Maine (2017) - full transcript

A few pains come back to you.

So, you can sit on a rocking chair and feel pain
Or be on the path of the Abalache and feel pain.

"The light of the moon shines through the trees
Shines the moonlight on the "

"Lights the way for lovers in the dark"

"Lunar rays dance on trees
Wet with rain to see our eyes "

"The moonlight shines below
It shines on me "

Do you want me to ...
Complete my words? Or want to go?

- I think, you should tell them.
You got it.

Well, the thing is that I am
I was urinating and he was very shitting.

this is what happened.

What. Stop. You can not say it that way.
why not?

I went over the most important details of the story.

- Do I have more details?
- Yes.

- Yes. There are more and more.
- Well if there are more details of the story ...

- You also do not want them to stop.

- Well you want details.
- Yes.

These details.

Try to defecate with difficulty
He was making those crazy voices.

You also know this sound

My God.
My voice is not.

I know how your voice is.
I was saying it sounded like a bear.

- Crazy monster, yes.

Learn that it was like a bear
and then. You know what ...

How to say it, Goat.

- Yes they ask.
- Feces, it's like a "blop, blop".

What if it was so big?

Perhaps the latter, true.

He did not think there was
Someone watching him.


Yeah okay.
This detail is best in the story.

I was ducking next to where I was
She was urinating in it ... yes.

But what has happened has removed confusion.
and then.

- That's it.
- This is often what happened.

- Then I said sorry for being too weird.
- This is our story.

Then I read my hand.

that is great.


Are you guys together?
Are you tired every day?

- Yes.

- Walk around.
- Very beautiful order.

- Yes.
- You blush more and more.

You are.

You can not say
That I'm shy to embarrass me.

I did not mean to embarrass you.

- Who are you, ashamed.
- You guys love each other.

No we are not in a relationship.

I'm so sorry.
- I forgot to mention that.

Do not apologize.
I'm so sorry.

- Hicks. Nice.
My God.

- "Hicks".
- No, that's good. There is not a problem. What is that...

Not important.
There is nothing wrong. we are friends.

How long?
There is nothing wrong.

So you're walking around ...
How long have you known each other?

Oh God, three days ago.

- Three, yes. It seems to be true.
- Three days ago. Yes.

- Time goes on differently here.

Yes it is.
- Everything is vague.

Hi how are you?

I'm flop.

- Hicks claimed.
Hi Hicks.

- Lake

- I'm Bluebird.

- I was honored to meet you.
- Do you, are you walking short distances?

No no.
The whole thing.

- Min.

How is it going?

It is a nice.

Oh really?

You have a clue.

I am from spain.

Are you living here now or?

I do not mean physically and literally here.
Here. But in...

My partner's family lives here.


Do you walk with your nails?

Yeah. me too

How long?

When ... Usually as you know,
I was alone just from the beginning.

Me too. I mean I am
I was also walking around Maffrey at first.

Oh really?

Well, since when
I mean, do you like

- Walk around happily ...

Well, I mean. I met
ApplePad has been a short time.

And then we were walking around with some older people
One of them was wounded

- Then we just met these people.
- We, Hicks and Dragons and I met these comrades.

Just now, yes.

So things go.

Are you sure you are
Do not want to join us?

No. You know things to do.

Are you from those whose hair does not grow?

- I never saw you flying. That's all.

No because I did a laser operation
Several years ago

So my hair does not grow

Is this just a reason or that

Was not Paul in Lou Bush?

Are you fine?

Yeah. I just want to be a little alone.

What was he doing?

- Paul?

He is an engineer.

Does he want to have children?

Children? Children? Do you want to you?

Do I want to have children?


So you do not want children?



Because it's complicated.


Afraid of the highlands.

You, what, stop.
What are you trying to do? come.


You know that my chips are present
There at the bottom?


- My bag of chips is there.

What are you talking about now?

In my bag. Completely down the tower.
what do you mean?

So what?

So I do not want your body to fall
Crumb the chips.

