practice your
talent of boxing on us?

Sure. Save yourself if you can.

May I come in?
- Yes, why not. Come on in.

I'll wear my clothes.

- Yes.

What did you do in America?
- In America?

- Studies?

Who studies these days?
- Why?

Don't pretend to be innocent!

Hey! Don't leave me and go.
I feel very lonely.

Excuse me. Lunch is served.

Everybody is waiting.
- Excuse me.

If you're free, will you
sit with her for a while?

She's feeling very lonely.

- I'm an expert in loneliness.

May I join in to
pass time? Thank you.

That's because I ate corn.

Seema! Prem recited a nice couplet..

...about you in the car.
Shall I tell you?


It's like this. Pay attention.
I want applause.

Are these your tresses.

Are these your tresses or
a net of satin? Wonderful.

How fortunate are the rats
who nibbled away your hair!


Please sit..

No thanks.
- Your walk man.

You like my poem so much
that you broke the glass?

Shall I tell more?
- Bye.

You're very old fashioned.

Seema, I'll tell
you an imported line.

You'll break the entire house.

Shut up.

About shut up.
You said shut up. I said cut up..

Your cap.

Miss Suman!

For me?
- Can't I give a gift to my friend?

Friend? But we just met.

So what? A friend is one
you want to meet and talk to.

As soon as you see them you
should feel "that's my friend."

And then our fathers are friends.

And this cap has been
made for friends. Right?

Thank you.

There's one rule in friendship.

No sorry. No thank you. Okay?

Okay, Mr. Kumar.

Wonderful, today again
the son won the race.

Whenever I lose to him,
I'll celebrate my losing.

Well done, my boy. Well done.

Prem, would you like to smoke?

No sir, I don't smoke.

Wonderful, one should
have a son like Prem!

No bad habits.

Let's go Seema.

Keep it up, Prem. Keep it up.

Your son possesses
all your qualities.

Prem, now get the cigarette!

Hurry up, dude.

I've been trying for so long!

But couldn't smoke till date.

People puff away constantly.
When did you begin?

Sometimes I'd take a puff
after dinner in America.

Hurry up! Why are
you removing tobacco?

Give me cigarette.

It's finished.
- It's finished? Oh no!

Now where can we get it?

Let me think. Yes.

We'll get it!
- Where?

In Papa's room, in the
white cigarette case. - I see.

Papa must be downstairs.

Go and get it.
- Yes. Me?

Are you mad? I won't go!

What? But why are
you so scared of Papa?

Look, will you go or not?
- I won't go!

I'll hit you!
- Chop my head with a sword.

But don't send me to 440 volts.

Okay, we will do one thing. Let's go
together. And die together. Please.

All right. Let's go.
- Thanks.

I have work.

That way.
- Where have I got stuck?

Go and get it alone.

How will it open?

Open sesame! Open.

This isn't opening.

Sesame has opened.

Manohar! What are you doing here?


Clearly say what you want.

Prem has asked for a cigarette.

I mean a book.
- Which one?

Our dear Papa.

Prem asked for it, not me!

Papa not grandfather.
Grandfather not Uncle.


Our dear Vivekanand.

One minute.

What's wrong?
- Nothing. Exercise.

Stand straight.

Here you are.

Even I shall read it.

He was a great man. I'll read it
in the day and return it by evening.

Brother! - Got caught?
- What are you hiding?

Lord Ram.

I went to borrow a book for Prem.

- This is the cigarette..

Book, cigarette. Book..

The day is bad. I'll go mad!

- He's not here.

Give the master his tea in
his room. Sugar separate.

- He's here.

You get me killed one day.

- Idiot! Do something!

Oh god! Now what will we do?

Why do you hang these?

I've brought sweetmeats for you.

keep them there. I'll eat them.

But I'll feed him myself.

Manohar, open your mouth.

Why is your face swollen?

Open your mouth.
- Mother, we were boxing.

Why do you keep fighting?

Ok, I'm keeping these here. Eat
them later. Otherwise I hit you.

What's burning?

Is something burning?
- No, mother.

Nothing is burning.

Aunty This is burning.

Brought it from the prayer room?

Give it to everybody.

I need this!

You saved us today!
This cigarette had me...!

You also throw it away. Throw.

I said throw it away!

He's not throwing it!

Brother, cigarette smoking
is injurious to health. - Yes.

It is injurious to health.

Great, She asked you
to and you put it off.

Of course. You have to
do it if you make friends.

This time I'll play Olympics.
- You can't! Just eat bananas!

Lost again! Better stop playing.

You've lost to me the third time.
- I know.

- I am fool. And you're a champion?

Of course I'm the champion!

Am I not?

Manohar brother.

I see. Playing table tennis?
- No, we were swimming.

Shut up!

Greedy hog!

Aunt. - Yes?

Why are boys so
vain about their game?

Because this game requires stamina
and brains which girls don't have.

Is that so? Shall I play to show?
- Yes, I'll watch with mother.

With tea.

This looks like your Dad's letter.

Aunty, look at him.

Does he look like a champion?
- No way.

You lost to me 3 times
Maybe you'll win with a toffee!

Don't want to play?
- Later.

Saw that? First I'll play
to show. Then, later. Why?

Why is she crying?

Her father has written.
She will feel emotional.

Wipe your tears.

She's not wiping them.

To feel sad and cry alone..

It's injurious to health.

Good! He said it once
and you wiped your tears.

Of course. If you make friends,
you have to do it.

"You're a girl.."

"I'm a boy.."

"..your arrival.."

"I swear.."

"..ushers in the season of friendship."

"Ushers in the season of friendship."

"I'm a girl.."

"'re a boy."

"I feel.."

"..whenever I meet you.."

"..the season of
friendship has arrived."

"The season of
friendship has arrived."

"I wonder why I feel.."

" and I have known
each other for ages."

"I wonder why I feel.."

" and I have known
each other for ages."

"That you give me so much of
respect, is a favour to me."

"About favours.."

"..let's stop talking."


"..forge a tie with me.."

"..the season of
friendship has arrived."

"The season of
friendship has arrived."

"I know not what love is all about."

"All I know is that I feel a stab
in the heart when you look at me."

"I know not what love is all about."

"All I know is that I feel a stab
in the heart when you look at me."

"Silly girl.."

" not be innocent."
- Oh god!"

"Your words.."
- I see.