Should I fall this way?

- Is this correct for you?

- Come here a little.
- Well yes.

Here. This place is good.
- This is a good place

- Did you like him?
- Get it up.

Well thank you. Thank you.


Are you fine?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Can i go now?

Yes, I said you can do it
As long as you will not fall on my chips.

I'll make sure you keep your chips

Thank you.

good bye.


Get up for your chips!

- There is a lot.
- Yes

Wait, look at me?

- Look at me for a second.

Now close your eyes.

- Open your mouth now.


Will you close your eyes and open your mouth?

- For three seconds.

- You will die, my companion.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. The berries entered my nose.

This is my punishment for you.

Okay. I'm sorry.

I run away with beer

All you need is a bottle and a car
A key and a professional driver

I run away with beer


- Let me see if you know something.
- To hear something.

- Yes, I can play it
- Not that please.

you know what. I've been tired of this already.

Not this.

I do not know. I mean,

This is kind of weird.
I can not play hard after that.

no Yes.
We want one strong. We want one strong.

- Want a strong one.
- Mood will fluctuate.

- Do it
- Do it.


- You asked for it.
- Yes.


I was walking and your left hand
In my dorsal pocket.

I stared into the sky
While you were kissing me.

I was running away from everything.

I stayed at the back until I lost.

While these words may seem very sweet.

I can take care of you less.
I care less about you.

And how I love the voice of your departure.

Now I see more clearly
I almost got closer.

And find out who I am without you in the way.

So hold on to me but only for the day.

Despite my best ambitions
I am in my worst case.

Here I am crystal clear.

All the nights seem lonely.
The words I say to you are false.

Because there is nothing left to say.

All these words look very sweet.

I can take care of you less.
I care less about you.

And how I love the voice of your departure.

Now I see more clearly
I almost got closer.

From knowing myself without you in the way.

So hold on to me but only for the day.

that was good.

Hey man.

I told you it would change feelings.

I am comfortable with those feelings.

Your hair would touch the fire.

I think Home Boy is sleeping

Do you want a little?



Homie is sleeping. No.

Still asleep.
I do not care about anything.


I'm drawing you



Do not you want any ramen?



I feel my back is solid.

Do you want me to fix it?


Are you a frog? Get up.

Come on.

do not do that.

Okay. So confront me. No.

- Do not do
- Do not bother me. No.

I was breaking my dream.

I'm sorry.

- You have to help me.
- You broke ...

- I would like to ...
one minute. one minute

For my dream.

I know.


Across your chest

Yes like this

Wait for you sure
Do you know how to do it?

- Well signed this paper.

Now put my arm around.

What is that? You spit on me

What was this?

It was

It's disgusting.

- I heard him
What? I'm a doctor.

I saw your ass.

You asked me that.

Give me back my money.

- You did not pay me anything.
- Yes, you are a doctor

So give me my money

Do you say I'm not a good doctor?


- Put your palm
Rock and Roll Music".



We will separate through you in the next town.

Oh really?

Yeah. I

- I just decided I wanted to.
Oh really.

Yes that's what I want to do.

Because of what happened earlier?

No. Did not do anything.

Okay. Well I'm sorry I mean.


You did nothing to apologize to him.

Well that's ...

I mean you're serious, this is not a joke
Or anything?

I'm sorry.

I did not know when to say it.

I'm sorry. Not because of what happened?

- Not because of what happened.

Not because of what happened.

it's not?

I was thinking about it
For a while.

How long?

Have you been thinking about that for a while?

we'll talk tomorrow.

we will talk tomorrow.

what are you writing?

So far I have Lake Nobu.
Then painted a bolt shape.

Do you want me to say goodbye only
And that's it?

Just like a party in Wayne. And everything ends?
I do not, do not know what you want.

We can try to enjoy the day.
And that's it?

You are. How is it going?

very good

Is there room?

- Yes
are you OK?

What? Yeah,
I only have a rock or a stick or something.

- This is Chase. I am Hermes

- I'm Bluebird.
- Lake

good morning
Are you hungry?

Welcome to Bluebird

Are you all hungry?

Walk around together?


Yeah? Are you going up the whole road?


Yeah. Well, I think she will leave
She goes home tomorrow.

Are you withdrawing?

Are you, are you just not
You feel it mother

No, not so.

- Well yes.
its just

- So things happen.

no not like that.

Yes, it is pure courage.
You need courage.


I do not know you tell me

You told me.
You know everything right?

I think so.


What did you mean by Win's party?

Have not you seen that movie?


Well, it's about those people
They have a cable display.

When they sign, they say a concert at
Wayne or a concert in Garth.

It's just a stupid thing.


We are doing a good job
With our enjoyment today.

I actually.


Yes, because I will meet Chase
Hermes later.

Are you still writing your diary?

No, I have no space left.

Yes but you still keep it?


Do you read me something you wrote here?


why not?
because I dont want to.

Can you just look and see if
Was there something acceptable to read?


can you give me
Context first?

Yes. This is when we arrived here
for the first time.

Here you go to the United States?

- Yes.

Then I spent some days
In California alone.

Then I wrote it.
I was swimming a lot in the ocean.

You will not understand that.

Oh really? Is it very deep on me?


Okay. we will see.

It was really good.

Understand it?

I understood like ...

"Eyes" and ...



very good.

You can just give me a summary
Fast in English?

Yeah. Quick summary
It is basically that ...

Is that I do not need anyone.

That's fine

I do not think I felt
Such a feeling.

Do you still, do you still feel
this way?

You will never need anyone?

I do not mean that I hate everyone.
you know?

I do not know. I mean, I feel I need you
Or to someone after my father died.

I mean I thought that's why
We started to walk around together.

I started roaming with you because I wanted to
That's not because I was in need.

Yes, but.

I mean now you're going, you're leaving
To be with your husband. that...

It seems kind of contradictory.

I do not know, I do not know.

You have a kind of sudden realization
Or something? I mean ...

Your next diary about it?
Where are those?

I have no space left.

About me that you can just tell me.

What makes you so upset?

I'm not like this.
I'm not upset

I just, do not know, I did not feel it
Or think about it.

Never like someone tells you.

I know you may think I'm stupid
And very superficial

I'm not conscious or anything like you.

I do not think you're stupid.

Every time I try to shape my feelings
In words she looks stupid.

Not stupid.

I feel stupid every day
From my silly life.

This is fine. I mean no problem.

No less. I mean silly nonsense

Like, the song yesterday. What?

I have never been to urinate this bad all along
My life and I can not leave.

that was amazing.

In the end she cured me of urinating.

Oh really?
- Yes


nothing. I mean it is known that I am
Wear my inner clothes.

I did the opposite.

- Healed me from urinating so
Right. Yes

There was my pants and no time.

You know like sponge? Like
Bob Esponga ...

like what?

Bob Esponga.

It's a sponge that lives inside the ocean
It looks like cheese.


Are you talking about SpongeBob?

Yes, what is his name?

Yeah. My God.

Sponge Bob is better than Bob Esponga?

Bob Esponga.

"There is a star in the seabed"

"Sponge Bob ... Na, Na, Na, Na, Na Na ..."

- "Bob Esponga".

- Yes I love some of them. My God.
- Do you want some dear?

Yes, I do.
- We are starving.

Okay. I expected such a path.
You will be tired and hungry.

help yourself.
I have water and coffee.

Do you have coffee?

I have coffee Yes.
See I brought the best coffee too.

To go along with the best chili.

Now where do you get such a greeting?

I mean.
- I do not know, I do not know.

When you meet the best
You get everything better.

I'm glad to meet you.


Cranberry. I love cranberries.
- Yes

- Bluebird.
- Oh. I'll fly with you.

Can I give you an angel?

Angel? What is that?
- Yes.

Here let me introduce you
Angel to wear it.