"..Create a storm."

"This isn't the season for jokes."

"This isn't the season for suicide."

Watch out!

You? Come in.

How is the pain? - It's a
little hurt. It will be fine.


Suman. I am sorry.

There's one rule to friendship.

No sorry, no thank you. Okay?

Listen, keep this medicine there.

Suman. Shall I apply it?

I'll keep my eyes shut. Promise.


Do you know what mother
says about me? - What?

That I make friends wherever I go.

Abroad. But you are
different from all of them.

You, your talks.
Everything is different.

I don't know why? Do you know?

Won't you say anything?

- Yes?

You can open your eyes.
- Why? What's the matter?

- Really?

Girls are like this! Crazy!

"There is no
relationship between us.."

"..but there is
something that binds us together."

"There is no
relationship between us.."

"..but there is
something that binds us together."

"What will we call
our friendship...?"

"Now, that's something else."


" can call it."

"A heart aflutter.."

" can call it."

"The season of
friendship has arrived."

"For the season of
friendship has arrived."

Come in Prem.

This is my nephew, Jeevan.
- Hi! - He'll learn work with us.

Excuse me.

Let's have the
inauguration this Sunday.

- Hi Prem!

I've organized a party for Saturday.

Just friends. You must come.

Prem, she's called you for the
party. Why are you taking me along?

Shut up! I won't go without you.

- What do you mean?

Answer me why?

- Because?

I won't tell!

Do you know you're looking handsome.

I'm very handsome. Know
what mother says about me?

That I look dashing when
I shave and wear a coat.

Are you getting bored?
- No.

Do you what mother says?

I have a certain style.

Are you getting bored?
- No.

Mother praising me
is obvious. Actually..

There's something in some people.

Am I right?
- Yes.

Hi Prem. Looking great.

"I'm feeling mad!"

"I'm feeling mad!"





What are you doing?

Aren't you ashamed?

You have no right to take any
one's life to practice shooting.

Got it!

This pigeon is mine. I bought it.

I've trained it.

My brother has all the
right if he wants to shoot it.

Who are you to interfere?

Give it to me.

This is the limit! What
do you think of yourself?

Listen once and for all.
Once and for all, you bloody..


Mind your tongue!

Come on. We won't
stay here any longer.

Let's go.

Hey Prem, relax, take
it easy, cool it, dude.

This goes on in friendship.

Come on Seema.
Apologize to her. Come on.

I am sorry, Suman.

What's wrong?
- What does she think of herself?

No manners at all!

You felt hurt?
- Of course!

Now don't ask why?


Get me some food.

I'm famished.

Right away.

After dinner tell me what
else mother says about you.

I won't be bored.

Suman, Are you taking
this for Prem? - Yes.

We too are hungry. Please.

Excuse me.
- Please.


"Love me."

"Touch me. Kiss me."

"Don't stop!"

"Love me."

"Touch me."

"Kiss me."

"Don't stop!"

"Love me."

"Touch me."

"Kiss me."

"Don't stop!"

Prem! What's wrong? Have I
committed a crime in touching her?

You want the same
thing I want. Really!

There's something about her.
- Jeevan!

Not one more word!

So what? She won't be worthy of you?

You're quite worried about her.

Is she your private property?

What is she?
- His friend.

Friends did you hear that? Can a
young boy and girl be friends?

See this scene of young friendship!

A good drama of friendship!

Prem! A girl and boy
are never friends.

This is a curtain to hide the
flames of passion on dark nights.


Great! Friendship in a new
house brought good dividends.

Congratulate! Congratulate them.

Congratulate them.

Hip hip hurrya!

Hey, Prem!
- Hip hip hurrya!

Hip hip hurrya!

Seema. Stop them.
- How many will you stop?

You are the cause of this.

Don't let this relation grow.

Which will give Prem
nothing but defamation.

Get out.

Prem, a girl and boy
can never be friends.

Friendship in a new house
can brought good dividends.


Don't let this relation grow.

It won't give Prem
anything but for defamation.

Your cap.

Shamlal! Mr. Prabhu
will be bringing some..

...papers from the head office.
- Yes.

Send them to the site.
I'll go in Prem's car. Ok?


Hurry up. It's getting late.

Coming. It would be nice if you'd
come for the opening of the factory.

You'll be left alone at home.

Brother will be here.
- As you wish.

Come on, son.


I don't know what the
world calls our relation.

I don't know the
limits of this relationship.

I only know this
much I have loved you.

What is this if not love?

I laugh if you laugh.
I cry if you cry.

Where there's love,
the heart gets hurt.

I love you.

I love you.

Prem, I love you.

I wish I'd understood the
depth of this relation earlier.

Wish I could send the first letter
of the first love to my beloved.

"Go on..

"Go on..

"Go on..

"Go on.."

"Fly away, O pigeon. Go away.."

"Fly away, O pigeon. Go away.."

"This is the first
love-letter I have even written."

"This is the first
love-letter I have even written."

"give it to my beloved."

"Fly away, O pigeon. Go away."

"Ever since he has left, tell
him that I find myself incomplete."

"My lips are sealed. I
neither cry, nor smile."

"It was a mistake
that I teased him.."

"it was a mistake
that I teased him.."

" was a grave sin."

"Fly away, O pigeon. Go away.."

"Fly away, O pigeon.
Go away.. Go away.."

"Deep down in my heart, I
have taken him for my own."

"What we mean to each other,
I now realise."

"Bring him with you.."

"bring him along when you return,
I don't like it without him."

"Fly away, O pigeon. Go away.."

"Fly away, O pigeon.
Go away Go away.."

"The weather here is lovely.
Yet, I'm lonely."

"Even if I'm far away, my
heart is still with her."

"Give her this message.."

"You must give her this message.."

"I'll follow you soon."

"Fly away, O pigeon. Go away.."

"Fly away, O pigeon. Go away."

"Wherever I see, I can see you."

"I don't see anything else."

"I wish the world would freeze,
while we feel like this."

"Never before.."

"Never before was
the world so beautiful."

"I love you."

"I love you."

I love you.

- I?

Uncle and Aunt have come.

Where's Uncle?
- He's gone to the factory.

Why did you return so early?

Dragged by the friend's friendship.

What do you mean?
- I'd called so he ran.

Greetings, aunt. - What happened
to you? - Stomach upset for 2 days.

Always eating trash. No
food for him for 2 days.

Got it? Nothing?
- No. - But now I'm fine.


Traffic constable!

Mustn't listen to her.
Get some food. Go.

It's a banana.
Alone. Nice, isn't it?

Did a good thing.

Hey, You were saying something?

- I love you.

Not now. - Fine. We'll
go boating this evening.

Don't say, not now then.
Be prepared.

At 4 o'clock.

Come on, let's go.

What's cooking?

Today is full moon night.

The neighborhood ladies
are coming for prayers.

Lots of guests will be coming.
They will stay for dinner.

There's lots of work.
- These fat guys will do it.

I'll take you out.
- Me? Didn't find anybody else?

Shall we come?
- Silence.

Give me those and rest for a while.

Ramu, Shamu come with me.

Sister, fry these.

Why? Do you have henna on your hands?

- Shall we apply it?

I have some work. 5 minutes.

It's 4:15. Just 5 minutes.
- Okay.

It happens.

"Come, it's almost evening."

"The weather's taking a turn."

"Come, it's almost evening."

"The weather's taking a turn."

"So what are we fighting over?"

"Go ahead.. I'll follow you."

Oh no.

"Go ahead.. I'll follow you."

"Come, it's almost evening."

"The weather's taking a turn."

"So what are we fighting over?"

"Go ahead.. I'll follow you."

No, no.

"Go ahead.. I'll follow you."

"What time is it?
Look at your watch."

"May we not lose this
precious moment of love."

"What time is it?
Look at your watch."

"May we not lose this
precious moment of love."

"Be patient till I come over.."

"I'll then set an
alarm for our love."

"You're as distant as
you are close to me."

"Yours and mine is a
strange love stow indeed."

"Damn it."

"It's a question of my life.
- That's how deeply we love."

"So what are we fighting over?"

"Go ahead.. I'll follow you."

My God.

"Go ahead.. I'll follow you."

Come soon, dear.

"Enough of your jokes.."

"..come now, the Sun is about to set."

"Enough of your jokes.."

"..come now, the Sun is about to set."

"My heart is full of desires.."

"I'll come in a moment and tell you."

"My magic has worked.
There's a smile on your lips."

"I walk ahead, you walk behind me."

"Damn it."

"So say good-bye to everyone."

"I'm in love with you, I'm coming."

"So say good-bye to everyone."

"I'm in love with you, I'm coming."

"So what are we fighting over?"

"Go ahead.. I'll follow you."

Make it fast.

"Go ahead.. I'll follow you."

Oh, come on.

Come to apply henna.
- Henna?

- Yes, come on. - Henna!


See how it looks on my hands.

Are you tired?

Are you very angry?
Won't you talk to me?

No! I'm not in the mood.

May I say something to
put you in a good mood?

I don't want to hear anything.
- Nothing?



Okay, I'll still say it.

You may hear it if you want.



I love, What?

Not in the mood now.

That's too much! Now if you
pretend, I'll tell mother!


That the marriage season is on.
Get me married elsewhere.

Oh really? How nice.

Go right now.

All the best.
- All the best.

Thank you.
- Welcome.


Prem, carefully..

I have something
important To discuss.

What? - Aren't you worried
about me? - Why? What happened?

What happened? Mother,
Have you ever looked at me?

I've grown up. Don't you
want to get me married?

Already thinking of marriage?

You shouldn't take
these things lightly.

Children shouldn't be
given freedom these days.

So far I'm very decent
but if I slip up somewhere?

Papa stiff neck will be bent.

But how do I know what
kind of a girl you'll like?

Mother, I am very
clear about that point.

That's absolutely clear in my eyes.

She must never wear Salwar kameez.

She must wear only jeans,
skirts, middies, minis.

Mother, she should
be very good looking.

She shouldn't have long hair.
Absolutely short. Bob cut.

Mother, this and that..

She should be an atom bomb.

But such a girl won't
do anything in the house.

She won't shell peas.
- She will aunt.

Won't she?
- Yes, she will!

Respect for elders, mingling with
her age and love for youngsters.

She won't possess these qualities.
- She will respect everyone.

Won't she?
- Yes, she will.

And I'll force her if she doesn't.

Start looking for a bride for me.


Will you have some tea?

If I eat, it will only
be after my marriage.

Fell down!

It happens.

Now I'm going to bed.

Now I have to search for
a bride for his majesty.

That too of his choice.
He's lived in America!

Good day.
- How are you?

I'm fine.

"O almighty lord!"

"Lord! I'm dying of hunger."

"The difficulties of the devotee."

"O almighty lord!"

"The difficulties of the devotee."

The food runs away!


Dinner. Eat it fast.

No! No!

What's the matter?
- It vanishes.


It's fake.
- No, it's real.

It's real!
- Yes.

It is real! May I eat it?

Shall I feed you?
- Feed it to me.

It's come back.

You are so nice.. What's this?

What's wrong?
- Full moon night and you're sad?

He hasn't eaten dinner.
- So even you haven't eaten.

Then even I won't eat.

Is he annoyed?

Please him.

What does he want?

He wants me to hold my ears
and say, 'I love you' thrice.

Only then will he eat.
- Then say it.

How can I say it? He's
sitting with the women.

I feel shy.

That's how he's troubling you!
- Yes.

Come on.
- Where?

To tell him. We can be one up on him.

We'll give him tit for tat!

You'll say it now,
in front of everyone.

In order to spend some time
let's sing songs in a game.

Who will play?
- All of us will play!

Very good.

Won't you play?
- I don't want to!

Scared of girls!
- I'm scared?

Of course!
- We'll see!

Let's begin.

Now begin.

Will you sit here?
- Yes.

Next to me?
- Yes.

For prayers?
- Yes.

I'll give you one! Go away!

Why are you yelling? I am going.

We will win. Come here.
- Go and see your face!

Ms. Suman are you ready?

"Come to me, Spring is here.."

" heart pines. I cannot
live without you, my Prince."

"Come to me."

"Go away.."

"Go away.."

"Go away.."

"..let me not think of you again."

"Go away, let me not
think of you again."

"Let me forget you.."

"..go away.."

"..go away.."

"..go away.."

"..let me not think of you again."

"Why are you angry with me?"

"Forgive me, if I have
committed a mistake."

"I intended nothing bad.."

"..your behaviour is
itself my punishment."

"A wanderer sings
the songs of love.."