Yellow for the boy because he is shy of the girls.
White is for the girl because she is pure.

- Because God loves you.
Thank you so much.

I came here to serve people
Because I love giving others

And help them. Especially when you come down
About this path and feel cold.

"You, you, you are tired."

Hungry. You cut a long road
For something to eat.

It is the whiskey

- Whiskey.
- Yes I just give you a little.

I can not drink. I do not drink.

- But a friend of mine gave me that
- We have saved our lives.

I want to share it with you.

If you like, I'll give you the rest
To take with you.

But just give me one thing. Just drink what I gave you here

not more than that.

You do this for medical purposes.

You will be healthier, happier and sleepier.

Thank you so much.
- You are a good woman there. Listen to her.

I know. I'm trying.
- It is trying to protect you.

It's trying to be good for you.
She does not want to drink.

- So you, girl.
- I will not drink much.

- I will not drink much. I'll make it last.
- Not really not necessary.

- Not necessary.
- Stay with me along the way to Maine.

- All the way to Maine?
- All the way to the end of the trail.

- I will drink the last point as soon as we arrive.
- No, just come on ...

You can also drink from them.
I will not drink them all on my own.

Hey I have to light the fire tonight.


Because it is your last night.

Did not you tire?

If you feel cold, wear some clothes.

Not worth it.

we will see.


Ratman, Ratman.
Yes, Lake?

- Yes, yes
what is your real name?

Did not matter.
- Really does not matter.

Good luck there.

you too.
- Be safe. follow your heart.

You must get a phone tomorrow in the city.
just in case.

Actually I did not think
In going to the city.

why not?

There really is no meaning. I mean that
I have enough food for a few more days.

Do you want me to?

Do not know it is up to you.

Would you use it if I gave it to you?

your phone?

It is yours. Plus I am
You do not really need it.

Well actually you're in
Need it.

I mean you're in a place on your own.

So just in case something happens
You may need it.

You do not have to use it

- I did not use my phone but.
- It seems like I really need it if.

Well, do not do.

You want to try some
Who is that whiskey?

Toast Cell Phones.


- You can not drink it now.
- Well, you did not want the elites

- I do not have to wait for you.
- I do not want to toast cell phones.

Maine toast.

Maine toast.

Maine toast.

Learn that I was thinking before that

It's hard for me to think about you
Out here.

- I do not know, I do not know.

Because I probably met you here
I just saw you walking here. And...

I know you like it.
And I do not know.

I can not imagine you in the swimming pool. for example.

That's funny.

What will you do next?

What is that?
- I had a sign.

On your leg?

Not on my head.


After, do not know.
I had to know that.

But have you ever got a job like?

Yes I have a job.

I'm not like those hikers with a credit box
Or something like that.

You know? I had a lot of jobs.

Yup. Lots of functions?
- Yes.

Yeah. You're a lucky baseball team
In the secondary league.

Oh really?

I delivered the ready-made sandwiches
To the gas stations.

I took a transport tour in one summer
In Charleston.

Then I took a cruise cruise
For one year.

Were you lucky?

Wali T. Warthog Yes.

What is a bear?

No, it is a pig, a wild boar,
Such as a lame pig.

- A lame pig?
- Yes.

I saw that.
As teeth.


she is ugly.

Were you dancing?

- You know what it looks like.
- With a large head.

They say now we have a mascot
Pig Wali tart

I brought out the wolves and wali.
I love you Wali. Blow me and Wali

Or wait, I want to establish a relationship with you and me.

My God. No way. close your mouth

It was something like that.

Why do you do all these jobs?

Well, my financial situation was strange
When you are in puberty.


I do not know if they do that
In Spain ,

But here if one of your parents dies
When you are really small

The government sends you checks every month
Up to eighteen.

Do you want to play the game?

Is he a man?
- Well that's true.

- Am I a woman?

am I? Am I a spaceship?

What? You are not a spaceship

I am an old magician.