"..l tell everyone the way to life."

"A wanderer sings.."

"How are you doing?"

"What do you think?"

"You sure are having a ball!"

"I happened to slip."

"How are you doing?"

"As Kabir says, I speak the truth.."

"..this world is rotten,
and I'm worse."

"This world is rotten,
and I'm worse."

"As Kabir says, I speak the truth.."

"..this world is rotten,
and I'm worse."

"This world is rotten,
and I'm worse."

"As Lord Rama said.."

"..there will come an age of sin.."

"..swans will pick on grains
and crows will peck pearls."

"As Lord Rama said.."

"Lovely time.."

"..everyone is intoxicated."

"Whoever is bothered about anyone."

"In every heart, love is young."


"I go away, I am now an outsider."

"I go away, I am now an outsider."

"I leave my land,
I'm now an outsider."


"..has a million hues.."

"..which colour.."

"..would you prefer to see?"

"A fire.."

" my body."

"Which part of my body.."

"..would you like to see?"

"Do not be so vain
about your fair skin.."

"your complexion
will pale with time."

"Do not be so vain
about your fair skin.."

"..your complexion
will pale with time."

"I'm a flame and
you are a firefly.."

"I'm a flame and
you are a firefly.."

" will burn before me."

"Do not be so vain
about your fair skin.."

"Wait there, 0 thou that leaves.."

" are the goal I travel towards."

"Even if you think
I'm the bad sorts.."

"I'm not bad at heart."

"Wait there."

"You come every place I go to.."

"..and sneak into my heart."

"Tell me. What do you mean to me?"

"Tell me. What do you mean to me?"

"I've been your lover for ages.."

"I've been your lover for ages.."

"..whether you believe it or not.."

"..whether you believe it or not."

"I came along to
placate you, my love.."

"..whether you believe me or not."

"Whether you believe it or not."

"In my eyes is a dream, in
my dream is my beloved.."

" my beloved goes my heart."

"To my beloved goes my heart."

"In my eyes is a dream, in
my dream is my beloved.."

" my beloved goes my heart."

"To my beloved goes my heart."

"This is the public!"

"The public knows everything."

"This is the public!"

"What's inside."

"What's without."

"What's inside.
What's without."

"They understand everything."

"The public knows everything."

"This is the public!"

"A secret I have
kept from my lips.."

"A secret I have
kept from my lips.."

"..if I were to utter it,
all hell would break loose."

"A secret that
speaks of love and venom."

"A secret I have
kept from my lips.."

"..if I were to utter it,
all hell would break loose."

"There's a limit to my patience."

"There's no word from my beloved."

"I do believe.."

"..she's not unfaithful."

"So what reason could it be
that she keeps me waiting?"

"Days and nights, I can't spend.."

"..that which I must tell you.."

"I tell you now."

"I love you."

"I love you."

"I love you."

"I love you."

"I love you."

Come, let's go home.
- We had a great fun here.

You've won. Next time
don't ever stay hungry.

Sir, she too hasn't eaten.

She'll eat it.
- No, you'll have to feed her.

Come with me.
- Where?

Let's go and talk to Prem
about his wedding. - Yes.

- Yes.

I think I should get a
daughter-in-law as soon as possible.

Come on.
- Yes. - Come on.


- Hi, mother.

Going to the office?
- Yes. Why?

Nothing. Have your breakfast
and sit with us for a while.


What's the matter?
- Nothing.

We've come to discuss your marriage.

- Yes, I've found you a bride.

What is it? She's
just as you had wanted.

She doesn't wear salwar kameez..

The only things she wears are..

But listen to me..
- Don't worry. Her hair isn't long.

Short. Bob cut.

She's like this and that. Happy?

Mother, sit down.

- No. - She's giving it with love.

Thank you.

I thought a lot yesterday.
- Really.

You are right. Such a girl
won't work in the house.

She won't shell peas.
- She will.

Isn't it, Suman?

If she won't, I'll make her.

But mother, respecting elders,
loving youngsters. She won't do that.

No mother..

She won't? Then what should we do?

You find a different type of girl.

Find somebody close to you.
Find one of your choice.

Will my choice do?
- Of course it will!

- Suman.

Won't she do?
- If you say so..

She'll do.
- There's no hurry.

Take your time to
think before telling me.


Will she do?
- I'm going.

Mother, bye. Mother, let
me go. Please, mother.

Please, mother.

Love you, mother.

Crazy fool!

I'm really fortunate.

Will you be my crazy son's Suman?

Stay here to spread
fragrance in my home forever.

I only want both of you to be happy.

Must be Prem.

You talk to him. I'm off.

- Hello.

Mother said something to me today.

Today mother said
something to me too.

What do you think?

"I love you."

Today is a really beautiful day.

This colourful weather.
I want to be colored in.

Will you join me?

"I love you."

Hi aunt Seema. - Aunt?
- I am done for.

Had it! Going to Prem's room?

Any objections? Yes
and I'll be careful.

No. But, He's not in there.

He has gone out
with his future bride.

- He has decided to marry Suman.

Any objections?

Thank you, Mr. Kumar.

Come in, Seema.

We are so grateful you've accepted..

...our proposal for your son.

You may not believe it but..

...anticipation of this day.
..of a wedding card in.

Seema, do you like it?

She likes it very much.

Then we also like it.

Wow, Let your wife
too approve of it.

Jeevan show it to her.

It's her choice too.
- No, uncle.

What do you mean?

She likes somebody else.

"My heart is crazy.."

"..without my beloved.."

" won't be placated."

"My heart is crazy.."

"..without my beloved.."

" won't be placated."

"It's mad."

"It won't see reason."

"It's mad.."

"It won't see reason."

"It is restless day and night."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"The world seeks its desires."

"I seek only my beloved."

"The world seeks its desires."

"I seek only my beloved."

"Let my beloved and
his family live long."

"Without him, I seek
nothing else from God."

"It's mad."

" won't see reason."

"It's mad."

" won't see reason."

"I shall forever
provide cover for you."

"I shall forever
provide cover for you."

"With you, I will
fly away in the skies."

"There's so much more my heart
wants to do. What will I tell you?"

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

What are you thinking, Mr. Kumar?

The girl you gave refuge to, is
dreaming of marrying into your house!

She's taking advantage
of Prem's innocence.

Nobody just gifts an
expensive locket to anyone!

Some people are known
for grabbing rights!

When I tried to show her
her place, she slapped me!

Excuse me but if somebody has a hand
in this, it's that cheat's father!

Your friend!

You have done your duty as a friend.

He is the one who is shameless.

But he's a stain of friendship!

He left his daughter here on purpose.

Suman's birthday falls in 2 days.

Can't say what she might
ask Prem for as a gift.

Did you call me?

Yes, there's some urgent
work in our new plant.

I may not be able to go.
Instead you should go.

Leave by 6 in the morning.

- Why? Some other work?

I'll go.

So you're going? And
breaking your promises?

Even I want to stay back.

Then refuse Dad.
- No.

You must go if
uncle has asked you to.

Don't disobey him. We'll
celebrate some other day.

- Brother.

Consider her as you sister.
Nobody listens to us!

She is trying to act smart.

When will you return?
- In 4 or 5 days.

I'll be waiting.

Now we wait for Prem to leave.

Yes, Jeevan.

Tomorrow morning Kumar will
tell Suman of his decision.

Poor girl, father.

Her heart will break.

He's given it to me.

Why are you jealous? Look away.

Who is it?


Come on.
- Prem.

Listen to me. Prem.

How could I leave without
celebrating your birthday?

Enough, come here.

How are the gifts.
- Very nice.

Shall I wear them?
- There's one more.

Someone like this.

Shall I wear it and show?

"You are coloured in
the hues of my love.."

"..are you a fairy, or
the Fairy Queen herself?"

"Or are you the one
who makes my love story?"

"Please reply to my questions.."

"..please do."

"You are coloured in
the hues of my love.."

"..are you a fairy, or
the Fairy Queen herself?"

"Or are you the one
who makes my love story?"

"Please reply to my questions.."

"..please do."

"Why do the stars and the
Moon gape at your face?"

"Why do the stars and the
Moon gape at your face?"

"What makes the air gets its
fragrance when it touches you.."

"..what drives the night berserk?"

"Please reply to my questions.."

"..please do."

"Why are you so shy?"

"You also look scared."

"Why are you so shy?"

"You also look scared."

"Why's your scarf slipping.."

"..why is there an
excitement in my heart?"

"My questions, please answer.."

"..please do."

"There's a dilemma on both sides.."

" the union of a
bride with her bridegroom."

"There's a dilemma on both sides.."

" the union of a
bride with her bridegroom."

"Why are the two of
us in this state?"

"What makes us love
each other so much?"

"Please reply to my questions.."

"..please do."

"You are coloured in
the hues of my love.."

"..are you a fairy, or
the Fairy Queen herself?"

"Or are you the one
who makes my love story?"

"Please reply to my questions.."

Don't send me away.

"I love you."

"I love you."

"I love you."

Should I return early?

Live long dear. Happy birthday.

May I take tea for uncle?

So you want to serve your
father-in-law tea by yourself?

Hold it.

Is today your birthday?
- Yes.

How old are you?
- 18.

You're very smart
for an 18 year old.

I have nothing against you.

You've been given the convenience
of staying here not the right.

With what right have you
stepped into my son's life?

What right? I want an answer!

I want an answer!

I'll give you the answer.

Prem's love has
given her that right.

My decision to make
her my daughter-in-law!

She can't be our daughter-in-law!

Why not?
- Because she came here as a guest.

She's dreaming of owning this place!

She and her father contrived to
own this property worth crore!

She and her father have
stabbed my friend in the back!


Whose friendship are you accusing?

The one who supported us in
poverty and difficult times?

Thanks to whom we have a son!

What will he do with wealth?

You seem to have forgotten the
meaning of friendship today!

- Look at her innocent face once.

Can she do this?
- Her face shields her plan.

Now she can't stay here for a
minute! She has to leave now!

This is my decision!


C.A.T, it is cat.

Right or wrong?

Happy birthday my child!

You're crying? Silly! I've come.

I left everything to
reach right on your birthday.

To your and my friend!

Why is everyone so quiet?

See what I've brought
for everyone. Keep it here.

Have some sweets.

I bought you a pen.

This is your tool. Hello.

I bought you sarees.
I picked them all up.

All the colours suit you.

Where is Prem?

Prem son, see what
Babuji bought for you!

What a way to win hearts!
Both father and daughter!

Why? Have I or my
daughter done something wrong?


Really sir, these poor
lowly people are like this!

Blood sucking parasites!
- Mr. Ranjit!

Control your tongue!
- You should've control.

Controlled your daughter!
What she has done here!

She has brought
shame to this family!

Mr. Ranjit!

She has shown her true colours!

What did you say!


Stop this bestiality! Enough!

Did you hear what
he said about Suman?

He is right!

Kishen. - Yes. You took undue
advantage of my friendship!

You left her here
with ulterior motives!

So that she could trap Prem in
her love and own this house!

I never imagined you could
spin a golden web for wealth!

- Don't scream!

Before dreaming of converting
our friendship into relationship..

You should have seen
the distance between us.

Where I earn lakhs,
you make 2000 a month!

- Isn't it 2000?

Come to my position first
and then see these dreams!

Stop it! Now you've gone
far from me.

My friendship is a burden now!

Today my clothes stink!

The daughter of this man who earns
only 2000 is not fit to stay here!

I accept it and don't blame you.

But why this false
accusation on my child?

My daughter is my pride!

Answer me, why?
- First of all you kept her here!

I did you a favour and..
- Favour?

You obliged me by
keeping my daughter?

Is this all that
remains of our friendship?

No. I won't be obliged to you!

I'll pay the price
of your 5 star hotel!

In which you kept my
daughter and fed her!

What are the lodging and
boarding charges here?

Tell me. 5000? 10000?

20000? 50000?

Answer me!

Get out.
- I'm going!

I'll be waiting for you
outside this five star hotel!

- Yes, sister-in-law.

The bonds of the heart are broken.

I shall leave.


Maybe I'm not the answer to your
dreams. Erase this symbol of love.

I don't have the courage.

I don't have the courage.

"I love you."

"I love you."

Please come. Let's go.

Sir is waiting for you.

Come, Prem.
- Welcome, my son. Welcome.

I have to talk to you.

We will talk son.
But in your own cabin.

Sit on this chair and
take charge of the company.

Come on.

For what crime are you punishing me?

This is a gift for you.