- No, you are not an old magician.
- I am an old magician.

- Wally's wizard.
- And on that.

Wait I need a pot.

you are strange
you are stupid...

You are a fucking pig.
You are a fucking pig

What is that?

You have to go down.

I think you are the worst Wally bear.

- Bend your knees.
- Your first ...

Let's look for a bear.

Okay. Let's go.

This was fantastic. You do not persevere.

- You do not persevere.
- It was stools.

That was very strange.

are you there?

Have you ever read the children's book?
This? It is a faggy bird.

One day he hopped when his mother, who was also a bird,
Abroad to bring worms.

So he came out, I do not know the reason why
Most young children can not walk

But this little child can.
And so he went, and arrived at this cat.

The cat asked, "Are you my mother?"
The cat said no.

Then he went to the dog. The dog asked, are you my mother?

The dog said no.
Then he went to the cow.

He asked the cow, are you my mother?


I can not have children.


I can not have children.

Even if you do not want to succeed with me.

Look at me. So what did the cow say?

How can I be your mother?
I'm a cow

- Hey.
Hello, how are you?

- Do you need a connection?

- Yes.

The place is stacked here for that if you are
Do not make the ride in the back.

- Yes, sure, wonderful.

I will not go away but I will help you
As much as I can.

Are you going from "Dalifell"?

- Sure, I can do this. Yeah.

- Get up.

- Get up.

- Put what you have to move.
Thank you so much.

I told you. I will call you.

Look for a place for yourself.

Hello how are you?

Fine, How are you?

How was roaming?

Not so bad.

Thanks for the connection.

He improved Chatha.

All are good?


- Prefer.
Thank you so much.

Can not we take this table?

Sit anywhere you want
I have absolutely no objection.

Thank you.


Is everyone okay this morning?
What do you want to drink dear?

Coffee and water.

Okay. What about you dear?

Like her.

Okay. Take a look at that menu
For a minute

For a minute or know what you want?

- Do you have eggs?
- Of course, how do you like eggs?


What about you dear?

- I do not want anything now thanks.
- All that roaming and do not want food?

- I'll be back, my dear.


Haoudi Enter and choose a place for you
I will be with you immediately.

I think after all, we should say goodbye.

This is for you dear.


The eggs will be here in just one minute.

OK thanks.
- I will come back with eggs.

If you change your mind I can
Feed you dear.

You must eat something.

Shall I take the phone?


I did not know you would get out of the way.

Oh my God, are you serious?

I did not, I did not know it.

You did not know?



I'm sorry.
Excuse me. Where is your toilet?

Through those doors dear.

- Sorry.
I'm sorry.

No, that's fine.

how are you?

Are you fine?

I'm Spencer

Nice to meet you.

Where are you from?

I guess where?

If you are wrong, walk away from me.

Should I embarrass police deputies, or allow them to be there like idiots?

How are your tours going?

I was two weeks in hospital.

What? Have you got bad food?

I had a sign.

Lyme disease sign.

- O shock. are you okay now?

I am very good.

Well, that's good.

I met very nice people on the trail.

I'm not interested in it.
I just want to do it, you know?

- Yes
- I just want to go there and do it.

You know that you are exercising at certain stages
In life you want ...

You do not want to be restricted
And then exercise the times you want

Stability and do nothing
Go to work, go home

Spend some time with your husband.

But you have to make your mind open
In your small years

What is most important to you.

If marriage is the most important thing
And family education

Sometime, I thought that
this is the most important.

Then my first wife got medical drugs
And her condition worsened and these things.

Imagine knowing the things that were
Far from the truth and things.

There is a house built. The rest is history
Unsatisfactory with the second wife.

So this does not end. I am educated and all that
If she marries a third time at any time

That must be enchanting.

Are you happy now?
Of course

- Yes I, I.
This is.

Yes you know I'm really happy because I am
I do everything I want to do.

Otherwise I have a good friend or two.

You know horses and shoot
Of my pistol. And my work is like hell.