Now make your own decisions.
- I had taken one decision.

Of marrying Suman.
Why was that rejected?

- Yes Papa.


I'll explain to you, son.

Your Papa need not
give you explanations.

Where are you going?

I'm leaving home.
- Why?

Excuse me, But even your son
need not give you any explanation.

Prem! Dear Prem!

Listen to me. What do you lack?

All this is yours. Next week
you're getting engaged to Seema.

The cards have been given! Sir,
you explain to him.

Mr. Ranjit, what do I explain him?

He hasn't seen the world
outside which is cruel and wicked.

How will he cope?

He can't even walk
properly on the roads.

I will learn.
- You don't even know..

How difficult it is to earn money.

What a struggle it is!
- I will learn.

Learn? What will you learn?
You don't even know how to learn.

Love teaches everything.

Stop him before I take nay step!

He hasn't honoured his father.
He'll at least honour your love!

Stop him.

When she was here, I
couldn't give these to her.

When you meet my daughter-in-law
slip these bangles on her wrists.

Mother, am I right?

Are you with me?

I needn't fear anything?


Prem, Are you going?
- Yes.

But we are to get engaged?

Please don't leave me.

All right.

Then come with me.

Come on.


People in love never think.

"I love you."

"I love you."

"I love you."

"Twinkle, twinkle little star."

"How I wonder what you are."

"Up above the world so high."

"Like a diamond in the sky."

"Twinkle, twinkle little star."

Uncle has come!

Uncle has come!


I am Prem.


I know you are angry.

Papa abused you quite a bit.
I apologise to you.

The father wounds and the
son applies salver. Apologizes!

Go away before I thrash you.

Dear, go away.

I haven't come to go away.

I've given up everything
and come to marry Suman.

Mother has sent these bangles for
Suman as a symbol of her acceptance.

Go inside, Suman.

Go inside!

I always followed my heart.
Maybe that's why I never became rich.

Like your father! But
today I understand the world!

I've learnt today.

bangles can't move me!

I survived the
accusation of looting wealth!

But I won't bear being
accused of stealing bangles!

Hear this carefully! My child
won't marry into that house!

Even if your father comes to
my door and rubs his nose!


I love her.

No, you played a game!
Like your father!

I'm going to see a boy for my
daughter tomorrow. Hear it well!

"My heart is crazy.."

"..without my beloved.."

" won't be placated."

"My heart is crazy.."

"..without my beloved.."

" won't be placated."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It keeps pounding, it sings
the same song all the time."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"What anguish separation gives,
you know, I know."

"What anguish separation gives,
you know, I know."

"My love beckons me
and the world stops me.."

"..whom am I to heed?"

"Unless I meet you, my
heart can think of nothing."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"Love flows in my bloodstream,
it calls you."

"Love flows in my bloodstream,
it calls you."

"I've lost everything in love.
My courage, I will not lose."

"Ask the world not to
stop hearts from meeting."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"My heart is crazy.."

"..without my beloved.."

" won't be placated."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."


"Twinkle, twinkle little star."

"How I wonder what you are."

"Twinkle, twinkle little star."

What do you want? Why are
you bent on ruining my child!

I've come to give her all
the joys you want for her.

Joys for her?

Where? In that hollow
world of your father's?

I'll make my own world.

You are angry with my father not me.

Look at me just once.
Forget I'm Kumar's son.

Judge me after separating
me from my father's name.

Like any normal boy, I've come
to ask for your daughter's hand.

All right. Come.


How much do you earn?

What do you earn?

How this question hurts!

It cuts through the heart!
Your father similarly asked me..

...about my earning.

A man earning 2000 a month has to
reach his status before dreaming!

Today I ask you,
what is your status?

Dad, what are you saying?

Dear, I am right.

You stay out of this. You
can't settle down by running away.

How will he look after you?

If his love is true,
Let him prove that..

Let him reach my status.
Earn 2000 rupees!

Then let him dream.

I'll earn it.

I'll prove my love.

In this very village.

In front of you.

I'll earn 2000 in one month.

Dad! These are mother's bangles.
Keep them safe with you.

I'll give them to Suman
when the condition is met.

2000? In one month!

Prem, This is a hilly region.
We only work on stones and wood.

This isn't even the tourist season.
You are educated. Go to the city.

No, I have to earn it here.

Give me any work.

Even the last batch of
workers is full. I am very sorry.

Sundar! Has the truck driver come?
- No sir.

We are waiting for him.

Labour is sitting
idle at the other side.

We have to deliver material there.

The road is so dangerous.
Who will take the lorry?

Sir, I'll take it.
- You?

Yes. I want work!

"I love you."

Give me the key of the truck.

Is this the time to come?

Comes to work, drunk!

Listen, You may go.
We've kept another driver.

Another driver?
- Yes.

Square his account.

Let's go.

Sir! This is insulting.

Another driver when you're around?


Listen.. Stop the truck.

What are you doing?

Hey Listen! Brother!

Brother, what are you doing?
Stop the truck.

Stop the truck!

That's enough! Now move aside.

I have to park it aside.

You love to drive trucks?

Wants the truck!

Hey you!

Saw the outcome of
kicking me out of my job!

Take the key of the truck.


Every man has his earning
written when he comes here.

But if you don't respect it,
it won't wait for you.

If you look at him, the hands
that taught you driving will..

...make you forget it! Get lost!

Get lost!

Son, Hope you're not hurt.
- No.

Sit down.


Forget it son. You can't do this.

One day has tired you out.

29 days still remain.

You have lost. Go back.

You'll be happy.

Come. Take your
mother's bangles back.

Take them.

This is my first earning.

And the first earning is
given to an elder, isn't it?

The one who belong to us.

Bless me.


You can stay here if you wish.

Your father obliged me by
keeping my daughter in his house.

I can oblige you.

If you want to oblige me,
then only do this.

Don't let tears
come to Suman's eyes.

Now I'll come to your step only
after completing the condition.

After 29 days!

"I love you."

"I've given my heart away
to buy an ache for myself."

"It's a deal I've
carried out with due thought."

"For, I have loved."

"I have fallen in love."

"I've given my heart away
to buy an ache for myself."

"It's a deal I've
carried out with due thought."

"For, I have loved."

"I have fallen in love."

"The first ever time I saw her.."

"..she had come to shape my destiny."

"Little did I know that
things would go so far.."

"..that I'd even have
to work hard in love."

"Those with a heart are
not afraid of hard work.."

"..those who are afraid,
are not in love."

"For, I have loved."

"I have fallen in love."

"All the wealth in the world,
I have already spurned."

"I have come to rest in
the shade of her tresses."

"This shade is for me,
for me, it will be."

"Whatever I say, the world will say."

"Even if the Moon and
the Sun stop dazzling.."

"'s difficult to
make me change my mind."

"For, I have loved."

"I have fallen in love."

"My heart is yours, so is my life.."

"..your love is what I am known for."

"I say today in
everybody's presence.."

"..what I will say
some day to God too."

"You are the one who will
have to mend the fences."

"Hearts that are separated,
you must bring together."

"For, I have loved."

"I have fallen in love."

"I've given my heart away
to buy an ache for myself."

"It's a deal I've
carried out with due thought."

"I have fallen in love."

Let's go.

It's terribly cold here!
And I forgot my sweater.

Hi handsome, how are you?

How did you know I was coming?
How are Prem and Suman?

Prem, I am coming. Shut up.

For you.

Welcome sir.
- These guys keep laughing?

Just follow my friend. Let's go.

We've got a customer.

Sir says to just follow.
But who is to be followed?


Brother Behind that?
- Yes. Let's go.

Behind her?
- Let's go. Why fear? - Okay.

He's a special friend of mine.

Came to the station to take me!

Walks with such style!

And what a name!


Why did you stop?
- Your friend is looking at you!

My friend? My friend is here.

No, here.
- Where?

He's coming here!
- Don't leave me alone!

Look after your brother!

Your brother ran away.

I came only for you!

Quiet! What's your name?


Looks like Freedevi!
- What?

If you are Sridevi. I am Hilendra.

I mean Jitendra!

Where did Khadar Khan go?
- There.

Let's go to the garden.

We will sing a song.

We'll have an ice cream. Let's go.

I'll comb my hair.
- They're fine. Come on!

My honour is in your hands,
Basanti, come on!

She fell!

May you be ruined!

Pretends to be Jeetendra!
Meet me and I'll show you!

May you be ruined!

All are fine in city.
Mother has sent you her love.

Everybody misses you.

You are worth of it.

Brother Manohar.

How is Gulabiya?
- She too misses you.

I knew you'd ask!

How do I know? Am I her bodyguard?

Instead she's my body guard!

- Coming. Coming.

Sir, where are you?
- Here.

Here, where? Yes sir!

How do you feel after a bath?
- Fresh.

I'll like it even
more if I sit there.

Shall I sit there?

I'm very hungry but if you say..
- Go ahead and eat.

What should I eat?

The food looks delicious.

Hello sir.

Sit and eat. I'm off.

Sir, your muscles
are very strong, sir.

Emergency food.


What's wrong?
- Such a pretty face and sad?

Suman! What's the matter?

How is mother?
- Very well.

Look, Mother has sent money
for you along with sweetmeats.

I don't need the money.
- What do you mean?

I won't take this money.
- Then what will you do?

Will you burn yourself all month?

What sin have you committed?

Love has no conditions.
Then why this pretense?

Come here and listen to me.

Come here. See this.

There's 5000 in this. Give him
2000 and get married today itself.

I'll arrange for the priest.
- No, Manohar.


If you won't listen to me,
our friendship is finished.

Won't my blood boil
seeing you in this state?

Manohar! Hey Manohar!

Do you remember what I
told Papa when I left?

Love teaches everything. If I take
this money, how will I ever learn?

What do you want?

Do you want to prove my love false?

Will you then respect your friend?

I'll keep the money.

Give it to me.

I love her. I have to do this.

Go and tell mother, today
I've learnt the value of money.

Hey Jitendra.

What do you say? Sridevi
has come dressed up! Yes.

It is said your prayers come true.

Pray for my friend.
That he gets married soon.

I pray to God your wishes come true!

Don't take his name!
- Why? Isn't he your son?

I have no son!
- You don't have a son?

Is he an orphan like me?

Is Prem an orphan
despite having parents?

Shut up!
- You shut up!

One more word and
I'll lose my sense!

Do you recall when Prem
would fall sick as a child...?

You'd stay awake all night.

You'd willingly lose out to him.

Now you've left him
alone in the race of life.

How can you leave him? How
can you say you don't love him?

Answer me!

Have you got your answer?

Yes. Mother, he loves him a lot.

He is pining for him, just like you!

What proof can we ask
from a helpless father?

I'll take you out today.

Lame uncle. Listen to me.
You too go out for a while.

There'll be some
peace in this house!

Thank you, uncle.


Scoundrel is busy working. If
you say, I'll lift him in a jack.

You command me.


"My beloved is colorful."


Sundar has fainted! Blasting is on!

Somebody come fast!

Come on hurry up. - Dear, Prem.
Listen to me! Be careful!

There is danger. Prem!

Mr. Rahim. - One minute. If
you are here, who is there?


Thank God. I don't know
who did this mischief.

Rest for a while.
- No, every moment is precious.

The wound is deep. Try to understand.

You're even running fever.

Yes, sir.

Uncle. My Papa.

Please be seated sir.

You move away. Start
the machine. I'm coming.

Move. A very decent child.

Move away.

How are you, son?

Get one cup of tea.
Special. Sugar separate.

How are you?

What's all this for?
What do you think?

If you earn 2000 bucks, will
Karan let you marry his daughter?

No, this is his plan.

To avenge me.

Shall we race back home once again?

I've brought your car along.

The vehicle has changed.

Stick to your guns.

In this dirt, dust, filth!

Yes father.

Then, I am sorry young man.
I wasted your precious time.

No, I've reinforced my ideals.

You won't manage.
- It's my struggle.

Isn't it also my struggle?

Are you leaving? Please drink
this tea of your son's earning.

You'll get thrilled.

"Your sweetheart
tells you, o beloved."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

"immersed in his work
may my beloved be.."

"..for you, I shall lay down my life."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

"Like a cloud I
shall hover in the skies."

"Like a cloud I shall hover."

"Like a cloud I
shall hover in the skies."

"How I wish I could embrace you."

"But my cursed feet won't move.."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

"No customs am I familiar with."

"No customs with.."

"No customs am I familiar with."

"I've accepted you as my husband."

"You are one I wear
my adornments for."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

"Beloved, I love all the colors."

"Beloved, I love.."

"Beloved, I love all the colors."

"In joys and sorrows,
I shall stand by you."

"Every pain, I shall bear for you."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

"Your sweetheart
tells you, o beloved."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

"For you, I shall lay down my life."

Mr. Ranjit, it is a shame.

There's been no account
kept of our new factory.

I can't understand the
total mismanagement.

Jeevan was given the
responsibility on your commendation.

What answer do you have
for the workers' complaints?

When you drew the amount from the
bank in time, why weren't they paid?

Where is the money?

It's very difficult to
progress with dishonesty.

Go and apologise to them.

- I don't apologize.

Then you are dismissed.

Mr. Prabhu, take charge.

Half the share of this
factory is my son's.

I won't tolerate his
name being sullied!

What son? The one who
crushed your dreams?


You should be ashamed of yourself!

Get lost from here. Out!

I said, get out!

Great! You had won his trust!

No leeway for suspicion!

He forced you to lower your head
in front of those measly workers!

I even felt ashamed when his fool of
a son rejected my daughter's love!

I never loved him.
- But you pretended to!

There's a difference.
- Either way we were humiliated.

Then and now once again!

Now it's our turn.
- Yes.

So far he has only
seen my friendship.

Now he'll also suffer
the attack of my enmity.

Good day.

Leg healed itself?

Tell me.

Whose colours are you
going to show me today?

I've come to extend a
hand of friendship to you.

Even I hate Kumar.

For years I was loyal
to him as a friend..

He insulted my friendship.

I want to teach him a lesson.

Why don't we combine forces and
burn him with the fire in our hearts?

Yes sir. Can you ever forget how
he treated your innocent child?

Can you forget the atrocities?

I want every newspaper to
print what he did to us.

We will cover all the media
in the city. We'll expose him.

Go to court
against him! Destroy him!

He won't be able to walk
with his head held high!

So, shall we shake on that?

Get out!

I am going but I'd
like to know one thing..

You are his enemy. So am I.

Then why the difference between us?

Scoundrel, the difference is only
that your gait changes with time.

Didn't understand? No.

You won't even understand.

You are made that way!

I'll show you what I'm made of!

To both of you!

Prem. That day has come!

Here are 2000 including
your night shift last night.

You've earned another 200.

I need only this. Today is Friday.

Donate a sheet to the
mausoleum on our behalf.


Go on. Suman must be waiting.

I know that day has come.

You have come but when will he come?

"My heart is crazy.."

"..without my beloved.."

" won't be placated."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It keeps pounding, it sings
the same song all the time."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

"It's mad.."

" won't see reason."

Hi Prem. Going to get married?

All of us have
come for your wedding.

Come on guys, dress up the groom.
Adorn him with flowers.

Come on.

Look, Jeevan.
Let me go. She must be waiting.

She's waiting for him. Let him go.

Is this what you earned in
one month with your sweat?

Your life is in it.

Let me see how much it weighs.

Come on boys, let's play.

What? Prem is missing for 2 days?

I was driving past and
thought I'd meet him.

I even asked Karan but
why would he answer?

He's burning to take revenge.

Come soon. I fear Karan might..

Hello. Hello.

What's the matter?


The game of love is over.

It's destiny.

Let's tell uncle the good news.

"I love you."

"I love you."


"I love you."

"I love you"

I've kept your word.

Take these.

Can I now ask for
your daughter's hand?

Can I dream? Can I now meet her?

The condition is not met.

Why? This is my money.

Mother had sent money. But I
didn't take it. Swear by Suman.

This is my money.

Forget it Suman.

The condition was to earn money.
Not wet pieces of paper.

What's the value of this money?

They are giving way. Useless.

Look carefully. Some of them
don't even have the numbers.

What can you give my
daughter with these wet notes?

Nothing. Not even 2 square meals.


I don't want 2 square meals!

Is this justice?

For a whole month he stayed hungry,
thirsty and earned this money.

You can't see the
wounds on his hands.

Neither his tears of pain.

But you only saw these wet notes?

Suman. - If these have no value,
nothing in the world is valuable.

No value!

No value!

Don't be offended by what she says.

It's love for me that
makes her lose courage.

Give me another chance.

One more chance.

I'll earn again.

I'll bring the money again.

And this time I promise..

I promise the notes won't be wet.

The notes won't be wet.

"I love you."

Thank you, uncle. Thank you.

"I love you."


You have won.

I can't test you anymore.

I can't Suman!

I can't test you anymore.

This money is priceless!

Your love has won.

I've tormented you so much!

I've tormented you
so much! Isn't it?

"Twinkle, twinkle little star."

"How I wonder what you are."

"Up above the world so high."

"Like a diamond in the sky."

"Twinkle, twinkle little star."

"How I wonder what you are."

"Up above the world so high."

"Like a diamond in the sky."

"Twinkle, twinkle little star."

Where is my son?

If something happens to him, I..

Why are you silent?
Why are your lips sealed?

When a man does some wrong,
his face is stripped of decency!

Where is his son?
- I don't know his son!

I only know the boy who has
made his own identity today.

And I'm proud of him!
Would you like to meet him?


Hi, Uncle.

Surprised to see me alive?


It's fate.

Your closest friend
tried to kill your son today.

And blamed uncle.

No, it's a lie.

When a man does something wrong,
his face is stripped of decency!

No, he's like my son.

Why should I?


Let go!

This is how you repay my trust?


Those who trust others
have to listen to abuses.

Like him!


Another water balloon on his face!

Balloon number?
- 24.

That's 24!
- Tying up mother!

Didn't you feel ashamed?

You hit him. Make a silverjubilee.

- Hit him!

Hit him.

Come on.

Great! Great!

Hail the Mother!

Say it loudly!
- Hail the Mother!

Say it in love!
- Hail the Mother!

No shame tying up mother!

Don't you have
mother or sister at home?

Leave me.


Go and save her my son.

"I love you."

"I love you."

"I love you."

Oh God! Someone save her.

Someone save her.
- Someone save her.

"I love you."

"I love you."



Won't you hug me once?

Oblige me just once friend.

"You are coloured in
the hues of my love.."

"..are you a fairy, or
the Fairy Queen herself?"

"Or are you the one
who makes my love story?"

"Please reply to my questions.."

"I am in love."

"I am in love."

"I am in love."

"I am in love."

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